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one year and one day one year earlier one year gap one year jump one year later one year old one year thence one-China policy one-China principle one-act play one-act play of the same name one-act plays one-arm bandits one-arm cartwheels one-armed bandit one-armed man one-back offense one-banana problem one-bar facemask one-based indexing one-celled organisms one-cent coin one-cent piece one-child policy one-city one-church one-click functionality one-click hosting one-click hostings one-copy serializability one-cylinder engine one-day competition one-day cricket one-day game one-day games one-day international one-day international cricket one-day international games one-day international matches one-day international series one-day internationals one-day match one-day matches one-day player one-day series one-day series of bombings one-day triangular one-dollar bill one-dollar bills one-drop rule one-drop theory one-electron bond one-electron ions one-electron oxidation one-electron reduction one-electron reductions one-eyed cat one-eyed jack one-eyed jacks one-eyed men one-eyed monsters one-eyed royals one-fifth of the the city one-fingered gesture one-fingered salute one-fingered salute to a camera one-foot axel one-foot axel jump one-game playoff one-game regular season playoff matchup one-handed bulldog one-handed chokeslam one-handed event one-handed manual alphabet one-handed tapping one-hit wonder one-hit wonders one-horned rhinoceros one-horse shay one-hour photo processing lab one-hour talk show one-hundred thousand one-in-five year one-lane road one-legged moonsault one-line diagram one-liner joke one-liner jokes one-liner program one-liner programs one-loop diagram one-loop diagrams one-loop effect one-loop order one-make car enthusiast clubs one-make racing one-man band one-man bands one-man con-chair-to one-man play one-man rule one-man show one-man show of the same name one-man shows one-man torpedo one-many problem one-minute silence one-minute warning one-name studies one-name study one-night stand one-night stand on an airplane one-night stands one-octave mouth organ one-off adaption one-off characters one-off houses one-off housing one-off installments one-off television film one-off television movie one-on-one battle one-on-one fighter one-on-one fighting one-on-one interviews one-one correspondence one-one reducible one-over-many problem one-over-one bids one-parameter family one-parameter group one-parameter groups one-parameter semigroup one-parameter semigroups one-parameter subgroup one-parameter subgroups one-parent families one-part code one-party dictatorship one-party government one-party parliament one-party participatory democracy one-party political system one-party regime one-party rule one-party state one-party states one-party system one-pass compiler one-person stage show one-piece garments one-piece suits one-piece swimsuit one-piece swimsuits one-place studies one-place study one-platform blade cores one-point basis one-point compactification one-point crossover one-point font one-point pincer one-pot chemical reaction one-pot reaction one-pot synthesis one-quarter wave-length one-rhyme system one-riddim albums one-ring circuses one-ring fraud one-room public school one-room school one-room school house one-room school houses one-room schoolhouse one-room schoolhouses one-room schools one-share plow one-shot comic one-shot comic book one-shot comic books one-shot comics one-shot stop one-sided ideal one-sided inverse one-sided limit one-sided limits one-sided overhand bend one-sided shift one-sixtieth the cost one-sorted structure one-spot puller one-state solution one-step machines one-step recipe sauce one-stop pull one-stop push one-suit squeezed one-switch games one-tailed test one-tenth of the year one-time code one-time encounters one-time keys one-time meetings or symposia one-time pad one-time pads one-time password one-time passwords one-time price one-time programmable one-time tape one-time tokens one-to-a market one-to-one one-to-one communication one-to-one correspondence one-to-one correspondences one-to-one function one-to-one functions one-to-one laptop initiative one-to-one map one-to-one marketing one-to-one relation one-two combo one-two punch one-volume editions one-wall handball one-way bet one-way clutch one-way clutches one-way compression function one-way couplet one-way deck one-way function one-way functions one-way hash function one-way hash functions one-way hashing one-way mirror one-way mirrors one-way pair one-way pairs one-way permutation one-way permutations one-way property one-way quantum computer one-way reduction sentence one-way road one-way stator clutch one-way street one-way streets one-way system one-way traffic one-way traffic of people one-way transmission one-way trunks one-way valve one-way valves one-wheeled balancing vehicle one-wicket victory one-wicket win one-woman shows one-world government one-world system one-year moratorium onedotzero festival onedotzero industries onefin skate oneiric "dream art" oneiric moments oneness of humanity oneness of humankind oneness of religion ones complement ones made of latex ones place onesided livebearers ongoing anime ongoing anti-government protests ongoing bombing ongoing boundary dispute ongoing brain processes ongoing campaign ongoing career in film and television ongoing civil war ongoing conflict ongoing contraceptive method ongoing controversy ongoing crackdown ongoing crisis ongoing debate about drug prohibition ongoing development ongoing discussion ongoing dispute ongoing dispute regarding its length ongoing drought ongoing education ongoing efforts to expand its membership ongoing espionage controversy ongoing feud ongoing insurgency ongoing lockout ongoing phage meetings ongoing political turmoil ongoing protests ongoing public feud ongoing series ongoing sex abuse scandal ongoing tectonic collision ongoing tension between the two countries ongoing theological dispute ongoing violence ongoing war ongoing writer's strike onigiri rice balls onion domes bulbous domes onion bulbous domes onion bhaji onion bhajis onion blossoms onion dome onion domed onion domes onion gravy onion greens onion powder onion relishes onion ring onion rings onion routers onion routing onion salt onion sets onion skinning onion soup onion street onion strings onion-shaped domes onium compound onium compounds onium ion onium salts online academic databases online academic journals online access online activities online ads online advertising online album online algorithm online algorithms online alias online analytical processing online animated series online application online art gallery online artistic community online assessment online assets online atlas online auction online auction business model online auction payment service online auction site online auction sites online auctions online availability online backup tool online banking online banks online behaviors online betting online bibliographic database online billing online bingo online blog online book online book marketplaces online bookmaking application online broadcasting online bulletin board online campus online capability online casino online casinos online catalog online catalogs online chat online chat based role-playing game online chats online chatting online cheating online check online chess online child predators online classes online college online colleges online comic online comic strip online comics online communication online communities online community online company online component online computer game online computer games online computer role-playing game online conferencing online consultation online counseling online course online courses online creation online culture online database online databases online dating online dating service online dating services online degree online degree providers online degrees online deliberation online department store online desktop online diaries online diary online dictionary online directories online directory online discourse environment online discourse environments online discussion online discussion boards online discussion forum online discussion forums online discussion-forum online discussions online dispute resolution online distribution online dvd rental online edited online editing online education online educational programs online encyclopedia online encyclopedias online entertainment online exhibitor manual online facilitation online file sharing online file storage online flower delivery online focus groups online food ordering online forum online forum or message board online forums online fundraising online galleries online gambling online game online game industry online games online gaming online gaming clans online gaming community online gaming site online general-interest book databases online greeting card online grocer online grocery 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role-playing games online thesaurus online trading online trading community online training online transaction processing online transaction processing online transaction processing system online transactions online tutorials online universities online university online users online version online video online video games online video gaming online videos online voting online wargames online world online zine online-only magazine online-only newspaper online-only strip onlines forums only 2% only 27 students to have retained his powers only 27 students with their powers only 4 days after it had begun only 56 colours only a few students to maintain his powers only a year later only about half this efficiency only airport only album only applied to new structures only armoured regiment only assembly plant in the world only by those who have been ordained by others only child only comparable skyscraper only crash only diplomacy had been able to push back the invaders only election only extant species of wild horse only female governor only five states only following orders only for an Ünderland soldier to interfere only for male students only for women only forces permitted only from financial need only goes up to 10 only half of his face shown only height to distinguish vowels only hit song only in the present only interested in themselves only lawful good monster only legal political party only major hit only major military setback only novel only occurrence only on odd-numbered days only one only one exception only one name only one season only one who had the courage to betray him only opponent on the ballot only other tunnel only prior series only retail store allowed to sell alcoholic beverages only spoken only sport estate only subway station only survivor only survivor left only the black-and-white version survives only three only to find themselves surrounded only used by males only vice presidential debate only wartime aircraft-dropped bombing onmyōdō magic onna bugeisha onomastics practices onomatopoeic word onomatopoetic words onroad assistance operators onsen geisha onsen 温泉 onset and releases onset detection onset of action onshore outsourcing onside kick onside kicks onsides kick onsite potential disorder onstage music performance onto anthills onto function onto the bit onto the knee onto the retinas ontogenetic realization of categorization ontogenetic variation ontogenic evolution ontogeny and phylogeny ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny ontogeny recapitulating phylogeny ontological and theological notions of perfection ontological argument ontological arguments ontological asymmetry ontological commitment ontological dependence ontological difference ontological dualism ontological entities ontological faith ontological materialism ontological metaphor ontological nature ontological paradox ontological platform ontological primitives ontological priority ontological proof ontological reductionism ontological relativity ontological security ontological significance ontological solipsism ontological status ontological supernaturalism ontological supernaturalist ontologically reductionist ontologically subjective computer science ontology and information science ontology and metadata technologies ontology based data integration ontology chart ontology editor ontology engineering ontology language ontology languages ontology learning ontology management ontology mapping ontology matching ontology merging ontology registry ontology representation ontology representation language onus of proof onus probandi oo discs oocyte cryopreservation oocyte maturation oolitic limestone oolitic sand oolong tea oolong teas oopu nakea op amp op amps op cit op code op codes op ed op shops op-amp current-to-voltage converter op-amp inverting amplifier op-amp voltage-to-current converter op-ed column op-ed page op-ed section opacity and transparency opacity channel opal stop codon opalescent glass opaque china opaque construction opaque context opaque contexts opaque data structures opaque object opaque pebblesnail opaque pointer opatowski county opcode caches opcode mnemonic opee sea killer opee sea killers open academic institution open access open access open access journal open access journals open access land open access operator open access polls open access publishing open access resources open access scientific publishing open addressing open admissions open adoption open adoptions open affine open affine subvariety open agreements open air open air amphitheatres open air arena open air bath open air concert open air concerts open air festival open air markets open air museum open air museums open air pool open air preaching open air theatre open all the time open and affirming open and closed maps open and closed thought open and distance learning open architecture open archive open archives open areas open art exhibition open atrium open audition open auditions open back banjo open back rounded ɒ open back rounded vowel open back unrounded vowel open ball open ballot open balls open bar open beta open beta testing open billed stork open biopsy open bite open block open boat open bolt open book open book decomposition open borders open bow open break open break to natural top open bridge open broiler open canon of scripture open canopies open canopy open captioning open carriages open carry open cast open cast mine open cast mines open cast mining open cast quarry open casting call open catalogue open catalogues open category open caucus open central unrounded open central unrounded vowel open central vowel open chain open chairs open championship open channel block open channel flow open chord open circuit open circuit voltage open circulation open circulatory system open circulatory systems open cities open city open ckt open class open class word open class words open classroom open classroom movement open classrooms open cluster open clusters open coil open colectomy open collector open combat open communication open communion open competition open concept open configuration open confinement open constituencies open constituency open container open container law open container laws open containers open contempt for militarism open content open content film open contracts open country open court open cover open covering open covers open crank engines open cross open crown open custody open cut open cut method open cut mine open cut mining open cut pit open cuts open cycle open cylinders open dance figure open data open day open debate open design open dialing plan open dialling plan open diapason open differential open directories open disc open discs open disk open domain open door open door policy open double sink open drain open economies open economy open educational resources open elections open electorates open elements open end open end spinning open ended open ended play open ended question open ending open enrollment open era open evangelical open extension topology open face open face sandwich open faced open faced sandwich open farm open fault open fetal surgery open fiber control open field open field battle open field system open fields open fields doctrine open fifths open file open file formats open files open financial system open fire open fires open flames open flowers open flutes open fly open forest open forests open form open format open formats open formula open forum open fracture open fractured open fractures open front rounded vowel open front unrounded open front unrounded open front unrounded vowel open functions open game open games open gaming open gaming license open gearing open golf tournament open government open grate open guard open habitat open hand drumming open hand slaps open handed open handed drumming open handed playing open hardware open hatch bulk carriers open hatch ships open heart open heart operation open heart sugery open heart surgeries open heart surgery open heart surgical open heart transplant open hearth open hearth furnace open hearth furnaces open hearth process open hearth steel furnace open hearths open heath furnaces open hoppers open hostilities open hosts open house community open houses open housing open immersion open immersions open immigration open industry standard open innovation open inquiry open interest open interval open intervals open kinetic chain exercises open label study open language implementations open learning open letter open letters open lineage family open loop open loop control open loop power control open mail relay open mail relays open manifold open map open mapping open mapping theorem open maps open market open market operation open market operations open marketplace open markets open marriage open marriage acceptance open marriages open matte open meandric number open meeting open meetings open memorandum open mic open mic nights open mics open mike open mike night open mikes open mind open mines doctrine open music open neighborhood open neighborhoods open neighbourhood open o open ocean open order open outcry open party open party infighting open patent open perils open piloting open pit open pit iron mine open pit mine open pit mines open pit mining open pits open plan open plan offices open platform approach open platform architecture open pneumothorax open politics open politics in force open pollinated open pollination open pond system open porosity open port open portion open ports open position open positions open pretzel open primaries open primary open prison open prisons open problem open problems open programming standards open protocols open proxies open proxy open public records laws open publishing open quantum system open quantum systems open question open question argument open questions open range open range laws open ranges open rate open rates open reading frame open reading frames open rebellion open records law open reduction and internal fixation open reel open reel tapes open reels open region open relationship open relationships open relay open rescue open rescues open road race open road tolling open roasting open roda open sandwich open school project open science open scoring open sea open seat open seats open secret open sentence open sentences open sesame open set open sets open sexuality open shell open shingle open shop open shops open shortest path first open sight open sights open sink open skies open skies agreement open skies agreements open sky open sky agreements open societies open society open software standards open sore open sores open source open source open source materials OSINT materials open source OSINT materials open source open source application open source applications open source browser open source campaign open source car project open source code open source community open source culture open source curriculum open source definition open source design open source development model open source development models open source evangelism open source evangelist open source film open source games open source governance open source hardware open source information open source intelligence open source intelligence services open source intelligence softwares open source journalism open source licence open source licences open source license open source licenses open source movement open source movie open source politics open source program open source projects open source record label open source religion open source software open source software development open source software license open source versions open sourcebased open sourced open sources open sources of information open sourcing open space open space conference open space conferences open space meetings open spaces open spaces in the area open spandrel open specification open spectrum open spots open stack open stacks open stage open stakes open stance open standard open standards open star cluster open star clusters open statement open stope mining techniques open string open strings open stroke open subset open subsets open subspace open surgery open syllable open syllables open system open system of trade open systems open systems adapter open systems architecture open systems architectures open systems interconnection open taping policy open tender open tennis open texture open the emergency brake pipe tap open the innings open the source open theatre open theism open thought open ticket system open time open to editing by anyone open to the public open toll collection open top strip mining open tourer open tournament open town meeting open trademark open trial open tube open tuning open tunings open unit disc open unit disk open universe open universities open university open unsink open up their relationship to sex with others open verdict open vestries open voicing open vote open vowel open vowels open warfare open warfare between miners and mine owners open water open water swim open water swimmer open water swimming open web girders open wheel open wheel auto racing open wheel car open wheel cars open wheel racers open wheel racing open wheel racing cars open wheeled open wheeler open wheelers open wire open woodland open word class open word classes open work open world open world assumption open wound open- and closed-end funds open-access property rights open-access publishing open-access railways open-air baseball stadium open-air concert open-air concerts open-air exhibition open-air facility open-air festival open-air homilies open-air ministry open-air museum open-air museums open-air preaching open-air section open-air sermon open-air steel bridge open-air theatre open-air theatres open-angle glaucoma open-billed storks open-book management open-cast mine open-cast mines open-cast mining open-cell foam open-circuit aqualungs open-circuit scuba open-circuit scuba set open-circuit test open-circuit voltage