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Exercise sentences from: Fennel, Trevor G., and Henry Gelsen. 1980. A Grammar of Modern Latvian. The Hague: Mouton Publishers. ISBN 90 279 7936 7.

  • Lesson 1 (The present tense of būt; nominative singular and plural of masculine nouns in -s)
  • Lesson 2 (Singular declension of masculine nouns in -s)
  • Lesson 3 (Plural declension of masculine nouns in -s)
  • Lesson 4 (Dative of possession)
  • Lesson 5 (Mixed conjugation verbs in -ēt: present tense)
  • Lesson 6 (Dative case of the personal pronouns)
  • Lesson 7 (Negation of verbs, excluding possessive expressions)
  • Lesson 8 (Negation of possessive expressions)
  • Lesson 9 (Declension of feminine nouns in -a)
  • Lesson 10 (Imperfect tense of mixed conjugation verbs in -ēt)
  • Lesson 11 (Mixed conjugation verbs in -īt: present and imperfect; imperfect tense of būt)
  • Lesson 12 (Conjugation of the irregular verbs iet and dot)