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dipping tobacco diprogulic acid dipropyl isophthalate dipropyl sulfoxide dipropyl tetrasulfide dipropyl trisulfide dipropyldithiocarbamic acid dipropylene glycol dipropylene glycol dibenzoate diprotic acid dipterocarp forest dipterocarp forests dipterocarpus turbinatus dipterous parasite diptych screen diquark condensate diquat dibromide dirac comb dirac delta dirac delta function dirac equations dirac impulse dirac impulses dire consequence dire corbies dire economic straits dire rats dire warnings dire wolf dire wolves dirección orquestal direct access brokers direct access storage device direct access storage devices direct access trading direct acoustic cochlear stimulator direct action direct action direct action both raids and sabotage direct action pumping engine direct action such as raids and sabotage direct actionists direct actions direct activism direct address direct advertising direct affiliation direct and autonomous action direct and indirect fire weapons direct and indirect object direct and indirect object pronouns direct anonymous attestation direct antiglobulin test direct appeal direct applications direct approach direct ascent direct ascent capsule direct ascents direct attached storage direct attribution theory of reference direct ballot initiatives direct band gap direct band-gap direct bandgap direct bilirubin direct blowback direct borohydride fuel cell direct borohydride fuel cells direct borrowings direct brain interface direct broadcast direct broadcast satellite direct broadcast satellite television direct broadcast satellites direct broadcasting satellite direct broadcasting via satellite direct cable connection direct campaigning direct carving direct carvings direct cerebellar direct chaining hashing direct changeover direct channel direct characterization direct charging generators direct cinema direct combat direct commission direct commissioning program direct competition direct computations direct confrontation direct connection direct conversion direct conversion receiver direct correlation function direct cost direct costs direct coupled direct coupling direct creation of individual souls direct credit direct current direct current direct debit direct debits direct democracies direct democracy direct democratic direct deposit direct descendant direct dial direct dialing direct digital controllers direct digital manufacturing direct digital synthesis direct discourse direct discrimination direct distance dialing direct division direct download link direct downloads direct drive direct drive mechanism direct drive turntables direct dyeing direct dyes direct effect direct effects direct election direct election for prime minister direct election of senators direct election of the prime minister direct elections direct electric current direct entry direct estoppel direct evidence direct examination direct execution direct experience direct factor direct film direct finesse direct fire direct flight direct flights direct fluorescent antibody direct foreign direct foreign investment direct form direct forms of democracy direct free kick direct free kicks direct free-kick direct fuel injection direct gas impingement direct grant direct grant school direct grant schools direct heat direct historical approach direct hit direct holding system direct ignition direct image direct image functor direct image of a sheaf direct image sheaf direct image with compact support direct imaging direct imaging presses direct impingement direct initiative direct injected direct injection direct injection spark ignition direct injection system direct input direct insolation direct instruction direct insurance direct integral direct integrals direct integration direct intention direct interfaces direct intervention direct investment direct inward dialed direct irradiation direct isometries direct isometry direct knowledge direct labour direct legislation direct liability direct life-cycles direct limit direct limits direct line direct linking direct mail direct mail marketeer direct mail marketers direct mailing direct mandate direct manipulation direct manipulation animation direct manipulation interface direct market direct market crash direct marketer direct marketers direct marketing direct marketing company direct material price variance direct material total variance direct material usage variance direct mates direct memory access direct memory access direct metal mastering direct methanol fuel cell direct methanol fuel cells direct method direct method of standardization direct methods direct miles direct mind-computer interface direct mode direct modulations direct module interface direct navigation direct neural interface direct neural interfaces direct numerical control direct numerical simulation direct numerical simulations direct object direct objects direct observation direct observations direct or inverse direct order direct participation direct participation programs direct passions direct pathway direct pathway of movement direct perception direct presidential election direct pressure direct primary direct producers direct product direct product group theory direct product of groups direct product of rings direct production direct products direct proportion direct proportionality direct pyramidal tract direct quantum chemistry direct questions direct rail service direct ramps direct ray direct reaffirmation in his leadership direct realism direct realist direct reciprocity direct record direct record voting system direct recording electronic direct recording electronic voting computers direct recording electronic voting machines direct recording electronic voting system direct reduced iron direct reduction direct reference direct referent direct relationships direct repeat direct repeats direct reporting unit direct response direct response advertising direct response marketing direct response media direct response television direct restoration direct restorations direct revelation direct route direct rule direct rule minister direct sales direct sales model direct scattering direct seeding direct selection direct selling direct selling company direct sense direct sequence spread spectrum direct service direct services direct shear test direct skill instruction direct snap direct solar gain direct sound direct sowing direct space direct spectrum estimates direct speech direct steam pump direct stiffness method direct sum direct sum of modules direct sum topology direct summand direct summands direct summation direct sums direct system direct tax direct taxation direct taxes direct the selection direct the votes direct thrombin inhibitor direct thrombin inhibitors direct to plate direct to video direct traffic control direct train service direct transfer direct transport links direct universal suffrage direct variation direct variational method direct voice input direct vote direct vote for prime minister direct vote for the prime minister direct waves direct withholding direct-access broker direct-access brokers direct-action lawsuit direct-controlled municipalities direct-controlled municipality direct-conversion receiver direct-current electric motor direct-dial telephone direct-dialed long distance call direct-drive turntable direct-drive turntables direct-election models direct-grant grammar school direct-injection gasoline direct-mail campaigns direct-methanol fuel cell direct-methanol fuel cells direct-recording electronic voting machine direct-rule minister direct-sequence spread spectrum direct-shift gearbox direct-to-DVD movie direct-to-TV comedy direct-to-home satellite direct-to-home television satellites direct-to-physician marketing direct-to-video film direct-to-video movies direct-to-video prequel direct-to-video releases direct-to-video sequel direct-to-video sequels directed acyclic graph directed acyclic graphs directed acyclic word graph directed arcs directed at the viewer directed beam weapons directed by directed complete directed complete partial order directed complete partial orders directed cycle directed cycles directed diffusion directed edge directed energy weapon directed energy weaponry directed energy weapons directed evolution directed graph directed graphs directed its construction directed ortho metalation directed path directed paths directed percolation directed pitch directed quantities associated with particular planes directed reachability problem directed roundings directed set directed sets directed subset directed subsets directed successful operations directed thrust directed tree directed unions directed verdict directed-energy weapon directed-energy weaponry directed-energy weapons directeur de recherche directeur sportif directeur sportifs directing documentary directing fiction directing films directing fire directing mind direction controller direction cosines direction find direction finder direction finders direction finding direction finding duck direction générale de la sécurité extérieure direction indicator direction of direction of advance direction of air operations direction of arrival direction of finance direction of fit direction of least resistance direction of motion direction of movement direction of prayer direction of time direction of writing direction signs direction switch direction vectors direction-finding gear direction-finding station directional "Y" interchange directional aerial directional antenna directional antenna pattern directional antennae directional antennas directional arc consistency directional array directional audio directional boring directional buttons directional coupler directional couplers directional derivative directional derivatives directional drilling directional drilling plans directional drills directional figure eight directional finders directional fragmentation mines directional gyro directional headlights directional indicators directional microphone directional microphones directional pad directional radio directional reflectance properties directional running directional selection directional sensation of sound directional signals directional solidification directional stability directional statistics directional symmetry directional verbs directional-T interchange directional-hemispherical reflectance directionally stable adduction, abduction, flexion, rotation, and extension directions of fit directions of movement directive control directive effect directive gain directive harmonizing the term of protection of copyright and certain related rights directive on services in the internal market directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights directive on the legal protection of computer programs directive on the legal protection of databases directive on the patentability of biotechnological inventions directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions directive on the protection of personal data directive on the resale right for the benefit of the author of an original work of art directive principles of state policy directivity index directly address the audience directly administered directly affiliated local union directly amplifying receiver directly attached directly buried directly circumvent directly commissioned directly commissioned officers directly connected directly coupled directly effective directly elect directly elected directly elected by the people directly enforceable directly from the people directly heated triodes directly image directly indecomposable directly linked directly opposite each other directly participate directly proportional directly recall directly ruled directly to stores directly to video directly-elected mayor directly-elected members director commentary director control tower director designation agreements director exchange director firing director general director general director of athletic administration director of athletics director of audiography director of chancery director of cinematics director of cinematography director of civilian defense director of communications director of elections director of film director of films director of football director of health director of marketing director of motor vehicles director of munitions director of naval nuclear propulsion director of officiating director of ordinands director of photography director of sport director of sport development director of surveys director of television programs director telephone system director with the same name director-driven film production director-general directoral system directorate of religious affairs directorial cantons directorial debut directors and officers liability insurance directors of photography *DIR OpenVMS command file systems directory assistance directory data directory enquiries directory entries directory entry directory entry table directory harvest attack directory hive directory indexes directory junctions directory management directory name directory number directory paper directory paths directory separator directory server directory servers directory service directory service migration directory services directory structure directory traversal directory tree directory-based coherence protocols directuer sportif directy elected dirhenium decacarbonyl dirhenium heptaoxide dirhodium tetracarbonyl dichloride dirigent proteins dirigible balloons dirigible mail diriment impediment dirndl coats dirofilaria immitis dirt at your feet dirt bike dirt bikers dirt bikes dirt biking dirt cone dirt flat tracks dirt graffiti dirt jump dirt jumpers dirt jumping dirt jumps dirt late model racing dirt oval dirt race track dirt race tracks dirt racetrack dirt road dirt roads dirt sheets dirt track dirt track driver dirt track history dirt track race dirt track racer dirt track races dirt track racing dirt tracks dirt-track and lawn bowls dirt-track race cars dirty bird dirty blues dirty bomb dirty bombs dirty boogie dirty bop dirty boxing dirty campaign dirty coals dirty cops dirty dancing dirty data dirty deeds done dirt cheap dirty diamonds dirty drug dirty electronics dirty float dirty hands dirty hands argument dirty hit dirty humour dirty joke dirty jokes dirty laundry dirty magazine dirty money dirty movie dirty movies dirty old man dirty old men dirty pages dirty politic dirty politics dirty price dirty protest dirty protests dirty rap dirty realism dirty rectangles dirty rice dirty sanchez dirty snowball dirty south dirty subsidies dirty subsidy dirty talk dirty talking dirty thirties dirty thirty dirty title joke dirty trick dirty tricks dirty war dirty warrior dirty wars dirty weekend dirty weekends dirubidium dibromide dirubidium dichloride dirubidium diiodide dirubidium monoxide dis legomenon dis track disability awareness training disability benefits disability classes disability compensation disability coordination officer disability devotee disability discrimination disability discrimination act disability discrimination acts disability discrimination legislation disability fetishism disability income insurance disability insurance disability leave disability movement disability payments disability pension disability pensioner disability pensions disability pornography disability pretender disability status disability studies disability-adjusted life years disabled access disabled alpine disabled alpine & nordic skiing disabled alpine skiing disabled athletes disabled badge holders disabled children disabled competitions disabled homolog 1 disabled list disabled parking disabled parking privileges disabled people disabled persons disabled school disabled ski racer disabled ski racing disabled skiing disabled sports disabled swimmer disabled user operations disabled veteran disabled veterans disabled youth disabling conditions disabling right clicking disadvantaged children disadvantageous effects disadvantageous target disadvantageous timeslot disadvantages of emails disadvantages of screen and web maps disadvantages of the original system disaffection between communities disaggregated sovereignty disagree with the significance of anthropogenic climate change disagreement with a source disallowance and reservation disallowed goal disambiguation page disambiguation page. disambiguation strokes disappear fear disappearance of trees disappeared and presumed dead disappeared from view disappeared or were found murdered disappeared town disappeared while swimming disappeared without a trace disappearing carriage disappearing carriages disappearing gun disappearing guns disappearing ink disappearing quorum disappearing species disappearing streams disappearing target small-bore rifle event disapproval voting disarm the militias disarm their militias disarmament of the militias disassociation broadcast disassociative identity disorder disassortative mating disassortative sexual selection disaster assistance disaster behavioral health disaster capital disaster capitalism disaster drills disaster fiction disaster film disaster films disaster genre disaster healthcare disaster life cycle disaster management disaster medicine disaster movie disaster movies disaster novel disaster novels disaster outings disaster planning disaster preparation disaster preparedness disaster prevention disaster recovery disaster recovery plan disaster recovery planning disaster recovery plans disaster relief disaster research disaster risk disaster risk reduction disaster struck disaster supplies kit disaster supplies kits disaster theory disaster tourism disaster victim identification disastrous ad disastrous attempts disastrous campaigns disastrous confrontation disastrous consequences disastrous crash disastrous defeat disastrous earthquake disastrous effects disastrous election disastrous fire disastrous flood disastrous floods disastrous merger disastrous military campaigns disastrous results disastrous retreat disastrous shipping losses disastrous siege disastrous storm tide disastrous wars disastrous wreck disastrously defeated disavowed polygamy disbelieved in the existence of infinitesimals disbursing office disc algebra disc at once disc barrow disc barrows disc brake disc brakes disc burning disc camera disc chipper disc covers disc cutter disc dog disc dogging disc drive disc drives disc eleven disc florets disc flowers disc galaxies disc game disc games disc golf disc golf course disc golfer disc golfing disc harrows disc image disc images disc jockey disc jockey's disc jockeyed disc jockeying disc jockeys disc jockies disc jokey disc lacquers disc margins disc mastering disc number disc numbers disc of convergence disc permeameter disc phonograph records disc record disc recording disc records disc rot disc sander disc spanning disc ten disc throws disc tumbler lock disc tumbler locks disc volume disc wheels disc wind disc-based format disc-creation software disc-like liquid crystalline molecules disc-trained dogs discadenine synthase discant clausulae discarded constellation discarded drugs discarded his body discarded materials discarding sabot discarding sabot shells discarding sabot, fin-stabilized, long-rod penetrator discerning vision discernment of spirits discernment of the spirits discharge capacity discharge certificates discharge curve discharge hydrograph discharge ionization detector discharge lamp discharge lamps discharge notes discharge of discharge of energy discharge petition discharge rate discharge rates discharge sluices discharge tube discharge tubes discharged from the military discharges into it discharging a firearm from a motor vehicle dischord records disciples of `Abdu'l-Bahá disciplina arcani disciplinary action disciplinary actions disciplinary coercion disciplinary council disciplinary councils disciplinary department disciplinary inspection department disciplinary institution disciplinary institutions disciplinary issues disciplinary lens disciplinary offence disciplinary probation disciplinary punishment disciplinary rules disciplinary society disciplinary techniques disciplinary technology discipline method disciplines of design disciplining children disclaimer of interest disclose the invention in sufficient detail discloses the invention in a manner sufficiently clear and complete disclosing tablets disclosure of interests disclosure of vulnerabilities disco backlash disco ball disco balls disco club disco fever disco fries disco house disco mix disco mixes disco parties disco revival disco star disco suite discoid cockroach discoid lupus erythematosus discoidal cell discoidal tombstones discoidon domain receptor discomycete fungus discone antenna disconfirmation bias disconfirmed expectancy disconnect supervision disconnected parts discontinuation syndrome discontinue an investigation discontinued print discontinuity thesis discontinuous change discontinuous collocation methods discontinuous deformation analysis discontinuous everywhere discontinuous function discontinuous functions discontinuous groups discontinuous linear map discontinuous linear operators discontinuous permafrost discontinuous permafrost zone discontinuous root discontinuous variation discordant coastline discordant coastlines discordant pairs discordant redshift discotheque terrorist bombing discotic columnar discotic liquid crystal discotic liquid crystals discount airline discount airlines discount bond discount brokerage discount brokerages discount bus pass discount card discount cards discount carriers discount chain store discount coupons discount department store discount department stores discount factor discount factors discount function discount gasoline brand discount hypermarket discount membership store discount notes discount rate discount rates discount retail stores discount retailers discount stock brokerage discount stock brokerage firm discount store discount stores discount supermarket discount vouchers discount window discount window lending discounted and concessionary fare schemes discounted bill discounted cash flow discounted cash flow valuation discounted dividend models discounted maximum loss discounted payoffs discounted present value discounted utility discounted value discounted “earthquake bonds” discounting of prices discounts and allowances discourage or prohibit discourage their use discouraged the use discouraged workers discours direct discours indirect discourse analysis discourse analyst discourse analysts discourse community discourse ethics discourse marker discourse of race struggle discourse on holiness discourse on judgementalism discourse on ostentation discourse particles discourse processing discourse semantics discourse time discovered attack discovered attacks discovered check discovered checks discovered gold discovered that very night discovered to have electrical properties discoveries of the chemical elements discovers his sexuality discovery and intitial charting discovery and refining of petroleum discovery learning discovery of black swans discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation discovery of gold discovery of ozone depletion discovery of patterns discovery of penicillin discovery of precession discovery of radioactivity discovery of silver and gold in the area discovery of the chemical elements discovery of the electron discovery order discovery process discovery registry discovery shopping discovery system discovery systems discovery vessel discredited belief discredited historian discredited in recent years discrediting information discrediting tactic discrepancies between the exit poll data and the vote count discrepancy function discrepancy principle discrepancy theorem discrepancy theory discrete amount of time discrete biprime discrete category discrete choice discrete choice analysis discrete circuitry discrete component discrete component-based model discrete components discrete computer discrete cosine transform discrete cosine transformation discrete cosine transforms discrete cosine transforms discrete delta-potential method discrete devices discrete differentiation operator discrete dipole approximation discrete dislocation plasticity discrete distribution discrete distributions discrete dynamical networks discrete dynamical system discrete dynamical systems discrete element method discrete element methods discrete element modeling discrete element modelling discrete event discrete event simulation discrete event simulations discrete event systems discrete fourier transform discrete frequency discrete geometry discrete grid discrete group discrete group theory discrete groups discrete interval encoding tree discrete log discrete log assumption discrete logarithm discrete logarithm assumption discrete logarithm problem discrete logarithms discrete logic discrete manufacturing discrete math discrete mathematics discrete measure discrete memoryless channel discrete metric discrete modelling discrete multitone discrete multitone modulation discrete norm discrete numbers discrete optimization discrete p-center discrete parts discrete phase-type distributed discrete phase-type distribution discrete photons discrete point symmetries discrete positional audio discrete probability distribution discrete probability distributions discrete probability function discrete problems discrete prolate spheroidal sequences discrete quantity discrete random variable discrete random variables discrete rotational discrete rotational symmetry discrete series discrete series representation discrete series representations discrete set discrete signal discrete signals discrete simulation discrete sine transform discrete sine transforms discrete space discrete spaces discrete spectra discrete spectrum discrete speech discrete state discrete subcategory discrete subgroup discrete subgroups discrete subset discrete symmetry discrete systems discrete time discrete time system discrete topological space discrete topology discrete transistor discrete transistors discrete translational symmetry discrete uniform discrete uniform distribution discrete uniform space discrete unit impulse function discrete valuation discrete valuation ring discrete valuation rings discrete valuations discrete variables discrete wavelet transform discrete wavelet transforms discrete-time dynamical systems discrete-time signal discrete-time signals discretionary access control discretionary access controls discretionary appeal discretionary appeals discretionary appellate jurisdiction discretionary basis discretionary deposits discretionary full blue discretionary full blue' discretionary income discretionary jurisdiction discretionary policies discretionary program discretionary review discretionary spending discretionary spending and mandatory spending discretionary trust discretionary trusts discretization error discriminant analysis discriminant function discriminant modular form discriminant of a number field discriminant of an algebraic number field discriminant validity discriminated against discriminated synonyms discriminated union discriminated unions discriminating power discrimination abilities of pigeons discrimination against playing rugby league discrimination against rugby league discrimination and language discrimination in employment discrimination information discrimination issues discrimination learning discrimination net discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation discrimination test discrimination testing discrimination trees discriminative classifiers discriminative gene selection discriminative measures discriminative methods discriminative models discriminative stimulus discriminative training discriminatory hiring discriminatory impact discriminatory lending practices discriminatory price auction discriminatory pricing discriminatory rule discriminatory sales practices discs brake discursive analysis discursive articulations discursive background discursive practice discursive practices discursive prayer discursive prose discursive psychology discursive reasoning discursive theory of democracy discus clothesline discus fish discus launch glider discus launched gliders discus men discus proligerus discus punch discus throw discus throw competition discus throw event discus thrower discus throwers discus throwing discus women discussed above discussed below discussed here discussed in detail discussed nominations discusses with the audience discussing her goats discussion about nominations discussion about the ideal worker discussion above discussion below discussion board discussion boards discussion boards and mailing lists discussion club discussion facility discussion forum discussion forums discussion group discussion groups discussion of controversy discussion of possible compensation discussion of such animals in tap water, above discussion paper discussion sections discussion sheet discussion threads discussion website discussion-based approach towards learning disdyakis dodecahedron disdyakis triacontahedron disease agent disease burden disease causal chain disease causing disease causing agent disease causing organisms disease concept of alcoholism disease constituency disease genes disease incidence disease informatics disease management disease modifying drugs disease mongering disease notification disease of affluence disease of the blood disease or infection disease outbreaks disease pattern disease prevalence disease prevention disease progression disease rate disease research disease resistance disease resistance in fruit and vegetables disease resistant disease surveillance disease syndrome disease theory of alcoholism disease transmission disease triangle disease vector disease vectors disease-free survival disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs disease-specific survival diseases and disorders diseases and pests diseases of affluence diseases of aging diseases of civilization diseases of gallbladder