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(US) SAMPA:/ pU@ cA.lEdZ stu.dEnt/

Notes and stuff

Hello Qubit, please take care with the spelling of pronunciation (not pronounciation). I've just finished changing a bunch. Thanks! D.D.

Sorry about that! -- I was just copying off of Portmanteau which has 'pronounciation.... I'll go change that page now Qubit

More words: percent, humdrum, banal, thermostat, slashdot, chug

Words from Distributed Proofing / Project Gutenberg:
from: M. Le Page Du Pratz, History of Louisisana

  1. invest - invested, cloath - cloaths, encomium - encomiums
  2. thee, shew, design, sol, humor
  3. perspicuity, hydraulic, expence - expences, zeal, league - leagues, compass