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national gun registry national handball team national havurah movement national health national health care national health care programs national health care system national health insurance national health insurance system national health service national health system national health systems national health-insurance national healthcare systems national heath national heath insurance national heritage national heritage site national hero national heroes national heroine national heros national high school baseball tournaments national high school champion national highway national highway 1 national highway 6 national highway network national highway no 42 national highway number 6 national highway system national highways national historic landmark national historic landmarks national historic site national historic sites national historic trail national historical park national historical sites national history national history honor society national holiday national holidays national honor society national honours national housing boom national human rights institution national human rights institutions national hunt national hunt racing national hymn national ice hockey team national ice hockey teams national icon national identification national identification card national identification cards national identification number national identification numbers national identities national identity national identity card national identity cards national ideologies national ideology national idiom national imperialism national important cultural properties national income national income accounting national income accounts national income and output national income and product accounting national income and product accounts national independence national independence movement national industry national information infrastructure national infrastructure national initiative national innovation systems national insignia national institiutions national institute national institution national insurance national insurance commissioners' organization national insurance contributions national integration national intelligence national intelligence agency national interest national interests national isolation national isolation policy national issues national junior champion national junior curling champion national junior hockey teams national key university national laboratories national laboratory national lakeshore national lakeshores national landmarks national language national languages national law national law on closure times national laws national leader national league national league baseball national league system national leagues national leagues and competitions national legislation national legislature national legislatures national letter of intent national level national liberal national liberalism national liberals national liberation national liberation front national liberation movement national liberation movements national liberation struggles national liberation wars national libraries national library national librarys national life national list national literature national lottery national lottery draw national mace competitionsare national marine conservation area national marine conservation areas national market national market protection national market system plan national media national median national memorial national memorial service national men's national men's championships national men's chess championships national men's team national merit national merit finalists national military and nonmilitary options other than war national military command structure national military government national military park national military parks national miner's strike national minimum wage national ministers national ministry national minorities national minority national missile defense national missile defense system national mission national monarchy national monopolies national monument national monuments national motto national mourning national movement national museum of natural history national museums national music national musical instruments national mysticism national mysticist national myth national mythology national myths national name shops national natural landmark national nature parks national nature reserve national netball championships national network national networks national news national news correspondent national newscast national newspaper national newspapers national nominating convention national nominating conventions national non-league championship national non-profit organization national observation national offensive national oil company national olympic committee national open national open golf championship national opening day national opera national opera company national operations national or domestic product national or international governing body national orchestras national orders national origin national origins quotas national output national ownership national pageant national palaces national paraphernalia national parish national park national park national park passport stamp national park passport stamps national park service national park system national parks national parkway national parkways national parliament national parliaments national parliement national parties national party national party convention national party conventions national party of the same name national passion national patriarch national personification national personifications national pharmaceutical policy national pharmaceuticals policy national plans national plant collection national plant collections national playoff championship national plebiscite national plebiscite on conscription national pledge national plesbicite national police national police director national police force national police forces national policy national political association national political associations national political party national political party committees national politics national polytechnic institutes national pop. national popular vote national postal service national power national preserve national presidential elections national press national pride national primary road national primary roads national primary route national product national production national professional league national programs national prohibition national project national projects national property national prosecution authority national prosperity national protected forests national psychology national public holiday national question national radio national radio service national radio station national radio stations national rail national rail network national rail system national railroad national railroad company national railroad system national railway national railway infrastructure national railway network national railway operator national railway speed acceleration national railway system national railways national ranking national rebirth movement national recognition national reconciliation national record national recreation area national recreation areas national recreation trail national redoubt national referendum national referendum on ratification national registry national regulator's national regulatory authorities national religion national religious national religious holiday national reporting national repository national representation national representative national representatives national research and education network national research and education networks national reserve national reserves national restaurants national retail chains and restaurants national revenue national revival national revivals national revolution national revolutions national road national road 73 national road championship national road numbering scheme national road rules national road system national roads national romantic national romantic ideas national romantic movement national romantic spirit national romanticism national romanticist national route national route 91 national routes national rugby league competition national rugby league team national rugby team national rugby union team national sales tax national sanctuary national satellite providers national scandal national scenery national scenic byway national scheduled language national school national school lunch program national school system national schools national science national screen agencies national seal national seals national seashore national seclusion national seclusion policy national second division national secondary road national secondary roads national secondary school national secondary schools national secret national secretary national securities exchanges national security national security adviser national security advisor national security advisors national security affairs national security and anti-subversion legislation national security apparatus national security council national security councils national security directives national security doctrine national security letter national security letters national security threat level national self-defense national self-determination national semifinals national senator national senior team national sentiment national service national service examination national serviceman national servicemen national services national sevens team national shield national side national singles chart national soccer national soccer championship national soccer stadium national soccer team national socialism national socialist national socialist black metal national softball championships national song national songs national sovereignty national space program national speed limit national spelling bee national squad national stadium national standards national standards bodies national standards body national state national state of emergency national stations national statistics national statistics bureau national status national statutory assessments national stock exchanges national strike national struggle national struggle for independence national subdivision national subdivisions national super cups national superannuation national superiority national support national survey national symbol national symbolism national symbols national syndicalism national syndicalist national syndicalists national syndicate national syndicated programming national syndication national teacher's union national team national team of "Orange" national team's national teamer national teamers national teams national technical means of verification national television national television station national territory national terror national theater national theatre national theatres national time trial national time trial championships national title national title game national titles national tobacco litigation national tombs national top-level domains national tour national tournament national trade union center national trade union centers national trade union centre national trade union centres national training centre national traitor national treasure national treasures national treasures. national treasury national treatment national tree national tricolor national trust national ultraconservative national under-21 national under-21 football team national under-21 team national under-23 team national unification national union national unity national unity government national unity governments national universities national university national university league tables national unversities national uprising national user facility national values national war museum national war of "restoration" national war veteran day national wars national water carrier national wealth national wilderness area national wilderness areas national wildlife park national wildlife refuge national wildlife refuges national women's basketball championship national women's basketball team national women's hockey team national women's open golf championship national women's team national-level government national-religious national-socialist party nationalisation of the coal nationalised era nationalised industries nationalised industry nationalism in sport nationalism studies nationalist activism nationalist and conservative nationalist and leftist forces nationalist community nationalist coup nationalist dictatorship nationalist epic nationalist ethos nationalist flag nationalist group nationalist holidays nationalist ideas nationalist ideology nationalist imaginings nationalist issues nationalist martyrdom nationalist minister nationalist movement nationalist movements nationalist party nationalist policies nationalist political movement nationalist political party nationalist regime nationalist revolt nationalist revolution nationalist revolutionaries nationalist revolutionary nationalist scholarship nationalist security nationalist sentiments nationalist struggle nationalist uprising nationalistic aspects nationalistic music nationalistic nature nationalistic policy nationalistic pride nationalistic principle nationalistic scholarship nationalistic style nationalistic theory nationalities and territories nationalities policies nationality and citizenship nationality code nationality law nationality laws nationality of one of their parents nationality policy nationalization of copper nationalization of electricity nationalization of petroleum nationalization of that industry nationalization reform nationalize electricity nationalized banks nationalized copper nationalized economy nationalized industries nationalized property nationally accredited nationally best-selling novel nationally discussed controversy nationally important nationally ranked single-sex and coeducational private schools nationally rare nationally recognized accrediting agencies nationally recognized accrediting agency nationally scarce nationally syndicated nationally syndicated columnist nationally syndicated talk show nationally televised debates nationally televised game nationally-targeted repressions nationalsocialistic government nations and organizations nations of the nationwide 55 mile per hour speed limit nationwide economic depression nationwide election nationwide elections nationwide immigration reform protests nationwide insurance nationwide offensive nationwide polling nationwide prohibition nationwide raids nationwide railroad strike nationwide railway system nationwide recession nationwide referendum nationwide sentence reductions nationwide student protest nationwide telethon nationwide wave of strikes native aboriginies native american native americans native animals native animals and plants native applications native bees native bird native birds native budworm native bush native capacity native cebuanos native chemical ligation native cluster native code native command queueing native command queuing native conformation native contact native contacts native copper native coronary artery native country native county native crayfish native cucumber native cultures native customary rights native dress native elements native entheogens native ethnology native execution native fertility religion native file compatible formats native file format native fish native flora native folk native folk beliefs native foods native forest native form native format native fuels native gel native gel electrophoresis native grammatical tradition native habitats native history native hunters native image native indian native inhabitants native instructions native insurgency native insurrection native irises native land native land claims native land title native language native language support native language native languages native large ungulate native lead sulfide native legends native library native life-forms native lovemap native machine code native men native metal native millet native mode native mountain pepper native name native oxide native pacemaker native paganism native peach native peartree native pederastic tradition native people native peoples native person native plant native plant gardens native planting native plants native police native population native population is 0.9% native populations native range native reading native red native religion native religions native reservation native reserve native resolution native resolutions native rights native run native schools native scottish native shamanistic native silver native slaves native son native speaker native speakers native speaking native species native spiritualism native state native states native stork native structure native surveyors native title native tongue native tongues native town native traditions native trappers native tribe native tribes native ungulates native vegetation native villages native virtualization native well native whitetail deer native wildlife native woodlands native-born citizen native-born citizens native-language instruction natively compiled languages nativist school nativist theorizing nativist theory nativity play nativity plays nativity scene nativity scenes nativity story natraj sharma natriuretic factors natriuretic peptide receptor nats per second natsume or jujube natterjack toad natterjack toads natura naturans natura naturata natural 1 natural 20 natural abundance natural abundances natural affection natural age advancement natural aid natural amphitheatre natural and artificial flavors natural and cultural heritage natural and human curiosities and rarities natural approach natural arch natural arches natural archs natural archways natural area protected natural aristocracy natural aspiration natural assets natural attenuation natural authority natural background natural beauty natural behaviour natural binary code natural binary codes natural birth control natural bobtail natural bobtails natural bodybuilder natural border natural borders natural born citizen natural born citizenship natural born killer natural boundaries natural boundary element method natural bridge natural bridges natural broadening natural building natural buildings natural burial natural butter flavor natural buyers natural canal natural capital natural capitalism natural casing natural catastrophe natural catastrophes natural causes natural cements natural change natural childbirth natural circular frequency natural circulation natural class natural classes natural clearing natural climate variability natural colors natural communities natural computation natural computing natural condition of mankind natural constraints natural convection natural cover natural cubic spline natural cultural monument natural cures natural daughter natural death natural decrease natural deduction natural deduction calculi natural deduction calculus natural deduction system natural deductive logical systems natural deepwater harbour natural density natural diagonal natural diet natural disaster natural disaster aid natural disaster zone natural disasters natural drainage natural drugs natural duty natural dyes natural dynamo natural echolocation natural economy natural elements natural enemies natural enemy natural environment natural environment park natural environmental natural environments natural equivalence natural equivalences natural events natural evil natural evolution natural experiment natural experiments natural explanations natural exponential families natural exponential family natural facts natural facts and evaluations natural family planning natural farming natural father natural feature natural features natural fermentation natural fertility natural fiber natural fibers natural fibre natural fibres natural filtration natural fish silver natural flavor natural flavors natural flavours natural food natural food stores natural foods natural foods stores natural forces natural forcing agents natural forest natural frequencies natural frequency natural frontiers natural gaits natural gas natural gas and oil exploration natural gas buses natural gas condensate natural gas deposits natural gas distribution natural gas explosion and fire natural gas field natural gas fields natural gas line natural gas liquefaction natural gas liquid natural gas liquids natural gas liquids extraction facilities natural gas or coal-fired power plants natural gas pipeline natural gas pipelines natural gas pipes natural gas processing natural gas processing plant natural gas processing plants natural gas reinjection natural gas reserves natural gas riots natural gas sector natural gas storage natural gas utilities natural gas utility natural gas vehicle natural gas vehicles natural gases natural gasoline natural gender natural geniuses natural geography natural geology natural goodness of humanity natural gradient natural grapefruit natural graphite natural grass natural gross domestic product natural group natural growth natural guardian natural gum natural gums natural gut natural habitat natural habitats natural hair natural hair texture natural hairstyles natural harbor natural harbors natural harbour natural harbours natural harmonics natural hat trick natural hazard natural hazards natural healing natural healing power natural health natural health care natural heat convection natural heritage natural hexachord natural hierarchy natural historian natural historians natural historical natural histories natural history natural history film natural history group natural history museum natural history museums natural history of disease natural history study natural homomorphism natural horn natural horns natural horsemanship natural host natural hot spring natural human languages natural human rights natural hybrid natural hygiene natural immunity natural increase natural increase rate natural insecticide natural instincts natural iron natural island natural isomorphism natural isomorphisms natural join natural jurisprudence natural justice natural key natural keyboard natural killer natural killer natural killer natural killer cells NK cells natural killer NK cells natural killer cell natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity natural killer cells natural killer lymphocytes natural kind natural kinds natural knowledge natural landmark natural landscape natural landscapes natural landscaping natural language natural language and computation natural language generation natural language generator natural language parsing natural language process natural language processing natural language semantics natural language understanding natural languages natural law natural law theory natural law tradition natural laws natural lawyer natural leaven natural levee natural levees natural life forms natural lifetime natural light natural lighting natural limestone arch natural linewidth natural log natural logarithm natural logarithm integral condition natural logarithmic constant natural logarithms natural logs natural love natural lubrication natural magic natural map natural material natural materials natural meaning natural medicine natural medicines natural minor natural minor scale natural minor scales natural monopolies natural monopoly natural monument natural monuments natural moons natural moral law natural moustache natural mummies natural mummification natural nuclear fission reactor natural nuclear fission reactors natural nuclear reactor natural number natural number 1 natural number object natural numbers natural nutrition natural occurrences natural oil polyols natural oils natural operator natural or lifetime broadening natural or scientific laws natural order natural order hypothesis natural ordering natural organisms natural pacemaker natural parameter natural parameters natural parametrization natural park natural parks natural person natural personal care manufacturers natural persons natural phenomena natural phenomenon natural philosopher natural philosophers natural philosophies natural philosophy natural physical environment natural pigment natural poet natural poisons natural predators natural preserve natural price natural prices natural principles of justice natural process variation natural processes natural processes of bacteria, plants, and animals natural product natural product chemistry natural product drug discovery natural products natural products chemistry natural products industry natural proof natural proofs natural protection natural radioactivity natural rate natural rate of unemployment natural rate theory natural reactor natural reason natural regeneration natural region natural regional monopolies natural regions natural religion natural remedies natural representation natural reserve natural reserves natural reservoir natural reservoirs natural resonance frequency natural resource natural resource conservation natural resource depletion natural resource economics natural resource extraction natural resource law natural resource management natural resource taxes natural resources natural resources consumption tax natural response natural right natural rights natural rock arches natural rubber natural sandstone arches natural satellite natural satellites natural science natural sciences natural sciences tripos natural scientific natural scientist natural scientists natural selection natural selection in terms of the underlying genetic processes natural selection's natural self-sustaining nuclear chain reactions natural shoulder natural sign natural sines natural societies natural son natural sounds natural source natural sources natural spectral linewidth natural speech natural spirituality natural sponges natural spring natural springs natural state natural statistics natural stone arches natural stone bridges natural stone-bridge natural structures natural style natural subsoil natural succession natural sugar natural sum and natural product natural susceptibility natural system natural systems natural theist natural theologian natural theological natural theology natural therapies natural therapy natural top natural track luger natural trade natural transformation natural transformations natural treasure natural treasures natural trumpet natural trumpets natural turf natural unit natural unit system natural units natural uranium natural variables natural vegetation natural ventilation natural ventilation and cooling system natural village natural water natural water polishing natural watercourse natural wonder natural world natural zones natural-born citizen natural-born citizens natural-born citizenship natural-language processing natural-language understanding natural-law argument natural-surface trail naturalised citizens naturalism in epistemology naturalism in ethics naturalism in legal philosophy naturalism in philosophy of science naturalism in social science naturalism literature naturalist painting naturalist pluralism naturalist writer naturalistic acting naturalistic decision making naturalistic epistemologists naturalistic epistemology naturalistic fallacy naturalistic methods naturalistic observation naturalistic pantheism naturalistic philosophy naturalistic spirituality naturalistic thinking naturalistic world-view naturalization process naturalized citizen naturalized citizens naturalized citizenship naturalized epistemology naturalized parrots naturalized philosophy of science naturalized species naturally "kinky" hair naturally aspirated naturally aspirated engines naturally bobtailed naturally distributed naturally equivalent naturally fermented naturally grown naturally isomorphic naturally more salient naturally occurring naturally occurring experiments naturally occurring fires naturally occurring hot springs naturally occurring retirement community naturally raised naturally refrigerated naturally rounded naturally selected naturally undergoes naturally-aspirated engine naturally-aspirated engines naturally-occurring asbestos naturally-occurring event naturally-occurring retirement community naturan monument nature and art nature and convention nature and nurture nature artist nature center nature centers nature conservation nature conservation group nature conservation value nature cure nature cures nature documentaries nature documentary nature educationalist nature experience programs nature fakers nature god nature gods nature has assigned nature monuments nature narratives nature of a fundamental particle nature of authorship nature of humanity nature of knowledge nature of law nature of man nature of mathematics nature of reality nature of scientific revolutions nature of sport nature of the mind nature of things nature of work nature or environment nature park nature parks nature philosophy nature photographer nature photography nature photos nature poet nature preservation nature preserve nature preserves nature printing nature recreation area nature red in tooth and claw nature reserve nature reserves nature resort nature show nature spirit nature spirits nature study nature trail nature trails nature versus environment nature versus nurture nature vs nurture nature worshippers nature writer nature writers nature writing nature writings nature-based tourism nature-deficit disorder nature-nurture debate naturist beach naturist beaches naturist sunbathing areas naturopathic doctor naturopathic medicine naturopathic physician naturopathic therapy naturopathic treatment natya karanas natya yoga naught duck naughts and crosses naughty chair naughty nurse naughty nurse themes nautch girls nautical almanac nautical almanacs nautical archaeological survey nautical archaeology nautical atlases nautical capstans nautical chart