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route 88's route 9 route 90 route 91 route 92 route 93 route 94 route 95 route 96 route 97 route 98 route aggregation route announcements route assignment route availability route by identity route card route d'Arlon route dependent route distinguishers route eighty-eight route filtering route finding route five route flapping route focus route for travel route from route indicator route marker route nationale route nationale 1 route nationales route navigation route number route number scheme route numbers route of administration route of transmission route planner route planning route planning software route processor route reconnaissance route reflector route reflectors route set test route utilisation strategies route-view servers routed taxi router for integrated circuits router metrics router plane router planes routes 21 and 21A routes 25 routes nationales routes of administration routes of transmission routine activities theory routine activity theory routine childhood vaccines routine infant circumcision routing algorithm routing algorithms routing area routing code routing daemon routing domain routing hierarchy routing indicator routing loop routing loops routing methods routing network routing number routing policies routing protocol routing protocols routing sockets routing strategy routing switchers routing table routing tables routing transit number routing transit numbers routing zones routinization of charisma rove beetle rove beetles rovibrational coupling rovibronic coupling rovibronic couplings roving ambassador roving bridge roving bridges roving wiretaps row boat row boating row boats row canonical form row convexity row covers row crop row crops row echelon form row galley row galleys row homes row house row houses row matrix row of bombs row offices row precharge time row reduction row space row vector row vectors row-echelon form row-major order rowan tree rowed boats rowing a boat rowing bicycle rowing blades rowing blue rowing boat rowing boats rowing championship rowing club rowing clubs rowing cox rowing eight rowing ergometer rowing exercises rowing group rowing machine rowing machines rowing race rowing sculls rowing shell rowing shells rowing stroke rowing suit rowing suits rowing tanks rowing team rowing teams roxbury puddingstone roya bugyo royal "we" royal absolutism royal academies royal academy royal allowance royal and diplomatic correspondent royal and noble styles royal antelope royal anthem royal anthems royal appointments royal archers royal archives royal arms royal army royal ascent royal assent royal audencia royal audiencia royal authority royal azalea royal badge royal banner royal barge procession royal blood royal bloodline royal blue royal box royal burgh royal burghs royal burial ground royal capitularies royal carriers of the haemophilia disease royal castle royal castles royal chancellor royal chancery royal chapel royal chaplain royal chaplains royal charter royal children royal cities royal civil service examinations royal clan royal coat of arms royal collection royal colonies royal colony royal commission royal commissioner royal commissioners royal commissions royal consort royal consorts royal coronations royal council royal councillor royal county royal coup royal coup d'état royal courier royal court royal court dish royal court dress royal court music royal courtier royal courts royal cremation ground royal crest royal crown royal crowns royal cubit royal cuisines royal cypher royal dances royal decision royal decree royal decrees royal demesne royal descendant royal descent royal designation royal diadems royal disease royal dockyards royal domain royal duchies royal duchy royal duke royal dukedom royal dukes royal dynasty royal enclosure royal entry royal equerries royal estate royal families royal family royal familyfor royal favourite royal fern royal fish royal flush royal folio royal forces royal forest royal forests royal fork royal free chapel royal free towns royal funerals royal gold medal royal government royal governor royal governors royal gramma royal grant royal guard royal guards royal hawthorn royal headress royal herald royal historiographer royal house royal household royal houses royal hunt royal hunting ground royal hymn royal icing royal incestuous marriage royal insignia royal intermarriage royal jelly royal legislature royal letters patent royal library royal licence royal mail royal mantle royal marriage royal marstonia royal mast royal masts royal mint royal mistress royal mistresses royal mounds royal navy royal octaves royal octavo royal operas royal ordinance royal palace royal palaces royal palm royal palms royal pardon royal park royal parks royal patent royal patronage royal peculiar royal peculiars royal permission royal physician royal plaza royal plural royal poinciana royal power royal prerogative royal prerogative of mercy royal prerogatives royal prince royal princes royal privileges royal proclamation royal progress royal purple royal question royal ranks royal regalia royal residence royal residences royal revenues royal road royal rumble royal sail royal sails royal salute royal seal royal society of london royal spoonbills royal stables royal stars royal status royal streets royal style royal succession royal supremacy royal tax collectors royal tern royal terns royal theme royal threadfin royal throne royal title royal titulary royal tour royal train royal treasure royal treasury royal tutor royal visit royal warrant royal warrants royal we royal wedding royal weddings royal yacht royal yard royalist knight royalist revolt royalist troops royalist uprising royalty checks royalty free royalty free photography royalty or diplomatic protection royalty trust royalty trusts royaumes coutumiers rozen maiden rp process rpm package rss feeds rsync algorithm ru sheng ruaha lampeye rub el hizb rubber accelerators rubber arm rubber asbestos rubber ball rubber balls rubber band rubber band ball rubber band ligation rubber bands rubber base rubber boa rubber boats rubber boom rubber boomtown rubber boot rubber boots rubber bridge rubber bullet rubber bullets rubber bung rubber bungs rubber bushings rubber capacitive rubber cement rubber cement brush rubber cements rubber check rubber chicken rubber chickens rubber cis-polyprenylcistransferase rubber clothing rubber coated steel bullet rubber coated steel bullets rubber coating rubber compounding rubber device rubber dinghy rubber duck rubber duckie rubber duckies rubber ducks rubber ducks and other toys rubber ducky rubber elasticity rubber fetish rubber fetishism rubber game rubber gatherers rubber gloves rubber guard rubber hammer rubber infill rubber keys rubber latex rubber launch rubber life rafts rubber mallet rubber mask rubber masks rubber match rubber mulch rubber nose rubber or plastic fetishism rubber overshoes rubber pants rubber pellets rubber plantation rubber plantations rubber rain boots rubber refrigerator liners rubber scoring rubber shot rubber sidewalks rubber smoking rubber species rubber stamp rubber stamp body rubber stamping rubber stamps rubber stoppers rubber suits rubber tapper rubber tappers rubber tapping rubber technology rubber tire rubber tired rubber tires rubber tree rubber trees rubber tyred gantry crane rubber tyred gantry cranes rubber tyred trams rubber tyres rubber vulcanization rubber vulcanization accelerator rubber wear rubber wheels rubber-band drawing rubber-band ligation rubber-coated bullets rubber-hose cryptanalysis rubber-stamp legislature rubber-tired metro rubber-tired metros rubber-tired underground rubber-tyred gantry cranes rubber-tyred metro rubber-tyred metros rubber-wound golf ball rubberband effect rubberized asphalt rubbing alcohol rubbish bin rubbish bins rubbish burning rubbish collection rubbish dump rubbish dumping rubbish dumps rubbish heap rubbish incinerators rubbish mountain rubbish tip rubbish trucks rubbishy newspapers rubble pile rubble piles rubble trench foundation German measles rubella virus rubella virus German measles rubeola virus rubidium acetate rubidium acetylacetonate rubidium aluminum sulfate - dodecahydrate rubidium bromide rubidium butyrate rubidium carbonate rubidium chloride rubidium chromate rubidium citrate - monohydrate rubidium fluoride rubidium formate rubidium hydride rubidium hydroxide rubidium iodate rubidium iodide rubidium monohydroxide rubidium monoxide rubidium nitrate rubidium orthophosphate rubidium oxalate rubidium oxide rubidium perchlorate rubidium periodate rubidium peroxide rubidium propionate rubidium selenate rubidium selenide rubidium selenite rubidium sodium monochloride rubidium standard rubidium sulfide rubidium superoxide rubidium telluride rubidium tetrachloroaluminate rubidium tetrafluoroaluminate rubidium tetraphenyl boron rubidium trichloroplumbate ruble banknotes rubric dependency rubrospinal fasciculus rubrospinal tract rubrospinal tracts ruby character ruby characters ruby gemstone ruby glass ruby laser ruby lasers ruby markup ruby maser ruby port ruby pulse laser ruby shower ruby slippers ruby text ruby wedding ruby-crowned kinglet ruck contests ruck rover rucks and mauls rudder angle indicator rudder fin rudder pedals rudder post rudder ratio rudder stock ruddy darters ruddy duck ruddy ducks ruddy mongoose ruddy shelduck ruddy shelducks ruddy shellduck ruddy turnstone ruddy turnstones rude and profane expressions rude awakening presente rude boy rude boys rude finger gesture rude gesture rude hand gesture rude songs rude words rudimental drummer rudimental drumming rudimentary graphics rudimentary organs rudimentary style rudra veena rudra vina rudraksha tree rue d'Ulm rue de la chaussée d'Antin rue oil ruff and discard ruffed grouse ruffed lemur ruffed lemurs ruffed out ruffing finesse ruffled collars ruffled grouse ruffles and flourishes rufous bettongs rufous elephant shrew rufous horseshoe bat rufous hummingbird rufous hummingbirds rufous kingfisher rufous mouse-eared bat rufous shrike-thrush rufous-sided rufous-sided towhee eastern towhee rufous-sided eastern towhee rufous-sided towhee animal covering rug beater rug burns rug hooking rug making rug muncher rugby 7 rugby 7s rugby ball rugby balls rugby club rugby code rugby encounter rugby event rugby federation rugby fields rugby flanker rugby football rugby football rules rugby football team rugby footballer rugby giants rugby league rugby league 9's rugby league counterparts rugby league county leagues rugby league football rugby league footballer rugby league nines rugby league positions rugby league scrummage rugby league sevens rugby league team rugby leagues rugby pitch rugby player rugby players rugby schism rugby scrum rugby sevens rugby shirt rugby shirts rugby star rugby style football rugby tackled rugby team rugby teams rugby union rugby union bonus points system rugby union club rugby union football rugby union footballer rugby union numbering schemes rugby union player rugby union positions rugby union sevens rugby union team rugby union test matches rugby union was a sport rugby unionfootballer rugby unionis rugby unionman rugby unionteam rugby world champions rugby world cup rugged beauty rugged computer rugged hornsnail rugged individualism rugged individualist rugged laptop computers rugosa rose rugose corals ruido de sables ruin value ruina montium ruined castle ruined citadel ruined city ruined earth ruined future ruined man ruined orgasm ruined palace ruined pianos ruined temple ruins of the house ruki sound law rule 11 law rule 30 rule 5 draft rule 55(g) rule against perpetuities rule base rule book rule by decree rule by law rule changes rule consequentialism rule engine rule engines rule induction rule making rule named after rule nisi rule of rule of 11 rule of 70 rule of 72 rule of acquisition rule of addition rule of capture rule of conjunction rule of construction rule of contraction rule of detachment rule of double false position rule of double negation rule of enclosure rule of false position rule of four rule of generalization rule of inference rule of ko rule of law rule of lenity rule of man rule of maximum multiplicity rule of nines rule of product rule of reason rule of recognition rule of sharia rule of signs rule of simplification rule of succession rule of the mob rule of the road rule of the shorter term rule of thirds rule of three rule of thumb rule of tincture rule of total evidence rule of transposition rule of triadic interaction rule of twelfths rule the diagonal rule the world rule utilitarianism rule which bears his name rule-based filtering rule-based programming rule-induction algorithm ruled a double homicide-suicide ruled by decree ruled over ruled surface ruled surfaces ruled that the line-item veto was unconstitutional ruled to seize and auction its valuable collection ruled unconstitutional ruler and compass ruler and compass construction ruler and compasses ruler for life rulers of the county rules and penalties rules and procedures rules and regulations rules and weight classes rules associated with armed warfare rules footballers rules for finding the derivative rules for rhymes rules for the top 10 competition rules for the treatment of evidence rules governing elections rules governing the jussive rules lawyer rules lawyering rules lawyers rules match rules of air fighting rules of baseball rules of basketball rules of botanical naming rules of botanical nomenclature rules of chess rules of civil procedure rules of construction rules of derivation rules of design rules of engagement rules of equity rules of evidence rules of golf rules of heraldry rules of inference rules of ko rules of land warfare rules of modesty rules of nomenclature rules of operation rules of order rules of origin rules of precedence rules of procedure rules of sound combination rules of succession rules of the game rules of the ring rules of the road rules of the sociological method rules of thumb rules of tonal spelling rules of traditional cricket rules of transformation rules of volleyball rules of war rules of warfare rules system rules-based filter rules-based filtering ruling according to current statute law ruling authority ruling bishop ruling by decree ruling class ruling classes ruling classs ruling clique ruling coalition ruling communist parties ruling elder ruling elite ruling families ruling family ruling government junta ruling grade ruling grades ruling gradient ruling houses ruling imperial dynasty ruling limiting school prayer ruling minority ruling monarchs ruling parties ruling party ruling planet ruling planets ruling political party ruling prince ruling queen ruling regime ruling year ruling élite rulings of courts rum "tot" rum and coke rum and cokes rum baba rum balls rum cake rum diver rum grades rum ration rum rations rum rebellion rum runner rum runners rum running rum shop rumah gadang rumah gadang tuo rumah terbuka rumania montevideo rumanna hussain rumba campesina rumba catalana rumba rock rumbia palm rumble device rumble features rumble filters rumble fish rumble measurement rumble pack rumble pak rumble seat rumble seats rumble strip rumble strips rumblings of secession rumen acidosis rumenic acid ruminant animals rummage sale rummage sales rummy family rummy nosed tetra rummy-nose tetra rumor mill rumor mongering rumored cure rumours of his death rump cabinet rump congress rump organization rump parliament rump session rump steak rumpus room run & shoot run 'n gun run 'this way' run a gauntlet run again run against run aground run amok run and gun run and gun overhead shooter run and guns run and shoot run automatically run away run batted in run book run by the state run by the workers who work in them run chart run commands run concurrently run crew run difference rule run down run flat run flat tire run flat tires run flat tyres run flats run for governor run for re-election run for the office run for the presidency run guns run home run in run length code run length encoded run length encoding run length limited run levels run loops run of river run of the river run on a bank run on banks run on batteries run on petrol as well as alcohol run on the bank run on the banks run on the comic run on the pound run out run out by the bowler run out of town on a rail run out the clock run outs run over run prompt run queue run rate run rig run scored run support run the bowel run the clock down run the gauntlet run the table run time run time environment run time environments run to unseat run up the ring ropes run up the score run-and-gun shooter game run-and-gun shooter games run-and-shoot offense run-down amusement district run-flat tire run-flat tires run-flat tyres run-in interference run-length codes run-length encoded run-length encoding run-of-the-river hydroelectric run-of-the-river hydroelectricity run-off election run-off elections run-off primary election run-off vote run-off voting run-on lines run-on sentence run-on sentences run-out blocks run-round loop run-time checking run-time code generation run-time environment run-time error run-time error checking run-time errors run-time libraries run-time library run-time polymorphism run-time stack run-time support run-time system run-time type information runaway blacks runaway breakdown runaway bride runaway children runaway evolution runaway explosion runaway female slave runaway film production runaway greenhouse effect runaway marriages runaway nuclear reaction runaway planets runaway process runaway production runaway productions runaway reaction runaway shinobi runaway slave runaway slaves runaway star runaway stars runaway teenagers runaway temperature runaway truck ramp runaway truck ramps runaway trucks runaway youth runcible spoon runcinated 16-cell runcinated 24-cell runcinated 5-cell runcinated 8-cell runcinated alternated cubic runcinated alternated cubic honeycomb runcitruncated 16-cell runcitruncated 24-cell runcitruncated 5-cell runcitruncated 8-cell runcitruncated cubic runcitruncated cubic honeycomb rune drum rune drums rune inscriptions rune letter rune magic rune occultist rune poem rune poems rune readings rune singing rune staves rune stone rune stones runflat tires runic alphabet runic alphabets runic calendar runic characters runic crosses runic divination runic gravestones runic initials runic inscription runic inscriptions runic letter runic magic runic manuscripts runic primer runic script runic songs runic stone runic studies runic texts runic writing system runic-like script runner bean runner on base runner sleds runner stone runner up runners and joggers runners in scoring position runners up runners-up treble running a household running a pipeline running amok running angle running around in dark rooms running at the same time running average running away running back running back coach running back position running backs running backs coach running backstays running board running boards running bond running boom running boot to the head running bounce running bounces running bowline running cadence running chop block running club running clubs running cold and hot water running commentary running concurrent running concurrently running cost running coupling running crew running crossbody running deer running deer, double shots running deer, single shots running dinner running dogs running downwind running end running english running enzuigiri running fight running for leader running for president running forward running front kick running gag running gags running gear running guns running head slam running headbutt drop running high-impact turnbuckle thrust running in running in parallel running into the fullback running joke running jokes running jumping knee drop running key running key cipher running knee running knot running lariat running legdrop running lights running low yakuza kick running low-angle dropkick running low-angle yakuza kick running man running martingale running mate running mates running naked running neck snap running neckbreaker running of a sports betting ring running of bulls running of the bulls running on a treadmill running out running out of fuel running out the clock running over running plate running plays running pop running powerbomb running powerslam running rail running rails running record running red lights running rhythm running rigging running rights running script running senton running shed running shirts running shoe running shoes running shorts running sitout powerbomb running speed running splash running start running start program running stiff running stitch running stitches running the ball running the bases running the bulls running the ga(u)ntlet running the gauntlet running through the streets running time running track running trade running up and down hills running up of the score running up the score running visual joke running walk running water running with the bulls runny nose runo singers runoff area runoff election runoff elections runoff primary runoff rights runoff transcript runoff vote runoff votes runoff voting runout groove runs a gauntlet runs a red signal runs allowed runs amok runs away runs away from home runs batted in runs concurrent runs concurrently runs created runs on the banks runs out of fuel runs past a signal runs scored runs through a red light runs through a red signal runs via runs-created statistic runt pulse runt pulses runtime assertion checker runtime behavior runtime compilers runtime engine runtime environment runtime environments runtime error runtime generated code runtime infrastructure runtime interpreter runtime libraries runtime library runtime packer runtime support runtime system runtime type-checking runway 11 threshold runway cratering system runway edge runway edge lights runway environment runway incursion runway incursions runway lighting runway lighting system runway model runway models runway protection zone runway safety area runway safety zones runway show runway shows runway threshold runway visual range ruou nep rupture of membranes rupture of muscle rupture of the achilles tendon rupture of the oesophagus ruptured aneurysm ruptured aorta ruptured eardrum ruptured thoracic aneurysm or county rural constituency or county constituency rural or county constituency rural administrations rural affairs rural airport rural allotments rural ambiance rural area rural area schools and health centers rural areas rural banks rural blues rural borough rural boroughs rural cemeteries rural cemetery rural committee rural communes rural communication rural communities rural community rural community development rural community vibrancy index rural council rural crafts rural culture houses rural dean rural deaneries rural deanery rural deans rural delivery service rural depopulation rural development rural district rural district council rural district councils rural districts rural drama rural economy rural education rural electric cooperatives rural electrification rural exodus rural flight rural free delivery rural garden style rural general hospital rural health rural health care systems rural health services rural highways rural holidays rural infrastructure rural land auctions rural life rural lifestyles rural localities rural locality rural migration rural ministry rural municipal rural municipal formations rural municipalities rural municipality rural okrugs rural or garden rural or urban rural people rural postal delivery route