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{adj}  :: feminine singular form of mau
{adj} [slang]  :: short of maior (often combined with article)
{adv} [slang]  :: very
{f}  :: grindstone
{f}  :: millstone
{mf} [as a form of address]  :: eye dialect of amor
maçã {f}  :: apple (fruit)
maõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of mão
MA {prop}  :: abbreviation of Maranhão (Brazilian state)
maça {f}  :: mace (weapon)
maçada {f}  :: blow from a mace
maçada {f}  :: inconvenience, nuisance, annoyance
Maçambará {prop}  :: Maçambará (placename)
maçaneta {f}  :: knob, doorknob, door handle
maçaneta {f}  :: pommel
maçanilha {f}  :: a small apple
maçante {adj}  :: boring
maçarico {m}  :: burner
maçarico {m}  :: sandpiper (any bird of the family Scolopacidae)
maçarico {m}  :: torch, blowtorch
maçarico-branco {m}  :: sanderling (Calidris alba, a small wading bird)
maçarico-galego {m}  :: whimbrel (Numenius phaeopus, a wading bird)
Maastricht {prop}  :: Maastricht (placename)
mabeco {m} [Angola]  :: African hunting dog (Lycaon pictus, a wild dog of Africa)
maca {f}  :: a sailor’s hammock
maca {f}  :: a wheeled bed used in hospitals
maca {f}  :: stretcher (simple litter designed to carry a sick, injured or dead person)
Macaé {prop}  :: Macaé (placename)
Macaúbas {prop}  :: Macaúbas (placename)
macabeu {adj}  :: Maccabean (pertaining to the Maccabees)
macabeu {m}  :: Maccabee (member of an ancient Israelite liberation movement)
macabro {adj}  :: macabre (ghastly, shocking, terrifying)
macaca {f} [Brazil]  :: an insult, particularly directed at blacks
macaca {f}  :: feminine noun of macaco
macacão {m}  :: augmentative form of macaco
macacão {m}  :: overall (garment with shoulder straps worn over clothing)
macaco {m} [derogatory]  :: black
macaco {m}  :: mechanical jack
macaco {m}  :: monkey, ape
macaco-barrigudo {m}  :: common woolly monkey (Lagothrix lagotricha)
macaco cairara {m}  :: alternative spelling of macaco-cairara
macaco-cairara {m}  :: white-fronted capuchin (Cebus albifrons)
macaco da noite {m}  :: alternative spelling of macaco-da-noite
macaco-da-noite {m}  :: night monkey (Aotus)
macaco-de-cheiro {m}  :: common squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus)
macaco-guariba {m}  :: brown howler (Alouatta guariba)
macaco-japonês {m}  :: Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata, a macaque of Japan)
macaco parauacu {m}  :: Pithecia pithecia chrysocephala (a subspecies of the white-faced saki)
macaco parauaçu {m}  :: monk saki (Pithecia monachus)
macaco-prego {m}  :: capuchin monkey (New World monkey of the genus Cebus)
macaco-preto {m}  :: red-faced spider monkey (Ateles paniscus)
macaco-rhesus {m}  :: rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta, a monkey of southeast Asia)
macacos me mordam {interj}  :: blow me down (exclamation of surprise)
macadame {m}  :: tarmac; macadam (mixture of crushed rock and tar used to make road surfaces)
macadamizando {v}  :: gerund of macadamizar
macadamizar {v}  :: to macadamize
macadâmia {f}  :: macadamia (Australian tree of the genus Macadamia)
macadâmia {f}  :: macadamia (the fruit of the macadamia tree)
macaense {adj}  :: Macanese (of, from or relating to Macau)
macaense {n}  :: Macanese (person from Macau)
Macajuba {prop}  :: Macajuba (placename)
Macao {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Macau
Macapá {prop}  :: Macapá (placename)
macaquear {v}  :: to act like a monkey
macaquear {v}  :: to ape (to imitate)
macaquice {f}  :: apery (the practice of aping or an apish action)
macaquice {f}  :: foolery (foolish actions)
macaquinho {m}  :: diminutive form of macaco
Macarani {prop}  :: Macarani (placename)
macaronésia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of macaronésio
Macaronésia {prop}  :: Macaronesia (placename)
macaronésias {adj}  :: feminine plural of macaronésio
macaronésio {adj}  :: Macaronesian (pertaining to Macaronesia)
macarrônico {adj}  :: alternative form of macarrónico
macarrónico {adj} [literature]  :: macaronic (written in a mixture of languages)
macarrão {m} [generalised]  :: pasta
macarrão {m}  :: macaroni (type of pasta)
macarrão instantâneo {m}  :: instant noodle (precooked noodles)
macarrone {m} [informal]  :: Italian (person)
Macassar {prop}  :: Makassar (placename)
macaísta {adj}  :: Macanese (of, from or relating to Macao)
macaísta {m}  :: Macanese (Portuguese-based creole spoken in Macao)
macaísta {n}  :: Macanese (a person from Macao)
Macatuba {prop}  :: Macatuba (placename)
Macau {prop}  :: Macau (placename)
Macaubal {prop}  :: Macaubal (placename)
macaxeira {f} [chiefly, Northeast Brazil]  :: manioc (Manihot esculenta, a tropical plant with edible roots)
MacBook {m}  :: MacBook (device)
macedónia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of macedónio
macedônia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of macedônio
Macedônia {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Macedónia
Macedónia {prop}  :: Macedonia (placename)
Macedónia {prop}  :: Macedonia (placename)
Macedónia {prop}  :: Macedonia (placename)
Macedônia {prop}  :: Macedônia (placename)
macedónias {adj}  :: feminine plural of macedónio
macedônias {adj}  :: feminine plural of macedônio
macedónica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of macedónico
macedônica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of macedônico
macedónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of macedónico
macedônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of macedônico
macedônico {adj}  :: alternative form of macedónico
macedónico {adj}  :: Macedonian (relating to ancient Macedonia)
macedônio {adj}  :: alternative form of macedónio
macedónio {adj}  :: Macedonian (relating to ancient Macedonia)
macedónio {adj}  :: Macedonian (relating to the Greek region of Macedonia)
macedónio {adj}  :: Macedonian (relating to the Republic of Macedonia)
macedónio {adj}  :: Macedonian (relating to the Slavic Macedonian language)
macedônio {m}  :: alternative form of macedónio
macedónio {m}  :: Macedonian (person from ancient Macedonia)
macedónio {m}  :: Macedonian (person from the Greek region of Macedonia)
macedónio {m}  :: Macedonian (person from the Republic of Macedonia)
macedónio {m} [uncountable]  :: Macedonian (ancient language spoken in Macedonia)
macedónio {m} [uncountable]  :: Macedonian (Slavic language spoken in the Republic of Macedonia)
Macedo de Cavaleiros {prop}  :: Macedo de Cavaleiros (placename)
Maceió {prop}  :: Maceió (placename)
macerado {v}  :: past participle of macerar
macerando {v}  :: gerund of macerar
maceração {f}  :: maceration
macerar {v} [figuratively]  :: to torture
macerar {v}  :: to macerate (soften in a liquid)
Macerata {prop}  :: Macerata (placename)
macete {m}  :: a wooden hammer used to hit chisels
macete {m}  :: cheat (unfair advantage in a computer game)
macete {m}  :: rule of thumb (a general guideline rather than a strict rule)
Mach {m} [physics]  :: Mach (ratio of speed to the speed of sound)
Machacalis {prop}  :: Machacalis (placename)
machadinha {f}  :: hatchet (small axe)
Machadinho {prop}  :: Machadinho (placename)
machado {m}  :: axe (tool and weapon consisting of a heavy blade on the end of a shaft)
Machado {prop}  :: Machado (placename)
machiavellico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of maquiavélico
Machico {prop}  :: Machico (placename)
machimbombo {m} [Angola, Mozambique]  :: bus (motor vehicle for transporting large numbers of people along roads)
machina {f}  :: obsolete spelling of máquina
machina de escrever {f}  :: obsolete spelling of máquina de escrever
machismo {m}  :: male chauvinism, bigotry against women
machista {n}  :: chauvinist (advocate of male chauvinism)
machão {m}  :: augmentative form of macho
macho {adj}  :: macho; manly
macho {adj}  :: male (belonging or referring to the sex having the smaller gametes)
macho {adj}  :: male (of instruments or tools: designed to fit into or penetrate a “female” counterpart)
macho {m}  :: macho; manly man
macho {m}  :: male
machucada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of machucado
machucado {adj}  :: wounded, hurted
machucado {m}  :: wound, hurt
machucar {vt}  :: to hurt, to cause emotional pain
machucar {vt}  :: to hurt, to cause physical pain
machucho {m} [rare]  :: chayote (fruit of the Sechium edule plant)
Machu Picchu {prop}  :: Machu Picchu (placename)
macia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of macio
maciça {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maciço
macias {adj}  :: feminine plural of macio
maciças {adj}  :: feminine plural of maciço
Macieira {prop}  :: Macieira (placename)
macieira de Sodoma {f} [mediaeval mythology]  :: apple of Sodom (a gigantic tree supposed to have grown on the site of the destroyed cities Sodom and Gomorrah)
maciez {f}  :: softness, gentleness
macieza {f}  :: alternative form of maciez
maciço {adj} [attributive]  :: mass
maciço {adj}  :: solid
maciço {m} [geography]  :: massive
macio {adj}  :: soft
macis {m}  :: mace (spice made from nutmeg kernel)
macla {f} [crystallography]  :: crystal twinning (intergrowth of crystals)
maconha {f}  :: cannabis; marijuana (plant)
maconha {f}  :: marijuana (drug)
maconheiro {m} [often, derogatory]  :: stoner, pothead (habitual user of cannabis)
macrófago {m} [cytology, immunology]  :: macrophage
macro {f} [computing]  :: macro (abbreviation of complicated input)
macro {m}  :: alternative form of mácron
macroconídio {m} [mycology]  :: macroconidium (the larger of a pair of conidia)
macrocosmo {m} [philosophy]  :: macrocosm (a complex structure containing numerous smaller-scale structures)
macroeconomia {f}  :: macroeconomics (study of the entire economy)
macromolécula {f} [chemistry, especially, biochemistry]  :: macromolecule (very large molecule)
macroscópico {adj}  :: macroscopic (visible to the unassisted eye)
Macuco {prop}  :: Macuco (placename)
macular {vt}  :: to taint (to contaminate or corrupt something with an external agent, either physically or morally)
macumba {f}  :: any Afro-Brazilian religion
macumba {f} [Brazil]  :: curse; hex
Macururé {prop}  :: Macururé (placename)
Madagascar {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Madagáscar
madagascarense {adj} [rare]  :: Malagasy (of, from or relating to Madagascar)
madagascarense {n} [rare]  :: Malagasy (person from Madagascar)
Madagáscar {prop} [Portugal]  :: Madagascar (placename)
Madalena {prop}  :: female given name
Madalena {prop}  :: Madalena (placename)
Madalena {prop}  :: Mary Magdalene (biblical figure)
madama {f}  :: alternative form of madame
madame {f}  :: madam (mistress of a household)
madame {f}  :: madam (polite term of address to a woman)
maçã de Adão {f}  :: Adam's apple
maçã-de-Adão {f}  :: obsolete spelling of maçã de Adão
madeira {f}  :: a piece of timber
madeira {f} [uncountable]  :: wood (substance making up the central part of the trunk and branches of a tree)
madeira {f}  :: wood (the wood of a particular species of tree)
madeira {interj}  :: Timber!; used by lumberjacks to warn others when a tree is falling down
madeira {m}  :: a type of fortified wine produced in the island of Madeira
Madeira {m}  :: short for vinho da Madeira
Madeira {prop}  :: Madeira (placename)
Madeira {prop}  :: Madeira (placename)
madeiramento {m}  :: timber
madeiramento {m}  :: woodwork, carpentry
madeireira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of madeireiro
madeireira {f}  :: feminine noun of madeireiro
madeireira {f}  :: lumberyard (facility where lumber is prepared)
madeireiro {m}  :: lumberjack; logger
madeireiro {m}  :: woodworker
madeiro {m} [architecture]  :: crossbeam (main support beam of a structure)
madeiro {m} [Christianity]  :: True Cross (cross on which Christ was crucified)
madeixa {f}  :: lock (tuft or length of hair)
madeyra {f}  :: obsolete spelling of madeira
Madeyra {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Madeira
Madhya Pradesh {prop}  :: Madhya Pradesh (placename)
madraçal {m} [Islam]  :: madrasah (school for Islamic theology)
Madras {prop}  :: Madras (placename)
madrasta {f} [figurative]  :: an evil woman
madrasta {f}  :: stepmother (wife of one's biological father, not one's biological mother)
Madrasta {prop}  :: Madras (placename)
madre {f}  :: mold
madre {f}  :: mother (nun)
madre {f}  :: womb
Madre de Deus {prop}  :: Madre de Deus (placename)
Madre de Deus de Minas {prop}  :: Madre de Deus de Minas (placename)
madrepérola {f}  :: mother-of-pearl
madressilva {f}  :: honeysuckle (any plant of the genus Lonicera)
Madri {prop} [Brazil]  :: Madrid (placename)
Madri {prop} [Brazil]  :: Madrid (placename)
Madrid {prop} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of Madri
Madride {prop} [now uncommon]  :: Madrid (placename)
madrigueira {f}  :: warren (a system of burrows where rabbits live)
madrilenha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of madrilenho
madrilenhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of madrilenho
madrilenho {adj}  :: Madrilenian (of, from or relating to Madrid)
madrilenho {m}  :: Madrilenian (person from Madrid)
madrileno {adj}  :: alternative form of madrilenho
madrileno {m}  :: alternative form of madrilenho
madrilense {adj}  :: Madrilenian (of, from or relating to Madrid)
madrilense {n}  :: Madrilenian (person from Madrid)
madrinha {f}  :: godmother
madruga {f} [slang]  :: the period between midnight and sunrise; early morning
madrugada {f} [figurative]  :: dawn (the first stages of a process)
madrugada {f}  :: the period between midnight and sunrise; early morning
madrugador {adj}  :: who wakes early
madrugador {m}  :: early bird (one who wakes early)
madrugadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of madrugador
madrugadora {f}  :: feminine noun of madrugador
madrugar {v}  :: to dawn
madrugar {v}  :: to get up early
madura {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maduro
maduramente {adv}  :: maturely
madurar {vi}  :: to ripen (to grow ripe)
maduras {adj}  :: feminine plural of maduro
maduro {adj}  :: mature, of relatively old age (said of people)
maduro {adj}  :: ripe
maestro {m} [music]  :: conductor (person who conducts an orchestra)
Maetinga {prop}  :: Maetinga (placename)
mafagafo {m}  :: A meaningless word used in well-known tongue-twisters in Portuguese. Often this word is converted in various forms and derivations to add in the tongue twister: "mafagafinho" (diminutive), "mafagafar" (verb), "mafagafigador" (agent noun), etc
Mafamede {prop} [obsolete]  :: Muhammad (the prophet of Islam)
mafiosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mafioso
mafioso {adj}  :: Mafioso
mafioso {m}  :: Mafioso
Mafomede {prop}  :: alternative form of Mafamede
mafra {f}  :: mob (unruly group of people)
Mafra {prop}  :: Mafra (placename)
Mafra {prop}  :: Mafra (placename)
Magé {prop}  :: Magé (placename)
maga {f}  :: feminine noun of mago
Magadan {prop}  :: Magadan (placename)
Magadan {prop}  :: Magadan (placename)
Magalhães {prop}  :: Portuguese surname Anglicised as Magellan
Magas {prop}  :: Magas (placename)
magazine {m}  :: department store (store containing many departments)
Magda {prop}  :: female given name
Magda {prop}  :: Magda (placename)
Magdalena {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Madalena
magenta {adj}  :: magenta (being of the magenta colour)
magenta {m}  :: magenta (pinkish purple colour)
magestade {f}  :: obsolete spelling of majestade
magia {f}  :: magic (allegedly supernatural method to dominate natural forces)
magia negra {f}  :: black magic (magic derived from evil forces)
magiar {adj}  :: Hungarian (of, from or pertaining to Hungary)
magiar {adj}  :: Hungarian (of, in or pertaining to the Hungarian language)
magiar {m}  :: Hungarian (Uralic language spoken in Hungary)
magiar {n}  :: Hungarian (person from Hungary)
magistrado {m}  :: magistrate (a judicial officer)
magistratura {f}  :: magistracy (the office or dignity of a magistrate)
magma {m} [geology, volcanology]  :: magma (underground molten matter)
Magna Carta {prop}  :: Magna Carta
Magna Grécia {prop}  :: Magna Graecia (placename)
magnanimidade {f}  :: magnanimity (the quality of being magnanimous)
magnata {n}  :: tycoon (wealthy, powerful business person)
magnesiana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of magnesiano
magnesianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of magnesiano
magnesiano {adj}  :: magnesian
magnesita {f} [mineral]  :: magnesite
magnetismo {m}  :: magnetism (power of attraction; power to excite feelings and to gain affections)
magnetismo {m}  :: magnetism (the property of being magnetic)
magnetismo animal {m} [alternative medicine]  :: animal magnetism (magnetic fluid or ethereal medium said to reside in the bodies of animate beings)
magnetizando {v}  :: gerund of magnetizar
magnetização {f}  :: magnetization
magnetizar {v}  :: to magnetize
magnetômetro {m}  :: alternative form of magnetómetro
magnetómetro {m} [physics]  :: magnetometer (instrument used to measure the intensity and direction of a magnetic field)
magnetohidrodinâmica {f} [physics]  :: magnetohydrodynamics
magnetosfera {f} [astronomy]  :: magnetosphere (region around a planet affected by its magnetic field)
magnífica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of magnífico
magníficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of magnífico
magnífico {adj}  :: magnificent (grand, elegant or splendid in appearance)
magnífico {adj}  :: the title of a rector (headmaster in various educational institutions)
magnífico {adj}  :: very good; terrific; excellent
magnífico {m} [historical]  :: magnifico (nobleman of Venice)
magnificar {vt}  :: to magnify (to make larger)
Magnitogorsk {prop}  :: Magnitogorsk (placename)
magnitude {f} [astronomy]  :: magnitude (apparent brightness of a star)
magnitude {f}  :: magnitude (size, extent or importance)
magnitude {f} [mathematics]  :: magnitude (the norm of a vector)
magnitude {f} [mathematics]  :: magnitude (value assigned to a variable)
magnitude {f} [seismology]  :: magnitude (energy of an earthquake)
magnitude aparente {f} [astronomy]  :: apparent magnitude (measure of the brightness of a heavenly body)
magnólia {f}  :: magnolia (flower)
magnólia {f}  :: magnolia (plant)
magnânima {adj}  :: feminine singular form of magnânimo
magnânimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of magnânimo
magnânimo {adj}  :: magnanimous (noble and generous in spirit)
magnocelular {adj} [biology]  :: magnocellular (having large cells)
magnoliídeas {n} [botany, rare]  :: magnoliids (clade within angiosperms)
magnésia {f} [mineral]  :: magnesia
magnética {adj}  :: feminine singular form of magnético
magnético {adj}  :: magnetic (of, relating to, caused by, or operating by magnetism)
mago {adj}  :: enchanting
mago {m} [Christianity, usually capitalized]  :: Magi
mago {m}  :: magician, sorcerer
mago {m}  :: magus
magoando {v}  :: gerund of magoar
magoar {vt}  :: To sadden (someone); to make (someone) sad
magoar {vt}  :: To wound (someone); to hurt (someone); to injure (someone) physically
magote {m}  :: heap (collection of things)
magrebe {adj}  :: Maghrebi (of or relating to the Maghreb)
magrebe {n}  :: Maghrebi (native of the Maghreb)
Magrebe {prop}  :: Maghreb (placename)
magrela {adj}  :: feminine singular form of magrelo
magrela {f} [Brazil, informal]  :: bicycle (vehicle that has two wheels)
magrela {f}  :: feminine noun of magrelo
magrelo {adj} [of a person]  :: scrawny (very thin)
magreza {f} [of people]  :: the state of being thin, slimness
magricela {adj} [of a person]  :: scrawny (very thin)
magrinha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of magrinho
magrinhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of magrinho
magrinho {adj}  :: skinny
magro {adj}  :: lean (of meat, having little fat), thin
magusto {m}  :: An Iberian festival, celebrated with roasted chestnuts and wine
magyar {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of magiar
magyar {n}  :: obsolete spelling of magiar
Maharashtra {prop}  :: Maharashtra (placename)
Maharastra {prop}  :: alternative form of Maharashtra
mahjong {m}  :: mahjong (Chinese tile game)
maia {adj}  :: Mayan (of or relating to the Maya)
maia {f} [botany]  :: yellow broom
maia {mf}  :: Maya (member of the Maya people)
maia {m}  :: Yucatec Maya (a language spoken by the Maya people)
Maia {prop} [Greek god]  :: Maia (daughter of Atlas and mother of Hermes)
Maia {prop}  :: Maia (placename)
Maia {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Maicol {prop}  :: male given name
Maicon {prop}  :: male given name
Maikop {prop}  :: Maykop (placename)
mainá {m}  :: myna (any of several Southeast Asian birds of the Sturnidae family)
Main {prop}  :: Main (placename)
Maine {prop}  :: Maine (placename)
Maine {prop}  :: Maine (placename)
mainel {m} [architecture]  :: mullion
mainel {m}  :: handrail
mainframe {m} [computer hardware]  :: mainframe (large, powerful computer connected to terminals)
mainá-indiano {m}  :: Indian myna (Acridotheres tristis, a medium-sized bird native to Asia)
Mainz {prop}  :: Mainz (placename)
maio {m}  :: May
Maio {m}  :: superseded spelling of maio
maionese {f} [Brazilian cuisine]  :: a cold dish made with mayonnaise, potatoes and eggs
maionese {f}  :: mayonnaise (a dressing made from raw egg yolks and oil)
maionnaise {f}  :: obsolete spelling of maionese
maior {adj}  :: major, greater
maior {adj} [music]  :: major
Maiçor {prop}  :: alternative form of Mysore
maioral {n}  :: an exceptional person
Maiorca {prop}  :: Majorca (placename)
maior de idade {adj}  :: major (of full legal age)
maior de idade {n}  :: major (person of legal age)
maioria {f}  :: majority (more than half)
maioria absoluta {f}  :: absolute majority (a number of votes totalling over 50 per cent)
maioridade {f}  :: adulthood
maioridade {f}  :: (age of) majority
maioritário {m}  :: majority
maior que {m}  :: greater than (name of the > character)
maior que {m} [&oth, maior, que]  ::
Maiquinique {prop}  :: Maiquinique (placename)
Mairi {prop}  :: Mairi (placename)
Mairinque {prop}  :: Mairinque (placename)
Mairiporã {prop}  :: Mairiporã (placename)
mais {adv} [in negative sentences]  :: any more (from a given time onwards)
mais {adv}  :: more (to a greater degree or extent)
mais {adv}  :: preceded by the definitive article, used to form the superlative of adjectives and adverbs; most; -est
mais {adv}  :: used to form the comparative of adjectives and adverbs; more; -er
mais {conj} [arithmetic]  :: plus (sum of the previous one and the following one)
mais {conj} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: and; with; together with
mais {m}  :: plus sign (name of the character +)
mais cedo ou mais tarde {adv}  :: sooner or later, eventually
maiúscula {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maiúsculo
maiúsculas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maiúsculo
maiúsculo {adj}  :: capital (letter), uppercase
maiúsculo {m}  :: majuscule
mais de {prep}  :: more than; over (a greater number or amount than)
mais de {prep} [&oth, mais, de]  ::
mais dia, menos dia {adv}  :: sooner or later
mais do que {prep}  :: alternative form of mais de
mais ou menos {adv}  :: more or less; approximately
mais perdido que cego em tiroteio {adj} [idiom, sometimes, jocular]  :: Said of a person who is deeply distracted, who has lost focus or attention of what is happening or what is being said
mais que {prep}  :: alternative form of mais de
mais-que-perfeito {m} [grammar]  :: pluperfect
mais vale um pássaro na mão do que dois voando {proverb}  :: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (a small but certain advantage is preferable)
mais-valia {f} [Marxism]  :: surplus value (yield, profit or return on production capital invested)
mais velha profissão do mundo {f} [euphemistic]  :: the world's oldest profession
mais velha que a Sé de Braga {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mais velho que a Sé de Braga
mais velho que a Sé de Braga {adj} [simile]  :: older than the hills
maiuscular {vt} [rare]  :: to capitalise (to write a word’s first letter in upper case)
maiusculizar {vt} [rare]  :: to capitalise (to write a word’s first letter in upper case)
maiêutica {adj}  :: feminine form of maiêutico
maiêutica {f} [philosophy]  :: maieutics (the art of giving birth to ideas)
majestade {f}  :: majesty (the quality of being impressive and great)
majestosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of majestoso
majestosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of majestoso
majestoso {adj}  :: majestic
majlis {m}  :: majlis (council, assembly, or public meeting in some Muslim regions)
major {m}  :: major (military rank)
Major Gercino {prop}  :: Major Gercino (placename)
majoritariamente {adv}  :: mostly
majoritária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of majoritário
majoritárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of majoritário
majoritário {adj}  :: most
majoritário {m}  :: majority
Major Vieira {prop}  :: Major Vieira (placename)
Majuro {prop}  :: Majuro (placename)
Makhachkala {prop}  :: Makhachkala (placename)
mal {adj}  :: (Brazil) common misspelling of mau
mal {adv}  :: badly (in a faulty, dysfunctional or incorrect manner)
mal {adv} [in compounds]  :: evilly
mal {adv} [preceding verbs]  :: hardly; barely
mal {adv}  :: unfavourably (in an unfavourable manner)
mal {adv}  :: wrong (incorrect)
mal {conj}  :: have/had just; have/had barely
mal {m}  :: harm
mal {m}  :: malady (any ailment or disease, especially a lingering one)
mal {m} [uncountable]  :: evil (malevolent forces or behaviour)
Malé {prop}  :: Malé (placename)
mal aí {interj} [slang]  :: sorry!
mala {f} [automotive]  :: boot, trunk
mala {f} [chiefly, Portugal]  :: handbag
mala {f} [idiomatic]  :: An irritating person
mala {f}  :: suitcase
mala {f} [travel]  :: luggage
malabarismo {m}  :: juggling
malabarista {mf}  :: juggler
Malabo {prop}  :: Malabo (placename)
Malaca {prop}  :: Malacca (placename)
Malacacheta {prop}  :: Malacacheta (placename)
Malacal {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Malakal
maladia {f}  :: malady (any ailment or disease of the body)
malagueta {f}  :: Guinea pepper; grains of paradise; Aframomum melegueta
malagueta {f}  :: malagueta (a very hot type of chilli)
malaiala {n}  :: Malayalam (language)
malaio {adj}  :: Malay
malaio {m}  :: Malay
Malakal {prop}  :: Malakal (placename)
malamute-do-alasca {m}  :: alternative spelling of Malamute do Alasca
malamute do Alasca {m}  :: alternative capitalization of Malamute do Alasca
Malamute do Alasca {m}  :: Alaskan Malamute (breed of sled dog)
malandrina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malandrino
malandrinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of malandrino
malandrino {adj} [colloquial]  :: dishonest, crooked
malandrino {m} [colloquial]  :: brigand
malandrino {m} [colloquial]  :: rascal, rogue
malandro {m} [Brazil]  :: someone who takes advantages of others instead of working in order to get by
Malaquias {prop} [biblical]  :: Malachi (book of The Bible)
malaquita {f} [mineralogy]  :: malachite (bright green mineral)
malar {m} [skeleton, dated]  :: cheekbone; zygoma
Malaui {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Malawi
Malavi {prop}  :: alternative form of Malawi
Malawi {prop}  :: Malawi (placename)
Malawi {prop}  :: Malawi (placename)
malcheirosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malcheiroso
malcheirosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of malcheiroso
malcheiroso {adj}  :: Of bad smell; stinky; smelly
malícia {f}  :: malice
malcomportada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malcomportado
malcomportadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of malcomportado
malcomportado {adj}  :: bad-mannered
malcriado {adj}  :: ill-mannered (having bad manners)
malcriado {m}  :: an ill-mannered person
malcuidada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malcuidado
malcuidadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of malcuidado
malcuidado {adj}  :: ramshackle; rundown (in state of disrepair)
maldade {f}  :: malice
maldade {f}  :: wickedness
mal da montanha {m} [medicine]  :: altitude sickness (oxygen deficiency at high altitudes)
mal das alturas {m} [medicine]  :: altitude sickness (oxygen deficiency at high altitudes)
mal das montanhas {m}  :: alternative form of mal da montanha
mal de Addison {m} [disease]  :: Addison's disease (a disorder in which the adrenal glands fail to produce a sufficient quantity of steroids)
mal de altitude {m} [medicine]  :: altitude sickness (oxygen deficiency at high altitudes)
mal de Alzheimer {m} [neurology, disease]  :: Alzheimer's disease (neurodegenerative disease causing dementia)
mal de Chagas {m} [disease]  :: Chagas' disease (form of trypanosomiasis prevalent in South America)
mal de montanha {m}  :: alternative form of mal da montanha
maldição {f}  :: curse
maldição de Ondina {f} [disease]  :: Ondine's curse (medical condition causing sufferers to stop breathing if they fall asleep)
maldisposto {adj}  :: ill-humored
maldisposto {adj}  :: indisposed
maldita {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maldito
malditas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maldito
maldito {adj}  :: causing irritation or annoyance; troublesome; annoying; vexatious
maldito {adj}  :: not nice; mean; cruel; heartless
maldito {adj}  :: that inflicts supernatural harm; cursed; damned
Maldivas {prop}  :: Maldives (placename)
maldivo {adj}  :: Maldivian (of, from or pertaining to the Maldives)
maldivo {m}  :: Maldivian (person from the Maldives)
maldizendo {v}  :: gerund of maldizer
maldizer {v}  :: to curse, swear, badmouth
maldosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maldoso
maldosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maldoso
maldoso {adj}  :: malicious (resulting from malice or spite)
maldoso {adj}  :: mean (causing or intending to cause intentional harm)
maleabilidade {f}  :: malleability
maledicência {f}  :: gossip, slander
mal-educada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mal-educado
mal-educadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mal-educado
mal-educado {adj}  :: ill-mannered; impolite (having bad manners)
maleita {f}  :: ague
maleita {f}  :: malaria
mal-entendido {m}  :: misunderstanding
mal-estar {m}  :: malaise (feeling of general bodily discomfort, fatigue or unpleasantness)
maleta {f}  :: briefcase (case used for carrying documents)
maleável {adj}  :: malleable
Malevento {prop}  :: alternative form of Maleventum
Maleventum {prop} [historical]  :: Maleventum (placename)
malevolente {adj}  :: malevolent
malevolência {f}  :: malevolence
malfeita {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malfeito
malfeitas {adj}  :: feminine plural of malfeito
malfeito {adj}  :: badly made; of low quality; crude; rough
malfeito {m}  :: wrongdoing (instance of doing something morally or legally wrong)
mal feitor {adj}  :: alternative form of malfeitor
mal feitor {m}  :: alternative form of malfeitor
mal-feitor {adj}  :: alternative form of malfeitor
malfeitor {adj}  :: criminal
mal-feitor {m}  :: alternative form of malfeitor
malfeitor {m}  :: malefactor, wrongdoer
mal feitora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mal feitor
mal-feitora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mal-feitor
malfeitora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malfeitor
mal feitoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of mal feitor
mal-feitoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of mal-feitor
malfeitoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of malfeitor
malfeitoria {f} [countable]  :: wrongdoing (instance of doing something morally or legally wrong)
maléfica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maléfico
maléficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maléfico
maléfico {adj}  :: evil
maléfico {adj}  :: harmful
malformação arteriovenosa {f} [pathology]  :: arteriovenous malformation (disorder of the veins and arteries)
malformação de Arnold-Chiari {f} [teratology]  :: Chiari malformation (a malformation of the brain)
malformação de Chiari {f} [teratology]  :: Chiari malformation (a malformation of the brain)
malga {f}  :: bowl
malgaxe {adj}  :: Malagasy (of, from or relating to Madagascar)
malgaxe {m}  :: Malagasy (national language of Madagascar)
malgaxe {n}  :: Malagasy (person from Madagascar)
malgrado {conj}  :: although; in spite of
malgrado {m}  :: displeasure (feeling of being displeased)
malha {f}  :: a beating
malha {f}  :: a game where players have to throw hoops or horseshoes towards a pin on the ground
malha {f}  :: a section of terrain with a different colour than that surrounding it
malha {f}  :: a stain in an animal’s fur
malha {f} [fashion]  :: knitting; knitwear
malha {f}  :: mesh (structure made of connected strands of metal, fiber, or other flexible/ductile material, with evenly spaced openings between them)
malha {f}  :: network
malha {f} [uncountable]  :: mail, chainmail
malhada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malhado
Malhada {prop}  :: Malhada (placename)
Malhada de Pedras {prop}  :: Malhada de Pedras (placename)
malhadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of malhado
malhado {adj}  :: mottled (coloured in patches)
malhadouro {m}  :: threshing floor (ground where grain is threshed)
malhação {f}  :: workout (a session of physical exercise)
malhar {v} [agriculture]  :: to thresh (to separate the grain from the straw or husks)
malhar {vi} [Brazil]  :: to work out (to exercise rigorously)
malhar {v}  :: to beat up (to give a severe beating to)
malhar {v}  :: to hammer (to strike with a hammer)
malhar enquanto o ferro está quente {v} [idiomatic]  :: to strike while the iron is hot (act on an opportunity promptly)
malho {m}  :: sledgehammer
mal-humorada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mal-humorado
mal-humoradas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mal-humorado
mal-humorado {adj}  :: ill-tempered; cranky; cantankerous
Mali {prop}  :: Mali (placename)
maliano {adj}  :: Malian (of, from or relating to Mali)
maliano {m}  :: Malian (a person from Mali)
malicioso {adj}  :: malicious (of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite)
maliense {adj}  :: Malian (of, from or relating to Mali)
maliense {n}  :: Malian (a person from Mali)
maligno {adj}  :: malign; malignant; evil
maligno {adj} [oncology]  :: malignant (tending to produce death)
malina {adj}  :: feminine form of malino
malina {f} [dated, disease]  :: typhoid fever (a deadly disease characterised by severe fever)
malinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of malino
malino {adj} [poetic, or, obsolete]  :: alternative form of maligno
Malmö {prop}  :: alternative form of Malmo
malmequer {m}  :: marigold (any garden flower plant of the genus Calendula)
Malmo {prop}  :: Malmö (placename)
Malmoe {prop}  :: alternative form of Malmo
maloláctica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maloláctico
malolácticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maloláctico
maloláctico {adj}  :: malolactic
malote {m}  :: a fast, private mailing service
malote {m}  :: a small bag or suitcase
mal passada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mal passado
mal passadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mal passado
mal passado {adj} [cooking, particularly meats]  :: rare (cooked very lightly)
malquerença {f}  :: malevolence
malária {f}  :: malaria (disease)
malásia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malásio
Malásia {prop}  :: Malaysia (placename)
malásias {adj}  :: feminine plural of malásio
malásio {adj}  :: Malay (of, from or pertaining to Malaysia)
malásio {m}  :: Malay (person from Malaysia)
malsucedida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malsucedido
malsucedidas {adj}  :: feminine plural of malsucedido
malsucedido {adj}  :: unsuccessful
malta {f}  :: a group of troublemakers or vagabonds
Malta {prop}  :: Malta (placename)
maltar {v}  :: to malt (to convert grain into malt)
malte {m}  :: malt (sprouted grain used in brewing)
maltesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maltês
maltesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maltês
maltez {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of maltês
maltez {m}  :: obsolete spelling of maltês
maltose {f} [carbohydrate]  :: maltose (a disaccharide)
maltrapilha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maltrapilho
maltrapilhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maltrapilho
maltrapilho {adj}  :: Wearing undesirable clothes, such as poor, dirty or ugly ones
maltratar {vt}  :: to mistreat (treat someone or something roughly or badly)
maltês {adj}  :: Maltese (of Malta)
maltês {adj}  :: Maltese (of the Maltese language)
maltês {adj} [of a cat]  :: whose fur is primarily blue or gray
maltês {adj}  :: of of relating to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
maltês {m}  :: a knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
maltês {m}  :: day labourer
maltês {m}  :: Maltese (inhabitant of Malta)
maltês {m} [uncountable]  :: Maltese (Semitic language of Malta)
maltês {m}  :: vagabond
maluca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maluco
malucas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maluco
maluco {adj}  :: crazy, mad
malufista {adj}  :: Of or relating to Paulo Maluf (born 1931), the 25th governor in the state of São Paulo, Brazil
Maláui {prop} [uncommon]  :: alternative spelling of Malawi
malva {f}  :: mallow (any plant of the family Malvaceae)
malvada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of malvado
malvadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of malvado
malvado {adj}  :: bad; evil; wicked
malva-rosa {f}  :: hollyhock (any of several flowering plants of the genus Alcea)
malvaísco {m}  :: alternative form of malvavisco
malvavisco {m}  :: marshmallow (Althaea officinalis, a species of mallow)
Malávi {prop} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Malawi
malévolo {adj}  :: malevolent (having or displaying ill will; wishing harm on others)
malware {m} [computing]  :: malware (software developed to harm a computer system)
Maláwi {prop}  :: rare spelling of Malawi
mamã {f} [Portugal, informal, or, childish]  :: mummy, mum, mom (USA)
mama {f} [animal]  :: udder, teat
mama {f} [human]  :: breast, bosom
mamadeira {f}  :: baby bottle (container with a rubber nipple used for giving liquids to infants)
mamangaba {f}  :: bumblebee (any of the large bees in the genus Bombus)
mamar {v}  :: to suckle
mamba {f}  :: mamba (venomous snake of the genus Dendroaspis)
mambo {m}  :: mambo (dance)
mambo {m}  :: mambo (music)
mamãe {f} [Brazil]  :: mum, mom, mummy
Mamãe Noel {prop} [Brazil, folklore]  :: Mrs. Claus (Santa Claus’ wife)
mamífero {m}  :: mammal
mamilo {m} [anatomy]  :: nipple
maminha {f} [childish, or, humorous and mildly jocose youngster slang]  :: mommy, mummy
maminha {f} [slang]  :: boob, boobie
mamita {f}  :: mummy
mamão {m}  :: papaya (tropical fruit of the Carica papaya tree)
mamão com açúcar {adj} [idiomatic, informal]  :: very easy, easy as pie
mamoeiro {m}  :: papaya (Carica papaya, a tropical tree of the Americas)
mamografia {f} [medicine]  :: mammography (X-ray examination of the breasts)
Mamonas {prop}  :: Mamonas (placename)
Mampituba {prop}  :: Mampituba (placename)
mamária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mamário
mamárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of mamário
mamário {adj} [biology]  :: mammary (of or relating to the breasts)
mamute {m}  :: mammoth (elephant-like mammal)
maná {m} [biblical]  :: manna (food miraculously produced for the Israelites in the desert in the book of Exodus)
mané {m}  :: underdog
mana {f} [colloquial, familiar]  :: sister
maníaco {m}  :: maniac (insane person)
manada {f}  :: herd (number of domestic animals assembled together)
manada {f} [usually, with a]  :: sheeple (people who unquestioningly accept something as true)
Managua {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Manágua
Manama {prop}  :: Manama (placename)
manancial {m}  :: spring (source of a river etc)
manancial {m}  :: well
manar {v}  :: to ooze (to be secreted or slowly leak)
manati {m}  :: manatee (any of several plant-eating marine mammals, of family Trichechidae)
manatim {m}  :: alternative form of manati
Manaus {prop}  :: Manaus (placename)
mancar {vi}  :: to limp (to walk lamely, as if favouring one leg)
mancebia {f}  :: concubinage
mancebia {f}  :: dissolute life
mancebo {m}  :: boy (young male)
mancha {f}  :: a disgrace, discredit in one’s reputation
mancha {f}  :: stain; mark; blemish; spot (visible impression)
manchado {v}  :: past participle of manchar
manchando {v}  :: gerund of manchar
manchar {v}  :: to besmirch
manchar {v}  :: to blemish
manchar {v}  :: to stain
mancha solar {f} [astronomy]  :: sunspot (colder, darker region on the sun’s surface)
manchego {adj}  :: of, from or relating to the Spanish region of La Mancha
manchego {m}  :: a person from La Mancha
manchego {m}  :: Manchego (a firm, compact cheese from La Mancha)
mancheia {f}  :: handful
Manchester {prop}  :: Manchester (placename)
manchete {f} [journalism]  :: headline (heading or title of an article)
manchete {f} [volleyball]  :: reception of the ball on extended arms
Manchúria {prop}  :: Manchuria (placename)
Manchéster {prop}  :: alternative form of Manchester
manchu {adj}  :: Manchu (relating to the Manchu language)
manchu {adj}  :: Manchu (relating to the Manchu people)
manchu {mf}  :: Manchu (person of Manchuria)
manchu {m}  :: Manchu (Tungusic language spoken by the Manchu people)
manchuriana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of manchuriano
manchurianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of manchuriano
manchuriano {adj}  :: Manchu (relating to the Manchu language)
manchuriano {adj}  :: Manchu (relating to the Manchu people)
manchuriano {m}  :: Manchu (person of Manchuria)
manco {adj}  :: lame (unable to walk properly)
mandá {v}  :: eye dialect of mandar
manda-chuva {n} [informal]  :: boss (head of an organisation)
mandado {m}  :: warrant (order given by a superior)
mandamento {m} [chiefly, biblical]  :: commandment (command or edict)
mandando {v}  :: gerund of mandar
mandar {v} [indtr, pt, em]  :: to order, to boss around
mandar {vi}  :: to be in power; to be the boss
mandar {vt}  :: to order, command
mandar {vt}  :: to send
mandaraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mandaram
mandaraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mandarão
mandar brasa {v} [idiom]  :: to do something avidly or eagerly
mandar brasa {v} [idiom]  :: to enjoy
mandar embora {v} [euphemistic]  :: to sack; to fire (to dismiss an employee)
mandar embora {v} embora
mandarim {m}  :: mandarin (a high government bureaucrat of the Chinese Empire)
mandarim {m} [uncountable]  :: Mandarin (the official language of China and Taiwan)
mandarina {f} [Brazil, regional]  :: mandarin orange (fruit of the Citrus reticulata tree)
mandarão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mandaram
mandato {m}  :: mandate (official command)
mandatória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mandatório
mandatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of mandatório
mandatário {m}  :: mandatary
mandatório {adj}  :: mandatory
mandíbula {f}  :: jaw
mandíbula {f}  :: mandible of an anthropod
mandíbula {f} [skeleton]  :: mandible, the lower jawbone
mandeísmo {m} [religion]  :: Mandaeism (a monotheistic religion practiced in the Middle East)
mandeu {adj} [religion]  :: relating to Mandaeism
mandeu {m} [religion]  :: Mandaean (a follower of Mandaeism)
mandioca {f}  :: manioc, cassava
mandão {adj}  :: bossy
mando {m}  :: command; order (demand for someone to do something)
mando {m}  :: command (right or authority to order)
mandola {f} [musical instruments]  :: mandola (a stringed musical instrument)
mandona {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mandão
mandonas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mandão
mandrágora {f}  :: mandrake
mandril {m}  :: arbor (axis or shaft on a lathe)
mandril {m}  :: bit; drill bit (tip of a drill)
mandril {m}  :: mandrel (tool that grips or clamps something)
mandril {m}  :: mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx, a primate of Africa)
mandrião {m}  :: a lazy person
mandrião {m}  :: skua (predatory seabird of the family Stercorariidae)
manduco {m} [Africa, especially, Cape Verde]  :: club (heavy stick used as a weapon)
manduco {m} [India, Macau]  :: a species of edible freshwater frog
Manduri {prop}  :: Manduri (placename)
maneira {adj}  :: feminine form of maneiro
maneira {f}  :: appearance; look; aspect; guise
maneira {f} [arts]  :: the specific style of an artist
maneira {f}  :: manner; way (particular method of doing something)
manejado {v}  :: past participle of manejar
manejando {v}  :: gerund of manejar
manejar {v}  :: to handle
manejar {v}  :: to manage
manejo {m}  :: handling (the touching, controlling, managing, using or care of something)
manejável {adj}  :: tractable; handleable (capable of being handled or dealt with)
manequim {m}  :: mannequin (model of the human body used for the displaying of clothes)
manera {f}  :: eye dialect of maneira
manes {n} [Roman mythology]  :: manes (spirits of the dead)
maneta {adj}  :: having only one hand or arm
maneta {n}  :: a person with only one hand or arm
maneyra {f}  :: obsolete spelling of maneira
mangá {m}  :: manga, a comic made in Japanese style
mangá {m}  :: manga, a professionally produced Japanese comic
manga {f}  :: mango (fruit)
manga {f}  :: mango (tree)
manga {f}  :: sleeve
Manga {prop}  :: Manga (placename)
manga Alphonso {f}  :: alphonso mango (a type of Indian mango)
Mangalore {prop}  :: Mangalore (placename)
manganela {f}  :: mangonel
mangangá {f}  :: bumblebee (any of several species of large bee in the genus Bombus)
mangangá {f}  :: scorpionfish (any of the family Scorpaenidae of marine, venomous fish)
mangangaba {f}  :: alternative form of mangangá
manganismo {m} [pathology]  :: manganism
manganés {m}  :: alternative form of manganês
manganês {m}  :: manganese (metal)
manganésio {m}  :: alternative form of manganês
Mangaratiba {prop}  :: Mangaratiba (placename)
mangostão {m}  :: the mangosteen
mangra {f} [obsolete]  :: mildew (growth of minute fungi on plants)
Manágua {prop}  :: Managua (placename)
mangual {m}  :: flail (tool)
mangual {m}  :: flail (weapon)
Mangualde {prop}  :: Mangualde (placename)
mangue {m}  :: mangrove (tropical habitat of trees or shrubs that grow in shallow coastal water)
mangueira {f}  :: hose (flexible tube conveying water or other fluids)
mangueira {f}  :: mango tree
manguezal {m}  :: mangrove (tropical habitat of trees or shrubs that grow in shallow coastal water)
mangusto {m}  :: mongoose
manhã {f}  :: morning
manhê {f} [colloquial, used in yelling or slow speech]  :: alternative form of mãe
manha {f}  :: act
manha {f}  :: artfulness, slyness
manha {f}  :: cunning, stratagem
manha {f}  :: custom, habit
manha {f}  :: dexterity, handiness
manham {f}  :: obsolete spelling of manhã
manhosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of manhoso
manhosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of manhoso
manhoso {adj} [colloquial]  :: imperfect
manhoso {adj} [colloquial]  :: ordinary
manhoso {adj}  :: cunning, sly
Manhuaçu {prop}  :: Manhuaçu (placename)
Manhumirim {prop}  :: Manhumirim (placename)
mania {f}  :: mania (excessive or unreasonable desire)
mania {f}  :: vice (bad habit)
manicômio {m}  :: alternative form of manicómio
manicómio {m}  :: mental hospital (facility designed to treat persons with mental disorders)
manicura {f}  :: alternative form of manicure
manicure {f}  :: manicure (cosmetic treatment for the fingernails)
manicure {f}  :: manicurist (person who performs manicures)
manifestado {v}  :: past participle of manifestar
manifestamente {adv}  :: obviously; self-evidently; manifestly
manifestando {v}  :: gerund of manifestar
manifestante {n}  :: demonstrator (a person participating in a demonstration)
manifestação {f}  :: expression
manifestação {f}  :: manifestation
manifestação {f}  :: revelation
manifestar {v}  :: to express
manifestar {v}  :: to manifest, display, show
Manila {prop}  :: Manila (placename)
manilha {f}  :: a large concrete pipe used for sewage or drainage
manilha {f}  :: bracelet (band worn around the wrist as jewellery)
manilha {f} [cards]  :: seven (a card with seven spots)
manilha {f}  :: shackle (restraint fit over a wrist or ankle)
manilha {f}  :: shackle (U-shaped piece of metal secured with a pin or bolt)
manilha {f} [truco]  :: any card serving as the joker in the current turn
manilha {m}  :: Manila paper (cheap, low quality paper)
manipanso {m}  :: A fat person
manipanso {m}  :: An African charm, fetish or idol
manipulador {adj}  :: manipulative
manipulador {m}  :: manipulator
manipuladora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of manipulador
manipuladoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of manipulador
manipulação {f}  :: manipulation, handling
manipulação {f}  :: preparation
manipular {v}  :: to manipulate
manipulativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of manipulativo
manipulativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of manipulativo
manipulativo {adj}  :: manipulative (who manipulates others)
Manipur {prop}  :: Manipur (placename)
manitó {m}  :: alternative form of manitu
Manitoba {prop}  :: Manitoba (placename)
manitu {m}  :: manitou (a god or spirit as the object of religious awe or ritual among some American Indians)
manivela {f}  :: crank (bent piece of an axle or shaft used to impart rotation)
manjado {v}  :: past participle of manjar
manjando {v}  :: gerund of manjar
manjar {m}  :: food; dish
manjar {v}  :: to eat
manjar turco {m}  :: Turkish delight (confection made from starch and sugar)
manjedoura {f}  :: manger
manjedoura {f}  :: trough (for animals)
manjelão {m}  :: fruit of the plant Syzygium cumini; jambul
manjericão {m} [botany]  :: basil (Ocimum basilicum)
manjericão {m} [botany]  :: clove basil (Ocimum gratissimum)
manjerico {m}  :: basil (Ocimum minimum)
manjerico {m} [Portugal]  :: a small decorated pot of basil, traditionally given as a symbol of love on St. Anthony's and St. John's Day
manjerona {f}  :: marjoram (Origanum majorana, a herb of the mint family)
manêjo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of manejo
manómetro {m}  :: manometer (instrument used to measure pressure in a fluid)
mano {m} [informal]  :: brother, male sibling
mano {m} [informal]  :: dude
mano a mano {adv}  :: mano a mano (by means of a head-to-head competition)
mano a mano {m}  :: mano a mano (a head-on conflict or direct competition)
manobra {f}  :: maneuver, manoeuvre, manœuvre, manoeuver
manobra de Heimlich {f} [emergency medicine]  :: Heimlich maneuver (first aid procedure used to treat choking)
manobrar {v}  :: to maneuver (to move or operate something carefully and skilfully)
Manoel Viana {prop}  :: Manoel Viana (placename)
Manoel Vitorino {prop}  :: Manoel Vitorino (placename)
manopla {f}  :: gauntlet (protective armor for the hands)
manquesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of manquês
manquesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of manquês
manquês {adj}  :: Manx (of, from or relating to the Isle of Man)
manquês {m}  :: Manx Gaelic (Celtic language spoken on the Isle of Man)
manêra {f}  :: eye dialect of maneira
mansidão {f}  :: tameness; meekness
Mansidão {prop}  :: Mansidão (placename)
mansão {f}  :: chateau
mansão {f}  :: manor
mansão {f}  :: mansion
mansão {f}  :: residence
manso {adj} [of animals]  :: tame (mild and well-behaved)
manso {adj} [of nature and natural phenomena]  :: mild; gentle; tranquil
manso {adj} [of people]  :: meek; submissive (following orders without protest)
mansuetude {f}  :: mansuetude; tameness; tameness
manta {f}  :: blanket
mantícora {f}  :: alternative form of manticora
mantídeo {m}  :: mantis
manteiga {f}  :: butter
manteiga de amendoim {n}  :: peanut butter
manteiga de cacau {n}  :: cocoa butter
Manteigas {prop}  :: Manteigas (placename)
Mantena {prop}  :: Mantena (placename)
mantendo {v}  :: gerund of manter
manter {v}  :: to hold, sustain, support
manter {v}  :: to keep, maintain
manter no escuro {v} [idiomatic]  :: to keep (someone) in the dark (to keep someone uninformed)
manter no escuro {v} no|escuro
manter-se {vr}  :: to keep (to continue doing something)
manticora {f} [Greek mythology]  :: manticore (creature with the body of a lion, tail of a scorpion and head of a human)
mantido {v}  :: past participle of manter
mantimento {m}  :: grocery
mantimento {m}  :: provisions
mantissa {f} [mathematics]  :: mantissa (part of a logarithm after the decimal point)
manto {m}  :: cloak (long outer garment worn over the shoulders covering the back)
manto {m} [geology]  :: mantle (layer between the Earth’s core and crust)
manto {m} [zoology]  :: mantle (body wall of a mollusc)
mantra {m} [Hinduism]  :: mantra (a phrase repeated to assist concentration during meditation)
manual {adj}  :: manual
manual {m}  :: manual
Manuel {prop}  :: male given name, Emmanuel and Manuel
Manuela {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Manuel
manufatura {f}  :: factory
manufatura {f}  :: (manufactured) product
manufatura {f}  :: manufacture, production
manufaturar {vit}  :: to manufacture (to produce goods in factories)
manufaturar {vt}  :: to craft; to manufacture (to make something by hand)
manumissão {f} [historical]  :: manumission
manuscrita {adj}  :: feminine singular form of manuscrito
manuscritas {adj}  :: feminine plural of manuscrito
manuscrito {adj}  :: handwritten
manuscrito {m}  :: manuscript
manuscritura {f}  :: handwriting (act or process of writing with the hand)
manuseamento {m}  :: handling
manusear {v}  :: to handle
manuseavel {adj}  :: manageable
manuseio {m}  :: handling (the touching, controlling, managing, using or care of something)
manutenir {v}  :: to maintain (to uphold a state)
manutenção {f}  :: maintenance
manx {adj}  :: Manx (of, from or relating to the Isle of Man)
manx {m}  :: Manx cat (breed of domestic cat native to the Isle of Man)
manx {m} [uncountable]  :: Manx Gaelic (Celtic language spoken on the Isle of Man)
mação {m}  :: augmentative form of maço
mação {m}  :: Freemason (member of the Free and Accepted Masons organisation)
maço {m}  :: bunch, heap
maço {m}  :: packet
Mação {prop}  :: Mação (placename)
maçom {n}  :: Freemason (member of the Free and Accepted Masons)
Maomé {prop}  :: Muhammad (the Islamic prophet)
maçon {m}  :: alternative form of mação
maçonaria {f}  :: freemasonry (fellowship and sympathy)
maori {adj}  :: Maori (of, from, or pertaining to the Maori)
maori {adj}  :: Maori (of the Maori language)
maori {mf}  :: Maori (native of New Zealand)
maori {mf} [uncountable]  :: Maori (language)
maoísmo {m}  :: Maoism (philosophy espoused by Mao Zedong)
maoísta {adj}  :: Maoist (relating to Maoism)
maoísta {mf}  :: Maoist (advocate of Maoism)
mapa {m}  :: map (visual representation of an area)
mapa de Karnaugh {m} [Boolean algebra]  :: Karnaugh map (tabular representation of the possible results of a logical expression)
mapa do site {f}  :: site map (webpage that lists the contents of a website)
maçã podre {f} [idiomatic]  :: bad apple (a person who is a bad influence on others)
maçã podre {f} podre
mappa {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mapa
mapuche {adj}  :: belonging or relating to the Mapuche people
mapuche {m}  :: Mapudungun; Mapuche (a language isolate spoken by the Mapuche)
mapuche {n}  :: one of the Mapuche (indigenous people of Chile and Argentina)
Maputo {prop}  :: Maputo (placename)
Maputo {prop}  :: Maputo (placename)
maquete {f}  :: scale model (small, three-dimensional model of something)
maquete {f} [sculpture]  :: maquette (preliminary model or sketch of a sculpture)
maqui {n}  :: alternative form of maquis
maquiador {m}  :: make-up artist (artist who applies make-up)
maquiagem {f}  :: alternative form of maquilhagem
maquiar {vt}  :: to make up (to apply cosmetics or makeup)
maquiaveliano {adj} [philosophy]  :: Machiavellian (relating to Niccolò Machiavelli or his philosophical system)
maquiavélica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maquiavélico
maquiavélicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maquiavélico
maquiavélico {adj} [derogatory]  :: Machiavellian (cunning, scheming and unscrupulous in pursuing one’s goals)
maquiavélico {adj} [philosophy, sometimes, proscribed]  :: Machiavellian (relating to Niccolò Machiavelli or his philosophical system)
maquilador {m}  :: alternative form of maquiador
maquiladora {f}  :: feminine form of maquilador
maquiladora {f}  :: maquiladora (an assembly plant in Mexico near the border with the United States)
maquilhagem {f}  :: cosmetics
maquilhagem {f}  :: makeup
Maquiné {prop}  :: Maquiné (placename)
maquinabilidade {f}  :: machinability
maquinal {adj}  :: unconscious (without directed thought or awareness)
maquinação {f}  :: machination (clever scheme or artful plot, usually crafted for evil purposes)
maquinar {vt}  :: to engineer (to plan or achieve a goal by contrivance or guile)
maquinaria {f}  :: machinery (machines constituting a production apparatus)
maquinismo {m}  :: machinery
maquinismo {m}  :: mechanism
maquinista {mf}  :: engine driver (locomotive operator)
maquinária {f}  :: machinery
maquinário {m}  :: machinery (machines constituting a production apparatus)
maquis {m}  :: maquis; macchia (type of brushland common in Corsica)
maquis {n}  :: maquis (member of the French resistance during the Second World War)
maquímetro {m} [rare]  :: Machmeter (instrument that measures speed in Mach numbers)
mar {adv}  :: eye dialect mal
mará {m}  :: mara (any of several species of Patagonian rodents of the genus Dolichotis)
maré {f}  :: tide (periodic change of sea level)
mar {m} [figurative]  :: a multitude; a great amount or number of things
mar {m}  :: sea
Maraú {prop}  :: Maraú (placename)
mar aberto {m}  :: open sea (part of the sea where land can’t be seen)
Marabá Paulista {prop}  :: Marabá Paulista (placename)
marabu {m}  :: marabou (Leptoptilos crumeniferus, a large wading bird of Africa)
marabuto {m}  :: marabout (Muslim holy man or mystic)
marabuto {m}  :: marabout (tomb of a marabout)
Maracaí {prop}  :: Maracaí (placename)
Maracajá {prop}  :: Maracajá (placename)
Maracanã {prop}  :: A neighbourhood of the north of Rio de Janeiro
Maracanã {prop}  :: A stadium located in this neighbourhood
Maracanaço {prop}  :: Maracanaço
Maracás {prop}  :: Maracás (placename)
maracujá {m}  :: Passion flower
maracujá {m}  :: passion fruit (fruit of the passion flower)
maracujazeiro {m}  :: Passion flower (tree of the genus Passiflora)
maracujá de gaveta {m} [slang]  :: prune (old, wrinkly person)
maracutaia {f} [Brazil]  :: guile; rule; deceit; fraud
Mar Adriático {prop}  :: Adriatic Sea (placename)
marafona {f}  :: a man dressed in woman’s clothing during Carnival
marafona {f}  :: an ugly woman
marafona {f}  :: a prostitute
marafona {f}  :: a rag doll
Maragogipe {prop}  :: Maragogipe (placename)
marajá {m}  :: maharajah
marajá {m}  :: synonym of funcionário-fantasma
maralhal {m} [colloquial]  :: crowd
maralhal {m} [colloquial]  :: riffraff
maré alta {f}  :: high tide (the natural tide at its highest level)
Mar Amarelo {prop}  :: Yellow Sea (placename)
maranhense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Maranhão
maranhense {mf}  :: Someone from Maranhão
Maranhão {prop}  :: Maranhão (placename)
Marapoama {prop}  :: Marapoama (placename)
Mar Arábico {prop}  :: Arabian Sea (placename)
marasmo {m} [pathology]  :: apathy (lack of emotion or motivation)
marasmo {m} [pathology]  :: marasmus (any wasting disease)
marasmo {m}  :: stagnation (lack of improvement or change)
Maratá {prop}  :: Maratá (placename)
marata {adj}  :: Marathi (pertaining to the Indian state of Maharashtra)
marata {adj}  :: Marathi (pertaining to the Marathi language)
marata {m}  :: Marathi (Indo-Aryan language spoken in Maharashtra)
marata {n}  :: Marathi (person from Maharashtra)
maratona {f}  :: marathon
maratonista {mf}  :: marathoner (someone who participates in marathons)
Marau {prop}  :: Marau (placename)
maravilha {f}  :: four o’ clock flower (Mirabilis jalapa)
maravilha {f}  :: wonder; marvel (something that causes amazement or awe)
Maravilha {prop}  :: Maravilha (placename)
Maravilhas {prop}  :: Maravilhas (placename)
maravilhosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maravilhoso
maravilhosamente {adv}  :: wonderfully (in a wonderful manner)
maravilhosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maravilhoso
maravilhoso {adj}  :: wonderful
maré baixa {f}  :: low tide (the tide at its lowest level)
Mar Báltico {prop}  :: Baltic Sea (placename)
Mar Branco {prop}  :: White Sea (placename)
marca {f}  :: a gold and silver coin previously used in Portugal
marca {f}  :: a number used for reference or measurement
marca {f}  :: a scar, blemish or bruise
marca {f}  :: boundary; mark; limit
marca {f}  :: branding iron; brand (piece of heated metal used to brand livestock)
marca {f}  :: brand (mark of ownership made by burning, especially on cattle)
marca {f}  :: brand (name, symbol, logo or other item used to distinguish a product or service)
marca {f} [figurative]  :: lasting impact (significant or strong influence)
marca {f}  :: mark (characteristic feature)
marca {f}  :: markka (currency unit used in Finland until 2002)
marca {f}  :: mark; trace (visible impression or sign)
marca {f} [sports]  :: mark (score for a sporting achievement)
marca a fogo {f}  :: brand (mark made by burning)
marca de nome {f}  :: name brand (distinctive name for a brand)
marca d'água {f}  :: watermark (translucent design on an image)
marcado {adj}  :: marked, pronounced
marcado {v}  :: past participle of marcar
marcador {m} [computing]  :: bookmark
marcador {m}  :: marker (all senses)
marcador de páginas {m}  :: bookmark (strip used to mark a place in a book)
marca-livro {m} [rare]  :: bookmark (strip used to mark a place in a book)
marcando {v}  :: gerund of marcar
marcante {adj}  :: notable; outstanding; illustrious; great
marcação {f}  :: appointment
marcação {f}  :: marking
marcação {f}  :: reservation, booking
marcação {f} [sports]  :: scoring (the process of winning points)
marcapasso {m} [anatomy, surgery]  :: pacemaker (set of nerves, device)
marca-passo {m}  :: pacemaker (medical implement used to stimulate the heart to beat)
marcar {v} [sports]  :: to score
marcar {v} [sport]  :: to mark, man-mark
marcar {v}  :: to mark
marcar {v}  :: to set (a time or a tone)
marcar {v}  :: to show (give a time)
marcar bobeira {v} [idiom]  :: to be inattentive or indifferent
marca registrada {f} [informal]  :: a distinctive feature
marca registrada {f}  :: trademark (identification of a company’s product)
marcatexto {m}  :: highlighter (pen for highlighting)
Marcela {prop}  :: female given name, Marcella
Marcelino Ramos {prop}  :: Marcelino Ramos (placename)
Marcelo {prop}  :: male given name, Marcel and Marcellus
marcenaria {f}  :: a carpenter’s workshop
marcenaria {f} [uncountable]  :: carpentry (the trade of cutting and joining timber)
marceneiro {m}  :: carpenter (one who works in carpentry)
marcha {f}  :: gear (of a vehicle)
marcha {f}  :: march
marchand {mf}  :: art dealer
marcha ré {f} [figurative]  :: retrogression (deterioration or decline to a previous state)
marcha ré {f}  :: reverse (gear that makes a vehicle move backwards)
marchar {v}  :: to march
marcial {adj}  :: martial
Marcial {prop}  :: Martial (Ancient Roman poet)
marciano {adj} [astronomy]  :: Martian (of, from or relating to the planet Mars)
marciano {m} [ufology, science fiction]  :: Martian (inhabitant of the planet Mars)
Marcionílio Souza {prop}  :: Marcionílio Souza (placename)
marco {m}  :: boundary-post
marco {m}  :: doorframe or window frame
marco {m} [figurative]  :: an important event; a turning point
marco {m}  :: mark (former German currency)
marco {m}  :: mark (indication for reference or measurement)
marco {m}  :: markka (former Finnish currency)
Marco {prop}  :: male given name, Mark
marco alemão {m}  :: Deutsche Mark (former currency unit of Germany)
marco conversível {m}  :: convertible mark (currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Marco de Canaveses {prop}  :: Marco de Canaveses (placename)
marcomana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of marcomano
marcomanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of marcomano
marcomano {adj}  :: Marcomannic (of or pertaining to the Marcomanni)
marcomano {m}  :: one of the Marcomanni, an ancient Germanic people
marco miliar {m}  :: milestone (one of a series of markers placed along a road at regular intervals)
marco miliário {m}  :: milestone (one of a series of markers placed along a road at regular intervals)
Marcos {prop} [biblical character]  :: Mark (one of the seventy disciples)
Marcos {prop}  :: male given name, Mark
Mar Cáspio {prop}  :: Caspian Sea (placename)
Mar da Arábia {prop}  :: Arabian Sea (placename)
Mar da China Meridional {prop}  :: South China Sea (placename)
Mar da China Oriental {prop}  :: East China Sea (placename)
Mar da Irlanda {prop}  :: Irish Sea (placename)
Mar da Noruega {prop}  :: Norwegian Sea (placename)
Mar de Andaman {prop}  :: Andaman Sea (placename)
Mar de Aral {prop}  :: Aral Sea (placename)
Mar de Azov {prop}  :: Sea of Azov (placename)
Mar de Barents {prop}  :: Barents Sea (placename)
Mar de Bering {prop}  :: Bering Sea (placename)
Mar de Espanha {prop}  :: Mar de Espanha (placename)
Mar de Okhotsk {prop}  :: Sea of Okhotsk (placename)
Mar de Omã {prop}  :: Arabian Sea (placename)
maré de sizígia {f}  :: springtide
Mar do Caribe {prop}  :: Caribbean Sea (placename)
Mar do Japão {prop}  :: Sea of Japan (placename)
Mar do Norte {prop}  :: North Sea (placename)
mar dos Sargaços {prop}  :: Sargasso Sea (placename)
marechal {m}  :: marshall
marechal de campo {m} [military ranks]  :: field marshal (high military rank)
Mar Egeu {prop}  :: Aegean Sea (placename)
Marema {prop}  :: Marema (placename)
maremoto {m} [geology]  :: seaquake
maresia {f}  :: corrosive saltwater droplets in the air
maresia {f}  :: swell (a long series of ocean waves)
maresia {f}  :: the characteristic smell of the sea
marfim {m}  :: ivory (material)
marfinense {adj}  :: short for costa-marfinense
marfinense {n}  :: short for costa-marfinense
marga {f} [geology]  :: marl (lime-rich mud)
margarida {f}  :: daisy (Bellis perennis, a wild flower with a yellow head and white petals)
Margarida {prop}  :: female given name, Margaret
margarina {f}  :: margarine
margem {f}  :: bank (edge of river or lake)
margem {f}  :: edge of a surface
margem {f}  :: margin (difference between results, characteristics, scores)
margem {f}  :: margin (permissible difference)
margem {f} [typography]  :: margin (edge of paper which remains blank)
margem de erro {f} [chiefly, statistics]  :: margin of error (acceptable degree of lack of precision or error)
marginal {adj}  :: marginal
margrave {m}  :: margrave (military officer in charge of German border area)
Maria {prop}  :: female given name, Mary
Maria {prop}  :: Mary (Biblical character)
maria-chiquinha {f}  :: bunches (hairstyle which uses ponytails)
maria-chiquinha {f}  :: pigtail (either of two braids or ponytails on the side of the head)
Maria da Fé {prop}  :: Maria da Fé (placename)
maria-fumaça {f}  :: steam locomotive (locomotive powered by steam)
Maria Madalena {prop} [biblical character]  :: Mary Magdalene (female disciple of Jesus)
Mariana {prop}  :: female given name, Marian, Mariana and Marianne
Mariana {prop}  :: Mariana (placename)
Mariana Pimentel {prop}  :: Mariana Pimentel (placename)
Marianas do Norte {prop}  :: Northern Marianas (placename)
marianinha {f}  :: cornflower (Centaurea cyanus, an European plant with bushy blue flowers)
mariano {adj} [Christianity]  :: Marian (relating to Virgin Mary)
Mariano Moro {prop}  :: Mariano Moro (placename)
maria-rapaz {f}  :: tomboy (girl who acts as a typical boy)
maria vai com as outras {mf}  :: alternative form of maria-vai-com-as-outras
maria-vai-com-as-outras {mf}  :: a person who is easily influenced; bandwagoner
Maricá {prop}  :: Maricá (placename)
marica {adj}  :: alternative form of maricas
marica {m}  :: alternative form of maricas
maricas {adj} [slang, offensive]  :: cowardly (showing cowardice)
maricas {adj} [slang, offensive, of a male]  :: effeminate (behaving as a female)
maricas {m} [slang, offensive]  :: an effeminate man
maricas {m} [slang, offensive]  :: pussy; coward
marido {m}  :: husband (male partner of woman in marriage)
Marilac {prop}  :: Marilac (placename)
Marilândia {prop}  :: Maryland (a state of the United States of America)
marimba {f}  :: marimba (musical instrument similar to a xylophone)
marina {f}  :: marina (harbour for small boats)
Marina {prop}  :: female given name, Marina
marinar {v}  :: to marinate (to soak in marinade)
marinha {f}  :: marine
marinha {f}  :: navy
marinha {f}  :: seascape
Marinha Grande {prop}  :: Marinha Grande (placename)
marinha mercante {f}  :: merchant navy (civilian naval fleet)
marinheira {f}  :: feminine noun of marinheiro
marinheiras {fp}  :: feminine plural of marinheiro
marinheiro {m}  :: sailor, seaman
marinheiro de água doce {m} [pejorative]  :: landlubber (someone unfamiliar with the sea or seamanship)
marinho {adj}  :: marine; sea (attributive)
Marinópolis {prop}  :: Marinópolis (placename)
marionete {f} [figurative]  :: puppet (person or organisation controlled by another)
marionete {f}  :: marionette (string puppet)
marionetista {n}  :: puppeteer (person who uses a puppet)
marionette {f}  :: superseded spelling of marionete
marionnette {f}  :: superseded spelling of marionete
Maripá de Minas {prop}  :: Maripá de Minas (placename)
Mariápolis {prop}  :: Mariápolis (placename)
mariposa {f}  :: a moth
mariposa {f} [slang]  :: a prostitute
marisco {m} [culinary, chiefly plural]  :: seafood (edible aquatic life)
marisco {m}  :: shellfish (aquatic invertebrate with a shell, especially as food)
marisma {f}  :: marsh (area of low, wet land)
marisqueira {f}  :: seafood restaurant
marisqueira {f}  :: woman who sells seafood
marista {adj} [Christianity]  :: Marian (relating to Virgin Mary)
Mariupol {prop}  :: Mariupol (placename)
Mar Jônico {prop}  :: alternative form of Mar Jónico
Mar Jónico {prop}  :: Ionian Sea (placename)
marketing {m} [informal]  :: promotion (the act of promoting a product or service)
marketing {m}  :: marketing (communication and interaction with costumers)
marketing de afiliados {m}  :: affiliate marketing (form of marketing where an advertiser uses an affiliate network)
marketing de emboscada {m} [business]  :: ambush marketing (strategy wherein advertisers associate themselves with an event without paying any sponsorship fee)
marketing indireto {m}  :: product placement (form of advertising where a brand or product is placed in a programme)
markka {f}  :: alternative spelling of marca (Finnish currency)
Marília {prop}  :: Marília (placename)
marlim {m}  :: marlin (fish belonging to either Tetrapturus or Makaira)
Marliéria {prop}  :: Marliéria (placename)
marma {m} [Ayurveda]  :: marma (a special, sensitive point on the body)
marmanjo {m}  :: adult man
Mar Mediterrâneo {prop}  :: Mediterranean Sea (placename)
marmelada {f}  :: quince jam
marmeleira-da-índia {f}  :: alternative form of marmeleiro-da-índia
marmeleiro-da-índia {m}  :: bael (a tropical fruit tree from India, Aegle marmelos)
marmelo {m}  :: quince (tree or fruit)
Marmelópolis {prop}  :: Marmelópolis (placename)
Mar Morto {prop}  :: Dead Sea (placename)
marmota {f}  :: marmot
marmota americana {f}  :: groundhog (Marmota monax, a marmot of North America)
maré negra {f}  :: oil slick; oil spill (part of the ocean contaminated with a layer of petroleum)
Mar Negro {prop}  :: Black Sea (placename)
Mar Norueguês {prop}  :: Norwegian Sea (placename)
março {m}  :: March
Março {m}  :: superseded spelling of março
maroiço {m}  :: alternative form of marouço
marola {f}  :: A small wave
marola {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: the smoke and sometimes the smell produced by marijuana
maromba {adj} [Brazil, slang, of a person]  :: showing a muscular, very strong body
marota {adj}  :: feminine singular form of maroto
marotas {adj}  :: feminine plural of maroto
maroto {adj}  :: naughty; lewd
marouço {m}  :: breaker (wave breaking into foam against the shore)
marouço {m}  :: spring tide
Marques {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
marquesa {f}  :: marchioness (wife of a marquess)
marquesado {m}  :: march (region governed by a marquess)
Marques de Souza {prop}  :: Marques de Souza (placename)
marquetear {vt}  :: to market (to make available and promote a product)
marqueteiro {m}  :: marketer (one who designs and executes marketing campaigns)
marquise {f}  :: canopy (overhanging or projecting roof structure)
marquês {m}  :: marquis
marra {f}  :: boldness; courage
Mar Árabe {prop}  :: Arabian Sea (placename)
Marrakech {prop}  :: Marrakech (placename)
Marrakeche {prop}  :: rare spelling of Marrakech
Marrakesh {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Marrakech
marrano {m} [historical, pejorative]  :: Marrano
Marraquech {prop} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Marrakech
Marraqueche {prop}  :: alternative form of Marraquexe
Marraquesh {prop} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Marrakech
Marraquexe {prop}  :: alternative form of Marrakech
marreco {m}  :: drake (male duck)
marreta {f}  :: sledgehammer (a heavy, long-handled hammer)
marretada {f}  :: a blow with a sledgehammer
marretar {v}  :: to strike with a sledgehammer
marretinha {f}  :: diminutive form of marreta
marretão {m} [irregular]  :: augmentative form of marreta
Marrocos {prop}  :: Morocco (placename)
marrom {adj}  :: brown
marrom {m}  :: brown
marroquina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of marroquino
marroquinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of marroquino
marroquino {adj}  :: Moroccan (of, from or relating to Morocco)
marroquino {m}  :: Moroccan (person from Morocco)
marrêta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of marreta
Marselha {prop}  :: Marseilles (placename)
marshallesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of marshallês
marshallesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of marshallês
marshallês {adj}  :: Marshallese (of, from or relating to the Marshall Islands)
marshallês {m}  :: Marshallese (Austronesian language spoken in the Marshall Islands)
marshallês {m}  :: Marshallese (person from the Marshall Islands)
marshmallow {m}  :: marshmallow (pre-softened confectionery made with sugar, corn syrup, egg whites and gelatin)
marsúpio {m}  :: marsupium (pouch of a marsupial)
marsupial {adj}  :: marsupial (of or relating to marsupials)
marsupial {m}  :: marsupial (mammal species whose females have a pouch to carry the offspring)
marta {f}  :: marten
Marta {prop}  :: female given name, Martha
marta europeia {f}  :: pine marten (Martes martes, a marten of northern Europe)
marta européia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of marta europeia
Marte {n} [astronomy]  :: Mars (fourth planet in the Solar System)
Marte {n} [Roman god]  :: Mars (god of war)
martelado {v}  :: past participle of martelar
martelando {v}  :: gerund of martelar
martelar {v}  :: to hammer
martelar {v}  :: to harp, to insist
martelo {m}  :: hammer
martelo {m} [skeleton]  :: the malleus
martelo {m} [sports]  :: hammer
mar territorial {m} [geopolitics]  :: territorial sea (sea that is part of a polity’s territory)
Martim {prop}  :: male given name, Martin
marítimo {adj}  :: maritime (relating to the sea or sailing)
martim-pescador {m}  :: kingfisher (any of various birds of the suborder Alcedines)
Martinho {prop}  :: male given name, Martin
Martinho Campos {prop}  :: Martinho Campos (placename)
Martinica {prop}  :: Martinique (placename)
Martinópolis {prop}  :: Martinópolis (placename)
Martins {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Martins Soares {prop}  :: Martins Soares (placename)
martirizar {vt}  :: to martyr (to make someone a martyr)
martirológio {m}  :: martyrology
Mar Tirreno {prop}  :: Tyrrhenian Sea (placename)
martíni {m}  :: martini (cocktail)
martírio {m}  :: martyrdom
martírio {m}  :: passionflower
martírio {m}  :: passion (great distress)
marujo {m}  :: sailor; seaman (member of a ship’s crew)
maré vermelha {f}  :: red tide (poisonous algal bloom)
Mar Vermelho {prop}  :: Red Sea (placename)
maré viva {f}  :: spring tide (the tide at its highest level)
Marvão {prop}  :: Marvão (placename)
marxiano {adj}  :: Marxian (of or pertaining to Karl Marx and his ideas)
marxismo {m} [uncountable]  :: Marxism
marxismo-leninismo {m}  :: Marxism-Leninism (communist ideological stream based on the ideas of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin)
marxista {adj}  :: Marxist (relating to Marxism)
marxista {n}  :: Marxist (follower of Karl Marx’s philosophy)
Maryland {prop}  :: Maryland (placename)
marzipã {m}  :: marzipan (confection of almond paste, sugar and egg white)
mas {adv} [colloquial]  :: emphasises a previous clause, adverb or adjective; really; and how
mas {conj} [beginning a sentence]  :: emphasises an exclamation
mas {conj}  :: but (introduces a clause that contradicts the implications of the previous clause)
mas {conj}  :: but (introduces the correct information for something that was denied in the previous clause)
mas {conj}  :: but ... really; of course; no wonder (introduces the cause of the previous clause, with the implication that the result was expected given this cause)
mas {m}  :: but (an instance of proclaiming an exception)
mascar {v}  :: to chew (to crush with teeth) for a long time
mascarando {v}  :: gerund of mascarar
mascarar {v} [figurative]  :: to disguise (to prevent giving away or revealing a secret aspect of something)
mascarar {v}  :: to cover someone’s face with a mask
mascate {m}  :: peddler, hawker
Mascate {prop}  :: Muscat (placename)
mascatear {v}  :: to peddle; to hawk (to sell small goods in the streets)
mascavada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mascavado
mascavadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mascavado
mascavado {adj}  :: adulterated
mascavado {adj}  :: incomprehensible
mascavado {adj}  :: muscovado (sugar)
mascavo {adj} [obsolete]  :: adulterated, unrefined
mascavo {adj} [of sugar]  :: brown, and with flavour of molasses
mascote {m}  :: mascot
Mascote {prop}  :: Mascote (placename)
masculina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of masculino
masculinidade {f}  :: masculinity
masculino {adj}  :: masculine, male
Maseru {prop}  :: Maseru (placename)
masmorra {f}  :: dungeon (underground prison or vault)
mas, né {interj} [informal]  :: indicating an obvious but not expressed problem
masoquismo {m}  :: masochism (the enjoyment of receiving pain)
masoquista {mf}  :: masochist (someone who enjoys pain)
Masúria {prop}  :: Masuria (placename)
massa {adj} [Brazil, informal]  :: cool (in fashion, part of or fitting the in-crowd)
massa {adj} [Brazil, informal]  :: great; amazing; awesome
massa {f}  :: a concentration of substance or tightly packed objects
massa {f} [Brazil, slang, uncountable]  :: money
massa {f}  :: dough (mix of flour and other ingredients)
massa {f}  :: mortar (mixture for bonding bricks)
massa {f}  :: multitude (a great mass of people)
massa {f} [uncountable, physics]  :: mass (quantity of matter which a body contains, irrespective of its bulk or volume)
massa atômica {f}  :: alternative spelling of massa atómica
massa atómica {f} [chemistry]  :: atomic mass (mass of an atom)
massa azeda {f}  :: sourdough (sour leavened bread dough)
Massachusetts {prop}  :: Massachusetts (placename)
massacrar {v}  :: to massacre
massacre {m}  :: massacre
massa crítica {f} [nuclear physics]  :: critical mass (amount of fissile material needed to a nuclear chain reaction)
massa de vidraceiro {f}  :: putty (form of cement used to fix panes of glass)
massa folhada {f} [cooking]  :: puff pastry (light, flaky pastry)
massageador {m} [massage]  :: masseur (a person who performs massage)
massageadora {f}  :: feminine noun of massageador; masseuse
massagear {vt}  :: to massage
massagem {f}  :: massage
massagista {n} [massage]  :: masseur (a person who performs massage)
massai {adj}  :: relating to the Maasai people
massai {m}  :: Maasai (Eastern Nilotic language spoken by the Maasai people)
massai {n}  :: one of the Maasai (a people of Kenya and Tanzania)
massa invariante {f} [physics]  :: rest mass (mass of a body when it is not moving)
Massaranduba {prop}  :: Massaranduba (placename)
massificação {f}  :: massification (the process of bringing something to a mass audience)
massificar {v}  :: to massify (to become, or cause to become, oriented toward mass production)
massificar {v}  :: to standardize (taste, fashion)
massivo {adj}  :: massive (great in size, extent or importance)
massivo {adj} [physics]  :: massive (having a large mass)
massuda {adj}  :: feminine singular form of massudo
massudas {adj}  :: feminine plural of massudo
massudo {adj}  :: bulky (large in mass or volume)
mastigação {f}  :: chewing, mastication
mastigar {vt}  :: to chew, masticate
mastim {m}  :: mastiff (large breed of dog)
mastim tibetano {m}  :: Tibetan Mastiff (dog breed from Central Asia)
mastodonte {m}  :: mastodon (extinct elephant-like mammal of the genus Mammut)
mastreação {f} [nautical]  :: rig (the arrangement of masts)
Mastrique {prop} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of Maastricht
mastro {m}  :: flagpole (pole for hoisting flags)
mastro {m} [nautical]  :: mast (support of a sail)
mastro de mezena {m} [nautical]  :: mizzenmast (aftmost mast)
mastro de ré {m} [nautical]  :: mizzenmast (aftmost mast)
mastro grande {m} [nautical]  :: mainmast (the chief mast of a ship)
mastro grande {m} [&oth, mastro, grande]  ::
masturbador {m}  :: masturbator (someone who masturbates)
masturbação {f}  :: masturbation
masturbar {vr}  :: to masturbate (to manually stimulate one's sexual organs)
masturbar {vt}  :: to masturbate (to manually stimulate someone else's sexual organs)
masturbatória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of masturbatório
masturbatórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of masturbatório
masturbatório {adj}  :: masturbatory (pertaining to masturbation)
Masóvia {prop}  :: alternative form of Mazóvia
matá {v}  :: eye dialect of matar
mata {f}  :: woods, forest (collection of trees)
Mata {prop}  :: Mata (placename)
Mata Atlântica {prop} [ecology]  :: Atlantic Forest (placename)
matabichar {v} [Angola, Mozambique]  :: to eat breakfast
mata-bicho {m}  :: a dose of alcoholic beverage, especially cachaça, drunk before the first meal of the day
mata-bicho {m} [colloquial, Angola, Mozambique]  :: breakfast (first meal of the day)
mata-borrão {m}  :: blotting paper (absorbent paper used to dry ink)
Mata de São João {prop}  :: Mata de São João (placename)
matado {v}  :: past participle of matar
matador {adj}  :: which often kills
matador {m}  :: killer (someone who kills)
matadouro {m}  :: slaughterhouse (place where animals are slaughtered)
matagal {m}  :: thicket (dense growth of trees)
mata-leão {m} [martial arts]  :: choke; chokehold; stranglehold (hold around the opponent's neck)
matamatá {f}  :: matamata (Chelus fimbriatus, a freshwater turtle)
matamoscas {m}  :: flyswatter (hand-held device for swatting flies)
matança {f}  :: killing, slaughter
matança {f}  :: massacre
matando {v}  :: gerund of matar
matar {vp} [figurative]  :: to break one's back (to make a great effort)
matar {vr} [rfd-redundant]  :: to commit suicide
matar {vt} [Brazil, slang]  :: to consume something entirely (especially an alcoholic drink); to knock down
matar {vt} [Brazil, slang]  :: to skip (not to be present in a class)
matar {vt} [colloquial]  :: to spend [a period of time] doing unimportant things
matar {vt} [cue sports]  :: to pocket (to cause a ball to go into one of the pockets of the table)
matar {vt} [figurative, informal]  :: to kill (to cause extreme pain, distress or exhaustion in)
matar {vt} [figurative]  :: to kill; to eradicate; to destroy
matar {vt} [figurative]  :: to satisfy, to satiate, to quench (to fulfil an emotional or physiological need)
matar {vt} [informal]  :: to solve (to find the solution to a mystery)
matar {v}  :: to kill (to cause to die)
matar {vt} [sports]  :: to stop a moving ball
matar {vt}  :: to kill (to write a story that conveys the death of)
mataraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mataram
mataraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of matarão
matar a cobra e mostrar o pau {v} [idiomatic]  :: to do something and provide evidence one has done it
matar cachorro a grito {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to be horny: to be desperately in need of sex
matar cachorro a grito {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: to be very poor, not to have money
matar dois coelhos com uma cajadada {v}  :: alternative form of matar dois coelhos com uma cajadada só
matar dois coelhos com uma cajadada só {v} [idiomatic]  :: to kill two birds with one stone (solve two problems at once)
matar dois coelhos de uma cajadada {v}  :: alternative form of matar dois coelhos com uma cajadada só
matar dois coelhos de uma cajadada só {v}  :: alternative form of matar dois coelhos com uma cajadada só
matarão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mataram
matar o tempo {v}  :: to kill time
matarruano {m}  :: simpleton (simple person lacking common sense)
matar um leão por dia {v} [idiom]  :: To work extremely hard every day
mata-sanos {mf}  :: quack (fraudulent or incompetent doctor of medicine)
Mata Verde {prop}  :: Mata Verde (placename)
mate {m} [South Brazil]  :: maté (a beverage prepared from the leaves of this plant)
mate {m} [South Brazil]  :: maté (Ilex paraguariensis) (a shrub native to southern South America)
matear {vi} [South Brazil]  :: to drink hot maté
matematicamente {adv}  :: mathematically
matemática {adj}  :: mathematical
matemática {f} [countable]  :: feminine noun of matemático (mathematician)
matemática {f}  :: mathematics
matemática aplicada {f}  :: applied mathematics (mathematics used to solve problems in other sciences)
matemática discreta {f} [mathematics]  :: discrete mathematics (mathematical field that studies discrete structures)
matemático {adj}  :: related to mathematics
mateologia {f} [rare]  :: mateology (vain discourse)
Matera {prop}  :: Matera (placename)
materia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of matéria
material {adj}  :: material
material {n}  :: material
material circulante {m}  :: rolling stock
materialismo {m}  :: materialism (constant concern over material possessions and wealth)
materialista {adj}  :: materialistic (overly concerned with material possessions and wealth)
materialista {n}  :: a materialistic person
Materlândia {prop}  :: Materlândia (placename)
maternal {adj}  :: maternal (of or relating to mothers)
maternal {m}  :: a school for young children
maternidade {f}  :: maternity
maternidade {f}  :: maternity hospital (or department in a hospital)
maternidade {f}  :: motherhood
materno {adj}  :: maternal (of or pertaining to a mother)
Mateus {prop}  :: male given name, Matthew
Mateus Leme {prop}  :: Mateus Leme (placename)
Matheus {prop}  :: alternative form of Mateus
Mathias Lobato {prop}  :: Mathias Lobato (placename)
Matias {prop}  :: male given name, Matthias
Matias Barbosa {prop}  :: Matias Barbosa (placename)
Matias Cardoso {prop}  :: Matias Cardoso (placename)
Matilda {prop}  :: female given name, Matilda
Matilde {prop}  :: female given name, Matilda, alternative form of Matilda
matilha {f} [military]  :: wolfpack (fleet of military submarines)
matilha {f}  :: pack (collective noun for dogs)
matinê {f} [by extension]  :: any event happening in the afternoon
matinê {f}  :: matinee (movie showing in the afternoon)
matina {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: morning
Matina {prop}  :: Matina (placename)
matinée {f}  :: dated form of matinê
Matipó {prop}  :: Matipó (placename)
matirão {m}  :: American night heron (Nyctanassa violacea, a small heron of the Americas)
matiz {f}  :: hue (color or shade of color; tint; dye)
mato {m}  :: forest, bush, jungle, woods (uncultivated area covered in wild plants)
Matão {prop}  :: Matão (placename)
Mato Castelhano {prop}  :: Mato Castelhano (placename)
mato-grossense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Mato Grosso
mato-grossense {mf}  :: Someone from Mato Grosso
Mato Grosso {prop}  :: Mato Grosso (placename)
Mato Grosso do Sul {prop}  :: Mato Grosso do Sul (placename)
Mato Leitão {prop}  :: Mato Leitão (placename)
Mato Queimado {prop}  :: Mato Queimado (placename)
Matos Costa {prop}  :: Matos Costa (placename)
Matosinhos {prop}  :: Matosinhos (placename)
Mato Verde {prop}  :: Mato Verde (placename)
Matozinhos {prop}  :: Matozinhos (placename)
matraca {f} [informal]  :: chatterbox (one who chats or talks to excess)
matraca {f} [informal]  :: mouth
matraca {f} [musical instruments]  :: ratchet, wooden rattle
matrafona {f}  :: alternative form of marafona
matraquilhos {n} [Portugal]  :: foosball (table soccer)
matrícula {f}  :: enrolment (act of enrolling or state of being enrolled)
matrícula {f}  :: matriculation
matrícula {f}  :: number plate, license plate
matrícula {f}  :: registration number
matrecos {n} [informal, Portugal]  :: foosball (table soccer)
matreira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of matreiro
matreiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of matreiro
matreiro {adj}  :: wily; sly; cunning
matreiro {m}  :: fox (wily, cunning person)
matéria {f}  :: subject
matéria cinzenta {f} [neuroanatomy]  :: grey matter (collection of cell bodies with dendritic connections)
matéria cinzenta {f} [&oth, matéria, cinzenta]  ::
matéria escura {f} [astronomy]  :: dark matter (particles of matter that cannot be detected by their radiation)
matéria-prima {f}  :: raw material
matriarca {f}  :: matriarch (a female leader of a family, a tribe or an ethnic or religious group)
matricial {adj} [mathematics]  :: relating to matrices
matricial {adj}  :: relating to the head office of an organisation
matriculado {v}  :: past participle of matricular
matriculando {v}  :: gerund of matricular
matricular {v}  :: to enrol, register
matricular {v}  :: to matriculate
matrimônio {m}  :: alternative form of matrimónio
matrimónio {m}  :: matrimony; marriage (state of being married)
matrimónio {m}  :: matrimony; wedding (ritual officially celebrating the beginning of a marriage)
matriosca {f}  :: alternative form of matrioshka
matrioshka {f}  :: Russian doll; matryoshka (one of a set of hollow, nesting dolls)
matriz {f}  :: a church which has other churches and chapels under its jurisdiction
matriz {f} [anatomy]  :: womb; uterus
matriz {f} [computing]  :: matrix (two-dimensional array)
matriz {f} [cytology]  :: extracellular matrix
matriz {f}  :: engraved block of wood or medal used in printing
matriz {f}  :: head office
matriz {f} [mathematics]  :: matrix (rectangular arrangement of numbers)
matriz {f}  :: mould (hollow form for shaping fluid)
matriz {f}  :: source; origin; mother
matriz {f}  :: stencil (perforated sheet through which ink can be forced)
matriz identidade {f} [linear algebra]  :: identity matrix (diagonal matrix with all diagonal elements equal to 1)
matriz mitocondrial {f} [biology]  :: matrix (part of the mitochondrion inside the inner membrane)
matryoshka {f}  :: alternative spelling of matrioshka
matsá {f}  :: alternative spelling of matzá
matsutake {m}  :: matsutake (Tricholoma matsutake, a prized edible mushroom)
Matsuyama {prop}  :: Matsuyama (a city of Japan)
matta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of mata
mattar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of matar
mattaraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mataram
mattaraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of matarão
mattarão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mataram
mattarão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of matarão
matulão {f}  :: big boy, hulk (big person)
matulão {f}  :: vagabond
matungo {m}  :: (Brazil) nag (old and useless horse)
maturado {v}  :: past participle of maturar
maturando {v}  :: gerund of maturar
maturação {f}  :: maturation
maturar {v}  :: to mature
maturidade {f}  :: maturity
matusalém {m}  :: Methuselah (person or thing that has lived to a very old age)
Matusalém {prop} [biblical character]  :: Methuselah (Biblical character having reportedly lived 969 years)
Matutina {prop}  :: Matutina (placename)
matuto {m}  :: A simple, feeble-minded man
matzá {f}  :: matzo (a thin, unleavened bread eaten by Jews during passover)
mau {adj}  :: bad
mau {adj}  :: evil, wicked
mau {adj}  :: harmful
Mauá {prop}  :: Mauá (placename)
mau egípcio {m}  :: Egyptian Mau (breed of domestic cat)
mau olhado {m}  :: alternative spelling of mau-olhado
mau-olhado {m}  :: evil eye (wicked look)
mau-olhado {m} [superstition]  :: ill condition caused by an evil eye
mau perdedor {m}  :: sore loser (one who doesn’t take defeat well)
Maurícia {prop}  :: female given name
Maurícia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Mauritius (placename)
Maurícia {prop} [Portugal]  :: Mauritius (placename)
Maurício {prop} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Maurícia
Maurício {prop}  :: male given name, Maurice
mauricinho {f} [Brazil, slang, derogatory]  :: a young, upper-class man frequently worried about dressing well in parties
mauritano {adj}  :: Mauritanian (of, from or relating to Mauritania)
mauritano {m}  :: Mauritanian (a person from Mauritania)
Mauritânia {prop}  :: Mauritania (placename)
maus lençóis {n} [idiomatic]  :: deep water (difficult or embarrassing situation)
mausoléu {m}  :: mausoleum (large tomb)
mauveína {f}  :: mauveine
maxila {f} [skeleton]  :: maxilla (upper jawbone)
maxilar {adj}  :: maxillary (relating to a jawbone)
maxilar {m} [skeleton]  :: jawbone
maxilar inferior {m} [skeleton, dated]  :: mandible, the lower jawbone
maxilar superior {m} [skeleton]  :: maxilla, the upper jawbone
maxilla {f}  :: obsolete spelling of maxila
maxillar {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of maxilar
maxillar {m}  :: obsolete spelling of maxilar
maxillar inferior {m}  :: obsolete spelling of maxilar inferior
maxillar superior {m}  :: obsolete spelling of maxilar superior
maximalismo {m}  :: maximalism (tendency toward excess)
Maximiliano de Almeida {prop}  :: Maximiliano de Almeida (placename)
maximizar {vt}  :: to maximise
maxixando {v}  :: gerund of maxixar
maxixar {v}  :: to dance the maxixe
maxixe {m}  :: gherkin
maxixe {m}  :: maxixe
maya {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of maia
maya {mf}  :: obsolete spelling of maia
mayonese {f}  :: obsolete spelling of maionese
mayonnaise {f} [dated spelling of, maionese]  ::
mayonnese {f}  :: obsolete spelling of maionese
mayor {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of maior
mayoria {f}  :: obsolete spelling of maioria
Mayotte {prop}  :: Mayotte (placename)
mays {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of mais
Mazandaran {prop}  :: Mazandaran (placename)
mazela {f}  :: blemish (moral defect)
mazela {f}  :: wound
maçãzita {f}  :: diminutive form of maçã; small apple
mazmorra {f}  :: obsolete spelling of masmorra
mazmôrra {f}  :: obsolete spelling of masmorra
Mazóvia {prop}  :: Masovia (placename)
Mbabane {prop}  :: Mbabane (placename)
móbil {adj}  :: mobile
mácron {m}  :: macron
mícron {m}  :: micron (one-millionth of a meter)
mácula {f}  :: blemish (small flaw which spoils the appearance of something)
mácula {f}  :: stain (discoloured spot or area)
Mêda {prop}  :: Mêda (placename)
mãdado {m} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of mandado
mãdado {v} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of mandado
mãdar {v} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of mandar
mãdara {v} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of mandara
Módena {prop}  :: Modena (placename)
média {adj}  :: feminine singular form of médio
média {f} [Brazil, education]  :: the score necessary to go from one grade to another
média {f} [statistics]  :: average; arithmetic mean
média {f} [statistics]  :: average; measure of central tendency
mídia {f} [Brazil]  :: media (journalists and other professionals who compose the mass communication industry)
média aritmética {f} [statistics, probability]  :: arithmetic mean (measure of central tendency)
média harmônica {f}  :: alternative form of média harmónica
média harmónica {f} [mathematics]  :: harmonic mean (a type of measure of central tendency)
médica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of médico
médica-legista {f}  :: feminine noun of médico-legista
médicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of médico
médico {adj}  :: medical
médico {m}  :: physician
médico de pés descalços {m} [rare]  :: barefoot doctor (farmer with basic medical training)
médico-legista {m}  :: medical examiner (physician who examines cadavers)
Mdina {prop}  :: Mdina (placename)
médio {adj}  :: average (constituting or relating to the average)
médio {adj}  :: medieval (of the Middle Ages)
médio {adj}  :: medium (intermediate size, degree, amount etc.)
médio {adj}  :: middle (being in the middle)
médium {mf} [spiritualism]  :: medium (a person who contacts the dead)
mêdo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of medo
mũdo {m} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of mundo
mds {interj} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of meu Deus
módulo de Young {m} [physics]  :: Young’s modulus (coefficient of a solid’s elasticity)
mãe {f} [attributive, in compounds]  :: whence others spawn, are generated, are copied or stem
mãe {f} [figurative]  :: mother (source or origin)
mãe {f}  :: lees (sediment that settles during fermentation of beverages)
mãe {f}  :: mother (female who gives birth to or parents a child)
meã {adj}  :: feminine singular form of meão
meã {f}  :: a piece of leather that connects the two pieces of a flail
me {pron}  :: first-person singular objective direct personal pronoun; me
me {pron}  :: first-person singular objective indirect personal pronoun; (to) me
me {pron}  :: first-person singular reflexive pronoun; myself
meada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of meado
meadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of meado
meado {adj}  :: mid
meado {m} [chiefly, plural]  :: middle
mealha {f}  :: a coin of little value
mealha {f}  :: a crumb
mealha {f}  :: a mediaeval Portuguese coin
Mealhada {prop}  :: Mealhada (placename)
mealhando {v}  :: gerund of mealhar
mealhar {v}  :: to accumulate something bit by bit
mealhar {v}  :: to save money little by little
mealheiro {m}  :: money box, piggy bank
meando {v}  :: gerund of mear
meação {f}  :: division into two
meação {f}  :: sharecropping
mear {v}  :: to halve (divide into two)
meca {f} [figuratively]  :: Mecca (any important place of pilgrimage by people with a particular interest)
Meca {f}  :: alternative case form of meca
Meca {prop}  :: Mecca (placename)
mecanismo {m}  :: mechanism (mechanical means for the conversion or control of motion)
mecanizado {adj}  :: mechanized
mecanizado {v}  :: past participle of mecanizar
mecanizando {v}  :: gerund of mecanizar
mecanização {f}  :: mechanization
mecanizar {v}  :: to mechanize
mecatrónica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mecatrónico
mecatrônica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mecatrônico
mecatrônica {f}  :: alternative form of mecatrónica
mecatrónica {f}  :: mechatronics (branch of engineering that studies automata)
mecenato {m}  :: patronage (the act of providing approval and support)
mecha {f}  :: lock (length of hair)
mecha {f}  :: wick (burning cord of a candle)
Mecklemburgo-Pomerânia Ocidental {prop}  :: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (placename)
mecânica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mecânico
mecânica analítica {f} [mathematics, physics]  :: analytic mechanics (the application of calculus to classical mechanics)
mecânica quântica {f} [physics]  :: quantum mechanics (branch of physics that studies matter and energy at the level of elementary particles)
mecânico {adj}  :: mechanical
mecânico {m}  :: mechanic (a skilled worker capable of building or repairing machinery)
meda {f}  :: only in que meda
Meda {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Mêda
medalha {f}  :: medal (metal object used as a prize or military decoration)
medalha {f}  :: medal (stamped metal disc used as ornament or charm)
medalha de bronze {f}  :: bronze medal (medal indicating third place in a competition)
medalha de bronze {f} [by extension]  :: person who reaches third place in a competition
medalha de bronze {f} [by extension]  :: third place in a competition
medalha de honra {f}  :: any achievement that is a great source of pride
medalha de honra {f}  :: Medal of Honor (highest military award given in the United States)
medalha de ouro {f}  :: gold medal (first place in a competition)
medalha de ouro {f} de|ouro
medalha de prata {f} [by extension]  :: person who reaches second place in a competition
medalha de prata {f} [by extension]  :: second place in a competition
medalha de prata {f}  :: silver medal (medal indicating second place in a competition)
medalhista {mf}  :: medalist (one who has received a medal)
medalhão {m}  :: medallion (large decorative medal)
Medeiros {prop}  :: Medeiros (placename)
Medeiros Neto {prop}  :: Medeiros Neto (placename)
mediador {m}  :: mediator (one who negotiates between parties seeking mutual agreement)
mediana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mediano
mediana {f} [geometry]  :: median (line joining a vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side)
mediana {f} [statistics]  :: median (measure of central tendency)
medianamente {adv}  :: medially (in the middle)
mediano {adj}  :: average in size or importance
mediano {adj}  :: average (moderately good)
mediano {adj}  :: median (situated in the middle)
mediação {f}  :: mediation
medicalização {f}  :: medicalization (the act or process of medicalizing)
medicamento {m}  :: medicine (substance which promotes healing)
medicamento órfão {m} [rare]  :: orphan drug (drug without enough demand to cover its production costs)
medicação {f}  :: medication
medicina {f}  :: medicine (field of study)
medicina alternativa {f}  :: alternative medicine (medical methods and practices used in place of conventional medicine)
medicina veterinária {f}  :: veterinary medicine (branch of medicine that deals with animals)
medida {f}  :: action, step, sanction
medida {f}  :: measurement; measure
medido {v}  :: past participle of medir
medidor {adj}  :: measuring, metering
medidor {m}  :: measurer
medidor {m}  :: meter
medidora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of medidor
medidoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of medidor
medieval {adj}  :: medieval
Medina {prop}  :: Medina (placename)
Medina {prop}  :: Medina (placename)
medindo {v}  :: gerund of medir
medição {f}  :: measurement, mensuration
mediocre {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of medíocre
mediocridade {f}  :: a mediocre thing or aspect
mediocridade {f} [uncountable]  :: mediocrity (condition of being mediocre)
medir {v}  :: to measure, gauge
meditabunda {adj}  :: feminine singular form of meditabundo
meditabundas {adj}  :: feminine plural of meditabundo
meditabundo {adj}  :: thoughtful, reflective
meditado {v}  :: past participle of meditar
meditando {v}  :: gerund of meditar
meditação {f}  :: meditation
meditar {v}  :: to meditate
mediterrânea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mediterrâneo
mediterrâneas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mediterrâneo
mediterrâneo {adj}  :: Mediterranean
Mediterrâneo {prop}  :: Mediterranean Sea (placename)
mediterrânica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mediterrânico
mediterrânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mediterrânico
mediterrânico {adj}  :: Mediterranean (of or pertaining to the Mediterranean Sea and the region around it)
medo {m}  :: fear (emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat)
medíocre {adj}  :: mediocre (ordinary: not extraordinary; not special, exceptional, or great; of medium quality)
medo de palco {m}  :: stage fright (state of nervousness about performing)
medonha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of medonho
medonhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of medonho
medonho {adj}  :: hideous, dreadful, awful, ghastly
medronheiro {m}  :: strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo, a small, fruit-bearing tree of Europe)
medronho {m}  :: the berry of the strawberry tree
medronho {m} [uncountable]  :: medronho (alcoholic beverage)
medrosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of medroso
medrosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of medroso
medroso {adj}  :: craven
medroso {adj}  :: fearful
medroso {adj}  :: timid
medula {f} [uncountable]  :: marrow (substance inside bones)
medula espinal {f}  :: spinal cord
medula espinhal {f}  :: spinal cord (thick, whitish cord of nerve tissue)
medula óssea {f} [anatomy]  :: bone marrow (substance inside bones)
medusa {f} [zoology]  :: medusa (non-polyp form of a cnidarian)
Medusa {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Medusa (creature with a petrifying gaze)
Mefistófeles {prop}  :: Mephistopheles (Devil to whom Faust sold his soul)
mefistofélico {adj}  :: Mephistophelean
mega- {prefix}  :: mega- (multiplication factor of one million)
mega- {prefix}  :: mega- (very large, great)
megabyte {m}  :: megabyte (unit of a million bytes)
megafone {m}  :: megaphone (portable device used to amplify a person’s voice)
megagrama {m} [rare]  :: megagram, metric ton, ton (unit of weight, equivalent to 1000 kilograms)
megahertz {m}  :: megahertz (frequency unit of one million cycles per second)
megalitismo {m} [archaeology]  :: megalithism (culture surrounding the building of megaliths)
megalômana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of megalômano
megalômanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of megalômano
megalômano {adj}  :: megalomaniacal
megalômano {m}  :: megalomaniac
megalomania {f}  :: megalomania (condition characterised by delusional fantasies of wealth, power or omnipotence)
megalópole {f}  :: megalopolis (large conurbation)
megametro {m}  :: obsolete form of megâmetro
megaohm {m}  :: megaohm (one million ohms)
megapascal {m}  :: megapascal
megasseca {f} [climatology]  :: megadrought (a drought lasting for decades or centuries)
megassismo {m}  :: megaseism (a large or severe earthquake)
megatsunami {m}  :: megatsunami (a very large tsunami)
megera {f}  :: an evil or bad-tempered woman
Meghalaya {prop}  :: Meghalaya (placename)
megleno-romeno {m}  :: Megleno-Romanian (an Eastern Romance language spoken in Greece, Macedonia and Romania)
megâmetro {m}  :: an instrument for measuring angular distance between astronomical objects
megâmetro {m}  :: an instrument for measuring great distances at sea
megâmetro {m}  :: megametre (a distance of 1,000 km)
meia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of meio
meia {f} [Brazil]  :: a ticket sold for half its normal price, as required by law, for students and children (short form of meia-entrada)
meia {f} [Portugal]  :: obsolete unit of measure for liquids, equivalent to six pints
meia {f}  :: sock (covering for the foot; originally short form of meia-calça)
meia {f} [when reading a time]  :: thirty minutes (short form of meia hora)
meia {mf} [football]  :: midfielder
meia {num} [Brazil]  :: six (6, used instead of seis when it’s necessary to avoid confusion with rhyme três; short form of meia dúzia)
meia arrastão {f}  :: fishnet (stockings made of fishnet fabric)
meia boca {adj} [idiom]  :: or poor quality; bad
meia-boca {adj} [informal]  :: so-so (neither good nor bad)
meia-calça {f}  :: tights (woman’s skin-tight garment that covers the legs and feet)
meia dúzia {f}  :: couple (a small number)
meia dúzia {f}  :: half a dozen (6, six)
meia-irmã {f}  :: half-sister (sister sharing only one parent)
meia-lua {f}  :: half-moon (anything shaped like a crescent)
meia-lua {f}  :: half-moon (the moon in its first or last quarter)
meia-luz {f}  :: twilight (faint light after sunset or before sunrise)
meia-noite {f}  :: midnight (the middle of the night)
meia-nove {m}  :: sixty-nine (sex position)
meia-vida {f} [physics]  :: half-life
meia-volta {f}  :: about-face (turn to face the opposite direction)
meiga {adj}  :: feminine singular form of meigo
meigamente {adv}  :: tenderly, gently
meigas {adj}  :: feminine plural of meigo
meigo {adj}  :: caring, gentle
meigo {adj}  :: sweet, lovely
meiguice {f}  :: sweetness
meimendro {m}  :: henbane (Hyoscyamus niger, a poisonous herb)
meinha {f}  :: diminutive form of meia
meio {adj}  :: half
meio {adv}  :: a little bit
meio {adv}  :: almost
meio {m}  :: environment
meio {m}  :: middle, center
meio {m}  :: way, mean (method by which something is done)
meio ambiente {m}  :: environment (natural world or ecosystem)
meio-campista {mf} [football]  :: midfielder
meio-dia {m}  :: noon
meio-fio {m}  :: kerb (edge between pavement and roadway)
meio-irmão {m}  :: half brother (brother sharing only one parent)
meiose {f} [cytology]  :: meiosis (cell division)
meio-tempo {m} [by extension]  :: an interval of time between two events
meio-tempo {m} [sports]  :: half time (interval between halves of a match)
meio-termo {m}  :: compromise (settlement of by consent reached by mutual concessions)
meio-tio {m}  :: half-uncle (half-brother of one’s parent)
meio-tom {m} [music]  :: semitone (interval between adjacent keys)
meirinho {m} [historical]  :: bailiff (legal officer with some degree of authority)
meitnério {m}  :: meitnerium (chemical element)
meizinha {f}  :: obsolete form of mezinha
Mekong {prop}  :: Mekong (placename)
melé {m} [Brazil]  :: joker (playing card that features a picture of a jester)
mel {m}  :: honey
melado {adj} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: drunk
melado {adj}  :: honey-colored (having the color of honey)
melado {adj}  :: honey-sweet (very sweet)
melado {adj}  :: sticky
melado {adj}  :: withered
melado {v}  :: past participle of melar
melado {v}  :: past participle of melar
melancia {f}  :: watermelon (fruit)
melancia {f}  :: watermelon (plant)
melancólica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of melancólico
melancólicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of melancólico
melancólico {adj}  :: melancholic
melancólico {adj}  :: moody
melancólico {adj}  :: sad
melancolia {f}  :: melancholy (extreme sadness or depression)
melancolicamente {adv}  :: gloomily
melancolicamente {adv}  :: moodily
melancolicamente {adv}  :: sadly
melanina {f}  :: melanin (natural dark skin pigment)
melanoma {m} [oncology]  :: melanoma (type of skin tumour)
Melanésia {prop}  :: Melanesia (placename)
melaço {m}  :: molasses
melar {vi}  :: to produce honey
melar {vi}  :: to wither, to dry up
melar {vp}  :: to cover with honey
melar {vt}  :: to sweeten with honey
Melbourne {prop}  :: Melbourne (placename)
melódico {adj}  :: melodic; melodious (having melody)
melódico {adj}  :: melodic (relating to melody)
meleca {f} [Brazil]  :: booger (piece of nasal mucus)
meleca {f} [Brazil]  :: goo (sticky liquid or semisolid substance)
Meleiro {prop}  :: Meleiro (placename)
melões {n} [slang]  :: breasts
melíflua {adj}  :: feminine singular form of melífluo
melífluas {adj}  :: feminine plural of melífluo
melífluo {adj}  :: mellifluous
melífluo {adj}  :: unctuous
Melgaço {prop}  :: Melgaço (placename)
Melgaço {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
melhor {adj}  :: comparative form of bom: better, best (with definite article)
melhora {f}  :: improvement
melhora {f} [in the plural]  :: recovery (return to normal health)
melhoramento {m}  :: upgrade, improvement
melhorar {v}  :: to improve, to ameliorate
melhoria {f}  :: amelioration
melhoria {f}  :: enhancement
melhoria {f}  :: improvement, advance; progress
melhor idade {f} [euphemism]  :: old age
melisma {m} [music]  :: melisma (a passage of several notes sung to one syllable of text)
melismático {adj} [music]  :: melismatic (of, relating to, or being a melisma)
Melissa {prop}  :: female given name, Melissa
mel na chupeta {adj} [idiomatic, informal]  :: very easy, easy as pie
melão {m}  :: melon (fruit)
meloa {f}  :: cantaloupe (the fruit)
melão-de-são-caetano {m}  :: bitter melon (Momordica charantia, a vine)
melão-de-são-caetano {m}  :: bitter melon (the fruit of the bitter melon plant)
melodia {f} [figurative]  :: harmony (pleasing arrangement of sounds)
melodia {f}  :: melody (sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase)
melodiosidade {f}  :: melodiousness (the property of being melodious)
melodioso {adj}  :: melodious (having a pleasant melody)
melodrama {m} [figurative]  :: melodrama (any situation or action which is blown out of proportion)
melodrama {m}  :: melodrama (romantic drama)
melodramático {adj}  :: melodramatic (exaggeratedly emotional)
melodramático {adj}  :: melodramatic (of or pertaining to melodrama)
melolonta {f}  :: cockchafer (beetle of genus Melolontha)
melosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of meloso
melosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of meloso
meloso {adj}  :: syrupy
Melpómene {prop}  :: alternative form of Melpomene
Melpômene {prop}  :: alternative form of Melpomene
Melpomene {prop} [Greek god]  :: Melpomene (Muse of tragedy)
Melquisedeque {prop} [biblical character]  :: Melchizedek (king and priest mentioned in the Genesis)
melro {m}  :: Eurasian blackbird (A common true thrush, Turdus merula)
melro-aquático {m}  :: dipper (any of various small passerine birds of the genus Cinclus)
melro-d'água {m}  :: dipper (any of various small passerine birds of the genus Cinclus)
melro europeu {m}  :: Eurasian blackbird (Turdus merula, a thrush of Eurasia and northern Africa)
melro-peixeiro {m}  :: dipper (any of various small passerine birds of the genus Cinclus)
membra {f} [nonstandard, uncommon]  :: feminine noun of membro
membrana {f}  :: membrane
membrana celular {f} [cytology]  :: cell membrane (semipermeable membrane surrounding the cytoplasm of a cell)
membrana citoplasmática {f} [cytology]  :: cell membrane (semipermeable membrane surrounding the cytoplasm of a cell)
membrana plasmática {f} [cytology]  :: cell membrane (semipermeable membrane surrounding the cytoplasm of a cell)
membranar {adj}  :: membrane (attribtive)
membranoso {adj}  :: membranous (having the qualities of or pertaining to membranes)
membro {m} [colloquial]  :: member; penis
membro {m}  :: each part of a whole
membro {m} [grammar]  :: each element of a sentence
membro {m}  :: member; limb
membro {m}  :: member (one who officially belongs to a group)
membro viril {m}  :: penis (male organ for copulation and urination)
meme {m}  :: meme (unit of cultural information)
Memel {prop}  :: Memel (placename)
memorando {m}  :: memorandum (brief diplomatic communication)
memorando {m}  :: memorandum (written business communication)
memoria {f}  :: obsolete spelling of memória
memorizado {v}  :: past participle of memorizar
memorizando {v}  :: gerund of memorizar
memorização {f}  :: memorization
memorizar {v}  :: to memorize
memorável {adj}  :: memorable (worthy of being remembered)
memória {f}  :: memory (all senses)
memória dinâmica {f}  :: dynamic memory (computer memory that requires periodic refresh)
memória fotográfica {f}  :: eidetic memory
memória muscular {f} [physiology]  :: muscle memory (subconscious memorisation of a physical movement)
memória ROM {f} [computing]  :: read-only memory (memory where values may be stored but not updated)
menagem {f}  :: dated form of homenagem
menagerie {f}  :: menagerie (collection of live wild animals on exhibition)
menarca {f}  :: menarche (first menstruation)
Mãe Natal {prop} [Portugal, folklore]  :: Mrs. Claus (Santa Claus’ wife)
menchevique {n} [historical]  :: Menshevik (member of a moderate faction of the Russian revolutionary movement)
mencionar {v}  :: to mention (to speak of something)
mendacidade {f}  :: mendacity (a lie, deceit or falsehood)
mendacidade {f}  :: mendacity; dishonesty (the condition of being untruthful)
mendelévio {m}  :: mendelevium (chemical element)
Mendes {prop}  :: Mendes (placename)
Mendes {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
Mendes Pimentel {prop}  :: Mendes Pimentel (placename)
mendicante {adj}  :: mendicant (depending on alms)
mendicante {adj}  :: mendicant (or or pertaining to a member of a religious order who begs)
mendiga {f}  :: feminine noun of mendigo
mendigar {v}  :: to beg
mendigas {n}  :: feminine plural of mendigo
mendigo {m}  :: beggar (person who begs for a living)
Mendonça {prop}  :: Mendonça (placename)
Mendonça {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
meneio {m}  :: wiggle
meneio {m}  :: wriggle
Menelau {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Menelaus (the king of Mycenaean Sparta)
menestrel {m}  :: minstrel (entertainer)
menestrel {m}  :: minstrel (Medieval entertainer)
menhã {f} [dialectal, or, archaic]  :: alternative spelling of manhã
menham {f}  :: obsolete form of manhã
menina {f}  :: girl (female child)
menina {f} [pejorative]  :: an effeminate boy
menina {f} [Portugal, euphemistic, usually in plural]  :: prostitute
menina {f}  :: young lady, miss (a title of respect for an unmarried young woman)
meninada {f}  :: a collective of young people; may refer to kids, adolescents or young adults
menina dos olhos {f} [idiomatic]  :: apple of someone's eye (a favourite, a particular preference, or a loved one)
meninge {f} [anatomy]  :: meninx (any of the three membranes enclosing the brain)
meningite {f} [pathology]  :: meningitis (inflammation of the meninges)
meninice {f}  :: childhood, infancy
menininha {f}  :: diminutive form of menina
meninão {m}  :: augmentative form of menino
menino {m}  :: boy (a young male)
menir {m} [archaeology]  :: menhir (megalith consisting of a standing stone)
menção {f}  :: mention
menção {f}  :: reference
Meno {prop}  :: Main (placename)
Menoécio {prop}  :: Menoetius (a Titan)
Menoécio {prop}  :: Menoetius (father of Patroclus and son of Actor)
Menoécio {prop}  :: Menoetius (one of Hades’ shepherds)
menopausa {f}  :: menopause (the ending of menstruation)
menor {adj}  :: comparative form of pequeno: smaller; lesser
menorá {f} [Judaism]  :: menorah (seven-branch candelabrum)
menor {mf} [legal]  :: minor (person below the legal age of responsibility or accountability)
Menorca {prop}  :: alternative form of Minorca
menoridade {f}  :: minority (period or condition of a person prior to reaching adulthood)
menor que {m}  :: less than (name of the character <)
menor que {m} [&oth, menor, que]  ::
menos {adv}  :: less (in lower degree)
menos {m}  :: minus sign (the symbol −)
menos {prep}  :: except; but
menos {prep} [mathematics]  :: minus (indicates subtraction)
menos {pron}  :: fewer (a smaller number of), less (a smaller size or significance of)
menos mal {interj}  :: thank God, thank goodness
menosprezado {v}  :: past participle of menosprezar
menosprezando {v}  :: gerund of menosprezar
menosprezar {v}  :: to despise, scorn
menosprezar {v}  :: to look down on
menosprezar {v}  :: to underestimate, undervalue
menosprezível {adj}  :: contemptible; despicable (deserving to be hated)
mensageiro {m} [figurative]  :: herald; harbinger
mensageiro {m}  :: mailman (one who delivers and collects mail and packages)
mensageiro {m}  :: messenger (one who brings messages)
mensagem {f}  :: message (concept or information conveyed)
mensagem {f}  :: message (underlying theme or conclusion to be drawn from something)
mensagem de texto {f}  :: text message (brief electronic message sent over a mobile phone)
mensagem subliminar {f}  :: subliminal message (hidden message perceived subconsciously)
mensal {adj}  :: Occurring at intervals of one month; monthly
mensalmente {adv}  :: Every month; monthly
menstrual {adj}  :: menstrual (relating to menstruation)
menstruação {f}  :: menstruation (periodic discharging of the menses)
menstruar {v}  :: to flow
menstruar {v}  :: to menstruate
mensuração {f}  :: measurement (act of measuring)
menta {f}  :: mint (any plant of the family Lamiaceae)
menta {f}  :: mint (flavouring extracted from the mint plant)
mental {adj}  :: mental
mentalidade {f}  :: mentality; mindset (way of thinking)
mentalmente {adv}  :: mentally
mente {f}  :: mind (ability for rational thought)
-mente {suffix}  :: Used to form adverbs from adjectives, compare English -wise, -ly or -ally
mentecapto {adj} [derogatory]  :: crazy, insane
mentecapto {adj} [derogatory]  :: ignorant, imbecilic
mentecapto {m} [derogatory]  :: a madman or crazy person
mentecapto {m} [derogatory]  :: an imbecile
mentecato {adj}  :: dated form of mentecapto
mentecato {m}  :: dated form of mentecapto
mentir {v}  :: to lie (say something untrue)
mentira {f}  :: lie (intentionally untrue statement)
mentira {interj} [informal]  :: I mean (used to correct a piece of information)
mentira branca {f} [idiomatic]  :: white lie (untrue, good-willed statement)
mentira tem perna curta {proverb}  :: a lie has no legs
mentirinha {f}  :: diminutive form of mentira
mentirona {f}  :: augmentative form of mentira
mentirosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mentiroso
mentirosamente {adv}  :: In false context; not conforming to facts or reality; untruthfully; falsely
mentirosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mentiroso
mentiroso {adj}  :: which lies or deceives
mentiroso {m}  :: liar (one who tells lies)
mento {m}  :: chin (bottom of a face)
-mento {suffix}  :: -tion (process, action or result)
mentol {m} [organic compound]  :: menthol (cyclic monoterpene alcohol)
mentor {m}  :: mentor (a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher)
menu {m} [computing]  :: menu (list from which the user may select an option)
menu {m}  :: menu (printed list of dishes offered in a restaurant)
meramente {adv}  :: merely (nothing more than)
meranti {m}  :: meranti (the timber of any of various trees of the genus Shorea)
mercê {f}  :: grace, mercy
merca {f}  :: the act or practice of trading
mercado {m}  :: market (place for trading in general)
mercado altista {m} [finance]  :: bull market (stock market where a majority of investors are buying)
mercado das pulgas {m} [Brazil]  :: flea market (outdoor market selling inexpensive antiques, curios)
mercado de ações {m}  :: stock market (market for the trading of company stock)
mercado de trabalho {m} [economics]  :: available jobs
mercadológico {adj} [marketing]  :: relating to or involving marketing
mercadologia {f}  :: marketing (the promotion, distribution and selling of a product or service)
mercadologicamente {adv} [marketing]  :: in a manner that involves or concerns marketing
mercado negro {m}  :: black market (trade that is in violation of restrictions, rationing or price controls)
mercador {m}  :: merchant, dealer, chandler, tradesman
mercadoria {f}  :: commodity
mercadoria {f}  :: merchandise
mercantil {adj} [economics]  :: mercantile (related to the exchange of goods for profit)
mercar {v}  :: to trade (to buy and sell goods)
merce {f}  :: obsolete spelling of mercê
mercearia {f}  :: grocer's (shop)
merceeira {f}  :: feminine noun of merceeiro
merceeiras {n}  :: feminine plural of merceeiro
merceeiro {m}  :: the owner of a stall or small market
mercenária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mercenário
mercenárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of mercenário
mercenário {adj}  :: mercenary (motivated by private gain)
mercenário {m}  :: mercenary (person employed to fight wars)
mercúrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mercúrico
mercúricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mercúrico
mercúrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: mercuric
Mercúrio {prop} [astronomy]  :: Mercury (first planet of the solar system)
Mercúrio {prop} [Roman god]  :: Mercury (messenger-god)
Mercês {prop}  :: Mercês (placename)
mercurosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mercuroso
mercurosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mercuroso
mercuroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: mercurous
merda {f} [uncommon, chiefly obsolete]  :: good luck
merda {f} [vulgar]  :: a chunk of shit
merda {f} [vulgar]  :: piece of shit (an object of poor quality)
merda {f} [vulgar, slang, may be followed by alguma or nenhuma]  :: shit (anything)
merda {f} [vulgar, uncountable]  :: shit; faeces (excretory product evacuated from the bowels)
merda {interj}  :: shit (expression of worry, failure, shock, etc.)
merda {mf} [vulgar]  :: a worthless or cowardly person
merda de {phrase} [vulgar]  :: fucking; damn; used to express discontent with something
merda nenhuma {f} [vulgar]  :: shit (absolutely nothing)
merdinha {n}  :: diminutive form of merda
merdosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of merdoso
merdosamente {adv} [vulgar]  :: shittily
merdoso {adj} [derogatory, figuative, vulgar]  :: meaningless, insignificant, petty, pissass, trivial or worthless
merdoso {adj} [derogatory, figuative, vulgar]  :: see Wikisaurus:arrogant
merdoso {adj} [derogatory, figuative, vulgar]  :: shitty, see Wikisaurus:low-quality
merdoso {adj} [literally, vulgar]  :: crappy, dungy, excremental, faecal, fecal or shitty
merecendo {v}  :: gerund of merecer
merecer {v}  :: to merit; to deserve
merecido {v}  :: past participle of merecer
merenda {f}  :: a meal eaten by students in school
merenda {f}  :: dunch (small meal between lunch and dinner)
merendeira {f}  :: feminine noun of merendeiro
merendeira {f}  :: lunchbox (container for transporting meals)
meretriz {f}  :: hooker, whore, prostitute
merganso {m}  :: merganser (diving duck of the genus Mergus)
mergulhador {adj}  :: who or that dives
mergulhador {m}  :: diver (someone who dives)
mergulhador {m}  :: diver (someone who works underwater)
mergulhadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mergulhador
mergulhadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of mergulhador
mergulhar {vi} [figurative]  :: to dive (to descend or decrease sharply or steeply)
mergulhar {v} [indtr, pt, em, ditr=1]  :: to dip (to lower something into a liquid)
mergulhar {v} [indtr, pt, em, .figurative]  :: to immerse oneself in (to involve oneself deeply in)
mergulhar {v} [indtr, pt, em, intr=1]  :: to dive (to jump into water)
mergulhar {vi}  :: to dive (to work as a diver)
mergulhar {vi}  :: to submerge (to go down in water)
mergulhão {m}  :: augmentative form of mergulho
mergulhão {m}  :: grebe (diving bird of the family Podicipedidae)
mergulho {m}  :: dive
meridiano {m} [alternative medicine]  :: meridian (pathway along which acupoints are distributed)
meridiano {m}  :: meridian (imaginary circle passing through a planet’s poles)
Meridiano {prop}  :: Meridiano (placename)
meridional {adj}  :: southern (located in or relating to the south)
meristema {m} [botany]  :: meristem (zone of active cell division)
meritocracia {f}  :: meritocracy (government by those with merit)
meritória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of meritório
meritórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of meritório
meritório {adj}  :: meritorious, worthy, praiseworthy
merleta {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: martlet (a mythical bird, often used in heraldry, which possessed no feet)
Merlim {prop}  :: alternative form of Merlin
Merlin {prop} [Arthurian mythology]  :: Merlin (wizard who helped Arthur)
merlão {m} [military architecture]  :: merlon (projection between the embrasures of a battlement)
merluza {f}  :: hake (any of several fish of the genus Merluccius)
mermão {m} [Rio de Janeiro slang]  :: bro (used to address a male friend)
mermo {adj}  :: eye dialect of mesmo
mermo {adv}  :: eye dialect of mesmo
mero {adj}  :: mere (no more than)
merovíngia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of merovíngio
merovíngias {adj}  :: feminine plural of merovíngio
merovíngio {adj}  :: Merovingian (of or relating to the Merovingians)
merovíngio {m}  :: Merovingian (member of a dynasty which ruled the Franks during the early Middle Ages)
merugem {f}  :: alternative form of morugem
mes {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mês
mesa {f}  :: board (a committee)
mesa {f} [geography]  :: mesa
mesa {f}  :: meal, food
mesa {f}  :: table (item of furniture)
mesa {f}  :: table (used as a reference)
mesada {f}  :: pocket money; allowance (money given to a child)
mesa de centro {f}  :: coffee table (low table placed before sofas)
mesangial {adj}  :: mesangial (of or pertaining to the mesangium)
mesa redonda {f} redonda
mesa redonda {f}  :: round table (conference at which participants discuss and exchange views)
mescal {m}  :: mescal (Mexican alcoholic drink made from agave)
mescal {m}  :: peyote; mescal (small, spineless cactus of Mexico and the southern United States)
mescla {f}  :: mixture
mescla {}  :: mistura
mesclando {v}  :: gerund of mesclar
mesclar {v}  :: to mix (together)
mesóclise {f}  :: mesoclisis (insertion of a clitic inside a word)
mesencéfalo {m}  :: midbrain
mesófila {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mesófilo
mesófilas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mesófilo
mesófilo {adj} [biology]  :: mesophilic (thriving at moderate temperatures)
mesófilo {m} [biology]  :: mesophile (organism that thrives at moderate temperatures)
mesófrio {m} [anatomy]  :: glabella (space between the eyebrows)
mesma {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mesmo
mesmas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mesmo
mesmerismo {m}  :: mesmerism (control over someone’s personality or actions using hypnotism)
mesmerizar {v}  :: to mesmerize (to exercise mesmerism on)
mesmo {adj}  :: same (not different; not another)
mesmo {adj}  :: same (similar; alike; analogous)
mesmo {adj}  :: used as an intensifier
mesmo {adv}  :: even (implying an extreme example in the case mentioned)
mesmo {adv} [following an adverb denoting time]  :: intensifies the fact that an act occurred, occurs or will occur during that time
mesmo {adv}  :: really; actually; in fact
mesmo {adv} [sentence-final]  :: again (used to ask for forgotten information)
mesmo {conj}  :: though; although (despite the fact that); [[despite being]]
mesmo {m}  :: The same thing
mesmo assim {adv}  :: anyway; regardless
mesmo que {conj}  :: even if; irrespective of
mesmo se {conj}  :: even if; irrespective of
mesângio {m} [anatomy]  :: mesangium (a thin layer of the glomerulus)
mesão {m} [Portugal, particle]  :: meson (elementary particle composed of a quark and an antiquark)
meso- {prefix}  :: meso- (located in or relating to the middle)
Mesoamérica {prop}  :: Mesoamerica (placename)
mesocarpo {m} [botany]  :: mesocarp (middle layer of the pericarp of a fruit)
mesoderma {f}  :: alternative form of mesoderme
mesoderme {f}  :: mesoderm (tissue produced by gastrulation)
Mesão Frio {prop}  :: Mesão Frio (placename)
mesologia {f} [biology]  :: mesology
Mesolítico {prop} [archaeology]  :: Mesolithic (period that lasted between 10,000 and 3,000 BC)
Mesopotâmia {prop}  :: Mesopotamia (placename)
Mesopotâmia {prop}  :: Mesopotamia (placename)
Mesopotâmia {prop}  :: Mesopotamia (placename)
Mesopotâmia {prop}  :: Mesopotamia (placename)
mesorregião {f}  :: mesoregion
mesosfera {f}  :: mesosphere (layer of the Earth’s atmosphere)
mesosterno {m} [anatomy]  :: gladiolus (central part of the sternum)
mesotório {m}  :: mesothorium
Mesópolis {prop}  :: Mesópolis (placename)
mesquinha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mesquinho
mesquinhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mesquinho
mesquinho {adj}  :: stingy, mean, miserly, niggardly
mesquita {f}  :: mosque (a place of worship for Muslims)
Mesquita {prop}  :: Mesquita (placename)
Mesquita {prop}  :: Mesquita (placename)
mesquite {f}  :: mesquite (any of the North-American deciduous trees of the genus Prosopis)
messageiro {m}  :: obsolete form of mensageiro
messagem {f}  :: obsolete form of mensagem
messalina {f}  :: slut (sexually promiscuous woman)
messalina {f}  :: whore (female prostitute)
messe {f} [agriculture]  :: a field whose crops are ready for harvest
messe {f} [agriculture]  :: harvest (gathered crops)
messe {f} [figurative]  :: harvest; reward (product of labour)
messias {m} [religion]  :: messiah (person ordained by God to lead the people of Israel)
Messias {prop} [religion]  :: Messiah (promised saviour of the Jewish people)
messiânica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of messiânico
messiânicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of messiânico
messiânico {adj}  :: messianic (of, relating to or resembling a messiah)
mester {adj}  :: alternative form of mister
mester {m}  :: alternative form of mister
mestiça {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mestiço
mestiçamento {m}  :: miscegenation
mestiças {adj}  :: feminine plural of mestiço
mestiço {adj}  :: mixed (stemming from two or more races or breeds)
mestrado {m} [education]  :: master's degree
mestre {m}  :: master
mestria {f}  :: ability (high level of capability or skill)
mãe substituta {f}  :: surrogate mother (woman who gives birth to a child not her own)
meta {f}  :: goal
meta {f}  :: target
metabólico {adj}  :: metabolic (relating to metabolism)
metabolismo {m}  :: metabolism
metabolizando {v}  :: gerund of metabolizar
metabolizar {v} [biochemistry]  :: To metabolize
metacarpal {adj}  :: metacarpal (of the metacarpus)
metacarpal {m} [skeleton]  :: metacarpal (any bone of the metacarpus)
metacarpiana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metacarpiano
metacarpianas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metacarpiano
metacarpiano {adj}  :: metacarpal (relating to the metacarpus)
metacarpiano {m}  :: metacarpal (bone of the metacarpus)
metacarpo {m} [skeleton]  :: metacarpus
metacárpica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metacárpico
metacárpicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metacárpico
metacárpico {adj}  :: metacarpal (relating to the metacarpus)
metacárpico {m}  :: metacarpal (bone of the metacarpus)
metadado {m}  :: an item of metadata (data that describes other data)
metadata {f}  :: metadata (data that describes other data)
metade {f}  :: half (one of two equal parts into which anything may be divided)
metade {f} [mathematics]  :: half (fraction obtained by dividing 1 by 2)
metade {f}  :: middle; midpoint (point equidistant between two extremes)
metade {f}  :: middle (time between the beginning and the end)
metaestável {adj}  :: metastable
metafonia {f} [linguistics]  :: metaphony (sound change in which a vowel’s pronunciation is affected by another)
metafórico {adj}  :: metaphorical (pertaining to or being a metaphor)
metafísica {f}  :: metaphysics (branch of philosophy that studies first principles)
metafísico {adj} [figurative]  :: incomprehensible (hard to understand)
metafísico {adj}  :: metaphysical (immaterial, supersensual, not physical)
metafísico {adj} [uncomparable]  :: metaphysical (of or pertaining to metaphysics)
metafísico {m}  :: metaphysician (philosopher who specializes in the scholarly study of metaphysics)
metal {m}  :: metal
metaleiro {m}  :: metalhead (fan of heavy metal)
metalexicografia {f} [lexicography]  :: metalexicography (study of lexicography in the abstract)
metalóide {m}  :: alternative form of metaloide
metalinguagem {f} [linguistics]  :: metalanguage (vocabulary used to describe language)
metaloenzima {f} [enzyme]  :: metalloenzyme
metalografia {m}  :: metallography
metalográfica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metalográfico
metalográficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metalográfico
metalográfico {adj}  :: metallographic
metaloide {m}  :: metalloid
metaloproteína {f} [protein]  :: metalloprotein
metalotioneína {f} [protein]  :: metallothionein
metalotérmica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metalotérmico
metalotérmicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metalotérmico
metalotérmico {adj}  :: metallothermic
metal pesado {m} [chemistry]  :: heavy metal (metal that has a specific gravity greater than about 5)
metal progressivo {m}  :: progressive metal (heavy metal subgenre with influence from progressive rock)
metalúrgica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metalúrgico
metalúrgica {f}  :: a metalworking workshop
metalúrgica {f}  :: feminine noun of metalúrgico
metalúrgicamente {adv}  :: metallurgically (concerning metallurgy)
metalúrgico {adj}  :: metallurgical (or or relating to metallurgy)
metalúrgico {m}  :: metallurgist (person who works with metal)
metalurgia {f}  :: metallurgy (science that studies metals)
metalurgista {n}  :: metallurgist (person who practices metallurgy)
metamorfose {f} [biology]  :: metamorphosis (change in the form and often habits of an animal)
metamorfose {f}  :: metamorphosis; transformation
metamorphose {f}  :: obsolete spelling of metamorfose
metanarrativa {f} [critical theory]  :: metanarrative (a narrative about narratives of historical meaning, experience or knowledge)
metanfetamina {f}  :: methamphetamine (a highly addictive phenethylamine stimulant drug)
metano {m} [organic compound]  :: methane (the compound CH4)
metanogênica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metanogênico
metanogênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metanogênico
metanogênico {adj}  :: methanogenic
metanol {m} [organic compound]  :: methanol (the simplest aliphatic alcohol, CH3OH)
metanotrófica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metanotrófico
metanotróficas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metanotrófico
metanotrófico {adj}  :: methanotrophic
metaphysica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metaphysico
metaphysicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metaphysico
metaphysico {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of metafísico
metassilicato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: metasilicate
metastática {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metastático
metastáticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metastático
metastático {adj} [medicine]  :: metastatic (relating to or exhibiting metastasis)
metatarso {m} [skeleton]  :: metatarsus
metódica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metódico
metódico {adj}  :: methodical (in an organised manner)
meteco {m}  :: metic (in Ancient Greece, a resident alien without citizen rights)
metediça {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metediço
metediças {adj}  :: feminine plural of metediço
metediço {adj}  :: nosy (tending to snoop or meddle in other’s affairs)
metempsicose {f}  :: metempsychosis (transmigration of the soul)
metempsychose {f} [pt-obsolete-hellenism, metempsicose, ]  ::
meteoróide {m}  :: superseded spelling of meteoroide
meteorito {m}  :: meteorite
meteorólogo {m}  :: synonym of meteorologista
meteoro {m}  :: meteor
meteoroide {m}  :: meteoroid
meteorológico {adj}  :: meteorological (relating to meteorology or the weather)
meteorologia {f}  :: meteorology (science that studies the weather)
meteorologista {n}  :: meteorologist (person who studies meteorology)
meter {vr}  :: (reflexive) to meddle, interfere
meter {v}  :: to insert
meter {v}  :: to put
meteraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meteram
meteraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meterão
meter a mão na massa {v} [idiomatic]  :: to pull one's socks up (start making an effort)
meterão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meteram
meter os pés pelas mãos {v}  :: to fuck up (to make a mistake, to go wrong)
Mãe Terra {prop}  :: Mother Earth (the personification of Earth and its biosphere)
meter-se em {vr}  :: to get into (to become involved in)
meter uma lança em África {v} [idiomatic]  :: to set the Thames on fire (to achieve something amazing)
metáfora {f}  :: metaphor (figure of speech)
methodo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of método
methodologia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of metodologia
metiê {m}  :: métier (activity that is pursued as a trade or profession)
meticulosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of meticuloso
meticulosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of meticuloso
meticuloso {adj}  :: Characterized by very precise attention to details; rigorous; scrupulous; meticulous
metido {adj}  :: interfering, nosy
metido {adj}  :: involved
metil {m} [organic compound]  :: methyl (univalent hydrocarbon radical, CH3)
metilado {adj}  :: methylated
metilando {v}  :: gerund of metilar
metilação {f} [chemistry]  :: methylation (addition of a methyl group to a substrate)
metilar {v} [organic chemistry]  :: to methylate
metileno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: methylene
metilmercúrio {m} [organic compound]  :: methylmercury
metionina {f} [amino acid]  :: methionine (lipotropic, sulphur-containing essential amino acid)
metílica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metílico
metílicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metílico
metálico {adj}  :: metallic (made of or relating to metal)
metílico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: methyl (attributive)
metodismo {m}  :: Methodism (Christian movement founded by John Wesley)
metodista {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the branch of Christianity that adheres to the views of Wesley (1703-1791)
metodista {n}  :: A member of the Methodist Church; a Wesleyan
metodológico {adj}  :: methodological (of, pertaining to, or using methodology)
metodologia {f}  :: methodology (a collection of methods, practices, procedures and rules used by those who work in some field)
metodologia {f}  :: methodology (implementation of such methods)
metodologia {f}  :: methodology (study of methods used in a field)
metonímia {f}  :: metonymy (the use of a single characteristic or name of an object to identify the entire object)
metrô {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of metro
metragem {m} [cinema]  :: footage
metragem {m}  :: length
metralha {f} [figurative]  :: load (great amount of something)
metralha {f}  :: grapeshot (shot consisting of a cluster of small iron balls and slugs)
metralha {f}  :: machine gun fire
metralhadora {f}  :: machine gunner ({f})
metralhadora {f}  :: machine gun (type of firearm)
metralhadora Gatling {f}  :: Gatling gun (an early type of machine gun)
metralhar {v}  :: to machine-gun (to shoot with a machine gun)
-metria {suffix} [science]  :: -metry (forming nouns relating to measures and measurement)
metrônomo {m}  :: alternative form of metrónomo
metrónomo {m} [music]  :: metronome (device that marks time by means of regular ticks)
metro {m}  :: metre (unit of measurement)
metro {m} [Portugal]  :: underground, subway
-metro {suffix}  :: -meter (forms the names of measuring devices)
metro cúbico {m}  :: cubic metre (unit of volume)
metrológica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metrológico
metrológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metrológico
metrológico {adj}  :: metrological
metrologia {f}  :: metrology
metrologista {n}  :: metrologist
metropolitana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of metropolitano
metropolitanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of metropolitano
metropolitano {adj}  :: metropolitan (relating to a city or an urban area)
metro quadrado {m}  :: square metre (standard unit of area)
metrossexual {m}  :: metrosexual
metrópole {f}  :: metropolis
metástase {m} [oncology]  :: metastasis (the transference of a bodily function or disease to another part of the body)
metter {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meter
metteraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meteram
metteraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meterão
metteram {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meteram
metterão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meteram
metterão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meterão
metátese {f} [prosody, phonetics]  :: metathesis (the transposition of phonemes within a word)
meu {interj} [Brazil, slang, chiefly, São Paulo]  :: hey; oi (used to draw someone’s attention)
meu {interj} [Brazil, slang]  :: whoa (used to express surprise)
meu {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, 1, sg]  ::
meu Deus {interj}  :: oh my God!
meu ouvido não é penico {phrase} [idiom]  :: Said to express annoyance at something that another person said
meus {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, meu, m, pl]  ::
mexendo {v}  :: gerund of mexer
mexer {vt}  :: to fiddle with
mexer {vt}  :: to move, to mess with, to put your hands on
mexer com {v}  :: to bother; to irritate
mexer com {v}  :: to shake (to disturb emotionally)
mexerica {f}  :: mandarin orange (fruit of the Citrus reticulata tree)
mexericar {v}  :: to gossip (to talk about someone else’s private or personal business)
mexerico {m}  :: gossip (idle talk)
mexeriqueira {f}  :: feminine noun of mexeriqueiro
mexeriqueira {f}  :: mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata, a fruit-bearing tree)
mexeriqueiro {m}  :: gossip (person who gossips often)
mexer-se {vr}  :: reflexive form of mexer
mexer-se {vr}  :: to move it; to hurry up
mexicana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mexicano
mexicana {f}  :: feminine noun of mexicano
mexicanamente {adv}  :: In the manner of Mexican people; in context of Mexico; Mexicanly
mexicano {adj}  :: Mexican
mexicano {m}  :: Mexican
mexilhão {m}  :: mussel
mexim {m} [US]  :: machine
meya {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of meia
meya {f}  :: obsolete spelling of meia
meyo {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of meio
meyo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of meio
mez {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mês
mezanino {m}  :: entresol (an intermediate floor in a building)
mezereão {m}  :: mezereon (Daphne mezereum, an ornamental shrub)
mãezinha {f}  :: mammy, mum, mom
mezinha {f}  :: home remedy
máfia {f}  :: mafia, mob (organised crime unit)
môfo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mofo
má-formação arteriovenosa {f} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of malformação arteriovenosa
MG {abbr}  :: Minas Gerais (Brazilian state)
mágica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mágico
mágica {f}  :: feminine noun of mágico
mágica {f}  :: magic (ritual or procedure associated with supernatural powers)
mágica {f}  :: magic (trick or illusion performed to give the appearance of supernatural phenomena)
mágicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mágico
mágico {adj}  :: something or someone magical
mágico {m}  :: a magician
mágoa {f}  :: grief; sorrow
mágoa {f}  :: resentment
mãi {f}  :: obsolete spelling of mãe
mi {m}  :: mi (musical note)
mió {adj}  :: eye dialect of melhor
mió {adv}  :: eye dialect of melhor
mi {pron}  :: obsolete form of mim
mialheiro {m}  :: obsolete form of mealheiro
Miamar {prop}  :: alternative form of Mianmar
Miami {prop}  :: Miami (placename)
miçanga {f}  :: bead (small, pierced round object)
Mianmá {prop}  :: alternative form of Mianmar
Mianmar {prop}  :: Burma (placename)
miar {v}  :: to meow
miíase {f} [medicine]  :: myiasis (infestation of a living vertebrate with maggots)
miasma {m}  :: miasma (noxious atmosphere or influence)
miau {interj}  :: meow (onomatopoeia of the cry of a cat)
miau {m}  :: meow (the cry of a cat)
mica {f}  :: mica (hydrous aluminosilicate mineral)
Micaías {prop} [biblical character]  :: Micah (a minor prophet)
Micaías {prop}  :: Micah (book of the Bible)
Micaela {prop}  :: female given name, Michaela
micaelense {adj} São Miguel (island in the Azores)
micaelense {n} São Miguel (island in the Azores)
micácea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of micáceo
micáceas {adj}  :: feminine plural of micáceo
micáceo {adj} [mineralogy]  :: micaceous
micela {f} [chemistry]  :: micelle (colloidal aggregate)
Micenas {prop}  :: Mycenae (placename)
michê {m}  :: a male prostitute
michê {m}  :: prostitution (sexual activity done for money)
Michigan {prop}  :: Michigan (placename)
micénica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of micénico
micônica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of micênico
micénicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of micénico
micônicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of micênico
micênico {adj}  :: alternative form of micénico
micénico {adj}  :: Mycenaean (from or relating to the Ancient Greek city of Mycenae)
micênico {m}  :: alternative form of micénico
micénico {m}  :: Mycenaean (person from Mycenae)
micénico {m} [uncountable]  :: Mycenaean Greek (Ancient Greek language spoken by the Mycenaeans in the Bronze Age)
micção {f} [physiology]  :: micturition; urination
mico {m}  :: A gaffe, a blunder
mico {m}  :: A monkey with a prehensile tail
micologia {f}  :: mycology (study of fungi)
micoplasma {f}  :: mycoplasma
micorriza {f} [biology]  :: mycorrhiza (symbiotic relationship between the mycelium of a fungus and the roots of a plant)
micróbica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of micróbico
micróbicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of micróbico
micróbico {adj}  :: microbial (relating to microbes)
micróbio {m}  :: microbe; microorganism (lifeform invisible to the naked eye)
micrômetro {m}  :: micrometer (instrument)
micrómetro {m}  :: micrometer (instrument used to measure small distances)
micrómetro {m}  :: micrometer (one-millionth of a meter)
micro- {prefix} [metric units]  :: micro- (one millionth)
micro- {prefix}  :: micro- (very small)
microaerófila {adj}  :: feminine singular form of microaerófilo
microaerófilas {adj}  :: feminine plural of microaerófilo
microaerófilo {adj} [biology]  :: microaerophilic (thriving in low-oxygen environments)
microaerófilo {m} [biology]  :: microaerophile (organism that thrives in low-oxygen environments)
microarquitetura {f}  :: microarchitecture
microarranjo {m}  :: microarray (two-dimensional array of small quantities of biological material)
microarray {f}  :: microarray (two-dimensional array of small quantities of biological material)
microbial {adj}  :: microbial (relating to microbes)
microbiano {adj}  :: microbial (relating to microbes)
microbiólogo {m}  :: microbiologist (scientist whose speciality is microbiology)
microbiologia {f} [biology]  :: microbiology (branch of biology dealing with microorganisms)
microblogging {m}  :: microblogging (activity of posting regular updates on a microblog)
microchip {m} [electronics]  :: microchip (small plate with a set of electronic circuits)
microclima {m}  :: microclimate
microcomputador {m}  :: microcomputer
microconídio {m} [mycology]  :: microconidium (the smaller of a pair of conidia)
microcosmo {m} [ecology]  :: microcosm (a small ecosystem)
microcosmo {m}  :: microcosm (smaller system as representative of a larger one)
microcítica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of microcítico
microcíticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of microcítico
microcítico {adj}  :: microcytic
microdeleção {f} [genetics]  :: microdeletion (deletion of a small part of a chromosome)
microeconômico {adj}  :: alternative form of microeconómico
microeconómico {adj} [economics]  :: microeconomic (relating to a microeconomy)
microeconomia {f} [economics]  :: microeconomics (small-scale economic activities)
microeletrônica {f}  :: alternative form of microeletrónica
microeletrónica {f}  :: microelectronics
microfonada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of microfonado
microfonada {f}  :: a hit, a blow using a microphone
microfonadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of microfonado
microfonado {adj} [said of sound]  :: transmitted through a microphone
microfone {m}  :: microphone
microfonia {f}  :: feedback (high-pitched noise heard when a microphone is near a speaker)
micrograma {m}  :: microgram
microgravidade {f} [physics]  :: microgravity (very low acceleration between two free floating objects)
micromatriz {f}  :: microarray (two-dimensional array of small quantities of biological material)
micronúcleo {m}  :: micronucleus
microônibus {m} [Brazil]  :: minibus (a small bus)
micro-ônibus {m}  :: superseded spelling of microônibus
micronésia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of micronésio
Micronésia {prop}  :: Micronesia (placename)
Micronésia {prop}  :: Micronesia (placename)
micronésias {adj}  :: feminine plural of micronésio
micronésio {adj}  :: Micronesian (of, from, or pertaining to Micronesia)
micronésio {m}  :: Micronesian (person from Micronesia)
micro-onda {f} [physics]  :: microwave (electromagnetic wave with wavelength between that of infrared light and radio waves)
microonda {f}  :: superseded spelling of micro-onda
micro-ondas {m}  :: short for forno de micro-ondas microwave oven
microondas {m}  :: superseded spelling of micro-ondas
micro-organismo {m} [biology]  :: microorganism (an organism too small to be seen by unaided eye)
microorganismo {m}  :: superseded spelling of micro-organismo
micropaleontologia {f}  :: micropaleontology (the study of microfossils)
microprocessador {m}  :: microprocessor (the entire CPU of a computer)
microrganismo {m}  :: microrganismo
microrregião {f}  :: micro-region
microscopia {f} [optics]  :: microscopy (the use of microscopes)
microscópica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of microscópico
microscópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of microscópico
microscópico {adj}  :: microscopic
microscópio {m}  :: microscope
microscópio eletrônico {m}  :: alternative spelling of microscópio eletrónico
microscópio eletrónico {m}  :: electron microscope (microscope that uses a beam of electrons instead of light)
microsegundo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of microssegundo
microssaia {f}  :: microskirt (extremely short skirt)
microssegundo {m}  :: microsecond (unit of time equal to one millionth of a second)
microssoma {adj}  :: feminine singular form of microssomo
microssomas {adj}  :: feminine plural of microssomo
microssomo {adj}  :: microsomal
micro system {m}  :: music center (an integrated home audio system; particularly, one smaller than a mini system)
microtúbulo {m} [cytology]  :: microtubule (tube inside cells)
microzima {m} [obsolete]  :: microzyma (micro-organism that causes acute infectious disease)
mictório {m}  :: urinal (appliance in male restrooms mounted on a wall)
miúda {adj}  :: feminine singular form of miúdo
miúda {n} [informal, Portugal]  :: girl, babe (an attractive person, especially a young woman)
miúdas {adj}  :: feminine plural of miúdo
Midas {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Midas (king with the power to turn things into gold)
miúdo {adj}  :: very small
miúdo {m} [Portugal, Rio Grande do Sul]  :: child
miúdo {m} [usually plural]  :: an internal organ used as offal
Midway {prop}  :: Midway (placename)
migalha {f}  :: crumb (small piece of bread, biscuit, cake, etc)
migalha {f}  :: very small quantity of objects
migalho {m}  :: alternative form of migalha
migração {f}  :: migration
migrar {vi}  :: to migrate (to relocate from one region to another)
migrar {vt} [computing]  :: to migrate (to start using a different system or programming language)
migratória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of migratório
migratórias {adj}  :: feminine plural of migratório
migratório {adj}  :: migrant; migratory (that migrates)
migratório {adj}  :: relating to migration
migué {m} [Brazil, slang]  :: bullshit (untrue statements intended to deceive)
migué {n} [Brazil, slang]  :: a person availing themselves of such statements
Miguel {prop} [biblical character]  :: Michael (an archangel)
Miguel {prop}  :: male given name, Michael
Miguel Calmon {prop}  :: Miguel Calmon (placename)
Miguel Pereira {prop}  :: Miguel Pereira (placename)
Miguelópolis {prop}  :: Miguelópolis (placename)
mijar {vi} [vulgar]  :: to piss (urinate)
mijar-se {v} se
mijar-se {vr} [figurative]  :: to be frightened
mijão {adj} [vulgar, derogatory, of a person]  :: Who urinates excessively
mijo {m} [mildly, vulgar]  :: piss (urine)
mil {adj}  :: one thousand; a thousand; 1000
mil {adj} [somewhat, poetic]  :: thousands of (very many)
milagre {m}  :: miracle (fortunate outcome that prevails despite overwhelming odds against it)
milagre {m}  :: miracle (wonderful event attributed to supernatural powers)
Milagres {prop}  :: Milagres (placename)
milagrosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of milagroso
milagrosamente {adv}  :: miraculously
milagrosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of milagroso
milagroso {adj}  :: miraculous
milícia {f}  :: militia
milefólio {m}  :: common yarrow (Achillea millefolium, a herb of North America and Eurasia)
Milena {prop}  :: female given name
Mileto {prop}  :: Miletus (placename)
milgrada {f} [archaic, dialectal]  :: pomegranate (fruit)
milha {f} [Brazil, obsolete]  :: unit of measure equivalent to 2200 m
milha {f}  :: maize straw
milha {f}  :: mile (imperial unit of measure from length, equivalent to 1609.33 m)
milhafre {m}  :: any kite (bird of prey) of the Milvus genus
milha náutica {f}  :: nautical mile (a unit of measure equal to 1852 meters)
milhar {m}  :: (especially in plural) thousand
milhar {v} [rare, obsolete outside southern Brazil]  :: to feed animals maize
milharal {m}  :: cornfield (field of maize)
milhentos {num}  :: zillion (unspecified large number)
milhões {adv} [slang]  :: a lot (to a great degree)
milhões {n}  :: millions (a very large amount or number of things)
milhete {m}  :: alternative form of milheto
milheto {m}  :: millet (any of a group of various types of grass or its grains used as food)
milhão {m}  :: A million, 106
milho {m}  :: a maize plant (Zea mays)
milho {m}  :: a single maize seed
milho {m}  :: corncob (an ear of maize)
milho {m} [uncountable]  :: maize (seeds of the plant Zea mays)
mili- {prefix}  :: milli- (SI prefix multiplying the unit by 10-3)
milibar {m}  :: millibar (non-SI unit of pressure)
milieu {m}  :: milieu (a person’s social setting or environment)
miligrama {m}  :: milligram
mililitro {m}  :: millilitre (unit of volume)
milionário {m}  :: millionaire
milionésimo {m}  :: millionth
milionésimo {ordinal num}  :: millionth
milissegundo {m}  :: millisecond
militança {f}  :: alternative form of militância
militante {mf}  :: militant
militar {adj}  :: military (relating to war or armed forces)
militar {m}  :: a member of the military or of a military government
militarismo {m}  :: militarism (ideology holding that the military is the foundation of a society’s security)
militância {f}  :: militancy
milkshake {m}  :: milkshake (milk and ice cream beverage)
millerita {f} [mineral]  :: millerite
milímetro {m}  :: millimetre (unit of measure)
milênio {m}  :: alternative spelling of milénio
milénio {m}  :: millennium
Milão {prop}  :: Milan (placename)
milorde {m}  :: milord
milésimo {ordinal num}  :: one thousandth
mim {pron}  :: prepositional first-person singular pronoun
mimado {adj}  :: spoilt (having a selfish or greedy character due to pampering)
mimar {v}  :: to pamper; to spoil (to treat with excessive care, to indulge)
mimeógrafo {m}  :: mimeograph
mimetismo {m} [biology]  :: mimicry (simulation of the appearance or behaviour of another creature)
mimetizar {v} [biology]  :: to mimic (to take on the appearance of something else, for protection or camouflage)
mimimi {m} [colloquial, derrogatory]  :: a repetitive and/or annoying speech
mimir {v} [childish]  :: to sleep
mimosa {f} [botany]  :: mimosa (any plant belonging to the genus Mimosa)
mimosa {f}  :: mandarin (fruit)
mimosa {f}  :: tangerine (variety of the mandarin orange)
mina {f} [figuratively]  :: fount
mina {f}  :: mine (explosive)
mina {f}  :: mine (place from which ore is extracted)
mina {f} [slang, Brazil]  :: girl, "gal"
mina de ouro {f} [idiomatic]  :: gold mine (very profitable economic venture)
mina de ouro {f} de|ouro
minar {v} [figurative]  :: to undermine (to weaken or work against)
minar {v}  :: to mine (to extract ore from the ground)
minar {v}  :: to undermine (to dig under something)
minar {vt}  :: to mine (to place mines (device that explodes when touched or approached) in)
minarete {m}  :: minaret (mosque tower)
Minas {prop} (state of Brazil)
Minas do Leão {prop}  :: Minas do Leão (placename)
Minas Gerais {prop}  :: Minas Gerais (placename)
Minas Novas {prop}  :: Minas Novas (placename)
mina terrestre {f} [military]  :: land mine (type of mine that is placed on land)
minúcia {f}  :: a minor detail or aspect
mindinho {m}  :: little finger (outermost and smallest finger of the hand)
Minduri {prop}  :: Minduri (placename)
mineira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mineiro
mineiras {adj}  :: feminine plural of mineiro
mineiro {adj}  :: of, from or relating to Minas Gerais
mineiro {adj}  :: relating to mining
mineiro {m}  :: a person from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais
mineiro {m}  :: mine (excavation from which ore or minerals are taken)
mineiro {m}  :: miner (person who works in a mine)
Mineiros do Tietê {prop}  :: Mineiros do Tietê (placename)
minerador {m}  :: miner
mineral {adj}  :: mineral (relating to or made of minerals)
mineral {m} [geology]  :: mineral (naturally occurring inorganic material with characteristic physical properties)
mineral {m} [nutrition]  :: mineral (inorganic element essential to nutrition)
mineralógica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mineralógico
mineralógicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mineralógico
mineralógico {adj}  :: mineralogical (relating to mineralogy)
mineralizando {v}  :: gerund of mineralizar
mineralização {f}  :: mineralization
mineralizar {v}  :: to mineralize
mineralogia {f}  :: mineralogy
mineralogista {mf}  :: mineralogist (expert in mineralogy)
mineração {f}  :: mining
minerar {vt}  :: to mine, to remove ore from the ground
Minerva {prop} [Roman god]  :: Minerva (goddess of wisdom)
mingar {v} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of minguar
mingau {m}  :: porridge (breakfast cereal dish)
minguante {adj}  :: waning (becoming weaker or smaller)
minguante {f}  :: the waning moon (phase of the moon when it appears to grow smaller)
minguar {v}  :: to diminish
minguar {v}  :: to wane (lunar phase)
mãinha {f}  :: mom
minha {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, meu, f, sg]  ::
minhas {pron} [pt-pron def, possessive, meu, f, pl]  ::
Minho {prop}  :: Minho (placename)
Minho {prop}  :: Minho (placename)
minhoca {f}  :: earthworm
minhota {adj}  :: feminine singular form of minhoto
minhotas {adj}  :: feminine plural of minhoto
minhoto {adj}  :: Of or from Minho
minhoto {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Minho
mini- {prefix}  :: mini- (denotes a small version of something)
miniatura {f}  :: miniature (small version of something)
minigolfe {m}  :: minigolf
minimalismo {m} [arts]  :: minimalism (style of art that emphasises extreme simplicity)
minimalista {adj}  :: minimalist (characterised by extreme simplicity)
minimalista {n}  :: minimalist (artists who creates minimalist art)
minimizar {v}  :: to minimize (to make small as possible)
minino {m} [chiefly, Brazil]  :: eye dialect of menino
minino {m}  :: obsolete spelling of menino
mini-saia {f}  :: superseded spelling of minissaia
minissaia {f}  :: miniskirt
ministerial {adj} [ecclesiastical]  :: ministerial (related to a religious minister or ministry)
ministerial {adj} [government]  :: ministerial (related to a governmental minister or ministry)
ministerial {adj}  :: ministerial (having the power to wield delegated executive authority)
ministrando {v}  :: gerund of ministrar
ministração {f} [uncountable]  :: administration (the act of administering something)
ministrar {v}  :: to administer
ministrar {v}  :: to minister
ministério {f}  :: ministry
ministro {m}  :: agent (one who acts for or in the place of another)
ministro {m} [christianity]  :: one who does something on behalf of the church
ministro {m} [diplomacy]  :: minister (rank below ambassador)
ministro {m} [politics]  :: minister (a person who is commissioned by the government for public service)
ministro do exterior {m}  :: foreign minister (official in charge of relationships with foreign nations)
mini system {m}  :: music center (an integrated home audio system; particularly, one larger than a micro system)
minnan {m}  :: Min Nan (language spoken in southeastern China)
Minnesota {prop}  :: Minnesota (placename)
Minorca {prop}  :: Majorca (placename)
minoria {f}  :: minority
minoritária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of minoritário
minoritárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of minoritário
minoritário {adj}  :: minority
minorquina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of minorquino
minorquinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of minorquino
minorquino {adj}  :: Minorcan (of, from or relating to Minorca)
minorquino {m}  :: Minorcan (person from Minorca)
minotauro {m} [Greek mythology, fantasy]  :: minotaur (monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man)
Minotauro {prop}  :: the Minotaur who dwelt in the labyrinth
minério {m}  :: mineral
minério {m}  :: ore
minúscula {adj}  :: feminine singular form of minúsculo
minúscula {f}  :: minuscule (lower-case letter)
minúsculo {adj}  :: minute; minuscule; tiny (very small)
minúsculo {adj} [orthography]  :: minuscule; lower-case (written in minuscules)
Minsk {prop}  :: Minsk (placename)
Minsque {prop}  :: rare spelling of Minsk
minuciar {vt}  :: to detail (to explain in detail)
minuciosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of minucioso
minuciosamente {adv}  :: carefully, meticulously, minutely
minuciosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of minucioso
minucioso {adj}  :: thorough; detailed
minudenciada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of minudenciado
minudenciadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of minudenciado
minudenciado {adj}  :: explained in detail
minuendo {m}  :: minuend
minueto {m} [dancing]  :: minuet (slow, graceful dance)
minueto {m} [music]  :: minuet (tune or air to regulate the movements of the minuet dance)
minutar {v}  :: to draft (to write a first version of a text)
minutinhos {n}  :: Plural diminutive of minuto
minuto {m}  :: minute (60 seconds)
miocena {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mioceno
miocenas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mioceno
mioceno {adj} [geology]  :: relating to the Miocene epoch
mioceno {m} [geology]  :: Miocene (epoch that occurred from about 23.03 to 5.332 million years ago)
miocénica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of miocénico
miocênica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of miocênico
miocénicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of miocénico
miocênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of miocênico
miocênico {adj}  :: alternative form of miocénico
miocénico {adj} [geology]  :: relating to the Miocene epoch
miocárdio {m} [anatomy, cardiology]  :: myocardium (muscles that surround and power the heart)
miojo {m}  :: instant noodles
miolo {m}  :: brain
miolo {m}  :: core (of a fruit)
miolo {m}  :: crumb (of bread etc)
miolo {m}  :: judgement, reason
miolo {m}  :: marrow
miopia {f}  :: myopia (disorder of vision)
mioquimia {f} [medicine]  :: myokymia (involuntary, spontaneous quivering of part of a muscle)
mior {adj}  :: eye dialect of melhor
mior {adv}  :: eye dialect of melhor
miose {f}  :: alternative form of meiose
miosótis {m}  :: forget-me-not (plant of the genus Myosotis)
miópica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of miópico
miópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of miópico
miópico {adj} [ophthalmology]  :: myopic; nearsighted (unable to focus on distant objects)
Miqueias {prop} [biblical character]  :: Micah (biblical character)
Miquéias {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Miqueias
Mir {prop}  :: Mir (an international space station)
mira {f}  :: marksmanship (ability to shoot accurately at a target)
mira {f}  :: sight (device through which the person aiming looks at the intended target)
Miraí {prop}  :: Miraí (placename)
Mira {prop}  :: Mira (placename)
Mirabela {prop}  :: Mirabela (placename)
mirabolante {adj}  :: absurd; fantastic
mirabolante {adj}  :: excessively grandiose and impossible to achieve
Miracatu {prop}  :: Miracatu (placename)
Miracema {prop}  :: Miracema (placename)
miríade {f} [historical]  :: myriad (ten thousand)
miríade {f}  :: myriad (vast quantity of something)
miradoiro {m}  :: alternative form of miradouro
miradouro {m}  :: belvedere
miradouro {m}  :: terrace
Miradouro {prop}  :: Miradouro (placename)
Mira Estrela {prop}  :: Mira Estrela (placename)
miragem {f}  :: mirage (an optical phenomenon)
Miraguaí {prop}  :: Miraguaí (placename)
Miranda do Corvo {prop}  :: Miranda do Corvo (placename)
Miranda do Douro {prop}  :: Miranda do Douro (placename)
Mirandela {prop}  :: Mirandela (placename)
mirandesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mirandês
mirandesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mirandês
mirandez {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of mirandês
mirandez {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mirandês
Mirandópolis {prop}  :: Mirandópolis (placename)
mirandês {adj}  :: Mirandese (of Miranda do Douro)
mirandês {adj}  :: Mirandese (of the Mirandese language)
mirandês {m}  :: Mirandese (inhabitant of Miranda do Douro)
mirandês {m} [uncountable]  :: Mirandese (language)
Mirangaba {prop}  :: Mirangaba (placename)
mirante {m}  :: overlook (elevated location where a panorama can be observed)
Mirante {prop}  :: Mirante (placename)
Mirante do Paranapanema {prop}  :: Mirante do Paranapanema (placename)
mirar {v} [poetic]  :: to see; to observe
mirar {v}  :: to sight; to aim (to point a weapon towards the target)
Mirassol {prop}  :: Mirassol (placename)
Mirassolândia {prop}  :: Mirassolândia (placename)
Miravânia {prop}  :: Miravânia (placename)
Miriã {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Miriam
Miriam {prop}  :: female given name, Miriam
mirim {adj} [Brazil, usually in compound animal names]  :: tiny, little, wee
mirim {m} [Brazil]  :: any small, stingless bee, especially those of the genus Plebeia
Mirim Doce {prop}  :: Mirim Doce (placename)
mirra {f}  :: myrrh (dried sap of the Commiphora myrrha tree)
mirra {f} [obsolete]  :: skeleton, mummy
mirra {mf} [dialectal]  :: a skinny person
mirrar {vi} [figurative]  :: to wither (to lose vigour or power)
mirrar {vi} [of plants]  :: to wither (to dry up or shrivel)
mirrar {vt} [figurative]  :: to wither (to cause to lose vigour or power)
mirrar {vt} [of plants]  :: to wither (to cause to dry up or shrivel)
mirrha {f}  :: obsolete spelling of mirra
mirtilo {m}  :: bilberry (berry)
mirtilo {m}  :: bilberry (shrub)
mirtilo {m}  :: blueberry (berry)
mirtilo {m}  :: blueberry (shrub)
misandria {f}  :: misandry (hatred of or prejudice against men)
misantropia {f}  :: misanthropy (hatred or dislike of people)
misantropo {m}  :: misanthrope (one who hates all mankind)
misantrópica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of misantrópico
misantrópicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of misantrópico
misantrópico {adj}  :: misanthropic (hating or disliking mankind)
miscelânea {f}  :: miscellany, medley (collection of miscellaneous things)
miscigenação {f}  :: miscegenation (the mixing or blending of race)
miscrar {v}  :: alternative form of mesclar
mise en scène {f}  :: alternative spelling of mise-en-scène
mise-en-scène {f} [theatre, film]  :: mise en scène (the arrangement of props and actors on a stage or for film)
miserê {m} [colloquial]  :: misery (extreme poverty)
miseravel {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of miserável
miseravelmente {adv}  :: In state of misery; in context of sadness, illness or poverty; miserably
miseravelmente {adv}  :: Without skill; unskillfully; miserably
miseria {f}  :: obsolete spelling of miséria
misericordia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of misericórdia
misericordioso {adj}  :: merciful (showing mercy)
misericórdia {f}  :: mercy (blessing)
misericórdia {f}  :: pity
misericórdia {interj}  :: an expression of shock or surprise; Jesus!
miserrimamente {adv}  :: superlative form of miseramente
miserável {adj}  :: miserable
miserável {adj}  :: miserly
miserável {adj}  :: wretched
misófoba {adj}  :: feminine singular form of misófobo
misófoba {f}  :: feminine noun of misófobo
misófobas {adj}  :: feminine plural of misófobo
misófobo {adj}  :: mysophobic (having an abnormal fear of filth)
misófobo {m}  :: mysophobe (person with an abnormal fear of filth)
misógino {adj}  :: misogynistic (exhibiting misogyny)
misógino {m}  :: misogynist (hater of women)
misoginia {f}  :: misogyny (hatred or contempt for women)
Misore {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Mysore
miséria {f}  :: misery
miséria {f}  :: poverty
miséria {f}  :: squalor
misérrimo {adj}  :: superlative form of mísero
missa {f}  :: mass (religion: celebration of the Eucharist)
missal {m} [Christianity]  :: missal (book containing prayers used during mass)
missar {vi} [obsolete]  :: to mass (to celebrate Mass)
missionário {m}  :: missionary (person traveling to spread a religion)
Mississipi {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Mississippi
Mississippi {prop}  :: Mississippi (placename)
Mississippi {prop}  :: Mississippi (placename)
Mississípi {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Mississippi
missiva {f}  :: letter
missiva {f}  :: missive
missão {f}  :: mission (all senses)
Missouri {prop}  :: Missouri (placename)
mista {adj}  :: feminine singular form of misto
mister {adj} [legal]  :: of the utmost importance
mister {adj}  :: necessary
mister {m}  :: alternative form of míster
mister {m}  :: need; necessity
mister {m}  :: office, work, employment, occupation, profession
mister {m}  :: position in a profession
misteriosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of misterioso
misteriosamente {adv}  :: mysteriously
misteriosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of misterioso
misterioso {adj}  :: mysterious
misticismo {m}  :: mysticism (doctrine of direct communication with divine truth)
mistificado {v}  :: past participle of mistificar
mistificador {adj}  :: mystifying
mistificadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mistificador
mistificadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of mistificador
mistificando {v}  :: gerund of mistificar
mistificação {f}  :: mystification
mistificar {v}  :: to mystify
mistifório {m}  :: mishmash (a collection of random things)
misto {adj}  :: mixed (having different elements)
misto {adj}  :: mixed (having two or more separate aspects)
misto {adj} [specifically]  :: mixed (including both males and females)
misto {m}  :: grilled cheese (toasted cheese sandwich)
misto {m}  :: jumble (a mixture of unrelated things)
misto-quente {m}  :: grilled cheese (toasted cheese sandwich)
mistério {m}  :: mystery (something that is unexplained)
mistura {f}  :: mixture (various different things put together)
misturamento {m} [rare]  :: mixture (act of mixing)
misturação {f} [uncommon]  :: mixture (act of mixing)
misturar {v} [cooking]  :: to stir (agitate the content of a container by passing something through it)
misturar {v} [figurative]  :: to socialise (interact with others)
misturar {v}  :: to mix (combine items from two or more sources normally kept separate)
misturar {v}  :: to mix (stir two or more substances together)
mistureba {f}  :: hodgepodge; jumble (collection of miscellaneous things)
mitar {v} [chiefly on Internet]  :: to excel, to demonstrate impressive qualities
mitene {f}  :: fingerless glove (glove that doesn’t cover the fingers)
mitigação {f}  :: mitigation; relief; alleviation
mitigar {v}  :: to mitigate
mitômano {m}  :: alternative form of mitómano
mitómano {m} [Portugal]  :: mythomaniac (someone who suffers from mythomania)
mito {m}  :: myth (commonly-held but false belief)
mito {m}  :: myth (person or thing held in excessive or quasi-religious awe)
mito {m}  :: myth (traditional story)
mitocôndria {f}  :: mitochondrion (respiratory organelle)
mitocondrial {adj} [cytology]  :: mitochondrial (of or relating to mitochondria)
mitológica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mitológico
mitológicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mitológico
mitológico {adj}  :: mythological
mitologia {f}  :: mythology (collection and study of myths)
mitomaníaca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mitomaníaco
mitomaníacas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mitomaníaco
mitomaníaco {adj}  :: mythomaniacal (afflicted with mythomania)
mitomaníaco {m}  :: mythomaniac (person afflicted with mythomania)
mitomania {f}  :: mythomania (compulsion to tell lies)
mitose {f} [cytology]  :: mitosis (division of a cell nucleus)
mitra {f}  :: mitre
Mitrídates {prop} [historical given name, male, eq=Mithridates, several ancient Persian kings]  ::
mitreu {m}  :: Mithraeum (cave-like place of worship of the followers of Mithraism)
miudeza {f}  :: trifle (thing of minor worth or importance)
miudeza {f} [uncountable]  :: smallness (the condition of being small)
mixar {v} [music]  :: to mix (to combine several tracks)
mixar {v}  :: to fail (to be unsuccessful)
mixaria {f}  :: chicken feed (small quantity of money)
mixaria {f}  :: trifle (anything that is of little importance or worth)
mixolídia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mixolídio
mixolídias {adj}  :: feminine plural of mixolídio
mixolídio {adj}  :: Mixolydian (designating a mode in music having final G and D dominant)
mixomatose {f}  :: myxomatosis (a disease affecting rabbits)
mixórdia {f}  :: mishmash (a collection of random things)
mixturar {v}  :: obsolete spelling of misturar
Miyako {prop}  :: Miyako (placename)
Mizoram {prop}  :: Mizoram (placename)
Málaca {prop}  :: alternative form of Malaca
míldio {m} [plant disease]  :: disease-causing mildew, especially those that affect grapevines
múltipla {adj}  :: feminine singular form of múltiplo
múltiplas {adj}  :: feminine plural of múltiplo
múltiplo {adj}  :: manifold, multiplex
múltiplo {adj}  :: multiple
múltiplo {m}  :: multiple
múmia {f}  :: mummy (embalmed cadaver)
mímica {f}  :: mimicry (the act or ability to simulate the appearance or behaviour of someone or something else)
mímico {m}  :: mimic; mime (person who practices mimicry)
mmm {interj}  :: alternative form of hm
Mônaco {prop}  :: alternative form of Mónaco
Mónaco {prop}  :: Monaco (placename)
Mônaco-Ville {prop}  :: alternative form of Mónaco-Ville
Mónaco-Ville {prop}  :: Monaco (placename)
mônada {f}  :: alternative spelling of mónada
mónada {f} [philosophy]  :: monad (something ultimate and indivisible)
mónade {f}  :: alternative form of mónada
mônade {f}  :: alternative spelling of mónada
ménage {m}  :: domestic life
ménage {m}  :: household (everyone who lives in a given house)
ménage {m}  :: short for ménage à trois
ménage à trois {f}  :: threesome (a sexual activity involving three people)
Mnemosine {prop} [Greek god]  :: Mnemosyne (Titaness)
Mnemósine {prop}  :: alternative form of Mnemosine
míngua {f}  :: decrease
míngua {f}  :: lack
Mónica {prop}  :: female given name, Monica
Mônica {prop}  :: female given name, Monica
mínima {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mínimo
mínima {f} [music]  :: minim (a half note, drawn as a semibreve with a stem)
mínimo {adj}  :: minimum (to the lowest degree)
mínimo {m}  :: minimum (lowest limit)
mínimo {m}  :: short for dedo mínimo
mínimo {m}  :: short for salário mínimo
mínimo denominador comum {m} [mathematics]  :: lowest common denominator (smallest multiple of several denominators)
ménos {adv}  :: obsolete form of menos
Mântua {prop}  :: Mantua (placename)
mão {f}  :: hand
moa {f}  :: moa (large, extinct flightless bird of New Zealand)
moça {f}  :: girl, young lady
mão-aberta {adj}  :: generous (willing to give and share unsparingly)
moçada {f} [Brazil, informal]  :: folks
moai {m}  :: moai (type of stone statue on Easter Island)
moçambicana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moçambicano
moçambicanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of moçambicano
moçambicano {adj}  :: Mozambican (of, from, or pertaining to Mozambique)
moçambicano {m}  :: Mozambican (person from Mozambique)
moçambique {m} [Brazil]  :: A folk dance of African origin
Moçambique {prop}  :: Mozambique (placename)
mobelha {f}  :: loon (bird of the order Gaviiformes)
mobelha-grande {f}  :: great northern diver (Gavia immer, a large bird of the diver family)
mobilada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mobilado
mobiladas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mobilado
mobilado {adj}  :: furnished
mobiliado {adj}  :: furnished (supplied with furniture)
mobiliar {vt}  :: to provide with furniture
mobilidade {f}  :: mobility (condition of being mobile)
mobilidade {f}  :: mobility (measure of the extent to which something is mobile)
mobiliária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mobiliário
mobiliárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of mobiliário
mobiliário {adj}  :: furniture (attributive}
mobiliário {m}  :: furniture
mobilizando {v}  :: gerund of mobilizar
mobilização {f}  :: mobilization
mobilizar {v}  :: to mobilize
mobília {f}  :: furniture
moca {f}  :: club (heavy stick used as a weapon)
moca {f}  :: mockery; ridicule; derision
moca {m}  :: mocha (a coffee drink with chocolate)
moca {m}  :: mocha (a type of strong Arabian coffee)
mocambo {m}  :: refuge for fleeing slaves
mocambo {m}  :: shanty
mocassim {f}  :: moccasin (any of several North American snakes of the genus Agkistrodon)
mocassim {m}  :: moccasin (low-heeled shoe)
mocassim {m}  :: moccasin (native North American deerskin shoe)
mão-cheia {f}  :: alternative form of mancheia
mochila {f}  :: backpack
mochileiro {m}  :: backpacker (traveller who uses inexpensive services)
mocho {m}  :: owl, little owl
mocho galego {m}  :: alternative spelling of mocho-galego
mocho-galego {m}  :: little owl (Athene noctua, a species of owl)
mocho pequeno {m}  :: alternative spelling of mocho-pequeno
mocho-pequeno {m}  :: long-eared owl (Asio otus, a species of owl)
mocidade {f}  :: adolescence
mocidade {f}  :: youth
mocinha {f}  :: diminutive form of moça
mocinha {f}  :: feminine noun of mocinho
mocinhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mocinho
mocinho {adj}  :: diminutive form of moço
mocinho {m}  :: diminutive form of moço
mocinho {m}  :: good guy (a good character in a story)
Mococa {prop}  :: Mococa (placename)
mocotó {m}  :: calf’s foot jelly
moda {f}  :: ballad (long song that tells a story)
moda {f}  :: fashion (current (constantly changing) trend, favored for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons)
moda {f} [statistics]  :: mode (most frequently occurring value in a distribution)
moda {f}  :: way, manner
moída {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moído
modal {adj}  :: modal (all senses)
modalidade {f} [sports]  :: discipline (sub-category of a sport)
modalidade {f} [uncountable]  :: modality (state of being modal)
moídas {adj}  :: feminine plural of moído
mão de ferro {f} [volleyball]  :: joust
modelar {v}  :: to model
modelo {mf}  :: model (person who serves as a subject for artwork or fashion)
modelo {m}  :: model (representation of a physical object)
Modelo {prop}  :: Modelo (placename)
modem {m} [networking, computer hardware]  :: modem (a device that encodes computer signals into telephone signals and vice versa)
mão de obra {f}  :: workforce (workers employed by an organisation, especially for manual labour)
mão-de-obra {f}  :: labour (workers collectively)
moderado {adj}  :: moderate (not excessive)
moderado {adj} [politics]  :: moderate (Opposing radicalism)
moderado {m} [politics]  :: moderate (one who holds an intermediate position)
moderador {adj}  :: moderating
moderador {m}  :: moderator (all senses)
moderadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moderador
moderadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of moderador
moderação {f}  :: moderation (avoidance of extremes)
moderar {vt}  :: to moderate (to act as the moderator of)
moderar {vt}  :: to moderate (to reduce the excessiveness of)
moderna {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moderno
modernas {adj}  :: feminine plural of moderno
moderninha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moderninho
moderninhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of moderninho
moderninho {adj}  :: diminutive form of moderno
moderninho {adj}  :: trendy (in accordance with the latest trend)
moderninho {m}  :: trendy (a trendy person)
modernismo {m}  :: modernism (any of several styles of art that flourished in the 20th century)
modernização {f}  :: modernisation (process of modernising)
modernizar {vt}  :: to modernize (to make something modern)
moderno {adj}  :: modern (pertaining to the current time and style)
modesto {adj}  :: modest; humble (not bragging or boasting about oneself)
modesto {adj}  :: modest (small or inexpensive)
mão-de-vaca {adj}  :: who avoids spending money
mão-de-vaca {n} [pejorative, slang]  :: miser; skinflint; scrooge (someone who avoids spending money)
modificada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of modificado
modificadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of modificado
modificado {adj}  :: modified
modificado {v}  :: past participle of modificar
modificador {adj}  :: which modifies
modificador {m} [grammar]  :: modifier (qualifying word, clause or phrase)
modificador {m}  :: modifier (someone or something that modifies)
modificadora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of modificador
modificadoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of modificador
modificando {v}  :: gerund of modificar
modificação {f}  :: modification, change
modificar {v}  :: to modify
modificativa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of modificativo
modificativas {adj}  :: feminine plural of modificativo
modificativo {adj}  :: modifying
modificável {adj}  :: modifiable (capable of being modified)
modinha {f}  :: trend; fad (phenomenon that remains popular for a short time)
modinha {n} [slang, often derogatory]  :: a person who follows a trend during its period of popularity
modo {m} [grammar]  :: mood
modo {m}  :: mode; state; condition
modo {m}  :: mode; way; method (method or manner of doing something)
modo {m} [music]  :: mode (one of several ancient scales)
moído {adj}  :: milled, ground
moído {v}  :: past participle of moer
modo avião {m}  :: airplane mode (feature included on some cellular phones which disables radio signals)
modo conjuntivo {m} [grammar, chiefly Portugal]  :: subjunctive mood
modo eólio {m} [music]  :: Aeolian mode (a musical mode)
modo indicativo {m}  :: indicative mood (mood of a verb)
modorrenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of modorrento
modorrentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of modorrento
modorrento {adj}  :: drowsy; dull; stupid
modorrento {adj}  :: drowsy (heavy with sleepiness)
modo subjuntivo {m} [grammar, chiefly Brazil]  :: subjunctive mood
modéstia {f}  :: modesty (the quality of being modest)
modulador {m}  :: modulator
modulação de amplitude {f} [radio]  :: amplitude modulation (method of sending information in which the amplitude of radio waves is modified)
modulação de amplitude em quadratura {f} [radio]  :: quadrature amplitude modulation (modulation scheme that conveys data by applying amplitude modulation to two carrier waves at once)
modulação de fase {f}  :: alternative form of modulação em fase
modulação de frequência {f} [radio]  :: frequency modulation (method of sending information in which the frequency of radio waves is modified)
modulação em amplitude {f}  :: alternative form of modulação de amplitude
modulação em fase {f}  :: phase modulation (form of modulation)
modulação em frequência {f}  :: alternative form of modulação de frequência
modular {adj}  :: modular (consisting of modules)
modular {vt} [electronics]  :: to modulate (to vary the amplitude, frequency or phase of a carrier wave)
modular {vt} [music]  :: to modulate (to change the pitch, intensity or tone of one’s voice or of a musical instrument)
modular {vt}  :: to modulate (to regulate, adjust or adapt)
modus operandi {m}  :: modus operandi (method of operation)
moeda {f}  :: coin
moeda {f}  :: currency
Moeda {prop}  :: Moeda (placename)
moedeiro {m}  :: a small purse or wallet, or a compartment in a purse or wallet, used to carry coins
moedeiro {m}  :: someone who mints coins
moedor {adj}  :: which grinds objects
moedor {m}  :: grinder (device for grinding things)
moedora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moedor
moedoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of moedor
moela {f}  :: gizzard (portion of the oesophagus of some animals where food is ground)
Moema {prop}  :: Moema (placename)
moenda {f}  :: mill (grinding apparatus)
moer {v}  :: to grind, crush
moer {v}  :: to mill
moesteyro {m}  :: obsolete form of mosteiro
mofada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mofado
mofadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mofado
mofado {adj}  :: mouldy (covered with mould)
Mofamede {prop}  :: alternative form of Mafamede
mofo {m}  :: mold
mofo {m}  :: must (the property of being stale or musty)
mofo {m} [plant disease]  :: mildew (growth of minute powdery or webby fungi on a plant)
mofo {m}  :: the smell of mold
mão francesa {f} [transport]  :: [[right-hand traffic]]
Mogadishu {prop}  :: alternative form of Mogadíscio
Mogadixo {prop}  :: alternative form of Mogadíscio
Mogadouro {prop}  :: Mogadouro (placename)
Mogadíscio {prop}  :: Mogadishu (placename)
mogarim {m}  :: alternative form of bogari
Mogi das Cruzes {prop}  :: Mogi das Cruzes (placename)
Mogi Guaçu {prop}  :: Mogi Guaçu (placename)
Mogilev {prop}  :: Mogilev (placename)
Mogi Mirim {prop}  :: Mogi Mirim (placename)
Mogúncia {prop}  :: Mainz (placename)
mogno {m}  :: mahogany (any tree of the Swietenia genus, which are the source of high-end timber)
mogno {m} [uncountable]  :: mahogany (wood of the mahogany tree)
mogno africano {m}  :: African mahogany (a tree of the genus Khaya, similar to mahogany)
mogol {adj}  :: obsolete form of mongol
mogol {mf}  :: obsolete form of mongol
Moguilev {prop}  :: alternative form of Mogilev
mohair {m}  :: mohair (fine hair of the Angora goat)
moicano {m}  :: Mohawk (hairstyle)
moicano {m}  :: Mohican (indigenous people of North America)
moicano {m} [uncountable]  :: Mohican (extinct Algonquian language spoken by the Mohican peole)
Moimenta da Beira {prop}  :: Moimenta da Beira (placename)
mão inglesa {f} [transport]  :: [[left-hand traffic]]
moinha {f}  :: chaff (inedible part of grain)
moinho {m}  :: mill (grinding apparatus or the building housing it)
moinho de vento {m}  :: windmill (structure with sails rotated by the wind)
moira {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moiro
moira {f}  :: feminine noun of moiro
moira {f}  :: moira (personification of fate)
Moira {prop} [Greek god]  :: Moira (personification of fate)
moirama {f}  :: alternative form of mourama
moirisma {f}  :: alternative form of mourisma
moiro {adj}  :: alternative form of mouro
moiro {m}  :: alternative form of mouro
Moisés {prop} [biblical character]  :: Moses (the biblical patriarch)
Moisés {prop}  :: male given name, Moses
moita {f}  :: thicket (dense, small growth of shrubs, bushes or small trees)
Moita {prop}  :: Moita (placename)
moksha {m}  :: Moksha (language)
mol {m} [Brazil]  :: mole (unit of amount)
mola {f} [Portugal]  :: clothes peg (object used to attach wet laundry to a clothesline)
mola {f}  :: spring (device made of flexible material)
molalidade {f} [chemistry]  :: molality (concentration of a substance in solution)
molaridade {f} [chemistry]  :: molarity
molécula {f}  :: molecule (two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds)
moldando {v}  :: gerund of moldar
moldar {v}  :: to hew, work, shape
moldar {v}  :: to mold / mould
molde {m} [by extension]  :: model, example
molde {m}  :: mould, cast
molde {m} [typography]  :: printing mould
moldura {f}  :: frame (rigid, generally rectangular mounting for a painting)
moldável {adj}  :: mouldable (able to be moulded)
moldávia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moldávio
Moldávia {prop}  :: Moldavia (placename)
Moldávia {prop}  :: Moldova (placename)
moldávias {adj}  :: feminine plural of moldávio
moldávio {adj}  :: Moldavian (of, from or relating to Moldova)
moldávio {m}  :: Moldavian (person from Moldova)
moldávio {m} [uncountable]  :: Moldavian (the written standard of Daco-Romanian used in Moldova)
mole {adj} [informal]  :: Not difficult; easy
mole {adj}  :: Not hard; smooth or flexible; soft
mole {f}  :: mass
mole {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of mol
moleca {f}  :: a female brat; a girl regarded as mischievous, unruly or spoiled
molecagem {f}  :: band of brats
molecagem {f}  :: something done which is characteristic of a brat
molecular {adj} [chemistry]  :: molecular (relating to molecules)
moledro {m}  :: cairn (pile of stones heaped up as a landmark)
moleira {f}  :: fontanelle (soft spot on the head of babies)
moleirão {adj} [of a person]  :: weak or lazy
moleirão {m}  :: a weak or lazy person
moleiro {m}  :: miller (person who operates or runs a mill)
moleiro {m}  :: skua (predatory seabird of the family Stercorariidae)
moleirona {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moleirão
moleironas {adj}  :: feminine plural of moleirão
moleja {f}  :: sweetbread (pancreas or thymus gland of an animal, especially as food)
molenga {adj} [of a person]  :: weak or lazy
molenga {n}  :: a weak or lazy person
moleque {m}  :: brat, imp (naughty boy)
moleque {m} [Brazil]  :: A magnet used to remove iron from gold powder
moleque {m}  :: picaninny
molequinho {adj}  :: diminutive form of moleque
molequinho {m}  :: diminutive form of moleque
molestar {v}  :: to molest (to abuse sexually)
molestar {v}  :: to trouble; to bother; to annoy; to harass
moletão {m}  :: alternative form of moletom
moletom {m}  :: a type of thick cotton cloth
moletom {m}  :: jumper; sweater (thick jacket worn for warmth), especially one made of this cloth
moleza {f}  :: enervation
molhada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of molhado
molhada {f}  :: wetting (the act of making something wet)
molhadela {f}  :: a slight wetting (act of making something wet)
molhado {adj} [of an object]  :: Covered with or impregnated with liquid; wet
molhado {adj} [slang, of a woman]  :: Sexually aroused; horny; wet
molhador {m}  :: a person or device which wets (makes wet)
molhadura {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: a bribe or tip given in exchange for a favour or information
molhadura {f}  :: the process of wetting something
molhagem {f}  :: the act or process of wetting something
molhamento {m}  :: the act or process of wetting something
molhando {v}  :: gerund of molhar
molhar {v} [euphemistic]  :: to accidentally urinate on something
molhar {v}  :: to wet (to make wet)
molhar a garganta {v} [idiomatic]  :: to wet one’s whistle (to have drink)
molhe {m} [nautical]  :: mole (pier, breakwater or junction between places separated by water)
molher {f}  :: obsolete form of mulher
molho {m}  :: bundle; group of objects held together by wrapping or tying (especially keys)
molho {m}  :: sauce (liquid condiment)
molho Alfredo {m}  :: Alfredo sauce (sauce made from butter and Parmesan)
molho béchamel {m}  :: béchamel sauce (white sauce made with butter, flour and milk)
molho de churrasco {m}  :: barbecue sauce (fruity, tangy sauce)
molho de soja {m}  :: soy sauce (condiment made from fermented soybeans)
molho de tomate {m}  :: tomato sauce (thick sauce made from tomatoes)
molho inglês {m}  :: Worcestershire sauce (thin, piquant sauce)
molho tártaro {m}  :: tartare sauce (sauce made from mayonnaise and a chopped mixture of pickled gherkins, capers, olives and shallots)
molhável {adj}  :: which won’t be damaged or become inefficacious if wetted
molibdato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: molybdate
molibdenita {f} [mineral]  :: molybdenite
molibdênio {m}  :: alternative form of molibdénio
molibdénio {m} [Portugal]  :: molybdenum
molibdopterina {f}  :: molybdopterin
molinete {m}  :: a fishing reel
molinete {m} [by extension]  :: a fishing rod equipped with a reel
molinete {m}  :: turnstile (rotating mechanical device that controls and counts passage)
molinete {m}  :: windlass (form of winch in which a rope or cable is wound around a cylinder)
Moloch {prop}  :: Moloch (ancient Ammonite deity)
Moloque {prop}  :: alternative form of Moloch
molosso {m}  :: brute (violent individual)
molosso {m}  :: Molossian; Molosser (dog)
molosso {m}  :: Molossian (person from Molossia)
moléstia {f}  :: disease, illness, sickness
molusco {m}  :: mollusc (soft-bodied invertebrate of phylum Mollusca)
molusquicida {f}  :: molluscicide
Mombuca {prop}  :: Mombuca (placename)
momentânea {adj}  :: feminine singular form of momentâneo
momentâneas {adj}  :: feminine plural of momentâneo
momentâneo {adj}  :: momentary (lasting for only a moment)
momento {m}  :: moment (very brief period of time)
momento angular {m} [mechanics]  :: angular momentum (rotational momentum)
momento da verdade {m} [idiomatic]  :: moment of truth (deciding instant)
momento magnético {m} [physics]  :: magnetic moment (torque exerted on a magnet within a magnetic field)
momo {m}  :: King Momo (character representing the king of carnival in Latin America)
momo {m}  :: momo
múon {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of muão
monçaõ {f}  :: obsolete spelling of monção
Mona {prop}  :: Mona (placename)
monacal {adj}  :: monastic
monçam {f}  :: obsolete spelling of monção
monarca {mf}  :: monarch
monarquia {f}  :: monarchy
monarquia absoluta {f} [politics]  :: absolute monarchy (monarchy where the monarch has absolute power)
monarquia constitucional {f}  :: constitutional monarchy (state in which the monarch’s power is limited by a written constitution)
monarquista {mf}  :: monarchist
monastério {m}  :: monastery (place of residence for members of a religious community)
monazita {f} [mineral]  :: monazite
monazítica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monazítico
monazíticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monazítico
monazítico {adj} [geology]  :: monazitic
Monchique {prop}  :: Monchique (placename)
Monchique {prop}  :: Monchique (placename)
monócito {m} [immunology, cytology]  :: monocyte (type of blood leukocyte)
monóculo {m}  :: monocle (single lens used to correct vision for only one eye)
Mondaí {prop}  :: Mondaí (placename)
Mondego {prop}  :: Mondego (placename)
monádica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monádico
monádicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monádico
monádico {adj}  :: monadic (of, or relating to a monad)
Mondim de Basto {prop}  :: Mondim de Basto (placename)
monegasco {adj}  :: Monégasque (of, from or relating to Monaco)
monegasco {m}  :: Monégasque (person from Monaco)
Monções {prop}  :: Monções (placename)
monetária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monetário
monetárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of monetário
monetário {adj}  :: monetary
Monforte {prop}  :: Monforte (placename)
Mongaguá {prop}  :: Mongaguá (placename)
monógamo {adj}  :: monogamous (being married to only one person at a time)
monógamo {adj} [zoology]  :: monogamous (having only one sexual partner at a time)
monge {m}  :: monk
Mongólia {prop}  :: Mongolia (placename)
Mongólia Exterior {prop}  :: Inner Mongolia (placename)
Mongólia Interior {prop}  :: Inner Mongolia (placename)
mongólica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mongólico
mongólicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mongólico
mongólico {adj} [linguistics]  :: Mongolic (relating to the Mongolic language family)
mongólico {adj}  :: Mongolian; Mongol (of, from or relating to Mongolia)
mongo {adj} [slang, pejorative]  :: idiot; fool; retarded
mongo {m} [slang]  :: idiot
mongol {adj}  :: Mongolian (of Mongolia)
mongol {adj}  :: Mongolian (of the Mongolian language)
mongol {mf}  :: Mongolian (native or inhabitant of Mongolia)
mongol {mf} [uncountable]  :: Mongolian (language)
mongolóide {adj} [pt-superseded-paroxytone-ói, mongoloide]  ::
mongolóide {n} [pt-superseded-paroxytone-ói, mongoloide]  ::
mongoloide {adj} [offensive]  :: having Down's syndrome
mongoloide {n} [anthropology]  :: mongoloid (member of the race native to North Asia, East Asia, Oceania and Greenland)
mongoloide {n} [offensive]  :: mongoloid; retard; idiot (generic term of abuse)
mongoloide {n} [offensive]  :: mongoloid (someone with Down’s syndrome)
monismo {m}  :: monism
monitor {m} [computing]  :: monitor (computer display)
monitor {m}  :: monitor lizard (lizard of the genus Varanus)
monitor {m}  :: monitor (someone who watches over something)
monitoração {f}  :: monitoring
monitorar {v}  :: to monitor (to watch over, guard)
monitorizar {vt}  :: to monitor (to watch over carefully)
monja {f}  :: nun (female monastics)
Monjolos {prop}  :: Monjolos (placename)
monólito {m} [archaeology]  :: monolith (monument consisting of a large block of stone)
monólito {m} [figurative]  :: monolith (anything massive, uniform and unmovable)
monólogo {m}  :: monologue (long speech by one person)
monômero {m}  :: alternative spelling of monómero
monómero {m} [chemistry]  :: monomer (molecule that may bind to other molecules to form a polymer)
monção {f}  :: each of the several fluvial expeditions by 17th century Brazilian explorers
monção {f} [figurative]  :: opportunity, occasion
monção {f}  :: monsoon (tropical rainy season)
mono {m}  :: a monkey or ape
mono- {prefix}  :: mono- (having only one of something)
Monção {prop}  :: Monção (placename)
monoatómica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monoatómico
monoatômica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monoatômico
monoatómicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monoatómico
monoatômicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monoatômico
monoatómico {adj} [chemistry, physics]  :: monatomic
monoatômico {adj} [chemistry, physics]  :: monatomic
monocarbeto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: monocarbide
monocasta {adj} [oenology, of wine]  :: produced from a single grape variety
monocasta {m} [oenology]  :: a wine produced from a single grape variety
monocíclica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monocíclico
monocíclicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monocíclico
monocíclico {adj} [chemistry]  :: monocyclic
monocelha {f}  :: unibrow (eyebrows that meet in the middle)
monociclo {m}  :: unicycle (one-wheeled pedaled cycle)
monoácido {m} [chemistry]  :: monoacid
monocálcio {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: monocalcium
monocotiledônea {f}  :: alternative form of monocotiledónea
monocotiledónea {f} [botany]  :: monocotyledon; monocot (any angiosperm whose seedlings have one cotyledon)
monocristal {m}  :: monocrystal, single crystal
monocristalina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monocristalino
monocristalinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monocristalino
monocristalino {adj}  :: monocrystalline
monocromo {adj}  :: monochrome (having only one colour)
monofisista {adj}  :: Monophysite (relating to Μonophysism)
monofisista {n} [Christianity]  :: Monophysite (member of a Christian sect which held that Jesus Christ has one nature)
monogamia {f}  :: monogamy (form of relationship in which an individual has only one partner during their lifetime or at any one time)
monografia {f}  :: monograph (scholarly book or treatise)
monograma {m}  :: monogram (a design composed of one or more letters used as an identifying mark)
monographia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of monografia
monolíngue {adj} [of a person]  :: monolingual (who only knows one language)
monolíngue {adj} [of media]  :: monolingual (containing content in only one language)
monologar {v}  :: to soliloquize; monologue (to perform a monologue)
monomêrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monomêrico
monomêricas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monomêrico
monomêrico {adj} [chemistry]  :: monomeric
mononitreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: mononitride
monooxigenase {f} [enzyme]  :: monooxygenase
monophthongo {m} [rare]  :: obsolete spelling of monotongo
monopólio {m}  :: monopoly
monopolizar {v}  :: to monopolise (to have a monopoly)
monossacarídeo {m} [carbohydrate]  :: monosaccharide (a simple sugar, composed of a single ring)
monossacarídio {m}  :: alternative form of monossacarídeo
monossilabicamente {adv}  :: monosyllabically
monossilábica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monossilábico
monossilábicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monossilábico
monossilábico {adj}  :: monosyllabic
monossílabo {m}  :: monosyllable
monossulfeto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: monosulfide
monoteísmo {m} [religion]  :: monotheism (belief in the existence of only one God)
monoteísta {adj} [religion]  :: monotheistic (believing in a single god)
monoteísta {n} [religion]  :: monotheist (person who believes in a single god)
monoteística {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monoteístico
monoteísticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monoteístico
monoteístico {adj} [religion]  :: monotheistic (believing in a single god)
monotónica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monotónico
monotónicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monotónico
monotônico {adj}  :: alternative form of monotónico
monotónico {adj} [of speech or a sound]  :: monotone (having a single pitch)
monotongação {f} [phonetics]  :: monophthongization (the process of becoming a monophthong)
monotongo {m} [phonetics]  :: monophthong (a pure vowel sound, without a glide)
monotípica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monotípico
monotípicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monotípico
monotípico {adj} [taxonomy]  :: monotypic (relating to or exhibiting monotypy)
monotremado {m} [zoology]  :: monotreme (egg-laying mammal)
monotremo {m} [zoology]  :: monotreme (egg-laying mammal)
monotrilho {m}  :: monorail (a railroad system where the trains run on one rail)
monotrémato {m}  :: alternative form of monotremado
monozigótica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monozigótico
monozigótico {adj}  :: monozygotic
Monrovia {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Monróvia
monárquico {adj}  :: monarchic (relating to monarchies or monarchs)
monárquico {m}  :: monarchist (an advocate of, or believer in, monarchy)
Monróvia {prop}  :: Monrovia (placename)
monsenhor {m}  :: Monsignor (ecclesiastic title bestowed on some Roman Catholic clerics by the Pope)
Monsenhor Paulo {prop}  :: Monsenhor Paulo (placename)
Monserrate {prop}  :: Monserrate (placename)
Monserrate {prop}  :: Montserrat (placename)
monástica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monástico
monásticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monástico
monástico {adj}  :: monastic
monstro {m}  :: monster
monstruosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monstruoso
monstruosamente {adv}  :: monstrously
monstruosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of monstruoso
monstruosidade {f}  :: monstrosity (monstrous thing, person or act)
monstruosidade {f} [uncountable]  :: monstrosity (state of being monstrous)
monstruoso {adj}  :: monstrous
monta-cargas {m}  :: a cargo lift
montado {v}  :: past participle of montar
montador {m}  :: assembler (one who assembles items)
montador {m} [programming]  :: assembler (program that produces executable machine code from assembly code)
montagem {f}  :: assembly, assemblage
montagem {f}  :: installation
montagem {f}  :: montage
Montalegre {prop}  :: Montalegre (placename)
Montalvânia {prop}  :: Montalvânia (placename)
Montana {prop}  :: Montana (placename)
montando {v}  :: gerund of montar
montanha {f} [geography]  :: mountain
montanha russa {f}  :: alternative spelling of montanha-russa
montanha-russa {f}  :: rollercoaster (amusement ride)
Montanhas Rochosas {prop}  :: Rocky Mountains (placename)
montanhesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of montanhês
montanhesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of montanhês
montanhismo {m}  :: mountaineering (mountain-climbing as a sport)
montanhista {mf}  :: mountaineer (one who climbs mountains for sport or pleasure)
montanhosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of montanhoso
montanhosas {adj}  :: feminine plural of montanhoso
montanhoso {adj}  :: mountainous (having many mountains)
montanhês {adj}  :: of, from or relating to mountains or a mountainous region
montanhês {m}  :: a person from a mountainous region
montante {f}  :: a two-handed sword
montante {m}  :: total (original amount of money plus interest)
montar {v}  :: to assemble
montar {v}  :: to go up, climb
montar {v}  :: to mount, to ride
Montauri {prop}  :: Montauri (placename)
montículo {m}  :: diminutive form of monte
monte {m} [by extension, idiomatic]  :: much, many, a lot / lots of
monte {m}  :: mountain, mount
Monte Alegre de Minas {prop}  :: Monte Alegre de Minas (placename)
Monte Alegre dos Campos {prop}  :: Monte Alegre dos Campos (placename)
Monte Alegre do Sul {prop}  :: Monte Alegre do Sul (placename)
Monte Alto {prop}  :: Monte Alto (placename)
Monte Aprazível {prop}  :: Monte Aprazível (placename)
Monte Azul {prop}  :: Monte Azul (placename)
Monte Azul Paulista {prop}  :: Monte Azul Paulista (placename)
Monte Belo {prop}  :: Monte Belo (placename)
Monte Belo do Sul {prop}  :: Monte Belo do Sul (placename)
Monte Carlo {prop}  :: Monte Carlo (placename)
Monte Carmelo {prop}  :: Monte Carmelo (placename)
Monte Castelo {prop}  :: Montecastello (placename)
Monte Castelo {prop}  :: Monte Castelo (placename)
Monte Castelo {prop}  :: Monte Castelo (placename)
monte de Vênus {m}  :: alternative spelling of monte de Vénus
monte de Vénus {m}  :: mons pubis (fleshy protuberance over the pubic bones)
Monte Everest {prop}  :: Mount Everest (placename)
Monte Formoso {prop}  :: Monte Formoso (placename)
Monte Fuji {prop}  :: Mount Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan)
monteiro {m}  :: someone who hunts in mountainous areas
Monteiro Lobato {prop}  :: Monteiro Lobato (placename)
Monte Megido {prop}  :: Mount Megiddo (placename)
Monte-Mor {prop}  :: Monte-Mor (placename)
Montemor-o-Novo {prop}  :: Montemor-o-Novo (placename)
Montemor-o-Velho {prop}  :: Montemor-o-Velho (placename)
montenegrino {adj}  :: Montenegrin (of, from or relating to Montenegro)
montenegrino {m}  :: Montenegrin (person from Montenegro)
montenegrino {m} [uncountable]  :: Montenegrin (Serbo-Croatian variety used in Montenegro)
Montenegro {prop}  :: Montenegro (placename)
Montenegro {prop}  :: Montenegro (placename)
monte púbico {m}  :: mons pubis (fleshy protuberance over the pubic bones)
montepio {m}  :: mutual insurance and pension institution
montesa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of montês
Monte Santo {prop}  :: Monte Santo (placename)
Monte Santo de Minas {prop}  :: Monte Santo de Minas (placename)
montesas {adj}  :: feminine plural of montês
Montes Claros {prop}  :: Montes Claros (placename)
montesina {adj}  :: feminine singular form of montesino
montesinas {adj}  :: feminine plural of montesino
montesino {adj}  :: of, from or relating to mountains or a mountainous region
montesino {m}  :: a person from a mountainous region
Monte Sião {prop}  :: Monte Sião (placename)
Monte Sião {prop}  :: Mount Zion (placename)
Montes Urais {prop}  :: Urals (placename)
montevideana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of montevideano
montevideanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of montevideano
montevideano {adj}  :: Of or from Montevideo
montevideano {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Montevideo
Montevidéu {prop}  :: Montevideo (placename)
Montezuma {prop}  :: Montezuma (placename)
Montijo {prop}  :: Montijo (placename)
montão {m} [colloquial, figuratively]  :: loads, heaps, a lot (large quantity)
montão {m}  :: heap; pile
Montomór o velho {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Montemor-o-Velho
monótona {adj}  :: feminine singular form of monótono
monótono {adj} [of sound]  :: flat (without variations in pitch)
monótono {adj}  :: tedious; boring; monotonous; uninteresting
montra {f} [Portugal]  :: shop window
Montréal {prop}  :: alt form of Montreal
Montreal {prop}  :: Montreal (placename)
montês {adj}  :: of, from or relating to mountains or a mountainous region
montês {m}  :: a person from a mountainous region
Montserrat {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Monserrate
monumento {m}  :: monument (a structure built for commemorative or symbolic reasons)
monóxido {m} [chemistry]  :: monoxide
monóxido de carbono {m} [inorganic compound]  :: carbon monoxide (chemical of the formula CO)
moção {f}  :: motion; movement (progression from one place to another)
moção {f} [politics]  :: motion (parliamentary proposal)
moção {m}  :: augmentative form of moço
moço {m}  :: boy, young man
moço de recados {m}  :: gofer (worker who runs errands)
moonshine {m} [rare]  :: moonshine (Appalachian home-made liquor)
míope {adj} [ophthalmology]  :: myopic; nearsighted (unable to focus on distant objects)
míope {n} [ophthalmology]  :: myopic (person suffering from myopia)
mão-pelada {m}  :: crab-eating raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus, a raccoon species of Central and Southern America)
moqueca {f}  :: moqueca
mor {adj} [in titles]  :: head; chief; main (foremost in rank)
mor {adj}  :: principal; main (foremost in importance)
mor {m} [colloquial]  :: alternative form of amor (as a term of address)
mora {f}  :: a delay
mora {f} [legal]  :: a delay in the payment of a debt
mora {f} [legal]  :: a mulct for not paying a debt in time
mora {f} [phonology]  :: mora (unit of syllable weight)
Mora {prop}  :: Mora (placename)
moçárabe {adj}  :: Mozarabic (relating to the Mozarabs)
moçárabe {n} [historical]  :: Mozarab (Christian in Moorish Iberia)
moçárabe {n} [uncountable]  :: Mozarabic (extinct Romance language once spoken in Moorish Iberia)
morada {f}  :: address
morada {f}  :: dwelling; residence
Morada Nova de Minas {prop}  :: Morada Nova de Minas (placename)
moradia {f}  :: dwelling, abode, home
morador {adj}  :: dwelling
morador {m}  :: resider, inhabitant, dweller;
morador {m}  :: tenant, lodger
moradora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of morador
moradoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of morador
moral {adj}  :: moral
moralidade {f} [uncountable]  :: morality (recognition of or obedience to the rules of correct conduct)
moralismo {m}  :: moralism (exaggerated preoccupation with morals)
moranga {f}  :: pumpkin (fruit of the Cucurbita pepo vine)
morango {m}  :: strawberry (the fruit)
morango silvestre {m}  :: wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca)
morangueiro {m}  :: strawberry (any plant of the genus Fragaria)
morar {v}  :: to live, reside (have permanent residence)
moratória {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moratório
moratória {f}  :: moratorium (authorization permitting temporary suspension of payments)
moratório {adj}  :: moratory
Morava {prop}  :: Morava (placename)
morbidade {f}  :: morbidity
morbilidade {f}  :: morbidity
morcego {m}  :: bat (flying mammal)
morcego-vampiro {m}  :: vampire bat (bat that feeds on blood)
morcela {f}  :: pudding (sausage made primarily from blood)
mordaça {f}  :: gag (object placed in someone’s mouth to prevent them from speaking and biting)
mordaz {adj}  :: mordacious (sharp or caustic in style or tone)
mordedura {f}  :: bite (act of biting)
mordedura {f}  :: bite (wound left by a bite)
morder {v}  :: to bite, to nip
morder {v}  :: to gnaw
mordida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mordido
mordida {f}  :: bite (act of biting)
mordida {f}  :: bite (wound left by a bite)
mordidela {f}  :: a small bite, a nibble
mordiscar {v}  :: to nibble
mordomo {m}  :: butler
Mordóvia {prop}  :: Mordovia (placename)
moreia {f} [glaciology]  :: debris (large rock fragments left by a melting glacier)
moreia {f}  :: moray (any eel of the family Muraenidae)
Moreia {prop}  :: Morea (placename)
morena {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moreno
morena {f}  :: brunette (a girl or woman with brown or black hair)
morena {f} [geology]  :: moraine, debris (large rock fragments left by a melting glacier)
moreno {adj}  :: dark colored
moreno {adj}  :: dark-haired
moreno {adj}  :: dark-skinned, tan
morfema {m} [linguistic morphology]  :: morpheme (smallest linguistic unit of meaning)
Morfeu {prop} [Greek god]  :: Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams
morfina {f}  :: morphine (opioid used as an anaesthetic or recreational drug)
morfismo {m} [mathematics]  :: morphism (a structure-preserving map from one mathematical structure to another)
morfológico {adj} [biology]  :: morphological (relating to the shape of beings)
morfológico {adj} [geology]  :: morphological (relating to structure of rocks and landforms)
morfológico {adj} [linguistics]  :: morphological (relating to the internal morphemes of a word)
morfologia {f} [biology]  :: morphology (study of the form of living organisms)
morfologia {f} [linguistics]  :: morphology (study of the structure and content of word forms)
morfologia {f}  :: morphology (the form and structure of something)
morfologia {f} [uncountable]  :: morphology (the scientific study of form and structure)
morganático {adj} [of marriage]  :: morganatic (between a man of higher rank and a woman of lower rank)
morgar {v}  :: to fall asleep accidentally
morgar {v}  :: to goof off (engage in idle activity)
Moréia {prop}  :: obsolete spelling of Moreia
moribunda {adj}  :: feminine singular form of moribundo
moribundo {adj}  :: moribund (approaching death)
morinda {f}  :: any tree of the genus Morinda
moringa {f}  :: moringa (any tree of the genus Moringa)
mormacenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mormacento
mormacentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mormacento
mormacento {adj} [of the weather]  :: sultry (hot and humid)
mormaço {m}  :: sultriness
mormaço {m}  :: sultry fog / mist
Mormaço {prop}  :: Mormaço (placename)
mormente {adv}  :: principally, mainly
morna {adj}  :: feminine singular form of morno
mornas {adj}  :: feminine plural of morno
Moróni {prop}  :: alternative form of Moroni
Morôni {prop}  :: alternative form of Moroni
morno {adj}  :: lukewarm, tepid (all senses)
Moroni {prop} [Mormonism]  :: Moroni (prophet and leader mentioned in the Book of Mormon)
Moroni {prop}  :: Moroni (placename)
moroso {adj}  :: sluggish (having little motion)
Morpará {prop}  :: Morpará (placename)
morrente {adj}  :: moribund (approaching death)
morrer {v} [indtr, pt, de]  :: to feel something to an extreme degree
morrer {v} [indtr, pt, em]  :: to die at (not to go past a given value)
morrer {v} [indtr, pt, para]  :: to die to (to lose all social ties with)
morrer {vi}  :: to die; to break down (to stop working)
morrer {vi}  :: to die (to cease to exist)
morrer {vi}  :: to die (to stop living)
morrer de inveja {v} [idiomatic]  :: to feel extremely jealous
morrer de rir {v} [idiomatic, informal]  :: to laugh one’s head off (laugh uproariously)
morrer de rir {v} [uncommon] de|rir
morrer na praia {v} [idiomatic]  :: To fail after trying hard and almost succeeding
morrer na praia {v} na|praia
morrinha {m}  :: a mild illness, weakness
morrinha {m} [Brazil]  :: stench
morrinha {m}  :: drizzle
morrinha {m}  :: murrain (disease of cattle)
morrinha {m}  :: sadness, melancholy, nostalgia
morrinhenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of morrinhento
morrinhento {adj}  :: boring; dull; tedious
morrinhento {adj}  :: melancholic
morrinhento {adj}  :: stinky (having unpleasant smell)
morrinhento {adj} [Trás-os-Montes]  :: drizzly
morrinhento {adj} [uncomparable, of cattle]  :: afflicted with a certain type of scabies
morrinhento {adj} [uncomparable, of cattle]  :: afflicted with murrain (infectious cattle disease)
morrinhento {adj}  :: weakened
Morrinhos do Sul {prop}  :: Morrinhos do Sul (placename)
morrião {m}  :: morion (type of helmet)
morrião-dos-passarinhos {m}  :: chickweed (Stellaria media, a herb)
morro {m}  :: hill (elevated location)
morro {m} [regional, Rio de Janeiro]  :: slum; shantytown
Morro Agudo {prop}  :: Morro Agudo (placename)
Morro da Fumaça {prop}  :: Morro da Fumaça (placename)
Morro da Garça {prop}  :: Morro da Garça (placename)
Morro do Chapéu {prop}  :: Morro do Chapéu (placename)
Morro do Pilar {prop}  :: Morro do Pilar (placename)
Morro Grande {prop}  :: Morro Grande (placename)
Morro Redondo {prop}  :: Morro Redondo (placename)
Morro Reuter {prop}  :: Morro Reuter (placename)
morsa {f}  :: walrus
morso {m}  :: bit (metal mouthpiece of a horse’s harness)
morta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of morto
morta de fome {adj}  :: feminine singular form of morto de fome
morta de fome {f}  :: feminine noun of morto de fome
mortal {adj} [comparable]  :: Prone to cause death; deadly; lethal; fatal
mortal {adj} [not comparable]  :: Susceptible to death; mortal
mortal {mf}  :: A mortal person
mortalha {f}  :: shroud (cloth used to cover cadavers)
mortalidade {f}  :: mortality
mortalidade materna {f}  :: maternal death (death caused by pregnancy or its management)
mortas {adj}  :: feminine plural of morto
morte {f}  :: death (cessation of life)
morte {f}  :: death (personification of death as a hooded figure with a scythe)
morte {f} [figurative]  :: destruction; ruin
morte {f} [uncountable]  :: the state of being dead
Morte {prop}  :: Death (the personification of death)
morte cerebral {f} [medicine]  :: brain death (irreversible cessation of brain activity)
morteiro {m}  :: mortar (artillery)
morteiro {m}  :: mortar (small vessel used to grind things)
mortífero {adj}  :: deadly (able to kill)
Mortágua {prop}  :: Mortágua (placename)
mortificado {v}  :: past participle of mortificar
mortificando {v}  :: gerund of mortificar
mortificação {f}  :: mortification
mortificar {v}  :: to mortify
mortinatalidade {f}  :: stillbirth (birth of a dead foetus)
morto {adj}  :: dead (completely inactive)
morto {adj}  :: dead (no longer living)
morto {adj} [figurative]  :: dead (not showing emotion)
morto {adj} [informal]  :: exhausted (extremely tired)
morto {m} [card games]  :: a number of cards set apart that can be picked up by the first player to play all his cards
morto {m}  :: corpse (dead person)
morto de fome {adj} [idiomatic]  :: starving (extremely hungry)
morto de fome {m} [idiomatic]  :: a starving person
mortos não falam {proverb}  :: dead men tell no tales (killing someone is the best way to keep them quiet)
morto-vivo {m} [horror fiction]  :: an undead person or creature
Mortugaba {prop}  :: Mortugaba (placename)
morugem {f}  :: chickweed (Stellaria media, a herb)
Morungaba {prop}  :: Morungaba (placename)
Morávia {prop}  :: Moravia (placename)
Mosa {prop}  :: Meuse (placename)
mosaico {adj}  :: Mosaic
mosaico {m} [arts]  :: mosaic
mãos ao alto {phrase}  :: hands up! (put your hands in the air)
mãos ao ar {phrase}  :: hands up! (put your hands in the air)
mosca {f}  :: fly (insect)
mosca-das-frutas {f}  :: fruit fly (any fly of the Drosophilidae family)
mosca doméstica {f}  :: common housefly (Musca domestica, a fly commonly found in human habitations)
moscar {vi} [colloquial]  :: to be oblivious
moscardo {m}  :: horsefly (fly of the family Tabanidae)
mosca-varejeira {f}  :: botfly (insect whose larvae are parasites of mammals)
mosca volante {f} [ophtalmology]  :: floater (deformed speck in the visual field)
Moscou {prop} [Brazil]  :: Moscow (placename)
Moscou {prop} [Brazil]  :: Moscow (placename)
moscovita {adj}  :: Muscovite (of, from or relating to Moscow)
moscovita {mf}  :: Muscovite (person from Moscow)
Moscovo {prop} [Portugal]  :: Moscow (placename)
Moscovo {prop} [Portugal]  :: Moscow (placename)
moshar {vi}  :: to mosh (to dance wildly by colliding with other people)
moshav {m}  :: moshav (Israeli cooperative agricultural community)
Moésia {prop}  :: alternative form of Mésia
mosqueada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mosqueado
mosqueadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mosqueado
mosqueado {adj}  :: mottled
mosqueamento {m}  :: mottling
mosqueando {v}  :: gerund of mosquear
mosquear {v}  :: to speckle, mottle
mosquete {m}  :: musket (firearm)
mosqueteiro {m} [military unit, historical]  :: musketeer (foot soldier armed with a musket)
mosqueteiro {m} [military unit, historical]  :: musketeer (member of French royal bodyguard)
mosquiteiro {m}  :: mosquito net (fine net used to protect against mosquitos)
mosquito {m}  :: mosquito
mostarda {f}  :: mustard (condiment)
mostarda {f}  :: mustard (plant)
mostarda {f}  :: mustard seeds
Mostardas {prop}  :: Mostardas (placename)
mostardeira {f}  :: mustard (any of several plants of the genera Brassica and Sinapis, whose seeds are used to make a condiment)
mosteiro {m}  :: monastery (place of residence for members of a religious community)
mosteyro {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mosteiro
mosto {m}  :: must (unfermented fruit juice)
mostra {f}  :: alternative form of amostra
mostra {f}  :: exhibition; show; display (event where objects are set to be seen by the public)
mostra {f} [military]  :: review (inspection of personnel and equipment)
mostra {f}  :: show; display (the act of displaying something)
mostraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mostram
mostrador {m}  :: shower (one who shows)
mostrar {vt}  :: to show
mostrar-se {vr}  :: reflexive form of mostrar
mostrar-se {v}  :: to show off (to demonstrate something for the purpose of bragging)
mostravaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mostravam
mostravão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mostravam
mostrão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of mostram
mostruário {m}  :: case (piece of furniture with one side consisting of a glass pane, used to exhibit objects)
mota {f} [chiefly, Portugal]  :: motorcycle
mote {m}  :: motto
motejaando {v}  :: gerund of motejar
motejar {v}  :: to joke, banter
motejar {v}  :: to mock, ridicule
motejo {m}  :: mock (act of mocking)
motel {m}  :: love hotel (short-stay hotel for sex)
motim {m}  :: riot, insurrection
motinada {f}  :: mutiny (organised rebellion)
motivado {v}  :: past participle of motivar
motivador {adj}  :: motivating, encouraging
motivador {m}  :: motivator
motivando {v}  :: gerund of motivar
motivação {f}  :: motivation (something which motivates)
motivação {f}  :: motivation (willingness of action)
motivar {v}  :: to cause, induce, provoke
motivar {v}  :: to motivate
motivo {m}  :: motive (that which incites to action)
motivo {m} [music]  :: motif (short melodic passage that is repeated in several parts of a work)
moto {f}  :: motorcycle
moto- {prefix}  :: Used to form terms relating to motors
motocicleta {f}  :: motorcycle (open-seated motor-powered vehicle with two wheels)
motociclismo {m}  :: motorcycle sport
motociclista {mf}  :: motorcyclist, biker
motoneta {f}  :: motor scooter (small motorcycle or moped with a step-through frame)
motoneve {f} [vehicle]  :: snowmobile (vehicle with tracks and skis used for moving over snow)
motor {adj}  :: motive
motor {m}  :: engine
motor {m}  :: motor
motora {adj}  :: feminine singular form of motor
motor a explosão {n}  :: internal combustion engine
motor a jato {m}  :: jet engine (an engine that develops thrust by ejecting a jet, especially a jet of gaseous combustion products)
motor a quatro tempos {m}  :: four-stroke engine (engine in which the pistons perform four strokes per engine cycle)
motoras {adj}  :: feminine plural of motor
motor de busca {m} [computing]  :: search engine (application that searches for data)
motor de explosão {n}  :: internal combustion engine
motorista {mf}  :: driver, biker
motosserra {f} [technology]  :: chainsaw (saw with a power-driven chain)
Motuca {prop}  :: Motuca (placename)
mouçaõ {f}  :: obsolete form of monção
mouçam {f}  :: obsolete form of monção
mouca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mouco
mouca {f}  :: feminine noun of mouco
moucas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mouco
moucas {fp}  :: feminine plural of mouco
mouco {adj}  :: deaf, hard of hearing
mouco {m}  :: a deaf person
mountain bike {f}  :: mountain bike (bicycle designed for off-road riding)
moura {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mouro
moura {f}  :: feminine noun of mouro
Moura {prop}  :: Moura (placename)
Moura {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
mourama {f} [historical]  :: synonym of mourisma
mouras {adj}  :: feminine plural of mouro
mourejando {v}  :: gerund of mourejar
mourejar {v}  :: to toil, slave
mouresca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mouresco
mourisca {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mourisco
mouriscas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mourisco
mourisco {adj}  :: Moorish (of or pertaining to Moors)
mourisma {f} [historical]  :: a group of Moors
mourisma {f} [historical]  :: the land of the Moors
mourão {m}  :: an upright stake in a fence
mourão {m}  :: augmentative form of mouro
mouro {adj}  :: Moorish
mouro {m}  :: Moor
Mourão {prop}  :: Mourão (placename)
Mourão {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
mouse {m} [Brazil, computer hardware]  :: mouse (input device used to move a pointer on the screen)
mouse {m} [Brazil, loosely]  :: pointer; cursor (moving icon that indicates the position of the mouse)
mousepad {m}  :: mouse pad; mouse mat (piece of material used as a surface for moving a computer mouse)
moussaka {f}  :: moussaka (baked dish of the Balkans and Turkey)
mousse {f}  :: alternative spelling of musse
mouta {f}  :: obsolete form of moita
movediça {adj}  :: feminine singular form of movediço
movediças {adj}  :: feminine plural of movediço
movediço {adj}  :: movable
movediço {adj}  :: unstable
movendo {v}  :: gerund of mover
movente {adj}  :: moving (that moves)
mover {v} [chess, and, other games]  :: to move (to change the place of a piece)
mover {v}  :: to induce; to persuade
mover {v}  :: to move (to change position)
mover {v}  :: to sue (to file legal action; with the preposition contra following the object)
movido {v}  :: past participle of mover
movimentada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of movimentado
movimentadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of movimentado
movimentado {adj}  :: agitated
movimentado {adj}  :: bustling
movimentado {adj}  :: excited
movimentar {vt}  :: to move (to change place or posture)
movimento {m}  :: movement (group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals)
movimento {m} [uncountable]  :: movement (physical motion)
movimento {m} [uncountable]  :: the flow of people or vehicles in a location
movimento antissacádico {m} [ethology]  :: antisaccade (a movement of the eye away from a point of stimulus)
movimento browniano {m} [physics]  :: Brownian motion (random motion of particles suspended in a fluid)
movimento sacádico {m}  :: saccade (rapid jerky movement of the eye)
moxibustão {f} [folk medicine]  :: moxibustion (the burning of moxa against skin)
mãozada {f}  :: handful (amount held in a hand)
mãozada {f}  :: slap (blow given with the open hand)
mozarela {f}  :: mozzarella (soft Italian cheese)
mozartiano {adj}  :: Mozartian (of or pertaining to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or the style of his music)
MP3 {m}  :: short for tocador de MP3
MPB {m}  :: A musical movement in Brazil
MQP {abbr}  :: mas que porra
máquina {f} [figurative]  :: machine (person or organisation that seemingly acts like a machine, being particularly efficient, single-minded, or unemotional)
máquina {f}  :: machine (mechanical or electrical device)
máquina analítica {f} [computing, historical]  :: analytical engine (19th century mechanical computer designed by Babbage)
máquina de busca {f} [computing]  :: search engine (application that searches for data)
máquina de costura {f}  :: sewing machine (electrical device used to stitch cloth)
máquina de escrever {f}  :: typewriter (machine used to print text by pressing keys)
máquina-de-escrever {f}  :: alternative spelling of máquina de escrever
máquina de lavar {f}  :: washing machine (machine that washes clothes)
máquina de lavar roupa {f}  :: washing machine (machine that washes clothes)
máquina de Turing {f} [computing theory]  :: Turing machine (abstract machine designed to give a mathematically precise definition of computability)
máquina de venda automática {f}  :: vending machine (machine that dispenses merchandise)
máquina de vender {f}  :: vending machine (machine that dispenses merchandise)
máquina diferencial {f} [computing]  :: difference engine (computer that tabulates polynomial functions)
máquina do tempo {f} [fiction]  :: time machine (device used to travel in time)
máquina ferramenta {f}  :: alternative spelling of máquina-ferramenta
máquina-ferramenta {f}  :: machine tool (machine with tools used to machine material)
máquina fotográfica {f}  :: camera (device for taking still pictures)
mòr {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of mor
môr {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of mor
môr {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mor, now a common misspelling
mórbido {adj}  :: morbid (unhealthy or unwholesome, especially psychologically)
mércia {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mércio
Márcia {prop}  :: female given name, Marcia
Mércia {prop}  :: Mercia (placename)
Múrcia {prop}  :: Murcia (placename)
Múrcia {prop}  :: Murcia (placename)
mércias {adj}  :: feminine plural of mércio
mércio {adj}  :: Mercian (of, from or relating to Mercia)
mércio {m}  :: Mercian (person from Mercia)
m*rda {f}  :: euphemistic spelling of merda
m*rda {interj}  :: euphemistic spelling of merda
Mário {prop}  :: male given name, Mario and Marius
Mário Campos {prop}  :: Mário Campos (placename)
mérito {m}  :: merit (something worthy of positive recognition)
mórmon {mf}  :: Mormon (follower of Mormonism)
Mórmon {prop} [Mormonism]  :: Mormon (American prophet of Mormon theology)
mármore {m}  :: marble sculpture
mármore {m} [uncountable]  :: marble (crystalline limestone)
mártir {n} [by extension]  :: martyr (one who sacrifices their life for an important cause)
mártir {n}  :: martyr (one who dies for his religion)
môrto {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of morto
môrto {m}  :: obsolete spelling of morto
Mértola {prop}  :: Mértola (placename)
más {adj}  :: feminine plural of mau
mês {m}  :: monthly wages for work or service
mês {m}  :: month [one of twelve divisions of the year]
mês {m}  :: month [period of thirty days]
mès {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mês
mês {m} [slang]  :: menstruation
MS {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazilian state)
máscara {f}  :: mask
máscara de gás {f}  :: gas mask (mask with a filter to protect the user from poisonous gas)
máscula {adj}  :: feminine singular form of másculo
másculas {adj}  :: feminine plural of másculo
másculo {adj}  :: male (belonging or relating to the sex having the smaller gametes)
músculo {m}  :: muscle (contractile tissue)
músculo auricular anterior {m} [muscle]  :: anterior auricular muscle (muscle surrounding the auricula)
Mésia {prop}  :: Moesia (placename)
música {f}  :: music
música {f}  :: song
música absoluta {f} [music]  :: absolute music (music which depends solely on its rhythmic, melodic and contrapuntal structure)
música clássica {f}  :: classical music (music of the Classical period)
música de câmara {f} [music]  :: chamber music (classical music played with few instruments)
música folclórica {f}  :: folk music (traditional music of a specific region)
música folk {f}  :: folk music (contemporary music in traditional style)
música house {f}  :: house music (subgenre of electronic dance music)
música para os ouvidos de {n} [idiomatic]  :: music to (someone’s) ears (good news)
música pop {f}  :: pop music (music intended for a wide audience)
músico {adj}  :: musical (pertaining to music)
músico {m}  :: musician (a person who composes, plays or sings music)
mêsma {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mêsmo
mêsmas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mêsmo
mêsmo {adj}  :: superseded spelling of mesmo
mêsmo {adv}  :: superseded spelling of mesmo
mêsmo {conj}  :: superseded spelling of mesmo
mêsmo {m}  :: superseded spelling of mesmo
méson {m} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of mesão
míssil {m}  :: missile (any object to be thrown)
míssil {m}  :: missile (self propelled projectile)
míssil balístico {m} [weapons]  :: ballistic missile (missile that is initially guided, but then follows a ballistic trajectory)
máster {m}  :: master (original version of a document or of a recording)
míster {m}  :: mister (title conferred on an adult male), especially when referring to Anglophones
místico {adj}  :: mystic (mysterious and strange)
místico {adj}  :: mystic; mystical (relating to mystics, mysticism or occult mysteries)
místico {m}  :: mystic (someone who practises mysticism)
mt {adj} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of muito
mt {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of muito
MT {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Mato Grosso (Brazilian state)
mêta {v}  :: obsolete spelling of meta
méthodo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of método
mítico {adj}  :: mythical (existing in myths)
mãtimento {m} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of mantimento
mãtimẽto {m} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of mantimento
Métis {prop} [astronomy]  :: Metis (satellite of Jupiter)
Métis {prop} [Greek god]  :: Metis (personification of wisdom)
método {m}  :: method
método comparativo {m} [historical linguistics]  :: comparative method (technique for determining proto-forms by comparing cognates)
método de Monte Carlo {m} [mathematics, statistics, computing]  :: Monte Carlo method (the use of random artificial sampling to solve a problem)
métrica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of métrico
métrica {f}  :: a property used as a unit of measure
métrica {f} [poetry, music]  :: meter (rhythm or measure in verse and musical composition)
métrico {adj}  :: metric (of or relating to the metric system)
mútua {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mútuo
mútuas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mútuo
mútuo {adj}  :: mutual (having the same relationship, each to each other)
mu {interj}  :: moo (the call of a cow)
mu {m}  :: mule
muai thai {m} [martial arts]  :: Muay Thai (a martial art of Thai origin)
muar {m}  :: mule (offspring of male donkey and female horse)
muçarela {f}  :: alternative form of mozarela
mucama {f} [Brazil, historical]  :: [[domestic slave]]
mucama {f} [Brazil]  :: housemaid; servant
mucamba {f}  :: alternative form of mucama
muco {m}  :: mucus (slippery or sticky secretion)
mucosa {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mucoso
mucosa {f} [anatomy]  :: mucous membrane (any membrane which secretes mucus)
Mucugê {prop}  :: Mucugê (placename)
mucumbu {m} [Northeast Brazil]  :: tailbone; coccyx (the final fused vertebrae)
Mucuri {prop}  :: Mucuri (placename)
muda {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mudo
muda {f}  :: feminine noun of mudo
muda {f}  :: seedling;
mudam-se os tempos, mudam-se os costumes {proverb}  :: other days, other ways (people of the past thought and acted differently)
mudança {f}  :: all the objects carried when one changes residence
mudança {f}  :: change (the process of becoming different)
mudança {f}  :: exchange (act of exchanging)
mudança {f}  :: move (event of changing one's residence)
mudança climática {f}  :: climate change (changes in the Earth’s climate)
mudar {vr} [chiefly]  :: to move, to relocate
mudar {v}  :: to change (to become or cause to become something different)
mudar de ideia {v} [idiomatic]  :: to change one’s mind (to decide differently than one had decided before)
mudar-se {vr}  :: to move (to settle into a new home)
mudez {f}  :: muteness (the condition of being mute)
mudéjar {adj}  :: Mudéjar
mudéjar {n}  :: Mudéjar (Moors of Al-Andalus who remained in Christian territory after the Reconquista)
mudo {adj}  :: Suffering from muteness; mute
mudra {m} [dance, arts]  :: mudra (symbolic hand postures used in India)
mudável {adj}  :: changeable (capable of being changed)
muesli {m}  :: muesli (a Swiss and German breakfast dish made with rolled oats)
muezim {m} [Islam]  :: muezzin (person who issues call to prayer)
muffin {m}  :: muffin (type of small cake)
muflão {m}  :: mouflon (Ovis aries musimon, a wild sheep of Corsica and Sardinia)
mufti {m} [Islam]  :: mufti (scholar who interprets shari’a law)
mugir {v}  :: to moo (to make a lowing sound)
mui {adv} [archaic, rare]  :: very
muié {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: a girlfriend or wife
muié {f}  :: eye dialect of mulher
muita {pron}  :: feminine singular form of muito
muita cera queima a igreja {proverb}  :: too many cooks spoil the broth
muitas {pron}  :: feminine plural of muito
muito {adv}  :: very; a lot; very much (to a great extent or degree)
muito {pron}  :: much; many; a lot of; lots of
muito {pron}  :: too much; too many (an excessive amount of)
muito louca {adj}  :: feminine form of muito louco
muito loucas {adj}  :: feminine plural of muito louco
muito louco {adj} louco
muito louco {adj} [slang, Brazil]  :: wicked; awesome; amazing
muito menos {conj}  :: let alone (introduces a negative clause after another negative clause)
muito menos {conj} menos
muito obrigada {phrase} [used by females]  :: thank you very much
muito obrigado {phrase} [used by males]  :: thank you very much
muito prazer {phrase}  :: pleased to meet you
Muitos Capões {prop}  :: Muitos Capões (placename)
muitíssima {adj}  :: feminine singular form of muitíssimo
muitíssimas {adj}  :: feminine plural of muitíssimo
muitíssimo {adj}  :: most
muitíssimo {adj}  :: very much, very many
mujahid {mf} [Islam]  :: mujahid (Muslim engaging in jihad)
mujik {mf}  :: mujik (peasant in imperial Russia)
mujique {mf}  :: alternative form of mujik
mulá {m} [Islam]  :: mullah (a Muslim religious scholar and teacher)
mula {f}  :: a stupid person (regardless of sex)
mula {f}  :: feminine noun of mulo
mulambenta {adj}  :: feminine form of mulambento
mulambentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mulambento
mulambento {adj} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: slovenly (having an untidy appearance)
mulambento {m} [Brazil, colloquial]  :: a slovenly person
mulatinha {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mulatinho
mulatinhas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mulatinho
mulatinho {adj}  :: young and mulatto
mulato {adj}  :: mulatto
mulato {m}  :: mulatto
muleta {f}  :: crutch (long stick used to assist in walking)
mulher {adj} [derogatory, of a man]  :: pansy; wimpy; effeminate
mulher {f} [uncountable]  :: womankind (women, taken collectively)
mulher {f} [with possessive pronoun, the preposition de, or in the vocative]  :: wife (married woman)
mulher {f}  :: woman (adult female human)
mulherada {f}  :: women, collectively
mulher da vida {f} [euphemistic]  :: prostitute
mulher de conforto {f} [historical]  :: comfort woman (woman forced into prostitution by Japanese occupation forces during World War 2)
mulher de malandro {f} [pejorative]  :: A woman who presumably likes or doesn't care to be spanked, insulted or cheated by a boyfriend or husband
mulher de malandro {f} [pejorative, idiomatic, by extension]  :: Any person oblivious to undesirable situations
mulher de negócios {f}  :: businesswoman (woman involved in business)
mulher de vida fácil {f}  :: a female prostitute
mulherengo {adj} [pejorative]  :: effeminate
mulherengo {adj}  :: womanizing
mulherengo {m}  :: womanizer (habitual seducer of women)
mulherio {m}  :: a group of women
mulher no volante, perigo constante {proverb} [offensive]  :: women are bad drivers
mulherão {m}  :: Voluptuous woman
mulher pública {f} [pejorative]  :: a female prostitute
mulherzinha {adj} [of a man, offensive]  :: cowardly or effeminate
mulherzinha {m}  :: diminutive form of mulher
mulherzinha {m} [offensive]  :: a cowardly or effeminate man
Muliterno {prop}  :: Muliterno (placename)
mullet {m}  :: mullet (men’s hairstyle that is long in the back and short in the front)
mulo {m}  :: mule (offspring of male donkey and female horse)
multa {f}  :: fine; ticket (monetary punishment for a violation)
multar {v}  :: to fine, to penalize, to book
multi- {prefix}  :: multi- (many)
multibanco {m} [Portugal, banking]  :: cash machine
multibanco {m} [Portugal, banking]  :: name of an interbank network
multicamadas {adj}  :: multilayered (having more than one layer)
multicelular {adj}  :: multicellular
multicolor {adj}  :: multicoloured; multicolour (having multiple colours)
multicolorida {adj}  :: feminine singular form of multicolorido
multicoloridas {adj}  :: feminine plural of multicolorido
multicolorido {adj}  :: multicoloured; multicolour (having multiple colours)
multicor {adj}  :: multicolour (having many colours)
multicultural {adj}  :: multicultural (encompassing several cultures)
multiculturalismo {m}  :: multiculturalism (promotion of a society with cultures)
multidão {f}  :: crowd (a group of people)
multidão {f}  :: multitude, heap (a great number or large quantity of things)
multifacetada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of multifacetado
multifacetadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of multifacetado
multifacetado {adj}  :: multifaceted (having multiple facets)
multifatorial {adj} [maths]  :: multifactorial
multilateral {adj}  :: multilateral (having many sides or points of view)
multilateral {adj}  :: multilateral (involving more than one party)
multilíngüe {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of multilíngue
multilíngue {adj}  :: multilingual (pertaining to multiple languages)
multimédia {n} [Portugal]  :: multimedia (the use of different media to convey information)
multimídia {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of multimédia
multimilionária {adj}  :: feminine singular form of multimilionário
multimilionárias {adj}  :: feminine plural of multimilionário
multimilionário {adj}  :: involving many millions of some currency
multimilionário {m}  :: multimillionaire (person worth many millions)
multiplataforma {adj} [computing]  :: cross-platform (designed to work on various operating systems)
multiplicação {f}  :: multiplication (all senses)
multiplicar {v} [arithmetic]  :: to multiply (perform multiplication on (a number))
multiplicidade {f}  :: multiplicity
multiplicidade {f}  :: plurality
multiplicidade {f}  :: variety
multiracialismo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of multirracialismo
multirracialismo {m}  :: multiracialism (promotion of a society composed of various races)
multivariada {adj}  :: feminine singular form of multivariado
multivariadas {adj}  :: feminine plural of multivariado
multivariado {adj}  :: multivariate (having or involving multiple variables)
multivariável {adj}  :: multivariate (having or involving multiple variables)
multiverso {m} [physics]  :: multiverse
Mulungu do Morro {prop}  :: Mulungu do Morro (placename)
mumificar {vt}  :: to mummify (to present a body so it becomes a mummy)
mundana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mundano
mundanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mundano
mundano {adj}  :: mundane; worldly
mundial {adj}  :: global
mundial {m}  :: world cup
mundialmente {adv}  :: worldwide (throughout the world)
mundo {m} [informal, with article um]  :: world (a large amount)
mundo {m} [uncountable, with article o]  :: world; humanity (human beings collectively)
mundo {m} [uncountable, with article o]  :: world (the Earth)
mundo {m} [uncountable, with article o]  :: world (the Universe)
mundo {m}  :: world (a large, distinct region)
mundo {m}  :: world (everything related to a certain field)
mundo das fadas {m}  :: fairyland (the imaginary land or abode of fairies)
Mundo Novo {prop}  :: alternative form of Novo Mundo
Mundo Novo {prop}  :: Mundo Novo (placename)
mundo árabe {m}  :: Arab World (the Arabic speaking states collectively)
mundo real {m}  :: real world
munhão {m}  :: a type of axle in artillery weapons
Munhoz {prop}  :: Munhoz (placename)
Munhoz {prop}  :: Portuguese surname
municipal {adj}  :: civic
municipal {adj}  :: municipal
municipal {adj}  :: town (attributive)
municipalidade {f}  :: township (territory of a town)
município {m} [political subdivision]  :: municipality
munificência {f}  :: munificence
munição {f}  :: ammunition
munição {f}  :: (in plural) munitions
muniçoens {n}  :: obsolete spelling of munições
muniçoẽs {n}  :: obsolete spelling of munições
Munique {prop}  :: Munich (placename)
munir {vp}  :: to provide oneself with; to take (a supply of)
munir {vt}  :: to provide, fit, equip (a machine, object etc. de with something)
Muniz Ferreira {prop}  :: Muniz Ferreira (placename)
Muntênia {prop}  :: alternative form of Munténia
Munténia {prop}  :: Muntenia (placename)
muão {m} [Portugal]  :: muon (an unstable elementary particle in the lepton family)
muquirana {adj} [Brazil, slang]  :: miserly (who avoids spending money)
muquirana {n} [Brazil, slang]  :: cheapskate; miser (someone who avoids spending money)
Muquém de São Francisco {prop}  :: Muquém de São Francisco (placename)
murça {f}  :: a type of ecclesiastical vestment
Murça {prop}  :: Murça (placename)
muralha {f}  :: wall (structure built for defense surrounding or separating an area)
Muralha da China {prop}  :: Great Wall of China (Chinese fortification)
Muralha de Adriano {prop}  :: Hadrian's Wall (Roman fortification in Northern England)
Muralha de Antonino {prop} [lb, en, Ancient Rome]  :: Antonine Wall (Roman wall in Scotland)
murar {v}  :: to mouse (to hunt or catch mice; usually of cats)
murar {v}  :: to wall
murchar {vi}  :: to become sad
murchar {v}  :: to deflate
murchar {v}  :: to wither (shrivel, droop, dry up)
mure {m} [archaic, dialectal]  :: mouse
murganho {m}  :: house mouse (Mus musculus)
Muriaé {prop}  :: Muriaé (placename)
Murilo {prop}  :: male given name
Muritiba {prop}  :: Muritiba (placename)
Murmansk {prop}  :: Murmansk (placename)
Murmansk {prop}  :: Murmansk (placename)
murmúrio {m}  :: grumbling
murmúrio {m}  :: murmuring, whispering
murmúrio {m}  :: rippling
murmúrio {m}  :: rustling
murmurar {v}  :: to murmur, whisper
murmurar {v}  :: to mutter, grumble
murmurar {v}  :: to ripple
murmurar {v}  :: to rustle
muro {m}  :: wall
muro de Berlim {m} [politics]  :: Berlin Wall (any barrier designed to separate a people)
Muro do Apartheid {prop} [derogatory, geopolitics]  :: Apartheid Wall (barrier built by the Israeli government in the West Bank)
murro {m}  :: punch (strike with one’s fist)
murta {f}  :: myrtle (evergreen shrub of the genus Myrtus)
Murtosa {prop}  :: Murtosa (placename)
murugem {f}  :: alternative form of morugem
Murutinga do Sul {prop}  :: Murutinga do Sul (placename)
musa {f}  :: A poet's creative and poetic genius
musa {f}  :: Muse
musa {f}  :: muse (a source of inspiration)
musaranho {m}  :: shrew (mouselike animal)
musaranho comum {m}  :: common shrew (Sorex araneus, a shrew of Eurasia)
musaranho pigmeu {m}  :: Etruscan shrew (Suncus etruscus, a small shrew of Eurasia)
muscarina {f}  :: muscarine
musculado {adj}  :: muscled (bearing muscle tissue)
musculado {adj}  :: muscled (having large muscles)
muscular {adj}  :: muscular (of or relating to muscles)
musculatura {f}  :: musculature (the muscles of a body or organ collectively)
musculoesquelética {adj}  :: feminine singular form of musculoesquelético
musculoesqueléticas {adj}  :: feminine plural of musculoesquelético
musculoesquelético {adj} [anatomy]  :: musculoskeletal
musculoso {adj}  :: muscular (having large, well-developed muscles)
museu {m}  :: museum
musgo {m}  :: moss
musical {adj}  :: musical (of or relating to music)
musical {adj}  :: musical (pleasing to the ear)
musical {m}  :: musical (stage performance, show or film that focuses on singing and dancing)
musicista {n}  :: musician (one who writes or plays music)
musicista {n}  :: musicologist (one who studies music)
musicologia {f}  :: musicology (the study of music)
musiquinha {f}  :: diminutive form of música
mussaca {f}  :: alternative spelling of moussaka
musse {f}  :: mousse (a type of aired pudding)
musselina {f}  :: muslin (thin cotton cloth)
musseque {m} [Angola]  :: slum (dilapidated neighborhood)
mussumé {f}  :: alternative form of mussumê
mussumê {f}  :: musume
mutacional {adj}  :: mutational (pertaining to mutation)
mutacionismo {m} [evolutionary theory]  :: mutationism (the theory or role of mutations in the evolution of species)
mutagênica {adj}  :: feminine singular form of mutagênico
mutagênicas {adj}  :: feminine plural of mutagênico
mutagênico {adj}  :: mutagenic
mutante {n}  :: mutant (something that or someone who has mutated)
mutação {f}  :: mutation
mutágeno {m} [genetics]  :: mutagen (agent or substance that can cause genetic mutation)
mutilar {v}  :: to mutilate (to physically harm as to impair use)
mutuador {m}  :: lender (one who lends)
mutualismo {m} [ecology]  :: mutualism (interaction between two species that benefits both)
mutuamente {adv}  :: mutually; reciprocally (in the same way, each to the other)
mutuca {f}  :: horsefly (fly of the family Tabanidae)
mutum {m}  :: curassow (any bird of the family Cracidae)
Mutum {prop}  :: Mutum (placename)
Mutuípe {prop}  :: Mutuípe (placename)
mutável {adj}  :: mutatable; mutable (capable of undergoing mutation, change)
muu {interj}  :: alternative form of mu
muçulmana {adj}  :: feminine singular form of muçulmano
muçulmanas {adj}  :: feminine plural of muçulmano
muçulmano {adj}  :: Muslim
muçulmano {m}  :: Muslim
Muçum {prop}  :: Muçum (placename)
muçununga {f} [Bahia]  :: a type of biome characterised by sandy, humid and soft soil
muuu {interj}  :: alternative form of mu
muvuca {f} [informal]  :: mess, chaos, confusion, disorder
muxibenta {adj}  :: feminine singular form of muxibento
muxibentas {adj}  :: feminine plural of muxibento
muxibento {adj} [Brazil, slang]  :: slovenly (having an untidy appearance; unkempt)
muy {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of mui
muyto {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of muito
Muzambinho {prop}  :: Muzambinho (placename)
móveis {n}  :: furniture
móvel {adj}  :: mobile, movable
móvel {m}  :: piece of furniture
má vontade {f}  :: ill will (ill-disposed attitude)
má vontade {f}  :: reluctance (unwillingness to do something)
México {prop}  :: Mexico City (placename)
México {prop}  :: Mexico (placename)
máxima {f}  :: maxim
máximo {adj}  :: maximum (to the highest degree)
máximo {m} [mathematics]  :: maximum (greatest value of a set)
máximo {m}  :: maximum (highest limit)
máximo divisor comum {m} [mathematics]  :: greatest common divisor (largest positive integer or polynomial that divides each of the numbers of a set without remainder)
mãy {f}  :: obsolete spelling of mãe
my {pron}  :: obsolete form of mim
Myanmar {prop}  :: alternative form of Mianmar
mym {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of mim
myopia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of miopia
myosótis {m}  :: obsolete spelling of miosótis
myrra {f}  :: obsolete form of mirra
myrrha {f}  :: obsolete form of mirra
myrtillo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mirtilo
Mysore {prop}  :: Mysore (placename)
mytho {m}  :: obsolete spelling of mito