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v {letter} :: letter:
{m} /ˈve/ :: vee (name of the letter V)
{f} [colloquial] :: clipping of avó; granny
{m} [colloquial] :: clipping of avô
{pron} [internet slang] :: abbreviation of você
V {letter} :: letter
vaca {f} /ˈva.kɐ/ :: cow
vaca {f} [pejorative, slang] :: A promiscuous woman; bitch
vacaloura {f} :: stag beetle (Lucanus cervus, a large species of beetle)
vaca-loura {f} :: alternative spelling of vacaloura
vacação {f} :: vacation (period of leisure time away from work)
vacação {f} :: vacation (the act of vacating something; moving out of something)
vaca preta {f} :: coke float (a beverage made of ice cream and cola-flavored soft drink)
vacar {v} :: to vacate (to move out of a given place)
vacaria {f} :: byre (a barn for keeping cattle)
vacaria {f} :: an establishment where cows are milked in front of costumers
vacaria {f} [historical] :: a cattle farm established by the Jesuits in South America
Vacaria {prop} :: Vacaria (placename)
vaca sagrada {f} :: See: vaca sagrada
vaca sagrada {f} [idiomatic] :: sacred cow (something which cannot be tampered with)
vacatura {f} :: vacancy (the state of being vacant)
vacilar {vi} :: to vacillate (to sway unsteadily from one side to the other)
vacilar {vi} :: to vacillate (to swing from one course of action or opinion to another)
vacilar {v} [colloquial] :: to make a mistake or a wrong choice
vacina {f} :: vaccine
vacinado {adj} :: vaccinated (treated with a vaccine)
vacinado {adj} [figuratively, by extension, with contra] :: immune, invulnerable to (something)
vacinação {f} :: vaccination (inoculation with vaccines)
vacinar {v} [public health, immunology] :: to vaccinate (to treat with a vaccine)
vacância {f} :: vacancy (the state of being vacant)
vacúolo {m} [cytology] :: vacuole (a membrane-bound vesicle found in some types of cell)
vacuidade {f} /va.ku.i.ˈda.d͡ʒi/ :: vacuity; emptiness (state of being empty)
vacuidade {f} [psychology] :: the feeling of emptiness
vacuolado {adj} :: vacuolated
vadeamento {m} :: wade; fording (act of wading or fording a body of water)
vadeação {f} :: wade; fording (act of wading or fording a body of water)
vadear {v} :: to ford; to wade (to walk through a body of water)
vade-mécum {m} :: vade mecum (reference book)
vademecum {m} :: alternative spelling of vade-mécum
vadia {f} [Brazil, slang] :: bitch, slut, whore, ho
vadiagem {f} :: loitering (act of the loitering)
vadiar {vi} :: to loaf (do nothing)
vadio {m} /va.ˈði.u/ :: layabout (lazy person)
vadio {m} :: bum (homeless person)
vadio {adj} :: vagrant, homeless
vadio {adj} :: feral (animal)
vadoso {adj} [of a body of water] /vɐ.ˈðo.zu/ :: full of shallows
Vaduz {prop} {f} :: Vaduz (capital city)
vaga {f} /ˈvaɣɐ/ :: wave
vaga {f} :: opening, opportunity, vacancy
vaga {f} :: free slot, open position
vaga {f} :: absence
vaga {f} :: parking place
vagaba {mf} [colloquial] :: clipping of vagabundo
vagabunda {f} :: feminine noun of vagabundo
vagabunda {f} [Brazil, slang] :: prostitute
vagabunda {f} [Brazil, slang] :: promiscuous woman
vagabundo {adj} /vɐ.ɣɐ.ˈβũ.du/ :: idle (averse to work or labour)
vagabundo {adj} :: [an object, product or service] crappy; worthless; low-quality
vagabundo {m} [pejorative] :: tramp, hobo (homeless person)
vagabundo {m} :: wanderer; vagabond (a person on a trip of indeterminate destination and/or length of time)
vagabundo {m} :: layabout (lazy person)
vaga-lume {m} /va.ɣɐ.ˈlu.mɨ/ :: firefly (Lampyridae)
vagamente {adv} /va.ɣɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: vaguely
vagamundo {adj} :: alternative form of vagabundo
vagamundo {m} :: alternative form of vagabundo
vagante {mf} :: wanderer (one who wanders)
vagante {adj} :: who wanders
vagação {f} :: vacation (the act of vacating something)
vagação {f} :: the act of wandering
vagar {v} /vɐˈɣaɾ/ :: to wander
vagar {v} :: alternative form of vacar
vagarosamente {adv} /vɐ.ɣɐ.ɾɔ.zɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: At slow speed; slowly
vagaroso {adj} /vɐ.ɣɐ.ˈɾo.zu/ :: leisurely
vagaroso {adj} :: slow, sluggish
vagatura {f} :: alternative form of vacatura
vagem {f} [botany] /ˈva.ʒẽj̃/ :: pod (the fruit of legumes)
vagem {f} [botany, specifically] :: bean pod
vagina {f} [anatomy] :: vagina
vaginal {adj} :: vaginal
vaginalmente {adv} /ˌvɐ.ʒi.nal.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: vaginally
vaginismo {m} [pathology] :: vaginismus (painful muscular contraction of the vagina)
vago {adj} /ˈva.ɣu/ :: vague (not clearly expressed)
vago {adj} :: vague (not having a precise meaning)
vago {adj} :: vague; indistinct
vago {adj} :: vacant
vago {m} :: the vagus nerve
vago {adj} :: vacant (not occupied)
vagão {m} :: wagon (freight car on a railway)
vagão-leito {m} :: sleeping car (railroad car with beds)
vagoneta {f} :: minecart (small wheeled container that travels on tracks)
vagão-restaurante {m} :: dining car (restaurant train carriage)
Vagos {prop} /ˈvaɣuʃ/ :: Vagos (village/and/municipality)
vagueação {f} :: wander (act or instance of wandering)
vaguear {vi} :: to roam; to wander
vaguidão {f} :: vagueness
vaia {f} :: boo (derisive shout)
vaiar {v} :: to boo (to shout boos derisively)
vai com Deus {interj} /vaj.kõ.ˈdewʃ/ :: Godspeed
vai com Deus {interj} :: take care of yourself
vaidade {f} /vaj.ˈða.ðɨ/ :: vanity, conceit, pride
vaidade {f} :: ostentation
vaidade {f} :: presumption
vaidoso {adj} /vaj.ˈðo.zu/ :: vain (overly proud of one's appearance)
vaidoso {adj} :: proud
vaidoso {adj} :: presumptuous
vai entender {interj} :: go figure
vai que {adv} :: what if (introduces a wild speculation)
vairão {m} :: minnow (any of several small cyprinid fish)
vai saber {phrase} :: See: vai saber
vai saber {phrase} :: who knows (a rhetorical question asked to show that the asker neither knows the answer nor who might know it)
vai saber {phrase} :: who knows (asked to express the idea that anything is possible)
vai se foder {phrase} [vulgar] :: fuck you!, go fuck yourself!
vai tomar no cu {phrase} [vulgar] :: fuck off
vai tomar no seu cu {phrase} :: alternative form of vai tomar no cu
vai ver {adv} [Brazil, colloquial, only in the beginning of sentences] :: possibly; perhaps; maybe
vai ver {adv} :: See: vai ver
vaivém {m} /vaj.ˈvẽj̃/ :: to-and-fro motion; swaying motion
vaivém {m} :: coming and going (bustle of activity)
vaivém {m} [figurative] :: ups and downs (periods of positive and negative events, moods, or interactions)
vaivém {m} [figurative, uncountable] :: inconstancy; the state of being constantly changing
val {m} :: apocopic form of vale: valley
vala {f} :: ditch, trench
vala coletiva {f} :: mass grave (a grave with many corpses)
vala comum {f} :: mass grave (a grave with many corpses)
valado {m} /va.ˈla.du/ :: a ditch, hedge or bank surrounding a property
valado {m} :: a property surrounded by a ditch, hedge or bank
valado {adj} :: surrounded by a ditch, hedge or bank
Valdemar {prop} {m} /ˌˈmaʁ/ :: given name
Valdemiro {prop} {m} :: given name
valdevinos {m} :: tramp
valdevinos {m} :: pauper
valdevinos {m} :: scallywag
Valdivina {prop} {f} :: given name
Valdivino {prop} {m} :: given name
vale {m} /ˈva.lɨ/ :: valley
vale {m} :: voucher, coupon
Vale de Aosta {prop} {m} :: Vale de Aosta (region)
Vale de Cambra {prop} /ˈval(ɨ) ðɨ ˈkɐ̃bɾɐ/ :: Vale de Cambra (city/and/municipality)
Vale do Silício {prop} {m} :: Silicon Valley (region in the San Francisco Bay Area with a high-tech industries)
Vale do Sol {prop} :: Vale do Sol (placename)
Valença {prop} {f} /vɐˈlẽsɐ/ :: Valença (city/and/municipality)
Valença {prop} {f} :: Valença (placename)
Valença {prop} {f} :: Valença (placename)
valenciana {f} :: feminine noun of valenciano
valenciano {m} :: Valencian (person from Valencia)
valenciano {m} [uncountable] :: Valencia (the dialect of Catalan spoken in Valencia)
valenciano {adj} :: Valencian (of, from or relating to Valencia)
valente {adj} /vɐ.ˈlẽ.tɨ/ :: valiant; courageous
valente {adj} [chemistry] :: valent (having valence)
valente {mf} :: a valiant person
Valente {prop} :: Valente (placename)
valentia {f} :: boldness; courage
Valentim {prop} {m} /ˌva.lẽ.ˈt͡ʃĩ/ :: given name
Valentim Gentil {prop} :: Valentim Gentil (placename)
Valentino {prop} {m} /ˌva.lẽ.ˈt͡ʃ :: given name, alternative form of Valentim
valentão {adj} /va.lẽ.ˈtɐ̃w̃/ :: augmentative of valente
valentão {adj} :: rowdy (rough and disorderly)
valentão {m} :: brawler; rowdy person
valentão {m} :: bully (person who is cruel to others, especially those who are weaker or have less power)
valer {vt} /vɐˈleɾ/ :: to be worth, valid or acceptable
valer a pena {v} :: to be worthwhile
Vale Real {prop} :: Vale Real (placename)
valeriana {f} :: valerian (Valeriana officinalis, a medicinal herb of Europe)
valer-se {vr} :: to show bravery
valer-se de {vr} :: to make use of (to use productively)
valet {mf} :: valet (a person employed to park cars)
valeta {f} :: gutter (ditch along the side of a road)
Valeta {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Valletta
valete {m} [playing card] /va.ˈlɛ.tɨ/ :: jack
valetudinário {adj} [medicine] :: sickly; valetudinarian (frequently ill)
vale-tudo {m} :: mixed martial arts (combat sport allowing a wide range of combat techniques)
vale-tudo {m} :: a situation in which any means may be used
valeu {interj} [familiar] /vɐˈlew/ :: thanks (expression of gratitude or satisfaction)
Vale Verde {prop} :: Vale Verde (placename)
valew {interj} [internet slang] :: Expression of gratitude or satisfaction; thank you; thanks
valews {interj} [internet slang] :: Expression of gratitude or satisfaction; thank you; thanks
valha {f} :: value, worth
valha {interj} :: cor; woah (exclamation of surprise or amazement)
Valhala {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Valhalla
Valhalla {prop} {mf} [Norse mythology] :: Valhalla (the home of warriors slain gloriously in battle)
valha o que valer {phrase} :: for what it's worth (considering what limited worth this advice may have)
valha o que valha {phrase} :: alternative form of valha o que valer
valia {f} /va.ˈli.ɐ/ :: worth (the inherent quality that makes something desirable)
validade {f} :: validity
validade {f} :: legitimacy
validando {v} :: gerund of validar
validar {v} :: to validate
validez {f} :: validity (the quality of being valid)
validez {f} :: able-bodiedness (the quality of being able-bodied)
valina {f} [amino acid] :: valine (an essential aminoacid)
Valinhos {prop} :: Valinhos (placename)
valioso {adj} :: valuable
valisa {f} :: alternative form of valise
valise {f} :: a small suitcase
Valletta {prop} {f} :: Valletta (capital city)
vallão {m} :: obsolete spelling of valão
vallão {adj} :: obsolete spelling of valão
valência {f} [chemistry] :: valence / valency
Valência {prop} {f} :: Valência (autonomous community)
Valónia {prop} {f} [European orthography] :: Valónia (region)
Valônia {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Valónia
valo {m} :: wall (structure built for defense surrounding or separating an area)
valão {m} /va.ˈlɐ̃w̃/ :: Walloon (person from Wallonia)
valão {m} [uncountable] :: Walloon (Romance language spoken in Wallonia)
valão {adj} :: Walloon (of, from or relating to Wallonia)
valão {adj} :: Walloon (of, relating to or written in the Walloon language)
valão {m} :: augmentative of vala
Valongo {prop} /vɐˈlõɡu/ :: Valongo (city/and/municipality)
valor {m} /vɐ.ˈloɾ/ :: value (numerical quantity measured, assigned or computed)
valor {m} :: value (the degree of importance one gives to something)
valor {m} :: price; cost
valor {m} :: value (quality that renders something desirable or valuable)
valor absoluto {m} [mathematics] :: absolute value (value of a number regardless of its sign)
valor absoluto {m} :: See: valor absoluto
valorar {v} :: to value (to fix or determine the value of)
valorar {v} :: to value (to hold something as important or desirable)
valor de verdade {m} [logic] :: truth value (variable with two possible values: true or false)
valorização {f} [economy] /ˌva.lo.ˌɾˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: an increase in value
valorização {f} :: the act of valuing (regarding highly)
valorizar {vt} /vɐluɾiˈzaɾ/ :: to value, to regard, to place importance upon
valorizar {vt} :: to give or add value to
valor nominal {m} [economics] :: nominal value (value without adjusting for inflation)
valoroso {adj} :: valuable, valorous
valor próprio {m} :: See: valor próprio
valor próprio {m} [linear algebra] :: eigenvalue (change in magnitude of an eigenvector)
valor-verdade {m} [logic] :: truth value (variable with two possible values: true or false)
Valpaços {prop} /ˌvaɫˈpasuʃ/ :: Valpaços (city/and/municipality)
Valparaíso {prop} :: Valparaíso (placename)
Valáquia {prop} {f} :: Valáquia (subregion/and/former principality)
valáquio {adj} /va.ˈla.kju/ :: Wallachian (of, from or relating to Wallachia)
valáquio {m} :: Wallachian (person from Wallachia)
valquíria {f} [Norse mythology] :: valkyrie (any of the female attendants of Odin)
Valquíria {prop} {f} :: given name
Valéria {prop} {f} :: given name
valsa {f} /ˈvaɫ.sɐ/ :: waltz
valsar {v} :: to waltz
Valter {prop} {m} :: given name
valva {f} [anatomy] :: valve (membrane which permits passage in one direction)
valverde {m} :: toadflax (any plant of the genus Linaria)
valvulopatia {f} [pathology] :: valvulopathy (any disease or disorder of the valves of the heart)
vamos {interj} /ˈvɐ.muʃ/ :: let's go
vamos {interj} :: come on! (an expression of encouragement)
vamos lá {interj} :: let's go
vamos lá {interj} :: come on! (an expression of encouragement)
vampira {f} :: feminine noun of vampiro; vampiress
vampiro {m} /vɐ̃.ˈpi.ɾu/ :: vampire (mythological creature)
vampiro {m} :: vampire bat (blood sucking bat)
vampiro {m} :: vamp (woman who uses sexual desire to exploit men)
vampírico {adj} :: vampiric (having the traits of a vampire)
van {f} :: van (a covered vehicle used for carrying goods)
vanadato {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: vanadate
vanadócito {m} :: vanadocyte
vanadinita {f} [mineral] :: vanadinite (a mineral)
Vancouver {prop} {mf} /vɐ̃.ˈku.veʁ/ :: Vancouver (city)
vandalear {v} [nonce] :: to speak Vandalic
vandalismo {m} :: vandalism
vandalizar {v} :: to vandalize
Vanderlei {prop} {m} /ˌvɐ̃.deʁ.ˈlej/ :: given name
Vanderley {prop} {m} :: given name, a spelling variant of Vanderlei
vanádio {m} :: vanadium
vandálico {adj} :: vandalic (having the nature of vandalism)
vandálico {adj} :: Vandalic (relating to the Vandals)
vandálico {prop} {m} :: Vandalic (an extinct East Germanic language once spoken by the Vandals)
Vanessa {prop} {f} :: given name
vanglorioso {adj} :: vainglorious (with excessive vanity or unwarranted pride)
vanglória {f} /vɐ̃.ˈɡlɔ.ɾi.a/ :: vainglory (excessive vanity)
van Gogh {m} :: a painting by Vincent van Gogh
van Gogh {m} :: a painter with a style or life story similar to Vincent van Gogh’s
Van Gogh {m} :: alternative form of van Gogh
vanguarda {f} [military] /vɐ̃.ˈɡwaɹ.da/ :: vanguard (leading units of an army)
vanguarda {f} :: vanguard (forefront of any group or movement)
vanguardista {adj} [art] :: avant-garde (innovative or pioneering in art)
vanguardista {mf} [military unit] :: a soldier in the vanguard
vanguardista {mf} [art] :: a member of the avant-garde
Vanini {prop} :: Vanini (placename)
vantagem {f} :: advantage, vantage
vantagem {f} :: benefit
vantajosamente {adv} :: advantageously (in an advantageous manner)
vantajosidade {f} :: advantageousness (the quality of being advantageous)
vantajoso {adj} /vɐ̃.tɐ.ˈʒo.zu/ :: advantageous (being of advantage)
vantajoso {adj} :: worthwhile (good and important enough to spend time, effort, or money on)
Vanuatu {prop} {m} :: Vanuatu (archipelago/and/country)
vapor {m} /vɐ.ˈpoɾ/ :: vapor / vapour
vaporização {f} :: vaporization
vaporização {f} :: evaporation
vaporizar {v} :: to vaporize
vapt vupt {adv} [colloquial] :: With speed; rapidly; quickly
vaqueira {f} :: feminine noun of vaqueiro; cowgirl
vaqueiro {m} /vɐ.ˈkɐj.ɾu/ :: cowboy (person who tends cattle)
vaqueiro {m} [Brazil] :: shiny cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis, a New World passerine bird)
vaqueyro {m} :: obsolete spelling of vaqueiro
vaquinha {f} :: diminutive of vaca
vaquinha {f} [colloquial] :: money collected from a group of people in order to pay for something that benefits the whole group
vara {f} /ˈva.ɾɐ/ :: A unit of length, a yard
vara {f} :: A stick, a twig
vara {f} :: A district court, an original court, a trial court/court of first instance
vara-de-ouro {f} :: goldenrod (any plant of the genus Solidago)
vara de pesca {f} :: fishing rod (rod with a line used for fishing)
vara de pescar {f} :: alternative form of vara de pesca
varal {m} :: clothesline
varanda {f} /vɐ.ˈɾɐ̃.dɐ/ :: balcony, veranda, terrace
varanda {f} :: porch
varandim {m} :: narrow balcony
varandim {m} :: parapet (low retaining wall)
varangiano {m} [historical] :: Varangian (member of a Scandinavian tribe that settled around Constantinople)
varangiano {m} [military unit, historical] :: Varangian (member of the Byzantine imperial body guard)
varano {m} :: monitor lizard (any lizard of the genus Varanus)
varapau {m} /va.ɾa.ˈpaw/ :: staff (long and stiff piece of wood)
varapau {mf} [Brazil] :: a tall and skinny person
varar {v} :: to overthrow; to pull down
varear {v} :: to pole (to propel a watercraft by pushing with poles)
vareja {f} /va.ˈɾe.ʒɐ/ :: clipping of varejeira
varejeira {f} :: any large species of fly that lays its eggs in flesh
varejeira azul {f} :: bluebottle (any of various blowflies of the genus Calliphora that have an iridescent metallic-blue body)
varejista {m} [Brazil] /ˌva.ɾe.ˈʒis.ta/ :: retailer (retail sales company)
varejista {mf} [Brazil] :: retailer (retail salesman or woman)
varejista {adj} [Brazil] :: retail (relating to the sale of goods or services directly to individual consumers)
varejo {m} :: retail (sale of goods directly to the consumer)
vareniki {mp} :: varenyky (a kind of dumplings)
Varese {prop} {f} :: Varese (city/and/province)
vareta {f} :: rod, stick
vareta {f} :: ramrod
vareta {f} :: drumstick
Vargem {prop} :: Vargem (placename)
Vargem {prop} :: Vargem (placename)
Vargem Alegre {prop} :: Vargem Alegre (placename)
Vargem Bonita {prop} :: Vargem Bonita (placename)
Vargem Bonita {prop} :: Vargem Bonita (placename)
Vargem Grande do Rio Pardo {prop} :: Vargem Grande do Rio Pardo (placename)
Vargem Grande do Sul {prop} :: Vargem Grande do Sul (placename)
Vargem Grande Paulista {prop} :: Vargem Grande Paulista (placename)
Vargeão {prop} :: Vargeão (placename)
Varginha {prop} :: Varginha (placename)
variabilidade {f} :: variability (degree to which a thing is variable)
variado {adj} :: diverse, various
variado {adj} :: varied
variado {adj} [figurative] :: delirious
variado {adj} [figurative, colloquial] :: thoughtless
variando {v} :: gerund of variar
variante {f} :: variant
variação {f} :: variation, fluctuation
variação {f} :: variance, range
variação antigénica {f} [European orthography, immunology] :: antigenic variation (the mechanism by which an infectious organism changes its surface proteins in favour of circumventing a host immune response)
variação antigênica {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of variação antigénica
variar {v} /vɐ.ɾi.ˈaɾ/ :: to vary (to change with time or a similar parameter)
variar {v} :: to vary (to institute a change in)
variar {v} [grammar] :: to inflect (to vary the form of a word)
variavelmente {adv} :: variably (in a variable manner)
varicela {f} [pathology] :: chickenpox (a common childhood disease)
varicocele {f} [medicine, andrology] :: varicocele (varicose veins in the area of the scrotum)
variedade {f} /vɐɾjɛˈðaðɨ/ :: variety (quality of being varied)
variedade {f} :: (mathematics) manifold
variegado {adj} :: variegated (streaked or spotted with a variety of colours)
varietal {adj} :: varietal
variólico {adj} [medicine] :: variolous (or or pertaining to smallpox)
variância {f} :: variance
varinha {f} :: wand (stick or staff, used to perform a useful function)
varinha de condão {f} [fantasy] :: magic wand (stick used to perform magic)
varinha mágica {f} [fantasy] :: magic wand (stick used to perform magic)
varinha mágica {f} :: mixer (electric appliance to mix ingredients, esp. hand mixer or blender)
vario {adj} :: obsolete spelling of vário
varioloso {adj} [medicine] :: variolous (of or pertaining to smallpox)
varios {pron} :: obsolete spelling of vários
variável {adj} :: variable (able to vary)
variável {f} :: variable (something able to vary)
variável {f} [programming] :: variable (named memory location)
variz {f} [pathology] :: varicose vein (abnormally swollen or dilated vein)
varêja {f} :: obsolete spelling of vareja
Varjão de Minas {prop} :: Varjão de Minas (placename)
Varna {prop} {f} :: Varna (city)
varão {adj} /vɐˈɾɐ̃w̃/ :: male
varão {m} :: male, man
varão {m} :: handrail, rail
varão {m} :: pole
varíola {f} [pathology] :: smallpox (an acute, highly infectious and often fatal disease)
varonil {adj} :: manly
varredor {m} :: sweeper (one responsible for sweeping)
varredor de rua {m} :: street sweeper
varredura {f} :: sweeping
varrer {vit} /va.ˈʁe(ɹ)/ :: to sweep (to clean [a place] using a broom)
varrer {v} [para, .transitive, .or] :: to sweep (to move something using a broom)
varrer {v} [de, .figurative, .transitive, .or] :: to devastate or expel something completely and quickly
varrer {vt} [figurative] :: to sweep; to go through (to search a place methodically)
varrer {vt} [computing] :: to scan (to examine sequentially, part by part)
varrer para debaixo do tapete {v} [idiomatic] :: to sweep something under the rug (to conceal a problem expediently)
Varre-Sai {prop} :: Varre-Sai (placename)
varrão {m} :: alternative form of barrão
Varsóvia {prop} {f} :: Varsóvia (capital city)
Varzedo {prop} :: Varzedo (placename)
Varzelândia {prop} :: Varzelândia (placename)
Varzim {prop} {f} :: clipping of Póvoa de Varzim
vascaíno {adj} [Brazil, soccer] :: Pertaining to, or related to Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama
vascaíno {m} [Brazil, soccer] :: A player or supporter of Clube de Regatas Vasco da Gama sports team, especially the association football (soccer) team
vasconço {m} :: Basque (language isolate spoken in northeastern Spain and southwestern France)
vasconço {m} [colloquial] :: Greek (unintelligible speech)
vasconço {adj} :: relating to the Basque language
vascular {adj} [anatomy] :: vascular (of, pertaining to or containing blood vessels)
vasculhar {v} :: to scour (search an area thoroughly)
vasculhar {v} :: to sweep (clean using a broom)
vasculho {m} :: broom used to clean ceilings
vasculho {m} [slang, pejorative] :: prostitute
vasectomia {f} [surgery] :: vasectomy (surgical sterilisation of a man)
vasilha {f} :: vessel (container for liquid)
Vasili {prop} {m} :: given name; variant of Vassili
vaso {m} /ˈva.zu/ :: vessel (container of liquid)
vaso {m} :: vase (container for flowers)
vaso {m} [biology] :: vessel (tube or canal that carries fluid)
vaso {m} [Brazil] :: toilet (device for depositing human waste and then flushing it)
vasão {f} /va.ˈzɐ̃w̃/ :: augmentative of vaso
vasopressina {f} [hormone] :: vasopressin (an antidiuretic hormone secreted by the pituitary gland)
vaso sanguíneo {m} :: blood vessel
vaso sanitário {m} :: toilet (device for depositing human waste and flushing it away)
Vasques {prop} {mf} :: surname
vassalagem {f} [historical] :: vassalage
vassallo {m} :: obsolete spelling of vassalo
vassallo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of vassalo
vassalo {m} /vɐ.ˈ :: vassal (feudalism)
vassalo {adj} :: subordinate
Vassili {prop} {m} /va.ˈ :: given name
vassoira {f} :: alternative form of vassoura
vassoura {f} /vɐ.ˈso(w).ɾɐ/ :: broom (domestic utensil used to sweep)
vassoura {f} :: broom (any of several shrubs with thin, long branches)
vassoura nova varre bem {proverb} :: a new broom sweeps clean (new management will often make radical changes)
Vassouras {prop} :: Vassouras (placename)
vassoyra {f} :: obsolete form of vassoura
vastar {v} :: alternative form of devastar
vastidaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of vastidão
vastidão {f} [uncountable] /vɐʃ.ti.ˈðɐ̃w̃/ :: vastness (quality of being vast)
vastidão {f} :: vastness (something vast)
vasto {adj} /ˈvaʃ.tu/ :: Very large or wide; vast
vate {mf} :: vates (divinely inspired poet)
vaticano {adj} :: Vatican (relating to the Vatican)
Vaticano {prop} {m} /vɐtiˈkɐnu/ :: Vaticano (country)
Vaticano {prop} {m} :: the Vatican; the Roman Catholic Church
vaticinar {v} :: to vaticinate; to prophesy; to predict (to indicate that some future event will occur)
vaticínio {m} :: a prophecy; prediction
vau {m} /ˈvaw/ :: ford (location where a river is shallow enough to be crossed by foot)
vau {m} :: shoal
vav {m} :: vav (name of the Hebrew letter ו)
Vayu {prop} {m} [Hinduism] :: Vayu (god of wind in Hinduism)
vazaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of vazão
vazador {m} :: leak (person who discloses secret information)
vazador {m} :: a device used to open orifices
vazadora {f} :: feminine noun of vazador
vazadoras {f} :: feminine noun of vazador
vazadouro {m} :: tip, landfill
vazamento {m} :: leak, leakage
vazamento de memória {m} [computing] :: memory leak (fault in a program’s memory allocation logic)
vazando {v} :: gerund of vazar
vazante {f} :: ebb (receding movement of the tide)
vazante {f} :: low tide (the tide at its lowest level)
vazante {adj} [of a liquid] :: which is emptying or leaking, getting out of a container
Vazante {prop} :: Vazante (placename)
vazar {v} /vɐˈzaɾ/ :: to leak
vazar {v} [figurative] :: to become public or exposed [private content]
vazar {v} [Brazil, slang] :: to go away; to leave
vazia {f} /va.ˈzi.ɐ/ :: hip (either side of the pelvis)
vaziar {v} :: alternative form of esvaziar
vazio {adj} /vɐ.ˈzi.u/ :: devoid of content; empty
vazio {adj} :: not significant; insignificant
vazão {f} /va.ˈzɐ̃w̃/ :: emptying (the act of removing all fluid from a container)
vazão {f} [hydrology] :: discharge (volume of water transported by a river in a certain amount of time)
vazão {f} [by extension] :: flow (movement of people or things in a particular direction)
víbora {f} /ˈɾa/ :: viper
vc {pron} [Internet slang, text messaging] :: you (singular)
vício {m} /ˈvisju/ :: vice
vício {m} :: defect
vício {m} :: addiction
vá com Deus {interj} :: alternative form of vai com Deus
Víctor {prop} {m} :: given name; alternative form of Vítor
vácuo {m} /ˈva.ku.o/ :: vacuum (region that contains no matter)
vácuo {m} :: a lack, especially of something abstract
vácuo {m} :: the space behind a moving vehicle without drag
vácuo {adj} :: vacuous (lacking meaningful content)
vdd {n} [internet slang] :: abbreviation of verdade
vídeo {m} :: video
vídeo game {m} :: alternative spelling of video game
vídeo-game {m} :: alternative spelling of video game
védico {adj} [Hinduism] :: Vedic (of or pertaining to the Vedas)
védico {adj} [linguistics] :: Vedic (of or relating to the Sanskrit language of the Vedas)
Ve {prop} {m} [Norse mythology] :: (brother of Odin)
veadinho {m} :: diminutive of veado; little faggot
veado {m} /ˈvjaðu/ :: deer (the animal)
veado {m} [Brazil, slang, derogatory] :: male homosexual
veado-de-cauda-branca {m} :: white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus, a deer of the Americas)
veado-do-cabo {m} :: hartebeest (Alcelaphus bucelaphus, an African antelope)
vector {m} :: superseded spelling of vetor
vectorial {adj} :: superseded spelling of vetorial
veículo {m} /ve.ˈ :: vehicle; conveyance (device for carrying or transporting)
veículo {m} :: automobile (passenger vehicle)
veículo {m} :: medium (the means or channel by which an aim is achieved)
veículo {m} :: anything which conducts or transmits something
Veda {prop} {m} [Hinduism] :: Veda (Sanskrit scriptures)
vedante {adj} :: sealing, sealant
vedação {f} [legal] :: ban
vedação {f} :: sealing
vedar {v} /ve.ˈda(ɹ)/ :: to ban; to prohibit
vedar {v} :: to impede; to obstruct
vedar {v} :: to seal (to close securely)
vedor {m} [government] /ve.ˈdoʁ/ :: inspector (person employed to inspect something)
vedor {m} :: seer (one who sees something)
vedor {m} [divination] :: dowser (one who uses a dowsing rod to find underground water)
vedôr {m} :: obsolete spelling of vedor
veemente {adj} :: vehement
veemente {adj} :: vigorous
veemente {adj} :: overwhelming
veementemente {adv} :: vehemently (in a vehement manner)
veemência {f} :: vehemence (an intense concentration, force or power)
vegana {f} :: vegan (supporter of veganism)
veganismo {m} :: veganism (the practice of not consuming any animal product)
vegano {adj} :: vegan (relating to vegans or veganism)
vegano {m} :: vegan (person who follows a vegan diet)
vegetal {m} :: vegetable (edible material derived from a plant)
vegetal {m} [figuratively] :: vegetable (person whose body or brain has been damaged so that they cannot interact with the surrounding environment)
vegetal {adj} :: Relative to plants and vegetables
vegetalismo {m} :: the use of plants, particularly ayahuasca, for medicinal or religious purposes
vegetalismo {m} :: the form of vegetarianism in which no animal products are eaten
vegetalismo {m} [architecture] :: the use of plant-themed embellishments
vegetalismo {m} [rare, collective] :: a group of vegetables
vegetalista {adj} :: vegan
vegetalista {mf} :: vegan
vegetação {f} :: vegetation (plants collectively)
vegetar {v} [biology, of a plant] :: to vegetate (to grow or sprout)
vegetar {v} [colloquial] :: to vegetate (to live in a dull, inactive or unchallenging way)
vegetarianismo {m} :: vegetarianism (the practice of following a vegetarian diet)
vegetariano {adj} :: vegetarian
vegetariano {m} :: vegetarian
vehemente {adj} :: obsolete form of veemente
vehiculo {m} :: obsolete form of veículo
veia {f} [anatomy] /ˈvɐj.ɐ/ :: vein (blood vessel that transports blood to the heart)
veia {f} [botany] :: vein (thickened portion of a leaf)
veia {f} [geology] :: vein (body of minerals distinct from the surrounding rock)
veia {f} :: a small stream or creek
veia cava {f} [anatomy] :: vena cava (large vein that returns blood into the right atrium)
veia porta {f} [anatomy] :: portal (vein that carries blood into the liver)
veio {m} /ˈvɐj.u/ :: vein (stripe or streak of a different colour or composition)
veio {m} [geology, mining] :: vein (thin deposit of a mineral or metal)
veio {m} :: rivulet (a very small stream)
veio {m} /ˈvɛ.ju/ :: eye dialect of velho
veio {m} [Brazil, slang] :: bro (informal term of address for a friend)
veio {adj} :: eye dialect of velho
Veios {prop} {f} /ˈ :: Veios (ancient city)
veiro {m} [tincture] :: vair
veja {f} /ˈvɐ(j).ʒɐ/ :: Mediterranean parrotfish (Sparisoma cretense, a fish of the Atlantic Ocean)
vela {f} /ˈvɛ.lɐ/ :: candle
vela {f} :: clipping of vela de ignição
vela {f} [nautical] :: sail
vela {f} [nautical, sports] :: sailing
vela de ignição {f} :: spark plug (device that forms a high-voltage spark for fuel ignition)
velado {adj} :: veiled
veladura {f} :: glaze (semi-transparent layer of paint)
veladura {f} :: vigil (watch kept during the night over the body of a person)
vela-hora {f} :: candle-hour
velar {adj} [phonetics] :: velar (articulated at the soft palate)
velar {f} [phonetics] :: velar (a consonant articulated at the soft palate)
velar {v} :: to veil (to cover with a veil)
velar {v} :: to veil; to conceal; to hide
velar {v} :: to damage photographic film due to excessive light
velar {v} :: to keep a vigil (overnight watch over a deceased or dying person)
velar {v} :: to protect; to defend (especially something abstract, such as reputation)
Velas {prop} /ˈvɛlɐʃ/ :: Velas (village/and/municipality)
vela solar {f} [astronautics] :: solar sail (a sail-like structure on a spacecraft)
velatura {f} :: alternative form of veladura
velcro {m} :: Velcro (fastener consisting of two strips of fabric)
velódromo {m} :: velodrome
veleidade {f} :: velleity (slight wish)
veleiro {m} :: sailboat (boat propelled by sails)
velejar {v} /vɨ.lɨ.ˈʒaɾ/ :: to sail
velhacaria {f} :: deceit (act or behaviour intended to deceive)
velhaco {adj} /vɨ.ˈʎa.ku/ :: sly, treacherous
velhaco {m} :: rogue, rascal
velhaco {m} :: libertine
velhice {f} /vɨ.ˈʎi.sɨ/ :: oldness, age (the property of that which is old)
velhice {f} :: old age (the time when one is an old person)
velhinha {f} :: diminutive of velha
velhinho {m} :: diminutive of velho
velho {adj} /ˈvɛ.ʎu/ :: old; ancient (having existed for a long period of time)
velho {adj} [of a living being] :: old; aged (having lived for most of the expected years)
velho {adj} [of an object] :: old (that has been used for a considerable period of time)
velho {adj} :: old (obsolete or out-of-date)
velho {m} [sometimes, offensive] :: an old person
velho {m} [slang] :: father
velho {m} [slang, Brazil] :: an informal form of address for males of any age; bro
Velho Mundo {prop} {m} :: Velho Mundo (supercontinent)
velhos hábitos nunca morrem {proverb} :: old habits die hard (literally: Old habits never die)
velhota {f} [colloquial, derogatory] /ve.ˈʎɔ.tɐ/ :: old woman
velhote {adj} :: oldish
velhote {m} [colloquial] :: old man
velhote {m} [colloquial] :: father; old man
velhíssimo {adj} :: oldest; very old
velinha {f} :: diminutive of vela
velino {m} :: vellum (type of parchment paper made from the skin of a lamb, baby goat or calf)
vella {f} :: obsolete spelling of vela
vellejar {v} :: obsolete spelling of velejar
velocidade {f} /vɨˈða.ðɨ/ :: velocity; speed (rate of movement)
velocidade {f} :: speed; velocity; rapidity (the condition of being fast, rapid)
velocidade angular {f} [physics] :: angular velocity (rate of rotation)
velocidade de escapamento {f} [astrophysics] :: escape velocity (minimum velocity needed to escape the gravitational field of a heavenly body)
velocidade de escape {f} [astrophysics] :: escape velocity (minimum velocity needed to escape the gravitational field of a heavenly body)
velocímetro {m} :: speedometer (a device that indicates the speed of a vehicle)
Veloso {prop} {m} :: surname
velour {m} :: velour (a knit fabric similar to velvet)
veloz {adj} :: fast; quick (moving or capable of moving with great speed)
velozmente {adv} :: fast; quickly (with great speed)
velório {m} :: wake (period after a person’s death before the body is buried)
veludo {m} /vɨ.ˈlu.ðu/ :: velvet (type of fabric)
vença {v} :: first-, third-person singular subjunctive present of vencer
venalidade {f} :: venality
venatório {adj} :: venatic; venatorial (of or pertaining to hunting)
vencedor {m} :: winner (one who has won or often wins), victor
vencer {vti} /vẽ.ˈseɾ/ :: to win
vencer {vt} :: to defeat, overcome
vencer {v} :: [labeled food or drink] to expire
vencerá {v} :: third-person singular indicative future of vencer
Venceslau {prop} {m} :: given name
vencido {adj} /vẽ.ˈsi.ðu/ :: defeated; overcome; beaten
vencido {adj} :: exhausted (extremely tired)
vencido {adj} :: past the expiration date
vencido {adj} :: due [owed or owing]
vencimento {m} /vẽ.si.ˈmẽ.tu/ :: victory, triumph
vencimento {m} :: maturity (of a financial instrument)
vencimento {m} :: salary
vencível {adj} :: vincible (capable of being defeated)
vencível {adj} [of a debt] :: having a determined due date
venda {f} /ˈvẽ.dɐ/ :: sale (instance of selling something)
venda {f} :: general store (store which sells a large variety of useful things, without specializing)
venda {f} :: blindfold (covering for the eyes)
venda casada {f} :: product tying (the practice of selling one product or service as a mandatory addition to the purchase of a different product or service)
venda cruzada {f} :: the act of cross-selling products
vendagem {f} :: sale
vendar {v} /vẽˈdaɾ/ :: to blindfold
Vendas Novas {prop} /ˈvẽdɐʒ ˈnɔvɐʃ/ :: Vendas Novas (city/and/municipality)
vendaval {m} [meteorology] /vẽdɐˈvaɫ/ :: windstorm, gale
vendaval {m} [figuratively] :: tumult
vendedor {m} :: salesman
vendedora {f} :: feminine noun of vendedor
vendedor ambulante {m} :: peddler; hawker (itinerant seller of small goods)
vender {vt} /vẽˈdeɾ/ :: to sell
vendido {adj} :: that has been given in exchange for money; sold
vendilhão {m} :: hawker, peddler
vendável {adj} [uncomparable] /vẽ.ˈda.vew/ :: which may be sold
vendável {adj} :: which sells easily or quickly
vendível {adj} :: alternative form of vendável
veneno {m} /vɨ.ˈ :: poison (substance harmful to a living organism)
veneno {m} [figurative] :: poison (something that harms a person or thing)
veneno {m} [figurative] :: venom (feeling or speech marked by spite or malice)
venenoso {adj} /vɨ.nɨ.ˈno.zu/ :: poisonous
venerando {v} :: gerund of venerar
veneração {f} /vɨ.nɨ.ɾɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: veneration, reverence
venerar {v} /vẽ.nɛ.ˈra(h)/ :: to venerate
venerável {adj} /vɨ.nɨ.ˈɾa.vɛɫ/ :: venerable (commanding respect because of age, dignity, character or position)
venerável {adj} :: venerable (worthy of reverence)
venerável {adj} [Roman Catholicism] :: undergoing beatification
Veneza {prop} {f} :: Veneza (city/regional capital)
Veneza {prop} {f} [historical] :: Veneza (former maritime republic)
veneziana {f} :: feminine noun of veneziano
veneziana {f} :: Venetian blind (blind consisting of overlapping horizontal slats)
veneziano {adj} :: Venetian (of, from or relating to Venice)
veneziano {m} :: Venetian (person from Venice)
veneziano {m} [uncountable] :: the dialect of the Venetian language spoken in Venice
Venezuela {prop} {f} :: Venezuela (country)
venezuelano {adj} :: Venezuelan (of, from or relating to Venezuela)
venezuelano {m} :: Venezuelan (person from Venezuela)
venial {adj} :: venial (pardonable; able to be forgiven)
venial {adj} :: venial (excusable; trifling)
Venâncio Aires {prop} :: Venâncio Aires (placename)
venço {v} :: first-person singular indicative present of vencer
venoso {adj} [anatomy] :: venous (of or pertaining to veins)
ventã {f} [dated] /vẽ.ˈtɐ̃/ :: window
ventã {f} [dialectal] :: alternative form of venta
venta {f} /ˈvẽ.tɐ/ :: nostril, especially of livestock
venta {f} :: nose
venta {f} :: face
ventana {f} [Brazil, archaic] /vẽ.ˈtɐ.nɐ/ :: window
ventania {f} :: gale (very strong wind)
ventar {vi} [impersonal, of wind] /ˈvẽ.ˈta(ɾ)/ :: to blow
ventilador {m} :: fan, ventilator
ventilação {f} :: ventilation
ventilar {v} :: to ventilate
vento {m} /ˈvẽ.tu/ :: wind (moving air)
vento {m} [less common] :: air (gases of the atmosphere)
vento {m} [figurative] :: nothingness; nothing (the lack of something)
vento de feição {m} [nautical] :: fair wind (wind blowing in the direction the sailor wants to go)
vento estelar {m} [astronomy] :: stellar wind
ventoinha {f} /vẽ.ˈtwi.ɲɐ/ :: fan (electrical device used to cool people or machinery)
ventoinha {f} :: weather vane (a device showing the direction of the wind)
vento ponteiro {m} [nautical] :: foul wind (wind against travelled direction)
vento repugnante {m} [nautical] :: foul wind (wind against travelled direction)
ventoso {adj} /vẽˈtozu/ :: windy
ventoso {m} :: Ventôse
vento solar {m} [astronomy] /ˈvẽ.tuʃ/ :: solar wind
ventral {adj} :: ventral (relating to the abdomen or stomach)
ventral {adj} [anatomy] :: ventral (on the front side of the human body or the according surface of an animal)
ventrículo {m} [anatomy] :: ventricle (one of two lower chambers of the heart)
ventrículo {m} [anatomy] :: ventricle (one of the cavities of the brain)
ventre {m} /ˈvẽ.tɾɨ/ :: The belly, abdomen, stomach
ventre {m} :: The womb
ventricular {adj} :: ventricular (of or relating to a ventricle)
ventriloquia {f} :: ventriloquism (the art of projecting one’s voice so that it appears to come from another source)
ventriloquismo {m} :: ventriloquism (the art of projecting one’s voice so that it appears to come from another source)
ventríloquo {m} :: ventriloquist (a person who practices ventriloquism)
ventura {f} /vẽ.ˈtu.ɾɐ/ :: fortune, chance, luck
ventura {f} :: happiness
ventura {f} :: venture
venturoso {adj} :: fortunate, lucky
venusiano {adj} [astronomy] :: Venusian (relating to the planet Venus)
venusiano {m} [science fiction] :: Venusian (inhabitant of Venus)
ver {vt} /veɾ/ :: to see; to observe (to perceive with one’s eyes)
ver {vi} :: to see (to be able to see; not to be blind or blinded)
ver {vt} :: [figurative] to see; to understand
ver {vi} [_, with que and a subclause] :: to see; to notice; to realise (to come to a conclusion)
ver {vi} :: [_, with a subclause] to check (to verify some fact or condition)
ver {vt} :: to watch (to be part of the audience of a visual performance or broadcast)
ver {vt} :: to see; to visit
ver {vi} :: to pay (to face negative consequences)
ver {vp} :: [copulative or auxiliary with a verb in the gerund or past participle] to find oneself (to be in a given situation, especially unexpectedly)
ver {v} :: [para, -an indirect objective pronoun, .informal] to get used when ordering something from a waiter or attendant
ver {v} :: [com] to check with (to consult [someone] for information)
veraõ {m} :: obsolete spelling of verão
verça {f} :: alternative form of berça
Vera {prop} {f} :: given name
veracidade {f} :: veracity
Vera Cruz {prop} :: Vera Cruz (placename)
Vera Cruz {prop} :: Vera Cruz (placename)
Vera Cruz {prop} :: Vera Cruz (placename)
ver a floresta pelas árvores {v} [idiomatic, usually in the negative] :: to see the forest for the trees (to be able to see the overall picture despite the overabundance of details)
veraneante {adj} :: summering; spending summer travelling somewhere
veranear {vi} :: to summer (spend the summer in a particular place)
veranico {m} :: Indian summer (a stretch of warm days during late autumn)
Veranópolis {prop} :: Veranópolis (placename)
verba {f} :: budget (amount of money set aside for a project)
verbal {adj} :: verbal, oral
verbalizar {vt} :: to verbalize
verbasco {m} :: mullein (any plant of the genus Verbascum)
verbatim {adv} :: verbatim (word for word)
verbena {f} :: verbena (any of the herbaceous flowering plant of the genus Verbena)
verbete {m} [lexicography] /veɹ.ˈbe.t͡ʃi/ :: entry (article in a dictionary or encyclopedia)
verbete {m} :: a small note (brief piece of writing)
verbo {m} [grammar] /ˈvɛɾ.βu/ :: verb
verbo auxiliar {m} [grammar] :: auxiliary verb (verb that accompanies the main verb of a clause)
verbo de ligação {m} [linguistics, grammar] :: copula (verb used to link the subject of a sentence with a predicate)
verbo pronominal {m} [grammar] :: pronominal verb (verb that is mandatorily used with a reflexive pronoun)
verbo reflexivo {m} [grammar] :: reflexive verb (verb that takes a reflexive pronoun)
verborrágico {adj} :: wordy
verbosamente {adv} :: verbosely, long-windedly
verbo separável {m} [grammar] :: separable verb (verb composed of a stem and a separable affix)
verbosidade {f} :: verbosity (the excessive use of words)
verboso {adj} :: verbose (abounding in words)
ver é crer {proverb} :: seeing is believing (if you see something, you will believe it)
verdade {f} [uncountable] /vɨɾˈða.ðɨ/ :: truth (conformity to fact or reality)
verdade {f} [uncountable] :: truth (true facts)
verdade {f} :: a true statement or fact
verdade {f} [archaic] :: truthfulness; honesty (the quality of being truthful, honest)
verdade {interj} :: true, exactly, indeed (expressing agreement)
verdadeiramente {adv} /vɨɾðɐðɐjɾɐˈmẽtɨ/ :: In true context; with conformity to facts or reality; truthfully; truly
verdadeiro {adj} /vɨɾ.ðɐ.ˈðɐj.ɾu/ :: truthful (accurately depicting what is real)
verdadeiro {adj} :: true; loyal; faithful
verdadeiro {adj} :: genuine; legitimate
verdadeiro {adj} :: real (that has physical existence)
verdade ou desafio {f} [games] :: truth or dare (game where players perform a dare or answer a question)
verdade seja dita {phrase} [idiomatic] :: truth be told (used when admitting something one might otherwise lie about)
verdadeyro {adj} :: obsolete spelling of verdadeiro
verde {adj} /ˈveɾ.ðɨ/ :: green in color
verde {adj} [of fruit] :: unripe; green (not ripe, not ready to eat)
verde {adj} [figuratively] :: unripe; green (not fully developed)
verde {adj} [buzzword] :: green; environmentally friendly
verde {m} :: The color green
verde-azeitona {m} :: olive (dark, yellowish-green colour)
verde-azeitona {adj} :: olive in colour
verde de inveja {adj} :: feeling extremely envious
verde e amarelo {adj} [poetic] :: Brazilian
verde-esmeralda {m} :: emerald (a rich green colour)
verde-esmeralda {adj} :: emerald in colour
verde-água {m} :: cyan (a colour between blue and green)
verde-água {adj} :: cyan (having a colour between blue and green)
verdelha {f} :: yellowhammer (a passerine bird, Emberiza citrinella)
verde-lima {adj} :: lime-green (having a bright, light-green colour)
Verdelândia {prop} :: Verdelândia (placename)
verde-maçã {adj} :: apple-green (having a bright green colour, like that of a green apple)
verde-mar {adj} :: sea green (of a bluish green colour)
verde-oliva {m} :: olive (dark, yellowish-green colour)
verde-oliva {adj} :: olive in colour
verdilhão {m} :: greenfinch (Chloris chloris, a passerine bird of Europe, Asia and Africa)
verdoengo {adj} :: alternative form of verdolengo
verdolengo {adj} :: greenish
verdura {f} /veɹ.ˈdu.ɾa/ :: vegetable (a plant raised for some edible part of it, excluding any plant considered to be a fruit, grain, or spice in the culinary sense)
verdura {f} [uncountable] :: greenness (state or quality of being green)
verdura {f} [uncountable] :: unripeness (state or quality of being unripe)
verdureiro {m} :: greengrocer (person who sells fresh vegetables and fruit)
vereador {m} /ve.ɾja.ˈdoʁ/ :: alderman; councillor (member of a municipal assembly or council)
verear {v} /ˌve.ɾe.ˈa(ʁ)/ :: to govern
verear {v} :: to act as a councilor
Vereda {prop} :: Vereda (placename)
veredicto {m} :: alternative form of veredito
Veredinha {prop} :: Veredinha (placename)
veredito {m} :: verdict (decision on an issue of fact in a civil or criminal case or an inquest)
ver estrelas {v} :: See: ver estrelas
ver estrelas {v} [idiomatic] :: to see stars (to see flashing lights after a blow to the head)
verga {f} :: stick, twig
verga {f} :: wicker
verga {f} [nautical] :: yard (spar on a mast from which sails are set)
verga {f} [architecture] :: lintel (horizontal structural beam spanning an opening)
verga {f} [vulgar] :: penis, dick
vergamota {f} [regional, South Brazil] :: mandarin orange
vergar {vt} /veɾ.ˈɡa(ɾ)/ :: to bow (to make something bend or curve)
vergar {vi} :: to bow (to become bent or curved)
vergar {v} [a, .figurative, .pronominal] :: to defer (to submit oneself to something)
vergasta {f} :: cane (short rod used for corporal punishment)
vergasta {f} [loosely] :: any type of whip
vergastada {f} /ˌveʁ.ɡas.ˈta.dɐ/ :: whiplash (strike with a whip)
vergastada {f} :: caning (strike with a cane)
vergastar {v} :: to cane (to beat with a cane or rod)
vergastar {v} [loosely] :: to whip (to beat with a whip)
vergastar {v} [figurative] :: to criticise harshly
vergel {m} /vɨɾˈʒɛɫ/ :: orchard
vergonha {f} /vɨɾ.ˈɣo.ɲɐ/ :: shame
vergonha alheia {f} :: shame felt for actions done by someone else; vicarious embarrassment
vergonha na cara {f} :: dignity; self-respect
vergonhoso {adj} :: shameful (causing or meriting shame)
verificação {f} :: verification
verificar {v} :: to verify
verificar-se {v} :: to observe, to occur
verlan {m} :: verlan (type of backslang used in French)
verme {m} /ˈvɛɾ.mɨ/ :: worm
vermeio {adj} :: eye dialect of vermelho
vermelhando {v} :: gerund of vermelhar
vermelhar {v} :: alternative form of avermelhar
vermelheando {v} :: gerund of vermelhear
vermelhear {v} :: alternative form of avermelhar
vermelhejando {v} :: gerund of vermelhejar
vermelhejar {v} :: alternative form of avermelhar
vermelhidão {f} :: redness (quality of being red in colour)
vermelho {adj} /vɨɾ.ˈmɐ(j).ʎu/ :: red (having red as its color)
vermelho {adj} :: red (socialist or communist)
vermelho {m} :: red (color)
vermelho {m} :: red (socialist or communist)
vermelhão {adj} :: vermilion (having a brilliant red colour)
vermelhão {m} :: vermilion (a vivid red pigment made of mercury sulfide)
vermelhão {m} :: vermilion (a vivid red or slightly orange colour)
vermelho-cardeal {m} :: cardinal (a bright red colour)
vermelho-cardeal {adj} :: cardinal (having a bright red colour)
Vermelho Novo {prop} :: Vermelho Novo (placename)
vermífugo {adj} [pharmacology] :: antiworm (preventing or eliminating worms, especially intestinal worms)
vermífugo {m} [pharmaceutical drug] :: antiworm medicine
vermicelli {m} :: vermicelli (long, slender pasta)
vermina {f} :: vermin (creatures, people or thing that cause harm and annoyance)
verminado {adj} :: wormy (infested with worms)
Vermont {prop} {m} :: Vermont (state)
Vermonte {prop} {m} :: rare form of Vermont
vermute {m} :: vermouth
vernacular {adj} :: vernacular (pertaining to everyday language)
vernal {adj} :: vernal (pertaining to spring)
vernáculo {adj} :: vernacular (pertaining to everyday language)
vernáculo {m} :: vernacular (national language)
vernáculo {m} :: vernacular (everyday speech)
vernáculo afro-americano {m} :: African American Vernacular English (Modern English lect spoken by African-Americans)
verónica {f} [European orthography, Christian iconography] :: veronica (image of Jesus’s face on a cloth)
verónica {f} [European orthography] :: speedwell (any plant of the genus Veronica)
verônica {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of verónica
Verônica {prop} {f} :: given name
verniz {m} /vɨɾ.ˈniʃ/ :: varnish (type of paint that leaves a hard, glossy film)
verniz {m} [uncountable] :: the glossy appearance of objects painted with varnish
verniz {m} [figurative] :: varnish (a deceptively showy appearance)
vero {adj} [dated] /ˈvɛɾu/ :: true, real, genuine
verão {m} /vɨˈɾɐ̃w̃]/ :: summer
verão de São Martinho {m} :: St. Martin's summer (period of warm weather in early November)
Verona {prop} {f} /ve.ˈɾo.nɐ/ :: Verona (city/and/province)
ver o sol nascer quadrado {v} [idiom] :: to serve time
verossimilhança {f} :: likelihood, probability
verossimilhança {f} :: verisimilitude
verossímel {adj} :: likely; probable (probably true; likely to be true)
verossímil {adj} :: alternative form of verossímel
verruga {f} [pathology] /ve.ˈhu.ɡa/ :: wart (type of growth occurring on the skin)
verruma {f} :: bit (rotary drilling tool)
verrumão {m} :: auger (carpenter’s tool for boring holes)
ver só {v} /ˈʒis.tɐs/ :: See: ver
ver só {v} [slang, usually in the future tense] :: to pay (to face negative consequences)
ver só {v} [familiar, usually, in the preterite and as a question or in the imperative] :: used to check or require someone to see or realise something
versalete {m} [typography] :: small caps (upper-case letters in the same size as lower-case letters)
versalete {adj} [typography] :: written in or relating to small caps
Versalhes {prop} {f} /ˈ :: Versalhes (suburb)
versar {v} :: to address (to discuss a given subject)
versar {v} :: to transfer something from one container to another
versar {v} :: to versify (to make or compose verses)
versar {v} :: to versify (to turn (prose) into poetry)
versatilidade {f} :: versatility
versículo {m} :: verse (a small section of the Bible)
versejar {v} :: to versify
versificar {v} :: to versify (to compose verses)
versificar {v} :: to versify (to turn prose into poetry)
verso {m} /ˈvɛɾsu/ :: verse
verso {m} :: verso, reverse, back, overleaf [of a page]
verso {m} [printing] :: verso, left-hand page
versão {f} :: version
versão alfa {f} [software engineering] :: alpha version (stage of a software in development where it is usable but very unstable)
versão cover {f} [music] :: cover version (rerecording of a song by another musician or group)
versão do rei James {f} :: King James Version (1611 translation of the Bible into English)
Veríssimo {prop} :: Veríssimo (placename)
versta {f} :: verst; versta (Russian unit of length equivalent to 1.07 kilometers)
versátil {adj} :: versatile (capable of doing many things competently)
versátil {adj} :: versatile (having varied uses or many functions)
versus {prep} :: alternative spelling of vérsus
vertebrado {adj} :: having a backbone; vertebrate
vertebrado {m} :: vertebrate (an animal having a backbone)
vertebral {adj} [anatomy] :: vertebral
vertedouro {m} :: spring (place where water emerges from the ground)
vertente {f} :: spring (place where water emerges from the ground)
vertente {f} :: slope (area of ground that tends evenly upward or downward)
vertente {f} [figuratively] :: perspective, angle, aspect
verter {vi} :: to leak
verter {vt} :: to pour
verter {vt} :: to spill
verter {vt} :: to well; to flow (to issue forth)
verter {v} [para] :: to translate
vertical {adj} :: vertical
verticalmente {adv} :: vertically
vertigem {f} /veɹ.ˈt͡ʃi.ʒẽj̃/ :: vertigo; dizziness (state of being dizzy)
vertiginoso {adj} /veɹ.ˌt͡ʃi.ʒi.ˈno.zu/ :: vertiginous (inducing a feeling of giddiness, vertigo)
vertiginoso {adj} [figurative] :: happening very fast and intensely
verul {adj} :: alternative form of verzul
verzul {adj} :: grue (green and blue)
Vesak {prop} {m} :: Vesak (Buddhist holiday celebrating the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha)
vesícula {f} [anatomy, biology, cytology] /vi.ˈ :: vesicle
vesícula {f} [anatomy, biology, cytology] :: bladder
vesícula biliar {f} [anatomy] :: gall bladder (organ that stores bile)
vesícula seminal {f} :: seminal vesicle
vesgo {adj} :: cross-eyed (having both eyes oriented inward)
vesguear {vi} :: squint (to look with, or have eyes that are turned in different directions)
vesguice {f} :: squint (look of eyes which are turned in different directions, like in strabismus)
vespa {f} /ˈveʃpɐ/ :: wasp
vespa do mar {f} :: sea wasp (jellyfish)
Vespasiano {prop} :: Vespasiano (placename)
Vespasiano Corrêa {prop} :: Vespasiano Corrêa (placename)
vespeiro {m} /ves.ˈpe(j).ɾu/ :: vespiary (wasp's nest)
vespera {f} :: obsolete spelling of véspera
vespertino {adj} /ves.peɾ.ˈt͡ʃ :: relating to the afternoon
vespertino {adj} :: occurring during the afternoon
vespertino {m} :: a newspaper’s edition published in the afternoon
vespão {m} :: hornet (large, aggressive, eusocial species of wasp)
vespora {f} :: obsolete form of véspera
Vesta {prop} {f} [Roman god] :: Vesta (goddess of domestic life)
vestíbulo {m} :: lobby (entryway or waiting area; vestibule)
veste {f} :: an item of clothing
veste {f} :: vestment (robe or gown worn as an indication of office)
Vestefália {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Vestfália
Vestfália {prop} {f} :: Vestfália (former province)
vestígio {m} :: trace, vestige
vestiba {m} [colloquial] :: clipping of vestibular
vestibular {m} /ves.ˌt͡ʃi.bu.ˈlaʁ/ :: an admittance test for Brazilian universities
vestibular {adj} [anatomy] :: vestibular (relating to the vestibule)
vestido {adj} /vɨʃ.ˈti.ðu/ :: dressed; clothed
vestido {m} :: dress (woman’s garment which covers the upper part of the body as well as below the waist)
vestido {m} :: garment (single item of clothing)
vestimenta {f} :: any item of clothing
vestimenta {f} :: vestment (robe worn by members of the clergy)
vestir {vt} /vɨʃ.ˈtiɾ/ :: to wear; to don (to have an item of clothing on oneself)
vestir {vt} :: to put on (to put an item of clothing on oneself)
vestir {vp} :: to get dressed (to put clothes on oneself)
vestir {vt} :: to dress; to clothe (to put clothes on someone)
vestir {v} [de] :: to dress someone with a given type of fabric or material
vestir a camisa {v} /ves.ˈt͡ʃi(ɾ) a ka.ˈmi.zɐ/ :: See: vestir a camisa
vestir a camisa {v} [idiomatic] :: to truly support and believe in a cause, idea or group
vestiário {m} /vɨʃˈtjaɾju/ :: changing room
vestir o paletó de madeira {vi} [idiomatic] :: to give up the ghost (to die)
vestuario {m} :: obsolete spelling of vestuário
vestuário {m} /vɨʃˈtwaɾju/ :: clothes; apparel; clothing
vesuvio {m} :: obsolete spelling of vesúvio
Vesuvio {prop} {m} :: obsolete spelling of Vesúvio
vesúvio {m} [poetic] /ve.ˈ :: a burst of emotions
Vesúvio {prop} {m} /ve.ˈ :: Vesúvio (volcano)
Vesúvio {m} :: alternative case form of vesúvio
vetar {vt} :: veto (to use a veto against)
vetche {m} [historical, politics] :: veche (a popular assembly in medieval Slavic countries)
veterano {adj} :: veteran (with long experience)
veterano {adj} :: veteran (related to former members of armed forces)
veterano {m} :: veteran (person with long experience)
veterano {m} :: veteran (old soldier)
veterinario {m} :: obsolete spelling of veterinário
veterinario {adj} :: obsolete spelling of veterinário
veterinária {f} :: veterinary medicine
veterinário {m} /ve.te.ɾi.ˈna.ri.u/ :: veterinarian (doctor who treats animals)
veterinário {adj} :: veterinary (of or relating to the medical treatment of animals)
veto {m} [politics] /ˈvɛ.tu/ :: veto (blocking of a process or decision)
vetor {m} :: vector
vetorial {adj} [mathematics] :: vectorial (of or pertaining to a vector)
vetor próprio {m} [linear algebra] :: eigenvector (vector not rotated by linear transformation)
vetusto {adj} /ve.ˈ :: ancient
vetusto {adj} :: whose age must be respected
vetusto {adj} :: dilapidated by age
vetusto {adj} :: antiquated
vexado {adj} :: ashamed, confused, embarrassed
vexame {m} /ve.ˈʃɐ.mi/ :: embarrassment; a instance of shame or vexation
vexação {f} :: vexation (act of annoying, vexing or irritating)
vexação {f} :: vexation (state of being vexed or irritated)
vexar {vt} :: to vex; to distress (to cause mental suffering)
vexilo {m} [Ancient Rome] :: vexillum (banner carried by a legion)
vexilo {m} :: vexillum (a flag, banner or standard)
vexilo {m} [botany] :: vexillum (the upper petal of a papilionaceous flower)
vexilo {m} [ornithology] :: vane (flattened web-like part of a feather)
vexilologia {f} :: vexillology (the study of flags and banners)
veya {f} :: obsolete spelling of veia
vez {f} /ˈveʃ/ :: time; occasion
vez {f} :: move (chance to use something shared in sequence with others)
vez {f} [games] :: turn; move (one’s chance to make a move in a game having two or more players)
vezes {prep} [arithmetic] /ˈve.zɨʃ/ :: times (multiplied by)
vez ou outra {adv} [idiomatic] :: now and then; sometimes; occasionally
vez por outra {adv} [idiomatic] :: now and then; sometimes; occasionally
vãglória {f} [rare] :: obsolete spelling of vanglória
véi {adj} /ˈvɛj/ :: eye dialect of velho
véi {m} :: eye dialect of velho
véi {interj} [Brazil, slang, São Paulo city] :: eye dialect of velho
via {f} /ˈvi.ɐ/ :: a way; a path
via {f} [railroads] :: gauge (distance between the rails of a railway)
via {f} :: medium (means or channel by which an aim is achieved)
via {f} :: an example of a document
via {prep} :: via (by way of; passing through)
via {prep} :: via (by means of; using a medium)
via {f} [historical] :: via (road built by the ancient Romans)
viabilidade {f} :: viability (the property of being viable, able to the done in practice)
via crúcis {f} :: alternative spelling of via-crúcis
via-crúcis {f} :: Via Crucis (arduous experience)
via crucis {f} :: alternative spelling of via-crúcis
via de regra {adv} [sometimes, proscribed] :: alternative form of por via de regra
viadinho {m} :: diminutive of viado; little faggot
viado {m} :: nonstandard spelling of veado (homosexual man)
viado {m} :: striped cloth
viaduto {m} :: overpass, viaduct
Viadutos {prop} :: Viadutos (placename)
via férrea {f} :: railway (track for trains)
viagem {f} /ˈvja.ʒɐ̃j̃/ :: trip, journey, voyage
viagem {f} :: travel
viagem no tempo {f} [chiefly scifi] :: time travel (hypothetical or fictional travel to the past or future)
viagem no tempo {f} :: a short television piece about past events
viajada {f} [Brazil, slang] :: a proposition, suggestion or theory considered absurd or rather unlikely
viajado {adj} /viɐˈʒaðu/ :: travelled
viajado {adj} [slang, chiefly South Brazil] :: far-fetched; logically consistent and making sense grammatically, and yet somewhat unrealistic, absurd, improbable, or overly conjectural; seeming to have been said by a person under the influence of drugs; hallucinatory; preposterous; exceedingly imaginative
viajador {adj} :: travelling
viajador {m} :: traveler
viajante {mf} /vjɐ.ˈʒɐ̃.tɨ/ :: voyager, traveller
viajar {v} /ˌvi.ɐ.ˈʒaɾ/ :: to travel
viajar {v} [subjective] :: to not pay attention
viajar {v} [colloquial] :: to be nonsensical (vid. viajado)
Via Láctea {prop} {f} [galaxy] :: Milky Way (galaxy)
Viamão {prop} :: Viamão (placename)
Viana do Alentejo {prop} {f} /viˈɐnɐ ðu ɐlẽˈtɛʒu/ :: Viana do Alentejo (village/and/municipality)
Viana do Castelo {prop} {f} /viˈɐnɐ ðu kɐʃˈtɛlu/ :: Viana do Castelo (district)
Viana do Castelo {prop} {f} :: Viana do Castelo (city/and/municipality/district capital)
viação {f} :: road system (of a country)
viatura {f} :: any automobile used to transport people or goods
viatura {f} [Brazil] :: a police car
vibrador {m} :: vibrator (device that causes vibration)
vibrador {m} :: vibrator (device used for massage or sexual stimulation)
vibrador {adj} :: which vibrates or causes to vibrate
vibrafone {m} [musical instruments] :: vibraphone (percussion instrument with tuned metal bars and a motor-driven rotating vane)
vibrando {v} :: gerund of vibrar
vibrante {adj} :: vibrant (pulsing with energy or activity)
vibrante {adj} :: vibrant; lively (full of life)
vibrante {adj} :: vibrating (that vibrates)
vibrante {f} [phonetics] :: trill (vibrating consonant)
vibração {f} :: vibration, oscillation
vibração {f} :: vibrancy
vibrar {v} /vi.ˈβɾaɾ/ :: to vibrate, oscillate
vibrar {v} :: to pulsate
vibrato {m} [music] :: vibrato (musical effect where the pitch of a note is quickly and repeatedly raised and lowered)
viburno {m} :: viburnum (any plant of the genus Viburnum)
vice {mf} :: used as an abbreviation of any word containing the prefix vice-
vicejando {v} :: gerund of vicejar
vicejar {v} :: to thrive
Vicente {prop} {m} :: given name
Vicente Dutra {prop} :: Vicente Dutra (placename)
vicentino {adj} :: Vicentine (of, from or pertaining to Vicenza, Italy)
vicentino {adj} :: of, from or pertaining to the city of São Vicente, Brazil
vicentino {adj} :: of, from or pertaining to the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde
vicentino {adj} [theatre, poetry] :: relating to Portuguese poet and playwright Gil Vicente
vicentino {adj} [Christianity] :: relating to saint Vincent de Paul
vicentino {adj} [Christianity] :: relating to the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora
vicentino {m} :: Vicentine (person from Vicenza)
vicentino {m} :: a person from São Vicente, Brazil
vicentino {m} :: a person from São Vicente, Cape Verde
vice-presidente {mf} :: vice president (deputy to a president)
vice rei {m} :: obsolete spelling of vice-rei
vice-rei {m} :: viceroy (governor representing a monarch)
vice rey {m} :: obsolete spelling of vice-rei
vice-rey {m} :: obsolete spelling of vice-rei
vicerrei {m} :: obsolete spelling of vice-rei
vice versa {adv} :: alternative spelling of vice-versa
vice-versa {adv} /ˌˈvɛɹ.sa/ :: vice versa (the other way round)
viciado {adj} /ˈadu/ :: addicted
viciado em adrenalina {m} [idiomatic] :: adrenaline junkie (one who is addicted with the sensation of risky, exciting situations)
viciado em adrenalina {adj} [idiomatic] :: being an adrenaline junkie
viciante {adj} :: addictive (causing addiction)
viciar {v} /viˈsjaɾ/ :: to addict (to cause someone to become addicted)
viciar {vi} :: to be addictive
viciar {v} :: to spoil; to corrupt
viciar {v} :: to adulterate
vicinal {adj} :: vicinal
vicissitude {f} :: vicissitude (regular change or succession from one thing to another)
vicissitude {f} :: an unfortunate occurrence
vicário {adj} :: vicarious (done on behalf of others)
Victor {prop} {m} /ˈvik.toʁ/ :: given name
Victor Graeff {prop} :: Victor Graeff (placename)
victoria {f} :: obsolete form of vitória
Victoria {prop} {f} :: given name. Feminine of Victor
victória {f} :: obsolete form of vitória
vicunha {f} :: vicuna (Vicugna vicugna, a camelid of South America)
vida {f} [uncountable] /ˈvi.ðɐ/ :: life (state of being alive)
vida {f} :: lifetime; life (period during which someone is alive or something exists)
vida {f} :: living conditions
vida {f} :: life (living being)
vida {f} [figurative] :: vigour (active strength or force of body or mind)
vida {f} [ecology] :: the flora and fauna of an ecosystem
vida após a morte {f} [religion, parapsychology] :: afterlife; life after death
Vidal Ramos {prop} :: Vidal Ramos (placename)
vida noturna {f} :: nightlife (nocturnal entertainment activities)
vide {f} /ˈvi.ðɨ/ :: vine, grapevine
videira {f} /vi.ˈðɐj.ɾɐ/ :: vine (climbing plant that produces grapes)
Videira {prop} :: Videira (placename)
videncia {f} :: clairvoyance
vidente {mf} /vi.ˈdẽ.t͡ʃi/ :: someone who can see; someone who is not blind
vidente {mf} :: seer (someone who foretells the future)
vidente {adj} :: seeing
vidente {adj} :: fortuneteller, clairvoyant
videocassete {f} {m} :: videocassette (cassette containing recorded videotape)
videocassete {f} {m} :: a videocassette player
videoclipe {m} :: music video (motion picture accompanying a song)
videocâmara {f} [Portugal] :: video camera (device for recording video footage)
videocâmera {f} [Brazil] :: alternative form of videocâmara
video game {m} :: video game (software game)
video game {m} [Brazil] :: video game console
videogame {m} :: alternative spelling of video game
videogueime {m} :: rare spelling of video game
videojogo {m} [Portugal, video games] :: video game
videolocadora {f} :: video rental (a now uncommon type of business where copies of films, in various formats, are rented)
videoprojetor {m} :: video projector (device that projects video)
videotape {m} :: alternative spelling of video-tape
video-tape {m} :: videotape (magnetic tape used to record videos)
videoteipe {m} :: alternative spelling of video-tape
videyra {f} :: obsolete spelling of videira
Vidigueira {prop} {f} /viðiˈɣɐjɾɐ/ :: Vidigueira (village/and/municipality)
vidoeiro {m} :: birch (any of various trees of the genus Betula)
vidraça {f} /vi.ˈðɾa.sɐ/ :: a pane of glass
vidraceiro {m} :: glazier
vidrado {adj} :: covered in glass or with glass panes
vidrado {adj} [of eyes] :: glazed (showing no liveliness)
vidrado {adj} [Brazil, slang] :: obsessed (very interested in something)
vidrar {vt} /vi.ˈðɾaɾ/ :: to glass; to glaze (to furnish with glass panes)
vidrar {vt} :: to glaze (to apply a thin, transparent layer of coating)
vidrar {v} [em, .slang] :: to become obsessed (with)
vidraria {f} /viðɾɐˈɾiɐ/ :: glass factory
vidraria {f} :: glazier's shop
vidraria {f} :: glasswork
vidraria {f} :: glassware
vidreiro {m} /viˈðɾɐjɾu/ :: glassmaker, glazier
vidreiro {m} :: glass seller
vidreiro {adj} :: Pertaining to glass or glassmaking
vidro {m} /ˈvi.ðɾu/ :: glass (the material)
vidrão {m} :: bottle bank (large container into which bottles are placed for recycling)
vieira {f} /ˈvjɐj.ɾɐ/ :: scallop (mollusc of the family Pectinidae)
Vieira do Minho {prop} {f} /viˈɐjɾɐ ðu ˈmiɲu/ :: Vieira do Minho (village/and/municipality)
Vieiras {prop} :: Vieiras (placename)
viela {f} /vi.ˈɛ.lɐ/ :: alley (narrow street or passageway)
viela {f} [musical instrument] :: vielle (medieval stringed instrument similar to a violin)
viela {f} :: an iron piece of a mill wheel
Viena {prop} {f} :: Viena (capital city)
Vienciana {prop} {f} [Portugal] :: Vienciana (capital city)
vienense {adj} :: Viennese (of, from or relating to Vienna, Austria)
vienense {mf} :: Viennese (person from Vienna)
Vienna {prop} {f} :: archaic spelling of Viena
vienês {m} :: synonym of vienense
vienês {adj} :: synonym of vienense
Vientiane {prop} {f} [Brazil] :: alternative form of Vienciana
Vietnã {prop} {m} [Brazil] :: alternative form of Vietname
Vietname {prop} {m} [Portugal] /vi.ɛt.ˈnɐ.mɨ/ :: Vietname (country)
vietnamesa {f} :: feminine noun of vietnamês
vietnamita {adj} :: Vietnamese
vietnamita {mf} :: Vietnamese person
vietnamita {mf} [uncountable] :: Vietnamese language
vietnamês {adj} :: Vietnamese
vietnamês {m} :: Vietnamese person
vietnamês {m} [uncountable] :: Vietnamese language
view {f} [databases] /viw/ :: view (logical table formed from data from physical tables)
viga {f} :: beam (large piece of timber or iron)
vigamento {m} [construction] :: framework (the arrangement of support beams of a building)
vigente {adj} [legal] /vi.ˈʒẽ.tɨ/ :: in force, in effect
vigente {adj} :: current, in use
viger {v} [legal, of a law] :: To be valid
vigia {f} :: watch; lookout
vigia {f} :: watchtower
vigia {f} :: peephole
vigia {mf} :: sentinel; lookout (referring to a person, a sentry or guard)
vigiar {v} /vi.ˈʒjaɾ/ :: to watch (to attend or guard)
vigiar {v} :: to watch (to act as a lookout)
vigiar {v} :: to observe something carefully
vigilante {adj} :: vigilant; watchful; observant (alert and paying close attention)
vigilante {mf} :: a person whose job is to watch over something
vigilância {f} /ˌvi.ʒi.ˈlɐ̃.si.ɐ/ :: vigilance
vigilância {f} :: surveillance
vigilância {f} :: oversight
vigília {f} :: vigil (watch kept during the night)
vigília {f} :: vigil (nocturnal celebration in the eve of a religious festival)
vigência {f} :: term (period of validity)
vigência {f} :: existence
Vigo {prop} {m} /ˈvi.ɣu/ :: Vigo (city)
vigor {m} /vi.ˈɡoʁ/ :: vigour; energy (active strength or force of body or mind)
vigor {m} :: activity
vigorando {v} :: gerund of vigorar
vigorar {v} :: to force
vigorar {v} :: to strengthen
vigorexia {f} :: bigorexia
vigoroso {adj} :: vigorous
vigoroso {adj} :: strong or powerful
vigoroso {adj} :: energetic
vigoréxico {adj} :: bigorexic
vigoréxico {m} :: bigorexic
vigário {m} :: vicar (local representative of higher-ranking member of clergy)
vigésimo {ordinal num} :: twentieth
viking {mf} [historical] :: Viking (Scandinavian seafaring raider)
viking {adj} :: relating to the Vikings
vikingo {m} :: alternative form of viking
vil {adj} /ˈviɫ/ :: mean; vile (morally low)
vil {adj} :: cheap; worthless
vila {f} /ˈvi.lɐ/ :: small town, village
vila {f} :: country house
vila {f} [Brazil, slang] :: a low-class residential area
vilaõ {m} :: obsolete spelling of vilão
Vila de Rei {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ðɨ ˈʁɐj/ :: Vila de Rei (village/and/municipality)
Vila do Bispo {prop} {f} /ˈvila ðu ˈβiʃpu/ :: Vila do Bispo (village/and/municipality)
Vila do Conde {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ du ˈkõdɨ/ :: Vila do Conde (city/and/municipality)
Vila do Porto {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ðu ˈpoɾtu/ :: Vila do Porto (village/and/municipality)
Vila Flor {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈfloɾ/ :: Vila Flor (village/and/municipality)
Vila Flores {prop} :: Vila Flores (placename)
Vila Franca de Xira {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈfɾɐ̃kɐ ðɨ ˈʃiɾɐ/ :: Vila Franca de Xira (city/and/municipality)
Vila Franca do Campo {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈfɾɐ̃kɐ ðu ˈkɐ̃pu/ :: Vila Franca do Campo (village/and/municipality)
Vila Lângaro {prop} :: Vila Lângaro (placename)
Vila Maria {prop} :: Vila Maria (placename)
vilancete {m} [music genre, poetry] /vi.lɐ̃ˈse.tɨ/ :: villancico (traditional Spanish or Portuguese folk song)
vilancico {m} [music genre, poetry] /vi.lɐ̃ˈsi.ku/ :: villancico (traditional Spanish or Portuguese folk song)
vilanesco {adj} :: villainous (relative to villains)
vilanesco {adj} :: rudimentary
Vila Nova da Barquinha {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈnɔvɐ ðɐ βɐɾˈkiɲɐ/ :: Vila Nova da Barquinha (village/and/municipality)
Vila Nova de Cerveira {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈnɔvɐ ðɨ sɨɾˈvɐjɾɐ/ :: Vila Nova de Cerveira (village/and/municipality)
Vila Nova de Famalicão {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈnɔvɐ ðɨ fɐmɐliˈkɐ̃w/ :: Vila Nova de Famalicão (city/and/municipality)
Vila Nova de Foz Côa {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈnɔvɐ ðɨ ˈfɔʃ ˈkoɐ/ :: Vila Nova de Foz Côa (city/and/municipality)
Vila Nova de Gaia {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈnɔvɐ ðɨ ˈɣajɐ/ :: Vila Nova de Gaia (city/and/municipality)
Vila Nova de Paiva {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈnɔvɐ ðɨ ˈpajvɐ/ :: Vila Nova de Paiva (village/and/municipality)
Vila Nova de Poiares {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈnɔvɐ ðɨ poˈjaɾɨʃ/ :: Vila Nova de Poiares (village/and/municipality)
Vila Nova do Sul {prop} :: Vila Nova do Sul (placename)
Vila Pouca de Aguiar {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈpowkɐ ðɨ ɐɣiˈaɾ/ :: Vila Pouca de Aguiar (village/and/municipality)
vilar {m} [archaic] :: hamlet (small village)
Vila Real {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ʁiˈal/ :: Vila Real (district)
Vila Real {prop} {f} :: Vila Real (city/and/municipality/district capital)
Vila Real de Santo António {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ʁiˈaɫ ðɨ ˈsɐ̃tu ɐ̃ˈtɔniu/ :: Vila Real de Santo António (city/and/municipality)
vilarejo {m} :: village
Vila Velha de Ródão {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈvɛʎɐ ðɨ ˈʁɔðɐ̃w̃/ :: Vila Velha de Ródão (village/and/municipality)
Vila Verde {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ ˈveɾð(ɨ)/ :: Vila Verde (village/and/municipality)
Vila Viçosa {prop} {f} /ˈvilɐ viˈsɔzɐ/ :: Vila Viçosa (village/and/municipality)
vileza {f} :: vileness
vilhancico {m} /vi.ʎɐ̃ˈsi.ku/ :: alternative form of vilancico
vilificar {vt} :: to vilify (say defamatory things about)
vilipendiar {v} /ˌẽ.d͡ʒi.ˈaʁ/ :: to vilify (say defamatory things about someone or something)
villa {f} :: obsolete spelling of vila
villaõ {m} :: obsolete spelling of vilão
villão {m} :: obsolete spelling of vilão
villão {adj} :: obsolete spelling of vilão
Vilna {prop} {f} :: Vilna (capital city)
Vilnius {prop} {f} :: Vilnius (capital city)
vilão {m} /vi.ˈlɐ̃w̃/ :: villain (a vile, wicked person)
vilão {m} :: villain (bad person in a work of fiction)
vilão {m} :: something which causes a problem
vilão {m} [historical] :: villein (a feudal tenant)
vilão {m} [obsolete] :: a non-noble who lives in a city or village
vilão {adj} :: villainous (of, relating to, or appropriate to a villain)
vilão {adj} :: coarse (lacking refinement)
vilão {adj} :: vile; wicked
vilão {adj} [obsolete] :: village or city-dwelling
vilo {m} [anatomy] :: villus (small projection from a mucous membrane)
vimaranense {adj} :: of, relating, or pertaining to Guimarães
vimaranense {mf} :: inhabitant or natural of Guimarães
vimblastina {f} [pharmaceutical drug] :: vinblastine (drug used in chemotherapy)
vime {m} :: wicker (flexible branch or twig)
Vimioso {prop} /vimiˈozu/ :: Vimioso (village/and/municipality)
vim, vi, venci {phrase} :: I came, I saw, I conquered (used to indicate a total, swift victory)
vina {f} [Brazil, Paraná] :: sausage (food made from ground meat packed in a cylindrical casing)
vinagre {m} /vi.ˈna.ɣɾɨ/ :: vinegar
vinblastina {f} :: alternative form of vimblastina
vincado {v} :: past participle of vincar
vincando {v} :: gerund of vincar
vincar {v} /vĩ.ˈkaɾ/ :: to crease, fold
vincar {v} :: to underline, highlight
vinícola {f} :: winery (a place where wine is made)
vinícola {adj} :: relating to winemaking
vinculante {adj} :: binding (holding by obligation or vow)
vincular {v} :: to bind
vincular {v} :: to link
vinda {f} /ˈvĩ.dɐ/ :: arrival
vin-d'alho {f} :: alternative form of vinha-d'alhos
vindima {f} :: vintage
vindimado {v} :: past participle of vindimar
vindimando {v} :: gerund of vindimar
vindimar {v} /vĩ.di.ˈmaɾ/ :: to harvest (especially grapes for wine)
vindo {adj} /ˈvĩ.du/ :: arrived
vindoiro {adj} :: alternative form of vindouro
vindouro {adj} /vĩ.ˈdo(w).ɾu/ :: future
vinífero {adj} :: viniferous
vingador {m} :: avenger (one who avenges)
vingador {adj} :: vindictive (seeking revenge)
vingança {f} /vĩ.ˈɡɐ̃.sɐ/ :: revenge (retaliatory action)
vingança é um prato que se come frio {proverb} :: revenge is a dish best served cold (emotional detachment is preferable when taking revenge)
vingar {v} /vĩ.ˈɡaɾ/ :: to avenge; to revenge (to take vengeance for)
vingar {v} :: to thrive (to grow vigorously or luxuriantly)
vingar {v} :: to thrive (to increase in wealth or success)
vingatividade {f} :: vengefulness (state or quality of being vengeful)
vingativo {adj} :: vindictive (seeking revenge)
vinha {f} /ˈvi.ɲɐ/ :: vineyard
vinha-d'alho {f} :: alternative form of vinha-d'alhos
vinha-d'alhos {f} /viɲɐˈðaʎuʃ/ :: wine and garlic marinade
vinhadalhos {f} :: alternative form of vinha-d'alhos
Vinhais {prop} /viˈɲajʃ/ :: Vinhais (village/and/municipality)
vinhateiro {adj} :: winemaking (attributive)
vinhateiro {m} :: winemaker
vinhedo {m} :: vineyard (grape plantation)
Vinhedo {prop} :: Vinhedo (placename)
vinheta {f} :: vignette (decorative design)
vinheta {f} :: panel (single frame in a comic strip)
vinheta {f} :: a short motion picture used in intros and outros
vinho {m} /ˈvi.ɲu/ :: wine
vinhão {m} :: augmentative of vinho
vinho a martelo {m} [colloquial, chiefly Portugal] :: adulterated or very low-quality wine
vinho aperitivo {m} :: aperitif wine (wine mixed with brandy or alcohol and natural flavours)
vinho branco {m} :: white wine (light-coloured wine)
vinho da casa {m} :: house wine (inexpensive wine sold in restaurants)
vinho da Madeira {m} :: Madeira (a type of fortified wine from Madeira)
vinho do Porto {m} :: port wine (a type of fortified wine traditionally made in Portugal)
vinho Madeira {m} :: alternative form of vinho da Madeira
vinho novo em odre velho {m} [idiomatic] :: new wine in old bottles (existing concept presented as if new)
vinho rosé {m} :: rosé wine (wine that incorporates some of the colour from the grape skins)
vinho rosado {m} :: rosé wine (wine that incorporates some of the colour from the grape skins)
vinho tinto {m} :: red wine (red coloured wine)
vinicultura {f} [agriculture, oenology] :: viniculture (the art of growing grapevines for wine)
vinificado {v} :: past participle of vinificar
vinificando {v} :: gerund of vinificar
vinificação {f} :: vinification
vinificação {f} :: winemaking
vinificar {v} :: To vinify
vinil {m} [uncountable] :: vinyl (substance)
vinil {m} :: vinyl (record made of vinyl)
vinila {m} [organic chemistry] :: vinyl
vinila {m} :: acetate (polyvinyl acetate used to make records)
vinílico {adj} [chemistry] :: vinylic (relating to vinyl)
Vinlândia {prop} {f} :: Vinlândia (island)
vinte {num} /ˈvĩ.tɨ/ :: twenty
vinte {m} :: twenty
vinte e um {num} :: twenty-one
vinte-e-um {m} [card games] :: blackjack, twenty-one
vintena {f} :: score (twenty of something)
vintém {m} [historical] /vĩ.ˈtɐ̃j̃/ :: small coin, similar to a penny
vintém {m} [slang] :: cherry (virginity)
viço {m} /ˈ :: luxuriance, lushness
viço {m} :: vigour, flushness
viço {m} [dated] :: vice
véio {adj} /ˈvɛjʊ/ :: eye dialect of velho
véio {m} :: eye dialect of velho
véio {interj} [Brazil, São Paulo city, slang] :: eye dialect of velho
vêio {m} :: obsolete spelling of veio
viola {f} [musical instrument] /ˈvjɔ.lɐ/ :: viola (a bowed instrument larger than a violin)
viola {f} [musical instrument] :: viol (a bowed instrument of the violin family held between the legs)
viola {f} [musical instrument] :: viola; viola caipira (10-string acoustic guitar used in Brazilian folk music)
viola {f} [musical instrument, Brazil, loosely or affectionate] :: acoustic guitar
viola {f} :: guitarfish (any of the rays in the Rhinobatidae family)
violaçaõ {f} :: obsolete spelling of violação
violador {m} :: violator (someone who violates something)
violador {m} :: rapist (someone who rapes someone else)
violadora {f} :: feminine noun of violador
Violante {prop} :: given name
violação {f} /vju.lɐ.ˈsɐ̃w̃/ :: transgression; violation (act or instance of not acting according to the rules or conventions)
violação {f} :: rape; violation (unconsented sex)
violação {f} :: the illegal crossing of an international border
violar {vt} :: to violate (to break or fail to act by [a rule])
violar {vt} :: to violate (to manipulate or use [something] in an inappropriate or illegal way)
violar {vt} [formal] :: to rape (to have unconsented sex with)
violentamente {adv} :: violently (in a violent manner)
violentar {v} /vjo.lẽ.ˈta(ɾ)/ :: to rape (to force sexual intercourse or other sexual activity upon)
violentar {v} :: to break into (to enter illegally or by force)
violentar {v} :: to spoil (to ruin or damage something)
violento {adj} /vi.u.ˈlẽ.tu/ :: violent (involving extreme force or motion)
violento {adj} :: violent (involving physical conflict)
violento {adj} :: violent (likely to use physical force)
violento {adj} [of a death] :: caused by aggression or accident; not natural
violeta {adj} /vju.ˈle.tɐ/ :: violet
violeta {f} :: violet (colour)
violeta {f} :: violet (plant)
violeta {f} [Brazil] :: viola (musical instrument of the violin family)
Violeta {prop} {f} :: given name
violeta africana {f} :: African violet (any of several flowers in the genus Saintpaulia)
violinista {mf} :: violinist (person who plays the violin)
violino {m} [musical instrument] /vju.ˈ :: violin
violista {mf} [music] :: violist (person who plays the viola)
violência {f} /vju.ˈlẽ.sjɐ/ :: violence
violência doméstica {f} :: domestic violence (violence committed against member of the household)
violão {m} /vioˈlãw/ :: guitar
violoncelista {mf} :: cellist (person who plays the cello)
violoncello {m} :: obsolete spelling of violoncelo
violoncelo {m} /vi.ˌo.lõ.ˈsɛ.lu/ :: cello (musical instrument)
Viçosa {prop} :: Viçosa (placename)
viçoso {adj} /vi.ˈso.zu/ :: luxuriant, lush
viçoso {adj} :: flourishing
viçoso {adj} :: fresh, youthful
viçoso {adj} :: unexperienced
viperino {adj} :: viperine (relating to or resembling vipers)
viperino {adj} :: serpentine; sly; deceitful
viquingo {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of viking
viquingue {mf} :: alternative form of viking
vir {vi} /ˈviɾ/ :: to come (to move towards the speaker or the agent)
vir {vi} :: to come; to arrive (to reach a destination, especially where the speaker is)
vir {vi} :: to come (to manifest itself; to occur)
vir {vi} :: to come (to be located in a certain position in a sequence)
vir {v} :: [de] to come from; to be from (to have as one’s place of origin)
vir {v} :: [de] to be caused by; to be due to
vir {v} :: [de] to come back (from); to return (from)
vir {v} :: [auxiliary, with a verb in the gerund] have/has been (forms the present perfect progressive aspect)
vir {v} :: [a] to end up (to eventually do)
vir {v} :: [com, .colloquial] to bitch; to whine (to complain, especially unnecessarily)
vira {m} /ˈvi.ɾɐ/ :: a traditional music and dance genre of northern Portugal
virabrequim {m} :: crankshaft (a rotating shaft that drives a crank)
vir a calhar {v} [idiomatic] :: to come in handy (to be useful or heplful)
vira-casaca {mf} :: turncoat (a traitor; one who changes sides)
virada {f} :: turning, turn (change of direction or orientation)
virada de mesa {f} [idiomatic] :: a point in time when the tables turn
Viradouro {prop} :: Viradouro (placename)
vira e mexe {adv} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: often
vira essa boca pra lá {phrase} [idiom] :: Said as a response after the interlocutor said that something deeply undesirable or harmful could happen
virago {f} [pejorative] :: a manly woman
viral {adj} [microbiology] /vi.ˈɾaw/ :: viral (relating to viruses)
viral {adj} [medicine, of a disease] :: viral (caused by a virus)
viral {adj} [Internet] :: viral (quickly attaining high popularity through word of mouth)
vira-lata {mf} :: mutt (a dog of mixed breed)
vira-lata {mf} :: stray (dog that lives at large, without an owner)
vira-lata {mf} [very, offensive] :: mongrel (person of mixed race)
vira-lata {mf} :: a Brazilian who dislikes his own country. This term originated from Nelson Rodrigues' description of Mongrel Complex (Complexo de Vira-lata), the people's tendency to view their own country in a negative way
vira-lata {adj} [of a domestic animal, especially a dog] :: mongrel (of mixed breed)
virando {v} :: gerund of virar
virar {v} /viˈɾaɾ/ :: to turn or bend (around)
virar {v} :: to upset or topple
virar {v} [nautical] :: to capsize
virar {vt} [Brazil] :: to become
virar {vi} [used with se, persons] :: to do something by oneself or without help
virar a casaca {vi} :: to turn one's coat (to turn against a previous affiliation of allegiance)
virar a noite {v} :: to pull an all-nighter; to burn the midnight oil
virar bicho {vi} [idiom] :: to be very angry
virgem {mf} /ˈviɾ.ʒɐ̃j̃/ :: virgin (person who has never had sexual intercourse)
virgem {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: an image, icon or statuette of Virgin Mary
virgem {adj} :: virgin (not having had sexual intercourse)
virgem {adj} :: untouched (remaining in its original, pristine state)
virgem {adj} [of quicklime] :: unslaked
virgem {adj} [of an optical disk] :: which hasn’t had data burned onto it
Virgem {prop} {f} :: Virgo (zodiac sign)
Virgem {prop} {f} [Christianity] :: Virgin Mary
Virgem da Lapa {prop} :: Virgem da Lapa (placename)
virgem de ferro {f} [historical] :: iron maiden (torture device)
Virgem Maria {prop} {f} [Christianity] :: Virgin Mary (the mother of Christ)
Virgem Maria {interj} :: oh dear! oh God! (expression of dismay)
virginal {adj} :: virginal (relating to virgins)
virginal {adj} :: virgin: immaculate; chaste; untouched
virgindade {f} /ˌviɾ.ʒĩ.ˈda.ðɨ/ :: virginity (state of being a virgin)
Virginópolis {prop} :: Virginópolis (placename)
Virgílio {prop} {m} :: Virgil (Ancient Roman writer)
Virgílio {prop} {m} :: given name
Virgínia {prop} {f} :: Virgínia (state)
Virgínia {prop} {f} :: given name
Virgínia {prop} {f} :: Virgínia (placename)
Virgínia Ocidental {prop} {f} :: Virgínia Ocidental (state)
Virgo {prop} {f} [zodiac constellations] :: Virgo (constellation)
Virgolândia {prop} :: Virgolândia (placename)
virgáurea {f} :: goldenrod (any plant of the genus Solidago)
viril {adj} /viˈɾil/ :: virile
virilha {f} /vi.ˈɾi.ʎa/ :: groin (depression separates the trunk from the legs)
virilidade {f} /viɾiliˈðaðɨ/ :: virility
virol {m} :: an ornamental wreath made with ribbons
virologia {f} :: virology (branch of microbiology that deals with the study of viruses and viral disease)
virologista {mf} :: virologist
virote {m} :: bolt (short, stout, blunt-headed arrow)
virote {m} :: crossguard (bar of metal between the blade and the hilt of a sword)
virtual {adj} :: virtual (in effect or essence, not in fact or reality)
virtual {adj} :: virtual (simulated in a computer)
virtualmente {adv} :: virtually (in essence, but not in fact)
virtualmente {adv} :: virtually (in a virtual manner)
virtude {f} [uncountable] /viɾ.ˈtu.ðɨ/ :: virtue (excellence in morals)
virtude {f} [philosophy, theology] :: virtue (each of several qualities held to be particularly important)
virtude {f} [angelology] :: virtue (angelic creature of the second sphere)
virtude dormitiva {f} [rhetoric] :: dormitive virtue
virtuosa {f} :: feminine noun of virtuoso
virtuose {adj} :: alternative form of virtuoso (having masterly ability)
virtuose {m} :: alternative form of virtuoso (person having masterly ability)
virtuoso {adj} /viɾ.ˈtwo.zu/ :: virtuous (full of virtues)
virtuoso {m} :: a virtuous person
virtuoso {adj} :: virtuoso (with masterly ability)
virtuoso {m} :: virtuoso (person with masterly ability)
viruzinho {m} :: diminutive of vírus
viés {m} :: bias (inclination towards something)
visado {v} :: past participle of visar
visando {v} :: gerund of visar
visar {v} /viˈzaɾ/ :: to aim (at)
visarga {m} [Sanskrit phonetics] :: visarga (voiceless h in Sanskrit)
visco {m} :: alternative form of visgo
visconde {m} /vis.ˈkõ.d͡ʒi/ :: viscount (a member of the nobility above a baron but below a count)
Visconde do Rio Branco {prop} :: Visconde do Rio Branco (placename)
viscondessa {f} /ˌvis.kõ.ˈde.sɐ/ :: viscountess (viscount’s wife)
viscondessa {f} :: viscountess (female viscount)
viscosidade {f} :: viscosity (the state of being viscous)
viscosímetro {m} :: viscometer (instrument used to measure viscosity)
viscoso {adj} :: Having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid; viscous
Viseu {prop} /viˈzew/ :: Viseu (district)
Viseu {prop} :: Viseu (city/and/municipality/district capital)
visgo {m} [uncountable] :: viscosity (state of being viscous)
visgo {m} :: any viscous substance secreted by or extracted from plants
visgo {m} :: mistletoe (any of several evergreen plants that grow on trees)
Vishnu {prop} {m} [Hinduism] :: Vishnu (the supreme god)
visibilidade {f} :: visibility
visigodo {m} :: one of the Visigoths (East Germanic tribe)
visigodo {adj} :: Visigothic (of, relating to or belonging to the Visigoths)
visigotismo {m} [linguistics] :: a loanword from the Gothic language of the Visigoths
visigótico {adj} :: Visigothic (of, relating to or belonging to the Visigoths)
visigótico {m} :: the Gothic dialect spoken by the Visigoths
visionamento {m} :: visualisation (the act of imagining or visualizing something)
visionação {f} :: visualisation (the act of imagining or visualizing something)
visionário {adj} :: visionary
visionário {m} :: visionary
visita {f} /vi.ˈzi.tɐ/ :: visit
visita {f} :: visitor
visitante {mf} :: visitor (someone who visits someone or somewhere)
visitante {adj} :: who is visiting
visitar {v} /vi.zi.ˈtaɾ/ :: to visit
visivelmente {adv} :: visibly
vislumbrado {v} :: past participle of vislumbrar
vislumbrando {v} :: gerund of vislumbrar
vislumbrar {v} :: to glimpse
vislumbre {m} /viʒ.ˈlũ.bɾɨ/ :: glimmer (a faint light)
vislumbre {m} :: glimpse (a brief look)
Visnu {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Vishnu
visão {f} /vi.ˈzɐ̃w̃/ :: view (the act of seeing something)
visão {f} :: sight; eyesight; vision (the ability to see; the condition of not being blind)
visão {f} :: vision; eye (the ability to notice things)
visão {f} :: vision (an idea about how things should be in the future)
visão {f} :: view; vision (mental image)
visão {f} :: view (a person’s way of understanding something)
visão {f} [databases] :: view (logical table in database formed from data from physical tables)
visão {f} [paranormal, religion] :: vision (a mystical mental image of something that happened or will happen)
visão de mundo {f} :: worldview (a person’s general philosophy or perception of reality)
visão de raios-X {f} [scifi] :: X-ray vision (ability to see through solid matter)
visão de raio-X {f} :: alternative form of visão de raios-X
visão geral {f} :: overview (brief summary)
visom {m} /viˈzõ/ :: mink
visom {m} :: mink coat
vison {m} :: alternative form of visom
viso rei {m} :: obsolete form of vice-rei
viso-rei {m} :: obsolete form of vice-rei
visão remota {f} [parapsychology] :: remote viewing (ability to sense from great distances)
viso rey {m} :: obsolete form of vice-rei
viso-rey {m} :: obsolete form of vice-rei
visorrei {m} [rare] :: obsolete form of vice-rei
visorrey {m} :: obsolete form of vice-rei
vista {f} [colloquial] /ˈviʃ.tɐ/ :: eye; eyeball
vista {f} :: sight
vista {f} :: view
Vista Alegre {prop} :: Vista Alegre (placename)
Vista Alegre do Alto {prop} :: Vista Alegre do Alto (placename)
Vista Alegre do Prata {prop} :: Vista Alegre do Prata (placename)
vista desarmada {f} :: naked eye (unaided eyesight)
Vista Gaúcha {prop} :: Vista Gaúcha (placename)
visto {m} /ˈviʃ.tu/ :: visa (permit to enter and leave a country)
visto {m} :: signature, stamp (to confirm that something has been checked or verified)
visto {adj} :: which has been seen or observed
visto que {conj} :: since; as; considering that
visual {adj} :: visual
visualizado {v} :: past participle of visualizar
visualizando {v} :: gerund of visualizar
visualização {f} :: visualization
visualizar {v} :: to visualize
visualmente {adv} :: visually
visível {adj} /vi.ˈzi.vɛɫ/ :: Able to be seen; visible
vital {adj} :: vital (relating to, or characteristic of life)
vital {adj} :: vital (necessary to the continuation of life)
vital {adj} :: vital (very important)
vitalício {adj} :: lifelong (extending for the entire duration of life)
vitalício {adj} :: perpetual
vitalidade {f} :: vitality; vigour
vitalismo {m} [philosophy] :: vitalism (doctrine that life involves some immaterial vital force)
vitamina {f} :: vitamin
vitamina A {f} [vitamin] :: vitamin A
vitamina B {f} [vitamin] :: vitamin B
vitamina C {f} [vitamin] :: vitamin C
vitamina D {f} [vitamin] :: vitamin D
vitamina E {f} [vitamin] :: vitamin E
Vitebsk {prop} {f} :: Vitebsk (city)
vitela {f} :: veal (flesh of a calf)
vitelo {m} :: calf (young bull)
viti- {prefix} /ˌvi.t͡ʃi/ :: relating to grapevines
viticultura {f} [agriculture] /ˌvi.t͡ʃi.kuw.ˈtu.ɾɐ/ :: viticulture (the growing of grape vines)
vitiligo {m} [disease] :: vitiligo (patchy loss of skin pigmentation)
vitimar {v} /vi.ti.ˈmaɾ/ :: to victimize
vitimização secundária {f} :: secondary victimization
vitimizar {v} :: to victimize (to make someone a victim)
vitivinícola {adj} :: viticultural
Vitor {prop} {m} :: given name; alternative form of Vítor
vitoria {f} :: obsolete spelling of vitória
vitoriano {adj} :: Victorian (relating to the reign of Queen Victoria of England)
vitoriar {v} :: to acclaim, applaud
vitorioso {adj} /vi.tu.ˈɾjo.zu/ :: victorious
Vitor Meireles {prop} :: Vitor Meireles (placename)
vitral {m} [art] /viˈtɾaɫ/ :: stained glass
vitral {m} [architecture, by extension] :: stained glass window
vitória {f} /vi.ˈtɔ.ɾjɐ/ :: victory
Vitória {prop} {f} :: given name and feminine of Vítor
Vitória {prop} {f} :: Vitória (placename)
Vitória {prop} {f} :: Victoria, queen of England
Vitória {prop} {f} :: Vitória (state)
Vitória {prop} {f} :: Vitória (capital city)
Vitória {prop} {m} :: Vitória (lake)
Vitória Brasil {prop} :: Vitória Brasil (placename)
Vitória da Conquista {prop} :: Vitória da Conquista (placename)
Vitória das Missões {prop} :: Vitória das Missões (placename)
vitória de Pirro {f} :: Pyrrhic victory (a costly victory)
vitória pirrónica {f} [European orthography, rare] :: Pyrrhic victory (a costly victory)
vitória pirrônica {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of vitória pirrónica
vitória pírrica {f} :: Pyrrhic victory (a costly victory)
vitória-régia {f} :: Amazon lily (Victoria amazonica, a large water lily of the Amazon region)
vitrificado {v} :: past participle of vitrificar
vitrificando {v} :: gerund of vitrificar
vitrificar {v} :: to vitrify
vitrificar {v} :: to glaze
vitrina {f} :: alternative form of vitrine
vitrine {f} :: shop window (large window at the front of a shop used to display goods)
vittoria {f} :: obsolete spelling of vitória
vittória {f} [rare] :: obsolete spelling of vitória
vituperio {m} :: obsolete spelling of vitupério
vitupério {m} [formal] :: insult, offense
viu {interj} /ˈviw/ :: used at the beginning or end of a sentence, especially imperative ones, as filler
viuvez {f} :: widowhood (the condition of being a widow)
viva {m} /ˈvivɐ/ :: hooray [a shout to signify victory]
viva {interj} :: hooray!
viva {interj} :: three cheers for ...!
viva {interj} [as a greeting] :: hello!, hi!
viva {interj} :: bless you! [said to someone who has just sneezed, as a polite remark]
viúva {f} /ˈvju.vɐ/ :: widow (a woman whose husband has died)
viúva {f} :: fawn-breasted tanager (Pipraeidea melanonota, a passerine bird)
viúva {f} :: white-headed marsh tyrant (Arundinicola leucocephala, a passerine bird)
viúva {f} :: parona leatherjacked (Parona signata, a fish)
viúva {f} :: Amazon lily (Victoria amazonica, a water lily)
vivacidade {f} :: vivacity
vivalma {f} /vi.ˈvaɫ.mɐ/ :: a living soul (in negative sentences)
viv'alma {f} :: obsolete spelling of vivalma
vivamente {adv} :: livelily (in a lively manner)
viúva-negra {f} :: black widow (species of venomous spider)
vivar {v} :: to hooray (to shout an expression of excitement)
vivaz {adj} /vi.ˈvaʃ/ :: long-lived
vivaz {adj} [botany] :: perennial
vivaz {adj} [figuratively] :: lively (full of life)
viveiro {m} :: nursery (place where seedlings are cultivated for transplanting)
viveiro {m} :: vivarium (artificial environment for animals)
viável {adj} :: viable
viável {adj} :: feasible, practicable
vivenciar {v} /vivẽɲ̞siˈaɾ/ :: to live [a situation] directly or in practice and be deeply affected or changed by it
vivenda {f} /vi.ˈvẽ.dɐ/ :: residence (place where one lives)
vivenda {f} :: livelihood (person’s means of supporting himself)
vivenda {f} :: the way someone lives
vivendo e aprendendo {proverb} :: live and learn (one gains knowledge from living experiences)
vivente {adj} :: living (having life; not dead)
vivente {mf} :: person; human being
viver {v} /viˈveɾ/ :: to live; to have life
viver da terra {v} :: to live off the land (to sustain a living by eating produce that one harvests or hunts)
viver e deixar viver {v} [idiomatic] :: to live and let live (to be tolerant)
vivianita {f} :: alternative form of vivianite
vivianite {f} [mineral] :: vivianite (a hydrated iron phosphate mineral)
vivissecção {f} :: vivisection (surgery on a living organism for research purposes)
vivisseção {f} :: alternative form of vivissecção
vivência {f} :: experience
vivo {adj} /ˈ :: alive (having life; not dead)
vivo {adj} :: lively; vivacious
vivo {adj} [linguistics, of a language or lect] :: having native speakers
vivo {adj} :: strong (highly stimulating to the senses)
viúvo {m} /ˈ :: widower
vivíparo {adj} [botany, of a plant] :: viviparous (arising from an embryo that develops from the outset)
vivíparo {adj} [zoology, of an animal] :: viviparous (whose development occurs inside the body of the mother)
vivíparo {m} :: a viviparous animal
vixe {interj} :: expresses surprise or admiration. Used before 'Maria'
Vixnu {prop} {m} :: alternative spelling of Vishnu
Vizela {prop} {f} /viˈzɛlɐ/ :: Vizela (river)
Vizela {prop} {f} :: Vizela (city/and/municipality)
vizinhança {f} /vɨ.zi.ˈɲɐ̃.sɐ/ :: neighborhood (close proximity, particularly in reference to home)
vizinhança {f} :: neighborhood (inhabitants in the close proximity)
vizinhança {f} [uncountable] :: the relationship between neighbours
vizinhança {f} :: surroundings (area surrounding something)
vizinhança {f} [uncountable] :: proximity or contiguity
vizinho {adj} /vi.ˈzi.ɲu/ :: neighbouring; adjacent (located next to something)
vizinho {adj} :: neighbouring; adjacent; contiguous (sharing a border)
vizinho {adj} :: [figurative] analogous; related; connected (having many similarities)
vizinho {adj} :: [figurative] adjacent in a scale or rank
vizinho {m} :: neighbor (person who lives next to another)
vizinho {m} :: neighbor (place or object located next to another)
vizir {m} [historical] :: vizier (high-ranking official in the Ottoman Empire)
vizo rei {m} [rare] :: obsolete form of vice-rei
vizo rey {m} :: obsolete form of vice-rei
vizo-rey {m} [rare] :: obsolete form of vice-rei
vizorrey {m} [rare] :: obsolete form of vice-rei
Vladikavkaz {prop} {f} :: Vladikavkaz (city)
Vladimiro {prop} {m} :: given name
Vladivostok {prop} {f} :: Vladivostok (city/regional capital)
Vladivostoque {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Vladivostok
vôlei {m} :: volleyball (game)
vólei {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of vôlei
válido {adj} /ˈ :: valid (well grounded or justifiable, pertinent)
válido {adj} :: valid (acceptable, proper or correct)
válido {adj} :: healthy, fit (physically well)
válido {adj} [logic] :: valid (that evaluates to true regardless of the input values)
vlogger {mf} [Internet] :: vlogger (video blogger)
Vltava {prop} {m} :: Vltava (river)
vóltio {m} :: rare form of volt
Völuspá {prop} {f} [Norse literature] :: Völuspá (first book of the Poetic Edda)
völva {f} :: völva (Old Norse prophetess)
válvula {f} /ˈ :: valve (device that controls flow of gas or fluid)
válvula {f} [anatomy] :: valve (membrane which permits the passage of the contents of a vessel or cavity in one direction)
válvula {f} [electronics] :: vacuum tube
válvula {f} :: the regulator of a steam engine or pressure cooker
válvula {f} [botany] :: valve (small portion of certain anthers, which opens like a trapdoor)
válvula termiônica {f} [Brazilian orthography, electronics] :: vacuum tube
vólvulo {m} [anatomy] :: volvulus (twist in a loop of the bowel)
vlw {interj} [internet slang] :: alternative spelling of valeu (expression of appreciation and gratitude); thx
vómer {m} [skeleton] /ˈvo.meɻ/ :: vomer bone
vômer {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of vómer
vômito {m} /ˈvo.mi.tu/ :: vomit (regurgitated former contents of a stomach)
vômito {m} :: vomit (act of regurgitating)
vómito {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of vômito
vínculo {m} :: link; bond; connection
vândalo {adj} /ˈvɐ̃ :: Vandalic (of or pertaining to the Vandals)
vândalo {adj} :: vandalic (having the nature of vandalism)
vândalo {m} :: Vandal (member of an ancient east Germanic tribe)
vândalo {m} :: vandal (one who needlessly damages others’ property)
vêneto {m} [Brazilian orthography] :: a person from Veneto, Italy
vêneto {m} [Brazilian orthography, uncountable] :: Venetian (Romance language spoken in and around Veneto)
vêneto {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: of, from or relating to Veneto
vêneto {adj} [Brazilian orthography] :: relating to the Venetian language
véneto {m} [European orthography] :: alternative form of vêneto
véneto {adj} [European orthography] :: alternative form of vêneto
vénia {f} [European orthography] :: a bow or nod of courtesy
vénia {f} [European orthography] :: consent; permission
vénia {f} [European orthography] :: forgiveness; pardon
vênia {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of vénia
vínico {adj} :: vinous
Vénus {prop} {f} [European orthography, Roman god] /ˈvɛ.nuʃ/ :: Venus (goddess of love and beauty)
Vénus {prop} {m} [European orthography] :: [astronomy] Venus (second planet in the Solar System)
Vênus {prop} {f} [Brazilian orthography] :: alternative form of Vénus
vão {adj} /ˈvɐ̃w̃/ :: empty (containing nothing)
vão {adj} :: vain (overly proud of oneself)
vão {adj} :: vain (effecting no purpose; pointless; futile)
vão {adj} :: useless (unhelpful; not useful)
vão {m} :: a gap
vão {m} :: a vacant spot
vão {m} [architecture] :: a hole in the wall where a window or door is placed; a sliver, a breach
vão {m} [architecture] :: the empty space below a staircase
vôo {m} :: superseded spelling of voo
voador {adj} /vwɐˈðoɾ/ :: flying
voador {adj} :: rapid
voante {adj} :: airborne; flying (in flight)
voante {adj} :: flying (able to fly)
voante {adj} [figurative] :: ephemeral; short-lived
voar {v} /ˈvwaɾ/ :: to fly
vobla {m} [rare] :: vobla (Rutilus caspicus, a fish of the Caspian sea)
você {pron} /vɔ.ˈse/ :: [formal in Portugal, informal or semi-formal in Brazil] second-person singular personal pronoun; you
você {pron} :: indefinite personal pronoun; you; one
vocabulário {m} /vu.kɐ.βu.ˈla.ɾju/ :: vocabulary (set of words used by an individual)
vocabulário {m} :: vocabulary; lexicon; terminology (set of words used in a particular field)
vocabulário {m} :: vocabulary; wordlist (a document containing a list of words, especially one with less information than a dictionary)
vocabulário {m} [linguistics] :: vocabulary; lexicon (the words of a language)
vocabulário {m} [colloquial] :: language (insults and vulgarities)
vocabulário ativo {m} [psycholinguistics] :: active vocabulary (words and phrases that someone commonly uses)
vocabulário passivo {m} [psycholinguistics] :: passive vocabulary (words and phrases that someone understands but does not commonly use)
vocal {adj} :: vocal (of or pertaining to the voice or speech)
vocal {adj} :: vocal (uttered or modulated by the voice)
vocal {mf} :: vocalist (singer in a band)
vocalista {mf} :: vocalist (singer in a band)
vocalizar {v} :: to voice; to express
vocalizar {v} :: to vocalise (to sing without using words)
vocalizar {v} [phonology] :: to vocalise (turn a consonant into a vowel)
vocação {f} :: vocation
vocação {f} :: calling
vocação {f} :: inclination
vocação {f} :: talent
vocativo {m} [grammar] :: vocative case (case used when addressing someone)
vocábulo {m} [linguistics] /vu.ˈka.β :: vocable (word or utterance)
você colhe o que planta {proverb} :: you reap what you sow (actions have consequences)
você e quem mais {phrase} :: See: você e quem mais
você e quem mais {phrase} [rhetorical question] :: you and whose army? (you can't do that on your own)
você fala português {phrase} [formal] :: Do you speak Portuguese?
vociferar {v} /ˈɾa(ɾ)/ :: to vociferate (to cry out with vehemence)
vocálico {adj} [phonetics] :: vocal (relating to or being a vowel)
Vocência {contraction} :: contraction of Vossa Excelência
você não existe {interj} :: said to a person who did something extraordinary or unexpected
você não existe {interj} :: said to a person who appears just when they are mentioned in a talk
você não existe {interj} :: See: você não existe
você é o que você come {proverb} :: you are what you eat
você pode levar um cavalo até a água, mas não pode fazê-lo beber {proverb} :: you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink (you can show someone how to do something, but you can't make them do it)
vocês {pron} /vɔˈseʃ/ :: second-person plural personal pronoun; you
você-sabe-quem {pron} :: you-know-who (known and unmentioned person)
você vem sempre aqui {phrase} :: do you come here often; A phrase strongly associated with flirtatious behavior
vodca {f} :: vodka
vodu {m} :: voodoo (an Afro-Caribbean religion)
voga {f} :: vogue (the prevailing fashion or style)
vogal {adj} /vuˈɡaɫ]/ :: vocalic
vogal {f} :: vowel
vogal {f} :: member; seat on a representative body without a specific role
vogal anterior {f} [phonetics] :: front vowel (any vowel sound produced in the front of the mouth)
vogal posterior {f} [phonetics] :: back vowel (any vowel produced in the back of the mouth)
vogal temática {f} [Portuguese grammar] :: the first vowel of a suffix, such as a and i in -ado and -ido respectively
vogal temática {f} [indo-european studies] :: thematic vowel (the vowel *e or *o before a suffix in Proto-Indo-European)
vogar {vi} :: to be in vogue
vogar {v} [em, .nautical] :: to navigate; to sail (of a watercraft: to move over a body of water)
vogar {vi} :: to drift; to float (to move slowly)
voivoda {m} :: voivode (a local ruler or official in various parts of central and eastern Europe)
voivodato {m} [historical, rare] :: voivodeship (the realm of a voivode)
voivodia {f} [historical] :: voivodeship (the realm of a voivode)
Voivodina {prop} {f} :: Voivodina (autonomous province)
volante {adj} /vuˈlɐ̃tɨ/ :: flying
volante {adj} :: floating
volante {adj} :: loose
volante {m} [vehicles] :: steering wheel
volante {m} [badminton] :: shuttlecock
volapük {m} :: alternative form of volapuque
volapuk {m} :: alternative form of volapuque
volapuque {m} /ˌvo.ˈ :: Volapük (language)
volastonita {f} :: alternative form of wollastonite
volastonite {f} :: alternative form of wollastonite
volatilidade {f} :: volatility
volatilizando {v} :: gerund of volatilizar
volatilizar {v} :: to volatilize, vapourize
voleibol {m} /ˌvo.lej.ˈbɔw/ :: volleyball (game)
voleibol de praia {m} :: beach volleyball
voleibolista {mf} :: volleyballer
voleio {m} [sports] :: volley (flight of a ball before it bounces)
volframita {f} [mineral] :: wolframite
volfrâmio {m} :: tungsten
Volga {prop} {m} /ˈvɔw.ɡɐ/ :: Volga (river)
Volgogrado {prop} {f} :: Volgogrado (oblast)
Volgogrado {prop} {f} :: Volgogrado (city/regional capital)
Volhynia {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Volínia
volibol {m} :: dated form of voleibol
volição {f} :: volition (a conscious choice or decision)
volição {f} :: volition; will (the mental power or ability of choosing)
volleyball {m} :: dated form of voleibol
Volínia {prop} {f} :: Volínia (historical region)
Vologda {prop} {f} :: Vologda (oblast)
Vologda {prop} {f} :: Vologda (city/regional capital)
volúpia {f} :: lust; lasciviousness (the state or characteristic of being lascivious)
volúpia {f} :: voluptuousness; sensuality (a sensual appearance)
volsco {adj} :: Volscian (relating to the Volsci)
volt {m} :: volt (unit of measure)
volta {f} /ˈvɔɫtɐ/ :: return (act of returning)
volta {f} :: a bend in a course, line, pipe, etc
volta {f} :: turnaround (act of turning around)
volta {f} :: a loop of a coil or spiral staircase
volta {f} :: loop (length of thread, line or rope that is doubled over)
volta {f} [figurative] :: volte-face (a reversal of policy, attitude or principle)
volta {f} :: stroll; walk
voltagem {f} :: voltage
Volta Grande {prop} :: Volta Grande (placename)
voltar {vi} /vɔɫ.ˈtaɾ/ :: to return; to come back
voltar {vi} :: to return (to reach a previous state)
voltar {vt} :: to turn (to adjust something in a direction)
voltar {vt} :: to shell out; to pay
voltar {v} [a, para, .pronominal] :: to turn to (to start to rely on)
voltar {v} [contra, .pronominal] :: to turn on; to turn against (to rebel against or oppose something formerly supported)
Volta Redonda {prop} :: Volta Redonda (placename)
voltear {v} /voɫ.ˈtjaɾ/ :: to rotate, turn, veer
voltear {v} :: to flutter
volteio {m} /vow.ˈtej.u/ :: spin (the act of rotating on one’s own axis)
volte sempre {phrase} [idiomatic] :: come again (a polite farewell)
volátil {adj} [physics, chemistry] /vo.ˈla.t͡ʃiw/ :: volatile (evaporating or vaporizing readily under normal conditions)
volátil {adj} :: unstable (having a strong tendency to change)
volátil {adj} [computing, of memory] :: volatile (whose content is lost when the computer is powered down)
volátil {adj} :: volatile; temporary; ephemeral
volátil {adj} :: able to fly
volátil {mf} :: an animal that can fly
voltímetro {m} :: voltmeter (instrument for measuring electric potential)
volume {m} [geometry] /vo.ˈlu.mi/ :: volume (unit of three-dimensional measure)
volume {m} :: volume; loudness (strength of sound)
volume {m} [publishing] :: volume (issues of a periodical over a period of one year)
volume {m} [publishing] :: volume (individual book of a publication issued as a set of books)
volume {m} [chiefly historical] :: volume (bound book)
volume {m} :: volume; quantity
volumoso {adj} /ˌˈmo.zu/ :: bulky (large in size, mass, or volume)
volumoso {adj} :: having many volumes
volumozo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of volumoso
volumétrico {adj} :: volumetric
voluntariado {m} :: voluntary work, volunteering
voluntariado {m} :: volunteers, voluntary force
voluntariamente {adv} /vu.lũ.ta.ɾjɐ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: voluntarily
voluntário {m} /vu.lũ.ˈta.ɾi.u/ :: volunteer (one who voluntarily offers himself/herself for service)
voluntário {m} [military] :: volunteer (one who enters into military service voluntarily)
voluntário {adj} :: voluntary (done, given, or acting of one’s own free will)
voluntário {adj} :: voluntary (working or done without payment)
voluptuoso {adj} /vu.lup.ˈtwo.zu/ :: voluptuous
voluptuário {adj} /vu.lup.ˈtwa.ɾju/ :: voluptuous
volutuoso {adj} :: alternative form of voluptuoso
volutuário {adj} :: alternative form of voluptuário
volúvel {adj} :: fickle (quick to change one’s opinion or allegiance)
volvendo {v} :: gerund of volver
volver {v} /voɫ.ˈveɾ/ :: to make
volver {v} :: to carry
volver {v} :: to roll, shake
vombate {m} :: wombat (any of several Australian marsupials of the family Vombatidae)
vomeronasal {adj} [anatomy] :: vomeronasal (of, pertaining to, or situated near the vomer bone between the nose and the mouth)
vomitar {v} /vu.mi.ˈtaɾ/ :: to vomit
vomtade {f} :: obsolete spelling of vontade
vontade {f} /võˈtaðɨ/ :: will; the condition of feeling like or wanting something
vontade {f} :: desire, wish
vontade {f} :: intention; purpose
voo {m} /ˈvo.u/ :: flight
voragem {f} /vu.ˈɾa.ʒɐ̃j̃/ :: whirlpool
voragem {f} :: abyss
voraz {adj} /vo.ˈɾa(j)s/ :: voracious (devouring great quantities of food)
voraz {adj} :: voracious; rapacious (having a great appetite for anything)
Voronej {prop} {f} :: Voronej (oblast)
Voronej {prop} {f} :: Voronej (city/regional capital)
Voronezh {prop} {f} :: alternative spelling of Voronej
vortiginoso {adj} :: alternative form of vertiginoso
vos {pron} /ˈvuʃ/ :: 2nd person plural objective pronoun
vose {pron} [Internet slang] :: alternative spelling of você
vosear {v} :: to address someone with the polite vós pronoun
vossa {pron} /ˈvɔ.sɐ/ :: f. sg. form of possessive vosso
Vossa Alteza {pron} [formal] :: Your Highness (a title of respect used to address a prince or princess)
Vossa Excelência {pron} :: your Excellency (title used to address a top-important and generally State-related person)
Vossa Excelência {pron} [law] :: your Honor (title used to address a judge)
Vossa Majestade {pron} [formal] :: Your Majesty (title of respect)
vossas {pron} :: f. pl. form of possessive vosso
vossa santidade {pron} :: Your Holiness
vossemecês {pron} :: obsolete form of vocês
Vossência {contraction} :: contraction of Vossa Excelência
vosso {pron} /ˈvɔ.su/ :: 2. personpl. possessivepronoun
vosso {pron} :: your; yours
vossos {pron} /ˈvɔ.suʃ/ :: m. pl. form of possessive vosso
votante {mf} :: voter (one who votes or has the right to vote)
votante {mf} :: voting or having the right to vote
votação {f} :: voting
votação {f} :: polling
votar {vi} /vu.ˈtaɾ/ :: to vote
votar {v} [em] :: to vote for somebody
votar {v} [contra] :: to vote against something
votar {v} :: to poll
votar com os pés {v} [idiomatic] :: to vote with one's feet (to express one's preferences through one's actions)
voto {m} /ˈvɔ.tu/ :: vote (a formalised choice)
voto {m} :: vote (act or instance of participating in such a choice)
voto {m} :: vow (solemn promise to perform some act, or behave in a specified manner)
voto {m} :: an offering given during a vow
voto cacareco {m} [Brazil, dated] :: protest vote (vote cast to demonstrate dissatisfaction with the candidates or system)
Votorantim {prop} :: Votorantim (placename)
Votuporanga {prop} :: Votuporanga (placename)
Vouga {prop} {m} /ˈvo(w).ɣɐ/ :: Vouga (river)
Vouzela {prop} {f} /vowˈzɛlɐ/ :: Vouzela (village/and/municipality)
vovó {f} [childish] /voˈvɔ/ :: grandma
vovô {m} [hypocoristic, usually, childish] /voˈvo/ :: grandpa; one's grandfather
voyeur {mf} :: voyeur (person who derives sexual pleasure from secretly observing others having sex)
voyeurismo {m} :: voyeurism (derivation of sexual satisfaction by watching people secretly)
voz {f} /ˈvɔʃ/ :: voice (all senses)
voz {f} :: speech
voz ativa {f} [grammar] :: active voice (the voice in which the subject of a verb carries out the action)
voz do povo, voz de Deus {proverb} /ˈvɔʒ du ˈ ˈvɔʒ dɨ ˈðewʃ/ :: the voice of the people, the voice of God
vozear {v} /vo.ziˈaɾ/ :: to speak loudly or to shout
vozear {v} [phonology] :: to voice
vozearia {m} :: clamor (noise from multiple people talking)
vozeirão {m} :: loud voice
vozerio {m} :: clamor (noise from multiple people talking)
voz média {f} [grammar] :: middle voice (form in which the subject of a verb performs some action upon itself)
voz passiva {f} [grammar] :: passive voice (voice in which the subject receives the action)
víquingo {m} :: rare form of viking
víquingue {m} [uncommon] :: alternative form of viking
vrdd {n} [internet slang] :: abbreviation of verdade
vremeio {adj} [Caipira] :: nonstandard form of vermelho
vírgula {f} :: comma (punctuation mark)
vírgula {f} [figuratively] :: fine print, small print (hidden details and conditions)
vírgulas dobradas {fp} [plurale tantum] :: double quotes, inverted commas
vário {adj} [rarely in singular] /ˈva.ɾju/ :: various, diverse
vérsus {prep} :: versus; against
vértebra {f} /ˈvɛɻ.te.bɾa/ :: vertebra
vórtex {m} :: alternative form of vórtice
vórtice {m} :: vortex (a whirlpool or whirlwind)
vértice {m} /ˈvɛʁ.t͡ʃ :: vertex (highest point)
vértice {m} [anatomy] :: vertex (top part of the skull)
vértice {m} [geometry] :: vertex (corner of a polygon or polyhedron)
vértice {m} [graph theory] :: vertex (element joined by edges to other such points)
vértice {m} [computer graphics] :: vertex (point in 3D space)
vírus {m} :: virus (DNA/RNA causing disease)
várzea {f} [geography] :: floodplain (a plain adjacent to a river that experiences flooding)
várzea {f} :: plain (large flat area)
Várzea da Palma {prop} :: Várzea da Palma (placename)
Várzea da Roça {prop} :: Várzea da Roça (placename)
Várzea do Poço {prop} :: Várzea do Poço (placename)
Várzea Nova {prop} :: Várzea Nova (placename)
Várzea Paulista {prop} :: Várzea Paulista (placename)
vós {pron} /vɔʃ/ :: second-person plural nominative personal pronoun; you
vós {pron} :: second-person plural prepositional pronoun; you
vós {pron} [religious, formal or poetic] :: second-person singular nominative and prepositional pronoun used when addressing a deity, noble or certain powerful officials; you; thou
víscera {f} [anatomy] :: viscera (internal organ of the body)
vsf {phrase} [Internet slang, pejorative, vulgar] :: abbreviation of vá se foder
VSF {phrase} [Internet slang, vulgar] :: initialism of vai se foder
vísivel {adj} :: alternative form of visível
véspera {f} /ˈvɛʃ.pɨ.ɾɐ/ :: eve
véspora {f} :: obsolete form of véspera
víspora {f} [Brazil] :: lotto (the game of chance)
Vístula {prop} {m} :: Vístula (river)
VT {m} :: initialism of video tape
VT {m} [by extension] :: a short recorded video, especially one shown on the TV as part of a larger show
võtade {f} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of vontade
vítima {f} /ˈvi.ti.mɐ/ :: victim
vátio {m} [obsolete, rare] :: watt (derived unit of power)
vtnc {phrase} [Internet slang, text messaging, vulgar] :: abbreviation of vai tomar no cu
Vítor {prop} {m} :: given name and masculine of Vitória
vítreo {adj} :: glassy
vítreo {adj} :: vitreous
vítulo {m} :: calf (young bull)
vẽtura {f} [obsolete] :: abbreviation of ventura
véu {m} /ˈvɛw/ :: veil
vudu {m} :: alternative form of vodu
Vukovar {prop} {f} /ˌvu.ko.ˈvaʁ/ :: Vukovar (city)
vulcanismo {m} [volcanology] /ˌvuw.kɐ.ˈ :: volcanism (natural phenomena associated with volcanoes)
vulcanizando {v} :: gerund of vulcanizar
vulcanização {f} :: vulcanization
vulcanizar {v} :: to vulcanize
vulcanólogo {m} :: volcanologist (person who studies volcanology)
Vulcano {prop} {m} [Roman god] :: Vulcan (god of fire)
Vulcano {prop} {m} [astronomy, historical] :: Vulcan (planet previously theorised to exist in orbit between Mercury and the Sun)
Vulcano {prop} {m} :: Vulcano (island)
vulcanogênico {adj} :: volcanogenic
vulcanologia {f} :: volcanology (study of volcanoes)
vulcanologista {mf} :: volcanologist (person who studies volcanology)
vulcânico {adj} :: volcanic
vulcánico {adj} :: alternative form of vulcânico
vulcão {m} /vuɫ.ˈkɐ̃w̃/ :: volcano
vulcão-escudo {m} [vulcanology] :: shield volcano (volcano with a large size an low profile)
vulgar {adj} /vuɫ.ˈɣaɾ/ :: common to the people, vulgar
vulgar {adj} :: ordinary, undistinguished
vulgar {adj} :: popular, commonly understood, as opposed to scientific or technical
vulgar {adj} :: simple, unintelligent
vulgaridade {f} [uncountable] :: commonness, the quality of being common or vulgar
vulgaridade {f} [countable] :: a vulgarity; an expression or action expected of a commoner
vulgarizado {adj} :: vulgarized
vulgarizar {vt} :: to vulgarise (to make something vulgar)
vulgarmente {adv} /vuɫ.ɣaɾ.ˈmẽ.tɨ/ :: indifferently
vulgarmente {adv} :: in general, usually
Vulgata {prop} {f} :: Vulgate (a fourth-century Bible translation into Latin)
vulgo {m} /ˈvuɫ.ɣu/ :: the common people, the masses
vulgo {adv} [formal] :: introduces a colloquial synonym, or a nickname; vulgarly/colloquially/informally/commonly known as
vulnerabilidade {f} [uncountable] :: vulnerability (the state of being vulnerable)
vulnerabilidade {f} :: vulnerability (specific weakness in the protections or defences)
vulnerar {vt} :: to wound; to hurt; to injure
vulnerável {adj} :: vulnerable
vulnífico {adj} /vuɫ.ˈ :: vulnific
vulpino {adj} :: vulpine (relating to foxes)
vulto {m} /ˈvuɫ.tu/ :: aspect (one’s appearance or expression)
vulto {m} :: an indistinct figure, such as something seen with the corner of one’s eye or in the dark
vulto {m} :: importance; significance; prominence
vulto {m} :: greatness
vulto {m} :: bulk (major part of something)
vulva {f} [anatomy] :: vulva (the external female sexual organs)
vuvuzela {f} /vuvuˈzɛla/ :: vuvuzela
v.v. {abbr} :: abbreviation of vice versa
vívido {adj} [of perception] /ˈ :: vivid (clear, detailed or powerful)
vívido {adj} [of an image] :: vivid (bright, intense or colourful)
vívido {adj} :: vivid (full of life)