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Please help with Latin translations[edit]

Please help create Wiktionary entries for these Latin and Translingual words (taxonomic epithets)

2015 lists[edit]

2011 lists[edit]

2011 Catalogue of Life:


By Suffix:

By Prefix:

  • Most common first four letters: nigr-, long-, flav- (May add more later. Please request others if these are helpful)

More info:

  • Motivation — Why I made these lists. Also other details, what highlights mean, notes, sources, to do list.

2006 lists[edit]

2006 Red List species only (all categories):


Some books
  • The Composition of Scientific Words. Brown. 1954. [3]
  • A Source-Book of Biological Names and Terms. Jaeger. 1955.
  • Botanical Latin. Stearn. 1992.

Wiki basics[edit]


  • CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names [SLV]
  • CRC World Dictionary of Grasses
  • The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals / Reptiles / Amphibians
  • Stemmata Latinitatis; or, An etymological Latin dictionary google scan
  • The Scientific Nomenclature of Birds in the Upper Midwest. 2014, James Sandrock

Popularity lists[edit]

alexz / Mr.Z-man

More: Birds - Amphibians and Reptiles - Arthropods - Biology - Cats - Dogs - Dinosaurs - Equine - Fishes - Fungi - Gastropods - Microbiology - Molecular and Cellular Biology - Palaeontology - Primates

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Scientists who describe species[edit]

  • professional systematist, taxonomists, systematic biologists and paleontologists, ecologists, paleoecologists, stratigraphers, field biologists

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