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crucian carp cruciata genu cruciate crural ligament cruciate crural ligaments cruciate eminence cruciate knee cruciate knee ligament cruciate ligament cruciate ligament of the atlas cruciate ligament of the dens cruciate ligament rupture cruciatum anterius crucible furnace crucible process crucible steel crucible technique crucible-steel furnace cruciferous plants cruciferous vegetables crucifix armbar crucifix bomb crucifix hold crucifix move crucifix neck crank crucifix pin crucifix position crucifix powerbomb crucifix powerbomb hold crucifix spider crucifixion and resurrection crucifixion eclipse crucifixion was an illusion crucifixion wounds cruciform curve cruciform design cruciform frame cruciform horizontal tail cruciform ligament cruciform melody cruciform passage grave cruciform passage graves cruciform passage tomb cruciform tail cruciform tails crucify mankind on a cross of gold cruck frame cruck timber frame construction crude arsenic crude birth rate crude carrier crude carriers crude compound microscope crude death rate crude drug crude drugs crude fossil fuel oil crude herb crude humor crude lysate crude medicine crude medicines crude oil crude oil and other strategic reasons crude oil assay crude oil assay analysis crude oil assays crude oil prices crude oil reserves crude oil sands crude oil tankers crude oils crude petroleum crude protein crude silk crude touch crude words cruel & unusual punishment cruel and abusive punishment cruel and unusual cruel and unusual punishment cruel and unusual punishments cruel medical experiments cruel nature of his boons cruel punishment cruel to animals cruel trilemma cruelty and maltreatment of prisoners cruelty to animals cruelty to children cruelty towards animals cruelty towards slaves cruise altitude cruise altitudes cruise around the world cruise boat cruise boats cruise book cruise books cruise control cruise control system cruise controls cruise culture cruise ferries cruise ferry cruise flight cruise industry cruise line cruise liner cruise liners cruise lines cruise missile cruise missile attacks cruise missile submarine cruise missile submarines cruise missile surrogate cruise missile-launching cruise missiles cruise nights cruise passengers cruise route cruise ship cruise ship operator cruise ship terminal cruise ships cruise terminal cruise terminals cruise vessel cruise wear cruiser arc lamp cruiser bicycles cruiser bikes cruiser fleet cruiser motorcycles cruiser spoon cruiser squadron cruiser stern cruiser tank cruiser tanks cruiser type bicycles cruiser war cruiser weight cruiser-style motorcycles cruiserweight division cruiserweight tag teams for sex cruising altitude cruising chute cruising cutter cruising for casual sex cruising for sex cruising grounds cruising spinnaker cruising trawler cruising yachts crumb cakes crumb rubber crumbing forward crumbling neighborhoods crumenal organ crummy snotling slaves crummy tree crumple zone crumple zones crumpled cube crumpled cubes crunk rock crura of crura of clitoris crura of superficial inguinal ring crura of the diaphragm crura of the ring crural arch crural branch of genitofemoral crural nerve crural septum crural sheath crurotarsan reptiles crus anterius crus breve crus cerebri crus commune crus fornicis crus glandis clitoridis crus helicis crus inferius crus laterale crus of clitoris crus of diaphragm crus of penis crus of the diaphragm crus penis crus posterius crus superius crusade cycle crusade taxes crusader cross crusader kings crusader siege crusader state crusader states crusading army crusading movement crusading period crusading venues crush and primary fermentation crush depth crush fetish crush people's heads crush pro-democracy demonstrators crush resistance crush the ball crush the condemned underfoot crushed armed resistance crushed by elephants crushed garlic crushed ice crushed or rolled neoprene crushed peanuts crushed red chilli crushed stone crushed the rebellion crushed to death crushing and pulverization crushing by elephant crushing by elephants crushing defeat crushing defense crushing injury crushing machine crushing metalic ores crushing sugar-cane crushing vehicle crusie lamp crust of the earth crust punk crust punks crusta petrosa crustacean zooplankton crustal dichotomy crustal extension crustal folding crustal instability crustal modification crustal plates crustal shortening crusted wine crustose lichens crusts brings decreased organism diversity crusty bread crux desperationis cruzado novo cruzeiro reais cruzeiro real cruzeiros reais crying wolf cryo bio-crystallography cryo crèches cryo sleep cryo-electron microscopy cryo-electron microscopy of vitreous sections cryo-electron tomography cryoban grenades cryoelectron microscopy cryogenic chamber therapy cryogenic cooling cryogenic detectors cryogenic facilities cryogenic fluid cryogenic freeze cryogenic freezing cryogenic fuel cryogenic fuels cryogenic hardening cryogenic hibernation cryogenic hydrogen cryogenic liquid cryogenic open-circuit scuba set cryogenic processing cryogenic processor cryogenic propulsion cryogenic sleep cryogenic stasis cryogenic storage cryogenic suspension cryogenic system cryogenic temperature cryogenic tempering cryogenic trap cryogenic treatment cryogenically cooled cryogenically froze cryogenically frozen cryogenically preserved cryogenically treated cryonic suspension cryoprotective compounds cryoscopic constant cryosorption pumps crypta neapolitana cryptanalytic attack cryptanalytic attacks cryptanalytic intelligence cryptic behavior cryptic clue cryptic clues cryptic color cryptic coloration cryptic colouration cryptic crossword cryptic crosswords cryptic female choice cryptic species cryptic species complex cryptically colored crypto anarchists crypto export legislation crypto ignition key crypto system crypto systems cryptobiotic soil cryptobiotic soils cryptochrome 1 photolyase-like cryptochrome 2 photolyase-like cryptococcal meningitis cryptogamic plants cryptogenic cirrhosis cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis cryptogenic organizing pneumonia cryptographic accelerators cryptographic aids cryptographic algorithm cryptographic algorithms cryptographic attacks cryptographic blinding cryptographic concepts cryptographic devices cryptographic diffusion cryptographic engineering cryptographic filesystem cryptographic function cryptographic hash cryptographic hash function cryptographic hash functions cryptographic hashes cryptographic hashing cryptographic intelligence and methods cryptographic key cryptographic key length cryptographic key material cryptographic key types cryptographic keys cryptographic message digest cryptographic method cryptographic methods cryptographic primitive cryptographic primitives cryptographic protocol cryptographic protocols cryptographic pseudorandom number generator cryptographic random number generation cryptographic signature cryptographic signatures cryptographic software cryptographic system cryptographic systems cryptographic tableau cryptographic terms cryptographic tokens cryptographic weaknesses cryptographically secure cryptographically secure hash function cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generators cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator cryptographically strong cryptographically strong pseudo-random function cryptographically strong pseudorandom bits cryptographically weak cryptography export cryptography export regulations cryptography prohibition cryptography standards cryptologic bomb cryptologic bomba cryptologic history cryptologic technician cryptological agency cryptological bomb cryptological history cryptosporidium parvum cryptoviral extortion cryptozoological legends crystal accumulation crystal and sex crystal aperture crystal arthropathy crystal axes crystal ball crystal balls crystal bar crystal bar process crystal base crystal bases crystal basis crystal catacombs crystal chandelier crystal chandeliers crystal class crystal classes crystal controlled crystal defects crystal detector crystal detectors crystal dick crystal diode rectifier crystal diodes crystal dummy crystal earpiece crystal engineering crystal field crystal field excitations crystal field splitting energy crystal field stabilization energy crystal field theory crystal filter crystal filters crystal formation crystal gazer crystal gazing crystal glass crystal grain boundaries crystal growing kits crystal growth crystal habit crystal habits crystal healing crystal homogeneous nucleation crystal industry crystal inhibitor crystal lattice crystal lattice structure crystal lattices crystal lock crystal matrix crystal meth crystal methamphetamine crystal methamphetamines crystal momentum crystal monochromator crystal monochromators crystal morphologies crystal night crystal nucleus crystal optics crystal oscillator crystal oscillators crystal oven crystal ovens crystal physics crystal power crystal radio crystal radio receiver crystal radio receivers crystal radio sets crystal radios crystal red shrimp crystal set crystal set radios crystal sets crystal settling crystal siltsnail crystal skull crystal skulls crystal sphere crystal spring springsnail crystal structure crystal structure determinations crystal structures crystal sugar crystal surface crystal synovitis crystal system crystal systems crystal tetra crystal therapists crystal therapy crystal topography crystal tunnel crystal twinning crystal twins crystal violet crystal violet dye crystal violet lactone crystal water crystal-field splitting crystal-field splitting parameter crystaline lattice crystaline solid crystalline anisotropy energy crystalline basement crystalline cohomology crystalline copper crystalline defects crystalline eye lens crystalline fructose crystalline lattice crystalline lens crystalline oxide crystalline rock crystalline rocks crystalline solid crystalline solids crystalline space entity crystalline spheres crystalline structure crystalline structures crystalline systems crystalline white arsenic crystallisation adjutant engineering aspects crystallization point crystallization process crystallization temperature crystallized ginger crystallized intelligence crystallized materials crystallographic axes crystallographic defect crystallographic defects crystallographic electron microscopy crystallographic group crystallographic groups crystallographic lattice crystallographic orientation crystallographic orientations crystallographic phase crystallographic planes crystallographic point defects crystallographic point group crystallographic point groups crystallographic restriction crystallographic restriction theorem crystallographic shear crystallographic structures crystallographic studies crystallographic texture or preferred orientation crytographically secure pseudorandom number generator crème anglaise crème brûlée crème caramel crème d'Alsace crème de cacao crème de cassis crème de menthe crème de menthes crème fraîche crème liqueur crème patissière crème pâtissière crème pâtissièrre crême brulée crêpe complète crêpe paper crêpe suzette crêpe-like pancake crêpes suzette cs digraph cs office csango musika csirke paprikás csv files ctarl ctarl ctenoid or cycloid scales ctenoid scales comb jelly cu ft cu in cu mi cuadro de costumbre cuadros de costumbre cuarteta romanceada cuatro tablas cub reporter cub scout cub scouts cuban bread cuban cigar cuban economy cuban exiles cuban musician cuban prime cuban primes cuban son cubbridge heads cube farm cube farms cube houses cube map cube mapping cube number cube puzzles cube root cube root of 1 cube root of unity cube roots cube roots of unity cube ship cube steak cube steaks cube van cube-connected cycles cube-shaped vessel cubeb pepper cubebic acid cubed steak cubene radical cubera snapper cubic atoms cubic boron nitride cubic centimeter cubic centimeters cubic centimetre cubic centimetres cubic close packed cubic close(st) packing cubic close-packed cubic closest packed cubic crystal cubic crystal system cubic crystals cubic curve cubic curves cubic decimetre cubic decimetres cubic dimensions cubic envelope cubic equation cubic equations cubic expansivity cubic feet cubic feet per minute cubic feet per second cubic fields cubic foot cubic foot per second cubic form of zirconia cubic forms cubic formula cubic function cubic functions cubic graph cubic graphs cubic honeycomb cubic hypersurface cubic hypersurfaces cubic inch cubic inches cubic interpolation cubic kilometers cubic kilometre cubic kilometres cubic lattice cubic light year cubic megametre cubic megametres cubic meter cubic meters cubic meters per hour cubic meters per second cubic metre cubic metre per mole cubic metre per second cubic metres cubic metres per second cubic mile cubic miles cubic millimetres cubic model cubic nickel cubic number cubic orientation cubic parabola cubic phase cubic phase of zirconia cubic planar graphs cubic polyhedron cubic polynomial cubic polynomials cubic potential cubic reciprocity cubic residue cubic residue symbol cubic root cubic space group cubic spline cubic splines cubic structure cubic surface cubic surfaces cubic symmetry cubic system cubic time cubic yard cubic yards cubic zirconia cubic zirconium cubical atom cubical cells cubical homology cubical more cubical quad cubicle desk cubicle desks cubist art. cubist artist cubital fossa cubital indexes cubital tunnel cubital tunnel syndrome cubitus varus cuboctahedral prism cuboid bone cuboidal bone cuboidal cell cuboidal cells cuboidal epithelia cuboidal epithelium cuboideonaviculare dorsale cubé resin cuca shop cucking stool cucking stools cuckoo bee cuckoo bees cuckoo bumblebees cuckoo clock cuckoo clocks cuckoo flower cuckoo hashing cuckoo pint cuckoo sign cuckoo wasp cuckoo wasps cuckoo wrasse cucumber beetle cucumber beetles cucumber mosaic virus cucumber sandwiches cucumber tea sandwich cucurbit family cuddle party cuddle position cuddly toy cuddly toys cue action cue ball cue balls cue bid cue bidding cue bids cue card cue cards cue dot or cue mark cue light cue line cue mark cue marks cue power cue recruitment cue shafts cue sheet cue sheets cue sport cue sports cue stick cue sticks cue tip cue tip chalk cue validity cue-response paradigm cued recall cued round dances cued speech cued-memory tasks cueing techniques cuerda seca cuerno pasiego cuff link cuff links cuff title cuff titles cui bono cuir bouilli cuisine bourgeois cuisine classique cuisine de famille cuius est solum eius est usque ad coelum et ad inferos cuius regio eius religio cuius regio, eius religio cuju or tsu chu cul de sac cul de sacs culinary anthropologist culinary art culinary artist culinary arts culinary foam culinary fruit culinary herb culinary mustard culinary name culinary names culinary nuts culinary profession culinary professionals culinary program culinary school culinary schools culinary term culinary terms culinary tool culinary traditions culinary whisks cullet glass computer graphics culm bank culm dump culm dumps culminating point culpable driving culpable homicide cult actor cult acts cult apologist cult apologists cult archaeologists cult attraction cult audience cult author cult band cult bands cult book cult car cult celebrities cult centers cult chamber cult checklist cult checklists cult cinema cult classic cult classics cult club cult debate cult fan cult fave cult favorite cult favorites cult fiction cult figure cult figures cult fillms cult film cult film classics cult film of the same name cult film of the same title cult film-makers cult filmmaker cult films cult following cult followings cult games cult group cult hero cult heroes cult hit cult hits cult horror cult horror films cult icon cult icons cult image cult images cult leader cult movement cult movie cult movies cult novel cult novel of the same title cult object cult objects cult of ancestors cult of anti-Americanism cult of celebrity cult of dead emperors cult of fire cult of his personality cult of leadership cult of personalities cult of personality cult of safety cult of the celebrity cult of the dead cult of the individual cult of the leader cult of the offensive cult of the personalities cult of the wild goat cult phenomenon cult practice cult practices cult prostitutes cult radio cult rituals cult series cult short film cult shows cult statue cult statues cult status cult suicide cult suicides cult television cult television program cult television series cult television show cult terrace cult tv cult underground publication cult veneration cult violence cult watch cult wine cult winery cult wines cult worship cult writer cult writers cult-like films cult-like following cult-like organizations cult-like practices in recruitment cult-watch group cult-watching groups cultic functions cultic images cultic practice cultic studies cultivable land cultivar group cultivar groups cultivate heart cultivate the land cultivated land cultivated mushroom cultivated mushrooms cultivated oat cultivated plant cultivated plants cultivated variety cultivating marijuana cultivation and sale illegal cultivation and trade in wine cultivation in terraces cultivation of mulberries cultivation of the land cultivation of the rose bush cultivation system cultivation theory cults and mind control controversies cults of personality cultura popular cultural activist cultural activities cultural activity cultural adaptation cultural affairs cultural algorithms cultural ambassador cultural analysis cultural and historical background cultural and political cultural anthropologies cultural anthropologist cultural anthropologists cultural anthropology cultural appropiation cultural appropriation cultural area cultural areas cultural artefacts cultural artifact cultural artifacts cultural aspirations cultural association cultural associations cultural attache cultural attaché cultural attraction cultural attributes cultural autonomy cultural awareness cultural back ground cultural background cultural behavior cultural beliefs cultural bias cultural biases cultural boycott cultural canons cultural capital cultural center cultural change cultural cognition cultural colonialism cultural colonization cultural commentary cultural commentator cultural communities cultural community cultural competence cultural compromise cultural concept cultural conceptualization cultural conservatism cultural conservative cultural conservatives cultural constructions cultural consumption cultural controls cultural cringe cultural critic cultural criticism cultural critics cultural data collection cultural delights cultural democracy cultural deprivation cultural determinism cultural development cultural difference cultural differences cultural diffusion cultural diplomacy cultural dissonance cultural district cultural diversity cultural divide cultural ecology cultural economics cultural economist cultural education cultural efflorescence cultural elite cultural elitism cultural environment cultural ethic cultural event cultural events cultural evolution cultural evolutionary cultural evolutionary model cultural evolutionism cultural evolutionist cultural evolutionists cultural exchange cultural exchanges cultural expectations cultural exploration cultural explosion cultural export cultural fatigue cultural feminism cultural festival cultural festival promoting the arts cultural festivals cultural field cultural frames cultural freeze cultural generation cultural genocide cultural geographers cultural geography cultural golden age cultural grassland cultural group cultural groups cultural hegemony cultural heritage cultural heritage management cultural heritage status cultural heritages cultural hero cultural heroes cultural historian cultural historians cultural historical cultural history cultural icon cultural iconic cultural icons cultural identities cultural identity cultural imperialism cultural industry cultural inferiority cultural influence cultural influences cultural institution cultural institutions cultural interpretations of zombies cultural inventions cultural issues cultural jammers cultural labels cultural lag cultural landscape cultural landscapes cultural language cultural leveling cultural liberalism cultural life cultural links cultural literacy cultural logic cultural mandate cultural materialism cultural materialist cultural matters cultural mediation cultural mediators cultural memory cultural mis-appropriation cultural mixing cultural mode cultural models cultural modernity cultural mores cultural mosaic cultural movement cultural movements cultural museum cultural muslim cultural mutation cultural nationalism cultural nationalist cultural norm cultural norms cultural norms theory cultural objects cultural orientation cultural pen pals cultural perceptions and biases cultural performance cultural pessimism cultural pessimist cultural pharmacology cultural phases cultural phenomenon cultural piracy cultural pluralism cultural pluralists cultural policies cultural policy cultural policy was initially very strict cultural politics cultural power cultural practice cultural practices cultural practitioners cultural pride cultural problems cultural production cultural productor cultural products cultural programming cultural progress cultural prohibition cultural projects cultural property cultural psychiatry cultural psychology cultural quarter cultural referent cultural refinement cultural reforms cultural region cultural regions cultural relatavism cultural relativism cultural relativist cultural relativists cultural relativity cultural remains cultural renaissance cultural repatriation cultural reproduction cultural resistance cultural resource management cultural resources cultural resources management cultural restrictions cultural retention cultural revival cultural revivalism cultural revolution cultural revolutionaries cultural rights cultural route cultural routes cultural schizophrenia cultural scientist cultural sections cultural sequence cultural services cultural shock cultural shows cultural significance cultural singularity cultural sites cultural sociologist cultural sociology cultural sophistication cultural stereotype cultural strategy cultural structures cultural studies cultural study cultural subjectivism cultural subsidies cultural super-ego cultural superstructure cultural suppression cultural system cultural theories cultural theorist cultural theorists cultural theory cultural ties cultural tourism cultural tourists cultural tradition cultural traditions cultural traits cultural transmission cultural transmission theory cultural treasures cultural trends cultural tribalism cultural turn cultural unity cultural universal cultural universals cultural values cultural villages cultural warfare cultural wars cultural-historical psychological theory cultural-historical psychology cultural-mythic poets culturally active homosexuality culturally aggressive culturally and economically diverse culturally bankrupt culturally conservative culturally deaf culturally different culturally diverse culturally hegemonic culturally iconic culturally imperialistic culturally relative culturally significant culturally subversive culturally transmitted units culture and heritage culture and media culture and risk perception culture and society culture and tourism culture and traditions culture area culture areas culture bias culture bound culture capital culture cells culture clash culture conflict culture contacts culture festivals culture hero culture heroes culture heros culture history culture in an old-new land culture industry culture jam culture jammer culture jammers culture jamming culture jams culture layer culture media culture medium culture ministries culture note culture of bacteria culture of corruption culture of death culture of entitlement culture of fear culture of heart culture of life culture of merit culture of peace culture of poverty culture of silence culture of vines culture of violence culture planning culture policy culture region culture section of swan culture shock culture shocked culture shocks culture spread culture studies culture studs culture theories culture theorists culture theory culture transfer culture war culture war speech culture warrior culture wars culture-bound disorder culture-bound syndrome culture-bound syndromes culture-led regeneration culture-specific syndrome cultured animal cells cultured buttermilk cultured cell cultured cell line cultured cells cultured diamonds cultured marble cultured milk cultured pearl cultured pearls cultured saltwater pearls cultures built around the automobile cultures or periods culturing tissues cultus confirmed cultus object cum hoc ergo propter hoc cum laude cum mortuis in lingua mortua cum shot cum shots cum swallowing cum swapping cuman language cumberland bean pearly mussel cumberland leafshell cumberland monkey-face pearly mussel cumberland sausage cumberlandian combshell cumbia music cumbia panameña cumbia villera cumbus mandolin cumene hydroperoxide cumene process cumiliform cloud cumin seed powder cumin seeds cumul des mandats cumulant generating function cumulant-generating function cumulate eucrite cumulate rock cumulate rocks cumulated diene cumulative combat stress cumulative distribution cumulative distribution function cumulative distribution functions cumulative dose cumulative exposure cumulative grade point average cumulative hierarchy cumulative impacts cumulative incidence cumulative learning cumulative normal cumulative normal distribution cumulative points-based judging system cumulative poison cumulative poisoning cumulative preferred stocks cumulative probability distribution function cumulative process cumulative production cumulative prospect theory cumulative reference cumulative song cumulative songs cumulative trauma disorder cumulative trauma disorders cumulative voting cumulative watershed effects cumuliform cloud cumulonimbus calvus cumulonimbus capillatus cumulonimbus cloud cumulonimbus clouds cumulonimbus incus cumulus castellanus cumulus castellanus cloud