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{{subst:User:Mglovesfun/new adj form|abortivo|fp|lang=it}}



abortive f pl

  1. feminine plural of abortivo


An entirely substitutable template (in this case user subpage) to generate adjective forms. Only works for languages with gender. Parameters are the following

  • 1 (first unnamed parameter): the lemma form. For example, in French, noir is the lemma for noire, noires and noirs.
  • 2 (second unnamed parameter): the gender. Accepts:
  1. m and mp for masculine plural
  2. f for feminine
  3. fp for feminine plural
  4. mfp and p for masculine and feminine plural
  • lang: the ISO 639 language code (or Wiktionary-only code, such as {{roa-jer}})

All parameters are mandatory. There is currently no support for neuter.