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diseases of intestine diseases of poverty diseases of the brain diseases of the circulatory system diseases of the heart diseases of the honey bee diseases of the honeybee diseases of the liver diseases of the mouth diseases of tropical poverty diseases that travel by blood diseconomies of scale diselenium dichloride disembodied ethics disemboweled her children with a machete before taking her own life disembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumors disenchantment of the world disenfranchises felons disengagement attempt disengagement phase disengagement plan disengagement theory disengagment plan disengament plan disentanglement puzzle disentanglement puzzles disestablishment of the state disexecutive syndrome disgraced former congressman disguise appearance disguise herself as a boy disguised as a man disguised as a woman disguised as the princess disguised body disguised merchant vessels disguised unemployment disguises himself as a girl disguises himself as a woman disguising herself as a man disguising themselves as men dish antenna dish antennas dish detergent dish sanitizing dish soap dish washers dish washing dish washing detergent dish washing room dishonorable discharge dishonorable discharges dishonorably discharged dishonourable discharge dishonourably discharged dishwasher detergent dishwasher salt dishwasher soap dishwasher tablets dishwashing detergent dishwashing detergents dishwashing liquid dishwashing machine dishwater blond disilicate ion disilicon carbide disilicon dihydride disilicon hydride disilicon mononitride disilicon mononitride monoxide disilicon monophosphide disilicon tricarbide disilicon trihydride disilver dichloride disilver telluride disilyl acetylene disincorporated the church disinformation funding scandal disinformation operation disinhibitory effect disintegrated during re-entry disintegrated in the atmosphere disintegrated on re-entry disintegrating link belt disintegration booth disintegration chain disintegration chains disintegration during reentry disintegration of the dynasty disintegration rays disintegrations per minute disintegrator ray disintermediated and structured finance disinvestment campaign disiplinary councils disiquonium chloride disjoining forces disjoint set disjoint set data structure disjoint sets disjoint subsets disjoint union disjoint union of graphs disjoint union of sets disjoint union topologies disjoint union topology disjoint unions disjoint-set union-find disjoint-set data structure union-find data structure disjoint-set union-find data structure disjoint-set data structure disjoint-set forest disjointed timelines disjunct distribution disjunct range disjunction elimination disjunction introduction disjunction property disjunctive cognitions disjunctive forms disjunctive logic programming disjunctive normal form disjunctive product disjunctive programs disjunctive pronoun disjunctive pronouns disjunctive proposition disjunctive propositions disjunctive rules disjunctive sequence disjunctive sum disjunctive syllogism disjunctive syllogisms disk accretion disk aggregation disk array disk array controller disk array controllers disk arrays disk block disk blocks disk brake disk brake rotors disk brakes disk buffers disk cache disk cache coherency disk caches disk caching disk caching program disk capacity disk cartridge disk cloning disk compression disk control disk controller disk controllers disk crash disk defragging disk defragmenter disk defragmenters disk defragmenting utility disk drive disk drive heads disk driver stack disk drivers disk drives disk editor disk editors disk enclosure disk enclosures disk encryption disk encryption hardware disk encryption software disk encryption theory disk file system disk filters disk format disk formats disk formatting disk fragmentation disk galaxies disk golf disk harrow disk head crash disk heads disk image disk image emulator disk image emulators disk images disk imaging disk integration disk jockey disk jockeys disk laser disk lasers disk magazine disk magazines disk mirror disk mirroring disk module disk modules disk of acromioclavicular joint disk of dust disk operating system disk operating systems disk operations disk or disk drive disk overlays disk pack disk partition disk partitioning disk partitions disk platter disk plough disk quota disk quotas disk read-and-write head disk read-and-write heads disk records disk rot disk sector disk sectors disk seek disk seeks disk sharing disk space disk spanning disk staging disk star disk storage disk subsystem disk swapping disk units disk volume disk wipe disk-only format disk-winged bats diskette drive diskette drives diskless machines diskless network workstation diskless node diskless nodes diskless satellite node diskless workstation diskless workstations disks arrays dislisazancik baligi dislocated shoulder dislocation creep dislocation glide dislocation line dislocation motion dislocation of patella dislocation patterning disloyal statements dismal failure records dismal political scene dismal science dismantling of state psychiatric hospitals dismembered by dismiss batsmen dismissal from the company dismissal hymn dismissal with prejudice dismissals of batsmen dismissed arguments dismissed from office dismissed him dismissed in disgrace dismissed on the merits dismissed the charges dismissed this argument dismissed with prejudice dismissing a batsman dismountable classrooms dismounted cavalry dismounted infantry dismounting stele disobeying a lawful order disodium 5'-ribonucleotides disodium dichloride disodium difluoride disodium diiodide disodium dioxoborate disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate disodium fluoride dioxoborate disodium guanylate disodium hydrogen phosphate disodium hydroxylaminedisulfonate disodium iminodiacetic acid disodium inosinate disodium molybdenum tetraoxide disodium monochloride disodium monofluoride disodium octaborate tetrahydrate disodium oxalate disodium phosphate disodium pyrophosphate disodium tartrate disodium tetracarbonylferrate disodium tetrafluorostannate disorder field disorder field theory disorder of sexual development disorder operator disordered eating disordered piling disordered speech disordered state disordered systems disordered thinking disorderly conduct disorderly house disorderly houses disorders of attachment disorders of breast disorders of carbohydrate metabolism disorders of eating disorders of globe disorders of hemostasis disorders of sexual development disorganised schizophrenia disorganization syndrome disorganized attachment disorganized attachments disorganized complexity and organized complexity disorganized speech and thinking disorganized thinking disparaging term disparaging word disparate impact disparities in wealth disparities of capitalism disparity between races disparity of worship dispatch boat dispatch box dispatch boxes dispatch center dispatch centers dispatch duty dispatch management dispatch officer dispatch process dispatch rider dispatch riders dispatch table dispatch time dispatch vessel dispatching algorithms dispatching computer dispatching office dispensation of grace dispensation of the fulness of times dispensational churches dispensational eschatology dispensational premillennialists dispensational view dispensationalist theology dispensing chemist dispensing chemists dispensing errors dispensing power dispersal ability dispersal airfield dispersal area dispersal assembly dispersal draft dispersal event dispersal units disperse air pollution disperse seeds disperse systems dispersed economy dispersed knowledge dispersed particle dispersed particles dispersed phase dispersed settlement dispersed systems dispersed tacit knowledge dispersion bonds dispersion bridge dispersion compensation dispersion compensators dispersion curve dispersion equation dispersion management dispersion measure dispersion medium dispersion model dispersion modelling dispersion models dispersion of light dispersion or spread dispersion parameter dispersion pattern dispersion point dispersion relation dispersion relations dispersion relationship dispersion strengthening dispersion surfaces dispersion theory dispersion-compensation module dispersion-shifted fiber dispersion-shifted fibers dispersive hydrodynamics dispersive line dispersive mass transfer dispersive media dispersive medium dispersive power disphenoid tetrahedral honeycomb disphenoid tetrahedron disphosphorus tetrachloride disphyma blackii displaced by their landlords displaced families displaced from their lands displaced internally displaced lens displaced people displaced person displaced person camp displaced persons displaced persons displaced persons camp DP camp displaced persons DP camp displaced persons camp displaced persons camps displaced persons' camps displaced students displaced threshold displaced thresholds displaced to the west displaced water displacement activities displacement activity displacement current displacement diagrams displacement effect displacement equation displacement field displacement hull displacement hulls displacement lubricator displacement map displacement mapping displacement maps displacement method displacement on demand displacement operator displacement paraphilia displacement power factor displacement reactions displacement structure displacement syncopation displacement thickness displacement tonnage displacement vector displacement vectors displacer beast displacive phase transformations display adapter display adapters display advertising display behaviour display blanking display board display buffer display cards display case display chip display code display data channel display devices display driver display drivers display extension display face display file display flight display flights display games display hack display hacks display hardware display logic display manager display monitor display monitors display of sea power display of some sort display panel display picture display pictures display planes display resolution display resolutions display rules display screen display script display standard display stations display sub-systems display trees display type display wall display walls display windows displaying its registration number displaying of the buttocks displays a remotely hosted image disposable assets disposable camera disposable cameras disposable diapers disposable e-mail address disposable email address disposable email addresses disposable gloves disposable income disposable incomes disposable latex disposable lighter disposable medical trays disposable nappies disposable pads disposable products disposable razor disposable respirators disposable ship disposal of ordnance disposal orbit disposal site disposal sites for nuclear waste disposed of disposition effect disposition to believe dispositional affects dispositional attribution dispositional attributions dispositional belief dispositional beliefs dispositional state dispositional theory of meaning dispositional theory of memory dispositions of character dispositive motions dispositive treaty disproportionate collapse disproportionate power dispute about the discovery of the field equations dispute about the name of the city council dispute concerning investitures dispute involving salt deposits dispute over bathroom arrangements dispute over its name dispute over natural gas dispute over natural gas prices dispute over state records dispute over the border dispute over the import of gas dispute over the legitimate successor dispute prevention dispute resolution dispute settlement dispute settlement panel dispute turned violent dispute whether the fields were sown with salt disputed acoustical evidence disputed area disputed areas disputed ballots disputed books disputed border areas disputed by some groups disputed details below disputed election disputed islands disputed joint-occupancy disputed pieces disputed presidential election disputed reference disputed referendum disputed site disputed status disputed subgenres disputed territories disputed territory disputes about evolution disputes between miners and mine owners disputes were resolved disputes within anarchist thought disquotation theory of truth disraeli gears disregard a company's separate legal personality disregards boundaries disrupt cell membranes disruption of telegraph service disruption of the endocrine system disruption theory disruptions in heart rhythm disruptions of adoptions disruptive camouflage disruptive discharge disruptive forces disruptive or diversifying selection disruptive pattern material disruptive selection disruptive technologies disruptive technology diss rap diss records diss song diss songs diss track diss tracks dissect bodies dissect human cadavers dissected aorta dissected plateau dissecting aortic aneurisms dissecting bodies dissecting microscope dissection paradox dissection puzzle dissection puzzles dissection theatre dissector tube disseminated disease disseminated gonococcal infection disseminated intravascular coagulation disseminated intravascular coagulopathy disseminating pornography to a minor dissemination of drugs dissent in dissenting academies dissenting chapels dissenting groups dissenting ideas dissenting judgement dissenting opinion dissenting opinions dissertation committee dissident movement dissident republicans dissimilar air combat training dissimilar metals dissimilar training dissimilation of aspirates Grassmann's law dissipated energy dissipation factor dissipative dynamical systems dissipative effects dissipative forces dissipative game dissipative solitons dissipative structure dissipative structures dissipative system dissipative systems building design dissociated press dissociated self dissociation constant dissociation constants dissociation curve dissociation energies dissociation energy dissociation enthalpies dissociation of water decreases with falling temperature dissociative amnesia dissociative anesthesia dissociative anesthetic dissociative anesthetics dissociative chemical reaction dissociative condition dissociative disorder dissociative disorders dissociative drug dissociative drugs dissociative episode dissociative fugue dissociative identity disorder dissociative identity disorder dissociative identity syndrome dissociative personality dissociative personality disorder dissociative recombination dissolution and partitioning dissolution of each parliament dissolution of its union dissolution of marriage dissolution of monasteries dissolution of parliament dissolution of religious houses dissolution of the empire dissolution of the foundation dissolution of the greater monasteries dissolution of the legislature dissolution of the monasteries dissolution of the monastries dissolution of the parliament dissolution of the party dissolution of the union dissolution of the unpopular union dissolution rays dissolution reactions dissolve parliament dissolved air flotation dissolved air flotation dissolved air flotation dissolved air flotation units DAF units dissolved air flotation DAF units dissolved and occupied dissolved and physically destroyed dissolved as a monastery dissolved gases dissolved inorganic carbon dissolved minerals dissolved monasteries dissolved organic carbon dissolved organic matter dissolved oxygen dissolved oxygen dissolved oxygen content dissolved parliament dissolved peacefully dissolved salts dissolved silica dissolved solids dissolved solutes dissolved the abbey dissolved the government dissolved the monasteries dissolved the parliament dissolving carbon dioxide in water dissolving metal reduction dissolving the legislature dissolving the parliament dissonant chords dissonant counterpoint dissonant interval dissymmetry of lift distal arthrogryposis distal arthrogryposis multiplex congenita distal chromosome distal convoluted tubule distal convoluted tubules distal extremities distal interphalangeal joint distal interphalangeal joints distal intestinal obstruction syndrome distal object distal pancreatectomy distal part of the humerus distal phalange distal phalanges distal phalanx distal radioulnar articulation distal radioulnar joint distal radius distal renal tubular acidosis distal renal tubule distal row distal source distal splenorenal shunt distal splenorenal shunt procedure distal stimulus distal taper distal that distal tibia distal tubule distal tubules distal ureter distal-gland springsnail graph theory distance and open education distance and time measurements distance assimilation distance decay distance determination in astrophysics distance education distance fog distance formula distance from the sea distance function distance functions distance geometry distance indicator distance it can fly without refueling distance learning distance learning centers distance learning college distance learning institution distance lines distance matrices distance matrix distance matrix methods distance measure distance measures distance measures distance measuring equipment distance medley relay distance method distance metric distance metrics distance model distance modulus distance montage distance regular distance runner distance running distance scale distance scale of the universe distance teaching distance training distance transforms distance traveled by light in a vacuum distance travelled by light distance university distance values distance vector distance vector protocol distance vector protocols distance vector routing protocols distance walker distance-based fares distance-based road exit numbers distance-hereditary graph distance-hereditary graphs distance-regular graph distance-regular graphs distance-transitive graph distance-transitive graphs distance-vector routing protocol distance-vector routing protocols distances in mileage distancing language distant ancestors distant cancer distant early warning system distant island possessions distant opposition distant parallelism distant planet distant signal distant signals distant starlight problem distarch phosphate distaste of government regulation distearyl thiodipropionate distempered over distended jugular veins distigmine bromide distillation column distillation columns distillation of crude oil distillation of sea-water distillation of spirits distilled alcohol distilled alcoholic beverages distilled beverage distilled beverages distilled liquor distilled liquors distilled oil distilled spirit distilled spirits distilled vinegar distilled water distilled white vinegar distillers dried grains distillers grains distilling alcohol distilling ship distincive accent distinct bioregions distinct culture distinct dialect distinct element method distinct from canon distinct geographical areas distinct language distinct languages distinct minority among faculty distinct region distinct roots distinct society distinct sociological theories on the history of science distinct street distinct subgroup distinct version of cabaret distinction between "wh" and "w" distinction between church and state distinction between divine essence and divine operations distinction between force due to gravity and mass distinction between horse and hoarse distinction between mass and weight distinction between matters of fact and value judgements distinction between restrictive and non-restrictive clauses distinction between sacred and profane distinction between the vowels distinction between weight and mass distinction cloth distinction courses distinction of protection and security distinction without a difference distinctions between nuns and religious sisters distinctive call distinctive characteristics distinctive clothing distinctive dialect distinctive encoding distinctive facies distinctive feature distinctive features distinctive flesh consistency distinctive hairstyles distinctive ice cream distinctive insignia distinctive points distinctive poster of himself distinctive racing jersey distinctive ringing distinctive unit insignia distinctive writing style distinguish between combatants and civilians distinguish nose from knows distinguish wait from weight distinguished basepoint distinguished family distinguished from distinguished from serial verbs distinguished name distinguished on plumage distinguished professor distinguished service medal distinguished triangle distinguished university teaching award distinguished visitor distinguished visitors distinguishes singular nouns from plural nouns distinguishing attack distinguishing badges distinguishing blue from green distinguishing characteristics distinguishing guises distinguishing marks distorted disco distorted fuzz distorted guitar distorted guitars distorted the texts distorted thinking distorting mirror distortion boxes distortion circle distortion devices distortion effect distortion maps distortion measurement distortion pedal distortion pedals distortion power factor distortion-limited operation distract the audience distraction displays distraction manoeuvre distraction osteogenesis distress beacon distress call distress calls distress flare distress goods distress radiobeacon distress radiobeacons distress sale distress signal distress signaling distress signaling equipment distress signals distress warrants distressed damsels distressed debt distressed economies distressed relationships distressed securities distressed shopping mall distressing intestinal reaction distribute profits distribute the lands distributed agent programming distributed algorithm distributed algorithms distributed amplifier distributed amplifiers distributed and decentralized distributed application distributed applications distributed artificial intelligence distributed attacks distributed authoring distributed beamforming distributed cognition distributed component distributed computation distributed computer distributed computer network distributed computer system distributed computing distributed computing systems distributed concurrency control distributed consensus distributed control distributed control system distributed control systems distributed cost distributed data bases distributed data store distributed database distributed database management system distributed database system distributed databases distributed denial of service distributed denial of service attack distributed denial of service attacks distributed denial-of-service distributed denial-of-service attack distributed denial-of-service attacks distributed development distributed direct current distributed electricity generation distributed energy distributed energy generation distributed energy resource distributed feed back laser diode distributed feedback distributed feedback laser distributed feedback lasers distributed file sharing distributed file store distributed file system distributed file systems distributed filesystems distributed generation distributed grain at reduced rates distributed hash table distributed hash tables distributed income distributed information distributed intelligence distributed knowledge distributed labor distributed lags distributed learning distributed libraries distributed lock manager distributed lock manager distributed log-normally distributed lookup distributed matrix distributed memory distributed memory system distributed minimum spanning tree distributed morphology distributed national institutes distributed network distributed networked file system distributed networking distributed networks distributed object distributed object systems distributed objects distributed operating system distributed operating systems distributed operations distributed oscillator distributed parameter systems distributed platforms distributed power distributed problem solving distributed processing distributed processing environment distributed programming distributed programs distributed project distributed publish-subscribe communication distributed ray tracing distributed rendering distributed representation theory distributed representations distributed republics distributed revision control distributed revision control systems distributed robotic systems distributed search distributed search engine distributed shared memory distributed sloppy hash table distributed software distributed solutions distributed switching distributed system distributed systems distributed teams distributed theatrically distributed transaction distributed transaction processing distributed transactions distributed transmission distributed uniformly distributed version control systems distributed-denial-of-service attack distributed-queue dual-bus distributes over distributing books distributing computing distributing harmful material to minors distributing keys distributing labels distribution amplifier distribution amplifiers distribution and frequency distribution atlases distribution board distribution boards distribution business models distribution center distribution centers distribution centre distribution centres distribution chain distribution channel distribution channels distribution coefficient distribution companies distribution company distribution deal distribution density distribution divisions distribution ensemble distribution ensembles distribution facilities distribution frame distribution frames distribution function distribution functions distribution grid distribution grids distribution in specie distribution law distribution law of molecular velocities distribution management system distribution network distribution network operators distribution of distribution of big estates to peasants distribution of charges distribution of continents distribution of electricity distribution of goods distribution of income distribution of legislative powers distribution of letters distribution of natural gas distribution of nerve cells in distribution of prices distribution of prime numbers distribution of property distribution of quadratic residues distribution of seats distribution of speeds distribution of terms distribution of the cubewanos distribution of the population distribution of the samples distribution of wealth distribution of weight distribution points distribution practices distribution range distribution rights distribution sort distribution spaces distribution standard distribution strategy distribution switchboards distribution theory distribution uniformity distribution yield distribution z distributional complexity distributional derivative distributional derivatives distributionally even scale distributions of wealth distributive case distributive category distributive effects distributive efficiency distributive join-congruence distributive justice distributive lattice distributive lattices distributive law distributive law between monads distributive laws distributive property distributive semilattice distributive system distributive tax order theory distributivity in order theory distributivity laws distributor cap distributor road district 10 district 22 district 23 district 5 district 9 district 93 district abolished district administrator district and session courts district and sessional courts district assemblymen district assessments district attorney district attorney's district attorneys district attorneys bar district authority district banks district board district boards district boundaries district by the same name district championships district city district collector district collectors district college district commissioner district committee district committees district community councils district competition district cooling district council district council areas district councillor district councils district court district court case district court judge district court judges district court's district courts district courts of appeal district cricket district elections district electoral area district electoral division district football associations district general district general hospital district general hospitals district harbor tug district health board district health boards district heating district heating utilities district high schools district hospital district hospitals district judge district judge magistrates courts district judges district libraries district listing district municipalities district municipality district municiplalities district name changed district nurse district nurses district nursing district of district of burghs district of burghs constituency district of the same name district office district officer district offices district or borough district overprints district plan district police station district presidency district president district presidents district public office district public offices district rangers district regeneration district seat district steam district superintendent district superintendents district system district town district tug district visitors district with the same name district-based organizations districts and regions districts of burghs districts of the city districts were redrawn distrontium monoxide disturb the peace disturbance regimes disturbance term disturbed areas disturbed sites disturbing political events disturbing the disturbing the peace distuwbing the peace distyryl ketone disulfate ion disulfide bond disulfide bonds disulfide bridge disulfide bridges disulfide center disulfide exchange disulfide isomerase disulfide linkage disulfide reshuffling disulfide-bonded form disulfoton sulfone disulfur decafluoride disulfur dibromide disulfur dichloride disulfur diiodide disulfur dinitride disulfur monoxide disulfur tetrafluoride disulfuric acid disulphide bond disulphide bonded disulphide bonding disulphide bonds disused airfield disused railway line disused railway station disused railway viaduct or written with two characters disyllabic surnames or written with two characters surnames disyllabic or written with two characters surnames dit d'amour dit da jow ditch digger ditch in water ditch lights ditch trilogy ditches and earth ditechnetium decacarbonyl ditellurium decafluoride diterbium dioxide diterbium monoxide ditercalinium chloride diterpenoid biosynthesis dithallium difluoride dithallium oxide dithallium sulfate dither fish dithering algorithms dithiazanine iodide dithiocarbamate fungicides dithiodiglycolic acid dihydrazide dithiodiglycolicdihydroxamic acid dithmarscher mehlbeutel dithyrambic poetry ditin dioxide ditin diselenide ditin disulfide ditin tetrachloride ditin tetrafluoride ditiocarb sodium dititanium tetraoxide dititanium trioxide ditransitive verb ditransitive verbs ditrigonal dodecadodecahedron ditto machine ditto mark ditto marks ditto sheet ditto suit ditty bag ditungsten hexaoxide ditungsten tetraacetate ditunsgten hexachloride ditzy blonde ditzy wanna-be valley girl diundecyl sulfide diuretic medications diurnal animal diurnal animals diurnal birds of prey