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G {letter}  :: letter
GNV {initialism} [petrochemistry]  :: CNG; abbreviation of gás natural veicular
GO {prop}  :: abbreviation of Goiás, a Brazilian state
Gôa {prop} {f}  :: obsolete spelling of Goa
Gabão {prop} {m}  :: Gabão (country)
Gaborone {prop} {f}  :: Gaborone (capital city)
Gabriel {prop} {m}  :: given name
Gabriel {prop} {m}  :: [Christianity, Judaism] Gabriel (archangel who carries messages from God)
Gabriel Monteiro {prop}  :: Gabriel Monteiro (placename)
Gabriela {prop} {f}  :: given name, feminine form of Gabriel
Gagaúzia {prop} {f}  :: Gagaúzia (autonomous region)
Gaia {prop} {f} [Greek god]  :: Gaea (the earth, daughter of Chaos)
Galícia {prop} {f}  :: Galícia (autonomous community)
Galícia {prop} {f}  :: Galícia (historical region)
Galácia {prop} {f}  :: Galácia (historical region/and/province)
Galileia {prop} {f}  :: Galileia (traditional region)
Galileia {prop} {f}  :: Galileia (placename)
Galileo {prop} {m}  :: alternative spelling of Galileu
Galileu {prop} {m}  :: historical given name
Galiléia {prop} {f}  :: obsolete spelling of Galileia
Galiza {prop} {f}  :: Galiza (autonomous community)
Gallipoli {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Galípoli
Galípoli {prop} {f}  :: Galípoli (peninsula)
Galvão {prop}  :: Galvão (placename)
Galáxia do Triângulo {prop} {f} [galaxy]  :: Triangulum Galaxy (a spiral galaxy in the Local Group)
Gameleiras {prop}  :: Gameleiras (placename)
Gana {prop} {mf}  :: Gana (country)
Gandhi {prop} {m}  :: Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi)
Gandhi {m}  :: Gandhi (any major political leader who is a proponent of nonviolence)
Gandhinagar {prop} {f}  :: Gandhinagar (city/state capital)
Gandu {prop}  :: Gandu (placename)
Ganesa {prop} {m}  :: obsolete form of Ganesha
Ganesha {prop} {m} [Hinduism]  :: Ganesha (god of wisdom)
Ganges {prop} {m}  :: Ganges (river)
Gangtok {prop} {f}  :: Gangtok (city/state capital)
Ganimedes {prop} {f} [Brazil, astronomy]  :: Ganymede (satellite of Jupiter)
Ganimedes {prop} {m} [Brazil, Greek god]  :: Ganymede (Zeus’ cup-bearer)
Ganímedes {prop} {f} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of Ganimedes
Gante {prop} {f}  :: Gante (city/provincial capital)
Garça {prop}  :: Garça (placename)
Garibaldi {prop}  :: Garibaldi (placename)
Garopaba {prop}  :: Garopaba (placename)
Garruchos {prop}  :: Garruchos (placename)
Garuva {prop}  :: Garuva (placename)
Gaspar {prop} {m} [Christian folklore]  :: Caspar (one of the Magi)
Gaspar {prop} {m}  :: given name
Gaspar {prop}  :: Gaspar (placename)
Gastão Vidigal {prop}  :: Gastão Vidigal (placename)
Gatling {f}  :: Gatling gun (an early type of machine gun)
Gauleiter {m}  :: alternative case form of gauleiter
Gaurama {prop}  :: Gaurama (placename)
Gavião {prop}  :: Gavião (placename)
Gavião {prop}  :: Gavião (village/and/municipality)
Gavião Peixoto {prop}  :: Gavião Peixoto (placename)
Gaza {prop} {f}  :: Gaza (city)
Gdansk {prop} {f}  :: Gdansk (city/regional capital)
Geena {prop} {f} [Judaism, Christianity]  :: Gehenna (one of various hells)
Geena {prop} {f} [biblical]  :: Geena (valley)
Gehena {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Geena
Gehenna {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Geena
Gelderland {prop} {f}  :: Gelderland (province)
Gelinski {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Gemini {prop} [zodiac constellations]  :: Gemini (constellation)
Genebra {prop} {f}  :: Genebra (canton)
Genebra {prop} {f}  :: Genebra (city/regional capital)
General Câmara {prop}  :: General Câmara (placename)
General Salgado {prop}  :: General Salgado (placename)
Genghis Kan {prop} {m}  :: rare spelling of Gengis Khan
Genghis Khan {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Genghis-Kan {prop} {m}  :: rare spelling of Gengis Khan
Gengis Cã {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gengis Can {prop} {m} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gengis Cão {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gengis Kã {prop} {m}  :: rare spelling of Gengis Khan
Gengis Kan {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gengis Khan {prop} {m}  :: Genghis Khan (Mongol emperor)
Gengis-Cã {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gengis-Cam {prop} {m}  :: rare spelling of Gengis Khan
Gengis-Can {prop} {m} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gengis-Cão {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gengis-Kam {prop} {m}  :: rare spelling of Gengis Khan
Gengis-Kan {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gengis-Khan {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gengis-kan {prop} {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Gengis Khan
Genoveva {prop} {f}  :: given name
Gentil {prop}  :: Gentil (placename)
Gentio do Ouro {prop}  :: Gentio do Ouro (placename)
Georgetown {prop} {f}  :: Georgetown (capital city)
Gerardo {prop} {m}  :: given name
Geórgia {prop} {f}  :: Geórgia (country)
Geórgia {prop} {f}  :: Geórgia (state)
Geórgia {prop} {f}  :: given name
Germânia {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Germânia (historical region)
Gerês {prop} {m}  :: shortening of Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, a national park in the northwest of Portugal
Gertrudes {prop} {f}  :: given name
Gervásio {prop} {m}  :: given name
Góes {prop} {mf} [archaic in Portugal]  :: surname
Gestapo {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Gestapo (the secret police of the Nazi party)
Getúlio Vargas {prop}  :: Getúlio Vargas (placename)
Getsémani {prop} {m} [European orthography, biblical]  :: Gethsemane (garden in ancient Jerusalem)
Getsêmani {prop} {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of Getsémani
Getulina {prop}  :: Getulina (placename)
Gi {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Giovana
Gi {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the Italian female given name Giovanna or any of its variants
Gibraltar {prop} {m}  :: Gibraltar (peninsula/and/overseas territory)
Gidá {prop}  :: Jeddah [port city in Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea, purportedly the burial site of Eve]
Gilberto {prop} {m}  :: given name
Gilgamesh {prop} {m}  :: Gilgamesh (legendary king of Uruk)
Gioconda {prop} {f}  :: given name
Giovana {prop}  :: given name
Girafa {prop} {f} [constellation]  :: Camelopardalis (constellation of the northern sky)
Girona {prop} {f}  :: Girona (city)
Giruá {prop}  :: Giruá (placename)
Góis {prop}  :: Góis (village/and/municipality)
Góis {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Gisela {prop} {f}  :: given name
Gisele {prop} {f}  :: given name, variant of Gisela
Gisella {prop} {f}  :: given name; alternative spelling of Gisela
Giselle {prop} {f}  :: given name; alternative form of Gisela
Gizé {prop} {f}  :: Gizé (city)
Glasgow {prop} {f}  :: Glasgow (city)
Gálatas {prop} [book of the bible]  :: Galatians (a book of the New Testament)
Glaucilândia {prop}  :: Glaucilândia (placename)
Glauco {prop} {m}  :: given name
Glauco {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Glaucus (Greek sea god)
Glauco {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Glaucus (Lycian soldier in the Iliad)
Glauco {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Glaucus (son of king Sisyphus of Corinth)
Glauco {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Glaucus (son of king Minos of Crete)
Gólgota {prop} {m} [biblical]  :: Gólgota (hill)
Gália {prop} {f}  :: Gália (historical region)
Gália {prop} {f}  :: Gália (placename)
Glicério {prop}  :: Glicério (placename)
Glorinha {prop}  :: Glorinha (placename)
Glória {prop}  :: Glória (placename)
Gâmbia {prop} {f}  :: Gâmbia (country)
Gêmeos {prop} {mp} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Gémeos
Gémeos {prop} {mp} [European spelling, astrology]  :: Gemini (zodiac sign)
Génesis {prop} {m} [European orthography, bible]  :: Genesis (the book of the Bible)
Gênesis {prop} {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Génesis
Gênghis Khan {prop} {m}  :: rare spelling of Gengis Khan
Gêngis Cã {prop} {m}  :: rare spelling of Gengis Khan
Gêngis Khan {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Gêngis-Cã {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gengis Khan
Génova {prop} {f} [European orthography]  :: Génova (city/regional capital)
Gênova {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of Génova
Goa {prop} {f}  :: Goa (state)
Godofredo {prop} {m}  :: given name
Godthaab {prop} {f}  :: Godthaab (capital city)
Goeteborg {prop} {f}  :: uncommon form of Gotemburgo
Goethe {prop} {m}  :: Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer)
Goiabeira {prop}  :: Goiabeira (placename)
Goianá {prop}  :: Goianá (placename)
Goiânia {prop}  :: Goiânia (placename)
Goiás {prop}  :: Goiás (placename)
Gold Coast {prop} {mf}  :: Gold Coast (city)
Golegã {prop} {f}  :: Golegã (village/and/municipality)
Golfo Persa {prop} {m}  :: Golfo Persa (gulf)
Golfo da Finlândia {prop} {m}  :: Golfo da Finlândia (gulf)
Golfo de Bengala {prop} {m}  :: Golfo de Bengala (gulf)
Golfo de Bótnia {prop} {m}  :: Golfo de Bótnia (gulf)
Golfo de Riga {prop} {m}  :: Golfo de Riga (gulf)
Golfo do México {prop} {m}  :: Golfo do México (gulf)
Golias {prop} {m}  :: Goliath (biblical giant)
Golias {m}  :: Goliath (someone or something that is abnormally large or powerful)
Gomel {prop} {f}  :: Gomel (city)
Gomes {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Gonçalves {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Gonçalves {prop}  :: Gonçalves (placename)
Gonçalvo {prop} {m}  :: given name
Gondomar {prop} {f}  :: Gondomar (city/and/municipality)
Gongogi {prop}  :: Gongogi (placename)
Gonzaga {prop}  :: Gonzaga (placename)
Google {prop} {mf}  :: Google (search engine or company)
Goteborg {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Gotemburgo
Goteburg {prop} {f}  :: rare form of Gotemburgo
Goteburgo {prop} {f}  :: rare form of Gotemburgo
Gotemborg {prop} {f} [very, rare]  :: alternative form of Gotemburgo
Gotemburg {prop} {f}  :: uncommon form of Gotemburgo
Gotemburgo {prop} {f}  :: Gotemburgo (city)
Gotenborg {prop} {f}  :: rare form of Gotemburgo
Gotenburg {prop} {f}  :: rare form of Gotemburgo
Gotenburgo {prop} {f}  :: uncommon spelling of Gotemburgo
Gotheburg {prop} {f} [very, rare]  :: alternative form of Gotemburgo
Gothemburg {prop} {f} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Gotemburgo
Gothemburgo {prop} {f}  :: uncommon spelling of Gotemburgo
Gothenburg {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Gotemburgo
Gothenburgo {prop} {f}  :: rare spelling of Gotemburgo
Gotland {prop} {f}  :: Gotland (island/province/county/and/municipality)
Gotlândia {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Gotland
Gotteborg {prop} {f}  :: rare spelling of Gotemburgo
Gottemburgo {prop} {f}  :: uncommon spelling of Gotemburgo
Gottenburg {prop} {f}  :: rare form of Gotemburgo
Gottenburgo {prop} {f}  :: uncommon spelling of Gotemburgo
Gouda {prop} {f}  :: Gouda (city)
Gouveia {prop}  :: Gouveia (city/and/municipality)
Gouveia {prop}  :: Gouveia (placename)
Gouveia {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Governador Celso Ramos {prop}  :: Governador Celso Ramos (placename)
Governador Mangabeira {prop}  :: Governador Mangabeira (placename)
Governador Valadares {prop}  :: Governador Valadares (placename)
Grã-Bretanha {prop} {f}  :: Grã-Bretanha (island)
Grã-Bretanha {prop} {f}  :: synonym of Reino Unido
Graça {prop} {f}  :: given name
Graal {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of graal, seen an individual item
Gral {m}  :: alternative form of graal, seen as an individual item
Gram Bretanha {prop} {f}  :: obsolete spelling of Grã-Bretanha
Gramado {prop}  :: Gramado (placename)
Gramado Xavier {prop}  :: Gramado Xavier (placename)
Gramado dos Loureiros {prop}  :: Gramado dos Loureiros (placename)
Granada {prop} {f}  :: Granada (province)
Granada {prop} {f}  :: Granada (city/provincial capital)
Granada {prop} {f}  :: Granada (department)
Grand Canyon {prop} {m}  :: Grand Canyon (canyon/and/national park)
Grande Barreira de Corais {prop} {f}  :: Great Barrier Reef (massive system of corals off the coast of Australia)
Grande Carro {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Big Dipper (bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky)
Grande Londres {prop} {f}  :: Grande Londres (metropolis)
Grande Maçã {prop} {f} [colloquial]  :: Big Apple (a nickname for New York City)
Grande Muralha {prop} {f}  :: Great Wall of China (Chinese fortification)
Grande Polónia {prop} {f} [European orthography]  :: Grande Polónia (historical region)
Grande Polônia {prop} {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Grande Polónia
Grande Prémio {prop} {m} [European orthography]  :: Grand Prix (any of several international races, especially one of a series for Formula One racing cars)
Grande Prêmio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Grande Prémio
Grande Salto Adiante {prop} {m}  :: Great Leap Forward (economic and social plan of the People’s Republic of China)
Grande Salto para Frente {prop} {m}  :: synonym of Grande Salto Adiante
Grandes Lagos {prop} {mp}  :: Great Lakes (a group of five lakes on the United States-Canada border)
Gravataí {prop}  :: Gravataí (placename)
Gravatal {prop}  :: Gravatal (placename)
Graz {prop} {f}  :: Graz (city/state capital)
Grécia {prop} {f}  :: Grécia (country)
Grécia Antiga {prop} {f}  :: Grécia Antiga (ancient civilisation)
Grécia Central {prop} {f}  :: Grécia Central (periphery)
Grécia Central {prop} {f}  :: See: Grécia central
Gregório {prop} {m}  :: given name
Grimsey {prop} {f}  :: Grimsey (island)
Gringolândia {prop} [pejorative]  :: The United States of America
Grisões {prop} {mp}  :: Grisões (canton)
Grisoens {prop} {mp}  :: obsolete spelling of Grisões
Grândola {prop} {f}  :: Grândola (village/and/municipality)
Grão Mogol {prop}  :: Grão Mogol (placename)
Grão Pará {prop}  :: Grão Pará (placename)
Grão-Ducado de Luxemburgo {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Grão-Ducado do Luxemburgo
Grão-Ducado do Luxemburgo {prop} {m}  :: Grão-Ducado do Luxemburgo (country)
Grão-Mestre {m}  :: Grandmaster (highest title for chess player)
Grodno {prop} {f}  :: Grodno (city)
Groelândia {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Groenlândia
Groenlândia {prop} {f}  :: Groenlândia (island/and/autonomous territory)
Gronelândia {prop} {f} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of Groenlândia
Groninga {prop} {f}  :: Groninga (city/and/province)
Groningen {prop} {f}  :: Groningen (city/and/capital)
Groningen {prop} {f}  :: Groningen (province)
Grosni {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Grozny
Grozni {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Grozny
Grozny {prop} {f}  :: Grozny (city/regional capital)
Grupiara {prop}  :: Grupiara (placename)
Grózni {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Grozny
Göteborg {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Gotemburgo
Guaíba {prop}  :: Guaíba (placename)
Guabiju {prop}  :: Guabiju (placename)
Guabiruba {prop}  :: Guabiruba (placename)
Guadalcanal {prop} {f}  :: Guadalcanal (village)
Guadalcanal {prop} {f}  :: Guadalcanal (island/and/province)
Guadalupe {prop} {f}  :: Guadalupe (island/and/overseas department)
Guade- {prefix}  :: alternative form of Ode-
Guadeloupe {prop} {f}  :: obsolete spelling of Guadalupe
Guadiana {prop} {m}  :: Guadiana (river)
Guaiaquil {prop} {f}  :: Guaiaquil (city)
Guaiçara {prop}  :: Guaiçara (placename)
Guaimbê {prop}  :: Guaimbê (placename)
Guajeru {prop}  :: Guajeru (placename)
Gualtério {prop} {m}  :: given name
Guam {prop} {f}  :: Guam (island/and/unincorporated territory)
Guame {prop} {f} [rare]  :: alternative form of Guam
Guanabara {prop}  :: Guanabara (a former Brazilian state)
Guanabara {prop} {f}  :: Guanabara (a bay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Guanambi {prop}  :: Guanambi (placename)
Guangxi {prop}  :: Guangxi (autonomous region)
Guangzhou {prop} {f}  :: Guangzhou (city)
Guanhães {prop}  :: Guanhães (placename)
Guapé {prop}  :: Guapé (placename)
Guapiara {prop}  :: Guapiara (placename)
Guapiaçu {prop}  :: Guapiaçu (placename)
Guapimirim {prop}  :: Guapimirim (placename)
Guaporé {prop}  :: Guaporé (placename)
Guará {prop}  :: Guará (placename)
Guaíra {prop}  :: Guaíra (placename)
Guaraçaí {prop}  :: Guaraçaí (placename)
Guaraci {prop}  :: Guaraci (placename)
Guaraciaba {prop}  :: Guaraciaba (placename)
Guaraciaba {prop}  :: Guaraciaba (placename)
Guaraciama {prop}  :: Guaraciama (placename)
Guaramirim {prop}  :: Guaramirim (placename)
Guaraní {prop}  :: Guaraní (placename)
Guarani d'Oeste {prop}  :: Guarani d'Oeste (placename)
Guarani das Missões {prop}  :: Guarani das Missões (placename)
Guaranésia {prop}  :: Guaranésia (placename)
Guarantã {prop}  :: Guarantã (placename)
Guarará {prop}  :: Guarará (placename)
Guararapes {prop}  :: Guararapes (placename)
Guararema {prop}  :: Guararema (placename)
Guaratinga {prop}  :: Guaratinga (placename)
Guaratinguetá {prop}  :: Guaratinguetá (placename)
Guarda {prop} {f}  :: Guarda (district)
Guarda {prop} {f}  :: Guarda (city/and/municipality)
Guarda-Mor {prop}  :: Guarda-Mor (placename)
Guareí {prop}  :: Guareí (placename)
Guariba {prop}  :: Guariba (placename)
Guarujá {prop}  :: Guarujá (placename)
Guarujá do Sul {prop}  :: Guarujá do Sul (placename)
Guarulhos {prop}  :: Guarulhos (Guarulhos)
Guatambu {prop}  :: Guatambu (placename)
Guatapará {prop}  :: Guatapará (placename)
Guatemala {prop} {f}  :: Guatemala (country)
Guaxupé {prop}  :: Guaxupé (placename)
Guayaquil {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Guaiaquil
Guelderland {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Gelderland
Guernsey {prop} {f}  :: Guernsey (island/and/dependency)
Guerra Fria {prop} {f}  :: Cold War (a period of history from 1945-1991)
Guerra dos Canudos {prop} {f} [historical]  :: War of Canudos (conflict that happened in 1896–1897 in Canudos, Brazil)
Guiana {prop} {f}  :: Guiana (country)
Guiana {prop} {f}  :: clipping of Guiana Francesa
Guiana Francesa {prop} {f}  :: Guiana Francesa (overseas department)
Guiana Holandesa {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Guiana Holandesa (former colony)
Guido {prop} {m}  :: given name
Guidoval {prop}  :: Guidoval (placename)
Guilherme {prop} {m}  :: given name
Guilhermina {prop} {f}  :: given name
Guimarães {prop}  :: Guimarães (city/and/municipality)
Guimarães {prop}  :: Guimarães (city/and/municipality)
Guimarães {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Guimarânia {prop}  :: Guimarânia (placename)
Guiné {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Guiné (historical region)
Guiné {prop} {f}  :: Guiné (country)
Guiné Equatorial {prop} {f}  :: Guiné Equatorial (country)
Guiné-Bissau {prop} {f}  :: Guiné-Bissau (country)
Guiné-Conacri {prop} {f}  :: Guiné-Conacri (country)
Guiricema {prop}  :: Guiricema (placename)
Gujarate {prop} {m}  :: Gujarate (state)
Gujerate {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gujarate
Guéldria {prop} {f}  :: Guéldria (province)
Guálter {prop} {m}  :: given name
Gurinhatã {prop}  :: Gurinhatã (placename)
Gustavo {prop} {m}  :: given name
Guzarate {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gujarate
Guzerate {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Gujarate
Guzolândia {prop}  :: Guzolândia (placename)
g {letter}  :: letter
{m}  :: gee (name of the letter G, g)
gabado {v}  :: past participle of gabar
gabando {v}  :: gerund of gabar
gabar {vt}  :: to praise
gabar {v} [de, .pronominal]  :: to brag, boast
gabardina {f}  :: gabardine (type of resistant cloth)
gabardina {f}  :: trench coat (military-style raincoat)
gabardine {f}  :: alternative form of gabardina
gabarito {m}  :: template (object used to make copies of a physical object or drawing)
gabarito {m}  :: answer sheet (sheet containing answers to a test’s questions)
gabarito {m} [figuratively]  :: category, class
gabarola {mf}  :: boaster, braggart
gabinete {m}  :: cabinet (all senses)
gabão {m}  :: cloak, overcoat
gabão {m}  :: braggart; boaster (someone who brags)
gabola {mf}  :: a selfish person, a person excessively proud of their own deeds and qualities
gabonês {adj}  :: Gabonese (of, from or relating to Gabon)
gabonês {m}  :: Gabonese (a person from Gabon)
gacheta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of gaxeta
gaúcho {m}  :: gaucho (cowboy of the South American pampas)
gaúcho {m}  :: someone from the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul
gaúcho {adj}  :: relating to the gauchos
gaúcho {adj}  :: of, from or relating to the state of Rio Grande do Sul
gadanha {f}  :: scythe
gadanha {f}  :: a large spoon used to eat soup
gadanha {f}  :: claw of a bird of prey
gadanhar {v}  :: to scythe (to cut with a scythe)
gadelha {f}  :: alternative form of guedelha
gaditano {adj}  :: From Cádiz, Gaditanian
gado {m}  :: livestock
gadolinita {f} [mineral]  :: gadolinite
gadolíneo {m}  :: alternative form of gadolínio
gadolínia {f} [inorganic compound]  :: gadolinia
gadolínio {m}  :: gadolinium
gafanhoto {m}  :: grasshopper
gafaria {f} [historical]  :: leprosarium (place where leprous people are quarantined)
gafe {f}  :: gaffe (a foolish error, especially one made in public)
gagá {adj} [colloquial]  :: gaga (exhibiting the deterioration in the mind)
gagauz {m}  :: Gagauz (person of Gagauzian descent)
gagauz {m} [uncountable]  :: Gagauz (language)
gagauz {adj}  :: Gagauzian; Gagauz
gago {m}  :: stutterer (one who stutters)
gago {adj}  :: stuttering
gagueira {f}  :: stutter (speech disorder)
gaguejar {vi}  :: to stutter, to stammer
gaio {m}  :: jay (any bird of the genus Garrulus)
gaiola {f}  :: cage
gaiola {f}  :: birdcage
gaita {f} [musical instrument]  :: bagpipes
gaita {f}  :: harmonica (wind instrument)
gaita {f} [South Brazil]  :: accordion
gaita de fole {f}  :: alternative form of gaita de foles
gaita de foles {f}  :: bagpipes
gaita-de-foles {f}  :: obsolete spelling of gaita de foles
gaiteiro {m} [musician]  :: bagpiper (one who plays the bagpipes)
gaiteiro {m} [musician, South Brazil]  :: accordionist (one who plays the accordion)
gaitista {mf}  :: a harmonica player (wind instrument)
gaivina {f}  :: tern (any seabird of the family Sternidae)
gaivão {m}  :: swift (small plain-colored bird of the family Apodidae that resembles a swallow)
gaivota {f}  :: seagull (white seabird of the family Laridae)
gaivota-parda {f} [rare]  :: common gull (Larus canus)
gaja {n} [colloquial]  :: chick (young lady)
gajeiro {m} [nautical]  :: topman
gajo {m} [colloquial, chiefly Portugal]  :: guy; dude (used to address someone whose name is unknown, forgotten or ommited)
galé {f} [nautical]  :: galley (ship propelled primarily by oars)
galè {f}  :: obsolete spelling of galé
gala {f}  :: gala (showy and festive party)
galactico {adj}  :: alternative form of galático
galactómetro {m}  :: lactometer
galactose {f} [carbohydrate]  :: galactose (a monosaccharide found in dairy products)
galactosila {f} [organic chemistry]  :: galactosyl (the univalent radical derived from the hemiacetal form of galactose)
galaico-português {m}  :: Old Portuguese (language spoken in western Iberia during the High Middle Ages)
galanga {f}  :: galangal (any of several plants of the ginger family)
galante {adj}  :: gallant (polite and attentive to ladies)
galanteio {m}  :: courtship
galanto {m}  :: snowdrop (flower of the genus Galanthus)
galardão {m}  :: reward
galardão {m}  :: prize
galício {m}  :: Galician person
galego {adj}  :: Galician (pertaining to Galicia, Spain or the Galician language)
galego {m}  :: Galician person
galego {m} [uncountable]  :: Galician language
galego {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: a European immigrant to Brazil, more specifically, a Portuguese immigrant
galego-português {m}  :: Old Portuguese (language spoken in western Iberia during the High Middle Ages)
galeirão {m}  :: coot (aquatic bird of the genus Fulica)
galena {f} [mineral]  :: galena (mineral mined as an ore of lead)
galeão {m} [nautical]  :: galleon (large sailing ship)
galeota {f} [nautical]  :: galliot (light galley)
galeota {f}  :: sand eel (fish of the genus Ammodytes)
galera {f} [nautical]  :: galley
galera {f} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: folks
galeria {f}  :: gallery (all senses), balcony
galeria {f}  :: culvert
galeria de arte {f}  :: art gallery (space where works of art are placed on display)
galerista {mf}  :: gallerist (the owner or operator of an art gallery)
galerista {mf}  :: art dealer (someone who buys and sells works of art)
galgar {v}  :: to climb; clamber
galgo {m}  :: greyhound (lean breed of dog used in hunting and racing)
galgo afegão {m}  :: Afghan Hound
galha {f}  :: gall (tumorous growth on the surface of plants)
galha-branca oceânico {m}  :: oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus, a large pelagic shark)
galhada {f}  :: antler (bony structure on the head of deer, moose and elk)
galhada {f}  :: the branches of a tree or bush as a whole
galhada {f}  :: a large branch from which smaller branches stem
galhada {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: the figurative result of unfaithfulness in marriage
galhardo {adj}  :: elegant
galhardo {adj}  :: gentle
galhardo {adj}  :: hardworking
galheteiro {m}  :: cruet (small container for condiment)
galho {m}  :: branch (woody part of a tree arising from the trunk and usually dividing)
galicismo {m}  :: gallicism
gaélico {adj}  :: Gaelic (relating to the languages of the Gaelic family)
gaélico escocês {m}  :: Scottish Gaelic (a Gaelic language spoken in northwestern Scotland)
galiforme {m}  :: galliform; fowl (any bird of the order Galliformes)
galilé {f} [architecture]  :: galilee
galileano {adj}  :: Galilean (of or pertaining to Galileo Galilei)
galileu {adj}  :: Galilean (of, from or pertaining to Galilee)
galileu {m}  :: Galilean (person from Galilee)
galileu {m} [historical]  :: Galilean (zealous follower of Judas of Galilee)
galimatias {m}  :: galimatias; gobbledygook (meaningless speech)
galinha {f}  :: hen
galinha {f} [slang, pejorative]  :: a woman who is almost never single
galinha {adj} [of a woman]  :: who is virtually always seen with a partner
galinha d'angola {f}  :: guinea fowl (species of bird resembling partridges)
galinheiro {m}  :: henhouse (house for chickens to live in)
galinheiro {m}  :: chicken breeder
galinhola {f}  :: woodcock (wading bird in the genus Scolopax)
galiota {f}  :: obsolete spelling of galeota
gallo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of galo
gallão {m}  :: obsolete spelling of galão
galo {m}  :: rooster (male of the domestic chicken)
galo {m}  :: a swelling on the forehead, resulting from a blow
galo {m}  :: any fish of the Zeiformes order
galão {m}  :: gallon (a unit of volume used for liquids)
galão {m} [Brazil]  :: any large liquid container
galão {m} [Portugal]  :: hot drink made of espresso and foamed milk
galão {m}  :: galloon
galão {m}  :: augmentative of galo
galocha {f}  :: galosh (waterproof overshoe)
galopante {adj}  :: galloping (moving with a gallop)
galopante {adj}  :: worsening at great speed
galopar {v}  :: to gallop (to ride at a galloping pace)
galope {m}  :: gallop (fastest gait of a horse)
galo-silvestre {m}  :: grouse (any of various game birds of the family Tetraonidae)
galpão {m}  :: shed (a slight or temporary structure built to shade or shelter something)
galês {adj}  :: Welsh (from Wales)
galês {m}  :: Welshman (man who is a native or inhabitant of Wales)
galês {m} [in the singular]  :: Welsh (language)
galático {adj}  :: galactic
galvanizado {v}  :: past participle of galvanizar
galvanizando {v}  :: gerund of galvanizar
galvanização {f}  :: galvanization
galvanizar {v}  :: to galvanize
galvanoplastia {f}  :: galvanoplasty, electroplating
galvânico {adj}  :: galvanic
galáxia {f}  :: galaxy (collection of billions of stars, galactic dust, black holes, etc)
galáxia anã {f} [galaxy]  :: dwarf galaxy (galaxy with only several billions of stars)
gama {m}  :: gamma (Greek letter)
gamar {v} [colloquial, Portugal]  :: pinch (to steal, usually of something almost trivial or inconsequential)
gamar {v} [em, .colloquial, .Brazil]  :: to fall in love (with)
gambá {mf}  :: opossum
gambá {mf}  :: Sometimes used erroneously for cangambá
gambá {m}  :: A kind of drum consisting of a hollow log covered at one end
gambá {m}  :: A kind of dance whose music uses this drum
gambá {adj} [slang]  :: drunk as a skunk
gambé {m} [slang, São Paulo]  :: policeman
gamba {f}  :: shrimp (decapod crustacean)
gambiano {adj}  :: Gambian (of, from or relating to the Gambia)
gambiano {m}  :: Gambian (person from the Gambia)
gambiarra {f}  :: kludge (construction designed to solve a problem temporarily)
game {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: electronic game (game played on a electronic device, such as a computer game, a video game or the like)
game show {m}  :: game show (television programme where individuals compete for a prize)
gameta {f} [cytology]  :: gamete (reproductive cell)
gametófito {m} [botany]  :: gametophyte (plant which produces gametes)
-gamia {suffix}  :: -gamy
gamo {m}  :: fallow deer (Dama dama, a ruminant mammal)
gamão {m}  :: backgammon (board game)
gana {f}  :: zest; enthusiasm
ganancioso {adj}  :: greedy (having greed; consumed by selfish desires)
gancho {m}  :: hook; peg; grapple
gancho {m} [Portugal]  :: hairpin
gancho {m} [telephony]  :: switchhook
gancho {m} [narratology]  :: cliffhanger
gandhi {m}  :: alternative spelling of Gandhi
ganesa {f}  :: feminine noun of ganês
gang {mf}  :: dated spelling of gangue
ganga {f} [mining]  :: gangue (earthy waste substances occurring in metallic ore)
ganga {f} [figuratively]  :: bagatelle, trifle (an unsubstantial thing)
ganga {f}  :: denim (textile)
ganga {f} [in the plural]  :: jeans (trousers made from denim cotton)
gangliosídeo {m} [biochemistry]  :: ganglioside (any of several galactocerebrosides found in the surface membranes of nerve cells)
gangliosídio {m}  :: alternative form of gangliosídeo
gangorra {f} [Brazil]  :: seesaw (structure)
gangrena {f}  :: gangrene (necrosis or rotting of flesh)
gangster {mf}  :: alternative spelling of gângster
gangue {mf}  :: A gang of criminals
gangueiro {m}  :: gangster
ganhador {adj}  :: winning
ganhador {m}  :: winner
ganhando {v}  :: gerund of ganhar
ganha-pão {m}  :: breadwinner (primary income-earner in a household)
ganha-pão {m}  :: the job or tool of a breadwinner
ganhar {v}  :: to win (to achieve victory in a game, a war, etc)
ganhar {v}  :: to earn (to receive payment for work)
ganhar a vida {v}  :: to make a living (to earn income)
ganho {m}  :: gain, profit
ganho {m}  :: advantage
ganhão {m}  :: day labourer
ganido {m}  :: whine; yelp (a long-drawn, high-pitched complaining cry or sound)
ganir {vi}  :: to whine; yelp (to utter an abrupt, high-pitched noise)
ganja {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: arrogance or vanity
ganância {f}  :: greed, greediness
ganês {adj}  :: Ghanaian (of, from, or pertaining to Ghana or the Ghanaian people)
ganês {m}  :: Ghanaian (person from Ghana or of Ghanaian descent)
gansa {f}  :: feminine noun of ganso
gansinho {m}  :: diminutive of ganso
ganso {m}  :: goose (a grazing waterfowl of the family Anatidae)
ganso do Canadá {m}  :: alternative spelling of ganso-do-canadá
ganso-bravo {m}  :: wild goose (species of wildlife goose)
ganso-de-faces-brancas {m}  :: barnacle goose (Branta leucopsis, a goose of the northern hemisphere)
ganso-do-canadá {m}  :: Canada goose (Branta canadensis)
ganza {f} [colloquial]  :: ganja; joint
ganza {f} [colloquial, by extension]  :: trip; high
garça {f}  :: heron (any of the long-legged, long-necked wading birds of the family Ardeidae)
garça cinzenta {f}  :: alternative spelling of garça-cinzenta
garça-cinzenta {f}  :: grey heron (the Old World heron Ardea cinerea)
garagem {f}  :: garage (place to store a car)
garagem {f}  :: garage (place where cars are repaired)
garança {f}  :: madder (Rubia tinctorum, a herbaceous plant)
garança {f}  :: alizarin; madder (red dye extracted from madder root)
garanhão {m}  :: stallion
garanhão {m}  :: stud (sexually active man)
garantia {f}  :: guarantee
garantia {f}  :: warranty
garantido {v}  :: past participle of garantir
garantidor {m}  :: guarantee (person or organisation who gives a guarantee)
garantindo {v}  :: gerund of garantir
garantir {vt}  :: To guarantee
garça-real {f}  :: grey heron (the Old World wading bird Ardea cinerea of the heron family)
garça-vermelha {f}  :: purple heron (Ardea purpurea, an Old-World species of heron)
garaxaim {m}  :: alternative form of guaraxaim
garbo {m}  :: grace, style, chic, elegance
garbo {m}  :: daintiness
garbo {m}  :: polish
gardênia {f}  :: gardenia
gare {f}  :: train station or platform
garfada {f}  :: the act of stabbing with a fork
garfada {f}  :: forkful (amount a fork will hold)
garfo {m}  :: fork (eating utensil)
garfo {m}  :: pitchfork (farm tool)
gargalhada {f}  :: laughter (sustained)
gargalhada fatal {f}  :: evil laugh
gargalhar {vi}  :: to guffaw (to laugh boisterously)
gargalo {m}  :: bottleneck
gargalo {m}  :: throat (of a bottle etc)
garganta {f} [anatomy]  :: throat
gargarejar {v}  :: to gargle (to blow air from the lungs while having a liquid in the mouth)
gargarejo {m}  :: the act of gargling
gari {mf}  :: street sweeper
garimpeiro {m}  :: prospector
garnierita {f} [mineral]  :: garnierite
garo {m}  :: garum (Ancient Roman fish sauce)
garção {m}  :: dated form of garçom
garoa {f} [Brazil]  :: drizzle (light rain)
garçom {m}  :: waiter (a server in a restaurant or similar)
garçon {m}  :: alternative form of garçom
garçonete {f} [Brazil]  :: waitress
garota {f}  :: girl, feminine noun of garoto
garota de programa {f} [euphemistic]  :: prostitute
garotada {f}  :: kids; children
garotinha {f}  :: diminutive of garota
garotinho {m}  :: diminutive of garoto
garoto {m}  :: boy, young man
garoto {m} [Portugal, regional]  :: café au lait, latte (coffee with milk)
garotão {m}  :: augmentative of garoto
garotão {m}  :: boy (affectionate term of address for male dog)
garoto de programa {m} [euphemistic]  :: manwhore (a male prostitute)
garoupa {f}  :: grouper (large fish of the subfamily Epiphelinae)
garra {f}  :: claw (curved horny nail)
garra {f} [figuratively]  :: drive; determination
garrafa {f}  :: bottle
garrafa de Leida {f}  :: alternative form of garrafa de Leyden
garrafa de Leiden {f}  :: alternative spelling of garrafa de Leyden
garrafa de Leyden {f} [electrical engineering, historical]  :: Leyden jar (glass jar used to accumulate static electricity)
garrafa térmica {f}  :: thermos; vacuum flask
garrafeira {f}  :: feminine noun of garrafeiro
garrafeira {f}  :: a warehouse where bottles are stored, especially wine bottles
garrafeira {f}  :: wine shop (a shop which sells alcoholic drinks, especially wine)
garrafeira {m}  :: garrafeira (type of port wine)
garrafão {f}  :: augmentative of garrafa
garrafão {f}  :: demijohn (large bottle with short neck)
garrafão {f} [basketball]  :: key (free-throw lane and the circle surrounding the free-throw line)
garrancho {m}  :: scrawl (irregular handwriting)
garrancho {m}  :: scrawl (hastily or carelessly written note)
garrano {m}  :: garron, a breed of horse from Galicia and northern Portugal
garrido {adj}  :: garish, showy, brash
garrido {adj}  :: elegant
garrido {adj}  :: bright, cheerful
garupa {f}  :: rump (the hindquarters of an animal)
garupa {f}  :: the back seat of a motorcycle or bicycle
gaseificado {v}  :: past participle of gaseificar
gaseificando {v}  :: gerund of gaseificar
gaseificação {f}  :: gasification
gaseificar {v}  :: to gasify
gasificar {v}  :: alternative form of gaseificar
gasoduto {m}  :: gas pipeline
gasolina {f}  :: petrol / gasoline
gasosa {f} [slang]  :: gas, gasoline
gasoso {adj}  :: gaseous (relating to, or existing as, gas)
gasoso {adj}  :: gaseous; gassy (containing gas)
gaspacho {m}  :: gazpacho (cold soup of Spanish origin)
gastado {v}  :: past participle of gastar
gastador {adj}  :: prodigal, extravagant
gastador {m}  :: spendthrift
gastamento {m}  :: expenditure (the act of expending)
gastar {v}  :: to spend
gastar {v}  :: to expend
gastar os tubos {v}  :: to spend a great amount of money
gastar saliva {v} [idiomatic]  :: to waste breath (to speak futilely)
gastrenterologia {f}  :: alternative form of gastroenterologia
gastrinoma {m}  :: gastrinoma (gastrin-secreting tumour)
gastrite {f} [pathology]  :: gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach)
gastrónomo {m} [European orthography]  :: gastronome; gourmet (a person who appreciates good food)
gastrônomo {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative spelling of gastrónomo
gastroenterite {f} [medicine]  :: gastroenteritis (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestine)
gastroenterologia {f} [anatomy]  :: gastroenterology (the study of the digestive system)
gastrointestinal {adj}  :: gastrointestinal
gastromancia {f}  :: gastromancy
gastronomia {f} [uncountable]  :: gastronomy (study of the relationship between food and culture)
gata {f}  :: female cat
gata {f} [slang]  :: very beautiful woman
gate {m} [electronics]  :: gate (circuit that implements a logical operation)
gate {m} [India]  :: mountain
gatice {f}  :: An act typical of cats
gatil {m}  :: a kennel for cats
gatilho {m}  :: trigger (finger-operated lever used to fire a gun)
gatilho {m}  :: trigger (similar activation mechanism)
gatilho {m} [figuratively]  :: trigger (event that initiates others)
gatinha {f}  :: diminutive of gata
gatinho {m}  :: kitten; diminutive of gato
gato {m}  :: cat (domestic cat: Felis silvestris catus)
gato {m}  :: feline
gato {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: very handsome man
gato {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: an illegal connection to watch pay TV for free
gato {adj} [of a person]  :: physically attractive
gato de Schrödinger {m}  :: Schrödinger's cat (hypothetical cat)
gato doméstico {m}  :: domestic cat
gato escaldado de água fria tem medo {proverb}  :: once bitten, twice shy (literally: A scalded cat is afraid of cold water)
gato manx {m}  :: Manx cat (breed of tailless domestic cat native to the Isle of Man)
gato marmorado {m}  :: marbled cat (Pardofelis marmorata)
gato selvagem africano {m}  :: African wildcat (Felis silvestris lybica, a subspecies of wildcat found throughout Africa)
gato siamês {m}  :: Siamese cat (short-haired breed of domestic)
gato siberiano {m}  :: Siberian (a domestic cat breed)
gato-andino {m}  :: Andean cat (Leopardus jacobita)
gato-bravo {m}  :: wildcat (Felis silvestris)
gato-bravo-de-patas-negras {m}  :: black-footed cat (Felis nigripes)
gato-chileno {m}  :: kodkod (Leopardus guigna)
gato-da-selva {m}  :: jungle cat (Felis chaus)
gato-de-algália {m}  :: civet (any of several small viverrids that produce a musky secretion)
gato-de-pallas {m}  :: manul (Otocolobus manul)
gato-do-deserto {m}  :: sand cat (Felis margarita)
gato-do-mato {m}  :: ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)
gato-do-mato {m}  :: oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus)
gato-do-mato-grande {m}  :: Geoffroy's cat (Leopardus geoffroyi)
gato-do-mato-grande {m}  :: ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)
gato-do-mato-pequeno {m}  :: oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus)
gato-doméstico {m}  :: alternative spelling of gato doméstico
gato-dos-pampas {m}  :: Pampas cat (Leopardus pajeros)
gato-dourado-asiático {m}  :: Asian golden cat (Catopuma temminckii)
gato-ferrugem {m}  :: rusty-spotted cat (Prionailurus rubiginosus)
gato-leopardo {m}  :: leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)
gato-maracajá {m}  :: margay (Leopardus wiedii)
gato-montês {m}  :: wildcat (Felis silvestris)
gato-mourisco {m}  :: jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi)
gatonet {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: Collectively, illegal connections (gatos) to watch pay TV for free
gato-palheiro {m}  :: Pampas cat (Felis pajeros)
gato-palheiro {m}  :: colocolo (Felis colocolo)
gato-pescador {m}  :: fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus)
gato-selvagem {m}  :: wildcat (Felis silvestris)
gatunar {vti} [colloquial]  :: to steal or swindle (to take property by deceitful methods or without the owner’s permission)
gatunar {vi} [colloquial]  :: to cheat (to use deceitful methods in a game)
gatunar {vi} [slang]  :: to lead an idle life
gatuno {adj}  :: light-fingered
gatuno {m}  :: thief, pilferer
gauchesco {adj} [South Brazil]  :: of or relating to the culture and music of the Gauchos
gauchismo {m}  :: The gauchesque literary movement
gauleiter {m} [historical]  :: gauleiter (official in charge of a district of Nazi Germany)
gaulês {adj}  :: Gaulish (of, from or pertaining to Gaul)
gaulês {m}  :: Gaul (person from Gaul)
gaulês {m} [uncountable]  :: Gaulish (extinct Celtic language spoken in Gaul)
gavela {f}  :: sheaf (bundle of grain or straw)
gaveta {f}  :: drawer (open-topped box in a cabinet used for storing)
gaveteiro {m}  :: someone who makes drawers
gaveteiro {m}  :: chest of drawers (furniture for the storage of clothes)
gaveto {m} [carpentry]  :: curved wood
gaveto {m} [architecture]  :: corner (of a building)
gavinha {f}  :: tendril (a thin, spirally coiling stem)
gavião {m}  :: hawk
gavião-carijó {m}  :: roadside hawk (Buteo magnirostris)
gavião-de-cauda-curta {m}  :: short-tailed hawk (Buteo brachyurus)
gavião-de-cauda-vermelha {m}  :: red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis, a North American bird of prey)
gavião-de-rabo-branco {m}  :: white-tailed hawk (Buteo albicaudatus)
gavião-de-sobre-branco {m}  :: white-rumped hawk (Buteo leucorrhous)
gaxeta {f}  :: gasket (seal that fills the space between two objects)
gay {adj}  :: gay
gay {adj}  :: homosexual (involving or relating to same-sex relationships, especially between males)
gay {adj} [figurative, slang]  :: overly sentimental
gay {adj} [figurative, slang]  :: effeminate or flamboyant
gay {mf}  :: gay; homosexual (person attracted to others of the same sex), especially a male homosexual
gay {mf} [slang, derogatory]  :: a person who lame, stupid or shows any other unpleasant characteristics
gaydar {m}  :: gaydar (ability to detect whether a person is gay)
gayzismo {m} [Brazil, politics, pejorative, used by the Brazilian right]  :: the LGBT rights in Brazil, specially the mainstream set associated with left-wing and anti-conservative politics
gayzista {mf} [Brazil, politics, pejorative, used by the Brazilian right]  :: a person who follows or supports the LGBT rights in Brazil, specially the mainstream set associated with left-wing and anti-conservative politics
gayzista {adj} [Brazil, politics, pejorative, used by the Brazilian right]  :: pertaining or related to the LGBT rights in Brazil
gazal {m}  :: alternative form of gazel
gaze {f}  :: gauze (thin fabric with open weave)
gaze {f}  :: gauze (cotton fabric used as surgical dressing)
gazear {v}  :: to play hooky; to play truant; to skive (to stay away from school or work without permission)
gazear {v} [of a swallow]  :: to warble; to chirp
gazel {m}  :: ghazal (a poetic form)
gazela {f}  :: gazelle
gazeta {f}  :: gazette (newspaper)
gazetear {v}  :: to play hooky; to play truant; to skive (to stay away from school or work without permission)
góbio {m}  :: gudgeon (Gobio gobio, a freshwater fish of Eurasia)
geada {f} [uncountable]  :: frost (frozen dew)
geada {f}  :: an instance of frost in an area
geado {adj}  :: frosty (covered in frost)
gear {v}  :: to frost (weather)
geek {mf}  :: geek (expert in a technical field, particularly to do with computers)
geena {f}  :: hell
geóglifo {m}  :: alternative form of geoglifo
geógrafa {f}  :: feminine noun of geógrafo
geógrafo {m}  :: geographer (a specialist in geography)
geógrapho {m}  :: obsolete spelling of geógrafo
gel {m}  :: gel (suspension of solid in liquid)
gel de banho {m}  :: shower gel (gel soap for showering)
gelada {f} [slang]  :: cold one (a can or serving of cold beer)
gelada {m}  :: gelada (Theropithecus gelada, an Old World monkey)
geladaria {f} [Portugal]  :: ice cream parlor
geladeira {f}  :: refrigerator (appliance that refrigerates food)
geladeira {f} [figuratively]  :: an extremely cold place
gelado {adj}  :: frozen
gelado {adj}  :: cold
gelado {m} [Portugal]  :: ice cream (dessert)
gelar {v}  :: to freeze (to become solid due to low temperature)
gelar {vi}  :: to become cold
gelar {v}  :: to cause to become cold
gelar {v}  :: to become dispassionate
gelar {v}  :: to freeze (become motionless)
gelataria {f}  :: alternative form of geladaria
gelatina {f}  :: gelatine (substance)
gelatina {f}  :: gelatine (edible jelly)
gelatinoso {adj}  :: gelatinous (jelly-like)
geleia {f}  :: jelly
geleia {f}  :: jam
geleia real {f}  :: royal jelly (substance secreted by bees used in the nutrition of larvae and queens)
geleira {f}  :: glacier
geleira {f}  :: refrigerator
geléia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of geleia
geléia real {f}  :: obsolete spelling of geleia real
gelo {m} [uncountable]  :: ice (frozen water)
gelo {m}  :: a cube or chunk of ice
gelo {m} [colloquial]  :: coldness; cold (low temperature)
gelo {m} [figurative]  :: chill (a sudden sense of fear or anxiety)
gelo {m} [figurative]  :: coldness (lack of emotion)
gelo {m} [figurative]  :: a very cool place
gelo {adj}  :: whose colour is a shade of white like that of ice
gelo negro {m}  :: black ice (invisible film of ice)
gelo seco {m}  :: dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide)
gelo seco {m}  :: fog produced by a fog machine
geólogo {m}  :: geologist (person skilled at geology)
gelosia {f}  :: lattice, jalousie
gema {f}  :: yolk (yellow part of an egg)
gema {f}  :: gem (precious stone)
gema {f} [botany]  :: bud, shoot (newly formed leaf or flower)
gema {f} [figurative]  :: something which is pure or authentic
gemelaridade {f}  :: twinning
gemer {v}  :: to groan, moan, wail
geómetra {mf}  :: geometer
geómetra {mf}  :: surveyor
geômetra {mf} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of geómetra
geómetra algébrico {m} [European orthography, mathematics]  :: algebraic geometer (mathematician who specialises in algebraic geometry)
geômetra algébrico {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of geómetra algébrico
gemido {m}  :: moan, groan
geminação {f} [phonetics]  :: gemination (pronunciation of a consonant for a longer time)
geminação {f}  :: town twinning (pairing of towns or cities)
geômis {m}  :: gopher (a small burrowing rodent)
gendarmaria {f}  :: alternative form of gendarmeria
gendarme {m}  :: gendarme (member of the gendarmerie)
gendarmeria {f}  :: gendarmerie (military body charged with police duties)
gene {m} [genetics]  :: gene
genealogia {f} [countable]  :: genealogy (the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors)
genealogia {f} [countable]  :: genealogy (a record or table of such descent)
genealogia {f} [uncountable]  :: genealogy (study and recording of descents)
genealogista {mf}  :: genealogist (person who researches family lines)
genela {f}  :: obsolete spelling of janela
genella {f}  :: obsolete form of janela
general {m}  :: general
generalato {m}  :: generalship, general officer
generalidade {f}  :: generality; commonplace
generalidade {f}  :: most
generalizado {v}  :: past participle of generalizar
generalizando {v}  :: gerund of generalizar
generalização {f}  :: generalisation, generalization
generalizar {v}  :: to generalize
generalíssimo {m} [military]  :: generalissimo (supreme commander of the armed forces)
generosidade {f}  :: generosity
generosidade {f}  :: largesse, magnanimity
generoso {adj}  :: generous (willing to give and share unsparingly)
generoso {adj} [obsolete]  :: generous (of noble birth)
genet {m}  :: alternative form of geneta
geneta {m} [biology]  :: genet (group of genetically identical individuals)
gengibirra {f}  :: ginger beer (drink flavoured with ginger)
gengibre {m}  :: ginger
gengiva {f} [anatomy]  :: gum (flesh around teeth)
gengivite {f} [pathology]  :: gingivitis (inflammation of the gums)
genial {adj}  :: genial (marked by genius)
genial {adj}  :: genius (very clever)
genialidade {f}  :: ingeniousness
genitivo {adj} [grammar, comparable]  :: genitive case; genitive
genitália {f}  :: genitalia (genitals or sex organs)
genitor {m}  :: genitor (biological parent)
-geno {suffix}  :: -genic, -genous [scientific adjectives]
-geno {suffix}  :: -gen [scientific nouns]
genocídio {m}  :: genocide (systematic killing of substantial numbers of people)
genocídio {m}  :: a great slaughter; carnage; massacre
genocida {adj}  :: genocidal (causing or relating to a genocide)
genocida {mf}  :: genocider (one who commits genocide)
genoma {m}  :: genome
genotipar {vt}  :: to genotype (to determine the genotype of)
genovês {adj}  :: Genoese (of, from or relating to Genoa)
genovês {m}  :: Genoese (an inhabitant or resident of Genoa)
genovês {m}  :: Genoese (the Ligurian dialect of Genoa)
genérico {adj}  :: generic (appropriate to large groups; not specific)
genérico {adj} [biology]  :: generic (of, or relating to a genus)
genérico {adj} [of a product or drug]  :: generic (not having a brand name)
genérico {adj} [programming]  :: generic (written so as to operate on any data type)
genérico {m}  :: generic (a product sold under a generic name, especially medicine)
genro {m}  :: son-in-law
gens {f} [Ancient Rome]  :: gens (in Ancient Rome, a group of people descending from a common ancestor)
gentalha {f}  :: poor people collectively; low class people; plebeians; mob
gentamicina {f} [medicine]  :: gentamicin (a glycoside antibiotic)
gente {f}  :: people (a group of two or more persons)
gente {f}  :: people (persons forming a distinct identity)
gente {f}  :: [historical, Ancient Rome] gens (in Ancient Rome, a group of people descending from a common ancestor)
genti {f}  :: eye dialect of gente
genética {f}  :: genetics
genética molecular {f}  :: molecular genetics (a field of biology which studies the structure and function of genes at a molecular level)
genético {adj}  :: genetic
gentil {adj}  :: gentle; amiable; kind
gentil {adj}  :: elegant
gentil {adj}  :: gentle; polite; respectful
gentileza {f}  :: kindness (being kind)
gentilmente {adv}  :: gently (in a gentle manner)
gentinha {f}  :: riff-raff, rabble
gentio {adj}  :: gentile
gentio {adj}  :: heathen
genótipo {m} [genetics]  :: genotype (combination of alleles that determines a specific trait of an individual)
gentrificação {f} [urban planning]  :: gentrification (buying and renovation of buildings in deteriorated neighbourhoods by wealthier individuals)
genuflectir {vi}  :: to genuflect (to bend the knee, as in servitude or worship)
genufletir {v}  :: alternative form of genuflectir
genuflexão {f}  :: genuflection (the act of genuflecting, in the sense of bowing down)
genuíno {adj}  :: genuine; real; authentic
geocronometria {f} [geology]  :: geochronometry (the science of the measurement of the ages of rocks)
geode {m} [geology]  :: geode (hollow stone with crystals on the inside wall)
geodo {m}  :: alternative form of geode
geodésia {f}  :: geodesy (scientific discipline that deals with the measurement and representation of Earth)
geodésico {adj}  :: geodetic
geo-espacial {adj}  :: geospatial (of or pertaining to a geographic location)
geoespacial {adj}  :: alternative spelling of geo-espacial
geofísica {f}  :: geophysics
geofísico {adj}  :: geophysical
geofísico {m}  :: geophysicist
geoglifo {m}  :: geoglyph (large-scale drawing made on the ground)
geografia {f}  :: geography (study of physical structure and inhabitants of the Earth)
geograficamente {adv}  :: geographically
geográfico {adj}  :: geographic
geológico {adj}  :: geologic (relating to geology)
geometria {f} [mathematics]  :: geometry (branch of mathematics dealing with spatial relationships)
geometria algébrica {f} [mathematics]  :: algebraic geometry (branch of mathematics that studies solutions of systems of algebraic equations using both algebra and geometry)
geometria analítica {f} [geometry]  :: analytic geometry (ranch of mathematics that investigates coordinates of figures)
geometria euclidiana {f} [geometry]  :: Euclidean geometry (familiar geometry of the real world)
geometria não-euclidiana {f} [geometry]  :: non-Euclidean geometry (any system of geometry not based on the set of axioms of Euclidean geometry)
geométrico {adj}  :: geometric (of or relating to geometry)
geopolítica {f}  :: geopolitics (the study of the effects of geography on international politics)
geopolítico {adj}  :: geopolitical (of, or relating to geopolitics)
geoquimicamente {adv}  :: geochemically
geoquímica {f} [uncountable]  :: geochemistry (branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical composition of the Earth)
geoquímica {f}  :: feminine noun of geoquímico
geoquímico {adj}  :: geochemical
georgiano {m}  :: Georgian (person from the country Georgia)
georgiano {m} [uncountable]  :: Georgian (language of the country Georgia)
georgiano {adj}  :: Georgian (of the country Georgia)
georgiano {m}  :: Georgian (person from the American state Georgia)
georgiano {adj}  :: Georgian (of the country Georgia)
georgiano {adj}  :: Georgian (of the reigns of Kings George I-IV of the UK (1714-1837))
gerado {v}  :: past participle of gerar
gerado {adj}  :: generated, created
gerador {adj}  :: generative
gerador {adj}  :: productive
gerador {m}  :: generator (something which generates)
gerador {m}  :: electrical generator
gerador Van de Graaff {m} [physics]  :: Van de Graaff generator (device in which an electric charge is built up by means of a moving belt)
geral {adj}  :: general (not specific or particular)
geral {adj}  :: general (having supreme rank)
geral {adj}  :: general; widespread
geral {m}  :: majority
geral {m}  :: leader of a religious order
geral {m}  :: the cheapest seats of a stage
geral {pron} [Brazil, slang]  :: everyone, everybody (or at least the majority of a group)
geral {adv} [Brazil, slang]  :: all around; everywhere (often or constantly and in many places)
geralidade {f}  :: alternative form of generalidade
geralmente {adv}  :: generally, usually
gerando {v}  :: gerund of gerar
geração {f}  :: age, generation
gerar {v}  :: to generate
gerbilo {m} [zoology]  :: gerbil (small rodent)
gerbo {m}  :: jerboa (any of several small rodent of the family Dipodidae)
gerenciado {v}  :: past participle of gerenciar
gerenciador {m} [chiefly Brazil]  :: manager
gerencial {adj}  :: managerial; of or relating to management
gerenciamento {m}  :: management
gerenciamento de projetos {m} [operations]  :: project management (discipline of organising and managing project resources)
gerenciando {v}  :: gerund of gerenciar
gerenciar {v}  :: to manage
gerente {mf}  :: manager
gerente {adj}  :: managing
gergelim {m}  :: sesame (Sesamum indicum, a plant cultivated for seeds)
gergelim {m} [uncountable]  :: sesame (seeds of Sesamum indicum)
geriatria {f} [medicine]  :: geriatrics (branch of medicine dealing with the elderly)
gerido {v}  :: past participle of gerir
gerifalte {m}  :: gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus)
gerigonça {f}  :: alternative form of geringonça
gerindo {v}  :: gerund of gerir
geringonça {f}  :: contraption (complicated and precarious machine)
geringonça {f}  :: slang (language outside of conventional usage)
gerir {v}  :: to manage, administer, govern
gerir {v}  :: to rule
germanato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: germanate
germanismo {m} [linguistics]  :: Germanism (a word or idiom loaned from German or an ancient Germanic language)
germanismo {m}  :: Germanism (Germanic or German culture)
germanita {f} [mineral]  :: germanite
germano {m}  :: German (member of a Germanic tribe)
germano {m}  :: a brother or sister with the same mother and father [as opposed to a stepbrother or sister]
germano {adj}  :: legitimate; genuine
germanofilia {f}  :: germanophilia (the love of the country, culture or people of Germany)
germe {m}  :: germ (embryo of a seed)
germe {m}  :: germ; microorganism
germe {m}  :: germ (idea that forms the basis of some project)
germinar {v}  :: to sprout; to germinate
germânico {adj}  :: Germanic
germânico {adj} [metaphor]  :: having qualities regarded as typical of German people
germânico comum {m}  :: Proto-Germanic; Common Germanic; Ur-Germanic (hypothetical ancestor language of the Germanic languages)
gerência {f}  :: management
gerência de projetos {f} [operations]  :: project management (the discipline of organising and managing project resources)
gerúndio {m}  :: gerund (verb form functioning as a verbal noun)
gerânio {m}  :: geranium; cranesbill (any flowering plant of the genus Geranium)
gerontologia {f}  :: gerontology (branch of science that deals with the problems of aged people)
gerundismo {m} [uncountable]  :: The use of gerunds in Portuguese in place of the future indicative tense. For example: saying "estarei fazendo" instead of "farei"
gesso {m}  :: gypsum (mineral)
gesso {m}  :: plaster (substance used for coating walls and ceilings)
gesso {m}  :: cast (device to help mend broken bones)
gesso de Paris {m}  :: plaster of Paris (hemihydrate of calcium sulfate)
gesta {f} [botany]  :: broom (leguminosae shrub)
gestante {n}  :: A pregnant woman, an expectant mother
gestação {f}  :: gestation (period of time a fetus develops inside mother’s body)
gestação {f}  :: gestation (development of a plan or idea)
gestação abdominal {f} [medical]  :: abdominal gestation (pregnancy within the abdominal cavity)
gestação anembrionária {f} [medicine]  :: anembryonic pregnancy (pregnancy in which the embryo fails to develop, though the gestational sac grows normally)
gestar {v}  :: to gestate (to carry offspring in the uterus)
gestar {v} [by extension]  :: to gestate (to develop an idea)
gesticulado {v}  :: past participle of gesticular
gesticulando {v}  :: gerund of gesticular
gesticulação {f}  :: gesticulation
gesticular {v}  :: to gesticulate
gesto {m}  :: gesture
gestão {f}  :: management
gestão de recursos humanos {f}  :: human resource management (methods concerning the mobilisation and development of personnel)
gestor {m}  :: manager
gestora {f}  :: feminine noun of gestor
gestualismo {m} [arts]  :: action painting (genre of modern art in which the paint is dribbled, splashed or poured onto the canvas)
gestualizar {v}  :: to gesture (to make gestures)
ghee {m}  :: ghee (South Asian style clarified butter)
ghetto {m}  :: alternative spelling of gueto
ghostwriter {mf}  :: ghostwriter (professional writer for another person)
ghoul {m} [mythology, folklore]  :: ghoul (a spirit said to feed on corpses)
gói {mf} [Judaism]  :: goy (a non-Jew)
giaour {m} [ethnic slur]  :: giaour (term for a non-Muslim used by Turks)
giardíase {f} [disease]  :: giardiasis (an infectious diarrheal disease caused by the Giardia lamblia parasite)
gibi {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: comics; comic book
gibiteca {f}  :: A comic book library
gibão {m}  :: jerkin (a type of close-fitting collarless jacket)
gibão {m}  :: gibbon (small ape of the family Hylobatidae)
giesta {f}  :: alternative form of gesta
giesteira {f} [botany]  :: broom (leguminosae shrub)
giga- {prefix}  :: giga- (SI prefix multiplying the unit by 109)
giga {f}  :: flat basket
giga {m} [computing, colloquial]  :: gigabyte
gigabyte {m} [SI]  :: gigabyte (one billion bytes)
gigametro {m} [rare]  :: gigametre (a distance of 1,000,000 kilometres)
giganta {f}  :: giantess
gigante {m}  :: giant (mythical human)
gigante {m} [sometimes, offensive]  :: giant (a very tall person)
gigante {m}  :: giant (one of the Gigantes of Greek mythology)
gigante {adj}  :: huge; gigantic
gigante azul {f} [star]  :: blue giant (hot star with a luminosity class of III or II)
gigante gasoso {m} [astronomy]  :: gas giant (large planet consisting of gas)
gigante vermelha {f} [star]  :: red giant (large red star)
gigantesco {adj}  :: gigantic (very large)
gigantomaquia {f} [Greek mythology]  :: gigantomachy (the uprising of the Gigantes against the Olympian gods)
gigolô {m}  :: gigolo (male having sexual relationships for money)
gila {f}  :: alternative form of chila
gilete {f}  :: razor (shaving blade)
gilete {mf} [Brazil, slang]  :: bisexual (one who is sexually attracted either sex)
gilete {adj} [Brazil, slang]  :: bisexual (sexually attracted either sex)
gim {m}  :: gin (liquor made with juniper berries)
gimnosperma {f} [botany]  :: gymnosperm (plant whose seeds are not in an ovary)
ginasta {mf}  :: gymnast
ginasticado {v}  :: past participle of ginasticar
ginasticando {v}  :: gerund of ginasticar
ginasticar {v} [rare]  :: to exercise the body; to have a physical exercise
ginco {m}  :: rare spelling of ginkgo
ginecológico {adj}  :: gynecological (pertaining to gynecology)
ginecologia {f}  :: gynecology (branch of medicine specialising in the problems of women)
ginecologista {mf}  :: gynaecologist (specialist in diseases of the female reproductive system)
ginela {f}  :: obsolete form of janela
gineta {f}  :: common genet
ginete {m}  :: a well-bred horse
ginete {m}  :: jockey (one who rides racehorses competitively)
ginete {m} [South Brazil]  :: a skilled horseman
ginete {m} [military unit, historical]  :: lancer (cavalry soldier armed with a lance)
ginga {f} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: fluid or sexy body movement
ginga {f} [soccer, capoeira]  :: feint (movement made to confuse the opponent)
ginga {f} [colloquial]  :: waddle; swagger (swaying gait)
ginga {f} [nautical]  :: a stern-mounted oar
ginga {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: swag (fashionable, easy-going behaviour)
ginga {f} [Brazil, music, colloquial]  :: groove (an enjoyable, danceable rhythm)
gingko {m}  :: alternative spelling of ginkgo
ginguba {f} [Africa]  :: peanut
ginja {f}  :: sour cherry (fruit of the Prunus cerasus tree)
ginja {f} [by extension]  :: a liqueur produced from the fruits
ginjeira {f}  :: sour cherry (Prunus cerasus, a tree of Europe and Southeast Asia)
ginjinha {f}  :: a liqueur produced from sour cherries
ginkgo {m}  :: ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba, a tree of China)
ginorme {adj} [colloquial, humorous]  :: ginormous (very large)
ginseng {m}  :: ginseng (any of several plants of the genus Panax)
ginseng {m}  :: ginseng (root or extract of the ginseng plant)
ginseng americano {m}  :: American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, a medicinal herb)
ginásio {m}  :: gym, gymnasium
ginásio {m}  :: secondary school
ginástica {f}  :: gymnastics
ginástica rítmica {f} [gymnastics]  :: rhythmic gymnastics (discipline where the gymnast manipulates an object in a rhythmic fashion)
ginástico {adj}  :: gymnastic
girada {f}  :: turn (change of direction or orientation)
girafa {f}  :: giraffe
girandola {f}  :: dated form of girândola
girar {vi}  :: to turn; to rotate (to change one’s own orientation)
girar {vt}  :: to turn; to rotate (to change the orientation of something)
girasol {m}  :: obsolete spelling of girassol
girassol {m}  :: sunflower (plant, flower)
giratório {adj}  :: rotating (that rotates; to operates by rotating)
girino {m}  :: tadpole
girândola {f} [pyrohtecnics]  :: Catherine wheel; pinwheel (firework that rotates when lit)
girândola {f}  :: girandole (ornamental branched candle holder)
girândola {f} [figurative]  :: a repetitive sequence of ideas, occurences or arguments
giro {adj} [colloquial]  :: cute, pretty
giro {m}  :: rotation, turn (the act of turning around a centre or an axis)
giro cingulado {m} [anatomy]  :: cingulate cortex (the medial part of the cortex)
giro cingulado anterior {m} [anatomy]  :: anterior cingulate cortex (the frontal part of the cingulate cortex)
giroscópio {m}  :: gyroscope
géiser {m} [geology]  :: geyser (boiling spring which throws jets of water)
gêiser {m}  :: alternative form of géiser
giz {m}  :: chalk (a piece of chalk used for drawing and on a blackboard)
giz de cera {m}  :: crayon (coloured chalk or wax)
glabela {f} [anatomy]  :: glabella (space between the eyebrows)
glacê {m}  :: glacé
glacê {m}  :: frosting
glacial {adj}  :: glacial (cold and icy)
glacial {adj}  :: glacial (relating to glaciers)
glacial {adj}  :: relating to ice ages
glacial {adj} [figurative]  :: glacial; cold (emotionally distant)
glaciar {m} [geology, Portugal]  :: glacier (body of flowing ice)
glaciologia {f}  :: glaciology (the study of ice and its effect on the landscape)
gladiador {m} [Ancient Rome]  :: gladiator (one who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat with another, or with a wild animal)
gladíolo {m}  :: gladiolus (any of several flowering plants, of the genus Gladiolus)
glagolítico {adj}  :: Glagolitic (of or pertaining to the Glagolitic alphabet)
glagolítico {m}  :: the Glagolitic alphabet
glamouroso {adj}  :: glamorous (having glamour; stylish)
glamuroso {adj}  :: glamourous
glande {f}  :: glans (vascular body on the apex of the penis)
glandular {adj} [anatomy]  :: glandular (pertaining to glands)
glasnost {f} {m} [historical]  :: glasnost (policy of transparency of the Soviet Union)
gálata {adj}  :: Galatian (pertaining to Galatia)
glauco {adj}  :: glaucous (of a pale green colour with a bluish-grey tinge)
glaucoma {m} [pathology]  :: glaucoma (eye disease)
glóbulo {m}  :: globule (small round particle of substance)
glóbulo {m}  :: blood cell (cell found in blood)
glóbulo branco {m} [hematology]  :: white blood cell (type of blood cell involved in immune response)
glóbulo vermelho {m} [hematology]  :: red blood cell (blood cell that carries oxygen)
gládio {m}  :: gladius (Roman sword)
gládio {m}  :: sword
gládio {m} [figuratively]  :: power, strength
glicano {m} [organic compound]  :: glycan (any polysaccharide or oligosaccharide)
glicídio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: carbohydrate, saccharide
glicemia {f} [medicine]  :: glycemia (presence of an unusual amount of glucose in the blood)
glicólise {f} [biology]  :: glycolysis (cellular degradation of glucose)
glicémia {f} [European orthography, uncommon]  :: alternative form of glicemia
glicínia {f}  :: wisteria (woody climbing vine of the genus Wisteria)
glico- {prefix}  :: glyco-
gálico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: gallic
glicogênio {m} [Brazil, carbohydrate]  :: alternative form of glicogénio
glicogénio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glycogen
glicolítico {adj} [biochemistry]  :: glycolytic (pertaining to or producing glycolysis)
glicoproteína {f} [protein]  :: glycoprotein (protein with covalently bonded carbohydrates)
glicosaminoglicano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: glycosaminoglycan
glicose {f} [carbohydrate]  :: glucose; glycose
gélido {adj}  :: gelid (very cold)
gélido {adj} [figurative]  :: cold (emotionally distant)
glifo {m}  :: glyph (carved relief representing a sound, word or idea)
glitter {m}  :: glitter (shiny, decorative dust)
glândula {f}  :: gland
glândula adrenal {f} [anatomy]  :: adrenal gland (endocrine gland situated above the kidney)
glândula anal {f} [anatomy]  :: anal gland (sebaceous gland near anus in many mammals)
glândula apócrina {f} [anatomy]  :: apocrine gland (any of several coiled, tubular glands that extrudes part of the cytoplasm as a secretion)
glândula bulbouretral {f} [anatomy]  :: bulbourethral gland (gland which secretes pre-ejaculate)
glândula mamária {f} [anatomy]  :: mammary gland (milk-secreting gland)
glândula parótida {f} [anatomy]  :: parotid gland
glândula pineal {f}  :: pineal gland
glândula salivar {f} [anatomy]  :: salivary gland (any of exocrine glands that produce saliva)
glândula sebácea {f} [anatomy]  :: sebaceous gland (gland of skin secreting sebum)
glândula suprarrenal {f} [anatomy]  :: adrenal gland (endocrine gland situated above the kidney)
gêlo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of gelo
global {adj}  :: global (concerning all parts of the world)
global {adj} [computing, of a variable]  :: global (accessible by all parts of a program)
global {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Rede Globo, a Brazilian TV network
globalização {f}  :: globalisation (process of going to a more interconnected world)
globalização {f}  :: globalisation (process of making world economy dominated by capitalist models)
globina {f} [protein]  :: globin
globo {m}  :: globe
globo {m}  :: sphere, ball
globo crucífero {m}  :: globus cruciger (a small globe with a cross, carried by European monarchs)
globo de neve {m}  :: snow globe
globo ocular {m}  :: eyeball
globular {adj}  :: spherical; globular
globulina {f} [protein]  :: globulin (type of protein)
glomerular {adj}  :: glomerular
glomérulo {m} [anatomy]  :: glomerulus
glúon {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of gluão
gloria {f}  :: obsolete spelling of glória
glorioso {adj}  :: glorious (worthy of glory)
glosa {f} [countable]  :: gloss (brief explanatory note or translation)
glosar {vt}  :: to gloss (to add a gloss to a piece of text)
glosar {vt}  :: to summarise; to recapitulate (to give a recapitulation of the salient facts)
gloss {m}  :: lip gloss (cosmetic product)
glossário {m}  :: glossary (list of words)
glossário {m}  :: gloss (brief note)
glotal {adj} [anatomy]  :: glottal (relating to the glottis)
glotal {adj} [phonetics, of a phoneme]  :: glottal (articulated on the glottis)
glotal {f} [phonetics]  :: glottal (a consonant articulated on the glottis)
glote {f} [anatomy]  :: glottis (opening between the vocal cords)
glória {f}  :: glory (great beauty or splendour)
glória {f}  :: glory (honour and valour)
glória {f}  :: glory (worship or praise)
glória matutina {f}  :: morning glory (any of the flowering plants of genus Convolvulaceae)
glúten {m}  :: gluten (cereal protein)
glucínio {m} [obsolete]  :: glucinium
glucosamina {f} [organic compound]  :: glucosamine
gluão {m} [Portugal, particle]  :: gluon (massless gauge boson)
glutamato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: glutamate
glutamina {f} [amino acid]  :: glutamine (a nonessential amino acid)
glutationa {f} [biochemistry]  :: glutathione
glutão {m}  :: glutton (one who eats voraciously)
gêmeo {adj} [Brazil]  :: twin
gêmeo {m} [Brazil]  :: twin
gémeo {adj} [Portugal]  :: alternate form of gêmeo
gémeo {m} [Portugal]  :: alternate form of gêmeo
gémeo siamês {m} [European orthography, teratology]  :: Siamese twin (a conjoined twin)
gêmeo siamês {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of gémeo siamês
gónada {f} [European orthography, anatomy]  :: gonad (sex gland)
gônada {f} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of gónada
gnafálio {m}  :: cudweed (any of the flowering plants of the genus Gnaphalium)
gnaticídio {m} [rare]  :: infanticide (the murder of one’s child)
gôndola {f}  :: gondola (long, narrow boat used in Venice)
gneisse {m} [geology]  :: gneiss (common and widely-distributed metamorphic rock)
género {m} [European orthography]  :: kind
género {m} [European orthography]  :: genus
género {m} [European orthography, grammar]  :: gender
género {m} [European orthography]  :: genre (music)
gênero {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative spelling of género
génese {f} [European orthography]  :: genesis (the origin, start, or point at which something comes into being)
gênese {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of génese
gínglimo {m} [anatomy]  :: hinge joint; ginglymus (joint where motion is restricted to one plane)
gânglio {m}  :: ganglion
gânglio linfático {m} [anatomy, immunology]  :: lymph node (filtrating oval bodies of the lymphatic system)
gângster {mf}  :: gangster (member of a street gang)
génio {m} [European orthography]  :: spirit (good or evil)
génio {m} [European orthography]  :: characteristic, nature, quality
génio {m} [European orthography]  :: genius (quality)
génio {m} [European orthography]  :: bravery
gênio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of génio
gnomo {m}  :: gnome
gnose {f} [gnosticism]  :: gnosis
gnosticismo {m}  :: Gnosticism
gênti {f}  :: eye dialect of gente
gnu {m}  :: gnu
go {m} [board game]  :: go (Chinese strategy board game)
gobião {m}  :: gudgeon (Gobio gobio, a freshwater fish of Eurasia)
godo {m}  :: Goth (member of the East Germanic tribe)
goela {f}  :: gullet (the throat or esophagus)
goethiano {adj} [literature]  :: Goethean (relating to German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, his work and his style)
gogó {m} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: Adam's apple (the lump in the throat)
goiaba {f}  :: guava (fruit)
goiabeira {f}  :: guava tree
goiano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Goiás
goiano {m}  :: Someone from Goiás
goiveira {f}  :: wallflower; gillyflower
goivo {m} [archaic]  :: alternative form of gozo
goivo {m}  :: wallflower, gillyflower
goji {m}  :: goji; wolfberry (berry from plants of the genus Lycium)
gol {m} [sports, Brazil]  :: goal (area into which the players attempt to put an object; act of placing the object into the goal)
gol contra {m}  :: See: gol contra
gol contra {m} [sports, Brazil]  :: own goal (goal scored by player against their own team)
gol de consolação {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of golo de consolação
gol de honra {m} [Brazil, sports]  :: consolation goal (goal scored by the losing team near the end of the game)
gol olímpico {m} [association football]  :: Olympic goal (goal scored directly from a corner kick)
gola {f}  :: collar
gola {f}  :: cornice
gola alta {f}  :: polo neck; turtleneck (high, close-fitting collar)
gola olímpica {f}  :: polo neck; turtleneck (high, close-fitting collar)
gola rulê {f}  :: polo neck; turtleneck (high, close-fitting collar)
gole {m}  :: alternative form of golo
goleiro {m} [sports]  :: goalkeeper
goles {mp} [tincture]  :: gules (the red colour)
golf {m}  :: alternative spelling of golfe
golfe {m}  :: golf
golfim {m}  :: alternative form of golfinho
golfinho {m}  :: dolphin
golfinho nariz de garrafa {m}  :: alternative spelling of golfinho-nariz-de-garrafa
golfinho nariz-de-garrafa {m}  :: alternative spelling of golfinho-nariz-de-garrafa
golfinho-nariz-de-garrafa {m}  :: bottlenose dolphin (species of dolphin)
golfista {mf}  :: golfer
golfo {m}  :: gulf
golfo do México {prop} {m}  :: alternative case form of Golfo do México
golo {m} [sport, Portugal]  :: goal (area into which the players attempt to put an object)
golo {m} [sport, Portugal]  :: goal (act of placing the object into the goal)
golo {m}  :: gulp
golo {m}  :: sip
golo de consolação {m} [Portugal, sports]  :: consolation goal (goal scored by the losing team that has no effect on the outcome)
golo de honra {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of gol de honra
golpe {m}  :: blow (act of striking or hitting)
golpe {m} [figurative]  :: blow (unfortunate occurrence)
golpe {m} [figurative]  :: a decisive act or occurrence
golpe {m} [figurative]  :: scam (fraudulent deal)
golpe {m}  :: clipping of golpe de estado coup d’état
golpe {m}  :: gust (abrupt rush of wind)
golpe {m} [obsolete]  :: multitude (great amount, especially of people)
golpe de estado {m}  :: coup d'état (the sudden overthrow of a government by a small group of people)
golpe de misericórdia {m}  :: coup de grâce (final blow)
golpear {vt}  :: to hit; to strike (to give a blow)
golpelha {f}  :: red fox
golpismo {m}  :: quality or attitude of those who practice fraudulent scams
golpismo {m}  :: doctrine which advocates taking power through coups
golpista {mf}  :: scammer; swindler; fraudster (person who carries out a scam or fraud)
golpista {mf}  :: coupist; putschist (one who takes part in a coup d'état)
goma {f}  :: starch (laundry stiffener)
goma {f}  :: gum (viscous substance exuded by certain plants)
goma de mascar {f}  :: chewing gum (flavoured gum for chewing)
goma-arábica {f}  :: gum arabic (a substance extracted from acacia trees)
gomil {m}  :: aquamanile (water vessel used to wash the hands)
gomitar {v} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of vomitar
gomo {m}  :: one of the segments or slices of certain fruits, especially citrus fruits
gomo {m} [botany]  :: a sprout of a leaf or flower; bud
gondoleiro {m}  :: gondolier (boatman who propels a gondola)
gongo {m}  :: gong (percussion instrument)
gongorismo {m} [literature]  :: Gongorism
gonângio {m} [rare, dated]  :: gonangium (capsule which encloses the blastostyle of some hydroids)
-gono {suffix} [geometry]  :: -gon (forms the names of plane figures containing a given number of angles)
gonorreia {f}  :: gonorrhoea (a sexually transmitted disease)
gonorreico {adj} [pathology]  :: gonorrhoeic (pertaining to or suffering from gonorrhoea)
gonorréico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of gonorreico
googlar {vt}  :: to google, to search on internet using Google
googlear {v}  :: alternative form of googlar
googol {num}  :: googol (1 followed by 100 zeros)
googolplex {num} [cardinal]  :: googolplex (ten to the power of a googol)
goró {m} [colloquial]  :: alcoholic drink
gorado {v}  :: past participle of gorar
gorando {v}  :: gerund of gorar
gorar {v}  :: to addle
gorar {v}  :: to miscarry
goraz {m}  :: red or blackspot sea bream (fish of the species Pagellus bogaraveo)
gorda {f}  :: feminine noun of gordo
gordice {f} [uncountable]  :: fatness (the condition of being fat)
gordice {f}  :: a fatty snack
gordice {f}  :: an act typical of fat people
gordo {adj}  :: [of a person or animal] carrying a high amount of fat within one's body; fat; obese
gordo {adj}  :: [of a food] containing a high amount of fats; greasy
gordo {m}  :: a fat man
gordão {m}  :: augmentative of gordo
gordão {adj}  :: augmentative of gordo
gordo, baleia, saco de areia {phrase} [childish, pejorative]  :: A rhyme intended to humiliate a fat person
gordofóbica {n}  :: feminine of gordofóbico
gordofóbico {m} [Brazil, neologism]  :: fatphobe (a person who demonstrates despise or fear of obese people or obesity)
gordofóbico {adj} [Brazil, neologism]  :: fatphobic (relating to or exercising fatphobia)
gordofobia {f} [Brazil, neologism]  :: fatphobia (fear, dislike or discrimination of obese people)
gordíssimo {adj}  :: superlative of gordo
gorducho {adj}  :: chubby (of a person, somewhat fat)
gorducho {m}  :: a chubby person
gordura {f}  :: fat (specialized animal tissue with a high oil content, used for long-term storage of energy)
gordura {f}  :: fat (substance)
gordura {f} [uncountable]  :: fatness (state of being fat)
gorduroso {adj}  :: fatty (containing fat)
gorgolejar {v}  :: to gurgle; to gargle
gorgolejo {m}  :: gurgle (bubbling sound in a pipe)
gorgorão {f} [uncountable]  :: grosgrain (silk fabric having narrow, horizontal ribs)
gorgorão {f}  :: grosgrain (ribbon of grosgrain fabric)
gorgulho {m}  :: weevil (any beetle in the superfamily Curculionoidea)
gorila {m}  :: gorilla
gorja {f}  :: gorge; gullet; throat
gorjear {v} [of a bird]  :: to warble
gorjeio {m}  :: warble, twitter, chirrup, chirp (trill of birds)
gorjeta {f}  :: tip, gratuity
gorjeta {f}  :: gratification
gororoba {f}  :: farrago; hodgepodge; jumble (collection of miscellaneous things)
gororoba {f}  :: bad food; slop
gorro {m}  :: skullcap (cap that covers from the forehead to just above the back of the neck)
goês {m}  :: Goan (person from Goa)
goês {adj}  :: Goan (of, from or relating to Goa)
gosma {f} [uncountable, colloquial]  :: goo (sticky or gummy substance)
gospel {m}  :: gospel music; gospel (a genre of African American religious music)
gostando {v}  :: A form of verb gostar
gostar {v} [de]  :: to like
gosto {m}  :: taste (one of the five senses)
gosto {m}  :: taste, flavour (a sensation produced by the tongue)
gosto {m}  :: taste (a person's implicit set of preferences, especially esthetic)
gosto {m}  :: pleasure, enjoyment
gosto {m}  :: fancy
gosto não se discute {proverb}  :: there’s no accounting for taste (people’s tastes differ)
gostosamente {adv}  :: tastily (in a tasty manner)
gostosamente {adv} [figurative]  :: pleasingly (in a pleasing manner)
gostoso {adj}  :: tasteful; delicious
gostoso {adj} [colloquial]  :: sexy; attractive
gostosuras ou travessuras {phrase}  :: trick or treat (extortion used by children during Halloween)
gota {f}  :: drop (small mass of liquid)
gota {f} [pathology, uncountable]  :: gout (disease characterised by acute inflammatory arthritis)
gota de chocolate {f}  :: chocolate chip (a small, near-conical piece of chocolate)
gota d'água {f}  :: drop of water
gota d'água {f}  :: raindrop
gota d'água {f} [idiom]  :: last straw; the maximum one can stand
gota d'água no oceano {f} [idiomatic]  :: drop in the bucket (an action or thing having very little influence)
gotícula {f}  :: diminutive of gota
goteira {f}  :: gutter
goteira {f}  :: accidental hole in a ceiling whereby drips of water fall into the ground or floor
gotejamento {m}  :: an instance of dripping
gotejar {v}  :: to drip (to fall one drop at a time)
gotinha {f}  :: diminutive of gota
gotta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of gota
goulash {m}  :: goulash (a stew of beef or veal and vegetables, flavoured with paprika and sour cream)
gourmand {mf}  :: gourmand (person who appreciates good food)
gourmand {mf}  :: gourmand (person who eats too much)
gourmet {adj} [of food]  :: gourmet; fine
gourmet {mf}  :: gourmet (a person who appreciates good food)
governado {v}  :: past participle of governar
governador {m}  :: governor
governamental {adj}  :: governmental
governança {f}  :: governance (the process or power of governing)
governando {v}  :: gerund of governar
governanta {f}  :: housekeeper (head of the female staff of a large home)
governanta {f}  :: governess (woman paid to educate children in their own home)
governante {mf}  :: ruler, leader of a government
governar {v}  :: to govern
governo {m}  :: government
govêrno {m}  :: obsolete spelling of governo
goy {mf}  :: alternative spelling of gói
goyaba {f}  :: obsolete spelling of goiaba
gozado {v}  :: past participle of gozar
gozando {v}  :: gerund of gozar
gozar {vti}  :: to enjoy
gozar {v} [com]  :: to mock (to make fun of someone)
gozar {vt}  :: to joke
gozar {vi} [slang, vulgar]  :: to come; cum; ejaculate
gozo {m}  :: joy, enjoyment
gozo {m}  :: pleasure, satisfaction
gozo {m}  :: usefulness
gozo {m}  :: joke
gozo {m} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: orgasm
graõ {m}  :: obsolete spelling of grão
graõ {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of grão
graça {f}  :: grace (divine assistance)
graça {f}  :: grace (elegance)
graça {f}  :: frolic, jocosity, joke
graça {f}  :: funniness (quality of being funny)
graça {f} [legal]  :: pardon
graça {f} [plural]  :: thanks
graal {m}  :: grail
graças a {prep}  :: thanks to; due to; because of
graças a {prep}  :: See: graças a
graças a Deus {interj}  :: thank God, thank goodness (used to express gratitude)
gracejar {v}  :: to jest
gracejo {m}  :: jest
gracinha {f}  :: cutie (term of endearment referring to a cute person or animal)
graciosamente {adv}  :: gracefully (in a graceful manner)
graciosidade {f}  :: gracefulness (the quality of being graceful)
gracioso {adj}  :: graceful
gracitar {v}  :: alternative form of grassitar
gradação {f}  :: gradation (change by gradual degrees)
gradativamente {adv}  :: gradually
gradativo {adj}  :: gradual
grade {f}  :: grate (metal grille)
grade {f}  :: a light fence
grade {f}  :: harrow (device dragged across ploughed land to smooth the soil)
grade levadiça {f}  :: portcullis (type of gate in the form of a grating)
gradeado {adj}  :: latticed
gradiente {m} [calculus]  :: gradient
gradiente {m} [physics]  :: gradient
gradiente {m}  :: gradient (rate of inclination or declination of a slope)
gradil {m} [Brazil]  :: low railing; grating
grado {m}  :: will
grado {m}  :: liking
graúdo {adj}  :: big
graúdo {adj}  :: grown-up, adult
graúdo {adj}  :: important
graduado {v}  :: past participle of graduar
gradual {adj}  :: Prodecing by steps or small grades; gradual
gradualmente {adv}  :: gradually
graduando {v}  :: gerund of graduar
graduação {f}  :: graduation
graduar {v}  :: to graduate, calibrate
grafema {m}  :: grapheme (fundamental unit of a writing system)
grafeno {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: graphene (large-scale, one-atom thick layer of graphite)
grafia {f}  :: spelling (a specific way a word is written)
grafia {f}  :: orthography (correct spelling according to established usage)
grafita {f}  :: alternative form of grafite
grafitar {v}  :: to graffiti (to create graffiti)
grafite {f}  :: graphite
grafo {m} [graph theory]  :: graph (ordered pair)
grafo não-orientado {m} [graph theory]  :: undirected graph (graph in which the edges are not ordered)
grafo orientado {m} [graph theory]  :: directed graph (graph in which the edges are ordered)
grafoleto {m} [linguistics]  :: grapholect (a written variant of a language)
gral {m}  :: alternative form of graal
gralha {f}  :: jay (bird)
gralha cinzenta {f}  :: hooded crow (Corvus cornix, a crow of Eurasia)
gralha de nuca cinzenta {f}  :: alternative spelling of gralha-de-nuca-cinzenta
gralha-alpina {f}  :: alpine chough (Pyrrhocorax graculus, an Old World crow species)
gralha-de-nuca-cinzenta {f}  :: jackdaw (Coloeus monedula, an European bird)
gralha-preta {f}  :: carrion crow (Corvus corone, an European crow)
gram {m}  :: obsolete spelling of grão
gram {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of grão
grama {f}  :: grass
grama {mf}  :: gram (unit of mass)
-grama {suffix}  :: -gram (forms the names of documents with recorded information)
gramado {m}  :: lawn (ground (generally in front of or around a house) covered with grass kept closely mown)
gramado {m} [sports]  :: a grass playing field
gramatical {adj}  :: grammatical
gramaticalmente {adv}  :: grammatically
graminho {m} [metalworking, woodworking]  :: marking gauge (tool used to scribe a line parallel to a reference edge)
-gramma {suffix}  :: obsolete spelling of -grama
gramofone {m}  :: gramophone (historic wind-up record player)
grampeador {m} [Brazil]  :: stapler (device which binds together paper)
grampear {vt}  :: to staple (secure with a staple)
grampear {vt}  :: to bug (to install an electronic listening device in)
grampo {m} [nautical]  :: clamp
grampo {m}  :: clip, staple, holdfast (U-shaped)
grampo {m} [slang]  :: bug (bugging device)
grampo {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: handcuff
grampo {m} [Brazil]  :: hairpin
grampo de roupa {m} [Brazil]  :: clothes peg (object used to attach laundry to a clothesline)
gramsciano {adj}  :: Gramscian (of Antonio Gramsci and his works)
gramática {f}  :: grammar
gramático {adj} [linguistics]  :: grammatical (of or pertaining to grammar)
gramático {adj} [linguistics]  :: grammatical (acceptable by the rules of grammar)
gramático {m}  :: grammatician (person who studies grammar)
grana {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: money; cash; dough
granada {f}  :: pomegranate (fruit)
granada {f}  :: hand grenade (small explosive device)
granada {f}  :: shell (artillery)
granada {f}  :: garnet (mineral group)
granada de mão {f} [military]  :: hand grenade (explosive device designed to be thrown by hand)
granadilha {f} [botany]  :: a sweet type of maracuja, Passiflora ligularis
grandalhão {m}  :: something or someone remarkably large
grande {adj}  :: large; great; big (of great size or extent)
grande {adj}  :: large; big; numerous (numerically large)
grande {adj}  :: [preceding nouns] great (of great importance)
grande {adj}  :: [preceding nouns] great; magnanimous (noble and generous in spirit)
grande {adj}  :: grown-up; mature
grande {adj}  :: [followed by a city’s name] the metropolitan area of
grande coisa {interj}  :: See: grande coisa
grande coisa {interj} [ironic]  :: big deal; so what?
grande felino {m}  :: big cat (any of the larger feline species)
grande osso {m} [skeleton]  :: capitate bone
grande área {f} [football]  :: penalty area (area on a soccer pitch extending 18 yards out of the goal)
grande tubarão branco {m}  :: great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias, a large, aggressive species of shark)
grande tubarão-branco {m}  :: alternative spelling of grande tubarão branco
grande-caloria {f}  :: kilocalorie
grandes mentes pensam da mesma forma {proverb}  :: great minds think alike (smart people reach the same conclusion)
grandes mentes pensam igual {proverb}  :: great minds think alike (smart people reach the same conclusion)
grande-tubarão-branco {m}  :: alternative spelling of grande tubarão branco
grandeza {f}  :: greatness (the quality of being great, big)
grandeza {f}  :: greatness (the quality of being great, magnanimous, important)
grandeza {f} [mathematics]  :: magnitude (number assigned to something)
grandiloquente {adj} [of a person, their language or writing]  :: grandiloquent (overly wordy or elaborate)
grandioso {adj}  :: great (very big)
grandioso {adj}  :: grand; majestic; magnificent
grandíloquo {adj}  :: grandiloquent
grandão {adj}  :: augmentative of grande
grandão {adj}  :: hunk, burly
granel {m}  :: granary, barn
granel {m}  :: bulk
granel {m} [printing]  :: galley
granel {m} [colloquial]  :: disorder, confusion
granito {m} [geology]  :: granite
granizar {v} [impersonal]  :: to hail (said when hail is falling)
granizo {m}  :: hail (balls of ice)
granja {f}  :: a small farm
granja {f}  :: barn (a farm building used for storage or keeping animals)
granja {f} [Brazil]  :: a poultry farm
granjear {v}  :: to cultivate (plants)
granjear {v}  :: to earn through effort
granjear {v}  :: to attract, to captivate, to charm
granodiorito {m}  :: granodiorite (intrusive igneous rock)
granítico {adj}  :: granitic
granularidade {f}  :: grain (the size of the units that form the texture of something)
granularidade {f}  :: granularity (the extent or quality of being granular)
granulatura {f}  :: granulation
granuloma {m} [medicine]  :: granuloma (tumour consisting of a mass of granular tissue)
granulometria {f}  :: granulometry
granza {f}  :: alternative form of garança
grao {m}  :: obsolete spelling of grau
grapa {f}  :: grappa (Italian grape-based spirit)
grasnar {v}  :: to quack (to make a noise like a duck)
grasnido {m}  :: caw (cry of a crow)
grasnido {m}  :: croak (the cry of a frog or toad)
grasnir {v}  :: to quack (to make a noise like a duck)
grasno {m}  :: quack (the cry of a duck)
graspa {f}  :: alternative form of grapa
grassitar {v}  :: to quack (to make a noise like a duck)
gratidão {f}  :: gratitude, gratefulness
gratificado {v}  :: past participle of gratificar
gratificando {v}  :: gerund of gratificar
gratificação {f}  :: gratification
gratificação {f}  :: gratuity
gratificar {v}  :: to gratify
gratificar {v}  :: to reward
grato {adj}  :: thankful (showing thanks)
gratuitamente {adv}  :: As a gift; without being earned; freely
gratuitamente {adv}  :: Without cause; gratuitously
gratuito {adj}  :: free [as in price]
grau {m}  :: degree (of temperature)
grau {m}  :: academic degree
grau {m}  :: degree (of angle measure)
grau {m} [mathematics]  :: degree of a polynomial
grau API {m} [oil industry]  :: API gravity (density of petroleum liquid relative to water)
grau celsius {m}  :: degree Celsius (metric unit of temperature)
gravado {v}  :: past participle of gravar
gravador {m}  :: tape recorder (an electromechanical device use to record and play back sound)
gravador {m}  :: engraver
gravador {m}  :: one who records in video or audio
gravadora {f}  :: feminine noun of gravador
gravadora {f} [Brazil]  :: label (company that records and sells records)
gravando {v}  :: gerund of gravar
gravação {f}  :: recording [an activity or result]
gravar {v}  :: to engrave; to carve
gravar {v}  :: to record (to make an audio or video recording of)
gravar {v} [computing]  :: to save; to write to memory
gravar {v} [figurative]  :: to memorise; to commit to memory
gravata {f}  :: tie; necktie
gravata borboleta {f} [Brazil]  :: bowtie (type of necktie)
gravata de laço {f} [Portugal]  :: bowtie (type of necktie)
grave {adj}  :: serious; grave (having possible severe negative consequences)
grave {adj}  :: [of sound] low-pitched; grave (low in pitch or tone)
grave {adj}  :: grave; serious; sombre; austere; solemn (characterised by a dignified sense of seriousness)
grave {adj}  :: [archaic, physics] that falls down; that doesn’t float
grave {f} [music]  :: a low-pitched note
graveto {m}  :: stick; twig
graveto {m}  :: small bits of firewood, used to start a fire
gravidade {f}  :: gravitation
gravidade {f}  :: gravity (force on Earth's surface)
gravidade {f}  :: gravity; graveness
gravidade {f}  :: composure
gravidade {f}  :: the quality of having low pitch or tone
gravidez {f}  :: pregnancy
gravilha {f}  :: gravel
graviola {f}  :: soursop (fruit)
graviola {f}  :: soursop (plant)
gravitacional {adj} [physics]  :: gravitational (pertaining to gravitation)
gravitacionalmente {adv}  :: gravitationally
gravitação {f} [physics]  :: gravitation (fundamental force of attraction)
gravitar {v}  :: to gravitate
gravitão {m} [particle, Portugal]  :: graviton (a hypothetical gauge boson)
gravlax {m}  :: gravlax (appetizer of dry-cured salmon)
gravura {f}  :: picture
gravura {f}  :: engraving
gravura {f}  :: gravure
graxa de sapato {f}  :: shoe polish (product used to make shoes shine)
graxaim {m}  :: alternative form of guaraxaim
graxo {adj}  :: greasy
gray {m} [physics]  :: gray (SI unit of absorbed radiation)
gray {m} [ufology]  :: gray (one of a race of evil, short extraterrestrial beings)
grácias {interj} [Rio Grande do Sul]  :: thank you (expression of gratitude)
grãde {adj} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of grande
grecidade {f}  :: Greekness (the condition of being Greek)
greco-romano {adj}  :: Greco-Roman (of or pertaining to the Greek-based Roman culture)
green card {m}  :: green card (United States work permit)
greencard {m}  :: alternative spelling of green card
greenockita {f} [mineral]  :: greenockite
grego {adj}  :: Greek (of, from or relating to Greece)
grego {m}  :: Greek (person from Greece)
grego {m} [uncountable]  :: Greek (Indo-European language spoken in Greece and Cyprus)
grego {m} [colloquial]  :: Greek (incomprehensible speech or jargon)
grego antigo {m}  :: Ancient Greek (the Greek language as spoken in classical antiquity)
grego moderno {m}  :: Modern Greek
gregoriano {adj}  :: Gregorian
gregário {adj} [of a person]  :: gregarious (who enjoys being in crowds)
gregário {adj} [zoology, of an animal]  :: gregarious (that travel in herds)
grei {f}  :: small flock of livestock
grei {f} [figuratively]  :: association; society (group of people)
grei {f} [Christianity]  :: parish (members of a church's congregation)
grei {f} [historical]  :: group of vassals or subjects
grei {f} [obsolete]  :: a people
grelha {f}  :: a grill used for barbecuing food
grelhar {v}  :: to grill (to cook food on a grill)
grelo {m}  :: sprout (new growth on a plant)
grelo {m} [culinary, in the plural]  :: turnip greens
grelo {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: clitoris, clit or clitty
gremista {adj} [Brazil, soccer]  :: Pertaining to, or related to Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense
gremista {mf} [Brazil, soccer]  :: A player or supporter of Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense sports team, especially the association football (soccer) team
grená {m}  :: garnet (a dark red colour)
grená {adj}  :: garnet (dark-red in colour)
grenha {f}  :: tangled, messy or uncombed hair
greta {f}  :: slit, slot, groove, gap (narrow opening)
greva {f}  :: greave (leg armour)
greve {f}  :: strike (workers)
greve de fome {f}  :: hunger strike (a fast undertaken as a means of protest)
greve geral {f}  :: general strike
greve selvagem {f} [organised labour]  :: wildcat strike (strike not authorised by union leaders)
grey {m}  :: alternative form of gray (race of extraterrestrials)
gráfico {m}  :: graph; diagram
gráfico {m}  :: graphic; visual representation
gráfico {m}  :: printer (operator of a printing press or owner of a printing business)
gráfico {adj}  :: graphic; drawn; pictorial
gráfico {adj}  :: of or relating to writing
gráfico {adj}  :: of or relating to printing
gráfico {adj} [computing]  :: graphical
-gráfico {suffix}  :: -graphic
gráfico de pizza {m}  :: pie chart (circular graph with segments representing proportions)
gráfico em pizza {m}  :: alternative form of gráfico de pizza
grêgo {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of grego
grêgo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of grego
gárgula {f} {m} [architecture]  :: gargoyle (carved grotesque figure on a spout)
gárgula {f} {m} [fantasy]  :: gargoyle (grotesque winged creature))
gíria {f}  :: jargon
gíria {f}  :: slang, argot, cant
grid {m} [computing]  :: grid (system distributed computers)
grid {m} [motor racing]  :: grid (starting positions of the drivers for a race)
grifo {m}  :: griffin
grifo {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: griffin
grifo {m}  :: Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus)
grilado {adj} [slang]  :: worried
grilhões {mp} [figurative]  :: fetter (anything that restricts or restrains in any way) prison, captivity, bondage
grilheta {f}  :: fetter (object used to bind a person or animal by its legs)
grilhão {m}  :: shackle (restraint fit over a hand or foot)
grilhão {m} [figurative]  :: prison, captivity, bondage
grilhoens {mp}  :: obsolete spelling of grilhões
grilhoẽs {mp}  :: obsolete spelling of grilhões
grilo {m}  :: cricket (insect of the family Gryllidae)
grilo-toupeira {m}  :: mole cricket (any of the large burrowing crickets of the family Gryllotalpidae)
grime {m} [music]  :: grime (a genre of urban music)
grimório {m}  :: grimoire (book of instructions in the use of magic)
grinalda {f}  :: wreath (ornamental circular band)
gringa {f}  :: feminine noun of gringo
gringa {f} [slang, Brazil, usually with de or em]  :: abroad
gringo {m} [colloquial]  :: a foreigner, especially one from an advanced country and especially one from the United States
gringo {adj} [slang, Brazil]  :: foreign (from another country, especially the United States or another advanced one)
grinoquita {f} [mineral]  :: greenockite
gripal {adj}  :: flulike
gripal {adj}  :: flu (attributive)
gripar {vip}  :: to catch the flu
gripe {f}  :: The flu, influenza
gripe aviária {f} [pathology]  :: avian influenza (strain of influenza)
gripe espanhola {f} [pathology, historical]  :: Spanish influenza (influenza pandemic in the early 20th century)
gripe suína {f}  :: swine flu (influenza caused by orthomyxoviruses)
grippe {f}  :: obsolete spelling of gripe
gris {adj}  :: grey (having a colour between white and black)
gris {m}  :: grey (the colour between white and black)
grisú {m}  :: obsolete spelling of grisu
grisalho {adj}  :: gray or grayish brown
grisão {f}  :: someone from the Swiss canton of Graubünden
grisão {f}  :: Romansch (Romance language spoken in Switzerland)
grisão {adj}  :: of, from or relating to the Swiss canton of Graubünden
grisão {adj}  :: of, relating to or written in the Romansch language
grisou {m}  :: obsolete spelling of grisu
grisu {m}  :: firedamp (inflammable gas in coal mines)
grita {f}  :: the act of many people shouting
gritante {adj}  :: screaming (who screams)
gritante {adj}  :: very blatant; very obvious (very easily discovered, seen or understood)
gritar {vi}  :: to shout, to scream
gritaria {f}  :: the act of many people shouting
gritedo {m}  :: the act of many people shouting
gritinho {m}  :: diminutive of grito
grito {m}  :: cry; shout; scream
grito {m} [uncountable]  :: screaming; shouting; din
gritão {m}  :: augmentative of grito
grito de guerra {m} [military]  :: battle cry (something the troops yell out when going to war or battle)
grito de guerra {m}  :: battle cry (a strong motto used by a person or group)
gritozinho {m}  :: diminutive of grito
grivna {f}  :: hryvnia (Ukrainian currency)
gérmen {m}  :: alternative form of germe
gérmen de trigo {m}  :: wheat germ (embryo of the wheat kernel)
grémio {m} [European orthography]  :: society; association (group of people who meet from time to time to engage in a common interest)
grêmio {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of grémio
grânulo {m}  :: granule
grânulo {m}  :: grain
grão {m}  :: grain (harvested seeds of various grass-related food crops)
grão {m}  :: grain (single particle of a substance)
grão {m}  :: grain (unit of measure)
grão {adj} [rare outside compounds]  :: grand; great; grand-
grão a grão enche a galinha o papo {proverb}  :: many a mickle makes a muckle (lot of small amounts together, become a large amount)
grão-de-bico {m}  :: chickpea (plant or fruit)
grão-ducado {m}  :: grand duchy (dominion of a grand duke or grand duchess)
grão-duque {m}  :: grand duke (ruler of a grand duchy)
groenlandês {adj}  :: alternative form of gronelandês
groenlandês {m}  :: alternative form of gronelandês
grogue {adj}  :: groggy (slowed, dizzy or weakened, as by drink or sleepiness)
grogue {m}  :: grog (alcoholic beverage made with rum and water)
grão-mestre {m}  :: alternative spelling of Grão-Mestre
gronelandês {adj}  :: Greenlandish (of, from, or pertaining to Greenland and its people)
gronelandês {adj}  :: Greenlandish (of or in the Greenlandish language)
gronelandês {m}  :: Greenlander (someone from Greenland)
gronelandês {m} [uncountable]  :: Greenlandish (the Eskimo-Aleut language spoken in Greenland)
grão-príncipe {m}  :: grand prince (ruler’s title used in Lithuania, parts of Russia and in the Holy Roman Empire)
grosa {f}  :: rasp (coarse file on which the cutting prominences are distinct points)
grosar {vt}  :: to rasp (to file something with a rasp)
groselha {f}  :: gooseberry (berry), especially redcurrant
groselha {f} [uncountable]  :: the colour of the recurrant berry
groselha {f}  :: juice or syrup made with gooseberries
groselha {adj}  :: having the colour of the redcurrant berry
groselha negra {f}  :: blackcurrant (berry of the shrub Ribes nigrum)
groselha vermelha {f}  :: redcurrant (berry of the shrub Ribes rubrum)
groselheira {f}  :: currant (Ribes rubrum, an European bush bearing edible berriesi)
groselheira negra {f}  :: blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum, a shrub)
groselheira vermelha {f}  :: redcurrant (Ribes rubrum, a shrub)
grosseiramente {adv}  :: impolitely (in an impolite manner)
grosseiramente {adv}  :: crudely (in an crude manner; not carefully or expertly made)
grosseiro {adj}  :: coarse (of inferior quality)
grosseiro {adj}  :: impolite
grosso {adj}  :: dense; thick (relatively great in extent from one surface to another)
grosso {adj}  :: viscous; thick (having consistency between solid and liquid)
grosso {adj}  :: crude; unrefined (of low quality)
grosso {adj} [of a person]  :: rude; uncouth; uncivil (without manners)
grosso {adj} [of texture]  :: rough (not plain; with friction)
grosso {adj} [of sound]  :: deep (low in pitch)
grosso {adj}  :: obscene; distasteful; vulgar (offensive to morality)
grosso {adj} [slang]  :: aboundant (in high quantity)
grossura {f}  :: thickness (property of being thick in dimension)
grossura {f}  :: thickness (a measure of how thick in dimension something is)
grostoli {mp} [South Brazil]  :: angel wings (pastry shaped into twisted ribbons, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar)
grota {f}  :: An opening on the bank of a river used to flood fields
grotescamente {adv}  :: grotesquely (in a grotesque manner)
grotesco {adj}  :: grotesque (distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous)
grou {m}  :: crane (large, long-legged and long-necked birds)
grão-vizir {m} [historical]  :: grand vizier (greatest minister of a sultan)
gráphico {m}  :: obsolete spelling of gráfico
gráphico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of gráfico
gróstoli {mp}  :: alternative form of grostoli
grátis {adj}  :: free, gratis, without charge
grua {f}  :: crane (lifting device)
grua {f}  :: female crane
grudado {v}  :: past participle of grudar
grudando {v}  :: gerund of grudar
grudar {v}  :: glue, to stick (to bind with glue)
grudar {v}  :: unite; to bind
grude {f}  :: glue
grude {f}  :: any sticky or gummy substance; goo
grude {f} [figurative]  :: low-quality or poorly prepared food
grudento {adj}  :: sticky (tending to stick to things)
grugulejar {v}  :: to gobble (to make the sound of a turkey)
grumete {m}  :: an inexperienced sailor
grunhido {m}  :: oink (sound made by a pig)
grunhir {vi}  :: to oink (of a pig, to emit its cry)
grupo {m}  :: group
grupo ABO {m} [medical]  :: ABO group (basic system of categorizing blood by antigen type)
grupo abeliano {m} [algebra]  :: abelian group (a group in which the group operation is commutative)
grupo topológico {m} [mathematics]  :: topological group (group with topological structure)
gruta {f}  :: grotto (small cave)
grávida {adj}  :: pregnant, gravid
grávida {f}  :: a pregnant woman
gráviton {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of gravitão
gás {m}  :: gas
gás carbónico {m} [European orthography, inorganic compound]  :: carbon dioxide (CO₂)
gás carbônico {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of gás carbónico
gás de xisto {m}  :: shale gas (natural gas extracted from shale)
gás lacrimogéneo {m} [European orthography]  :: tear gas (lachrymatory non-lethal gas)
gás lacrimogêneo {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of gás lacrimogéneo
gás natural {m}  :: natural gas
gás nobre {m} [chemistry]  :: noble gas (element of group 18 of the periodic table)
gás perfeito {m} [physics]  :: ideal gas (hypothetical gas whose molecules exhibit no interaction)
gástrico {adj} [medicine]  :: gastric (of or relating to the stomach)
gôta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of gota
gẽte {f} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of gente
góthico {m}  :: obsolete spelling of gótico
góthico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of gótico
gótico {m}  :: Gothic (an extinct Germanic language, once spoken by the Goths)
gótico {m}  :: Goth (member of Germanic tribe)
gótico {m}  :: goth (member of modern subculture)
gótico {adj}  :: Gothic (of or relating to the Goths)
gótico {adj}  :: Gothic (of or relating to the architectural style)
gótico {adj} [typography]  :: Gothic (of black letter)
gótico {adj} [literature]  :: Gothic
gôtta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of gota
guê {m}  :: gee (name of the letter G, g)
guaguaçú {mf}  :: obsolete form of babaçu
guaguassú {mf}  :: obsolete form of babaçu
guaguaçu {mf}  :: alternative form of babaçu
guai {interj} [obsolete]  :: woe! (expresses grief)
guaiamu {m}  :: alternative form of guaiamum
guaiamum {m}  :: blue land crab (Cardisoma guanhumi)
guanaco {m}  :: guanaco (Lama guanicoe, a ruminant of South America)
guano {m} [uncountable]  :: guano (bat or sea bird feces)
guano {m}  :: fertilizer made from such feces
guapê {m}  :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
guapo {adj}  :: brave; courageous
guapo {adj}  :: pretty; beautiful
guaraní {m}  :: obsolete spelling of guarani
guaraní {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of guarani
guaraní {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of guarani
guaraná {m}  :: guarana (Paullinia cupana, a tree of South America)
guaraná {m}  :: guarana (the fruit of the guarana tree)
guaraná {m}  :: a fizzy drink made from the guarana fruit
guaraná com rolha {m} [Brazil]  :: The old times, an unspecified time period that happened a long time ago. Usually, it refers to some time in the 20th century, and is often but not always said as mil novecentos e guaraná com rolha
guarani {m} [uncountable]  :: Guaraní (a Tupian language of South America)
guarani {m}  :: guaraní (currency of Paraguay)
guarani {mf}  :: one of the Guaraní, an indigenous South American people
guarani {adj}  :: relating to or being a member of the Guaraní people
guarani {adj}  :: relating to or in the Guaraní language
guaraxaim {m}  :: crab-eating fox (Cerdocyon thous, a canid of South America)
guarda {mf}  :: guard (person who who protects or watches over something or someone)
guarda {mf} [slang]  :: police officer
guarda {f}  :: guard (squad responsible for protecting something or someone)
guarda {f}  :: flyleaf (blank page at the front or back of a book)
guarda avançada {f}  :: advance guard (leading unit of an army)
guarda costeira {f}  :: coastguard (body that enforces maritime law)
guarda de farol {m}  :: lighthouse keeper (person who lives in a lighthouse and tends the light)
guarda-caça {mf}  :: gamekeeper (person who manages wildlife to be hunted)
guarda-chuva {m}  :: umbrella
guarda-costas {m}  :: bodyguard
guardado {v}  :: past participle of guardar
guardador {m}  :: keeper (someone who keeps, guards, watches over something)
guarda-jóias {m}  :: superseded spelling of guarda-joias
guarda-joias {m}  :: jewel case (box to hold jewels)
guardanapo {m}  :: napkin
guardando {v}  :: gerund of guardar
guardar {v}  :: to save, keep, retain, preserve
guardar {v}  :: to protect, defend
guarda-redes {mf} [sports, Portugal]  :: goalkeeper (player that protects a goal)
guarda-rios {m}  :: kingfisher (any of various birds of the suborder Alcedines)
guarda-roupa {m}  :: wardrobe (cabinet in which clothes may be stored)
guarda-sol {m}  :: a large parasol (umbrella used as protection from the sun)
guardião {m}  :: guardian, guard, defender
guardião {m}  :: superior of a convent
guard-rail {m}  :: guardrail (protective rail placed alongside roads)
guarnecendo {v}  :: gerund of guarnecer
guarnecer {v}  :: to garnish
guarnecer {v}  :: to strengthen
guarnecido {v}  :: past participle of guarnecer
guarnição {f}  :: garrison
guarnição {f}  :: furniture and fittings (as a whole)
guatemalense {mf}  :: Guatemalan (person from Guatemala)
guatemalense {adj}  :: Guatemalan (of, from or relating to Guatemala)
guatemalteco {mf}  :: Guatemalan (person from Guatemala)
guatemalteco {adj}  :: Guatemalan (of, from or relating to Guatemala)
guaxinim {m}  :: raccoon (nocturnal omnivore living in North America, Procyon lotor)
gude {m} [Brazil]  :: the game of marbles
gáudio {m}  :: bliss (great happiness)
guedelha {f}  :: shag (rough, massed hair)
guei {mf} [rare]  :: alternative spelling of gay
gueixa {f}  :: geisha (a Japanese entertainer)
guelfo {m} [historical]  :: Guelph (member of a medieval Italian faction that supported the Pope)
guelra {f} [animal anatomy]  :: gill (breathing organ of fish)
guepardo {m}  :: cheetah
guerra {f}  :: war (organised, large-scale armed conflict)
guerra {f}  :: [uncountable] war; warfare (the waging of war)
guerra {f}  :: [figurative] war (any large-scale conflict)
guerra civil {f}  :: [military] civil war (war between the inhabitants of the same place)
guerra civil {f}  :: [figurative] civil war (conflict between people in the same group)
guerra de travesseiros {f}  :: pillow fight (a play that involves hitting others with pillows)
guerra fria {f}  :: cold war (period of hostile relations without direct confrontation)
guerra mundial {f}  :: world war
guerra púnica {f}  :: Punic War
guerra sagrada {f}  :: holy war (primarily religious war)
guerra santa {f}  :: holy war (primarily religious war)
guerra-relâmpago {f}  :: blitzkrieg (fast military offensive)
guerreado {v}  :: past participle of guerrear
guerreando {v}  :: gerund of guerrear
guerrear {v}  :: to wage war
guerrear {v}  :: to fight
guerreiro {adj}  :: bellicose, warlike
guerreiro {m}  :: warrior
guerreyro {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of guerreiro
guerreyro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of guerreiro
guerrilha {f}  :: guerrilla (war carried out by small independent groups)
guerrilha {f}  :: a band of guerrilla fighters
guerrilheiro {m}  :: guerrilla (soldier in a small, independent group)
gueto {m} [historical]  :: ghetto (area of a city in which Jews were concentrated)
gueto {m} [sociology]  :: ghetto (very impoverished or segregated area of a city)
guglar {v}  :: alternative spelling of googlar
guia {mf}  :: guide (person)
guia {m}  :: guide (written explanation)
guia de programação {m}  :: TV guide (booklet with the schedule of television programmes)
guiar {v}  :: to lead; to guide; to direct
guiar {v}  :: to drive (a vehicle)
guiar {v}  :: to guide (supervise one's education)
guidão {m}  :: handlebar
guidom {m}  :: handlebar
guilda {f}  :: guild (association of tradespeople)
guilhotina {f}  :: guillotine (machine used for capital punishment)
guimba {f} [slang, Brazil]  :: butt (remnant of a smoked cigarette or cigar)
guinada {f}  :: a sudden change in direction
guinchar {v}  :: to shriek (to utter a loud, sharp, shrill sound or cry)
guinchar {v}  :: to winch (to raise something using a winch)
guinchar {v}  :: to tow with a towtruck
guincho {m}  :: tow truck (motor vehicle for towing)
guincho {m}  :: winch (machine used for hoisting)
guincho {m}  :: shriek; squeal (a sharp, shrill scream)
guincho {m}  :: any bird characterised by its high-pitched call
guincho-comum {m} [rare]  :: black-headed gull (Chroicocephala ridibundus, a small gull of the northern hemisphere)
guindado {v}  :: past participle of guindar
guindado {adj}  :: raised, elevated
guindando {v}  :: gerund of guindar
guindar {v}  :: to raise, elevate, hang up
guineano {adj}  :: Guinean (of, from or relating to Guinea)
guineano {m}  :: Guinean (person from Guinea)
guineense {adj}  :: Guinean (of, from or relating to Guinea-Bissau)
guineense {mf}  :: Guinean (person from Guinea-Bissau)
guineense {m}  :: Guinea-Bissau Creole (a Portuguese-based creole spoken in Guinea-Bissau)
guinéu {adj}  :: Guinean (of, from or relating to Guinea)
guinéu {m}  :: Guinean (person from Guinea)
guinéu {m}  :: guinea (old British coin worth 21 shillings)
guião {m}  :: banner
guião {m}  :: handlebar
guião {m} [film]  :: script
guionista {mf} [film]  :: screenwriter
guipuscoano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Gipuzkoa
guipuscoano {m}  :: Someone from Gipuzkoa
guirlanda {f}  :: wreath (ornamental circular band of flowers and twigs)
guisa {f}  :: manner, habit
guisa {f}  :: way
guisado {m}  :: stew (dish cooked in liquid and served in the resulting gravy)
guisado {m} [South Brazil]  :: a dish of finely chopped or diced meat
guisar {vt}  :: to stew (to cook in liquid)
guita {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: cash; dough; cheese (money)
guita {f} [affectionate]  :: abbreviation of guitarra
guita {f}  :: string (long, thin and flexible structure made from twisted threads)
guita {m} [Portugal, , slang]  :: a member of the National Republican Guard
guitarra {f} [musical instruments]  :: guitar
guitarra {f} [musical instruments, Brazil]  :: electric guitar
guitarra acústica {f} [musical instruments]  :: acoustic guitar (hollow-body guitar)
guitarra elétrica {f}  :: electric guitar
guitarreiro {m} [uncommon]  :: guitarist (person who plays guitar)
guitarrista {mf}  :: guitarist (person who plays guitar)
guito {m} [slang]  :: money; cash; dough; bread
guizo {m}  :: jingle bell
guizo {m}  :: rattle
gujaráti {m} [rare]  :: alternative spelling of gujarati
gula {f}  :: gluttony
gulache {m}  :: alternative form of goulash
gulag {m}  :: gulag (Soviet labour camp)
guloseima {f}  :: delicacy (pleasing food)
guloso {adj}  :: gluttonous; greedy (prone to excessive eating)
guloso {adj}  :: sweet-toothed (fond of sweet, sugar foods)
gulyás {m}  :: alternative form of goulash
gume {m}  :: edge (thin cutting side of the blade of an instrument)
gume {m}  :: acumen; acuteness
guna {mf} [Portugal, colloquial]  :: a street thug whose major criminal offence is robbery committed as a gang action
gunda {f}  :: a type of African tree, whose used wood is used in construction
guri {m} [chiefly South Brazil]  :: boy (male child)
guria {f}  :: feminine noun of guri
gurizada {f} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: folks
gurizada {f} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: a collective of children
gurmê {adj}  :: rare spelling of gourmet
gurmê {mf}  :: rare spelling of gourmet
guru {m}  :: guru (spiritual teacher)
guru {mf}  :: guru (advisor, mentor)
gurupés {m} [nautical]  :: bowsprit (spar projecting over the prow of a sailing vessel)
gusa {f}  :: See ferro gusa
gustativo {adj}  :: taste (attributive); gustatory
gutural {adj}  :: guttural (sounding harsh and throaty)
guzerate {mf}  :: Gujarati (person from Gujarat, India)
guzerate {mf}  :: Gujarati (Indo-Aryan language spoken in Gujarat)
guzerate {adj}  :: Gujarati (of, from or relating to Gujarat)
guzerate {adj}  :: Gujarati (of, in or relating to the Gujarati language)
gávea {f} [nautical]  :: top (top of a ship’s mast)