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The purpose of this bot is the repair of broken links in {{form of}}, due to this edit by Msh210.

  • Before:
  • {{form of|First-person singular [[present subjunctive]]|abaisser#French|abaisser|lang=fr}}
  • First-person singular present subjunctive of abaisser
  • After:

Bot vote[edit]


  • Code
  • The bot retrieves raw wikitext from the site using a list of page titles generated from the most recent xml dump. The text is then processed to fix broken links and the updated wikitext is uploaded to the site using the pywikipedia framework.

Test edits[edit]

Relevant discussions[edit]


  • 30 July 2010:
    Fixing only links which are explicitly broken (51183 pages)
    {{form of}} will link to #English if language is not specified and second parameter is not linked. Will go through list again and fix those which have no language specified.
  • 5 August 2010:
    Fixing all instances of {{form of}} with links (222,942 pages)