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Regional English templates & categories.

Specialized regionalisms: African American Vernacular English, Canadian English slang, Cockney rhyming slang, England and Wales law, North American slang, Polari, Singlish, UK slang, US slang

{{Alberta}} (Alberta) Category:Canadian English
{{Atlantic Canada}} (Atlantic Canada) Category:Atlantic Canadian English
{{Australia}} (Australia) Category:Australian English
{{Bristol}} (Bristol) Category:Bristolian English
{{British}} (Britain) Category:British English
{{British Columbia}} (British Columbia) Category:Canadian English
{{Canada}} (Canada) Category:Canadian English
{{Canadian Prairies}} (Canadian Prairies) Category:Canadian English
{{Caribbean}} (Caribbean) Category:Caribbean English
{{Chinglish}} (Chinglish) Category:Chinglish
{{Cockney}} (Cockney) Category:Cockney English
{{Commonwealth}} (Commonwealth of Nations) Category:Commonwealth English
{{Cornwall}} (Cornwall) Category:Cornish English
{{Cumbria}} (Cumbria) Category:Cumbrian English
{{East Africa}} (East Africa) Category:East African English
{{Geordie}} (Geordie) Category:Geordie English
{{Guernsey}} (Guernsey) Category:Guernsey English
{{Hawaii}} (Hawaii) Category:Hawaiian English
{{Hong Kong}} (Hong Kong) Category:Hong Kong English
{{India}} (India) Category:Indian English
{{Ireland}} (Ireland) Category:Irish English
{{Isle of Mann}} (Isle of Man) Category:Manx English
{{Jamaica}} (Jamaica) Category:Jamaican English
{{Jersey}} (Jersey) Category:Jersey English
{{Kenya}} (Kenya) Category:Kenyan English
{{Lincolnshire}} (Lincolnshire) Category:Lincolnshire English
{{Liverpool}} (Liverpudlian) Category:Liverpudlian English
{{Netherlands}} (Netherlands) Category:Netherlands English
{{Malaysia}} (Malaysia) Category:Malay English
{{Manitoba}} (Manitoba) Category:Canadian English
{{New Brunswick}} (New Brunswick) Category:Atlantic Canadian English
{{Newfoundland}} (Newfoundland) Category:Newfoundland English
{{New Zealand}} (New Zealand) Category:New Zealand English
{{North America}} (Canada, US) Category:North American English
{{Northern England}} (Northern England) Category:Northern England English
{{Northumbria}} (Northumbria) Category:Northumbrian English
{{Northwest Territories}} (Northwest Territories) Category:Canadian English
{{Nova Scotia}} (Nova Scotia) Category:Atlantic Canadian English
{{Nunavut}} (Nunavut) Category:Canadian English
{{Ontario}} (Ontario) Category:Canadian English
{{Prince Edward Island}} (Prince Edward Island) Category:Atlantic Canadian English
{{Philippines}} (Philippines) Category:Filipino English
{{Quebec}} (Quebec) Category:Quebec English
{{Saskatchewan}} (Saskatchewan) Category:Canadian English
{{Scotland}} (Scotland) Category:Scottish English
{{Singapore}} (Singapore) Category:Singapore English
{{South Africa}} (South Africa) Category:South African English
{{Sussex}} (Sussex) Category:Sussex English
{{Teesside}} (Teesside) Category:Teesside English
{{Trinidad and Tobago}} (Trinidad and Tobago) Category:Trinidad and Tobago English
{{US}} (US) Category:US
{{Wales}} (Wales) Category:Welsh English
{{Wearside}} (Wearside) Category:Wearside English
{{West Midlands}} (West Midlands) Category:West Midlands English
{{Yorkshire}} (Yorkshire) Category:Yorkshire English
{{Yukon}} (Yukon) Category:Canadian English