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cover concepts cover crop cover cropping cover crops cover date cover design cover designs cover disc cover disk cover disks cover drive cover driving, square cutting and on-driving cover fire cover girl cover girls cover glass cover identity cover illustration cover illustrations cover illustrator cover jinx cover letter cover letters cover model cover models cover name cover of the song cover of this song cover organization cover pages cover painting cover photo cover photograph cover photographs cover photography cover photos cover point cover principle cover record cover recordings cover records cover relation cover second base cover shoot cover single cover slip cover song cover songs cover songss cover stones cover stories cover supervisor cover tape cover test cover tree cover trees cover tunes cover two cover up cover version cover versions cover verson cover your ass cover-uncover test coverage analysis coverage area coverage maps coverage objects covered bond covered bonds covered bridge covered bridge festival covered bridges covered by covered by the state covered call covered calls covered container covered electrode covered her breasts with her hands covered hopper covered hoppers covered interest arbitrage covered market covered markets covered smut covered song covered the covered this song covered up covered wagon covered wagons covered walks covered walkway covered water reservoir covered way covered wooden bridge graph theory covering a base covering bases covering bones covering fire covering group covering groups covering himself in tar and feathers covering homomorphism covering law model covering laws covering lemma covering letter covering map covering maps covering number covering of a woman's hair covering of the eyes covering properties covering radius covering set covering sickness covering space covering spaces covering sport covering system covering systems covering the base covering up covering up evidence covering-law model coverings of covers album covers band covers of songs covers songs covert action covert actions covert agent covert agents covert and overt attention covert cameras covert cell covert cells covert channel covert channels covert collaboration covert conditioning covert espionage covert intervention covert listening device covert listening devices covert military assistance covert mission covert missions covert operation covert operation to topple covert operations covert operative covert operatives covert ops covert participant observation covert photography covert racism covert raiding ships covert war covert warfare covertly assigned covertly dispatched covertly dominated coveting his neighbor's wife cow bell cow bells cow belt cow bladders cow catcher cow catchers cow chip cow cutting cow dung cow fighting cow hide cow hitch cow hitch and bowline cow hitch variant cow hitch with toggle cow hocks cow horn cow house cow is sacred cow jumping cow magnets cow maids cow manure cow market cow meat cow milk cow milking cow mutilations cow pat cow pea cow pie cow protection cow punch cow punchers cow punk cow rumen cow shark cow sharks cow tipping cow towns cow tree cow-heel pie cowardly lion cowbell player cowboy action shooting cowboy ballad cowboy ballads cowboy boot cowboy boots cowboy bowline cowboy church cowboy coding cowboy dance cowboy fashions cowboy fiction cowboy films cowboy hat cowboy hats cowboy life cowboy movie cowboy movies cowboy music cowboy outfit cowboy outfits cowboy poems cowboy poet cowboy poetry cowboy pool cowboy singer cowboy singing cowboy song cowboy songs cowboy stories cowboy town cowboy western cowgirl position cowgirl sex position cowl body cowl flaps cowl height cowl unit cowl units cownose ray cownose rays cowpea chlorotic mottle virus cowpea mosaic virus cowpea seed beetle cowpea virus cowpea weevil cowrie shell cowrie shell game cowrie shells cowrie-shell divinations cowry shell cowry shells cows and most cattle as sacred cows as sacred cox apples cox box coxa magna coxa valga coxa vara coxal glands coxal plates coxal sacs coxed eights competition coxed fours coxed fours coxed fours competition inriggers competition coxed fours inriggers competition coxed fours competition coxed fours event coxed fours, inriggers coxed pairs coxed pairs competition coxed pairs event coxeter groups coxian distribution coxless four coxless fours coxless fours event coxless pair coxless pairs coxless pairs event coxsackie virus coyne and livery coyol palms coyol wine coyote brush coyote bush coyote deer coyote gopher snake cozero sets cozido à portuguesa cozumel fox cozumel toadfish cpo records cpu cache crab apple crab apples crab boil crab cake crab cakes crab canon crab chips crab claw sail crab claws crab fishing crab flail crab grass crab landing crab lice crab louse crab meat crab meat salad crab plover crab rangoon crab salad crab soccer crab soccer position crab soup crab spider crab spiders crab stick crab sticks crab synth crab walking crab-claw sail crab-eating fox crab-eating macaque crab-eating macaques crabapple trees crabbed turn crabbing industry crabby and cynical eight-year-old girl crabeater seals crabronid wasp crabronid wasps crack addict crack addicts crack arrest crack babies crack climbing crack cocaine crack cocaine epidemic crack epidemic crack groups crack head crack his head open crack house crack houses crack in half and sink crack intro crack intros crack of doom crack of the bat crack pairing crack pipe crack propagation crack rocks crack sealing crack smokers crack spread crack subculture crack the code crack troops crack under pressure crack wars crack when exposed to liquid metals crack whore crack whores crack willows crack wise crackdown on peaceful protests crackdown on political dissent crackdown on quality-of-life crimes crackdown on unlicensed community radio stations cracked corn cracked nipples cracked pot cracked pots cracked software cracked tooth syndrome cracked wheat cracker biscuit cracker biscuits cracker village cracking clay soils cracking effect cracking groups cracking method cracking of the world cracking plant cracking up crackpot index crackpot inventions cracks and weakens cracktro loaders cradle board cradle boarding cradle of civilization cradle of filth cradle piledriver cradle pin cradle to cradle cradle-to-grave analysis cradles of civilization cradling the opponent craft autonomy craft bakery craft based craft beer craft beers craft brewed sodas craft brewer craft breweries craft brewers craft brewery craft brewing craft centre craft fair craft fairs craft form of organization craft guilds craft knife craft lines craft market craft museum craft name craft of fiction craft production craft service craft tools craft trades craft tradition craft union craft unionism craft unionist craft unionists craft unions craft-based unions crafting a packet crafts fair crafts movement crafts of unknown origin craftsman cottages craftsman plane craftsman style craftsman-style bungalows crag and tail crag and tails crag martin craig mack crakes and rails cram school cram schools crambe sponge cramming establishment cranberry bogs cranberry glass cranberry juice cranberry juice drink cranberry morpheme cranberry morphemes cranberry plants cranberry sauce cranbourne business and enterprise college crane bag crane barge crane bird's crane cab crane engines crane flies crane fly crane games crane hook crane machine crane operator crane operators crane ship crane shot crane shots crane tank crane vessel crane vessels crangon shrimp cranial accessory nerve cranial and cranio-sacral manipulation cranial anthropometry cranial autonomic ganglia cranial bone cranial bones cranial capacity cranial cavity cranial cruciate ligament cranial deformation cranial dura mater cranial endocasts cranial expansion cranial fracture cranial ganglia cranial imaging cranial kinesis cranial measurements cranial metrics cranial morpology cranial nerve cranial nerve ganglia cranial nerve lesion cranial nerve nuclei cranial nerve nucleus cranial nerve zero cranial nerve cranial nerves cranial neuritis cranial nuclei cranial osteopathy cranial osteosarcoma cranial ridges cranial sensory system cranial sinuses cranial suture cranial sutures cranial sympathetics cranial vault cranii anterior cranio-facial studies craniodiaphyseal dysplasia craniofacial anomalies craniofacial anthropometry craniofacial disorders craniofacial dysmorphism craniofacial dysostosis craniofacial fissures craniofacial prosthesis craniofacial surgery craniofacial team craniomandibular osteopathy craniopagus parasiticus craniopharyngeal canal craniopharyngeal duct craniosacral therapy cranium rats crank angle sensor crank arm crank arm length crank arms crank axle crank call crank calling crank calls crank conjecture crank drives crank file crank handle crank horsepower crank letter crank letters crank mechanism crank organs crank phone system crank pin crank pins crank sensor crank shaft crank telephone crank throw crankarm puller crankcase hydrocarbons crankcase ventilation cranked to eleven cranks up the volume to 11 crankset and chain crankshaft balance weights crankshaft counterweight crankshaft is longitudinal and parallel to the frame crap flood crap game crap sandwich crap shoot crape ginger crape myrtle crape myrtles crappie jigs craps game craps table crash attenuators crash back crash ball crash bar crash barrier crash barriers crash boats crash box crash cart crash carts crash compatibility crash counting crash course crash covers crash cymbal crash cymbals crash diet crash dieting crash diets crash dive crash dived crash dummies crash helmet crash land crash landed crash landing crash landing into a ravine crash landings crash lands crash of a plane crash on takeoff crash once more crash pad crash pads crash position crash program crash protected memory crash reporter crash safety crash site crash test crash test dummies crash test dummy crash tested crash testing crash tests crash that killed 82 spectators crash their wedding crash to desktop crash worthiness crash-landed in the sea crash-only software crashed and sunk into the ocean, crashed during take-off. crashed into crashed into a minefield crashed into a residential building crashed into a ten-floor apartment building crashed into an iceberg and sank crashed into the radio tower crashed into the ship crashed just before landing crashed on the runway crashed two locomotives crashes and catches fire crashes during takeoff crashes into a ten-story building crashes into the main terminal building crashes on take-off after refuelling crashes through a barrier and lands crashing economy crashing of motor vehicle crassulacean acid metabolism crate controller crate digging crate engine crate engines crate motors crate scooters crate training crategolic acid crater chain crater chains crater counting crater floors crater lake crater lakes crater nomenclature crater on the moon crater rays crater row cratonic rocks cratonic sequence cratonic sequences crawfish boil crawfish boils crawfish frogs crawfish stew crawl infrastructure group crawl space crawl spaces crawler dozers crawler program crawler trap crawler-based listings crawling peg crawling water beetle crawstep gabling crayfish low-molecular-weight proteinase crayfish parties crayfish plague crayfish pots crayon railroad crazy crusade crazy gang crazy golf crazy guy crazy heel crazy house crazy men crazy on boroughs crazy paving crazy quilting crazy straw crazy tomatoes creaky voice creaky voiced cream ale cream cakes cream cans cream cheese cream cheeses cream city brick cream coloured telephone boxes cream corn cream cracker cream crackers cream cups cream dilution gene cream dilutions cream gene cream genes cream gravy cream liqueur cream liqueurs cream milk cream of chicken cream of mushroom cream of tartar cream of wheat cream pie cream pies cream puff cream puffs cream sauce cream separator cream sherry cream skimming cream soda cream sodas cream tarts cream tea cream teas cream-bordered green pea cream-coloured giant squirrel cream-spot ladybird cream-streaked ladybird creamed chipped beef on toast creamed coconut creamed corn creamed potatoes creamier hue sexual act creamy colour creamy layers creamy ranch creamy yellow mustard crease pattern crease patterns create a caliphate create a child create and develop create art from dung create credit create darkness create fire create floor plans create heaven and earth create its own future create magnetic pulses create maps create money create new -hybrid- beings create new jobs create new nerve cells create peace create the first lyre created a confusion of human speech created a new language created a time storm created by created by a witch created by viewers and new artists created characters created electronically created environment created first created for a purpose created her own future created its own nuclear weapons created kind created kinds created object created order created spiritually created the colonies created the universe created the word created through work created to meet the needs of the world created valuable land creates a parallel universe creates its own light creates new money out of nothing creates the world creatine ethyl ester creatine kinase creatine monohydrate creatine phosphate creatine phosphokinase creatine phosphokinase creatine supplement creating and editing an unauthorized magazine creating engineering designs creating light en-route creating objects out of thin air creating the universe creating unprecedented scandal creatinine clearance creatinine deaminase creatio ex materia creatio ex nihilo creation account creation accounts creation and annihilation operator creation and annihilation operators creation and conservation creation and evolution in public education creation and paste of several different light effects creation and popularization of stereotypes creation belief creation biologists creation biology creation care creation chant creation deities creation deity creation evolution controversy creation ex nihilo creation from nothing creation history as an allegory creation legend creation literalists creation methods creation myth creation mythologies creation mythology creation myths creation narrative creation of a highly intelligent animal species by way of cognitive enhancement creation of a memoir creation of a new non-profit foundation creation of cigarettes creation of concepts creation of fake documents creation of humanity creation of interactive systems creation of life creation of man creation of money creation of the bomb creation of the galaxy creation of the title creation of the universe creation of the world creation of unitary authorities creation operator creation operators creation or origin story creation out of nothing creation process creation science creation scientist creation scientists creation stories creation story creation theology creation theories creation theory creation week creation-evolution conflict creation-evolution controversy creation-evolution debate creational patterns creationism versus evolution creationism-evolution controversy creationism-evolution debate creationist cosmologies creationist cosmology creationist movement creationist mythologies creationist theory creations of the universe creative accounting creative act creative advertising creative arts creative arts therapy creative assembly creative block creative brief creative businesses creative class creative commons creative consultant creative consultants creative control creative design creative destruction creative development creative development research creative differences creative director creative directors creative disputes creative drama creative economy creative education creative evangelism creative financing creative freedom creative idea creative imagination creative improvised music creative industries creative inspiration creative intelligence creative learning creative license creative limitation creative managers creative midfielder creative networks creative non-fiction creative nonfiction creative nothingness creative problem solving creative process creative processes creative production creative profession creative professional creative professionals creative pursuits creative real estate investing creative service creative services creative sets creative spectrum creative team creative thinking creative union creative unions creative visualization creative work creative work house creative works creative writer creative writers creative writing creative writing course creative writing program creatively read creativity circle creativity quotient creativity research creativity technique creativity techniques creator and writer creator code creator codes creator deities creator deity creator god creator goddess creator gods creator of a trust creator of comics and cartoon strips creator of constructed languages creator of the universe creator or distributor creator owned creator signature creature comforts creature feature creature of his surname's namesake creature of statute creature of the same name creature type creatures of legend creatures of the same name creatures who are half women, half birds credence good credence goods credence table credenza desk credibility gap credibility interval credible challenge credible commitment credible commitments credible explanation credible intervals credible threats creative arts credit against income tax credit agencies credit agency credit analyst credit and other payment cards credit assessment credit bubbles credit bureau credit bureaus credit card credit card authorization credit card cashback credit card companies credit card debt credit card debts credit card fraud credit card fraud detection credit card frauds credit card guarantee credit card information credit card interest credit card issuer credit card issuers credit card number credit card numbers credit card payment terminal credit card processing credit card scams credit card services credit card sized credit card terminal credit card terminals credit cards credit check credit checks credit companies credit constrained credit cooperatives credit counseling credit counselor credit creation credit crunch credit culture credit cycle credit debt credit default credit default option credit default swap credit default swap index credit default swap index tranche credit default swap indexes credit default swap indices credit default swaps credit derivative credit derivative swap indices credit derivatives credit enhanced credit enhancement credit events credit expansion credit exposure credit fraud credit freeze credit history credit hour credit hours credit information credit institutions credit insurance credit level credit limit credit limits credit linked notes credit manager credit managers credit manipulation credit market credit markets credit money credit note credit or debit card credit or debit cards credit or identity scoring credit points credit policy credit problems credit protection credit providers credit quality credit rating credit rating agencies credit rating agency credit ratings credit ratings agencies credit rationing credit record credit records credit records. credit reference credit reference agencies credit reference agency credit report credit reporting credit reporting agencies credit reporting agency credit reporting company credit reports credit risk credit risk management credit risk rating credit risk-free credit risks credit score credit scores credit scores. credit scoring credit security credit sequence credit shelter trusts credit spread credit spreads credit squeeze credit status credit subsidies credit support annex credit system credit tenant lease credit transfer system credit union credit union history credit union league credit unions credit vetting credit worthiness credit-linked notes credit-ticket system creditary economics credited by most scholars credits and debits credits for foreign income taxes credits roll credits sequence credo quia absurdum est credo ut intelligam cree syllabics creedal statements creek chub creek dogwood creeper lagoon creeper plant creeping barrage creeping bentgrass creeping buttercup creeping eruption creeping featurism creeping featuritis creeping flow creeping juniper creeping sage creeping scorpions creeping thistle creeping vole creeping wave creeping waves creeping welts creeping white prairie aster creeping wild rye creeping willow creeping zinnia creepy atmosphere creepy guy creepy horror flick crema catalana crema foam cremaster muscle cremasteric artery cremasteric fascia cremasteric muscle cremasteric reflex cremated remains cremating noblemen in a ship cremation cemeteries cremations facilities creme anglaise creme brulee creme brulée creme caramel creme de cacao creme de cacoa creme de cassis creme de menthe creme dilutes creme fraiche creme fraîche creme gene creme soda crenellated walls creole continua creole continuum creole cuisine creole elites creole language creole languages creole linguistics creole pigs creole restaurant creole speech community creole speech continuum creole style football creole-like language creosote bush creosote oil crepe myrtle crepe myrtles crepe yarns crepitus sounds crepuscular rays crescendo and decrescendo crescendo pedal crescent and star crescent betta crescent kick crescent moon crescent moons crescent nail-tailed wallaby crescent phase crescent wing crescent wrench crescentic dunes crescentic glomerulonephritis crescentic sand spit crescit eundo crest cells crest coronet crest factor crest of crest of the ilium crest of the imperial house crest of the lesser tubercle crest of the pubis crest of the spine crest or sigil crest or verumontanum of crest zones crested auklet crested bellowfish crested berrypeckers crested bigscale crested blenny crested crane crested guineafowl crested hawk-eagle crested honeycreeper crested ibis crested lark crested mangabey crested mangabeys crested newts crested penguin species crested penguins crested pigeon crested porcupine crested rat crested red finch crested serpent eagle crested tit crested weedfish crested wheatgrass crested woodfern crests of the greater and lesser tubercles cresyl diphenylphosphate cresylic acid cresylic acids cretaceous era cretaceous period cretan cousine cretan folk music crete senesi creutzfeldt-jakob syndrome crevalle jack crevasse rescue crevice corrosion crevice kelpfish crevice weaver crevice weavers crew 1 crew 10 crew 11 crew 12 crew 13 crew 14 crew 15 crew 16 crew 2 crew 3 crew 4 crew 5 crew 6 crew 7 crew 8 crew 9 crew cab crew cabin crew chief crew chiefs crew cut crew cuts crew equipment interface tests crew error crew escape facilities crew exploration vehicle crew habitat crew hire and support services crew management crew member crew members crew members who steer the vessel crew necked crew person crew program crew races crew regatta crew resource management crew scheduling crew served weapon crew served weapons crew set crew team crew training crew vessels crew-served weapon crew-served weapons crewed charter crewed spacecraft crewel embroidery crib barn crib barns crib death crib notes crib pier crib sheet crib work cribbage pool cribiform plate cribriform fascia cribriform organs cribriform plate cribriform plate of cribrosa media cribrosa sclerœ cribstone bridge cricket administrator cricket bails cricket ball cricket balls cricket bat cricket bat willow cricket bats cricket batsmen cricket box cricket cap cricket captains cricket club cricket clubs cricket coach cricket committee cricket deliveries cricket delivery cricket eleven cricket equipment cricket field cricket fields cricket fighting cricket ground cricket grounds cricket helmet cricket history cricket insect cricket journalism cricket journalist cricket match cricket net cricket nets cricket ovals cricket pads cricket paralysis virus cricket pitch cricket pitches cricket playing nations cricket poem cricket poems cricket poetry cricket practice nets cricket rating systems cricket scorer cricket simulator cricket statistician cricket statistics cricket team cricket term cricket terminology cricket test match cricket tests cricket tournament cricket umpire