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HTML entities and numeric references in wikt:

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HMTL entity occurs example
#1499 1 ך: #REDIRECT [[כ]]
#1502 1 ם: #REDIRECT [[מ]]
#1508 1 ף: #REDIRECT [[פ]]
#1510 1 ץ: #REDIRECT [[צ]]
#156 1 loanword: #* {{quote-book|passage=New words, and particularly '''loanwords''', are simplified, and hence naturalized in American much more quickly than in English. ''Employè'' has long since become ''employee'' in our newspapers, and ''asphalte'' has lost its final ''e,'' and ''manœuvre'' has become ''maneuver,'' and ''pyjamas'' has become ''pajamas.''|title=[[S:The American Language/Chapter 32|The American Language]]|author=H. L. Mencken|year=1921}}
#160 5 FlatO@InsideChesthigh-PalmDown-FlatO@InsideChesthigh-PalmDown Nod FlatO@InsideChesthigh-PalmForward-FlatO@Inside-PalmForward OpenB@SideChesthigh-OpenB@SideChesthigh OpenB@SideTrunkhigh-OpenB@SideTrunkhigh: [[Image:ASLSJSW_O_v+.PNG|left-hand O palm-down]][[Image:ASLSJSW_O_v.PNG|right-hand O palm-down]][[Image:ASLSJSW_Lbq.PNG|away from body right side of chest]][[Image:ASLSJSW_Goi+.PNG|left-hand moves out and in repeatedly]][[Image:ASLSJSW_Goi.PNG|right-hand moves out and in repeatedly]]     [[Image:ASLSJSW_Bas+.PNG|left-hand open-B palm-right]][[Image:ASLSJSW_Bas.PNG|right-hand open-B palm-left]][[Image:ASLSJSW_Lbq.PNG|away from body right side of chest]][[Image:ASLSJSW_Gv_+.PNG|left-hand moves down]][[Image:ASLSJSW_Gv_.PNG|right-hand moves down]]
#2183 1 : * [[C]], [[c]], [[Ⅽ]], [[LL]], [[ll]], [[ࢇ]], [[࢈]], [[ƆIC]], [[Ж]], >I<
#2184 2 : * [[C]], [[c]], [[ⅽ]], [[LL]], [[ll]], [[ࢇ]], [[࢈]], [[ƆIC]], [[Ж]], >I<
#233 1 deprecated: *{{ttbc|French}}: [[obsolète]], [[désuet]]
#240 1 sjálfsmorð: :[1] að [[fremja|fremja]] sjálfsmorð: to [[commit|commit]] suicide
#248 1 tant mieux: /tɑ̃.mjø/
#263 1 Kujath: Polish or Eastern German (of Slavic origin): probably a derivative from a base kuj- (Polish kuć) (to forge, to hammer) hence an occupational name for a [[smith]].
#269 1 pandeizam: #*Francuska revolucija - ljudska prava i politička demokracija nakon dvjesto ...‎ - Page 270, Eugen Pusiæ - 1991
#32 43 drive: {{infl|da|verb|imperative|driv|present|driver|past|drev|past participle|drevet| |dreven|or|drevne|present participle|drivende}}
#39 281 's: : ''the dog[[s’]] tails'' (whereas for [[singular]] 'dog': ''the dog{{q|'s}} tail'')
#4151 3 library: * Burmese: {{t-|my|စာကြည့်တိုက်|alt=စာကြည့်တိုက်|tr=sakyi.daik|sc=Mymr|xs=Burmese}}
#61 2 : {{also|=|=|゠}}
#749 1 Asperger's syndrome: * {{a|US}} {{IPA|/ˈæsˌp˭ɹ̩ɡɹ̩z ˈsɪndɹowm/}}
#768 1 ì: {{Latin-1 Supplement character info|i|̀|hex=00ED|name=LATIN SMALL LETTER I WITH GRAVE|next= í |previous=ë}}
#769 4 prey: * Russian: [[добыча]] (dobýcha) {{f}}; [[трофеи]] (troféi) ''(plural)'' (war)
#7723 1 ḫpr: *von Beckerath, Jürgen. 1995. "Ḫpr/ḫpr(w)/ḫpr(w)w in den Königsnamen des Neuen Reiches nach griechischer Überlieferung". In ''Divitiae aegypti: Koptologische und verwandte Studien zu Ehren von Martin Krause'', edited by Cäcilia Fluck, Lucia Langener, Siegfried Richter, Sofia Schaten, and Gregor Wurst. Wiesbaden: Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag. 15–18.
#775 1 : {{Latin Extended Additional character info|hex=1E9B|name=LATIN SMALL LETTER LONG S WITH DOT ABOVE|1=ſ|2=̇|previous= ẚ |next=ẜ |langs=Irish}}
#797 1 ř: * {{IPA|/r̝/|/r̝̊/|lang=cs}}
#8205 1 Hephæstus: * '''1889''': Canon [[w:George Rawlinson|George Rawlinson]], <i><span style="font-variant:small-caps">History of P h o‍e n i c i a</span></i>, <span class="plainlinks">[ page 204] (2008 reprint; [ Forgotten Books]</span>; ISBN 1606209906, 9781606209905)
#8216 8 playing: #*{{quote-news|2009|January 19|Edward Wyatt|‘Big Love’ Gets a Big Tie to Real World|New York Times|url=
#8217 68 meister: #* {{quote-news|2009|January 20|Natalie Angier|In ‘Geek Chic’ and Obama, New Hope for Lifting Women in Science|New York Times|url=
#8221 1 Aletha: derived from Greek<ref></ref> ''Alethea''<ref></ref><ref></ref> (or ''Althea''), meaning “speaker of truth,” or “one who speaks truth.”
#91 9 아르바이트: * 김선철, [ [외래어] 아르바이트], The Hankyoreh.
#93 10 gemütlich: * “<span class="plainlinks">[ ‖gemütlich, ''a.'']</span>” listed in the ''[[w:Oxford English Dictionary|Oxford English Dictionary]]'' [2<sup>nd</sup> Ed.; 1989]<br/>  Pronounced: {{IPAchar|(gəˈmyːtlɪç)}}; etymology: [[[w:German language|G.]]].
#946 1 octapeptide: #*{{quote-journal|2009|date=February 26|Juha Laurén et al.|Cellular prion protein mediates impairment of synaptic plasticity by amyloid-β oligomers|Nature|url=|doi=10.1038/nature07761|volume=457|issue=7233|pages=1128-1132
#963 1 deviation ratio: # The [[ratio]] of maximum permitted [[frequency]] deviation, σ<sub>max</sub> to the maximum permitted [[modulating]] frequency, fi<sub>max</sub>.
#9927 1 : {{Miscellaneous Symbols character info|hex=26C6|name=Rain|previous=⛅|next=⛇}}
#x0023 1 : {{width-usage|#}}
#x0027 1 : {{also|'}}
#x002F 1 : {{also|/}}
#x003d 1 : {{also|=|⸗|゠}}
#x005e 1 : {{also|^}}
#x0060 1 : {{also|`}}
#x007C 1 ⅭⅭⅭⅠↃↃↃ: * <span style="text-decoration:overline;">C</span>, [[ↇↇ]], [[ↈ]], [[CCCIƆƆƆ]], [[C̅]], [[Ⅽ̅]], |I̅|, |Ⅰ̅|
#x00B7 5 ·: *: U+00B7 = <big><b>·</b></big> (lower)
#x00a6 1 : # [[fullwidth|Fullwidth]] encoding of [[¦]].
#x0305 19 ⅭⅠↃ: * [[M]], [[m]], [[Ⅿ]], [[ⅿ]], [[DD]], [[dd]], [[ↀ]], [[CIƆ]], [[Ī]], [[ī]], [[I̅]], [[Ⅰ̅]]
#x0325 1 o-: From {{etyl|gmq-osw|sv}} {{term|ō-|lang=gmq-osw}} ({{etyl|non|sv}} {{term|ú-|lang=non}}, {{term|ó-|lang=non}}) < {{proto|Norse|un-|lang=sv}}, from the {{proto|Indo-European|title=[[Proto-Indo-European]] negative prefix|lang=sv|n̥-}} whence also eg. the Greek ''[[a-]]'' and English ''[[un-]]''.
#x0387 9 ;: * In Greek the same function is served by <big><b>[[·]]</b></big> (U+0387), named the {{term|άνω τελεία|tr=áno teleía||upper stop}}.
#x03E1 1 Greek alphabet: #:[[Ϝ]] [[ϝ]] <!-- Ϝ ϝ --> ([[digamma]]), [[Ϻ]] [[ϻ]] <!-- Ϻ ϻ --> ([[san]]), [[Ϙ]] [[ϙ]] <!-- Ϙ ϙ --> ([[qoppa]]/[[koppa]]), [[Ϡ]] [[ϡ]] <!-- Ϡ ϡ --> ([[sampi]])
#x05d4 1 clamor: * {{ttbc|Hebrew}}: {{tø|he|זעקה|dif=זְעָקָה|f}}, {{tø|he|צעקה|dif=צְעָקָה|f}}
#x064E 14 أمل: |align=center|{{Arab|أمَلْتُنَّ}}
#x0651 13 في: #:* {{Arab|نَّجِّمْ نَعْمِلْ الْخِدْمَة هَاذِي فِي ثْلَاثَة يَّام}} (nnajjim naʿmil ilḫidma hāḏī fī ṯlāṯa yyām) — ''I can do this work in three days''
#x093F 1 : # A vowel of the [[Devanagari]] script. It's [[matra]], used to modify the inherent vowel in a consonant is written ि. For example the first consonant क with the matra looks like: कि. The matra should appear before the consonant it modifies, though it is pronounced after.
#x0940 1 : # A vowel of the [[Devanagari]] script. It's [[matra]], used to modify the inherent vowel in a consonant is written ी. For example the first consonant क with the matra looks like: की.
#x0941 1 : # A vowel of the [[Devanagari]] script. It's [[matra]], used to modify the inherent vowel in a consonant is written ु. For example the first consonant क with the matra looks like: कु.
#x0942 1 : # A vowel of the [[Devanagari]] script. It's [[matra]], used to modify the inherent vowel in a consonant is written ू. For example the first consonant क with the matra looks like: कू.
#x0943 1 : # Traditionally classified as a vowel of the [[Devanagari]] script. It's [[matra]], used to modify the inherent vowel in a consonant is written ृ. For example the first consonant क with the matra looks like: कृ. It is only used in words of Sanskrit derivation. Transliterated as [[w:IAST|IAST]]: [[ṛ]] or [[w:ITRANS|ITRANS]]: [[RRi]] or R^i.
#x0947 1 : # A vowel of the [[Devanagari]] script. It's [[matra]], used to modify the inherent vowel in a consonant is written े. For example the first consonant क with the matra looks like: के.
#x0948 1 : # A vowel of the [[Devanagari]] script. Its [[matra]], used to modify the inherent vowel in a consonant is written ै. For example the first consonant क with the matra looks like: कै.
#x094B 1 : # A vowel of the [[Devanagari]] script. Its [[matra]], used to modify the inherent vowel in a consonant is ‌ो. For example, the first consonant क with the matra looks like को.
#x094C 1 : # A vowel of the [[Devanagari]] script. It's [[matra]], used to modify the inherent vowel in a consonant is written ौ. For example the first consonant क with the matra looks like: कौ.
#x1100 1 : # [[half-width|Half-width]] form of {{l|ko|ᄀ|gloss=g}}
#x1101 1 : # [[half-width|Half-width]] form of {{l|ko|ᄁ|gloss=kk}}
#x1102 1 : # [[half-width|Half-width]] form of {{l|ko|ᄂ|gloss=n}}
#x12240 1 𒉃: inverted [[𒉀|NAGA]] or NAGA ''tenû''
#x12243 1 𒉀: * NAGA-[[𒉃|NAGA inversum]] = DALḪAMUN<sub>7</sub>; AN.NAGA-(AN.NAGA inversum) = DALḪAMUN<sub>5</sub>; AN.NAGA four times in cross shape = DALḪAMUN<sub>4</sub>: "whirlwind"
#x1E6F 1 The Olgas: # Former name of [[Kata Tjuṯa]].
#x200E 6 علم اللغة: {{infl|ar|noun|head='''[[علم]] [[لغة|اللغة]]'''|sc=Arab|g=m|tr=‎3ilm al-lúgha}}
#x200c 4 ម្ដងទៀត: '''{{Khmr|[[ម្ដង]]‌[[ទៀត]]}}''' (mdorng dtīət)
#x200d 3 artfull: #*: The ''nights'' ſtrange * proſpe{{ctlig}}s, made to feede the eyes;<br/>With {{q|Artfull}} fyres, mounted in the s‍kies:<br/>Graced with horred claps of ſulphury thunders;<br/>May make your mind, ''Iehouahs'' greater wonders.
#x2015 8 likewise: #: ''It was very nice meeting you, Samantha. ― '''Likewise''', Mr Thompson.''
#x201d 1 : #*: „Én '''hű''' valék a kézfogásig <br>  S elvette Alfréd a hugom'!”
#x2116 1 number: # {{context|Followed by a [[numeral]]; used [[attributive]]ly}} Indicating the position of something in a list or sequence. Abbreviations: ''[[No]]'' or ''[[No.]]'', ''[[no]]'' or ''[[no.]]'' (in each case, sometimes written with a superscript "o", like Nº or №). The symbol "#" is also used in this manner.
#x2160 3 : * [[M]], [[m]], [[Ⅿ]], [[ⅿ]], [[DD]], [[dd]], [[CIƆ]], [[Ī]], [[ī]], [[I̅]], [[Ⅰ̅]], [[ⅭⅠↃ]]
#x2164 1 : * <span style="text-decoration:overline;">V</span>, [[MMMMM]], [[mmmmm]], [[V̅]], [[Ⅴ̅]]
#x2169 1 : * <span style="text-decoration:overline;">X</span>, [[ↁↁ]], [[CCIƆƆ]], [[X̅]], [[Ⅹ̅]], [[ⅭⅭⅠↃↃ]]
#x216D 2 : * <span style="text-decoration:overline;">C</span>, [[ↇↇ]], [[CCCIƆƆƆ]], [[ⅭⅭⅭⅠↃↃↃ]], [[C̅]], [[Ⅽ̅]]
#x2183 3 : * [[M]], [[m]], [[ⅿ]], [[DD]], [[dd]], [[ↀ]], [[CIƆ]], [[Ī]], [[ī]], [[I̅]], [[Ⅰ̅]], [[ⅭⅠↃ]]
#x2185 2 : * [[VI]], [[vi]], [[ⅵ]], [[ↅ]]
#x2186 2 : * [[L]], [[l]], [[ⅼ]], [[XXXXX]], [[xxxxx]], [[ↆ]]
#x2187 8 ⅭⅭⅠↃↃ: *Next: [[ↇ]] ([[fifty thousand]], [[50000]])
#x2188 1 : *Next: [[ↈ]] / [[ⅭⅭⅭⅠↃↃↃ]] ([[one hundred thousand]], [[100000]])
#x2205 1 Ø: # {{linguistics}} A symbol for a [[null]] form commonly used instead of [[∅]]: one that is never expressed in speech or writing, but that appears to play a grammatical role; for example, English may be said to have a usual plural suffix {{term|-s}} and a usual singular suffix ''-Ø''.
#x259 1 cyber: * {{rhymes|aɪbə(r)}}
#x2646 1 Ψ: # sometimes used instead of [[♆]] for [[Neptune]].
#x27 4 diacritic: [[File:''Á'' Grapheme.jpg|thumb|upright|A capital ''A'' with a diacritic above]]
#x2714 1 : [[✔]]
#x2985 1 : {{also|⦅|⸨}}
#x2986 1 : {{also|⦆|⸩}}
#x2CB 1 `: # [[ˋ]] (grave combining diacritic)
#x303 1 enterprise: * {{IPA|/ˈɛntɹ̩pɹɑjz/|/ˈɛɾ̃ɹ̩pɹɑjz/}}
#x305 1 square-root: #*:In √a̅+̅b̅, the horizontal bar or vinculum is actually a parenthesis that groups a+b. Without it, √a+b might mean b+√a̅ or it might mean √a̅+̅b̅. Nevertheless, the '''square-root''' sign without the vinculum is often used{{...}}.
#x31a 1 pageant: * {{IPA|ˈpædʒɨnt̚/}}
#x329 10 declaration: * {{a|US}} {{IPA|/dɛkləˈɹejʃn̩/}}
#x3A 1 congratudolences: #*: : And soon to be an eligible bachelor guy!
#x57154 1 tear: ''Germanic cognates:'' Old Frisian ''tār'', Old High German ''[[zahar]]'' (German ''[[Zähre]]'', originally {{p}}), Old Norse ''[[tár]]'' (Swedish ''[[tår]]'')<!--HIDE BAD CODE. WHAT IS THIS?... Gothic [[񕊖񗅖񕊖񗄶񕊖񗄸񕊖񗅔]]-->.
#x5D 4 íntegro: #* '''2001''' December 27, Victor Delgadillo, “[ Re: redonde [sic] de un número doble]” [Re: rounding of a double], <tt></tt>, ''Usenet'',
#x5b2 2 מאדים: {{he-proper noun|wv=מַאֲדִים|tr=ma’adim}}
#xF9E4 1 : {{also|理}}
Icirc 1 Virgin Islands: * French: {{t|fr|Îles Vierges}}
Oacute 2 Albany: * Russian: {{t+|ru|Олбани|tr=Ólbani}}
Omega 1 derived unit: #* thus, the derived unit of electrical [[resistance]] (ohm) is derived from length, mass, time, and electric current -<br> Ω = m<sup>2</sup>·kg·s<sup>-3</sup>·A<sup>-2</sup>
Prime 1 ကိုး: {{my-roman|mlc=kui: |ala=kui″ |bgn=ko″ |okell=kòu}}
Uuml 1 Dolmetscher: *[[Übersetzer]]
aacute 160 for: * Hebrew: {{t+|he|בשביל|tr=bishvíl}}, {{t-|he|בעד|tr=b'ád}}
adot 1 notable: <!--Notable in the sense of careful, thrifty, characterized by thrift and capacity (as, a notable housekeeper) is pronounced by many good orthoëpists, n&ocr;t"&adot;*b'l, the derivatives notableness, and notably, being also similarly pronounced with short o in the first syllable.-->
aelig 4 mail: #* '''1887''', John Houston Merrill (editor), ''The American and English Encyclopædia of Law'', Volume I,<sup >[ ]</sup> Edward Thompson, [ page 121],
agrave 3 Havana: * [[Haitian Creole]]: {{tø|ht|La Avàn}}
alpha 1 Canicula: # <!--{{star}} This is not used in astronomy.-->(''uranography'') An alternative name of the [[star]] Alpha [[Canis Major]]is (α CMa), [[Sirius]].
amacr 1 pitcher: Pitch"er (?), n. [OE. picher, OF. pichier, OHG. pehhar, pehh&amacr;ri; prob. of the same origin as E. beaker. Cf. Beaker.]
amp 197 adjectival: * {{a|UK}} {{IPA|/ædʒɛkˈtaɪvəl/}}<ref>[ Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary]</ref>
anatomy 1 : *(''mouth, lips &anatomy;''):
aring 1 leit: * [[let]] (bokmål only)
atilde 3 brainchild: * Portuguese: {{t|pt|criação}}
auml 5 glade: * Swedish: {{t+|sv|glänta}}
c 1 office-house: # {{obsolete}} A building or [[outhouse]] on a farm, [[estate]], [[manor]], palace, &c. used for [[household]] work, [[storage]], housing servants, &c; the office of the [[steward]] or [[bailiff]] on a manor or estate; a [[house of office]].
ccedil 2 town twinning: * Portuguese: {{t|pt|geminação|m}}
clubs 1 club: # A [[playing card]] marked with the symbol ♣.
dagger 2 Hermitian: #: ''If φ=φ<sup>†</sup> then φ is Hermitian.''
deg 4 quadrant: # {{geometry}} One [[fourth]] of a [[circle]] or [[disc]]; a sector with an [[angle]] of 90°.
delta 1 sesquiterpene: [[File:Cadinene.png|thumb|δ-Cadinene, a '''sesquiterpene''']]
divide 1 division sign: # {{mathematics}} Any symbol (in particular ÷ or / ) used to denote the [[operation]] of [[division]].
eacute 143 can: * Hebrew: {{t-|he|פיטר|tr=pitér}}
egrave 5 New Brunswick: * Mandarin: {{t|cmn|新不伦瑞克|tr=xīnbùlùnruìkè|sc=Hani}}
ensp 1 ír: #*:  Jaj! de a forrásnak kiszáradt az ágya,
equiv 34 asa: # [[als en slechts als]] ≡ [[iff]]
eta 5 wedge product: # {{context|differential geometry}} Given two [[one-form]]s ''ω'' and ''η'', their wedge product is <br><br><math>\omega \wedge \eta = \omega \otimes \eta - \eta \otimes \omega </math>, <br><br>where <math>\otimes</math> is the [[tensor product]].
euml 1 subsidize: * Dutch: {{t|nl|subsidiëren}}
gamma 1 Burali-Forti paradox: # {{set theory}} The following paradox: Let ''L'' be the set of all [[ordinal number]]s. This set is [[well-ordered]], so it has an ordinal number ''γ''. Since ''L'' is the set of all ordinal numbers, ''L'' contains ''γ''. But ''γ'' is equal to the well-ordered set of all ordinal numbers ''β'' smaller than ''γ''. Thus, ''L'' is [[order isomorphism|order isomorphic]] to one of its proper subsets, a contradiction.
gt 66 filibuster: From {{etyl|es}} ''[[filibustero]]'' ("[[pirate]]") > {{etyl|fr}} ''[[flibustier]]'' > {{etyl|nl}} ''[[vrijbuiter]]'' ("[[freebooter]]").
hand 3 opossum: <!--&hand; Several related species are found in South America. The water opossum of Brazil (Chironectes variegatus), which has the hind feet, webbed, is provided with a marsupial pouch and with cheek pouches. It is called also yapock. Opossum mouse. (Zoöl.) See Flying mouse, under Flying. -- Opossum shrimp (Zoöl.), any schizopod crustacean of the genus Mysis and allied genera. See Schizopoda.
hearts 1 quattuordecillion: #*: ''"Ooh!" Dorothy steps back in awe. "Mon Dieu. What is that cool-looking heart symbol?" "Here, ♥ indicates a '''quattuordecillion'''".''
hellip 91 copula: # {{statistics}} A [[function]] that represents the [[association]] between two or more [[variable]]s, [[independent]] of the [[individual]] [[marginal]] [[distribution]]s of the variables.<!--This is encyclopedic: Sklar’s theorem states this is always possible, and if the marginal distributions are continuous, then the copula is unique. Basically, the copula density plots the quantiles of the variable against each other, and the copula C(x1,x2,…)=Integral from (0,0,0…) to (X1=x1,X2=x2,…) of the copula density. The copula is always a number between zero and one. If the marginals are Gaussian and you use a Gaussian copula, you get a correlation.-->
iacute 92 Saint Lucia: * Greek: {{t+|el|Αγία Λουκία|tr=Aγía Lukía}}
igrave 1 Boston: * Mandarin: {{t-|cmn|波士顿|tr=Bōshìdún|sc=Hani}}
iuml 1 erudition: * Greek: {{t|el|πολυμάθεια|tr=polymátheïa}}
laquo 1 showrun: * “[ Showrunners « Literal-Minded]” — Neal Whitman, blog entry, 2010 January 27.
larr 64 водка: '''водка''' ← [[вода]] (''[[water]]'') + suffix [[-к-]]
ldquo 17 blueberry: # {{geology}} A mineral formation first identified by the Mars Exploration Rover ''Opportunity'' in 2004, so-named because of its resemblance to blueberry muffins. ''We see these strange round objects we're calling “[[spherules]]” embedded in the outcrop, like blueberries in a muffin.''
le 3 remainder: # {{mathematics}} The amount left over after subtracting the [[divisor]] as many times as possible from the [[dividend]] without producing a [[negative]] result. If {{n}} (dividend) and ''d'' (divisor) are integers, then {{n}} can always be expressed in the form ''n = dq + r'', where ''q'' ([[quotient]]) and ''r'' ('''remainder''') are also integers and 0 ≤ ''r'' < ''d''.
lrm 103 ping pong: * Hebrew: ‏[[טניס שולחן|טֶנִיס שׁוּלְחָן]]‎, ‏[[פינג פונג|פִּינְג פּוֹנְג]]‎
lsquo 2 guano: * '''1982:''' "grazes on bat excrement, delicately referred to as ‘bat '''guano'''’ in this week's Nature." ''—physics!tpkq,''
lt 165 -ity: * The addition of ''-ity'' to an adjective results in a shift of stress to the antepenultimate syllable; that is, words in ''-ity'' are stressed on the last syllable before the ''-ity'', even in cases where this syllable is part of another suffix (as in words in ''[[-ability]]'' and ''[[-icity]]''). Further, this shift typically results in a change in vowel quality; compare, for example, ''[[real]]'' and ''[[reality]]'', where the sound {{IPAchar|[æ]}} in the second word is not present in the first. These vowel quality changes are usually consistent with the spelling of both forms — note that the letter <a> in the second word ''is'' present in the first — but is pronounced {{IPAchar|[k]}}, before ''-ity'' it becomes {{IPAchar|[s]}}; compare, for example, ''[[elastic]]'' and ''[[elasticity]]''.
mdash 4734 false friend: ** The Spanish word ''[[embarazada]]'' means "''[[pregnant]]''", not "''[[embarrassed]]''" — "''Estoy embarazada''" means "''I am pregnant''", not "''I am embarrassed''".
micro 1 マイクログラム: # A unit of [[mass]] equal to 0.000 001 [[gram]]s and with symbol [[µg]]/[[μg]].
middot 63 mundo: : mun·do
min 1 solar: * [[solar system]] <!-- (Astron.), the sun, with the group of celestial bodies which, held by its attraction, revolve round it. The system comprises the major planets, with their satellites; the minor planets, or asteroids, and the comets; also, the meteorids, the matter that furnishes the zodiacal light, and the rings of Saturn. The satellites that revolve about the major planets are twenty-two in number, of which the Earth has one (see Moon.), Mars two, Jupiter five, Saturn nine, Uranus four, and Neptune one. The asteroids, between Mars and Jupiter, thus far discovered (1900), number about five hundred, the first four of which were found near the beginning of the century, and are called Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta. The principal elements of the major planets, and of the comets seen at more than one perihelion passage, are exhibited in the following tables: -- Symbol.Name.Mean distance -- that of the Earth being unity. Period in days. Eccentricity. Inclination of orbit. Diameter in miles Name. Greatest distance from sun. Least distance from sun. Inclination of orbit. Perihelion passage. ° &min; 54 Encke's3.314.100.34212 541885.2 -->
minus 39 complex: # {{mathematics}} Of a number, of the form ''a + bi'', where ''a'' and ''b'' are [[real number]]s and ''i'' is the [[square root]] of −1.
mu 1 nonpermeable: #{{physics}} having the same magnetic [[permeability]] as that of free space, so that the material in question has a magnetic permeability <math>\mu = \mu_0</math> (where μ<sub>0</sub> = 4π×10<sup>−7</sup> N A<sup>−2</sup> exactly in SI units).
nabla 2 del: * {{sense|The symbol ∇}} [[atled]], [[nabla]]
nbsp 3021 whatever: #*: She's like so '''whatever''' / You can do so much better
ndash 657 accolade: # (''punctuation'') [[brace]] – [[curly]] [[bracket]]
oacute 69 British Virgin Islands: * Russian: [[Бритaнскиe Виргинские острова]] (Británskije Virgínskije óstrova)
ocirc 1 stratospherically: #*{{quote-news|year=2009|date=January 12|author=Tom Jaine|title=Gaston Lenôtre|work=The Guardian|url=
ograve 1 Jason: * Mandarin: {{t|cmn|伊阿宋|tr=yīāsòng|sc=Hani}}
oslash 2 hamlet: : ''Han var mørk i '''hamleten'''.''
ouml 1 Gothenburg: * Dutch: {{t|nl|Göteborg}}
para 8 theologist: *:Besides being known as a '''theologist''', he [Al-Razi] was noted for being a person of great ''farid'' (beauty). ¶ Al-Razi was an intellectual leader (''imam'') in the fields of Qur'anic exegesis, Islamic theology, rational sciences, and linguistics.
phi 1 complex plane: [[Image:Complex conjugate picture.svg|thumb|Geometric representation of <math>z</math> and its conjugate <math>\bar{z}</math> in the complex plane. The distance along the light blue line from the origin to the point ''z'' is the ''modulus'' or ''absolute value'' of ''z''. The angle ''φ'' is the ''argument'' of ''z''.]]
pi 4 irrational: #: ''The number π is irrational.''
pound 3 agree: |passage=... and there, after a good while in discourse, we did '''agree''' a bargain of £5,000 with Sir Roger Cuttance for my Lord Sandwich for silk, cinnamon, ...}}
prime 1 toruses: #*:Replace 2 and 4 by thickened '''toruses''' 2′ and 4′ enclosing 3′ and replace 1 and 5 by the remaining regions.
quot 18 high priest: "[ High Priest]," Bible Dictionary, The Official Scriptures of [[Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints|The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]], 2006.
rArr 1 Xtianity: Presumed to imitate [[Christmas]] ⇒ [[Xmas]]
rarr 172 shishkabob: * Indonesian: [[sate]] (?) ( → usu. smaller & no vegetables)
rceil 1 banana: The stress is on the first syllable: ⌈ba⌉nana
rdquo 18 quid pro quo: #*''“Is it simply a wild fantasy, or a mistake on the part of the old man — some impossible '''quid pro quo'''?”'' [[s:The Brothers Karamazov/Book V/Chapter 5|The Brothers Karamazov]], by [[w:Fyodor Dostoevsky|Fyodor Dostoevsky]], translated by [[s:Constance Garnett|Constance Garnett]]
reg 13 wine: # {{computing}} A compatibility layer that allows programs made for Microsoft Windows® to run under [[UNIX]] and [[Linux]].
rlm 15 enjoy: * Hebrew: ‏[[נהנה|נֶהֱנָה]]‎, ‏[[נשכר|נִשְׂכַּר]]‎
rsquo 6 octium: * The Systematic Element Name is intended for use with newly discovered (invented?) elements before a regular name has been bestowed in it. However, the Systematic names of pentium and [[octium]] are brought to people’s attention
sect 1 tip wage credit: * Title 29, "Labor", ''United States Code'', Chapter 8, §203(m) and §203(t).
shy 26 Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher: [[File:Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher.jpg|thumb|right|200px|An ''Eier­scha­len­soll­bruch­stel­len­ver­ur­sa­cher'' and an egg]]
sigma 1 Nunki: # {{star}} A [[star]], [[w:Sigma Sagittarii|σ Sagittarii]].
squo 1 reregulation: #*{{quote-news|year=2009|date=January 31|author=By Dennis Shanahan|title=Rudd&squo;s plan to rescue capitalism|work=Herald Sun|url=
thinsp 8 fill up: #: ''You're filling me up with your rules'' — The Beatles : [[W:Getting Better|Getting Better]]
times 41 thousand: # {{cardinal|lang=en}} A [[numerical]] [[value]] equal to [[1000|1,000]] = 10 × 100 = 10<sup>3</sup>
tm 1 depreciated: * '''2001:''' ''Java&tm; 2 SDK, Standard Edition Documentation, Version 1.3.1'' -- "[[deprecated|Deprecated]]" and "'''depreciated'''" are not same. "'''Depreciated'''" is a [[financial]] term that means "[[lowered]] [[value]]". Although the meanings are similar, [[class]]es and [[method]]s are [[deprecated]], not '''depreciated'''. []
trade 79 Qiana: '''Qiana''' ™
uacute 56 שבוע: {{he-noun|g=m|pl=שבועות|tr=shavúa`}}
ugrave 2 indefatigable: * Mandarin: {{t-|cmn|不倦|tr=bùjuàn|sc=Hani}}
uuml 1 caravanserai: * Yavuz, Aysil Tükel. 1997. The Concepts that Shape Anatolian Seljuq Caravanserais. In: Gülru Necipoglu (ed). 1997. ''Muqarnas XIV: An Annual on the Visual Culture of the Islamic World.'' Leiden: E.J. Brill, 80-95. Available online as a PDF document, 1.98 MB
yacute 2 legend: * Greek: {{t+|el|θρύλος|m|tr=thrýlos}}
yen 1 @: #: 500@¥5