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military enlistment military epic military espionage military establishment military ethics military events military exchange military exchange programs military exercise military exercises military expedition military expeditions military expenditure military expenditures military experimentation military facilities military failure military family military fashion military fatigues military fetishism military fiat military fiats military fiction military figure military filibustering military film military flights military flying saucers military folklore military force military forces military fork military forks military formation military formations military fort military fortification military fortifications military fortress military forts military free-fall military front military fronts military funding military funding of science military funeral military funerals military garb military garrison military general military geography military glider military gliders military government military government of the country military governments military governor military governors military grid reference system military ground vehicle models military ground vehicles military group military hardware military hat military headquarters military health military health service military helicopter military helicopter base military helicopters military hierarchy military high school military historian military historians military histories military history military honors military honour military honours military horse military horsemanship military hospital military hospitals military humanism military humor military identification military illegal actions military incompetence military induction military industrial complex military industries military industry military information military insignia military inspector military installation military installations military institute military institutions military instructor military intelligence military intelligence G-2 military intelligence agency military intelligence officer military intelligence systems military intervention military interventions military intrigue military invasion military invasion and occupation military jacket military jail military jargon military jeep military jets military job military jokes military judge military judiciary military junior colleges military junta military junta's military juntas military jurisdiction. military jury military justice military knights' order military law military lawyer military lawyers military leader military leaders military leave military legislation military lift military literature military logistics military macaw military mail military man military maneuver military manoeuvres military manpower military marches military marching band military materiel military matters military meaning military medal military medals military medical service military medicine military medics military memorandum military men military meteorology military might military mining military mission military mobilization military modeling military modelling military models military modernization military monetary compensation military movement military museum military music military musician military necessity military novels military nurses military objectives military objects military obligation military observer military observers military occupation military occupational specialties military occupational specialty military occupations military of the military offences military officer military officers military officers' commissions military official military operation military operational military operations military operations other than war military opposition's military or field police military orbital radar military orchestra military order military orders military ordinariate military ordinariates military organisation military organization military organizations military outposts military pallet military parachuting military parade military parades military parks and battlefields military parrot military patrol military pay military pension military periodicals military personnel military philosopher military phonetic alphabet military photographer military physical training military pilot military pistol competition military pistol event military plan military planes military planners military planning military plans military police military police battalion military police corps military police force military police officer military policeman military policemen military policing military policy military posts military power military practice terrain military prefects military preparation military preparations for the invasion military president military press military press drop military press powerslam military presses military prison military prisons military procurement military production military program military projects military prosecutor military protectorate military psychiatrist military psychiatry military purposes military qualification badge military radio military radios military raids military railway military rank military ranking military ranks military ranks and insignia military rations military readiness military rebellion military recruiter military recruiters military recruitment military reenactment military reform military reforms military regime military regimes military region military regions military regulations military religious orders military research military research and development military reservation military reservations military reserve military reserve force military reserve forces military reserve organization military reserves military resistance military response military reversal military revival military rifle and military pistol events military rifle event military rites military robot military robots military rule military rule ended military ruler military régime military salute military satellite military satellites military school military schools military science military science fiction military science-fiction military sciences military scientist military scouting military seaports military secret military secretary military secrets military security military sense military service military service members military services military setbacks military settlement military settlements military simulation game military sites military situation military skills military slang military societies military soldiers military space opera military space shuttle military special forces counter parts military specialists military specification military spending military staff military stamp military stamps military standard military standards military standoff military state military statistics military step military stratagem military strategies military strategist military strategists military strategy military strength military strike military strikes military structure military studies military style assault weapons military style uniform military subdivision military superiority military supplier military supplies military supply railways military supply store military support military suppression military surgeon military surgery military surplus military surplus store military survey military sword military symbol military symbols military systems military tactic military tactical military tactical formations military tactician military tactics military takeover military tank military target military tattoo military tattoos military technology military term military terminology military terms military theaters military theorist military theory military thinking military time military took power military tradition military traditions military trainer military trainer aircraft military trainers military training military training aircraft military training camp military training camps military training exercises military training grounds military training officer military transition teams military transport military transport aircraft military transport glider military trench military trials military tribunal military tribunals military tribune military tribunes military troops military trucks military turn military types military uniform military uniforms military unit military units military uprising military use military use during armed conflict military use of children military variant military vehicle military vehicles military vessels military veteran military veterans military vicar military volunteer military volunteers military warfare military withdrawal military workers' children military working dog military writer military yen military zone military-agricultural colonies military-centered political system military-dominated government military-grade suits military-industrial complex military-operational groups military-scientific complex military-style dictatorship military-style uniforms milites castri militia force militia groups militia men militia movement militia officer militia regiments militiae mutatio militias to be disarmed milk & cookies milk allergies milk allergy milk bank milk banks milk bar milk bars milk bath milk beverages milk bottle milk bottles milk brother milk brothers milk cake milk canisters milk cans milk caps milk cars milk cart milk carton milk cartons milk cattle milk chocolate milk coffee milk cow milk cows milk crates milk curd milk dairy milk delivery milk duct milk ducts milk fat milk fermented milk fetishism milk fever milk float milk floats milk glass milk home delivery network milk intolerance milk jugs milk letdown milk line milk lines milk machine milk man milk money milk moustache milk of almonds milk of lime milk of magnesia milk pail milk patches milk powder milk powders milk precursors milk producing sweat glands milk production milk products milk protein milk pudding milk quartz milk quota milk quotas milk round milk run milk salad milk shake milk shakes milk shark milk sickness milk snake milk snakes milk solids milk sours milk station milk stout milk sugar milk sugars milk tablets milk tea milk teeth milk thistle milk thistles milk toast milk tooth milk vetch milk yield milkers nodule virus milking goats milking machine milking machines milks his prostate milkshake murder milkvetch genus milkweed butterflies milkweed subfamily milkwood tree milky eagle owl milky seas effect milky way milky way galaxy milky whitlowgrass mill community mill complex mill dam mill girls mill holidays mill iron mill lade mill lands mill leat mill levy mill manager mill oe mill owner mill pond mill ponds mill race mill races mill rate mill shops mill stone mill stones mill stream mill town mill town's mill towns mill village mill wheel mill wheels mill workers mille feuille mille s.p. milled coinage milled coins milled edge milled peat milled rice milleens cheese millenarist theories millenium bug millenium problems millennaristic movements millennial age millennial development goals millennial end of the world millennial generation millennial reign millennialist movement millennium bug millennium bugs millennium cruise millennium grant foundation millennium hysteria millennium plots millennium viewpoint miller effect miller hives miller index miller lake lamprey millesimal fineness millet beer millet paradox millet system milliampere hours milliarc seconds milligram per litre millimeter band millimeter cloud radar millimeter of mercury millimeter wave millimeter-wavelength radar millimeters of mercury millimetre band millimetre of mercury millimetre wave millimetres of mercury millimetric wave milling cutter milling cutters milling days milling district milling facility milling head milling machine milling machines milling operation milling rights milling song milling village milling wheat million billion million dollar bill million dollar challenge million instructions per second million million million pixels million service units million solar roofs million to one chance million tons per annum million years million years ago million years ago million years old million yeas ago millions of colors millions of deaths millions of inmates died millions of instructions per second millions of whom were expelled millions of years ago millions of years old millionth of a yoctosecond millipede memory millisecond pulsar millisecond pulsars millitant nationalist millo flutes mills and factories mills bombs mills grenades millstone grit millstone grits miltant anti-fascist miltant anti-fascists milton sibanda milvine kites milvus migrans mime actor mime artist mime artistry mime artists mime movement mime type mimeograph machine mimeograph machines mimeograph stencils mimetic desire mimetic space mimetic theory mimetic theory of art mimetic words J-Pop mimic ants mimic cavesnail mimic shiner mimicry artist mimicry in plants mimics ants mimosa trees mimosa vascular wilt mimus calvus min-conflicts algorithm min-heap property min-plus algebra mina fashion minagawa takurou minal damani minang restaurant minarchical libertarianism mince and tatties mince pies minced beef minced lamb minced meat minced oath minced oaths mincemeat pie mincemeat tarts mind altering drugs mind and body mind and matter mind body problem mind children mind coach mind contact mind control mind controlled mind controller mind controlling mind controls mind dualism mind emanation mind expansion mind extension mind flayer mind flayers mind flow mind games mind machine mind machines mind map mind mapping mind maps mind meld mind melds mind over matter mind powers mind puzzles mind read mind reader mind reading mind sciences mind share mind sport mind sports mind state mind street mind the gap mind training mind transfer mind transferal mind transferral mind transferred mind transfers mind trick mind uploaded mind uploading mind wander mind wiped mind wipes mind your own business mind-altering drugs mind-altering substances mind-body connection mind-body dichotomy mind-body dualism mind-body duality mind-body health mind-body integration mind-body intervention mind-body problem mind-body relationship mind-body therapies mind-brain connection mind-brain identity theory mind-changing drugs mind-controlling additives mind-machine interface mind-machine interfaces mind-machine links mind-matter interaction mind-over matter mindful awareness mindful mediation mindfulness based cognitive therapy mindfulness meditation mindfulness of breath mindfulness of breathing mindfulness of the breath mindless eating mindless paperwork minds uploaded mine action mine barrage mine barrages mine cage mine cart mine carts mine clearance mine clearance agencies mine clearing mine closure mine closure planning mine closures mine collapse mine countermeasure ship mine countermeasure vessel mine countermeasure vessels mine countermeasures ship mine countermeasures vessels mine cruiser mine cruisers mine cut mine damage mine data mine databases mine detection dogs mine detector mine detectors mine disaster mine disasters mine division mine drainage mine drop mine engineers mine engines mine exploration mine explorers mine explosion mine explosions. mine field mine fields mine fire mine fires mine flail mine flails mine for gold mine gold mine guards mine hunter mine hunters mine industry mine itself mine laying mine owner spy mine owners' associations mine planter mine planting mine plough mine plow mine plows mine protected vehicle mine reclamation mine rescue mine roller mine rollers mine salt's mine screens mine shaft mine shaft gap mine shafts mine sites mine sweeper mine sweepers mine sweeping mine sweeps mine tailing dam mine tailings mine the walls mine trawlers mine ventilation mine warfare mine waste mine water mine workers mine-laying aircraft minecraft tender mined for coal mined from asteroids mined quote minelaying cruiser minelaying rails mineral acid inorganic acid mineral inorganic acid mineral accretion mineral acid mineral acids mineral ascorbate mineral assemblages mineral association mineral baths mineral carbon mineral carrier mineral char mineral coal mineral concentrate mineral concessions mineral conglomerate mineral content mineral crystallization mineral cure treatments mineral deficiencies mineral deposit mineral deposits mineral detector mineral dressing mineral dust mineral economics mineral engineering mineral exploration mineral explorer mineral extraction mineral fibres mineral findings mineral formation mineral fuels mineral habit mineral hydration mineral industry mineral insulated cable mineral ions mineral kingdom mineral licks mineral metabolism mineral nutrients mineral oil mineral oil industry mineral oil pneumonia mineral oils mineral ore mineral pool mineral processing mineral prospecting mineral purity mineral railway mineral redox buffer mineral reserves mineral resource mineral resources mineral rights mineral rights concession mineral royalty mineral salt mineral salts mineral salts pyridone broth mineral sands mineral sanitizers mineral spa mineral spas mineral spirit mineral spirits mineral spring mineral springs mineral storage mineral structure mineral supplement mineral supplements mineral therapies mineral tramway mineral tramways mineral turpentine mineral uptake mineral vein mineral water mineral water springs mineral waters mineral watertea mineral wax mineral wealth mineral weathering mineral wells mineral wool mineral-based oil mineral-insulated copper-clad cable mineral-insulated trace heating cable mineralization events mineralization of bone mineralized matrix mineralocorticoid receptor mineralocorticoid receptors mineralogical collection minerals concession miners attempted to unseat the government miners canary' miners safety lamp miners strike miners strikes miners to defend the country mines and small mining camps mines rescue minestrel de bouche minestrone soup minesweeping and minehunting minesweeping boats minesweeping duties minesweeping gear minesweeping sloop minesweeping trawler minesweeping vessels mineworkers went on strike ming chia ming dynasty ming meuang minga melons mingo snapper mini 4WD mini album mini bike mini bikes mini blinds mini buns mini bus mini cab mini combination mini compact disc mini computer mini computers mini disc mini discs mini dresses mini floppy mini flyweight mini footy mini game mini games mini golf mini ice age mini image mini jack mini macaws mini mall mini me mini mental state examination mini mill mini mills mini moog mini motorcycles mini nukes mini pad mini ramp mini ramps mini rex mini roundabout mini roundabouts mini rugby mini series mini skirt mini skirts mini sprints mini state mini statue mini steel plant mini survival kits mini tennis mini trawlers mini-DIN connector mini-SD card mini-SD memory card slot mini-Slashdot effect mini-Typhoon stabilized weapon system mini-beanie plushies mini-black holes mini-bolt cutters mini-bucket elimination mini-chinese formation mini-drum solo mini-golf range mini-magnetospheric plasma propulsion mini-mental state examination mini-series adaptation miniature art miniature artist miniature battle miniature battle games miniature book miniature books miniature cameras miniature caniche poodle miniature circuit breaker miniature circuit breakers miniature city miniature conversion miniature conversions miniature effects miniature end-plate potentials miniature figures miniature folding scooters miniature fox terriers miniature game miniature games miniature golf miniature golf course miniature horse miniature horses miniature illustrations miniature killer miniature manufacturers miniature manuscripts miniature marshmallows miniature model miniature models miniature narrow gauge miniature painter miniature painting miniature paintings miniature park miniature pinscher miniature pony miniature poodle miniature portrait miniature portraits miniature quests miniature racing motorcycles miniature railroad miniature railway miniature railways miniature railwaytrain miniature representation miniature ribbon miniature sailing boats miniature schnauzer miniature schnauzers miniature sculptures miniature sets and models miniature sheet miniature sheets miniature steam railway miniature submarine miniature swine miniature train miniature version miniature village miniature war games miniature wargame miniature wargamers miniature wargames miniature wargaming miniatures game miniatures games miniatures gaming miniatures of illuminated manuscripts miniatures space battle game miniatures wargame miniatures wargames miniatures wargaming miniaturized satellite miniaturized satellites miniaturized tabletop variant minibus system minibus taxi minibus taxis minichromosome maintenance functions minicomics co-op minicomput e rs minie ball minifloppy disk drive minimal acceptable return minimal art minimal automaton minimal basis set minimal budgets minimal cell minimal composition minimal counterexample minimal criminal minimal cut minimal deterministic finite automaton minimal deterrence minimal element minimal elements minimal evaluation minimal extremum minimal flavor violation minimal genome minimal genomes minimal genus minimal groups minimal groups paradigm minimal house minimal hurricane minimal instruction set computer minimal instruction set computers minimal invasive surgery minimal media minimal metal mine minimal metal mines minimal models minimal music minimal negation operators minimal normal subgroup minimal pair minimal pairs minimal perfect hashing minimal polynomial minimal polynomials minimal psytrance minimal residual method minimal resolution minimal sets minimal spanning tree minimal state minimal state power minimal submanifolds minimal sufficient minimal surface minimal surface equation minimal surfaces minimal techno minimal term rewriting systems minimal triplet minimal vertex cover minimal walking technicolor minimal wave minimalist art minimalist composers minimalist conception of worship minimalist electronic minimalist grammars minimalist music minimalist poets minimalist position minimalist school minimalist sculpture minimalist syntax minimalist theory of truth minimalistic music minimality and the antichain property of stable models minimally coupled minimally embedded minimally invasive minimally invasive cartilage surgery and re-constructions minimally invasive procedure minimally invasive procedures minimally invasive procedurethat minimally invasive surgery minimally invasive surgical procedures minimally packaged minimally processed foods minimax algorithm minimax approximation minimax eversions minimax solution minimax strategy minimax theorem minimax theorems minimax tree minimi digiti minimi digiti muscle minimization problem minimize ground time minimizing collection of data minimizing dictionary minimizing geodesic minimizing the length of time the data is retained minimizing use minimum acceptable price minimum acceptable rate of return minimum age minimum age to purchase alcohol minimum alveolar concentration minimum bactericidal concentration minimum ball minimum bend radius minimum bounding box minimum bounding circle minimum bounding rectangle minimum bounding rectangles minimum central barometric pressure minimum central pressure minimum central pressures minimum contact minimum contacts minimum control speed minimum convex polygon minimum cost circulation problem minimum cost flow problem minimum coverage minimum cut minimum degree minimum descent altitude minimum descent height minimum description length minimum deviation minimum deviation angle minimum distance minimum distance decoding minimum dominating set minimum drinking ages minimum driving age minimum edge cover minimum employment age minimum enclosing ball minimum energy minimum evolution minimum family wage minimum feature size minimum gauge minimum gauge railroad minimum gauge railway minimum gauge railways minimum group paradigm minimum harmonisation minimum inhibitory concentration minimum inhibitory concentrations minimum landing size minimum landing sizes minimum mandatory sentences minimum mass minimum mean square error minimum mean squared error minimum mean-square error minimum mean-square error minimum mean-square error equalizer MMSE equalizer minimum mean-square error MMSE equalizer minimum message length minimum metal minimum metal mine minimum metal mines minimum mode minimum modulus principle minimum motorist ages minimum number of individuals minimum obstacle clearance altitude minimum operational performance standards minimum or maximum minimum participation minimum path cover minimum phase minimum polynomial minimum pressure minimum price minimum prices minimum principle minimum programme minimum punishment minimum purchase age minimum quantity of 25 examples minimum redundancy feature selection minimum requirements minimum risk minimum salary minimum scales minimum security minimum security correctional facility minimum security prison minimum security prisoners minimum sentence minimum sentencing guidelines minimum service standards minimum sink minimum spanning tree minimum spanning trees minimum standards minimum term of service minimum total potential energy principle minimum variance unbiased minimum variance unbiased estimator minimum vertex cover minimum vertex cut minimum viable population minimum viable populations minimum wage minimum wages minimum weight spanning forest minimum-heap property minimum-loss window minimum-security prison minimum-shift keying minimum-variance unbiased estimator minimum-wage job minimus muscle mining accident mining accidents mining camp mining camps mining city mining claim mining claims mining coal mining colony mining community mining companies mining company mining concessions mining consultant mining contractor mining depressions mining disaster mining disasters mining districts mining effect mining engineer