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power plant's power plants power play power play goal power play goals power plug power plugs power plugs and sockets power points power pole power poles power politics power pool power pop power poppers power position power potential power press power producing power production power production plants power project power projection power punk power purchase agreement power quality power rails power ramp power rating power ratings power reactors power recovery power relations power relationship power reserve power reverse power ring power ring power rings power rock power rule power salutes power satellite power saving power saving modes power saws power scaling power scheme power screw power seat power seats power semiconductor device power semiconductor devices power semiconductors power sensor power sensors power series power series expansion power series field power series methods power series representation of the exponential function power series ring power set power set algebras power set axiom power sets power sharing power sharing coalition power sharing executive power shot power shovel power shovels power signalling power skank power socket power source power spectra power spectral density power spectrum power spike power sport seats power spot power station power station unit power stations power steering power steering fluid power stones power storage power storage devices power strip power strips power stroke power stroker power strokes power structure power structures power struggle power substation power suit power suits power sum symmetric function power sum symmetric polynomial power sum symmetric polynomials power sums power supplies power supply power supply pin power supply pins on integrated circuits power supply rail power supply rails power supply rejection power supply studs power supply unit power supply unit power supply units power surge power switching power sword power symbol power system power system protection power system stability power systems power take off power take-off power take-offs power takeoff power theory of economics power therapies power to alter or "reset" the storyline power to belief power to enforce power to find anyone power to purchase power to regulate interstate commerce power to veto power to weight power to weight ratio power tool power tools power tour electric guitar power tower concentrator power trade power train power trains power transfer power transformer power transformers power transmission power transmission corridor power transmission line power transmission lines power transmission sector power transmission system power transmission systems power trio power trios power tumbling power units power up power up item power ups power user power users power utilities power utility power vacuum power valve power valve system power varies as the square of the voltage power violence power virus power walking power weapon power weapons power window power windows power word power yachts power yoga power-assist hybrids power-assisted steering power-associative algebra power-control theory power-function distribution power-generating stations power-law fluid power-law fluids power-law index profile power-law index profiles power-law refractive index profile power-on reset power-on self test power-on self-test power-one tests power-performance states power-sharing executive power-sum numbers power-to-weight ratio power-to-weight ratios powerHouse books powerboat racing powerbomb position powered airplane powered armor powered armor suits powered armors powered armour powered axles powered battle armor powered battle suit powered by gas turbines powered by microwave pulses powered by nuclear blasts powered cars powered coaster powered coasters powered coke powered exo-skeleton suit powered exoskeleton powered exoskeletons powered flight powered flights powered gliders powered hang glider powered hang gliders powered harnesses powered lift powered loom powered machine powered mechanical exoskeleton powered parachute powered parachutes powered paraglider powered paragliders powered paragliding powered paraglidingsegment powered presses powered roller coaster powered scooter powered slingshot powered speaker powered speakers powered suit powered suits powered up powered-up forms powerful and ceremonious effects powerful artifacts powerful car bomb exploded powerful computer systems powerful independence movement powerful military powerful nation powerful number powerful numbers powerful owl powerful owls powerful p-groups powerful person powerful pull powerful state powerful storm powerful werewolf powering only the front wheels powerlifting federations powerline carrier powerplant technology powers behind the throne powers of 2 powers of appointment powers of arrest powers of attorney powers of e powers of police powers of ten powers of two powerset axiom powerset construction powerslam version powertrain control module powiat augustowski powiat bialski powiat białobrzeski powiat biłgorajski powiat chełmski powiat choszczeński powiat częstochowski powiat elbląski powiat gostyniński powiat grajewski powiat grodzki powiat grudziądzki powiat górowski powiat głubczycki powiat janowski powiat kaliski powiat kielecki powiat konecki powiat koniński powiat krasnostawski powiat kutnowski powiat kłobucki powiat legionowski powiat lipski powiat lubartowski powiat makowski powiat miński powiat moniecki powiat myszkowski powiat nakielski powiat nowosądecki powiat nyski powiat oleski powiat opoczyński powiat ostródzki powiat pajęczański powiat poddębicki powiat płocki powiat radomski powiat radzyński powiat rawski powiat roads powiat ropczycko-sędziszowski powiat rycki powiat smoleński powiat sochaczewski powiat sokołowski powiat starodubowski powiat staszowski powiat tomaszowski powiat wieluński powiat zamojski powiat zawierciański powiat złotowski powiat łańcucki powiat łowicki powiat łęczyński powiat świecki powwow circuit pox parties pox party pox virus poxvirus variolae poykkal kuthiraiyaattam poykkāl kuthiraiyaaṭṭam poynting vector poznański county pozsonyi ispán pozzolanic additive pozzolanic ash pozzolanic reaction poème épique poète maudit poètes maudit poètes maudits poésie canadienne pp alveolarization pp chain pp elision pp labialization pp nasalization pp palatalization pp velarization pp vowel raising pp-wave metrics pp-wave spacetime pp-wave spacetimes ppar signaling pathway ppc racing prabhat bhattacharya practical and theoretical education practical applications practical applications of superconductivity practical argument practical arguments practical attitude practical conservation practical conservation work practical conversion tables practical coordination practical criticism practical decisions practical dentists practical divinity practical driving examiners practical effect practical effects practical enclave practical ethics practical exclave practical fields practical freedom practical implementations practical incandescent lamp practical joke practical joke device practical joker practical jokers practical jokes practical joking practical judgment practical life practical logic practical modality practical number practical numbers practical nurse practical occultism practical philosophy practical pistol practical power source practical psychology practical purpose practical rationality practical realization practical realizations practical reason practical reason and ethics practical reasoning practical research practical salinity units practical science practical scientist practical shooting practical skepticism practical switch practical syllogism practical test practical theology practical training practical units practical wisdom practical work experience practically destroying practically idealistic practically limitless resources learning method practice bouts practice chanter practice field practice greens practice groups practice guidelines practice law practice management practice management software practice management system practice managers practice of blocking practice of charity practice of his time practice of law practice of mathematics practice of medicine practice of sharing table practice pads practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty practice religion practice research practice rooms practice roster practice rosters practice ship practice squad practice squad contract practice squads practice tests practice weapon practice workflow practice-based professional learning practice-based research network practiced and mastered practiced law practices law practicing homosexuals practicing law without a licence practicing magic practicing medicine practised law practised nudity as a statement practising alchemist practising certificate practitioner of magic practitioner of the dark arts practitioner of witchcraft practitioners of witchcraft prader-willi syndrome praefectus aerarii praefectus annonae praefectus augustalis praefectus castrorum praefectus cohortis praefectus evocatorum praefectus fabrum praefectus palatii praefectus urbanus praefectus urbi praefectus urbis praefectus vigilum praelati nullius praepositus sacri cubiculi praeses orientis praeses provinciae praetor peregrini praetor peregrinus praetor urbanus praetor vicarius praetorian guard praetorian guards praetorian prefect praetorian prefecture praetorian prefectures pragati maidan pragma once pragmaic aestetic pragmatic ambiguity pragmatic constructions pragmatic contradiction pragmatic idealism pragmatic philosophy pragmatic rules pragmatic sanction pragmatic theory of truth pragmatic truths pragmatic validity pragmatic word order pragmaticism in ethics pragmatist philosopher pragmatist school pragmatist spirit pragmatist tradition praire dog prairie barn prairie bush clover prairie chicken prairie chickens prairie clover prairie coneflower prairie crocus prairie dock prairie dog prairie dog town prairie dog towns prairie dogs prairie falcon prairie falcons prairie fires prairie forest prairie garden prairie grain prairie grass prairie grasses prairie grassland prairie grasslands prairie houses prairie kingsnake prairie lake prairie lakes prairie molecricket prairie potato prairie pothole prairie potholes prairie province prairie provinces prairie rattlesnake prairie rattlesnakes prairie regions prairie restoration prairie rose prairie sandreed prairie schooner prairie schooners prairie soil prairie style prairie thistle prairie turnip prairie turnips prairie vole prairie voles prairie wolf praise & worship praise and blame praise and worship praise and worship music praise and worship songs praise band praise chorus praise choruses praise music praise of prophet and his family praise poem praise poetry praise report praise singer praise singers praise singing praise song praise songs prajakta palav prajakta potnis ponmany prajmalium bitartrate prajñā pāramitā prakasam barrage pralidoxime chloride pralidoxime iodide praline divorce pram or baby carriage pram suit prametric space pramlintide acetate prams and strollers prana bindu prana-bindu training pranic energy prank call prank called prank caller prank callers prank calling prank calls prank flash prank phone call prank phone calls prank telephone calls pranolium chloride prarabdha karma praseodymium bromide praseodymium dichloride praseodymium dioxide praseodymium fluoride praseodymium iodide praseodymium monochloride praseodymium monocyanide praseodymium monoxide praseodymium trichloride praseodymium trifluoride praseodymium triiodide prashanta sahu prasites pygmy goby pratibha patilsworn pratt knot pravin rai pravo horo line dance prawn cocktail prawn cocktails prawn cracker prawn crackers prawn farming prawn farms prawn gobies prawn hold prawn hold pin prawn sandwich brigade praxe académica pray and meditate pray and spray prayed with people prayer at five specified times of the day prayer beads prayer book prayer books prayer breakfast prayer bump prayer calls prayer card prayer cards prayer ceremonies prayer circle prayer circles prayer desk prayer duels prayer flag prayer flags prayer for relief prayer for the dead prayer group prayer groups prayer hall prayer healing prayer houses prayer in public school prayer in public schools prayer in schools prayer incident prayer leader prayer mat prayer mats prayer meeting prayer meetings prayer ministry prayer niche prayer plaques prayer rope prayer rug prayer rugs prayer rule prayer service prayer services prayer shawl prayer shawls prayer staffs prayer stones prayer ties prayer veil prayer wheel prayer wheels prayers for her soul prayers for the dead prayers for the departed prayers to be said with the sick prayers to the saints praying mantids praying mantis praying mantis カマキリ praying mantises praying villages pre amplifiers pre channel pre channels pre diabetes pre emptive air strikes pre main sequence stars pre mix pre poll voting pre reflexive pre romantic ballet pre season pre selector pre teen pre tensioned concrete pre university course pre- and perinatal life pre- and perinatal psychology pre- and postmenopausal pre- and postprocessor pre- islamic pre-Abelian category pre-Adamite race pre-Augustinian fathers pre-B cell pre-Botzinger complex pre-Bötzinger complex pre-Christian beliefs pre-Christian culture pre-Christian rites pre-Christian times pre-Christian worship pre-Classic stage pre-Colombian cultures pre-Columbian art pre-Columbian ball game pre-Columbian civilizations pre-Columbian contact pre-Columbian dancers pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact pre-Columbian trans-oceanic travel pre-European settlement pre-Greek peoples pre-Harappan period pre-Hilbert space pre-Hilbert spaces pre-Hindu mythologies pre-Hispanic religion pre-Inca cultures pre-Inca period pre-Incan cultures pre-Indo-European groups pre-Islamic architecture pre-Islamic calendar pre-Islamic customs pre-Islamic era pre-Islamic period pre-Islamic religions pre-Islamic times pre-K to 12 pre-NT versions Windows 9x pre-Nicean church pre-Norman golden age pre-Oedipal stage pre-Olympic team pre-Partition era pre-Raphaelite movement pre-Roman period pre-Roman times pre-Socratic period pre-Socratic philosophers pre-Socratic philosophy pre-State illegal immigration pre-Sumerian cultures pre-Talmudic literature pre-abelian category pre-advent judgment pre-aortic ganglia pre-arranged percussion pre-arrangement between families pre-auricular lymph nodes pre-big bang pre-big bang model pre-biotic origins of life pre-calculated lighting pre-cancerous lesions of the uterine cervix pre-capitalist societies pre-cast concrete pre-civil war pre-civilized people pre-classic period pre-classical languages pre-clearance facilities pre-clinical development pre-clinical stage pre-clinical studies pre-clinical testing pre-code version pre-collision system pre-colonial era pre-colonial period pre-colonial slave trade pre-colonial times pre-compiled binary pre-compiled header pre-conception counseling pre-confederation period pre-contact populations pre-decimal coinage pre-decimal system of currency pre-defined worst forms of child labour pre-determined event pre-determined scoring methodologies pre-dreadnought battleship pre-dreadnought battleships pre-dynastic period pre-ejaculatory fluid pre-election polls pre-emergence herbicide pre-emergent herbicides pre-emphasis filters pre-employment screening pre-emption rights pre-emptive air attack pre-emptive attack pre-emptive invasion pre-emptive multi-tasking pre-emptive multitasking pre-emptive multithreading pre-emptive nuclear strike pre-emptive seizure pre-emptive self-defense pre-emptive strike pre-emptive strikes pre-emptive war pre-emptive wars pre-emptively strike pre-established harmony pre-evolutionary thinker pre-evolutionary thinkers pre-existence of the soul pre-existing reality pre-exponential factor pre-exposure prophylaxis pre-fabricated apartment buildings pre-fabricated building pre-fabricated housing pre-feasibility study pre-fossil shells pre-frontal lobotomies pre-frontal lobotomy pre-game show pre-gelatinized starch pre-genital stage pre-health sciences pre-hijra pre-historic art pre-historic man pre-homo sapiens pre-incarnation period pre-incarnational events pre-incorporation era pre-industrial agriculture pre-industrial societies pre-industrial society pre-industrialized society pre-initiation replication complex pre-integration complex pre-lingually deaf pre-lingually deaf person pre-literate languages pre-lucid dream pre-mRNA processing pre-mRNA splicing pre-made adventures pre-main and main sequence pre-main sequence pre-main sequence stage pre-main sequence star pre-main sequence stars pre-manufactured parts pre-marital sex pre-market approval pre-material layer pre-medical pharmaceutical pre-medical program pre-menstrual mood disorders pre-mixed spirit beverage pre-modern societies pre-modern society pre-molded kits pre-money valuation pre-mortal existence pre-mortal life pre-mortal realms pre-movement time pre-natal stages of development pre-nominal letters pre-nuptial agreement pre-nuptial agreements pre-nuptial contracts pre-ocular scale pre-oedipal state pre-op transsexual pre-operative transsexual pre-orbital glands pre-order bonus pre-order customers pre-order incentive pre-order traversal pre-owned asset tax pre-paid credit card pre-paid health care pre-paid legal pre-paid phonecards pre-payment meter pre-physical therapy pre-planetary nebula pre-planned movie franchises pre-play preparations pre-poll voting pre-preg carbon fiber laminates pre-prep and prep schools pre-preparatory school pre-primary schools pre-production car pre-production cars pre-production models pre-proliferative retinopathy pre-recorded message pre-recorded tape pre-registration house officer pre-rendered 3D pre-rendered 3D graphics pre-rendered cutscenes pre-rendered video pre-replication complex pre-replication complexes pre-revolutionary era pre-roman settlement pre-school education pre-school or nursery education pre-school playgroups pre-season competition pre-season cup pre-season draft pre-season exhibition games pre-season friendly pre-season games pre-season grand final pre-season premiership pre-season series pre-selector gearbox pre-shared key pre-sliced bread pre-socialist society pre-socratic philosophy pre-solar nebula pre-spice mass pre-stopped nasal pre-stressed concrete pre-sunrise authorization pre-tax income distribution measures pre-tax money pre-tax profit pre-teenage clone pre-tensioned concrete pre-term babies pre-theoretic belief pre-title sequence pre-trial conferences pre-trial discovery phase pre-trial publicity pre-unit construction pre-university college pre-university course pre-university secondary education pre-veterinary science pre-war assertions pre-war eastern borders pre-war headphones pre-war line pre-war models pre-war period pre-war population pre-war publication pre-war radio sets pre-war regimes pre-war status quo pre-warp civilizations preaching aids preaching bands preaching cross preaching gown preaching scarf preadditive categories preadditive category preanesthetic agent preaortic ganglia preaortic glands preaortic group preaortic lymph node preaortic lymph nodes preauricular deep parotid lymph nodes preauricular glands preauricular lymphadenitis preauricular pits preauricular sinus preauricular sulcus prebatholithic rock prebendal stall prebiotic chemistry prebiotic evolution prebiotic systems preboreal and subboreal precancerous cells precancerous dermatitis precancerous dermatosis precancerous lesions precancerous polyps precapillary sphincter precapillary sphincters precarious employment precarious profit precast concrete precast concrete slabs precaudal pit precautionary approach precautionary demand precautionary landings precautionary measure precautionary measures precautionary preservation precautionary principal precautionary principle precautionary principles precautionary statement precautionary statements preceded by rioting precedence according to this ordering precedence capabilities precedence effect precedence graph precedence network precedence rules precedent and analogy in the law precedential opinions precedes the final item preceding prophets "biblical" prophets preceding "biblical" prophets preceding album preceding centuries preceding decade preceding elections preceding general election preceding general elections preceding government preceding pilot preceding weeks precentral fissure precentral gyrus precentral sulcus preceptor angel precepts concerning unclean meat precerebral fossa precerebral vessels preces and responses precession frequency precession of earth orbit precession of nodes precession of planetary orbits precession of the axis precession of the equinoxes precession rate precessional ages prechiasmal artery prechiasmatic groove precinct captain precinct count precinct count voting system precinct house precious and semi-precious stones precious gem precious metal precious metals precious metalwork precious opal precious stone precious stones precipitable water precipitating agent precipitating element precipitation gauge precipitation hardened precipitation hardening precipitation reaction precipitation reactions precipitation strengthened precipitation strengthening precise - i.e., reproducible precise model precise routes precise standards precise time precisely separated by a function precising definition precising definitions precision agriculture precision approach precision approach path indicators precision approach radar precision approaches precision balance precision bombing precision club precision dance precision farming precision force precision ground precision guidance precision guided precision guided bombs precision guided munition precision guided munitions precision guided weapons precision in mathematics precision instruments precision machined precision machinery precision magnetic tape precision marketing precision matrix precision mechanic precision metalworkers precision munitions precision optical metrology precision rectifier precision rifle precision rifle marksmanship precision seeding precision shooting precision strikes precision teaching precision test precision test of quantum electrodynamics precision tests of quantum electrodynamics precision theodolite precision tool precision tools precision-guided bombs precision-guided missile precision-guided munition precision-guided munitions precision-guided weapons preclinical information preclinical research preclinical studies preclinical study preclinical trials preclival fissure preclosure operator preclusion doctrine precocene i precocious dementia precognitive abilities precognitive ability precompact set precompact sets precompiled headers precomplete numbering precomposed character precomposed characters precomputed radiance transfer preconceived notions preconditioned conjugate gradient method preconditioned iterative methods preconditioning matrix precooled engines precordial exam precordial examination precordial region precordial thump precorrin 2 precorrin 3A precorrin 3B precorrin 4 precorrin 5 precorrin 6A precorrin 6B precorrin 6Y precorrin 8X precrash system precursor atoms precursor cells precursor chemicals precursor form precursor molecule precursor of evolutionary thought precursor organization precursor protein precursor state predacious diving beetle predacious diving beetles predator and prey predator avoidance predator control predator drive predator prey predator trap predator-prey dynamic predator-prey equations predator-prey interaction predator-prey interactions predator-prey models predator-prey relations predator-prey relationship predator-prey relationships predator-prey system predatory animals predatory beetle larvae predatory behaviour predatory birds predatory instincts predatory lending predatory loans predatory machines predatory mites predatory mortgage lending predatory prices predatory pricing predatory towing predatory towing practices predecessor attack predecessor sets predecessor state predecessor states predecessor table predecessor to the modern horse predecessor vertex predefined patterns predefined worst forms of child labour predentary bone predestination paradox predestination paradoxes predetermined motion time system predetermined outcomes predicament bondage predicament escape predicate abstraction predicate adjective predicate adjectives predicate calculus predicate classes predicate completion predicate form predicate functors predicate hierarchy predicate letters predicate logic predicate logics predicate nominal predicate nominative predicate noun predicate offense predicate transformer predicate transformer semantics predicate variable predication structure predicative adjective predicative analysis predicative form predicative position predicative property predicative theories predict earthquakes predict future outcomes predict protein structures predict the future predict weather patterns predictable ipid predictable process predicted a relationship predicted coding regions predicted earthquake predicted the existence predicted to exist predicted variables prediction by partial matching prediction games prediction interval prediction market prediction markets prediction of native structure prediction of the future prediction paradox prediction rules prediction theory predictions of future events predictions of general relativity predictions over proletarian alienation predictive analytics predictive dial predictive dialer predictive dialers predictive dialler predictive factor predictive maintenance predictive market predictive medicine predictive model predictive modeling predictive modelling predictive power predictive recursive-descent parser predictive science predictive simulation predictive text predictive validity predictive word prediscovery image prednisolone acetate prednisolone steaglate predominantly student neighborhoods predominently conservative government predynastic period predynastic times preemergence herbicide preemergent herbicides preemphasis network preemption laws preemption school preemptive action preemptive attack preemptive bid preemptive bidding preemptive cause preemptive effect preemptive military action preemptive military policy preemptive mission preemptive multitasking preemptive nuclear strike preemptive openings preemptive regulatory control preemptive scheduler preemptive strike preemptive strikes preemptive war preemptive warfare preemptive wars preemptively invade preemptively multitasked preen gland preen glands preen oil preestablished harmony preeti manns preexisting duty rule preexponential factor prefab housing prefabricated building prefabricated buildings prefabricated concrete structures prefabricated construction prefabricated home prefabricated homes prefabricated houses prefabricated housing prefabricated metal buildings prefabricated structures prefabricated unit preface paradox prefect of police prefect of studies prefect of the camp prefectoral administration prefectoral order prefects board prefectural governments prefectural police prefectural professional school prefectural road prefectural roads prefectural system was adopted nationwide prefectural university prefectural-level city prefecture apostolic prefecture level prefecture of police prefecture-level cities prefecture-level city prefecture-level division prefecture-level divisions prefer sex partners of a disparate age prefer the intimate company of men preference aggregation preference agreements preference ballot preference flows preference for children of alumni preference lists preference logics preference panes preference regression