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link={{{imglink}}} This page is no longer active. It is being kept for historical interest.
No discussion is needed to revive this page; simply remove the {{inactive}} tag and bring it up to date.

as of 24 November 2008

  • language name is shown by using the "primary" template
  • alternates are the ISO 639/3 code when primary is 639/1, plus others
  • lang: column shows the templates that should only exist if primary is wikilinked
  • redirects are to any of the primary or alternates, they ought to be deleted
  • entries is the number of L2 language sections in the en.wikt, not uses of templates
  • lang: templates not needed are noted

Bad templates in category, bad titles or content not parseable:

  • languages with templates: 974
  • languages also with entries: 546