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ñ {adv}  :: Shorthand for não
n {letter}  :: letter
n {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of não
n {m} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of não
n {interj} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: abbreviation of não
{m}  :: abbreviation of número
{contraction} [colloquial, interrogatory]  :: contraction of não é Used as a tag question to ask for someone's opinion: isn't it (so); innit; right
{contraction} [colloquial, often interrogatory]  :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
{interj}  :: eye dialect of não
{adj}  :: obsolete spelling of nu
{adj}  :: obsolete spelling of nu, now a common misspelling
{m}  :: knot
-n- {interfix}  :: used to connect a word that ends in a nasal vowel or nasal diphthong to a suffix
{interj}  :: eye dialect of não
nẽ {adv} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of nem
N {letter}  :: letter
N {m}  :: abbreviation of norte
na {contraction}  :: contraction of em a
na {pron}  :: alternative form of a
naõ {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of não
naõ {interj}  :: obsolete spelling of não
nũa {contraction}  :: obsolete form of numa
naan {m}  :: naan (Asian type of flat bread)
nabo {m} [botany, culinary]  :: turnip (Brassica rapa or its root)
nabo {m} [colloquial, idiomatic]  :: idiot
nabo da Suécia {m} [rare]  :: rutabaga (Brassica napus, a plant with an edible root)
nabos em saco {mp} [idiomatic]  :: pig in a poke (something whose true value is concealed or unknown)
Nabuchodonosor {prop} {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Nabucodonosor
Nabucodonosor {prop} {m}  :: historical given name
na cara {adj} [colloquial]  :: obvious (easily discovered)
na cara {adj}  :: See: na cara
nacarado {adj}  :: nacreous, pearly
nacarado {adj}  :: Decorated or laden with nacre
naceraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nasceram
naceraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nascerão
naceram {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nasceram
nacerão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nasceram
nacerão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nascerão
nachos {mp}  :: nachos (Mexican dish of tortilla chips)
nacimento {m}  :: obsolete spelling of nascimento
nacional {adj}  :: national
nacionalidade {f}  :: nationality
nacionalismo {m}  :: nationalism (support for one’s country)
nacionalista {adj}  :: Of or relating to nationalism; nationalist
nacionalização {f}  :: nationalisation (the act of taking private assets into state ownership)
nacionalizar {vt} [politics]  :: to nationalize (to make a private asset public)
nacionalmente {adv}  :: nationally
nacional-socialismo {m}  :: National Socialism (the ideology and political movement of Adolf Hitler)
nacional-socialista {mf} [historical]  :: National Socialist (member or supporter of the Nazi party)
nacional-socialista {adj} [historical]  :: National Socialist (relating to Nazism)
Nacip Raydan {prop}  :: Nacip Raydan (placename)
naco {m}  :: piece (especially of food)
nada {pron} [indefinite]  :: nothing (not any thing; no thing)
nada {adv}  :: to no extent; in no way; not at all
nada {adv} [familiar]  :: emphasises that a statement is false
nada {m}  :: nothingness (the state of not existing)
nada {m}  :: the void (the vacuum of space)
nada {m}  :: a very small amount
nada a ver {interj}  :: nonsense; bollocks
nada a ver {adj} [idiomatic]  :: nonsensical; absurd
nadadeira {f}  :: fin (appendage of a fish)
nadadeira anal {f} [ichthyology]  :: anal fin (fin on the underside of a fish)
nadador {m}  :: swimmer (one who swims)
nadador-salvador {m} [chiefly Portugal]  :: lifeguard (attendant employed to save swimmers)
nada mau {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: not bad
nada nessa mão {phrase}  :: A phrase commonly associated with shows of magic, where the performer assures that his hand is empty, therefore he is not holding any tools to aid his tricks
nadar {v}  :: to swim
nadar de peito {v}  :: to breaststroke (to swim using breaststroke)
nadavê {interj} [Brazil, internet slang]  :: eye dialect of nada a ver
nadir {m}  :: nadir (point of the celestial sphere directly under the place where the observer stands)
nadir {m} [figuratively]  :: nadir (the lowest point)
nadiral {adj}  :: nadiral (pertaining to or situated at a nadir)
nado {adj}  :: born
nado {m}  :: swim, swimming
nado borboleta {m}  :: butterfly stroke (type of swimming stroke)
nado de costas {m} [swimming]  :: backstroke (a swimming stroke swum on one’s back)
nado de peito {m}  :: breaststroke (type of swimming stroke)
nado sincronizado {m}  :: synchronised swimming
na dúvida {adv}  :: See: na dúvida
na dúvida {adv}  :: just to be safe (it should be done even though it may not be necessary)
Nações Unidas {prop} {fp} [geopolitics]  :: United Nations (an international coalition)
na frente de {prep}  :: in front of (at or near the front part of)
nafta {f}  :: naphtha
naftênico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: naphthenic
nagô {mf} [Brazil]  :: someone of Yoruba descent, especially a descendant of slaves brought to Brazil
nagô {m} [Brazil]  :: Yoruba (a Niger-Congo language spoken in western Africa)
naga {f} [Indian mythology]  :: nāga (semi-divine creature taking the form of a giant snake)
Nagaland {prop} {f}  :: Nagaland (state)
Nagalândia {prop} {f}  :: rare form of Nagaland
Nagano {prop} {f}  :: Nagano (city/and/prefecture)
Nagasaki {prop} {f}  :: Nagasaki (city)
Nagasáqui {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Nagasaki
na gente {contraction}  :: contraction of em a gente
Nagorno-Karabakh {prop} {m}  :: Nagorno-Karabakh (traditional region/breakaway country/and/former soviet republic)
na guerra e no amor vale tudo {proverb}  :: all's fair in love and war (unpleasant conduct is acceptable during love and conflict)
Nagykanizsa {prop} {f}  :: Nagykanizsa (town)
Naha {prop} {f}  :: Naha (city)
na hora {adv} [idiomatic]  :: In the right moment
nahuatl {m}  :: alternative form of nauatle
nahuatl {mf}  :: alternative form of nauatle
naipe {m} [card games]  :: suit (card game category)
naipe {m} [by extension]  :: group, set
naipe {m} [by extension, music]  :: section (of a band or orchestra)
Nairóbi {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Nairobi
Nairobi {prop} {f}  :: Nairobi (capital city)
naja {f}  :: cobra
Nakhichevan {prop} {m}  :: Nakhichevan (autonomous republic/and/exclave)
Nakhichevan {prop} {m}  :: Nakhichevan (city/regional capital)
Nakhodka {prop} {f}  :: Nakhodka (city)
na lata {adv} [idiom, in response to a question]  :: quickly; directly; without much deliberation
na lata {adv}  :: See: na lata
Nalchik {prop} {f}  :: Nalchik (city/regional capital)
nalgum {contraction}  :: contraction of em algum
nam {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of não
na manga {adj}  :: See: na manga
na manga {adj} [idiomatic]  :: up one’s sleeve (hidden, in reserve)
namastê {interj}  :: namaste (a greeting)
namaste {interj}  :: alternative form of namastê
Namíbia {prop} {f}  :: Namíbia (country)
namíbio {adj}  :: Namibian (of, from or pertaining to Namibia)
namíbio {m}  :: Namibian (person from Namibia)
nambu {m}  :: alternative form of inambu
namespace {m} [programming]  :: namespace (abstract space of keywords)
namibiano {adj}  :: Namibian (of, from or pertaining to Namibia)
namibiano {m}  :: Namibian (person from Namibia)
namibiense {adj}  :: Namibian (of, from or pertaining to Namibia)
namibiense {mf}  :: Namibian (person from Namibia)
na minha opinião {phrase}  :: in my opinion (according to my opinion)
na moda {adj}  :: in fashion; fashionable
namorada {n}  :: girlfriend (female romantic partner)
namoradinho {m}  :: diminutive of namorado. (boyfriend)
namorado {m}  :: boyfriend (male romantic partner)
namorado {m}  :: Type of marine fish - either Pseudopercis numida or Pseudopercis semifasciata, Brazilian sand perch species
namorador {m}  :: someone who enjoys having romantic partners
namorador {adj}  :: who enjoys having romantic partners
namorar {vt}  :: To endeavor to gain (someone's) affection; to woo; to court
namorar {v} [com]  :: To be in a romantic relationship; to be dating someone
namorar {vt}  :: To treat (someone) as expected between lovers: to kiss him or her, to hug him or her, and so on
namorar {vt}  :: To look (something) upon with pleasure; to admire
namorico {m}  :: flirtation
namoro {m}  :: amorous relationship
namoro {m}  :: dalliance; flirting
na mosca {adv}  :: See: na mosca
na mosca {adv} [idiomatic]  :: precisely; exactly
nana {f}  :: nap; a quick or little sleep
nananinanão {interj} [childish]  :: no
nanar {v} [hypocoristic, usually, childish]  :: to sleep
nandu {m}  :: rhea (any of the American flightless birds of the genus Rhea)
nanico {adj}  :: dwarfish (very small)
nanico {m}  :: a very short person
nanismo {m} [medicine]  :: dwarfism (condition of being a dwarf)
nanômetro {m}  :: nanometer / nanometre
nanocircuito {m}  :: nanocircuit
nanocomposto {m}  :: synonym of nanocompósito
nanocompósito {m} [materials chemistry]  :: nanocomposite (any composite material one or more of whose components is a nanoparticle)
nanoespuma {f}  :: nanofoam
nanossegundo {m}  :: nanosecond (one billionth of a second)
nanotecnologia {f}  :: nanotechnology (the manipulation of matter on the molecular level)
nanotubo {m}  :: nanotube
Nanquim {prop} {f}  :: Nanquim (city)
Nantes {prop} {f}  :: Nantes (city)
Nantes {prop} {f}  :: Nantes (placename)
Nanuque {prop}  :: Nanuque (placename)
nao {f}  :: obsolete spelling of nau
nação {f}  :: nation (group of people sharing aspects of language, culture and/or ethnicity)
nação {f}  :: nation (country)
napalm {m}  :: napalm (inflammable, viscous substance used in warfare)
na época {adv}  :: back then; at the time (at some point in the distant past)
Napoleão {prop} {m}  :: Napoleon (Napoleon Bonaparte)
Napoleão {prop} {m}  :: given name
napolitano {m}  :: Neapolitan (inhabitant or resident of Naples)
napolitano {m} [uncountable]  :: Neapolitan (language)
napolitano {adj}  :: Neapolitan (pertaining to Naples)
na ponta da língua {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: known by heart, completely
na prática {adv}  :: in practice (considering real-world effects)
naq̃lle {contraction} [obsolete]  :: abbreviation of naquele
Naque {prop}  :: Naque (placename)
naquela {contraction}  :: contraction of em + aquela
naquelas {contraction}  :: contraction of em + aquelas
naquele {contraction}  :: contraction of em + aquele
n'aquele {contraction}  :: archaic spelling of naquele
naqueles {contraction}  :: contraction of em + aqueles
n'aquelle {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of naquele
naquelle {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of naquele
naquilo {contraction}  :: contraction of em + aquilo
naquêle {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of naquele
naquêlle {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of naquele
Nara {prop}  :: given name
Nara {prop}  :: Nara (city)
Narandiba {prop}  :: Narandiba (placename)
narceja {f}  :: snipe (bird of the family Scolopacidae)
narcisismo {m}  :: narcissism (excessive love of oneself)
narcisista {adj}  :: narcissistic
narciso {m}  :: narcissus; daffodil (any of several bulbous flowering plants of the genus Narcissus)
narcolepsia {f} [pathology]  :: narcolepsy (disorder characterised by sudden, brief attacks of deep sleep)
narcoléptico {adj}  :: narcoleptic (pertaining to or suffering from narcolepsy)
narcoléptico {m}  :: narcoleptic (one who suffers from narcolepsy)
narcotráfico {m}  :: drug trafficking
narcótico {m}  :: narcotic (numbing drug)
narcótico {m}  :: narcotic (illegal drug)
narcótico {adj}  :: which numbs
na realidade {adv} [modal]  :: actually; as a matter of fact
nareba {f} [anatomy, familiar, colloquial]  :: nose
narguilé {m}  :: hookah; narghile (Oriental tobacco pipe wherein the smoke is drawn through water)
narigão {m}  :: augmentative of nariz
narigudo {adj}  :: Having a big or long nose
narina {f}  :: nostril (either of the two orifices located on the nose)
nariz {m}  :: nose (the organ of the face used to smell things)
nariz empinado {m} [idiomatic]  :: pride (unreasonable conceit of one’s own superiority)
narrado {v}  :: past participle of narrar
narrador {m} [narratology]  :: narrator (person or the voice whose viewpoint is used in telling a story)
narrador {m}  :: someone who narrates events as they occur or are shown, such as a documentary narrator or sportscaster
narrador {m}  :: storyteller (person who relates stories to an audience)
narradora {f}  :: feminine noun of narrador
narrador não confiável {m}  :: alternative spelling of narrador não-confiável
narrador não-confiável {m} [literary theory]  :: unreliable narrator (narrator who provides questionable information)
narrando {v}  :: gerund of narrar
narração {f}  :: narration, narrative
narrar {v}  :: to narrate, tell, describe
narrativa {f}  :: narrative (systematic recitation of an event)
narrativa {f}  :: tale; story
narrativa {f}  :: one’s manner of narrating
narrativa {f}  :: literary works or style peculiar to a specific person, location or time
narratologia {f}  :: narratology (the study of narrative structure)
Narses {prop} {m}  :: historical given name
Narva {prop} {f}  :: Narva (city)
narval {m}  :: narwhal
nas {contraction}  :: em + as
nas {pron}  :: alternative form of a
nasal {adj}  :: nasal
nasal {f}  :: nasal consonant
nasal {m}  :: nasal bone
nasalar {v}  :: to nasalize
nasalidade {f}  :: nasality; nasalness (state or quality of being nasal)
nasalização {f} [phonetics]  :: nasalisation (articulation such that air flows through the nose and mouth)
nasca {m}  :: alternative spelling of nazca
Nasca {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Nazca
nascença {f}  :: birth (the action of being born)
nascendo {v}  :: gerund of nascer
nascente {f}  :: source; spring (place where water emerges from the ground)
nascente {m}  :: the point in the horizon where the sun rises
nascente {adj}  :: coming into existence
nascer {v}  :: to be born
nasceraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nasceram
nasceraõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nascerão
nascer de novo {v}  :: See: nascer de novo
nascer de novo {v} [chiefly religion, idiomatic]  :: to be reborn (revived in one's beliefs)
nascer de novo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to survive a great tragedy
nascer do sol {m}  :: daybreak; dawn; sunrise
nascer em berço de ouro {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth (born rich or in a wealthy family)
nascerão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nasceram
nascer virado para a lua {v} [idiom]  :: to be very lucky (usually used in the past tense)
nascido {adj}  :: born
nascimento {m}  :: birth
nascituro {adj}  :: unborn
nas costas {adj}  :: See: nas costas
nas costas {adj} [idiomatic]  :: under one's belt (within one's life experience)
na sequência de {prep}  :: in the wake of; following
nas mangas {adj}  :: alternative form of na manga
nas mãos de {prep}  :: controlled or owned by
nas mãos de {prep}  :: on one's hands (being one's liability or responsibility)
nasossinusal {adj}  :: nasosinusal
nas portas da morte {adj}  :: alternative form of às portas da morte
Nassau {prop} {f}  :: Nassau (city)
Nassau {prop} {f}  :: Nassau (capital city)
Nassau {prop} {m}  :: any member of the House of Nassau
Natã {prop} {m}  :: given name
Natã {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Nathan (an Old Testament prophet)
nata {f}  :: cream (oily part of milk)
nata {f} [figurative]  :: cream of the crop (the best of something)
nata {f}  :: the elite; high society
Natacha {prop} {f}  :: given name, alternative form of Natasha
natal {adj}  :: natal (of or relating to birth)
natal {adj}  :: native (relating to the place where one was born)
Natal {prop} {m}  :: Christmas (festival observed on December 25 commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ)
Natal {prop} {m}  :: Natal (placename)
Natal {prop} {m}  :: Natal (former colony)
natalício {adj} [attributive]  :: birthday
natalício {adj}  :: festive; Christmassy (of or relating to Christmas)
Natalia {prop} {f}  :: given name, a spelling variant of Natália
natalidade {f}  :: natality
Natalândia {prop}  :: Natalândia (placename)
Natan {prop} {m}  :: given name; alternative form of Natã
natação {m}  :: swimming
natação sincronizada {f}  :: synchronised swimming (event where competitors swim in a ballet-like manner)
Natasha {prop} {f}  :: given name
na terra dos cegos quem tem um olho é rei {proverb}  :: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
Nathalia {prop} {f}  :: given name, a spelling variant of Natália
Nathan {prop} {m}  :: given name, a spelling variant of Natã
Nathália {prop} {f}  :: given name, a spelling variant of Natália
natimorto {adj}  :: stillborn (born dead)
natimorto {m}  :: a stillborn baby
Natividade {prop}  :: given name
Natividade {prop}  :: Natividade (placename)
Natividade da Serra {prop}  :: Natividade da Serra (placename)
nativo {adj}  :: nativo (belonging or relating to someone by birth)
nativo {adj}  :: native (relating to the people who originally inhabited a region)
nativo {adj} [computing]  :: native (written to run on a particular processor)
nativo {m}  :: native (person who is native to a place)
Natália {prop} {f}  :: given name
nato {adj}  :: alternative form of nado
nato {v}  :: alternative form of nado
Natércia {prop}  :: Natércia (placename)
natta {f}  :: obsolete spelling of nata
natto {m}  :: natto (Japanese food made from fermented soybeans)
natural {adj}  :: natural
natural {adj}  :: native of, from
natural {adj}  :: room-temperature (of liquids)
naturalidade {f} [uncountable]  :: naturalness (state or quality of being natural)
naturalidade {f}  :: place of birth, as described by an adjective
naturalismo {m} [arts, philosophy]  :: naturalism
naturalista {adj}  :: naturalist (all senses)
naturalista {mf}  :: naturalist (all senses)
naturalmente {adv}  :: naturally
natureza {f}  :: nature (natural world)
natureza {f}  :: nature, character, distinguishing features
natureza morta {f}  :: alternative form of natureza-morta
natureza-morta {f}  :: still life (work of art)
naturismo {m}  :: naturism (the practice of social nudity)
naturismo {m}  :: the belief that anything that is natural has better therapeutic value
nau {f}  :: A three or four-masted sailing ship used all along the 15th century and early 16th
nau {f}  :: vessel
nau {f}  :: carrack
nauatle {m}  :: Nahuatl (polysynthetic language native to Mexico)
nauatle {mf}  :: one of the Nahuatl (people indigenous to central Mexico)
nau capitânia {f}  :: flagship (ship occupied by a fleet’s commander)
naufragado {v}  :: past participle of naufragar
naufragando {v}  :: gerund of naufragar
naufragar {v} [nautical]  :: To founder; to sink
naufrágio {m}  :: shipwreck
naufrágio {m}  :: tragedy, calamity
naufrágio {m}  :: complete ruin
naum {adv}  :: informal form of não (no, not)
naumaquia {f}  :: naumachia (recreation of sea battles for entertainment in Ancient Rome)
naumaquia {f}  :: naumachia (flooded amphitheatre or artificial lake used to recreate sea battles)
Naupacto {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Naupactus
Naupactos {prop} {f}  :: rare spelling of Naupactus
Naupactus {prop} {f}  :: Naupactus (town)
Naupaktos {prop} {f}  :: rare spelling of Naupactus
Nauru {prop} {m}  :: Nauru (island/and/country)
nauruano {adj}  :: Nauruan (of, from or relating to Nauru)
nauruano {m}  :: Nauruan (person from Nauru)
nauruano {m} [uncountable]  :: Nauruan (an Oceanic language spoken in Nauru)
Nausícaa {prop} {f} [Greek mythology]  :: Nausicaa (princess in the Odyssey)
nauseante {adj}  :: nauseating (which causes nausea)
nauseante {adj} [by extension]  :: very disgusting; repulsive
Nausica {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Nausícaa
Nausicaa {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Nausícaa
-nauta {suffix}  :: -naut (forms nouns meaning a voyager)
navajo {mf}  :: one of the Navajo (indigenous people of southwestern United States)
navajo {m}  :: Navajo (native language of the Navajo people)
navajo {adj}  :: relating or belonging to the Navajo people
navajo {adj}  :: relating to the Navajo language
naval {adj}  :: naval
navalha {f}  :: straight razor
navalha {f} [idiomatic]  :: One who cannot drive cars well
navalhada {f}  :: slash (blow from a razor)
navalha de Occam {f}  :: Occam’s razor (principle of preferring the simpler of two competing theories)
navalheira {f}  :: razor shell
navalheira {f}  :: velvet crab (Necora puber)
Navarra {prop} {f}  :: Navarra (autonomous community)
navarro {adj}  :: Navarrese (of, from or relating to Navarre, Spain)
navarro {m}  :: Navarrese (someone from Navarre)
navarrês {adj}  :: Navarrese (of, from or relating to Navarre, Spain)
navarrês {m}  :: Navarrese (someone from Navarre)
nave {f}  :: ship
nave {f} [architecture]  :: nave, aisle
nave espacial {f}  :: spaceship, spacecraft
navegador {adj} [nautical]  :: navigating
navegador {m} [nautical]  :: navigator; sailor
navegador {m} [computing]  :: browser (software component capable of rendering HTML)
navegadora {f}  :: feminine noun of navegador
navegante {mf}  :: seafarer; navigator (one who travels by sea)
Navegantes {prop}  :: Navegantes (placename)
navegação {f}  :: navigation
navegação estimada {f}  :: dead reckoning (method of estimating the position of a craft based on its direction and speed)
navegar {v}  :: to navigate, to sail
navegar {v} [Internet]  :: to surf, to navigate
na verdade {adv}  :: In fact, actually
naveta {f}  :: shuttle (part of a loom)
naveta {f}  :: incense boat (vessel that holds incense before it is put into a censer)
navicular {m} [skeleton]  :: navicular bone
navio {m}  :: ship (large water vessel)
navio almirante {m}  :: alternative spelling of navio-almirante
navio-almirante {m}  :: flagship (ship occupied by the fleet’s commander)
Navio Argo {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Argo Navis (former constellation of the southern sky)
navio-tanque {m}  :: tanker (watercraft used to transport large quantities of liquid)
Naxos {prop} {f}  :: Naxos (island/and/town)
Naypyidaw {prop} {f}  :: Naypyidaw (capital city)
Nazaré {prop} {f}  :: the letter N in the Portuguese radio alphabet
Nazaré {prop} {f}  :: Nazaré (village/and/municipality)
Nazaré {prop} {f}  :: Nazaré (placename)
Nazaré {prop} {f}  :: Nazaré (city)
Nazaré {prop} {f}  :: given name
Nazareno {prop}  :: Nazareno (placename)
Nazaré Paulista {prop}  :: Nazaré Paulista (placename)
nazca {m}  :: a member of the Nazca people of ancient Peru
Nazca {prop} {f}  :: Nazca (province)
Nazca {prop} {f}  :: Nazca (city/provincial capital)
nazi {mf} [Portugal, historical]  :: Nazi (member of the Nazi party)
nazi {adj} [Portugal, historical]  :: Nazi (relating to Nazis, the Nazi party or Nazi Germany)
Nazianzo {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Nazianzo (ancient town)
nazifascismo {m}  :: Nazi-Fascism
nazi-fascismo {m}  :: alternative spelling of nazifascismo
nazismo {m}  :: Nazism (the ideology of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP)
nazista {mf} [Brazil, historical]  :: Nazi (member of the Nazi party)
nazista {mf} [figurative]  :: Nazi (a person showing (neo-)Nazi or xenophobic behaviour)
nazista {adj} [Brazil, historical]  :: Nazi (relating to Nazis, the Nazi party or Nazi Germany)
nazista {adj} [figurative]  :: Nazi (somewhat resembling (neo-)Nazi behaviour); xenophobic; hateful
Núbia {prop} {f}  :: Núbia (ancient kingdom)
nácar {m}  :: nacre (pearly substance on the interior of mollusk shells)
núcleo {m}  :: nucleus (core, central part of something)
núcleo {m}  :: nucleus (initial part which will receive additions)
núcleo {m} [chemistry, physics]  :: nucleus (massive, positively charged core of an atom)
núcleo {m} [cytology]  :: nucleus (large organelle found in cells)
núcleo {m} [linguistics]  :: nucleus (centre of a syllable)
núcleo atómico {m} [European orthography, physics]  :: atomic nucleus (the core of an atom, consisting of protons and neutrons)
núcleo atômico {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of núcleo atómico
núcleon {m} [physics]  :: nucleon
néctar {m} [mythology]  :: the drink of the gods
néctar {m} [by extension]  :: any drink considered extremely good
néctar {m} [botany]  :: nectar (sweet liquid secreted by flowers)
néctar dos deuses {m} [Greek mythology]  :: nectar (drink of the gods)
néctar dos deuses {m} [by extension]  :: nectar (any delicious drink)
nádega {f} [anatomy, usually plural]  :: buttock
Nádia {prop} {f}  :: given name
n-ádico {adj} [chemistry]  :: n-adic (having a valency of n)
nédio {adj}  :: silky, sleek, glossy
N'Djamena {prop} {f}  :: N'Djamena (capital city)
nódoa {f}  :: stain (patch of irregular colour on a surface)
nódulo {m}  :: nodule
nódulo {m}  :: node
NE {m}  :: abbreviation of nordeste
neandertal {mf}  :: Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis, an extinct hominid)
neandertal {mf} [derogatory]  :: neanderthal (primitive or stupid person)
neandertal {adj}  :: Neanderthal (relating to the Neanderthals)
neblina {f}  :: fog, mist (water or other liquid finely suspended in air)
Nebrasca {prop} {m}  :: Nebrasca (state)
nebulosa {f}  :: a nebula
nebulosa planetária {f} [astronomy]  :: planetary nebula (nebulosity surrounding a dying star)
nebuloso {adj}  :: cloudy; overcast (covered with clouds)
nebuloso {adj}  :: cloudy; uncertain; unclear
neca {pron} [coloquial]  :: nothing
neca de pitibiriba {pron}  :: alternative form of necas de pitibiribas
necas de pitibiribas {pron} [colloquial, slang]  :: nothing; absolutely nothing
necatoríase {f}  :: ancylostomiasis (hookworm infection)
necedade {f}  :: alternative form of nescidade
necessariamente {adv}  :: necessarily (such that it must happen or definitely happens)
necessario {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of necessário
necessidade {f}  :: need
necessitado {adj}  :: needy (in need; poor)
necessitando {v}  :: gerund of necessitar
necessitar {v}  :: to need
necessário {adj}  :: necessary
necrófago {m} [biology]  :: necrophage (organism that eats dead or decaying flesh)
necrófago {adj} [biology]  :: necrophagous (that eats dead or decaying flesh)
necrófilo {m}  :: necrophiliac (person who engages in necrophilia)
necro- {prefix}  :: necro- (relating to death)
necrocracia {f}  :: necrocracy (government that still operates under the rules of a former, dead leader)
necrofagia {f} [biology]  :: necrophagy (consumption of dead or decaying animal flesh)
necrofilia {f}  :: necrophilia
necrofobia {f}  :: necrophobia
necromancia {f}  :: necromancy (divination involving the dead)
necromancia {f}  :: necromancy (sorcery involving reanimating the dead)
necromante {mf}  :: necromancer (person who practices necromancy)
necromântico {adj}  :: necromantic (involving or relating to necromancy)
necrose {f} [pathology]  :: necrosis (localised death of cells or tissue)
necrópole {f}  :: necropolis (large cemetery)
necrósico {adj}  :: alternative form of necrótico
necrótico {adj} [pathology]  :: necrotic
nectarina {f}  :: nectarine
Nederlândia {prop} {f} [rare]  :: obsolete form of Neerlândia
Neemias {prop} {m} [biblical]  :: Nehemiah (book of the Bible)
Neemias {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Nehemiah (governor of Judea who rebuilt the walls of Israel)
neerlandês {m}  :: Dutch (the Dutch language)
neerlandês {m}  :: Dutch (person from the Netherlands)
Neerlândia {prop} {f}  :: Neerlândia (country)
nefando {adj}  :: vile, nefarious
nefasto {adj}  :: nocive, unfortunate, harmful, injurious
nefasto {adj}  :: nefarious, malefic, malign
nefelíbata {mf}  :: rare form of nefelibata
nefelíbata {adj}  :: rare form of nefelibata
nefelibata {mf}  :: daydreamer
nefelibata {mf} [literature]  :: writer who does not follow the usual conventions
nefelibata {adj}  :: related to daydreaming
nefelibata {adj} [literature]  :: unconventional; unorthodox
neófito {m}  :: neophyte
neófito {m}  :: novice
nefrólito {m} [medicine]  :: kidney stone (calculus in the kidney)
nefrocalcinose {f} [pathology]  :: nephrocalcinosis
nefrolitíase {f} [pathology]  :: nephrolithiasis
nefrologia {f} [medicine]  :: nephrology (branch of medicine that deals with the kidneys)
nefrologista {mf}  :: nephrologist (physician specialising in the kidneys)
nefrotoxicidade {f} [pathology]  :: nephrotoxicity
nega {f}  :: feminine noun of nego
nega {f} [endearing, nonstandard]  :: female lover
nega {f} [colloquial, nonstandard]  :: woman (uncommon)
negacionista {adj}  :: denialist (relating to denial in a controversial debate)
negacionista {mf}  :: denialist (one who denies an assertion in a controversial debate)
negação {f}  :: denial; negation
negação {f}  :: negation (the act of negating something)
negação {f} [logic]  :: negation (proposition which is the contradictory of another proposition)
negar {v}  :: to deny (to not allow)
negar {v}  :: to deny (to assert that something is not true)
negar {v}  :: to contest (to call into question)
negar {v} [card games]  :: to refuse to let go of a card
negativamente {adv}  :: negatively
negativar {v} [Internet]  :: dislike
negativo {adj}  :: negative
negativo {m}  :: negative (photographic)
negativo {m}  :: minus sign
negativo duplo {m} [linguistics]  :: double negative (the use of two negative words to express negativity)
negócio {m}  :: affair (that which is done or is to be done)
negócio {m}  :: business, enterprise
negócio {m} [Brazil]  :: thing
Negeb {prop} {m} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Neguev
Negebe {prop} {m} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Neguev
Negev {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Neguev
Negeve {prop} {m} [uncommon]  :: alternative form of Neguev
negligenciar {v}  :: to neglect (to fail to care for or attend to something)
negligenciável {adj}  :: negligible (able to be ignored or excluded from consideration)
negligente {adj}  :: negligent (without appropriate or sufficient attention)
negligência {f}  :: negligence
nego {m} [affectionate or mildly, derogatory, nonstandard]  :: nigga (black person)
nego {m} [endearing, nonstandard]  :: male lover
nego {m} [colloquial, nonstandard]  :: guy; bloke (unspecified person)
negociado {v}  :: past participle of negociar
negocial {adj}  :: negotiating
negociando {v}  :: gerund of negociar
negociante {mf}  :: businessman (someone who works at a commercial institution)
negociação {f}  :: negotiation (process of achieving agreement)
negociar {v}  :: to negotiate
negociar {v}  :: to bargain
negocio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of negócio
negreiro {adj}  :: Of black slaves
negrice {f}  :: the condition of being a black person
negrice {f} [offensive]  :: inappropriate or lazy behaviour
negridão {f}  :: blackness (the condition of being black in colour, or dark)
negridão {f}  :: blackness (the condition of being a black, having African ancestry)
negrinha {f}  :: scoter
negrinha {f}  :: wheatear
negrinha {f}  :: diminutive of negra
negrinha {f}  :: tufted duck (a species of duck, Aythya fuligula)
negrito {m} [typography]  :: bold typeface
negritude {f}  :: negritude (the characteristic of being of black African descent)
negritude {f}  :: blackness (the characteristic of being black in colour)
negro {m}  :: black (the darkest colour)
negro {m}  :: black; negro (dark-skinned person)
negro {adj}  :: black in colour
negro {adj}  :: black; dark-skinned
negro {adj} [literary]  :: dark (associated with evil)
negro de fumo {m} [chemistry]  :: carbon black (fine black powder of amorphous carbon)
Negroponte {prop} {f}  :: former name of Eubeia
negror {m}  :: blackness (the condition of being black in colour, or dark)
negrura {f}  :: blackness (the condition of being black in colour, or dark)
Negueb {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Neguev
Neguebe {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Neguev
Neguev {prop} {m}  :: Neguev (desert)
negus {m} [historical]  :: Negus (supreme Ethiopian ruler)
negável {adj}  :: deniable
Nehemias {prop} {m}  :: alternative spelling of Neemias
nela {contraction}  :: contraction of em ela (in her), feminine of nele
Nelas {prop} {f}  :: Nelas (village/and/municipality)
nele {contraction}  :: contraction of em ele (in him)
neles {contraction}  :: contraction of em eles (in them (masculine)). Plural of nele
nella {contraction}  :: obsolete spelling of nela
Nelson {prop} {m}  :: given name
nem {adv}  :: not even (introduces an emphatic negation)
nem {adv}  :: do not even (introduces an emphatic negative command)
nem {adv}  :: neithernor
nem {conj}  :: nor; and not (introduces a further negative statement)
nem {conj}  :: nor (introducing each except the first term of a series, indicating none of them is true)
nem aí {adj} [Brazil, idiom]  :: not worried, not caring, indifferent
nem a pau {adv} [idiomatic]  :: Definitely not; by no means
nem aqui, nem na China {adv} [idiomatic]  :: nowhere (not anywhere)
nematódeo {m}  :: nematode; roundworm (any of the worms of the phylum Nematoda)
nematologia {f}  :: nematology
nem carne nem peixe {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: neither fish nor fowl (not easily categorised)
nem de longe {adv} [idiom]  :: not at all, absolutely not
nem de longe {adv}  :: See: nem de longe
nem fodendo {adv} [vulgar]  :: no way (under no circumstances)
nemigalha {adv} [archaic]  :: absolutely nothing
nem Jesus Cristo conseguiu agradar a todos {proverb}  :: there is no pleasing some (one should not try to please everybody, it would be impossible)
nem mas, nem meio mas {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: "absolutely not!", "but me no buts", as a response and means of interrupting another person who started a phrase with mas (but)
nem me fala {phrase}  :: tell me about it (expresses agreement with the previous speaker’s statement)
nem me fale {phrase}  :: alternative form of nem me fala
nem mesmo {adv}  :: Not even, not ... at least
nem morto {adv} [idiomatic, of a person]  :: Definitely would not do (an action, a decision, a thought, etc.)
nem pensar {interj} [idiomatic]  :: no way; don't even think about it (emphatic negative answer)
nem pensar {interj}  :: See: nem pensar
nem que a vaca tussa {adv} [idiomatic]  :: Definitely not; by no means; not in a million years
nem sequer {adv}  :: not even (introduces an emphatic negation)
nem sonhando {adv} [idiomatic]  :: there is no way (indicates impossibility)
nem tudo que reluz é ouro {proverb}  :: all that glitters is not gold (things that appear valuable or worthwhile might not actually be so)
nenê {m}  :: alternative form of neném
nenets {m} [usually plural]  :: one of the Nenets (people of northwestern Russia)
nenets {m} [uncountable]  :: Nenets (Samoyedic language spoken by the Nenets)
nenúfar {m}  :: nenuphar; water lily
nenhũa {pron}  :: obsolete form of nenhuma
nenhum {pron}  :: no, none
nenhuma {pron}  :: feminine singular of nenhum
nenhures {adv}  :: nowhere (in no place)
neónio {m} [European orthography]  :: neon
neônio {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of neónio
neo- {prefix}  :: neo- (indicates novelty, newness)
neo- {prefix}  :: forms demonyms corresponding to placenames that contain novo or nova (new)
neoclassicismo {m}  :: neoclassicism (art movements inspired by Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome)
neocolonial {adj} [geopolitics]  :: neocolonial (of or pertaining to, or based on, neocolonialism)
neocolonialismo {m}  :: neocolonialism (control of other countries by the use of economic, political and cultural dominance)
neodímio {m}  :: neodymium (chemical element)
neodymio {m}  :: obsolete spelling of neodímio
neofascismo {m}  :: neofascism (right-wing political movement inspired by fascism)
neofascista {adj}  :: neofascist (of or relating to neofascism)
neofascista {mf}  :: neofascist (a follower of neofascism)
neoliberalismo {m} [politics]  :: neoliberalism (a political movement that espouses economic liberalism)
neologismo {m} [linguistics]  :: neologism
neolítico {m} [archaeology]  :: Neolithic (the last period of the Stone Age)
neolítico {adj} [archaeology]  :: Neolithic (of or relating to the Neolithic Age)
neomexicano {adj}  :: New Mexican (of, from or relating to New Mexico)
neomexicano {m}  :: New Mexican (an inhabitant of New Mexico)
neon {m}  :: alternative form of néon
neonatal {adj}  :: neonatal
neonazi {mf} [Portugal]  :: neo-Nazi (a believer in neo-Nazism)
neonazi {adj} [Portugal]  :: neo-Nazi (relating to neo-Nazism)
neo-nazi {mf}  :: superseded spelling of neonazi
neo-nazi {adj}  :: superseded spelling of neonazi
neonazismo {m}  :: neo-Nazism (post-Third Reich Nazism)
neo-nazismo {m}  :: alternative spelling of neonazismo
neonazista {mf} [Brazil]  :: neo-Nazi (a believer in neo-Nazism)
neonazista {adj} [Brazil]  :: neo-Nazi (relating to neo-Nazism)
neo-nazista {mf} [Brazil]  :: superseded spelling of neonazista
neo-nazista {adj} [Brazil]  :: superseded spelling of neonazista
neoprene {m}  :: neoprene (a synthetic rubber)
neopreno {m}  :: alternative form of neoprene
Neotrópico {prop} {m} [biogeography]  :: Neotropic (ecozone covering South America, Central America and the Caribbean)
neozelandês {m}  :: New Zealander (person from New Zealand)
neozelandês {adj}  :: New Zealander (of, from or relating to New Zealand)
Nepal {prop} {m}  :: Nepal (country)
nepali {m}  :: Nepali (Indo-Aryan language spoken in Nepal)
nepalês {adj}  :: Nepali (of, from or relating to Nepal)
nepalês {m}  :: Nepali (person)
nepalês {m} [uncountable]  :: Nepali (Indo-Aryan language spoken in Nepal)
Nepomuceno {prop}  :: Nepomuceno (placename)
nepotismo {m} [historical]  :: the practice of popes appointing nephews as cardinals
nepotismo {m}  :: nepotism (favoring of relatives or personal friends)
neptúnio {m} [European orthography]  :: neptunium
Neptuno {prop} {f} [European orthography, Roman god]  :: Neptune (god of the sea)
Neptuno {prop} {f} [European orthography, astronomy]  :: Neptune (eighth planet of the Solar System)
nerd {mf}  :: nerd (intellectual, introverted and quirky person)
Neri {prop}  :: given name
Nero {prop} {m}  :: Nero (Roman emperor)
Nero {m}  :: an excessively opulent or cruel statesman
Neártico {prop} {m} [biogeography]  :: Nearctic (ecozone covering most of the North American continent)
nervo {m}  :: nerve (bundle of neurons)
nervo {m}  :: nerve; stamina
nervo abducente {m} [anatomy]  :: abducens nerve (eye nerve that controls the lateral rectus muscle)
nervo óptico {m} [neuroanatomy]  :: optic nerve (nerve that carries visual information from the retina to the brain)
nervosamente {adv}  :: nervously
nervosia {f}  :: nervousness (state or quality of being nervous)
nervosismo {m}  :: nervousness (state or quality of being nervous)
nervoso {adj} [of a person]  :: nervous (easily agitated)
nervoso {adj} [of a person]  :: nervous; anxious
nervoso {adj} [anatomy]  :: nervous (relating to the nerves)
nervoso {adj} [colloquial, of a person]  :: needlessly angry
nervoso {m}  :: a person who is often nervous
nervoso {m} [colloquial]  :: a person who is often needlessly angry
nervoso {m} [colloquial]  :: a nervous feeling
nervo ótico {m}  :: alternative form of nervo óptico
nervura {f} [biology, architecture]  :: vein (vein-like salience on a surface)
nescidade {f}  :: foolishness, stupidity
nescidade {f}  :: a foolish or stupid action
nespereira {f}  :: Either of two trees which produce a fruit known as the nêspera:
nespereira {f} [archaic]  :: The medlar tree
nespereira {f}  :: The loquat tree
nessa {contraction}  :: contraction of em essa
nessas {contraction}  :: contraction of em essas
nesse {contraction}  :: contraction of em esse
nesses {contraction}  :: contraction of em esses
nesta {contraction}  :: contraction of em esta
nestas {contraction}  :: contraction of em estas
neste {pron}  :: in this; a contraction of em + este, see em
nestes {contraction}  :: contraction of em estes
nestoriana {f}  :: feminine noun of nestoriano
nestoriano {adj} [historical, Christianity]  :: Nestorian (relating to the teachings of Nestorius)
nestoriano {m}  :: Nestorian (a follower of Nestorian Christianity)
net {f}  :: Net; the Internet
neta {f}  :: granddaughter, female grandchild
netball {m}  :: netball (a sport)
netiqueta {f} [Internet]  :: netiquette (appropriate conduct online)
netúnio {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of neptúnio
neto {m}  :: grandson, male grandchild
netsuke {m}  :: netsuke (miniature Japanese sculptures)
Netuno {prop} {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of Neptuno
neuma {m} [music]  :: neume (sign used in early musical notation)
neura {adj} [colloquial]  :: irritated, depressed (in a bad mood)
neura {f} [colloquial]  :: irritation, depression
neural {adj} [anatomy]  :: neural (relating to nerves)
neuralgia {f}  :: alternative form of nevralgia
neurastenia {f} [psychiatry]  :: neurasthenia (condition characterized by lassitude, fatigue, headache and irritability)
neurólogo {m}  :: neurologist (doctor who specialises in neurology)
neurónico {adj} [European orthography, neuroanatomy]  :: neuronal (relating to neurons)
neurônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of neurónico
neurónio {m}  :: neuron (a cell of the nervous system)
neurônio {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of neurónio
neuro- {prefix} [anatomy]  :: neuro- (relating to nerves or the nervous system)
neuroblastoma {m} [oncology]  :: neuroblastoma (cancer affecting the ganglia)
neurociência {f}  :: neuroscience (scientific study of the nervous system)
neurocirurgia {f} [neurology, surgery]  :: neurosurgery (surgery of the nervous system, especially brain)
neuroepitelial {adj}  :: neuroepithelial (relating to the neuroepithelium)
neurológico {adj}  :: neurological (relating to the nervous system)
neurológico {adj}  :: neurological (relating to neurology)
neurolingüística {f}  :: obsolete spelling of neurolinguística
neurolingüística {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of neurolinguística
neurolinguística {f} [linguistics, neurology]  :: neurolinguistics (study of the brain mechanisms underlying language use)
neurologia {f}  :: neurology (branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system)
neurologista {mf}  :: neurologist (doctor who specialises in neurology)
neuronal {adj}  :: neuronal (relating to neurons)
neuronial {adj}  :: alternative form of neuronal
neuropatogénico {adj}  :: neuropathogenic
neuropsicológico {adj}  :: neuropsychological
neurose {f} [pathology]  :: neurosis (mental disorder marked by anxiety or fear)
neurotoxina {f}  :: neurotoxin
neurotransmissor {m}  :: neurotransmitter
neurotóxico {adj}  :: neurotoxic
neurotóxico {m}  :: neurotoxin
neurótica {f}  :: feminine noun of neurótico
neurótico {m}  :: neurotic (person who has neurosis)
neurótico {adj}  :: neurotic (affected with neurosis)
neustriano {adj}  :: Neustrian (of, from or relating to Neustria)
neustriano {m}  :: Neustrian (someone from Neustria)
neutralidade {f}  :: neutrality
neutralização {f}  :: neutralization (all senses)
neutralizar {v}  :: to neutralise (to make inactive or ineffective)
neutrófilo {adj} [biology, medicine]  :: neutrophil (easily stained by neutral dyes)
neutrófilo {m} [biology, medicine]  :: neutrophil (a cell that is easily stained by neutral dyes)
neutrino {m}  :: neutrino (en elementary particle with extremely small mass and no electric charge)
neutrônico {adj}  :: neutron (attributive)
neutrónico {adj}  :: neutron (attributive)
neutro {adj}  :: neutral (not taking sides in a conflict such as war)
neutro {adj} [grammar]  :: neuter
neutrão {m} [physics]  :: neutron
nevada {f}  :: snowfall (instance of falling of snow)
Nevada {prop} {f}  :: Nevada (state)
nevado {adj}  :: snowy (covered with snow)
nevar {v}  :: to snow (to have snow fall from the sky)
nevasca {f}  :: snowstorm (bad weather involving blowing winds and snow)
neve {f}  :: snow
Neves Paulista {prop}  :: Neves Paulista (placename)
nevezinha {f}  :: diminutive of neve
nevóide {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of nevoide
nevo {m} [anatomy]  :: naevus (pigmented, raised or otherwise abnormal area on the skin)
nevão {m} [Portugal]  :: snowstorm, blizzard
nevoeiro {m}  :: fog, haze, mist
nevoide {adj} [pathology]  :: naevoid (resembling a naevus)
nevoso {adj}  :: snowy (covered with snow)
nevralgia {f} [pathology, neurology]  :: neuralgia (nerve pain)
newari {m}  :: Newari (a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Nepal, India and Bhutan)
New Brunswick {prop} {f}  :: New Brunswick (province)
Newcastle {prop} {f}  :: Newcastle (city)
Newcastle {prop} {f}  :: Newcastle (city)
newton {m}  :: newton (derived unit of force)
nexo {m}  :: nexus
nexo {m}  :: sense
ney {m}  :: ney (a type of flute)
NF {f}  :: initialism of nota fiscal (receipt)
Níger {prop} {m}  :: Níger (river)
Níger {prop} {m}  :: Níger (country)
ngm {pron} [internet slang]  :: abbreviation of ninguém
nêgo {m}  :: obsolete spelling of nego
nó górdio {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Gordian knot (legendary knot in ancient Phrygia)
nó górdio {m} [by extension]  :: Gordian knot (intricate problem)
nhé {interj}  :: onomatopoeia of a baby’s cry
nhé {interj}  :: a stand-in for petty complaining
nhaca {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: a very bad or unpleasable smell, often resulting from a combination of multiple bad smells
nhaca {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: lack of will or motivation
nhaca {f} [Brazil, slang]  :: something poorly made or prepared, especially food
nham {interj}  :: The sound of eating, especially when related to tasty food
nhambu {m}  :: alternative form of inambu
nhamussoro {m} [Mozambique]  :: A medium; one who can communicate with the spirits of the dead
Nhandeara {prop}  :: Nhandeara (placename)
nhandu {m}  :: alternative form of nandu
nhanha {f} [slang]  :: sperm
nhanhado {v}  :: past participle of nhanhar
nhanhando {v}  :: gerund of nhanhar
nhanhanhã {m} [colloquial, derrogatory]  :: muttering (words, specially complaints, uttered roughly or incompletely)
nhanhar {v}  :: to have sexual intercourse, to copulate
nheengatu {m}  :: Nheengatu (Tupian language spoken as a lingua franca in colonial Brazil)
nhoc {interj}  :: The sound of chewing food
nhoque {m}  :: gnocchi
náhuatl clássico {m}  :: Classical Nahuatl (Nahuatl as spoken at the time of the Spanish conquest)
ni {f}  :: nu (the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet)
náiada {f}  :: alternative form of náiade
náiade {f} [Greek mythology]  :: naiad
Niamei {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Niamey
Niamey {prop} {f}  :: Niamey (capital city)
nibble {m} [computing]  :: nibble (half a byte)
nibelungo {m} [Germanic mythology]  :: Nibelung (member of an underground, treasure-guarding race)
nióbico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: niobic
nicaraguense {adj}  :: Nicaraguan (of, from or relating to Nicaragua)
nicaraguense {mf}  :: Nicaraguan (person from Nicaragua)
Nicarágua {prop} {f}  :: Nicarágua (country)
Nicarágua {prop} {f}  :: Nicarágua (lake)
Nice {prop} {f} [Greek god]  :: Nike (goddess of victory)
Nice {prop} {f}  :: Nice (city)
Niceia {prop} {f}  :: Niceia (ancient city)
nicho {m}  :: niche
Nicéia {prop} {f}  :: obsolete spelling of Niceia
Nicolau {prop} {m}  :: given name
Nicolau Vergueiro {prop}  :: Nicolau Vergueiro (placename)
nicotina {f} [chemistry]  :: nicotine (addictive alkaloid derived from tobacco)
Nicósia {prop} {f}  :: Nicósia (capital city)
nict- {prefix}  :: nyct- (relating to night or darkness)
nictemeral {adj}  :: nictemeral (varying regularly with a day-night cycle)
nictémero {m} [European orthography]  :: nychthemeron (one day and one night)
nictêmero {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of nictémero
nidação {f} [embryology]  :: nidation (implantation of the early embryo in the uterus)
nigeriano {adj}  :: Nigerian (of, from or relating to Nigeria)
nigeriano {m}  :: Nigerian (a person from Nigeria)
Nigéria {prop} {f}  :: Nigéria (country)
nigromancia {f}  :: necromancy (divination involving the dead)
nigérrimo {adj}  :: superlative of negro
niilismo {m} [philosophy]  :: nihilism (philosophical doctrine grounded on the negation of meaningful aspects of life)
niilista {adj} [philosophy]  :: nihilistic (relating or subscribing to nihilism)
niilista {mf} [philosophy]  :: nihilist (person who subscribes to nihilism)
Nijmegen {prop} {f}  :: Nijmegen (city)
Nijni Novgorod {prop} {f}  :: Nijni Novgorod (oblast)
Nijni Novgorod {prop} {f}  :: Nijni Novgorod (city/regional capital)
Nijni-Novgorod {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Níjni-Novgorod
nilgó {m}  :: nilgai (large antelope of northern India)
Nilo {prop} {m}  :: Nilo (river)
Nilo {prop} {m}  :: given name
náilon {m}  :: alternative spelling of nylon
Nilo Peçanha {prop}  :: Nilo Peçanha (placename)
Nilópolis {prop}  :: Nilópolis (placename)
nim {m}  :: neem (Azadirachta indica, an evergreen tree of India)
nim {adv} [humorous, neologism]  :: yes and no
nim {m} [humorous, neologism]  :: yes and no
nimbo {m} [art]  :: nimbus (luminous disc around the heads of saints)
nimbo {m} [meteorology]  :: nimbus (grey rain cloud)
Nimega {prop} {f}  :: dated form of Nijmegen
Nimegue {prop} {f}  :: dated form of Nijmegen
nimigalha {adv}  :: alternative form of nemigalha
Nina {prop} {f}  :: given name
ninfa {f}  :: nymph
ninfeia {f}  :: water lily (any plant of the family Nymphaeaceae)
ninféia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of ninfeia
ninféia {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of ninfeia
ninfomania {f}  :: nymphomania (excess of sexual behaviour or desire in women)
ninguém {pron}  :: no one; nobody (not one person)
ninguém {m}  :: nobody (someone who is not important or well-known)
ninguém é de ferro {phrase} [idiom]  :: Expresses the belief that sometimes, or to some extent, it's normal or understandable succumbing to temptations
ninguém é perfeito {proverb}  :: nobody’s perfect (a person’s imperfections should naturally be accepted or forgiven)
Ningxia {prop} {f}  :: Ningxia (autonomous region)
ninhada {f} [collective]  :: brood (the young of any egg-laying creature)
ninharia {f}  :: trifle; triviality (thing of little importance or worth)
ninharia {f}  :: an insignificant amount of money
Ninheira {prop}  :: Ninheira (placename)
ninho {m} [ornithology]  :: nest (bird-built structure)
ninho {m} [by extension]  :: nest (place used by any animal for depositing eggs and hatching young)
ninho {m} [figurative]  :: one’s home viewed affectionately
ninho de cobra {m} [idiom]  :: A place with very unpleasant people
ninho de geada {m} [agriculture, regional, Paraná, São Paulo state]  :: A place where destructive frosts occur frequently
ninidrina {f} [organic compound]  :: ninhydrin (2,2-dihydroxyindane-1,3-dione)
ninja {mf} [martial arts, historical]  :: ninja (person trained in stealth, espionage, assassination and ninjutsu)
ninjete {f}  :: ninjette, kunoichi (female ninja)
ninjutsu {m} [martial arts]  :: ninjutsu (Japanese martial art used for espionage)
Nintendinho {prop} [colloquial, video games]  :: NES (Nintendo Entertainment System, a brand of consoles)
Nintendinho {m} [colloquial, video games]  :: A NES console
niobita {f} [mineral]  :: niobite
nipófilo {m}  :: Japanophile
nipónico {adj} [European orthography]  :: Japanese (of, from or relating to Japan)
nipônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of nipónico
Nipoã {prop}  :: Nipoã (placename)
nipofilia {f}  :: Japanophilia (strong interest in Japan)
niponizar {v}  :: to Nipponize
niqab {m}  :: niqab; yashmak (face-covering veil worn by Muslim women)
niquelar {vt}  :: to nickel (to plate with nickel)
niquelina {f} [mineral]  :: nickeline
nirvana {m} [Buddhism]  :: nirvana (complete cessation of suffering)
nóis {pron}  :: eye dialect of nós
Nisa {prop} {f}  :: Nisa (village/and/municipality)
nisso {contraction}  :: in that
nisto {contraction}  :: contraction of em isto (in this)
Niterói {prop}  :: Niterói (placename)
nitidez {f}  :: definition (clarity of visual presentation)
nitrato {m} [chemistry]  :: nitrate (any salt or ester of nitric acid)
nitrato de prata {m} [inorganic compound]  :: silver nitrate (silver salt of nitric acid, AgNO3)
nitreira {f}  :: nitrary (place where potassium nitrate is produced)
nitreno {m} [organic chemistry]  :: nitrene (any univalent nitrogen equivalent of a carbene)
nitretação {f}  :: nitriding (method of hardening steel)
nitreto {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: nitride
nitrificação {f}  :: nitrification
nitrila {f} [organic chemistry]  :: nitrile
nitrilo {m}  :: alternative form of nitrila
nitrogenoso {adj}  :: nitrogenous (containing nitrogen)
nitroglicerina {f} [organic compound]  :: nitroglycerine (a heavy, colourless, oily, explosive liquid)
nitrogénio {m} [European orthography]  :: nitrogen
nitrogênio {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of nitrogénio
Niue {prop} {f}  :: Niue (island/and/dependency)
nivelado {adj}  :: level (same height at all places)
nivelar {v}  :: to level (to adjust so as to make level)
Nix {prop} {f} [Greek god]  :: Nyx (the primordial goddess of night)
Nix {prop} {f} [astronomy]  :: Nix (moon of Pluto)
Nizhni Novgorod {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Nijni Novgorod
Nizhny Novgorod {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Nijni Novgorod
Níjni Novgorod {prop} {f} [rare]  :: alternative spelling of Nijni Novgorod
Níjni-Novgorod {prop} {f} [rare]  :: alternative spelling of Nijni Novgorod
Níjni-Novogorod {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Níjni Novgorod
Nélson {prop} {m}  :: given name
nómada {mf} [European orthography]  :: alternative form of nómade
nómada {adj} [European orthography]  :: alternative form of nómade
nômada {mf} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of nómade
nômada {adj} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of nómade
nómade {mf} [European orthography]  :: nomad (a member of a group of people who move around seasonally)
nómade {adj} [European orthography]  :: nomadic (leading a wandering life with no fixed abode)
nômade {mf} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of nómade
nômade {adj} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of nómade
número {m}  :: number [counting]
número {m}  :: issue [of a magazine]
número {m}  :: size [in shoes]
número {m}  :: number; act [entertainment]
número amigo {m} [number theory]  :: amicable number (one of a pair of numbers having the property that the sum of the divisors of each, excluding itself, is equal to the other number)
número amigável {m} [number theory]  :: amicable number (one of a pair of numbers having the property that the sum of the divisors of each, excluding itself, is equal to the other number)
número atômico {m} [chemistry]  :: atomic number (number of protons)
número atómico {m} [European orthography]  :: alternative form of número atômico
número cardinal {m}  :: cardinal number
número complexo {m} [complex analysis]  :: complex number
número da besta {m} [Christianity]  :: Number of the Beast (the number 666)
número da Besta {m}  :: alternative spelling of número da besta
número de Avogadro {m} [chemistry]  :: Avogadro's number (the number of atoms present in 0.012 kilograms of isotopically pure Carbon-12)
número de Erdös {m} [mathematics]  :: Erdős number (degree of collaboration between a mathematician and Paul Erdős)
número de Mach {m} [physics]  :: Mach number (ratio of the velocity of a body to that of sound in the surrounding medium)
número de Reynolds {f} [physics]  :: Reynolds number (dimensionless parameter of flow)
número de série {m}  :: serial number (unique number assigned to a product)
número imaginário {m} [complex analysis]  :: imaginary number
número irracional {m} [mathematics]  :: irrational number
número Mach {m}  :: alternative form of número de Mach
número natural {m} [mathematics]  :: natural number
número primo {m} [mathematics]  :: prime number (natural number)
número puramente imaginário {m} [complex analysis, rare]  :: imaginary number
número racional {m} [mathematics]  :: rational number
número real {m} [mathematics]  :: real number (limit of a convergent sequence of rational numbers)
número romano {m}  :: Roman numeral (number of a system using the letters I, V, X, L, C, D and M)
Números {prop} {mp} [bible]  :: Numbers (the book of the Bible)
Némesis {prop} {f} [European orthography, Greek god]  :: Nemesis (goddess of vengeance)
Nêmesis {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of Némesis
NMHO {phrase}  :: alternative form of EMHO; abbreviation of na minha humilde opinião
númmero {m} [rare]  :: obsolete spelling of número
nn {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: alternative form of n
nn {m} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: alternative form of n
nn {interj} [Internet slang, text messaging]  :: alternative form of n
núncio {m}  :: nuncio (title used for Catholic clerics)
nénia {f} [European orthography]  :: dirge; nenia (a mournful poem or song)
nênia {f} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative spelling of nénia
nónio {m} [European orthography]  :: nonius (device for adjusting the accuracy of mathematical instruments)
nônio {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of nónio
Nínive {prop} {f}  :: Nínive (ancient city)
não {adv}  :: [preceding verbs or adverbs] not; do not; have not (negates the meaning of the verb or adverb)
não {adv}  :: [preceding verbs] used in sentences containing a negative pronoun as the object; see double negative
não {adv}  :: [colloquial, following verb phrases] used to emphasise sentences containing a negative pronoun as the subject or already containing não
não {adv}  :: [beginning questions] isn't (used to ask whether a person agrees with the proposition, rather than to ask for an unknown fact)
não {adv}  :: [preceding adjectives, usually hyphenated] non- (forms antonyms of adjectives)
não {adv}  :: [as a sentence-final parenthesis] isn't it? right? (tag question)
não {interj}  :: no (used to show disagreement or negation)
não {interj}  :: no (used to show agreement with a negative question)
não {m}  :: no (a negative answer)
no {contraction}  :: contraction of em o
no {pron}  :: alternative form of o
não é {interj}  :: See: não é
não é {interj} [colloquial, interrogatory]  :: isn't it (so); innit; right (used as a tag question to ask for someone's opinion)
não é {interj} [colloquial, often interrogatory]  :: duh; obviously (expresses that something is obvious)
Noé {prop} {m} [biblical character]  :: Noah (man whose family survived the Deluge)
NO {m}  :: abbreviation of noroeste
no ano da Hégira {adv}  :: Anno Hegirae (as counted by the Islamic calendar)
no ar {adj} [colloquial]  :: fuzzy (not clearly defined or stated)
no ar {adj} [broadcasting]  :: on air (transmitting live)
nobilitado {v}  :: past participle of nobilitar
nobilitando {v}  :: gerund of nobilitar
nobilitar {v}  :: to ennoble
noblesse oblige {mf}  :: noblesse oblige (the honourable obligation that is the responsibility of those of high rank)
nobélio {m}  :: nobelium (chemical element)
nobre {adj}  :: noble (pertaining to nobility)
nobre {adj}  :: noble; honorable; virtuous (morally good)
nobre {adj}  :: high-end; high-quality; prized (having exceptionally high quality)
nobre {adj} [carpentry, of wood]  :: dense and resistant
nobre {adj} [gastronomy, of fish]  :: having few or no bones in its meat
nobre {mf}  :: noble; aristocrat
nobreza {f}  :: nobility
não brinca {phrase}  :: no kidding (exclamation of amazement)
nocaute {m}  :: knockout (act of making someone unconscious in a fight)
nocautear {vt}  :: to knock out (render someone unconscious in a fight)
nocividade {f}  :: harmfulness (the characteristic of being harmful)
nocivo {adj}  :: harmful; noxious
noctâmbulo {m}  :: night owl (one who stays up late at night)
noctâmbulo {adj}  :: who stays up late at night
nocturno {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of noturno
noctívago {m}  :: night owl (one who stays up late at night)
noctívago {adj}  :: who stays up late at night
não custa nada {phrase} [idiom]  :: Said to justify doing something that is (or would be) easy to be done, especially when one is reluctant or doubtful about doing it
nodal {adj}  :: nodal (relating to nodes)
não deu outra {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: Phrase used when a situation previously expected as undesirable actually occurs
no Dia de São Nunca {adv} [idiomatic]  :: when pigs fly (never)
no Dia de São Nunca à tarde {adv} [idiomatic]  :: when pigs fly (never)
não diga {phrase}  :: alternative form of não me diga
nodo {m} [graph theory]  :: node (vertex of a graph)
no duro {adv} [idiomatic]  :: As a fact; really; truthfully
Noemi {prop} {f}  :: given name
Noemi {prop} {f} [biblical character]  :: Naomi (Ruth’s mother-in-law in the Book of Ruth)
no entanto {adv}  :: nevertheless, nonetheless (in spite of what preceded)
não estar com nada {v}  :: to be worthless, useless
não estar com nada {v}  :: to be uncool
não existe almoço de graça {proverb}  :: alternative form of não existe almoço grátis
não existe almoço grátis {proverb}  :: there's no such thing as a free lunch (everything has a cost)
no fim das contas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: at the end of the day; ultimately; after all
no final das contas {adv} [idiomatic]  :: all things considered; all in all; at the end of the day
nogado {m}  :: nougat (a confection of honey and roasted nuts)
nogai {m}  :: Nogai (member of a Turkic ethnic group who live in southern European Russia)
no geral {adv} [colloquial]  :: by and large (generally; with few exceptions)
nogueira {f}  :: walnut (tree)
nogueira pecã {f}  :: alternative spelling of nogueira-pecã
nogueira-pecã {f}  :: pecan (Carya illinoinensis, a deciduous tree)
não há de quê {phrase}  :: you're welcome (reply to thanks)
não há fumaça sem fogo {proverb}  :: no smoke without fire (gossip or accusations are often substantiated by fact)
não há lugar como nosso lar {proverb}  :: there's no place like home (one’s home is the best place)
não há lugar como o nosso lar {phrase}  :: alternative form of não há lugar como nosso lar
não há mal que não venha por bem {proverb}  :: every cloud has a silver lining (in every bad situation there is an element of good)
não há regra sem exceção {proverb}  :: synonym of toda regra tem exceção
noia {adj} [Brazil, slang]  :: (often excessively) drug-addicted
noia {adj} [Brazil, slang]  :: stoned; doped
noia {adj} [Brazil, slang, sometimes pejorative]  :: crazy; mad
noia {adj} [Brazil, slang, pejorative]  :: stupid; fool
noia {mf} [Brazil, slang]  :: a drug-addicted person
noia {mf} [Brazil, slang]  :: a person under the effects of one or more drugs
noia {mf} [Brazil, slang]  :: a crazy or mad person
noia {mf} [Brazil, slang]  :: a stupid, foolish or uncivilized person
não ir com a cara de {v} [idiomatic]  :: to dislike (someone)
noitada {f}  :: night (night spent at a particular activity)
noitada {f} [colloquial]  :: all-nighter
noite {f}  :: night (period between sunset and sunrise)
Noite de Guy Fawkes {prop} {f}  :: Guy Fawkes Night (November 5th celebration of the arresting of Guy Fawkes)
noite de santa Valburga {f}  :: Walpurgis night (a feast of witchcraft in German folklore)
noite de São Silvestre {prop} {f}  :: New Year's Eve (the night of December 31st)
noite de Walpurgis {f}  :: Walpurgis night (a feast of witchcraft in German folklore)
noite morta {f} [idiomatic]  :: dead of night (the middle of the night)
noitibó {m}  :: nightjar (nocturnal bird of the family Caprimulgidae)
noitinha {f}  :: evening (time between dusk and night)
noiturno {adj} [archaic, hypercorrect]  :: alternative form of noturno
noiva {n}  :: bride (feminine noun of noivo)
noiva {n}  :: fiancée (a engaged woman about to marry)
noivado {m}  :: engagement, betrothal
noivinha {f}  :: diminutive of noiva
noivo {m}  :: fiancé
noivo {m}  :: groom, bridegroom
nojento {adj}  :: disgusting; gross
nojo {m}  :: disgust
nojo {m}  :: repugnance
nojo {m}  :: mourning, sadness
no limiar de {adv}  :: In context of being about to happen, occur or take place; about to; imminently
nom {adv} [dated, dialectal]  :: alternative form of não
noma {f} [disease]  :: noma (gangrenous disease of the mouth and cheeks)
no mais {adv}  :: otherwise (in all other respects)
nomádico {adj}  :: nomadic (of, or relating to nomads)
nomádico {adj}  :: nomadic (leading a wandering life with no fixed abode)
nome {m}  :: name (word or phrase which identifies an individual person, place, class, or thing)
nome {m}  :: name (what somebody is known for)
nome {m} [grammar]  :: noun
nomeadamente {adv}  :: namely; specifically
nomeam {v}  :: obsolete form of nomeiam
nomeação {f}  :: appointment, nomination, preferment
nomear {v}  :: to name (give a name to)
nomear {v}  :: to nominate (name someone as a candidate for a particular role or position)
nomear {v}  :: to entitle (give a title to)
nomear {v}  :: to elect (choose a candidate in an election)
nomear {v}  :: to name (publicly implicate)
nome botânico {m} [botany]  :: botanical name (scientific name of a plant)
nome científico {m} [taxonomy]  :: scientific name (formal name according to the taxonomic standard)
nome comercial {m}  :: trade name (name used to identify a commercial product or service)
nome de batismo {f}  :: Christian name (first name given at Christian baptism)
nome de família {m}  :: surname (name that indicates family)
nome de usuário {m} [computing]  :: username (a person’s identification on a computer system)
não me diga {phrase}  :: See: não me diga
não me diga {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: you don't say (expression of surprise; often used sarcastically to express that an affirmation was obvious)
nome do meio {m}  :: middle name (name between given name and surname)
não-me-esqueças {m}  :: forget-me-not (plant of the genus Myosotis)
nomeiaõ {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nomeiam
nomeião {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nomeiam
nomenclatura {f}  :: nomenclature
nomenclatura {f}  :: nomenklatura
nomenclatura binomial {f} [biology, taxonomy]  :: binomial nomenclature (the scientific system of naming each species of organism with a Latinised name in two parts)
nomeão {v}  :: obsolete form of nomeiam
nome próprio {m}  :: given name; first name (name chosen for a child by his parents)
nome próprio {m} [grammar]  :: proper noun (noun denoting an individual entity)
não meter prego nem estopa {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be not involved in something
Não-Me-Toque {prop}  :: Não-Me-Toque (placename)
nomeyão {v}  :: obsolete spelling of nomeiam
Noémia {prop} {f} [European orthography]  :: given name
Noémia {prop} {f} [European orthography, biblical character]  :: Naomi (mother-in-law of Ruth)
Noêmia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of Noémia
nominal {adj}  :: nominal
nominalismo {m} [philosophy]  :: nominalism (doctrine that universals do not have an existence except as names for classes of concrete objects)
nominalização {f} [grammar]  :: nominalization (use of a non-noun as a noun)
nominativo {adj}  :: nominal (concerning or containing names)
nominativo {adj}  :: nominal (assigned to or bearing a person’s name)
nominativo {adj}  :: which exists only in name
nominativo {adj} [grammar]  :: nominative (giving a name, naming; designating)
no momento {adv}  :: See: no momento
no momento {adv} [idiomatic]  :: at the moment; right now
no máximo {adv}  :: at most (at a maximum or upper limit)
néon {m} [European orthography]  :: neon (element with the atomic number of 10)
nona {f} [familiar, South Brazil, São Paulo]  :: grandmother
nona {f} [Christianity]  :: nun
nonagésimo {ordinal num}  :: ninetieth
nongentésimo {ordinal num}  :: nine hundredths
nonilhão {m}  :: nonillion (1030)
nonilião {m}  :: alternative form of nonilhão
noningentésimo {ordinal num}  :: nine hundredths
nono {ordinal num}  :: ninth
nono {m} [South Brazil, familiar]  :: grandfather
Nonoai {prop}  :: Nonoai (placename)
noção {f}  :: notion; idea; conception
noção {f} [uncountable]  :: knowledge; information; the state of being aware of something
noob {mf} [Internet slang]  :: noob (inexperienced user)
não obstante {adv}  :: nevertheless (in spite of what preceded)
nop {interj} [colloquial, neologism]  :: nope
no ponto {adj} [of cooking, particularly meats]  :: not rare nor well done
no que {conj}  :: as soon as (immediately after)
não querer ver nem pintado {vi} [idiom]  :: to be unwilling to see someone; this indicates hostility, animosity towards that person
nora {f}  :: daughter-in-law
nora {f}  :: noria (waterwheel with buckets, used to raise water)
nordeste {m}  :: northeast (compass point)
Nordeste {prop} {m}  :: Nordeste (village/and/municipality)
Nordeste {prop} {m}  :: Nordeste (macroregion)
Nordestina {prop}  :: Nordestina (placename)
nordestino {adj}  :: northeastern
Norilsk {prop} {f}  :: Norilsk (city)
norma {f}  :: norm (rule that is enforced by members of a community)
normal {adj}  :: normal, standard, regular
normalidade {f} [uncountable]  :: normality (the state of being normal)
normalidade {f}  :: normality (something that is normal)
normalização {f}  :: normalization (any process that makes something more normal)
normalização {f}  :: normalization (any process that makes something conform to norms)
normalmente {adv}  :: normally
Normandia {prop} {f}  :: Normandia (traditional region/and/mediaeval kingdom)
normando {m}  :: Norman (a person from Normandy)
normando {adj}  :: Norman (of, from or relating to Normandy)
normativo {adj}  :: normative (establishing or prescribing a norm)
normatização {f}  :: normalization (process that makes something fit to a set of norms)
noroeste {m}  :: northwest (compass point)
norreno {m}  :: Old Norse (Germanic language spoken in Scandinavia before 1400 CE)
nortada {f} [meteorology]  :: north wind
norte {m}  :: north (compass point)
norte-americano {adj}  :: American (of, from or relating to the United States)
norte-americano {adj}  :: North American (of, from or relating to North America)
norte-americano {m}  :: American (someone from the United States)
norte-americano {m}  :: North American (someone from North America)
norte-coreano {adj}  :: North Korean (of, from or relating to North Korea)
norte-coreano {m}  :: North Korean (person from North Korea)
norte-irlandês {m}  :: Northern Irishman; Northern Irelander (person from Northern Ireland)
norte-irlandês {adj}  :: Northern Irish (of, from or relating to Northern Ireland)
nortenho {adj}  :: northern (of, from or pertaining to the north)
norte-rio-grandense {mf}  :: someone from the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte
norte-rio-grandense {adj}  :: of, from or relating to the state of Rio Grande do Norte
nortista {adj}  :: northern
nortista {mf}  :: northerner
Nortúmbria {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Nortúmbria (mediaeval kingdom)
Noruega {prop} {f}  :: Noruega (country)
norueguez {m}  :: obsolete spelling of norueguês
norueguez {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of norueguês
norueguês {m}  :: Norwegian (someone from Norway)
norueguês {m} [uncountable]  :: Norwegian (language of Norway)
norueguês {adj}  :: Norwegian (of Norway)
norueguês {adj}  :: Norwegian (of the Norwegian language)
Noruz {prop} {m}  :: Nowruz (Iranian New Year)
nos {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of nós
nos {contraction}  :: contraction of em os
nos {pron}  :: alternative form of o
nos bastidores {adv}  :: See: nos bastidores
nos bastidores {adv} [idiomatic]  :: behind the scenes (in secret; out of public view)
não sei das quantas {phrase} [colloquial, idiom]  :: A placeholder
não sei das quantas {phrase}  :: Used after a noun, with some information left unexplained; typically, it lacks adjectives, qualifiers or the full name of the object
não sei das quantas {phrase}  :: Used in place of an unknown surname
não sei, não quero saber e tenho raiva de quem sabe {phrase}  :: I definitely don't care
não se pode julgar um livro pela capa {proverb}  :: you can't judge a book by its cover (it is not possible to judge things by external appearances alone)
nos últimos tempos {adv}  :: lately (in the recent times)
nos mesmos moldes {adv}  :: in the same vein; similarly; likewise
nosocómio {m} [archaic]  :: hospital
nosocômio {m} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of nosocómio
nossa {pron}  :: f. sg. form of possessive nosso
nossa {interj}  :: oh my God! (said in excitement, shock, awe or dismay)
nossas {pron}  :: f. pl. form of possessive nosso
nossa senhora {interj}  :: alternative form of minha nossa senhora
Nossa Senhora {prop} {f}  :: Our Lady (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora da Piedade {prop} {f}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora das Angústias {prop} {f}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora das Dores {prop} {f}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora das Lágrimas {prop} {f}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora da Soledade {prop} {f}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora das Sete Dores {prop} {f}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora do Calvário {prop} {f}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
Nossa Senhora do Pranto {prop} {f}  :: Our Lady of Sorrows (Virgin Mary)
nosso {pron}  :: 1. personpl. possessivepronoun Our; ours
nossos {pron}  :: m. pl. form of possessive nosso
nostalgia {f}  :: nostalgia (yearning for the past)
nostálgico {adj}  :: nostalgic (pertaining to or exhibiting nostalgia)
no susto {adv}  :: See: no susto
no susto {adv}  :: as an involuntary response to a sudden scare; with a startle
no susto {adv}  :: as a response to an urgent need
nota {f}  :: note (a banknote)
nota {f}  :: note (music)
nota {f}  :: note (written)
nota {f}  :: mark, grade
nota azul {f}  :: A grade (as in a test) that is above average
notabilidade {f}  :: notability
nota de ornamento {f} [music]  :: grace note (note that does not count as part of the total time value of the measure)
nota de rodapé {f}  :: footnote (comment at the bottom of a printed page)
nota fiscal {f}  :: receipt (written acknowledgement of a payment)
notação {f}  :: notation (act or process of representing by a system or set of marks, signs, figures or characters)
notação {f}  :: notation (system of characters, symbols, or abbreviated expressions)
notação algébrica {f} [chess]  :: algebraic notation (a method for recording chess moves using letters and numbers)
notação algébrica {f}  :: See: notação algébrica
notação húngara {f} [programming]  :: Hungarian notation (convention in which the name of a variable indicates its data type)
notação polonesa {f} [arithmetic, programming]  :: Polish notation (notation for arithmetic formulae in which the operations are written before the operands)
notação polonesa inversa {f}  :: alternative form of notação polonesa reversa
notação polonesa reversa {f} [arithmetic]  :: reverse Polish notation (notation in which numbers precede operators)
nota ornamental {f} [music]  :: grace note (note that does not count as part of the total time value of the measure)
nota promissória {f} [finance]  :: promissory note (document indicating that someone owes a specified amount of money)
notar {vt}  :: to notice; to take notice (to see or realise something previously unknown or unseen)
notar {vt}  :: to note (to record in writing)
notarial {adj}  :: notarial
notavel {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of notável
notavelmente {adv}  :: notably
nota vermelha {f}  :: A grade (as in a test) that is below average
notícia {f}  :: news (a single news item)
notícia {f}  :: message
notícia {f}  :: communication
notícia ruim chega rápido {proverb} [Brazil]  :: no news is good news (literally: Bad news arrive fast)
notícias {fp}  :: news
note {m} [computing]  :: clipping of notebook
notebook {m}  :: notebook computer (small, portable computer)
não-te-esqueças {m}  :: alternative form of não-me-esqueças
noticia {f}  :: obsolete spelling of notícia
noticiado {v}  :: past participle of noticiar
noticiando {v}  :: gerund of noticiar
noticiar {v}  :: to announce
noticiário {m}  :: news (radio or TV broadcast)
notificado {v}  :: past participle of notificar
notificando {v}  :: gerund of notificar
notificação {f}  :: notification
notificar {v}  :: to notify
notoriedade {f}  :: notoriety
notoriedade {f}  :: prominency
notário {m}  :: notary
notário {m}  :: registrar
notório {adj}  :: notorious
notório {adj}  :: open, public
notório {adj}  :: illustrious
noturno {adj}  :: nocturnal, nightly, overnight (happen or done during night; related to the night)
noturno {m} [music]  :: nocturne
notívago {m}  :: alternative form of noctívago
notívago {adj}  :: alternative form of noctívago
notável {adj}  :: notable, noteworthy, remarkable
notável {adj}  :: noticeable
Nouakchott {prop} {f}  :: Nouakchott (capital city)
nougat {m}  :: nougat (a confection of honey and roasted nuts)
noute {f} [dated]  :: alternative form of noite
noutra {contraction}  :: contraction of em outra
noutras {contraction}  :: contraction of em outras
noutro {contraction}  :: contraction of em outro
noutros {contraction}  :: contraction of em outros
nouturno {adj}  :: alternative form of noturno
Nova Aliança {prop}  :: Nova Aliança (placename)
Nova Alvorada {prop}  :: Nova Alvorada (placename)
Nova Amesterdão {prop} {f} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of Nova Amsterdam
Nova Amsterdã {prop} {f} [Brazil]  :: alternative form of Nova Amsterdam
Nova Amsterdam {prop} {f} [historical]  :: New Amsterdam (former name of New York City, when it was a Dutch colony)
Nova Araçá {prop}  :: Nova Araçá (placename)
Nova Bassano {prop}  :: Nova Bassano (placename)
Nova Belém {prop}  :: Nova Belém (placename)
Nova Boa Vista {prop}  :: Nova Boa Vista (placename)
Nova Bréscia {prop}  :: Nova Bréscia (placename)
Nova Brunswick {prop} {f}  :: Nova Brunswick (province)
Nova Caledónia {prop} {f} [European orthography]  :: Nova Caledónia (island/and/overseas territory)
Nova Caledônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography]  :: alternative form of Nova Caledónia
Nova Campina {prop}  :: Nova Campina (placename)
Nova Canaã {prop}  :: Nova Canaã (placename)
Nova Canaã Paulista {prop}  :: Nova Canaã Paulista (placename)
Nova Candelária {prop}  :: Nova Candelária (placename)
Nova Castilho {prop}  :: Nova Castilho (placename)
Nova Deli {prop} {f}  :: Nova Deli (capital city)
Nova Era {prop}  :: Nova Era (placename)
Nova Erechim {prop}  :: Nova Erechim (placename)
Nova Escócia {prop} {f}  :: Nova Escócia (province)
Nova Esperança do Sul {prop}  :: Nova Esperança do Sul (placename)
Nova Europa {prop}  :: Nova Europa (placename)
Nova Friburgo {prop}  :: Nova Friburgo (placename)
Nova Fátima {prop}  :: Nova Fátima (placename)
Nova Gales do Sul {prop} {f}  :: Nova Gales do Sul (state)
Nova Granada {prop}  :: Nova Granada (placename)
Nova Guataporanga {prop}  :: Nova Guataporanga (placename)
Nova Guiné {prop} {f}  :: Nova Guiné (island)
Nova Guiné Holandesa {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Nova Guiné Holandesa (former colony)
Nova Hampshire {prop} {f}  :: Nova Hampshire (state)
Nova Hartz {prop}  :: Nova Hartz (placename)
Nova Ibiá {prop}  :: Nova Ibiá (placename)
Nova Iguaçu {prop}  :: Nova Iguaçu (placename)
Nova Independência {prop}  :: Nova Independência (placename)
Nova Inglaterra {prop} {f}  :: Nova Inglaterra (traditional region)
Nova Iorque {prop} {f}  :: Nova Iorque (state)
Nova Iorque {prop} {f}  :: Nova Iorque (city)
nova-iorquino {m}  :: New Yorker (a native of New York City)
nova-iorquino {adj}  :: of, from or relating to New York City
Nova Irlanda {prop} {f}  :: Nova Irlanda (island)
Novais {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Novais {prop}  :: Novais (placename)
Nova Itaberaba {prop}  :: Nova Itaberaba (placename)
Nova Itarana {prop}  :: Nova Itarana (placename)
Nova Jersey {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Nova Jérsei
Nova Jérsei {prop} {f}  :: Nova Jérsei (state)
não valer um centavo {v} [idiom]  :: To be worthless; to be without use or value
Nova Lima {prop}  :: Nova Lima (placename)
Nova Luzitânia {prop}  :: Nova Luzitânia (placename)
Nova Módica {prop}  :: Nova Módica (placename)
novamente {adv}  :: again (having already happened before)
no vamo ver {adv} [colloquial]  :: poorly planned; not devised carefully
novação {f}  :: novation
Nova Odessa {prop}  :: Nova Odessa (placename)
nova ordem mundial {f}  :: New World Order (global peace and stability achieved through a new political order)
nova ordem mundial {f} [conspiracy theories]  :: New World Order (planned rule of the world by a secret global elite)
Nova Orleans {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Nova Orleães
Nova Orleães {prop} {f}  :: Nova Orleães (city)
Nova Palma {prop}  :: Nova Palma (placename)
Nova Pádua {prop}  :: Nova Pádua (placename)
Nova Petrópolis {prop}  :: Nova Petrópolis (placename)
Nova Ponte {prop}  :: Nova Ponte (placename)
Nova Porteirinha {prop}  :: Nova Porteirinha (placename)
Nova Prata {prop}  :: Nova Prata (placename)
Nova Ramada {prop}  :: Nova Ramada (placename)
Nova Redenção {prop}  :: Nova Redenção (placename)
Nova República {prop} {f}  :: The period of the history of Brazil since the restoration of civilian government in 1985
Nova Resende {prop}  :: Nova Resende (placename)
Nova Roma do Sul {prop}  :: Nova Roma do Sul (placename)
Nova Santa Rita {prop}  :: Nova Santa Rita (placename)
Nova Serrana {prop}  :: Nova Serrana (placename)
Novas Hébridas {prop} {fp}  :: Novas Hébridas (archipelago)
Nova Soure {prop}  :: Nova Soure (placename)
novato {m}  :: beginner; newbie (new (inexperienced) user or participant)
novato {adj}  :: inexperienced
Nova Trento {prop}  :: Nova Trento (placename)
Nova União {prop}  :: Nova União (placename)
Nova Veneza {prop}  :: Nova Veneza (placename)
Nova Viçosa {prop}  :: Nova Viçosa (placename)
Nova York {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Nova Iorque
Nova Zelândia {prop} {f}  :: Nova Zelândia (archipelago/and/country)
Nova Zembla {prop} {f}  :: Nova Zembla (archipelago)
nove {num}  :: nine
nove {m}  :: nine
novecentos {adj}  :: nine hundred; 900
novecentos {m}  :: nine hundred (the value of 900, or something with the value of 900)
novela {f}  :: novel (work of prose fiction)
novela {f}  :: soap opera
novela mexicana {f} [usually, as part of a simile]  :: a dramatic situation
novela mexicana {f}  :: See: novela mexicana
novelista {mf}  :: novelist (author of novels)
novella {f}  :: obsolete spelling of novela
novelo {m}  :: ball of rolled up thread or string
novelo {m} [figurative]  :: intrigue, plot
novembro {m}  :: November
Novembro {m}  :: superseded spelling of novembro
novena {f}  :: a period of nine days
novena {f}  :: a set of nine things
novena {f} [Roman Catholicism]  :: novena (a recitation of prayers for nine days)
noventa {num}  :: ninety
noventa {m}  :: ninety
não ver a hora {v} [idiom]  :: can't wait (eagerly anticipate)
no vermelho {adj} [idiom]  :: in the red; buried in debts (having many debts to pay)
noves fora {phrase} [colloquial, math]  :: refers to the act of casting out nines
noves fora {phrase} [colloquial, by extension]  :: refers to the act of verification, looking for proof
Novgorod {prop} {f}  :: Novgorod (oblast)
Novgorod {prop} {f}  :: Novgorod (city/regional capital)
novidade {f}  :: novelty
novilha {f}  :: heifer
novilho {m}  :: calf (young bull)
novilíngua {f}  :: Newspeak (fictional language designed to restrict thoughts)
novinho {adj}  :: diminutive of novo
novinho {adj} [affectionate]  :: young
novinho {adj}  :: brand new
no vinho a verdade {proverb}  :: in vino veritas (one tells the truth under the influence of alcohol)
no vinho, a verdade {proverb}  :: alternative spelling of no vinho a verdade
noviço {m} [religion]  :: novice (new member of a religious order)
noviço {m} [by extension]  :: beginner; novice (inexperienced person)
noviço {adj}  :: inexperienced
Novi Sad {prop} {f}  :: Novi Sad (city/provincial capital)
novo {adj} [of things]  :: new
novo {adj}  :: recently made or created
novo {adj}  :: not previously worn or used
novo {adj}  :: recently discovered
novo {adj} [of a period of time, often follows the noun]  :: new (about to begin or recently begun)
novo {adj} [of persons or sometimes animals]  :: young
novo {adj}  :: original (fresh; different)
novo {m}  :: new ideas or things; novelties
Novo Barreiro {prop}  :: Novo Barreiro (placename)
Novo Cabrais {prop}  :: Novo Cabrais (placename)
Novo Cruzeiro {prop}  :: Novo Cruzeiro (placename)
novo em folha {adj}  :: brand new (utterly new)
Novo Hamburgo {prop}  :: Novo Hamburgo (placename)
Novo Horizonte {prop}  :: Novo Horizonte (placename)
Novo Horizonte {prop}  :: Novo Horizonte (placename)
Novo Horizonte {prop}  :: Novo Horizonte (placename)
Novokuznetsk {prop} {f}  :: Novokuznetsk (city)
no volante {adj}  :: behind the wheel (driving a vehicle)
no volante {adj} [figurative]  :: behind the wheel (in control of something)
Novo Machado {prop}  :: Novo Machado (placename)
novo mundo {m}  :: alternative form of Novo Mundo
Novo Mundo {prop} {m} [geography]  :: New World (the Americas and the Caribbean)
Novo México {prop} {m}  :: Novo México (state)
Novo Oriente de Minas {prop}  :: Novo Oriente de Minas (placename)
novo-rico {m} [pejorative]  :: nouveau riche (one who has gained wealth, but lacks the refinement of rich people)
Novorizonte {prop}  :: Novorizonte (placename)
Novorossisk {prop} {f}  :: Novorossisk (city)
Novorossiysk {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Novorossisk
Novosibirsk {prop} {f}  :: Novosibirsk (oblast)
Novosibirsk {prop} {f}  :: Novosibirsk (city/regional capital)
Novo Testamento {prop} {m}  :: New Testament (second half of the Christian Bible)
Novo Tiradentes {prop}  :: Novo Tiradentes (placename)
Novo Triunfo {prop}  :: Novo Triunfo (placename)
Novo Xingu {prop}  :: Novo Xingu (placename)
noyte {f}  :: obsolete spelling of noite
noz {f}  :: nut
noz {f}  :: walnut (fruit)
noz {f} [usually used in plural, slang]  :: testicle
noz de areca {f}  :: areca nut (seed of the areca palm)
noz macadâmia {f}  :: alternative spelling of noz-macadâmia
noz-macadâmia {f}  :: macadamia (fruit of the macadamia tree)
noz-moscada {f}  :: nutmeg (Myristica fragrans, an evergreen tree of the East Indies)
noz-moscada {f}  :: nutmeg (the spicy seed of the nutmeg tree)
núpcias {fp}  :: wedding
núpcias {fp}  :: nuptials
NP-completo {adj} [computing theory]  :: NP-complete
Nápoles {prop} {f}  :: Nápoles (city/and/province/regional capital)
níquel {m} [uncountable]  :: nickel (element)
níquel {m}  :: nickel (coin made of nickel)
nórdico antigo {m}  :: Old Norse (Germanic language spoken in Scandinavia before 1400 CE)
nártex {m} [architecture]  :: narthex (vestibule leading to the nave)
nós {pron}  :: first-person plural nominative personal pronoun: we
nós {pron}  :: first-person plural prepositional pronoun: us
nòs {pron}  :: obsolete spelling of nós
néscio {adj}  :: ignorant, dumb, not aware of, uneducated
néscio {m}  :: someone who is ignorant, dumb, uneducated
nêspera {f}  :: The loquat (fruit)
nêspera {f} [archaic]  :: The medlar (fruit)
nítido {adj}  :: Free of ambiguity or doubt; clear
nútria {f}  :: coypu (Myocastor coypus, a large, semiaquatic rodent of South America)
nítrico {adj}  :: nitric (relating to nitrogen)
nu {adj}  :: naked, nude
nuança {f}  :: gradation of colour
nuança {f}  :: nuance (minor distinction; fine detail)
nuance {f}  :: alternative form of nuança
nubente {adj}  :: betrothed
nublado {adj}  :: cloudy (covered with clouds)
nublar {vi}  :: to become cloudy
nuca {f}  :: nape (back part of the neck)
nuclídeo {m}  :: nuclide
nucleação {f} [physics]  :: nucleation (first stage of a phase transition in a small region)
nucleação {f} [cytology]  :: nucleation (formation of cell nuclei)
nuclear {adj}  :: nuclear; central (to a centre around which something is developed or organised)
nuclear {adj} [biology]  :: nuclear (relating to the nucleus of cells)
nuclear {adj} [physics]  :: nuclear (relating to the nucleus of atoms)
nuclear {adj}  :: nuclear (involving atomic energy or weapons)
nucleófilo {m} [chemistry]  :: nucleophile
nucleico {adj} [cytology]  :: nucleic (relating to the nuclei of cells)
nucleão {m} [Portugal]  :: nucleon (a proton or a neutron)
nucleossintético {adj}  :: nucleosynthetic
nucleossíntese {f}  :: nucleosynthesis
nucleotídeo {m} [biochemistry, Brazil]  :: nucleotide (monomer comprising DNA or RNA)
nucleótido {m} [Portugal]  :: alternative form of nucleotídeo
nucléico {adj}  :: nucleic (all senses)
nucléolo {m} [cytology]  :: nucleolus (part of a cell’s nucleus)
nude {m} [Internet slang]  :: a photograph of a naked person
nudez {f}  :: nudity, nakedness
nudismo {m}  :: nudism (the practice of social, non-sexual nudity)
nudista {adj}  :: nudist
nudista {mf}  :: nudist
náufrago {m}  :: castaway (a shipwrecked sailor)
náufrago {adj}  :: castaway; shipwrecked
nugget {m}  :: A chicken nugget
Nukualofa {prop} {f}  :: Nukualofa (capital city)
nulidade {f}  :: nullity
nulidade {f}  :: insignificance
nulo {adj}  :: null; insignificant
nulo {adj}  :: void (having lost all legal validity)
num {contraction}  :: contraction of em um
num {adv}  :: eye dialect of não
numa {contraction}  :: contraction of em uma (Feminine form of num)
n'uma {contraction}  :: archaic spelling of numa
numa boa {adj} [colloquial]  :: cool, calm, tranquil (free from mental or emotional disturbance)
numa palavra {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in a word; briefly; concisely
numa palavra {adv}  :: See: numa palavra
Numídia {prop} {f}  :: Numídia (ancient kingdom/and/province)
numerador {m} [arithmetic]  :: numerator (number or expression written above the line in a fraction)
numeral {adj} [linguistics]  :: numeral
numeral cardinal {m}  :: A cardinal numeral
numerar {vt}  :: to number (label with numbers; assign numbers to)
numerizar {v}  :: to numericise (to represent using numbers)
numero {m}  :: obsolete spelling of número
numeroso {adj}  :: numerous (indefinitely large numerically)
numerário {m}  :: cash (ready money)
numerário {adj} [attributive]  :: cash
numismática {f}  :: numismatics (study of coins)
nummero {m} [uncommon]  :: obsolete spelling of número
num piscar de olhos {adv} [idiomatic]  :: in the blink of an eye (occurring extremely fast)
num repente {adv}  :: on a whim (done without thinking seriously about the consequences)
numérico {adj}  :: numerical (of, pertaining to or using numbers)
Nunavut {prop} {m}  :: Nunavut (territory)
nunca {adv}  :: never (at no time; not ever)
nunca {m} [poetic]  :: neverness (the quality of not ever being extant or present)
nunca diga nunca {phrase}  :: never say never
nunca dizer nunca {v}  :: never say die (do not despair)
nunca mais {adv}  :: never again, nevermore
nunca é tarde para aprender {proverb}  :: you're never too old to learn (it is possible to learn new things at any age)
nunca é tarde para se aprender {proverb}  :: alternative form of nunca é tarde para aprender
nunchaku {m} [martial arts]  :: nunchaku (weapon consisting of two sticks joined by a chain or cord)
nunciatura {f}  :: nunciature (status or rank of a nuncio)
Nunes {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Nuno {prop} {m}  :: given name
nupcial {adj}  :: nuptial (pertaining to wedding and marriage)
Nuporanga {prop}  :: Nuporanga (placename)
nuraghe {m}  :: nuraghe (type of megalithic building in Sardinia)
nurague {m}  :: alternative spelling of nuraghe
Nuremberg {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Nuremberga
Nuremberga {prop} {f}  :: Nuremberga (city)
Nurembergue {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Nuremberga
Nurnberg {prop} {f}  :: alternative form of Nuremberga
náusea {f}  :: nausea (feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit)
náuseas {n}  :: nausea, sickness, retching
náuseas {n}  :: repugnance, disgust
Nêustria {prop} {f} [historical]  :: Nêustria (historical region)
nêustrio {adj}  :: Neustrian (of, from or relating to Neustria)
nêustrio {m}  :: Neustrian (someone from Neustria)
náutica {f}  :: navigation (the art of navigating ships)
náutico {adj}  :: nautical (relating to navigation)
náutilo {m}  :: nautilus (any marine mollusc of the family Nautilidae)
nuto {m}  :: nod;
nuto {m} [figuratively]  :: the will, what is desired or chosen
nutricional {adj}  :: nutritional
nutrido {v}  :: past participle of nutrir
nutrido {adj}  :: nourished, fed, sustained
nutrido {adj}  :: fattened
nutriente {m}  :: nutrient
nutrindo {v}  :: gerund of nutrir
nutrição {f}  :: nutrition
nutrir {v}  :: to nourish, feed, sustain
nutrir {v}  :: to fatten
nutritício {adj} [rare]  :: nutritious (providing nutrients)
nutritivo {adj} [of food or drink]  :: nutritious (providing nutrients)
nêutron {m} [Brazil, physics]  :: neutron
Nuuk {prop} {f}  :: Nuuk (capital city)
nuvem {f}  :: cloud
nuvem cogumelo {f}  :: alternative form of nuvem de cogumelo
nuvem de cogumelo {f}  :: mushroom cloud (a mushroom-shaped cloud created by an explosion)
nuvem de Oort {f} [astronomy]  :: Oort Cloud (region of space which is the source of most comets)
nuvem em cogumelo {f}  :: alternative form of nuvem de cogumelo
nível {m}  :: level
nível {m}  :: rank, status
nível {m}  :: class, distinction
nível de Abney {m}  :: Abney level (clinometer used to measure tree heights)
nível de bolha {m}  :: spirit level
nível do mar {m}  :: sea level (nominal height of the surface of the oceans)
névoa {f}  :: mist, fog, haze
NW {m}  :: northwest
nylon {m}  :: nylon (a synthetic polymer)
nynorsk {m}  :: Nynorsk (one of the two major written standards of the Norwegian language)
Nyx {prop} {f}  :: alternative spelling of Nix