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highway contractors highway crossings at grades highway department highway departments highway districts highway engineering highway exit highway exits highway for wolves highway hypnosis highway interchange highway interchanges highway link highway maintainence highway median highway mirage highway number highway number 69 highway patrol highway patrolman highway patrolmen highway patrols highway police highway post offices highway realignment highway robberies highway robbers highway robbery highway safety highway shield highway signs highway strips highway surface highway surveyor highway system highway tolls highway tourism highway trailers highway transportation highway trucks highway trust fund highway warning sign highways 20 highways 35 highways 40 highways 65 highways 89 highways in western city highways with full control of access and no cross traffic highwire walker hiirii khaniing hijacked a plane hijacked airplanes crashed hijacked planes hijacked the airplane hijacker was killed and passengers freed hijacking a small airplane hijacking of the plane hijacking preexisting structures for hikae yagura hike and bike trail hike in the nude hike-and-bike trail hiker-biker trail hikikomori syndrome hiking boot hiking boots hiking food hiking kilt hiking paths hiking poles hiking straps hiking trail hiking trails hikyō stations hilar lymph nodes hilar lymphadenopathy hilar vessels hill areas hill climb hill climbing hill climbs hill country hill descent control hill dwarf hill farming hill farms hill figure hill figures hill forests hill fort hill forts hill giant hill giants hill lists hill maynah hill myna hill padi hill partridge hill partridges hill potential hill prairie hill range hill resort hill ridge hill runner hill running hill state hill station hill stations hill town hill towns hill tribe hill tribes hill tribespeople hill walkers hill walking hill-climbing algorithm hill-climbing algorithms hill-climbing optimization hill-descent control hillbilly armor hillbilly bebop hillbilly boogie hillbilly final hillbilly music hills face hills hoist hillstream loach hillstream loaches hilltop enclosure hilly classics hilly pass hillybilly music hilum of hilum of kidney hilum of lung him and his brothers himalayan balsam himalayan black bear himalayan flying squirrels himalayan mountain hime cut hime kaidō himene tarava himene tārava himmat shah himno nacional hinah exhibitions hind deer hind leg hind tibia hind wing hind wings hindavi swaraj hindering prosecution hindi language hindrances and obscurations hindsight bias hindu temples hindustani music hinge joint hinge joints hinge line hinge pin hinge point hinge segment hinge teeth hinged crestgate hinoki cypress hintha bird hinting algorithms hinting instructions hip adductors hip and buttock padding hip and shoulder hip attack hip bone hip bones hip boot hip boots hip cat hip check hip checking hip dysphasia hip dysplasia hip flask hip flexor hip flexors hip hop hip hop activism hip hop activists hip hop and rap hip hop and religion hip hop artist hip hop artists hip hop beef hip hop collective hip hop community hip hop cultural movement hip hop culture hip hop cultures hip hop dance hip hop dancers hip hop dances hip hop dancing hip hop duo hip hop fashion hip hop films hip hop group hip hop history hip hop is dead hip hop montage hip hop montages hip hop movement hip hop music hip hop musical hip hop musician hip hop musicians hip hop new style hip hop producer hip hop producers hip hop production hip hop record producer hip hop rivalries hip hop rivalry hip hop scene hip hop slang hip hop soul hip hop styles hip hop subculture hip hop theatre hip hop's golden age hip hop-styled hip hopbut hip hopentertainers hip hoppers hip hoppish hip house hip joint hip joints hip life hip movement hip muscles hip pain hip pop hip replacement hip replacement for animals hip replacement surgery hip replacements hip resurfacing hip roof hip roofs hip scoring hip socket hip throw hip toss hip tossed hip tossing hip vertebrae hip-hop and rap producer hip-hop artists hip-hop beats hip-hop culture hip-hop cultures hip-hop dance hip-hop dancers hip-hop emcee hip-hop generation hip-hop history hip-hop mixer hip-hop music hip-hop music producer hip-hop musical hip-hop musician hip-hop orientated hip-hop producer hip-hop producers hip-hop scene hip-hop single hip-hop slang hip-hop soul hip-hop style clothing hip-hop supergroup hip-hop teacher hip-joint replacement hip-replacement surgery hip-to-waist ratio hiphop culture hipped roof hipped roofs hippie culture hippie generation hippie lifestyle hippie movement hippie trail hippo water roller hippocampal comissure hippocampal commissure hippocampal fissure hippocampal formation hippocampal gyrus hippocampal prosthesis hippocampal pyramidal cell hippocampal region hippocampal subfields hippocampal sulcus hippocampus proper hippocratic oath hippurate hydrolase hippuric acid hippuric acid ditms hippy subculture hippy trail hipster doofus hipster trousers hiragana cities hiragana city hire car hire cars hire cars. hire purchase hire purchases hired assassin hired assassins hired gun hired guns hired killer hired security hired spies to infiltrate the union hiring hall hiring halls hiring manager hiring policies hiring practices hirola antelopes hirsuties papillaris genitalis hirsuties papillaris penis hirsuties papillaris vulvae hirudo medicinalis hirundine species his 'wall.' possibly psychosomatic his recurring illness possibly psychosomatic recurring illness his possibly psychosomatic recurring illness his 12 children his 27th birthday his 53rd birthday his 59th birthday his 65th birthday his 83rd birthday his 9th opera his abbey his accomplice his account of the faith his adaptation his address his administration his adoptive mother's his adventures his adventuring team his ahnentafel his ambitious brother his angels his annual telethon his anointed his appointment his ark his armies could capture his arms his arrangement his arrest his article his assassination his assistant his associates his attack on the fort his attempt to resolve the agrarian crisis his attempted assassination his attempts his attorney his aunt his aunt and uncle his autobiography his autobiography in four volumes his background and ancestry his backing group his baldacchino his band his baptism his bass fishing video game his bath complex, his best-selling soundtrack his bid for reelection his biography his birth his birthday his blessing his blood his body his body stretches his book his books his boss his boy band his brother his brother returned his brother's his brothers his bunker his burying place his cabinet his campaign his campaign for president his candidacy his car his castle his cathedral his character his charities his chat show his chest his childless uncle his children his children poisoned his children, wife, sheep, and other livestock, are stoned to death his chronicles his church reform his codename his coffee table book his colleagues his collection his comic book his comic cons his commission his companion and pray behind him his companions his company his concession speech his confirmation his conflicts his conjecture his conquest his contemporaries his controversial show his corpse his corpse was subjected his counterpart his country his country's national team his coup his cousin his cover of the song his cover version his creator his crew his critique his cronies his crucifixion his crusade his crusade in the region his dad his dad's his dad's store his daughter his death his debut his debut album his decree his defense his demon lackey his denial of tenure his deputy his descendants his description of "speech" as "a constant stratagem to cover nakedness" his design studio his dialect his diaries his diary his dictionary his disciples his discography his dissertation his diving school his doctrine his documentary his dog his dog fighting scandal his domain his double date his drug addiction his duties have been transferred his dynasty his earldom his early compositions his economic measures his edition his education there his elder brother his elder daughter his elder sister his eldest son his election his elite guards his employer his encounter his entire cabinet his entry his epistles his eponymous surgery his equation his equations his era his essay his estate his estranged wife his ex-wife his exact position in the family his execution his exit from office his expedition his experiences his experiments his extensive expedition his family his family home his family's his family's deaths his family's palace his family's style his famous book his famous grandfather his famous history book his famous paradox his farm estate his fatal plane crash his father his father his father before him his father's his father's autobiography his father's company his father's health his father's homeland his father's jihad his father's philosophical doctrines his father's sister his father's title his favorite son his favourite band his favourite brand of cigarettes his field equations his film his films his final season his final serial his final word his first album his first attempt his first backing band his first child his first club his first coming his first day and during several other events his first government his first incarnation his first miracle his first novel his first official solo album his first revelation his first revelations his first screen appearance his first season his first two voyages his first wife his first world map his first year his followers his force his forces his former cathedral his former pagan beliefs his former sidekick his former studio his foster parents his foundation his fourth his fourth wife his frank treatment of sexuality his friend his friends his funeral his funeral oration his gallery his garden his generalization his generals his genitive his geometrization conjecture for 3-manifolds his government his grand-father his granddaughter his grandfather his grandfather's his grandfather's titles his grandson his great uncle his great-grandfather his guards his gubernatorial campaign his hairstyle his half-brother his head coach his head was knocked off his head was so loaded his headquarters his heat his henchmen his highly publicised death his hip hop duo with a minor character his hip hop duo with a minor character also on the show Jazz also on the show his hip hop duo with a minor character Jazz also on the show his historic journey his historical wife his hit song of the same name his home his home city team his home country his home town his home world his home-county club his hometown his hometown's most famous club his honour his house his hymn his ideas on a universal religion his identity his immediate circle his important victory his inauguration his incidental music his incompleteness theorem his infrageneric arrangement his interpretation his interpretation of quantum mechanics his involvement in an illegal dog fighting ring his involvement in the slaughter his island his journals his journey around the world his key his kingdom his kinsmen his knights his landmark residence his last pilgrimage his last stand his last testament his last will and testament his late father his late night show his late uncle his later works his law his law of black body radiation his law of linear elasticity his laws his leg his legal issues his legal status was at best uncertain his legendary namesake his legion his letter his letters his letters other head of states his lineal descendants his list of titles his lobbying group his lost master his mad father his mandate expired his manga his manga of the same name his mansion his map of the world his marital rights his marriages his master's voice his maternal grandfather his mausoleum his memoirs his memorial concerts his method of reproducing colours photographically his middle finger his military campaign his militias his minions his ministry his mistress his mom his monastery his monster's his most deadly enemies his mother his mother's his musical career his musical version his musicians his mysteries his name his namesake his namesake town his nation his nation's his nation's highest military honor his national revolutionary network his national talk show his national team his native country his native county his native state his native tongue his nephew his nephews his never-nude disability his new forum his new order his new solo album his next album his nickname his niece his novel of the same name his nunciature his old beliefs his old school his older brother his operations his or her rival his original solution his other psychological theories his other wives his overall strategy his own his own adaptations his own band his own book his own brother his own cabinet his own collection his own comics his own company his own complete setting his own daughter his own episode his own ethical creed his own father his own film his own gang his own great-grandfather his own home his own novel his own novel of the same name his own operation his own organization his own party his own party's nomination his own piano concertos his own printing house his own publishing company his own reflection his own school his own section his own series his own show his own solo projects his own son his own special his own teaching his own team his own times his own translation his own variation his own version his own views his own wife his page his palace his papal coat of arms his paradoxes his paralysis his paralytic illness his parents his parents are separating his parents' farm his parting letter to her his party his party's web site his passing his patients never thank him his people his performance his persecution his personal guarantee his personal standard his pet goat his philosophy his photograph his pies his pioneering cellular automata his plans his play of the same name his players his playoff debut his plays his policies and positions his pool his popular morning show his precious his predecessor his presidency his previous films his previous incarnation his previous result his principle his private army his private estate his private fund-raising organization his proclamation his production company his program his propagator approach to quantum electrodynamics his prophet his prostitute his province his push towards his quartet his queen his radio show his raid his raid on his ranch his re-election his reaction to the attacks his readeption his realm his rebel allies his recent drug possession arrest his record label his recovery his red "pet" his reindeer his relativistic electron quantum wave equation his religion his remake his report his reptile collection his residence his resolution his response his resurrection his return his revolt his riddle his right hand possesses his rights his rise to power his role his role in the dogfighting his rookie season his rookie year his royal great-uncle his rule his runes his running-mate his saint his school his science fiction franchise his seal his second album his second government his second inaugural address his second ministry his second season his second voyage his secretary his self-owned team his self-titled album his senior season his seven children his shield his ship his ships his shoulders his show his siblings his sieve algorithm his sister his sister's his sisters his solo album his solution his son his son of the same name his son's his song his sons his sophomore season his species his speeches his split with the company his staff his stage personas his staged mutiny his state his station his stichometry his story his struggles his students his stunt double his subjects his submarine his successor his successors his suicide his supporters his sword his syndicated radio show his system his teaching his teaching method his teachings his team his team's his team's qualifying group his teams his television alter-ego his temple within his term in office his terminally ill, cryogenically frozen wife his testament his theatre's ideals his theory his theory of celestial mechanics his third cabinet his third film his third final his third self-titled album his third wife his three girlfriends his three wives his timepiece his times his title his title defence his tomb his total simplicity his trademark his train was blown up his translation his trap his trial his trip his troops his twelfth album his twelve labors his uncle his up-arrow notation his uprising his utopian city his very first qualifying session his views on religion his villa his violin concerto his voyage his war his widow his wife his wife was his sister his wife's his wife's birthplace his will his woodcut his works his world famous image his world map his wounded arm his writings were subject to disagreement hisabetsu buraku hispanic literature hispanic urban hispanoamerican literature hispid hare hissing cockroach hissy fit histamine antagonist histamine antagonists histamine deficiency histamine dihydrochloride histamine receptor histamine receptors histamine-releasing factor histaminic receptors hister beetles histidine tag His tag histidine His tag histidine ammonia-lyase histidine ammonialyase histidine decarboxylase histidine kinase histidine kinases histidine metabolism histidine protein histidine residues histidine rich protein-2 histidine transaminase histidine tritbdms histidine-tRNA ligase histidinol dehydrogenase histidinol-phosphate transaminase histiocytic lymphoma histochemical staining histocompatibility molecule histocompatibility testing histogram density estimator histogram equalization histogram sort histoire des mentalités histologic examination histologic grade histologic sections histological analysis histological cross sections histological examination histological grade histological lesions histological observation histological section histological sections histological staining histological staining artifacts histology of histone 3 histone acetylases histone acetylation histone acetylation and deacetylation histone acetyltransferase histone acetyltransferases histone code histone deacetylase histone deacetylase 1 histone deacetylase inhibitors histone deacetylase-1 histone deacetylases histone deacytalization histone folds histone methylation histone methyltransferases histone modifications histone octamer histone-modifying enzymes histopathologic evaluation histopathological examination historal periods historial region historian and recorder historian of art historian of astronomy historian of biology historian of cartography historian of economic thought historian of ideas historian of law historian of literature historian of mathematics historian of medicine historian of military historian of music historian of philosophy historian of religion historian of religions historian of science historian of science and medicine historian of technology historians of mathematics historians of medicine historians of philosophy historians of science historiated initial historiated initials historiated intitials historic alchemist historic and heritage sites historic architecture historic aviation historic battle historic battlefield historic borders historic boulevard system historic boundaries historic bounds historic bridge historic building historic buildings historic castle historic centre historic character historic characters historic chase historic church historic city centre historic city walls historic cohort study historic comeback historic compromise historic context historic core historic cost historic counties historic county historic county border historic county borders historic county boundaries historic county boundary historic county of historic county's historic creeds historic desertification historic designed landscapes historic discipline historic district historic districts historic division rivals historic documents historic epic historic episcopate historic estancias historic events historic first historic first aerial crossing historic flood historic garden historic garden conservation historic gardens historic geography historic ground historic hills historic homes historic hotel historic house historic house museum historic house museums historic houses historic journey historic land bridge historic landmark historic landmarks historic landscape characterisation historic method historic monument historic monuments historic nationalities historic neighbourhood historic novel historic origin historic places historic plaque historic potholes historic present historic preservation historic preservationist historic preservationists historic province historic provinces historic quadrennial meetings historic racing historic railroad historic railway historic re-enactors historic recording session historic reenactment historic reenactments historic region historic return historic revisionism historic ruins historic seat historic site historic sites historic solar eclipse historic streetcars historic tamarind historic trails historic transport historic trip historic value historic vehicles historic villages historic volatilty historic voyage historic-geographic method historical linguists diachronic linguists historical diachronic linguists or diachronic historical linguistics or diachronic linguistics historical or diachronic linguistics historical account historical accuracy historical administrative level historical adventure historical album historical analysis historical and cultural perspectives on zoophilia historical and cultural regions historical and political discourse historical and religious figure of the same name historical anthropology historical approach historical approach to economics historical approaches historical archaeology historical areas historical argument historical art historical artist historical artwork historical astrology historical astronomical historical astronomy historical atlas historical atlases historical authenticity historical backgrounds historical basis historical biblical archaeological record historical biogeography historical books historical change historical character historical characters historical chronicles historical chronology historical city center historical clash historical climatology historical compromise historical condition historical consciousness historical context historical control subject historical cost historical counties historical county historical county lines historical crisis historical criticism historical cryptology historical cycles historical dance historical dances historical data historical definitions of race historical demography historical detective historical detective genre historical detective story historical detectives historical determinism historical dialectic historical discussion above historical disputes over land and water rights historical district historical districts historical divisions historical document historical documentary historical documentary film historical documents historical domain historical drama historical dramas historical eclectic and neo-classic historical ecology historical economist historical entitlement theory historical episcopate historical epoch historical event historical events historical evidence historical examples historical factors historical fantasy historical fault historical fencing historical fiction historical fiction genre historical fiction novel historical fictional historical fictions historical figure historical figures historical fires historical friendship historical geographer historical geography historical geology historical grammar historical grammatical method historical handwriting historical heritages historical high fantasy historical icon historical inaccuracies historical induction historical information historical inquiry historical institutionalism historical institutionalist historical instruments historical interest historical interpreters historical journals historical jurisprudence historical kana historical kana usage historical keyboards e.g., harpsichord historical landmark historical landmarks historical length historical linguist historical linguistic historical linguistics historical linguists historical locations historical manuals historical mapping historical marker historical markers historical mass unit historical materialism historical materialist historical method historical methodology historical methods historical migration historical migrations historical minority language historical model historical module historical monument historical monuments historical motorsport historical museum historical music performance historical music performance practice historical musicology historical mystery historical myths historical narrative historical nationality historical nautical novelist historical neighbourhood historical notes historical novel historical novel of the same name historical novelist historical novelists historical novelle historical novels historical overview of "world championships" historical painter historical painting historical paintings historical palatalization historical palatalizations historical pandemics of bubonic plague historical park historical particularism historical parties with elected representation historical pederastic couples historical performance historical performance practice historical performance practices historical period historical periods historical person of the same name historical perspective historical philologists historical phonologists historical pitch standards historical place historical play historical poetry historical political division historical possibility historical powers historical pragmatics historical precedent historical present historical preservation historical preservationist historical preservationists historical primary sources historical principles historical process historical progress historical province historical provinces historical racial category historical racing historical railway bridge historical rank historical ranking historical rankings historical re-creation historical re-enactment historical re-enactors