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Comes from Greek - Ιωάβτς. Ιωάβ (English: Ioab - Joab). τς (English: Ts - unknow). Together it forms Joabts.


Hyphenation: Ioab‧Ts


The word comes originally from a mistaken term Ιωάβτς (Ioabts), which the pronunciar thought it meant Joab No, but the correct term is Δεν Ιωάβ. It comes from a new religion created in Israel, by 12 students in ancient times. This religion was carfully preserved, and wasn't shown to no one. The religion was practiced in Israel as well as Judaism and early Christianity, but then the Christians and the Muslims kept other religions down, and the Ioabts was kept underground, and was practiced in Greece. In the time the philosophical mind, the thought, and the greatness of the Ioabts' was hidded, the world sunk into darkness. And those years were called "The Middle Ages", "The Dark Ages" etc. Then the Ioabts came back to the surfece, and was practiced as a secret society in Greece and Italy. Then came the Renaissance. And now the current leaders that re-discovered the religions, are ready to bring it out to the world.