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people powered vehicle people search people smuggler people smugglers people smuggling people trafficking people under 18 people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness people who baked people who compounded people with a degree are unemployed people with diabetes people with disabilities people-driven actions people-owned company peoples that inhabitated the continents peopletree records pep & cheer pep band pep bands pep fests pep flag pep flags pep pills pep rallies pep rally pep squad pep squads pep talk pep tunes pepdidyl carboxyamidase or sword and sandal film pepper ann pepper ball pepper balls pepper gas pepper jack pepper jack cheese pepper jelly pepper mill pepper plant pepper plants pepper pot pepper pots pepper sauce pepper shaker pepper spray pepper spray projectiles pepper sprayed pepper spraying pepper sprays pepper square pepper steak pepper their speech pepper trade pepper tree pepper-spray pellets pepper-spray projectiles peppercorn amount peppercorn rent peppercorn sauce peppercorn tree peppercorn trees peppered moth peppered moth evolution peppered moth experiments peppered moth melanism peppered moths pepperfin pygmy goby pepperidge tree pepperjack cheese peppermint extract peppermint oil peppermint rocks peppermint schnapps peppermint shrimps peppermint tea peppermint trees pepperoni pizza pepperpot style lighthouse peppers stuffed into olives pepsis wasp peptic and duodenal ulcers peptic stricture peptic strictures peptic stricturing peptic ulcer peptic ulcer disease peptic ulceration peptic ulcers peptide a-N-acetyltransferase peptide amphiphiles peptide back bone peptide backbone peptide bond peptide bonds peptide coupling reagents peptide deformylase peptide diphthamide peptide elongation factor peptide elongation factor tu peptide formylkynurenine peptide fragment peptide group peptide groups peptide histidine isoleucine peptide hormone peptide hormones peptide hormoness peptide initiation factor peptide linkages peptide links peptide mapping peptide mass fingerprinting peptide nucleic acid peptide nucleic acids peptide plane flipping peptide receptor peptide sequence peptide sequence tag peptide sequences peptide signals peptide synthesis peptide termination factor peptide tryptophan peptide-L-methionine (R)-S-oxide peptide-aspartate b-dioxygenase peptide-loading complex peptide-tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase peptidoglycan b-N-acetylmuramidase peptidoglycan biosynthesis peptidoglycan endopeptidase peptidoglycan glycosyltransferase peptidoglycan layer peptidoglycan recognition proteins peptidyl amide peptidyl carrier proteins peptidyl transfer peptidyl transferase peptidyl transferase reaction peptidyl-Asp metalloendopeptidase peptidyl-Lys metalloendopeptidase peptidyl-glutamyl peptide-hydrolyzing peptidylamidoglycolate lyase peptidylarginine deiminase peptidylarginine methyltransferases peptidylglycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase peptidylglycine monooxygenase peptidylprolyl isomerase pequin peppers per a popular song per accidens per ardua per ardua ad astra per arsin et thesin per aspera ad astra per barrel per capita per capita income per capita incomes per capita personal income per capital income per cent per cent. per crank rotation per curiam per curiam decision per curiams per cutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration per day per diem per diems per diluted share per fas per fess per frame per genus et differentiam per hour per incuriam per mille per minas per minute per nefas per nine innings per oram per orem per os per pale per person per pixel lighting per pro per pro. per procurationem per quod per rectum per saltire per se per se per se illegal per se rule per second per share per stirpes per vertex fogging per-bulb voltage per-capita income per-capita tax per-pixel lighting per-unit costs per-unit system per-vertex animation peracarid crustaceans peracetic acid perambulating skeletons perbenzoic acid perbromic acid perc test perceive movement perceived air quality perceived attractiveness perceived by humans perceived impropriety perceived performance perceived profanity perceived quality perceived risk perceived subject perceives depth percent body fat percent difference percent encoded percent excess combustion air percent from the field percent return percent transferrin saturation percentage change percentage grade percentage lease percentage of agreement percentage play percentage point percentage points percentages agreement percentile dice percentile die percentile rank percentile ranks perception bias perception filter perception filters perception management perception of color perception of forms perception of motion perception of pressure perception of speech perception of time perception that he lacks intelligence perceptions in other sexual groups perceptions of her perceptron predictor perceptual ability perceptual capture perceptual centre perceptual coding perceptual control theory perceptual disorder perceptual distortions perceptual ecology perceptual experience perceptual framing perceptual hash perceptual illusion perceptual illusions perceptual image perceptual mapping perceptual maps perceptual noise exclusion perceptual observations perceptual organization perceptual positions perceptual psychology perceptual realism perceptual relativity perceptual skills perceptual systems perceptual uniformity perceptually uniform perched dune perched sand dunes perched water tables perching bird perching birds perching duck perching ducks perchlorate discharge test perchloric acid perchloryl fluoride percolation models percolation ponds percolation theory percolation threshold percolation thresholds percontation point percula clownfish percussion break percussion breaks percussion cap percussion cap firearms percussion caps percussion drilling percussion ensemble percussion ensembles percussion family percussion grenades percussion group percussion instrument percussion instruments percussion lock percussion locks percussion music percussion notation percussion pit percussion primer percussion rifle percussion rifles percussion stick percussionist and lead singer percussive arts percussive dance percussive guitar percussive instrumentation percussive instruments percussive maintenance percussive music percussive primer percussive programming percutaneous absorption percutaneous aortic valve replacement percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty percutaneous coronary angioplasty percutaneous coronary intervention percutaneous coronary interventions percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy percutaneous ethanol injection percutaneous nephrolithotomy percutaneous pinning percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage percutaneous transhepatic cholangiodrainage percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty percutaneous umbilical blood sampling perder un amigo peregrine falcon peregrine falcons peregrini dediticii peremptory challenge peremptory challenges peremptory norm peremptory norms peremptory norms or jus cogens peremptory plea peremptory pleas perennating organ perennial bear perennial buckwheat perennial candidate perennial candidates perennial canker perennial crops perennial fringe candidate perennial grasses perennial herb perennial herbs perennial knawel perennial philosophy perennial plant perennial plants perennial rival perennial river perennial rivers perennial ryegrass perennial sorghum perennial stream perennial streams perennial sunflower perennial vegetables perennial wall-rocket perennial water supplies perennial wheat perennial wisdom perestroika and glasnost perestroika era perestroika music perf 12 perfect gas model ideal gas model perfect ideal gas model perfect 5th perfect action perfect angels perfect aspect perfect authentic cadence perfect babies perfect binary tree perfect binding perfect blackbody perfect bound perfect cadence perfect cadences perfect circle perfect code perfect coding perfect competition perfect complements perfect conductivity perfect conductor perfect conductors perfect consonance perfect contrition perfect cosmological principle perfect crime perfect crystal perfect cube perfect cubes perfect cuboids perfect diction perfect differential perfect digital invariant numbers perfect duties perfect duty perfect entertainment perfect field perfect fields perfect fifth perfect fifths perfect flowers perfect fluid perfect fluid model perfect forward secrecy perfect fourth perfect fourths perfect fusion perfect game perfect games perfect gas perfect gas equation perfect gas equation of state perfect gases perfect graph perfect graphs perfect group perfect groups perfect hash function perfect hashing perfect hat trick perfect independence perfect information perfect inning perfect innings perfect k-ary tree perfect knight perfect knowledge perfect language perfect love perfect magic cube perfect magic hypercube perfect magic tesseract perfect man perfect market perfect martini perfect master perfect masters perfect match perfect matching perfect matchings perfect memory perfect mirror perfect mixing perfect monopoly perfect murder perfect murders perfect number perfect number theory perfect numbers perfect octave perfect pairing perfect participle perfect pitch perfect play perfect players perfect power perfect powers perfect rationality perfect recall perfect reconstruction perfect regular season perfect right perfect round perfect score perfect scores in high-level chess tournaments perfect season perfect set perfect set property perfect set theorem perfect sets perfect shuffle perfect solution fallacy perfect square perfect squares perfect storm perfect substitutes perfect tender rule perfect tense perfect tenses perfect totient number perfect unison perfect vacuum perfect vision perfected world perfectibility of society perfectio specierum or complete maturation perfection of the individual or complete maturation of the individual perfection or complete maturation of the individual perfection of love perfectionism in moral philosophy perfective aspect perfectly associated perfectly black perfectly competitive perfectly competitive industry perfectly competitive market perfectly conducting sphere perfectly diffuse perfectly divisible perfectly elastic perfectly matched layer perfectly mixed perfectly normal perfectly normal space perfectly normal spaces perfectly plastic perfectly played perfectly rational perfectly reflected perfectly rigid perfectly united into one person perfluorinated compounds perfluorobutane sulfonate perfluorodecyl iodide perfluorododecyl hexylene methacrylate perfluorohexamethyl dewar benzene perfluorohexyl iodide perfluorohxamethyl benzvalene perfluorononanoic acid perfluorooctane sulfonate perfluorooctanoic acid perfluorooctanoyl chloride perfluorooctyl iodide perfluorooctylethylene methacrylate perforans prima perforant path perforant pathway perforata anterior perforate nostrils perforate the metal casing perforated armour perforated bowel perforated edges perforated film perforated intestine perforated nasal septum perforated patch recording perforated sheets perforated stamps perforated substance perforating arteries perforating artery perforating branches perforating cutaneous perforating cutaneous nerve perforating fibers perforating fibers of perforation guns perforation of the esophagus perforator of perform a great deal of work perform a haka perform live perform the procedure upon themselves performance acceleration technology performance agreement performance analysis performance analysis and tuning performance animation performance anxiety performance appraisal performance appraisals performance art performance art dancer performance art gallery performance artist performance artists performance arts performance as lead performance assessment performance audits performance bond performance bonds performance bottlenecks performance capture performance car performance characteristics performance chemicals performance counters performance criteria performance dance performance dances performance engineering performance enhancement performance enhancer performance enhancing performance enhancing drug performance enhancing drugs performance enhancing substances performance envelope performance envelopes performance errors performance fee performance fields performance function performance gaming performance group performance guarantee performance hall performance history performance impact performance improvement performance improvement plan performance indicator performance indicators performance information performance management performance measure performance measurement performance measurement and management system performance measures performance medicine performance metric performance metrics performance modeling performance models performance modifications performance monitor performance monitoring performance of systems performance package performance per clock performance per watt performance photography performance piece performance pieces performance poet performance poetry performance poets performance practice performance prediction performance predictions performance problem performance problems performance profiling performance psychology performance rating performance ratio performance related pay performance reports performance rights performance rights organisation performance rights organisations performance rights organization performance rights organizations performance speed performance stage rallying performance status performance studies performance study performance technique performance techniques performance test performance testing performance theorist performance tier performance trends of computers in general performance tune performance tuning performance video performance-based budgeting performance-enchancing drugs performance-enhancing drug performance-enhancing drug use performance-enhancing drugs performance-enhancing substance performance-enhancing substances performative contradiction performative contradictions performative fallacy performative utterance performative utterances performative writing performed an experiment performed live performed miracles performed orally performed various miracles performed voice-overs performers in pornography performing acts performing and visual arts performing art performing artist performing artists performing arts performing arts center performing arts centre performing arts college performing arts community performing arts education performing arts festival performing arts group performing arts high school performing arts productions performing miracles performing miraculous healing performing on the streets performing right performing right organization performing rights performing rights organizations performing various acts perfume oil perfume oils perfume tax perfume vase perfumed sky perfusion magnetic resonance imaging perfusion pressure perfusion pressures pergolide mesylate perhaps not from theropod dinosaurs perhaps the most shocking upset of the year perhaps unsurprisingly peri position peri-urban agriculture periamygdaloid area periamygdaloid cortex perianal gland adenomas perianal hair perianal region perianal tissue perianal zone periapical tissues periapsis distance periaquaductal grey matter periaqueductal gray periaqueductal gray matter periaqueductal grey periaquiductal gray periaquiductal grey periarteriolar lymphoid sheaths periastron distance closest distance periastron closest distance periastron passage peribulbar block pericardiacophrenic artery pericardiacophrenic veins pericardial area pericardial branches pericardial cavities pericardial cavity pericardial cysts pericardial disease pericardial effusion pericardial effusions pericardial fluid pericardial friction rub pericardial pleura pericardial rub pericardial sac pericardial sinus pericardial veins pericecal folds pericentre to the apocentre pericentric inversion pericentriolar material perichoroidal lymph space pericline twinning perico ripiao pericope adulterae pericope of the woman taken in adultery pericote lebaniego pericyclic reaction pericyclic reactions perigalactic point perigenual anterior cingulate cortex periglomerular cells perihelic oppositions perihelion precession perilla alcohol perilla ketone perilla oil perillyl acetate perillyl alcohol perillyl aldehyde perillyl-alcohol dehydrogenase perilymphatic gusher perilymphatic space perimeter block perimeter fence perimeter fencing perimeter loop perimeter of an ellipse perimeter player perimeter router perimeter security model perimeter track perimeter wall perimetric testing perinatal asphyxia perinatal death perinatal mortality perinatal period perinatal psychology perinatal transmission perineal artery perineal body perineal branch perineal branches perineal branches of posterior femoral cutaneous nerve perineal colostomy perineal glands perineal hernia perineal massage perineal membrane perineal muscle perineal muscles perineal nerve perineal nerves perineal pain perineal prostatectomy perineal raphe perineal reflex perineal space perineal urethra perineal urethrostomy perineal vessels perinephric abscess perinephric fat perineurial cells perineurium of perineuronal nets perinuclear space perinæi muscle periocular area period 2 period 2 elements period 3 elements period 4 period 4 elements period 5 period 5 elements period 6 element period 6 elements period between the world wars period cinema period clothing period costume period documentary period doubling period drama period dramas period expenses period film period films period for abbreviations period homolog 1 period homolog 2 period homolog 3 period instrument period instrument ensembles period instruments period instruments and period style period lattice period lattices period length period map period mapping period matrices period matrix period movie period of account period of authoritarian rule in the country period of barbarian invasions period of co-existence period of crisis period of discoveries period of escalation period of expansion period of extinction period of independence period of instability period of intense chill period of menstruation period of military rule period of motion period of obscurity period of occupation period of political independence period of prescription period of reforms of military schools period of revolution period of riots period of rotation period of stability and reform period of the migrations period of the planet period of time period of time in which competitions are contested period of violence period of war period of warlordism period pants period performance period piece period pieces period play period prevalence period ratio period style period subdivisions period-after-opening symbol period-doubling bifurcation period-doubling bifurcations period-doubling cascade period-instrument orchestras period-instrument performances period-luminosity relationship periodic abstinence periodic acid periodic acid-Schiff periodic acid-Schiff stain periodic antenna periodic averaging periodic boundary periodic boundary condition periodic boundary conditions periodic changes periodic cohomology periodic comets periodic compounding periodic continued fraction periodic continued fractions periodic cycles periodic detention periodic eras periodic fever syndrome periodic fever syndromes periodic flooding periodic function periodic functions periodic group periodic inventory periodic law periodic limb movement periodic limb movement disorder periodic motion periodic orbit periodic orbit theory periodic orbits periodic phenomena periodic point periodic points periodic poling periodic potential periodic replacement of damaged tissues periodic sentence periodic sentences periodic sequence periodic signals periodic solution periodic solutions periodic system periodic system of elements periodic table periodic table block periodic table blocks periodic table group periodic table groups periodic table of elements periodic table of the elements periodic table period periodic tables periodic trends periodic variation periodic wave periodical cicadas periodical indexing periodical laws periodical poling periodical publication periodical writings periodically poled periodicities in the redshift distributions periodicity theorem periodisation issues periodization issues periodizations of capitalism periodontal abscess periodontal attachment periodontal disease periodontal diseases periodontal fremitus periodontal lesions periodontal ligament periodontal ligaments periodontal probe periodontal scaler periodontal scalers periods of political instability periods of time perioperative mortality periophthalma prawn goby perioral tremors periorbital edema periosteal bone periosteocytic space periotic bones peripartum cardiomyopathy peripatetic axiom peripatetic philosopher peripatetic philosophy peripatric speciation peripheral areas of their vision peripheral arterial bypass peripheral arterial occlusive disease peripheral arteries peripheral artery disease peripheral artery occlusive disease peripheral autonomic neuropathy peripheral band peripheral benzodiazepine receptor peripheral benzodiazepine receptor peripheral blood peripheral blood leukocytes peripheral blood lymphocyte therapy peripheral blood lymphocytes peripheral blood monocytes peripheral blood mononuclear cells peripheral blood oxygen saturation peripheral blood smear peripheral blood smears peripheral blood stem cell peripheral blood stem cells peripheral blood vessels peripheral blood vessels disease vascular disease peripheral blood vessels vascular disease peripheral boards peripheral bypass graft peripheral cannulation peripheral card peripheral chemoreceptors peripheral circulation peripheral component interconnect peripheral cues peripheral defence peripheral device peripheral device types peripheral devices peripheral enthesopathies peripheral facial paralysis peripheral giant cell granuloma peripheral gustatory peripheral input peripheral iridectomy peripheral labor markets peripheral membrane peripheral membrane protein peripheral membrane proteins peripheral mononeuropathy peripheral municipalities peripheral myelin protein 22 peripheral nationalisms peripheral nerve peripheral nerve block peripheral nerve blocks peripheral nerve bridge peripheral nerve diseases peripheral nerve field peripheral nerve stimulation monitoring peripheral nerve(s) of pelvic girdle and lower limb peripheral nerve(s) of shoulder girdle and upper limb peripheral nerves peripheral nervous system peripheral nervous systems peripheral neuritis peripheral neuroepithelioma peripheral neurons peripheral neuropathies peripheral neuropathy peripheral neuropathys peripheral nuclear collisions peripheral oedema peripheral organs peripheral ossifying fibroma peripheral perfusion peripheral photography peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor peripheral process peripheral processors peripheral protein peripheral proteins peripheral resistance peripheral retinal perivasculitis peripheral stem cell peripheral stem cell support peripheral stem cell transplantation peripheral terminations peripheral tissues peripheral tolerance peripheral vascular peripheral vascular disease peripheral vascular diseases peripheral vascular examination peripheral vascular resistance peripheral vascular system peripheral vein peripheral veins peripheral vertex peripheral vertigo peripheral vision peripheral visual field peripherally inserted central catheter periphery countries periphrastic construction periphrastic future periphrastic genitive periphrastic phrases periphrastic tenses periprostatic tissue peripteral building periradicular surgery perirhinal area 35 perirhinal cortex periscleral lymph space periscleral space periscope depth periscope rifle periscope shears perisinusoidal space peristaltic action peristaltic contraction peristaltic contractions peristaltic motion peristaltic pump peristaltic pumps peristaltic waves peristriate area 19 peritoneal abscess peritoneal cancer peritoneal cavity peritoneal dialysis peritoneal fluid peritoneal infusion peritoneal lavage peritoneal lining peritoneal organs peritoneal perfusion peritoneal sac peritoneovenous shunt peritonsillar abscess peritrichous flagella peritubular capillaries periurit apostatis perivascular spaces periventricular cysts periventricular nucleus periwig or wig perjured testimony perl module perl modules perl script perlin noise perlocutionary act perlocutionary acts perlocutionary force perm salt permaculture design permanent 4WD permanent airfields permanent arms economy permanent art markers permanent base permanent bases on the moon permanent cavity permanent ceasefire permanent change of station permanent choanae permanent collection permanent constitution permanent cosmetic permanent cosmetics permanent crop permanent crops permanent deacon permanent deacons permanent death permanent deformation permanent diaconate permanent disability permanent embassy permanent employees permanent employment permanent establishment permanent establishments permanent facial palsy permanent five permanent government permanent guest host permanent hair removal permanent hair waving permanent headquarters permanent health insurance permanent ice permanent ice and snows permanent income permanent income hypothesis permanent injunction permanent injunctive relief permanent interactions permanent judge permanent legal resident permanent life insurance permanent loops permanent lunar base permanent magnet permanent magnet motors permanent magnetic permanent magnetism permanent magnets permanent make-up permanent makeup permanent marauds permanent marker permanent markers permanent members permanent memory permanent mission permanent missions permanent mold cast permanent moon base permanent national memorial permanent neutrality permanent observer permanent observer status permanent official numbers permanent or electromagnetic chuck permanent pacemaker permanent pancreatic damage permanent partners permanent partnerships permanent physical presence test permanent population permanent possibility of sensation permanent professors permanent relationships permanent relaxer permanent representative permanent representatives permanent residence permanent residency permanent resident permanent resident card permanent resident status permanent residents permanent revolution permanent rules and executive orders permanent seat license permanent secretaries permanent secretary permanent select committee permanent sequestration permanent settlement permanent settlements permanent signal permanent snow permanent split-capacitor permanent standing navy permanent status negotiations permanent storage permanent sunlight permanent synod permanent teeth permanent travelers permanent treatments permanent undeath permanent under-secretary permanent under-secretary of state permanent vegetative state permanent virtual circuit permanent virtual circuits permanent war economy permanent water rights permanent wave permanent waves permanent waving products permanent way permanent way (PW)maintenance permanent wilting point permanently enjoined permanently excluded permanently frozen permanently hypnotizing permanently installed waterway permanently keeping the actual trophy permanently losing permanently transferred

permanganate ion permanganate value permanganate value) permanganate-bisulfite-toluidine blue permanganic acid permeability constant permeability of free space permeability tuned oscillator permeable films permeable paving permethylzirconocene hydrides permissible exposure limit permissible exposure limits permissible stress permissible stress design permission bits permission culture permission forms permission given to part of the population to carry arms permission marketing permission system permissive bridleways permissive dialing permissive footpath permissive free software licence permissive free software licences permissive free software license permissive free software licenses permissive joinder permissive license permissive societies permissive society permit service permit to travel permit women to serve onboard submarines permitivity of free space permitted development permitted paths permitted to become a member permitting prostitution permittivity of free space permutable prime permutable primes permutable subgroup permutation fugue permutation graph permutation graphs permutation group permutation group theory permutation groups permutation matrices permutation matrix permutation network permutation representation permutation representations permutation subgroups permutation test permutation vector permutations and combinations permutative conversions permuted cyclically permuted index pernambuco viadim pernambuco wood pernicious anaemia pernicious anemia pernt tyrnt peroba do campo peronaeus brevis peronaeus longus peroneal anastomotic peroneal anastomotic branch peroneal artery peroneal nerve peroneal retinacula peroneal strikes peroneal tendon peroneal trochlea peroneal vein peroneal veins peroneocalcaneus externum peroneous longus peroneus brevis peroneus longus peroneus muscles peronæus accessorius peronæus communis peroxide bleach peroxide blonde peroxide ion peroxide of hydrogen peroxide of nitrogen peroxide processes peroxisomal targeting signal peroxisomal targeting signals