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This template is used to quickly create French adjective relating to place names. See also User:Mglovesfun/new fr demonym for nouns.

Require parameters are:

  1. The place name.
  2. The suffix, used only in the etymology. If the demonym is not formed by a suffix (rare) change the etymology by hand.

The two option parameters are

  1. mp= for the Masculine plural. Default is {{subst:PAGENAME}}.
  2. f= for the feminine singular. Default is {{subst:PAGENAME}}e. {{fr-adj}} will do the rest.
  3. def=, over rides the automatic definition (person from [[{{{1}}}]]) when a better definition is available.
{{also|}}{{subst:User:Mglovesfun/new fr adj|Congo|ais}}