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cricket umpires cricket umpiring cricket whites cricket world cup cricketers of the year cricketing history cricketing term crickets and grasshoppers crickets matches cricoarytenoid ligament cricoarytænoideum posterius cricoid cartilage cricoid cartilages cricopharyngeal muscle cricopharyngeus muscle cricothyreoideum medium cricothyroid approximation cricothyroid joint cricothyroid ligament cricothyroid membrane cricothyroid muscle cricothyroid muscles cricotracheal ligament cried blood crime against humanity crime against nature crime against peace crime analysis crime analyst crime and detective fiction crime and disorder partnership crime and punishment crime books crime boss crime bosses crime comics crime control crime correspondent crime data crime does not pay crime drama crime drama series crime dramas crime families crime family crime fiction crime fighter crime fighters crime film crime films crime gang crime gangs crime genre crime in the city crime index crime indices crime lab crime laboratory crime labs crime levels crime lord crime mapping crime melodramas crime mysteries crime noir crime novel crime novelist crime novels crime of '73 crime of aggression crime of apartheid crime of battery crime of opinion crime of ornamentation crime of passion crime organization crime organizations crime passionel crime passionnel crime prevention crime prevention through environmental design crime punishable by death crime rate crime rates crime rates by race crime reconstructions crime reduction crime reporter crime ring crime rings crime risk management crime scene crime scene investigation crime scene investigations crime scene investigator crime scene investigators crime scene photographer crime scene photographer's crime scene photographs crime scene photography crime scene reconstruction crime scenes crime science crime series crime spree crime statistics crime stories crime stories and novels crime story crime syndicate crime syndicates crime that is not reported crime they didn't commit crime thriller crime thrillers crime victim crime victims crime wave crime writer crime writers crime writing crime-fighting monkey crime-related death crimen injuria crimen urbano crimes against civilian populations crimes against civilians crimes against humanity crimes against nature crimes against peace crimes against the laws of war crimes against the state crimes against the universe crimes committed against them crimes committed by companies crimes committed during the war crimes of agression crimes of passion crimes of violence crimes punishable by death crimes such as murder criminal act criminal action criminal actions criminal activities criminal activity criminal acts criminal anthropologist criminal anthropology criminal appeal criminal appeals criminal arraignments criminal assault criminal attorney criminal background criminal background check criminal behavior criminal behaviour criminal blasphemy criminal breach of trust criminal by passion criminal case criminal cases criminal charge criminal charges criminal child neglect criminal citations criminal code criminal codes criminal conspiracy criminal contempt criminal contempt of court criminal conversation criminal conversion criminal conviction criminal convictions criminal court criminal courts criminal damage criminal deception criminal defamation criminal defence counsel criminal defendant criminal defense criminal defense attorney criminal defense lawyer criminal deportation criminal drama criminal empire criminal enterprise criminal family criminal felonies criminal figure criminal file criminal fire criminal gang criminal gangs criminal genius criminal groups criminal hackers criminal histories criminal history criminal homicide criminal homicides criminal indictments criminal informant criminal insanity criminal intelligence criminal intent criminal intimacy criminal investigation criminal investigation department criminal investigations based on true stories criminal investigative consulting firm criminal investigator criminal jargon criminal jurisdiction criminal jurisdictions criminal jurisprudence criminal jurist criminal justice criminal justice agencies criminal justice conflict model criminal justice process criminal justice system criminal justice systems criminal law criminal law enforcement agencies criminal law power criminal law powers criminal law theory criminal laws criminal lawyer criminal lawyers criminal legislation criminal liability criminal libel criminal lifestyle criminal mastermind criminal matter criminal matters criminal mischief criminal neglect criminal negligence criminal non-support criminal novel criminal offence criminal offences criminal offenders criminal offense criminal offenses criminal officer criminal one criminal operations criminal organisation criminal organisations criminal organization criminal organizations criminal outfits criminal penalities criminal penalties criminal politician criminal practice criminal procedure criminal procedure law criminal procedures criminal proceeding criminal proceedings criminal process criminal profile criminal profiler criminal profiles criminal profiling criminal prosecution criminal prosecutions criminal psychological observation unit criminal psychologist criminal psychologists criminal psychology criminal punishment criminal record criminal record check criminal records criminal restraint criminal sanction criminal sanctions criminal scheme criminal science criminal sentences criminal sentencing criminal sex offense criminal sex offenses criminal sexual misconduct criminal slang criminal society criminal solicitation criminal songs criminal statute criminal statutes criminal suit criminal syndicate criminal tattoos criminal threatening criminal trespass criminal trial criminal trials criminal underground criminal underworld criminal world criminal wrong criminalise behaviour retrospectively criminality rate criminalization of some drugs criminalization of the homeless criminally insane criminally negligent criminally negligent homicide criminally prosecuted criminally responsible criminological research criminology of place crimped connections crimping iron crimping pliers crimson carmine crimson catchfly crimson cleaner fish crimson clover crimson horned pheasant crimson lake crimson mask crimson scar crimson snapper crimson-breasted barbet crin vegetal cringe comedy crinoidal limestones crinum lily criollist novel crionic mind crip gang crip walk crip walking cripta napoletana cris cheek crises of the 14th century crisis communications crisis counseling organizations crisis hotline crisis hotlines crisis in publishing crisis management crisis medicine crisis negotiators crisis of authority crisis of capitalism crisis of faith crisis of foundationalism crisis of identity crisis of leadership crisis of socialism crisis of succession crisis of that year crisis of the 3rd century crisis of the sector crisis of the third century crisis over conscription crisis pregnancy center crisis pregnancy centers crisis response crisis state crisis theory crisis years crisnatol mesylate crisp bread crisp manufacturers crisp set crisped pork skin crispy chalupas crispy duck crispy noodles crispy pata crispy wafer sticks crispy-fried peanuts criss-cross squeeze crista arcuata crista colli costœ crista falciformis crista galli crista terminalis crista vestibuli cristalline basement cristallo glass cristid obliqua criteria air contaminants criteria and indicators criteria for causality criteria for club listing criteria for cultural heritage sites criteria pollutants criteria used to select the group criteriological connection criterion of adequacy criterion of demarcation criterion of discontinuity criterion of embarrassment criterion of multiple attestation criterion-referenced grading criterion-referenced grading system criterion-referenced test criterion-referenced tests crithidia fasciculata critic of development critica televisa critical acclaim critical acumen critical aesthetics critical aggregation concentration critical analysis critical angle critical angle of attack critical apparatus critical appraisal critical approach critical approval critical assembly critical band critical bands critical behavior critical care critical care medicine critical care nurse critical care nursing critical care paramedic critical care scoring systems critical care unit critical care units critical case critical chain critical concentration critical condition critical consciousness critical criminology critical current density critical damping critical data critical daylength critical days critical decisions critical density critical depensation critical dialogues critical dimension critical discourse analysis critical distance critical edition critical editions critical election critical elections critical engine critical evaluation critical experiments critical exponent critical exponents critical failure critical focus critical futures today critical geographies critical geography critical geopolitics critical goods critical graph critical group critical health critical health psychologists critical health psychology critical heat flux critical historian critical historiography critical history critical hit critical hits critical hours critical ideas critical illness insurance critical infrastructure critical infrastructure protection critical insertion time critical intelligence critical international relations theorist critical international relations theory critical juncture critical junctures critical legal studies critical legal theorist critical letter critical line critical line algorithm critical line theorem critical linguistics critical literacy critical load critical loads critical loops critical mach critical mach number critical management studies critical mass critical mass bike rides critical masses critical media theory critical method critical methodology critical methods critical micellar concentration (CMC critical micellar concentration critical micelle concentration critical moments of the war critical of feminism critical of genetically modified food critical of the war critical opalescence critical pair critical pair lemma critical path critical path analysis critical path method critical path problem critical pedagogy critical period critical period hypothesis critical periods critical perspective critical phenomena critical philosophy critical point critical point critical point set theory critical point critical point drying critical points critical points of the elements data page critical posthumanism critical pressure critical properties critical proportions critical psychologists critical psychology critical race theorist critical race theory critical races critical rationalism critical rationalist critical reading critical realism critical realist critical realist school critical reflection critical region critical regionalism critical relative humidity critical reviews critical scholars critical scholarship critical school critical scrutiny critical section critical sections critical security studies critical size critical social theory critical sociology critical species critical speed critical speeds critical state critical state theory critical stress state critical studies critical study critical success critical success factor critical success factors critical systems critical systems engineering critical temperature critical text critical texts critical theorist critical theorists critical theory critical theory of society critical thinker critical thinking critical thought critical threshold critical to human survival critical to stable condition critical towards libertarianism critical traditions critical value critical values critical variables critical velocity critical vesicle concentration critical weight range critical writing critical-infrastructure protection critical-point phenomena criticality accident criticality accidents criticality analysis criticality concerns criticality excursion criticality excursions criticality levels critically acclaimed critically acclaimed movie critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory critically conscious critically damped critically endangered critically endangered species critically endangered status critically endangered, possibly extinct critically examine critically imperiled critically well-received critically-endangered birds criticial mach criticises such alternatives criticising the wearing of the niqab criticism and counter-criticism criticism and self-criticism criticism earlier in the week criticism from anarchists criticism of artwork criticism of atheism criticism of hypothesis testing criticism of liturgical use criticism of psychiatry criticism of religion criticism of the clothes free movement criticism of the idea of social contract criticism section criticisms leveled at that language criticisms levelled towards wiki-process editing criticisms made of other raw food diets criticisms of atheism criticisms of capitalism criticisms of communism criticisms of communist regimes criticisms of idealism criticisms of offsetting criticisms of religion criticisms of socialism criticize the movie criticized college rankings surveys criticized for alleged anti-Semitic imagery and overtones criticized for plans to build a parking lot criticized for running a print ad criticized response criticizes purely physical accounts criticizing atheism criticizing the government criticizing the state critics as critics favorites critics of religion critics to microfinance critique of civilization critique of political economy critique of progress critique of religion critiques against a command economy critiquing utilitarianism crminal defendant croaker family croaking chorus croat language croatian language crochet hook crochet hooks crochet stitch crochet thread crocheted lace crock pot crocodile attack crocodile attacks crocodile clip crocodile clips crocodile exoskeleton crocodile farm crocodile icefish crocodile icefishes crocodile meat crocodile monitor crocodile oil crocodile ponds crocodile shark crocodile shears crocodile tear syndrome crocodile tears crocus family crocus sativus crofting communities crofting township croix de guerre croix de guerre 14-18 croix de la valeur militaire cromoglicate lisetil cromoglicic acid cromolyn sodium cron job crony capitalism crook and flail crooked arm lariat crooked calf disease crooked cop crooked crosses crooked egg curve crooked grind crooked spire crop art crop breeding crop circle crop circles crop coefficients crop cultivation crop disease crop diversity crop dust crop duster crop duster aircraft crop dusters crop dusting crop factor crop failure crop failures crop farming crop growth crop hairstyle crop images crop improvement crop insurance crop irrigation crop management crop marks crop milk crop out crop over crop pest crop pests crop physiology crop planters crop production crop productivity crop protection crop protection products crop raising crop repositories crop residue crop residues crop rotation crop rotations crop seeds crop sprayer crop spraying crop top crop tops crop variations crop waste crop yield crop yields crop-lien system cropping rotation cropping systems crops and harvests crops of jatropha crops out crops time croque monsieur croquet mallet croquet mallets cross and circle game cross and circle games cross and pile cross and rose cross arm breaker cross arm choke cross armbreaker cross assembler cross assemblers cross barby cross barred venus cross beams cross bedded cross bedding cross bench cross bench member cross benches cross body lead cross bottony cross bow cross bred cross breeding cross breedings cross burning cross burnings cross caps cross cercelée cross channel cross channel guns cross checking cross clamp cross color cross colour cross compilation cross compile cross compiled cross compiler cross compilers cross compiles cross compiling cross comply cross connection control & backflow prevention cross correlation cross country cross country cross country skiing XC skiing cross country XC skiing cross country boys and girls cross country cross country course cross country cycling cross country goods line cross country line cross country race cross country runner cross country running cross country ski cross country ski run cross country skier cross country skiers cross country skiing cross country sking cross country skis cross country track cross country trip cross country, coed cross county cross county borders cross coupling reaction cross cousins cross covariance cross coverage cross crosslet cross crosslet cruce repetată cross currency swaps cross cut cross cutting cross derivative cross dock cross docking cross dominant cross dress cross dressed cross dresser cross dresses cross dressing cross elasticity of demand cross entropy cross examination cross examine cross examining cross eyed cross eyed bass cross fire cross fleury cross fleury fitchy cross flory cross flow cross hair cross harbour tunnel cross harp cross hatching cross impact analysis cross jack cross language cross language retrieval cross leaved heath cross license cross licensing cross linked cross linkers cross linking cross luma cross made of rushes cross media cross media bar cross media marketing cross modulation cross moline cross multiplying cross nervure cross over cross over cable cross over webcomic cross pattee cross pattée cross phase modulation cross platform cross platform transfer cross ply cross pollinated cross pollinating cross pollination cross polytope cross polytopes cross posted cross potent cross price elasticity of demand cross processed cross processing cross product cross product and handedness cross products cross promotion cross range cross recurrence plots cross reference cross relations cross river ferry cross road cross sea cross section cross section cross section area cross sectional cross sectional area cross sectioned cross sections cross sell cross selling cross slabs cross slope cross spiders cross staff cross state retention cross stick cross stitch cross strait cross subsidy cross sum cross symbols cross tabs cross tabulation cross tabulations cross talk cross the "T" cross the floor cross the streams cross timbers cross tracking cross traffic cross trainer cross trainers cross training cross validation cross vaults cross vines cross walk cross was burned cross-Channel invasion cross-Channel link cross-Dnieper tram cross-Sound bridge cross-Strait policy cross-Strait political situation cross-Strait relations cross-application format cross-band beacon cross-band repeat. cross-beat escapement cross-bolt safety cross-border assets cross-border attack cross-border compatibility cross-border languages cross-border shopping cross-border trade cross-bred with a pig cross-channel attack cross-channel guns cross-channel invasion cross-channel swim cross-city line cross-country capabilities cross-country cycling cross-country equestrianism cross-country flying cross-country interstate cross-country jump cross-country jumping cross-country meet cross-country racing cross-country rallying cross-country run cross-country runner cross-country runners cross-country running cross-country ski cross-country ski race cross-country ski racing cross-country ski skating cross-country ski trail cross-country ski trails cross-country skied cross-country skier cross-country skiers cross-country skiing cross-country skiing men's 50 km free event cross-country skis cross-country tour cross-county skier cross-cousin marriage cross-cultural alliances cross-cultural communication cross-cultural comparison cross-cultural comparisons cross-cultural competence cross-cultural contact cross-cultural exchanges cross-cultural linguistics cross-cultural media cross-cultural psychology cross-cultural research cross-cultural semantics cross-cultural studies cross-cultural training cross-cultural understanding cross-curricular projects cross-cutting between parallel actions cross-cutting concern cross-cutting concerns cross-development compilers cross-domain rules cross-entropy method cross-examination debate cross-eyed justice cross-field head cross-flow combustion chambers cross-flow cylinder-head cross-functional management cross-functional team cross-functional teams cross-generational sexual attraction cross-genre personality cross-grain or bias cross-lagged longitudinal studies cross-language information retrieval cross-leaved heath cross-level bubbles cross-licensing agreement cross-linguistic interference cross-linked enzyme aggregates cross-linked high-density polyethylene cross-linked polyethylene cross-linking agent cross-media marketing cross-over designs cross-ownership rules cross-party coalition cross-pedestrian underpass cross-peen hammer cross-phase modulation cross-platform ability cross-platform compiler cross-platform complex cross-platform connection cross-platform deployment cross-platform interchange cross-platform interchanges cross-platform transfer cross-polarized light cross-power spectrum cross-quarter day cross-quarter days cross-quarter directions cross-reactivity allergy to some fruits cross-rib roast cross-ribbed vault cross-sectional analysis cross-sectional area cross-sectional data cross-sectional studies cross-sectional study cross-sequential study cross-serial dependencies cross-site cooking cross-site request forgery cross-site scripting cross-site scripting virus cross-site tracing cross-state route cross-strait dialogues cross-strait politics cross-strait relations cross-strait relationships cross-straits political process cross-straits relations cross-straits talks cross-string trill cross-strung harp cross-zone scripting crossbar interconnect crossbar latch crossbar matrices crossbar switch crossbar switches crossbar switching crossbody block crossbow bolts crossbreed animals crossbreed dogs crossbridge cycle crosscountry skiing crosscut saw crosscut saws crosscut sled crossdressed during wartime crossdressing during wartime crossed antiprisms crossed commissural fibers crossed dipole crossed dome crossed extensor reflex crossed eyes crossed field antenna crossed fingers crossed hands crossed helical gears crossed into the movies crossed modules crossed oars crossed over crossed product crossed product of rings crossed products crossed pyramidal tract crossed rifles crossed swords crossed the city crossed the equator crossed the floor crossed the frozen straits crossed the plains crossed vaults crossed-field amplifier crossed-out words crosses directly in front of the star crosses herself crosses his or her arms across the chest crosses over crosses pattee crosses pattée crosses the floor crosses the opponent's arms crosses were burned crossface blows crossface chickenwing crossface submission crossflow cylinder head crossflow filtration crossflow turbine crosshead bearing crosshead bearings crosshead guides crossing & transepts crossing gates crossing guard crossing guards crossing knot crossing loop crossing loops crossing network crossing networks crossing number crossing number inequality crossing numbers crossing of fingers crossing of the floor crossing over crossing parties crossing pylon crossing route crossing signal crossing symmetry crossing the equator crossing the floor crossing the line crossing the streams crossing tower crossing voices crossing-the-line ceremonies crosslinked files crosslinked polymer crosslinking agent crosslinking reagents crossnumber puzzle crossover accident crossover accidents crossover albums crossover artists crossover cable crossover distortion crossover dribble crossover effects crossover episode crossover event crossover events crossover fiction crossover filtering crossover filters crossover games crossover hit crossover hits crossover jazz crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease crossover music crossover network crossover networks crossover project crossover punk crossover studies crossover study crossover success crossover switch crossover switches crossover thrash crossover thrash metal crossover utility vehicle crossover vehicle crossover wagon crosspoint switchers crossroads communities crossroads community crossroads village crosstab query crosstown rivalry crosstown rivals crosstown routes crosstown service crosswalk light controller crosswind landing crosswind landings crossword abbreviation crossword abbreviations crossword puzzle crossword puzzles crotch chop crotch images crotch rocket crotch rope crotch ropes crotchless panties croton oil crotonic acid crotonyl isothiocyanate crotyl acrylate crotyl alcohol croup associated virus crow family crow garlic crow genus crow pheasant crow quill crow steps crow-quill dip pen crow-step gables crow-stepped gable crow-stepped gables crowbar circuit crowbar circuit protectors crowd behavior crowd behaviour crowd control crowd control barriers crowd counting crowd crush accident crowd dynamics crowd estimates crowd misbehavior crowd of people crowd out crowd psychology crowd scanning crowd scenes crowd screening and control crowd simulation crowd sourced crowd sourcing crowd surf crowd surfed crowd surfing crowd wisdom crowded bus crowded out crowder peas crowding of the teeth crowding out crowdy crawn crowdy crawn croder croghen crown attorney crown attorneys crown board crown cap crown cardinals crown chakra crown chancellor crown clade crown colonies crown colony crown copyright crown corporation crown corporations crown counsel crown court crown courts crown daisy crown dependencies crown dependency crown deputy chancellor crown entities crown escapement crown ether crown ethers crown fire crown gall crown gall tumors crown gear crown glass crown glasses crown gold crown grant crown green bowling crown green bowls crown group crown guards crown himself emperor crown jewel crown jewel lock-up crown jewels crown land crown lands crown law crown laws crown lengthening crown manufacture crown matrimonial crown molding crown moulding crown of crown of laurel crown of sonnets crown of the double rose crown of thorns crown of thorns starfish crown of twelve stars crown of victory crown post crown posts crown prerogative crown prince crown princes crown princess crown prosecutor crown prosecutors crown referendary crown reserves crown seal crown sheet crown sheets crown stripe crown territory crown ward crown wheel crown witness crown-green bowls crown-of-thorns starfish crown-of-thorns starfish sea star crown-rump length crown-shaped ornaments crown-to-root ratio crowned crane crowned eagle crowned king crowned lemurs crowned pigeon crowned republic crowned seahorse crowned shield crowned snake crowned the heavyweight champion of the world crowned with thorns crowning of thorns crowning victory crowning with thorns crowns himself emperor crowns of thorns crowstepped gables cru classé crucial anastomosis crucial and historic battle crucial experiment crucial experiments crucial ligaments crucial role crucial role in her life