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limb perfusion limb-girdle muscular dystrophy limb-lengthening surgery limb-sparing procedure limbal area limbal nodule limbal stem cells limbal vascular plexus limber pine limber pines limbic association cortex limbic encephalitis limbic encephalopathy limbic lobe limbic-motor interface limbless vertebrates limbo dance limbo dancing limbo of infants limbo of the fathers limbo pole limbs held erect beneath the body limburger cheese limbus fossae ovalis limbus fossæ ovalis limbus lamina spiralis limbus laminae spiralis limbus laminæ spiralis limbus of fossa ovalis limbă cu măsline calcium oxide lime burning lime cordial lime green lime juice lime kiln lime kilns lime minerals lime mortar lime mortars lime pit lime putty lime rickeys lime sand lime stone lime sulfur lime sulphur lime tree lime trees lime washed lime water lime wood lime-speck pug limen insulae limen operator limerick song limes inferior limestone arch limestone barren limestone bedrock limestone bedstraw limestone cave limestone caves limestone cove limestone dust limestone folding limestone grassland limestone karst limestone karst scenery limestone material limestone pavement limestone pavements limestone plants limestone pug limestone scenery limestone spring limestone window limestone windows limet mine limewood or linden liminal being liminal beings limit algebras limit and colimit limit and colimits limit attack limit bid limit break limit breaks limit cardinal limit cardinals limit circle limit cycle limit cycles limit dextrinase limit equilibrium method limit hold'em limit in probability limit inferior limit jump raises limit liability limit of a function limit of a sequence limit of detection limit of discrete series representation limit of discrete series representations limit of heat limit of legal memory limit of some sequence limit of space limit of stay limit of the integral limit of viability limit on the size of merchant vessels limit order limit orders limit ordinal limit ordinals limit point limit point compact limit points limit poker limit pricing limit processes limit rotation limit set limit sets limit state limit state design limit states limit superior limit superior and limit inferior limit the maximum speed allowed limit the volatility of price limit topology limit-preserving function order theory limit-preserving functions rhomboid fossa limitation and revocation procedures limitation of alcohol intake limitation of liability limitation of size limitation period limitations and exceptions limitations and exceptions to copyright limitations clause limitations clause Section 1 limitations of liability limitations of the animation technique limited access limited access limited access facilities limited access highway limited access highways limited access motor highway limited access road limited aleatorism limited animation limited atonement limited by guarantee limited by shares limited capacities limited carbohydrate intake limited coach service limited comic-book series limited companies limited company limited conflicts limited corporation limited depravity limited dilution cloning limited dimension limited duty officers limited edition limited edition books limited edition compact disc limited edition doll limited edition single limited edition split single limited edition version limited editions limited equity limited express limited express train limited extent limited field of vision limited first strike limited form of succession limited franchise limited freedom of expression limited geography model limited geography theory limited government limited government and income tax abolition amendment limited government interference limited governmental power limited hangout limited hardcover editions limited in extent limited in minimum length limited invited competition limited liability limited liability companies limited liability company limited liability corporation limited liability corporations limited liability limited partnership limited liability limited partnerships limited liability organization limited liability partnership limited liability partnerships limited marketing agreement limited means limited monarchy limited nomination limited nuclear test ban treaty limited nuclear war limited number limited number of activities limited number of frequencies limited number of writes per cell limited omniscient limited over cricket limited over matches limited overs limited overs competition limited overs cricket limited overs game limited overs matches limited ownership limited packages limited participation limited partners limited partnership limited partnerships limited power to vary income tax limited production limited release limited resources limited run limited run manufacturing limited screen space limited selection of music or other criticisms limited series limited service limited slip limited slip differential limited slip differentials limited slip rear differential limited sovereignty limited stock companies limited stop limited supply limited symptom attacks limited telepathic powers limited the size limited theatrical release limited theism limited time period limited to limited variety limited vote limited voting limited war limited-access highway limited-access highways limited-access motorway limited-access road limited-access roads limited-edition books limited-equity cooperative limited-liability companies limited-liability company limited-overs cricket limited-run serial limited-run series limited-slip differential limited-stage small cell lung cancer limiting amino acid limiting amino acids limiting amplifier limiting behaviors limiting beliefs limiting case limiting cases limiting density limiting distributions limiting factor limiting factors limiting magnitude limiting nutrient limiting parallel limiting process limiting reactant limiting reagent limiting resource limiting similarity limiting step limiting the priesthood to men of non-African descent limiting value limitless capacity limitless power limits and colimits limits inferior limits of deviation limits of integration limits of law limits of location limits of sequences limits of tree growth limits on firework size limits on late night takeoffs and landings limits on warmaking limits to arbitrage limits to computing limits to growth limmu lists limnic disaster limnic eruption limnic eruptions limonene and pinene degradation limonene dioxide limonoid glucosyltransferase limousine business limousine liberal limousine liberals limp biscuit limp wristing limp wrists limpet mine limpet mineplanted limpet mines limpieza de sangre limping bimetallism limulus lysates linae transversae linalol isobutyrate linalool 8-monooxygenase linalyl acetate linalyl benzoate linalyl butyrate linalyl cinnamate linalyl valerate linamarin synthase lincoln logs linden tree lime tree linden lime tree linden dollars linden mckinley high school linden tree linden trees lindenmayer systems lindlar catalyst lindy exchange lindy exchanges lindy hop lindy hoppers line 1 line 10 line 11 line 12 line 13 line 14 line 15 line 2 line 21 line 3 line 3bis line 4 line 5 line 6 line 7 line 7bis line 8 line 9 line adaptor line ahead formation line and heavy maintenance line and length line appearance line area line arrangements line art line artist line at infinity line battalions line battle line branch line broadening line bundle line bundles line capacitance line card line cards line changes line charge line chart line charts line clearance line clipping line code line codes line coding line colour line company line completion line cook line coordinates line cut line dance line dancers line dances line dancing line defect line defects line digraph line discipline line doublers line doubling line drawing algorithm line drawings line drawings of structural formula line drive line driver line drives line editor line editors line element line emission line encoding line ending line engraver line engraving line engravings line equation line extension line extensions line feed line feed line feeds line filter line filters line finder line formation line four line frequency line functions line geometry line graph line graphics line graphs line haul line hunting line identification line impedance line in line infantry line integral line integrals line item line item veto line item vetos line judge line leading line length line lengths line level line levelling line levels line marriage line matrix printers line mode line moiré line noise line notation line number line numbering line numbers line of apsides line of attack line of battle line of battle ship line of best fit line of business line of clouds line of code line of communication line of contact line of control line of credit line of dance line of departure line of descent line of femur line of fibula line of fire line of flight line of ilium line of jeans line of longitude line of neutral hydrogen line of nodes line of position line of presidential succession line of products line of scrimmage line of sight line of snack foods line of succession line of succession to the presidency line of supply line of symmetry line of the ball line of the same name line of tibia line of ulna line officer line officers line one line operator line or queue line out line pair line parent line period line plane line position line printer line printer daemon line printers line printing line producer line producers line profile plots line rate line reflection line regiment line replaceable units line resolution line reversal line rooms line score line search line searches line segment line segment intersection line segments line shaft line shafting line shafts line sharing line signal line signaling line signalling line source line sources line spacing line spectral pairs line spectrum line stops line terminating line transect methods line up line voyage line was extended line wrap line wrapping line-angle formula line-crossing ceremony line-in recording line-item veto line-item vetoes line-item vetos line-loin merger line-mode browser line-of-battle ship line-of-business line-of-business applications LOB applications line-of-business LOB applications line-of-sight line-of-sight communications line-of-sight formula line-of-sight paths line-of-sight propagation line-of-sight velocity line-oriented editors line-out code line-replaceable unit line-replaceable units linea arcuata linea aspera linea nigra linea quadrata linea semicircularis linea semilunaris linea terminalis linea terminalis of lineae transversae lineage of dance forms lineage sorting lineage-bonded societies lineal connections lineal descendants lineal descent lineal foot lineal primogeniture lineal succession or normal linear accelerator linear accelerator laboratory linear accelerators linear action linear actuator linear actuators linear address linear algebra linear algebraic linear algebraic group linear algebraic groups linear alkane conformations linear alkyl benzene linear alpha olefin linear alpha olefins linear alternator linear alternators linear amplification linear amplifier linear amplifiers linear and non-linear statistics linear and stable linear and time-invariant linear approximation linear array linear associative algebras linear attack linear attenuation coefficient linear autonomous system linear b linear b script engine linear basis linear basis vectors linear bearing linear birefringence linear block code linear block codes linear bounded automaton linear bus note linear cannon linear canonical transformation linear catapult linear catapults linear chaining linear characters linear circuit linear circuits linear city linear classifier linear classifiers linear code linear codes linear collider linear combination linear combination of atomic orbitals linear combination of atomic orbitals molecular orbital method linear combinations linear complementarity problem linear complex structure linear cone linear congruence theorem linear congruential linear congruential generator linear congruential generators linear connection linear connections linear constant-coefficient difference equation linear context-free rewriting systems linear convolution linear correlation linear correlation coefficient linear cryptanalysis linear data structures linear density linear dependence linear dependency linear dichroism linear difference equation linear differential equation linear differential equation with variable coefficients linear differential equations linear differential equations with variable coefficients linear differential operator linear differential operators linear dimension linear disadvantage linear discriminant analysis linear discriminant model linear dual linear dynamic system linear dynamic systems linear dynamical systems linear earthwork linear editing linear editor linear elastic linear elasticity linear electrical generator linear electromagnetic propulsion linear electron accelerator linear element linear elliptic partial differential operator linear encoder linear encoders linear epitope linear epitopes linear equation linear equations linear equivalence linear equivalence of divisors linear error-correcting codes linear expansion coefficient linear expansion coefficient linear expansion coefficient α linear extension linear extensions linear extrapolation linear factors linear feedback shift register linear feedback shift registers linear feet linear filter linear filtering linear filters linear fist attacks linear form linear form in logarithms linear forms linear forms in logarithms linear fractional transformation linear fractional transformations linear frame linear frame buffer linear frames linear free energy relationships linear free-energy relations linear function linear functional linear functionals linear functions linear gameplay linear genetic programming linear grammars linear graph linear group linear groups linear growth linear hash linear hashing linear heavyweight championship linear hieroglyphs linear homogeneous differential equation linear homogenous differential equation linear hulls linear in shape linear independence linear independence of automorphisms of a field linear indexed grammar linear induction motor linear induction motor propulsion system linear induction motors linear induction motors linear insertion sort linear internal olefins linear interpolation linear isometry linear isomorphic linear isomorphism linear isomorphisms linear least squares linear least-squares linear logic linear logics linear low density polyethylene linear maltodextrin linear manifold linear map linear mapping linear mappings linear maps linear mass linear mass density linear materials linear matrix inequalities linear matrix inequality linear medium linear memory linear model linear modeling linear models linear molecules linear momentum linear momentum of a system is conserved linear motion linear motion bearing linear motion bearings linear motor linear motors linear multistep methods linear no threshold linear no threshold model linear no-threshold model linear notation linear operation linear operations linear operator linear operator which is not continuous linear operators linear optical encoder linear optimization linear order linear ordering linear orders linear ordinary differential equations linear paraffins linear park linear partial differential equation linear partial differential equations linear partial information linear particle accelerator linear particle accelerators linear patrolling linear perceptron linear perspective linear perspectivity linear phase linear polarity linear polarization linear polymers linear positioning linear pottery linear power supplies linear prediction linear predictive linear predictive coding linear probability model linear probability models linear probe linear probing linear probing sort linear problem linear problems linear product linear production models linear program linear programming linear programs linear progression linear progressions linear projections linear projector linear proportional linear propulsion linear quadratic regulator linear quadrupole ion trap linear quadtree linear range linear recurrence relation linear recursive sequence linear recursive sequences linear reference system linear regression linear regression models linear regressions linear regulator linear regulators linear relation linear relationship linear representation linear representations linear response linear response function linear rigid rotor linear river park linear scale linear search linear second-order homogenous differential equation linear series linear settlement linear side-scrolling shoot'em ups linear sigma model linear simultaneous equations linear source linear space linear span linear speedup linear speedup theorem linear spring linear stability theory linear stage linear stages linear storyline linear submanifold linear subspace linear subspaces linear substitutions linear superposition linear sweep voltammetry linear symplectic space linear synchronous motor linear synchronous motors linear syntax linear synthesis linear system linear system of conics linear system of divisors linear system of equations linear systems linear systems of divisors linear tactics linear temperament linear temperaments linear temporal linear temporal logic linear terms linear theory linear thermal expansion coefficient linear thought linear time linear time invariant linear time invariant linear time invariant system theory LTI system theory linear time invariant LTI system theory linear time-invariant linear time-invariant filter linear time-invariant system linear time-invariant systems linear timecode linear topology linear tracking linear trail linear transform linear transformation linear transformations linear trend linear variable differential capacitor linear variable differential transformer linear variety linear vector space linear velocity linear video editing linear village linear voltage regulator linear warfare linear wave equation linear weights linear writing linear-elliptic to linear-falcate linearis rostralis linearise the field equations linearithmic function linearity of differentiation linearity of integration linearity property linearized equation linearized equations linearized field equation linearized general relativity linearized gravity linearized potential equations linearly combined linearly connected parks linearly dependent linearly disjoint linearly equivalent linearly independent linearly independent sets linearly interpolate linearly interpolated linearly interpolating linearly isomorphic linearly more linearly ordered linearly ordered group linearly ordered groups linearly ordered set linearly polarised linearly polarized linearly polarized light linearly polarized waves linearly recurrent sequence linearly related linearly separable linearly superimpose lineated woodpeckers linebacker coach linebacker position linebackers coach lined butterflyfish lined flat bark beetles lined paper lined pocketbook lined seahorse lined shore crab lined up lined up to be shot lined-out hymnody linen cloth linen draper linen factories linen fleet linen fold linen merchant linen mills linen smoother linen stitch linen trousers linen weaving linenfold panelling liner art liner notes liner socks liner trains lines in spacetime lines of action lines of battle lines of circumvallation lines of code lines of communication lines of communications lines of credit lines of curvature lines of defence lines of fire lines of force lines of ilium lines of latitude lines of longtitude lines of magnetic force lines of metallic elements lines of partition lines of position lines of products lines of resolution lines of scrimmage lines of succession lines per inch lineshape function lineside detectors lineside signal lineup card ling cod ling particles linga sarira lingerie line lingerie tape lingering controversy lingering death lingering effects lingering effects of battle-induced stress lingonberry jam lingua brasilica lingua characteristica lingua franca lingua francae lingua francas lingua ignota lingua sistemfrater linguae francae lingual artery lingual cingulum lingual cusps lingual frenulum lingual glands lingual gyrus lingual influence lingual lipase lingual nerve lingual nerves lingual phase lingual raphe lingual sounds lingual surface lingual thyroid lingual tonsil lingual tonsils lingual vein lingual veins lingualis muscle linguas franca linguas francas linguasphere language code linguisitic expert linguist areas linguistic "meaning" linguistic accents linguistic acts linguistic analysis linguistic and cultural minorities linguistic anthropology linguistic approaches linguistic area linguistic assimilation linguistic atlas linguistic atlases linguistic backgrounds linguistic barriers linguistic behaviourism linguistic blends linguistic borrowing linguistic boundary linguistic change linguistic communication linguistic competence linguistic compound linguistic comprehension linguistic corruption linguistic descriptivism linguistic determinism linguistic differences linguistic diffusion linguistic discrimination linguistic divergence linguistic diversity linguistic drift linguistic facilities linguistic families linguistic family linguistic features linguistic form linguistic geography linguistic germanization linguistic group linguistic groups linguistic homogenization linguistic human rights linguistic hybrids linguistic imperialism linguistic infrastructure linguistic interference linguistic inventions linguistic isolate linguistic knowledge linguistic laws linguistic layers linguistic marketplace linguistic migration theory linguistic minimalism linguistic minorities linguistic minority linguistic modality linguistic morphology linguistic norms linguistic overseeing authority linguistic palaeontology linguistic patterns linguistic performance linguistic philosophy linguistic placeholder linguistic pluralism linguistic prescription linguistic prestige linguistic problems linguistic process linguistic production linguistic profiling linguistic protectionism linguistic purism linguistic purist linguistic reconstruction linguistic reconstructions linguistic reductionism linguistic register linguistic relativism linguistic relativity linguistic relativity hypothesis linguistic research linguistic research body linguistic rights linguistic root linguistic rules linguistic scholar linguistic scholars linguistic semantics linguistic sign linguistic signs linguistic skills linguistic software linguistic structure linguistic studies linguistic study linguistic styles linguistic substratum linguistic survey linguistic techniques linguistic theory linguistic theory of logical truth linguistic transcriptions linguistic transparency linguistic turn linguistic typology linguistic union linguistic universal linguistic universals linguistic utterances linguistic zero linguistically corrupted linguistics and language change linguistics contrast linguistics wars lingula mandibulae lingula mandibulæ lingula of the mandible linguolabial consonants linguolabial nasal linguolabial trill lingustic sign lingustical roots linguæ artery linguæ francæ linguæ muscle liniments for sore muscles lining figures lining out knot theory link 16 link access link adaptation link aggregation link analysis link and cut operations. link between abortion and breast cancer link between legalized abortion and crime rates link boy link budget link budgets link cable link campaign link campaigns link capacity adjustment scheme link chain link command link commuters link complement link complements link contention link contract link contracts link control link cuff link cuffs link data rate link diagram link diagrams link edit link edit time link editor link encryption link ends link errors link exchange link exchange network link exchanges link farm link farming link farms link flooding link grammars link group link label link layer link level link locks link motion link paths link popularity link prefetch link prefetching link protein link protocol link quality analysis link register link required link road link rot link sausage link spam link spamming link spectral efficiency link state link state protocol link time link turn link up link validation link with human activity link-and-pin couplers link-local addresses link-state advertisements link-state protocol link-state protocols link-state routing protocol link-state routing protocols link-time optimization linkage analysis linkage disequilibration linkage disequilibrium linkage editor linkage isomerism linkage isomers linkage map linkage mapping linkage maps linkage mechanisms linkage policy linkages in xyloglucan) linked ammunition linked areas linked article linked below linked belt linked braking system linked command linked commands linked exchange rate linked genes linked in linked lists linked numbering scheme linked organisations linked satellite networks linked to linked together linked truss structure linked words linkin park linking book linking books linking bracelets linking coefficient linking exception linking loader linking number linking panel linking r linking race to intellect linking room linking verb links and anchors links below links course links courses links golf links golf course links point links section below links to canon debates links to papers links to relativity links to terrorist organizations links to wikipedia linkspam or bait-and-switch pages linn drum linnaean classification linocut prints linoelaidic acid linoleate 11-lipoxygenase linoleate diol synthase linoleate isomerase linoleic acid linoleic acid metabolism linoleic acids linolenic acid linolenyl alcohol linolenyl aldehyde linoleoyl-CoA desaturase linoleum works linoleyl alcohol linoleyl aldehyde linolinic acid linotype machine linotype machines linotype typesetting machines linseed mill linseed oil linseed oils lint roller lintel stone lintels and pediments linux distribution linux infobox linux kernel linux swap liocranid sac spider lion and sun lion and unicorn lion capital lion cubs lion dance lion dancers lion dances lion dancing lion dollar lion fish lion forceps lion has lost his roar lion head lion logo lion man lion mountain lion passant lion plushie lion rampant lion rampant guardant lion rampant or on field azure lion rampants lion sculpture lion shape into the chalk lion skin lion tamarin