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parental responsibility rights parental rights parental skills parental supervision parental violence parentally alienated parenteral administration parenteral nutrition parenteral route of administration parenteral therapy parenthetical citation parenthetical citations parenthood relationships parenting education center parenting orders parenting role parenting schedule parenting styles parenting time parents be contacted parents evening pares curiae pareto chart pareto charts pareto efficient pareto frontier pareto optimal pareto optimality parhelic circle pari passu pari-mutuel betting pari-mutuel bettors pariah dog pariah dogs paries jugularis parietal cells oxyntic cells parietal oxyntic cells parietal art parietal bone parietal bones parietal branch parietal branch of superficial temporal artery parietal callus parietal callusing parietal cell parietal cells parietal cells oxyntic cells parietal convolution parietal cortex parietal eminence parietal eminences parietal eye parietal foramen parietal foramina parietal glands parietal lamina parietal layer parietal lobe parietal lobes parietal lobule parietal lymph glands parietal notch parietal organ parietal part parietal pericardium parietal peritoneum parietal plates parietal pleura parietal pleural parietal portion of parietal region parietal scale parietal scales parietal stalk parietalis inferior parieto-frontal intelligence theory parieto-occipital junction cortex parieto-occipital sulcus parietomastoid suture parietooccipital fissure parietoöccipital fissure parijata tree parimutuel bet parimutuel betting parimutuel gambling parimutuel wagering paring knife pariochial elementary school paris match paris quadrifolia parish and community councils parish assembly parish associates parish baptism registers parish chronicle parish chuch parish church parish churches parish clerk parish clerks parish close parish concursus parish constables parish council parish councillers parish councillor parish councils parish district parish gentry parish grouping parish hall parish meeting parish meetings parish minister parish missions parish municipalities parish municipality parish or town council parish or town elections parish pastor parish pastoral councils parish presidents parish priest parish priests parish pump parish rate parish records parish register parish registers parish school parish schools parish seat parish surveyors parish wards parishad vartha parishional church parity anomaly parity automata parity automaton parity bit parity bits parity check parity check bit parity checking parity data parity function parity games parity generator parity inversion parity is not a symmetry parity laws parity nonconservation parity of a function parity of esteem parity of reasons parity problem parity progression ratios parity symmetry parity track parity transformation parity violating effects parity violation parity-check matrix park & ride park and ride park and ride lot park and rides park assistant park bench park benches park commissioner park concession park connector park connectors park drag park effects park factor park factors park flyer park flyers park golf park guest was killed park homes park land park management park named after him park of special historic interest park of the same name park police park ranger park rangers park reserve park service park systems park tundra parka fetish parked domain parkeol acetate parking area parking areas parking attendant parking attendants parking building parking cameras parking citations parking codes parking complex parking deck parking decks parking facilities parking fee controversy parking fees parking garage parking garages parking guidance and information parking hall parking inspector parking lamps, brake lamps and turn signals parking lights parking lot parking lots parking meter parking meters parking orbit parking page parking pass parking pawl parking ramp parking ramps parking restrictions parking sensors parking space parking spaces parking spot parking structure parking structures parking ticket parking tickets parking valet parking valet driver parking violation parking violations parkland savanna parks act parks and bike trails parks and gardens parks and open spaces parks and parkways system parks and public lands parks and recreation parks system parkur prances parkway systems parlay or accumulator parlementair kabinet parlementarisme rationalisé parliament building parliament buildings parliament constituency parliament election parliament elections parliament elections later this year parliament house parliament in exile parliament member parliament of parliament of birds parliament speaker parliamentarian democracy parliamentarian elections parliamentarian president parliamentarians voting not to grant full powers parliamentary actions parliamentary acts parliamentary affairs parliamentary assemblies parliamentary assembly parliamentary assistant parliamentary assistants parliamentary authorities parliamentary authority parliamentary bill parliamentary body parliamentary borough parliamentary boroughs parliamentary burgh parliamentary burghs parliamentary by-election parliamentary candidate parliamentary caucus parliamentary chambers parliamentary clubs parliamentary coalitions parliamentary committee parliamentary committees parliamentary complex parliamentary confidence parliamentary consituency parliamentary constituencies parliamentary constituency parliamentary coup d'état parliamentary crisis parliamentary critic parliamentary debate parliamentary democracies parliamentary democracy parliamentary democratic parliamentary dictatorship parliamentary dissolution parliamentary district parliamentary districts parliamentary division parliamentary election parliamentary elections parliamentary elections later in that year parliamentary elections were held parliamentary elections. parliamentary emigration commission parliamentary enclosure parliamentary enclosures parliamentary forces parliamentary form parliamentary form of government parliamentary government parliamentary governments parliamentary group parliamentary group in the parliamentary group leader parliamentary groups parliamentary history parliamentary immunity parliamentary inquiries parliamentary inquiry parliamentary instability parliamentary joint committee parliamentary law parliamentary leader parliamentary leadership parliamentary majority parliamentary members parliamentary methods and procedure parliamentary monarchies parliamentary monarchy parliamentary motion parliamentary opposition parliamentary page parliamentary pages parliamentary parties parliamentary party parliamentary party's chair parliamentary peers parliamentary petition parliamentary politics parliamentary polls parliamentary practice parliamentary prayer group parliamentary precinct parliamentary principle parliamentary principles parliamentary private secretary parliamentary privilege parliamentary privileges parliamentary procedure parliamentary procedures parliamentary proceedings parliamentary process parliamentary questions parliamentary reading parliamentary reform parliamentary regime parliamentary reporter parliamentary republic parliamentary republics parliamentary responsibility parliamentary seat parliamentary seats parliamentary secretarial parliamentary secretaries parliamentary secretary parliamentary select committee parliamentary session parliamentary sessions parliamentary sovereignty parliamentary speaker parliamentary stages parliamentary state elections parliamentary style parliamentary supremacy parliamentary system parliamentary system of government parliamentary systems parliamentary train parliamentary triangle parliamentary union parliamentary unstability parliamentary whip parliamentary-presidential democracy parliametary election parliametnary election parlimentary device parlimentary republic parlor car parlor cars parlor coach parlor coaches parlor game parlor games parlor magic parlor microscopists parlor music parlor song parlor songs parlor trick parlour ballads parlour game parlour games parlour music parlour songs parma ham parma violet parma wallabies parma wallaby parmesan cheese parmigiano reggiano parnaparin sodium parnassius apollo parochial boards parochial church parochial church council parochial churches parochial elementary and high schools parochial high school parochial house parochial school parochial school system parochial schools parochial vicar parodied on parody advertisement parody advertisements parody film parody films parody mass parody masses parody movie parody movies parody music parody of it parody of itself parody of the commercial parody of this advert parody or spoof film parody procedure parody religion parody religions parody science parody show parody sketch parody skit of the making of the song parody song parody songs parody trailer parody version parol evidence parol evidence rule parole board parole officer parole officers parole violation parolees are parolfactory area parolfactory area of paroral membrane parotid bed parotid branches parotid duct parotid gland parotid glands parotid papilla parotid salivary gland parotid sheath parotid veins parotideomasseteric fascia parotoid gland parotoid glands paroxetine hydrochloride paroxysmal atrial fibrillation paroxysmal attacks paroxysmal depolarizing shift paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria paroxysmal supraventricular paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia parquet floor parquet flooring parquet floors parras characodon parrel beads parroquias rurales parroquias urbanas parrot cichlids parrot fashion parrot fish parrot fishes parrot goby parrot group parrot order parrot snake parrott rifle parrying attacks pars basilaris pars basilaris pontis pars ciliaris pars ciliaris retinae pars compacta pars distalis pars dorsalis pontis pars esaughageal pars flaccida pars interarticularis pars intermedia pars iridica retinae pars lateralis pars mamillaris hypothalami pars medialis pars nervosa pars olfactoria pars opercularis pars optica hypothalami pars orbitalis pars palpebralis pars plana pars planitis pars pro toto pars tensa pars triangularis pars tuberalis parse graph parse graphs parse reranking parse string parse strings parse table parse tables parse tree parse trees parse upper arg parse upper pull parser generator parser generators parshuram sharma parsi cola parsimonious explanation parsing algorithms parsing expression grammar parsing expression grammars parsing tables parsing techniques parsing the player's text input parsley family parsley root parsley sauce parsley seed parsnip yellow fleck virus part 1 part 10 part 11 part 12 part 13 part 14 part 15 part 16 part 17 part 18 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 68 part 7 part 8 part 9 part exchange part numbers part of part of a person's soul part of a storyline part of base of skull part of fortune part of frontal bone part of its name part of lateral ventricle part of occipital bone part of palatine bone part of parotid part of pelvic fascia part of pharynx part of speech part of speech tagger part of speech tagging part of stomach part of the auditorium of a theatre part of the council part of their religion part of which part one part per million part per thousand part per trillion part performance part score part song part songs part the waters part time part time job part two part writing part-human animals part-of-speech tagger part-of-speech tagging part-of-speech tags part-time job part-time jobs part-time lecturers part-time model part-time work part-whole paradox part-whole relationship partaking of the cup parted per fess parted per pale parted ways partenariat enregistré, eingetragene partnerschaft parterre box parterres en broderie parthenogenetic implant parthenogenetic process parti bleu parti canadien parti colonial parti communiste parti légitimiste parti patriote parti rouge parti-coloured bat partial agonism partial agonist partial agonists partial algebra partial algorithm partial allocation partial androgen insensitivity syndrome partial approximation partial area metering partial atomic charges partial autocorrelation partial belief partial birth abortion partial birth abortions partial bloc voting partial block vote partial block voting partial breast exposure partial capo partial cause partial charge partial charges partial cloverleaf partial cloverleaf interchange partial coherence factor partial colouring lemma partial computable function partial computable functions partial conquest partial conversion partial correctness partial cube partial cultural liberalization partial cystectomy partial defense partial deregulation of the labour market partial derivative partial derivatives partial difference equations partial differential partial differential eigenvalue equation partial differential equation partial differential equation theory partial differential equations partial differential equations partial differential operator partial differential operators partial differential relations partial differentiation partial discharge partial discharges partial disclaimer partial dispersion partial eclipse partial elasticity of substitution partial election partial equilibrium partial equivalence relation partial evaluation partial fraction partial fraction decomposition partial fraction expansion partial fractions partial fractions in integration partial function partial functions partial geometries partial geometry partial hepatectomy partial heterochromia partial hospitalization partial hydrogenation partial independence partial indulgence partial information partial inverse partial isometries partial isometry partial laryngectomy partial leading edge slot partial least squares partial linear space partial list partial loading partial loss of consciousness partial loss of hearing partial mastectomy partial melting partial migrant partial molar volume partial moments partial nephrectomy partial neutralization of inertia partial nuclear test ban treaty partial nudity partial objects partial observance partial ocular albinism partial oophorectomy partial operation partial operations partial or total loss partial order partial order dimension partial order reduction partial ordering partial ordering on lock acquisition partial ordering relation partial orders partial oxygen pressure partial performance partial pivoting partial plans partial pre-order partial preliminary results partial pressure partial pressures partial preterism partial preterists partial privatization plan partial recursive function partial recursive functions partial redundancy elimination partial reflector partial remission partial response partial right-side paralysis partial safety factor partial salinity units partial scan partial seizures partial sight in one eye partial specific volume partial sum partial summary judgment partial sums partial symmetries partial template specialization partial terracing collapse partial test ban treaty partial thromboplastin time partial thyroidectomy partial tone continuum partial tones partial trace partial transcript of the meeting partial transformation partial transparency partial trisomies partial trisomy partial type partial types partial vacuum partial values partial veil partial veils partial virtualization partial wave expansion partial weight transfer partial zero-emissions vehicle partial zero-emissions vehicles partial-birth abortion partial-birth abortions partial-fraction expansion partial-onset epilepsy partial-onset seizures partially "unseen" partially "unseen" humans partially breaks down partially charged partially coherent partially complementary partially connected mesh partially decidable partially decidable problem partially defined partially defined isometry partially dynamic graph problem partially evaluated partially floated partially formed foetuses partially guyed tower partially guyed towers partially hearing partially hydrogenated partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil partially hydrogenated vegetable oils partially implicit partially improvised partially inverted refiners syrup partially mapped crossover partially migratory partially nude partially order partially ordered partially ordered abelian group partially ordered set partially ordered sets partially orders partially persistent data structure partially recalled partially seen character partially selective schools partially shut down partially transparent partially tritiated water partially voiced partially-controlled access partially-seen character partible inheritance partible or divisible inheritance partible paternity participant evolution participant exchanges participant observation participant observer participant observers participants would dance participate in parliamentary elections participate in war participated in the election participating in and observing participating nations participating policy decision making participation constraint participation constraints participation criterion participation dance participation exemption participation in decisions participation interests participation numbers participation principle participation rate participation television channel participative democracy participative management participative media participatory action research participatory approaches participatory broadcasting participatory control by the ranks at their workplace participatory culture participatory decision making participatory decision-making participatory democracy participatory design participatory development communication participatory economics participatory government participatory journalism participatory justice participatory management participatory media participatory methods of research participatory organization participatory planning participatory politics participatory research participatory rights participatory rural appraisal participatory systems participatory technology development participatory theatre participatory universe participatory video participe passé participial modifiers participial nominalization participle form particle acceleration particle acceleration method particle accelerator particle accelerators particle aggregation particle amplitude particle astrophysics particle beam particle beam cooling particle beam weapon particle beam weaponry particle beam weapons particle beams particle board particle boards particle cannon particle cannons particle cascades particle collider particle colliders particle collision experiments particle concentration particle counter particle density particle detector particle detectors particle diffusion particle diffusion equation particle displacement particle dynamics particle effects particle energy particle entanglement particle field particle filter particle filter degeneracy particle filters particle filtration particle gas dynamics particle gun particle horizon particle horizons particle identification particle image velocimetry particle in a 1-dimensional box particle in a box particle in a one-dimensional lattice periodic potential particle in a ring particle in a spherically symmetric potential particle in cell particle induced x-ray emission particle interactions particle jets particle mechanics particle mesh particle names particle number particle number operator particle number operators particle numbers particle pairs particle physicist particle physicists particle physicists' particle physics particle physics and representation theory particle physics foundation ontology particle physics phenomenology particle projection cannon particle projection cannons particle radiation particle resonant states particle shields particle shower particle showers particle size particle size particle size grain size particle size analysis particle size distribution particle size distributions particle spin particle statistics particle swarm particle swarm optimization particle system particle systems particle technology particle theories particle theory particle theory of light particle therapy particle tracking velocimetry particle transport particle uplink cannon particle velocity particle velocity level particle zoo particle-antiparticle pairs particle-antiparticle symmetry particle-particle mesh particle-size line broadening particle-wave duality particles bouncing in one dimensional box particles in a box particles in the air particles of light particular affirmative particular and definite particular church particular churches particular councils particular cycle of chords particular date particular diocese particular eastern rite church particular judgement particular judgment particular negative particular point topology particular proposition particular redemption particular redemptionists particular sects particular solution particular values at the half-integers particularly brutal free speech fight particularly brutal repression of a miners' strike particularly damaging tornadoes particularly dangerous situation particularly high particulars and non-particulars particulate and wave-form properties particulate emissions particulate filter particulate filter system particulate filters particulate health effects particulate inheritance particulate inheritance theory particulate mask particulate matter particulate matters particulate nature of inheritance particulate solids particulates from diesel vehicles particule de noblesse partido alto partido fernandista partido judicial partido político parting and inquartation parting gift parting gifts parting line parting phrase parting phrases parting plane parting shot parting tradition parting traditions partisan movement resistance movement partisan resistance movement partisan affairs partisan army partisan brigade partisan brigades partisan business cycle partisan detachments partisan elections partisan entrenchment partisan fighters partisan forces partisan formations partisan game partisan games partisan group partisan guerrilla partisan guerrilla detachments partisan movement partisan newspaper partisan newspapers partisan politics partisan press partisan ranger partisan rangers partisan resistance partisan resistance movement partisan soldier partisan struggle partisan units partisan uprising partisan war partisan warfare partisian guerrilla detachments partite sets number theory partition clause partition coefficient partition coefficients partition congruences partition deal partition editor partition equilibria partition equilibrium partition function partition function number theory partition function statistical mechanics partition functions partition of a graph partition of a set partition of an integer partition of an interval partition of numbers partition of that set partition of the commonwealth partition of the country partition of the integer partition of the property partition of the subcontinent partition of the sum of squares partition of unity partition plan partition problem partition refinement partition regular partition sejm partition settlement partition sum partition table partition theory partition topology partition walls partitioned between partitioned by its neighbors partitioned by the countries bordering it partitioned data set partitioned data sets partitioned datasets partitioned global address space partitioned her out of political existence in the late 18th century partitioned in three stages partitioned matrices partitioned matrix partitioned out of political existence partitioned sets partitioned the island partitioning coefficient partitioning countries partitioning cryptanalysis partitioning empires partitioning of the former empire partitioning powers partitioning technique partitions in strictly political sense partitions of a finite set partitions of a number partitions of a set partitions of an integer partitions of sets partitions of the integer partitions of the interval partitions of the set partitions of unity partitive case partitive plural partly paid business rank partner benefits partner city partner dance partner dances partner dancing partner in crime partner interactions partner relationship management partner robots partner yoga partnering manager partners desk partnership agreement partnership agreements partnership business entities partnership business entity partnership enterprises partnership minyan partnership tax parton distribution functions parton distribution functions PDF's partridge berries partridge berry partridge pea parts and wholes parts catalog parts cleaning parts of speech parts of the language parts of the passage parts passing through parts per billion parts per million parts per million parts per thousand parts per trillion parts stress modelling parts-per notation party admission party affiliated party affiliation party afilliation party agenda party agent party and play party animal party badges party balloon party blowers party boss party bosses party buses party caucuses party cell party chair party chairman party chairwoman party chief party class party colour party competition party conference party conference season party conferences party congress party congresses party constitution party convention party conventions party council party culture party discipline party dish party dissolution charges party dress party drug party drugs party elders party election party election broadcast party factions party favor party favors party financing scandal party floor leader party fund-raising party funding reform party game party games party gaming party girl party group party hack party hat party hats party identification party infighting party key party leader party leaders party leadership party leadership candidate party leadership convention party leadership election party line party lines party list party list proportional representation party list system party lists party machine party machines party members party music party of that name party or parties party organ party organiser party passions party pavilion party per bend party per cross party per fess party per pale party pills party plan party planner party planning party plans party platform party platform planks party platforms party play party policy party political broadcast party political broadcasts party politics party president party primaries party primary party promoter party purges party rallies party rap party rule party school party secretary party split party store party structure party style party subsidy party switch party switcher party switching party system party systems party to the action party town party trays party treasurer party wall party walls party where she first ran into him party whip party whips party-line vote party-list elections party-list electoral system party-list group party-list proportional party-list proportional representation party-list proportional voting party-list voting partylist proportional representation parumbilical veins paruppu vadai parventricular nucleus parvicellular neurosecretory nuclei parvocellular nucleus parvocellular part parvocellular pathway parvocellular pathways parvocellular reticular nucleus parvovirus group parvus muscle pas d'Armes pas d'ane pas d'armes pas de chat pas de deux pas de six pas de trois pas kontuszowy pas seul pasar malam pasar malams pascal second paschal candle paschal candlestick paschal computation paschal cycle paschal lamb paschal moon paschal mystery paseo vallenato pasi kongki pasilalinic-sympathetic compass pasilla oaxaquena chile paso corto paso doble paso largo paso llano pasos dobles pasque flower pass all the way through the sun without being absorbed pass and pull pass attempt pass attempts pass band pass by reference pass defense pass deflected pass deflections pass degree pass efficiency pass efficiency rating pass filter pass for white pass gas pass heat to the surrounding water