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previous edition previous edition of the tournament previous election previous elections previous encounter previous entry previous ep previous episode previous era previous event previous executive previous experiments and innovations previous failures previous film previous film's previous final previous flight previous form previous formats previous game previous games previous general election previous generations previous government previous governments previous gubernatorial election previous holder previous incarnation previous incarnations previous installment previous land surfaces previous leadership election previous legislative election previous legislature previous life previous live album previous lives previous local election previous mansion previous meeting previous meeting between the two teams previous mentioned previous military jeeps previous models previous movie previous municipal election previous non-celebrity series previous novel previous one previous operator previous original episode previous outbreak previous parliament previous parliamentary elections previous party of the same name previous period previous periods previous president's previous presidential election previous prophet or apostle previous provincial election previous pseudo-widescreen format previous quartet previous race previous record previous reform previous release previous remake previous season previous season's previous section previous selves previous series previous sexual partners previous single previous state election previous station previous studio album previous successful competition previous such organizations previous suffixes previous summit previous system previous tournament previous trophy previous version previous versions previous visit previous volume previous war previous wars previous work previous work of many inventors previous writings previous year previous year's previous year's competition previous year's draft previous year's edition previous year's final previous year's game previous year's general election previous year's series previous year's team previous year's world cup previous years previous years festival. previous year’s previously acquitted of the same charge previously appeared previously banned films previously been involved previously cooked food previously held previously met previously released material previously released single previously ruled previously unrelated previously worked previously-unrevealed fact previtamin d3 prewar currency prewar years prewellordering property prewrath rapture prey animal prey animals prey detection prey drive prey on children preyed upon preying mantis prezatide copper acetate pribata idaho price allocation theory price and exports of coffee price and supply fixing price and wage freezes price book price brackets price bubble price ceiling price ceilings price changes price chart price comparison price comparison engines price comparison service price comparison services price comparison shopping price competition price control price controls price controls and gasoline rationing price cutting price cycles price deflation price determination price discounts price discovery price discrimination price discrimination and yield management price dispute price drop tv price dumping price earnings ratio price elastic price elasticity price elasticity of demand price elasticity of supply price ending price engine price engines price fixing price fixing cartel price flexing price floor price floors price fluctuation price fluctuations price freeze price gouge price gouging price guide price guides price hike price increase price increases price index price indexes price indexing price indices price inefficiency price inflation price leadership price level price level 2 price level stability price levels price liberalization price list price maintenance price maker price manipulation price margin price markdowns price mechanism price moves price of crude oil price of gold price of oil price point price points price premium price protection price range price ratios price revolution price risk price sensitive price sensitivity price sensitivity of oil demand price setting price signals price skimming price specie flow mechanism price stability price stabilization price stickiness price structure price support price supports price symmetry price system price taker price takers price their products price theorists price theory price to book value price to earnings price to earnings ratios price transparency price trends price volatility price war price wars price zoning price-cap regulation price-drop tv price-earnings ratio price-elasticity of demand price-point retailer price-specie flow price-taking equilibrium price-to-book ratio price-to-book ratios price-to-earning multiples price-to-earnings ratio price-to-rent ratio price-to-rent ratios price-to-sales ratio priced out of the area prices and quantities prices exploded prices of production prices were properly controlled pricing cartel pricing decisions pricing guide pricing mechanism pricing objectives pricing point pricing policy pricing strategy pricing structure pricing system prick ears pricking a witch prickle cell prickle cell layer prickly deepsea skate prickly hairs prickly lettuce prickly lotus prickly pear prickly pear cacti prickly pear cactus prickly pear cactuses prickly pear fruit prickly pear island snail prickly pear shrublands prickly pears prickly poppy prickly rose prickly sedge prickly shark prickly-pear cactus pride comes before a fall pride festival pride festivals pride flag pride goes before a fall pride in clothing pride march pride marches pride parade pride parades pride-and-ego down priem ostranenie priest abuse priest abuse scandal priest abuse scandals priest hole priest holes priest hunter priest hunters priest in charge priest sexual misconduct priest shortage priest-penitent privilege priesthood authority priesthood blessing priesthood blessings priesthood keys priesthood of all believers priesthood of the fifteen priesthood of the individual believer priesthood of women priesthood ordinance priesthood ordinations priesthood quorum priestly associations priestly blessing priestly blessings priestly caste priestly celibacy priestly class priestly divisions priestly families priestly garments priestly marriage priestly ordination priestly ordination upon women priestly sacramental ministry priestly schools priestly source priests in charge prifinium bromide prilling tower prima ballarina prima ballerina prima ballerina assoluta prima ballerinas prima donna prima donnas prima facie prima facie duties prima facie duty prima facie evidence prima facie justification prima facie right prima materia prima noctes prima philosophia prima pratica prima prattica prima scriptura prima signatio primacy effect primacy of conscience primacy of honor primacy of scripture primacy of the pope primae noctis primal chaos primal cuts primal elements primal graph primal living primal scream primal scream therapy primal screams primal see primal therapy primal-dual method primality certificate primality test primality test algorithm primality testing primality tests primarily for women primarily played primarily systemic agents primarily valuative word primary teeth baby teeth primary baby teeth primary academic primary active transport primary active transporters primary additive colors primary afferents primary alcohol primary alcohols primary algebra primary amebic meingoencephalitis primary amine primary amines primary amino acid sequences primary amino groups primary amoebic meningoencephalitis primary amoeboid meningoencephalopathy primary and general elections for governor primary and secondary alcohols primary and secondary level education primary and secondary qualities primary and secondary school primary and secondary schools primary antibodies primary aptitudes primary areolæ primary atmospheres primary attack primary atypical pneumonia primary auditory cortex primary authority primary ballot primary batteries primary battery primary battery power primary biliary cirrhosis primary boycott primary bronchioles primary caches primary campaign primary care primary care clinician primary care physician primary care physicians primary care providers primary caregiver primary caregivers primary carnitine deficiency primary cause primary cell primary cell wall primary cells primary challenge primary channel primary ciliary dyskinesia primary cilium primary clustering primary co-educational day school primary coating primary coil primary color primary colors primary colour primary colours primary commandments primary commodities primary component primary composer primary consciousness primary constraint primary constricition primary consumers primary contributing school primary coronary angioplasty primary crops primary crystalline phase primary crystalline phases primary cultures primary cyclic groups primary dealer primary dealers primary dealer’s primary decomposition primary deities primary demand primary department primary destinations primary deviance primary doctor primary documentation primary documents primary documents of the era primary domain controller primary education primary effects primary election primary elections primary element primary endpoint primary energy primary entry point primary evidence primary experience primary explosive primary explosives primary factor primary feather primary feathers primary field primary fields primary fissure primary flight control primary flight display primary flight displays primary flow element primary forage crop primary forest primary forests primary form primary frequency standard primary germ layers primary gliders primary goods primary grades primary grind primary group primary group structure primary growth primary growth forest primary guidance system primary guidance, navigation and control system primary gustatory area primary health care primary health centres primary healthcare primary healthcare organisation primary hemochromatosis primary historical sources primary hues primary hull bending primary hull bending and strength primary hyperoxaluria primary hyperparathyroidism primary hyperuricemia syndrome primary hypoblast primary immigration primary immunodeficiencies primary immunodeficiency primary index primary industries primary industry primary instrument primary intracranial tumor primary investigator primary involvement primary isolate primary key primary key primary key field primary keys primary labial groove primary labor market primary language primary legal document primary legislation primary level primary level education primary literature primary lobule primary lobules primary local government unit primary lyricist primary manufacturing facility primary market primary markets primary meaning primary melt primary memory primary metabolism primary metabolites primary mirror primary mirrors primary missions primary motion primary motor area primary motor cortex primary music schools primary narcissism primary national standard primary needs primary neuralation primary nocturnal enuresis primary nutritional groups primary olfactory cortex primary oocyte primary oocytes primary open angle glaucoma primary operators primary or derived element primary or elementary education primary or fundamental primary or secondary gain primary orality primary oöcytes primary palate primary parasitoids primary parent primary partition primary partitions primary perception primary percutaneous coronary intervention primary peritoneal cancer primary physical custody primary physician primary poverty primary power primary prevention primary process primary producer primary producers primary product primary production primary production rate primary productivity primary products primary progressive aphasia primary projection primary provider primary pseudoperfect number primary pseudoperfect numbers primary pulmonary hypertension primary qualities primary qualities and secondary qualities primary race primary radar primary radiator primary rainforest primary rate interface primary rational canonical form primary reading epilepsy primary refrigerant primary reinforcer primary relationship primary relationships primary research primary residence primary residences primary rival primary rock primary root primary route primary routes primary rule primary school primary school students primary schooling primary schools primary schoolwith primary season primary sector primary sector of economic activity primary sector of industry primary senile degenerative dementia primary sensory areas primary sensory cortex primary sensory neuron primary sensory trigeminal nucleus primary septum primary sequence primary sequences primary sex characteristics primary sexual characteristics primary shares primary social primary somatosensory area primary somatosensory areas primary somatosensory cortex primary source primary sources primary spermatocyte primary spermatocytes primary stage primary stage of socialism primary standard primary standard stars primary standards primary status primary steel producer primary steelmaking primary stock primary storage primary streak primary stress primary structure primary structures primary studies primary substance primary subtractive colors primary succession primary survey primary system primary taste primary teeth primary texts primary time standard primary tissue layers primary tone primary trainer primary trainers primary transcript primary transcripts primary transformation primary treatment primary triads primary tropical forest primary tumors of the heart primary types primary urban areas primary vertex primary visceral sensory primary visual centers primary visual cortex primary visual cortex primary visual processing area primary voters primary vs secondary quality distinction primary waves P-waves primary winding primary wing feathers primary-nocturnal-enuresis type bedwetting primary-school age primary-secondary distinction primas germaniae primate basal ganglia primate basal ganglia system primate behavior primate biologist primate communication primate extinction primate language primate of the same name primate research primate sanctuary primates closely related to humans primatial seat primatial see prime access slot prime agricultural prime broker prime brokerage prime brokers prime care prime circle prime constellation prime constellations prime contractor prime contractors prime decomposition prime decomposition for 3-manifolds prime directive prime divisors prime element prime elements prime ends prime factor prime factorisation prime factorisations prime factorization prime factorization algorithm prime factorizations prime factors prime farmland prime field prime fields prime filters prime focus prime form prime gap prime gaps prime geodesic prime ideal prime ideal factorisation prime ideals prime implicant chart prime implicants prime integer topology prime interest rate prime k-tuple conjecture prime knot prime knots prime lending rate prime lens prime lenses prime mark prime matter prime meridian prime meridians prime minister prime minister's prime ministerial prime ministerial government prime ministers prime ministership prime model prime mover prime movers prime movership prime moving prime number prime number theorem prime number theorem for arithmetic progressions prime numbers prime of their youth prime originator prime pages prime pairs prime places prime power prime powers prime quadruplet prime quadruplets prime quintuplet prime radical prime rate prime reciprocal magic square prime recovery ship prime rib prime ring prime sergeant prime sieve prime spectra prime spectrum prime spiral prime standard lenses prime summands prime suspect prime symbol prime testing prime time prime triplet prime triplets prime twin prime universal flow prime vertical prime vibrator prime-counting function prime-factor algorithm prime-generating polynomial prime-power factorization prime-time access prime-time dramas prime-time television primefree sequence primer dimer primer extension primer paint primer seisin primer type primer walking primera division de el salvador primes in arithmetic progression primes in arithmetic progressions primetime broadcast primetime remake primetime soap primetime television primeval cow primeval forest primeval forests primeval hardwood forests primeval mound primeval number primeval numbers primeval ocean primeval soup primeval woodlands primi inter pares primi internodii pollicis primi internodii pollicis muscle primi ordinis primi toni primicerius notariorum primicerius notorarum priming charge priming mixtures priming pan primitive 5th root of unity primitive abundance primitive accumulation primitive accumulation of capital primitive achondrite primitive agriculture primitive amphibians primitive aorta primitive aortæ primitive area primitive art primitive arts primitive atrium primitive barbarians primitive camping primitive causality primitive cell primitive characteristics primitive choanae primitive church primitive communism primitive condition primitive connectives primitive costal arches primitive culture primitive cultures primitive cup telephone primitive data types primitive datatype primitive defense mechanisms primitive democracy primitive dicot primitive element primitive element theorem primitive equations primitive fish primitive frogs primitive groove primitive hut primitive idempotents primitive inhabitants primitive jugular primitive jugular veins primitive language primitive languages primitive living primitive mammals primitive mankind primitive men primitive methodist primitive monotheism primitive n-th root of unity primitive n-th roots primitive neuroectodermal tumor primitive neuroectodermal tumors primitive node primitive notion primitive nth root of unity primitive ova primitive palate primitive peoples primitive permutation group primitive permutation representations primitive pit primitive polynomial primitive polynomials primitive property primitive recursion primitive recursive primitive recursive arithmetic primitive recursive function primitive recursive functions primitive reflex primitive reflexes primitive religion primitive ring primitive rings primitive root primitive root modulo n primitive root modulo p primitive root of unity primitive roots primitive segments primitive semiperfect number primitive sheath primitive skills primitive societies primitive streak primitive symbol primitive tent square primitive third root of unity primitive trinomial primitive type primitive types primitive urogenital primitive urogenital ostium primitive values primitive vectors primitive ventricle primitive weevils primitive whales primitive wrapper classes primitive yolk sac primo aiutante di camera primo victoria primo visto primogeniture system primon gas primordial black hole primordial black holes primordial bombardment primordial cells primordial chaos primordial condition primordial creatrix primordial density fluctuations primordial dwarfism primordial elements primordial fluctuations primordial form primordial germ cells primordial god primordial nucleosynthesis primordial ocean primordial ooze primordial sandwich primordial sea primordial seas primordial sense primordial soup primordial space primorial prime Primula vulgaris primula vulgaris primum mobile primum movens primum non nocere primus inter pares primus of the church primus pilus primus stove primus stoves prince bishop prince bishopric prince bishops prince charming prince consort prince elector prince electors prince imperial prince of princes prince of the blood prince of the church prince of the empire prince of the faith prince or princess prince primate prince regent princely county princely electors princely families princely family princely grave princely house princely houses princely nobility princely rulers princely state princely state name princely state of princely states princely title princely     landgraviate princeps cervicis princeps civitatis princeps iuventutis princeps pollicis princeps pollicis artery princeps senatus princes and princesses princes consort princes du sang princes in the tower princes of the blood princes of the faith princes of the imperial blood princes or princesses of the blood princess and dragon princess consort princess cut princess of the empire princess palm princess seams princess tree princesse lointaine principal agent problems principal area principal areas principal arterial roads principal artery of thumb principal axes principal axes frame principal axis principal balance principal balance principal based accounting and auditing standards principal block principal boy principal branch principal bundle principal bundles principal canal principal cavity principal cell principal cells principal character principal circle bundle principal city principal co-consecrators principal component principal component analysis principal components principal components analysis principal conductor principal congruence subgroups principal connection principal connections principal consecrator principal curvature principal curvatures principal curve principal dancer principal dancers principal deposit principal diagonal principal directions principal elements principal enemy principal fiber bundle principal foci principal focus principal gauge bundle principal gland of the tongue principal homogeneous space principal homogeneous spaces principal ideal principal ideal domain principal ideal domains principal ideal ring principal ideal theorem principal ideal theorem of class field theory principal ideals principal indecomposable modules principal invariants principal investigator principal investigators principal lecturer principal meridian principal minor principal minors principal moments of inertia principal nucleus principal null congruences principal of equivalence principal part principal parts principal photography principal plane principal planes principal polarization principal private secretary principal proposition principal protected notes principal quantum level principal quantum number principal quantum numbers principal radii principal railway termini principal register principal responsible party principal river principal route principal scale principal seat principal secretary principal series representation principal series representations principal shopping street principal songwriter principal speakers principal square root principal stress principal stresses principal stresses in 2-D principal sum principal type principal ultrafilters principal value principal values principal variation principal-agent approach principal-agent problem principal-agent problems principal-agent type game principalisation property principalization theorem principally polarized principally polarized abelian variety principe de la moindre action principium individuationis principle component principle component analysis principle components analysis principle ideal domain principle in nature principle of accommodation principle of actualism principle of art principle of bivalence principle of causality principle of charity principle of complementarity principle of compositionality principle of comprehension principle of computational equivalence principle of concretion principle of conferral principle of consent principle of conservation principle of conservation of energy principle of contagion principle of contradiction principle of covariance principle of cross-cutting relationships principle of determinism principle of distinction principle of distributivity principle of dominance principle of double effect principle of duality principle of electroneutrality principle of emergence principle of energetics principle of equal a-priori probability principle of equality principle of equivalence principle of excluded middle principle of explosion principle of faith principle of fast arrival principle of faunal succession principle of fundamental justice principle of general covariance principle of generic consistency principle of good enough principle of honor principle of humanity principle of identification principle of identity principle of inclusions and components principle of indeterminacy principle of indifference principle of individuation principle of insufficient reason principle of intrusive relationships principle of ju principle of lateral continuity principle of least action principle of least astonishment principle of least authority principle of least coupling principle of least effort principle of least knowledge principle of least privilege principle of least surprise principle of least time principle of limited variety principle of linear superposition principle of linguistic relativity principle of locality principle of logical effort principle of logical form principle of mathematical induction principle of maximizing expected utility principle of maximum entropy principle of maximum work principle of mediocrity principle of microscopic reversibility principle of minimal coupling principle of minimal frustration principle of minimum energy principle of minimum privilege principle of moments principle of nationality principle of non-aggression principle of non-contradiction principle of non-intervention principle of noncontradiction principle of normality principle of objectivity principle of optimality principle of original horizontality principle of parsimony principle of plenitude principle of plentitude principle of porportionality principle of preemption principle of proportionality principle of rationality principle of relativity principle of repetition principle of restricted choice principle of revealed preference principle of science principle of self-determination principle of stationary action principle of stationary phase principle of subsidiarity principle of substitution principle of sufficient reason principle of superposition principle of territoriality principle of the anomalism of the mental principle of the conservation of matter principle of thought principle of transformation groups principle of triliteral roots principle of uncertainty principle of uniform boundedness principle of uniformitarianism principle of uniformity principle of universality principle of universalizability principle of unlimited comprehension principle of unrestricted comprehension principle of utility principle of verifiability principle of virtual work for applied forces principle of virtue principle photography principled negotiation principles and parameters principles and presuppositions principles of art principles of chemical kinetics principles of communications principles of constitutional design principles of economics principles of energetics principles of equality principles of equilibrium principles of faith principles of flight principles of freedom principles of fundamental justice principles of her party principles of justice principles of learning principles of music learning principles of physics principles of quantum mechanics principles of reasoning principles of the mind principles of time-keeping principles of warfare print ad print adaptations print ads print and display advertising print awareness print cabinet print career print cartridges print centers print club photos print culture print design print driver print head print heads print job print jobs print journalism print journalist print maker print making print media print model print modeling print music print on demand print plate etching print presses print processor print production print publishing print queue print referencing print room print rooms print run print runs print screen print server print servers print shop print spaces print spooler print spoolers print studio print syndication print through print training printed "block-book" printed book printed books printed circuit printed circuit assembly printed circuit board printed circuit board printed circuit boards printed circuits printed cotton printed mass media printed matter printed media printed music printed on demand printed paper sleeve printed products printed text printed wiring board printed-circuit board printer and publisher printer cable printer calibration printer cartridges printer control language printer control languages printer driver printer drivers