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t {letter} :: letter
T {letter} :: letter
T {m} :: adaptor (device allowing more plugs at a socket)
{interj} [colloquial, Brazil] /ˈta/ :: Shortening of está bem and está bom: OK; all right
tabacaria {f} /ta.ˌba.ka.ˈɾi.ɐ/ :: tobacconist's (shop that sells tobacco products)
tabaco {m} /tɐˈβaku/ :: tobacco (any plant of the genus Nicotiana)
tabagismo {m} :: smoking (the habit of smoking tobacco)
tabagismo passivo {m} :: second-hand smoke (smoke from cigarettes, that any person including non-smokers could breathe in)
Tabaí {prop} :: Tabaí (placename)
Tabapuã {prop} :: Tabapuã (placename)
tabaqueira {f} :: snuffbox (small box for tobacco)
tabaqueira anatómica {f} [European orthography, anatomy] :: anatomical snuffbox (deepening at the base of the thumb)
tabaqueira anatômica {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of tabaqueira anatómica
Tabatinga {prop} :: Tabatinga (placename)
tabefe {m} [colloquial] /ta.ˈbɛ.fi/ :: slap, smack
tabefe {m} [cooking] :: dessert made with milk, eggs and sugar
tabefe {m} :: whey (liquid remaining after milk has been curdled)
tabela {f} /tɐ.ˈβɛ.lɐ/ :: table (grid of data in rows and columns)
tabela {f} [databases] :: table; lookup table
tabela {f} [basketball] :: backboard (flat vertical surface to which the basket is attached)
tabela {f} [football] :: a strategy where two teammates pass the football to each other frequently while moving towards the other team’s goal
tabela {f} [sports] :: table (a classification of teams or individuals based on their success)
tabela de contingência {f} [statistics] :: contingency table (table presenting joint distribution of categorical variables)
tabela periódica {f} :: periodic table (chart of the chemical elements by atomic number)
tabela verdade {f} :: alternative spelling of tabela-verdade
tabela-verdade {f} [logic] :: truth table (table showing all possible truth-values for an expression)
tabelião {m} :: notary public (officer who can administer oaths, statutory declarations and authenticate documents)
tabella {f} :: obsolete spelling of tabela
ta bem {interj} :: informal form of tá bem
tá bem {interj} :: informal form of está bem
taberna {f} /tɐˈβɛɾnɐ/ :: pub, tavern
tabernáculo {m} [Bible] :: tabernacle (portable tent used before the construction of the temple)
tabernáculo {m} :: tabernacle (small ornamented cupboard or box used for the sacrament of the Eucharist)
tablado {m} :: flooring
tablado {m} :: stage
tablatura {f} :: tablature (form of musical notation)
tablet {m} [computing] :: tablet computer (a type of portable computer)
tabloide {m} :: tabloid
tablóide {m} :: superseded spelling of tabloide
taboa {f} /ta.ˈbo.ɐ/ :: southern cattail (Typha domingensis, a reed native to tropical and temperate regions worldwide)
tabôa {f} :: obsolete spelling of taboa
táboa {f} :: obsolete spelling of tábua
Taboão da Serra {prop} :: Taboão da Serra (placename)
Tabocas do Brejo Velho {prop} :: Tabocas do Brejo Velho (placename)
taboleiro {m} :: obsolete form of tabuleiro
taboleyro {m} :: obsolete form of tabuleiro
tá bom {interj} :: all right (used to indicate agreement)
tabu {m} :: taboo (cultural inhibition or ban)
tabu {adj} :: taboo (culturally forbidden from use, approach or mention)
tabua {f} /ta.ˈbu.ɐ/ :: alternative form of taboa
tabúa {f} :: obsolete form of taboa
tábua {f} /ˈta.βwɐ/ :: board; plank (long, flat piece of wood)
tábua {f} :: chopping board (small board on which food is chopped)
tábua {f} :: a small table for serving food or playing games
tábua {f} :: table (grid of data in rows and columns)
tábua {f} [Brazil, slang] :: a refusal or rejection, especially of a marriage proposal
tábua {f} [Brazil, slang, pejorative] :: a woman who is very thin and has small breasts
Tábua {prop} {f} /ˈtaβuɐ/ :: Tábua (village/and/municipality)
Tabuaço {prop} /tɐβuˈasu/ :: Tabuaço (village/and/municipality)
tabuada {f} /tɐ.ˈβwa.ðɐ/ :: multiplication table
tábua de cortar {f} :: chopping board (a sturdy board, upon which one chops and prepares food)
tabular {adj} /ta.bu.ˈlar/ :: tabular
tabular {v} :: to tabulate
tábula rasa {f} [uncountable, philosophy] :: tabula rasa (the idea that the mind comes into the world as a blank state)
tábula rasa {f} :: tabula rasa (anything which exists in a pristine state)
tabuleiro {m} /tɐ.βu.ˈlɐj.ɾu/ :: gameboard (portable surface on which a game is played)
tabuleiro {m} [figurative] :: a region or field where a dispute occurs
tabuleiro {m} :: baking tray (oven-proof metallic tray used to hold foods in the oven)
tabuleiro {m} :: tray (rigid object upon which things are carried)
tabuleiro {m} :: landing (in-between platform or large bottom-most or top-most step of a staircase)
tabuleiro {m} :: a long table for displaying goods in a market stall
tabuleiro {m} [North Brazil] :: a beach where turtles lay their eggs
tabuleiro {m} [Brazil] :: a sandbank which appears when the water level is low
tabuleiro {m} [Brazil, geography] :: a plain with low vegetation
tabuleiro {m} :: the floor of a cart
tabuleiro {m} [architecture] :: the horizontal support of a bridge
Tabuleiro {prop} :: Tabuleiro (placename)
tabuleiro de ouija {m} :: alternative form of tabuleiro ouija
tabuleiro de Ouija {m} :: alternative form of tabuleiro ouija
tabuleiro de xadrez {m} :: chessboard
tabuleiro ouija {m} [spiritualism] :: Ouija (a board with letters used to communicate with spirits)
tabuleiro Ouija {m} :: alternative case form of tabuleiro ouija
taça {f} /ˈtasɐ/ :: cup, goblet
taça {f} [sports] :: trophy
tacada {f} :: a stroke with bat, golf club or similar tool
tacada de aproximação {f} [golf] :: approach shot (shot aimed to land on the green)
tacanho {adj} :: short (of little height)
tacanho {adj} :: miserly (excessively cautious with money)
tacanho {adj} :: sly; wily; cunning
tacão {m} :: heel (part of shoe supporting the rear of the foot)
tacão {m} [figurative] :: control (influence or authority over)
tacar {v} :: to launch; to cast; to toss (to throw forcefully)
tacar {v} :: to bat (to hit with a bat)
tacha {f} /ˈta.ʃɐ/ :: small nail; pin
tachar {vt} :: to label; to brand (to ascribe a negative quality to)
tachar {vt} :: to criticise (to find fault in)
tacho {m} :: pot
tacho {m} :: pan
Taciba {prop} :: Taciba (placename)
tácito {adj} /ˈ :: tacit (done or made in silence; implied, but not expressed; silent)
Tácito {prop} {m} /ˈ :: historical given name
taciturno {adj} :: taciturn (secretive or uncommunicative)
taco {m} [sports] /ˈta.ku/ :: cue; bat; stick (any long implement used to hit the ball or puck in certain sports)
taco {m} :: taco (a Mexican snack food)
taco de beisebol {m} :: baseball bat
taco de golfe {m} :: golf club (the implement used to hit the golf ball)
taco de hóquei {m} [ice hockey] :: hockey stick (stick used to handle the puck)
tacómetro {m} [European orthography] :: tachometer (device for measuring velocity)
tacômetro {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative spelling of tacómetro
tacteando {v} :: gerund of tactear
tactear {v} :: to grope
tactear {v} :: to investigate, examine
táctica {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of tática
táctico {adj} :: superseded spelling of tático
táctil {adj} :: tactile (relating to the sense of touch)
tacto {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of tato
Taddeu {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Tadeu
Tadeu {prop} {m} /ta.ˈdew/ :: given name
Tadeu {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Thaddaeus (the Apostle)
tadinho {adj} [colloquial] :: alternative form of coitadinho
tadjique {adj} :: Tajik (of, from or pertaining to Tajikistan)
tadjique {mf} :: Tajik (person from Tajikstan)
tadjique {m} :: Tajik (Persian language spoken in Tajikstan)
Tadjiquistão {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Tajiquistão
tadorna {f} :: shelduck (any of various waterfowl of the genus Tadorna)
tae kwon do {m} :: taekwondo (a Korean martial art)
taekwondo {m} :: alternative spelling of tae kwon do
tael {m} /tɐ.ˈɛɫ/ :: tael (any of several eastern Asian units of measure)
tael {m} :: tael (any of several eastern Asian monetary units)
taenita {f} [mineral] :: taenite
taes {pron} :: obsolete spelling of tais
tafofobia {f} :: taphophobia
taful {adj} /tɐ.ˈfuɫ/ :: dandyish
taful {mf} :: dandy
taful {mf} :: gambler
tagalo {m} :: Tagalog (language spoken in the Philippines)
tagalog {m} :: alternative form of tagalo
tagarela {adj} /tɐ.ɣɐ.ˈɾɛ.lɐ/ :: Tending to talk freely or often; talkative; chatty
tagarelar {v} [colloquial] :: to prattle (to speak incessantly about unimportant things)
tagetes {f} :: marigold (any plant of the genus Tagetes)
tágide {f} [Portuguese mythology] /ˈta.ʒi.ðɨ/ :: a water nymph dwelling in the Tagus river
tagine {m} :: tajine (Moroccan stew)
Taguaí {prop} :: Taguaí (placename)
tahine {m} :: tahini (sesame paste)
Taiaçu {prop} :: Taiaçu (placename)
taibu {m} :: opossum
Taichung {prop} {f} :: Taichung (city)
taiga {f} :: taiga (subarctic zone of coniferous forest)
taikonauta {mf} :: taikonaut (astronaut in the Chinese space program)
tailandês {adj} :: Thai (of, from or relating to Thailand)
tailandês {m} :: Thai (person from Thailand)
tailandês {m} [uncountable] :: Thai (the national language of Thailand)
tailandesa {f} :: feminine noun of tailandês
Tailandia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Tailândia
Tailândia {prop} {f} :: Tailândia (country)
Tailândia {prop} {f} :: Tailândia (municipality)
Taimir {prop} {m} :: Taimir (peninsula)
Taimyr {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Taimir
Tainan {prop} {f} :: Tainan (city)
taíne {m} :: alternative spelling of tahine
tainha {f} :: mullet (a fish of the family Mugilidae)
taino {m} :: one of the Taino people
taino {m} [uncountable] :: Taino (extinct Arawakan language)
taíno {m} :: alternative form of taino
Taió {prop} :: Taió (placename)
Taiobeiras {prop} :: Taiobeiras (placename)
taipan {f} :: taipan (venomous snake of the genus Oxyuranus)
Taipé {prop} {f} :: Taipé (capital city)
Taipei {prop} {f} /taj.ˈpej/ :: alternative form of Taipé
tais {m} [rare] /ˈtajʃ/ :: tais (a traditional woven textile of East Timor)
Taís {prop} {f} :: given name
Taiti {prop} {m} :: Taiti (island)
taitiano {adj} :: Tahitian (of, from or relating to Tahiti)
taitiano {m} :: Tahitian (person from Tahiti)
taitiano {m} [uncountable] :: Tahitian (Polynesian language spoken in Tahiti)
Taiuã {prop} {f} :: rare spelling of Taiwan
taiuanês {adj} :: alternative spelling of taiwanês
taiuanês {m} :: alternative spelling of taiwanês
Taiuva {prop} :: Taiuva (placename)
Taiwan {prop} {f} /taj.ˈwɐ̃/ :: Taiwan (country)
Taiwan {prop} {f} :: Taiwan (island)
taiwanês {adj} :: Taiwanese (of, from or relating to Taiwan)
taiwanês {m} :: Taiwanese (person from Taiwan)
taiwanesa {f} :: feminine noun of taiwanês
taiwanesa {adj} :: feminine noun of taiwanês
taixar {v} :: obsolete spelling of taxar
tajine {m} :: alternative spelling of tagine
tajique {adj} :: alternative form of tadjique
tajique {mf} :: alternative form of tadjique
Tajiquistão {prop} {m} :: Tajiquistão (country)
Taj Mahal {prop} {m} /ˈtaʒ ma.ˈhaw/ :: Taj Mahal (monument in India)
taka {m} :: taka (currency of Bangladesh)
tal {pron} /ˈtaɫ/ :: such
tal {mf} :: one
talâmico {adj} :: thalamic (of or pertaining to the thalamus)
tálamo {m} :: a couple’s bed
tálamo {m} [anatomy] :: thalamus (structure within forebrain)
tálamo {m} [botany] :: thalamus (receptacle of a flower)
talão {m} [anatomy] :: heel
talão {m} :: receipt; ticket
talão {m} :: stub
talassemia {f} [pathology] :: thalassemia (inherited disorder in which the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is reduced)
talassocracia {f} :: thalassocracy
talento {m} [historical] /tɐ.ˈlẽ.tu/ :: talent (Classical unit of weight and money)
talento {m} :: talent (marked natural ability or skill)
talentoso {adj} :: talented
tal e tal {pron} :: such-and-such (generic placeholder)
talhadia {f} [forestry] :: coppicing (the system of cutting trees at regular intervals and letting them regrow)
talha dourada {f} /ˈta.ʎɐ ðowˈɾa.ðɐ/ :: gilded woodcarvings
talha-mar {m} [nautical] :: stem (forward vertical extension of the keel)
talha-mar {m} [nautical] :: cutwater (edge of a ship’s stem)
talha-mar {m} :: breakwater (construction around a harbour)
talhando {v} :: gerund of talhar
talhante {mf} [Portugal] :: butcher (a person who prepares and sells meat)
talhante {adj} :: able to chop
talhar {v} /tɐˈʎaɾ/ :: to cut; to slice to chop
talhar {v} :: to sharpen
talharim {m} :: tagliarini (type of pasta)
talher {m} /taˈʎɛɾ/ :: an item of cutlery
talho {m} [chiefly Portugal] /ˈta.ʎu/ :: butchershop
talho {m} :: cutting, chopping
Tália {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Thalia (the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry)
Tália {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Thalia (one of the three Graces)
Tália {prop} {f} :: given name
talian {m} /ta.ˈljɐ̃/ :: Talian, the Venetian dialect spoken in Brazil
talibã {mf} :: Taliban (member of the Taliban militia)
Talibã {prop} {m} :: Taliban (Islamic movement in Afghanistan)
Taliban {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Talibã
talidomida {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: thalidomide (drug which causes birth defects in fetuses, formerly sold for morning sickness)
Talim {prop} {f} [uncommon] :: alternative form of Tallinn
Talin {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Tallinn
tálio {m} :: thallium (chemical element)
talismã {m} :: talisman (magical amulet)
talismânico {adj} :: talismanic
Tallin {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Tallinn
Tallinn {prop} {f} :: Tallinn (capital city)
Talmud {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Talmude
Talmude {prop} {m} [Judaism] /taw.ˈmu.d͡ʒi/ :: Talmud (collection of Jewish writings)
talmúdico {adj} [Judaism] :: Talmudic (related to the Talmud)
talo {m} :: shaft
tal pai, tal filho {proverb} :: like father, like son (a son will have traits similar to his father)
talude {m} :: slope (inclined terrain)
tálus {m} [skeleton, Brazil] /ˈta.lus/ :: talus; anklebone
talvegue {m} [geography] :: thalweg (line that connects the lowest points in a valley)
talvegue {m} [hydrology] :: the deepest points of a body of water
talvegue {m} [figurative, rare] :: something that flows or progresses fast
talvez {adv} /taɫ.ˈveʃ/ :: perhaps; maybe (indicates possibility or doubt)
talweg {m} :: dated form of talvegue
tam {adv} :: obsolete spelling of tão
tamanco {m} :: sabot, clog, patten
tamanduá {m} /ta.ˌmɐ̃.du.ˈa/ :: anteater (any of several New World mammals in suborder Vermilingua)
tamanduá-bandeira {m} :: giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla, the largest species of anteater)
tamanduá-mirim {m} :: tamandua (anteater of the genus Tamandua)
tamanho {adj} /tɐ.ˈmɐ.ɲu/ :: very large, huge
tamanho {m} :: size
tamara {f} :: obsolete spelling of tâmara
Tamara {prop} {f} /ta.ˈma.ɾɐ/ :: given name
tâmara {f} /ˈtɐ.mɐ.ɾɐ/ :: date (fruit of the date palm)
tamareira {f} /ˌˈɾe(j).ɾa/ :: date palm (palm tree whose fruit is the date)
tamarga {f} :: alternative form of tramaga
tamargueira {f} :: tamarisk (shrub of the genus Tamarix)
tamarindeira {f} :: alternative form of tamarindeiro
tamarindeiro {m} :: tamarind (Tamarindus indica, a tropical tree)
tamarindo {m} :: tamarind (Tamarindus indica, a tropical tree)
tamarindo {m} :: tamarind (fruit of the tamarind tree)
tamarineiro {m} :: alternative form of tamarindeiro
tamarinheiro {m} :: alternative form of tamarindeiro
tamarinho {m} :: alternative form of tamarindo
tamarisco {m} :: tamarisk (shrub of the genus Tamarix)
tamariz {m} :: tamarisk (shrub of the genus Tamarix)
tambaca {f} :: alternative form of tambaque
tambaque {m} :: tombak (brass alloy with zinc content below 28%)
Tambaú {prop} :: Tambaú (placename)
tambẽ {adv} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of também
tambem {adv} :: obsolete spelling of também
também {adv} /tɐ̃.ˈbɐ̃j̃/ :: too; also (in addition; as well)
também {adv} :: not onlybut also
também {interj} :: of course; no wonder (implying that an outcome was expected)
tambêm {adv} :: obsolete spelling of também
tambor {m} /tɐ̃.ˈboɾ/ :: (musical instruments) drum (a type of percussive musical instrument)
tambor {m} :: drum (any hollow, cylindrical object)
tambor {m} :: drum (a barrel or large cylindrical container for liquid transport and storage)
tambor {m} :: cylinder (part of a revolver which contains chambers for rounds)
tambor {m} :: tumbler (movable obstruction in a lock)
tambor {m} :: the revolving drum of a concrete mixer
tambor {m} [architecture] :: drum (any of the cylindrical blocks that make up the shaft of a pillar)
tambor {m} [regional, South Brazil] :: cockpit (an enclosure for cockfights)
tambôr {m} :: superseded spelling of tambor
tamborete {m} :: stool (small seat without a back or armrest)
tamboril {m} :: a type of small drum
tamboril {m} :: anglerfish (marine fish of the order Lophiiformes)
tamborilar {v} /tɐ̃.bo.ri.ˈla(ɾ)/ :: to drum (with fingers)
tamborim {m} :: a type of small, hand-held drum
Tambov {prop} {f} :: Tambov (oblast)
Tambov {prop} {f} :: Tambov (city/regional capital)
tamem {adv} :: eye dialect of também
tamém {adv} /tɐ.ˈmẽj̃/ :: eye dialect of também
Tamerlão {prop} {m} :: historical given name
tâmia {f} :: chipmunk (squirrel-like rodent of the genus Tamias)
tâmil {adj} :: Tamil (of or pertaining to the Tamil people, culture or language)
tâmil {mf} :: Tamil (person)
tâmil {mf} :: Tamil (language)
Tamil Nadu {prop} {m} :: Tamil Nadu (state)
Tâmisa {prop} {m} :: Tâmisa (river)
tampa {f} :: lid; cover
tampa {f} :: bottle cap
tampa {f} :: plug
tampa {f} [Portugal, colloquial] :: rejection
tampando {v} :: gerund of tampar
tampão {f} :: tampon
tampão {f} :: plug, stopper
tampar {v} :: to cover
tampinha {mf} :: diminutive of tampa
tampinha {mf} [derogatory] :: shortie (short person)
tamponar {v} :: to lid (to close the end of a duct with a lid)
tamponar {v} [chemistry] :: to buffer (to maintain a given acidity level)
tampouco {adv} /tɐ̃(w̃).ˈpo(w).ku/ :: neither
Tanabi {prop} :: Tanabi (placename)
tanaceto {m} :: tansy (any of the flowers in the genus Tanacetum)
Tanach {prop} {mf} [Judaism] :: Tanakh (body of Jewish scripture)
Tanakh {prop} {mf} :: alternative spelling of Tanach
tanato- {prefix} :: thanato- (indicates death)
Tânato {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Thanatos (the god of death)
tanatocenose {f} :: thanatocoenose (dead life forms found together)
tanatófilo {m} :: thanatophile (person fascinated with death)
tanatofobia {f} :: thanatophobia
tanatofóbico {adj} :: thanatophobic (pertaining to or afflicted with thanatophobia)
tanatografia {f} :: thanatography (account of someone’s death)
tanatologia {f} :: thanatology (study of human aspects of death)
tanatológico {adj} :: thanatological (pertaining to thanatology)
tanatologista {mf} :: thanatologist (one who studies death)
tanatomania {f} :: thanatomania (belief that one is fated to die, having been cursed)
Tânatos {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Tânato
tanatose {f} :: thanatosis (the act of feigning death)
tanchagem {f} :: plantain (any plant of the genus Plantago)
tandem {m} :: tandem (bicycle with two seats and two sets of pedals)
tandoor {m} :: tandoor (cylindrical clay oven used in Indian cuisine)
tanga {f} :: loincloth (garment that covers the crotch)
tanga {f} :: a very small bikini
tangando {v} :: gerund of tangar
Tanganica {prop} {m} :: Tanganica (lake)
Tanganica {prop} {f} :: Tanganica (former country)
tangar {v} :: to tango
Tangará {prop} :: Tangará (placename)
tangendo {v} :: gerund of tanger
tangente {f} /tɐ̃.ˈʒẽ.tɨ/ :: tangent (geometry)
tangente {f} :: tangent (trigonometry)
tanger {v} [music] :: To pluck
tanger {v} :: to touch, concern (relate to)
Tânger {prop} {f} {m} :: Tânger (city)
tangerina {f} /tɐ̃.ʒɨ.ˈɾi.nɐ/ :: mandarin; tangerine (a citric fruit)
tangerineira {f} /ˌtɐ̃.ʒi.ɾi.ˈne(j).ɾa/ :: mandarin (a tree)
tangível {adj} /tɐ̃.ˈʒi.vew/ :: tangible; touchable (able to be touched or felt; perceptible by the sense of touch)
tangível {adj} :: tangible (possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete)
tango {m} /ˈtɐ̃.ɡu/ :: tango (ballroom dance)
tango {m} :: a style of music associated with the tango dance (used to accompany and set the beat for the dance)
tango argentino {m} :: Argentine tango (genre of ballroom dance and music)
tangram {m} :: tangram (Chinese puzzle)
Tanguá {prop} :: Tanguá (placename)
Tanhaçu {prop} :: Tanhaçu (placename)
Tânia {prop} {f} :: given name
tanino {m} [chemistry] :: tannin; tannic acid (phenol extracted from the bark or galls of trees)
tanja {f} [regional, Maranhão, Piauí] :: mandarin orange
tanoeiro {m} :: cooper (craftsman who makes and repairs barrels)
tanque {m} /ˈtɐ̃.kɨ/ :: tank
tanque {m} :: cistern
tanque {m} :: a sink used for laundry
tanque {m} :: tank (vehicle)
tanqueiro {m} :: tanker (vehicle used to transport liquid)
tanqueiro {m} [military unit] :: tanker (member of a tank crew)
Tanque Novo {prop} :: Tanque Novo (placename)
Tanquinho {prop} :: Tanquinho (placename)
tansagem {f} :: alternative form of tanchagem
tanso {m} [colloquial] :: fool
tanso {m} [colloquial] :: sucker
tanso {adj} [colloquial] :: silly
tanso {adj} [colloquial] :: gullible
tantã {adj} [colloquial] :: gaga; crazy; nuts
tantã {mf} [colloquial] :: a crazy person
tantálico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: tantalic
tantálio {m} :: tantalum
tantalita {f} [mineral] :: tantalite
tântalo {m} /ˈtɐ̃ :: tantalum (chemical element with an atomic number of 73)
tanto {adv} /ˈtɐ̃.tu/ :: so much (to a large or excessive degree)
tanto {pron} :: so much / so many (a large or excessive amount)
tanto {pron} :: as much as / as many as
tanto {m} :: an unspecified or irrelevant amount of something
tanto {m} :: an amount equal to a previously specified amount
tanto faz {interj} :: whatever!
tanto faz {phrase} [idiomatic] :: I don't care; whatever
tanto faz como tanto fez {phrase} [idiomatic] :: used to indicate that something doesn’t make a difference; tomayto, tomahto; big deal; whatever
tanto faz, tanto fez {phrase} :: alternative form of tanto faz como tanto fez
tanuki {m} :: raccoon dog; tanuki (Nyctereutes procyonoides, a canid of East Asia)
Tanzania {prop} {f} [Mozambique] :: alternative form of Tanzânia
Tanzânia {prop} {f} /tɐ̃.ˈzɐ.ni.a/ :: Tanzânia (country)
tanzaniana {f} :: feminine noun of tanzaniano
tanzaniano {m} :: Tanzanian
tanzaniano {adj} :: Tanzanian
taõ {adv} :: obsolete spelling of tão
tão {adv} /ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: so (to a great extent)
tão {adv} :: asas
taoísmo {m} :: Taoism (Chinese mystical philosophy and religion)
tão logo {conj} :: as soon as; once (immediately after)
tão-pouco {adv} :: alternative form of tampouco
tapa {m} :: slap
tapa {m} :: argument without a replica
tapa {m} [vulgar] :: discrete marijuana use
tapado {m} :: idiot, dimwit, imbecile
tapa-olho {m} :: eye patch (patch worn in front of one eye)
tapar {vt} :: to close something with a lid or obstruction
tapar {vt} :: to cover something so it can’t bee seen
Taparuba {prop} :: Taparuba (placename)
tapa-sexo {m} :: cache-sexe (article of clothing sufficient to cover the genitalia)
tapeçaria {f} /tɐ.pɨ.sɐˈɾi.ɐ/ :: tapestry (a heavy woven cloth, often with decorative pictorial designs, normally hung on walls)
Tapejara {prop} :: Tapejara (placename)
Tapera {prop} :: Tapera (placename)
Taperoá {prop} :: Taperoá (placename)
Tapes {prop} :: Tapes (placename)
tapete {m} /tɐ.ˈpe.tɨ/ :: carpet (a fabric used as a floor covering)
tapete mágico {m} [fantasy] :: magic carpet (a carpet capable of magical flight)
tapetinho {m} :: diminutive of tapete
tapinha {m} :: diminutive of tapa
tapioca {f} :: tapioca (starchy food made from cassava)
tapir {m} /ta.ˈpiɾ/ :: tapir
Tapira {prop} :: Tapira (placename)
Tapiraí {prop} :: Tapiraí (placename)
Tapiraí {prop} :: Tapiraí (placename)
Tapiramutá {prop} :: Tapiramutá (placename)
Tapiratiba {prop} :: Tapiratiba (placename)
Taprobana {prop} {f} [archaic] :: Taprobana (island)
Taquara {prop} :: Taquara (placename)
Taquaraçu de Minas {prop} :: Taquaraçu de Minas (placename)
Taquaral {prop} :: Taquaral (placename)
Taquari {prop} :: Taquari (placename)
Taquaritinga {prop} :: Taquaritinga (placename)
Taquarituba {prop} :: Taquarituba (placename)
Taquarivaí {prop} :: Taquarivaí (placename)
Taquaruçu do Sul {prop} :: Taquaruçu do Sul (placename)
taquião {m} [Portugal, physics] :: tachyon (hypothetical particle that travels faster than the speed of light)
taquiarritmia {f} [cardiology] :: tachyarrhythmia (heart rate that exceeds the normal resting rate)
taquigrafia {f} :: tachygraphy (the art and practice of rapid writing)
taquímetro {m} :: alternative form of tacómetro
táquion {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of taquião
tar {v} [Portugal] /ˈtaɾ/ :: nonstandard spelling of estar
tara {f} :: tare (the empty weight of a container)
tara {f} [colloquial] :: obsession, mania
tara {f} [colloquial] :: flaw, defect
tara {f} [slang] :: sexual fetish or desire
Tarabai {prop} :: Tarabai (placename)
tarado {adj} :: crazy
tarado {adj} :: sexually perverted
tarambola {f} :: plover (wading bird of the family Charadriidae)
tarambola-dourada {f} :: golden plover (Pluvialis apricaria, a wading bird of the northern hemisphere)
tarantismo {m} [historical, medicine] :: tarantism (an extreme urge to dance thought to have been caused by the bite of a tarantula)
tarântula {f} :: tarantula (any spider of the family Theraphosidae)
tardar {v} /tɐɾˈdaɾ]/ :: to be late; to delay oneself
tarde {adj} /ˈtaɾ.ðɨ/ :: late (near the end of a period of time)
tarde {adj} :: late (specifically, near the end of the day)
tarde {adj} :: late (not arriving until after an expected time)
tarde {f} :: afternoon
tardiamente {adv} :: late
tardiamente {adv} :: slowly
tardinha {f} :: (early) evening
tardio {adj} /tɐɾ.ˈði.u/ :: belated (later in relation to the proper time)
tardio {adj} [botany, of a plant] :: which flourishes, ripens or fructifies after the usual timespan
tardio {adj} :: slow (spread over a comparatively long time)
tardio {adj} :: slow (taking a long time to move)
tardio {adj} :: late (near the end of a period of time)
tardo {adj} :: sluggish, lazy
tareco {m} /ta.ˈrɛ.ku/ :: old and worn-out object
tarefa {f} /tɐ.ˈɾɛ.fɐ/ :: job, task
tarefa {f} :: burden, chore
tarefa {f} :: clipping of tarefa de casa
tarefa de casa {f} :: homework (school work that is done at home)
tareia {f} :: beating
Tarento {prop} {f} :: Tarento (city/and/province)
tarifa {f} :: tariff
tarifário {adj} :: tariff (attributive)
tarja {f} :: border (decorative strip around the edge of something)
tarja {f} :: a black strip used to censor something
tarja {f} :: a coloured strip on medication boxes used to indicate the level of danger from side effects
tarja {f} [historical] :: targe (a type of small shield)
taro {m} :: taro (Colocasia esculenta)
taro {m} :: taro (the edible corm of the taro plant)
taró {m} [music] :: snare (type of drum)
taró {m} [Portugal] :: intense cold
taró {m} [Portugal] :: a cold wind
taró {m} :: alternative form of tarô
tarô {m} :: tarot (set of playing cards used for divination)
tarol {m} :: alternative form of taró (snare drum)
tarola {f} [musical instruments] :: snare (type of drum)
Tarouca {prop} {f} /tɐˈɾowkɐ/ :: Tarouca (village/and/municipality)
Tárraco {prop} {f} /ˈta.ʁa.ku/ :: Tárraco (ancient city)
tarrafa {f} :: cast net
Tarrafal {prop} {f} :: Tarrafal (c/Cape Verde)
tarrafar {v} :: to fish with a cast net
Tarragona {prop} {f} :: Tarragona (province)
Tarragona {prop} {f} :: Tarragona (city/provincial capital)
tarraxa {f} /tɐˈʁaʃɐ/ :: screw
tarraxar {v} /tɐ.ʁɐ.ˈʃaɾ/ :: to screw
tarraxo {m} :: alternative form of tarraxa
tarsio {m} :: alternative form of társio
társio {m} :: tarsier (insectivorous primate of southeast Asia)
tarso {m} [skeleton] /ˈtaɻ.so/ :: tarsus
Tarso {prop} {m} :: Tarso (city/and/administrative district)
tartaranhão {m} :: harrier (any of several birds of prey in the genus Circus)
Tartaristão {prop} {m} :: Tartaristão (republic)
tártaro {m} /ˈtaɹ.ta.ɾu/ :: Tatar (a language of Russia)
tártaro {m} :: Tatar (member of the Tatar ethnic group)
tártaro {adj} :: of Tartary (the Eurasian Steppe)
tártaro {adj} :: of Tatarstan
tártaro {adj} :: of the Tatar language
tártaro {m} [wine] :: tartar (compound deposited during wine-making)
tártaro {m} [dentistry] :: tartar (yellow deposit on the teeth)
tártaro {m} [Greek mythology] :: Tartarus
Tártaro {prop} {m} :: alternative form of tártaro, as a proper noun.
tartaruga {f} /ˌtaɾ.ta.ˈɾu.ɡa/ :: turtle (any reptile of the order Testudines)
tartaruga {f} [colloquial] :: cat's eye (traffic retroreflective device)
tartaruga {f} [colloquial] :: (a slow person)
tartaruga cabeçuda {f} :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-cabeçuda
tartaruga-cabeçuda {f} :: loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta, a sea turtle)
tartaruga-da-amazônia {f} :: South American river turtle (Podocnemis expansa, a freshwater turtle)
tartaruga da Amazônia {f} :: alternative form of tartaruga-da-amazônia
tartaruga de couro {f} :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-de-couro
tartaruga-de-couro {f} :: leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea, a sea turtle)
tartaruga de Galápagos {f} :: Galápagos tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra, a tortoise)
tartaruga de pente {f} :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-de-pente
tartaruga-de-pente {f} :: hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata, a sea turtle)
tartaruga do Amazonas {m} :: South American river turtle (Podocnemis expansa, a freshwater turtle)
tartaruga-do-mar {f} :: sea turtle (any turtle in the superfamily Chelonioidea)
tartaruga marinha {f} :: sea turtle (any turtle in the superfamily Chelonioidea)
tartaruga-marinha {f} :: alternative spelling of tartaruga marinha
tartaruga matamatá {f} :: matamata (Chelus fimbriatus, a freshwater turtle)
tartaruga-mordedora {f} :: snapping turtle (any turtle of the family Chelydridae, known for their strong bite)
tartaruga oliva {f} :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-oliva
tartaruga-oliva {f} :: olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea, a sea turtle)
tartaruga verde {f} :: alternative spelling of tartaruga-verde
tartaruga-verde {f} :: green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)
tartarugazinha {f} [rare] :: diminutive of tartaruga
tartarugona {f} :: augmentative of tartaruga
tartaruguinha {f} :: diminutive of tartaruga
tarte {f} [culinary] :: tart
tarteira {f} :: tin; cakepan (bakeware)
tartéssio {adj} :: Tartessian (of or pertaining to Tartessos)
tartéssio {m} :: Tartessian (a member of the Tartessian civilisation)
tartrazina {f} :: tartrazine
Tartu {prop} {f} /ˈtaʁ.tu/ :: Tartu (city)
Tártu {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Tartu
Tarumã {prop} :: Tarumã (placename)
Tarumirim {prop} :: Tarumirim (placename)
tasca {f} /ˈtaʃ.kɐ/ :: restaurant
tasca {f} :: bar
tascar {v} /tas.ˈka(ʁ)/ :: to scutch (to remove the bast from a flax plant)
tascar {v} [colloquial] :: to nibble
tá-se bem {interj} [Portugal, colloquial] :: it's ok!, it's cool!
Tashkent {prop} {f} :: Tashkent (capital city)
Tasmânia {prop} {f} :: Tasmânia (island/and/state)
Tasquente {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Tashkent
tatebitate {mf} :: obsolete form of tatibitate
tatebitate {adj} :: obsolete form of tatibitate
Tatiana {prop} {f} /ˌta.t͡ʃi.ˈɐ.nɐ/ :: given name
tatibitate {mf} :: stutterer
tatibitate {mf} :: fool; simpleton
tatibitate {adj} :: stuttering (who stutters)
tatibitate {adj} :: foolish; unintelligent
tática {f} /ˈta.ti.kɐ/ :: tactic (action to achieve some end)
tático {adj} /ˈta.ti.ku/ :: tactical
tátil {adj} :: alternative form of táctil
tato {m} /ˈta.tu/ :: the sense of touch
tãto {adv} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of tanto
tãto {pron} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of tanto
tatu {m} :: armadillo
tatu {m} [colloquial, South Brazil] :: booger
tatu {m} [colloquial, South Brazil] :: fool
tatuador {m} :: tattoo artist; tattooist (someone who draws tattoos on others)
tatuagem {f} :: tattoo
tatuando {v} :: gerund of tatuar
tatuar {v} :: to tattoo
tatu-bola {m} :: apar; three-banded armadillo (the South American armadillos Tolypeutes matacus or Tolypeutes tricinctus)
tatu-de-folha {m} :: nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus, a common species of armadillo)
tatu-de-jardim {m} :: woodlouse (any of the terrestrial isopod crustaceans of suborder Oniscidea)
tatuetê {m} :: nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus, a common species of armadillo)
tatu-galinha {m} :: nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus, a common species of armadillo)
tatuí {m} :: sand flea (any of various small crustaceans of the order Amphipoda)
Tatuí {prop} :: Tatuí (placename)
tatuíra {m} :: alternative form of tatuí
tatu-veado {m} :: nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus, a common species of armadillo)
tatu-verdadeiro {m} :: nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus, a common species of armadillo)
tatuzinho {m} :: diminutive of tatu
tatuzinho {m} :: woodlouse (any of the terrestrial isopod crustaceans of suborder Oniscidea)
tatuzinho-de-jardim {m} :: woodlouse (any of the terrestrial isopod crustaceans of suborder Oniscidea)
tau {m} :: tau (name of the Greek letter Τ, τ)
tauão {m} [Portugal, particle] :: tauon (an elementary particle)
Taubaté {prop} :: Taubaté (placename)
taumaturgia {f} :: thaumaturgy (the working of miracles)
taumatúrgico {adj} :: thaumaturgic (of, or relating to, the working of magic or performance of miracles)
taumaturgo {m} :: thaumaturge (performer of miracles)
táuon {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of tauão
taura {adj} [Rio Grande do Sul] :: bold, courageous, brave
taurino {adj} :: taurine
Tauro {prop} {m} :: Taurus (mountain range in Turkey)
taurofobia {f} :: taurophobia
tauromaquia {f} :: bullfighting (performance art in which a matador manipulates and kills a bull)
Taurus {prop} {m} [zodiac constellations] /ˈtaw.ɾus/ :: Taurus (constellation)
Taurus {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Tauro
tautologia {f} [uncountable] :: tautology (redundant use of words)
tautologia {f} :: tautology (expression that features tautology)
tautologia {f} [logic] :: tautology (statement that is true for all values of its variables)
tavão {m} :: horsefly (any fly of the family Tabanidae)
Tavares {prop} :: Tavares (placename)
taverna {f} :: pub, tavern
Tavira {prop} {f} /tɐˈviɾɐ/ :: Tavira (city/and/municipality)
taxa {f} /ˈta.ʃɐ/ :: fee (monetary payment charged for professional services)
taxa {f} :: tax (money paid to the government)
taxa {f} [mathematics, statistics] :: rate (amount measured in relation to another amount)
taxa {f} [economics] :: a percentage or ratio of a value
taxa de câmbio {f} [economics, finance] :: exchange rate (rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another)
taxa de compressão {f} [computing] :: compression ratio (ratio of the size of compressed data to the size of the original data)
taxando {v} :: gerund of taxar
taxar {v} /tɐˈʃaɾ/ :: to tax
taxativo {adj} :: categorical; absolute (having no exception)
táxi {m} :: taxi (vehicle)
taxiar {v} :: to taxi (to move an aircraft on the ground)
taxidermia {f} :: taxidermy (the art of stuffing dead animals)
taxidermista {mf} :: taxidermist
táxi-lotação {m} [transport] :: share taxi (vehicle taking passengers on a fixed or semi-fixed route without timetables, departing when all seats are filled)
taxímetro {m} :: taximeter (a device in a taxicab that calculates the fare)
taxinomia {f} :: alternative form of taxonomia
taxionomia {f} :: alternative form of taxonomia
taxista {mf} :: taxi driver (person who drives a taxicab)
táxon {m} [taxonomy] :: taxon (any of the taxonomic categories)
taxonomia {f} [uncountable] :: taxonomy (science of classifying and naming organisms)
taxonomia {f} :: taxonomy (classification in a hierarchical system)
tb {adv} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: abbreviation of também
Tbilisi {prop} {f} :: Tbilisi (capital city)
tc {v} [Internet slang] :: To communicate with people by typing (in chat rooms, messenger programs and so on)
tchaca tchaca na butchaca {m} [humorous, colloquial, euphemism] :: roll in the hay, sexy time, sexual intercourse
tchadiano {adj} :: alternative form of chadiano
tchadiano {m} :: alternative form of chadiano
tchão {m} :: eye dialect of chão
tchau {interj} /ˈt͡ʃaw/ :: goodbye
tchau tchau {interj} [colloquial] :: bye-bye (informal farewell)
tchê {m} [Rio Grande do Sul] /ˈt͡ʃe/ :: a term of address for a man
tcheco {m} [Brazilian orthography] /ˈt͡ʃɛ.ku/ :: Czech (Person from the Czech Republic
tcheco {m} [Brazilian orthography, uncountable] :: Czech (language)
tcheco {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: Czech
tcheco-eslovaco {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of checoslovaco
tcheco-eslovaco {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of checoslovaco
Tcheco-Eslováquia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Tchecoslováquia
tchecoslovaco {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of checoslovaco
tchecoslovaco {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of checoslovaco
Tchecoslováquia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography, historical] /ˌt͡ʃɛ.koz.lo.ˈɐ/ :: Tchecoslováquia (former country)
Tcheco-Slováquia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative spelling of Tchecoslováquia
tcheio {adj} :: eye dialect of cheio
Tchéquia {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Chéquia
Tcherkesk {prop} {f} :: Tcherkesk (city/regional capital)
Tcherkessk {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Tcherkesk
tchetcheno {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of checheno
tchetcheno {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of checheno
tchim-tchim {interj} /t͡ʃĩˈt͡ʃĩ/ :: bottoms up!; cheers! (toast when drinking)
Tchita {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Chita
tchova {m} [Mozambique] :: pushcart (small cart pushed by hand)
tchover {v} :: eye dialect of chover
tchuvache {adj} :: alternative form of chuvache
Tchuváchia {prop} {f} :: Tchuváchia (republic)
te {pron} [object pronoun] /tɨ/ :: you
te {pron} [reflexive pronoun] :: yourself (informal)
{prep} :: nonstandard form of até
{adv} :: nonstandard form of até
{interj} :: nonstandard form of até
{m} /ˈte/ :: tee (name of the Latin letter T, t)
teallita {f} [mineral] :: teallite
te amo {phrase} :: I love you (affirmation of romantic feeling)
te amo {phrase} :: I love you (affection and caring of family members or friends)
teanina {f} [chemistry] :: theanine (aminoacid commonly found in tea)
tear {m} /te.ˈaʁ/ :: loom (machine used to make cloth out of thread)
teaser {m} :: teaser (a short film or quote meant to draw an audience to a film or show)
teatral {adj} :: theatrical
teatro {m} /ˈtja.tɾu/ :: theater (place or building)
teatro {m} [uncountable] :: theater (drama or performance as a profession or artform)
teatro {m} :: a theatrical performance
teatro {m} :: theater (a region where a particular action takes place)
teatro {m} [figurative] :: drama (rumor, lying or exaggerated reaction to life events)
teatro de sombras {m} :: shadow play (form of storytelling using opaque figures in front of an illuminated backdrop)
tebana {f} :: feminine noun of tebano
tebano {adj} :: Theban (of, from or relating to Thebes)
tebano {m} :: Theban (person from Thebes)
Tebas {prop} {f} /ˈtɛ.bɐs/ :: Tebas (ancient city)
Tebas {prop} {f} :: Tebas (ancient city)
-teca {suffix} :: Used for any kind of collection
teca {f} :: teak (Tectona grandis, a tropical hardwood tree)
teca {f} :: teak (wood of the teak tree)
tecelã {f} :: feminine noun of tecelão
tecelão {m} :: weaver (one who weaves)
tecer {vt} /tɨˈseɾ/ :: to weave; to spin
tecer {vt} [figuratively] :: to devise
tecer {vt} [figuratively] :: to scheme, to plot
technica {f} :: superseded spelling of técnica
techno {m} [music genre] :: techno (a style of electronic dancing music)
tecido {adj} /te.ˈsi.du/ :: woven (fabricated by weaving)
tecido {m} :: fabric; textile; cloth
tecido {m} [biology] :: tissue (aggregation of cells)
tecido adiposo {m} [anatomy] :: adipose tissue (tissue which stores fat)
tecido conjuntivo {m} [anatomy] :: connective tissue (type of tissue that binds other types of tissue)
tecla {f} /ˈtɛ.klɐ/ :: key (button on a typewriter or computer keyboard)
tecla {f} [musical instrument] :: key (one of a number of rectangular moving parts on a piano or musical keyboard)
tecla de seta {f} :: arrow key (computer key marked with an arrow)
teclado {m} /tɛ.ˈkla.ðu/ :: keyboard (set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer, etc.)
teclado {m} :: keyboard (component of a musical instrument consisting of keys)
teclado {m} [musical instrument] :: keyboard (electronic device with keys of a musical keyboard)
teclar {vi} :: to type
teclar {vi} [dated] :: to text (to have a conversation through text messages)
tecnécio {m} :: technetium (chemical element)
técnica {f} :: technique (a way of accomplishing a task that is not immediately obvious)
técnica de Alexander {f} :: Alexander technique (technique to prevent unnecessary levels of muscular and mental tension during everyday activities)
tecnicamente {adv} :: technically (based on precise facts)
tecnicamente {adv} :: technically (in a technical manner)
tecnicismo {m} :: technicality
tecnicismo {m} :: technical jargon, technical term
técnico {adj} /ˈtɛ :: technical
técnico {m} :: specialist
técnico {m} :: manager, coach (trainer)
técnico {m} :: technician
tecnologia {f} /ˌtɛˈʒi.ɐ/ :: technology
tecnologia da informação {f} [computing] :: information technology (the practice of creating and/or studying computer systems and applications)
tecnológico {adj} :: technological (of, relating to, or involving technology)
teco {m} /ˈtɛ.ku/ :: a bit; a piece (a small portion of something)
tecto {m} :: obsolete spelling of teto
tectónica {f} [geology] :: tectonics
tectônica {f} [Brazilian orthography, geology] :: tectonics
tectónico {adj} [European orthography, geology] :: tectonic
tectônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography, geology] :: tectonic
te cuida {phrase} :: take care (a farewell)
tedio {m} :: obsolete spelling of tédio
tédio {m} /ˈtɛðju/ :: boredom; tedium (state of being bored)
Teerã {prop} {f} [Brazil] :: alternative form of Teerão
Teerão {prop} {f} [Portugal] :: Teerão (capital city)
Teeteto {prop} {m} /ˌte.e.ˈte.tu/ :: historical given name
Tegucigalpa {prop} {f} :: Tegucigalpa (capital city)
teia {f} /ˈtɐj.ɐ/ :: web; spider web
teia {f} [weaving] :: woof (the set of yarns placed crosswise in a loom)
teia {f} :: network (any interconnected group or system)
teia {f} [figurative, literature] :: plot (general course of a story)
teia {f} :: torch
Teia {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Theia (a Titan)
Téia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Teia
teima {f} /tɐj.ˈmɐ/ :: obstinacy, persistence
teima {f} :: whim
teimar {v} [em] /tɐj.ˈmaɾ/ :: to persist
teimar {v} [em] :: to insist
teimosia {f} :: stubbornness, obstinacy
teimosia {f} :: perseverance, tenacity
teimoso {adj} :: stubborn
teísmo {m} [religion] /te.ˈ :: theism (belief in existence of a deity)
teísta {mf} :: theist
Teixeira {prop} {mf} /tɐj.ˈʃɐj.ɾɐ/ :: surname
Teixeira {prop} {f} :: A town and municipality in Paraíba, Brazil
Teixeira de Freitas {prop} :: Teixeira de Freitas (placename)
Teixeiras {prop} :: Teixeiras (placename)
teixo {m} /ˈtɐj.ʃu/ :: yew
tejadilho {m} [automotive] /ˌte.ʒa.ˈd͡ʒi.ʎu/ :: roof (the top or cover of a vehicle)
Tejo {prop} {m} /ˈtɛ.ʒu/ :: Tejo (river)
Tejupá {prop} :: Tejupá (placename)
tela {f} /ˈtɛ.lɐ/ :: canvas (piece of canvas cloth stretched across a frame on which one may paint)
tela {f} [by extension] :: painting (an illustration or artwork using paint)
tela {f} :: screen (viewing area of a movie, slide presentation, etc.)
tela {f} [Brazil] :: screen (viewing area of electronic output devices)
tela {f} [by extension, Brazil] :: cinema
tela {f} [biology] :: a very thin tissue
tela azul da morte {f} [computing] :: blue screen of death (screen indicating a system error)
Telangana {prop} {m} :: Telangana (state)
telar {v} :: to screen (to fit a window or opening with a screen)
Tel Aviv {prop} {f} /ˌtɛ.la.ˈ :: Tel Aviv (city)
Tel Aviv-Yafo {prop} {f} :: Tel Aviv-Yafo (city)
tele- {prefix} :: tele- (over a distance)
telecinesia {f} :: telekinesis (ability to move objects with the power of one’s thoughts)
telecinésia {f} :: alternative form of telecinesia
telecomandado {adj} :: teleguided (remotely conducted)
telecomandar {vt} /ˌtɛ.le.ˌko.mɐ̃.ˈda(ʁ)/ :: to teleguide (to guide something remotely)
telecomando {m} /tɛ.lɛ.ku.ˈmɐ̃.du/ :: remote control
telecomunicação {f} :: telecommunication
teleconduzido {adj} :: teleguided (remotely conducted)
teleconduzir {v} :: to teleguide (to guide remotely)
teledirigido {adj} :: teleguided (remotely conducted)
teledirigir {v} :: to teleguide (to guide remotely)
teledisco {m} :: music video
teledramaturgia {f} [Brazil] /tɛ.le.dɾɾ.ˈʒi.a/ :: the art of producing telenovelas
teleférico {m} :: telpher (aerial cable car)
teleférico {adj} :: transporting over a distance
telefonar {v} :: to telephone
telefone {m} /tɨ.lɨ.ˈfɔ.nɨ/ :: telephone
telefone celular {m} :: mobile phone; cell phone (portable, wireless telephone)
telefone de disco {m} :: rotary phone (telephone with a rotary dial)
telefone fixo {m} :: landline (telephone connected by such a fixed cable)
telefonema {m} :: call (telephone conversation)
telefone móvel {m} :: mobile phone (a portable telephone)
telefone sem fio {m} :: See: telefone sem fio
telefone sem fio {m} [games] :: Chinese whispers (game where a phrase is whispered from person to person)
telefonia {f} :: telephony
telefonia fixa {f} :: landline (fixed telephone communications cable)
telefónico {adj} :: telephonic
telefônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of telefónico
telefonista {mf} :: telephone operator (person who operates a telephone switchboard)
telefonista {mf} :: telephone operator (person who provides information or takes messages via the telephone)
telega {f} :: telega (a type of simple four-wheeled cart used in Russia)
telegrafar {v} :: to telegraph (to send a message by telegraph)
telégrafo {m} :: telegraph (apparatus for communicating between distant points)
telegrama {m} :: telegram; cable (message sent by telegraph)
teleguiado {adj} :: teleguided (remotely conducted)
teleguiar {v} :: to teleguide (to guide remotely)
telejornal {m} :: a television news programme
telemarketing {m} :: telemarketing (sales made by making calls to potential customers)
telemóvel {m} /tɛlɛˈmɔvɛɫ/ :: mobile, mobile phone, cellphone
telencéfalo {m} [embryology] :: telencephalon (structure from which the mature cerebrum develops)
telenovela {f} :: soap opera/telenovela
teleologia {f} [philosophy] :: teleology (study of the purpose of occurrences)
telepata {adj} :: Able to use telepathy; telepathic
telepatia {f} [parapsychology] :: telepathy (communication by psychic means)
telepaticamente {adv} :: By means of telepathy; telepathically
teleportar {v} [fiction] :: to teleport (to travel without physically crossing distance)
telescópico {adj} :: telescopic
telescópio {m} :: telescope (optical instrument that magnifies)
telespectador {m} :: television viewer
telespectadora {f} :: feminine noun of telespectador
teletipo {m} :: teletype; teleprinter (electromechanical typewriter that can be used to send and receive typed messages)
teletrabalho {m} :: telecommuting (the use of telecommunication to work from a remote location)
teletransportar {v} [fiction] :: to teleport (to travel without physically crossing distance)
teletransporte {m} [fiction] :: teleportation (process of travelling or moving things without crossing the physical distance)
televenda {f} :: alternative form of televendas
televendas {fp} /ˌtɛ.le.ˈvẽ.dɐs/ :: telemarketing (the business of selling products or services by making telephone calls)
televendas {fp} :: direct response television (television advertising that asks consumers to respond directly to the company)
televendedor {m} [rare] /ˌtɛ.le.ˌvẽ.de.ˈdoʁ/ :: telemarketer (someone who sells products or services by making unsolicited telephone calls)
televisão {f} :: a television (device)
televisão {f} :: television (communication medium)
televisão digital {f} :: digital television (broadcast of television services via digital signals)
televisar {v} :: to televise
televisor {m} :: a television set
televoto {m} :: televoting (polling by providing an audience with a telephone number for each option)
telha {f} /ˈte.ʎɐ/ :: tile, especially a roof tile
telhado {m} /tɨ.ˈʎa.ðu/ :: roof
telhado de vidro {m} [idiomatic] :: glass ceiling
telhador {m} :: roofer (person who lays or repairs roofs)
telhando {v} :: gerund of telhar
telhar {v} /tɨˈʎaɾ/ :: to tile (to cover with tiles)
telinga {m} :: Telugu (Dravidian language of India)
telómero {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of telômero
telômero {m} [Brazilian orthography, genetics] :: telomere
telugo {m} :: Telugu (Dravidian language of India)
telugu {m} :: alternative form of telugo
telúgu {m} :: alternative form of telugo
telureto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: telluride
telúrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: telluric
telúrio {m} :: tellurium (chemical element)
teluroso {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: tellurous
tema {m} /ˈte.mɐ/ :: theme; topic; subject (what something is about)
tema {m} :: theme; motif (recurring idea)
tema {m} [music] :: theme (main melody of a piece of music)
tema {m} [film, television] :: theme (melody that identifies a film or programme)
tema {m} [linguistic morphology] :: theme (the main stem of a word, without the affixes)
tema {m} [GUI] :: theme; skin (colour schemes, sounds, artwork of an application)
tema {m} [historical] :: theme (regional unit of the Byzantine empire)
temakeria {f} :: temaki shop (a restaurant specialized in selling temaki)
temático {adj} :: thematic (relating to, or having a theme or a topic)
temático {adj} [linguistics] :: thematic (relating to the vowel of an inflectional suffix)
temente {adj} /te.ˈmẽ.t͡ʃi/ :: frightened (suffering from fear)
temente {adj} [religion] :: fearful (having extreme awe towards a deity)
temer {vit} /tɨ.ˈmeɾ/ :: to fear (to feel fear about something)
temer {v} [a, .chiefly .religion] :: to fear (to feel awe towards)
temer {v} [subordinating] :: to be afraid (used to express sympathy)
temer {v} [por] :: to fear for; to worry about (to be concerned about)
temerário {adj} :: temerarious (recklessly bold)
temeridade {f} [uncountable] :: temerity (reckless boldness)
temeridade {f} :: temerity (a recklessly bold act)
Témis {prop} {f} [European orthography, Greek god] :: Themis (a titan)
Têmis {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Témis
temível {adj} :: dreadful (causing dread)
temor {m} [uncountable] /tɨ.ˈmoɾ/ :: fear (emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat)
temor {m} :: fear (sense of fear induced by something or someone)
temor {m} [chiefly theology] :: fear (extreme veneration or awe)
temôr {m} :: superseded spelling of temor
têmpera {f} :: temper (heat treatment applied to material, especially metal)
temperamento {m} /tẽ.pɨ.ɾɐ.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: temper (state of mind)
temperamento {m} :: tempering (the act of tempering material)
temperamento {m} :: temper; temperament (a person’s normal manner of thinking, behaving or reacting)
temperança {f} :: temperance; moderation
temperar {v} :: to season (to flavour food)
temperar {v} :: to temper (metal)
temperatura {f} /tẽpɨɾɐˈtuɾɐ/ :: temperature (a measure of cold or hot)
temperatura ambiente {f} :: room temperature (average temperature)
temperável {adj} [metallurgy] :: temperable (capable of being tempered)
tempero {m} /tẽˈperu/ :: seasoning
tempestade {f} :: storm (disturbed state of the atmosphere)
tempestade em copo d'água {f} [idiomatic] :: tempest in a teapot (major fuss over a trivial matter)
tempestade num copo d'água {f} :: alternative form of tempestade em copo d'água
tempestuoso {adj} [of the weather] :: stormy (agitated with strong winds and heavy rain)
tempestuoso {adj} [of a situation] :: tempestuous; tumultuous
templo {m} /ˈtẽ.plu/ :: temple (building)
tempo {m} /ˈtẽ.pu/ :: [uncountable] time (the progression from the present into the future)
tempo {m} :: [uncountable] time (quantity of availability of duration)
tempo {m} :: a duration of time, especially a long one
tempo {m} :: [uncountable] weather (state of the atmosphere at a specific time and place)
tempo {m} :: time; era; period
tempo {m} :: season (part of a year when something particular happens)
tempo {m} :: [grammar] tense (forms of a verb which distinguish when an action occurs)
tempo {m} :: [sports] a subdivision of the duration of a match (such as halves in football, quarters in basketball)
tempo {interj} [sports] :: time out (call for a time-out)
tempo absoluto {m} :: absolute time
tempo é dinheiro {proverb} :: time is money
tempo livre {m} :: free time (time that can be spent on one’s own activities rather than work)
tempora {f} :: obsolete spelling of têmpora
temporã {n} :: feminine of temporão
têmpora {f} [skeleton] /ˈtẽ.po.ɾɐ/ :: temple (the thinner part of the side of the skull)
têmpora {f} [Roman Catholicism, historical, usually in the plural] :: a day of fasting formerly prescribed for the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of the first week of each season
temporada {f} :: season (part of a year when something particular happens)
temporada {f} :: [television] season, series (group of episodes of a television broadcast))
temporada {f} :: period, span of time
temporal {adj} /tẽ.pu.ˈɾaɫ/ :: temporal (relating to time)
temporal {m} :: downpour; heavy rain
temporal {m} :: temporal bone
temporão {adj} /tẽ.po.ˈɾɐ̃w̃/ :: occurring before or after the expected time; early or late
temporão {m} :: a son that is born a long time after his parents' marriage
temporariamente {adv} :: temporarily (for a relatively brief period of time)
temporariamente {adv} :: temporarily (not permanently)
temporário {adj} :: temporary
temporizador {m} :: timer (device that activates something after a preset amount of time)
tempurá {m} /tẽ.puˈɾa/ :: tempura (dish of deep-fried food)
tem-tem {m} /tɐ̃j̃.ˈtɐ̃j̃/ :: toddling
tem-tem {m} :: Collared forest falcon (Micrastur semitorquatus)
tenacidade {f} :: tenacity (the quality or state of being tenacious)
tênar {m} :: the thenar eminence
tenaz {adj} :: tenacious; adhesive (clinging to an object or surface)
tenaz {adj} :: tenacious (unwilling to yield from a point of view)
tenaz {f} :: tongs (gripping tool used for manipulating hot objects)
tenaz {f} :: pincer (gripping limb of some animals, such as crabs, lobsters and scorpions)
tenca {f} :: tench (Tinca tinca, a species of freshwater game fish)
tença {f} [obsolete] /ˈtẽ.sa/ :: the act of having; possession
tença {f} :: pension paid for services
tenção {f} /tẽ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: purpose, intent, design, plan
tenção {f} :: devotion
tencionando {v} :: gerund of tencionar
tencionar {v} :: to mean, intend
tenda {f} /ˈtẽdɐ/ :: tent
tendal {m} :: clothesline (cord to hang clothes on so they can dry)
tendão {m} [anatomy] :: tendon (tissue that connects a muscle with a bone)
tendão de Aquiles {m} [anatomy] :: Achilles tendon (strong tendon in the calf of the leg)
tendência {f} /tẽˈdẽsjɐ/ :: trend, tendency, inclination
tendenciosidade {f} :: bias (inclination towards something)
tendencioso {adj} :: tendentious; biased
tendendo {v} :: gerund of tender
tender {v} /tẽˈdeɾ/ :: to tend
tender {v} :: to trend
tênder {m} [rail transport] :: tender (fuel-carrying railroad car)
tênder {m} :: a type of industrially smoked ham
tendeu {interj} :: eye dialect of entendeu
tenebroso {adj} /tɨ.nɨ.ˈβɾo.zu/ :: dark, gloomy
tenebroso {adj} :: frightful
tenebroso {adj} :: tenebrous
tenência {f} [military] /te.ˈnẽ.sja/ :: the post of a lieutenant or similar
tenência {f} [military] :: the house where a lieutenant stays
tenência {f} :: the act of having; possession; ownership
tenência {f} [Brazil] :: caution, prudence
tenência {f} [Brazil] :: custom, habit, way
tenente {m} [military, law enforcement] :: lieutenant (a low commissioned officer rank)
tenente-coronel {m} [military] :: lieutenant colonel (military rank)
Tenente Portela {prop} :: Tenente Portela (placename)
tenesmo {m} [pathology] :: tenesmus (painfully urgent need to urinate or defecate that results in little being passed)
tenho uma pergunta {phrase} :: I have a question
ténia {f} [European orthography] :: alternative form of tênia
tênia {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: tapeworm
ténis {m} [European orthography, Portugal, sports] /ˈtɛniʃ/ :: tennis
ténis {m} [European orthography, Portugal, footwear] :: a trainer, sneaker
tênis {m} [Brazilian orthography, sports] /ˈtenis/ :: tennis
tênis {m} [Brazilian orthography, footwear] :: a trainer, sneaker
ténis de mesa {m} [European orthography] :: table tennis, ping pong
tênis de mesa {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative spelling of ténis de mesa
tenista {mf} :: tennis player
Tennessee {prop} {m} :: Tennessee (river)
Tennessee {prop} {m} :: Tennessee (state)
Tenochtitlã {prop} {f} [uncommon] :: alternative spelling of Tenochtitlán
Tenochtitlan {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Tenochtitlán
Tenochtitlán {prop} {f} :: Tenochtitlán (former city/capital)
tenramente {adv} :: tenderly (in a tender manner)
tenreiro {m} :: (obsolete) calf (young bull)
tenro {adj} /ˈtẽʁu/ :: tender (physically weak)
tenro {adj} [of food] :: tender (soft and easily chewed)
tensão {f} /tẽ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: tenseness (the characteristic of being tense)
tensão {f} [psychology] :: tension (psychological state of being tense)
tensão {f} [physics, engineering] :: tension (state of an elastic object which is stretched in a way which increases its length)
tensão {f} [physics] :: stress (the internal distribution of force per unit area)
tensão {f} [electricity] :: tension; voltage
tensão {f} [sociology] :: a situation where conflict between social groups is imminent
tensão {f} [phonetics] :: tenseness (a particular vowel or consonant quality)
tensão {f} [Provençal poetry] :: tenson (debate between two interlocutors)
tensão superficial {f} [physics] :: surface tension (effect on the surface of a liquid that makes it behave as a stretched elastic membrane)
tensioativo {m} :: alternative form of tensoativo
tensioativo {adj} :: alternative form of tensoativo
tensionar {v} :: to tense (to make or become tense)
tenso {adj} /ˈtẽ.su/ :: tense (showing stress or strain)
tenso {adj} [slang] :: difficult; complicated
tenso {adj} [slang] :: derisively different; weird
tensoativo {m} [chemistry] :: surfactant (agent that reduces the surface tension of a liquid)
tensoativo {adj} [chemistry] :: which reduces the surface tension of a liquid
tentação {f} /tẽtɐˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: temptation
tentáculo {m} :: tentacle (elongated, boneless, flexible appendage)
tentador {adj} /tɛ̃taˈdoɾ/ :: tempting
tentar {v} /tẽˈtaɾ/ :: to try, to go for, to attempt
tentar {v} :: to tease
tentar {v} :: to dare
tentativa {f} /tẽ.tɐ.ˈti.vɐ/ :: attempt, trial, experiment
tentilhão {m} :: chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs, a small passerine bird)
tentilhão-montês {m} :: brambling (Fringilla montifringilla, a finch of northern Eurasia)
tento {m} :: attention, cautiousness, prudence, care
ténue {adj} [European orthography] /ˈtɛ.nwɨ/ :: tenuous, thin, weak
ténue {adj} [European orthography] :: faint, dim, soft
ténue {adj} [European orthography] :: subtle
tênue {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of ténue
teo- {prefix} /tju-/ :: theo-
Teobaldo {prop} {m} /ˌte.o.ˈbaw.du/ :: given name
teocracia {f} :: theocracy (government under the control of a state-sponsored religion)
teodiceia {f} [philosophy] :: theodicy (attempt to answer the question of why a good God permits the manifestation of evil)
teodicéia {f} :: obsolete spelling of teodiceia
teodolito {m} :: theodolite (surveying instrument used to measure horizontal and vertical angles)
Teodorico {prop} {m} :: given name
Teodoro {prop} {m} /tew.ˈdɔ.ɾu/ :: given name
Teodoro Sampaio {prop} :: Teodoro Sampaio (placename)
Teodoro Sampaio {prop} :: Teodoro Sampaio (placename)
teofania {f} :: theophany (manifestation of a deity)
Teofilândia {prop} :: Teofilândia (placename)
Teófilo {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Theophilus
Teófilo {prop} {m} :: given name
Teófilo Otoni {prop} :: Teófilo Otoni (placename)
Teolândia {prop} :: Teolândia (placename)
teologia {f} :: theology (study of God or gods)
teológico {adj} :: theological (relating to theology)
teólogo {m} :: theologian (one who studies theology)
teor {m} :: content
teor {m} :: kind, type
teorba {f} :: alternative form of tiorba
teorema {m} [mathematics] :: theorem (proven mathematical statement)
teoria {f} [sciences] /tju.ˈɾi.ɐ/ :: theory (coherent set of statements attempting to explain observed phenomena)
teoria {f} :: theory (unproven conjecture)
teoria {f} :: theory (underlying principles as opposed to practice)
teoria {f} [rare] :: host (collective term for angels)
teoria da conspiração {f} :: conspiracy theory (allegation that the a group is secretly working to commit wrongful actions)
teoria da grande unificação {f} [physics] :: grand unification theory (theory that unifies fundamental forces)
teoria da informação {f} [mathematics] :: information theory (a branch of applied mathematics)
teoria da música {f} :: music theory (field of study dealing with how music works)
teoria da probabilidade {f} :: alternative form of teoria das probabilidades
teoria das cordas {f} [physics] :: string theory (candidate unified theory of all physical forces and particles)
teoria das probabilidades {f} [mathematics] :: probability theory (the mathematical study of probability)
teoria de caracteres {f} :: character theory (branch of abstract algebra dealing with group characters)
teoria de conjuntos {f} :: alternative form of teoria dos conjuntos
teoria do caos {f} [mathematics] :: chaos theory (study of iterative non-linear systems)
teoria dos conjuntos {f} [mathematics] :: set theory (mathematical study of sets)
teoria dos grafos {f} [mathematics] :: graph theory (study of networks of nodes and vertices)
teoria dos grupos {f} [mathematics] :: group theory (the study of groups, an algebraic structure)
teoria dos jogos {f} [mathematics] :: game theory (mathematical study of strategic situations)
teoria dos nós {f} [mathematics] :: knot theory (branch of topology)
teoria dos números {f} [mathematics] :: number theory (branch of pure mathematics)
teoria dos números algébricos {f} [mathematics] :: algebraic number theory (subfield of mathematics that studies algebraic numbers)
teoria musical {f} :: music theory (field of study dealing with how music works)
teoricamente {adv} :: theoretically
teórico {adj} /ˈtjɔ.ɾi.ku/ :: academic (having no practical importance)
teórico {adj} :: theoretical (of or relating to theory)
teorista {mf} :: theorist, theoretician
teorizar {v} :: to theorise (to formulate theories)
teosofia {f} [religion] :: theosophy (doctrine of religious philosophy and mysticism)
teosófico {adj} :: theosophic (of or relating to theosophy)
Tepelene {prop} {f} [rare] :: Tepelene (town)
tepidez {f} :: warmth
tépido {adj} /ˈtɛ.pi.ðu/ :: tepid, lukewarm
tẽpo {m} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of tempo
tequila {f} :: tequila (Mexican agave liquor)
ter {v} /ˈteɾ/ :: to have
ter {vt} :: to own; to possess; to have; to have got
ter {vi} :: to be rich, to have plenty of money; or, to have enough money to live comfortably
ter {vt} :: to have as a component or to consist of
ter {vt} :: to have (to be related in some way to, with the object identifying the relationship)
ter {vt} :: to be in possession of; to have as part of one’s personal effects; to have in hand
ter {vt} :: to consist of a certain amount of units of measurement
ter {vt} :: to have a certain characteristic
ter {vt} :: to be afflicted with a certain disease or other medical condition
ter {vt} :: indicates that the subject has an event (the object) scheduled
ter {vi} :: to receive one’s wage
ter {v} [de, que] :: must; to have to
ter {v} [auxiliary] :: to have
ter {v} [imperfect indicative forms followed by a masculine singular past participle] :: forms the past perfect
ter {v} [present indicative forms followed by a masculine singular past participle] :: forms the present perfect progressive
ter {v} [conditional forms followed by a masculine singular past participle] :: forms the conditional perfect
ter {vt} [impersonal] :: there be (to exist, physically or abstractly)
ter {vt} :: to give birth to
ter {v} [por, como, .copulative, .or] :: to consider (assign some quality to)
ter {v} [com] :: to go to; to interact with somebody
têr {v} :: obsolete spelling of ter
tera- {prefix} :: tera- (SI prefix indicating 1012, a trillion)
terabyte {m} :: terabyte (1,000,000,000,000 bytes)
terapeuta {mf} :: therapist (one who provides therapy)
terapêutica {f} :: therapeutics
terapêutico {adj} :: therapeutic (of, or relating to therapy)
terapia {f} :: therapy (specific treatment of a disease)
terapia adjuvante {f} [medicine] :: adjuvant therapy (therapy that is given in addition to the primary, main, or initial therapy)
teratogênico {adj} :: teratogenic
ter a ver {vt} [idiomatic] :: to be related; to be about
ter a ver com {v} :: to have to do with; to be related to
térbia {f} [mineral] :: terbia
ter bicho-carpinteiro {v} [idiomatic] :: to have ants in one's pants (to be agitated and fidgety)
térbio {m} :: terbium (chemical element)
terça {f} :: Shortening of terça-feira: Tuesday
terça {adv} :: Shortening of terça-feira: on a Tuesday
terça-feira {f} /teɾ.sɐ.ˈfɐj.ɾɐ/ :: Tuesday (third day of the week)
terça-feira {adv} :: Tuesday (on a Tuesday)
terceiramente {adv} :: thirdly (in the third place; third in a row)
terceiramente {adv} :: thirdly (introduces a third point or argument)
terceira pessoa {f} [grammar] :: third person (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is not the audience or the one making the statement)
terceira pessoa do plural {f} :: third-person plural
terceira pessoa do singular {f} :: third-person singular
terceirização {f} [business] /ˌteɹ.se(j).ˌɾˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: outsourcing (the transfer of a business function to an external service provider)
terceirizar {v} [business] :: to outsource (to transfer of business to a third party)
terceiro {ordinal num} /tɨɾ.ˈsɐj.ɾu/ :: third
Terceiro Reich {prop} {m} [historical] :: Terceiro Reich (former country)
terceiros {n} :: third party (someone not directly involved in a transaction)
terceto {m} [poetry] :: tercet (three-line stanza)
terceto {m} [music] :: trio (group of three musicians)
terceto {m} [music] :: trio (piece of music written for three musicians)
terceyra pessoa {f} :: obsolete spelling of terceira pessoa
terceyro {ordinal num} :: obsolete spelling of terceiro
terciário {adj} :: tertiary
terço {m} /ˈteɾ.su/ :: third (one of three equal parts of a whole)
terço {m} [Roman Catholicism] :: prayer beads used to pray; the rosary
terço {m} [historical, military] :: tercio (a type of military formation used in the early modern age)
terço {adj} :: which is one third (1/3) of something
terço {num} [archaic] :: third
terçol {m} [colloquial] /teɹ.ˈsɔw/ :: stye (bacterial infection of the eyelash or eyelid)
terçolho {m} :: alternative form of terçol
ter como {vt} :: to be able to; to have means to
ter dois pés esquerdos {v} [idiomatic] :: to have two left feet; to be clumsy
terebintina {f} :: turpentine
ter em mente {v} :: to bear in mind (to remember or consider)
Terêncio {prop} {m} /te.ˈɾẽ.sju/ :: given name
tereré {m} /te.ɾe.ˈɾɛ/ :: tereré
tererê {m} /te.ɾe.ˈɾe/ :: tereré
teres {m} :: tereré
Teresa {prop} {f} :: given name
Teresina {prop} :: Teresina (placename)
Teresópolis {prop} :: Teresópolis (placename)
ter fogo no rabo {v} [idiomatic] :: to have ants in one's pants (to be agitated and fidgety)
tergiversação {f} /teɾ.ʒi.veɾ.sa.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: tergiversation (the use of evasive answers; pretext, excuse, subterfuge)
tergiversar {v} /teɾ.ʒi.veɾ.ˈsa(r)/ :: to tergiversate (to evade an issue)
terma {f} :: bathhouse (a building with baths for communal use)
ter mais olhos que barriga {v} [idiomatic] :: to attempt to do more than one is capable of doing
termal {adj} :: thermal
térmica {f} /ˈtɛʁ.mi.kɐ/ :: clipping of garrafa térmica
térmico {adj} :: thermal (pertaining to heat or temperature)
terminação {f} :: termination
terminador {m} :: terminator (one who finishes)
terminador {m} [genetics] :: terminator (DNA sequence which causes RNA transcription to cease)
terminador {m} [astronomy] :: terminator (the line between the day side and the night side)
terminal {adj} :: relating to or occurring during the conclusion or end of something
terminal {adj} [of a disease] :: terminal (resulting in death)
terminal {m} :: terminal (section of a station or airport where passengers board the vehicle or craft)
terminal {m} [electronics] :: terminal (the end of a line where signals are transmitted or received)
terminal {m} [computing] :: terminal (device for entering and displaying data)
terminal {m} [computing] :: terminal (computer program that emulates a terminal)
terminante {adj} :: peremptory
terminante {adj} :: categorical
terminante {adj} :: decisive
terminantemente {adv} :: peremptorily
terminantemente {adv} :: categorically
terminantemente {adv} :: decisively
terminar {vt} /tɨɾ.mi.ˈnaɾ/ :: to finish; to complete (to reach the end of an activity)
terminar {vi} :: to finish; to end (to be over)
terminar {v} :: [de] to finish doing something
terminar {v} :: [com] to break up (with) (to end a romantic relationship)
terminar {vt} :: to form the end or conclusion of; to conclude
terminar {v} :: [em, com, por] to end in (to have as its end or conclusion)
terminar {v} :: [em] to end in (to have as its consequence)
terminar {v} :: [com] to end with; to destroy; to bring to an end
terminar {v} :: [por] to end up (to eventually do something)
terminar {vt} :: to limit; to bound (to form the boundaries of)
término {m} /ˈtɛɾ :: ending; termination; conclusion; closure
terminologia {f} :: terminology (words used in a particular field)
termiônico {adj} [physics] :: thermionic
térmite {m} :: termite (white bodied, wood-consuming insect)
termo- {prefix} :: thermo- (relating to heat)
termo {m} /ˈteɾ.mu/ :: surroundings (area surrounding something)
termo {m} :: end (final point of something in space or time)
termo {m} :: term (duration of a set length)
termo {m} :: condition; state
termo {m} :: term (limitation, restriction or regulation)
termo {m} :: term; word (especially one from a specialised area)
termo {m} [grammar] :: a word with a function in a sentence
termo {m} [mathematics] :: term (value in an expression)
termo {m} [logic] :: each element of a statement
têrmo {m} :: obsolete spelling of termo
termodinâmica {f} [physics] :: thermodynamics (science of heat-energy conversion)
termodinâmico {adj} :: thermodynamic
termoelétrico {adj} [physics] :: thermoelectric
termófilo {m} [biology] :: thermophile (organism that lives and thrives at relative high temperatures)
termófilo {adj} [biology] :: thermophilic (living at high temperatures)
termologia {f} [physics] :: thermology (study of heat)
termómetro {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of termômetro
termômetro {m} :: thermometer
termopar {m} [physics] :: thermocouple
Termópilas {prop} {f} :: Termópilas (pass)
termoquímica {f} :: thermochemistry
termoquímico {adj} [chemistry] :: thermochemical
termosfera {f} [meteorology, planetology] /tɛr.mos.ˈfɛ.ɾa/ :: thermosphere (layer of Earth's atmosphere)
termossifão {m} :: thermosiphon (arrangement of siphon tubes for assisting circulation in a liquid)
termostato {m} :: thermostat (device used to control temperature)
ternamente {adv} /tɛɾ.nɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: fondly, affectionately
terneiro {m} :: calf (young bull)
terno {adj} /ˈtɛɾ.nu/ :: affectionate
terno {adj} :: gentle, mild
terno {m} :: set of three, trio
terno {m} [card games] :: the playing card featuring three pips
terno {m} [Brazil] :: three-piece suit
terno risca-de-giz {m} :: pinstripe (suit made of pinstripe fabric)
ternura {f} /tɨɾ.ˈnu.ɾɐ/ :: tenderness, affection
ter o olho maior do que a barriga {phrase} :: To want more than one can handle
ter os olhos maiores que a boca {v} [idiomatic] :: to have eyes bigger than one's stomach (to want more than one can handle)
ter parte {v} :: to take part; to participate; to partake
Terpsichore {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Terpsícore
Terpsícore {prop} {f} [Greek god] /teʁ.ˈpsi.ko.ɾi/ :: Terpsichore (one of the nine muses)
ter que {v} [followed by impersonal infinitive] :: to have to (indicates obligation)
terra {f} /ˈtɛʁɐ/ :: land; region; territory (area associated with something)
terra {f} :: ground (the surface of the Earth outside buildings)
terra {f} :: land; property (partitioned and measurable area owned by someone)
terra {f} :: [sailing] land; dry land; ground (places outside a body of water)
terra {f} :: earth; soil (mixture of sand and organic material found on the ground)
terra {f} :: land; homeland
terra {prop} {f} :: alternative case form of Terra
Terra {prop} {f} /ˈtɛʁɐ/ :: Earth
Terra Adélie {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Terra de Adélie
terraço {m} :: terrace (platform that extends outwards from a building)
terraço {m} :: terrace (flat-topped bank of earth with sloping sides)
terraço {m} :: terrace (roof of a building)
Terra de Adélie {prop} {f} :: Terra de Adélie (territory)
Terra de Areia {prop} :: Terra de Areia (placename)
Terra de Arnhem {prop} {f} :: Terra de Arnhem (subregion)
terra de leite e mel {f} :: land of milk and honey (a land of abundance)
terra de ninguém {f} [figuratively] :: a place associated with mess, chaos, disorder
Terra de Santa Cruz {prop} {f} :: The second name given to Brazil upon discovery in 1500. 1st name: Ilha de Vera Cruz
Terra de Van Diemen {prop} {f} :: Terra de Van Diemen (island)
Terra de Vera Cruz {prop} {f} [historical] :: Terra de Vera Cruz (former colony)
terrado {m} :: terrace (platform that extends outwards from a building)
terra do leite e do mel {f} :: alternative form of terra de leite e mel
terra do leite e mel {f} :: alternative form of terra de leite e mel
terra do nunca {f} :: neverland (an ideal or imaginary place)
Terra do Sol da Meia-Noite {prop} {f} :: Land of the Midnight Sun
Terra do Sol Nascente {prop} {f} :: Land of the Rising Sun (poetic name of Japan)
terra firme {f} [nautical] :: terra firma; dry land (land, as opposed to sea)
terraformação {f} [scifi] :: terraforming (process of modifying a planet’s environment so it becomes similar to Earth’s)
terramoto {m} [Portugal] :: alternative form of terremoto
terra natal {f} :: homeland
Terra Nova {prop} {f} :: Terra Nova (island)
Terra Nova {prop} {f} :: municipality in Bahia
Terra Nova {prop} {f} :: municipality in Pernambuco
Terra Nova e Labrador {prop} {f} :: Terra Nova e Labrador (province)
terraplanista {mf} :: flat-earther
terra prometida {f} :: Promised Land (any place which one eagerly seeks)
Terra Prometida {prop} {f} [Judaism, Christianity] :: Promised Land (Judea, promised to the Israelites by God)
terráqueo {m} [chiefly in ufology or science fiction] /tɨ.ˈʁa.kju/ :: Earthling (inhabitant of the planet Earth)
terráqueo {adj} :: terrestrial (of planet Earth)
Terra Roxa {prop} :: Terra Roxa (placename)
Terra Santa {prop} {f} :: Terra Santa (historical region)
Terras de Bouro {prop} /ˈtɛʁɐʒ ðɨ ˈβowɾu/ :: Terras de Bouro (village/and/municipality)
terratenente {mf} :: landowner (person who owns land)
terreiro {m} /tɨ.ˈʁɐj.ɾu/ :: unpaved square, generally facing a public building, where people congregates for announcements and regular markets
terreiro {m} :: meeting place for Afro-Brazilian cults
terreiro {m} :: area without vegetation surrounding a house, normally in the countryside
terremoto {m} [Brazil, seismology] /ˌte.ʁe.ˈmɔ.tu/ :: earthquake
terreno {adj} :: terrene; material; earthly; worldly
terreno {adj} :: terrestrial (from or relating to the planet Earth)
terreno {m} :: terrain (area of land or the particular features of it)
terreno {m} :: land (real estate or landed property)
terreno {m} :: field (wide, open space used to grow crops or to hold farm animals)
terreno {m} :: field (course of study or domain of knowledge or practice)
térreo {adj} :: terrestrial (relating to the Earth)
térreo {adj} :: ground-level
térreo {m} :: ground floor (floor of a building closest to ground level)
terrestre {adj} :: terrestrial (of, relating to, or inhabiting the Earth)
terrestre {adj} :: terrestrial (living in dry land)
terrestre {mf} :: Terrestrial; Earthling; Terran (inhabitant of Earth)
terrier {mf} :: terrier (a small breed of dog)
terrina {f} :: tureen (dish of glazed earthenware for serving soup)
terrina {f} :: terrine (French forcemeat loaf similar to a pâté)
territorial {adj} /tɨ.ʁi.tu.ˈɾjaɫ/ :: territorial
territorio {m} :: superseded spelling of território
território {m} /tɨ.ʁi.ˈtɔ.ɾju/ :: territory (large extent or tract of land)
território {m} [political subdivision] :: territory (a national subdivision with fewer powers than a state or province)
território {m} :: territory (area controlled or used by an entity)
território {m} [ecology] :: territory (area controlled by an individual animal or pack)
território {m} [politics] :: territory (the land, sea and airspace claimed or controlled by a government)
Território da Capital Australiana {prop} {m} :: Território da Capital Australiana (territory)
Território de Yukon {prop} {m} :: Território de Yukon (territory)
Território do Norte {prop} {m} :: Território do Norte (territory)
Territórios do Noroeste {prop} {mp} :: Territórios do Noroeste (territory)
terrível {adj} /tɨ.ˈʁi.vɛɫ/ :: terrible
terrivelmente {adv} /tɨ.ʁi.vɛɫ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: terribly, awfully, dreadfully
terror {m} /tɨ.ˈʁoɾ/ :: terror (intense fear)
terror {m} [Brazil, slang] :: a very troublesome person or thing
terrorismo {m} :: terrorism (use of terror as a means of coercion)
terrorista {mf} /ˌte.ʁo.ˈɾis.tɐ/ :: terrorist (person who uses violence to further political goals)
terrorista {adj} :: terroristic; terrorist (relating to or engaging in terrorism)
terror noturno {m} [pathology] :: night terror (disorder where sleep is interrupted by anxiety, panic or screaming)
terroso {adj} :: earthy, muddy
terroso {adj} [chemistry] :: earth (attributive)
ter sol na eira e chuva no nabal {v} [idiomatic] :: to have one's cake and eat it too (to seek to have two things which are mutually incompatible)
tertúlia {f} :: a regular social gathering, a circle
tesão {m} :: toughness, hardness, stiffness, rigidness
tesão {m} :: hard-on
tesão {m} :: randiness
tesauro {m} :: thesaurus (book of synonyms)
tese {f} [sciences] /ˈtɛ.zɨ/ :: thesis (statement supported by arguments)
tese {f} :: thesis (written essay submitted for a PhD degree)
tesla {m} :: tesla (unit of measurement of magnetic flux density)
teso {adj} :: taut (pulled tight, as in a rope)
tesoira {f} :: dated form of tesoura
tesoiro {m} :: dated form of tesouro
tesoura {f} /tɨ.ˈzow.ɾɐ/ :: scissors (tool used for cutting)
tesoura {f} [architecture] :: a type of truss (framework of beams forming a rigid structure) used in rooves
tesoura {f} :: scissor-tailed flycatcher (a species of bird)
tesoura {f} :: earwig (any insect of the order Dermaptera)
tesoura {f} :: fiddler crab
tesoura {f} [football] :: a form of sliding tackle where the player performing the tackle has his legs wide open
tesoura {f} [martial arts] :: scissor kick (a kick where the attacker attempts to grabs his opponent’s neck with his legs)
tesouraria {f} :: treasury (place where treasure is stored safely)
tesouraria {f} :: treasury (department of a company that deals with its finances)
tesoureiro {m} :: treasurer (official entrusted with the funds and revenues of an organisation)
tesourinha {f} :: diminutive of tesoura
tesourinha {f} :: swallow-tailed cotinga (Phibalura flavirostris, a passerine bird of South America)
tesourinha {f} :: earwig (any of various insects of the order Dermaptera)
tesouro {m} /tɨ.ˈzo(w).ɾu/ :: treasure (collection of valuable things)
tesouro {m} [government] :: Treasury (department responsible for management of public revenue)
tesouro {m} :: treasure (any single thing that one values greatly)
tesouro {m} :: treasure (a term of endearment)
tesouro {m} [lexicography] :: a reference work where terms are grouped together according to their subject
Tessália {prop} {f} /te.ˈɐ/ :: Tessália (region)
Tessalónica {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Tessalónica (city/and/regional unit/regional capital)
Tessalônica {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Tessalónica
Tessalonicenses {prop} [book of the bible] :: Thessalonians (either of two books of the New Testament)
testa {f} /ˈtɛʃ.tɐ/ :: forehead (part of the face above the eyebrows and below the hairline)
testa de ferro {mf} :: front man, straw man
testador {m} :: testator
testamentário {adj} :: testamentary
testamento {m} [law] /tɨʃ.tɐ.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: will; testament (formal declaration of one’s intent concerning the disposal of one’s property and holdings after death)
testamento {m} [Christianity] :: testament (either of two parts of the Bible)
testamento vital {m} :: living will (document expressing a person’s desire to be allowed to die instead of being kept alive by artificial means)
testando {v} :: gerund of testar
testar {v} /ˈtɨʃ.taɾ/ :: to testify
testar {v} /ˈtɨʃ.taɾ/ :: to test
testar {v} /ˈtɨʃ.taɾ/ :: to fill
testável {adj} :: testable (able to be tested)
teste {m} /ˈtɛʃ.tɨ/ :: [antiquated] witness
teste {m} [education] /ˈtɛʃ.tɨ/ :: test (academic examination)
teste {m} :: test (session in which something or someone is examined under various conditions)
teste de Rorschach {m} [psychology] :: Rorschach test (method of psychological evaluation that uses subject’s interpretations of inkblots)
teste do alce {m} [automotive] :: moose test (test to determine how a vehicle responds when avoiding a sudden danger)
testeira {f} :: headband (strip of fabric worn around the head)
testemunha {f} /tɨʃ.tɨ.ˈmu.ɲɐ/ :: witness
testemunha de Jeová {f} :: Jehovah's Witness (member of the Jehovah's Witnesses denomination of Christianity)
testemunhando {v} :: gerund of testemunhar
testemunha ocular {f} :: eyewitness (person who has seen an event)
testemunhar {v} /tɨʃ.tɨ.mu.ˈɲaɾ/ :: to testify, attest
testemunhar {v} :: to witness
Testemunhas de Jeová {fp} :: Jehovah's Witnesses (Christian denomination)
testemunho {m} /tɨʃ.tɨ.ˈmu.ɲu/ :: the act of witnessing something
testemunho {m} [legal] :: testimony (statement in court)
testemunho {m} :: witness (something that serves as evidence)
testemunho {m} [religion] :: testimony (a personal account in a church service)
testemunho {m} [sports, Portugal] :: baton (object transferred by relay runners)
testicular {adj} :: testicular
testículo {m} [anatomy] /tɨʃˈtikuɫu/ :: testicle
testo {m} :: a pot lid (ê)
testosterona {f} /tes.ˌtos.te.ˈɾ :: testosterone (steroid hormone)
testosterona {f} [figurative] :: testosterone (manly behavior)
testudíneo {m} [usually, in the plural, scientific usage] :: turtle (any reptile of the order Testudines)
teta {m} /ˈtɛ.ta/ :: theta (name of the Greek letter Θ θ)
teta {f} [vulgar when referring to a human’s] /ˈte.ta/ :: tit; teat (projection of mammary gland)
têta {f} :: obsolete spelling of teta
tétano {m} [pathology] :: tetanus (a deadly bacterial disease)
Tétis {prop} {f} [astronomy] :: Tethys (moon of Saturn)
Tétis {prop} {f} [Greek mythology] :: Thetis (the mother of Achilles)
Tétis {prop} {f} [Greek god] :: Tethys (titan of fertile waters)
teto {m} /ˈtɛ.tu/ :: ceiling (upper surface of room)
teto {m} :: ceiling (upper limit of a value)
tetracampeão {m} :: four-time champion
tetracarbonilo {m} :: tetracarbonyl
tetracloreto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetrachloride
tetradimensional {adj} [algebraic geometry, physics] :: four-dimensional
tetradracma {f} :: tetradrachm (a silver coin in Ancient Greece)
tetraédrico {adj} :: tetrahedral (pertaining to or in the shape of a tetrahedron)
tetraedro {m} [geometry] /ˌtɛ.tɾa.ˈɛ.dɾu/ :: tetrahedron (polyhedron with four sides)
tetraetilchumbo {m} [organic compound] :: tetraethyl lead
tetrafluoreto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetrafluoride
tetragrama {m} :: tetragram (group of four letters)
tetragrama {m} [Judaism] :: Tetragrammaton (the letters יהוה used as the ineffable name of God)
tetrahedro {m} :: obsolete spelling of tetraedro
tetraidrocanabinol {m} [organic compound] :: tetrahydrocannabinol (substance found in marijuana)
tetraiodeto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetraiodide
tetrâmetro {m} [poetry] :: tetrameter (verse with four metrical feet)
tetraóxido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetroxide
tetraplégico {adj} :: quadriplegic (suffering from quadriplegia)
tetraplégico {m} :: quadriplegic (one who suffers from quadriplegia)
tetrarca {mf} [politics, historical] :: tetrarch (governor of subdivision of a province)
tetrarca {mf} [politics, Ancient Rome] :: tetrarch (any of the four co-emperors during the Tetrarchy)
tetrarca {mf} [military unit, Ancient Greece] :: tetrarch (officer in charge of a fourth part of a phalanx)
tetrarquia {f} :: tetrarchy (an empire ruled by four rulers)
tetratiomolibdato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tetrathiomolybdate
tetravalente {adj} :: tetravalent, quadrivalent
tetravó {f} :: great great great grandmother
tetravô {m} :: great great great grandfather
tetraz {m} /te.ˈtɾa(j)s/ :: grouse (game birds of the family Tetraonidae)
tetraz-grande-das-serras {m} :: western capercaillie; wood grouse (Tetrao urogallus, a grouse of Europe and Asia)
tétrico {adj} /ˈtɛ.tɾi.ku/ :: gloomy, melancholic
tétrico {adj} :: funereal
Tetris {prop} {m} [video games] :: Tetris
tétum {m} :: Tetum (Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in East Timor)
teu {pron} /ˈtew/ :: 2. personsg. possessivepronoun
teu {pron} :: your; yours
teus {pron} /tɛu̯ʃ/ :: m. pl. form of possessive teu
teutão {m} :: Teuton (member of an ancient Germanic tribe of Jutland)
teutão {m} [poetic] :: German (person from Germany)
teutão {adj} :: Teutonic (relating to the Teutons)
teutão {adj} [poetic] :: German (relating to the people of Germany)
Teutônia {prop} :: Teutônia (placename)
teutónico {adj} [European orthography] /tew.ˈtɔ.ni.ku/ :: Teutonic
teutônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of teutónico
tevê {f} :: TV; telly
texana {f} :: feminine noun of texano
texano {adj} :: Texan
texano {m} :: Texan
Texas {prop} {m} /ˈtɛksɐs/ :: Texas (state)
têxtil {adj} /ˈtɐjʃtiɫ/ :: textile (attributive)
texto {m} [uncountable] /ˈtɐjʃ.tu/ :: writing (written letters or symbols that express some meaning)
texto {m} :: text (a written passage)
texto {m} :: script (text of the dialogue and action for a drama)
texto {m} :: essay (written composition)
texto puro {m} [cryptography] :: cleartext (unencrypted text)
texto puro {m} :: See: texto puro
textual {adj} :: textual
textual {adj} :: exact, precise
texugo {m} /tɨ.ˈʃu.ɣu/ :: badger
texugo americano {m} :: American badger (Taxidea taxus, a species of badger of North America)
teya {f} :: obsolete spelling of teia
tez {f} /ˈteʃ/ :: complexion (appearance of the skin on the face)
Thaddeu {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Tadeu
Thadeu {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Tadeu
Thailandia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Tailândia
Thailândia {prop} {f} :: archaic spelling of Tailândia
Thaís {prop} {f} :: given name; alternative form of Taís
Thalia {prop} {f} :: given name; variant of Tália
Thália {prop} {f} :: given name; variant of Tália
thalweg {m} :: dated form of talvegue
theatro {m} :: obsolete spelling of teatro
Thebas {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Tebas
the book is on the table {m} [Brazil, humorous] /deˌbu.kiˌzõ.deˈtej.bow/ :: a rudimentary knowledge of English
thema {m} :: obsolete spelling of tema
Theobaldo {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Teobaldo
theodiceia {f} :: obsolete spelling of teodiceia
Theodoro {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Teodoro
theoria {f} :: obsolete spelling of teoria
thesaurus {m} :: thesaurus (dictionary of synonyms)
these {f} :: obsolete spelling of tese
thesoiro {m} :: obsolete spelling of tesouro
thesoura {f} :: obsolete spelling of tesoura
thesouro {m} :: obsolete spelling of tesouro
Thessalia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Tessália
Thessália {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Tessália
theta {f} :: obsolete spelling of teta
Thiago {prop} {m} :: given name
Thimphu {prop} {f} :: Thimphu (capital city)
think tank {m} [idiomatic] :: think tank (group producing research and recommendations)
thio {m} :: obsolete spelling of tio
Thomás {prop} {m} :: given name, a spelling variant of Tomás
thorax {m} :: obsolete spelling of tórax
Thorshavn {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Tórshavn
thortveitita {f} [mineral] :: thortveitite
thrash metal {m} :: thrash metal (variant of heavy metal music)
thread {m} [computing] :: thread (one of several units of execution running concurrently)
Thucydides {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Tucídides
thúlia {f} [mineral] :: thulia
thumbnail {m} [computing] :: thumbnail (a miniature preview of a larger image)
ti {adj} [lexicography] /ti/ :: initialism of transitivo indireto
TI {f} :: IT; initialism of tecnologia da informação
tia {f} /ˈtiɐ/ :: aunt (sister of someone's father or mother, or an uncle's wife)
tia {f} [slang] :: aunt (colloquial term of address for an older woman)
tia {f} [slang, by extension] :: colloquial term of address for any female person
tia {f} [slang] :: a female clerk who performs a regular activity
tia-avó {f} /tja.ˈvɔ/ :: great-aunt (sister of one’s grandparent, aunt of one’s parent)
Tiago {prop} {m} [biblical] /tiˈaɣu/ :: The twentieth book of the New Testament of the Bible, the general epistle of James
Tiago {prop} {m} :: One of two Apostles, James the Greater and James the Less, often identified with James, brother of Jesus
Tiago {prop} {m} :: given name
tia materna {f} :: maternal aunt
Tianjin {prop} {f} :: Tianjin (city)
Tian Shan {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Tian-Shan
Tian-Shan {prop} {m} :: Tian-Shan (range)
tia paterna {f} :: paternal aunt
tiara {f} :: tiara (papal crown)
tiara {f} :: tiara (ornamental coronet)
tiara {f} :: headband (curved, flexible accessory for holding one’s hair back)
Tibé {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Tibete
tibetano {adj} :: Tibetan (of or pertaining to Tibet or the Tibetans)
tibetano {adj} :: Tibetan (of or pertaining to the Tibetan language)
tibetano {m} :: Tibetan (a person)
tibetano {m} [uncountable] :: Tibetan (a language)
Tibete {prop} {m} /t͡ʃi.ˈbɛ.t͡ʃi/ :: Tibete (autonomous region)
tíbia {f} [skeleton] /ˈti.βjɐ/ :: tibia
tibialgia {f} [medicine] :: shin splint (painful inflammation of muscles in the shins)
tíbio {adj} :: tepid; lukewarm (slightly hot)
tíbio {adj} :: tepid (exhibiting little passion or eagerness)
Tibre {prop} {m} :: Tibre (river)
tição {m} /ti.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: firebrand
tição {m} :: ember, live coal
tição {m} :: (colloquially) A person with dark skin
ticar {v} :: to tick (to mark with a tick)
ticket {m} /ˈt͡ʃi.ket͡ʃ/ :: ticket (slip entitling the holder to something)
tico {adj} :: Costa Rican
tico {m} :: tic
tiçoeiro {m} :: poker (metal rod for poking embers)
Tico e Teco {prop} {m} {p} [humorous] :: The names of the supposed only two neurons of a stupid person
tico-tico {m} /t͡ʃiku.ˈt͡ʃiku/ :: rufous-collared sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis), an american sparrow found in Latin America
Tietê {prop} :: Tietê (placename)
Tietê {prop} :: Tietê (river)
tifa {f} :: cattail (any of several perennial herbs of the genus Typha)
tifo {m} [disease] /ˈt͡ʃi.fu/ :: typhus (disease characterised by high recurrent fever)
tifoide {adj} [medicine] :: typhous (of or pertaining to typhus)
tifoso {adj} [medicine] :: typhous (of or pertaining to typhus)
tigela {f} /ti.ˈʒɛ.lɐ/ :: bowl (roughly hemispherical container)
tigelinha {f} /t͡ʃi.ʒɛ.ˈli.ɲɐ/ :: diminutive of tigela
tigelinha {f} :: bowl cut (haircut with the same short length on all sides)
tigrado {adj} :: striped like a tiger
tigre {m} /ˈti.ɣɾɨ/ :: tiger
Tigre {prop} {m} /ˈt͡ʃi.ɡɾi/ :: Tigre (river)
tigre-da-tasmânia {m} :: thylacine (extinct carnivorous marsupial)
tigre-de-bengala {m} :: Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
tigre-dente-de-sabre {m} :: sabre-toothed tiger (prehistoric cat)
tigre de papel {m} [idiomatic] :: paper tiger (a seemingly fierce or powerful person, country or organisation)
tigre-de-sumatra {m} :: Sumatran tiger
tigresa {f} :: tigress (female tiger)
tigre-siberiano {m} :: Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)
Tigres Tâmeis {prop} {mp} :: Tamil Tigers (guerrilla organization)
Tigres Tamil {prop} {mp} :: Tamil Tigers (guerrilla organization)
tigrinha {f} :: feminine noun of tigrinho
tigrinha {m} :: alternative spelling of tigrinya
Tigrinhos {prop} :: Tigrinhos (placename)
tigrínia {m} :: alternative form of tigrinya
tigrinya {m} :: Tigrinya (Semitic language spoken in Eritrea and Ethiopia)
Tígris {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Tigre
tijolo {m} /ti.ˈʒ :: A brick
Tijucas {prop} :: Tijucas (placename)
tiki-taka {f} [soccer] :: tiki-taka
til {m} /ˈtiɫ/ :: tilde, a diacritic (˜). Used in Portuguese to indicate a nasal vowel
til {m} :: trifle (something of little importance or worth)
tilacino {m} :: thylacine (extinct carnivorous marsupial)
tilaka {f} :: tilak (symbol worn by Hindus on the forehead)
tilápia {f} :: tilapia (any fish of the genus Tilapia)
Tilburg {prop} {f} :: Tilburg (city)
tílburi {m} :: tilbury (carriage)
tília {f} :: linden (any of various deciduous trees of the genus Tilia)
tília americana {f} :: American basswood (Tilia americana, a linden tree of North America)
tilintando {v} :: gerund of tilintar
tilintar {v} :: to tinkle, chink
timalo {m} :: grayling (Thymallus thymallus, a freshwater fish of Eurasia)
timão {m} [nautical] :: wheel (steering device in a vessel)
timão {m} :: augmentative of time
timba {f} [Angola, Mozambique] :: aardvark (Orycteropus afer, a mammal)
Timbé do Sul {prop} :: Timbé do Sul (placename)
timbo {m} [Angola, Mozambique] :: aardvark (Orycteropus afer, a mammal)
Timbó {prop} :: Timbó (placename)
Timbó Grande {prop} :: Timbó Grande (placename)
Timbouctou {prop} {f} [uncommon] :: alternative form of Tombuctu
timbrar {vt} :: stamp (give an official marking to)
timbre {m} :: timbre (quality of a sound independent of its pitch and volume)
timbre {m} :: seal (pattern, design)
timbre {m} [heraldry] :: crest
Timbuctu {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Tombuctu
Timbuktu {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Tombuctu
Timburi {prop} :: Timburi (placename)
time {m} [Brazil, chiefly sports] /ˈt͡ʃi.mi/ :: a team
time {m} [Brazil, colloquial] :: sexual orientation
timeout {m} [computing] :: timeout (termination of an incomplete task after a time limit)
timeout {m} [psychology] :: timeout (type of punishment)
timer {m} :: timer (device used to measure time)
Timfu {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Thimphu
timidez {f} /ti.mi.ˈðeʃ/ :: shyness
tímido {adj} /ˈti.mi.ðu/ :: Lacking courage or confidence; timid, shy
timina {f} [biochemistry, genetics] :: thymine (a base which appears in DNA)
timing {m} :: timing (time when something happens)
Timisoara {prop} {f} :: Timisoara (city)
timo {m} [anatomy] :: thymus (ductless gland located behind the breastbone)
timoneiro {m} [nautical] :: helmsman (person responsible for steering a ship)
timoneiro {m} [figurative] :: helmsman; leader
timorense {adj} :: East Timorese
timorense {mf} :: East Timorese
Timor Leste {prop} {m} /ti.moɾˈlɛʃ.tɨ/ :: Timor Leste (country)
Timor-Leste {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Timor Leste
Timóteo {prop} {m} :: given name
Timóteo {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Timothy (companion of Paul)
Timóteo {prop} {m} :: Timóteo (placename)
tímpano {m} :: drum
tímpano {m} :: eardrum
tim tim {interj} :: cheers (toast when drinking)
tim-tim {interj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of tchim-tchim
tina {f} /ˈt͡ʃ :: vat
tina {f} :: tub
tinamu {m} :: tinamou (any of the American flightless birds of the family Tinamidae)
tinctura {f} :: obsolete spelling of tintura
tingimento {m} :: dyeing, tinting
tingindo {v} :: gerund of tingir
tingir {v} /tĩ.ˈʒiɾ/ :: dye (to colour with dye)
tingir {v} :: to cause to have a certain colour
tingir {v} :: to blush (to redden in the face)
tingir {v} :: to stain (coat a surface with a stain)
tingitano {m} /tĩ.ʒi.ˈtɐ.nu/ :: Tangerine (inhabitant of Tangier)
tingitano {adj} :: Tangerine (pertaining to Tangier)
tinhoso {adj} /tiˈj̃o.zu/ :: having ringworms
tinhoso {adj} :: disgusting, repulsive
tinhoso {adj} [Brazil] :: stubborn, insistent
tinhoso {m} [colloquial, epithetic] :: the Devil
tinido {m} :: tinkling
tinir {v} :: to tinkle, to clink (to make a sharp metallic sound)
tinnitus {m} [medicine] :: tinnitus (perception of a ringing noise)
tino {m} /ˈt͡ʃ :: common sense (the ability to make good judgements based on reason)
tino {m} :: tact (the power of doing what is required by circumstances)
tino {m} :: cautiousness, prudence
tinta {f} /ˈtĩ.tɐ/ :: paint
tinta {f} :: ink
tinta {f} :: dye
tintar {vt} :: to ink (to apply ink)
tinteiro {m} /tĩ.ˈtɐj.ɾu/ :: inkwell, inkstand, inkhorn
tinteiro {m} [computing] :: cartridge
Tintim {prop} {m} /tĩˈtĩ/ :: A Belgian comic book character created by Hergé
tinto {adj} /ˈtĩ.tu/ :: dark red (wine)
tinto {adj} :: tinted; dyed
tintura {f} /t͡ʃĩ.ˈtu.ɾa/ :: tincture (alcoholic extract)
tintura {f} :: the act of dyeing
tintura {f} :: tincture (pigment or other substance that colours or dyes)
tinturaria {f} :: cleaner's (shop)
tinturaria {f} [Brazil] :: laundry
tintureiro {adj} :: dye, dyeing (attributive)
tio {m} /ˈtiu/ :: uncle (brother of someone's father or mother, or an aunt's husband)
tio {m} [slang] :: uncle (colloquial term of address for an older man)
tio {m} [slang, by extension] :: colloquial term of adress for any person
tio {m} [slang] :: a clerk who performs a regular activity
tio-avô {m} /ti.u.ɐ.ˈvo/ :: great-uncle (brother of one's grandparent; uncle of one's parent)
tio do pavê {m} [Brazil, colloquial] /ˈt͡ʃiw du paˈve/ :: an uncle (loosely, any middle-aged man) who tells corny jokes or otherwise thinks that he is funnier than he really is
Tio Hugo {prop} :: Tio Hugo (placename)
tiol {m} [organic chemistry] :: thiol
tiolato {m} [chemistry] :: thiolate
tio materno {m} :: maternal uncle
tio paterno {m} :: paternal uncle
tiorba {f} [musical instruments] :: theorbo (baroque instrument of the lute family)
Tio Sam {prop} {m} /ˈt͡ʃiw ˈsɐ̃/ :: Uncle Sam (personification of the United States)
tiossulfato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: thiosulfate
tiossulfúrico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: thiosulfuric
tipar {v} :: to type (to determine blood group)
tipicamente {adv} /ˌt͡ʃi.pi.kɐ.ˈmẽ.t͡ʃi/ :: typically (in a typical, common or customary manner)
tipicidade {f} :: typicality
típico {adj} /ˈt͡ʃi.pi.ku/ :: typical (capturing the overall sense of a thing)
típico {adj} :: cultural (associated with a particular culture)
tipificar {vt} :: to typify; to embody; to exemplify
tipo {m} /ˈti.pu/ :: kind; sort; type (grouping based on shared characteristics)
tipo {m} :: guy; bloke (unspecified or unknown man)
tipo {m} [typography] :: type (letter or character used for printing)
tipo {m} [linguistics] :: a language type in typology
tipo {particle} [Brazil, colloquial] :: (just) like; comparable to; similar to
tipo {particle} [Brazil, colloquial] :: like; such as; for instance
tipo {particle} [colloquial] :: like (mild intensifier)
tipo assim {phrase} :: See: tipo assim
tipo assim {phrase} [slang] :: like (used for emphasis)
tipo de dado {m} [programming] :: data type (classification that determines the type of values a variable can store)
tipografia {f} :: typography (art or practice of setting and arranging type)
tipográfico {adj} :: typographical (pertaining to typography)
tipógrafo {m} :: typographer
tipógrafo {m} :: printer
tipoia {f} :: sling (bandage used to support a wounded arm)
tipóia {f} :: obsolete spelling of tipoia
tipologia {f} :: typology
tipológico {adj} :: typological
tipo sanguíneo {m} :: blood type (classification of blood based on the presence of antigens in the red blood cells)
tipo sangüíneo {m} :: obsolete spelling of tipo sanguíneo
tique {m} :: tick; check (a mark used as an indicator)
tique {m} :: tic (habitual convulsive motion of a muscle)
tique {m} :: habit (action performed repeatedly and automatically)
tique-taque {interj} :: tick tock (sound of a ticking clock)
tira {f} /ˈti.ɾɐ/ :: strip (long, thin piece of a bigger item)
tira {f} :: comic strip (a series of drawings)
tira {mf} [slang, law enforcement] :: cop; police officer
tira-agrafos {m} [Portugal] /ˈti.ɾɐ. ɐ.ˈɣɾa.fuʃ/ :: staple remover (device for removing staples)
tiracolo {m} /t͡ʃiɾaˈkɔlʊ̥/ :: strap crossing a person’s chest from one side of their neck to the opposite side of the body, such as the strap of a cross-body bag
Tiradentes {prop} :: Joaquim José da Silva Xavier (1746 – 1792), a national hero in Brazil
Tiradentes {prop} :: April 21st, a holiday in Brazil; the anniversary of the death by hanging of Tiradentes in 1792
Tiradentes {prop} :: Tiradentes (town/and/municipality)
Tiradentes do Sul {prop} :: Tiradentes do Sul (placename)
tirador de racha {m} :: street drag racer
tiragem {f} :: draw; pull (the act of drawing/pulling)
tiragem {f} [printing] :: run (batch of copies printed)
tira-linhas {m} :: ruling pen (type of pen used to draw precise lines)
tiramissu {m} :: alternative spelling of tiramisu
tiramisu {m} :: tiramisu (dessert)
Tirana {prop} {f} /t͡ʃi.ˈɾɐ.nɐ/ :: Tirana (capital city)
tirando {v} /tiˈɾɐ̃du/ :: gerund of tirar
tirania {f} :: tyranny (government in which a single ruler has absolute power)
tirania {f} :: tyranny (extreme severity or rigour)
tirânico {adj} /t͡ʃi.ˌɾɐ.ni.ka.ˈmẽ.t͡ʃi/ :: tyrannical (of, or relating to tyranny, of a tyrant)
tirânico {adj} :: tyrannical; despotic; oppressive; authoritarian
tiranizar {v} :: to tyrannise (to rule as a tyrant)
tiranizar {v} :: to tyrannise; to oppress
tirano {m} /ti.ˈɾɐ.nu/ :: tyrant
tiranossauro {m} :: tyrannosaur
tirar {v} /tiˈɾaɾ/ :: to take, take out, take away
tirar {v} :: to remove, withdraw
tirar {vr} [São Paulo city, slang] :: to mock; ridicule
tirar água do joelho {v} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: to take a leak; to urinate
tirar a sorte grande {v} :: To win the highest available prize in the lottery
tirar cara ou coroa {v} :: to toss (to flip a coin in order to decide something)
tirar leite de pedra {v} [idiom] :: to get blood out of a stone, pull teeth (to do something very difficult or effortful)
tirar o cavalinho da chuva {v} :: alternative form of tirar o cavalo da chuva
tirar o cavalo da chuva {v} :: to give up; to (completely) forget an idea one was probably obsessed with
tirar o chapéu {v} [para, .idiomatic] :: to take one's hat off to (to express praise or respect [for])
tirar o chapéu {v} :: See: tirar o chapéu
tirar o couro {v} [idiomatic] :: to work someone's ass off (to make someone work excessively)
tirar onda {v} [slang] :: to joke, to kid (to make a joke of something)
tirar sarro {v} :: to mock; to make fun (of)
tirar sarro {v} :: to have a laugh (to joke; kid around)
tirar vantagem de {v} :: to take advantage of; to exploit
Tiraspol {prop} {f} :: Tiraspol (capital city)
tireoide {mf} :: thyroid
tireóide {m} :: alternative form of tireoide
tireóideo {adj} :: thyroid
tirinha {f} :: comic strip
tírio {m} :: Tyrian (person from Tyre)
tírio {adj} :: Tyrian
tiririca {f} /t͡ʃiriˈrika/ :: any herb of the family Cyperaceae
tiririca {f} [Brazil] :: Cyperus rotundus, a specific herb of that family
tiririca {f} :: white-lipped peccary (Tayassu pecari), a hog-like animal species found in Central and South America
tiririca {f} [Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, slang] :: pickpocket; a minor thief
tiririca {f} [Brazil, Pará] :: a wild agitation of a river's waters
tiririca {adj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: angry; annoyed; furious
tiritar {v} :: to shiver (to shake when cold or frightened)
tiro {m} /ˈti.ɾu/ :: the act of shooting
tiro {m} :: a fired shot
tiro {m} :: shooting firearms as a sport
tiro {m} [sports, figurative] :: a very strong kick, throw or hit
tiro {m} [South Brazil] :: the act of throwing bolas or a lasso towards an animal
tiro {m} [football] :: free kick (kick in which a player may kick the ball without interference)
Tiro {prop} {f} /ˈt͡ʃi.ɾu/ :: Tiro (ancient city-state)
tiro com arco {m} :: archery
tiro de canto {m} [football] :: a corner kick
tiro de partida {m} :: starting shot, starting signal
tiro de partida {m} [by extension] :: kick-off (the opening sequence of any event)
tiro direto {m} [soccer] :: direct free kick (free kick from which a goal may be scored directly)
tiro direto {m} :: a shot with a firearm where the target can be seen in the sights
tiroide {adj} :: thyroid
tiroide {f} [anatomy] :: thyroid
tiróide {adj} :: alternative form of tiroide
tiróide {f} :: alternative form of tiroide
Tirol {prop} {m} /t͡ʃi.ˈɾɔw/ :: Tirol (state)
tirolês {adj} :: Tyrolean (of, from or relating to Tyrol)
tirolês {m} :: Tyrolean (someone from Tyrol)
tirolesa {f} :: feminine noun of tirolês
tirolesa {f} :: yodel (song where the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal chest voice and falsetto)
tirolesa {f} :: zip-wire (pulley attached to cable mounted on an incline)
tiro livre {m} [soccer] :: direct free kick (free kick from which a goal may be scored directly)
tironear {v} [dialectal, Rio Grande do Sul] :: to yank (pull quickly and strongly, especially a horse's reins)
tiro no pé {m} [idiomatic] :: own goal (attitude against one's own interests)
Tiros {prop} :: Tiros (placename)
tirosina {f} [amino acid] :: tyrosine (aminoacid used by cells to synthesise proteins)
tiroteando {v} :: gerund of tirotear
tirotear {v} :: to shoot
tiroteio {m} :: shooting
tiroteio {m} :: shootout
tiroteio {m} :: gunfire (sound of shots)
tiroteio {m} [figuratively] :: debate; argument
tísica {f} /ˈti.zi.kɐ/ :: feminine noun of tísico
tísica {f} :: pulmonary tuberculosis
tísico {adj} /ˈti.zi.ku/ :: who suffers from pulmonary tuberculosis
tísico {adj} [by extension, of a person] :: physically frail
tísico {m} :: someone who suffers from pulmonary tuberculosis
tísico {m} :: a physically frail person
titã {m} :: titan (strong person)
Titã {prop} {f} [Astronomy] /t͡ʃi.ˈtɐ̃/ :: Titan (moon of Saturn)
Titanic {prop} {m} /ˌt͡ʃi.tɐ.ˈnik/ :: Titanic (ship)
titânico {adj} [Greek mythology] :: Titanic (relating to the Titans)
titânico {adj} :: titanic (having great size, strength or power)
titânico {adj} [chemistry] :: titanic (relating to titanium)
titânide {f} [Greek mythology] :: feminine noun of titã; Titaness
titânio {m} :: titanium (chemical element)
titanita {f} [mineral] :: titanite
titeragem {f} [rare] :: puppetry (the art of performing with puppets)
titia {f} [childish] :: alternative form of tia
Titicaca {prop} {m} /ˌt͡ʃi.t͡ʃi.ˈka.kɐ/ :: Titicaca (lake)
titilar {v} :: to tickle (to touch in a manner that causes tingling sensation)
titilar {v} [figurative] :: to flatter; to compliment
titio {m} [childish] :: alternative form of tio
Tito {prop} {m} [Bible] :: Titus (a book of the New Testament)
Tito {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Titus (an early Christian)
Tito {prop} {m} :: given name
Titogrado {prop} {f} :: Titogrado (capital city)
titoísmo {m} :: Titoism (socialist ideology of Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito)
titulação {f} [chemistry] :: titration
titulando {v} :: gerund of titular
titular {adj} :: titular, titled
titular {m} :: holder, bearer (of a title etc)
titular {v} :: to title
titular {v} [chemistry] :: To titrate
título {m} /ˈ :: title
título {m} :: prefix or suffix added to a name
título {m} :: name of a book, movie etc
título {m} [sports] :: victory in a competition
título {m} [legal] :: certificate of right of some sort, such as to ownership of a property
titulometria {f} [chemistry] :: titration
Tiumen {prop} {f} :: Tiumen (oblast)
Tiumen {prop} {f} :: Tiumen (city/regional capital)
tlmv {m} [Portugal, Internet slang] :: short for telemóvel
tmese {f} [prosody] :: tmesis (insertion of one or more words between the components of a word)
{interj} /ˈtɔ/ :: abbreviation of toma
{interj} :: abbreviation of tome
toa {f} /ˈto.ɐ/ :: rope
toalete {mf} :: alternative form of toilette
toalha {f} /ˈtwa.ʎɐ/ :: towel
toalha {f} :: table cloth
toalha de banho {f} :: bath towel (towel for drying the whole body)
toalha de mesa {f} :: tablecloth (a cloth used to cover a dining table)
toba {m} [Brazil, slang] :: arsehole (the anus)
Tobias {prop} {m} :: Tobias [biblical character]
Tobias {prop} {m} :: given name
toboágua {m} :: water slide (a recreational slide with water flowing down it)
tobogã {m} :: water slide (a recreational slide with water flowing down it)
toca {f} /ˈtɔ.kɐ/ :: den, burrow
toca aqui {phrase} :: give me five
toca-CD {m} :: CD player
toca-discos {m} :: record player (device for playing gramophone records)
tocador {m} [music] :: player (one who plays a musical instrument)
tocador {m} [electronics] :: player (electronic device that plays media)
tocador de MP3 {m} :: MP3 player (portable electronic device for playing audio files)
tocaia {f} :: ambush (act of concealing oneself and waiting to attack by surprise)
tocaiar {v} :: to hide for an ambush
tocaio {m} /toˈka.ju/ :: namesake (person having the same name)
tocandeira {f} :: alternative form of tocandira
tocandira {f} :: bullet ant (Paraponera clavata, an ant of South America known for its painful sting)
tocante {adj} :: touching; moving
tocante {adj} :: concerning
Tocantins {prop} {m} /ˌto.kɐ̃.ˈtʃĩs/ :: Tocantins (placename)
Tocantins {prop} {m} :: Tocantins (placename)
tocar {v} [em] /tuˈkaɾ/ :: to touch, to finger, to feel (tactually)
tocar {v} [figurative] :: to start addressing (a particular subject or issue)
tocar {v} :: to play (a musical instrument)
tocar {v} :: to sound, jingle, to honk, to ring (a bell, alarm, horn or similar object)
tocar {v} [colloquial] :: to kick out, to expulse
tocar {vr} [Brazil, colloquial] :: to become aware; to realize or perceive something
tocariano {m} [uncountable] :: Tocharian (either of two extinct Indo-European languages once spoken in the Tarim basin)
tocariano {m} :: Tocharian (member of the peoples who spoke Tocharian)
tocariano {adj} :: Tocharian (relating to the Tocharians)
tocariano {adj} :: Tocharian (relating to the Tocharian languages)
tocário {m} [uncountable] :: Tocharian (either of two extinct Indo-European languages once spoken in the Tarim basin)
tocário {m} :: Tocharian (member of the peoples who spoke Tocharian)
tocário {adj} :: Tocharian (relating to the Tocharians)
tocário {adj} :: Tocharian (relating to the Tocharian languages)
tocar no assunto {v} [idiomatic] :: to approach a subject; to speak about a specific issue
tocar punheta {vi} [Brazil, vulgar slang] :: to wank; to jerk off (to masturbate)
tocata {f} [music] :: toccata (musical piece designed to emphasise the dexterity of the performer)
tocha {f} /tɔ.ˈʃɐ/ :: torch (stick with a flame on one end)
toco {m} :: stub, stump (something cut short, blunted, or stunted)
Tocos do Moji {prop} :: Tocos do Moji (placename)
toda {f} /ˈtɔ.ðɐ/ :: tody (any of the genus Todus of small insectivorous Caribbean birds)
toda {mf} /ˈtɔ.ðɐ/ :: a member of the Toda people of southern India
toda {m} :: a Dravidian language spoken by the Toda people
toda {adj} :: of or relating to the Toda people
tôda {adv} :: obsolete spelling of toda
tôda {pron} :: obsolete spelling of toda
toda boa ação tem sempre uma punição {proverb} :: no good deed goes unpunished
toda brincadeira tem um fundo de verdade {phrase} :: there's a grain of truth in every joke
toda regra tem exceção {proverb} :: there is an exception to every rule (every rule has an exception)
toda regra tem uma exceção {proverb} :: alternative form of toda regra tem exceção
todavia {adv} /to.ðɐ.ˈvi.ɐ/ :: In spite of what preceded; nevertheless
todo {adj} /ˈto.ðu/ :: [may precede the noun] entire; whole
todo {m} :: whole (something complete)
todo {pron} :: every; each (all of a group)
todo mundo {pron} /ˈto.du ˈmũ.du/ :: [chiefly Brazil] everyone; everybody
todo o ouro do mundo {phrase} [hyperbole] :: all the tea in China (an indefinitely high amount of money or valuables)
todo o ouro do mundo {phrase} :: See: todo o ouro do mundo
todo ouvidos {adj} :: all ears (listening intensely or awaiting explanation)
todo-poderoso {adj} :: almighty (having unlimited power)
todo-poderoso {m} :: an almighty person
Todo-Poderoso {prop} {m} :: Almighty (god, the supreme being)
todos {pron} [indefinite] /ˈto.ðuʃ/ :: everybody (all people)
todo santo dia {adv} [idiom] :: every single day
todos os caminhos levam a Roma {proverb} :: all roads lead to Rome (different paths to the same goal)
todos os direitos reservados {phrase} [legal] :: all rights reserved
tofo {m} [medicine] :: tophus (deposit of monosodium urate in the body)
tofu {m} /to.ˈfu/ :: tofu (food made from curdled soybean milk)
toga {f} :: toga (loose outer garment worn by the citizens of ancient Rome)
Togliatti {prop} {f} :: Togliatti (city)
Togo {prop} {m} :: Togo (country)
togolês {adj} :: Togolese (of, from or relating to Togo)
togolês {m} :: Togolese (a person from Togo)
toicinho {m} :: alternative form of toucinho
toilete {mf} :: alternative form of toilette
toilette {f} :: toilet (personal grooming)
toilette {m} :: toilet; lavatory; bathroom
toirada {f} /toj.ˈɾa.ðɐ/ :: alternative form of tourada
toirão {m} :: polecat (Mustela putorius, a mustelid of Eurasia)
toireiro {m} [regional] :: alternative form of toureiro
toiro {m} /ˈtoj.ɾu/ :: alternative form of touro
tojeira {f} :: gorse; furze (Ulex europaeus, an evergreen shrub of Europe and northern Africa)
tojo {m} :: gorse; furze (Ulex europaeus, an evergreen shrub of Europe and northern Africa)
Tokelau {prop} {mf} :: Tokelau (archipelago/and/territory)
tokusatsu {m} [television] :: tokusatsu
toldo {m} :: awning (a rooflike cover extended over or before any place)
Toledo {prop} :: Toledo (province)
Toledo {prop} :: Toledo (city/provincial capital)
Toledo {prop} :: Toledo (city)
Toledo {prop} :: Toledo (placename)
Tolentino {prop} {m} :: surname
tolerância {f} :: tolerance (all senses)
tolerando {v} :: gerund of tolerar
tolerante {adj} :: tolerant (tending to permit, allow, understand, or accept something)
tolerante {adj} :: tolerant (tending to withstand or survive)
tolerar {v} /tulɨˈɾaɾ/ :: to tolerate, endure
tolerável {adj} :: tolerable [all senses]
tolete {m} [nautical] /tuˈletɨ/ :: thole (pin serving as the fulcrum of the oars)
tolete {m} :: turd (a piece of excrement)
tolice {f} /tu.ˈli.sɨ/ :: foolishness
tolice {f} :: folly
tolice {f} :: stupidity
tolo {adj} /ˈ :: foolish; silly (having or characterised by poor judgement or little intelligence)
tolo {m} :: fool; tool (foolish person)
Tolosa {prop} {f} :: Tolosa (city/departmental capital)
tom {m} /tõ/ :: tone or pitch (property of sound determined by the frequency)
tom {m} [music] :: tone (interval of a major second)
tom {m} [music] :: key
Tom {prop} {m} :: A diminutive of the male given name Antônio, cognate to English Tony
tomada {f} /tu.ˈma.ðɐ/ :: capture (the act of taking something by force)
tomada {f} :: plug (pronged end of an electrical cord)
tomada {f} :: socket (opening into which an electrical plug is connected)
tomada {f} [cinematography] :: take (scene filmed without an interruption)
tomada de decisão {f} :: decision making (process of reaching a decision)
tomada de decisões {f} :: alternative form of tomada de decisão
tomado {adj} /tu.ˈma.ðu/ :: taken, seized, caught
tomahawk {m} :: tomahawk (type of American Indian axe)
toma-lá-dá-cá {m} [idiomatic] :: a favor exchange; an instance in which two or more people do something that benefits everyone involved
tomar {vt} /tuˈmaɾ/ :: to take (to get something into one’s possession or control)
tomar {vt} [military] :: to take; to conquer (to seize control of a location)
tomar {vt} :: to steal (to take something illegally)
tomar {vt} :: to take; to receive (to be the victim of an interaction)
tomar {vt} [applicable to some nouns] :: to put into practice
tomar {v} [por] :: to take for; to consider; to regard (to have a certain opinion about someone or something)
tomar {vt} :: to take into the body
tomar {vt} :: to drink (to ingest a liquid)
tomar {vi} [by extension] :: to drink (to consume alcoholic beverages, especially habitually)
tomar {vt} :: to take (to use a medicine)
tomar {vt} :: to take; to experience, undergo
Tomar {prop} /tuˈmaɾ/ :: Tomar (city/and/municipality)
tomara {interj} /tu.ˈma.ɾɐ/ :: I hope so
tomar a liberdade {v} [idiomatic] :: to take the liberty (to act on one’s own authority)
tomara que {phrase} :: I hope (that)
tomar as dores {v} [idiom] :: to assume the responsibility for the problems of another person
tomar chá de banco {v} [idiomatic, sports] :: to ride the pine (to sit on the bench, to not be used in a game)
tomar chá de sumiço {v} [idiom, colloquial] :: to be nowhere to be seen; to disappear (figuratively)
tomar chuva {v} :: to be in the rain without an umbrella or another protection from it
tomar conta {v} :: to mind; to look after; to take care
tomar conta {v} :: to overwhelm
tomar conta de {v} /tuˈmaɾ ˈkõ.tɐ ðɨ/ :: to take care of
tomar conta de {v} :: to seize = to have a sudden and powerful effect upon
tomar cuidado {v} :: to watch out; to take care (to use caution)
tomar parte {v} :: to take part; to participate; to partake
Tomás {prop} {m} /to.ˈmas/ :: given name
Tomás {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Thomas (one of the Apostles)
tomate {m} /tuˈma.tɨ/ :: tomato (fruit of the tomato plant)
tomate {m} [humorous] :: a blushed face
tomateiro {m} :: tomato (plant)
tombar {v} :: to fall down; to tumble
tombar {vi} [euphemistic] :: to fall (to die, especially in battle)
tombar {v} :: to put into government protection
tombar {v} :: to register an estate (heritage wise)
tombo {m} :: tumble; fall
tombo {m} :: an inventory of real estate
Tombos {prop} :: Tombos (placename)
Tombouctou {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Tombuctu
Tombouctu {prop} {f} :: rare spelling of Tombuctu
Tombuctu {prop} {f} :: Tombuctu (city)
Tombuktu {prop} {f} :: rare spelling of Tombuctu
Tomé {prop} {m} :: given name
Tomé {prop} {m} [biblical character] :: Thomas (one of the Apostles)
Tomé incrédulo {m} :: doubting Thomas (one who requires proof before he believes in something)
tomém {adv} [Caipira] :: nonstandard form of também
tomêm {adv} [Caipira] :: nonstandard form of também
tomilho {m} :: thyme (any plant of the genus Thymus, often used as seasoning)
tomo {m} :: volume, tome (book which is part of a series)
tomo {m} [figurative] :: importance; value
tomo {m} [figurative] :: fundament; basis
tomo {m} [figurative] :: part; component
tomografia {f} :: tomography (imaging by sections or sectioning)
Tomsk {prop} {f} :: Tomsk (oblast)
Tomsk {prop} {f} :: Tomsk (city/regional capital)
tonalidade {f} :: tonality, tone, shade, hue
Tondela {prop} /tõˈdɛlɐ/ :: Tondela (city/and/municipality)
tonel {m} /tu.ˈnɛɫ/ :: vat; tun (a large tub or cask)
tonel {m} :: tun (unit of liquid volume equal to two pipes)
tonelada {f} /ˌˈla.da/ :: ton (unit of weight, equivalent to 1000 kilograms), metric ton, megagram
tonelada {f} :: the contents of a cask
tonelada métrica {f} :: metric ton, ton (unit of weight, equivalent to 1000 kilograms) megagram
tonema {m} [phonetics] :: toneme (distinctive tonal pattern in a tonal language)
toner {m} :: toner (ink used in laser printers and photocopiers)
tóner {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of toner
tôner {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of toner
tonfa {f} /ˈtõ.fa/ :: tonfa
tonga {m} :: Tongan (Austronesian language spoken in Tonga)
Tonga {prop} {f} :: Tonga (archipelago/and/country)
tonganês {m} :: Tongan (person from Tonga)
tonganês {m} :: Tongan (Austronesian language spoken in Tonga)
tonganês {adj} :: Tongan (of, from or relating to Tonga)
tónica {f} [European orthography, music] :: tonic (first note of a scale)
tónica {f} [European orthography, grammar] :: the stressed vowel or consonant of a word
tónica {f} [European orthography, figurative] :: the main or highlighted idea or subject of something
tônica {f} [Brazilian orthography, music] :: tonic (first note of a scale)
tônica {f} [Brazilian orthography, grammar] :: the stressed vowel or consonant of a word
tônica {f} [Brazilian orthography, figurative] :: the main or highlighted idea or subject of something
tonicidade {f} [linguistics] :: accent (stronger articulation of a syllable)
tónico {adj} [European orthography, music, phonetics] :: tonic (relating to tones)
tónico {adj} [European orthography, music] :: tonic (pertaining to the keynote of a composition)
tónico {adj} [European orthography, phonetics] :: stressed (having stress)
tónico {adj} [European orthography, pharmacology] :: tonic; invigorating (giving vigour, vitality)
tónico {m} [European orthography, pharmacology] :: tonic (substance with invigorating properties)
tônico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of tónico
tônico {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of tónico
toninha {f} :: porpoise (any of the small cetacean species of the family Phocoenidae)
toninha {f} :: La Plata dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei, a dolphin species of South America)
tonitroante {adj} :: thunderous
tonitruante {adj} [poetic] :: thundering
tonitruante {adj} [by extension, figuratively] :: noisy
tonnelada {f} :: obsolete spelling of tonelada
tonnelada métrica {f} :: superseded spelling of tonelada métrica
tonquinês {m} :: Tonkinese (person from Tonkin)
tonquinês {m} :: Tonkinese (a cat breed)
tonquinês {m} [uncountable] :: Tonkinese (the Vietnamese dialect spoken in Tonkin)
tonquinês {adj} :: Tonkinese (of, from or relating to Tonkin)
tonsila {f} [anatomy, immunology] :: tonsil (small mass of lymphoid tissue)
tonsilectomia {f} [surgery] :: tonsillectomy (surgical removal of tonsils)
tontice {m} [uncountable] /tõ.ˈt͡ʃ :: stupidity; foolishness (the quality of being stupid)
tontice {m} :: stupidity (a stupid act)
tonto {adj} /ˈtõ.tu/ :: dizzy
tonto {adj} :: stupid
tonto {adj} :: silly, foolish
tonto {m} :: a fool, a stupid person
tontura {f} :: dizziness, vertigo
Tony {prop} {m} /ˈ :: given name
toolbox {f} [computing] :: toolbox (set of routines)
toolkit {m} [computing] :: toolkit (set of basic components for developing software)
top {adj} [colloquial] /ˈtɔp/ :: top; excellent; very high-quality
top {m} :: top (garment worn to cover the torso)
topar {vt} :: to come across, encounter
topar {vt} [colloquial, Portugal] :: to understand
topar {vt} [colloquial, Brazil] :: to accept (an invitation, a challenge etc.)
topa-tudo {mf} [Brazil] :: someone who will do anything for money
topázio {m} :: topaz (gem)
top de linha {adj} [slang] :: top; very high-quality
topete {m} :: quiff (hairstyle whereby the forelock is brushed and/or gelled upward)
topete {m} [figurative] :: arrogant pride
tópico {m} :: topic; subject; theme
tópico {m} [Internet] :: thread (a series of messages)
tópico {m} [medicine] :: topic (external local application or remedy)
tópico {adj} :: topical (local to a particular place)
tópico {adj} [medicine] :: topical (applied to a particular part of the body)
topless {adj} [of a woman] :: topless (naked from the waist up)
topo {m} /ˈto.pu/ :: top (uppermost part)
topo {m} :: apex (moment of greatest success, expansion, etc.)
tôpo {m} :: superseded spelling of topo
topógrafa {f} :: feminine noun of topógrafo
topografia {f} :: topography (graphic representation of the surface features of a place)
topográfico {adj} :: topographic (of or relating to topography)
topógrafo {m} :: topographer
topologia {f} [mathematics] :: topology (mathematical study of shapes and topological spaces)
topologia algébrica {f} :: algebraic topology (field of topology)
topologia geral {f} :: point-set topology (field of topology)
topológico {adj} [mathematics] :: topological (of or relating to topology)
topólogo {m} :: topologist (mathematician who specialises in topology)
toponímia {f} [linguistics, uncountable] :: toponymy (the study of placenames)
toponímia {f} [linguistics] :: toponymy (the set of placenames in a region)
toponímico {adj} :: toponymic
topónimo {m} [Portugal] :: toponym; placename (the name of a place)
topônimo {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of topónimo
toque {m} /ˈtɔkə/ :: touch, tap
toque {m} :: ring (of a phone)
toque {m} :: ringtone (of a mobile phone)
toque {m} :: stroke
toque {m} [by extension] :: detail, touch (distinguishing feature or characteristic)
toque {m} :: a small quantity
toque de Midas {m} [idiomatic] :: Midas touch (ability to gain success from one’s actions)
toque de recolher {m} :: curfew (a regulation requiring people to be off the streets and in their homes by a certain time)
toque de recolher {m} :: curfew (a signal indicating this time)
Toquelau {prop} {mf} :: alternative spelling of Tokelau
Tóquio {prop} {f} :: Tóquio (capital city)
Tor {prop} {m} [Norse mythology] :: Thor (thunder god)
tora {f} [Brazil] :: log (cut and cleared trunk of a tree)
Torá {prop} {f} :: Torah (the Five Books of Moses - the full body of Jewish law)
tórace {m} :: dated form of tórax
torácico {adj} [anatomy] :: thoracic (relating to the thorax)
toranja {f} /tuˈrɐ̃ʒɐ/ :: grapefruit
tórax {m} [anatomy] /ˈtɔ.ɾaks/ :: thorax
toráxico {adj} :: alternative form of torácico
torça {f} :: lintel
torção {f} :: sprain (the act of spraining a joint or muscle)
torção {f} :: torsion (the act of twisting)
torcedor {m} :: garrotte
torcedor {m} [Brazil] :: fan, supporter
torcedura {f} :: sprain (the act of spraining a joint or muscle)
torcedura {f} :: twist (the act of twisting something)
torcer {v} :: to twist (to turn the ends in opposite directions)
torcer {v} :: to wring (to squeeze or twist tightly so that liquid is forced out)
torcer {v} :: to twist (to injure a body part by bending it in the wrong direction)
torcer {v} :: to hope for something to happen
torcer {v} [sports] :: to support a team
torcer {v} [by extension] :: to hope for someone’s or something’s success
torcicolo {m} :: stiff neck (condition characterised by pain when trying to move the neck)
torcicolo {m} :: wryneck (either of two small woodpeckers, Jynx torquilla and Jynx ruficollis)
torcida {f} /toʁ.ˈsi.dɐ/ :: twist (the act of twisting something)
torcida {f} [chiefly sports] :: supporters (people who support something, especially a sports team)
torcido {adj} /toʁ.ˈsi.du/ :: twisted (wound in opposite directions)
torda-mergulheira {f} :: razorbill (Alca torda, a large seabird of the north Atlantic)
tordo {m} /ˈtoɾ.du/ :: thrush (one of several species of songbirds of the family Turdidae)
tordo americano {m} :: American robin (Turdus migratorius, a passerine bird of North America)
tordo-comum {m} :: song thrush (Turdus philomelos, a thrush of Eurasia)
torengo {m} /to.ˈɾẽ.ɡu/ :: a short person
torengo {adj} :: a short person
tória {f} [mineral] :: thoria
tório {m} :: thorium (chemical element)
tormalina {f} :: obsolete spelling of turmalina
tormenta {f} /tuɾˈmẽtɐ/ :: storm
tormenta {f} :: commotion
tormenta {f} :: torment
tormentar {vt} :: to torment; to distress (to cause mental suffering)
tormento {m} :: torment (extreme physical or psychological pain)
tornado {m} [meteorology] :: tornado
tornar {v} /tuɾ.ˈnaɾ/ :: [ditransitive] to make (to cause to be)
tornar {vp} :: to become; to turn into
tornar {v} :: [a] to return; to come back
tornar {v} :: [a] to return (to give back)
tornar {v} :: [a] (to do something) again; to return to
tornasol {m} :: superseded spelling of tornassol
tornassol {m} [uncountable] :: litmus (dyestuff extracted from lichen)
tornassol {m} :: sunflower (any plant of the genus Helianthus, characterised by their large, yellow floral head)
torneador {m} :: turner (person working a lathe)
tornear {v} :: to turn (to shape something on a lathe)
torneio {m} [sports] /toɹ.ˈnej.u/ :: tournament (series of games)
torneio {m} [historical] :: joust (mock combat between two knights)
torneio {m} :: the act of lathing
torneio {m} :: the quality of an object which was lathed
torneio {m} [figurative] :: elegance; refinement
torneira {f} /tuɾ.ˈnɐj.ɾɐ/ :: tap, faucet (device used to dispense liquids)
torneiro {m} :: turner (person working a lathe)
torneyo {m} :: obsolete spelling of torneio
torniquete {m} :: tourniquet (a tightly compressed bandage used to stop bleeding)
torno {m} /ˈtɔɾ.nu/ :: lathe
torno de oleiro {m} :: potter's wheel (rotating wheel used to shape ceramics)
tornozeleira {f} :: anklet (jewellery worn around ankle)
tornozeleira {f} :: a band worn around the ankle for protection
tornozeleira eletrônica {f} :: ankle monitor, ankle bracelet (device that individuals under house arrest or parole are often required to wear to track their location)
tornozelo {m} /ˌtuɾ.nu.ˈ :: ankle (joint between foot and leg)
tornozêlo {m} :: obsolete spelling of tornozelo
toro {m} /ˈtɔ.ɾu/ :: tree ring
toro {m} :: torus (three dimensional shape)
toró {m} :: heavy rain
tóron {m} [physics] :: thoron
toronja {f} :: alternative form of toranja
Toronto {prop} {f} /to.ˈɾõ.tu/ :: Toronto (city/provincial capital)
Toropi {prop} :: Toropi (placename)
torpe {adj} :: sordid (morally degrading)
torpe {adj} :: disgusting; nauseating
torpedear {v} :: to torpedo (to attack with a torpedo)
torpedeira {f} :: alternative form of torpedeiro
torpedeiro {m} [nautical] :: torpedo boat
torpedo {m} /toɻ.ˈ :: torpedo (submarine weapon)
torpedo {m} :: SMS (a text message sent on a cell phone)
torpor {m} :: torpor (state of being inactive or stuporous)
torque {m} [physics, mechanics] :: torque (a rotational or twisting force)
torr {m} :: torr (unit of pressure)
torrada {f} /tu.ˈʁa.ðɐ/ :: toast (toasted bread)
torradeira {f} :: toaster (device for toasting bread)
torrão {m} :: clod, divot
torrão {m} :: homeland
torrar {vt} [cooking] :: to roast; to toast (to cook food so that it is dry and crisp)
torrar {vt} :: to roast; to torrefy (to subject to intense heat)
torrar {vi} :: to roast; to torrefy (to be subject to intense heat)
torrar {vt} [colloquial] :: to spend or do away with something quickly, especially money
torre {f} /ˈto.ʁɨ/ :: tower
torre {f} [chess] :: rook
torre {f} :: skyscraper
tôrre {f} :: obsolete spelling of torre
Torre CN {prop} {f} :: CN Tower (the tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
torre d'água {f} :: water tower (large, elevated tank of water serving as a municipal reservoir)
Torre de Babel {prop} {f} [biblical] :: the Tower of Babel
torre de marfim {f} [idiomatic] :: ivory tower (sheltered, overly-academic existence or perspective)
torre de menagem {f} [historical] :: keep (main tower of a castle)
Torre de Moncorvo {prop} /ˈtoʁ(ɨ) ðɨ mõˈkoɾvu/ :: Torre de Moncorvo (village/and/municipality)
Torre de Pedra {prop} :: Torre de Pedra (placename)
Torre de Pisa {prop} {f} :: Leaning Tower of Pisa (the tower)
Torre Eiffel {prop} {f} :: Eiffel Tower (tower in Paris)
torrefação {f} :: torrefaction, roasting
torrencial {adj} :: torrential (flowing heavily or in large quantities)
torrente {f} /tuˈʁẽtɨ/ :: torrent (violent flow of liquid)
torrente {f} [figurative] :: torrent (large amount or stream of something)
Torres {prop} :: Torres (placename)
Torres Gémeas {prop} {fp} [European orthography] :: Twin Towers (the two main buildings of the World Trade Center)
Torres Gêmeas {prop} {fp} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Torres Gémeas
torre sineira {f} /ˈto.ʁɨ siˈnɐj.ɾɐ/ :: belfry, bell tower, campanile
torre sineira {f} :: steeple
torresmo {m} :: crackling (piece of fried bacon)
Torres Novas {prop} /ˈtoʁɨʒ ˈnɔvɐʃ/ :: Torres Novas (city/and/municipality)
Torres Vedras {prop} /ˈtoʁɨʒ ˈvɛðɾɐʃ/ :: Torres Vedras (city/and/municipality)
torreta {f} [architecture] :: turret (a small tower on the corner of a building)
tórrido {adj} :: sultry; torrid (very hot and dry)
Torrinha {prop} :: Torrinha (placename)
Torshavn {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Tórshavn
Tórshavn {prop} {f} :: Tórshavn (capital city)
torta {f} /ˈtɔɾtɐ/ :: pie
torta {f} :: tart
tortéi {m} [South Brazil] :: a type of filled pasta similar to ravioli
tortelli {m} :: alternative form of tortéi
tortilha {f} :: tortilla (a flat, round bread in Mexican cuisine)
torto {adj} /ˈtoɾ.tu/ :: twisted, bent, crooked
torto {adj} :: awry
torto {adj} :: wrong, dishonest
torto {adj} :: one-eyed, cross-eyed
torto {m} [archaic] :: offense, harm
torto {m} [archaic] :: injustice, wrong
tortuoso {adj} :: tortuous (having many turns and twists)
tortura {f} /tuɾ.ˈtu.ɾa/ :: torture (intentional causing of somebody experiencing agony)
tortura {f} [figurative] :: a difficult situation
torturador {m} :: torturer (one who tortures)
torturador {adj} :: which or who tortures
torturante {adj} :: which or who tortures
torturar {v} /tuɾ.tu.ˈɾaɾ/ :: to torture (to intentionally inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on helpless victims)
torturar {v} [figurative] :: to cause angst
tosa {f} :: the act of cutting or trimming a pet's hair, such as in pet grooming
tosão {m} :: fleece (hair or wool of a sheep)
tosar {v} :: to shear (to remove the fleece from a sheep)
tosar {v} :: to crop (to cut hair short)
tosar {v} :: to trim or cut a pet's hair (as part of pet grooming)
tosar {v} :: to beat up
Toscana {prop} {f} /tos.ˈkɐ.nɐ/ :: Toscana (region)
toscano {adj} :: Tuscan (of, from or relating to Tuscany, Italy)
toscano {m} :: Tuscan (person from Tuscany)
toscano {prop} {m} :: Tuscan (the dialect of Italian spoken in Tuscany)
tosco {adj} [of stone] /ˈtos.ku̥]/ :: unpolished
tosco {adj} [by extension, of an object] :: rough; raw; coarse; crude
tosco {adj} [of a person] :: uncouth; rude
tosco {adj} [slang] :: lame; boring
tosk {m} :: Tosk (southern variant of the Albanian language)
tosquiadeira {f} :: shear (type of scissors used to shear sheep)
tosquiar {v} :: to shear (to remove the fleece from sheep)
tosse {f} /ˈtɔ.sɨ/ :: cough (expulsion of air from the lungs)
tosse {f} [uncountable, familiar] :: common cold
tosse convulsa {f} [disease] :: whooping cough (a contagious disease)
tosse convulsa {f} :: See: tosse convulsa
tosse de cachorro {f} [idiom, colloquial] :: barking cough (a loud, intense cough)
tossir {v} /tuˈsiɾ/ :: to cough
tostão {m} /tuʃ.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: penny (old nickel coin)
tostão {m} :: money
tostar {v} :: to toast (to lightly cook by browning over fire)
toste {adv} :: quickly; swiftly
toste {adj} :: swift; fast; quick
totaes {n} :: obsolete spelling of totais
total {adj} /tu.ˈtaɫ/ :: complete; entire (to the greatest extent)
total {adj} :: total (relating to the whole of something)
total {m} :: total (amount obtained by the addition of smaller amounts)
totalidade {f} :: totality, entirety
totalitário {adj} [politics] :: totalitarian (where the government wields absolute control)
totalitarismo {m} :: totalitarianism (political system where the state wields absolute control)
totalmente {adv} :: totally
totem {m} /ˈtɔ.tẽj̃/ :: totem (object or creature that serves as an emblem of a tribe, clan or family)
totem {m} :: totem pole (Native American sculpture made by carving trees)
tótil {adv} [Portugal, colloquial] :: really; totally
totipotente {adj} [biology, of a cell] :: totipotent (able to produce differentiated cells upon division)
totó {m} [childish] :: dog
totó {adj} [colloquial, , Portugal] :: nerdy
totó {mf} [colloquial, Portugal] :: nerd
totó {mf} [colloquial, pejorative] :: dummy, dimwit (an unintelligent person)
totô {m} [childish] :: alternative form of cocô
touca {f} :: knit cap; bobble hat (cap worn for protection from the cold)
touca de banho {f} :: shower cap (waterproof headgear worn in shower)
touca de natação {f} :: swim cap (tight cap worn by swimmers)
toucador {m} :: dressing table (low table equipped with mirror for dressing and makeup)
touceira {f} :: clump (of small trees)
touché {interj} :: touché
touchpad {m} [computing] :: touchpad (flat surface used to control the cursor)
touchscreen {mf} [hardware] :: touch screen (input and output screen)
toucinho {m} /tow.ˈsi.ɲu/ :: bacon (cut of meat), not necessarily cured
Toulouse {prop} {f} :: Toulouse (city/departmental capital)
toupeira {f} /to(w).ˈpɐj.ɾɐ/ :: mole (burrowing insectivore)
toupeira {f} [figurative] :: a stupid person
tour {m} :: tour (guided visit)
tour {m} :: tour (journey through a given list of places)
tourada {f} /to(w).ˈɾa.ðɐ/ :: bullfight, bullfighting
tourada {f} :: herd of bulls
tourão {m} :: alternative form of toirão
tourão {m} :: augmentative of touro
toureador {m} [bullfighting] :: toreador; bullfighter
toureiro {m} [bullfighting] :: toreador; bullfighter
tourismo {m} :: obsolete spelling of turismo
touro {m} /ˈtowɾu]/ :: a bull
Touro {prop} {m} [astrology] /ˈto(w).ɾu/ :: Taurus (astrological sign)
toutinegra {f} :: warbler (bird of the Sylviidae family)
township {f} [historical] :: township (area set aside for non-white occupation in South Africa)
toxafeno {m} :: toxaphene
toxicidade {f} :: toxicity
tóxico {m} [toxicology] /ˈtɔ :: poison (substance harmful to a living organism)
tóxico {m} :: a recreational drug
tóxico {adj} [toxicology] :: toxic (harmful to a living organism)
toxicóloga {f} :: feminine noun of toxicólogo
toxicólogas {f} :: feminine noun of toxicólogo
toxicologia {f} :: toxicology (scientific study of poisons)
toxicológico {adj} :: toxicological
toxicologista {mf} :: toxicologist (scientist specialised in toxicology)
toxicólogo {m} [toxicology] /ˌˈkɔ.lo.ɡu/ :: toxicologist (scientist or physician whose specialty is toxicology)
toxidade {f} :: toxicity
toxidez {f} :: toxicity
toxina {f} :: toxin
toxoide {m} [immunology] :: anatoxin; toxoid (toxin that has had its toxic properties removed)
toxóide {m} :: obsolete spelling of toxoide
TPM {f} :: PMT (premenstrual tension); acronym of tensão premenstrual
trabalhador {adj} /tɾɐ.βɐ.ʎɐ.ˈðoɾ/ :: hard-working
trabalhador {m} :: worker, laborer
trabalhador de choque {m} [historical] :: udarnik (super-productive worker in the Soviet Union)
trabalhar {v} /tɾɐ.βɐ.ˈʎaɾ/ :: to work (to do a specific task)
trabalho {m} /tɾɐ.ˈβa.ʎu/ :: job (economic role for which a person is paid)
trabalho {m} :: job; task (piece of work done as part of one’s duties)
trabalho {m} [uncountable] :: work; toil; labour; effort
trabalho {m} :: workplace (place where someone works)
trabalho {m} [figurative] :: difficulty in completing a task
trabalho {m} [Brazil] :: homework involving research
trabalho {m} [religion, spiritualism] :: An often ritualistic activity or program in some particular religion or cult to obtain a material goal through supernatural means, such as spiritual intervention or magic
trabalhoso {adj} /tɾɐ.βɐ.ˈʎo.zu/ :: laborious (requiring much effort)
trabalhoso {adj} :: hard-working
trabalhoso {adj} :: costly
Trabiju {prop} :: Trabiju (placename)
trabuco {m} /tɾa.ˈbu.ko/ :: trebuchet
trabuco {m} :: a kind of blunderbuss
trabuco {m} [derogatory] :: an ugly woman
Trabzon {prop} {f} :: Trabzon (city)
traça {f} /ˈtɾa.sɐ/ :: moth
traça {f} :: bristletail, silverfish (also called traça-de-livros, bicho-de-prata or lepisma)
traça-de-livros {f} :: bookworm (any of various insects that infest books)
traça-de-livros {f} :: bookworm (person obsessed with reading)
traçador {m} :: marker
traça dos cereais {f} :: Angoumois moth (Sitotroga cerealella, a small moth that is destructive to grain)
traça dos livros {f} :: alternative spelling of traça-dos-livros
traça-dos-livros {f} :: any of several insects known for damaging books, such as the silverfish
tração {f} :: traction
traçar {v} [of drawing] /tɾɐˈsaɾ/ :: to make a stroke
traçar {v} :: to trace; to delineate
traçar {v} :: to outline; to draft
tracejado {adj} [of a line] :: dashed (made up of short lines with small gaps)
tracejado {m} :: a dashed line
trachea {f} :: obsolete form of traqueia
tracheia {f} :: obsolete spelling of traqueia
trachéia {f} :: obsolete spelling of traqueia
Trácia {prop} {f} :: Trácia (ancient civilisation/and/historical region)
trácio {adj} :: Thracian (of or pertaining to Thrace, Thracians)
trácio {adj} :: Thracian (of or pertaining to the Thracian language)
trácio {m} :: Thracian (inhabitant of Thrace)
trácio {m} :: Thracian (ethnic Thracian)
trácio {m} [uncountable] :: Thracian (language)
traço {m} /ˈtɾ :: trace (all senses)
traço {m} :: track, trail
traço {m} :: line
traço {m} :: stroke
traço {m} :: feature
traço {m} :: trait
traço ene {m} [typography, rare] :: en dash (name of the typographical symbol –)
tractado {m} :: obsolete spelling of tratado
tractar {v} :: obsolete spelling of tratar
tractor {m} :: obsolete spelling of trator
tradição {f} /tɾɐðiˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: tradition
tradicional {adj} /tɾa.ˌd͡ʒˈnaw/ :: traditional (of or pertaining to tradition)
tradicional {adj} :: traditional (observant of tradition)
tradicionalista {adj} :: traditional; traditionalistic (observant of tradition)
tradicionalista {mf} :: traditionalist (person who adheres to tradition)
tradicionalmente {adv} /tɾɐðisjunaɫˈmẽtɨ/ :: In a traditional manner; traditionally
trado {m} :: auger (tool for boring holes in wood)
traduçaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of tradução
tradução {f} :: translation
tradução {f} [translation studies] :: translation (discipline of translating written language)
tradução automática {f} :: machine translation
traduçãozinha {f} /ˌtɾa.du(ˌ)sɐ̃w̃ˈzi.ɲɐ/ :: diminutive of tradução
traducçaõ {f} :: obsolete form of tradução
traducção {f} :: obsolete spelling of tradução
tradutivo {adj} [translation studies] :: translational (relating to translation: conversion from one language to another)
tradutologia {f} :: translation studies (study of theory and practice of translating and interpreting)
tradutor {adj} :: translating, translator
tradutor {m} :: translator
tradutora {f} :: feminine noun of tradutor
traduzir {v} [de, para, .transitive, .or] :: to translate (to convert from a language to another)
traduzir {v} :: to express, to show (communicate an idea)
traduzível {adj} :: translatable
traedor {m} :: obsolete spelling of traidor
traedor {adj} :: obsolete spelling of traidor
Trafalgar {prop} {m} /tɾɐfɐlˈɣaɾ/ :: Trafalgar (peninsula)
tráfego {m} /ˈtɾa.fe.ɡu/ :: traffic (the flow of pedestrians or vehicles in a location)
tráfego {m} :: traffic (commercial transportation or exchange of goods)
traficante {mf} :: trafficker (someone who transports and/or commercial illegal goods)
traficante {mf} [specifically] :: dealer (one who peddles illicit drugs)
traficar {v} :: to traffic (to engage in illegal trade)
tráfico {m} :: trafficking (illegal trade with drugs, firearms etc.)
tráfico {m} :: traffic
tráfico de pessoas {m} :: human trafficking (criminal recruitment or kidnapping of people for exploitation)
tragar {v} :: to quaff (drink with vigour, in large draughts)
tragar {v} :: to devour; to engulf (to surround or cover)
tragar {v} :: to stand; to withstand (to resist or endure something successfully)
tragar {v} :: to inhale smoke from a cigarette
tragedia {f} :: obsolete spelling of tragédia
tragédia {f} [narratology] /tɾa.ˈʒɛ.d͡ʒjɐ/ :: tragedy (work in which the main character is suffers negative consequences)
tragédia {f} [narratology, uncountable] :: tragedy (genre of such works, and the art of producing them)
tragédia {f} :: tragedy (disastrous event)
tragicidade {f} :: tragicness (state or quality of being tragic)
trágico {adj} :: tragic (causing great sadness)
trágico {adj} [drama] :: tragic (relating to tragedies)
trago {m} :: swig; gulp (a swallowed sip, especially of an alcoholic beverage)
tragulídeo {m} :: chevrotain; tragulid (any of the small ruminants of the order Tragulidae)
trahido {adj} :: obsolete spelling of traído
trahir {v} :: obsolete spelling of trair
traiçaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of traição
traição {f} /tɾaj.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: treason, betrayal
traïção {f} :: obsolete spelling of traição
traiçoeiro {adj} :: treacherous (tending to betray)
traído {adj} /tɾɐ.ˈi.ðu/ :: betrayed
traído {adj} :: cheated
traidor {m} /tɾaj.ˈðoɾ/ :: traitor (one who betrays)
traidor {adj} :: traitorous (characteristic of a traitor)
traidor {adj} :: which betrays (reveals unintentionally)
traidôr {m} :: obsolete spelling of traidor
traidôr {adj} :: obsolete spelling of traidor
traïdor {m} :: obsolete spelling of traidor
traïdor {adj} :: obsolete spelling of traidor
traidora {f} :: feminine noun of traidor
trailer {m} :: trailer (short preview of a film)
trailer {m} :: trailer (furnished vehicle towed behind another)
traindo {v} :: gerund of trair
traineau {m} :: obsolete spelling of trenó
trair {v} /tɾɐ.ˈiɾ/ :: to betray
trair {v} :: to be unfaithful
Trajano de Moraes {prop} :: Trajano de Moraes (placename)
trajar {v} /tɾɐ.ˈʒaɾ/ :: to wear (to have on clothes)
traje {m} /ˈtɾa.ʒɨ/ :: attire, dress
trajecto {m} :: obsolete spelling of trajeto
trajectória {f} :: obsolete spelling of trajetória
traje de banho {m} :: swimsuit (tight-fitting garment worn for swimming)
traje espacial {m} [Brazilian Portuguese] :: space suit
trajeto {m} /tɾɐ.ˈʒɛ.tu/ :: path, way, track
trajeto {m} :: route
trajetória {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: trajectory (path of a body)
trajo {m} /ˈtɾa.ʒu/ :: alternative form of traje
trama {f} [of fabric] /ˈtɾɐ.mɐ/ :: woof, weft
trama {f} :: intrigue, plot
tramaga {f} :: tamarisk (shrub of the genus Tamarix)
tramagueira {f} :: alternative form of tamargueira
Tramandaí {prop} :: Tramandaí (placename)
tramar {v} /tɾɐ.ˈmaɾ/ :: to weave
tramar {v} :: to plot
tramar {v} :: to frame (cause a person to appear guilty)
tramazeira {f} :: rowan (Sorbus aucuparia, a deciduous tree or shrub of Eurasia)
tramitação {m} [judicial] :: proceeding
tramitar {v} [law, bureaucracy] :: to be processed; to follow the legal proceedings to obtain the result (e.g. approval or rejection) of a specific question, such as a law project
trâmite {m} :: path
trâmite {m} [figurative] :: step
trâmite {m} [legal] :: procedure
tramo {m} :: bay (distance between two supports in a vault)
trampar {v} [Brazil, colloquial, slang] :: to work
trampo {m} [Brazil, colloquial, slang] :: work; job
trampolim {m} [gymnastics] /ˌtɾɐ̃.pu.ˈlĩ/ :: trampoline (gymnastic and recreational device)
trampolim {m} :: diving board (springboard used for diving into water)
tranca {f} /ˈtɾɐ̃.kɐ/ :: bar, door bolt
trança {f} /tɾɐ̃.sa/ :: braid; plait (weave of three or more strands)
trancar {v} :: to lock, latch
trançar {vt} /tɾɐ̃ˈsaɾ/ :: to plait; to braid; to interweave (to combine two things through weaving)
trance {m} [music] :: trance (a genre of electronic dance music)
trance {m} :: obsolete form of transe
Trancoso {prop} /tɾɐ̃ˈkozu/ :: Trancoso (city/and/municipality)
tranqueira {f} :: junk food
tranqueta {f} :: latch (door fastening that has a bar that fits into a notch or slot)
tranquilamente {adv} /tɾɐ̃kwilɐˈmẽtɨ/ :: In context of being free from anger or anxiety; calmly; peacefully
tranqüilamente {adv} :: obsolete spelling of tranquilamente
tranquilão {adj} /ˌtɾɐ̃.kwi.ˈlɐ̃w̃/ :: augmentative of tranquilo
tranquilidade {f} /tɾɐ̃ˈða.ðɨ/ :: tranquility
tranqüilidade {f} :: obsolete spelling of tranquilidade
tranquilinho {adj} /ˌtɾɐ̃.kwi.ˈli.ɲu/ :: diminutive of tranquilo
tranquilíssimo {adj} /ˌtɾɐ̃.kwi.ˈ :: superlative of tranquilo
tranquilizador {adj} /ˌtɾɐ̃.kwi.ˌˈdoʁ/ :: calming; soothing; reassuring (that brings relief or calmness)
tranquilizador {m} :: something or someone who soothes, reassures
tranqüilizador {m} :: obsolete spelling of tranquilizador
tranqüilizador {n} :: obsolete spelling of tranquilizador
tranquilizadora {f} /tɾɐ̃ˈdo.ɾɐ/ :: feminine noun of tranquilizador
tranquilizante {adj} :: which tranquilises, calms down
tranquilizante {m} [pharmacology] :: tranquiliser (drug used to reduce anxiety or tension)
tranquilizar {v} :: to tranquilise; to calm down (cause to become less excited, intense or angry)
tranquilizar {v} :: to tranquilise (to use a drug to sedate a person or animal)
tranquillo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of tranquilo
tranqüillo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of tranquilo
tranquilo {adj} /tɾɐ̃.ˈ :: calm; peaceful; tranquil (without motion or sound)
tranquilo {adj} :: calm, tranquil (free from emotional or mental disturbance)
tranquilo {interj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: OK; no problem; all right
tranqüilo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of tranquilo
trans- {prefix} :: trans-
trans {adj} :: short form of transexual
trans {adj} :: short form of transgênero
trans {mf} :: short form of transexual
trans {mf} :: short form of transgênero
transa {f} [colloquial] /ˈtɾɐ̃.za/ :: sex (an act of sexual intercourse)
transação {f} /tɾɐ̃.za.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: transaction (act of conducting or carrying out business, negotiations, plans)
transacção {f} :: obsolete form of transação
transactinídeo {adj} :: transactinide
transagem {f} :: alternative form of tanchagem
transar {vi} :: to make love, to have sex
transatlântico {adj} :: transatlantic
transbordamento {m} :: overflow (spillage occurring when the volume of liquid exceeds the volume of the container)
transbordamento {m} [computing] :: overflow (situation where a value exceeds the available range)
transbordar {vt} :: to overflow (to fill beyond the limits of)
transbordar {vi} :: to overflow (to be filled beyond its limits)
transbordar {v} :: to express a feeling excessively
transbordo {m} :: overflow (spillage occurring when the volume of liquid exceeds the volume of the container)
transbôrdo {m} :: obsolete spelling of transbordo
Transcarpátia {prop} {f} :: Transcarpátia (oblast)
Transcaucásia {prop} {f} :: Transcaucásia (geographical region)
transcendência {f} /trãŋ.se.ˈdẽ.sja/ :: transcendence, transcendency
transcender {v} :: to transcend
transcorrendo {v} :: gerund of transcorrer
transcorrer {v} :: to elapse
transcrever {v} :: to transcribe (to convert speech into text)
transcrever {v} [linguistics, specifically] :: to transcribe (to represent speech using phonetic symbols)
transcrição {f} :: transcription
transcrição {f} :: transcript
transcricional {adj} :: transcriptional (of or pertaining to transcription)
transcrito {adj} :: transcribed, copied, translated
transdutor {m} :: transducer
transeunte {mf} /ˌtɾɐ̃.ze.ˈũ.t͡ʃi/ :: passer-by (a person who is walking by)
transeunte {adj} :: ephemeral; transient (lasting for a short period of time)
transexual {mf} :: transsexual (person who changed sex)
transexual {adj} [of a person] :: transsexual (having changed sex)
transfectado {adj} :: transfected (infected with nucleic acid)
transferência {f} :: transfer, transference
transferência {f} :: delivery
transferidor {m} /ˌtɾɐ̃ɾi.ˈdoɹ/ :: one who transfers
transferidor {m} :: protractor (a circular or semicircular tool for measuring angles)
transferidor {adj} :: which transfers
transferindo {v} :: gerund of transferir
transferir {v} :: to transfer
transfinito {adj} :: transfinite (beyond infinity)
transfobia {f} :: transphobia
transformação {f} :: transformation
transformada integral {f} [mathematics] :: integral transform
transformador {m} :: someone or something that transforms
transformador {m} [electrical engineering] :: transformer (device that changes the characteristics of AC electricity)
transformador {adj} :: that transforms
transformar {v} :: to transform
transformista {mf} :: cross-dresser; drag queen; transvestite
transfretano {adj} /tɾɐ̃ʃ.fɾɨ.ˈtɐ.nu/ :: beyond the Strait of Gibraltar
transfretano {adj} :: ultramarine
trânsfuga {mf} :: defector; transfuge; desertor (one who defects, changes side)
transfusão {f} :: transfusion
transgénero {adj} [European orthography, Portugal, of a person] :: transgender (not identifying with culturally conventional gender roles)
transgénero {m} [European orthography, Portugal] :: transgender (a transgender person)
transgênero {adj} [Brazilian orthography, Brazil, of a person] :: transgender (not identifying with culturally conventional gender roles)
transgênero {m} [Brazilian orthography, Brazil] :: transgender (a transgender person)
transgénico {adj} [European orthography] :: transgenic (genetically modified)
transgênico {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of transgénico
transgredir {vt} :: to transgress (to act in violation of some law or rule)
transgressão {f} :: transgression (violation of a law or rule)
transgressor {m} :: offender; transgressor (a person who commits an offence)
transgressor {adj} :: transgressing (acting in violation of a rule)
transição {f} /ˌtɾɐ̃.zi.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: transition (process of change from one form, state, style or place to another)
Transilvânia {prop} {f} :: Transilvânia (traditional region)
transistor {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of transístor
transístor {m} [electronics, chiefly Portugal] /tɾɐ̃.ˈzis.toɹ/ :: transistor (solid-state semiconductor device, with three terminals)
transitar {v} [em, por] /tɾɐ̃.zi.ˈta(ʁ)/ :: to transit (to pass over, across or through something)
transitar {v} [em, por, .astronomy] :: to transit (to pass in front of a larger celestial body)
transitar {v} [em] :: to have many contacts within a group; to be well connected
transitável {adj} :: passable
transitividade {f} [grammar] /ˌtɾɐ̃.zi.ˌt͡ʃˈda.d͡ʒi/ :: transitivity (the degree in which a verb can govern objects)
transitividade {f} :: the quality of what is temporary, ephemeral
transitividade {f} :: the quality of being transitive (making a transit or passage)
transitividade {f} [set theory] :: the quality of being transitive
transitivo {adj} [grammar, of a verb] /ˌtɾɐ̃.zi.ˈt͡ʃ :: transitive (that takes an object or objects)
transitivo {adj} :: transitive (making a transit or passage)
transitivo {adj} :: temporary; ephemeral; short-lived
transitivo {adj} [set theory] :: transitive (if the relation applies from one element to a second, and from the second to a third, then it also applies from the first element to the third)
transitivo indireto {adj} [grammar, of a verb] :: indirect transitive; indirectly transitive (transitive but requiring a preposition)
transito {m} :: obsolete spelling of trânsito
trânsito {m} /ˈtɾɐ̃.zi.tu/ :: traffic (flow of pedestrians or vehicles)
trânsito {m} :: transit (the act of passing through or over something)
trânsito {m} [astronomy] :: transit (the passage of a celestial body across the observer’s meridian or across the disk of a larger celestial body)
trânsito {m} [archaic] :: passing; death
trânsito {m} :: connections (contacts with people who may be useful)
trânsito {m} :: transit (surveying instrument similar to a theodolite)
transitoriedade {f} :: transitoriness (state or quality of being transitory)
transitório {adj} /ˌtɾɐ̃.zi.ˈtɔ.ɾi.u/ :: transitory; transient (passing or disappearing with time)
translação {f} :: translation (all meanings)
translação {f} [astronomy] :: orbit
translacional {adj} [physics] :: translational (relating to translation: motion in a straight line)
transladando {v} :: gerund of transladar
transladar {v} :: to move (from one place to another); translate
transliteração {f} [writing, translation studies] /ˌtɾɐ̃ˌte.ɾa.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: transliteration (act of transliterating)
transliteração {f} [writing, translation studies] :: transliteration (text which has been transliterated)
transliterar {vt} :: to transliterate, to represent letters or words using another script
translitteração {f} :: obsolete spelling of transliteração
translocação {f} [genetics] :: translocation (transfer of chromosomal segment)
translúcido {adj} :: translucent; translucid (allowing light to pass through, but diffusing it)
transmembranar {adj} [biology] :: transmembrane (traversing a cellular membrane)
transmissão {f} :: transmission (all senses)
transmissão {f} :: transfer, transference
transmissível {adj} :: transmissible
transmissível {adj} :: transferable
transmissor {m} :: transmitter
transmitindo {v} :: gerund of transmitir
transmitir {v} :: to transmit
transmitir {v} :: to convey
transmitir {v} :: to impart
transmontano {adj} :: transmontane (of or relating to the other side of the mountains)
transmontano {adj} :: of or relating to Trás-os-Montes (region in northeastern Portugal)
transmontano {m} :: native of Trás-os-Montes (region in northeastern Portugal)
transmorfo {m} [fantasy] :: shape-shifter (a person who can change his shape)
transmudar {v} :: to transmute (to change, transform or convert one thing into another)
transmudar {v} :: to transfer location or sovereignty
transmutação {f} :: transmutation
transmutando {v} :: gerund of transmutar
transmutar {v} :: to transmute
Transnístria {prop} {f} :: Transnístria (breakaway country)
Transoxiana {prop} {f} [historical] :: Transoxiana (historical region)
transparência {f} :: transparency (all senses)
transparência {f} :: slide (transparent plate bearing an image to be projected to a screen)
transparente {adj} /tɾɐ̃ʃ.pɐ.ˈɾẽ.tɨ/ :: transparent
transparente {adj} :: evident, clear
transparente {m} :: transparent material
transpassado {adj} /ˌtɾɐ̃ˈsa.du/ :: that has passed through something
transpassado {adj} :: that had something pass through itself
transpassado {adj} :: overwhelmed by a feeling
transpiração {f} :: perspiration (process of sweating)
transpirar {vi} :: to sweat; to perspire (to emit sweat)
transpirar {v} :: to transpire (to become known, public)
transpirar {v} :: to express (to convey an emotion)
transplantação {f} [botany] :: transplant (act of uprooting and replanting a plant)
transplantação {f} [medicine] :: transplant (operation in which tissue or an organ is moved from one body to another)
transplantar {vt} :: to transplant (uproot and replant a plant)
transplantar {vt} [medicine] :: to transplant (to transfer tissue or an organ)
transplantar {vt} [figurative] :: to transplant (to resettle or relocate something)
transplante {m} [botany] :: transplant (act of uprooting and replanting a plant)
transplante {m} [medicine] :: transplant (operation in which tissue or an organ is moved from one body to another)
transponder {m} :: transponder (transceiver that transmits a signal in response to another)
transponível {adj} :: passable
transpor {v} :: to pass (to move beyond something)
transpor {v} :: to transpose; to swap (to reverse or change the order of two things)
transpor {v} [music] :: transpose (to write or perform (a piece) in another key)
transportado {adj} :: transported, carried
transportador {adj} :: which transports; serving to transport
transportador {m} :: transporter (one who, or that which transports)
transportadora {f} :: freight company (company in the business of transporting goods)
transportadora {f} :: feminine noun of transportador
transportando {v} :: gerund of transportar
transportar {v} /tɾɐ̃ʃ.puɾ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to transport, carry
transportável {adj} :: transportable (capable of being transported)
transporte {m} /tɾɐ̃ʃ.ˈpɔɾ.tɨ/ :: transport (act of transporting)
transporte {m} [uncountable] :: transportation (conveyance of people and goods)
transporte {m} [military] :: transport (vehicle used to transport troops and equipment)
transrealismo {m} [literature] :: transrealism (mode that mixes fantastic elements with naturalistic realism)
transsexualidade {f} :: transsexuality (the state, condition, or properties of being a transsexual)
transtornando {v} :: gerund of transtornar
transtornar {v} :: to upset, disturb
transtornar {v} :: to corrupt
transtornar {v} :: to deface
transtorno {m} :: trouble, nuisance
transtorno {m} :: disorder, derangement
transtorno {m} :: setback
transtorno afetivo {m} [psychology] :: affective disorder (any disorder that disturbs an individual’s mood)
transtorno alimentar {m} [psychology] :: eating disorder (any psychological disorder that causes abnormal eating habits)
transtorno bipolar {m} [clinical psychology] :: bipolar disorder (psychiatric diagnostic category characterised by mood swing)
transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica {m} [psychology] :: binge eating disorder (recurrent binge eating)
transtorno de ansiedade {m} [psychology] :: anxiety disorder (disorder characterised by excessive anxiety)
transtorno de compulsão alimentar periódica {m} :: alternative form of transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica
transtorno de estresse pós-traumático {m} [psychology] :: post-traumatic stress disorder (condition that develops following some stressful situation)
transtorno de personalidade {m} [psychology] :: personality disorder (one of a class of mental disorders)
transtorno de personalidade antissocial {m} [psychology] :: antisocial personality disorder (a personality disorder marked by disregard and violations of the rights of others)
transubstanciação {f} :: transubstantiation
transubstanciando {v} :: gerund of transubstanciar
transubstanciar {v} :: to transubstantiate
transumância {f} :: transhumance (the movement of people with their grazing animals to new pastures)
transumanismo {m} :: transhumanism (philosophy favouring the use of science and technology)
transuraniano {adj} :: transuranic
transurânico {adj} :: transuranic
Transvaal {prop} {m} /ˌtɾɐ̃ˈaw/ :: Transvaal (traditional region/former country/and/former province)
transvaaliano {adj} :: Transvaalian (of or pertaining to the Transvaal)
transvaaliano {m} :: Transvaalian (person from the Transvaal)
transvasar {v} :: to pour liquids from a container to another
transversal {adj} /ˌtrɐ̃z.veʁ.ˈsaw/ :: transversal (running or lying across)
transversal {f} :: a transversal line
transversal {m} [anatomy] :: transverse muscle
transverso {adj} :: transverse (lying across)
trap {f} :: trap (a transvestite or trans woman)
trapaça {f} /tɾɐˈpasɐ/ :: a cheating; a swindle
trapacear {v} :: to cheat (to violate rules to gain advantage)
trapaceiro {m} :: cheater (someone who is dishonest or cheats)
trapaceiro {adj} :: who cheats or is dishonest
trapalhada {f} /ˌtɾˈʎa.dɐ/ :: blunder; mess-up (a clumsy or embarrassing mistake)
trapeira {f} :: dormer-window (upright window in a roof)
trapeira {f} :: feminine noun of trapeiro
trapézio {m} [geometry] /tɾɐ.ˈpɛ.zju/ :: trapezium (four-sided polygon with two sides parallel)
trapézio {m} [skeleton] :: trapezium (bone of the carpus)
trapézio {m} :: trapeze
trapezoide {adj} /ˌtɾˈzɔ :: trapezium shaped
trapezoide {m} [geometry] :: trapezium (polygon without parallel sides)
trapezoide {m} [skeleton] :: trapezoid bone
trapezóide {adj} :: obsolete spelling of trapezoide
trapezóide {m} :: obsolete spelling of trapezoide
trapiche {m} :: a storehouse near the pier where are kept goods that will be shipped
trapo {m} /ˈtɾa.pu/ :: tatter (a shred of torn cloth)
trapo {m} :: rag (piece of old cloth)
traque {m} :: pop (sharp sound)
traque {m} [slang] :: fart (emission of digestive gases from the anus)
traque {m} :: firecracker (small firework)
traqueia {f} [anatomy] /tɾa.ˈkɛj.a/ :: windpipe; trachea
traqueia {f} [botany] :: trachea (xylem vessel of a plant)
traqueia {f} [entomology] :: trachea (respiratory system of insects)
traquéia {f} :: obsolete spelling of traqueia
traqueíte {f} [medicine] :: tracheitis (inflammation of the trachea)
traquinagem {f} :: mischief (vexatious or annoying act)
traquinas {mf} :: prankster (one who performs pranks)
traquinas {adj} :: being a prankster
trás {prep} [dated] /ˈtɾaʃ]/ :: behind
traseira {f} :: back, rear
traseira {f} :: rump
traseira {f} [plural] :: back door
traseiro {adj} :: rear
traseiro {adj} :: hind
traseiro {m} :: backside, behind, bum
trasfegar {v} :: to pour liquids from a container to another
trasgo {m} [Iberian folklore, mythology, fantasy] /ˈtɾaʒ.ɡu/ :: A mischevious mythological creature similar to a goblin or kobold found in legends of Portugal and Spain (viz. Iberia proper)
trasladar {v} :: alternative form of transladar
traslado {m} :: shuttle (transport service)
Trás-os-Montes {prop} {m} :: Trás-os-Montes (traditional region/and/former province)
traspassado {adj} :: alternative form of transpassado
traste {m} :: worthless thing or person
traste {m} [music] :: fret, fingerboard
tratado {adj} /tɾɐ.ˈta.ðu/ :: well-fed
tratado {m} [international law] :: treaty (binding agreement under international law)
tratado {m} [literature] :: treatise (systematic discourse on some subject)
tratamento {m} :: treatment (process or manner of treating)
tratamento {m} :: treatment (medical care for an illness or injury)
tratamento {m} :: treatment (the use of a substance or process to preserve or give particular properties to something)
tratamento {m} :: treatment (description or characterisation of a subject)
tratante {mf} :: scoundrel (deceitful and unreliable person)
tratante {adj} [of a person] :: deceitful and unreliable
tratar {v} /tɾɐ.ˈtaɾ/ :: [de] to treat (to handle, deal with or behave towards in a specific way)
tratar {vt} :: to feed (to give someone, especially an animal, food to eat)
tratar {v} :: [de] to treat (to apply medical care to a person)
tratar {v} :: [de] to treat (to apply medical care in order to eliminate a condition)
tratar {vt} :: to treat (to subject to a chemical or other action)
tratar {v} :: [com, -a reciprocal pronoun] to treat; to negotiate with
tratar {v} :: [por, como, de] to address someone with a specific form of address
tratar {vp} :: to behave (to conduct oneself in a given way)
tratar {v} :: [de] to take care of; to care for (to attend to the needs of)
tratar {v} :: [de, .pronominal] to be about; to have as its subject
tratar {v} :: [de] to talk about; to discuss
tratar {v} :: [de] to do something promptly; usually used to emphasise orders
trato {m} /ˈtɾa.tu/ :: manner
trato {m} :: deal, pact, treaty
trato {m} :: treatment
trato {m} :: behaviour
trato {m} :: tract
trator {m} /tɾa.ˈtoɾ/ :: tractor (a type of vehicle used in farms)
trauma {m} :: trauma (emotional wound)
trauma {m} :: trauma (event that causes great distress)
trauma {m} [medicine] :: trauma (serious injury to the body)
traumático {adj} :: traumatic (of, caused by, or causing trauma)
traumatismo {m} :: traumatism, injury, trauma
trautear {v} :: to hum or sing in a low voice
trava {f} :: fetter (a chain or similar object used to bind a person or animal)
trava-língua {m} :: tongue-twister (phrase which is difficult to say)
travando {v} /tɾɐˈvɐ̃du/ :: gerund of travar
travão {m} /tɾɐˈvɐ̃w̃/ :: brake (device used to slow or stop a vehicle)
travar {v} /tɾɐˈvaɾ/ :: to brake (stop a vehicle)
travar {v} :: to lock (secure an object)
travar {v} :: to fight (a battle, a war)
travar {v} [de] :: to draw (a weapon or an instrument); to grab; to take
travar {v} :: to form, to strike up (a relationship or acquaintance)
travar {v} :: to arrest
trave {f} /ˈtɾa.vɨ/ :: beam
trave {f} [architecture] :: trave (joist)
trave {f} [sports] :: goalpost
traveco {m} [slang, often derrogatory] /tɾa.ˈvɛ.ku/ :: cross-dresser
traveco {m} [slang, derrogatory] :: a transexual person
travejamento {m} [construction] :: framework (the arrangement of support beams of a building)
travertino {m} :: travertine (form of limestone sometimes used in construction)
travessa {f} /tɾɐ.ˈvɛ.sɐ/ :: a transversal street
travessa {f} :: a plate or bowl for placing food on a table
travessa {f} [construction] :: crossbeam (horizontal structural beam)
travessa {f} :: a small comb for holding a hairdo
travessa {f} [rail transport] :: railway sleeper, tie [Portugal]
travessão {m} [typography] :: em dash (name of the symbol —)
travessão {m} [sports] :: crossbar (the top of the goal structure)
travessão {m} :: the beam of a balance scale
travesseiro {m} [chiefly Brazil] /tɾɐ.vɨ.ˈsɐj.ɾu/ :: pillow
travesseiro {m} [chiefly Portugal] :: bolster (a large pillow)
Travesseiro {prop} :: Travesseiro (placename)
travessia {f} /tɾɐ.vɨ.ˈsi.ɐ/ :: crossing (voyage across a place)
travesso {adj} /tɾaˈvɛsu/ :: transversal (running or lying across)
travesso {adj} :: oblique; (of eyes or looks) sidelong
travesso {adj} :: mischievous; naughty; impish (tending to misbehave or act badly)
travessura {f} :: mischievous play or prank
travesti {mf} :: transvestite; cross-dresser (person who wears clothing of the opposite sex)
travestir {v} :: to dress up in drag (as members of the opposite sex)
travo {m} :: tang
travo {m} :: astringency
travo {m} :: anguish
trazer {v} /tɾɐˈzeɾ/ :: bring (to transport toward somebody/somewhere)
trazer ao mundo {v} [idiomatic, euphemism] /tɾɐˈzeɾ ˈaw ˈmũ.du/ :: to give birth
trêbado {adj} [rare, jocular] :: very drunk
trebelho {m} :: chess piece
Trebizonda {prop} {f} :: Trebizonda (city)
trecentésimo {ordinal num} :: three hundredths
trecho {m} :: excerpt; passage; snippet (small extract from a larger work)
trecho {m} :: stretch (a section of a road, route, trip or period)
treco {m} [Brazil, slang] /ˈtɾɛ.ku/ :: thingy; thingummy; doohickey; thingamabob
treco {m} :: malaise (feeling of discomfort)
treçolho {m} :: alternative form of terçol
trefilado {adj} :: drawn (into wire)
trefilando {v} :: gerund of trefilar
trefilar {v} :: to draw (metal into wire form)
trégua {f} :: truce
trêiler {m} :: rare spelling of trailer
treinador {m} :: coach, trainer, handler
treinamento {m} :: training
treinamento {m} :: coaching
treinar {v} :: to coach, train
treino {m} :: training
treis {adj} :: eye dialect of três
trêis {adj} :: eye dialect of três
trejeitar {v} :: to make comical gestures or facial expressions
trejeito {m} :: jerk (sudden, uncontrolled movement)
trejeito {m} :: a comical gesture or facial expression
treliça {f} :: trellis (wooden frame used in gardens)
trem {m} [rail transport, Brazil] /ˈtɾẽj̃/ :: train (line of connected cars or carriages)
trem {m} [slang, Brazil] :: thingy; thingummy
trema {mf} /ˈtɾe.mɐ/ :: trema, a diacritic (¨)
trem-bala {m} [rail transport] /ˌtɾẽj̃ ˈba.lɐ/ :: bullet train (high-speed train, especially the type used in Japan)
Tremedal {prop} :: Tremedal (placename)
tremedeira {f} /ˌtɾˈde(j).ɾa/ :: shiver (trembling from cold, disease or fright)
tremedeira {f} [disease] :: malaria
tremeluzir {v} :: to flicker (to burn or shine with a wavering light)
Tremembé {prop} :: Tremembé (placename)
tremendo {adj} /tɾɨˈmẽdu/ :: tremendous (very large or great)
tremer {v} /tɾɨˈmeɾ/ :: to shake
tremoceiro {m} :: lupin (any plant of the genus Lupinus)
tremoço {m} /tɾɨ.ˈ :: lupin (any plant of the genus Lupinus)
tremoço {m} :: lupin (bean of the lupin plant)
tremolo {m} [music] :: tremolo (rapid repetition of the same note)
tremor {m} /tɾɨˈmoɾ/ :: tremor
tremor {m} :: agitation
tremor essencial {m} [neurology, pathology] :: essential tremor (condition causing tremors during voluntary movement)
tremulação {f} :: flutter; trembling; quivering
tremulante {adj} :: tremulous (trembling or shaking)
tremular {v} :: to flap (to move loosely back and forth)
trémulo {adj} [European orthography] /ˈtɾɛ :: trembling
trémulo {adj} [European orthography] :: tremulous
trêmulo {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of trémulo
tremura {f} :: shiver; trembling; tremor
trena {f} /ˈtɾe.nɐ/ :: a ribbon used to tie one’s hair
trena {f} :: a string used to spin a spinning top
trena {f} [Brazil] :: measuring tape (tape with marks for measuring lengths), especially a metallic one used by construction workers
trengo {m} [Portugal, regional, colloquial] :: clumsy person
trengo {adj} [Portugal, regional, colloquial] :: clumsy
trenó {m} /tɾe.ˈnɔ/ :: sled; sleigh (a vehicle on runners, used for conveying loads over the snow or ice)
trenodia {f} :: threnody (a song or poem of lamentation)
Trentino-Alto Adige {prop} {m} :: Trentino-Alto Adige (region)
Trento {prop} {f} :: Trento (city/and/province)
Trento {prop} {mf} :: surname
treonina {f} [amino acid] :: threonine (an essential amino acid)
trepação {f} [vulgar] /ˌtɾˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: a lot of sex; a fuckload of fucking
trepada {f} [colloquial] :: sexual intercourse
trepadeira {f} :: climber; creeper (plant that grows by creeping)
trepadeira {f} :: nuthatch (any passerine bird of the genus Sitta)
trepador {m} :: climber [person, plant]
trepador {m} :: critic
trepanação {f} [surgery] :: trepanation (drilling of a hole in the skull)
trepando {v} :: gerund of trepar
trepar {v} /tɾɨ.ˈpaɾ/ :: to climb
trepar {v} :: to mount
trepar {v} :: to tread on
trepar {v} [slang, Brazil] :: to fuck
trepidação {f} :: trepidation (a fearful or anxious state)
trepidação {f} :: trepidation; trembling
tres {adj} :: obsolete spelling of três
três {adj} /ˈtɾeʃ/ :: three
três {m} :: three (a value of three, or an object represent the value of three)
três {m} :: three (the digit 3)
tresandar {v} :: to stink (to have a strong bad smell)
tresandar {v} :: to move backwards
Três Arroios {prop} :: Três Arroios (placename)
Três Barras {prop} :: Três Barras (placename)
Três Cachoeiras {prop} :: Três Cachoeiras (placename)
Três Corações {prop} :: Três Corações (placename)
Três Coroas {prop} :: Três Coroas (placename)
Três de Maio {prop} {f} :: Três de Maio (placename)
Três Forquilhas {prop} :: Três Forquilhas (placename)
Três Fronteiras {prop} :: Três Fronteiras (placename)
tresler {v} /tɾez.ˈle(ɾ)/ :: to read a work many times
tresler {v} :: to read (to interpret or infer a meaning, significance, thought, intention)
tresler {v} :: to become crazy due to reading something too many times
tresler {v} :: to blow smoke (to speak nonsense)
Três Marias {prop} {fp} [constellation] :: Orion's Belt (bright asterism)
Três Marias {prop} {fp} :: Três Marias (placename)
três oitão {m} [slang] :: 38 caliber gun
Três Palmeiras {prop} :: Três Palmeiras (placename)
trespassado {adj} :: alternative form of transpassado
Três Passos {prop} :: Três Passos (placename)
Três Pontas {prop} :: Três Pontas (placename)
três pontos {mp} :: See: três pontos
três pontos {mp} :: ellipsis (name of the punctuation mark …)
Três Rios {prop} :: Três Rios (placename)
treta {f} [fencing, boxing] :: feint
treta {f} [by extension] :: trick, ruse
treta {f} [colloquial] :: humbug, nonsense
treta {f} [in the plural] :: angry discussion; fight
treta {f} [Brazil, slang] :: problem
tretar {v} [São Paulo, slang] :: to (angrily) discuss
tretar {v} [São Paulo, slang] :: to fight
treva {f} [chiefly plural] :: darkness
trevas {fp} /ˈtɾɛvɐʃ/ :: darkness, gloom
Trevisan {prop} {mf} /ˌtɾˈzɐ̃/ :: surname
Treviso {prop} :: Treviso (town/and/province)
Treviso {prop} :: Treviso (municipality)
trevo {m} /ˈtɾ :: clover (plant in genus Trifolium)
trevo {m} [colloquial] :: any trifoliate plant
trevo {m} :: cloverleaf interchange
trevo de quatro folhas {m} :: See: trevo de quatro folhas
trevo de quatro folhas {m} [idiomatic] :: four-leaf clover (something that brings good luck)
trevo híbrido {m} :: alsike (Trifolium hybridum, a species of clover)
trevo rodoviário {m} :: interchange [highway intersection]
trevoso {adj} /tɾɨ.ˈvo.zu/ :: alternative form of tenebroso
trevo sueco {m} :: alsike (Trifolium hybridum, a species of clover)
treze {num} /ˈtɾe.zɨ/ :: thirteen
treze {m} :: thirteen
Treze de Maio {prop} :: Treze de Maio (placename)
trezentos {adj} /tɾɨ.ˈzẽ.tuʃ/ :: three hundred; 300
trezentos {m} :: three hundred (the value of 300, or something with the value of 300)
Treze Tílias {prop} :: Treze Tílias (placename)
tri {adj} [Rio Grande do Sul] :: cool, nice, good, interesting
tri {adv} [Rio Grande do Sul] :: very
tríade {f} :: triad (group of three things)
triagem {f} [medicine] :: triage (process of sorting patients)
triagem {f} :: triage (assessment or sorting according to quality)
trialquil {m} [organic chemistry] :: trialkyl
triangulando {v} :: gerund of triangular
triangular {adj} /tɾi.ɐ̃.ɡu.ˈlaɾ/ :: triangular
triangular {v} :: to triangulate
triângulo {m} /tɾiˈɐ̃ɡulu/ :: triangle
triângulo amoroso {m} :: love triangle (situation in which two people vie for the love of a third)
Triângulo das Bermudas {prop} {m} :: Triângulo das Bermudas (marginal sea)
triângulo retângulo {m} [geometry] :: right triangle (a triangle having a right angle as one of its interior angles)
trianualmente {adv} :: Every three years; triennially
triaril {m} [organic chemistry] :: triaryl
triássico {adj} [geology, palaeontology] :: Triassic (relating to the Triassic period)
Triássico {prop} {m} [geology] :: Triassic (a geologic period within the Mesozoic era)
triatleta {mf} :: triathlete
triatlo {m} :: triathlon
tríbade {f} :: lesbian
tribadismo {m} :: tribadism, a form of lesbian intercourse involving the rubbing together of two partners' vulvae
tribo {f} /ˈtɾi.bu/ :: tribe (cohesive group of people)
tribo {f} [historical] :: one of the three original tribes of Rome: Ramnes, Tities and Luceres
tribo {f} [biblical] :: one of the twelve tribes of Israel
tribo {f} [anthropology] :: tribe (society larger than a band but smaller than a state)
tribo {f} [sociology, colloquial] :: subculture (portion of a culture distinguished by its customs)
tribo {f} [taxonomy] :: tribe (rank between family and genus)
tribologia {f} [physics, engineering] :: tribology (science and technology of lubrication)
tribufu {f} [derogatory] :: ugly woman
tribulação {f} :: tribulation; adversity (an unfavourable event)
tribuna {f} :: tribune (platform for speaking)
tribuna {f} :: gallery (uppermost seating area of a theatre, hall or auditorium)
tribuna {f} :: eloquence; oratory (artistry and persuasiveness in speech)
tribunal {m} /tɾi.βu.ˈnaɫ/ :: court
tribunal {m} :: tribunal
tribuno {m} :: tribune (elected official in ancient Rome)
tribuno {m} :: tribune (protector of the people)
tributando {v} :: gerund of tributar
tributar {v} :: to assess
tributar {v} :: to collect or pay tribute
tributário {adj} :: pertaining or relating to government taxes; fiscal
tributário {m} :: taxpayer; tributary (an individual who pays or is required to pay taxes)
tributo {m} /tɾi.ˈβu.tu/ :: tax or user charge
tributo {m} :: tribute
tricameralismo {m} [politics, rare] :: tricameralism (the practice of having three chambers)
tricampeão {m} :: three-time champion
tricarbeto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tricarbide
tricentésimo {ordinal num} :: three hundredths
tríceps {m} [anatomy] :: triceps (any muscle having three heads)
tríceps sural {m} :: triceps surae (a pair of muscles located at the calf)
triciclo {m} :: tricycle (cycle with three wheels)
trício {m} :: alternative form of trítio
triclínico {adj} [crystallography] :: triclinic (having three unequal axes all intersecting at oblique angles)
tricloreto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: trichloride
tricô {m} [uncountable] /tɾi.ˈko/ :: knitting (the activity of making fabric by pulling loops of thread through each other)
tricô {m} :: knitting (knitted fabric)
tricobezoar {m} :: trichobezoar (a bezoar composed of hair)
tricologia {f} :: trichology (the study of hair)
tricolor {adj} :: tricolor (having three colors)
tricolor {m} :: tricolour (flag)
tricomoníase {f} [disease] :: trichomoniasis (STD caused by the Trichomonas vaginalis protozoan)
tricotagem {f} :: knitting (the activity of making fabric by pulling loops of thread through each other)
tricotar {v} :: to knit
tricotilomania {f} :: trichotillomania (disorder in which the patient compulsively pulls their hair out)
tridente {m} /tɾi.ˈdẽ.te/ :: trident (three pronged spear)
tridimensional {adj} :: three-dimensional (having three dimensions)
triduano {adj} :: triduan (lasting three days)
trienal {adj} :: triennial (happening every three years)
trienal {f} :: an event that is held every three years
trieno {m} [organic chemistry] :: triene
Trieste {prop} {f} /tɾi.ˈɛs.t͡ʃi/ :: Trieste (city)
triestino {adj} :: Triestine (of, from or relating to Trieste)
triestino {m} :: Triestine (person from Trieste)
trifle {m} :: trifle (English dessert)
trifluoreto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: trifluoride
trifólio {m} [botany] :: trefoil; clover
trifólio {m} [architecture] :: trefoil (symbol having the shape of such leaves)
trifólio {adj} :: trifoliate (having three leaves or leaflets)
trifurcado {adj} :: trifurcate; three-pronged (having three tines, branches or prongs)
trigamia {f} :: trigamy (the state of having three spouses simultaneously)
trigémeo {m} [European orthography] :: triplet (one of three twins)
trigêmeo {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of trigémeo
trigésimo {ordinal num} /tɾiˈʒɛzimu/ :: thirtieth
trigo {m} /ˈtɾiɣu/ :: wheat
trigo-duro {m} :: durum wheat (Triticum turgidum subsp. durum (syn. Triticum durum), a hard variety of wheat)
trigo-mourisco {m} :: buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum, an Asian cereal plant)
trigo-mourisco {m} :: durum wheat (Triticum turgidum subsp. durum (syn. Triticum durum), a hard variety of wheat)
trigo-mouro {m} :: buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum, an Asian cereal plant)
trigo-mouro {m} :: durum wheat (Triticum turgidum subsp. durum (syn. Triticum durum), a variety of hard wheat)
trigonometria {f} [mathematics] :: trigonometry (branch of mathematics dealing with triangles)
trigo-sarraceno {m} :: buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum, an Asian cereal plant)
trilha {f} :: trail (track or indication marking the route of something that has passed)
trilha {f} :: trail (route for travel over land, especially a narrow, unpaved pathway for use by hikers)
trilha {f} :: Argentine goatfish (Mullus argentinae, a fish found in the coast of Argentina and South Brazil)
trilhão {m} :: trillion (thousand billion)
trilha sonora {f} [Brazil, cinema, television] :: soundtrack
trilho {m} /ˈtɾiʎu/ :: rail, line, track (railway)
trilho {m} :: path; trail (for hiking etc.)
trilionésimo {ordinal num} :: trillionth
trilo {m} [music] :: trill (rapid alternation of notes)
trilobita {m} [biology] :: trilobite (extinct arthropod of the class Trilobita)
trilobite {m} :: alternative form of trilobita
trilobito {m} :: alternative form of trilobita
trilogia {f} :: trilogy (set of three works)
trimarã {m} :: trimaran (type of boat with three parallel hulls)
trimaran {m} :: alternative form of trimarã
trimeprazina {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: alimemazine; trimeprazine (phenothiazine derivative)
trimestral {adj} :: trimonthly; quarterly (occurring at intervals of three months)
trimestralmente {adv} :: Every three months; quarterly; trimonthly
trimestre {m} /tɾi.ˈmɛs.tɾi/ :: trimester (period of three months)
trimestre {m} :: trimester (term corresponding to a third of an academic year)
trinado {m} :: trill (rapid alternation of notes)
trinar {vi} [of a bird] :: to chirp
trinca {f} :: triplet; triad (group of three things)
trinca {f} :: crack (thin break opened in a previously solid material)
trinchar {v} :: to shred (to cut or tear into narrow pieces or strips)
trincheira {f} :: trench (long, narrow ditch)
trincheira {f} [military] :: trench (narrow excavation used in warfare)
trinco {m} :: latch (type of fastening for a door)
trinco {m} :: a lever-like door handle
trinco {m} :: snap (sound made by hitting the fingers against the palm)
trindade {f} /tɾĩ.ˈda.dɨ/ :: a trinity, triad
Trindade {prop} {f} [Christianity] /tɾĩ.ˈda.dɨ/ :: the Trinity
Trindade {prop} {f} :: Trindade (island)
Trindade do Sul {prop} :: Trindade do Sul (placename)
Trindade e Tabago {prop} {f} :: dated form of Trindade e Tobago
Trindade e Tobago {prop} {f} :: Trindade e Tobago (country)
trineta {f} :: alternative form of trisneta
trineto {m} :: alternative form of trisneto
Trinidade e Tobago {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Trindade e Tobago
trinidadense {adj} :: Trinidadian (of, from, or pertaining to Trinidad and Tobago)
trinidadense {mf} :: Trinidadian (person from Trinidad and Tobago)
Trinidad e Tobago {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Trindade e Tobago
trinidadiano {adj} :: Trinidadian (of, from, or pertaining to Trinidad and Tobago)
trinidadiano {m} :: Trinidadian (person from Trinidad and Tobago)
trinitreto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: trinitride
trino {m} :: trill (rapid alternation of notes)
trino {adj} :: trine; threefold; triple
trino {adj} [theology] :: Trinitarian (relating to the Holy Trinity)
trinómio {m} [European orthography, algebra] :: trinomial (a polynomial consisting of three terms)
trinômio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of trinómio
trinta {num} /ˈtɾĩ.tɐ/ :: thirty
trinta {m} :: thirty
trinta-réis-ártico {m} :: Arctic skua (Stercorarius parasiticus, a species of skua)
trio {m} :: trio (group of three people or things)
tripa {f} /ˈtɾipɐ/ :: tripe; intestine
tripanossoma {m} [zoology] :: trypanosome (any of a group of protozoan parasites transmitted by biting insects)
tripanossomíase {f} [disease] :: trypanosomiasis (infection by a trypanosome)
tripanossomo {m} :: alternative form of tripanossoma
tripé {m} :: tripod (three-legged stand or mount)
tripeiro {m} /tɾi.ˈpɐj.ɾu/ :: tripeman
tripeiro {m} [Portugal, slang] :: someone from Oporto
tripeiro {adj} [Portugal, slang] :: of or pertaining to the city of Oporto
tripla {f} :: triple (a set of three elements)
triplicar {vt} :: to triple (to made three times as large)
triplicar {vi} :: to triple (to become three times as large)
triplo {adj} :: triple (made up of three related elements)
triplo {adj} :: triple (three times the quantity)
triplo salto {m} :: alternative form of salto triplo
Trípoli {prop} {f} :: Trípoli (capital city)
tríptico {m} [arts] /ˈtɾip.ti.ku/ :: triptych
tríptico {m} :: leaflet, pamphlet
triptofano {m} [amino acid] :: tryptophan (an essential amino acid)
tripudiação {f} :: gloat; bragging (the act gloating, bragging)
tripudiar {v} :: to gloat (to exhibit conspicuous self-satisfaction at an adversary’s defeat)
tripulação {f} :: crew
tripulando {v} :: gerund of tripular
tripulante {mf} :: crewmember (member of a crew)
tripular {v} :: to man
tripular {v} :: to crew
Tripura {prop} :: Tripura (state)
trirreme {f} [history, nautical, archaic] :: trireme
trirremo {m} [history, nautical, archaic] :: trireme
trisavó {f} /tɾi.zɐ.ˈvɔ/ :: great-great-grandmother, female great-great-grandparent (the mother of a great-grandparent)
trisavô {m} /tɾi.zɐ.ˈvo/ :: great-great-grandfather, male great-great-grandparent (the father of a great-grandparent)
triscando {v} :: gerund of triscar
triscar {v} /tɾiʃˈkaɾ/ :: to touch lightly
trismo {m} [pathology] :: lockjaw; trismus (inability to open the mouth normally)
trisneta {f} :: great-great-granddaughter
trisneto {m} :: great-great-grandson
trissecar {vt} [geometry] :: to trisect (to divide an angle into three equal parts)
trissulfeto {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: trisulfide
Tristaõ {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Tristão
Tristão {prop} {m} :: given name
triste {adj} [of a person] /ˈtɾiʃ.tɨ/ :: sad; unhappy; down
triste {adj} [of something] :: sad (causing sadness)
triste {adj} [of a person] :: disappointed
triste {adj} [of a situation] :: lamentable; pitiful
tristemente {adv} /tɾiʃ.tɨ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: In context of being unhappy; unhappily
tristeza {f} [uncountable] /tɾiʃ.ˈte.zɐ/ :: sadness (state or emotion of being sad)
tristeza {f} :: sadness (event causing sadness)
tristeza {f} :: tristeza (plant disease)
tristêza {f} :: superseded spelling of tristeza
tristonho {adj} /tɾiʃˈtoɲu/ :: sad (having a sad look)
tritão {m} :: newt (small type of salamander)
Tritão {prop} {f} [astronomy] :: Triton (seventh moon of Neptune)
Tritão {prop} {m} [Greek god] :: Triton (god of the sea)
triteísmo {m} :: tritheism (belief in three gods)
triteísmo {m} :: tritheism (form of Christianity that denies the Trinity)
trítio {m} [isotope] /ˈtɾi.t͡ʃi.u/ :: tritium (a radioactive isotope of hydrogen)
tritongo {m} [linguistics] :: triphthong (sequence of a semivowel, a vowel and another semivowel)
trítono {m} [music] :: tritone (an interval of three whole tones)
triturado {adj} /tɾituˈɾaðu/ :: ground, crushed, triturated
triturador {m} :: grinder; shredder (machine used to grind objects)
triturador {adj} :: serving to grind, shred
trituradora {f} /tɾi.ˌtu.ɾa.ˈdo.ɾɐ/ :: grinder (machine used to grind things)
triturando {v} :: gerund of triturar
triturar {v} /tɾituˈɾaɾ/ :: to grind, to crush, to triturate
triũfo {m} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of triunfo
triumfo {m} :: obsolete spelling of triunfo
triumphar {v} :: superseded spelling of triunfar
triumpho {m} :: obsolete spelling of triunfo
triunfador {m} :: someone who triumphed
triunfador {adj} :: triumphant (celebrating victory)
triunfal {adj} :: triumphal, victorious
triunfalmente {adv} :: triumphantly
triunfante {adj} /tɾi.ũ.ˈfɐ̃.tɨ/ :: triumphant
triunfantemente {adv} :: triumphantly
triunfar {v} :: to triumph; to prevail; to succeed
triunfo {m} /tɾi.ˈũ.fu/ :: triumph (conclusive success; victory; conquest)
triunfo {m} [historical, Ancient Rome] :: triumph (ceremony to celebrate someone’s military achievement)
Triunfo {prop} :: Triunfo (placename)
triunvirato {m} [historical, politics] :: triumvirate (political regime dominated by three powerful individuals)
Trivandrum {prop} {f} :: Trivandrum (city/state capital)
trivial {adj} :: trivial
trivialidade {f} /ˈda.d(ʒ)i/ :: triviality, banality
trivialidade {f} :: something that is trivial
-triz {suffix} /ˈtɾis/ :: feminine noun of -dor
-triz {suffix} :: feminine noun of -tor
triz {m} :: moment, instant
Tróade {prop} {f} :: Tróade (historical region)
troar {v} /tɾoˈaɾ/ :: to thunder
troar {v} :: to make a thunderous or powerful sound
troca {f} /ˈtɾɔ.kɐ/ :: swap; exchange (the act of changing or exchanging one thing for another)
troça {f} :: mockery, ridicule
Troca Colombiana {prop} {f} [history, ecology] :: Columbian Exchange (the exchange between the Americas and Afro-Eurasia after the journeys of Christopher Columbus)
trocadalho {m} [rare, humorous, vulgar] :: abbreviation of trocadalho do carilho pun of questionable humor
trocadalho do carilho {m} [rare, humorous, vulgar] :: a pun, usually of low level
trocadilho {m} /ˌtɾu.kɐ.ˈði.ʎu/ :: pun (joke or type of wordplay)
trocadilho {m} :: spoonerism (phrase where sounds are transposed)
trocado {m} /tɾo.ˈka.du/ :: change (money given back to a customer)
trocado {m} :: change (small denominations of money, especially in coins)
trocado {m} [colloquial] :: small change (insignificant amount of money)
trocador {m} /tɾukɐˈðoɾ/ :: exchanger
trocador {m} [regional, Rio de Janeiro] :: conductor
trocanter {m} [anatomy] :: trochanter (anatomy:end of femur)
trocanter {m} [entomology] :: trochanter (second segment of the leg of some arthropods)
trocânter {m} :: alternative form of trocanter
trocar {v} [por, .transitive, .or] /tɾuˈkaɾ/ :: to substitute; to replace (to remove something and put a new one in its place)
trocar {v} [de] :: to change (to dispose of something one owns or is using and get a new one)
trocar {vt} :: to trade with; to exchange ()
trocar {vt} :: to swap (to switch the position of two things)
trocar {v} [com] :: to exchange (to give and receive continuously)
troçar {v} [de] :: to mock, to ridicule
trocar o dia pela noite {v} :: To sleep by day and be awake by night
trocar os pés pelas mãos {v} [idiomatic] :: to make a big mistake
trocar-se {vr} :: to change (to replace the clothing one is wearing)
trocar seis por meia dúzia {v} [idiomatic] :: to take a course of action that doesn’t make a difference
troca-troca {m} :: a situation in which many things are exchanged
trocentos {mp} [colloquial] :: zillion (unspecified large number)
troco {m} /ˈtɾo.ku/ :: change (small denominations of money given in exchange for a larger denomination)
troco {m} [rare] :: exchange; switch (act of exchanging or switching two thing)
troco {m} :: a small amount of money
troco {m} [familiar] :: payback (act of revenge)
troço {m} :: piece, fragment
troço {m} :: section, leg (of a highway or railway line)
troço {m} :: turd (a piece of excrement)
troço {m} [Brazil, colloquial] :: gizmo; thingy
trôco {m} :: obsolete spelling of troco
Trofa {prop} {f} /ˈtɾɔfɐ/ :: Trofa (city/and/municipality)
troféu {m} :: trophy
Troféu Imprensa {prop} {m} :: A Brazilian annual award, established in 1961, honoring various categories in TV and music. (Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Telenovela, Best Newscast, etc.)
troglodita {m} :: troglodyte
Troia {prop} {f} :: Troia (ancient city)
Tróia {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Troia
troiana {f} :: feminine noun of troiano
troiano {adj} :: Trojan
troiano {m} :: Trojan
troica {f} :: troika
troika {f} :: troika (Russian carriage)
trojan {m} [computing] :: Trojan horse (malicious program disguised as legitimate software)
trol {m} :: alternative form of troll
trole {m} :: trolley bus (bus powered via overhead electric cables)
trole {m} [regional] :: draisine (light, auxiliary rail vehicle)
trólebus {m} :: trolley bus (bus powered via overhead electric cables)
trolha {f} :: trowel (handtool used by masons to hold and spread mortar)
troll {m} [fantasy, Norse mythology] :: troll (large, grotesque humanoid living in caves, hills or under bridges)
troll {m} [Internet] :: troll (person who provokes others and causes disruption)
trollar {v} [chiefly on Internet] :: to troll, to make a fool of someone
trololó {m} /ˌtɾɔ.lɔ.ˈlɔ/ :: light music; easy listening
trololó {m} [by extension, Brazil] :: small talk
trom {m} /ˈtɾõ/ :: boom (loud, resonant sound)
tromba {f} /tɾõ.bɐ/ :: trunk (extended nasal organ of an elephant)
tromba {f} [colloquial, by extension] :: face
tromba {f} [colloquial] :: a sullen facial expression
tromba {f} :: stinger (pointed portion of an insect or arachnid)
tromba {f} :: clipping of tromba d'água
tromba {f} [obsolete] :: a trumpet or bugle
trombadinha {mf} :: a child pickpocket
trombadinha {f} :: diminutive of trombada
trombeta {f} [musical instruments] /tɾõ.ˈbe.tɐ/ :: a trumpet or bugle
trombeta {f} :: cornetfish (any of several slender, elongated tropical fish of the family Fistulariidae)
trombeta {f} :: thorn apple (Datura stramonium, a toxic herb used in traditional medicine)
trombeta {f} :: angel's trumpet (any plant of the genera Brugmansia and Datura)
trombetear {vi} [music] :: to trumpet (play the trumpet)
trombetear {vt} :: to trumpet (to proclaim loudly)
trombeteiro {m} :: someone who plays the trumpet or the bugle
trombo {m} [haematology, pathology] :: thrombus (blood clot that leads to thrombosis)
trombocitopenia {f} [hematology] :: thrombocytopenia (abnormally low platelet count)
trombone {m} [musical instruments] /tɾõ.ˈbɔ.nɨ/ :: trombone (a musical instrument in the brass family)
trombonista {mf} :: trombonist (person who plays the trombone)
trombose {f} [pathology] :: thrombosis (formation of thrombi, causing obstruction of circulation)
Trombudo Central {prop} :: Trombudo Central (placename)
trompa {f} [music instrument] :: horn (any of several types of musical wind instruments)
trompa alpina {f} :: alphorn
trompa de falópio {f} [anatomy] :: Fallopian tube (duct in female mammals through which ova pass from the ovaries to the uterus)
trompe-l'œil {m} :: trompe-l'oeil (type of optical illusion)
trompete {m} :: trumpet (brass instrument)
trompetista {mf} :: trumpeter (person who plays the trumpet)
Tromso {prop} :: alternative form of Tromsø
Tromsø {prop} :: Tromsø (municipality)
Tromsoe {prop} :: alternative form of Tromsø
tronco {m} [botany] /ˈtɾõ.ku/ :: tree trunk
tronco {m} [anatomy] :: trunk; torso
tronco {m} :: in a tree structure, a major branch from which smaller branches stem
tronco {m} [linguistics] :: a language family which is not a subfamily (that is, the topmost family of a language family tree)
tronco {m} [geometry] :: frustum (the portion of a solid hat lies between two parallel planes)
tronco {m} :: stocks (type of device for public humiliation and punishment)
tronco {m} [historical, colonial Brazil] :: a post where slaves were tied to be flogged
tronco {m} :: prison, jail
tronco cerebral {m} :: brain stem
Trondheim {prop} {f} :: Trondheim (city)
troneira {f} [architecture, military] :: embrasure, crenel (indentation between the merlons of a battlement)
trono {m} /ˈtɾ :: throne (ornate seat)
trono {m} [figuratively] :: throne (the formal position of a sovereign)
trono {m} [Brazil, colloquial, humoristic] :: throne, toilet (ceramic bowl)
tropa {f} /ˈtɾɔpɐ/ :: troop (military forces)
tropeçando {v} :: gerund of tropeçar
tropeçar {v} :: to stumble, trip
tropeçar {v} :: to flounder
tropel {m} :: swarm (a mass of people or animals in turmoil)
tropelia {f} /tɾu.pɨ.ˈli.ɐ/ :: disorder
tropelia {f} :: prank
tropical {adj} :: tropical (of or pertaining to the tropics)
tropical {adj} :: tropical (from or similar to a hod humid climate)
tropicália {f} :: A Brazilian cultural, artistic and musical movement starting in the late 1960s
trópico {m} :: tropic (either of the two parallels north and south of the equator)
trópico {adj} :: tropic; tropical (relating to the tropics)
Trópico de Câncer {prop} {m} [geography] :: Tropic of Cancer (the parallel of latitude 23°30′ north of the equator)
Trópico de Capricórnio {prop} {m} [geography] :: Tropic of Capricorn (tropic in the southern hemisphere)
troposfera {f} [meteorology, planetology] /tɾo.pos.ˈfɛ.ɾa/ :: troposphere (layer of Earth's atmosphere)
trotar {vi} [of a horse] :: to trot (to move at a gait between a walk and a canter)
trote {m} [chiefly of horses] :: trot (gait of an animal between walk and canter)
trote {m} :: prank (practical joke or mischievous trick)
trote {m} :: prank call (practical joke made using the telephone)
trote {m} [Brazil] :: hazing
trotineta {f} :: kick scooter, push scooter, scooter
trotskismo {m} /tɾɔts.ˈkiʒ.mu/ :: Trotskyism (the political philosophy of Leon Trotsky)
trotskista {m} :: Trotskyite
trouxa {f} :: bundle (of clothes etc)
trouxa {f} [colloquial] :: stupid or gullible person
trouxe-mouxe {m} :: only in a trouxe-mouxe
trovador {m} /tɾuvɐˈðoɾ/ :: troubadour
trovador {m} :: bard
trovador {m} :: poet
trovadora {f} :: feminine noun of trovador
trovadoras {f} :: feminine noun of trovador
trovaõ {m} :: obsolete spelling of trovão
trovão {m} /tɾu.ˈvɐ̃w̃/ :: thunder (the sound caused by the discharge of atmospheric electrical charge)
trovão {m} :: thunder (sound resembling thunder)
trovejar {v} [of the weather] /tɾuvɨˈʒaɾ/ :: to thunder
trovoada {f} /tɾuˈvwaðɐ/ :: thunder
trovoada {f} :: thunderstorm
trovoar {v} /tɾu.ˈvwaɾ/ :: to thunder
trucidando {v} :: gerund of trucidar
trucidar {vt} :: to slaughter; to butcher (to kill brutally)
trucidar {vt} [colloquial] :: to destroy (to defeat soundly)
truculência {f} :: savagery, brutality
truculência {f} :: perversity, wickedness
truculento {adj} :: truculent; fierce; savage
Trudeau {prop} :: surname
trufa {f} :: truffle (fungus)
trufa {f} :: truffle (confection)
truísmo {m} :: truism (self-evident or obvious truth)
truncado {adj} :: truncated
truncar {vt} :: to truncate (shorten something as if by cutting off part of it)
trunfo {m} [cards] :: trump (suit that outranks all others)
trunfo {m} [cards] :: trump (playing card of that suit)
trunfo {m} [figuratively] :: trump (something that gives one an advantage)
trupe {f} :: troupe (company of artists)
truque {m} :: trick (something designed to fool)
truque {m} :: trick (single piece of a magician’s act)
truque {m} [by extension] :: trick (an effective, clever or quick way of doing something)
trusse {f} :: alternative form of trusses
trusses {fp} [Portugal] :: male underpants
truta {f} /ˈtɾu.ta/ :: trout (fish in Salmonidae which spawns more than once)
truta {mf} [Brazil, slang] :: cellmate
truta {mf} [Brazil, slang, by extension] :: a close friend, especially one who helps with illegal activity
truta arco-íris {f} :: rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, a fish)
truta ártica {f} :: saibling (Salvelinus alpinus, a char of Europe)
try {m} :: try (a score in rugby)
try {m} [programming] :: try (block of code that may trigger exceptions)
tsar {m} :: alternative form of czar
tsarina {f} :: alternative form of czarina
tsc tsc {interj} /ǀ ǀ/ :: tut tut (exclamation of disapproval)
tsé-tsé {mf} :: tsetse (an African fly known for carrying trypanosomes)
Tskhinvali {prop} {f} :: Tskhinvali (capital city)
tsuga {m} :: tsuga (any conifer of the genus Tsuga)
tsunami {morf} /t͡su.ˈnɐ.mi/ :: tsunami (large, destructive wave)
tsunâmi {morf} :: alternative spelling of tsunami
tu {pron} [colloquial in Portugal, literary, archaic or regional in Brazil] /tu/ :: you; thou (singular second person pronoun)
tu {interj} [onomatopoeia] :: the sound produced by a telephone after one of the callers hangs up
tua {pron} /ˈtu.ɐ/ :: f. sg. form of possessive teu
tua mãe {interj} :: See: tua mãe
tua mãe {interj} :: your mother; your mom (general purpose insult, especially in reply to another insult)
tuaqueira {f} :: areng (Arenga pinnata, a palm tree which yields sago, wine and fibres)
tuas {pron} /ˈtu.ɐʃ/ :: f. pl. form of possessive teu
tuba {f} [musical instruments] :: tuba (a large brass musical instrument)
tubarão {m} /tu.βɐ.ˈɾɐ̃w̃/ :: shark
Tubarão {prop} :: Tubarão (placename)
tubarão-baleia {m} :: whale shark (Rhincodon typus, a large, filtering shark)
tubarão-branco {m} :: great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias, a large, aggressive species of shark)
tubarão da Groenlândia {m} :: Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus, a large shark of the Arctic)
tubarão-frade {m} :: basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus, a large species of plankton-eating shark)
tubarão-golfinho {m} :: porbeagle (Lamna nasus, a large pelagic predatory shark of the Atlantic)
tubarão-peregrino {m} :: basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus, a large species of plankton-eating shark)
tubarão-tigre {m} :: tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier, a large species of shark)
tubarão-vitamínico {m} :: school shark (Galeorhinus galeus, a species of hound shark)
tuba uterina {f} [anatomy] :: Fallopian tube (duct in female mammals through which ova pass from the ovaries to the uterus)
tubeira {f} :: nozzle
túbera {f} :: truffle (edible subterranean fungus of the genus Tuber)
tubérculo {m} [botany] :: tuber (fleshy underground stem)
tubérculo {m} [botany] :: tubercle (small rounded protuberance on certain plants)
tubérculo {m} [anatomy] :: tubercle (small rounded protuberance on a bone)
tubérculo {m} [pathology] :: tubercle (small nodule produced by tuberculosis)
tuberculose {f} [pathology] :: tuberculosis (infectious disease)
tuberculose pulmonar {f} [pathology] :: pulmonary tuberculosis (tuberculosis infecting the lungs)
tubo {m} /ˈtu.βu/ :: tube
tubo {m} :: pipe
tubo de Eustáquio {m} [anatomy] :: Eustachian tube (tube that links the pharynx to the cavity of the middle ear)
tubo de imagens {m} [electronics] :: cathode ray tube (CRT)
tubulação {f} :: tubing
tubulina {f} [molecular biology] :: tubulin (protein that forms microtubules)
túbulo {m} :: tubule
tucano {m} /tuˈkɐˈnu/ :: toucan (any bird from the family Ramphastidae)
tucano {m} [Brazil, figurative, politics, neologism] :: a person who supports or is affiliated to the Brazilian Social Democracy Party, whose mascot is a toucan
tucano {adj} [Brazil, politics, neologism] :: pertaining or related to the Brazilian Social Democracy Party
tucano {adj} [Brazil, politics, neologism] :: supporting or pro-Brazilian Social Democracy Party
Tucano {prop} :: Tucano (placename)
tucano-de-bico-preto {m} :: Ariel toucan (Ramphastos vitellinus ariel, a subspecies of the channel-billed toucan)
Tucídides {prop} {m} /tu.ˈsi.d͡ʒi.d͡ʒis/ :: historical given name
tuc-tuc {m} :: alternative spelling of tuk-tuk
Tucunduva {prop} :: Tucunduva (placename)
tucuxi {m} /tu.ku.ˈʃi/ :: boto; tucuxi, Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis, a freshwater dolphin of the Amazon)
tucuxy {m} :: obsolete spelling of tucuxi
tudo {pron} /ˈtu.ðu/ :: everything (all the things)
tudo {pron} [figurative] :: everything that is essential
tudo {pron} [Brazil, slang] :: everyone; all (all people in general or in a specific group)
tudo {m} :: everything that exists
tudo bem {adv} /ˌtudu ˈbẽj/ :: all right, OK
tudo bem {interj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: is everything well?
tudo bem {interj} [Brazil, colloquial] :: everything is well
tudo fica bem quando acaba bem {proverb} :: all's well that ends well
tudo menos {adv} :: See: tudo menos
tudo menos {adv} :: anything but; not at all (to no degree at all)
tudo que é bom acaba {proverb} :: all good things come to an end
tudo que vai volta {proverb} :: what goes around comes around (actions have consequences)
tufão {m} /tu.ˈfɐ̃w̃/ :: typhoon (weather phenomenon in the Pacific, equivalent to a hurricane)
tufo {m} /ˈtu.fu/ :: tuft (bunch of feathers, grass or hair, etc., held together at the base)
tuga {mf} [colloquial] :: Portuguese (person from Portugal)
tuga {adj} [colloquial] :: Portuguese (of Portugal)
tugra {f} :: tughra (signature of an Ottoman sultan)
tugúrio {m} :: shack (crude hut)
Tui {prop} {m} :: Tui (town)
tuia {f} :: thuja; arborvitae (any tree of the genus Thuja)
tuitar {v} [Internet] :: to tweet (to post an update on Twitter)
tuíte {m} :: alternative spelling of tweet
tuiuiú {m} [Brazil] /tu.ju.ˈju/ :: jabiru (a species of bird in the stork family)
Tuiuti {prop} :: Tuiuti (placename)
tuk-tuk {m} :: tuk-tuk (motorised rickshaw)
Tula {prop} {f} :: Tula (town)
Tula {prop} {f} :: Tula (oblast)
Tula {prop} {f} :: Tula (city/regional capital)
Tule {prop} {f} [mediaeval folklore] /ˈ :: Tule (mythological island)
túlia {f} [mineral] :: thulia
túlio {m} :: thulium (chemical element)
tulipa {f} /tu.ˈli.pɐ/ :: alternative form of túlipa
túlipa {f} /ˈɐ/ :: tulip
tumba {f} :: tomb (small building or vault for the remains of the dead)
tumbérgia {f} :: thunbergia (any member of the genus Thunbergia of flowering plants)
tumbérgia-azul {m} :: clock vine (Thunbergia grandiflora, a flowering plant)
Tumbuctu {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Tombuctu
Tumbuktu {prop} {f} :: rare spelling of Tombuctu
tumefazer {v} :: to tumefy, swell
tumescente {adj} :: tumescent (inflated or overblown)
túmido {adj} :: swollen, bloated, turgid
túmido {adj} :: conceited, arrogant
Tumiritinga {prop} :: Tumiritinga (placename)
tumor {m} [oncology, pathology] :: tumor (an abnormal growth)
tumor {m} :: boil (accumulation of pus)
tumoral {adj} :: tumoral
tumorigénese {f} [European orthography, oncology] :: tumorigenesis (the formation of new tumors)
tumorigênese {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of tumorigénese
túmulo {m} /ˈ :: tomb (small building or vault for the remains of the dead)
túmulo {m} :: grave (excavation for burial)
túmulo {m} [figurative] :: someone who keeps secrets
tumulto {m} /tu.ˈmuɫ.tu/ :: tumult
tumulto {m} :: riot
tumultuar {v} :: to cause a tumult
tumultuariamente {adv} :: very noisily
tumultuário {adj} :: tumultuous, very noisy
tumultuoso {adj} :: tumultuous (characterised by violence or agitation)
tuna {f} [music] :: a college singing group, wearing ornate clothes
tunando {v} :: gerund of tunar
Tunápolis {prop} :: Tunápolis (placename)
tunar {v} :: to be idle or lazy
tunar {v} :: to tune an automobile; to engage in car tuning
Tunas {prop} :: Tunas (placename)
tundra {f} [geography] /ˈtũ.dɾɐ/ :: tundra (flat, treeless region around the Arctic)
túnel {m} /ˈtunɛɫ/ :: tunnel (an underground or underwater passage)
túnel carpal {m} [anatomy] :: carpal tunnel (passageway on the palmar side of the wrist)
túnel do carpo {m} [anatomy] :: carpal tunnel (passageway on the palmar side of the wrist)
Tunes {prop} {f} [Portugal] :: Tunes (capital city)
tungstato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: tungstate
tungsténio {m} [European orthography, chemistry] :: tungsten
tungstênio {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of tungsténio
tungstenita {f} [mineral] :: tungstenite
túngstico {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: tungstic
túnica {f} :: tunic (garment worn over the torso reaching from the hips to the ankles)
túnica {f} [zoology] :: mantle (body wall of a mollusc)
túnica {f} [anatomy] :: tunica (membranous structure lining a cavity)
túnica {f} [botany] :: tunica (layer, coat, sheath or similar covering)
tunicado {m} :: tunicate (any of the chordate marine animals of the subphylum Urochordata (syn. Tunicata))
Tunis {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Tunes
Túnis {prop} {f} [Brazil] :: alternative form of Tunes
Tunísia {prop} {f} :: Tunísia (country)
tunisiano {adj} :: Tunisian (of, from or relating to Tunisia)
tunisiano {m} :: Tunisian (person from Tunisia)
tuno {m} :: a member of a tuna
Tupã {prop} {m} [Guaraní mythology] :: the Guaraní god of thunder
Tupã {prop} {m} :: the name of the Christian God used by Brazilian natives
Tupã {prop} :: Tupã (placename)
Tupaciguara {prop} :: Tupaciguara (placename)
Tupanci do Sul {prop} :: Tupanci do Sul (placename)
Tupanciretã {prop} :: Tupanciretã (placename)
Tupandi {prop} :: Tupandi (placename)
Tuparendi {prop} :: Tuparendi (placename)
tupi {mf} /tu.ˈpi/ :: Tupi (a member of the Tupi tribe of South America)
tupi {m} :: Old Tupi (an extinct language of South America)
tupi {m} :: Nheengatu (a modern language of South America)
tupi {adj} :: of the Tupi tribe or people
tupi {adj} :: of the Old Tupi language
tupi {adj} :: of the Nheengatu language
tupi antigo {m} :: Old Tupi
tupi clássico {m} :: Classical Tupi
tupinambo {m} :: alternative form of tupinambor
tupinambor {m} :: Jerusalem artichoke (variety of sunflower with edible tubers)
tupiniquim {mf} /ˈkĩ/ :: Tupiniquim (a member of the Tupiniquim indigenous people)
tupiniquim {adj} :: Tupiniquim (of or relating to the Tupiniquim indigenous people)
tupiniquim {adj} [affectionately] :: Brazilian
Tupi Paulista {prop} :: Tupi Paulista (placename)
tupla {f} [set theory] :: tuple
turba {f} /ˈtuɾβɐ/ :: crowd, throng
turba {f} :: mob
turbamulta {f} :: swarm (a mass of people or animals in turmoil)
turbante {m} /tuɹ.ˈbɐ̃.t͡ʃi/ :: turban (type of man’s head-dress)
turbar {v} :: alternative form of turvar
turbilhão {m} :: turmoil
turbilhão {m} :: whirl
turbilhão {m} :: vortex, whirlpool
turbina {f} /tuɹ.ˈ :: turbine (rotary machines that use the energy of a stream of fluid)
turboélice {f} :: turboprop (type of gas-turbine aircraft engine)
turbojato {m} :: turbojet
turbulência {f} [uncountable] :: turbulence (state of being turbulent or agitated)
turbulência {f} :: turbulence (period of agitation in the air which is disruptive to an aircraft)
turbulento {adj} /tuɾβuˈlẽtu/ :: turbulent (violently disturbed or agitated)
turco {m} :: Turk (person from Turkey)
turco {m} [historical] :: Turk (person from the Ottoman Empire)
turco {m} [uncountable] :: Turkish (Turkic language spoken in Turkey)
turco {m} [ethnicity, Brazil] :: an Arab, Jew or other immigrant from Middle East
turco {m} :: palo verde (Parkinsonia aculeata, a small tree of the Americas)
turco {adj} :: Turkish (of, from or relating to Turkey)
turcomano {adj} :: alternative form of turcomeno
turcomano {m} :: alternative form of turcomeno
turcómano {adj} [European orthography] :: rare form of turcomeno
Turcomenistão {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Turquemenistão
turcomeno {adj} :: Turkmen (of, from or relating to Turkmenistan)
turcomeno {m} :: Turkmen (person from Turkmenistan)
turcomeno {m} [uncountable] :: Turkmen (Turkic language spoken in Turkmenistan)
turco otomano {m} :: Ottoman Turkish (the variety of the Turkish language that was used as the administrative and literary language of the Ottoman Empire)
turfa {f} :: peat
turfe {m} [horse racing] :: turf (a racetrack for horses)
turfe {m} :: horse racing (the sport of racing and betting on horses)
turfeira {f} :: bog (expanse of marshland)
turíbulo {m} :: censer; thurible (religious ornamental container for burning incense)
Turim {prop} {f} :: Turim (city/and/province)
Turíngia {prop} {f} :: Turíngia (state)
turismo {m} /tu.ˈɾ :: tourism (the act of travelling or sightseeing)
turista {mf} :: tourist
turístico {adj} :: tourist (attributively)
Turiúba {prop} :: Turiúba (placename)
Turku {prop} {f} :: Turku (city)
turma {f} :: a group of people
turma {f} :: gang (number of friends)
turma {f} :: class (group of students who commenced or completed their education during a particular year)
turmalina {f} :: tourmaline (a black, semi-precious gemstone)
Turmalina {prop} :: Turmalina (placename)
Turmalina {prop} :: Turmalina (placename)
turné {f} :: alternative spelling of turnê
turnê {f} :: tour (journey through given list of places)
turno {m} /ˈtuɾnu/ :: shift (change of workers)
Turquemenistão {prop} {m} :: Turquemenistão (country)
turquesa {f} :: turquoise (a semi-precious gemstone)
turquesa {m} :: turquoise (pale greenish-blue colour)
turquesa {adj} :: turquoise (having a pale greenish-blue colour)
turquesado {adj} :: turquoise (having a pale greenish-blue colour)
turquesino {adj} :: turquoise (having a pale greenish-blue colour)
Turquestão {prop} {m} [historical] :: Turquestão (historical region)
Turquia {prop} {f} /tuʁ.ˈki.ɐ/ :: Turquia (country)
turu {m} /tu.ˈɾu/ :: shipworm (any mollusc of the family Teredinidae, which bores through the wooden hulls of ships)
Turuçu {prop} :: Turuçu (placename)
turvando {v} :: gerund of turvar
turvar {v} :: to roil, muddy, cloud, obscure
turvo {adj} /ˈtuɾ.vu/ :: dark
turvo {adj} :: muddy
turvo {adj} :: blurred
Turvo {prop} :: Turvo (placename)
Turvolândia {prop} :: Turvolândia (placename)
tusa {f} [vulgar slang] :: wood; erection
tussilagem {f} :: coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara, a herb of Europe and the Middle East)
Tutancâmon {prop} {m} :: Tutankhamon (Egyptian Pharaoh)
Tutankhamon {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Tutancâmon
tutano {m} :: marrow (substance inside bones)
tutear {v} :: to address someone informally, using the pronoun tu, to thou
tutelagem {f} :: tuition (training or instruction provided by a teacher or tutor)
tutelando {v} :: gerund of tutelar
tutelar {v} /tutɨˈlaɾ/ :: to protect (be guardian to)
tutor {m} :: tutor (one who teaches in a one-on-one or small-group interaction)
tutor {m} [legal] :: guardian (person legally responsible for a minor or incompetent person)
tutora {f} :: feminine noun of tutor
tutorar {vt} :: to tutor (to instruct or teach, especially to an individual or small group)
tutorial {m} :: tutorial (self-paced learning exercise)
tutu {m} :: tutu (ballet skirt)
tutu {m} [slang] :: money
Tuvalu {prop} {m} :: Tuvalu (country/and/archipelago)
tuvaluana {f} :: feminine noun of tuvaluano
tuvaluano {adj} :: Tuvaluan (of, from or relating to Tuvalu)
tuvaluano {m} :: Tuvaluan (person from Tuvalu)
Tuzla {prop} {f} :: Tuzla (city)
tv {f} :: alternative case form of TV
TV {f} :: initialism of televisão; TV
TV de plasma {f} :: plasma TV (a television whose display is a plasma display)
Tver {prop} {f} :: Tver (oblast)
Tver {prop} {f} :: Tver (city/regional capital)
tweed {m} :: tweed (coarse woolen fabric)
tweet {m} [Internet] :: tweet (entry posted on Twitter)
twi {m} :: Twi (dialect of the Akan language spoken in Ghana)
twist {m} :: twist (type of dance)
twittar {v} :: alternative form of tuitar
typho {m} :: obsolete spelling of tifo
typicamente {adv} :: obsolete spelling of tipicamente
typico {adj} :: obsolete spelling of típico
typo {m} :: obsolete spelling of tipo
Tyr {prop} {m} [Norse mythology] :: Tyr (god of war)
Tyro {prop} {f} :: obsolete spelling of Tiro
tzar {m} :: alternative form of czar
tzarina {f} :: alternative form of czarina
tzarismo {m} :: alternative form of czarismo