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h {letter} :: letter
H {letter} :: The eighth letter of the Dutch alphabet
ha {symbol} :: abbreviation of hectare
ha {interj} :: ha
haag {f} :: A hedge, thicket of woody bushes planted in a row
haag {f} :: A lane, (often double) row of lined-up persons or objects, as for a formal guard of honor inspection
haag {f} [obsolete] :: Undergrowth, a dense low forest
haai {m} :: shark
haai {m} :: greedy person
haaibaai {f} [pejorative, Netherlands] :: loud or domineering woman
haak {m} :: hook
haak {m} :: bracket (for enclosing text or mathematical symbols)
haakbus {m} :: harquebus, arquebus
haakje {noun} :: parenthesis, bracket
haaks {adj} :: at a right angle
haaksnavel {m} :: hawk-like beak
haakvormig {noun} :: unciform
haakvormig been {n} :: hamate bone
haalbaar {adj} :: feasible, achievable, accomplishable
haalbaarheid {f} :: Feasibility
haan {m} :: cock, rooster
haar {pron} [personal] :: Third-person singular, feminine object pronoun: her
haar {determiner} :: Third-person singular, feminine possessive adjective: her
haar {determiner} [archaic] :: Third-person plural possessive adjective: their
haar {n} {c} :: [uncountable] hair (collection of hairs)
haar {n} {c} :: [countable] hair (mammalian keratin filament)
haarbal {m} :: hairball (mass of hair)
haarborstel {m} :: hairbrush
haard {m} :: hearth
haard {m} :: fireplace
haard {m} :: place where a disease or disaster begins
haardkleed {n} :: Hearthrug
haardos {m} :: hair, headhair (all of a person's head hair)
haardos {m} :: hairdo, hairstyle, haircut (particular way of styling one's hair)
haardroger {m} :: hairdryer
Haarlem {prop} :: Haarlem (city/and/capital)
Haarlem {prop} :: Haarlem (municipality)
Haarlemmer {m} :: Haarlemer
Haarlemmermeer {prop} {f} :: A former lake in Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, located between Amsterdam, Leiden and Haarlem, drained between 1849 and 1852
Haarlemmermeer {prop} {f} :: A polder and municipality at the location of the former lake, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands
haarscherp {adj} :: pinpoint, extremely accurate
haarschuier {m} [Northern Dutch, dated] :: hairbrush
haarspray {m} :: hair spray
haarstuk {n} :: A hairpiece
haaruitval {n} :: hair loss
haarverlies {n} :: hair loss
haarzelf {pron} :: (informal / improper, reflexive) herself
haas {m} :: hare
haas {m} :: meat of the hare, fillet
haas {m} :: rabbit, pacesetter
haas {m} :: tenderloin
Haas {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Lepus
Haas {prop} {m} :: surname
haasje {noun} :: leveret
haast {mf} :: hurry, haste
haast {adv} :: almost, nearly
haasten {vtr} :: to hasten, to hurry, make haste
haastig {adj} :: hasty, rash, impetuous
haat {f} {m} :: hatred
haatbaard {m} [slang, pejorative, offensive] :: radical muslim
Habakuk {prop} {m} [religion] :: Habakkuk
habbekrats {mf} :: trifle (something of very small importance or very low price)
habijt {n} {m} :: habit (dress worn by monks and nuns)
habitus {m} :: manner, behaviour
habitus {m} :: general physical appearance such as shape of the body
habitus {m} [zoology] :: general appearance and/or behaviour of a plant
Habsburg {prop} :: the Habsburg castle in Aargau (northern Switzerland)
Habsburg {prop} :: the Habsburg noble family named after it
haček {f} {m} :: háček
hachelijk {adj} :: precarious, insecure, dangerous
hacht {f} :: large piece or chunk, esp. of meat or bread
hacht {f} :: captivity, imprisonment
hadde {contraction} [Brabantian] :: contraction of hadt gij
Hadewig {prop} {f} :: given name
hadj {m} [Islam] :: hajj
hadji {m} :: hajji
hadron {n} [particle] :: hadron
hafnium {n} :: hafnium
-haftig {suffix} :: -like, -ish
hagedis {m} :: lizard
Hagedis {prop} {f} [constellation] :: Lacerta
hagel {m} :: hail (frozen rain)
hagel {m} :: shot (small metal balls used as ammunition)
Hageland {prop} :: A region in the provinces of Flemish Brabant (mostly) and Limburg in Belgium, lying between the cities of Aarschot, Leuven, Tienen and Diest
hagelen {v} :: to hail (weather condition)
hagelgeweer {n} :: shotgun
hagelkorrel {m} :: graupel
hagelslag {m} :: hundreds and thousands or sprinkles
hagelslag {m} :: hailstorm
hagelsnoer {n} [biology] :: chalaza
hagelsteen {m} :: hailstone
hagelstorm {m} :: hailstorm
hagelwit {adj} :: bright white, snow-white
Hagenees {m} :: a (usually) lower-class inhabitant of The Hague
Hagenees {prop} {n} :: the lect spoken by lower-class people from The Hague
hagenpreek {f} [historical] :: hedge sermon
hagepreek {f} :: superseded spelling of hagenpreek
haggada {f} [Judaism] :: Haggadah (liturgical text used at the Seder based on the Exodus story)
hagiografie {f} :: hagiography
Haïti {prop} {m} :: Haiti (An Antillean country)
Haïtiaan {m} :: a Haitian
Haïtiaans {adj} :: Haitian
Haïtiaanse {f} :: female from Haiti
hak {m} :: heel
hak {m} :: heel of a shoe
haken {vt} :: to hook, to catch
haken {vt} :: to crochet
haken {vt} :: to long strongly for
Hakka {prop} {n} :: Hakka (language)
hakken {vt} :: to hack, chop
hakken {vi} :: to dance in a style originating from the Dutch hardcore or gabber scene
hakken {n} [slang] :: a style of dance originating from the Dutch hardcore and gabber scene
hal {f} :: hall, hallway
hal {n} :: frozen ground
halacha {prop} {f} :: Halacha
halachisch {adj} :: halakhic
halal {adj} [Islam] :: allowed, in keeping with Islamic principles
halal {adv} [Islam] :: done in keeping with Islamic principles
halen {vt} :: to fetch, to get
halen {vt} :: to reach (a goal), to catch
halen {vi} [het halen] :: to make it
half {adj} :: half
half {adj} [with numbers] :: half before the next whole
halfbakken {adj} :: half-baked (not fully baked)
halfbakken {adj} :: half-baked (insufficient)
halfbloed {mf} :: a half-blooded person, someone with mixed parentage
halfbroer {m} :: A half brother, who shares only one biological parent with (an)other sibling(s)
halfdek {n} :: halfdeck
halfgaar {adj} :: not completely cooked, half-baked
halfgaar {adj} [of meat] :: medium rare
halfgaar {adj} :: crazy, foolish, half-baked
halfgeleider {m} :: A semiconductor (substance with electrical conductivity properties)
halfgod {m} :: demigod, half-god; (Greco-Roman Antiquity) hero of semi-divine extraction
halfhartig {adj} :: without much conviction or effort; halfhearted
halfkoets {f} [dated] :: open coach (four-wheeled carriage without a permanent roof)
halfnaakt {adj} :: seminaked, largely nude, only partially dressed or otherwise covered
halfpijp {f} :: halfpipe
halfrond {n} [geography] :: hemisphere
halfschaduw {f} [chiefly astronomy, gardening] :: penumbra
halfslachtig {adj} :: without much conviction or effort; halfhearted
halfstok {adv} :: half-staff, half-mast
halfweg {adv} :: halfway
hallo {interj} :: hello (a general greeting used when meeting somebody)
hallo daar {interj} :: hello there
hallucinatie {f} :: hallucination
hallucineren {v} :: to hallucinate
halm {m} :: haulm, stalk, stem of grasses (including grain and reed)
halo {m} :: halo [atmospheric phenomenon]
halo {m} :: Similar visual effect resulting from undesirable, roughly circular spots on an imperfectly developed photograph
halogeen {n} :: halogen (any element of group 7)
halogenide {n} [chemistry] :: halide
hals {m} :: [narrow sense] Front side of the neck; throat
hals {m} :: [broad sense] Neck
halsband {m} :: collar
halsberg {m} :: haubergeon
halsberger {m} :: Cryptodiran, any tortoise or turtle of the suborder Cryptodira
halsberger {m} :: synonym of halsberg
halsdoek {m} :: neckerchief
halsgevel {m} :: neck-gable
halsketting {f} :: necklace
halsmisdaad {f} :: capital offence [Commonwealth], capital offense [US] (crime punishable with the death penalty)
halsmisdrijf {n} :: capital offence [Commonwealth], capital offense [US] (crime punishable with the death penalty)
halsoverkop {adv} :: head over heels
halsslagader {f} :: carotid
halssnoer {n} :: necklace
halsstarrig {adj} :: stubborn, obstinate
halsstarrigheid {f} :: stubbornness, obstinacy
halswender {m} :: side-necked turtle, turtle of the suborder Pleurodira
halte {f} :: stop (place to get on and off line buses or trams)
halva {f} {m} :: halva
halvanaise {m} :: A sauce resembling mayonnaise but having a lower fat content
halvarine {f} :: A form of margarine, with half the amount of fat that normal margarine contains
halvegare {m} [pejorative] :: idiot, fool, nutcase
halverwege {adv} :: halfway through
ham {f} :: ham
hamam {m} :: Turkish bath, hammam
hamburger {m} :: hamburger
hamel {m} :: wether, a castrated ram (male sheep)
hamer {m} :: hammer
hameren {v} :: to hammer
hamerhaai {m} :: hammerhead shark, any shark of the Sphyrnidae
hammam {m} :: alternative spelling of hamam
hamster {m} :: hamster
hamsteren {v} :: to hoard (e.g. food, supplies), typically for emergencies
hamsterhaas {m} [obsolete] :: pika, lagomorph of the family Ochotonidae or specifically of the genus Ochotona
hamvraag {f} :: million-dollar question (the final, critical or most important question, the crux)
hand {f} :: hand of a human or other simian
handbak {m} :: manual gearbox
handboei {f} {m} :: handcuff
handboog {m} :: handbow (archery weapon, excluding crossbows)
handdoek {m} :: A towel, a cloth used for drying (sometimes for cleaning) one's hands
handel {m} :: trade (activity of trading)
handel {m} :: business, company (commercial entity)
handel {m} :: goods, things
handel {m} :: shop, store (merchant's business)
handelaar {m} :: merchant
handelen {vi} :: to trade, do business
handelen {vi} :: to act
handeling {f} :: act, action
Handelingen {prop} :: the book of Acts (book of the Bible)
handelsafgunst {f} :: trade envy
handelsbetrekking {f} :: commercial relation
handelsgenoot {m} :: companion, business partner
handelsgewas {n} :: cash crop
handelsmerk {n} :: trade mark
handelsnatie {f} :: trading nation (nation whose national income or national identity largely depends on trade)
handelsoorlog {m} :: A trade war (mutual imposition of trade barriers)
handelsoorlog {m} [chiefly historical] :: A war pertaining to trading interests
handelspartner {m} :: trading partner (someone with whom one trades)
handelspartner {m} [less common] :: companion, business partner
handelspost {m} :: trading post
handelsvaart {f} :: merchant shipping
handelsvloot {f} {m} :: merchant navy
handelswaar {f} :: merchandise
handen en voeten geven {vi} [with indirect object] :: to put into practice, to realise, to accomplish
handen omhoog {interj} :: hands up!
handenvol {adv} :: while busy
handgeklap {n} :: handclapping (a form of music)
handgeklap {n} :: applause
handgemaakt {adj} :: handmade
handgemeen {adj} :: involved in a fight
handgemeen {n} :: scuffle (fight)
handgereedschap {n} :: hand tool
handgranaat {f} {m} :: hand grenade
handhaven {v} :: to maintain
handhaven {v} :: to persevere
handhaving {f} :: maintenance
handicap {m} :: disability
handicap {m} :: handicap, disadvantage
handicap {m} [sports, golf] :: handicap, measure of ability
handig {adj} :: handy, convenient, practical
handig {adj} :: handy, capable, dexterous
handig {adj} :: clever, crafty, cunning
handige jongen {m} :: handyman
handigheid {f} :: skilfulness, handiness, dexterity
handjeklap {m} :: gesture in which two people slap their hands
handjeklap {m} [Netherlands] :: children's game in which players clap each other's hands
handjeklap {m} [Netherlands, chiefly historical] :: system of bargaining on certain markets according to which parties would slap on each other's hands with each bid until an agreement is reached
handjeklap {m} [Netherlands, chiefly politics, pejorative] :: system of political negotiation according to which compromise is sought by exchanging policy proposals more or less wholesale on an issue-by-issue basis
handlanger {m} :: accomplice, henchman (one who assists in criminal or unethical activity)
handlanger {m} [now, chiefly Surinam or Zeeland, otherwise dated] :: assistant; helper
handleiding {f} :: (instruction) manual
handmatig {adj} :: manual
handmatig {adv} :: manually
handpalm {m} :: palm (inner, concave part of a hand)
handrem {f} :: handbrake (any brake operated by hand, e.g. a parking brake or a brake lever)
handschoen {m} :: glove (item of clothing)
handschoenenkast {f} :: glove compartment (compartment recessed in an automobile’s dashboard)
handschoenmaker {m} :: glover
handschrift {n} :: handwriting
handschrift {n} :: manuscript
handstand {m} :: handstand
handtas {f} {m} :: handbag (Canada, UK), purse (US)
handtekening {f} :: Signature, autograph
handvat {n} :: handle, grip
handvest {n} :: charter (document creating a public or private institution)
handvest {n} :: manifesto
handvuurwapen {n} :: handgun, hand firearm, portable firearm
handwanmolen {m} :: manual winnowing mill
handwas {m} :: washing by hand, usually referring to laundry, dishwashing or food
handwerk {n} :: handiwork
handwerken {v} :: to handwork
hanengevecht {n} :: cockfight
hanenkam {m} :: cockscomb, the fleshy crest on the top of a rooster's head
hanenkam {m} [hairstyle] :: Mohawk
hanenkam {m} :: chanterelle or Cantharellus cibarius
hanenkamp {m} [uncommon] :: cockfight
hang {c} :: A support for hanging objects, such as a nail for a picture frame
hang {c} :: A place to dry or smoke produce
hang {c} :: A tendency, knack
hangar {m} :: hangar, a garage like building for aircraft
hangbrug {f} :: suspension bridge
hangbuikzwijn {n} :: pot-bellied pig, a Vietnamese breed of domesticated pig
hangen {vi} :: to hang
hangen {vt} :: to hang
hanger {m} :: hanger
hanger {m} :: jewel that hangs
hangijzer {n} :: An iron hanger to suspend objects from
hangijzer {n} :: (in heet hangijzer) A problematic, unresolved matter
hangjongere {m} :: loitering youngster
hangmat {f} :: hammock
hangslot {n} :: padlock
hangsnor {f} :: A droopy moustache that somewhat exceeds the width of the lips
Hans {prop} :: given name, diminutive of Johannes
hansworst {m} [pejorative] :: butterfingers, klutz, meathead
hansworst {m} [historical] :: comic theatre persona, similar to a harlequin or clown
hanteren {v} :: to handle
hanteren {v} :: to use
Hanze {f} [history] :: Hanseatic League
Hanzestad {f} :: Hanseatic city, city that was a member of the Hanseatic League
hap {m} :: bite
hap {m} :: chunk
haperen {v} :: to malfunction, to be out of order
hapjespan {f} :: saute pan
happen {v} :: to take a bite
har {f} [dated] :: hinge
har {f} [dialectal, chiefly diminutive] :: gap, narrow opening [especially of doors, windows and hatches]
haram {adj} [Islam] :: forbidden, not allowed
haram {adv} [Islam] :: in a way that is forbidden
Haratin {noun} :: Haratin
hard {adj} :: hard, strong
hard {adj} [economics, of a currency] :: strong, not easily devalued
hard {adj} :: unquestionable, uncontestable
hard {adj} :: heartless, unsympathetic (of a person)
hard {adj} :: hard, difficult
hard {adj} :: harsh, heavy
hard {adj} :: hard, rich in calcium (of water)
hard {adj} :: loud (of sound)
hard {adv} [speed] :: fast, swiftly
hard {adv} :: very
hard {adv} :: loudly
harde {m} :: A hard one, e.g. a hard hit, a tough guy
harde {m} [euphemistic] :: A stiffy, hard-on, erected phallus
harde g {f} [phonology] :: The phoneme /ɣ/ pronounced with a more velar or uvular articulation, often also voiceless. This pronunciation is characteristic of the northern Dutch-speaking areas
harden {vt} :: To render hard(er), more resistant etc.; to temper metal; to steel nerves
harden {vt} :: to endure, bear, stand, tolerate
Hardenne {prop} [Belgian] :: Ardennes; alternate form of Ardennen
Hardenne {prop} :: surname
Harderwijk {prop} :: Harderwijk (city)
Harderwijk {prop} :: Harderwijk (municipality)
harde schijf {f} [computer hardware] :: hard disk
hardgekookt {adj} :: hard-boiled (of a boiled egg)
hardheid {f} :: hardness
hardlopen {v} [Netherlands] :: to run
hardnekkig {adj} :: stubborn, stiffnecked
hardop {adv} :: out loud, aloud
hard teken {n} :: hard sign (Ъ/ъ)
hardtin {n} [rare] :: An alloy of tin and copper; pewter
hardvochtig {adj} :: hard-hearted
Hare Majesteit {pron} [title] :: Her Majesty
harer {pron} [dated] :: her
harig {adj} :: hairy, covered in hair, having a lot of hair
harig {adj} [obsolete] :: dry and windy
harig {adj} [uncommon] :: foggy, misty
haring {m} :: herring
haring {m} :: tent pin
haringbuis {f} [historical] :: herring buss; an old type of keeled fishing boat used for catching herring, having two or three rectangular main sails
haringhaai {m} :: porbeagle, Lamna nasus
haring of kuit {phrase} :: See: haring of kuit
haring of kuit {phrase} [idiom] :: synonym of hom of kuit
haringworm {m} :: a roundworm of the genus Anisakis
haringwormziekte {f} :: anisakiasis
hark {m} :: rake (garden tool)
harken {v} :: to rake, to use the rake on
harlekijn {m} :: harlequin (type of mime)
Harlingen {prop} :: Harlingen (city)
Harlingen {prop} :: Harlingen (municipality)
Harm {prop} {m} :: given name, Low German, derived from Herman, meaning "army man"
harmonie {f} [music] :: harmony
harmonie {f} :: harmony, concord
harmonisch {adj} :: harmonic, harmonious
harmonische {mf} [physics] :: harmonic
harmoniseren {v} :: to harmonize
harnas {n} :: (medieval) armor
harp {f} {m} :: harp
harpist {m} :: harpist
harpiste {f} :: female harpist
harpoen {m} :: A harpoon, short spearlike weapon with tenderhooks thrown at the target, of various sizes and types, e.g. used for whaling
harpoen {m} :: Some similar weapons
harpoen {m} [heraldry] :: A figure representing a harpoon
harpoenier {m} :: harpooner
hars {m} {n} :: resin
harses {p} [dialectal, colloquial] :: alternative form of hersenen
harsten {v} [archaic] :: To fry
hart {n} :: heart, main muscle pumping blood through the body:
hart {n} :: The center point or zone of an object, image etc
hart {n} :: The core or essence of some thing, reasoning etc
hart {n} :: Compassionate or similar feelings
hartaandoening {f} :: heart disease
hartaanval {m} :: heart attack
hartelijk {adj} :: cordial
hartelijk {adj} :: hearty
hartelijk {adj} :: hospitable
hartelijk {adj} :: outgoing
hartelijk {adj} :: warm
hartelijk {adv} :: heartily
hartelijk {adv} :: warmly
harteloos {adj} :: heartless
harten {mf} [uncountable, cards] :: hearts
harten {mf} :: a playing card of the hearts suit
hartenjagen {n} :: The card game hearts
hartenpijn {f} [archaic] :: heartburn, cardialgia
hartenpijn {f} :: heartache
hartfalen {n} [medicine] :: heart failure ((chronic) inability of the heart to circulate a sufficient amount of blood)
hartfalen {n} [colloquial, media] :: heart attack
hartig {adj} :: (rare) savoury and spicy, heavily seasoned
hartig {adj} :: having a salty taste, such as cheese, meat etc. (i.e. not sweet)
hartigheid {f} :: saltiness, spiciness
hartigheid {f} :: something that is salty and spicy
hartinfarct {n} [disease] :: myocardial infarction, heart attack
hartkamer {f} :: ventricle, lower chamber of a heart
hartligger {m} [Brabantian] :: favorite person
hartpatiënt {m} :: Someone who suffers from a heart disease
hartschelp {f} [animals] :: cockle
hartslag {m} :: A heartbeat
hartslag {m} :: The rhythm of a beating heart
hartslag {m} [figuratively] :: A moving force, 'engine'
hartstikke {adv} [colloquial] :: very
hartstilstand {m} :: cardiac arrest
hartstocht {m} :: passion
hartstochtelijk {adj} :: passionate, intense
hartsvriendin {f} :: intimate (female) friend
hartverscheurend {adj} :: heartrending
hartvormig {adj} :: heart-shaped
hasj {m} :: hashish (dried leaves of the Indian hemp plant)
haskala {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Haskala
Haskala {prop} {f} :: Haskalah
haspel {c} :: reel (a machine on which yarn, cable, hose etc. is wound)
Hasselt {prop} {n} :: The capital city of Limburg, Belgium
hassium {n} :: hassium
hatelijk {adj} :: hateful, malicious
hatelijk {adj} :: odious, abominable
hatelijk {adv} [obsolete] :: extremely, used with other adverbs to express a high degree
hatelijkheid {f} :: a sharp and hurtful remark
haten {v} :: To hate
hatseflats {interj} [Netherlands] :: Expresses a sudden or completed occurrence
hatsjoe {interj} :: achoo; onomatopoeia for the sound of sneezing
Hattem {prop} :: Hattem (city)
Hattem {prop} :: Hattem (municipality)
hausse {f} [economics] :: economic bubble
hausse {f} :: hype
hautain {adj} :: haughty, supercilious
Hávamál {prop} :: Hávamál
have {f} :: property, possession
haveloos {adj} :: shabby
haven {f} :: harbour
haven {f} :: port
havenen {v} :: to damage, to harm
havenen {v} :: to abuse, to mistreat
havenen {v} [dated, Northern Dutch, dialectal] :: to treat carefully, to groom
havenen {v} [dated, Northern Dutch, dialectal] :: to clean
havenen {vi} :: to enter a harbour, to enter port
havengebied {n} :: port area
havengebied {n} :: dockland
havenhoofd {n} :: jetty, breakwater (pier near a harbour)
havenmeester {m} :: harbourmaster
havenplaats {f} {m} :: port (any settlement with a harbour)
havenrecht {n} :: right to use a harbour
havenrecht {n} :: fee or duty paid for using a harbour
havenstad {f} :: port city
haver {m} :: any wild species or cultivar of the genus Avena
haver {m} :: in particular, Avena sativa, the cereal oats, notably fed to horses
Haverbus {prop} :: surname
havermout {m} :: oatmeal
havervlokkenpap {m} :: oatmeal (breakfast cereal)
havik {m} :: hawk
havo {prop} {f} {m} {n} [Netherlands] :: initialism of Hoger algemeen voortgezet onderwijs
HAVO {prop} {c} {n} [Netherlands] :: alternative case form of havo
Hawaï {prop} {n} :: Hawaii (a state of the United States)
Hawaïaans {adj} :: Hawaiian
Hawaïaans {prop} {n} :: Hawaiian (language)
hazel {m} [rare, dated, literary] :: hazel
hazelaar {m} :: hazel, Corylus avellana
hazelnoot {mf} :: A hazel nut
hazelnoot {mf} :: A hazel, a hazel nut tree or shrub; tree of the genus Corylus
hazenpad {n} [uncommon] :: a hare's trail
hbo {initialism} :: hoger beroepsonderwijs (higher vocational education/training)
HBO {n} :: acronym of hoger beroepsonderwijs
{interj} :: hey
{interj} :: huh; said when surprised or puzzled
{interj} :: ugh, aww; said when disappointed or annoyed
{interj} [as a question at the end of a statement] :: does it?, is it?, right?, eh?; creates a tag question
hebbeding {n} [obsolete] :: piece of junk
hebbeding {n} :: gadget, gimmick, trinket (desirable but often depreciated commodity)
hebben {vt} :: to have, to possess, own, hold
hebben {vt} [medicine] :: to be afflicted with a disease
hebben {v} [auxiliary] :: Used to form the perfect tense of the active voice of most verbs, together with a past participle
hebben {v} [auxiliary, with te] :: must, to be obliged to, to be to
hebbes {interj} :: gotcha (captured or apprehended)
hebbie {contraction} [Netherlands, colloquial] :: contraction of heb ie
heb je hulp nodig {phrase} :: [familiar] do you need help?
Hebreeuws {prop} {n} :: Hebrew (Semitic language, official language of Israel)
Hebreeuws {adj} :: Hebrew
hebt u een menu in het Engels {phrase} :: do you have a menu in English?
hebzucht {f} :: greed, avarice
hebzuchtig {adj} :: greedy
hecatombe {f} [Greco-Roman religion] :: hecatomb, public sacrifice involving many sacrificial animals
hecatombe {f} [figuratively] :: carnage, massacre, any great loss of life whether intentional or not
hecht {adj} :: tight, close-knit
hechten {vt} :: to attach, to bind
hechten {vt} :: to suture, to stitch
hechtenis {f} :: custody, detention
hechting {f} :: act of binding or stitching
hechting {f} [surgery] :: stitch
hectare {f} :: hectare
hecto- {prefix} :: hecto-
hectoampère {m} :: hecto-ampere: 100 amperes
hecto-ohm {m} {n} :: hecto-ohm: 100 ohms
Hector {prop} {m} :: Hector (hero from the Iliad)
hectoseconde {f} :: hectosecond: 100 seconds
hectosteradiaal {m} :: hectosteradian: one hundred steradians
hedde {contraction} [Brabantian] :: contraction of hebt gij
hede {f} [dialectal] :: Coarse fibres and woody parts of flax and hemp, discarded as useless
heden {adv} :: today
heden {adv} :: presently
heden {n} :: the present
hedendaags {adj} :: current, contemporary, modern
heden ten dage {adv} :: nowadays
hedonisme {n} :: hedonism
hee {interj} :: alternative spelling of
heeft u hulp nodig {phrase} :: [polite] do you need help?
heel {adj} :: complete, full, whole
heel {adv} :: very
heelal {n} :: universe
heelhuids {adv} :: unharmed, safe and sound, unscathed
heelhuids {adj} [rare] :: unscathed, unharmed
heelkunde {f} :: surgery (discipline)
heelmeester {m} [now, chiefly in fantasy or historical, otherwise archaic] :: healer, doctor
heem {n} :: house, home
heem {n} :: (domestic/ farm-)yard
heemraad {m} :: village council
heemraad {m} [historical] :: in Holland, and, until the 19th century, also in Cape Colony, a council to assist a local magistrate in the government of rural districts
heemraad {m} [historical] :: a member of such a council
heemstede {f} :: a house together with surrounding land and buildings, especially on a farm; a homestead
heemstede {f} [historic] :: a court of law in Gelderland
heemwaarts {adv} :: homewards
heen {adv} :: away
heen {adv} [postpositional] :: to, towards
heen {adv} [slang] :: gone, outside the boundaries of the norms
heen en weer {adv} :: to and fro, back and forth
heengaan {v} [formal] :: to go away
heengaan {v} [euphemism] :: to pass away, to die
heenkomen {n} :: place of refuge
heer {m} :: lord; master
heer {m} :: gentleman
heer {n} [archaic] :: army
Heerde {prop} :: Heerde (village)
Heerde {prop} :: Heerde (municipality)
Heerenveen {prop} :: Heerenveen (village)
Heerenveen {prop} :: Heerenveen (municipality)
heerkracht {f} [archaic] :: army, (military) force
heerlijk {adj} :: wonderful (when referring to a sensation), great
heerlijk {adj} :: delicious
heerlijk {adj} :: lordly, suzerain
heerlijk {adj} :: glorious, magnificent
heerlijkheid {f} :: deliciousness, delight, delicacy
heerlijkheid {f} :: fiefdom (specifically referring to manorialism)
heerlijkheid {f} :: glory
heeroom {m} :: An uncle who is a (Roman Catholic) priest or monastic
heerschappij {f} :: lordship, dominion
heerschare {f} :: host, army
heersen {v} :: to rule
heersen {v} :: to prevail
heerser {m} :: a ruler, sovereign
heerseres {f} :: a female ruler, female sovereign
heerszucht {f} [pejorative] :: pathological desire to rule
hees {adj} :: hoarse, rough, husky, grating
heesheid {f} :: hoarseness
heester {m} :: bush, shrub
heet {adj} :: hot (very warm)
heet {adj} :: spicy, hot
heetgebakerd {adj} :: hot-tempered
hefboom {m} [literally] :: lever (turning rigid piece)
hefboom {m} [figuratively] :: leverage
hefeiland {n} :: jackup rig
heffen {v} :: To raise, lift, heave
heffen {v} :: To levy (a tax or toll)
heffing {f} :: a tax
heffing {f} :: [poetry] a group of letters which are stressed in a poetic meter
hefinstallatie {f} :: a part of a machinery that's used to raise heavy objects; a hook and chain, a sling
heft {n} :: handle of a knife or other tool, haft, hilt
heft {n} :: (metaphor, used absolutely: het heft) control, charge
heftig {adj} :: violent
heftig {adj} :: passionate
heftig {adj} :: impetuous, impulsive
heg {f} :: hedge, hedgerow
hegemonie {f} :: hegemony
heggenmus {f} :: dunnock, hedge sparrow, Prunella modularis
heggenmus {f} :: Any bird of the family Prunellidae
hei {f} :: alternative form of heide
heibel {m} :: row, quarrel
heibel {m} :: uproar, commotion
-heid {suffix} :: -ness, -ity; forms nouns from adjectives, denoting the abstract quality of the adjective
heide {f} :: heath, heathland
heide {f} :: heather (plant)
heiden {m} :: heathen, pagan, person who does not follow an Abrahamic religion
heiden {m} :: gentile
heiden {m} [figuratively] :: barbarian, Philistine in the uncivilised sense
heidendom {n} :: paganism, heathendom (polytheistic religious tradition)
heidendom {n} :: heathendom, heathenry, heresy (any faith, view or community proscribed by a given religion)
heidens {adj} :: pagan
heiig {adj} :: misty, foggy
heil {n} :: prosperity
heil {n} :: salvation
heiland {m} [religion] :: savior (North America), saviour (Commonwealth)
Heiland {prop} {m} [Christianity] :: Savior (North America), Saviour (Commonwealth)
heilbot {m} :: halibut, the largest flatfish species of marine genus Hippoglossus
heildronk {m} :: toast, honouring or salutation by raising a drink
heilgymnast {m} :: remedial gymnast
heilgymnastiek {f} :: remedial gymnastics
heilig {adj} :: holy
heilig {adj} :: sacred
heiligdom {n} :: Holy building or place, sanctuary
heilige {f} {m} :: saint
heilige der heiligen {prop} {n} :: Holy of Holies [chiefly in relation to the Temple of Solomon]
Heilige Geest {prop} {m} :: Holy Spirit, one of the three persons constituting the Holy Trinity in Christian theology
Heilige Graal {prop} {m} :: Holy Grail
heiligen {v} :: to hallow, to sanctify
heiligenbeeld {n} :: image of a saint
heiligenschijn {m} [uncountable] :: heiligenschein (optical phenomenon causing bright area around the shadow of the observer's head)
heiligenschijn {m} [countable] :: halo, nimbus
heiligenschrijn {n} :: a coffin-like reliquary
heilige oorlog {m} :: holy war
Heilige Stoel {prop} :: the Holy See, Rome (the Vatican) as seat of and metonomy for the papacy and the universal Roman Catholic church which it heads
heiligheid {f} :: holiness (quality or state of being holy, sacred)
heiligheid {f} :: Something that is holy
heiligheid der heiligheden {prop} {f} [dated] :: Holy of Holies [in relation to the Temple of Solomon]
heilig huisje {n} [idiom, chiefly plural, politics, society] :: sacred cow, taboo (something that is considered inviolable)
heiligschennis {f} :: sacrilege, desecration
heiligverklaring {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: canonization (US); canonisation (UK)
heilsgeschiedenis {f} [Christianity] :: Heilsgeschichte
heilshistorie {f} [Christianity] :: Heilsgeschichte
heilstaat {m} :: ideal state, utopia
heilwens {m} :: wish [for success, health, etc. to someone]
heilzaam {adj} :: healthy, salutiferous
heim {n} :: alternative form of heem
heimelijk {adj} :: secretive
heimelijk {adj} :: furtive, stealthy
heimwaarts {adv} [dated] :: alternative form of heemwaarts
heimwee {n} :: homesickness
hein {m} :: physical demarcation between fields or yards, like a fence, wall or ditch
hein {m} :: skinny person
hein {m} :: skinny horse
hein {m} :: personification of death
Hein {prop} {m} :: given name
heinde {adv} :: closeby
heinen {vt} [dated] :: to fence (off), to enclose
heir {n} [archaic] :: alternative spelling of heer
heisa {m} :: fuss, ado, to-do, commotion
hek {n} :: fence
hek {n} :: stern
hekel {m} :: a hatred
hekel {m} :: a tool for working hemp or flax
hekeldicht {n} [countable] :: a satirical poem
hekeldichter {m} :: (male or not specific) satirist
hekeldichteres {f} :: satirist (female)
hekelen {vt} [of flax] :: to heckle, to comb with a hackle (heckling comb)
hekelen {vt} :: to satirise, to lampoon
hekje {noun} :: Number sign
hekkensluiter {m} :: last comer
heks {f} :: witch
heksenjacht {f} {m} [literal and figurative] :: witch-hunt
heksenketel {m} :: witch's cauldron
heksenketel {m} [figuratively, uncountable] :: pandemonium
heksenkring {m} :: fairy ring
heksenmelk {f} [botany] :: leafy spurge, Euphorbia esula
heksenmelk {f} :: witch's milk (neonatal milk)
heksensabbat {m} :: witches' Sabbath
heksensteen {m} :: adder stone
hekserij {f} :: witchcraft
hekserij {f} :: something quite difficult
hekwerk {n} :: fencing
hekwerk {n} :: railing
hel {f} [religion, mythology] :: hell, a diabolical aftermath
hel {f} [figurative] :: a terrible place or ordeal
hel {adj} [archaic] :: bright
hel {?} :: hall, frozen spot
helaas {adv} :: unfortunately
helaas {interj} :: alas
helaas, pindakaas {interj} [idiomatic] :: too bad, oh well
helaba {interj} [Belgium] :: Hey, you - Used to point out somebody has to watch out 'watch it!', or to (work up to) reprove
helaba {interj} [Belgium] :: hello, hi there
held {m} :: hero
heldendaad {f} :: A heroic deed, act, feat
heldendicht {n} :: An epic, narrative poem (or by extension prose), notably on a hero
heldendicht {n} [figuratively] :: An epic episode or scene
heldendom {n} :: being a hero
helder {adj} :: clear, bright, transparent
helder {adj} :: clear, lucid, obvious
helderheid {f} :: brightness
helderheid {f} [figuratively] :: lucidness, lucidity
helderziend {adj} :: sibylline, clairvoyant
helderziendheid {f} :: clairvoyance
heldhaftig {adj} :: heroic, daring, brave
heldin {f} :: heroine
heleboel {num} :: (a) lot
helemaal {adv} :: completely
helemaal {adv} [colloquial] :: anyway
helemaal niet {adv} :: not at all
helen {v} [ergative] :: to heal
helen {v} :: To accept (and sell) stolen goods; to fence
Helena {prop} :: given name, a Latinate variant of Heleen (=Helen)
heler {m} :: healer
heler {m} :: fence (middleman for transactions of stolen goods)
heleres {f} :: female healer
heleres {f} :: female fence (middleman for transactions of stolen goods)
helft {f} {m} :: half
heli {m} :: chopper
helikopter {m} :: helicopter
helikoptercrash {m} :: helicopter crash
heling {f} :: fencing (buying of stolen goods)
heling {f} :: healing
helium {n} :: helium
helix {f} :: helix
Helleens {adj} :: Hellenic
hellegebroed {n} [literally] :: Hellspawn, (a) creature(s) from hell
hellegebroed {n} [figuratively] :: The worst, vilest, most vicious, fiendish or monstruous
hellegeest {m} [poetic] :: hell-spirit, devil, demon
hellekind {n} :: hellspawn, son of Darkness
hellekind {n} :: nasty child, crotch critter, dipshit
hellemoer {f} :: the devil's mother
hellemoer {f} :: (figurative) an extremely evil female
hellen {v} :: to incline
hellenistisch {adj} :: Hellenistic
hellerivier {f} :: alternative form of helrivier
hellevuur {n} [uncountable] :: the fire of Hell; hellfire
hellevuur {n} [uncountable] :: fire produced by the Devil, or a similar supernatural creature connected to Hell
hellevuur {n} [countable] :: a fire that burns with unusual heat or ferocity; an inferno
hellewaarts {adv} :: to hell, hellward
helling {f} :: inclination, slope
helling {f} [geology] :: dip
hellingshoek {m} :: angle of inclination
helm {m} :: helmet
helm {m} [heraldry] :: helmet
helpen {vt} :: to help
helpen {vt} :: to provide, to supply [+ aan (object) = with]
helpen {vt} :: to get hooked, to cause (someone) to be very keen (on), addicted or depended [+ aan (object) = to]
helper {m} :: deputy, assistant, aide
helrivier {f} :: river in or near hell or another underworld
hels {adj} [literal] :: hellish, in or related to hell
hels {adj} :: diabolically horrible, gruesome
hels {adj} :: devilishly extreme, intense
hels {adj} :: chemically aggressive
Helsinki {prop} {n} :: Helsinki
helwaarts {adv} :: towards hell
helzen {vt} [obsolete] :: to embrace, to wrap the arms around the neck of
hem {pron} [personal] :: Third-person singular, masculine, objective: him
hem {pron} [personal] :: The tagger in a game of tag: it
hematoom {n} :: hematoma
hemd {n} [Belgium, Suriname] :: a shirt (article of clothing)
hemd {n} [Netherlands] :: an undershirt
hemdrok {m} [historical] :: a type of long shirt covering the entire torso down to the thighs
hemdsmouwen {p} :: in the fixed expression in hemdsmouwen
hemel {m} :: heaven
hemel {m} :: sky, heavens
hemel {m} :: canopy, baldachin
hemelbed {n} :: canopy bed
hemelbestormer {m} [figurative] :: iconoclast, someone who breaks taboos
hemelbestormer {m} [now, uncommon, Greek mythology] :: Titan
hemelblauw {n} :: sky blue (loosely speaking: not according to any color standardization)
hemelblauw {n} :: French blue (RAL 5015 (RAL is a Dutch color standardization)
hemelblauw {adj} :: sky blue (loosely speaking: not according to any color standardization)
hemelblauw {adj} :: French blue (RAL 5015 (RAL is a Dutch color standardization))
hemelbol {m} [astronomy] :: celestial sphere
hemelen {vt} [obsolete] :: to hide, to remove
hemelen {vt} [obsolete] :: to fix, to repair
hemelen {vi} [euphemism] :: to die
hemelgeest {m} [dated] :: angel
hemelgeest {m} [dated] :: heaven or sky spirit
hemelgewelf {n} :: sky, firmament
hemelhoog {adj} :: sky high, very high
hemelhoog {adv} :: sky high
hemeling {m} :: A celestial being
hemelkaart {f} :: star map
hemellichaam {n} :: heavenly body
hemelnimf {f} [Islam] :: houri
hemels {adj} :: heavenly, of or pertaining to heaven
hemels {adj} :: heavenly, amazing, sublime
hemelsblauw {n} :: alternative spelling of hemelblauw
hemelsblauw {adj} :: alternative spelling of hemelblauw
hemelteken {n} :: star sign
hemelteken {n} :: celestial or atmospheric phenomenon
hemelvaart {f} :: ascension
Hemelvaart {prop} {m} :: Ascension Day
Hemelvaart {prop} {m} :: Christ’s ascension
Hemelvaartsdag {m} :: Ascension Day
hemelvuur {n} [uncommon, poetic] :: lightning
hemelwaarts {adv} :: towards heaven
hemelwijd {adj} :: enormous, as though spanning across the heavens
hemisfeer {m} :: A hemisphere, half-sphere, notably half the planet Earth
hemmetje {noun} [colloquial] :: shirt, blouse
hemofilie {f} :: haemophilia
hempie {noun} [colloquial, Hollandic] :: alternative form of hemdje
hem smeren {v} [idiomatic] :: to scram, to be out of here/there
hemzelf {pron} :: (informal / improper, reflexive) himself
hen {pron} :: them
hen {f} :: hen, female chicken; female of a related species
hen {f} :: A female of the species of birds brooding on the ground
hen {f} [figuratively] :: 'bird', colloquial term for a human female
hendel {m} {n} :: lever
Hendrick {prop} {m} :: given name
Hendrik {prop} :: given name
Hendriks {prop} :: a Dutch patronymic surname, meaning "of Hendrik."
Henegouwen {prop} {n} :: Hainaut, a province of Belgium
heng {f} :: moving leaf of a hinge, affixed to the moving part
hengel {m} :: fishing rod
hengelaar {m} :: angler, someone who fishes using a fishing rod
hengelen {v} :: to angle, fish with a fishhook on a line on a rod
hengelen {v} [metaphor] :: to fish for information or some reaction
hengsel {n} :: hinge
hengsel {n} :: handle of a container [e.g. of a backet or cauldron]
hengst {m} :: stallion (male horse, especially uncastrated)
hengst {m} :: (metonymy) a very hard hit, like given by a angrily kicking stallion
hengstveulen {n} :: colt, a male foal (equine young)
Henk {prop} {m} :: given name
Henk en Ingrid {prop} :: The stereotypical autochthonous Dutch commoners
Hennekes {prop} :: surname
hennep {m} :: hemp
hennepolie {f} :: hemp oil
hennepzaad {m} :: hempseed
hennepzaadolie {f} :: hemp oil
hennip {m} :: obsolete spelling of hennep
Henoch {prop} {m} :: Enoch (mythological character)
Henoch {prop} {m} :: Title of three apocrypha
hept- {prefix} [hydrocarbon chain prefix] :: hept-
heptaan {n} [organic compound] :: heptane
heptatonisch {adj} :: heptatonic
hepteen {n} [organic compound] :: heptene
heptyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: heptyl
heptyn {n} [organic compound] :: heptyne
her- {prefix} :: re-
her- {prefix} :: again
her {adv} :: here
heraldiek {f} :: heraldry
heraut {m} :: herald
herberg {mf} :: inn, lodging
herbergen {v} :: to lodge (to supply with a room or place to sleep in for a time)
herberghe {f} {m} :: obsolete form of herberg
herbergier {m} :: innkeeper
herbergzaam {adj} :: hospitable
herbivoor {m} [zoology] :: herbivore (plant-eating animal)
herbouwen {v} :: to rebuild
herbranden {v} :: to reburn
herbronnen {vi} :: to return to or reconnect with a source; to reorient, to do some introspection
herbruikbaar {adj} :: reusable (able to be used again)
Hercules {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Hercules
herdenken {v} :: to remember, to commemorate
herdenking {f} :: commemoration
herdenkingsdag {m} :: remembrance day
herdenkingsmunt {f} :: commemorative coin
herdenkingsplaats {f} :: memorial
herder {m} :: herdsman, herd, herder
herder {m} :: sheepdog
herderin {f} :: shepherdess
herdershond {m} :: sheepdog (dog (breed) used for herding herds)
herdersstaf {f} :: shepherd's crook
herdopen {vt} :: to rebaptise
herdopen {vt} :: to rename
herdruk {m} :: reprint (printed edition identical to an earlier edition)
herdrukken {vt} :: to reprint
heremiet {m} :: hermit
heremietkreeft {m} :: hermit crab
herenakkoord {n} :: gentleman's agreement
herenboer {m} :: gentleman farmer, patrician farmer
herenboerderij {f} :: gentleman's farm (farm owned by a patrician landowner)
herenhoeve {f} :: a large farmstead, especially one belonging to wealthy and aristocratic landowners
herenigen {v} :: to reunite
herformuleren {v} :: to reformulate
herfst {m} :: autumn, fall
herfstavond {m} :: autumn evening
herfstmaand {f} :: September
herfstnachtevening {f} :: autumn equinox
herfsttij {n} :: autumn, fall
herfsttij {n} [figurative] :: period of decline, final period of a lifetime
hergebruik {n} :: reuse
hergebruiken {v} :: to reuse, to recycle
hergroeperen {v} :: to regroup
herhaaldelijk {adv} :: repeatedly
herhalen {v} :: to repeat
herhaling {f} :: repetition
herhaling {f} :: repeat, rerun
heringebruikname {mf} :: return-to-operation
herinneren {vt} [+ aan] :: To remind, to prompt
herinneren {vr} [ditransitive] :: To remember
herinnering {f} :: memory
herinnering {f} :: reminder
herinnering {f} :: souvenir
herinneringsplaats {f} :: A place of memory or lieu de mémoire, that is, a space with particular (historical) significance in the collective memory of a community
herinterviewen {v} :: To reinterview
herkansen {v} :: to retry, to reattempt, to retake, to have another go at (a test, exam etc.)
herkansing {f} :: retry, second (another chance to achieve what should have been done the first time)
herkapitaliseren {v} :: to recapitalize
herkauwen {v} :: to rechew, to ruminate
herkauwer {m} :: ruminant (animal which chews cud)
herkenbaar {adj} :: recognizable
herkennen {v} :: to recognize
herkenning {f} :: recognition, recalling (of someone's face e.g.)
herkomst {f} :: origin, descent
herkrijgen {v} :: to regain, to recover possession of
herlaadbaar {adj} :: reloadable
herlaadbaar {adj} :: rechargeable
herladen {v} :: to reload
herleiden {v} :: to reduce
herleven {vi} [literally] :: To come to life again, revive
herleven {vi} [figuratively] :: To reappear
herleven {vi} [figuratively] :: To return, rise again
herleven {vi} [figuratively] :: To recover strength or vitality
herleven {vi} [figuratively] :: To be renewed
herleven {vt} [literally] :: To relive, experience again
herleving {f} :: revival
Herman {prop} {m} :: given name
hermandad {f} [slang] :: police
hermelijn {m} :: stoat, ermine, Mustela erminea
hermelijn {m} [heraldry] :: ermine
hermelijn {m} [uncountable] :: ermine, the white fur of the stoat
hermelijnen {adj} :: ermine, consisting of white stoat fur
hermeneutisch {adj} [humanities] :: hermeneutical
hernemen {v} :: to retake (take again)
hernhutter {m} [Protestantism] :: Herrnhuter
hernieuwen {v} [Netherlands] :: to renew
hernoemen {v} :: to rename
heroïne {f} {m} :: heroin
heroïsch {adj} :: heroic
herontdekking {f} :: rediscovery
heropenen {v} :: to reopen
heropleven {v} :: to be revived, to be reinvigorated
heropleving {f} :: revival, reinvigoration (of a phenomenon)
heroprichten {v} :: to reestablish
heroveren {v} :: to recapture, retake, win back
herrie {f} :: noise (various sounds, usually unwanted)
hersen {noun} :: singular of hersenen
hersenbalk {m} :: corpus callosum
hersenbloeding {f} :: bleeding of the brain, intracranial hemorrhage
hersenen {p} :: [plurale tantum] brain
hersenkind {n} :: brainchild, product of one's fantasy or creativity
hersenkronkel {m} :: gyrus
hersenkronkel {m} :: a difficult puzzle, brain twister
hersenloos {adj} :: brainless
hersenpan {f} :: cranium
hersens {p} :: [plurale tantum] alternative form of hersenen
hersenschim {f} :: phantom, delusion, chimera, figment of the imagination
hersenschudding {f} :: The medical condition concussion
hersenspinsel {n} :: figment, fantasy
hersenspoelen {v} :: to brainwash
hersenspoeling {f} :: brainwashing
hersenstam {m} :: brain stem
hersenvlies {n} :: meninges
herstarten {v} :: to restart, to reboot
herstel {n} :: recovery
herstel {n} :: restoration, repair
herstelbetaling {f} :: reparation (imposed payment for presumed transgressions)
herstellen {v} :: to restore, repair
herstellen {v} :: to recover, recuperate
herstelling {f} :: medical recovery, the act or process of healing
herstelling {f} :: repair, the act or process of fixing an inanimate object
herstelling {f} :: restoration, the act or process of restoring something to its former condition
herstellingsoord {n} :: sanatorium
hert. {abbr} :: hertogdom
hert {n} :: deer (a ruminant mammal with antlers and hooves, or their meat)
hert {n} [Southern Dutch] :: alternative form of hart
hertenbok {m} :: An adult, male deer; a stag
hertenkamp {m} :: enclosed pasture where deer are kept
hertog {m} :: duke
hertogdom {n} :: duchy
hertogdom {n} :: dukedom
hertogelijk {adj} :: ducal, belonging/referring to a duke and/or a duchy
hertogin {f} :: A duchess (wife of a duke; female ruler of a duchy)
hertrouwen {v} :: to remarry
hertzwijn {n} :: babirusa, pig of the genus Babyrousa
heruitgave {f} {m} :: new edition (e.g. of a book), re-release
heruitzending {f} :: A rerun, re-broadcast of a program
hervatten {v} :: to resume
hervormd {adj} :: Reformed; [referring to the Netherlands] pertaining to the Dutch Reformed Church and its traditions
hervormd {adj} :: reformed
hervormen {v} :: to reform
hervormer {m} :: reformer
hervorming {f} :: reform
hervorming {prop} {f} [history, Protestantism, definite article] :: Reformation
herwinnen {v} :: to recover, to get back
herzien {v} :: to revise, to review
herzien {v} :: the past participle of the above infinitive
herziening {f} :: revision
herziening {f} :: overhaul
hes {m} :: A short, protective type of blouse or shirt, typically worn by manual laborers
hes {m} :: A light version of the above, worn as a signal, notably to be noticed by traffic
hes {adj} [obsolete] :: alternative form of hesselijk, heslijk
hespan {m} [obsolete, Dutch North America] :: raccoon
hesseling {m} [dated] :: European chub, Squalius cephalus
het {art} :: the [the neuter definite article]
het {pron} :: it; third-person singular, neuter, subjective
het {pron} :: it; third-person singular, neuter, objective
het {pron} :: it; impersonal
het bekijken {v} [colloquial] :: to get stuffed, to forget it (implying "I'm out of here")
het besterven {vi} :: to die (in figurative sense), to suffer badly
het besterven {vi} :: to be shocked, to be overwhelmed with emotion (usually negative, but also from laughter)
het Bildt {prop} :: het Bildt (municipality)
het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan {proverb} :: blood will tell; one's real character eventually shows up
het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan {proverb} :: blood is thicker than water
het doel heiligt de middelen {proverb} :: the end justifies the means
het doen {vi} :: to function, to work
het doen {vi} [colloquial] :: to have sex, to do "it"
het doet er niet toe {phrase} :: it doesn't matter
heteluchtbad {n} :: sauna
heteluchtballon {m} :: hot-air balloon
heten {v} [copulative] :: To be named; to have as name, to be called
heten {vt} [dated] :: To name, to call (to provide with a name, to define a name as)
heten {v} [copulative, dated] :: to be claimed; to be asserted
heten {vt} :: To heat, make warmer
heten {vi} :: To heat up, become warmer
heten {vt} [figuratively] :: To stir, arouse emotions etc
hetero- {prefix} :: hetero- (other; different)
heterodox {adj} :: heterodox (deviating from some orthodoxy, whether religious or ideological)
heterofiel {adj} :: heterosexual
heterofiel {m} :: a heterosexual
heterogeen {adj} :: heterogeneous
het erom spannen {idiom} :: to be close
heteroseksisme {n} :: heterosexism
heteroseksualiteit {f} :: heterosexuality
heteroseksueel {adj} :: heterosexual
heteroseksueel {m} :: a heterosexual
hetgeen {pron} :: (relative pronoun) that which, which, what
het gelag betalen {v} :: Bear all the consequences, regardless of responsibility
het geluk is met de dommen {phrase} :: One seems to achieve something easier by luck, than through skill; it is better to be lucky than good
het geluk is met de onwetenden {proverb} :: alternative form of het geluk is met de dommen
het geweer van schouder veranderen {v} [idiom, Belgium] :: to change tack, to change course
het gras is altijd groener aan de overkant {proverb} :: the grass is always greener on the other side
het haasje zijn {vi} [idiom] :: to be in trouble, to be screwed
het hazenpad kiezen {vi} [idiomatic] :: to escape, to run away, to take flight
het hebben over {v} [idiomatic] :: to talk about
het heft in eigen handen nemen {v} [idiomatic] :: to take matters into one's own hands, to take control
het heft in handen hebben {v} [idiomatic] :: to be in control, charge
het hele jaar door {phrase} :: throughout the whole year
het ijs breken {v} :: to break the ice, to get to know people
het ijs breken {v} [archaic] :: to do important preparatory work, to clear the way, to be the first one to do something
het is de Moriaan gewassen {proverb} [probably offensive] :: it is a vain effort, it is no use, it is pointless
het is kermis in de hel {interj} :: devil's beating his wife (said when a sunshower occurs)
het kan vriezen en het kan dooien {phrase} [idiomatic] :: anything is possible, anything could happen
het kind van de rekening zijn {phrase} :: be (solely) blamed; have to bear the consequences (partially or entirely caused by others)
het land uit, de dieven tellen {phrase} [Brabantian] :: Evasive reply to questions about where one is going
het laten afweten {v} [idiomatic] :: to let down, to disappoint, to renege (on a promise)
het laten afweten {v} [idiomatic, of a device] :: to die, to break down, to stop working
het licht zien {v} [idiom] :: to see the light
het licht zien {v} :: to become public, to be published
het licht zien {v} :: to gain understanding
het licht zien {v} [religion] :: to undergo a conversion
het loodje leggen {v} [idiomatic] :: to kick the bucket, to be pushing up daisies
het naadje van de kous {n} [idiom] :: All details of a subject matter
het paard achter de wagen spannen {v} [idiomatic] :: to put the cart before the horse
het schip ingaan {vi} [idiom] :: to suffer a loss, to lose, to be scammed
het vijfde wiel aan de wagen {phrase} :: superfluous, unwanted, not needed
het warm water uitvinden {v} [idiomatic] :: to (re)discover common knowledge, or present it as though one had discovered it
het wiel opnieuw uitvinden {v} :: to reinvent the wheel
hetze {f} :: witch hunt, hate campaign, smear campaign
het zekere voor het onzekere nemen {v} [idiomatic] :: to err on the side of caution
hetzelfde {determiner} :: the same (used to modify neuter nouns)
hetzij {conj} [used as hetzij ... hetzij] :: either ... or
heug {m} :: desire, appetite
heugen {vt} :: to remember
heugen {v} [impersonal] :: to remain in one's memory
heugen {vt} :: to remind
heugenis {f} :: memory, recollection
heul {f} :: A floodgate with a bridge
heul {f} :: A stone or brick bridge, usually consisting of only a single arch
heul {f} [now, dialectal] :: A sewer or a ditch for wastewater
heul {f} [dialectal, possibly, obsolete] :: A temporary bridge, often made of wood
heul {m} {n} [archaic] :: poppy, plant of the genus Papaver
heul {m} {n} [archaic] :: several kinds of soporific drugs made from the poppy
heul {m} {n} [obsolete, figurative] :: something soothing, healing, salutary or even redeeming
heulen {vi} :: To conspire
Heumen {prop} :: Heumen (village)
Heumen {prop} :: Heumen (municipality)
heup {c} :: hip
heupprothese {f} :: A hip prosthesis, artificial replacement for a hip
heur {pron} [personal, archaic, dialectal] :: her. Sometimes (though decreasingly) used in Standard Dutch, especially in poetry and in conjunction with haar (in the sense of hair), for the sake of euphony or comic effect
heuristisch {adj} :: heuristic
heus {adj} :: friendly, polite
heus {adj} :: real, genuine
heus {adj} :: impressive for being undistinguishable from the real thing; nothing less than..
heus {adv} :: really, actually, genuinely
heuvel {m} :: hill
heuvelachtig {adj} :: hilly
heuvelrug {m} :: ridge (of a hill)
heuvelrug {m} :: range (of hills)
hevel {m} :: siphon
hevig {adj} :: violent, intense
hex- {prefix} [hydrocarbon chain prefix] :: hex-
hexaan {n} [organic compound] :: hexane
hexagonaal {adj} [geometry] :: hexagonal, having six edges, or having a cross-section in the form of a hexagon
hexeen {n} [organic compound] :: hexene
hexyl {n} [organic chemistry] :: hexyl
hexyn {n} [organic compound] :: hexyne
Heyting {prop} {?} :: surname
Hidjra {prop} {c} [Islam] :: Hijra
hiel {m} :: heel, part of the foot
hiel {m} :: analogous part of footwear or another physical entity
hielenlikker {m} :: bootlicker, flunky, arse-licker, sycophant
hieperdepiep {interj} :: hip hip (as a cheer)
hieperdepiep hoera {interj} :: hip hip hooray
hier {adv} :: here
hier {adv} [with a preposition] :: this
hieraan {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of aan + dit
hierachter {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of achter + dit
hierachteraan {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of achteraan + dit
hieraf {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of af + dit
hiërarchie {f} :: hierarchy (body of authoritative officials)
hiërarchisch {adj} :: hierarchical
hierbij {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of bij + dit; hereby
hierbinnen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of binnen + dit
hierboven {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of boven + dit
hierbuiten {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of buiten + dit
hierdoor {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of door + dit
hierdoorheen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of doorheen + dit
hier en nu {n} :: here and now, present moment
hierheen {adv} :: hither, towards here
hierin {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of in + dit
hierlangs {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of langs + dit
hiermee {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of met + dit
hierna {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of na + dit
hiernaar {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of naar + dit
hiernaartoe {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of naartoe + dit
hiernaast {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of naast + dit
hiernamaals {n} :: afterlife, life after death
hiernamaals {adv} [now, uncommon] :: hereafter, afterwards
hiernamaals {adj} :: Of or relating to the afterlife
hiernumaals {n} :: life before death, contrasted with afterlife
hiero {adv} [colloquial, Hollandic] :: here, over here
hiëroglief {c} :: hieroglyph
hierom {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of om + dit
hieromheen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of omheen + dit
hieromtrent {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of omtrent + dit
hieronder {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of onder + dit
hierop {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of op + dit
hierop {adv} :: subsequently, following this
hierover {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of over + dit
hieroverheen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of overheen + dit
hierrond {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of rond + dit
hiertegen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tegen + dit
hiertegenover {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tegenover + dit
hiertoe {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tot + dit
hiertussen {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tussen + dit
hiertussendoor {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of tussendoor + dit
hieruit {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of uit + dit
hiervan {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of van + dit
hiervanaf {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of vanaf + dit
hiervandaan {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of vandaan + dit
hiervoor {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of voor + dit
hiervoorbij {adv} :: pronominal adverb form of voorbij + dit
Higgs-boson {n} :: alternative spelling of Higgsboson
Higgsboson {n} [particle] :: Higgs boson
Higgs-deeltje {noun} :: alternative spelling of Higgsdeeltje
Higgsdeeltje {noun} [particle] :: Higgs particle
hij {pron} :: Third-person singular, masculine, subjective: he
hijgen {v} :: to pant, to gasp for breath
hij is bewusteloos {phrase} :: he's unconscious
hijs {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of hij + is
hijsen {v} :: to pull up, hoist
hijskraan {m} :: crane (machinery to lift weighty objects)
hijzelf {pron} :: himself
hik {m} :: hiccup
hil {m} [archaic] :: hill, elevation
hilarisch {adj} :: hilarious, comical
hilariteit {f} :: hilarity
Himalaya {prop} {m} :: Himalayas (mountain range in South Asia)
hinde {f} :: doe
hinder {m} :: hindrance, impediment, obstruction
hinderen {vt} :: hinder, impede
hinderen {vi} :: to be in the way, to be a problem
hinderlaag {f} {m} :: ambush
hindernis {f} :: hindrance, obstacle
Hindi {prop} {n} :: Hindi (language)
hindoe {m} :: Hindu
hindoeïsme {n} :: Hinduism
hindoeïstisch {adj} :: Hindu, Hinduistic
hinken {v} :: to limp, to hobble (walk with difficulty due to injury)
hinniken {v} :: to neigh
hint {f} {m} :: hint
hinten {v} :: to hint
hinterland {n} :: hinterland [rural territory, backwater]
hip {adj} :: genteel (stylish, elegant)
hip {adj} :: fashionable (characteristic of or influenced by a current popular trend or style)
hip-hop {m} :: hip-hop
hippen {v} :: to hop
hippie {mf} :: hippie
hippogrief {m} :: hippogriff, hippogryph
histologie {f} :: histology
historicus {m} :: historian
historie {f} [formal or archaic] :: story
historie {f} [formal or archaic] :: history
historisch {adj} :: historical
hit {m} :: A hit song, a very popular and successful song
hit {m} [by extension] :: A success, something popular and successful [especially in the entertainment industry]
hitsen {vt} [archaic] :: to chase away, to scare off
hitte {f} :: heat
hitteberoerte {f} [medicine] :: heat stroke
hittebestendig {adj} :: heat-resistant
hittegolf {c} [meteorology] :: heat wave, hot spell
hitteschild {n} [aeronautics] :: heat shield
H.M. {abbr} :: Hare MajesteitHer Majesty
HM {abbr} [title of a queen] :: Hare Majesteit
hobbel {m} :: bump
hobbel {m} :: (gait) hobble
hobbelen {v} :: to lurch
hobbelig {adj} :: bumpy
hobbelpaard {n} :: rocking horse
hobby {m} :: hobby (activity)
hobo {m} :: oboe
hockey {n} :: hockey, usually field hockey
hockeyen {vi} :: to play hockey, to play field hockey
hockeyer {m} :: hockey player
hockeystick {m} :: hockey stick
hode {f} [archaic] :: testicle
hoe {adv} :: how
hoe {conj} :: (forms a the parallel comparative) the ... the
hoed {m} :: hat
hoedanigheid {f} [often untranslated] :: quality, form, appearance
hoedanigheidswoord {n} [now, chiefly Belgium] :: adjective
hoe dan ook {adv} :: anyway, regardless, no matter what, one way or another
hoede {f} :: heed, guard, alertness
hoede {f} :: protection, care, auspices
hoede {f} :: remit, scope of control
hoeden {vt} :: to mind, to take care of
hoeder {m} :: guardian, custodian
hoederecht {n} :: A legal custody, such as over a minor whose parents are separated
hoe de vork in de steel zit {noun} :: the inner workings of something
hoef {m} :: hoof, bony foot of various animals
hoefijzer {n} :: horseshoe (metallic 'shoe' for an equine's hoof)
hoefijzermeer {n} :: oxbow lake
hoefijzerneus {mf} :: horseshoe bat, bat of the family Rhinolophidae
hoefsmid {m} :: farrier (person who trims and shoes horses' hooves)
hoe gaat het {phrase} :: how are you? (literally: how is it going?)
hoe gaat het met u {phrase} [formal] :: how are you?
hoe groter geest, hoe groter beest {proverb} :: intellectually gifted people are more liable to indulgent or unethical behaviour
hoe is het {phrase} :: how are you? (literally: how is it?)
hoek {m} :: corner
hoek {m} :: angle
hoekbal {m} [soccer] :: corner kick
hoekbal {m} [bowling] :: hook, hook ball
hoekbank {mf} [Netherlands] :: corner seat
hoekbank {mf} [obsolete, Holland, Leiden] :: countertop, counter
hoekig {adj} :: angular
hoekig {adj} :: stiff, rigid
hoe kom ik bij {phrase} :: how do I get to...? (at a particular place, such as a person, business or building)
hoe kom ik bij de luchthaven {phrase} :: how do I get to the airport?
hoe kom ik bij het busstation {phrase} :: how do I get to the bus station?
hoe kom ik bij het station {phrase} :: how do I get to the train station?
hoe kom ik bij het vliegveld {phrase} :: how do I get to the airport?
hoe kom ik in {phrase} :: how do I get to...? (a town, or inside something)
hoekschop {m} [soccer] :: Corner kick
hoeksnelheid {f} [physics] :: angular velocity
hoeksteen {m} [literally, figuratively] :: cornerstone
hoektand {m} :: canine (tooth)
hoekversnelling {f} [physics] :: angular acceleration
hoekwant {n} :: longline
hoe laat {adv} :: (at) what time (on the clock)
hoe laat is het {phrase} :: what time is it?
hoe meer zielen, hoe meer vreugd {proverb} :: the more the merrier
hoen {n} [zoology] :: A fowl, a gallinaceous bird
hoen {n} :: the domestic chicken, genus Gallus
hoen {n} [hunting] :: the partridge
hoender {m} [regional] :: alternative form of hoen
hoender {m} :: a type of deep basket for cherries
hoenderhok {n} :: chicken coop, henhouse
hoenderkoper {m} [now, uncommon] :: merchant in chickens
hoendermelker {m} :: fowl fancier, fowl keeper or fowl breeder
hoe oud ben je {phrase} :: how old are you?
hoe oud bent u {phrase} [formal] :: how old are you?
hoepel {m} :: hoop
hoepel {m} :: hula hoop
hoepelen {vi} :: to roll hoops
hoepelen {vi} :: to hula hoop
hoepelen {v} [colloquial, uncommon] :: to go away, to get lost [more commonly in derived expressions]
hoer {f} [sometimes, derogatory] :: whore, prostitute
hoer {f} [pejorative] :: whore, slut [slur]
hoera {interj} :: hurrah!
hoera {n} :: a hurrah
hoerendop {m} [pejorative, historical] :: john, client of a prostitute, in particular a frequent patron [frequently used as a generic dysphemism in early modern times]
hoerenhengst {m} [pejorative, archaic, uncommon] :: prostitute's client
hoerenkind {n} [pejorative, vulgar] :: a despicable person
hoerenkind {n} [literally] :: the child of a whore (child of a usually female prostitute)
hoerenloper {m} :: jockey, john (client of a prostitute)
hoerenwaardin {f} :: madam, female brothel-keeper
hoerenzoon {m} [pejorative, vulgar] :: whoreson, son of a bitch (despicable man)
hoerenzoon {m} [literally] :: son of a whore, whoreson (son of a usually female prostitute)
hoeri {f} [Islam] :: houri
hoerie {f} [dated] :: alternative spelling of hoeri
hoes {f} :: cover
hoest {m} :: cough
hoesten {vi} :: To cough, push air from the lungs forcefully, as because of a cold
hoesten {vi} :: To suffer from a (disease which causes a) cough
hoesten {vi} :: To clear one's throat, notably by emulating the above
hoetelen {vi} [now, dialectal] :: to mess around, to bungle, to huddle
hoetelen {vt} [dated] :: to pester, to bother
hoetelen {vi} [now, dialectal] :: to practice or engage in petty trade
hoeve {f} :: farmstead
hoeveel {determiner} :: how much, how many
hoeveelheid {f} :: quantity, amount
hoeveelste {adj} :: which/how many in order, how manyth
hoeven {vi} :: to be necessary
hoeven {v} [auxiliary, with te] :: to need to, to have to
hoeven {vt} [with maar] :: to need
hoeven {vi} [euphemism] :: to need to urinate or defecate, to need to go
hoewel {conj} :: though, although
hoewel {conj} :: however
hoezeer {adv} :: how much [to what degree]
hoezo {adv} :: in what way, in what respect
hoezo {adv} :: why
hoezo {interj} :: how so? how is that?
hoezo {interj} :: how/what do you mean?
hof {n} :: (royal) court
hof {n} :: court of law; short form of gerechtshof
hof {n} :: court, yard
hof {n} [Flanders] :: garden
hofdame {f} :: lady-in-waiting
hoffelijk {adj} :: courteous
hofleverancier {m} :: (title) royal purveyor - purveyor to the royal household
hofmeier {m} [historical] :: mayor of the palace, steward, majordomo (steward of the Merovingian kings)
hofmeier {m} [historical] :: steward, intendant, majordomo
hoge bomen vangen veel wind {proverb} :: the bigger they are, the harder they fall; great winds blow upon high hills
hogedrukpan {f} :: pressure cooker
hoge hakken {p} :: high heels, stilettos
hogehoed {m} :: tophat
Hoge Porte {prop} :: The Sublime Porte, pars pro toto for the Ottoman sultanic court, notably in Topkapi palace, hence for the imperial government, notably the vizierial divan and the entire empre
hogepriester {m} :: high priest
hogepriesteres {f} :: high priestess
hogergeschoold {adj} :: highly educated
hogerop {adv} :: hierarchically higher
hogeschool {f} {m} [education] :: hogeschool; polytechnic, college
hogesnelheidstrein {mf} :: high-speed train
Hoge Venen {prop} {n} :: High Fens (boggy region in eastern Belgium and western Germany)
hoi {interj} [Netherlands] :: An informal greeting acknowledging someone’s arrival or presence; compare English hey, hi
hoi {interj} [dated] :: An exclamation of joy
hok {n} :: A den; a small and often dark dwelling such as a hut
hok {n} :: A living shelter for domesticated animals such as a kennel or a pen
hok {n} :: A closet or small room
hokje {noun} :: space, compartment (e.g. enclosed by a polygon drawn on a piece of paper)
hokken {v} [colloquial] :: to live together unmarried, shack up
hol {n} :: A hole, hollow, cavity
hol {n} [nautical] :: A cargo hold
hol {n} [vulgar] :: An anus, arsehole; both anatomical senses of butt
hol {n} [by extension] :: Any other bodily cavity that resembles a hole
hol {n} :: An artificial opening such as a slit
hol {n} :: burrow (a hole or tunnel dug by a small animal, like a rabbit, used as a dwelling)
hol {n} [figuratively] :: An unsanitary and/or unpleasant place; shithole
hol {adj} :: hollow, having an empty space inside
hol {m} :: A run, the action running
hol {f} :: A small height in the landscape, such as
hol {f} :: a hill (like the Utrecht city wall ruins)
hol {f} :: a sloping road (as in Rotterdam)
hola {interj} :: hallo, hoi
holbewoner {m} :: troglodyte, any cave-dweller, e.g. cave man or cave-dwelling animal
holebi {mf} :: collective name for homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals; lesbigay; LGB
holenbeer {m} :: cave bear, Ursus spelaeus
holenleeuw {m} :: cave lion, Panthera leo spelaea
Holland {prop} {n} :: Holland (traditional region, the modern provinces North Holland and South Holland)
Holland {prop} {n} :: (in patriotic context) The Netherlands
Holland {prop} {n} [mostly in Belgium, proscribed] :: the Netherlands as a whole
Hollander {prop} {m} :: Hollander, person from Holland (e.g. North Holland or South Holland) or of Hollandic descent
Hollander {prop} {m} [Belgium] :: Dutchman (person from the Netherlands)
Hollanditis {f} :: Hollanditis; opposition to nuclear proliferation and the deployment of American nuclear weapons in Western Europe, especially in reference to the Netherlands
Hollands {adj} :: Hollandic
Hollands {adj} [chiefly Belgium, proscribed] :: Netherlandic, Dutch
Hollands {prop} {n} :: Hollandic (dialect)
Hollands {prop} {n} [chiefly Belgium, proscribed] :: Netherlandic Dutch (dialect)
hollen {vt} :: To (make) hollow, empty (the inside)
hollen {vt} :: To make by hollowing
hollen {vi} :: To run fast or frantically, run away, flee etc
hollen {vi} :: To rage; be/get out of control
hollen {vi} :: To (be/ go on) strike
hollen {vt} :: To drag, toy, play games (with ...), play tricks (on ...)
holler {c} :: A (hurried) runner
holm {m} :: a small island
holmium {n} :: holmium
holoniem {n} [semantics] :: A term that denotes a whole whose part is denoted by another term, such as 'face' in relation to 'eye'; a holonym
holoniem {adj} :: holonymous
holrond {adj} :: concave
holst {n} [figuratively] :: The core, center; notably used in in het holst van de nacht 'at the dead of night'
holster {m} :: holster (leather case into which a gun fits snugly)
holte {f} :: cavity, hole, hollow
hom {f} [Netherlands] :: milt, fish semen
homeo- {prefix} :: homeo-
homeomorfisme {n} [topology] :: homeomorphism
homeopathie {f} :: Homeopathy: a pseudomedical method invented by Hahnemann based on analogies between symptoms and remedies, using extremely diluted doses
homeopathisch {adj} :: homeopathic
hometrainer {m} :: exercise bicycle, stationary bicycle
hommel {f} :: bumblebee (bee of the genus Bombus)
hommel {f} [archaic] :: drone (male bee)
hommelbij {f} [archaic] :: drone, male bee
hommelbij {f} :: bumblebee
hommer {m} :: lobster
homo- {prefix} :: homo- (same)
homo- {prefix} :: homo- (pertaining to homosexuality)
homo {m} [neutral, not offensive] :: gay, homosexual
homo {m} [offensive, derogatory] :: Used as a general slur
homobom {m} :: gay bomb
homocultuur {f} :: gay culture
homofiel {mf} [dated] :: homophile, homosexual
homofiel {adj} [dated] :: homophile, homosexual
homofilie {f} [dated] :: homophilia, homosexuality
hom of kuit {phrase} :: See: hom of kuit
hom of kuit {phrase} [now, chiefly politics, idiom] :: clear answer or clear decision between (often two) options
homofobie {f} :: homophobia
homofobisch {adj} :: homophobic
homofoob {m} :: homophobe
homofoob {adj} :: homophobic
homogeen {adj} :: homogeneous
homogeniteit {f} :: homogeneity
homohuwelijk {n} [uncountable, with definite article] :: same-sex marriage, gay marriage (as a concept)
homohuwelijk {n} [countable] :: same-sex wedding, same-sex marriage (a single instance)
homologatie {f} :: homologation, ratification by a recognized authority for such matters as a bankrupcy agreement or the execution of a legal transaction
homologatie {f} :: recognition of a sporting record
homonationalisme {n} :: homonationalism
homoniem {n} :: homonym
homorechten {p} :: gay rights
homoseksualiteit {f} :: homosexuality
homoseksueel {adj} :: homosexual
homoseksueel {m} :: homosexual
homotopisch {adj} :: homotopic
hond {m} :: dog
hond {n} [obsolete] :: An old unit of area measuring 100 roeden, approximately 0.14 hectares
hondachtig {adj} :: doglike, canid
hondachtige {mf} :: canid, a member of the family Canidae
hondebrok {n} :: superseded spelling of hondenbrok
hondefluit {mf} :: dog whistle
hondehok {n} :: superseded spelling of hondenhok
hondelijn {f} :: superseded spelling of hondenlijn
hondenbrok {m} :: a chunk of dry dog food; a dog biscuit
hondenhok {n} :: doghouse, kennel
hondenlijn {f} :: dog leash
hondenlul {m} [pejorative, vulgar] :: dick, asshole, prick [usually used for males]
hondenlul {m} [uncommon] :: canine dick, dog penis
hondenmoeder {f} [Belgium] :: a mother who neglects or mistreats her children; a bad mother
hondenras {n} :: dog breed
hondenriem {m} :: dog leash
hondenslee {f} :: dog sled, dog sleigh
hondenstront {m} [colloquial, chiefly singular] :: dog shit
hondentouw {n} :: ragger
hondenwacht {f} [nautical, chiefly historical] :: the guard shift from midnight until 4 o'clock in the morning
hondenweer {n} :: particularly bad or rough weather, the kind of weather when it is raining cats and dogs
honderd {num} :: hundred
honderd {n} :: a count of hundred
honderdje {noun} :: A 100 guilder banknote
honderdje {noun} :: A 100 euro banknote
honderdman {m} :: centurion
hondje {noun} :: flatbed cart or trolley without any handles
honds {adj} [literally] :: (rare) canine, relating to dogs
honds {adj} [figuratively] :: (concerning humans) currish, doggish, doggy, notably:
honds {adj} :: insolent, impertinent, shameless
honds {adj} :: rude, coarse, insulting
hondsbrutaal {adj} :: shameless, impudent, extremlyy audacious
hondsdol {adj} :: rabid, affected by rabies
hondsdol {adj} :: (metaphorically) behaving as madly as a rabies-sufferer, or nearly
hondsdolheid {f} :: rabies, a very contagious disease, spread from canines (hence the name; including foxes) to humans
hondstrouw {adj} :: very loyal, lit. “loyal as a dog”
hondsvot {f} {n} :: a scoundrel
Honduras {prop} {n} :: Honduras
Hondurees {adj} :: Honduran
Hondurees {m} :: a Honduran
honen {v} :: to mock, to deride
Hongaar {m} :: A Hungarian, member of the Magyar people
Hongaar {m} :: A Hungarian, member or descendant of the population of Hungary
Hongaars {adj} :: Hungarian
Hongaars {prop} {n} :: Hungarian (language)
Hongarije {prop} {n} :: Hungary
honger {m} :: hunger
hongeren {v} :: to hunger
hongerhormoon {n} :: ghrelin
hongerig {adj} :: hungry
hongersnood {m} :: famine
hongerstaking {f} :: hunger strike
honig {m} :: archaic form of honing
honing {m} :: honey
honingbij {f} {m} :: honeybee
honingboom {m} :: Japanese pagoda tree or Chinese scholar tree, Styphnolobium japonicum/Sophora japonica
honingdas {m} :: ratel
honinggeel {adj} [color] :: honey
honk {n} [somewhat, rare] :: home, place where one belongs, shelter
honk {n} [games] :: base (safe zone)
honkbal {n} :: baseball (sport)
honkbal {m} :: baseball (ball)
honkvast {noun} :: loyal or fixed to a place; unwilling to move to another city or country
honoreren {v} :: to pay
honoreren {v} :: to recognize, to acknowledge
honoreren {v} :: to honour, to respect
hoofd- {prefix} :: main, head, chief, principal
hoofd {n} :: head
hoofd {n} :: head (of an organisation), chief, boss
hoofd {n} :: a breakwater, jetty or pier at the entrance of a sea harbour
hoofd {n} [slang] :: oral sex
hoofdas {f} :: main axis
hoofdcommissaris {m} :: A commissioner ranking above others commissioners, but not necessarily the highest rank
hoofddeksel {n} :: A headgear, object worn as headdress
hoofddoek {m} :: headscarf, a more or less rectangular cloth worn over the head, mainly by women, now usually by Muslimas
hoofddoekjesbelasting {f} :: tax on headscarves
hoofddorp {n} :: main village
hoofdelijke omslag {m} :: poll tax
hoofdeling {m} [historical] :: chieftain, in particular a Frisian chieftain before Burgundian times
hoofdfiguur {f} :: protagonist
hoofdgebouw {n} :: main building
hoofdgerecht {n} :: main meal, main course
Hoofdhaar {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Coma Berenices
hoofdinspecteur {m} :: chief inspector
hoofdkaas {m} :: brawn, head cheese
hoofdkussen {n} :: pillow
hoofdkwartier {n} :: headquarters
hoofdletter {f} :: capital (uppercase letter)
hoofdlettergevoelig {adj} :: case sensitive
hoofdletterongevoelig {adj} :: case insensitive
hoofdluis {f} :: head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis)
hoofdman {m} :: chief, leader, ringleader
hoofdmast {m} [nautical] :: The third mast of a ship with more than three masts
hoofdpagina {f} :: main page
hoofdpersonage {n} {f} :: protagonist
hoofdpersoon {mf} :: protagonist
hoofdpijn {f} :: headache
hoofdpijndossier {n} :: A particularly difficult issue or case
hoofdplaats {f} :: the most important place in a region, such as a capital, seat of government, or of industry
hoofdplaats {f} :: an important place in a region
hoofdpunt {n} :: main point, gist
hoofdpunt {n} :: headline
hoofdredacteur {m} :: editor-in-chief
hoofdrekenaar {m} :: One who performs mental arithmetic, mental calculation
hoofdrekenen {v} :: to do mental arithmetic
hoofdrol {m} [film, theater] :: lead role, leading role
hoofdrol {m} [by extension] :: protagonist
hoofdrolspeler {m} [film, theatre] :: lead actor, actor playing a main role
hoofdrolspeler {m} :: protagonist
hoofdstad {f} :: capital city
hoofdstedelijk {adj} :: Of or relating to a capital city
hoofdstraat {f} :: main street/Main Street
hoofdstuk {n} :: chapter (in a book, film etc.)
hoofdtelefoon {m} :: headphone
hoofdtelwoord {n} :: cardinal number word, numeral
hoofdvak {n} :: a major subject (at a tertiary institution)
hoofdvakker {m} [tertiary education] :: One who takes a subject as a major subject
hoofdweg {m} :: main road
hoofdwerker {m} :: white collar worker
hoofdwerkwoord {n} :: main verb
hoofdzaak {f} :: Matter of primary importance or priority
hoofdzakelijk {adj} :: main
hoofdzakelijk {adv} :: mainly
hoofdzin {m} [grammar] :: main clause
hoofdzonde {f} {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: cardinal sin
hoog {adj} :: high
hoogachtend {adj} :: having high regard [with an indirect object optionally indicating the object of high regard]
hoogachtend {interj} [formal] :: yours sincerely, yours faithfully (ending of a formal letter)
hoogbejaarde {mf} :: Very old person [often defined as aged 80 or older]
hoogbouw {m} [collective] :: high-rise buildings
hoogbouw {m} [chiefly singular] :: high-rise, tall building
hoogdoorlaatfilter {n} {m} [electronics] :: high-pass filter
Hoogduits {prop} {n} [dated] :: German; standard German [used especially when Duits was still sometimes used to mean “continental West Germanic”]
Hoogduits {prop} {n} :: High German (languages and dialects that have undergone the High German consonant shift)
Hoogduits {adj} :: High German
Hoogduitse klankverschuiving {prop} {f} [linguistics] :: High German consonant shift
Hoogeveen {prop} :: Hoogeveen (village)
Hoogeveen {prop} :: Hoogeveen (municipality)
hooggebergte {n} :: mountain range consisting of relatively uneroded high mountains, like alps
hooggerechtshof {n} :: supreme court
hooghartig {adj} :: haughty, supercilious
hoogland {n} :: highland
hoogleraar {m} :: professor
hoogmis {f} {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: high mass
hoogmoed {m} :: hubris
hoogpolig {adj} :: (carpets) deep pile (see deep pile carpet)
hoogspanning {f} [electricity] :: high voltage
hoogstandje {noun} :: prestige, extraordinary achievement
hoogstens {adv} :: at most
hoogte {f} :: height
hoogtepunt {n} :: acme, climax; zenith
hoogtepunt {n} :: in geometry: altitude (triangle)
hoogtevrees {f} {m} :: acrophobia, fear of heights
hooguit {adv} :: at most
hoogverraad {n} :: high treason
hoogwaardig {adj} :: high-quality, first-rate
hoogwaardig {adj} :: eminent
hoogwaardigheid {f} :: the state of being of high quality
hoogwaardigheid {f} :: someone of high rank; an eminence
hoogwaardigheidsbekleder {m} :: dignitary
hoogwerker {m} :: aerial work platform
hoogzwanger {adj} :: highly pregnant, being towards the end of one's pregnancy
hooi {n} :: hay
hooiberg {m} :: A haystack; mound, pile or stack of stored hay
hooiberg {m} :: A Dutch barn, a hay barrack; an open or semi-open barn for storing hay
hooibroei {m} :: hay fire due to self-combustion
hooiduivel {n} :: hay devil
hooikist {f} [chiefly historical] :: haybox, insulation cooker (insulated chest used as cooking device)
hooikoorts {f} {m} :: hay fever
hooimijt {f} :: haystack (pile of hay)
hooivork {f} :: pitchfork
hooligan {m} [pejorative] :: hooligan
hoon {f} :: mockery, sneering
hoon {f} :: scorn, derision
hoongelach {n} [dated] :: derision, scornful laughter
hoop {f} :: A hope, aspiration, wish
hoop {m} :: A pile, heap, stack
hoop {m} [figuratively] :: A lot, heaps
hoop {m} :: A pile of manure, faeces
hoop doet leven {proverb} :: if it were not for hope, the heart would break
hoopvol {adj} :: hopeful
hoopvol {adv} :: hopefully, in a hopeful manner
hoor {adv} :: modal particle indicating reassurance or confidence from the speaker: certainly, surely, at all, but often weak and untranslatable
hoor {adv} :: modal particle indicating disagreement or a certain nuance with an earlier statement: regardless, despite that, anyway, you know
hoorbaar {adj} :: audible
hoorn {m} :: a horn (sound device) or a bugle
hoorn {m} :: a horn (growth projecting from the head of some animals)
hoorn {m} :: a receiver, an earphone
hoornaar {m} :: hornet (insect)
hoornblazer {m} [literally] :: A hornblower, who uses a signalhorn
hoornblazer {m} :: A musician who plays a horn
hoornraaf {m} :: ground hornbill, mainly ground-dwelling bird of the genus Bucorvus
hoorntje {noun} :: an icecream cone
hoornvlies {n} :: cornea
hoornvliesontsteking {f} :: keratitis
hoorspel {n} :: radio drama
hoorzitting {f} :: hearing (proceeding for hearing arguments and discussion)
hoos {f} :: high boot
hoos {f} :: whirlwind, (specifically) landspout
hop {m} :: hoopoe, the species Upupa epops or an individual of this species
hop {m} :: any bird of the family Upupidae
hop {f} :: hop, Humulus lupulus
hop {interj} :: go, get going
hop {m} :: a hop, a short jump
hopelijk {adv} :: hopefully
hopeloos {adj} :: hopeless
hopen {v} :: to hope
hopen {v} :: to heap
hopliet {m} :: hoplite
hopman {m} :: A male scouting captain
hopman {m} [historical] :: A military captain, belonging to a city guard, militia or army
hor {f} :: insect screen
horde {f} :: A horde
horde {f} :: A troop of boy scouts, comprising no more than 24 cubs
horde {f} :: A gross sieve
horde {f} :: A hurdle
hordeloop {m} :: athletic discipline in which the runners must also jump regularly placed hurdles
hordeloop {m} :: path strewn with obstacles
horeca {m} :: the hotel and catering industry
horecabedrijf {n} :: hotel or catering business
horecagelegenheid {f} :: public venue
horen {vt} :: to hear
horen {vi} :: to belong
horen {v} [auxiliary, with te] :: to be supposed to, to be meant to
horen {vi} :: to be appropriate, polite or agreeing with social norms (lit. to be heard of)
horige {noun} :: serf
horigheid {f} :: serfdom
horizon {m} :: horizon
horizontaal {adj} :: horizontal (parallel to the plane of the horizon)
horloge {n} :: watch
hormonaal {adj} :: hormonal (all senses)
hormonenbom {f} [pejorative] :: Pejorative term for people considered to behave in an unreasonably emotional manner, ascribed to hormones:
hormonenbom {f} :: Specifically, pregnant women
hormonenbom {f} :: Specifically, pubescent boys trying to be macho
hormoon {n} :: hormone (substance produced by the body that physiologically affects bodily activity)
hormoonhuishouding {f} :: hormonal system, system of developing or maintaining hormone levels
hormoonspiegel {m} :: hormone level
hormoonverstoorder {m} :: endocrine disruptor
horrelvoet {m} :: clubfoot
hors {n} [rare, dialectal, now mostly found in names] :: horse
horst {f} [geology] :: an area of the earth's surface which is raised relative to surrounding land; a horst
horst {f} :: an elevated land overgrown with shrub
horst {f} :: a nest of a bird of prey; an eyrie
horzel {f} :: botfly
hospik {m} :: (army slang) A military (hospital) orderly
hospik {m} [by extension] :: A medic
hospikken {v} :: To serve as military (hospital) orderly or as medic
hospita {f} :: landlady
hospitaal {n} :: hospital
hospitaalkerkschip {n} :: A support ship that functions as a hospital and a church
hospitaalridder {m} :: Knight-Hospitaller, member of the Order of St. John or one of its derivative orders
hospiteeravond {m} :: housewarming (party to invite friends to a new house or apartment)
hosselen {v} :: to work hard
hosselen {v} :: to acquire something or subsist with difficulty
hosselen {v} [slang] :: to obtain money illicitly, especially through drug dealing; to hustle
hossen {vi} :: to dance and bounce about arm in arm
host {m} [computing] :: host
hosten {vt} :: to host (to perform the role of a host for/at)
hostie {f} [Christianity] :: host (consecrated bread / wafer)
hot {adj} [nautical] :: right, on the right side
hot {adj} [colloquial] :: hot, popular
hot {adj} [colloquial] :: hot, sexy, attractive
hotdog {m} :: hot dog
hotel {n} :: hotel
hoteldebotel {adj} [colloquial] :: mad, crazy
hoteldebotel {adj} [colloquial] :: smitten, head over heels
hotemetoot {m} [chiefly Netherlands] :: bigwig, poobah
Hottentotten {prop} :: A historical division of the Khoisan ethnic group, the native people of southwestern Africa, closely related to the Bushmen
hottentottententententoonstelling {f} [literally] :: exposition of Hottentot tents
hottentottententententoonstelling {f} :: the whole nine yards, everything
Hottentottententoonstelling {prop} {f} :: Hottentot exhibition
hou {adj} [only in set phrases] :: friendly, of a favourable disposition
houdbaar {adj} :: preservable
houdbaar {adj} :: tenable
houdbaarheid {f} :: tenability
houdbaarheid {f} :: shelf life
houdbaarheidsdatum {m} :: expiration date
houden {vt} :: to keep (in a particular state)
houden {vt} [of animals] :: to keep, to care for
houden {vt} :: to hold
houden {vt} :: to hold, to have, to organise (an event)
houden van {vt} :: to love
houden van {vt} :: to like
houden voor {vt} [with direct object and an antecedent] :: to take for, to consider, to see as
houder {m} :: holder, bearer
houder {m} :: cradle (a case for a broken or dislocated limb)
houdgreep {m} [martial arts] :: grappling hold
houdgreep {m} [figurative] :: deadlock
houding {f} :: attitude
houding {f} :: stance
houding {f} :: posture, pose
houdoe {interj} [regional, Noord-Brabant] :: bye, see you
houdster {f} :: female holder, bearer
hou je smoel {phrase} [vulgar] :: shut up
house {m} :: house music, house
hout {n} :: wood
hout {n} :: particular kind of wood
hout {n} :: piece of wood, stick
houtachtig {adj} :: woody, ligneous
houtbeschot {n} [architecture] :: wood paneling
houten {adj} :: wooden, made of wood
houten {v} :: to paint something, so as to give the impression that it is made of beautifully figured wood
houten huik {f} {m} :: schandmantel, Spanish coat
houten klaas {m} :: stolid, phlegmatic person
houten klaas {m} :: stiff, woodenly moving person
houterig {adj} :: wooden, stiff, rigid
houterigheid {f} :: woodenness, stiffness
houthakker {mf} :: lumberjack, woodcutter
houtig {adj} :: woody (of plants or plant parts)
houtkachel {f} {m} :: wood-burning stove
houtlijm {m} :: wood glue, joiner's glue
houtmijt {f} :: A pile of wood, in particular a pyre
houtprent {f} :: woodcut
houtskool {m} :: [invariable without an article] charcoal (heat-transformed wood)
houtskool {m} :: a piece of charcoal
houtsnede {f} {m} :: woodcut, wood engraving
houtvester {m} :: forester
houtworm {m} :: woodworm
houtworm {m} :: shell which bores into wooden ships and riverine structures
houvast {m} :: grip, grasp
houvast {m} :: something to hold onto (physically or emotionally), support, solace
houwdegen {m} :: backsword (early modern sabre)
houwdegen {m} :: swashbuckler, basher (eager but sometimes reckless fighter, violent person)
houwen {vi} :: to hew
houwer {m} :: Someone who chops, in particular a lumberjack or a sculptor
houwer {m} [mining] :: hewer, pickman
houwer {m} :: tusk of a wild boar
houwer {m} [now, Surinam] :: machete, blade weapon
houwer {m} [obsolete] :: Any blade weapon
houwitser {m} :: howitzer
houwtouw {n} :: lanyard
hovaard {f} [obsolete] :: hubris, haughtiness
hovaardig {adj} :: haughty, arrogant
hovaardij {f} [archaic, literary] :: hubris, haughtiness
hoveling {m} :: courtier, royal official
hovenier {m} :: Professional gardener
hozen {v} :: to bail, to scoop water out of a boat, cellar etc
hozen {v} :: to rain heavily
h-pion {m} [chess] :: h-pawn: pawn placed on the h-file at the beginning of the game
Hr. {abbr} :: abbreviation of harer
Hr. Ms. {abbr} :: alternative form of Hr.Ms.
Hr.Ms. {abbr} [nautical, military] :: Harer Majesteits - literally "Her Majesty's" - HNLMS
Huberta {prop} {f} :: given name
Hué {prop} :: Hue, in Vietnam (all senses)
huemul {m} :: huemul, deer of the genus Hippocamelus
hufter {m} [vulgar, pejorative] :: (Male) jerk, asshole
hugenoot {m} [historical] :: Huguenot, French Reformed Protestant during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries
hugenoot {m} [historical] :: specifically, one of the Huguenots who fled abroad after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes or an immediate descendant
hui {f} [dated, dialectal] :: whey
huichelaar {mf} :: hypocrite
huichelen {v} :: to feign, to pretend, to act hypocritically
huid {f} {m} :: skin
huidarts {m} :: A dermatologist, specialist in skin conditions
huiden {v} [obsolete] :: to hide, to conceal
huidig {adj} :: current, present
huidkanker {m} :: skin cancer
huidtransplantatie {f} :: dermoplasty
huiduitslag {m} :: skin rash
huif {f} :: cap
huif {f} :: chaperon (headgear)
huif {f} :: cap to blind a falcon used in hunting
huif {f} :: canvas wrapped around a prairie schooner or other covered wagon
huif {f} :: hive
huif {f} :: beehive
huifkar {m} :: covered wagon, especially a prairie schooner
huig {f} :: uvula (appendage that hangs from the palate)
huik {f} {m} [dated, historical] :: sleeveless cape or coat
huik {f} {m} [dated, dialectal, nautical] :: canvas cover
huik {f} {m} [dated, chiefly diminutive] :: calyptra
huiken {v} [archaic] :: to squat, to bend (through the knees)
huilebalk {m} :: A crybaby, a child that weeps often and long
huilebalk {m} [by extension] :: Any weepy person, regardless of age
huilebalk {m} :: A type of round felt hat with a wide, soft rim and a low crown
huilebalken {vi} :: To bawl easily, be a crybaby
huilen {v} :: to cry, to weep
huilen {v} :: to howl
huilen met de pet op {phrase} [predicative] :: (to be) of terrible quality
huilie {interj} [Netherlands, internet slang, derogatory] :: boohoo, contemptuously mimicking crying or complaining
huilie huilie doen {v} [Netherlands, internet slang, derogatory] :: to whine, to cry, to moan
huin {m} [obsolete] :: giant
huis {n} :: house
huisarrest {n} [legal] :: house arrest
huisarrest {n} [education, by analogy] :: grounding as a domestic punishment
huisarrest geven {v} [literally] :: To impose house arrest
huisarrest geven {v} :: To ground, make a charge remain at home, usually as a punishment
huisarts {m} :: general practitioner
huisbaas {m} :: A landlord, who rents a home he owns, or room(s) in it, to one or more tenants
huisbrand {m} [uncountable] :: domestic fuel
huisbrand {m} [countable] :: residential fire, housefire (disastrous fire in a residence)
huisbrandolie {f} :: heating oil [used primarily for domestic purposes]
huiscavia {f} :: a domestic guinea pig
huisdier {n} :: domestic animal
huisdier {n} :: pet
huiselijk {adj} :: domestic
huiselijk {adj} :: cozy
huiselijk geweld {n} :: domestic violence
huisfeest {n} :: house party
huisgeest {m} :: a mythological ghost or spirit linked to a house or home; a house-spirit
huisgemaakt {adj} :: homemade
huisgenoot {m} :: housemate
huisgod {m} :: A household deity
huisgod {m} [figuratively] :: Anyone (or anything) which protects - and/or brings bliss to a house(hold)
huisgodendienst {m} [dated] :: worship of household deities
huishouden {v} :: to do housekeeping; keep house
huishouden {v} [pejorative] :: to make a shambles
huishouden {n} :: housekeeping
huishouden {n} :: household
huishoudhulp {f} {m} :: household help
huishoudster {f} :: female housekeeper, cleaning lady
huishoudtrap {mf} :: stepladder
huisjesmelker {m} :: slumlord
huiskamer {f} :: Living room
huiskat {f} :: domestic cat (domesticated feline species)
huiskerk {f} :: house church (house or section of a house frequently used for church meetings)
huisman {m} [Middle Ages] :: a free commoner
huisman {m} [Middle Ages] :: a pater familias
huisman {m} :: a male homemaker; a househusband
huismarter {m} :: beech marten, Martes foina
huismuis {f} [zoology] :: house mouse
huismus {m} :: house sparrow
huismus {m} [figurative] :: person who prefers to stay at home rather than go out
huisploert {m} [historical, obsolete, student slang] :: The landlady or landlord of a student's housing
huisraad {n} :: a collective term used to refer to all furniture, appliances and other housewares in a household (except for grocery items)
huisschaap {n} :: domesticated sheep
huisschilder {m} :: painter (often laborer) who does (non-artistic) painting
huissleutel {m} :: The key to one's house
huistaak {f} :: homework
huis-tuin-en-keuken- {prefix} :: everyday, run-of-the-mill, garden variety
Huis van Afgevaardigden {prop} {n} :: House of Representatives
huis van bewaring {n} :: detention center
huisvesten {v} :: to house, accommodate
huisvesting {f} :: housing, accommodation
huisvredebreuk {f} :: trespass
huisvriend {m} :: A friend who regularly visits someone at home
huisvrouw {f} :: housewife, female homemaker
huisvuil {n} :: garbage
huiswaarts {adv} :: homewards
huiswarming {f} :: housewarming
huiswerk {n} :: homework
huiszoeking {f} :: A house-search, thorough search of a home or other privately owned real estate as part of an official (notably judicial) investigation
huiszoekingsbevel {n} :: A search warrant, court order authorizing the authorities to search a home as part of a criminal investigation
huiver {m} :: shiver [out of fear or from the cold], tremble
huiver {m} :: fear, trepidation
huiveren {v} :: to shiver, to tremble
huivering {f} :: quivering, shivering
huivering {f} :: a shiver
huiveringwekkend {adj} :: horrible
huizen {v} :: to live (have permanent residence)
huizenbezitter {m} :: homeowner
huizenmarkt {f} :: housing market
hulde {f} :: homage
huldigen {v} :: to pay homage, honour
hullen {v} :: to wrap
hullie {pron} [proscribed, dialectal] :: The nominative case of the third-person plural personal pronoun, as opposed to jullie: they, them-people
hulp {f} :: help, assistance, rescue
hulp {f} [especially the diminutive] :: helper, aide, assistant, sidekick [also in the masculine gender]
hulpbron {f} :: (economic or natural) resource
hulpeloos {adj} :: helpless
hulpeloosheid {f} :: Helplessness
hulphypothese {f} [science, philosophy] :: auxiliary hypothesis [often considered questionable as if made out of insincere motives]
hulpmiddel {n} :: aid (material source of help)
hulpsinterklaas {m} :: A helper Sinterklaas, named to explain the fact that Sinterklaas can be at more than one place at the same time
hulptaal {f} :: (international) auxiliary language
hulpvaardig {adj} :: helpful
hulpvaardigheid {noun} :: helpfulness
hulpwerkwoord {n} [grammar] :: auxiliary verb (a helping verb)
huls {f} {m} :: shell, case (usually cylindrical covering part of an item, in particular of ammunition)
huls {f} {m} :: husk (cover of a fruit or nut)
hulst {f} :: holly, common holly (Ilex aquifolium)
hum {n} :: (good) mood
hum {interj} :: uttering to attract attention, without literal meaning
humaan {adj} :: humane (with regard for the health and well-being of another; compassionate)
humaniora {p} :: humanities
humanist {m} :: humanist
humanitair {adj} :: humanitarian (pertaining to or concerned with human wellbeing)
humeur {n} :: mood, mental state
humeurig {adj} :: moody, temperamental, fickle
humeurig {adj} :: in a bad mood
hummel {m} [affectionate, colloquial] :: A small child
humor {m} [uncountable] :: humour (sense of amusement)
humor {m} [countable, archaic] :: humour (bodily fluid)
humoristisch {adj} :: humoristic, humorous
humus {m} :: humus (soil organic matter)
humus {m} [by extension] :: compost
humusrijk {adj} :: rich in humus, containing a lot of humus
hun {pron} :: The dative case of the third-person plural personal pronoun: them, to them
hun {pron} [proscribed] :: The accusative case of the third-person plural personal pronoun: them
hun {pron} [dependent possessive] :: The third-person plural possessive pronoun: their
hun {pron} [proscribed, regiolectal, Netherlands] :: The nominative case of the third-person plural personal pronoun: they (only referring to people)
Hun {m} :: A Hun, member of the nomadic tribe
Hun {m} [figuratively] :: A barbarian, brute
hunebed {n} [archaeology] :: dolmen
hunkeren {v} :: to long for, crave
hunlieden {pron} [proscribed, dialectal] :: The nominative case of the third-person plural personal pronoun: they, them-people
hunlui {pron} [proscribed, dialectal] :: The nominative case of the third-person plural personal pronoun: they, them-people
hunner {pron} :: theirs
huppelen {v} :: to skip, to frisk, to gambol (to move by hopping on alternate feet)
huppen {v} :: to hop
hupsakee {interj} :: hey presto, ta-da (when the result of one's work becomes apparent)
hupsakee {interj} :: up you go (when helping a child a climb onto something)
hupsakee {interj} :: upsadaisy (when throwing a small child in the air during play)
hupsakee {interj} :: More generally, an exclamation of giving someone a mild and/or pleasant surprise
huren {v} :: to rent, hire
hurken {v} :: squat, crouch
hurken {v} :: cower
hurriën {v} :: to hasten, to hurry
Hurro-Urartisch {adj} :: Hurro-Urartian
husselen {v} :: To mix up, to shake up
husselen {v} :: To shuffle
hut {f} :: a small wooden shed, hut
hut {f} :: a primitive dwelling
hut {f} :: a cabin on a boat
hut {f} :: a usually simple recreational lodging, pub, or suchlike for scouting, mountaineering, skiing, and so on
hut {f} [archaic or toponym] :: a roadhouse, inn or pub, sometimes primitive and/or of ill repute
hutspot {m} :: A traditional Dutch meal made from mashed potatoes, carrots and onions
huttenkaas {m} :: cottage cheese
hüttenkäse {m} :: cottage cheese
huur {c} :: renting, hiring
huur {c} :: rent
huurder {m} :: a hirer, one who rents something
huurder {m} :: especially, tenant of real state, notably a home or room(s)
huurhuis {n} :: rented house
huurling {m} :: mercenary (person employed to fight)
huurling {m} [sports] :: a player who plays on on one team while being employed by another team (who is out on loan)
Huurman {prop} :: surname
huurmoordenaar {m} :: contract killer, (hired) assassin
huursoldaat {m} :: mercenary, soldier of fortune
huurwoning {f} :: tenement
huwelijk {n} :: marriage
huwelijksaanzoek {n} :: proposal of marriage
huwelijksboot {f} {m} [figurative, now chiefly diminutive] :: marriage [compared to a boat]
huwelijksbureau {n} :: dating agency
huwelijksdag {m} :: wedding day
huwelijksdrang {m} :: An urge to marry
huwelijksdwang {m} :: forced marriage, marriage under duress
huwelijksnacht {m} :: wedding night
huwelijksreis {f} {m} :: honeymoon (wedding trip)
huwen {v} :: to marry, wed
huwen {v} [figuratively] :: to achieve or join by marriage or a similar alliance
huzaar {m} :: A hussar, light cavalrist
huzarenstuk {n} :: impressive feat, tour de force, masterpiece
hydraat {n} :: hydrate (solid compound containing or linked to water molecules)
hydrant {m} :: hydrant, fire hydrant
hydrodynamisch {adj} :: hydrodynamic
hydrofiel {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: hydrophilic
hydrofobie {f} :: hydrophobia
hydrofobie {f} [obsolete] :: rabies
hydrofoob {adj} [physics, chemistry] :: hydrophobic
hydrostatisch {adj} :: hydrostatic
hydroxy- {prefix} [functional group prefix] :: hydroxy-
hyena {f} :: hyena, carnivore of the family Hyaenidae or subfamily Hyaeninae
hyenahond {m} :: African wild dog, Lycaon pictus
hygiëne {f} {m} :: hygiene
Hylke {prop} {mf} :: given name
hymne {f} :: song of praise
hyperaldosteronisme {n} :: hyperaldosteronism (condition in which too much aldosterone is produced)
hyperbool {f} {m} [math] :: hyperbola
hyperbool {f} {m} [literature] :: hyperbole
hypergamie {f} :: hypergamy (tendency or practice of seeking marital partners of a higher status)
hypergetto {n} :: hyperghetto
hyperoniem {n} :: hypernym
hyperparasiet {m} [entomology] :: A hyperparasite, a parasite that parasitises other parasites
hypertensie {f} :: The condition hypertension, (abnormally) high blood pressure
hyperventileren {v} :: to hyperventilate
Hypnos {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Hypnos
hypnose {f} :: hypnosis
hypnotiseren {v} :: to hypnotise
hypo- {prefix} :: hypo-
hypochondrie {f} :: hypochondriasis (excessive fear of or preoccupation with a serious illness)
hypocriet {m} :: hypocrite
hypocriet {adj} :: hypocritical, characterized by hypocrisy or being a hypocrite
hypocrisie {f} :: The fake quality hypocrisy (claim, pretense, or false representation of holding beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not actually possess)
hypofyse {f} :: hypophysis, pituitary gland
hyponiem {n} :: hyponym
hypotensie {f} :: The condition hypotension, (abnormally) low blood pressure
hypotenusa {f} [geometry] :: hypotenuse (side of a right triangle opposite the right angle)
hypothecair {adj} :: hypothecary
hypotheek {f} :: mortgage
hypotheekrente {f} :: mortgage interest, mortgage rate
hypotheekrenteaftrek {m} [Netherlands, taxation] :: mortgage interest deduction, deduction of taxable income based on mortgage rate (subsidy to encourage homeownership)
hypotheekrenteaftrekregeling {f} :: mortgage interest deduction arrangement
hypothermie {f} :: hypothermia
hypothese {f} :: a hypothesis, tentative conjecture, as postulated in science
hypothetisch {adj} :: hypothetic, hypothetical
hypoxie {f} :: hypoxia (condition in which tissues are deprived of oxygen)
hypoxisch {adj} :: hypoxic
hysterectomie {f} :: hysterectomy