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f {letter}  :: letter
F {letter}  :: The sixth letter of the Dutch alphabet
façade {f}  :: façade (of a building)
façade {f}  :: façade (deceptive outward appearance)
façade {f}  :: [metonymy] face
façadisme {n}  :: the practice in urbanism to renovate a building (especially one enjoying conservation protection) thoroughly inside, but leave the façade unaltered, so the view is preserved even if the function changes
faal {c}  :: failure, mistake, blunder
faal {interj}  :: fail
faalangst {m}  :: fear of failure, atychiphobia
faam {m}  :: reputation, fame
faas {mf} [heraldiccharge]  :: fess
fabel {f} {m}  :: legend, fable
fabelachtig {adj}  :: legendary, famous
fabelachtig {adj}  :: fabulous, unbelievable
fabriceren {vt}  :: to manufacture
fabriek {f}  :: factory
fabrieken {vt}  :: to forge (create a forgery)
fabrieken {vt} [child's play]  :: to build, to make
fabrieksmatig {adj}  :: mass-produced, industrial
fabrikant {m}  :: manufacturer
Facebookvriend {m}  :: Facebook friend
facetoog {n}  :: compound eye (complex eye composed of multiple ommatidia common among arthropods)
faciliteit {f}  :: facility, the physical means or contrivances to make something (especially a public service) possible; the required equipment, infrastructure, location etc
facteur {m}  :: mailman
factie {f} [politics, especially Ancient Rome]  :: faction, clique, a temporary opportunistic alliance between politicians who are otherwise unaligned
factie {f} [gaming]  :: faction, a player (computer or human) with a distinct civilisation
factor {m}  :: a factor, element
factor {m} [mathematics]  :: factor
factorij {f} [history]  :: factory, trading post abroad operated by a company
factotum {m}  :: factotum (jack-of-all-trades)
factureren {vt}  :: to invoice
factuur {f}  :: invoice
faculteit {f}  :: college (in the US sense: department of a university dedicated to a given subject), faculty
Faeröer {prop} {p}  :: the Faroe Islands, a Danish Atlantic overseas territory comprising a group of North Sea islands, between Scotland, Iceland and Norway
Faeröers {adj}  :: Faroese, from or pertaining to the Faroe Islands and/or Faroese people
Faeröers {adj}  :: in or pertaining to the Faroese language
Faeröers {prop} {n}  :: the Faroese language
fagocytose {f}  :: phagocytosis
fagot {m}  :: bassoon
fagottist {m}  :: A bassoonist
fagottiste {m}  :: A female bassoonist
failliet {adj}  :: bankrupt
failliet {n}  :: bankruptcy
faillissement {n} [legal]  :: A bankruptcy
faillissement {n} [figuratively]  :: The demise, the undoing of ..
fairway {m} [golf]  :: fairway: the area between the tee and the green, where the grass is cut short
fakir {m} [Islam, Hinduism]  :: fakir
fakkel {f}  :: torch (stick with flame at one end)
falafel {m}  :: falafel
falanx {f} {m} [historical]  :: phalanx
falanx {f} {m}  :: a toe bone or a finger bone; a phalanx
falen {vi}  :: to fail
falen {vi}  :: to default (a payment)
Falklandeilanden {prop} {p}  :: Falkland Islands (overseas territory of the UK in the South Atlantic)
falset {m} [uncountable, music]  :: falsetto register
falset {m} [uncountable, music]  :: a tone in falsetto register
falset {m} [countable, music]  :: someone who sings in falsetto
falsetstem {f} [uncountable, music]  :: falsetto register
falsetstem {f} [countable]  :: a voice in falsetto
falsificationisme {n} [epistemology]  :: falsificationism
falsificeren {vt}  :: to falsify (to prove to be false)
falsifieerbaar {adj}  :: falsifiable
falsifieerbaarheid {f}  :: falsifiability
falsifieerbaarheidscriterium {n} [epistemology]  :: The criterion of falsifiability in falsificationism
falsifiëren {vt}  :: to falsify (to prove to be false)
familie {f}  :: family (close kin)
familie {f}  :: relatives (extended kin)
familie {f} [taxonomy]  :: family
familielid {n}  :: relative, family member
familiemoord {m}  :: familicide, murder of several family members often followed by suicide
familiemoord {m}  :: murder of any family member(s)
familienaam {m}  :: achternaam
familienaam {m}  :: geslachtsnaam
familie van het zevende knoopsgat {f} [idiom]  :: A very distant relative
fan {m}  :: fan (admirer)
fanaat {mf}  :: a fanatic, a zealot
fanaticus {mf}  :: a fanatic
fanatiek {adj}  :: fanatic
fanellen {adj}  :: alternative form of flanellen
fanfare {c}  :: A brass band, with percussion
fanfare {c}  :: A fanfare (flourish)
fantaseren {vi}  :: to fantasize
fantasie {f}  :: fantasy, imagination
fantast {mf}  :: a fantasizer, dreamer
fantastisch {adj}  :: fantastic
fantoom {n}  :: phantom, apparition, ghost
fantoom {n}  :: figment, mirage, product of fantasy
farad {m}  :: farad
farao {m}  :: pharaoh
farizeeër {m}  :: Pharisee
farmaceutisch {adj}  :: pharmaceutical
farmacologie {f}  :: pharmacology
farmacologisch {adj}  :: pharmacological, of or having to do with pharmacology
farmacoloog {m}  :: pharmacologist
farmen {vt} [online gaming]  :: to farm, to grind
faro {n}  :: a type of beer
fascisme {n}  :: Fascism, an extreme-right totalitarian political regime/ideology
fascist {m}  :: fascist
fascisties {adj} [obsolete]  :: nonstandard spelling of fascistisch
fascistisch {adj}  :: fascist
fase {f}  :: phase, stage
fase {f} [physics]  :: phase (of a wave)
fasemodulatie {f}  :: phase modulation
faseren {vt}  :: to phase, to divide into several gradual steps
faseverschuivingsmodulatie {f}  :: phase shift keying
fat {noun}  :: dandy, a man obsessed with his looks
fataal {adj}  :: fatal (causing death or destruction)
fatisch {adj}  :: phatic
fatsoen {n}  :: decency, propriety
fatsoenlijk {adj}  :: decent
fatsoensrakker {m} [derogatory]  :: moral crusader, moral guardian
fattoe {?} [slang]  :: joke
fattoe {adj} [slang]  :: funny
fattouch {noun}  :: fattouch
fauteuil {m}  :: armchair
fautsoen {n}  :: falchion
favoriet {adj}  :: favourite
favoriet {mf}  :: favourite
fax {m}  :: fax
faxen {vt}  :: to fax (send a fax)
fazant {m}  :: pheasant
febbekak {m} [Brabantian]  :: protege, teacher's pet
februari {m}  :: February
fecunderen {vt}  :: to make fertile, to fecundate
fecunditeit {f}  :: fecundity
fed {f}  :: abbreviation of federatie
federaal {adj}  :: federal
federaliseren {vt}  :: to federalize/federalise
federalisering {f}  :: federalization (US), federalisation (UK)
federalisme {n}  :: federalism
federatie {f}  :: federation type of institutionalized interaction, notably in a group of states
fee {f}  :: fairy
feeëriek {adj} [chiefly Belgium]  :: wonderful, charming, magical, fairy-talelike
feest {n}  :: party
feest {n}  :: feast
feest {n}  :: celebration
feestbeest {n}  :: party animal
feestbundel {m}  :: festschrift
feestbundel {m}  :: Also used for other anthologies, often in relation to celebration of some kind
feestdag {m}  :: holiday
feest der herkenning {phrase}  :: An experience that is enjoyable because it evokes a feeling of recognition, such as a faithful cinematic adaptation of a beloved novel. Literally, "feast of recognition"
feestdos {m}  :: A party costume, frock for festive occasions
feestelijk {adj}  :: festive
feestelijkheid {f}  :: festivity
feesten {vi}  :: to party, to celebrate
feestganger {m}  :: partygoer
feestschrift {m}  :: festschrift
feeststol {m}  :: stollen sold and eaten around special occasions
Feest van de Arbeid {prop} {n}  :: Labor Day (on the first of May). Literally, "Festival of Labor"
feilloos {adj}  :: flawless, without errors
feit {n}  :: fact
feite {noun}  :: only used in in feite
feitelijk {adj}  :: actual
feitelijk {adj}  :: factual
feitelijk {adv}  :: in fact, de facto
feitelijk {adv}  :: actually
feitenkennis {f}  :: An often trivial knowledge of facts
fel {adj}  :: bright (e.g. sunlight)
fel {adj}  :: fierce
fel {adv}  :: fiercely
felicitatie {f}  :: congratulation
feliciteren {vt}  :: to congratulate
femelaar {m} [derogatory]  :: hypocrite, sanctimonious person
femicide {f}  :: femicide
feminicide {f}  :: femicide
feminisme {n}  :: feminism
feminist {m}  :: feminist
feministe {f}  :: female feminist
feministies {adj} [obsolete]  :: nonstandard spelling of feministisch
feministisch {adj}  :: feminist
Femke {prop} {f}  :: given name
femtoampère {m}  :: femto-ampere: 10-15 of an ampere
femtocandela {mf}  :: femtocandela: 10-15 candela
femto-ohm {m} {n}  :: femto-ohm: 10-15 of an ohms
femtoseconde {f}  :: femtosecond: 10-15 seconds
femtosteradiaal {m}  :: femtosteradian: 10-15 of a steradian
feng shui {n}  :: feng shui
Feng Shui {n}  :: alternative spelling of feng shui
Fenicië {prop} {n}  :: Phoenicia
Feniciër {m}  :: a Phoenician
Fenicisch {adj}  :: Phoenician
Fenicisch {prop} {n}  :: Phoenician (language)
feniks {m}  :: phoenix
fennek {m}  :: fennec (Vulpes zerda)
fenomeen {n}  :: phenomenon (observable event)
fenomeen {n}  :: phenomenon (unexplainable or questionable fact or situation)
fenomenologie {f}  :: phenomenology, study from a subject's perspective
fenotype {n}  :: phenotype
fenyl {n} [organic chemistry]  :: phenyl
fermion {n} [physics]  :: fermion
fermium {n}  :: fermium
ferromagnetisch {adj} [physics]  :: ferromagnetic
ferromagnetisme {n} [physics]  :: ferromagnetism
Ferwerderadeel {prop}  :: Ferwerderadeel (municipality)
festeren {v}  :: obsolete form of fêteren
festival {n}  :: festival
festivalisering {f}  :: the tendency of culture to be (increasingly) expressed through festivals; the proliferation of festivals
festiviteit {f}  :: festivity
festoen {n}  :: festoon
feta {m}  :: feta
fetakaas {m}  :: feta cheese
fetisj {m}  :: fetish, an object with supernatural powers, like a talisman or totem
fetisj {m}  :: fetish, something subject to paraphilia
fetisjeur {m}  :: sorcerer who uses fetishes, shaman
fetisjisme {n}  :: fetishism, sexual paraphilia
fetisjisme {n}  :: fetishism, worship of fetishes (magical objects)
fetisjistisch {adj}  :: fetishistic
feut {m}  :: freshman
fez {m}  :: fez
fezelen {vi}  :: to whisper
ff {abbr}  :: ff.
ff {abbr} [colloquial]  :: abbreviation of effen; briefly, just
föhn {m}  :: hair dryer
föhn {m}  :: foehn
fiche {f} [board games, card games]  :: chip, token
fiche {f} [Belgium]  :: form (blank template on paper)
fiche {f} [information science]  :: card, like a punch card, microfiche or file card
fichebak {m} [chiefly Belgium]  :: filing cabinet
fictief {adj}  :: fictional
ficus {m}  :: any plant belonging to the genus Ficus
-fiel {suffix}  :: -phile
fieltachtig {adj} [obsolete]  :: villainous, scandalous, reprehensible
fier {adj}  :: proud
fierljeppen {v}  :: to perform fierljeppen
fierljeppen {n}  :: fierljeppen
fiets {f}  :: bicycle
fiets {f} [motorsports]  :: motorbike
fietsbrug {f} {m}  :: A bicycle bridge
fietsen {vi}  :: to ride or cycle a bicycle, to bike
fietsenrek {n}  :: A bicycle stand or bike rack
fietsenrek {n} [humorous]  :: A (bad) set of teeth with one or more diastemas and/or missing teeth
fietsenstalling {f}  :: A shed, rack or other area where bicycles can be parked
fietser {mf}  :: cyclist, someone who uses a bicycle for ordinary errands
fietsinfrastructuur {f}  :: cycling infrastructure
fietspad {n}  :: cycle path
fietsriksja {m}  :: bicycle rickshaw
fietsrotonde {f}  :: A bicycle roundabout
fietsster {f}  :: female cyclist
fietstaxi {m}  :: velotaxi, pedicab
fietstocht {c}  :: bike ride
figurant {m} [theatre, movies]  :: extra
figurant {m} [figurative]  :: irrelevant person, bit player
figuratief {adj} [arts]  :: figurative
figureren {vt} [obsolete]  :: to form, to shape
figureren {vr} [obsolete, with a reflexive pronoun]  :: to assume form, to appear (in a certain way)
figureren {vrt} [obsolete, with a reflexive pronoun and a separate object]  :: to imagine, to form a mental representation
figureren {vi} [obsolete, theatre, literal]  :: to play a role
figureren {vi} [movies, theatre]  :: to be an extra, to play the role of an extra
figureren {vi} [figurative]  :: to play a role, to figure
figuur {n} {m}  :: figure
figuurlijk {adj}  :: figurative
figuurlijk {adv}  :: figuratively
Fiji {prop} {n}  :: Fiji
fijn {adj}  :: nice, pleasant
fijn {adj}  :: fine, thin
fijn {adj}  :: delicate, meticulous
fijnbos {n}  :: fynbos
fijne feestdagen {phrase}  :: Happy Holidays
fijngevoelig {adj}  :: tactful
fijnstemmer {m}  :: fine tuner (e.g. on a violin)
fijnstof {n}  :: particulate matter
fijnzinnig {adj}  :: subtle, intellectually profound
fik {prop}  :: dog's name
fik {m}  :: fire
fikken {vi} [colloquial]  :: to burn
Fikkie {prop}  :: clichéd name for a dog, Rover
fiks {adj}  :: strong
fiksen {vt}  :: to fix, to arrange, to get done
fiksen {vi}  :: to inject drugs
filatelie {f}  :: philately
filatelist {m}  :: philatelist
filatelistisch {adj}  :: philatelic
file {f}  :: traffic jam
file {f}  :: queue
file {m} [computing]  :: an aggregation of data on a storage device, identified by a name; a file
filet {m} {n}  :: filet (of meat)
filiaal {n}  :: branch, as a location of an organization with several locations
Filipijnen {prop} {p}  :: Philippines (Republic of Philippines)
Filipijns {adj}  :: Filipino, Philippine
Filistijn {m} [history]  :: A Philistine, member of a Biblical non-Semitic people which subdued the Jews in Philistia (hence the name of present Palestine)
Filistijn {m} [figuratively]  :: A philistine, barbarian, heathen
film {m}  :: film, movie
filmfestival {n}  :: film festival
filmisch {adj}  :: Of or related to film, video or cinema; cinematic
filmmaakster {m}  :: female filmmaker
filmmaker {m}  :: filmmaker
filmploeg {mf}  :: film crew
filmproducent {m}  :: film producer
filmproducente {f}  :: female film producer
filmregisseur {m}  :: film director
filmregisseuse {f}  :: female film director
filmzaal {f}  :: cinema, movie theater
filmzaal {f}  :: viewing room of a cinema
filo- {prefix}  :: philo-
filologe {f}  :: female philologist
filoloog {m}  :: philologist
Filomena {prop} {f}  :: given name
filosofe {f}  :: (female) philosopher
filosofie {f}  :: philosophy
filosofisch {adj}  :: philosophical
filosoof {m}  :: philosopher
filou {m} [Belgium]  :: scoundrel, cheat
filter {m} {n}  :: filter
Fin {m}  :: Finn (inhabitant of Finland)
finaal {adj}  :: final
finaal {adv}  :: totally, completely
finale {f}  :: a final, e.g. the end-round in a competition
finalis {f} [music]  :: keynote
finalist {m}  :: finalist
financieel {adj}  :: financial
financier {m} [finance]  :: financier, sponsor
financierder {mf}  :: (financial) sponsor
financieren {vt}  :: to finance
financiën {p}  :: finances
finish {f}  :: finish; end
finishen {vi} [racing]  :: to finish
Finland {prop} {n}  :: Finland
Finoegrisch {adj}  :: alternative form of Fins-Oegrisch
Fins {adj}  :: Finnish
Fins {prop} {n}  :: Finnish (language)
Finse Golf {prop} {f}  :: Gulf of Finland
Fins-Oegrisch {adj}  :: Finno-Ugric
fint {f}  :: a wile
fiool {mf}  :: vial
firma {f}  :: a large-scale company, a firm
fiscaal {adj}  :: fiscal
fiscaal {m}  :: fiscal
fiscaliteit {f}  :: The fiscality, all matters concerning taxation
fiscaliteit {f}  :: The whole of taxes raised from a population
fiscaliteit {f} [uncommon]  :: The burden of being taxable, taxability
fiskaal {adj}  :: superseded spelling of fiscaal
fiskaal {m}  :: superseded spelling of fiscaal (The fiskaal was an officer of the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC or Dutch East India Company) at the Cape of Good Hope in the 18th Century. The modern equivalent is a police officer.)
fissa {n} [slang]  :: party
fit {adj}  :: fit (in good shape)
fitheid {f}  :: The state, quality, or condition of being fit or healthy; fitness
fixen {v}  :: alternative spelling of fiksen
fixeren {vt}  :: to fix, affix
fjord {f}  :: fjord
fjord {f}  :: en
fladderaar {m}  :: someone or something that flutters
fladderaar {m} [poetic]  :: butterfly
fladderen {vi}  :: to flutter
flag {m} [computing]  :: flag
flagel {m}  :: flagellum
flagellum {m}  :: flagellum
flagrant {adj}  :: flagrant
flamingo {m}  :: flamingo
flanel {n}  :: flannel (cloth material)
flanellen {adj}  :: (made of) flannel
flaneren {vi}  :: to loiter, to saunter around aimlessly
flaneur {m}  :: A person who walks the city in order to experience it
flaneur {m} [Belgium]  :: A saunterer; a lounger
flansen {vt}  :: to put together or to fix in an inferior or haphazard fashion
flap {m}  :: flap (something flexible that is loose)
flap {m} [colloquial]  :: banknote
flapdrol {m} [colloquial, mildly, pejorative]  :: fool, nincompoop
flappentap {m} [colloquial]  :: automated teller machine
flappen tappen {vi} [colloquial]  :: to withdraw cash
flapuit {m}  :: a loquacious person, one who talks without thinking it through first
flard {f} {m}  :: bit, piece
flard {f} {m}  :: shred, tatter
flashback {m}  :: flashback
flashgeheugen {n} [computer hardware]  :: flash memory
flask {f}  :: flask
flat {m}  :: flat, apartment
flat {m}  :: tower block
flater {m}  :: blooper, stupid mistake
flatgebouw {n}  :: apartment building
flauw {adj}  :: boring, tasteless
flauw {adj}  :: languid, weak
flauw {adj}  :: (concept) vague, hazy
flauw {adj}  :: (flavour) tasteless, bland
flauwekul {m}  :: nonsense (meaningless words)
flauwte {f}  :: a sudden loss of consciousness; syncope
flauwte {f} [economics]  :: low demand in markets
flauwvallen {vi}  :: to faint
flegmone {f} {m} [pathology]  :: phlegmon
flens {m}  :: A smack, blow, especially on the ear
flens {m} [usually in the diminutive: flensje]  :: A small, flat pancake
flens {m} [rare]  :: A small (loin)cloth
flens {m} [slang]  :: (etymology uncertain) milk
flens {interj}  :: An exclamation to express hitting or throwing
flens {m}  :: A flange, rim or collar on a metal object
flens {m}  :: The flattened end of a metal bar, to be fixed on a surface
flerovium {n}  :: flerovium
fles {f}  :: bottle
flessen {vt}  :: to scam, to con
flessenlikker {m}  :: bottle scraper
flessentrekker {m}  :: swindler, fraudster
flets {adj}  :: pale, lurid, wan
fleurig {adj}  :: cheerful
Flevoland {prop} {n}  :: Flevoland, a province of the Netherlands
flexibel {adj} [literally]  :: flexible, pliable
flexibel {adj} [figuratively]  :: adaptable, flexible
flexibel {adj} [figuratively]  :: easygoing, approachable
flexibiliteit {f}  :: flexibility
flierefluiter {m}  :: someone with a happy-go-lucky mentality, a frivolous person
flik {m} [slang]  :: police officer
flik {m} [slang, dated]  :: homosexual
flikflooien {vt}  :: to butter up, flatter hoping for profit in return
flikflooien {vi}  :: to practice flattery, sycophancy
flikflooien {vi}  :: to resort to dubious methods or ploys
flikken {vt} [colloquial]  :: to do, to pull off
flikker {m}  :: A mender, fixer, someone who mends or fixes
flikker {m}  :: A jump while clicking the heels
flikker {m}  :: A human body, especially when in the nude
flikker {m} [Netherlands]  :: A bit
flikker {m} [slang, contemptuous, pejorative]  :: A homosexual male; a queer
flikkerbeweging {f}  :: queer movement (movement for homosexual emancipation)
flikkeren {vi}  :: to flicker, to waver unsteadily
flikkeren {vi} [colloquial]  :: to fall
flikker op {interj} [vulgar, slang]  :: bugger off
flink {adj}  :: large, sturdy
flink {adj}  :: brave, showing no pain or fear
flink {adj}  :: considerable
flink {adv}  :: considerably, very
flinks {adj} [neologism]  :: Having a left-wing policy with characteristics usually associated with right-wing policies
flippen {vi}  :: to go berserk, to flip
flippen {vi}  :: to act out of the ordinary, for example having an epileptic attack
flirten {vi}  :: to flirt
flits {m} [figuratively]  :: A flash; an instant
flits {m}  :: lightning bolt
flits {m}  :: brief but intense radiation from a flashtube
flits {m}  :: short television or radio reportage
flitsen {vi}  :: to flash, to suddenly brightly illuminate
flitsen {vt}  :: to photograph with a speed camera
flitsend {v}  :: fast
flitspaal {m}  :: traffic enforcement camera
flitspuit {f}  :: atomiser / atomizer
floëem {n}  :: phloem
floers {n}  :: veil (something mourners wear to funerals)
floers {n} [figuratively]  :: darkness, obscurity
flonkeren {v} [a star]  :: to wink, to twinkle
flop {m}  :: A failure, something that went wrong
flop {m}  :: short for floppydisk
floppen {vi}  :: to flop, to fail
floppydisk {m}  :: floppy disk
floret {f} [fencing]  :: foil
florist {m} [historical]  :: speculator in tulips around the time of the tulip mania
flottielje {f}  :: flottilla
flottille {f}  :: alternative form of flottielje
fluisteren {vti}  :: to whisper
fluistertolken {n}  :: chuchotage
fluit {mf} [musical instruments]  :: flute or the sound it creates
fluit {mf}  :: a whistle
fluit {mf}  :: organ pipe
fluit {mf}  :: [colloquial] penis
fluit {mf}  :: fluyt, flute (type of cargo ship)
fluit {mf}  :: shortened form of certain compounds, notably fluitglas
fluiten {vit}  :: to whistle
fluiten {vi}  :: To make any similar sound, as a passing bullet
fluiter {m}  :: A fluter, flute player, flutist
fluiter {m}  :: A whistler; whistleblower
fluiter {m}  :: The songbird species Phylloscopus sibilator
fluitje {noun}  :: a kind of beer glass
fluitketel {m}  :: A whistling-kettle, which makes a sharp sound when the boiled water releases steam trough a hole on top
fluitschip {n}  :: fluyt, flute (Dutch type of cargo ship)
fluor- {prefix} [functional group prefix]  :: fluoro-
fluor {n}  :: the chemical element fluorine (symbol: F)
fluteglas {n} [Belgium]  :: champagne flute
fluvioglaciaal {adj}  :: fluvioglacial, having to do with meltwater
fluweel {n}  :: velvet (closely woven fabric with pile on one side)
fluweelzacht {adj}  :: velvety, as soft as velvet
fluwelen {adj} [literally]  :: velveteen, made of velvet
fluwelen {adj} [figuratively]  :: velvety, soft and pleasant like velvet
fluwijn {n}  :: beech marten, Martes foina
fniezen {v}  :: alternative form of niezen
fobie {f} [pathology]  :: A phobia, irrational or obsessive fear or anxiety
foei {interj}  :: bah!, fie!
foeilelijk {adj}  :: shamefully ugly, extremely ugly
foelie {c}  :: mace (Myristica fragrans), a spice obtained from the nutmeg
foerageren {vi}  :: to forage
foert {interj} [exclamation, Belgium]  :: get all lost/fucked; I've had it
foertstem {f} [chiefly Belgium]  :: protest vote
foeteren {vi}  :: to grumble, complain
foetsie {adj}  :: gone, vanished
foetus {n} {m}  :: fetus
fok {m}  :: A foresail
fok {m}  :: By comparison, of shape:
fok {m}  :: a nose
fok {m}  :: the head of a cogwheel
fok {m} [uncountable]  :: The activity or business of breeding (notably of domesticated animals)
fokkemast {m}  :: alternative form of fokkenmast
fokken {vt}  :: to breed
fokken {vt} [rare]  :: to strike
fokken {vt} [rare]  :: to beget
fokkenmast {m}  :: the foremast, foremost mast, originally on a three-mast sailing ship, carrying the foresail
folder {m}  :: (folded) leaflet with information of advertising
folie {f} {n}  :: foil (sheet of material)
Folkert {prop} {m}  :: given name
follikel {m}  :: follicle
folterbank {c}  :: rack (torturing device)
folteren {vt}  :: to torture, to torment, to agonize
fondant {m} {n}  :: fondant (sugary substance)
fonds {n}  :: fund (amount of money, usually on an account, destined for some purpose)
fonds {n} [finance]  :: stock (e.g. in an exchange)
foneem {n} [phonology]  :: A phoneme
fonetiek {f} [linguistics]  :: The linguistic discipline phonetics, study of speech, sounds and their representation by written symbols
fonetiek {f} [music]  :: The correct use of speech and voice
fonkelen {vi}  :: to twinkle, to sparkle
fono- {prefix}  :: phono-
fonologie {f} [linguistics]  :: phonology
fonoloog {m}  :: phonologist
fontein {f} [obsolete]  :: A well, spring
fontein {f}  :: A fountain, monumental or small artificial water feature
fontein {f} [obsolete]  :: The water which springs from one of the above; any water
fontein {f}  :: A drink - and/or or wash basin with a tab
-foob {suffix}  :: -phobe
fooi {f}  :: a gift using money (often for people (artists, beggars, ...) on places like city centers)
fooi {f}  :: a tip (a small amount of money left for a bartender or servant as a token of appreciation)
-foon {suffix}  :: -phone
foor {f} [Belgian]  :: fair, convention
foor {f} [Belgian]  :: funfair, carnival
fopletter {f}  :: a letter that shifts the preceding vowel sound so that it deviates from its spelling
foppen {vt}  :: to fool, to trick, to deceive
fopspeen {f}  :: pacifier
forceren {v}  :: to force
forceren {v}  :: to coerce, to induce, to persuade
forceren {v}  :: to strain
forel {m}  :: trout (fish species)
forens {m}  :: commuter
forensentrein {m}  :: commuter train
forensisch {adj}  :: legal, court -, trial -
forensisch {adj}  :: especially, forensic, relating to the use of science and technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law
forensisme {n}  :: commuting
fork {f} [computer science]  :: A fork, splitting-up of an existing process into itself and a child process executing parts of the same program
form. {adj}  :: abbreviation of formeel
formaat {n}  :: size
formaat {n}  :: stature, importance
formaat {n}  :: (file) format
formaliseren {vt}  :: to formalize, make official
formaliseren {vt}  :: to give shape or form to
formalisme {n}  :: formalism
formalist {m}  :: formalist
formaliteit {f}  :: formality
formateur {m}  :: trainer
formateur {m} [politics]  :: chief political negotiator for formal talks that are intended to lead to the formation of a cabinet
formatteren {vt} [computing]  :: to format
formeel {adj}  :: formal
formeel {adv}  :: formally
formeren {vt}  :: to form
formicarium {n}  :: formicarium
formule {f} {m}  :: formula
formuleren {vt}  :: to formulate
formulering {f}  :: the choice of words; wording
formulering {f}  :: to articulate something with words; articulation
formulering {f}  :: to make a formula
formulier {n}  :: A form, a formally standardized (often printed) document to fill out in order to file a specific request, declaration etc
fornuis {n}  :: cooker, stove
fors {adj}  :: sturdy, strong
fors {adj}  :: substantial, considerable
fors {adv}  :: strongly
forsgebouwd {adj}  :: burly
fort {n}  :: castle
fort {n}  :: fort
fortuin {n} [uncountable]  :: luck
fortuin {n}  :: fortune (riches)
fortuin {}  :: fortune (destiny)
fortuinlijk {adj}  :: fortunate
forwarden {vt} [colloquial]  :: to forward (an e-mail)
fosfor {n}  :: phosphorus
fosforescentie {f}  :: phosphorescence
fosforesceren {vi}  :: to phosphoresce
fossiel {n}  :: fossil
fossiel {n} [figuratively, derogatory]  :: someone with very old fashioned ideas, a dinosaur
fossiel {adj}  :: fossil
foto {f}  :: photo, photograph
foto- {prefix}  :: photo-
fotocamera {f}  :: (still) photography camera
fotocopie {f}  :: superseded spelling of fotokopie
fotograaf {m}  :: photographer
fotografe {f}  :: female photographer
fotograferen {vt}  :: to photograph, to shoot (to take a photograph)
fotografie {f}  :: photography
fotografie {f}  :: photograph
fotografisch {adj}  :: photographic
fotografisch geheugen {n}  :: photographic memory
fotokopie {f}  :: photocopy
fotolamp {f}  :: photographer's lamp
fotomodel {n}  :: photographic model
foton {n}  :: A photon, quantum of light
foton {n}  :: The unit of electromagnetic radiation
fotorespiratie {f}  :: photorespiration
fotosoepen {vt} [humorous]  :: to photoshop
fotosynthese {f} [biology]  :: photosynthesis
fototoestel {n}  :: camera to shoot still pictures
fouilleren {vt}  :: to search, to frisk
Fourier-cosinusreeks {f} {m}  :: Fourier cosine series
Fourierreeks {f} {m}  :: Fourier series
Fourier-reeks {f} {m}  :: Fourier series
Fourier-sinusreeks {f} {m}  :: Fourier sine series
Fouriertransformatie {f}  :: Fourier transform
Fourier-transformatie {f}  :: alternative spelling of Fouriertransformatie
fout {f}  :: error
fout {f}  :: mistake
fout {adj}  :: wrong
foutenmarge {f} {m}  :: Erroneus alternative form of foutmarge, margin of error
foutenrapportage {f}  :: error report
foutief {adj} [formal]  :: wrong, erroneous, incorrect
foutmarge {f} {m}  :: A margin of error
f-pion {m} [chess]  :: f-pawn: pawn placed on the f-file at the beginning of the game
Fr. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Frans
fra. {abbr}  :: FransFrench (language)
fraai {adj}  :: beautiful, pretty, handsome
fraai {adj}  :: nice, fancy
fractie {f}  :: fraction
fractie {f}  :: parliamentary party (i.e. all the members in parliament who belong to a given political party)
fractievoorzitter {m}  :: (male) parliamentary group leader
Fraenkel {prop}  :: a Dutch surname
fragiel {adj}  :: fragile
fragiliteit {f}  :: fragility
fragment {n}  :: a fragment
fragmentatie {f}  :: fragmentation
fragmentenhypothese {f}  :: fragmentary hypothesis [regarding the Pentateuch/Torah]
fragmenteren {v} [ergative]  :: to fragment
frak {m} [Brabantian]  :: coat (item of apparel)
framboos {m} [botany]  :: raspberry (the plant species Rubus idaeus)
framboos {m}  :: (commonly) its fruit
framboos {m}  :: the color of raspberries
frame {n} [snooker]  :: frame
frame {n} [construction]  :: frame
Française {f}  :: A Frenchwoman
franchise {f}  :: franchise
Francis {prop} {m}  :: given name
francium {n}  :: francium
franco {adj}  :: with freightages paid by the sender
Franco {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to Frank or Francis(cus)
Franco {prop} {m}  :: surname of Spanish origin
Franco {prop} {m}  :: notably refers to the long-ruling right)wing 20th century Spanish caudillo since the Spanish Civil War
Franeker {prop} {n}  :: Franeker (city)
Franekeradeel {prop}  :: Franekeradeel (municipality)
franje {f} {m}  :: fringe
Frankisch {adj}  :: Frankish, Franconian (related to the Franks or the areas they inhabited)
Frankisch {prop} {n}  :: The Franconian languages
Frankisch {prop} {n}  :: The Old Frankish language
Frankrijk {prop} {n}  :: France
Frans {adj}  :: French
Frans {prop} {n}  :: French (language)
Frans {prop} {m}  :: given name
Franse {f}  :: Frenchwoman
Frans-Guyana {prop} {n}  :: French Guiana
Fransman {m}  :: A Frenchman, French male
Frans-Polynesië {prop}  :: French Polynesia
frase {f}  :: phrase
fraude {f}  :: fraud
frauderen {vi}  :: to commit fraud
fraudeur {m}  :: A fraudster
frauduleus {adj}  :: fraudulent, constituting fraud
Frederik {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Frederick
fregat {n}  :: A frigate, type of (once sailing, small but fast three-mast) warship, applied to progressively larger types in time, since 1943 mainly escort ships
fregatvogel {m} [zoology]  :: A frigate bird, the species Fregata aquila or another rapacious seabird of the Fregatidae family
freineren {vi} [dialect]  :: to brake
freon {m}  :: Freon
frequentie {f}  :: frequency (rate of occurrence of anything)
frequentie {f}  :: frequency, measure of pulsation as in (radio) waves
frequentiemodulatie {f}  :: frequency modulation
frequentieverschuivingsmodulatie {f}  :: frequency shift keying
fresco {n}  :: fresco
fret {m}  :: ferret, Mustela putorius furo
fret {m} [music]  :: fret, on the neck on for example a guitar
fretten {noun} [transitive, colloquial]  :: to eat
freubelen {v}  :: to tinker
freule {f}  :: an unmarried noblewoman
fricatief {adj}  :: fricative
fricatief {m} [linguistics]  :: A fricative consonant
frictie {f}  :: friction
frictie {f}  :: social friction, conflict
friemelen {vi}  :: to fidget, to fiddle
Fries {m}  :: a Frisian, member of a Germanic people; speaker of their language
Fries {m}  :: a West Frisian specifically
Fries {m}  :: Short form for various names relating to Friesland or Frisians, such as the bovine race
Fries {adj}  :: Frisian (any member of the Frisian people)
Fries {adj}  :: West Frisian specifically (of the Frisian part of the Netherlands)
Fries {prop} {n}  :: Frisian (any of the Frisian languages)
Fries {prop} {n}  :: specifically, West Frisian
Friese doorloper {m}  :: A wooden skate with an iron blade that is bound to a shoe and spans the entire length of the shoe
Friesland {prop} {n}  :: Friesland, a province of the Netherlands
friet {c} [uncountable]  :: chips, french fries
friet {c} [countable]  :: a single chip/french fry, or a portion thereof
friettent {f}  :: chip shop, friterie, takeaway
frigo {m} [Belgium]  :: fridge, refrigerator
frik {mf} [dated, pejorative]  :: a narrow-minded and prejudiced schoolteacher
fris {adj}  :: fresh, refreshing
fris {adj}  :: chilly
fris {n}  :: soft drink
frisdrank {m}  :: a soda, soft drink
frisheid {f}  :: freshness
frisist {m}  :: A scholar of Frisian
frites {?}  :: alternative spelling of friet
friteuse {f}  :: deep fryer
friture {f} [Belgium]  :: chip shop, friterie, takeaway
frituren {vt}  :: to deep-fry
frituur {f} [Belgium]  :: chip shop, friterie, takeaway
frituurpan {f}  :: deep fryer, chip pan
frituurvet {n}  :: deep-frying oil
Friulaans {prop} {n}  :: Friulian (language spoken in Friuli)
Friulisch {prop} {n}  :: Friulian (language spoken in Friuli)
frivool {adj}  :: frivolous
frivool {adv}  :: frivolously
front {n}  :: front
frontmentaliteit {f}  :: siege mentality, trench mentality (fearful, oppositional collective attitude caused by victimisation or minority status)
fronton {n} [architecture]  :: pediment
fructose {f} {m}  :: fructose
fruit {n}  :: fruit [produced by trees or bushes, or any sweet vegetable]
fruitachtig {adj}  :: fruitlike
fruitmand {f}  :: fruit basket
fruitvlieg {f}  :: fruitfly
frunniken {vi}  :: to fidget, fiddle
frustratie {f}  :: frustration
frustreren {vt}  :: to frustrate
Frygisch {prop} {n}  :: Phrygian (language)
f-sleutel {m} [music]  :: F-clef
ft. {abbr}  :: fort, vesting
fte {n}  :: full-time equivalent
fêteren {vt}  :: to have festivities in honour of, to celebrate (a person)
fuckbuddy {f} {m} [slang]  :: fuck buddy
fuckhoofd {n} [vulgar]  :: fuckhead
fucking {adj} [slang, vulgar]  :: fucking, intensifier, especially to indicate annoyance
fucking {adv} [slang, vulgar]  :: fucking, intensifier
fuif {f}  :: party, festive gathering as celebration (often named in compounds, e.g. kerstfuif for Christmas) or just for fun
fuifnummer {n}  :: party animal
fuik {f}  :: fyke
fulleriet {n} [mineral]  :: fullerite
functie {f}  :: job, position
functie {f} [mathematics]  :: function
functie {f} [computing]  :: function
functie {f}  :: use (of a machine or tool)
functionaal {f} [mathematics]  :: functional
functionaris {mf}  :: a functionary, an official
functionele reserve {noun} [medicine]  :: functional reserve
functioneren {vi}  :: to function, to work
fundament {n}  :: basis
fundament {n}  :: foundation
fundamentalisme {n}  :: fundamentalism (extremist view in religion)
fundamentalistenpaar {n}  :: Christian-fundamentalist married couple
fundamenteel {adj}  :: fundamental
funderen {vt}  :: to found, to place a foundation under
funderen {vt}  :: to found, to establish
fungeren {vi}  :: to function
furtief {adj}  :: furtive
fuselier {m}  :: fusilier
fuselier {m} [by extension]  :: infantry soldier armed with a later type of rifle
fuseren {vi}  :: to fuse, to merge
fusie {f}  :: fusion, mixture, combination
fusie {f}  :: merger
fusiegemeente {f}  :: a municipality arisen by fusion of municipalities (mainly in Belgium; a former municipality is called a deelgemeente)
fusilleren {vt}  :: to execute by firing squad
fusioneren {v} [Belgium, of organisations]  :: to merge
fust {n}  :: cask (e.g. containing beer)
futiliteit {f}  :: triviality, unimportance, futility
futloos {adj}  :: dull, spiritless
futuristisch {adj}  :: futuristic
fuut {m}  :: grebe
fysica {f}  :: physics (branch of science)
fysicus {m}  :: physicist, scientist or amateur student of physics
fysiek {adj}  :: physical (in the sense of Physical Education)
fysio- {prefix}  :: physio-; pertaining to nature, medicine and the human body
fysiognomie {f}  :: physiognomy (pseudoscience)
fysiologie {f}  :: physiology
fysioloog {mf}  :: physiologist
fysiotherapeut {m}  :: physiotherapist (usual term in the Netherlands)
fysiotherapeute {m}  :: female physiotherapist
fysiotherapie {f}  :: physiotherapy (usual term in the Netherlands)
fysisch {adj}  :: physical, having to do with matter, nature, the material world
fysisch {adj}  :: having to do with physics, the natural science