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defenders of the bond defending champion defending champions defending forces defending midfielder defending national champion defending national champions defending national championship team defending series champions defending the city defending zone defense against air attacks defense against herbivores defense against herbivory defense against predators defense agencies defense allocation defense analysis defense attaché defense attorney defense attorneys defense bar defense bonds defense budget defense contract defense contractor defense contractors defense contracts defense counsel defense department defense drive defense economics defense force defense forces defense formation defense hawk defense in depth defense independent pitching statistics defense industries defense industry defense lawyer defense lawyers defense lines defense mechanism defense mechanisms defense of defense of home, shop and property defense of infancy defense of insanity defense of justification defense of marriage acts defense of marriage amendment defense of marriage amendments defense of others defense of property defense of self and others defense of self or property defense of superior orders defense of the faith defense perimeter defense player defense policy defense related corporations defense research defense research community defense satellites defense spending defense spending bill defense standard defense suppression defense system against opposing notrump openings defense systems defense tower defense wall defense walls defense weapon defense-independent pitching statistics defense-industrial complex defense-research establishments defenses against herbivorous insects defenses against herbivory defenses against this herbivory defenses in depth defensible space defensible space theory defensive aids systems defensive alliance defensive back defensive backfield defensive backs defensive backs coach defensive barrier defensive baseliner defensive carding defensive central midfield defensive chemical defensive chops defensive co-ordinator defensive compounds defensive coordiators defensive coordinator defensive coordinators defensive copying defensive counterintelligence defensive countermeasures defensive design defensive driving defensive driving techniques defensive end defensive ends defensive fire defensive formation defensive fortifications defensive guard defensive halfback defensive indifference defensive jihad defensive line defensive line coach defensive lineman defensive linemen defensive lines defensive maneuvering defensive marketing warfare strategies defensive measures defensive medicine defensive midfield defensive midfielder defensive midfielders defensive midfilder defensive military architecture defensive mimicry defensive obstacle defensive operations defensive pass interference defensive pistol defensive player defensive players defensive playing style defensive position defensive positioning defensive positions defensive posture defensive programming defensive publication defensive rating defensive ratings defensive reaction defensive realism defensive rookie of the year defensive safety defensive sea areas defensive secondary defensive shields defensive specialist defensive spectrum defensive structure defensive structures defensive style defensive tackle defensive tackles defensive tactics defensive team defensive tower defensive trade marks defensive trademarks defensive use of trenches defensive wall defensive wall or berm defensive walls defensive war defensive wars defensive weapon defensive weapons defensive works defensive zone defensor matrimonii deference and demeanor deferent and epicycle deferent and epicycles deferent duct deferential artery deferents and epicycles deferred cash compensation deferred compensation deferred gratification deferred judgment deferred maintenance deferred reference deferred sales charge deferred shading deferred tax deferred taxation deferred transaction queue defers compensation defibrillated or cardioverted defibrillation threshold deficiency anemias deficiency judgement deficiency judgment deficiency notices deficiency of 21-hydroxylase deficiency of pyruvate carboxylase deficient in magnesium deficient number deficient numbers deficient verb deficient verbs deficit angle deficit angles deficit financing deficit hawk deficit hawks deficit round robin deficit round robin deficit spending definable integer sequence definable numbers definable over a first order structure definable real number definable set definable sets define a market define a planet define a real number define standards define the term "planet" defined above defined as a dogma defined benefit defined benefit pension plan defined benefit pension systems defined benefit plan defined benefit plans defined benefits plan defined by common use of words defined contribution defined contribution pension defined contribution pension plan defined contribution plan defined contribution plans defined dogmatically defined interface defined media defined medium defined on spacetimes defined process defined social group defined the dogma defined the term "planet" defined-benefit pension defines several dedicated integer types defines the dogma defining characteristics defining database key defining dictionary defining features defining identities defining issue defining planets defining relations defining the diseases defining vocabulary defining who is or is not "white," definist fallacy definite adjective definite article definite article reduction definite articles definite bilinear form definite clause grammars definite description definite description operator definite descriptions definite descriptor definite form definite host definite hosts definite implications of homosexuality definite in pitch definite integral definite integrals definite integration definite pitch definite rules definite time offset definitely fatal definition below definition for a planet definition in use definition list definition of definition of "is" definition of 'planet' definition of a planet definition of a stable model definition of a university definition of ampere definition of complex number definition of convergence of a series definition of death definition of life definition of man definition of manifold definition of music definition of pdf for multiple variables definition of philosophy definition of planet definition of race definition of real numbers definition of salvation definition of science definition of species definition of terrorism definition of the category utility definition of the derivative definition of the dogma definition of the exponential function definition of the situation definition of the term "planet" definition of velocity definition of what constitutes a physical attack definition of “history." definition used definition varies among genocide scholars definitional concerns in anarchist theory definitional interpreters definitions of acids and bases definitions of autumn definitions of fascism definitions of rape definitions of science fiction definitions of terrorism definitions of the exponential function definitive article definitive diagnosis definitive endoderm definitive host definitive hosts definitive issue definitive postage stamps definitive rulings definitive series definitive stamp definitive stamp series definitive stamps definitive treaty definiton of a planet definitor general definitor generalis deflationary semantic theories deflationary spiral deflationary theories of truth deflationary theory deflationary theory of truth deflect an asteroid deflect the force of gravity deflected permanent revolution deflection cables deflection of light deflection of the vertical deflection shooting deflection shot deflection surface deflection yoke deflections of the vertical deflector dish deflector shield deflector shield system deflector shielding deflector shields deflex bow deflowering ceremony defoaming agents defocus aberration defoliant bombs defoliation bacilli bomb deform plastically deform space deformable body deformable landscape deformable mirror deformable terrain deformation between forming dies deformation density deformation gradient deformation gradient tensor deformation mechanism deformation mechanism maps deformation monitoring deformation of the algebra of smooth functions deformation quantization deformation retract deformation retracts deformation ring deformation theory deformation till deformation to the normal cone deformation tools deformational modelling deformed child deformed creature deformed heart deformed wing virus deformed workers state deformed workers states deformed workers' state deformed workers' states deforming dorsopathies deformity comics defragmentation tool defrocked priest deftones sixth studio album defunct airline defunct nationwide radio network of the same name defunct private station defunct railroad defunct shopping mall defuse a bomb defused a large car bomb found outside a nightclub defying gravity degaussing coil degeneracy conditions degeneracy loci degeneracy maps degeneracy of the genetic code degeneracy pressure degenerate art degenerate artist degenerate artists degenerate bases degenerate case degenerate cases degenerate critical point degenerate dimension degenerate distribution degenerate dwarfs degenerate energy level degenerate energy levels degenerate era of the universe degenerate fermion gas degenerate gambler degenerate gases degenerate genetic code degenerate matter degenerate measure degenerate music degenerate objects degenerate planes degenerate star degenerated worker's state degenerated workers state degenerated workers states degenerated workers' state degenerated workers' states degeneration of the clavicle degenerative arthritis degenerative calcification degenerative discs degenerative disease degenerative diseases degenerative diseases of nervous system degenerative disorders degenerative disorders of nervous system degenerative muscular disease degenerative myelopathy degradation ceremony degradation of habitat degradation of nature degradation of soils degradative enzymes degrade gracefully degraded mode degraded officers degraded swamp forest degrades more gracefully degrades the polymer degrative proteins graph theory of arc degree abbreviations degree classification degree college degree courses degree day degree days degree distribution degree distributions degree in honoris causa degree in law degree in medicine degree in nursing degree matrix degree mill degree mills degree of a continuous mapping degree of a field extension of a field extension degree of a node degree of a polynomial degree of anonymity degree of arc degree of belief degree of coherence degree of confirmation degree of consanguinity degree of correspondence degree of curvature degree of disorder degree of doctor degree of economic activity degree of freedom degree of hearing loss degree of integration degree of ionization degree of kinship degree of membership degree of polymerisation degree of polymerization degree of proportionality degree of proximity degree of reaction degree of substitution (DS). degree of the coif degree of the extension degree of transcendentality degree of truth degree of unsaturation degree of unsolvability degree one degree phrase degree program degree programmes degree programs degree requirement degree sequence degree sequences degree sign degree six degree students degree sum formula degree symbol degree Öchsle degree-genus formula degrees brix degrees in medicine degrees minutes and seconds degrees of arc degrees of comparison degrees of constructibility degrees of freedom degrees of freedom as defined by engineers degrees of freedom degrees of freedom physics and chemistry degrees of freedom degrees of glory degrees of latitude degrees of separation degrees of solidity degrees of the scale degrees of unsaturation degrees of unsolvability degrees or kingdoms of glory degrees per second dehousing paper dehumidifier units dehydrated food dehydrating agent dehydration of alcohols dehydration reaction dehydration reactions dehydration synthesis dehydro abietyl nitrile dehydro-L-gulonate decarboxylase dehydro-acetic acid dehydroabietic acid dehydroacetic acid dehydroascorbic acid dehydrocholic acid dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate dehydrogluconate dehydrogenase dehydromevalonic lactone dei ex machina dei ex machinis deicing boots deicing fluid deictic expression deictic function deification of man deified ancestor deified sun deionised water deionized water deiseil or sunwise deist beliefs of some of the founding fathers deity or deities deity yogas deja vu dek wat del in cylindrical and spherical coordinates del operator audio effect delay calculation delay circuits delay differential equation delay differential equations delay distortion delay effect delay effects delay embedding theorem delay fault delay gratification delay in language delay line delay line canceller delay line interferometer delay line memory delay lines delay of game delay of gratification delay pedal delay slot delay slots delay system delay the return of fertility delay unit delay valves delay-action bomb delay-action bombs delay-and-sum beamformer delay-insensitive circuits delay-locked loop delay-tolerant networking delayed action bombing delayed action bombs delayed action fuse delayed action fuses delayed allocation delayed an election delayed audience reaction delayed auditory feedback delayed binding delayed blowback delayed branch logic delayed choice quantum eraser delayed clause-construction delayed coker delayed coking delayed column generation delayed development delayed differentiation delayed ejaculation delayed fuse delayed gastric emptying delayed hypersensitivity delayed implantation delayed loading delayed neutrons delayed nuclear radiation delayed onset delayed onset muscle soreness delayed open access delayed open access journal delayed open access journals delayed open access model) delayed orgasm delayed parenthood delayed penalty delayed peripheral neuropathy delayed potassium rectifier current delayed response delayed sleep phase syndrome delayed stall delayed steal delayed type hypersensitivity delayed unification delayed vertical suplex delayed visual maturation delayed-onset muscle soreness delayed-type hypersensitivity delayed-type hypersensitivity response delaying child-rearing delaying ejaculation delays in development delays of motor development deleb palm delegate model of representation delegate of the delegate the responsibilities to a minister of state or secondary delegated legislation or secondary legislation delegated or secondary legislation delegated administration delegated legislation delegated path validation delegated powers delegated voting delegates elected to parliament delegation of four members delegation of violence delegatus non potest delegare delegeted legislation delerium tremens delete key deleted scene deleted scenes deleterious mutations deleterious recessive deletion mutation deletion mutations deletion of post-vocalic "r" deletion privacy deli meat deli meats deliberate actions deliberate destruction deliberate fouls deliberate initiation deliberate misspelling deliberate self harm deliberate self-harm syndrome deliberately ambiguous deliberately by the nude person deliberately destroyed deliberately false story deliberately inbred deliberately jump deliberately lose deliberately playing poorly deliberately sunk deliberately-slow hash function deliberation forums deliberative assemblies deliberative assembly deliberative bodies deliberative body deliberative democracy deliberative democratic deliberative organ deliberative planning deliberative politics deliberative poll deliberative polling deliberative procedure deliberative structures delicatessen meat delicious delicacies delict jus gentium delightfulized child delimitative aspect delimiter collision delimiter-separated text delimiter-separated values delineation and supervision delinquency of a minor delinquent debts delinquent girl delinquent schoolgirl delinquent schoolgirls delinquent youth delirium persecutionis delirium tremens deliver an infant to childless couples deliver pizzas deliver the mail deliver their lambs deliver them from evil deliverance ministry delivered a speech delivered and attached delivered their payload delivering a baby delivering calls to subscribers delivering mail by rocket delivering pizza delivers pizzas delivery boy delivery charges delivery company delivery health delivery man delivery month delivery notes delivery of genuine anthrax letters delivery of hormonal contraceptives delivery of mail by rocket delivery point delivery protocol delivery routes delivery service delivery services delivery ship delivery systems delivery trucks delivery tube delivery up delivery van delivery versus payment delivery wagons delocalised electrons delocalization energy delocalization of electrons delocalized bonding delocalized bonds delocalized electrons delocalized π-electrons delousing agent delphi method δ delta 4-5 isomerase delta baryon delta basin delta blues delta blues musician delta bluesmen delta bond delta brain wave delta catenin delta cell delta cells delta chains delta connected delta consistency delta design delta distribution delta fins delta formation delta function delta functions delta hedging delta hints delta impulse delta invariant delta isobar delta loop antenna delta metal delta method delta modulation delta neutral delta operator delta opioid receptor delta particles delta planform wing delta pylon delta radiation delta ray delta region delta rule delta scuti delta sequence delta sleep delta sleep phase delta smelt delta switching delta v delta wave delta waves delta wing delta winged delta wings delta-aminolevulinic acid delta-cadinene synthase delta-connected motor delta-sigma converters delta-sigma modulated delta-sigma modulation delta-sigma modulator delta-sigma modulators delta-v budget deltaic cycle deltaic reefs deltaic swamp deltaic switching deltoid branch of thoracoacromial artery deltoid curve deltoid fascia deltoid ligament deltoid muscle deltoid muscles deltoid tubercle deltoid tuberosity deltoidal hexecontahedron deltoidal icositetrahedron deltoideopectoral glands deltoideus muscle deltopectoral groove deltopectoral triangle deluge guns deluge myth deluge of mythology delusional intuition delusional jealousy delusional misidentification syndrome delusional misidentification syndromes delusional parasitosis delusions of adequacy delusions of grandeur delusions of persecution deluxe edition deluxe editions delvinyl sodium dem bow demagogue reformer demand account demand accounts demand analysis demand and supply demand chain demand chain management demand characteristics demand curve demand curves demand deposit demand deposit account demand deposits demand destruction demand draft demand elasticities demand elasticity demand equilibrium demand factor demand for energy demand for it demand for labour demand function demand functions demand letter demand letters demand loading demand manage demand management demand meets supply demand note demand optimization demand paged demand paging demand pull inflation demand reduction demand regulator demand regulators demand response demand responsive transit demand shock demand shortfalls demand side demand side economics demand side management demand theory demand valve demand valve regulators demand-pull inflation demand-supply interactions demanded a response from him demanded or supplied demanding a sequel demands of increased populations demarcation between demarcation criteria demarcation dispute demarcation line demarcation point demarcation problem demat gun deme population demecarium bromide demented geneticist dementia master dementia paralytica dementia paranoides dementia praecox dementia precox dementia pugilistica demerger vote demerit points demersal zone demestvenny raspev demethylating agent demethylsterigmatocystin 6-O-methyltransferase demi brigade demi cannons demi miller demic diffusion demihypercube honeycomb demihypercubic tessellations demilitarised zone demilitarized status demilitarized zone demilitarized zone demilitarized zone demilitarized zones demineralized water demiregular tiling demise of humans demise of the crown demissionary cabinet demitesseractic tetracomb computer programming demo 7" demo album demo and intro demo authoring tool demo coders demo coding demo competitions demo compo demo crew demo deal demo disc demo disk demo donnely demo effect demo effects demo group demo groups demo mode demo music demo of the same title demo parties demo party demo program demo programmers demo recording demo recordings demo reel demo release demo scene demo sessions demo song demo songs demo tape demo tapes demo tracks demo version demo versions demobilized soldier democracies declaring war on other democracies democracy activists democracy advocates democracy building democracy in the middle east democracy in the region democracy is restored democracy movement democracy movements democraphic balance democratic action democratic activists democratic association democratic audit democratic authority democratic bloc democratic camp democratic capitalism democratic centralism democratic centralist democratic changes democratic consensus democratic control democratic countries democratic coup democratic deficit democratic education democratic election democratic election process democratic elections democratic equality democratic equilibrium democratic federation democratic formulation democratic freedoms democratic globalization democratic governance democratic government democratic ideals democratic institution democratic institutions democratic intentions democratic involvement democratic liberalism democratic measures democratic media democratic movement democratic movements democratic nation democratic nations democratic paralysis democratic participation democratic peace democratic peace theories democratic peace theory democratic planning processes democratic practice democratic presidential elections democratic principle democratic principles democratic procedures democratic process democratic processes democratic rationalization democratic reform democratic reforms democratic representation democratic republic democratic republican democratic republics democratic revolution democratic rule democratic school democratic schooling democratic schools democratic security democratic security strategy democratic socialism democratic socialist democratic socialists democratic society democratic state democratic structure democratic structuring democratic system democratic systems democratic theory democratic transhumanism democratic transhumanist democratic transhumanists democratic transition democratic transitions democratic uprising democratic values democratic values and institutions democratic violence democratic working democratic world government democratically elected democratically free democratisation of democracy democratization of content democratization of the economy democratization process democratized web democratizing access to culture demodectic mange demodex mites demographic challenge demographic change in the area demographic changes demographic characteristics demographic classification demographic collapse demographic data demographic difficulties demographic dividend demographic economics demographic equilibrium demographic exploitation demographic explosion demographic features demographic gift demographic gravitation demographic group demographic groups demographic growth demographic majority demographic meltdown demographic patterns demographic polls demographic profile demographic profiles demographic rate demographic segments demographic shift demographic snapshot demographic statistics demographic stochasticity demographic studies demographic targets demographic tensions demographic theories demographic theory demographic threat demographic transition demographic transition model demographic trap demographic trend demographic trends demographic window demographic-economic paradox demographical surveillance demographics back demographics of sexual orientation demoiselle crane demoiselle cranes demolish the house demolish what remained demolished building demolished in tragic circumstances demolisher cannon demolishing structures demolition campaign demolition charges demolition derbies demolition derby demolition gun demolition munitions demolition of homes demolition of monasteries demolitions expert demon core demon dialing demon fox demon fox's demon hordes demon hounds demon hunter demon lord demon lords demon lover demon ninja demon possessed demon possession demon prince demon princes demon race demon sniper demon summoning demon-like creature demoniacal possession demonic animals demonic army demonic being demonic beings demonic entities demonic entity demonic exorcisms demonic hierarchies demonic magic demonic nurses demonic or alien children demonic possession demonic possessions demonic roommate demonic temptation demonic will demonically possessed demonological explanations tanar'ri demons and devils demons were inside demonstrate with his sword demonstration against demonstration against the latter demonstration effects demonstration election demonstration event demonstration events demonstration garden demonstration landings demonstration match demonstration of air power demonstration of quantum entanglement demonstration of sign language abilities demonstration plants demonstration railroad demonstration recording demonstration records demonstration schools demonstration sport demonstration sports demonstrations and riots demonstrations and riots around the world demonstrative adjective demonstrative adjectives demonstrative determiners demonstrative evidence demonstrative gift demonstrative inference demonstrative method demonstrative pronoun demonstrative pronouns demonstrative reasoning demonstrative syllogism demonstratives and indexicals demonstrator pen demonstrators in demonstrators took to the streets demoralizing actions demos and intros demos or intros demoscene groups demoscene parties demoscene productions demotic script demulcent property demyelinating disease demyelinating diseases den mother den nationale scene denatonium benzoate denaturalization law denaturalization laws denaturalized alcohol denaturant concentration denaturation midpoint denature alcohol denature ethanol denature proteins denatured alcohol denatured proteins denatured state denaturing conditions denaturing gel denazification court denazification process denazification trial dendritic arbor dendritic cell dendritic cell vaccine dendritic cells dendritic pattern dendritic processes dendritic ridge dendritic spine dendritic spines dendritic sprouting dendritic structures dendritic tree dendritic trees dendrochronological dates dendrochronological dating dendrocronological dating dendroid guards denervation atrophy dengue shock syndrome deniable authentication deniable encryption deniable operation deniable signatures denial of denial of a speedy trial denial of having an affair denial of identification cards denial of prayer denial of service denial of service attack denial of service attacks denial of the holocaust denial-of-service attack denial-of-service attacks denied a speedy trial denied access to the sea denied admission denied citizenship denied his faith deniers of the holocaust denies his own bisexuality denies that time exists denigration of the human body denileukin diftitox denim delinquent denim jackets denim skirt denim vest denitrifying bacteria deniz börülcesi denominación de origen denomination of currency denomination of origin denominational crisis denominational school denominational schools denominational separation denominator problem denominazione di origine controllata denormal number denormal numbers denotation and connotation denotation or connotation denotational models denotational semantics denotational semantics of concurrency denotative meaning denotative meanings denoting concept dens serotinus dense clouds dense connective tissue dense fibrous connective tissue dense fog advisory dense gas dense gas dispersion dense gas release dense granules dense graph dense hydrobe dense linear order without endpoints dense linear orders dense matrix dense mixed-wet forest dense motion field dense multicast dense multicasting dense non-aqueous phase liquids dense orbit dense order dense ordering dense plaques dense plasma focus dense rock equivalent dense set dense sets dense subset dense subsets dense subspace dense urban settlements dense wavelength division multiplex dense wavelength division multiplexing dense wavelength-division multiplexing densely defined operator densely ordered densely orders densely packed densely packed decimal encoding