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historical reality historical reasons historical reconstruction historical reconstructions historical record historical record of religions historical recordings historical records historical recreation historical reenacting historical reenactment historical reenactments historical reenactors historical reference historical region historical regions historical research historical resistance historical revisionism historical revisionism historical revisionism for political purposes historical revisionist historical revisionists historical revival historical revivalism historical rival historical romance historical romances historical roots historical scheme historical scholarship historical school historical school of economics historical school of jurists historical school of political economy historical science historical sciences historical settings historical significance historical simulation historical simulation games historical site historical societies historical sociology historical source historical sources historical spelling historical station historical studies historical study historical styles historical subject historical swordsmanship historical syntax historical tale historical temperature record historical tensions historical texts historical themes historical theology historical theory of reference historical thinking historical tourism historical traditions historical treatments for polio historical trilogy historical usage historical vedic religion historical volatility historical wargaming historical western martial arts historical western usage historical whodunnit historical whodunnits historical writing historical writing from this period historical — novel historical-comparative linguistics historical-critical method historical-critical methods historical-critical research historical-fiction fantasy historical-geographical method historical-grammatical method historically accurate historically accurate performances historically black historically black college historically black college and universities historically black college and university historically black colleges historically black colleges and universities historically black colleges and universities historically black institution historically black institution historically black institutions historically black school historically black schools historically black universities historically black university historically black university historically complicated relationship historically determinate historically difficult relationships between the nations historically famous text-based computer game historically fictitious historically grown historically have been changed historically inaccurate historically informed historically informed performance historically informed performance practice historically informed performances historically inspired historically interpreted historically justifiable historically known as historically preserved historically reliable historically revised historically significant historically situated historically traditional district historically-informed performance historically-informed performance practice historically-informed performances historically-performed instrumentation historically-themed writings historicist styles historicist theories of rationality historicist view of prophecy historico-critical method historico-critical school histories from the classical period histories of moral philosophy histories of science histories recount historiographic metafiction historiographical conventions historiographical revolution historiography of science of s.f. history and historiography history and philosophy of science history article history book history buff history by country history by period history department history eraser button history from below history is a philosophical history journal history magazine history monoid history monoids history museum history of history of 53 equal temperament history of abortion history of abortion law history of aerial warfare history of agricultural science history of agriculture history of anarchism history of anatomy history of animation history of anti-Semitism history of antisemitism history of archaeology history of archery history of architecture history of art history of artificial intelligence history of arts history of astrology history of astronomical interferometry history of astronomy history of astrophysics history of aviation history of banking history of baseball history of bearings history of beer history of biology history of biotechnology history of birds history of board games history of books and printing history of bread history of breakaway groups history of calculus history of candle making history of cartography history of censorship history of chemistry history of chemotherapy history of chess history of chocolate history of cinema history of civilisation history of civilization history of coal mining history of college football history of colonialism history of commercial aviation history of communication history of communism history of computer and video games history of computer hardware history of computer science history of computers history of computing history of computing hardware history of consciousness history of construction history of contact history of copyright history of copyright law history of cosmology history of creationism history of cricket history of crime fiction history of cryptography history of culture history of democracy history of disputes between union miners and mine owners history of distance communication history of dog agility history of drum and bass history of early development history of earth science history of ecology history of economic thought history of economics history of education history of emerging infectious diseases history of entertainment history of erotic depictions history of ethics history of evolution history of evolutionary thought history of false claims history of feminism history of ferrous metallurgy history of film history of fire brigades history of flight history of football history of free trade history of garden design history of gardening history of gardens history of general relativity history of genetics history of genocide history of genomics history of geodesy history of geography history of geology history of globalization history of golf history of hard disk history of heat history of her country history of hip hop music history of historical scholarship history of hominoid taxonomy history of human sexuality history of human thought history of humanity history of hunting history of ice hockey history of ideas history of immunology history of in absentia health care history of information science history of international trade history of intersex surgery history of irrational numbers history of journalism history of landscape architecture history of language history of languages history of law history of legumes history of lensmaking history of liberalism history of life history of lighthouses history of linguistic thought history of linguistics history of literature history of litigation history of live action role-playing games history of logic history of long-distance commerce history of magic history of mainframe operating systems history of mankind history of manned flight history of marketing history of marketing campaigns history of materials science history of mathematics history of mathematics, science, and technology history of measurement history of medicine history of mentalities history of metaphysics history of mints history of mobile phones history of modern science history of molecular biology history of molecular evolution history of money history of music history of music education history of nationalist movement history of naval activities history of neuroimaging history of non-Euclidean geometry history of nuclear weapons history of numerical approximations of π history of optics history of organized labor history of painting history of paleontology history of perpetual motion machines history of persecution history of philosophy history of photography history of phycology history of physics history of piracy history of plant systematics history of podcasting history of poetry history of popular music history of pornography history of present illness history of present-day nations and states history of professional wrestling history of psychology history of public relations history of quantum mechanics history of quilting history of radar history of radio history of rail transport history of rail transport by country history of rapid transit history of real-socialism history of religion history of religions history of religious tolerance history of representations history of rhetoric history of rivalry history of role-playing games history of roleplaying games history of rugby league history of rugby union history of salt history of science history of science and religion history of science and technology history of science fiction history of science programs history of sciences history of seamanship history of sex history of sexuality history of silk history of skiing history of slavery history of socialism history of societal attitudes towards homosexuality history of sociological theory history of sociology history of spaceflight history of special relativity history of sport history of statistics history of subcultures in the 20th century history of submarines history of surfing history of tallest skyscrapers history of tattooing history of telecommunication history of telescopes history of television history of textiles history of that nation history of the history of the automobile history of the bicycle history of the blues history of the book history of the carillon history of the church history of the classical guitar history of the club history of the cosmos history of the country history of the dance history of the development of science history of the diocese history of the earth history of the electric vehicle history of the electronic computer history of the field history of the hippie movement history of the island history of the kilt history of the kings history of the league history of the metric system history of the molecule history of the personal computer history of the philosophy of history history of the police history of the separation axioms history of the solar system history of the sport history of the state history of the tank history of the telephone history of the theatrical production history of the town history of the universe history of the wolf history of the world history of theater history of theatre history of theology history of thermodynamics history of this country history of typography history of unmanned aerial vehicles history of video games history of videogames history of virtual learning environments history of war history of warfare history of water history of web syndication technology history of western civilization history of western music history of western philosophy history of whaling history of wine history of wood carving history of writing history of zoology, post-Darwin history of π history page history painter history painting history paintings history play history plays history revisionism history section history section of that article history subjects history subsection history text book history textbook controversy history to be written as a science history values history wars history will be changed permanently history with the latter team histroic boundaries hit & run hit '80s song hit 'em where they ain't hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in a season hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in a single season hit 45 batters hit 46 batters hit a cycle hit a natural cycle hit and miss hit and miss engines hit and run hit and run hit and run accident hit and run accidents hit and run attack hit and run car accident hit and run tactics hit at least 40 homers and steal at least 40 bases hit away hit back at his enemies hit batsman hit batsmen hit batters hit by a bomb hit by a car hit by a pitch hit by a pitcher hit by a tanker hit by a truck bomb hit by car hit by pitch hit by pitches hit by significant flooding hit by the pitch hit by vehicles while crossing roads hit detection hit dice hit die hit feature film of the same name hit for the cycle hit four batters hit four home runs hit from a bomb hit heard 'round the world" hit her hit in the face hit in the groin hit in the head hit in the head by a pitch hit list hit man hit me with a ruler hit men hit movie hit music hit of the same name hit on the hand hit on the wrist hit one batter hit one batter with a pitch hit parade hit parades hit people hit point hit points hit radio hit rate hit record hit records hit series hit single hit single of the same name hit singles hit song hit song of the same name hit songs hit squad hit squads hit streak hit the ball twice hit the batter hit the books hit the deck hit the enemy with arrows hit the main gate hit the penny hit the southern end of the viewing area hit upon hit wicket hit woman hit-and-run accident hit-and-run attacks hit-and-run attacks on border outposts hit-and-run collision hit-and-run play hit-and-run tactics hit-and-run warfare hitch hike hitch hiked hitch-hiking accident hitchhiker thumbs hitchhiking posts hitching posts hitching tie hitchpin rail hitherto-unknown primate hitomi discography hits a car and derails hits a low-loader transporter and derails hits album hits allowed hits allowed per 9 innings pitched hits allowed per nine innings hits by pitch hits collection hits compilation hits for the cycle hits per nine innings hits per nine innings pitched hits radio hitting coach hitting for the cycle hitting four home runs in one game hitting from behind hitting instructor hitting set hitting streak hitting streaks hitting the ball twice hitting the wall hitting the weights hitting time hiva kakala hiva usu hive beetles hive bodies hive boxes hive cities hive city hive consciousness hive covens hive fleets hive management hive mind hive ship hive ships hive world hive-like mentality hived down hiyashi chuka hiéros gamos hnRNP 1 ho fan ho fun ho hlahloba ho khau ho qoqa hoa bướm hoa cúc hoa khế hoar frost hoard finds hoary bat hoary bats hoary headed grebes hoary marmot hoary marmots hoary whitlowgrass hoax and threat messages hoax bid hoax letter hoax letters hoax of exposure hoax the moon landing hobak wajaa hobbing machine hobbing machines hobbit family hobbit hole hobble dress hobble skirt hobble skirts hobby beef farm hobby farm hobby farmer hobby farming hobby farms hobby horse hobby horses hobby knife hobby rocketry hobby shop hobby shops hobby store hobby stores hobie cats hobnail boots hobo bags hobo camps hobo jungles hobo nickel hobo spider hobo spiders hobo symbols hoc programming language hockey and other sports hockey arena hockey broadcasting hockey cards hockey coach hockey commentator hockey cup hockey defenceman hockey department hockey enforcer hockey equipment hockey fields hockey fights hockey forward hockey goalie hockey gold medal hockey hair hockey helmet hockey jersey hockey jerseys hockey league hockey leagues hockey line hockey mask hockey masks hockey official hockey player hockey player of the same name hockey players hockey pool hockey puck hockey pucks hockey rink hockey rinks hockey scout hockey skates hockey socks hockey stick hockey stick by hockey stick controversy hockey stick graph hockey sticks hockey stop hockey sweater hockey team hockey teams hockey tournament hockey writers hockey-stick graph hocus pocus hod carrier hoe blades hoe rams hoenn crime syndicates hog badger hog banana hog cholera hog cholera virus hog deer hog dogging hog farm hog farming hog islander hog jowls hog lines hog lot hog maw hog monkey hog pen hog production hog ring hog sucker hog tied hog-dog rodeos hog-nosed skunk hog-nosed skunks hogback stone hoger algemeen voortgezet onderwijs hogging and sagging hognosed viper hogshead cheese hogtie bondage hohner clavinet hoi polloi hoi sin sauce hoisin sauce hoist by his own petard hoist controllers hoist side hoist to fly hoisting grid hoisting unit hoja menuda hoji tea hojo kata hojo undo hojo undō hokey pokey ice cream hokkien mee holam haser holam male hold 'em hold a referendum hold come what may hold down hold down piles hold downs hold fast hold harmless hold it hold its collections in trust hold more stubbornly at least hold over hold time hold up hold-up problem hold-up stockings holder in due course holder of record holders of graduate degrees holding a torch and a book holding and settling ponds holding area holding beam holding cell holding cells holding companies holding company holding corporation holding cost holding costs holding cups holding current holding deal holding firm holding fix holding force holding fuel holding gains holding hands holding him back holding his breath holding it down holding items holding its peace holding midfielder holding midfielders holding of hostages holding off holding pattern holding patterns holding penalty holding period holding period return holding role holding tank dump stations holding tanks holding the ball holding the stick holding therapy holding up a middle finger holding value holdings company holdout method holdout problem holds records holds six female students as hostages holds the ball holds up four fingers, says he is holding up five hole argument hole burning hole cam hole cams hole card hole carding hole cards hole in her heart hole in one hole in the bottom of his popcorn bucket hole in the heart hole mobility hole mounted hole on a marijuana pipe hole pot tiles hole punch hole punched hole puncher hole punchers hole punches hole punching hole saw hole set hole states hole-card camera hole-punch strips hole-whole merger holed paddle holed through holes behind each eye holey dollar holey fibers holiday accommodation holiday advertising holiday autos holiday bazzar holiday block party holiday cactus holiday camp holiday camps holiday choral holiday cottage holiday cottages holiday destination holiday displays holiday greeting holiday heart syndrome holiday home holiday homes holiday making holiday of the city holiday on which she encounters a murder holiday ornaments holiday parks holiday party holiday pay holiday resort holiday resorts holiday season holiday shopping season holiday signature song holiday single holiday special holiday specials holiday television season holiday television special holiday trailers holiday tree holiday village holiday villages holidays and fasts holidays of obligation holiest and most important site holiest cities holiest city holiest convent holiest day holiest place holiness code holiness movement holiness movements holiness or sanctification holiness piety holiness teaching holism and individualism in history and social science holism problem holistic and "ecological" medicine holistic approach holistic approaches holistic brain model holistic development holistic education holistic grades holistic healer holistic healing holistic health holistic health and healing holistic life balance holistic medicine holistic medicines holistic model holistic nurse holistic paradigm holistic perspective holistic science holistic scientist holistic scoring methods holistic system holistic therapy holistic thinking holistic view holistically graded hollandaise sauce hollerith card hollow atoms hollow blocks hollow bodied hollow body hollow body electric guitar hollow body electric guitars hollow body guitar hollow book hollow cast hollow casting hollow cathode hollow cathode lamp hollow cathode lamps hollow cave hollow charge hollow charges hollow core slabs hollow earth hollow earth theory hollow grind hollow hill hollow mask hollow matrix hollow month hollow needle hollow needles hollow planet hollow point hollow point bullet hollow point bullets hollow point rounds hollow points hollow powers hollow soundbox hollow square hollow structural section hollow structural sections hollow structural steel hollow swaps hollow tooth hollow trees hollow version hollow victory hollow visceral myopathy hollow viscus hollow way hollow ways hollow wooden surfboards hollow-faced bats hollow-point bullet hollow-point bullets hollowbody guitars hollowed out asteroids hollowpoint bullet holly blue holly fern holly trees hollyleaf cherry holm oak holm oaks holmium bromide holmium chloride holmium dicarbide holmium dichloride holmium difluoride holmium fluoride holmium formate holmium iodide holmium laser holmium monochloride holmium monofluoride holmium monoxide holmium nitride holmium oxide holmium silicide holmium stannate holmium sulfide holmium tetracarbide holmium titanate holmium trichloride holmium trifluoride holmium triiodide holmium vanadate holo-ACP synthase holo-citrate lyase holo-elongator complex holoblastic cleavage holocarboxylase synthetase holocaust denial holocaust denier holocaust deniers holocaust survivors holocaust theologian holocene climatic optimum holocene epoch holocene extinction event holocene glacial retreat holocrine gland holocrine glands holocultural research holocytochrome c holocytochrome-c synthase hologram trademarks holographic algorithms holographic data storage holographic diffuser holographic display holographic display technology holographic doctor holographic firearms sight holographic foil holographic gun sights holographic lens holographic memory holographic principle holographic program holographic scope holographic simulation room holographic storage holographic universe holographic weapon sights holographic will holometabolous metamorphosis complex analytic holomorphic functions complex analytic functions holomorphic complex analytic functions holomorphic (n,0)-form holomorphic 1-forms holomorphic anomaly holomorphic coordinates holomorphic cotangent bundle holomorphic differentials holomorphic dynamical systems holomorphic field holomorphic function holomorphic function is analytic holomorphic functional calculus holomorphic functions holomorphic functions are analytic holomorphic line bundle holomorphic line bundles holomorphic map holomorphic mapping holomorphic maps holomorphic sheaf holomorphic tangent bundle holomorphic tangent space holomorphic vector bundle holomorphic vector bundles holomorphically convex hull holonomic brain model holonomic brain theory holonomic constraints holonomic function holonomic model holonomic systems holonomy group holonomy groups holosuite program holstein cattle holstein cow holter monitor holua sledding holy city founding city holy founding city holy anointing oil holy ark holy army holy ash holy basil holy book holy books holy card holy cards holy cities holy city holy communion holy cows holy crusade holy day holy day of obligation holy day of the week holy days holy days of obligation holy door holy duty holy event holy family holy fathers holy fool holy grail holy grails holy hip hop holy hip-hop holy hoax holy icon holy images holy isle holy kiss holy land rangers holy language holy laughter holy living holy man holy martyrs holy mass holy men holy minimalism holy minimalists holy mosque holy mountains holy mysteries holy names holy of holies holy offering holy offices holy oil holy order holy orders holy person holy place holy places holy relic holy relics holy roller holy rollers holy scripture holy seat holy see holy site holy sites holy souls holy spirit holy statues holy stick holy stigmata holy stone holy supper holy symbol holy synod holy table holy teacher holy texts holy thistle holy trinity holy virgin holy war holy warriors holy wars holy water holy water sprinkler holy water sprinkler flail weapon holy water stoups holy waters holy wedding holy week holy well holy wells holy wood holy zeal hom functor hom functors homage cover homatropine methylbromide hombu dojo homburg hat homburg hats home "hi-fi" amplifiers home abortion home advantage home affairs home affairs minister home air cleaner home and away home and away season home and furniture home appliance home appliances home aquarium home arena home assembly kits home audio home automation home automation for the elderly and disabled home base home based health care home bias in trade puzzle home billiard room home birth home births home blender home blood pressure home blood pressure monitoring home brewed home brewers home brewing home build aircraft home builder home builders home building home built telescopes home business home buying home canning home care home centers home children home church home churches home cinema home city home collapsed home composting home computer home computer magazine home computer systems home computermarket home computers home computing home confinement home confinements home console home console for video games home consoles home construction home counties home counties accent home countries home country home course home court home court advantage home day care home decor home decorating home decoration home defense home delivered home deliveries home delivery home demo home demolition home demolitions home detention home directories home directory home décor home ec home economics home economist home educated home education home electrical appliances home electronic devices home electronics home entertainment home entertainment industry home entertainment system home entertainments home environments home equity home equity fraud home equity line of credit home equity lines of credit home equity loan home equity loans home event home exchange home fans home farm home field home field advantage home field advantages home fleet home floor home folder home forclosures home fries home from home home front home front command home front operations home fronts home furnishing home furnishing stores home furnishings home game home game consoles home games home gaming console home garden home gardens home gateway home gateways home grand prix home ground home groups home grown home guard home guard militia home guard troops home guards home half home health home health agencies home health care home health care agencies home health-care home heat home heating home heating fuel home heating oil home help home hemodialysis home ice home ice advantage home improvement home improvement retail home improvement stores home improvement television show home improvements home in on home inspection home inspections home inspector home insurance home interface home interior home international home interview surveys home invasion home invasion with a firearm or another deadly weapon home invasions home islands home key home land home language home late home leave home level home loans home made home making home market home markets home medical equipment home micro home microcomputers home minister home ministries home movie home movie camera home movies home nation home nation's under-19 side home nations