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occurances of mismatched wikisyntax

  • from XML dump as of 31 March 2010, checked against live wiki 14 April 2010
  • checks that (), [], {} match, correctly nested
  • matches may not be perfect at this point
  • of course, some of these are not errors
  • some entries are listed as "stops" and not shown (smiley ;-)
  • stops in effect: (, (s, ), )s, -), ;), ;-), Billy Bunter, Mitteleuropa, Monster Raving Loony, Slavonic, TEST, Watergate, ^ ^, amazing, anthropophilic, argismo, argumentums ad hominem, confuzzle, confuzzled, confuzzles, fellare, gente, gentle, google, gorp, left bracket, lustration, make whoopee, methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamylserylleucylphenylalanylal...serine, nimrod, no strings attached, online coupon, parenthesis, pizza bone, polar cone, ppl, quinella, rational numbers, right bracket, smiley, verbatim, vivianite, zgodovina, zo'obu, á, æ, ☺, 농어, (, )
    from User:Robert Ullmann/Mismatched wikisyntax/stops
  • multiline templates ignored at present: Chechen-decl, Cuneiform sign, Fallbeyging, Latin-decl, Latin-decl-irreg, Letter, ar-prep-inflection, bs-decl-noun, ca-conj, ca-conj-table, cite book, cite web, cite-book, cs-conj, cs-decl-noun, cs-noun-decl, csb-decl-noun, da-noun-infl-base, de-declension, dsb-decl-noun, fi-decl, fi-decl-pron, fr-conj, fr-conj-table, ga-prep-infl, ga-verb-conj irreg, ga-verb-conj-irreg, grc-decl-blank-F-sp, grc-decl-blank-M-sp, he-conj-pa'al-'ef'ol-sh'leimim, he-conj-paal-ef'al-sh'lemim, he-decl-noun, he-decl-noun-segolate, he-prep-inflection, he-prep-sing, hr-conj, hr-decl-noun, hsb-decl-noun, hsb-decl-noun-sing, is-decl-noun, ja-readings, ko-conj-adj, ko-conj-verb, ko-pron, la-decl-pl, la-timeline, li-conj8, lt-conj, lt-decl-noun-stress, ml-noun-n, only in, pl-conj-1, pl-conj-ai, pl-conj-ap, pl-decl-noun, pl-decl-noun-dual, pl-decl-noun-pl, pl-decl-noun-sing, projectlinks, quote-book, quote-journal, quote-news, quote-newsgroup, quote-us-patent, quote-video, ro-conj-2, ro-conj-phrase, ro-decl-noun, ru-noun, ru-noun1, ru-verb, ru-verb-1-impf, ru-verb-1-pf, ru-verb-pf, ru-verbal-forms-impf, ru-verbal-forms-pf, ru-verbs, sa-decl-noun, sh-decl-noun, sr-decl-noun, timeline, tr-decl-noun, tr-decl-noun-sing, tr-pos
    from User:Robert Ullmann/Mismatched wikisyntax/multiline
  • contents of SAMPA template ignored, as SAMPA uses {, also tries to avoid others by looking for /...{.../, but may miss something or produce spurious errors as a result
  • 51 total problems, limit of 50 shown

Please do section edit and remove completed entries, the automation will then recheck them. If you do most of a section but not quite all, feel free to just blank the section, any leftovers will get picked up again.