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active filter active filtering active filters active fire protection active fire protection systems active flexibility active forces active gain medium active galactic nuclei active galactic nucleus active galaxies active galaxy active galaxy nuclei active groups active handlers active head restraints active heating and cooling systems active homing active hubs active hydrodynamic imaging active hydrogen compound active hydrogens active imagination active immunisation active immunity active immunization active in low light active in normal daylight active ingredient active ingredients active insufficiency active intellect active isolated active knowledge active labour market active labour market policies active labour market policy active language active languages active laser media active laser medium active layer active learning active list active listening active living active load active loads active low active management active manager active margin active masses active matrix active matrix addressing active matrix display active matrix displays active matrix liquid crystal displays active measures active medium active member active members active membrane transport active metabolite active mirror active mirrors active mode active moiety active network active noise active noise cancellation active noise control active nuclei active obedience active objects active optical networks active optics active or dynamic verb active or passive safety active oxygen active participle active pharmaceutical ingredient active pharmaceutical ingredients active pharmaceutical ingredients active phase conductor active phased array active pixel sensor active pixel sensors active placebo active player active population active power active principle active protection suite active protection system active protection systems active queue management active radar active radar guidance active radar guided active radar homing active radar seeker active radar seekers active radar terminal homing active reading active recall active record pattern active region active regions active replaces the passive voice active reserve active resistance active risk active rock active rock music active rocker active roster active rosters active rules active runway active safety active scanning active service active service learning active service unit active service unit's active service units active service watercraft active set active shooter active site active sites active soil depressurization active solar active sonar active sonar ping active source active speaker active speaker systems active speakers active stealth active strategies active stretching active structure active substance active substances active suspension active suspensions active tilt active tip-clearance control active touch active transformation active transformations active transport active transporters active units active vacations active version active vibration control active vision active vocabulary active voice active volcanic active volcano active volcanoes active volcanos active voltage-to-current converter active waiting active woofer active xenon headlights active yaw control active zone active-passive voices active-pixel sensors active-stative languages actively involved actively loaded actively managed actively managed fund actively opening and closing actively participate actively pump actively pumped actively supported the end actively translating actively transport actively transported actively transporting actively transports activin type 2 receptor activism industry activism journalism activist center activist collectives activist culture activist fund activist group activist groups activist judge activist judges activist networks activist organization activist ribbons activist shareholder activist student activities of daily living activities of the mob were worsening project management soil mechanics activity analysis activity approach activity as tolerated activity assays activity base activity based costing activity based proteomics activity book activity books activity centre activity centres activity coefficient activity coefficients activity cycle activity diagram activity diagrams activity games activity level activity models activity network diagram activity on arrow activity on node activity table activity theory activity verb activity-based costing activity-based learning activity-centered design actor and director actor manager actor model actor model theory actor modeling actor network theory actor of the same name actor prints actor with the same name actor-network theory actor-observer bias actor-style concurrency actors and actresses in pornograpic films actors in a suit actress and actress and model actress of the same name actress unknown actress with the fat ass acts "too white" acts and omissions acts faithfully acts of aggression acts of devotion acts of dissent acts of independent significance acts of love acts of parliament acts of piracy acts of terror acts of terrorism acts of the claimant acts of the martyrs acts of violence and sabotage acts of war acts on acts transitively actual airline actual author actual average power produced actual bank actual bodily harm actual brightness actual calling location actual card game actual cause actual chase actual confectionary brand actual controversy actual cost actual damages actual development level actual device actual difference in underlying clockrate actual effective throughput actual episode actual evapotranspiration actual finale actual grace actual idealism actual incident actual infinite actual infinity actual malice actual mechanical advantage actual model actual news actual notice actual number actual occasion actual person actual person with the same name actual polearm actual quantity actual reality actual reduction to practice actual regalia actual regiment actual research actual retail price actual room actual signage actual sins actual song actual website actual world actuality and potentiality actuality films actually be there actually becomes actually innocent actually meet actually three sites actually went to war actuarial calculation actuarial classes actuarial education actuarial escape velocity actuarial exams actuarial mathematics actuarial notation actuarial present value actuarial present values actuarial profession actuarial science actuarial statistics actuarial studies actuarial tables actuarial work actus et potentia actus purus actus purus et perfectos actus reus aculeacin-A deacylase aculeate wasps acuminate horseshoe bat acupuncture detoxification acupuncture meridians acupuncture point acupuncture points acupuncture therapy acute abdomen acute accent acute accent mark acute accents acute alcohol poisoning acute alcoholism acute and fulminating melioidosis acute and transient psychotic disorders acute angle acute angles acute assessment unit acute care acute care facility acute care nurse practitioner acute complications acute coronary syndrom cardiac related chest pain acute coronary syndrome acute coronary syndromes acute cortical necrosis acute danger acute depression acute diacritic acute disease acute disseminated demyelination acute facial nerve paralysis acute fatty liver of pregnancy acute flaccid paralysis acute gastritis acute gastroenteritis acute glaucoma acute heart infarction acute hemolytic anemia acute hemolytic reactions acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis acute hepatic failure acute hospital acute illness acute incidents acute infection acute infections acute inflammation acute intermittent porphyria acute intoxication acute kidney failure acute laryngotracheobronchitis virus acute leg pain acute leukemias acute limb ischaemia acute liver failure acute lung injury acute lymphoblastic leukaemia acute lymphoblastic leukemia acute lymphoblastic leukemias acute lymphocytic leukemia acute margin acute mark acute medicine acute megakaryocytic leukemia acute meningitis acute moist dermatitis acute monocytic leukemia acute mountain sickness acute muscle soreness acute myelomonocytic leukemia acute myocardial infarction acute nephritis acute non-lymphocytic leukaemia acute pain acute pancreatic bleeding acute pancreatitis acute pericarditis acute phase acute phase protein acute phase proteins acute phase reactant acute phase reactants acute phase reaction acute phase response acute poisoning syndrome acute predominantly delusional psychotic disorders acute pyelonephritis acute radiation injuries acute radiation syndrome acute rejection acute renal failure acute renal insufficiency acute respiratory distress acute response acute rheumatic fever acute rheumatism acute scrotum acute sinusitis acute situational disturbance acute skin changes acute stricture oesophagus acute supraventricular tachycardia acute toxicity acute transplant rejection acute triangle acute triangles acute tubolar necrosis acute urate nephropathy acute-on-chronic liver failure acute-phase protein acute-phase reactant acyanotic heart defects acyclic deterministic finite automaton acyclic diene metathesis acyclic directed graph acyclic graph acyclic group acyclic objects acyclic sheaf acyl bromides acyl carrier protein acyl carrier protein synthase acyl chain acyl chains acyl chloride acyl chlorides acyl group acyl groups acyl halide acyl halides acyl imidate acyl nitrene acyl phosphate acyl-CoA dehydrogenase acyl-CoA hydrolase acyl-CoA oxidase acyl-carrier protein acyl-coA hydrolase acyl-enzyme intermediate acyl-lysine deacylase acyl-protein thioester acyl-sn-glycerol 3-phosphate acylagmatine amidase acylamino acid fungicides acylamino-acid-releasing enzyme acylated homoserine lactones acylating agents acylcarnitine hydrolase acylglycerol kinase acylglycerol lipase acylglycerone-phosphate reductase acyliminium ions acylium ion acylmuramoyl-Ala peptidase acylmuramoyl-alanine carboxypeptidase acyloin condensation acyloxyacyl hydrolase acylpyruvate hydrolase acıbadem kurabiyesi ad absurdum ad agencies ad agency ad antiquitatem ad astera per aspera ad astra ad astra per alia porci ad astra per aspera ad baculum ad bestias ad blocker ad breaks ad campaign ad campaigns ad captandum ad colligenda bona ad consequentiam ad crumenam ad eundem ad eundem degree ad eundem degrees ad eundem gradum ad eundum ad exstirpanda ad feminam ad films ad filtering ad fontes ad hoc ad hoc hypothesis ad hoc judge ad hoc mobile networks ad hoc mode ad hoc network ad hoc networking ad hoc networks ad hoc testing ad hoc theory ad hoc-only ad hominem ad hominem abusive ad hominem argument ad hominem circumstantial ad honorem ad idem ad ignorantiam ad in the classified ad infinitum ad interim ad jingles ad lazarum ad lib ad lib. ad libbed ad libbing ad libitum ad libs ad limina ad litem ad logicam ad man ad metum ad misericordiam ad nauseam ad network ad networks ad novitatem ad numerum ad odium ad personam ad populum ad quod damnum ad rem ad revenue ad seriatim ad server ad servers ad serving ad slogan ad temperantiam ad testing ad tracking ad valorem ad valorem tax ad valorem taxes ad valorum taxes ad verecundiam ad vitam aut culpam ad-Dahna desert ad-Dār al-Bayḍāʼ الدار البيضاء ad-hoc divans ad-hoc mode ad-hoc network ad-hoc networking ad-hoc networks ad-hoc polymorphism ad-hoc wireless communication networks ad-hoc wireless networks ad-supported business model ad-valorem tax base ada urugai adacemic journals adagio assai adamantane derivatives adamantium feed adams kids adapative optics adapt it into a novel adapt their civilian-type vehicles adapt to its expected consequences adapt to nature adaptation of the first novel adaptation of the serial adaptation of the sitcom adaptation to extrauterine life adaptation to global warming adaptation writer adaptationist program adaptations of the last three books to radio adapted and directed adapted as a film adapted as a television miniseries adapted for film adapted for military use adapted for radio adapted for reuse adapted for television adapted for television, stage, radio and cinema adapted for the screen adapted for the small screen adapted for the stage adapted homes adapted into a film adapted into a movie adapted into a television film adapted into an animated film adapted into film adapted into films adapted numerous times adapted on screen adapted or remade adapted process adapted screenplay adapted stochastic process adapted this and other episodes into short stories adapted to a children's film adapted to aquatic adapted to film adapted to one pollinator adapted to the weightless environment adapter card adapter protein adapter proteins adapting for theatrical release adaptive advantage of suicidality adaptive allocation adaptive array adaptive beamformer adaptive beamforming adaptive behavior adaptive behaviors adaptive capacity adaptive changes adaptive chosen ciphertext attack adaptive chosen ciphertext attacks adaptive chosen ciphertexts adaptive chosen plaintext adaptive chosen-ciphertext attack adaptive chosen-message attacks adaptive chosen-plaintext attacks adaptive clothing adaptive coding adaptive communications adaptive conceptual model adaptive consistency adaptive control adaptive cruise control adaptive damping adaptive designs adaptive development model adaptive dynamics adaptive equalisation adaptive equalizer adaptive evolution adaptive expectations adaptive feedback cancellation adaptive filter adaptive filtering adaptive filters adaptive finite elements adaptive fitness landscape adaptive force packaging adaptive functioning adaptive grammar formalisms adaptive grammars adaptive heap sort adaptive immune adaptive immune response adaptive immune responses adaptive immune system adaptive immune systems adaptive immunity adaptive infrastructure adaptive interfaces adaptive k-d tree adaptive landscape adaptive landscapes adaptive management adaptive merge sort adaptive mesh refinement adaptive meshing adaptive modulation and coding adaptive mutagenesis adaptive mutation adaptive noise shaping adaptive optical adaptive optics adaptive optimization adaptive optive adaptive peaks adaptive programming adaptive quadrature adaptive radiation adaptive re-use adaptive resonance theory adaptive response adaptive reuse adaptive reuses adaptive routing adaptive rowing adaptive selection adaptive signal processing adaptive skiing adaptive software adaptive sort adaptive sports adaptive strategies adaptive strategy adaptive suspension adaptive system adaptive systems adaptive technology adaptive testing adaptive tile refresh adaptive traits adaptive value adaptive-additive algorithm adaptively reuse adaptively reuse historic buildings adaptogenic herbs adaptor hypothesis adaptor molecules adaptor protein adaptor proteins adat law adat perpatih add -izz to the middle of words add fluoride to drinking water add up to a multiple of three add value add-in card add-on devices added note chord added sixth added sixth chord added sixth chords added subject-matter added to flour added together added tone added tone chord added tone chords added value addendum circle addendum correction adder circuits adder stone adder unit addicted baby addicted internet addicted to drugs addicted to gambling addicted to her medication addicted to porn addiction disorders addiction medicine addiction medicine specialist addiction modules addiction recovery addiction to alcohol addiction to drink addiction to drugs addiction to gambling addiction to sex addictive behavior addictive behaviors addictive cycle addictive disorders addictive drug addictive personality addictive substances addictive urges adding a turret adding blood adding board adding carbon adding machine adding machines adding their velocities addis abeba addition chain addition chains addition compound addition identity addition matrices addition mod 4 addition modulo eight addition of fluoride addition of natural numbers addition polymer addition polymerisation addition polymerization addition polymerizations addition polymers addition reaction addition reactions addition rules addition sequence addition theorem addition theorems addition theorems above addition-chain exponentiation addition-elimination reaction addition-subtraction chain additional albums additional background vocals additional categories additional change additional changes additional crimes additional electronics additional engineer additional engineering additional fu-points additional guerrilla violence additional guitar additional images additional instrumentation additional instruments additional judge additional keyboards additional language additional languages additional letters additional matrix operations additional meanings of the name additional member additional member system additional member systems additional members additional members system additional percussion additional powers additional proposal additional qualifying tournament additional reasons additional release additional screen modes additional track additional villa suites additional vocalist additional vocals additional voices additional volume additionally guyed additive categories additive category additive codes additive color additive color model additive colour additive combinatorics additive factors method additive function additive functions additive functor additive functors additive identity additive inverse additive inverses additive inversion additive meter additive meters additive mixing additive mixture additive models additive noise additive notation additive number theory additive package additive polynomial additive primaries additive primary colors additive rhythm additive rhythms additive separation of variables additive synthesis additive white gaussian noise additive-increase-multiplicative-decrease additive-pulse mode locking additives for gasoline additives in cigarettes additives to food address and mapping address bar address book address books address bus address buses address busses address decoder address family address generator address in memory address labels address mapping address mode address modes address multiplexing address munging address number address numbering address range address reference address registers address relocation address resolution query address space address space layout address space layout randomization address spaces address the audience directly address translation address translators address verification address-calculation sort addressable fire control panels addresses in memory addresses the audience directly addresses the spirit addresses the viewer addressing information addressing mode addressing modes addressing scheme addressing space addressing system addressing systems adds across carbon carbon double bonds addu atoll adduct purification adductive wristlock adductor brevis adductor canal adductor group adductor hallucis adductor hiatus adductor longus adductor longus muscle adductor magnus adductor muscle adductor muscles adductor muscles of the hip adductor pollicis adductor tubercle adefovir dipivoxil adele group adele ring adele rings adelic algebraic group adelic algebraic groups adelic group adelic groups adelie penguin adelie penguins adelphic polyandry adenine deaminase adenine dinucleotides adenine nucleotide adenine nucleotide carrier adenine nucleotide translocase adenine nucleotide translocator adenine phosphoribosyltransferase adenine residues adeno associated virus group adeno-associated virus adenocarcinoma of the esophagus adenoid cystic cancer adenoid cystic carcinoma adenoid cystic carcinomas adenoid hypertrophy adenoid pad adenomatous polyposis coli adenomatous polyps adenopolyposis colon cancer adenosine 3',5'-bisphosphate adenosine 5'-phosphate adenosine 5'-phosphoramidate adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate adenosine 5'-tetraphosphate adenosine 5-triphosphate adenosine 5´ phosphosulfate adenosine deaminase adenosine deaminase deficiency adenosine dephosphatase adenosine diphosphate adenosine diphosphate adenosine kinase adenosine monophosphate adenosine nucleosidase adenosine phosphate adenosine receptor adenosine receptor antagonists adenosine receptors adenosine thiamine triphosphate adenosine triphosphatase adenosine triphosphate adenosine-phosphate deaminase Mg-activated adenosquamous carcinoma adenosyl-fluoride synthase adenosylcobinamide hydrolase adenosylcobinamide kinase adenosylcobinamide phosphate adenosylcobinamide-GDP ribazoletransferase adenosylcobinamide-phosphate guanylyltransferase adenosylcobinamide-phosphate synthase adenosylcobyric acid adenosylcobyric acid synthase glutamine-hydrolysing adenosylcobyrinic acid a,c-diamide adenosylhomocysteine nucleosidase adenosylmethionine cyclotransferase adenosylmethionine decarboxylase adenosylmethionine hydrolase adenotrophic viviparity adenovirus 3 adenovirus 8 adenovirus serotype 14 adenyl cyclase adenyl cyclases adenyl triphosphate adenylate cyclase adenylate cyclase toxin adenylate cyclases adenylate dimethylallyltransferase adenylate kinase adenylic acid adenylosuccinate lyase adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency adenylosuccinate synthase adenylyl cyclase adenylyl cyclases adenylyl sulfate adenylyl-sulfate kinase adenylyl-sulfate reductase adenylyl-sulfate reductase adenylyl-sulfate reductase adept tool users adequate acknowledgment adequate and independent state ground adequate and independent state law ground adequate pointclass adequate pointclasses adequate separation adequate stimuli adequate stimulus adequately wet adessive case adherence and concordance compliance and concordance adherence compliance and concordance adherence factors adherens junction adherens junctions adherent ear lobes adhering through electrostatic charges adhesion factors adhesion molecues adhesion molecule adhesion molecules adhesion plaques adhesion proteins adhesion railway adhesion railways adhesion sites adhesion worked adhesive accelerant adhesive balm adhesive bandage adhesive bandages adhesive capsulitis adhesive forces adhesive label adhesive labels adhesive pads adhesive postage stamp adhesive stamps adhesive tape adhesive tapes adhesive weight adhikaari purush adho mukha svanasana adho mukha svasana adhoc networking adhunik gaan adi shakti adiabatic circuits adiabatic compression adiabatic cooling adiabatic demagnetisation adiabatic demagnetization adiabatic expansion adiabatic flame adiabatic flame temperature adiabatic heating adiabatic index adiabatic invariance adiabatic invariance of the magnetic moment adiabatic invariant adiabatic invariants adiabatic lapse rate adiabatic lapse rates adiabatic nuclear demagnetisation adiabatic potential energy curves adiabatic principle adiabatic process adiabatic processes adiabatic shear band adiabatic theorem adiabatic wheels adiabatical cooling adiabatically cooling adiabaticity condition adipic acid adipic acid divinyl ester adipic dihydrazide adipocytokine signaling pathway adipose tissue fat tissue adipose fat tissue adipose capsule adipose cells adipose depots adipose eyelids adipose fin adipose fins adipose gene adipose ifn adipose organ adipose ridge adipose tissue adipose tissue differentiation adipose tissues adipoyl chloride aditi singh aditus ad antrum adjacency algebra adjacency matrices adjacency matrix adjacency-matrix representation adjacent angles adjacent bridge adjacent cemetery adjacent channel adjacent channels adjacent international airport adjacent lock and weir adjacent mountain prominence adjacent neighborhood adjacent normal railway of the same name adjacent palace adjacent seat adjacent station adjacent vertices adjacent-channel interference adjectival agreement adjectival concord adjectival concords adjectival determiners adjectival form adjectival noun adjectival nouns adjectival participle adjectival participles adjectival phrase adjectival phrases adjective checklist adjective marking adjective morphology adjective of relation adjective phrases adjectives section adjoining cemetery adjoining church adjoining military base adjoining movie version adjoining soundtrack album adjoining township adjoint action adjoint bundle adjoint endomorphism adjoint filters adjoint functor adjoint functor theorem for order theory adjoint functors adjoint groups adjoint linear system adjoint map adjoint matrix adjoint of an operator adjoint of this operator adjoint operator adjoint operators adjoint pair adjoint representation adjourned sine die adjournment debate adjournment of sine die adjournment sine die adjudicated competent adjudicative competence adjudicative facts adjugate matrix adjunct agent adjunct associate professor adjunct faculty adjunct faculty member adjunct faculty members adjunct instructor adjunct law professor adjunct professor adjunct professors adjunct to the national currency adjunction space adjunction spaces adjunctive therapy adjust the gauge adjustable bed adjustable bend adjustable buoyancy life jackets adjustable gastric band adjustable gastric banding adjustable geometry adjustable grip hitch adjustable hitch adjustable iris adjustable loop adjustable rate adjustable rate mortgage adjustable rate mortgages adjustable shock absorbers adjustable slip-joint pliers adjustable spanner adjustable suspension systems adjustable wrench adjustable-end wrench adjustable-rate mortgages adjustable-speed drive adjustable-speed drives adjusted average assets adjusted basis adjusted by the pilot adjusted for inflation adjusted gross income adjusted time adjusting a sextant adjusting entries adjustment disorder adjustment disorders adjustment reactions adjustor muscles adjutant general adjutant generals adjutant general’s adjutant unit adjuvant chemotherapy adjuvant immunotherapy adjuvant therapy adminiculum lineae albae administative regions administered by provinces administered cities administered even to children administered orally administered territories administering an intoxicating agent administering its own contests administering the south administrating networks administration & cabinet administration holandesa administration law administration of an estate administration of justice administration of the navy administration order administration scandals administration to the sick administrative acts administrative agencies administrative agency administrative area administrative areas administrative arrondissement administrative arrondissements administrative assistant administrative assistants administrative authority administrative autonomy administrative board administrative bodies administrative buildings administrative capital administrative careers administrative cases administrative center administrative centre administrative community administrative contentious jurisdictions administrative control administrative coordinator administrative corps administrative councils administrative counties administrative county administrative court administrative court system administrative courts administrative decisions administrative departments administrative detention administrative detentions administrative distance administrative district administrative districts administrative division administrative division system administrative divisions administrative documents administrative domains administrative droid administrative elections administrative entity administrative factoring administrative fee administrative functions administrative headquarters administrative hearing administrative hearings administrative incompetence administrative justice administrative language administrative law administrative law judge administrative law judges administrative laws administrative leave administrative legislation administrative major-generals administrative normal form administrative office administrative offices administrative official administrative okrugs administrative order administrative overhead administrative pricing administrative privileges administrative procedure administrative procedure law administrative proceeding administrative proceedings administrative producer administrative professionals administrative province administrative punishment administrative raion administrative realms administrative receiver administrative receivers administrative receivership administrative reform administrative reforms against terrorism administrative region administrative regions administrative removal administrative resources administrative review administrative rule administrative rulemaking administrative rulings administrative sanctions administrative science administrative scrivener administrative scriveners administrative sector administrative security administrative staff administrative staff colleges administrative status within the administrative structure administrative structure of his kingdom