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alternative comics alternative communities alternative community alternative compensation system alternative compensation systems alternative complement pathway alternative complement system alternative cosmological models alternative cosmologies alternative cosmology alternative cost alternative country alternative country music alternative country periodical alternative county alternative courts alternative cultural alternative culture alternative cultures alternative currencies alternative currency alternative dance alternative definitions alternative denial alternative dimensions alternative dispute resolution alternative economic alternative education alternative education high school alternative educators alternative electronic alternative emotional metal alternative ending alternative energy alternative energy production alternative energy sources alternative energy technologies alternative evolution alternative exchange alternative expansion alternative explanations alternative fashion alternative film alternative films alternative firmware alternative folk alternative forms of energy production alternative formulations alternative fuel alternative fuel resources alternative fuel vehicle alternative fuel vehicles alternative fueling alternative fuels alternative future alternative geometries alternative gift alternative gifts alternative giving alternative globalisation movement alternative globalization movement alternative guitar tuning alternative hand bill alternative healers alternative healing alternative health alternative health practices alternative high school alternative high schools alternative hip hop alternative hip-hop alternative historian alternative historians alternative history alternative hypothesis alternative information centre alternative interpretations alternative investment alternative investment management companies alternative investment management company alternative jazz alternative journalism alternative keyboard layouts alternative label alternative languages alternative learning schools alternative lifestyle alternative lifestyle choice alternative lifestyler alternative lifestylers alternative lifestyles alternative logical systems alternative manga alternative media alternative medical alternative medical care alternative medical modalities alternative medical practices alternative medical treatment alternative medical treatments alternative medicine alternative medicine critic alternative medicines alternative metal alternative methodfor alternative methods alternative minimum tax alternative movement alternative music alternative musician alternative musicians alternative names alternative nameserver and resolver programs alternative news alternative news agencies alternative news collective alternative newspaper alternative newspapers alternative newsweeklies alternative newsweekly alternative notations alternative oxidase alternative pathway alternative periodic tables alternative periodical alternative periodicals alternative phrases alternative physical cosmologies alternative pleading alternative poetry alternative political spelling alternative politics alternative pop alternative possibilities alternative powered cars alternative present and future alternative press alternative print media alternative process alternative processes alternative programming alternative propulsion alternative publishing methods alternative punk rock alternative rap alternative rappers alternative reading frame alternative realities alternative reality alternative reality game alternative remittance alternative ring alternative rings alternative risk financing alternative rock alternative rock band alternative rock classics alternative rock music alternative rockband alternative rockers alternative routes alternative school alternative schooling alternative schools alternative server environments alternative service alternative set theories alternative set theory alternative sex alternative sexualities alternative sexuality alternative society alternative space alternative spaces alternative splicing alternative spring break alternative stock exchange alternative striker alternative systems of healing alternative teacher certification alternative technologies alternative technology alternative term alternative term for free software alternative terms alternative terms for free software alternative theater festival alternative theatre alternative theatre festival alternative theories alternative theories about the assassination alternative theories of gravitation alternative theories to general relativity alternative theory alternative therapies alternative therapies and interventions alternative therapies for developmental and learning disabilities alternative therapy alternative timeline alternative title alternative titles alternative to meat alternative trading company alternative trading organisation alternative trading organisations alternative trading organization alternative trading organizations alternative transcripts alternative transport alternative transportation alternative treatment alternative treatments alternative tunings alternative typographical glyphs alternative universe alternative universes alternative variety alternative verdict alternative verdicts alternative version alternative version of her father alternative views of cosmology alternative vote alternative vote system alternative vote top-up alternative weeklies alternative weekly alternative weekly newspaper alternative weekly newspapers alternative wine closure alternative wine closures alternative word for "American" alternative world alternative worship alternative-reality version alternatively secured pension alternatively spliced alternatively spliced exon alternatives in education alternatives to animal testing alternatives to general relativity alternatives to imprisonment alternatives to oil alternatives to scientific reasoning offered by creationists alternator stator alternatum mass alternet art alters the environment although delayed altimeter pressures altitude acclimatization altitude alert system altitude angle altitude chamber altitude encoders altitude for space altitude fuzes altitude illness altitude in aviation altitude sensors altitude sickness altitude sicknesses altitude simulation tents altitude tent altitude tents altitude training altitude trend altitude-compensating nozzles altitudinal range alto and alto and tenor saxophone alto and tenor viol alto clarinet alto clarinets alto clef alto flute alto flutes alto horn alto horns alto piccolo alto psaltry alto recorder alto sax alto sax stylings alto saxes alto saxophone alto saxophones alto saxophonist alto soloist alto tenor alto trombone alto trombones alto viola altocumulus castellanus altocumulus castellanus cloud altocumulus cloud altocumulus duplicatus altocumulus floccus altocumulus lacunosus altocumulus mackerel sky altocumulus opacus altocumulus perlucidus altocumulus radiatus altocumulus stratiformis altocumulus translucidus altocumulus undulatus altocumulus virga alton towers altostratus clouds altostratus duplicatus altostratus lenticularis altostratus mammatus altostratus opacus altostratus praecipitatio altostratus radiatus altostratus translucidus altostratus undulatus altronate dehydratase altruism in animals altruist communism altruistic behavior altruistic goals altruistic joy altruistic love altruistic suicide alum shale alumen plumosum alumina 3 alumina hydrate alumina phosphate alumina trihydrate aluminium acetate aluminium alloy aluminium alloy wheels aluminium alloys aluminium amalgam aluminium ammonium sulfate aluminium antimonide aluminium arsenide aluminium borate aluminium boron oxide aluminium boxer engine aluminium bridge aluminium bromide aluminium bronze aluminium bronzes aluminium caesium tetrachloride aluminium cans aluminium cesium tetrachloride aluminium chloride aluminium chloride fluoride aluminium chloride oxide aluminium chlorohydrate aluminium clofibrate aluminium diboride aluminium difluoride aluminium difluoride oxide aluminium fluoride aluminium fluorides aluminium foil aluminium foils aluminium gallium arsenide aluminium gallium indium nitride aluminium gallium indium phosphide aluminium gallium nitride aluminium hydride aluminium hydroxide aluminium indium antimonide aluminium iodide aluminium isopropoxide aluminium monobromide aluminium monochloride aluminium monofluoride aluminium monofluoride monoxide aluminium monoiodide aluminium monophosphide aluminium monotelluride aluminium monoxide aluminium nitrate aluminium nitride aluminium oxide aluminium oxide hydroxide aluminium oxides aluminium oxynitride aluminium paper aluminium phosphate aluminium phosphide aluminium plants aluminium potassium sulfate aluminium production aluminium products aluminium rubidium tetrachloride aluminium silicate aluminium silicon monoxide aluminium smelter aluminium smelters aluminium smelting aluminium smelting plant aluminium sodium sulfate aluminium sulfate aluminium sulfide aluminium sulphate aluminium transcription discs aluminium tribromide aluminium trichloride aluminium trifluoride aluminium triiodide aluminium wire aluminium wiring aluminium-gallium-indium phosphide aluminium-lithium alloy aluminized packaging aluminothermic reaction aluminothermic welding machine aluminous laterite ore aluminum alloy aluminum alloys aluminum ammonium sulfate aluminum antimonide aluminum arsenide aluminum billet aluminum bromide aluminum bromide hexahydrate aluminum cable with a steel reinforcing core aluminum can aluminum cans aluminum carbide aluminum chlorhydrate aluminum chloride aluminum chloride hexahydrate aluminum chlorohydrate aluminum chockstones aluminum coated aluminum diacetate aluminum disc aluminum discs aluminum disk aluminum disks aluminum fluoride aluminum foil aluminum formate aluminum honeycomb aluminum hydride aluminum hydride oxide aluminum hydroxide aluminum hydroxide oxide aluminum hydroxides aluminum iodide aluminum isopropoxide aluminum lithium aluminum lithium alloy aluminum metal aluminum monocyanide aluminum nitride aluminum or steel nuts aluminum oxide aluminum oxides aluminum phosphate aluminum phosphide aluminum phosphonite aluminum plant aluminum plate aluminum potassium sulfate aluminum production process aluminum recycling aluminum refining aluminum scooters aluminum selenide aluminum siding aluminum silicate aluminum silicates aluminum silicon aluminum smelter aluminum smelters aluminum spinel aluminum sulfate aluminum sulfide aluminum triethoxide aluminum triiodide aluminum tubes aluminum wheels aluminum wire aluminum wiring aluminum-based wires alumni association alumni associations alumni chapters alumni groups alumni registry alumnus or alumna alveolar approximant alveolar arch alveolar arches alveolar bone alveolar bones alveolar border alveolar border of the maxilla alveolar canals alveolar cell carcinoma alveolar cells alveolar click alveolar clicks alveolar consonant alveolar consonants alveolar duct alveolar ducts alveolar ejective alveolar ejective fricative alveolar flap alveolar gas equation alveolar gas exchange alveolar glands alveolar hypoventilation alveolar implosive alveolar infiltrates alveolar lateral alveolar lateral approximant alveolar lateral approximant alveolar lateral flap alveolar lateral fricative alveolar lipoproteinosis alveolar macrophages alveolar margin alveolar nasal alveolar point alveolar pressure alveolar process alveolar process of maxilla alveolar process of the maxilla alveolar processes alveolar prognathism alveolar proteinosis alveolar ridge alveolar ridges alveolar sac alveolar sacs alveolar septa alveolar septal junctions alveolar septum alveolar slit fricative alveolar stop alveolar stops alveolar tap alveolar taps alveolar trill alveolar trills alveolar ventilation alveolar-capillary membrane alveolaris inferior alveolo-palatal consonant alveolo-palatal consonants alveolo-palatal fricative alveolopalatal lateral alveus of the hippocampus alvircept sudotox alwasati alqadima always already always did get through always faithful always happy always hidden or turned away from the reader always look on the bright side of life always love always rewards good alæ magna am radio am to pm ama kudari amabilis fir amacrine cell amacrine cells amalgam of metallic sodium amalgam restorations amalgamated city amalgamated free product amalgamated free products amalgamation mills amall borough aman huur amanita muscaria amantadine hydrochloride amantanium bromide amanullinic acid amaranth dye amaranth family amaranth grain amaranth oil amaranth plant amaray cases amarayin dolma amate paper amateur radio "ham" radio amateur "ham" radio amateur activity amateur actors amateur adventure game amateur adventure games amateur and professional cricketers amateur astronomer amateur astronomer's amateur astronomers amateur astronomical amateur astronomical society amateur astronomy amateur athletes amateur baseball amateur boxer amateur boxers amateur boxing amateur competitions around the world amateur cricket club amateur dan amateur directors amateur draft amateur drafts amateur drama amateur dramatic amateur dramatic group amateur dramatic society amateur dramatics amateur efforts amateur entry draft amateur episode amateur era amateur experimental rocket amateur film amateur filmmaker amateur films amateur fishermen amateur foil event amateur football amateur footballer amateur free agent amateur golfers amateur investors amateur leagues amateur level amateur levels amateur night amateur observers amateur operatic society amateur operators amateur photography amateur pilot amateur player draft amateur porn amateur pornography amateur press amateur press association amateur press associations amateur productions amateur pursuits amateur radio amateur radio bands amateur radio contesting amateur radio contests amateur radio emergency communications amateur radio equipment amateur radio frequency allocations amateur radio high bands amateur radio license amateur radio licensing amateur radio operating award amateur radio operator amateur radio operators amateur radio repeater amateur radio repeaters amateur radio satellite amateur radio satellites amateur radio service amateur radio station amateur radio stations amateur radios amateur rocket amateur rocket propellant amateur rocketry amateur satellite amateur satellites amateur scout amateur scouting amateur sex clips amateur shogi contests amateur side amateur sleuth amateur soccer clubs amateur spaceflight amateur sport amateur sporting amateur sports amateur sportsman amateur station amateur status amateur talent contest amateur telescope amateur telescope maker amateur telescope makers amateur telescope makers' amateur telescope making amateur telescopes amateur television amateur theatre amateur videos amateur wrestler amateur wrestlers amateur wrestling amateur wrestling coach amateur-built aircraft amateur-built airplane amateur-built kit airplane amateurish linguistic purism amatory anatomy amatory fiction amaurosis fugax amazon feminism amazon parrot amazon territory amazon warrior amazonian pitcher plant ambary hemp ambassador extraordinary ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadorial party ambassadorial residence ambassadorial residences ambassadors extraordinary ambasse bey ambenonium chloride amber ale amber alert amber box amber eyes amber glass amber inclusion amber room amber spyglass amber trade amber trade route amber wallace ambervale carmen ambident nucleophile ambident nucleophiles ambient acoustic ambient air ambient air monitoring stations ambient air quality standards ambient art ambient authority ambient brightness ambient calculus ambient chillout music ambient construction ambient dance ambient devices ambient drone ambient dub ambient electronic music ambient electronic style ambient electronica ambient electronics ambient energy ambient energy exchange ambient food ambient groove ambient house ambient industrial ambient intelligence ambient isotopy ambient light ambient lights ambient mages ambient magic ambient media ambient microwave radiation ambient music ambient music ensemble ambient musical ambient musician ambient musicians ambient noise ambient noise level ambient noises ambient occlusion ambient pop ambient pressure ambient rock ambient sounds ambient soundtrack ambient space ambient techno ambient temperature ambient temperature and pressure ambient temperatures ambient trance ambient weather ambiguities of the 12-hour notation ambiguity aversion ambiguity tolerance ambiguous genitalia ambiguous grammar ambiguous grammars ambiguous image ambiguous middle ambiguous picture ambiguous sexuality ambiguous situation ambilineal descent ambipolar diffusion ambit claim ambitious nuclear energy program ambitious railways schemes ambitransitive verbs ambouli international airport ambrosia beetle ambrosia beetles ambrosia fungi ambrosia salad ambulacral areas ambulacral curvature ambulacral tubes ambulance chaser ambulance chasers ambulance chasing ambulance coach ambulance corps ambulance crew ambulance driver ambulance drivers ambulance match ambulance officers ambulance plane ambulance service ambulance service trusts ambulance services ambulance ships ambulance train ambulatory blood pressure ambulatory blood pressure monitoring ambulatory care ambulatory clinics ambulatory phlebectomy ambulatory surgery ambulatory surgery center ambulatory surgery centers ambulatory vision ambush defence ambush interview ambush marketing ambush of a large armored column ambush predation ambush predator ambush predators ambushed a convoy ambushed a motorized column ambushed and destroyed ambushed and killed ambushed and sank ambystoma mexicanum amelanotic melanoma amelogenesis imperfecta amen break amenable group amenable groups amend its zoning ordinance amende honorable amended their constitution amending formula amendment formula amendment of the constitution amendment that he had cosponsored with amendments to the constitution amenity-led development american alligator american alligators american badgers american bison american bittersweet american civil war american eels american football american foul brood american literature american lobster american oak american oystercatcher american politics american shad american studies american west americana music amerindian cultural traditions amerindian language amerindian people ameteur films amethone base amethyst gem clam amezinium metilsulfate amfonelic acid ami shakushi amiable compositeur amica montana amicable number amicable numbers amicable pairs amical protection amical protectorate amici curiae amici curiæ amicus brief amicus briefs amicus curae amicus curiae amicus curiæ amid accusations of cheating amide bond amide fungicides amide group amide hydrolysis amide linkages, -CO-NH- amidefrine mesilate amidinium carbodiimide amido black amidophosphoribosyl transferase amidoxime group amidst the scandal amine based acid gas removal amine contactor amine dehydrogenase amine fluoride amine fluorides amine gas treating amine group amine oxidase amine oxidase copper-containing amine oxidase flavin-containing amine oxidases amine oxide amine oxides amine salts amine scrubbers amine sulfotransferase amine treater amine treaters amine treating amine treating plant amino acetal amino acid amino acid catabolism amino acid decarboxylase amino acid disorders amino acid metabolism amino acid motif amino acid neurotransmitter amino acid oxidase amino acid pool amino acid racemization amino acid receptor amino acid residue amino acid residues amino acid sequence amino acid sequence homologs amino acid sequence homology amino acid sequences amino acid side chains amino acid synthesis amino acid transporter amino acid transporters amino acidic amino acids amino acidss amino adenosine amino adenosine triacid ester amino alcohol amino alcohols amino compounds amino end amino group amino groups amino ketone amino nitrogen amino radical amino sugar amino sugars amino terminal end amino terminus amino-acid metabolism amino-acid racemase amino-acid residues amino-acid sequence amino-carbonyl reaction aminoacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal aminoacyl translocation aminoacyl-histidine dipeptidase, carnosinase aminoacyl-methylhistidine dipeptidase, anserinase aminoacyl-tRNA hydrolase aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases aminoacyl-trna biosynthesis aminobenzoate decarboxylase aminobutyraldehyde dehydrogenase aminobutyric acid aminocaproic acid aminocarboxymuconate-semialdehyde decarboxylase aminocyclobutadieneiron tricarbonyl aminocyclopropanecarboxylate oxidase aminodeoxychorismate lyase aminodeoxychorismate synthase aminoethyl nitrate aminoglycoside antibiotic aminoimidazole carboxamide ribonucleotide aminoiminomethanesulfinic acid aminoisobuteric acid aminolevulinate transaminase aminolevulinic acid aminomethanesulfonic acid aminomuconate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase aminononoic acid aminophenazone cyclamate aminophosphonate metabolism aminopterin sodium aminosalicylic acid aminosugars metabolism aminothelic organisms aminothioacetic acid amit ambalal amit sahu amitava das amiterre legem terrae amitriptyline hydrochloride ammeter shunts ammiratus ammiratorum ammo belt ammo belts ammo dump ammo strip ammoides verticillata

ammonia absortion system ammonia air-conditioning system ammonia borane ammonia capsules ammonia dynamite ammonia engine ammonia engines ammonia fermentation ammonia fumes ammonia kinase ammonia monooxygenase ammonia poisoning ammonia production ammonia production process ammonia salts ammonia sulfite ammonia vapour ammonia-soda process ammoniacal copper zinc arsenate ammoniacal silver solutions ammoniated mercury ammonical nitrogen ammonium acetate ammonium acid oxalate ammonium acid pyrotartrate ammonium acid succinate ammonium acid tartrate ammonium adipates ammonium alginate ammonium alum ammonium benzoate ammonium bicarbonate ammonium bifluoride ammonium bisulfate ammonium bisulphate ammonium bitartarate ammonium bromide ammonium carbamate ammonium carbonate ammonium cerium(IV) nitrate ammonium cerium(IV) sulfate ammonium chlorate ammonium chloride ammonium chloroplatinate ammonium chromate ammonium cinnamate ammonium cresylate ammonium cyanate ammonium dichromate ammonium dihydrogen arsenate ammonium diuranate ammonium euchroate ammonium ferric citrate ammonium ferrocitrate ammonium fluoride ammonium formate ammonium formiate ammonium fumarate ammonium group ammonium hexachloroplatinate ammonium hexachloroplatinate(IV) ammonium hexafluorophosphate ammonium hexathiocyanoplatinate(IV) ammonium hydrogen carbonate ammonium hydrogen fluoride ammonium hydrogensulfide ammonium hydrosulfide ammonium hydroxide ammonium iodide ammonium ion ammonium ions ammonium lactate ammonium lauryl sulfate ammonium malate ammonium metavanadate ammonium molybdate ammonium nitrate ammonium nitrate fertilizer ammonium nitrate fuel oil ammonium nitrate fuel oil ammonium nitrates ammonium nitride ammonium nitrite ammonium oxalate ammonium paratungstate ammonium perchlorate ammonium peroxydisulfate ammonium perrhenate ammonium persulfate ammonium phosphate ammonium phosphates ammonium phosphatides ammonium phosphomolybdate ammonium picrate ammonium polyphosphate ammonium polyphosphates ammonium polysulfide ammonium purpurate ammonium radicals ammonium salt ammonium salts ammonium selenate ammonium succinate ammonium sulfate ammonium sulfate precipitation ammonium sulfide ammonium sulfite ammonium sulphate ammonium tartrate ammonium tetraborate ammonium tetraphenyl boron ammonium thiocyanate ammonium thioglycolate ammonium thiosulphate ammonium triiodide ammrit sañcār ammunition belt ammunition blank ammunition bunker ammunition column ammunition columns ammunition compound ammunition compounds ammunition depot ammunition depot exploded ammunition depots ammunition drum ammunition dump ammunition dumps ammunition magazine ammunition magazines ammunition ship ammunition ship explosion ammunition ships ammunition units ammunitions magazine amnesia pill amnesia pills amnesic shellfish poisoning amnesty for illegal aliens amnesty for illegal immigrants amnesty international amnesty law amnesty laws amniochorionic membrane amnionic fluid amniotic band amniotic band syndrome amniotic cavity amniotic centesis amniotic ectoderm amniotic egg amniotic eggs amniotic fluid amniotic fluid embolism amniotic fluid volume amniotic fold amniotic membrane amniotic sac amniotic sacs amodal perception amoeba defense amoeba-like outer space animals amoebic dysentery amoebic dysentry amoebic meningitis amoeboid cells among others among others. amor de engaño amor fati amor fino amor lesbicus amoral decision amoral purchasing non-crystalline amorphous metal alloy non-crystalline metal alloy amorphous non-crystalline metal alloy amorphous alloys amorphous carbon amorphous carbonia amorphous computing amorphous content amorphous creature amorphous fraction amorphous ice amorphous materials amorphous metal amorphous metal transformers amorphous metals amorphous organic matter amorphous photovoltaic cells amorphous polymers amorphous semiconductors amorphous silica amorphous silicon amorphous solid amorphous solid water amorphous solids amortization calculator amortization schedule amortized analysis amortized complexity amortized cost amortized running time amortized time amortizing bond amortizing loans amount concentration amount in controversy amount of labor he contributes to society amount of matter amount of money amount of parodies made of it amount of rotation associated with the vertices of a polygon amount of substance amount of substance concentration amount of time amount of water amounts of energy amounts of resources amour de soi amoxycillin-clauvonic acid amoxydramine camsilate amp racks amp resistance ampallang piercing ampere balance ampere hour ampere hours ampere-hour meters amperometric titration & amphetamine psychosis amphibian aircraft amphibian animals amphibian chytrid fungus amphibian vehicle amphibious aircraft amphibious all-terrain vehicle amphibious assault amphibious assault carrier amphibious assault east of the town amphibious assault ship amphibious assault ships amphibious assault submarine amphibious assault vehicle amphibious assault vehicles amphibious assault vessels amphibious assaults amphibious attack amphibious battle amphibious battlegroup amphibious bistort amphibious car amphibious cargo ship amphibious cargo ships amphibious cargo vehicle amphibious combat amphibious command ship amphibious command ships amphibious demonstration amphibious exercises amphibious expeditionary forces amphibious fish amphibious flights amphibious floats amphibious force amphibious force flagships amphibious forces amphibious invasion amphibious invasions amphibious landing amphibious landing carried out there amphibious landing dockship amphibious landing ship amphibious landing to the east amphibious landings amphibious landings and defense amphibious military truck amphibious operation amphibious operations amphibious plane amphibious planes amphibious ready group amphibious ship amphibious ships amphibious sportscar amphibious tank amphibious tanks amphibious task force amphibious tour bus amphibious tractor amphibious tractors amphibious tractors amphibious training amphibious transport amphibious transport dock amphibious transport dock amphibious transport docks amphibious transport ship amphibious transports amphibious troops amphibious truck amphibious units amphibious vehicle amphibious vehicles amphibious war amphibious warfare amphibious warfare ship amphibious warfare ships amphibious warfare vessels amphibius corps amphibole chemistry amphibolite facies amphidromic point amphidromic points amphipathic character amphipathic lipids amphiphilic helix amphiphilic molecules amphoe mueang amphora quadrantal amphoteric oxide ampl programming language ample line bundle ample line bundles ampliative argument ampliative inference ampliative judgment amplification factor amplification systems amplified bass amplified cactus amplified fragment length polymorphism amplified mandolin amplified piano amplified spontaneous emission amplified staged music amplifier design amplifier stack amplifying feedback amplifying fluorescence polymer amplitude compression amplitude domain amplitude envelope amplitude envelopes amplitude gratings amplitude imbalance amplitude modulated amplitude modulation amplitude modulation amplitude monopulse amplitude of accommodation amplitude preservation amplitude scaling invariance amplitude shift keying amplitude splitting interferometer amplitude versus offset amplitude-continuous signals amplitude-shift keying ampulla of ampulla of ductus deferens ampulla of the fallopian tube ampulla of uterine tube ampullae of lorenzini ampullary organs ampullæ of amputation below knee amputation fetish amputee devotees amputee fetishism amr bi'l-ma'ruf wa nahi 'ani'l-munkar amstrad cpc amtolmetin guacil amulets with these verses amuse bouche amusement arcade amusement arcades amusement area amusement center amusement centers amusement hall amusement park