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l {letter}  :: The twelfth letter of the Dutch alphabet
l {m} [euphemistic]  :: Short for lul or any other word starting with an l
L {letter}  :: The twelfth letter of the Dutch alphabet
la {f}  :: drawer
la {f}  :: la (music)
laadschop {f} {m}  :: bulldozer
laag {adj}  :: low
laag {f}  :: layer
laag {f}  :: class, when referring to social class. See also laag van de bevolking
laagdoorlaatfilter {n} {m} [electronics]  :: low-pass filter
laagdrempelig {adj}  :: easily accessible
laaggebergte {n}  :: mountain range consisting of relatively low mountains or foothills
laagland {n}  :: lowland
laagspanning {f} [electricity]  :: low voltage
laag van de bevolking {f} {m}  :: social class
laai {f}  :: flame
laai {f}  :: glow
laaien {v} [fire]  :: to rage, to burn ferociously
laak {f} [obsolete]  :: pond, pool, lake
laak {f}  :: watercourse, stream
laak {f}  :: A drainage ditch
laak {f}  :: border, limit; frontier
laak {f}  :: marshland
laak {f} [dated]  :: leech
laan {f}  :: lane, avenue
laar {adj} [obsolete]  :: empty
laar {n} [obsolete]  :: open space in a forest
laars {f}  :: boot
laarzen {v}  :: To spank with a boot, as historically applied to a sailor's trousers
laat {adj}  :: late (not early)
laat {adj}  :: tardy
laat {m} [historical]  :: serf
laat maar {interj}  :: never mind, forget it
laatst {adj}  :: latest, most recent, newest
laatst {adj}  :: last, furthest behind
laatst {adj}  :: final, ultimate
laatst {adv}  :: recently
laat staan {conj}  :: let alone
laatstgenoemd {adj}  :: latter, last-named, last of two
laatstleden {adj}  :: last
lab {n} [Netherlands]  :: lab
lababbel {noun} [Brabantian]  :: blow, whack
label {n}  :: quality label
label {n}  :: music label
laberlottig {adv} [Brabantian]  :: carelessly
laberlottig {adj} [Brabantian]  :: not caring enough
labo {n} [Belgium]  :: lab
laborant {m}  :: lab assistant, somebody who assists in a laboratory
laboratorium {n}  :: laboratory, room, building or institution equipped for scientific research or similarly specialised operations, such as production
labradoedel {m}  :: Labradoodle, labradoodle (crossbreed between a Labrador retriever and a poodle)
labyrint {n}  :: labyrinth, maze
labyrint {n} [figuratively]  :: intricate problem, logic etc
lach {m}  :: smile
lach {m}  :: laugh
lachen {vi}  :: to laugh
lachspiegel {m}  :: distorting mirror
laconiek {adj}  :: calm, cool
laconiek {adj}  :: indifferent
lacrosse {n} [sports]  :: lacrosse
lactose {f}  :: lactose
lacune {f}  :: a gap
lacune {f} [figuratively]  :: something that is missing
ladang {c}  :: dry rice field
ladder {f}  :: ladder
lade {f} [dated]  :: alternative form of la
ladekast {mf}  :: cabinet with drawers
laden {v}  :: to load (cargo), (a weapon), (data)
laden {v}  :: to charge (with electricity)
laden {v} [archaic]  :: to convocate
laden {v} [archaic]  :: to invite
ladenkast {c}  :: chest of drawers, bureau
lading {f}  :: cargo
lading {f}  :: charge, tension
lading {f} [electricity]  :: charge
lading {f} [figuratively]  :: undertone, undercurrent
laf {adj}  :: cowardly
lafaard {m}  :: coward, wuss
lafhartig {adj}  :: cowardly, frightened
lafheid {f}  :: lack of courage, cowardice
lage {f} [obsolete]  :: A (flickering) flame
lager {n} [archaic]  :: bearing (a metal block or other construction holding a rotating axis in position)
lager {n} [archaic]  :: beer of low fermentation (also Lagerbier ‘lager beer’; from identical German)
lagere school {f}  :: elementary school, primary school
lagune {f}  :: lagoon, shallow body of coastal water
lajenen {v} [Judaism]  :: To leyn, that is, to read from a Torah scroll
lak {mf} {n}  :: lacquer
lak {m} {n}  :: foolery, foolishness, nonsense
lak {m} {n}  :: indifference [only in lak hebben aan]
lak {m} {n} [dialectal]  :: defect, deficiency shortcoming, blame, blemish
lak {n} [archaic]  :: lake
lakei {m}  :: A footman, liveried servant
lakei {m} [figuratively]  :: A flunky, servile follower
laken {n}  :: a type of woollen fabric, very sought-after for clothing in the feudal era (uncountable)
laken {n}  :: bedsheet
laken {vt}  :: to criticize, reproach, denounce
Laken {prop}  :: A Belgian municipality, near Brussels, site of the largest royal palace estate
lakenhandelaar {m}  :: cloth merchant (of the type of cloth called laken)
lakenlood {n}  :: A lead seal used to document the origin and quality of cloth
lak hebben aan {v}  :: to be indifferent towards, to not care about
lakken {vti}  :: to lacquer, to varnish
lakken {v} [chiefly Southern Dutch]  :: alternative form of likken
lam {n}  :: lamb, the young of a sheep
lam {n} [metonymy]  :: The meat - or fleece/wool produce of a lamb; a dish prepared from lamb's meat
lam {n} [figuratively]  :: A gentle person, especially an innocent child
lam {adj}  :: lame, unable to move, paralyzed
lam {adj} [colloquial]  :: very drunk
lama {m}  :: Buddhist lama
lama {m}  :: llama
lambriseren {v}  :: to wainscot, panel
lambrisering {f}  :: wainscot
lamenteren {v}  :: to lament, to whine
lammeren {vi}  :: To give birth to lambs
lamp {f}  :: lamp
lamprei {f}  :: lamprey, fish of the order Petromyzontiformes
lamsvlees {n}  :: lamb (meat)
lamzak {m}  :: sluggard, dull, lackluster person
lamzak {m}  :: fatty, porker
lanceren {v}  :: to launch
lancering {f}  :: launch
land {n}  :: land; country
land {n}  :: land (part of Earth not covered by water)
landarbeider {mf}  :: peasant, farmhand, or any hired hand working for a landowner
landbouw {m}  :: agriculture
landbouwer {m}  :: farmer
landbouwhuisdier {n}  :: farm animal
landbouwsector {m} [economy]  :: agricultural sector
landdier {n}  :: terrestrial animal, species which lives on land
landeigenaar {m}  :: landowner
landelijk {adj}  :: national
landelijk {adj}  :: rural
landen {vi}  :: To (arrive on) land, notably from the air (for birds, airplanes) and to a lesser extent by ship
landen {vt}  :: To land, bring an aircraft or other vehicle (down) to land
landen {vt}  :: To turn wild land (especially marshes) into arable land
Landen {prop} {n}  :: city in Flanders, Belgium
landengte {f}  :: isthmus
landgenoot {m}  :: compatriot
landgoed {n}  :: estate
landhuis {n}  :: country house [UK], villa (large, luxury residence in a campestral or semirural environment)
landhuis {n} [obsolete]  :: farmhouse (residence as part of a farm)
landing {f}  :: landing, touchdown of an airplane or any other airborne object
landing {f}  :: the act of disembarking a ship, particularly in military contexts
landingsbaan {f} {m}  :: a runway, landing strip
landingsgestel {n}  :: Landing gear (equipment of aircraft used for landing)
landkaart {f} {m}  :: geographical map (visual representation of an area)
landleeuw {m} [literary, Netherlands]  :: land area of the Netherlands (personification of the Dutch land mass as in a perpetual battle against water)
landleeuw {m} [literal]  :: terrestrial lion
landman {m}  :: farmer
landmassa {f}  :: a landmass
landnaam {m}  :: country name
landname {f}  :: settlement or occupation of (new) land [from the settlers' or occupiers' perspective]
landouw {f} [literary]  :: fertile rustic, agricultural region
landrot {f}  :: landlubber
landschap {n}  :: landscape
landschap {n} [archaic]  :: region
landstorm {m} [historical]  :: army division consisting of civilians; militia aligned to an army
landstorm {m} [rare]  :: a storm (heavy wind) on land, a terrestrial storm
landsverdediging {f} [military]  :: defense
landtong {f}  :: spit of land
land van herkomst {n}  :: country of origin
landverhuizer {m} [dated]  :: emigrant
landverhuizerin {f} [dated]  :: female emigrant
landvoogd {m}  :: governor
landwaarts {adv}  :: landwards
landweer {f} [military]  :: defense
landweer {f} [historical]  :: reserve army
landweer {f}  :: a type of defensive work; a landweer
landweerman {m}  :: militia man
lang {adj}  :: long
lang {adj}  :: tall
lang {adj}  :: long (time), lengthy, a long time
lang {adv} [with negation]  :: by far
langbenig {adj}  :: leggy, long-legged
langboog {m}  :: longbow
langdradig {adj}  :: longwinded, wordy, prolix
langdradigheid {f}  :: prolixity, long-windedness
langdurig {adj}  :: long-term, long-lasting
lange golf {c}  :: longwave
langegolf {c}  :: longwave
langgerekt {adj}  :: elongated
langgerokt {adj}  :: long-skirted or wearing a long skirt
langharig {adj}  :: long-haired, having long headhair [humans or humanoids] or having long fur hairs [other mammals]
langlaufen {n}  :: cross-country skiing
langlaufen {v}  :: to ski cross-country
lang leve {phrase}  :: long live
langnek {m} [colloquial]  :: giraffe
langnek {m} [colloquial]  :: long-necked dinosaur, usually referring to sauropods
langoest {m}  :: spiny lobster
langs {prep}  :: along, alongside (implying motion)
langs {prep} [Brabant, Limburg]  :: along, alongside (stationary)
langs {prep}  :: past
langs {prep}  :: through
langs {adv}  :: past
langs geen kanten {adv}  :: absolutely not, not ... at all
langskomen {v}  :: to pass by, to come past
langskomen {v}  :: to drop in, to visit
langspeelplaat {f} {m}  :: long-play record
langszij {adv} [nautical]  :: alongside, aboard
lang verhaal kort {adv} [idiomatic]  :: long story short
langwerpig {adj}  :: elongated
langwijlig {adj}  :: longwinded
langwijlig {adj}  :: boring
langzaam {adj}  :: slow
langzaam {adv}  :: slowly, gradually, bit by bit
langzaam maar zeker {adv}  :: slowly but surely
langzamerhand {adv}  :: gradually, bit by bit
langzamerhand {adv}  :: by now, by this time, by this point
langzwaard {n}  :: longsword
La Niña {prop} {n} [meteorology]  :: La Niña
lankmoed {m} [archaic]  :: patience
lankmoedig {adj} [dated]  :: forbearing, forgiving, patient
lans {f} {m}  :: lance
lantaarn {f}  :: lantern
lanterfant {m} [archaic]  :: slacker, good-for-nothing, vagabond
lanterfanten {vi} [colloquial]  :: to waste one's time, to be lazy, to lollygag
lanterfanter {m} [colloquial]  :: slacker, good-for-nothing
lanterfanteren {vi} [colloquial, often proscribed]  :: to waste one's time, to be lazy
lanthaan {n}  :: lanthanum
lanthanium {n}  :: lanthanum
Laocoön {prop} [mythology]  :: Laocoön, the Trojan priest
Laocoön {prop} [mythology]  :: Laocoön, the Argonaut
Laos {prop} {n}  :: Laos
Laotiaan {m}  :: Laotian, inhabitant of Laos and/or person of Laotian descent
Laotiaans {adj}  :: Laotian; from or related to Laos and/or the Laotian people
Laotiaans {adj}  :: in or relating to the Laotian language
Laotiaans {prop}  :: The Laotian language
lap {m}  :: a rag, a piece of cloth
lap {m}  :: a slice of meat
lap {interj} [chiefly Belgium]  :: exclamation of dismay, disappointment
Lap {m}  :: Laplander
lapis lazuli {m} [mineral]  :: lapis lazuli
lappen {v}  :: to enfold, embrace
lappen {v}  :: to piece up, patch, repair
lappen {v}  :: to raise (money)
lappen {v}  :: to clean with a shammy
lappendeken {f} [literally]  :: A blanket made of many different pieces of cloth joined together; a quilt or a patchwork (in the literal sense)
lappendeken {f} [figuratively]  :: A whole consisting of many quite different parts (loosely) joined together; a patchwork (in the figurative sense)
lappenpop {f} {m}  :: rag doll
lapzalven {vt} [nautical, historical, otherwise dated]  :: to tar, to treat with tar [of the ropes of a ship's rigging]
lapzalven {vt} [archaic]  :: to patch up, to fix with stopgap remedies
lapzalven {vti} [obsolete]  :: to treat with quackery, to engage in quackery
larf {f}  :: alternative form of larve
larie {f}  :: nonsense, babble
lariks {m}  :: larch
larve {f}  :: grub, larva (juvenile stage of metabolous insects)
las {c}  :: joint, weld
lassen {v}  :: to weld
last {m}  :: load, weight
last {m}  :: burden
last {m}  :: hindrance, problem
last {m}  :: expense
last {m} [dated]  :: A measure of volume, 3 cubic meter
lastdier {n}  :: beast of burden, animal used to carry or pull (heavy) loads
lastdrager {m} [literally]  :: one which carries loads such as a porter
lastdrager {m} [by extension]  :: a servant
lastdrager {m}  :: roof rack of a vehicle or back rack of a utility bicycle
lasten {vt} [archaic]  :: to emburden with a load
lasten {vt} [archaic]  :: to charge with a responsibility
laster {m}  :: slander
lasteraar {mf}  :: a slanderer
lasteren {vt}  :: to slander
lasterlijk {adj}  :: libellous, slanderous (knowingly false and harmful to reputation)
lasterpraat {m}  :: slander
last hebben van {vt}  :: to be bothered or irritated by, to have a problem with
lastig {adj}  :: tough, difficult
lastig {adj}  :: cumbersome, gruelling
lastig {adj}  :: inconvenient
lastschip {n} [now, uncommon]  :: freight ship
lastverkoper {m} [Belgium]  :: troublemaker
lat {f}  :: A slate, lath
lat {f}  :: A specifically, the common shortening of meetlat: flat ruler, yardstick, notably used as spanking implement
Lat. {abbr}  :: Latijn(s)
laten {v} [copulative]  :: to leave, to cause to remain in the same position or state
laten {v} [auxiliary, with object]  :: to leave, to allow to remain/continue to
laten {v} [auxiliary, with object]  :: to let, to allow to
laten {v} [auxiliary, with object]  :: to cause to, to make; Creates a causative phrase
laten {vt}  :: to not do, to refrain from
laten vallen {vt}  :: to drop
later {adj}  :: Having to do with or occurring in the future
later {adv}  :: later
later {adv}  :: in the future
lateraal {adj}  :: lateral
Latijn {prop} {n}  :: Latin language
Latijn {m}  :: Latin, a citizen of Ancient Rome or the region of Latium
Latijns {adj}  :: Latin
Latijns {prop} {n} [proscribed, mostly in spoken language]  :: The Latin language
Latijns-Amerika {prop} {n}  :: Latin America, the countries in Central America and South America with a Romance ('Latin') national language
latinist {m}  :: Latinist
latinistiek {f}  :: study of the Latin language and the culture of Ancient Rome
latrine {f}  :: a very simple toilet facility, usually just a pit or trench; a latrine
lattenbodem {m}  :: slatted base (of a bed)
latuw {f} [archaic]  :: lettuce
Laurens {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Laurence or Lawrence
laurier {m}  :: laurel
lauw {adj}  :: lukewarm (temperature)
lauw {adj}  :: cold, indifferent
lauw {adj} [colloquial]  :: nice, relaxing
lava {c}  :: lava
lavabo {m} [Belgium]  :: sink, washbasin
lavaglas {n}  :: lava rock, obsidian
lavement {n}  :: washing, wash
lavement {n}  :: lavement, enema, clyster
lavementspuit {f}  :: enema syringe
laven {v}  :: to quench one's thirst
lavendel {f} {n}  :: lavender (plant)
lavendel {f} {n}  :: the color of lavender
lawaai {n}  :: racket, noise
lawaaierig {adj}  :: noisy
lawine {f}  :: avalanche, landslide
lawrencium {n}  :: lawrencium
laxeermiddel {n}  :: Laxative
Laz {m}  :: A South-Caucasian people of the Trabzon area of Turkey
Laz {m} [slang]  :: A Turk from any location near the Black Sea
lazarus {adj}  :: very drunk, wasted
lazuriet {n} [mineral]  :: lazurite
lbo {initialism}  :: lager beroepsonderwijs (lower vocational education/training)
leasen {v}  :: to lease
leb {f}  :: abomasum
lebberen {vit}  :: to lick audibly
lebberen {vit}  :: to drink audibly, often using a tongue
lebmaag {f}  :: abomasum
ledebraken {v} [archaic]  :: to break on the wheel
ledemaat {n} {m}  :: limb
ledenpop {f}  :: lay figure, mannequin
leder {n}  :: leather
leder {n}  :: short voor lederkarper, a species of carp
lederen {adj} [somewhat, archaic]  :: alternative form of leren
ledig {adj}  :: (a formal form of leeg) without content, containing nothing, empty
ledigen {v}  :: to empty
ledlamp {f}  :: LED lamp
leed {n}  :: grief, sorrow
leed {n}  :: harm
leed {adj} [Belgium]  :: angry
leed {adj}  :: sad
leedvermaak {n}  :: schadenfreude (malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune)
leedwezen {n}  :: condolence, pity, sympathy
leedwezen {n}  :: sadness, grief
leedwezen {n}  :: regret, remorse
leefbaar {adj}  :: livable
leefgemeenschap {f}  :: community
leefloon {n}  :: official term in Belgian law since 2002 for the former bestaansminimum, a minimal 'subsistence' income, guaranteed to all citizens and other legal residents, regardless of professional activity or history, meant as a bottom on poverty
leefstijl {m}  :: lifestyle
leeftijd {m}  :: lifespan (a being's age, lifetime, duration)
leeftocht {m} [now, collective]  :: proviand, food supplies during a journey
leeftocht {m} [archaic]  :: any food and drink item(s)
leefwijze {f} {m}  :: way of life
leeg {adj}  :: empty, hollow
leeg {adj} [figuratively]  :: listless, lethargic
leeghoofd {n}  :: airhead, birdbrain
leeglopen {vi}  :: to lose its contents gradually, to empty out, to drain
leegmaken {v}  :: to empty
leegstaand {adj}  :: empty-standing
leegte {f}  :: emptiness
leek {m}  :: layman, non-clergyman
leek {m}  :: layman, non-expert, amateur
leek {adj} [obsolete]  :: lay, worldly, secular, profane
leek {?}  :: small body of water, like a pool; gave rise to place names
leek {?} [botany]  :: the plant Rumex crispus
leek {?} [by extension]  :: related plants of that genus: sorrel, dock
leem {n} {m}  :: loam
leem {n} {m}  :: adobe
leemsoort {f}  :: type of loam
leemte {f}  :: hole, gap, omission, void
leen {n}  :: A fief, feudal estate, nomination or other grant
Leendert {prop} {m}  :: given name
leengoed {n}  :: A property (usually an estate) which is held in fief
leengoed {n} [figuratively]  :: Anything held in loan or lease, or otherwise temporarily
leengoed {n}  :: A property which generates income that is made part of a fief
leenheer {m}  :: feudal lord, thegn
leenhulde {f}  :: A homage, paid by a vassal in recognition for the fief bestowed upon him
leenman {m}  :: a liege, feudatory, seignior, or vassal
leenrecht {n}  :: The feudal law, legislation concerning fiefs, feudal lords, vassals etc
Leentje {prop}  :: given name, a nickname for Helena and Lena
leenverhef {n}  :: The transmission of a (notably hereditary) fief, usually subject to payment of a relief sum
leenvertaling {f}  :: loan translation, calque
leenwoord {n}  :: loanword
leenwoordenschat {m}  :: loan vocabulary (inventory of loanwords)
leep {adj}  :: crafty, shrewd
leep {adj} [obsolete]  :: shifted, tilted
leep {adj}  :: with watery, tearing eyes
leepheid {f}  :: cunning, smartness
leer {n}  :: leather
leer {f} {m}  :: teachings
leerdicht {n} [historical]  :: didactic poem
leerjongen {m}  :: A male apprentice, notably a junior, notably as part- namely full time practice during or following school ecucation
leerkracht {mf}  :: teacher (qualified educator)
leerling {m}  :: pupil, student, disciple
leerlinge {f}  :: a female pupil
leerlooien {n}  :: tanning
leerlooien {v}  :: to tan (to soak an animal hide in tannic acid/gallic acid, thereby changing the hide into leather)
leermeester {m}  :: instructor
leermening {f}  :: tenet, doctrine, doctrinal opinion
leernicht {m} [colloquial]  :: gay man dressed in leather
leerstellig {adj}  :: doctrinal
leerstelling {f}  :: dogma
leerzaam {adj}  :: informative, instructional, instructive
leesbaar {adj}  :: readable, legible
leesbaarheid {f}  :: legibility
leesbaarheid {f}  :: readability
leest {c} [technical]  :: form on which shoes are made or repaired; last
leesteken {n}  :: a punctuation mark
leesten {v} [dated]  :: to perform
leesvoer {n}  :: reading matter, reading material
leesvoer {n} [derogatory, now less common]  :: inferior reading material, literary pulp
leeuw {m}  :: lion
leeuw {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: lion
Leeuw {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations, astrology]  :: Leo
leeuwaapje {noun}  :: lion tamarin
Leeuwarden {prop} {n}  :: Leeuwarden (city/and/capital)
Leeuwarden {prop} {n}  :: Leeuwarden (municipality)
Leeuwarder {m}  :: An inhabitant of Leeuwarden
Leeuwarder {adj}  :: Of or relating to Leeuwarden
Leeuwarderadeel {prop}  :: Leeuwarderadeel (municipality)
leeuwendeel {n}  :: lion's share
leeuwen en beren op de weg zien {v}  :: synonym of beren op de weg zien
leeuwenhoek {f} {m}  :: lion's corner
leeuwen op de weg zien {v}  :: synonym of beren op de weg zien
leeuwenwelp {m} {o}  :: lion cub
leeuwerik {m}  :: lark
leeuwin {f}  :: lioness
lef {n} {m}  :: courage, bravery, daring
lef {n} {m}  :: temerity, rashness
lef {n} {m}  :: arrogance
lefgozer {m} [colloquial]  :: someone with a lot of chutzpah; brave or impudent person
legaal {adj}  :: legal
legaliseren {v}  :: to legalise (UK), legalize (US)
legaliteit {f}  :: legality
legboor {f}  :: ovipositor
legen {v}  :: to empty
legenda {c}  :: legend (on a map)
legendarisch {adj}  :: legendary
leger {n}  :: army, armed forces
leger {n}  :: form (habitation of a hare)
leger {n} [archaic]  :: bed, crib
leger {n} [figurative]  :: mass, multitude
leger {n}  :: short for dijkleger
Leger des Heils {prop} {n}  :: Salvation Army
legeren {v}  :: to alloy
legeren {v}  :: to encamp, to base
legering {f}  :: alloy
legering {f}  :: establishment of a (military) base
legerkamp {n}  :: military camp, notably a temporary one with tents
legerkist {f} {m} [colloquial]  :: army boot
legerleider {m}  :: army leader
leggen {vt}  :: to lay
legging {f} [chiefly in compounds]  :: act of placing
legging {m}  :: legging (leg covering)
legio {adj}  :: legion, numerous
legioen {n} [historical]  :: a Roman legion
legioen {n}  :: large group (of people or animals); a legion
legionair {m}  :: legionnaire
legitiem {adj}  :: legitimate
legitimeren {v}  :: to legitimize (US), legitimise (UK)
lei {f} [uncountable]  :: slate [material]
lei {f} [countable]  :: slate [object]
leiden {vt}  :: to lead, to take the lead
leiden {vt}  :: to guide
leiden {vi}  :: to lead, to go, to follow a path to
Leiden {prop} {n}  :: Leiden (city)
leider {m}  :: leader, head, chief
leiderschap {n}  :: leadership
leiding {f}  :: lead (act of leading), control
leiding {f}  :: leadership, direction
leiding {f}  :: pipe, pipeline
leidingwerk {n}  :: ductwork
leidmotief {n}  :: leitmotif
leidraad {m}  :: guiding principle
leidraad {m}  :: guidebook
Leids {adj}  :: of Leiden
Leidse fles {f}  :: Leyden jar
leidster {f}  :: female leader, head, chief
leidster {f}  :: lodestar, pole star
Leie {prop} {f}  :: a river in France and Belgium, and a left tributary of the Scheldt at Gent
leien {adj}  :: slaten
leip {adj}  :: alternative spelling of lijp
leisteen {n} {m}  :: slate
lek {n}  :: leak
lek {adj}  :: leaky
lekentaal {f}  :: layman's terms
lekkage {f}  :: leakage
lekken {v}  :: to leak
lekken {v} [Southern Dutch]  :: to lick
lekker {adj}  :: Having a nice taste, tasty, delectable
lekker {adj}  :: Good, nice, pleasant in a more generic sense
lekker {adj} [colloquial]  :: Hot, sexy, physically attractive
lekker {adj}  :: Healthy, well, in good health
lekkerbek {m}  :: gourmand
lekkerbekje {noun} [Netherlands]  :: deep-fried battered fish
lekker belangrijk {idiom}  :: literally: nicely important (ironical), hence: not interesting or not important
lekkernij {f}  :: delicacy, snack, treat (pleasing food)
lekkers {n}  :: sweetness, what tastes good
lekstok {m}  :: lolly
lel {adv}  :: slap
lel {adv}  :: lobe
lelie {f} [botany]  :: lily
lelie {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: fleur-de-lis, although botanically an iris
lelietje van dalen {noun}  :: alternative spelling of lelietje-van-dalen
lelietje-van-dalen {noun}  :: lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis)
lelijk {adj}  :: ugly
lelijk {adv}  :: badly
lelijk als de nacht {adj}  :: ugly as sin
lelijk eendje {n}  :: ugly duckling
lelijk eendje {n} [colloquial]  :: Citroën 2CV, or any other similar small car that places function over form
Lelystad {prop}  :: Lelystad (city/and/capital)
Lelystad {prop}  :: Lelystad (municipality)
lemen {adj}  :: adobe
lemmet {n}  :: blade (of a knife, sword, etc.)
lemmet {n}  :: wick
lemming {m}  :: lemming (rodent)
lemper {?}  :: An Indonesian snack, made of sticky rice and chicken or beef and other ingredients
lende {f}  :: loin, bottom part of the back
lende {f}  :: flank, side
lende {m}  :: fellow countryman
lende {m}  :: (close) neighbour
lendendoek {m}  :: loincloth
lendenwervel {m}  :: Lumbar vertebra, any of the five vertebrae in the loin or lower back region of the spine
lenen {vt}  :: to borrow
lenen {v} [ditransitive]  :: to lend
lengen {vi}  :: to become longer
lengte {f}  :: length
lengtegraad {m}  :: longitude (degree of longitude)
lenig {adj}  :: supple, agile (e.g. like a gymnast)
lenigheid {f}  :: flexibility, suppleness
lening {f}  :: loan
leninisties {adj} [obsolete]  :: nonstandard spelling of leninistisch
leninistisch {adj}  :: Leninist
lens {f} [optics]  :: optical lens
lens {f}  :: crystalline lens in the eye
lens {m}  :: harpoon
lens {f}  :: alternative form of luns
lens {adj}  :: empty
lensgloed {m}  :: lens flare
lensklep {f}  :: lens cap
lensklep {f}  :: retractable lens cover
Lenstra {prop}  :: surname
lente {f}  :: spring: the season between winter and summer
lenteavond {m}  :: spring evening
lentenachtevening {f}  :: spring equinox
lepel {m}  :: spoon
lepelaar {m} [zoology]  :: The bird spoonbill
lepelaar {m}  :: By extension, closely related bird species, notably of genus Platalea, and the stork
lepelaar {m} [botany]  :: The herb Capsella bursa-pastoris, shepherd's purse
lepelaar {m} [literally]  :: A spoon user; one who scoops
lepelaar {m} [figuratively]  :: A lush, who consumes drinks 'by the spoonful'
leperd {m}  :: sly fox, cunning person
lepra {m}  :: leprosy
leproos {m}  :: leper
lepton {n} [physics]  :: lepton
leraar {m}  :: A teacher, a person who gives lessons
leraar {m}  :: A protestant clergyman, preacher
lerares {f}  :: female teacher
leren {vt}  :: to learn
leren {vt}  :: to teach
leren {adj}  :: made of leather
leren kennen {v}  :: to get to know
les {f}  :: course, lesson
lesbienne {f}  :: lesbian
lesbisch {adj}  :: lesbian (homosexual)
lesgeven {v}  :: to teach in class
Lesotho {prop} {n}  :: Lesotho
lesrooster {n}  :: timetable
lessen {vt}  :: to quench (thirst)
lessen {vi}  :: to take a lesson (usually a driving lesson)
lessenaar {m}  :: lectern, stand for books or lecture notes
lessenaarsdak {n}  :: pent roof
lest best {proverb}  :: the last is the best
Let {m}  :: a man from Latvia
Letland {prop} {n}  :: Latvia
Lets {adj}  :: Latvian
Lets {prop} {n}  :: Latvian (language)
letsel {n}  :: lesion
letten {vt}  :: to pay attention, to mind [+ op (object) = to]
letten {vt}  :: to prevent from doing something, to keep, to stop
letten {vt} [dialectal]  :: to watch, to look, to see
letter {f}  :: letter (letter of the alphabet)
letterbak {m}  :: typecase
lettergreep {f}  :: syllable
letterkunde {f}  :: literature
letterlijk {adj}  :: literal
letterlijk {adv}  :: literally
lettertype {n} [typography]  :: font, typeface
lettervrucht {f} [dated, historical]  :: literary work
letterwoord {n}  :: acronym, word formed by initial letters of abbreviated terms
leugen {c}  :: a lie
leugenaar {m}  :: liar
leugenachtig {adj}  :: mendacious, untruthful
leugenliteratuur {f}  :: genre of fantastic, rocambolesque literature
leuk {adj}  :: likable
leuk {adj}  :: funny, jolly
leuk {adj}  :: nice, pleasant, enjoyable
leuk {adj}  :: pretty, good-looking
leukemie {f} [pathology, oncology]  :: leukemia
leukotomie {f}  :: leucotomy
leunen {v}  :: to lean
leuning {f}  :: bannister, rail
leuning {f}  :: side destined to lean/rest upon, notable in furniture
leunstoel {m}  :: armchair
leus {f}  :: alternative form of leuze
leuter {m} [vulgar]  :: cock, prick (slang for penis)
leuteren {v} [colloquial]  :: to dawdle, loiter
leuteren {v} [colloquial]  :: to chatter idly
Leuven {prop} {n}  :: Louvain (capital city of the province Flemish Brabant, Belgium)
leuze {f}  :: motto
leuze {f}  :: watchword (rallying cry)
leuzig {adj}  :: weak
leuzig {adj}  :: (of people) slow
leuzig {adj}  :: lazy
Levant {prop}  :: Levant (Eastern Mediterranean)
leven {vi}  :: to live
leven {n}  :: life
levend {adj}  :: living, alive
levende dode {m}  :: living dead, undead
levendig {adj}  :: lively
levendig {adj}  :: living
levendigheid {f}  :: Liveliness
levenloos {adj}  :: listless
levensbelang {n}  :: vital importance
levensbelangrijk {adj}  :: vitally important
levensbeschouwing {f}  :: life stance
levensbeschrijvend {adj}  :: biographical
levensbeschrijver {m}  :: biographer
levensbeschrijving {m}  :: biography
levensduur {m}  :: lifespan
levensduur {m}  :: longevity
levensecht {adj}  :: very realistic, lifelike (so real as to make one believe it is alive)
levensgenieter {m}  :: One who enjoys the good things in life (e.g. food, drink, etc.)
levensgevaarlijk {adj}  :: Life-threateningly dangerous
levensjaar {n}  :: year (of one's life)
levenskracht {f}  :: vitality
levenskracht {f}  :: life force
levenskrachtig {adj}  :: energetic, spirited, having great vitality and vigour
levenslang {adj}  :: lifelong
levenslang {adj}  :: abbreviation for levenslange gevangenisstraf
levensleer {f} [uncommon]  :: biology
levensleer {f}  :: way of life, worldview
levenslied {n} [uncountable]  :: Dutch-language schlager (genre of popular music, typically with sentimental lyrics)
levenslied {n} [countable]  :: song in the above genre
levensloop {m}  :: course of life
levensloop {m}  :: curriculum vitae
levensloopbestendig {adj} [architecture, society]  :: compatible with use by elderly people or easily adaptable to achieve such compatibility
levensloos {adj}  :: listless
levenslucht {f} [obsolete]  :: oxygen
levenslucht {f}  :: air, considered as life-giving
levenslucht {f} [figurative]  :: breath
levensmiddel {n}  :: food, foodstuff
levensmiddel {n}  :: victual
levensmoe {adj}  :: tired of life, world-weary
levenspartner {m}  :: life partner
levensschets {f}  :: summary biographical notice [often as part of a obituary]
levensstijl {m}  :: lifestyle
levensvatbaar {adj}  :: viable [all senses]
levensverzekering {f}  :: life insurance
levensvorm {m}  :: lifeform
levenswende {f}  :: life course
levenswijze {c}  :: way of life
lever {f}  :: liver
lever {f}  :: edible animal liver as a dish or culinary ingredient
leverancier {m} [business]  :: supplier
leverantie {f}  :: delivery
leverantie {f}  :: The supplying of goods, wares, merchandise, etc.
leverbot {m}  :: liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica), a parasitic trematode
leveren {vt}  :: to supply
leveren {vt}  :: to deliver
levering {f}  :: supply
leverpastei {f}  :: liver paté, liver paste
levertraan {f}  :: cod liver oil
leverworst {f} {m}  :: liverwurst, a liver sausage
Leviticus {prop}  :: Leviticus (book of the Bible)
lexeem {n} [linguistics]  :: A lexeme
lexicograaf {m}  :: A lexicographer: (co-)author of a lexicon, practicioner of lexicography
lexicografie {f}  :: lexicography (art or craft of writing dictionaries)
lexicon {n}  :: lexicon
lezen {vt}  :: to read
lezenaar {m}  :: lectern, stand for books, especially one in a church
lezer {m}  :: A reader, person who reads a text
lezer {m}  :: A reader, device to read one or more parameters, often numerically expressed, or a whole encrypted (e.g. audio-visual) file
lezeres {f}  :: female reader
lgrs. {abbr}  :: landgraafschap
li {m}  :: li [Chinese unit of distance]
Lia {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Cornelia
Libanon {prop} {n}  :: Lebanon
libel {n}  :: booklet, notably as libel
libel {f}  :: dragonfly
liberaal {adj}  :: liberal
liberaal {m}  :: liberal
liberalisme {n}  :: liberalism
Liberia {prop} {n}  :: Liberia
libertair {adj} [politics]  :: libertarian (socialist), anarchist, radical
libertair {adj} [politics, uncommon]  :: libertarian (capitalist)
libertarisch {adj} [politics]  :: libertarian (capitalist)
libertarisch {adj} [politics]  :: libertarian, opposed to coercion and strong authority
libertarisme {n}  :: libertarianism
Libië {prop} {n}  :: Libya
Libisch {adj}  :: Libyan (of or pertaining to Libya or its people)
libretto {m} [music]  :: libretto
licentie {f}  :: license (commercial)
lichaam {n}  :: body
lichaam {n} [algebra, Netherlands]  :: field
lichaam {n} [algebra, Belgium]  :: division ring
lichaamsbeweging {f}  :: physical exercise
lichaamsbeweging {f}  :: body movement
lichaamsdeel {n}  :: body part
lichaamshouding {f}  :: A pose, physical position of one's body
lichaamshouding {f}  :: One's bearing, general physical attitude
lichaamstaal {mf}  :: A body language
lichaamstemperatuur {f}  :: body temperature
lichaamsvocht {n}  :: body fluid
lichaamswarmte {f}  :: body heat
lichamelijk {adj}  :: physical, bodily
lichamelijke opvoeding {f}  :: physical education
lichamelijkheid {f}  :: corporality
licht {adj}  :: light, of little weight
licht {adj} [metonymy]  :: easy, mild
licht {n}  :: A light, illumination
licht {n}  :: A light source
licht {n} [metonymy]  :: inspiration (in z'n licht opsteken); a bright mind
licht {adj}  :: light, bright
lichtbeeld {n} [photography]  :: slide
lichtblauw {adj}  :: light blue
lichtbreking {f}  :: refraction
lichtbruin {adj}  :: light brown
lichtekooi {f}  :: prostitute
lichtelijk {adv}  :: lightly, slightly
lichten {v}  :: to raise, to lift up
lichten {v}  :: to empty out
lichtgeel {adj}  :: light yellow
lichtgewicht {adj}  :: lightweight
lichtgrijs {adj}  :: light grey
lichtgroen {adj}  :: light green
lichting {f}  :: draft (conscription)
lichtinval {m}  :: incidence of light
lichtjaar {n}  :: light year, astronomical distance taking a year at light speed
lichtjes {adv}  :: diminutive of licht; lightly, slightly, to a modest degree
lichtknop {m}  :: light switch
lichtkracht {f} [astronomy]  :: luminosity
lichtkroon {f}  :: chandelier, in particular one with more than two arms
lichtlichaam {n}  :: [spirituality] light body (vaguely human-shaped body made up of light)
lichtlichaam {n} [dated]  :: light source
lichtmis {m} [archaic]  :: rake
lichtmis {f} [Roman Catholicism]  :: Candlemas
lichtpunt {n}  :: bright spot
lichtreactie {f}  :: light reactions, part of the process of photosynthesis
lichtrood {adj}  :: light red
lichtsabel {m}  :: lightsaber
lichtsnelheid {f} [physics]  :: the speed of light
lichtvat {n} [archaic, rare]  :: lamp, lantern
lichtvervuiling {f}  :: light pollution
lichtvoetig {adj}  :: light-footed, nimble
lichtzinnig {adj}  :: frivolous
lichtzwaard {n}  :: lightsaber
lid {n}  :: member (of a group)
lid {n}  :: member (extremity of a body), often used for penis
lid {n} [rare]  :: lid, cover
Lidewij {prop} {f}  :: given name
lidmaat {m} {n}  :: member of a (usually Protestant) church congregation
lidmaat {m} {n}  :: limb, anatomical member of a body, normally used in the plural
lidmaatschap {n}  :: membership (status of being a member; originally of a church flock)
lidw. {abbr}  :: lidwoord
lidwoord {n} [grammar]  :: article
Liechtenstein {prop} {n}  :: Liechtenstein
Liechtensteiner {m}  :: Liechtensteiner (A person from Liechtenstein or of Liechtenstein descent)
lied {n}  :: song
lieden {p}  :: men; people
-lieden {suffix}  :: Alternative plural form of Dutch words suffixed with -man or -vrouw
liederlijk {adj}  :: degenerate
liedjesschrijver {m}  :: songwriter
lief {adj}  :: nice, sweet
lief {adj}  :: beloved
lief {n}  :: one's beloved in a romantic relationship, i.e. a boyfriend or girlfriend
liefdadig {adj}  :: charitable
liefdadigheid {f}  :: charity
liefde {f}  :: love
liefde is blind {proverb}  :: love is blind
liefdesbrief {m}  :: love letter
liefdeskind {n}  :: love child
liefdevol {adj}  :: loving, affectionate
liefhebben {v}  :: to love (to have a strong affection for)
liefhebber {m}  :: fan, enthusiast
liefhebber {m}  :: amateur, dilettante
liefhebberij {f}  :: a hobby
liefkozing {f}  :: showing of affection to someone of something
lieflijk {adj}  :: lovely; beautiful
liefst {adv}  :: superlative of graag
liefst {adv}  :: most preferably
liegbeest {n} [child language]  :: liar
liegen {vi}  :: to lie (to tell lies)
lieger {m}  :: liar
Liemers {prop}  :: Area in The Netherlands, province of Gelderland, between Arnhem and Doetinchem
Liemers {prop}  :: The Low Franconian dialect spoken in that region
lier {c}  :: winch
lier {c} [musical instruments]  :: lyre
Lier {prop}  :: Lier, a city at the river Nete in the province of Antwerp, Belgium
Lier {prop}  :: Lier, a municipality in Buskerud, Norway
Lier {prop} {f} [constellation]  :: Lyra
lies {f} {m}  :: region near the groin
Lies {prop}  :: given name, variant of Lisa, from Elisabeth
liesbreuk {m}  :: inguinal hernia
Lieve {prop}  :: given name, a diminutive of Godelieve
lieveheersbeestje {noun}  :: The insectivore beetle species ladybird, ladybug
lieveling {m}  :: favorite
lieveling {m}  :: darling
lievelings- {prefix}  :: favourite
lieven {vt} [obsolete]  :: to love
lieven {vt} [obsolete]  :: to care about, to like
lieven {vt} [obsolete]  :: to value
Lieven {prop} {m}  :: given name
liever {adv}  :: comparative of graag
liever {adv}  :: rather, preferably
liever blode Jan dan dode Jan {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: better safe than sorry
lieverd {m}  :: A person who is kind or sweet; a sweetheart
lieverd {m}  :: dear, darling, honey
lievevrouwebedstro {n}  :: sweet woodruff
liflaf {adj} [obsolete]  :: insipid, tasteless
liflaf {m}  :: insipid food
liflaf {m}  :: insipid text(s), bland writing
liflaffen {v} [dated, now, chiefly Belgium]  :: to grovel, to fawn, to flatter
liflaffen {v} [obsolete, derogatory]  :: to caress, to fondle
liflafferij {f}  :: flattery, sweet-talking
liflafferij {f} [art, obsolete, derogatory]  :: art considered overly concerned with presenting subjects as prettier and more idealised than they are
liflafje {n}  :: diminutive of liflaf
liflafje {n} [Netherlands]  :: a small meal that fails to fill
liflafje {n} [Netherlands, by extension]  :: a trifle
lift {m}  :: lift, elevator
lift {m}  :: free ride, lift
liften {v}  :: to hitch a ride, to hitchhike
liften {v}  :: to receive a facelift
lifter {m}  :: hitchhiker
liftkooi {c}  :: elevator cage or lift cage
liftster {f}  :: female hitchhiker
ligchaam {n}  :: obsolete spelling of lichaam
ligfiets {f}  :: recumbent bicycle
liggen {vi}  :: to lie; to be lying down
liggen {vi} [often of place names]  :: to be, to be placed or located
liggen {v} [auxiliary, with te]  :: Forms a continuous aspect. Although it carries an implication of lying, this is vague and is not emphasized
lij {f}  :: lee (side of the ship away from the wind)
lijden {vi}  :: to undergo
lijden {vi}  :: to suffer [+ aan (object) = from (a disease)]
lijdend {adj}  :: suffering
lijdend {adj}  :: passive
lijdende vorm {m} [grammar]  :: passive voice
lijdend voorwerp {n} [grammar]  :: direct object
lijdensweg {m} [Christianity]  :: the passion of Jesus
lijdensweg {m} [Christianity, chiefly Roman Catholicism]  :: the Way of the Cross
lijdensweg {m}  :: a period of intense suffering
lijder {m}  :: sufferer
lijer {m} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of lijder
lijf {n}  :: body
lijf {n}  :: corsage
lijf {n} [algebra, in the Netherlands]  :: field
lijf {n} [algebra, in Belgium]  :: division ring
lijfarts {m}  :: A personal physician [as attached to a prince, statesman etc.]
lijfeigen {adj}  :: serfish, whose very bodily person is legally owned by a master
lijfeigen {m}  :: obsolete form of lijfeigene
lijfeigene {noun}  :: serf (person whose very bodily person is legally owned by a master, yet enjoying some legal (and religious-moral) protection)
lijfeigenschap {f}  :: The serfhood, slave-like status of serf
lijfrenteverzekering {f}  :: annuity (insurance policy)
lijfreuk {noun} [Brabantian]  :: body odor
lijfsbehoud {n}  :: The physical preservation of (one's) life, bodily survival
lijfsgemeenschap {f}  :: sexual intercourse
lijfspreuk {f} {m}  :: motto (personal motto, rather than heraldic)
lijfstraf {f}  :: corporal punishment
lijfwacht {m}  :: bodyguard (protector)
lijk {n}  :: The dead but otherwise (mostly) intact body of a human or animal; corpse
lijk {n} [nautical]  :: leech
lijk {adv} [archaic]  :: like
-lijk {suffix}  :: -ly, -al, -ous
-lijk {suffix}  :: -able
lijkbleek {adj}  :: deathly pale, as pale as a corpse
lijken {v} [copulative]  :: to seem, appear
lijken {vi}  :: to have a resemblance, to depict well what it is intended to
lijken {v} [archaic]  :: To please, (in archaic English usage) to like
lijkenhuis {n}  :: mortuary, morgue
lijken op {v}  :: to resemble, look like
lijkenpikker {m} [pejorative, figurative]  :: Someone who benefits from others' misery
lijkenpikker {m} [pejorative, now, uncommon]  :: Someone who makes a living from funerals or tending to the dead in any other way
lijkenveld {n}  :: field littered with corpses
lijk in de kast {n}  :: skeleton in the cupboard [UK], skeleton in the closet [US] (sordid or shameful secret)
lijk in de kast {n}  :: See: lijk in de kast
-lijks {suffix}  :: -ly
lijkschouwer {m}  :: coroner
lijkschouwing {f}  :: autopsy, postmortem
lijkstijfheid {f}  :: rigor mortis
lijkt mij {interj}  :: I'd say, I estimate
lijkwade {f}  :: shroud
lijkwagen {m}  :: A hearse, funerary vehicle
lijkwit {adj}  :: extremely pale [of facial colour and skin colour]
lijm {m}  :: glue
lijmen {v}  :: To glue, join (as) with glue
lijmen {v} [figuratively]  :: To convince, win over
lijmen {vi}  :: To sing (also about humans); chatter like a bird
lijmerig {adj}  :: viscous, adhesive
lijn {f} [geometry]  :: a line
lijn {f}  :: a rope, a cable
lijn {f}  :: a route
lijn {f} [chess]  :: file
lijn {f} [usually diminutive, slang]  :: a line of drugs in powder form
-lijn {suffix} [obsolete]  :: suffix used to create a diminutive form; e.g., vogelvogelijn
lijnen {v}  :: to draw lines
lijnen {v}  :: to form, be on (a) line(s)
lijnen {v}  :: to diet in order to get a slim(mer) waistline
lijnlading {f} [physics]  :: line charge
lijnladingsdichtheid {f} [physics]  :: line charge density
lijnolie {f}  :: linseed oil
lijnrijderij {f}  :: a business that distributes flowers by sending specialized trucks along a line of client flower shops
lijnrijderij {f}  :: the profession of driving specialized trucks distributing flowers
lijnstroom {m} [physics]  :: line current
lijnstroomdichtheid {f} [physics]  :: line current density
lijnstuk {n} [geometry]  :: line segment
lijnwaad {n} [uncountable]  :: linens, linen
lijnwaad {n} [countable]  :: linen, linen piece of fabric or clothing
lijnzaad {n}  :: linseed, flaxseed
lijnzaadolie {f}  :: linseed oil
lijp {adj}  :: foolish, crazy
lijp {adj}  :: dangerous, risky
lijst {f}  :: list
lijst {f}  :: picture frame
lijster {f} [zoology]  :: thrush, one of several species of songbirds of the family Turdidae
lijsttrekker {mf}  :: The top candidate of a political party on a party list. Usually functions as the party's de facto leader
lijsttrekkersdebat {n}  :: (A) debate between top candidates of a political party on a party list ("lijsttrekkers")
lijzig {adj}  :: slow, sluggish
lijzij {f}  :: lee (side of the ship away from the wind)
lijzijde {f}  :: lee (side of the ship away from the wind)
lik {m}  :: lick (a caress with the tongue)
lik {f} [Netherlands, slang]  :: prison, jail
likdoorn {m}  :: clavus, corn
likdoren {m}  :: alternative spelling of likdoorn
liken {v}  :: to like
likkebaarden {v}  :: to salivate, to lick one's lips (to anticipate with pleasure)
likken {vti}  :: to lick
likkepot {m}  :: electuary (medicine mixed with honey or some kind of syrup)
likkepot {m}  :: index finger
likkepot {m}  :: creamy paté made of liver (or liverwurst), mayonnaise and other spices and condiments
likkepot {m}  :: reserve funds from where money is taken or withdrawn
likkepot {m}  :: sweet tooth, glutton who likes sweet food
likker {m}  :: licker, one who licks
lila {n}  :: lilac (color)
lila {adj}  :: lilac
lila {?}  :: A small, even shoulder-portable type of (colonial?) field gun, notably used in the East Indies
lilla {?}  :: alternative form of lilla, a light type of fieldpiece known from the East Indies
Limbabwe {prop} {n} [usually, pejorative]  :: Limburg
limbo {n}  :: Limbo, the place where innocent souls barred from heaven exist
limbo {m}  :: Limbo, in-between place, state or condition of neglect or oblivion which results in an unresolved status, delay or deadlock
limbo {n}  :: limbo, the low-dancing game below a bar
Limbo {prop} {n} [colloquial, mildly pejorative]  :: Abbreviation of Limburger, an inhabitant of Limburg, a part of the Low Countries
Limburg {prop} {n}  :: Limburg, a province of the Netherlands
Limburg {prop} {n}  :: Limburg, a province of Belgium
Limburgen {p}  :: Limburgs, the Dutch and Belgian provinces of Limburg together
Limburgs {prop} {n}  :: Limburgish (the Germanic language)
Limburgs {adj}  :: Limburgish (related to the language or the Limburg region)
limiet {m}  :: limit
limoen {m}  :: lime (a green citrus fruit)
limoen {m} [uncountable]  :: lime (green color)
limoengroen {adj}  :: lime [color]
limonade {f}  :: lemonade; a serving of lemonade
linde {f}  :: linden
lindeboom {m}  :: linden tree
-ling {suffix}  :: A suffix that describes a male person (or other creature) in terms of a place of origin or a quality, as defined by the root to which it is added
-linge {suffix}  :: A suffix that describes a female person in terms of a place of origin or a quality, as defined by the root to which it is added
Lingewaal {prop}  :: Lingewaal (municipality)
Lingewaard {prop}  :: Lingewaard (municipality)
-lings {suffix}  :: describes a manner in which an action proceeds as defined by root to which it is added, both as adverb and as adjective
linguïst {m}  :: linguist (one who studies linguistics)
linguïstiek {f}  :: linguistics, the scientific study of (a) language (group), the non-literary branch of philology
liniaal {f} {m} {n}  :: ruler, straightedge
link {adj}  :: dangerous
link {adj} [criminal slang]  :: sly; cunning
link {adj} [slang]  :: jolly, nice
link {m}  :: physical connection, as in a hardware cable
link {m} [figuratively]  :: logical connection, as in reasoning about causality
link {m}  :: hyperlink
linker {adj}  :: left
linkerhand {f}  :: left hand, part of the arm
linkerkant {m}  :: left-hand side
links {adv}  :: on the left
links {adv}  :: to the left
links {adj} [not comparable]  :: left
links {adj}  :: left-wing, leftist, belonging to the ideological left
links {adj} [predicatively]  :: left-handed
links {n}  :: The left, the left side or tendency, especially in politics and any ideology
linksaf {adv}  :: towards the left (while turning)
linkshandig {adj}  :: left-handed
linksom {adv}  :: counterclockwise
linksomkeert maken {v} [rare]  :: to about-turn to the left
linnen {n}  :: (plural linnens) linen, a cloth made from flax
linnen {n}  :: (no plural) something made of linen
linnen {adj}  :: made of linen
lint {n}  :: ribbon
lintworm {m} [zoology]  :: tapeworm
linze {f}  :: lentil, Lens culinaris (legume)
linze {f}  :: lentil, the seed of Lens culinaris (pulse)
lip {f}  :: lip (part of the mouth)
lip {f}  :: lip (of a container)
lipide {n} [organic chemistry]  :: lipid
lipklank {m} [phonology]  :: labial consonant
liplezen {v}  :: to read lips
lippendienst {m}  :: lip service, empty talk
lippenrood {n}  :: vermilion, the red of the lip
lippenrood {m}  :: the red dye used for lipsticks
lippenstift {f}  :: A lipstick
lippenstift {f}  :: The material a lipstick is made of
lipstick {m}  :: lipstick
lipvis {m}  :: wrasse (marine fish)
liquideren {v}  :: to liquidate
liquideren {v}  :: to root out, to clear out
liquideren {v}  :: to take out, to kill
liquiditeitsval {m}  :: liquidity trap
lispelen {v}  :: to lisp
lispelen {v} [by extension]  :: to talk softly
Lissabon {prop} {n}  :: Lisbon (capital of Portugal)
list {f}  :: a cunning plan
listig {adj}  :: cunning, shrewd
lite {m} [history]  :: The (rare) singular of liten
liter {m}  :: litre
literair {adj}  :: literary
literatuur {f}  :: literature
lithium {n}  :: lithium
lithiumhydride {n}  :: lithium hydride
litho {m}  :: lithograph
lithosfeer {f} [geology]  :: lithosphere
Litouwen {prop} {n}  :: Lithuania
Litouws {adj}  :: Lithuanian
Litouws {prop} {n}  :: Lithuanian (language)
litteken {n}  :: scar
littekenweefsel {n}  :: scar tissue
Littenseradeel {prop}  :: Littenseradeel (municipality)
liturgie {f}  :: A liturgy, predetermined or prescribed set of (religious) rituals and associated customs, attributes etc
liturgie {f}  :: A liturgy, Ancient Greek service to the public interest
liturgisch {adj}  :: liturgical
livermorium {n}  :: livermorium
lob {f} {m}  :: lobe, lobule
lob {m}  :: lob (arching pass of a ball)
lobben {v}  :: to lob (a ball)
lobbes {m} [affectionate]  :: large, well-mannered or friendly dog
lobbes {m} [affectionate]  :: kindly but oafish person
lobbyist {m}  :: lobbyist
lobotomie {f}  :: lobotomy
locatie {f}  :: location
locatief {m} [grammar]  :: locative case
locativus {m} [grammar]  :: the locative case or a word therein
Lochem {prop}  :: Lochem (city)
Lochem {prop}  :: Lochem (municipality)
locomotief {mf}  :: locomotive, self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails, notably pulling a train
loden {adj}  :: leaden, made of lead
Lodewijk {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to Louis, Lewis and Ludwig
loe {n}  :: weak coffee (and, by extension, tea)
loef {m}  :: luff, windward side of a sail or ship. (no plural)
loef {m} [obsolete]  :: Originally, an obscure nautical device turned to change a sailing ship’s course
loef {mf}  :: (This sense might have a different etymology) A sawn-out cavity in one of two crossing pieces of wood in which the other locks
loef {mf}  :: A plump, ugly person
loefwaarts {adv}  :: windward, loofward
loefwaarts {adj}  :: windward, loofward
loeien {vi}  :: to low, to moo
loeien {vi}  :: to roar, to make loud noise
loeihard {adj}  :: extremely loud, deafening
loeihard {adj} [less common]  :: very hard, with a lot of force or vigour
loeiheet {adj}  :: glowing hot, very hot
loeken {v} [rare]  :: to look
loeken {v} [dialectal]  :: to watch
loeken {v} [rare]  :: to stare
loeken {v} [dialectal]  :: to gaze
loempia {c}  :: egg roll, spring roll
loep {f}  :: lens
loepzuiver {adj}  :: faultless
loer {m}  :: lure (mechanism used in falconry)
loeren {v}  :: To lurk, spy
loeren {v}  :: To be on on the look-out for
loeris {m}  :: fool, dumbass, tool, ne'er-do-well
Loes {prop}  :: given name
lof {m}  :: praise
lof {n}  :: clipping of witlof
loflied {n}  :: paean, hymn
lofwaardig {adj}  :: praiseworthy, laudable
lofzang {m}  :: song of praise
log {adj}  :: lumbering, inert, slow in movement; immobile
log {adj}  :: (originally) plumb, (too) heavy in built ande/or weight
log {adj}  :: cumbersome, hard to move or change
log {adj}  :: dull, uninspired
log {n}  :: A lie, violation of the truth
log {n} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of loch
log {m}  :: A chip log, instrument to measure a vessel's speed
log {n}  :: logbook
log {n} [computing]  :: log
log {n} {m} [internet]  :: weblog
logé {m}  :: an overnight guest
logaritme {m} [math]  :: logarithm (for a number x, the power to which a given base number must be raised in order to obtain x)
logboek {n}  :: logbook, journal
loge {f} [theater]  :: box, compartment
loge {f} [freemasonry]  :: Masonic lodge
loge {f}  :: reception area, lobby (of a hotel for instance)
-loge {suffix}  :: -logist (female)
logen {v}  :: to leach, to lime
logeren {v}  :: to stay (board, lodge)
logeren {v}  :: to visit, to sleep over
logica {f}  :: logic
-logie {suffix}  :: -logy, the (scientific) study of the subject field represented by the stem
logies {n}  :: lodging
logisch {adj}  :: logical
logischerwijs {adv}  :: logically
loipe {m}  :: loipe, cross-country ski trail
lok {f}  :: lock of hair
lok {f}  :: one curl in hair of the head, confer goldilocks
lokaal {adj}  :: local
lokaal {n}  :: room, hall, classroom
lokaas {n}  :: bait
lokaas {n}  :: lure, especially in angling
lokalisatie {f}  :: localization (US), localisation (UK)
Lokeren {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in the province of East Flanders, Belgium
loket {n}  :: a ticket window
lokken {vt}  :: to attract, allure, bait
lol {f}  :: fun
lol {f}  :: LOL ("laughing out loud", although it is not an acronym in Dutch)
lolletje {noun} [countable]  :: a joke
lollig {adj}  :: funny, jolly
lommerd {m}  :: pawnbroker
lomp {adj}  :: coarse; rude; surly; boorish; unrefined; uncouth; unsophisticated
lomp {adj}  :: dumb
Londen {prop} {n}  :: London, capital of England and United Kingdom
lonen {vi}  :: to be rewarding, to pay, to be profitable
long {c}  :: lung
longontsteking {f}  :: The disease pneumonia, a serious infection of the lung(s)
longslagader {c}  :: pulmonary artery
longvis {m}  :: lungfish
lonken {v}  :: to ogle
lont {f}  :: fuse (cordlike material used for igniting explosives or weapons)
lont {f}  :: wick (cordlike material that burns for lighting or heat)
loochenen {vt}  :: to deny, to withsay (to assert the falsity or non-existence of)
loochenen {vt} [obsolete]  :: to disavow, to deny
loochening {f}  :: denial
lood {n} [chemistry]  :: lead
lood {n}  :: lot (old unit of weight, equal to 1⁄30 or 1⁄32 of a pound)
lood {n}  :: plumb bob, plummet
loodgieter {m}  :: plumber
loodgieterij {f}  :: plumbing (the trade)
loodjeslijst {f}  :: bucket list
loodmenie {f}  :: red lead
loodrecht {adj}  :: perpendicular, orthogonal
loodrecht {adj}  :: vertical
loods {m} [navigation]  :: pilot, expert who helps navigate to the harbor or coast
loods {m} [zoology]  :: pilot fish
loods {m} [by extension]  :: guide
loods {f}  :: shed, protective building
loods {f}  :: warehouse
loodsen {vt}  :: To pilot (a vessel)
loodsen {vt}  :: To lead, guide
loodsman {m} [navigation]  :: pilot, expert who helps navigate to the harbor or coast
loodsman {m} [by extension]  :: guide
loodvrij {adj}  :: without lead, unleaded
loof {n}  :: foliage
loofboom {m}  :: Any tree with leaves that are not needle-like (such as those that coniferous trees often have)
loofbos {n}  :: a deciduous forest, especially a temperate deciduous forest
-loog {suffix}  :: -logist, a person who specialize in the subject field specified in the stem
-loog {suffix}  :: -log, -logue, -logous
loog {f}  :: lye (an alkaline)
looien {v}  :: to tan (leather)
look {n} {m}  :: garlic
look {n} {m}  :: several related herbs, like chive, garlic, shallot and leek
look {m}  :: appearance, clothing style, look
loom {adj}  :: lazy, pleasantly slow
loom {adv}  :: lazily
loon {n}  :: wage, pay, reward
loonheffing {f} [Netherlands, tax, law]  :: the combination of payroll tax(es) and certain premiums for collective insurances
loonlijst {f}  :: A wage-sheet, payroll
loonlijst {f} [figuratively]  :: Someone's sway, (bought) influence
loonmatiging {f}  :: wage moderation (process of making wages grow slower than productivity)
loop {m}  :: course, duration
loop {m}  :: a river course
loop {m}  :: course of a projectile
loop {m}  :: bore (of a firearm)
loopbaan {f}  :: career
loopbaan {f} [astronomy]  :: orbit
loopband {m} [sport]  :: treadmill
loopfiets {m}  :: a bike with no pedals; a balance bicycle
loopgraaf {f}  :: trench
loop hoepelen {interj} [archaic]  :: go away, get lost
loopjongen {m}  :: errand boy (both meanings)
looppas {m}  :: The double, a pace at running speed, about double-quick
loopplank {f} {m}  :: gangplank
loops {adj} [of dogs]  :: in heat/on heat
loopvogel {m}  :: a flightless bird which is capable of running
-loos {suffix}  :: -less, without
loos {adj}  :: sly
loos {adj}  :: blank, empty
loos {adj}  :: idle
lopen {vi} [chiefly Belgium]  :: to run, go fast on one's own legs
lopen {vi} [chiefly Belgium]  :: to run, cover distance, follow a track etc
lopen {vi} [chiefly Netherlands]  :: to walk, go somewhere regardless of speed
lopen {vi} [chiefly Netherlands]  :: to walk in general
lopen {vi}  :: to be open, current, activated
lopen {vi}  :: to lose liquid: drip, gush, leak
lopen {v} [auxiliary, with te]  :: Forms a continuous aspect. Although it carries an implication of walking, this is vague and not emphasized
lopen {?}  :: A dry measure of content
lopen {?}  :: An apparently larger land measure
lopende band {m}  :: assembly line
loper {m}  :: runner
loper {m}  :: somebody who walks
loper {m}  :: a carpet
loper {m} [chess]  :: bishop
loper {m}  :: master key
Lore {prop}  :: given name
Lorentz {prop}  :: surname
Lorentz {prop}  :: Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate
lorgnet {f} {n}  :: pince-nez, often with a handle
lorgnet {f} {n} [less commonly]  :: monocle, often with a handle
lorgnet {f} {n} [uncommon]  :: opera glass, lorgnette, often with a handle
lorgnon {m} [historical]  :: monocle
lork {m}  :: larch
los {adj}  :: loose
los {adj}  :: separate
los {m} [archaic]  :: lynx (specifically the Eurasian lynx)
losbandig {adj}  :: licentious, dissolute
losbol {m}  :: rake (a man habituated to immoral conduct)
loser {m}  :: loser
losgeld {n}  :: A ransom
loslaten {v}  :: to let go
loslaten {v}  :: to free, release
loslippig {adj}  :: indiscreet, loose-lipped
losmaken {v}  :: to make loose
losmaken {v}  :: to undo, unfasten
lospeuteren {v}  :: to persuade (somebody) to do something
lossen {v}  :: to unload
lossen {v}  :: to dump
losslaan {v}  :: to knock open, to knock loose
losslaan {v}  :: to ram
losstaan {v}  :: (~ van) to be independent (of), to stand apart (from)
lostrekken {v}  :: to pull loose
lot {n}  :: destiny, fate
lot {n}  :: lottery ticket
loteling {m}  :: a recruit designated by lottery
loten {v}  :: to draw lots, hold a lottery
lotenverkoopster {f}  :: female lottery ticket seller
lotenverkoper {m}  :: lottery ticket seller
loterij {f}  :: lottery
lotgenoot {m}  :: A fellow, companion, mate or partner in some form of fate, being subject to a shared risk, condition or adversity, regardless of mutual attitude
Lotharingen {prop}  :: Lorraine; region in France's northeast and southeast Belgium
Lotte {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Charlotte
Louis {prop}  :: given name, variant of Lodewijk
louter {adj}  :: pure
louter {adv}  :: purely
louteren {v}  :: cleanse
louw {f} {m}  :: tench, Tinca tinca
loven {vt}  :: to praise
lover {n}  :: foliage
loverboy {m}  :: A pimp who pretends to be in love with a girl or young woman and makes her dependent on him in order to force her into prostitution
loyaal {adj}  :: loyal
loyaliteit {f}  :: loyalty, allegiance
lozen {v}  :: to drain, to discharge (e.g. waste water)
lozen {v} [figuratively]  :: to drive away, to force to leave
LPF {initialism}  :: Pim Fortuyn List, a defunct political party in the Netherlands
LPG {initialism}  :: LPG
L.S. {initialism} [dated]  :: greetings to the reader, lectori salutem
Lucas {prop}  :: Luke (book of the Bible)
Lucas {prop}  :: given name
lucht {f} {m}  :: air (mixture of gases)
lucht {f} {m}  :: sky
lucht {f} {m}  :: odour, smell
luchtballon {m}  :: balloon (inflatable object to transport people through the air)
luchtbed {n}  :: air mattress, air bed (mattress intended for sleeping or for floating in water)
luchtbel {c}  :: air bubble
luchtbuks {f} {m}  :: air gun
luchtdruk {m} [physics, meteorology]  :: atmospheric pressure
luchtdrukdeur {f}  :: a pressure-sealed plug door, a pressure door
luchten {v}  :: To air, bring something into contact with the air; to give a walk in open air
luchten {v}  :: To stand, suffer, tolerate
luchter {m}  :: chandelier
luchtfoto {f}  :: aerial photograph
luchthaven {f}  :: airport
luchtig {adj} [literally]  :: airy
luchtig {adj}  :: light, lite, notably said of food
luchtig {adj}  :: lighthearted
luchtkamer {f} [biology]  :: air cell
luchtkasteel {n} [literally]  :: A castle built in the air, as in fiction
luchtkasteel {n} [figuratively]  :: Any mirage or illusion, especially a dangerous delusion
luchtkoeler {m}  :: intercooler
luchtkussen {n}  :: air cushion
luchtkussen {n}  :: airbag
luchtkuur {f}  :: aerotherapeutics
luchtmacht {f}  :: airforce
luchtpijp {f}  :: air shaft
luchtpijp {f}  :: (anatomy) windpipe
luchtpomp {f}  :: air pump
Luchtpomp {prop} {f} [constellation]  :: Antlia
luchtruim {n}  :: airspace
luchtschip {n}  :: airship
luchtschommel {m}  :: swingboat (small or modestly sized fairground ride with swings suitable for multiple persons)
luchtsluis {f}  :: airlock
luchtstroom {m}  :: air current
luchtvaart {f}  :: aviation
luchtvaartgek {m}  :: aviation aficionado
luchtvaartmaatschappij {f}  :: airline
luchtverontreiniging {f}  :: air pollution
luchtverversing {f}  :: ventilation
luchtvervuiling {f}  :: air pollution
luchtvochtigheid {f}  :: humidity
luchtwegstelsel {n}  :: respiratory system
luchtziek {adj}  :: airsick
lucifer {m}  :: match
lucratief {adj}  :: lucrative, profitable
ludiek {adj}  :: ludic, playful (often when relating to the fashion in which some political matters are treated)
lui {adj}  :: lazy
lui {p}  :: alternative form of lieden
-lui {suffix}  :: Alternative plural form of Dutch words suffixed with -man or -vrouw. Only used in the spoken language, replaced by -lieden in the formal language
luiaard {m}  :: sloth
luiaard {m}  :: lazy person
luid {adj}  :: loud
luid {m}  :: sound
luid {m}  :: assertion
luiden {v}  :: to sound
luidkeels {adj}  :: with a loud voice
luidop {adv} [chiefly Belgium]  :: out loud, aloud
luidruchtig {adj}  :: noisy, vociferous
luidspreker {m}  :: speaker, loudspeaker
luier {m}  :: diaper
luieren {v}  :: to be lazy
luierik {m}  :: a lazybones
luiertijd {m}  :: diaperhood
luiertijd {m}  :: a pleasant period of time in which no work or study has to be done; vacation
luiheid {f}  :: laziness
luiheid is des duivels oorkussen {proverb}  :: idle hands are the devil's workshop
luik {n}  :: hatch
luik {n}  :: shutter
luik {n} [arts]  :: panel, as in a triptych
luik {n} [figuratively]  :: first-rank section, part (of few), e.g. chapter of a plan
Luik {prop} {n}  :: Liège, a province of Belgium
Luik {prop} {n}  :: Liège, a city in Belgium
luiken {v} [obsolete]  :: to close, to shut
luilak {m}  :: lazybones
Luilekkerland {prop} {n}  :: Cockaigne
luim {f}  :: mood, spirits
luim {f}  :: bad mood, temper
luim {f}  :: joke, prank, jest
luim {f}  :: humorousness, frivolity
luim {f}  :: caprice
luim {} [chiefly diminutive, obsolete]  :: nap, sleep
luipaard {m}  :: leopard
luipaard {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: leopard
luipaardhaai {m}  :: leopard shark
luipaardman {m} [historical]  :: leopard man, member of the anticolonialist Central African cannibal society that dressed in leopard skins
luis {mf}  :: louse
luis in de pels {f} [idiom]  :: gadfly (consistent critic or irritant)
luister {m}  :: lustre/luster, splendor
luister {m}  :: glory
luisteraar {m}  :: listener
luisterboek {n}  :: audiobook
luisteren {vi}  :: to listen [+ naar (object) = to]
luisteren {vi}  :: to listen, to obey, comply with
luistervink {m}  :: eavesdropper
luistervinken {v}  :: to listen in or eavesdrop
luit {f}  :: lute
luit {m}  :: lieutenant
luitenant {m}  :: lieutenant
luitenant-generaal {m}  :: A lieutenant general, a high (para)military rank, typically above generaal-majoor, under generaal (full general)
luiwammes {m}  :: a lazybones
luizen {vt}  :: To pick the lice (from ...)
luizen {vt}  :: To acquire, obtain
luizen {vt}  :: To cut the shoots from a tobacco plant
luizen {vt}  :: To beat (up), hit hard or smash
luizen {vi}  :: To fish using a leusnet
luizenmarkt {c}  :: flea market
Luk {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to Luke
lukken {vi}  :: to succeed, to work, to go right
lukken {v} [impersonal, with indirect object and te/om te]  :: to manage to, to succeed in, to be able to
lukraak {adj}  :: at good luck, haphazardly, without proper planning
lukraak {adj}  :: uncertain, dubious
lul {m} [vulgar]  :: cock, prick [slang for penis]
lul {m} [disparaging]  :: disgusting male person
lul {m} [obsolete]  :: A type of bottle used to feed an infant or the infirm
lulkoek {m} [vulgar]  :: bullshit, poppycock, nonsense
lullen {vt}  :: To talk/tell nonsense
lullen {vt}  :: To mumble
lullen {vi}  :: To be occupied uttering one of the above noises
lullen {vi}  :: To loiter, waste time, hang around unproductively
lullen {vi}  :: To be weak / useless
luller {m}  :: someone who continuously gives unwanted or unreliable comments
lulletje rozenwater {n} [Netherlands, slang, pejorative]  :: man without any spine, pushover
lullificatie {f}  :: blather, banter, poppycock
lullo {m} [slang, pejorative]  :: dick, dickhead, arse (generic insult, usually for males)
lummel {m} [pejorative]  :: jerk, dork, turd
lummel {m} [ball games]  :: piggy in the middle (person standing in the middle in keep-away)
lummelen {v}  :: to mill about, to lounge about
lummelen {v} [ball games]  :: to play keep-away
lummelen {n} [ball games]  :: keep-away, piggy in the middle
lunch {m}  :: A lunch, meal around noon
lunchen {v}  :: To (have) lunch
lurken {v}  :: to slurp
lurken {v} [Internet slang]  :: to lurk
lus {f}  :: loop
lust {m}  :: lust, desire [especially sexual, but also more generally]
lust {m}  :: object of desire
lust {m}  :: pleasure, joy
lust {m}  :: benefit, advantage
lusteloos {adj}  :: listless
lusten {vi} [always with indirect object, archaic]  :: to please
lusten {vt}  :: To find tasty, appreciate food
lusten {vt}  :: To eat, have on the diet
lusten {vt}  :: (by extension) To appreciate, dig, like
lusten {vi}  :: To lust, have or indulge a craving
luster {m}  :: A chandelier, an ostentatious ceiling light
luster {m}  :: alternative form of luister
lustobject {n}  :: sex object (someone primarily depicted or treated as an object for sexual lust)
lustoord {n}  :: retreat, resort (place where one goes for recreation or solitude)
lustprieel {n}  :: a particularly luxurious prieel (i.e an open, roofed gazebo)
lustprieel {n} [by extension]  :: any delightful place
lutetium {n}  :: lutetium
luthers {adj}  :: Lutheran
luttel {determiner}  :: little, few, mere
Luuk {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Luke
luw {adj}  :: windless
luw {adj}  :: lukewarm
luwte {f}  :: any windless place
luwte {f}  :: a lee
luxaflex {m}  :: window blind
luxe {m}  :: luxury
luxe {adj} [Netherlands]  :: luxurious
luxe {adj} [Netherlands]  :: deluxe
Luxemburg {prop} {n}  :: Luxembourg, the country
Luxemburg {prop} {n}  :: Luxembourg, a province of Belgium
Luxemburger {prop} {m}  :: A Luxemburger, citizen or descendant of either territory or city named Luxemburg
Luxemburgs {adj}  :: Luxembourgish
Luxemburgs {prop} {n}  :: Luxembourgish (language)
luxeren {v}  :: to dislocate, to luxate
luxueus {adj}  :: luxurious, expensive
LVDH {abbr} [Internet, slang]  :: abbreviation of Lees Verdomme De Handleiding (RTFM)
LWOO {n}  :: LeerWegOndersteunend Onderwijs
lynx {m}  :: lynx
Lynx {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Lynx
lyriek {f}  :: lyric poetry
lyrisch {adj}  :: lyrical
lysine {f} {m}  :: lysine
lysosoom {n}  :: lysosome