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ecological successional ecological successions ecological sustainability ecological system ecological systems ecological tax reform ecological theory ecological tourism ecological trap ecological trap theory ecological traps ecological validity ecological values ecological viability ecological well-being ecological wisdom ecological yield ecological zones ecologically diverse ecologically engineered ecologically friendly ecologically naive ecologically naïve ecologically sensitive ecologically sustainable ecologically sustainable development ecologically sustained tourism ecologically valid ecologically-conscious villages ecologically-sustainable development ecology and evolutionary biology ecology block ecology centre ecology history ecology in which the group is situated ecology movement ecology movements ecology of culture econometric analysis econometric and statistical econometric modeling econometric models econometric software econometrics software economic "base" economic abundance economic activism economic activities economic activity economic actor economic advisor economic affairs economic agent economic agents economic aid economic analyses economic analysis economic analysis of law economic and financial crisis economic and industrial development economic and monetary union economic and monetary unions economic and political policy economic and social classes economic and social revolution economic and trade development economic anthropology economic assets economic austerity economic backwardness economic barons economic base economic base analysis economic behavior economic benefit theory economic benefits economic blockade economic boom economic boon economic botanist economic botany economic boycott economic bubble economic bubbles economic buildings economic calculation economic calculation debate economic calculation problem economic calendar economic capital economic censorship economic center economic choice economic class economic classes economic coercion economic cohesion economic collapse economic collapses economic colonialism economic compensation economic competition economic concerns economic condition economic conditions economic conservative economic construction economic consultant economic contraction economic contradictions economic control economic conversion economic cost economic costs economic crime economic crimes economic crises economic crisis economic crisis in the region economic crisis of the 30s economic crops economic cycle economic cycles economic damages economic data economic decentralization policy economic decline economic democracy economic dependence on developed nations economic dependency economic depression economic depressions economic deprivation economic determinism economic development economic development agencies economic development agency economic development corporation economic development groups economic development organizations economic development program economic development schemes economic development zone economic difficulties economic difficulty and austerity economic disaster economic disparity economic dispatch economic distortions economic distress economic distribution economic district economic districts economic diversification economic downturn economic downturns economic duress economic dynamics economic efficiency economic egalitarianism economic embargo economic energetics economic enterprise economic entity economic entomologist economic entomology economic entry economic environment economic equality economic equilibrium economic evolvement economic exclusion zone economic expansion economic expansions economic exploitation economic externalities economic field economic fluctuations economic forces economic forecasting economic forecasts economic free zone economic freedom economic freedoms economic frictions economic gain economic gains economic gap economic geographer economic geographers economic geography economic geologist economic geology economic globalization economic good economic growth economic growth rate economic guilds economic hardship economic historian economic historians economic history economic hit man economic hit men economic ideology economic imbalance economic immigrants economic immigration economic impact economic imperialism economic importance economic incentives economic income economic independence economic indicator economic indicator of the same name economic indicators economic indices economic inefficiency economic inequalities economic inequality economic injustice and free trade policies economic integration economic interdependence economic interest economic interests economic intervention economic intervention by government economic interventionism economic issues economic joint venture economic justice economic law economic liberal economic liberal doctrines economic liberalisation economic liberalism economic liberalization economic liberals economic libertarianism economic liberty economic life economic life cycle economic loss economic lot size economic malaise economic man economic maps economic markets economic materialism economic materialists economic matters economic mechanism economic methodology economic migrant economic migrants economic migration economic migrations economic militarism economic minerals economic minister economic ministries economic miracle economic mobility economic model economic modeling economic modelling economic models economic modernization economic nationalism economic nationalist economic nationalists economic neo-liberalism economic network economic neutrality economic numbers economic opportunities economic opportunity economic oppression economic or social economic order interval economic organization economic output economic overhead economic overheating economic paradigm economic patriotism economic patriotism and "national champion" policies economic pattern economic performance economic perspective economic phenomena economic philosophy economic plan economic planner economic planning economic planning system economic policies economic policies supported by fascists economic policy economic position of young people economic power economic powers economic press economic principle economic principles economic problem economic problems economic production quantity economic productivity economic profit economic profitability economic profits economic program economic programme economic progress economic prosperity economic protectionism economic psychology economic rationalism economic rationalist economic rationality economic reasoning economic reasons economic recession economic recessions economic recovery economic reform economic reform and opening-up economic reform program economic reforms economic refugees economic region economic regions economic regulation economic regulator economic regulators economic relations economic rent economic rents economic reparations economic reports economic repression economic research economic resources economic results economic revenue economic revival economic revolution economic rights economic role of biodiversity economic sabotage economic sanction economic sanctions economic scarcity economic school economic schools of thought economic science economic sciences economic secession economic sector economic sectors economic security economic self-sufficiency economic shock economic shock therapy economic significance economic simulation economic simulation game economic simulation games economic simulations economic simulator economic simulators economic situation economic slowdown economic slowdowns economic slump economic slumps economic sociologist economic sociology economic sovereignty economic specialization economic spectrum economic sphere economic stability economic stabilization economic stagnation economic statistics economic status economic strategy economic stratum economic structure economic structures economic struggle economic study economic subjectivism economic success economic supports economic suppression economic surplus economic survey economic sustainability economic system economic systems economic systems engineering economic theories economic theorist economic theory economic theory of growth economic theory of imputation economic thought economic tie economic ties economic tort economic torts economic transition economic treaty economic trees economic trends economic trinity economic troubles economic uncertainty economic union economic unions economic value economic value added economic vegetarianism economic vulnerability economic war economic warfare economic wealth economic welfare economic well-being of a nation economic zone economic zones economic zones and macrozones economical botany economical disparity economical dispatch economical equality economical geography economical hub economical politics economical sense economical simulation economical solution economical with the truth economically active economically conservative economically developed economically disadvantaged economically efficient economically free economically inefficient economically irrational economically liberal economically patriotic economically productive economically rational economically rational man economically responsible economically stratified economically underprivileged economically viable economics and business economics and ethics economics education economics experiments economics of abundance economics of agriculture economics of biodiversity economics of carnivory economics of crime economics of education economics of energy resources economics of fascism economics of global warming economics of information goods economics of information technology economics of location economics of optimal growth economics of security economics of tax evasion economics of the second-best economics of transition economics of transportation economics theories economies in transition economies of agglomeration economies of scale economies of scale, economies of scope economies-of-scale and logistics economy and real estate economy brand economy car economy cars economy class economy class syndrome economy grows economy interaction economy measure economy of abundance economy of motion economy of scale economy of scope economy of storage economy of the city economy of the new state economy of the state economy picking economy rate economy rates economy run economy system ecoregion conservation status ecoregional democracy ecosensitive region ecosystem approach ecosystem approaches ecosystem depletion ecosystem diversity ecosystem ecologist ecosystem ecology ecosystem engineer ecosystem engineers ecosystem function ecosystem goods ecosystem health ecosystem laws ecosystem model ecosystem models ecosystem principles ecosystem processes ecosystem restoration ecosystem services ecosystem valuation ecosystem-based management ecosystems and societies ecothiopate iodide ecotopian fiction ecotopian literature ecotypic variation ecstasy tablet ecstatic dance ecstatic piety ecstatic speaking ecstatic states ecstatic trance ecstatic trances ecstatic vision ectenic force ectocarpus siliculosus ectodermal cloaca ectomesenchyme tissue ectomorphed works ectomycorrhizal fungi ectopia lentis ectopia testis ectopic pregnancy tubal pregnancy ectopic tubal pregnancy ectopic activity ectopic beat ectopic foci ectopic focus ectopic integration ectopic pacemakers ectopic pregnancies ectopic pregnancy ectopic recombination ectopic thyroid tissue ectopic ureter ectopic urethra ectopically expressed ectoplasmic mist ectoplasmic spirit ectorhinal area 36 ectosplenial area 26 ectotympanic bone ectotympanic tube ectrodactyly-ectodermal dysplasia-cleft syndrome ectromelia virus ecumenical affairs ecumenical church ecumenical cooperation ecumenical council ecumenical councils ecumenical creeds ecumenical dialogue ecumenical movement ecumenical movements ecumenical partners ecumenical patriarch ecumenical patriarchs ecumenical philosophy ecumenical progress towards reconciliation ecumenical relations ecumenical theology ecumenical union eczema vaccinatum eczematous skin diseases biblical reference text editor edakke pradiskeshanam edam cheese eddaic poems eddic lay eddic poem eddic poems eddy covariance eddy current eddy current brake eddy currents eddy diffusivity eddy motion eddy viscosity eddy-current testing edel music edema factor toxin eden ahbez eden project edentulous alveolar ridge edentulous spaces edestin protein edetic acid edgar scicluna edge arrangement edge arrangements edge banding edge case edge cases edge chasing edge choosability edge chromatic number edge cities edge city edge code edge colored edge coloring edge connectivity edge connector edge connectors edge contractions edge cover edge covering edge covering number edge crossing edge data integration edge decomposition edge detection edge detector edge detectors edge device edge devices edge dislocation edge dislocations edge effect edge effects edge features edge figure edge figures edge filter edge finder edge habitats edge joining edge lights edge modeling edge network edge numbers edge of a wedge edge of chaos edge of space edge of the world edge orientation histograms edge path group edge play edge protector edge pulls edge rail edge railed edge rails edge recombination operator edge router edge sensitive edge states edge transitive edge triggered edge trimmers edge-independent paths edge-matching puzzle edge-notched card edge-notched cards edge-of-the-wedge theorem edge-path group edge-to-edge tiling edge-transitive graph edge-transitive graphs edge-weighted graph edged weapon edged weapons edgeworth box edgier side of country music edible and useful plants edible crab edible crabs edible dormice edible dormouse edible dormouses edible fig edible flowers edible frog edible garden edible grains edible gum edible ink edible landscape edible leaves edible marine fish and shellfish edible mushrooms edible naiad edible oil edible oil processing edible oils edible oyster edible pig's blood edible plant edible plants of the region edible protein per unit area of land edible root edible roots edible salt edible salts edible schoolyard edible seeds edible silver leaf edible species edible spider edible tuber edible tubers edible underwear edible vaccines edible wax edible wild plants edict of expulsion edict of toleration edicts of expulsion edictum perpetuum edifice complex edit collisions edit distance edit here edit keys edit maps edit master edit mode edit operation edit out edit script edit suites edit the levels edit wars edit-compile-run cycle edit-run cycles edited digitally edited movies edited or "softened" edited or added in certain elements edited version editing a film editing a television editing and mixing environment editing error editing films editing mark-up editing room floor editing skill editing tools editing videos editio princeps editio typica edition of his letters edition of the contest edition philology editiones principes editor emeritus editor in chief editor librarian editor of the beast editor war editor wars editor-in chief editorial advisory board editorial board editorial boards editorial cartoon editorial cartooning editorial cartoonist editorial cartoonists editorial cartoons editorial column editorial decision editorial design editorial director editorial independence editorial line editorial modeling editorial office editorial page editorial pages editorial policy editorial staff editorial standards editorial style editorial support editorial writers editorial writing editorially independent editors of later antiquity edo period edonkey plus edrophonium chloride educate her at home educate the working class educate the world educated at home educated classes educated government officials educated guess educated himself educated scholars educatinal research education 'extended' education act education agencies education and employment education and entertainment education and library board education and public outreach group education and science education and skills education and training education and training systems education bureau education consultancy education doctorate degree education economics education events education for girls education for leisure education for students with special needs education for women education foundation education in law education in religion education informatics education institution education institutions education is education loans education majors education of children education of girls education of girls and women education of ladies of rank education of mathematics education of music education of women education of women and children education of women and girls education of young girls education of young ladies education of young women education outreach education philanthropist education philosophers education policy education portal education program education reform education reform policy education reformers education reformist education reforms education science education secretary education sector education society education standards education studies education support staff education system education technology education texts education theory education tuition education voucher education vouchers education within the city educational acceleration educational access educational accreditation educational activities educational activity educational administration educational alternative educational alternatives educational and informational educational and informational children's programming educational and informational programming educational and informative educational and occupational lines educational and technological reforms educational animation educational assessment educational assistance educational attainment educational attainments educational background educational broadcasts educational capital educational characteristics educational charities educational computer game educational consultant educational consultants educational counselling educational cruise ship educational degree educational degrees educational democracy educational displays educational district and environment educational entertainment educational essentialism educational evaluation educational evaluations educational extension educational facilities educational film educational films educational game educational games educational haves and have nots educational institutes educational institution educational institutions educational law educational leadership educational materials educational matters educational methods educational music educational opportunities educational organisations educational organization educational outreach educational package educational perennialism educational philosopher educational philosophies educational philosophy educational policy educational politics educational process educational program educational program for gifted students educational programmes educational programming educational programming language educational programs educational progressivism educational progressivists educational providers educational psychologist educational psychologists educational psychology educational records educational reform educational reformer educational reformers educational reforms educational requirements educational research educational researcher educational resource educational resources educational rights educational services educational settings educational short films educational sociology educational software educational software designer educational standards educational station educational streaming educational system educational systems educational technologies educational technologist educational technology educational television educational television channel educational television station educational testing educational testing and assessment educational theorist educational theorists educational theory educational therapy educational tool educational tourism educational toy educational toys educational use educational video game educational vouchers educational writer educational-access channel educational-access television educative resources eductor-jet pumps edulan i edulan ii edutainment series of the same name edutainment software edwards syndrome eel cod eel goby eel grass eel grass beds eel ladder eel ladders eel life history eel reproduction eel tailed catfish eel-tailed catfish eels and elvers eeltail catfish eenie meenie records eephus pitch eerie architecture eerik inpuj sound effecitve radiated power effect a change effect compartment effect modifier effect named after him effect now bearing his name effect of air rushing past effect of clouds effect of global warming effect of sun angle on climate effect of taxes on market prices and efficiency effect on climate effect on prices effect pedal effect pedals effect processor effect processors effect size effect sizes effect system effect systems effective accessibility effective action effective actions effective address effective alternatives effective and transitive group action effective annual interest rate effective annual rate effective antenna gain contour effective anti-aliasing filter effective aperture effective area effective boresight area effective calculability effective calculation effective cost per mil effective cost per mille effective cross-sections effective cycling effective date effective demand effective descriptive set theory effective divisors effective domain effective dose effective elasticity coefficient effective electric conductance effective electric resistance effective evolutionary time effective exhaust velocity effective field theories effective field theory effective fitness effective founder population effective gravitational potential effective half-life effective height effective interaction effective interactions effective interest rate effective interest rates effective isotropically radiated power effective join effective length effective level effective listening effective magnetic conductance effective magnetic resistance effective management effective marginal tax rate effective mass effective masses effective medium effective method effective monopole radiated power effective nationality effective neutron multiplication factor effective nuclear charge effective numberings effective occupation effective pixels effective population size effective population sizes effective potential effective power effective procedure effective procedures effective propaganda effective radiated power effective radiated power effective radiation dose effective radius effective range on a human torso effective rangefinder base effective rate effective rate of protection effective renal plasma flow effective resistance effective result effective results in number theory effective safety training effective stress effective surface temperature effective surface temperatures effective tax rate effective tax system effective temperature effective temperatures effective theory effective topos effective transmission rate effective userid effective value effective viscosity effective voids effectively be inevitable effectively calculable effectively compulsory subjects effectively computable effectively computed effectively legal effectively outlawed effectively separable effectively surrendered effectiveness measures effector cell effector cells effector domain effector proteins effects and controversy effects animation effects animator effects box effects can be negated effects co-ordinator effects cymbal effects cymbals effects director effects discussed above effects loop effects of aging effects of alcohol on humans effects of alcohol on the body effects of alcohol on the body by dose effects of altitude effects of atmospherics effects of exploding mines effects of global warming effects of introducing technologies effects of low gravity on human health effects of marriage effects of opium effects of the automobile on societies effects of wind effects on the body effects pedal effects pedaling effects pedals effects processor effects processors effects unit effects units effectual calling effeminate men efference copy efferent arteriole efferent arterioles efferent duct efferent ducts efferent ductules efferent fibers efferent fibers of efferent limb efferent lymphatic vessel efferent lymphatic vessels efferent nerve efferent nerve fiber efferent nerves efferent neuron efferent neurons efferent synaptic connections efferent system effervescent granules effervescent water efficacious grace efficacy of good works in attaining salvation efficacy of prayer efficiencies of scale efficiency curve efficiency movement efficiency of 18% efficiency of plaquing efficiency ranging from 20-40% efficiency standards efficiency wage hypothesis efficiency wages efficient algorithms efficient bargaining efficient breach efficient bullet shape efficient capital markets efficient causal actions efficient causation efficient cause efficient causes efficient coding efficient consumer response efficient energy efficient energy use efficient frontier efficient fuel use efficient market efficient market hypothesis efficient market theory efficient markets efficient markets hypothesis efficient markets theory efficient memory management efficient nature of the market. efficient procedure efficient use efficient use of energy efficient utilization of resources efficient vehicles efficient-market hypothesis efficient-markets theory effigia okeeffeae effigial monument effigial monuments effigy mound effigy mounds effigy pipes effluent gases effluent guidelines efflux carriers efflux pump efflux pump inhibitor efflux pumps efflux time efflux transporters effort distance effort force effort to expel effort values efforts at drug prohibition efforts at integrating women efforts at reformation efforts to defend the town efforts to introduce teaching creationism in public schools efforts to remove efforts to resolve differences efforts to sabotage efforts were made to disrupt it effusion of ear effusive eruption effusive eruptions effusive volcanism eflornithine hydrochloride egalitarian communities egalitarian community egalitarian ethic egalitarian family egalitarian homosexuality egalitarian society egf-like module containing, mucin-like, hormone receptor-like 1 egf-like module containing, mucin-like, hormone receptor-like 2 egf-like module containing, mucin-like, hormone receptor-like 3 egg albumen egg albumin egg and cup egg and dart egg and spoon competition egg and spoon race egg bank egg banks egg barley egg beater egg binding egg bound egg bread egg candler egg cartons egg case egg cases egg cell egg cells egg chairs egg chamber egg chambers egg collecting egg collectors egg container egg cream egg creams egg cup egg custard egg custard tart egg cutlets egg development egg donation egg donor egg donoror egg donors egg drop experiment egg drop soup egg feeder egg foam egg follicles egg foo young egg foo yung egg group egg hatch assay egg hunt egg in the basket egg loop egg nog egg nogs egg noodle egg noodles egg painting egg plant egg plants egg powder egg production egg retrieval egg roll egg rolling egg rolls egg sac egg sacs egg salad egg sandwich egg scatterers egg shaker egg shakers egg shape egg shaped egg shaped womb egg shell egg shells egg slicer egg slicers egg tapping egg tart egg tarts egg tempera egg timer egg timers egg tooth egg torta egg toss egg white egg whites egg yolk egg yolks egg-and-dart molding egg-carrying buntingi egg-custard tarts egg-drop soup egg-larval parasitoids egg-shell skull egg-throwing attack eggplant salad aubergine salad eggplant aubergine salad eggplant dishes eggplant or aubergine salad eggplant salad eggs benedict eggs per gram eggshell blue eggshell finish eggshell skull eggshell skull rule eggy bread eggy in a basket ego and the superego ego and vanity ego changes ego death