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List of sections to be recovered/restored in entries with "Serbo-Croatian"

Table is all entries with SC sections, the first definition line (truncated if long), which of the standard languages are present, and which are (will be) recovered. Entries that may need review are marked with 'tag'.

The entries are sorted in a simple way to bring the Serbian forms together for convenience. A short bit of the first definition is shown, in case the word is not entirely familiar.

Note that this page cannot be entirely displayed as the list is presently too large, see the end for links.


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
-ac Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ... Croatian
-ak Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ... Croatian*
-avac Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ... Croatian
-ević Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ...
-ijevac Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ... Croatian
-ika Suffix appended to words to create a feminine ... Croatian
-ić Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ... Croatian
-ић Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ...
-ljević Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ...
-nik Suffix appended to nominal stems to create a ... Croatian
-ник Suffix appended to nominal stems to create a ...
-ost Suffix appended to words to create a feminine ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
-ост Suffix appended to words to create a feminine ... Serbian
-ović Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ...
-čić Suffix appended to words to create a masculin ... Croatian


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
a but, and (cf. (ali, ȁli)) Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
абажур lampshade Serbian
abdal fool Bosnian,Serbian
абдал fool Serbian
abdest (Islam) abdest Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абдест (Islam) abdest Serbian
abdikacija abdication Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абдикација abdication Serbian
abdomenski abdominal Croatian
абдоменски abdominal
abdominalan abdominal Croatian
абдоминалан abdominal
abeceda alphabet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абецеда alphabet Serbian
абецедар index (alphabetical listing)
абецедариј index (alphabetical listing)
abecedni alphabetical Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абецедни alphabetical Serbian
abhaski Abkhazian Croatian
абхаски Abkhazian
Abhaz Abkhazian, Abkhaz Croatian
Абхаз Abkhazian, Abkhaz
Abhazija Abkhazia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Абхазија Abkhazia Serbian
Abhažanka Abkhazian (female) Croatian
Абхажанка Abkhazian (female)
ablativ ablative case Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аблатив ablative case Serbian
ablaut ablaut
аблаут ablaut
abnormalan abnormal Croatian
абнормалан abnormal
abnormalno abnormally
абнормално abnormally
abnormalnost abnormality Croatian
абнормалност abnormality
abortus miscarriage Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
абортус miscarriage Serbian
aceton acetone (the organic compound (CH3 ... Croatian
ацетон acetone (the organic compound (CH3 ...
ada island (usually one on a river) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
ада island (usually one in a river) Serbian
Adam (biblical character) Adam. Croatian,Serbian
Адам (biblical character) Adam. Serbian
адаптација adaptation
adekvatan adequate Croatian
адекватан adequate
adekvatno adequately Croatian
адекватно adequately
adekvatnost adequacy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
адекватност adequacy Serbian
Adem (Islam) Adam
адјункт assistant
администрација administration
administrator administrator Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
администратор administrator Serbian
adrenalin adrenaline Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
адреналин adrenaline Serbian
adresa address Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
адреса address Serbian
адверб adverb
advokat advocate, attorney, lawyer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
aerobiologija aerobiology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аеробиологија aerobiology Serbian
aerodinamika aerodynamics Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аеродинамика aerodynamics Serbian
aerodrom airport, aerodrome Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аеродром airport, aerodrome Serbian
aerolit aerolite
аеролит aerolite
afekt affect Croatian
афект affect
афера affair Serbian
aferim bravo! Bosnian,Serbian
аферим bravo! Serbian
афикс affix
афинитет affinity
афирмација affirmation
афорист aphorist
афоризам aphorism
Afrika (uncountable) Africa Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Африка (uncountable) Africa Serbian
Afrikanac African Croatian
Африканац African
африката (phonology) affricate
afrički African Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
афрички African Serbian
afroazijski Afro-Asiatic Croatian
афроазијски Afro-Asiatic
Afrodita Aphrodite Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
afrodizijak aphrodisiac Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
афродизијак aphrodisiac Serbian
agava agave Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
агава agave Serbian
agda sugar syrup
агда sugar syrup
agencija agency Croatian
агенција agency
агент agent
агломерат agglomeration (cluster)
agnosticizam agnosticism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
агностицизам agnosticism Serbian
агностик agnostic
агностичар agnostic
агностичарка agnostic (female)
агонија agony
agresija aggression Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
агресија aggression
agresivan aggressive, offensive Croatian
агресиван aggressive, offensive
agresivno aggressively Croatian
агресивно aggressively
agresivnost aggressiveness Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
агресивност aggressiveness Serbian
agrikultura agriculture
агрикултура agriculture
agronom agronomist Croatian
агроном agronomist
ahiret (Islam, uncountable) akhirah
ахирет (Islam, uncountable) akhirah
ајатолах ayatollah
ajkula shark Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ајкула shark Serbian
akademija academy Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
академија academy Serbian
akademik academician, academic Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
академик academician, academic Serbian
akademski academic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
академски academic Serbian
akadski Akkadian
акадски Akkadian
akceleracija (physics) acceleration Croatian
акцелерација (physics) acceleration
akcelerator accelerator Croatian
акцелератор accelerator
akcija action Croatian
акција action
акламација acclamation
ako if Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ако if Serbian
аконтација advance (of pay)
акорд chord (music)
akrobacija acrobatics (a stunt) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
акробација acrobatics (a stunt) Serbian
акробат acrobat
akrobatika (uncountable) acrobatics Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
акробатика (uncountable) acrobatics Serbian
akrobatski acrobatic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
акробатски acrobatic Serbian
akromegalija acromegalia
акромегалија acromegalia
акроним acronym
акропола acropolis
акростих acrostic
акт act
aktivacija activation Croatian
активација activation
aktivan active Croatian
активан active
активист activist tag
aktivistkinja activist
активисткиња activist
активизам activism
aktivno actively Croatian
активно actively
aktivnost activity Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
активност activity Serbian
aktovka briefcase Croatian
актовка briefcase
aktualan topical, current Croatian
актуалан topical, current
aktuelan topical, current Croatian
актуелан topical, current
акумулација accumulation
акумулатор accumulator
акустика acoustics
akustičan acoustic Croatian
акустичан acoustic
akustički acoustic Croatian
акустички acoustic
акузатив the accusative case
akvanaut aquanaut Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Alahu ekber (Islam) Allahu akbar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Алаху екбер (Islam) Allahu akbar Serbian
alat tools tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
алат tools tag Serbian
Albanac Albanian (citizen of Albania, or a person of ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Албанац Albanian (citizen of Albania, or a person of ... Serbian
Albanija (uncountable) Albania Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Албанија (uncountable) Albania Serbian
albanski Albanian Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
албански Albanian Serbian
albatros albatross Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
албатрос albatross Serbian
Aleksandar (given name, male), Alexander. Bosnian,Serbian
Александар (given name, male), Alexander. Serbian
Aleksandra (given name, female), cognate to Alexandra. Serbian
alem jewel, gem Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
алем jewel, gem Serbian
alergija allergy Croatian
алергија allergy
alergičan allergic Croatian
алергичан allergic
alergično allergically Croatian
алергично allergically
aleutski Aleutian Croatian
алеутски Aleutian
alfa alpha; the Greek letter Α, α Croatian
алфа alpha; the Greek letter Α, α
alfabet alphabet Croatian
алфабет alphabet
alfabetski alphabetical Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
алфабетски alphabetical Serbian
algonkijski Algonquian Croatian
алгонкијски Algonquian
ali but Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
али but Serbian
alibi alibi Croatian
алиби alibi
aligator alligator Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
алигатор alligator Serbian
Aljaska Alaska (US state) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Аљаска Alaska (US state) Serbian
aljaski Alaskan; of, or pertaining to, Alaska Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аљаски Alaskan; of, or pertaining to, Alaska Serbian
alkohol alcohol Croatian
алкохол alcohol
alternativa alternative Croatian
алтернатива alternative
altituda altitude
алтитуда altitude
aluzija allusion Croatian
алузија allusion
alzaški Alsatian Croatian
алзашки Alsatian
Alžir (uncountable) Algeria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Алжир (uncountable) Algeria Serbian
Alžirac Algerian (male citizen of Algeria, or a male ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Алжирац Algerian (male citizen of Algeria, or a male ... Serbian
alžirski Algerian Croatian
алжирски Algerian
aman pity
аман pity
amaterski amateurish Croatian
аматерски amateurish
ambasada embassy (official residence; organization) Croatian
амбасада embassy (official residence; organization)
ambasador ambassador Croatian
амбасадор ambassador
ambasadorski pertaining to embassy or ambassadors Croatian
амбасадорски pertaining to embassy or ambassadors
ambicija ambition Croatian
амбиција ambition
ambiciozan ambitious Croatian
амбициозан ambitious
ambiciozno ambitiously Croatian
амбициозно ambitiously
ambijent ambiance Croatian
амбијент ambiance
ambijentalan environmental Croatian
амбијенталан environmental
ambulantni ambulatory Croatian
ambulantski ambulatory Croatian
ameba amoeba Croatian
амеба amoeba
амелиорација amelioration
Amerika America Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Америка America Serbian
Amerikanac American Croatian
Американац American
amerikanski of or pertaining to America Croatian
američki American (of or pertaining to America) Croatian
амерички American (of or pertaining to America)
amfiteatar amphitheatre Croatian
amfiteatralan amphitheatrical Croatian
amharski (masculine, substantive) the Amharic language
амхарски (masculine, substantive) the Amharic language
amnestija amnesty Croatian
амнестија amnesty
amoralan amoral Croatian
аморалан amoral
amper ampere (unit of electrical current) Croatian
ампер ampere (unit of electrical current)
amputacija amputation Croatian
ампутација amputation
анафора anaphora
anakonda anaconda Croatian
анаконда anaconda
analitički analytical Croatian
аналитички analytical
анализа analysis
analni anal
analni seks anal sex
анални секс anal sex
анални anal
anamneza anamnesis Croatian
анамнеза anamnesis
anarhija anarchy Croatian
анархија anarchy
anatema anathema Croatian
анатема anathema
anatomija anatomy Croatian
анатомија anatomy
anatomski anatomic Croatian
анатомски anatomic
andorski Andorran
андорски Andorran
Andrija (given name, male) Croatian
Андрија (given name, male)
anegdota anecdote Croatian
анегдота anecdote
anemija anemia Croatian
анемија anemia
angina pektoris angina pectoris Croatian
ангина пекторис angina pectoris
Angola Angola Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ангола Angola Serbian
anketa poll Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
анкета poll Serbian
anomalija anomaly Croatian
аномалија anomaly
ansambl ensemble Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ансамбл ensemble Serbian
antena antenna Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
антена antenna Serbian
antilopa antelope Croatian
антилопа antelope
antimaterija (uncountable, physics) antimatter Croatian
антиматерија (uncountable, physics) antimatter
antipatija antipathy Croatian
антипатија antipathy
antičestica Lua error in Module:qualifier at line 23: The parameter "lagn" is not used by this template. antiparticle
античестица Lua error in Module:qualifier at line 23: The parameter "lagn" is not used by this template. antiparticle
antički antique Croatian
антички antique
antonim antonym Croatian
антоним antonym
антонимија (semantics) antonymy
anđelić little angel Croatian
анђелић little angel
anđelčić little angle Croatian
анђелчић little angle
anđeo angel Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
анђео angel Serbian
aparat apparatus Croatian
апарат apparatus
apartan exquisite Croatian
апартан exquisite
aperitiv apéritif Croatian
аперитив apéritif
apetit appetite Croatian
апетит appetite
aplaudirati (intransitive) to applaud Croatian
аплаудирати (intransitive) to applaud
aplauz applause Croatian
аплауз applause
apostol apostle Bosnian,Serbian
апостол apostle Serbian
apostrof apostrophe (the character ’) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
апостроф apostrophe (the character ’) tag Serbian
apoteka apothecary (place) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
апотека apothecary (place) Serbian
apotekar apothecary (person) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
апотекар apothecary (person) Serbian
apsolutan absolute Croatian
апсолутан absolute
апсолутна нула (thermodynamics) absolute zero
apsurdan absurd
апсурдан absurd
ar are, measurement of area. Equals 100 m² Croatian,Serbian
ар are, measurement of area. Equals 100 m² Serbian
arabica A form of the Perso-Arabic script once used t ...
арабица A form of the Perso-Arabic script once used t ...
Arabija (uncountable) Arabia Croatian
Арабија (uncountable) Arabia
aramejski (masculine, substantive) the Aramaic language
арамејски (masculine, substantive) the Aramaic language
aranžman arrangement
аранжман arrangement
Arap (colloquial) Arab (person of Arab origin.) Croatian
Arapin an Arab Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Арапин an Arab Serbian
arapski Arab Bosnian,Serbian
арапски Arab Serbian
arebica A form of the Perso-Arabic script once used t ...
аребица A form of the Perso-Arabic script once used t ...
arena arena
арена arena
Argentina (uncountable) Argentina Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Аргентина (uncountable) Argentina Serbian
Argentinac Argentinian (male citizen of Argentine, or a ... Bosnian,Serbian
Аргентинац Argentinian (male citizen of Argentine, or a ... Serbian
argentinski Argentinian
аргентински Argentinian
argument argument (fact or statement used to support a ...
аргумент argument (fact or statement used to support a ...
argumentacija argumentation
аргументација argumentation
arhanđeo archangel Bosnian,Serbian
arheolog archeologist
археолог archeologist
arheologija (uncountable) archeology Bosnian,Croatian
археологија (uncountable) archeology
arheološki archeological
археолошки archeological
arhitekt architect Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
архитект architect Serbian
arhitektonski architectural
архитектонски architectural
arhitektura architecture Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
архитектура architecture Serbian
arija aria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
арија aria Serbian
arijski Aryan Croatian
аријски Aryan
aristokratski aristocratic Croatian
аристократски aristocratic
Armenac Armenian Croatian
Арменац Armenian
Armenija (uncountable) Armenia tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Арменија (uncountable) Armenia tag Serbian
armenski Armenian Croatian
арменски Armenian
armija (military) army, military tag Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
армија (military) army, military tag Serbian
arogancija (uncountable) arrogance Croatian
ароганција (uncountable) arrogance
arogantan arrogant Croatian
арогантан arrogant
arogantno arrogantly Croatian
арогантно arrogantly
arsuz shameless
арсуз shameless
arsuzluk shamelessness
арсузлук shamelessness
as (card games, sports) ace Croatian,Serbian
ас (card games, sports) ace Serbian
aseksualnost asexuality
асексуалност asexuality
asimetrija asymmetry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
асиметрија asymmetry
asimilacija assimilation Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
асимилација assimilation
Asirac Assyrian Croatian
Асирац Assyrian
Asirija (uncountable) Assyria Croatian
Асирија (uncountable) Assyria
asirski Assyrian Croatian
асирски Assyrian
asocijacija association
асоцијација association
asocijalan asocial Croatian
асоцијалан asocial
astal (dated) table Serbian
asteroid asteroid
астероид asteroid
astrofizika (uncountable) astrophysics
астрофизика (uncountable) astrophysics
astronaut astronaut Bosnian,Serbian
астронаут astronaut Serbian
astronom astronomer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
астроном astronomer Serbian
astronomija (uncountable) astronomy (study of the phy ... Bosnian,Croatian
астрономија (uncountable) astronomy (study of the phy ...
at steed Serbian
ат steed Serbian
ataše attaché Croatian
atelje atelier Bosnian,Serbian
атеље atelier Serbian
atički Attic
атички Attic
Atlantik (uncountable) the Atlantic Ocean Croatian
Атлантик (uncountable) the Atlantic Ocean
atlantski Atlantic Croatian
атлантски Atlantic
atlas atlas Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
атлас atlas Serbian
atletski athletic Croatian
атлетски athletic
atmosfera atmosphere (also figuratively) Croatian
атмосфера atmosphere (also figuratively)
atom atom Croatian
атом atom
atomski atomic Croatian
атомски atomic
atonalan (music) atonal
атоналан (music) atonal
atrakcija attraction
атракција attraction
atraktivan attractive (pleasing or appealing to the se ...
атрактиван attractive (pleasing or appealing to the se ...
auspuh muffler Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ауспух muffler Serbian
Australac Australian Croatian
Аустралац Australian
Australija (uncountable) Australia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Аустралија (uncountable) Australia Serbian
australijski Australian Croatian
аустралијски Australian
australski Australian Croatian
аустралски Australian
Austrija (uncountable) Austria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Аустрија (uncountable) Austria Serbian
Austrijanac Austrian Croatian
Аустријанац Austrian
austrijski Austrian Croatian
аустријски Austrian
austrougarski Austro-Hungarian
аустроугарски Austro-Hungarian
autentičan authentic
аутентичан authentic
autentičnost authenticity
аутентичност authenticity
auto car, automobile Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ауто car, automobile Serbian
autobiografija autobiography Croatian
аутобиографија autobiography
autohton autochthonous, native Croatian
аутохтон autochthonous, native
automobil automobile tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
аутомобил automobile tag Serbian
autonomija autonomy Croatian
аутономија autonomy
autor author Croatian
аутор author
autoritet authority (the power to enforce rules or give ...
ауторитет authority (the power to enforce rules or give ...
avarski Avar
аварски Avar
avatar avatar
аватар avatar
avaz voice Bosnian
аваз voice
avestički Avestan
авестички Avestan
avet ghost, apparition Croatian
авет ghost, apparition
avion airplane, aeroplane Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
авион airplane, aeroplane Serbian
azbest (uncountable) asbestos Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
азбест (uncountable) asbestos Serbian
azbuka (uncountable) alphabet (based on the Cy ... Bosnian,Serbian
азбука (uncountable) alphabet (based on the Cy ... Serbian
Azija (uncountable) Asia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Азија (uncountable) Asia Serbian
Azijac Asian Croatian
Азијац Asian
azijski Asian Croatian
азијски Asian
ašikluk flirting, flirtation Bosnian,Serbian
ашиклук flirting, flirtation Serbian
aždaja dragon Bosnian,Serbian
аждаја dragon Serbian


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
baba grandmother tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
баба grandmother tag Serbian
babe i žabe (idiomatic) apples and oranges
бабе и жабе (idiomatic) apples and oranges
babun baboon
бабун baboon
bacanje throwing, casting (act or process of)
bacanje kugle shot put
бацање кугле shot put
бацање throwing, casting (act or process of)
бацати (transitive) to throw, cast (also figurat ...
baciti (transitive) to throw, cast (also figurat ... Croatian
бацити (transitive) to throw, cast (also figurat ...
badava free, gratis Croatian
бадава free, gratis
badem almond Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бадем almond Serbian
badnjak Yule log
бадњак Yule log
bahat haughty, arrogant
бахат haughty, arrogant
bahato haughtily, arrogantly
бахато haughtily, arrogantly
bahatost haughtiness, arrogance (behavior, property or ...
бахатост haughtiness, arrogance (behavior, property or ...
Bahrein (uncountable) Bahrain Croatian
Бахреин (uncountable) Bahrain
bajagi ostensibly, allegedly, seemingly
бајаги ostensibly, allegedly, seemingly
bajam almond
бајам almond
bajat stale, not fresh
бајат stale, not fresh
bajka fable, fairy-tale Croatian,Serbian
бајка fable, fairy-tale
Bajram (uncountable, Islam) Eid Bosnian,Serbian
Бајрам (uncountable, Islam) Eid Serbian
bajt byte Croatian
бајт byte
baka grandma Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бака grandma Serbian
bakalar cod Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бакалар cod Serbian
bakar (uncountable) copper Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бакар (uncountable) copper Serbian
baklava baklava (dessert) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
баклава baklava (dessert) Serbian
baklja torch Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бакља torch Serbian
baksuz jinx, bad luck Bosnian,Serbian
баксуз jinx, bad luck Serbian
bakterija bacterium Croatian
бактерија bacterium
balada ballad
балада ballad
balast ballast Croatian
баласт ballast
balavac sniveler, slobberer
балавац sniveler, slobberer
balavica sniveler, slobberer
балавица sniveler, slobberer
balega manure Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
балега manure Serbian
balerina ballerina Bosnian,Serbian
балерина ballerina Serbian
balet ballet Bosnian,Serbian
балет ballet Serbian
balija (pejorative) Bosniak tag
балија (pejorative) Bosniak tag
Balkan (uncountable) the Balkan Peninsula; the B ... Bosnian,Serbian
Балкан (uncountable) the Balkan Peninsula; the B ... Serbian
Balkanac inhabitant of the Balkans
Балканац inhabitant of the Balkans
balkanski of or pertaining to the Balkans or its inhabi ...
балкански of or pertaining to the Balkans or its inhabi ...
балкон balcony Serbian
balon balloon Croatian
балон balloon
balta ax, axe Croatian,Serbian
балта ax, axe
Baltik (uncountable) Baltic Sea
Балтик (uncountable) Baltic Sea
baltički Baltic
балтички Baltic
bambus bamboo (plant)
бамбус bamboo (plant)
bambusov of, pertaining to or made of bamboo
бамбусов of, pertaining to or made of bamboo
banalan banal
баналан banal
banalno banally
банално banally
banalnost banality
баналност banality
banana banana Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
банана banana Serbian
bandera pole (as in telephone pole or electric pole) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бандера pole (as in telephone pole or electric pole) Serbian
bandit bandit
бандит bandit
Bangladeš (uncountable) Bangladesh Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Бангладеш (uncountable) Bangladesh Serbian
banka bank Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
банка bank Serbian
bankar banker
банкар banker
bankarski banking (of or pertaining to banks, bankers o ...
банкарски banking (of or pertaining to banks, bankers o ...
bankrot bankruptcy Croatian
банкрот bankruptcy
bar public house, bar Croatian
бар public house, bar
bara puddle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бара puddle Serbian
barbar barbarian
барбар barbarian
barbarizam barbarism
барбаризам barbarism
barbarski barbarian
барбарски barbarian
barbika Barbie Croatian
барбика Barbie
barem at least Croatian
барем at least
barijera barrier
баријера barrier
barikada barricade Croatian
барикада barricade
barjak flag, banner Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
барјак flag, banner Serbian
barjaktar flag-bearer Bosnian,Serbian
барјактар flag-bearer Serbian
barka boat (especially at the Mediterranean) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
барка boat (especially at the Mediterranean) Serbian
barut gunpowder Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
барут gunpowder Serbian
baršun velvet (uncountable) Croatian
баршун velvet (uncountable)
baršunast velvety
баршунаст velvety
baskijski Basque Croatian
баскијски Basque
basna fable Serbian
басна fable
batina club (stick) Croatian
батина club (stick)
bavarski Bavarian
баварски Bavarian
baviti (reflexive) to deal with, attend, engage ... Croatian
бавити (reflexive) to deal with, attend, engage ...
baza base Croatian
база base
базга elder
bazirati (transitive) to base
базирати (transitive) to base
baća (hypocoristic) brother Croatian
баћа (hypocoristic) brother
bačiti (archaic, regional, transitive) to throw, c ... Croatian*
bačva barrel Croatian
бачва barrel
baš (used for emphasis, or as an intensifier) ...
баш (used for emphasis, or as an intensifier) ...
bašta garden Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
башта garden Serbian
baština heritage Croatian
баштина heritage
bašča (nonstandard, regional) garden Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
башча (nonstandard, regional) garden Serbian
beba baby Croatian
beda misery tag Croatian,Serbian
беда misery Serbian
bedan poor, destitute tag
бедан poor, destitute
бедем rampart
bedno poorly, destitutely tag
бедно poorly, destitutely
bedro thigh Croatian
бедро thigh
behar blossom Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бехар blossom Serbian
bekstvo (Bosnian, Serbian) escape tag
бекство (Bosnian, Serbian) escape tag
bel Alternative form of (beo, bȅo).
бел Alternative form of (бео, бе̏о).
bela vrana (idiomatic) black sheep tag
бела врана (idiomatic) black sheep
belac white, Caucasian male tag
белац white, Caucasian male
belaj misfortune, calamity, trouble
белај misfortune, calamity, trouble
beleška written note tag
белешка written note
Belgija (uncountable) Belgium Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Белгија (uncountable) Belgium Serbian
Belgijanac Belgian
Белгијанац Belgian
belgijski Belgian
белгијски Belgian
beloruski Belarusian tag
белоруски Belarusian
bengalski Bangladeshi
бенгалски Bangladeshi
Benin Benin Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Бенин Benin Serbian
benzen benzene (aromatic compound C6H<sub ...
бензен benzene (aromatic compound C6H<sub ...
benzin gasoline
бензин gasoline
beo white tag Croatian
бео white
Beograd Belgrade (capital of Serbia) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Београд Belgrade (capital of Serbia) tag Serbian*
beogradski Belgradian
београдски Belgradian
Beograđanin Belgradian
Београђанин Belgradian
Berber Berber (member of the Berber ethnic group)
Бербер Berber (member of the Berber ethnic group)
berberski Berber
берберски Berber
Berlin (uncountable) Berlin Bosnian,Serbian
Берлин (uncountable) Berlin Serbian
Berlinac Berliner (inhabitant of Berlin)
Берлинац Berliner (inhabitant of Berlin)
berlinski of or pertaining to Berlin
берлински of or pertaining to Berlin
bes rage tag Croatian,Serbian
бес rage Serbian
besan furious tag
бесан furious
beseda (archaic) word tag Croatian,Serbian
беседа (archaic) word Serbian
besjeda (archaic) word tag Bosnian,Croatian*
бесједа (archaic) word
beskorisno uselessly
бескорисно uselessly
beskorisnost (uncountable) uselessness
бескорисност (uncountable) uselessness
beskoristan useless
бескористан useless
beskućnica homeless person (female)
бескућница homeless person (female)
beskućnik homeless person
бескућник homeless person
beskućnički homeless
бескућнички homeless
besmisao (uncountable) senselessness, absurdness Croatian
бесмисао (uncountable) senselessness, absurdness
besmislen senseless, reasonless, absurd Croatian
бесмислен senseless, reasonless, absurd
besmrtan immortal Croatian
бесмртан immortal
бесмртница immortal (female)
бесмртник immortal (male)
besmrtnost (uncountable) immortality Croatian
бесмртност (uncountable) immortality
besno angrily, furiously tag
бесно angrily, furiously
besplatan free (obtainable without payment) Croatian
бесплатан free (obtainable without payment)
bespomoćan helpless
беспомоћан helpless
besposlen idle Croatian
беспослен idle
besraman shameless Croatian
бесраман shameless
bestelesan bodiless, incorporeal tag
бестелесан bodiless, incorporeal
bestidan shameless Croatian
бестидан shameless
bestjelesan bodiless, incorporeal tag Croatian
бестјелесан bodiless, incorporeal
besvestan unconscious tag
бесвестан unconscious
besvjestan unconscious tag Croatian
бесвјестан unconscious
beta beta, the Greek letter, Β, β
бета beta, the Greek letter, Β, β
бетон concrete Serbian
bez (with genitive) without, excluding, not c ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
без (with genitive) without, excluding, not c ... Serbian
bezbožan godless Croatian
безбожан godless
bezbrižan carefree Croatian
безбрижан carefree
bezdan abyss Croatian
бездан abyss
bezdušan heartless, merciless
бездушан heartless, merciless
bezdušno heartlessly, mercilessly
бездушно heartlessly, mercilessly
bezgraničan limitless, boundless, endless
безграничан limitless, boundless, endless
bezimen nameless
безимен nameless
bezizgledan hopeless
безизгледан hopeless
bezizgledno hopelessly
безизгледно hopelessly
bezizglednost (uncountable) hopelessness
безизгледност (uncountable) hopelessness
bezizlazan hopeless (situation, problem etc.)
безизлазан hopeless (situation, problem etc.)
bezjak Muggle (non-magical person in the works of J. ... tag Croatian
безјак Muggle (non-magical person in the works of J. ...
bezličan impersonal, dispassionate
безличан impersonal, dispassionate
bezlično impersonally, dispassionately
безлично impersonally, dispassionately
bezmalo almost, nearly
безмало almost, nearly
beznadan hopeless Croatian
безнадан hopeless
beznačajan insignificant
безначајан insignificant
beznačajno insignificantly
безначајно insignificantly
beznačajnost (uncountable) insignificance
безначајност (uncountable) insignificance
beznađe hopelessness, despair Croatian,Serbian
безнађе hopelessness, despair
bezobrazan impudent, insolent
безобразан impudent, insolent
bezopasan harmless
безопасан harmless
bezočan insolent, impudent
безочан insolent, impudent
bezuman insane, mindless Croatian
безуман insane, mindless
bezumnik insane or deranged person
безумник insane or deranged person
bezumno mindlessly
безумно mindlessly
bećar bachelor Bosnian,Serbian
бећар bachelor Serbian
bećaruša bachelorette Bosnian,Serbian
бећаруша bachelorette Serbian
Beč Vienna (capital of Austria) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Беч Vienna (capital of Austria) Serbian
Bečanin Viennese
Бечанин Viennese
bečki Viennese
бечки Viennese
beživotan lifeless Croatian
беживотан lifeless
biber pepper (spice) Bosnian,Serbian
бибер pepper (spice) Serbian
библиотека library Serbian
bibliotekar librarian
библиотекар librarian
bicikl bicycle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
biciklo (colloquial) bicycle Bosnian,Serbian
biftek beefsteak
bijeda misery tag Bosnian
биједа misery
bijedan poor, destitute tag Croatian
биједан poor, destitute
bijedno poorly, destitutely tag
биједно poorly, destitutely
bijeg escape
бијег escape
bijel white tag Croatian
бијел white
bijela vrana (idiomatic) black sheep tag
бијела врана (idiomatic) black sheep
бијелац white, Caucasian male
bijes rage tag Croatian Bosnian
бијес rage
bijesan furious tag Croatian
бијесан furious
bijesno angrily, furiously tag
бијесно angrily, furiously
bik ox, bull Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бик ox, bull Serbian
bilingvalan bilingual
билингвалан bilingual
bilingvizam bilingualism
билингвизам bilingualism
bilje (collectively) plants, herbs Croatian
биље (collectively) plants, herbs
bilješka written note tag Croatian
биљешка written note
biljka plant (living organism) Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
биљка plant (living organism) Serbian
biljni vegetable (of or pertaining to plants) Croatian
биљни vegetable (of or pertaining to plants)
biljojed herbivore Croatian
биљојед herbivore
biljožder herbivore Croatian
биљождер herbivore
bimbaša (military) centurion
binarni binary
бинарни binary
био Alternative form of (бијел, бије̑л).
biograf biographer
биограф biographer
biografija biography Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
биографија biography Serbian
biografski biographical
биографски biographical
biolog biologist
биолог biologist
biologija biology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
биологија biology Serbian
biralište voting or polling place
биралиште voting or polling place
birati (transitive) to pick, choose, select Croatian
бирати (transitive) to pick, choose, select
birač voter, elector
бирач voter, elector
biračica voter, elector (female)
бирачица voter, elector (female)
birački of or pertaining to voters; electoral
бирачки of or pertaining to voters; electoral
biseksualnost bisexuality
бисексуалност bisexuality
biser pearl Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бисер pearl Serbian
biseran of or pertaining to pearls
бисеран of or pertaining to pearls
biskup bishop (church official) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бискуп bishop (church official) Serbian
bistar clear (clean) Bosnian,Serbian
бистар clear (clean) Serbian
bistrina clarity Bosnian,Serbian
бистрина clarity Serbian
bistro bistro
бистро bistro
bit essence Croatian
бит essence
bitan essential, inherent, vital
битан essential, inherent, vital
biti (intransitive) to be Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бити (intransitive) to be Serbian
bitka battle
битка battle
bitnost essence, essentiality
битност essence, essentiality
bivati (intransitive) to be from time to time]], ...
бивати (intransitive) to be from time to time]], ...
bivol (countable) buffalo Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bivši former
бивши former
bizantijski Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium)
бизантијски Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium)
bizantinski Byzantine Croatian
бизантински Byzantine
bizantski Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium)
бизантски Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium)
bizaran bizarre
бизаран bizarre
biznismen businessman Croatian
бизнисмен businessman
bizon bison Bosnian,Serbian
бизон bison Serbian
biće creature Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
биће creature Serbian
bič whip Bosnian,Serbian
бич whip Serbian
bičak knife
бичак knife
bičevati (intransitive) to whip Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бичевати (intransitive) to whip Serbian
bičva (Chakavian) (regional) sock (covering ... tag Croatian*
bjekstvo (Bosnian, Serbian) escape tag
бјекство (Bosnian, Serbian) escape tag
bjeloruski Belarusian tag
бјелоруски Belarusian
blag soft Croatian
благ soft
blagajna cash register
благајна cash register
blasfemija blasphemy Croatian
бласфемија blasphemy
blatan muddy Croatian
блатан muddy
blatnjav muddy Croatian
блатњав muddy
blato mud Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
блато mud Serbian
blazina (regional, Croatian) pillow tag
блазина pillow
blazinja (regional, Croatia) pillow tag
bled pale, pallid tag
блед pale, pallid
bledilo (uncountable) pallor, paleness tag
бледило (uncountable) pallor, paleness
bledoća (uncountable) paleness, pallor tag
бледоћа (uncountable) paleness, pallor
blesak flash (of light) tag
блесак flash (of light)
bleštati (intransitive) to glitter, dazzle, glitte ... tag
блештати (intransitive) to glitter, dazzle, glitte ...
bleštav dazzling, glaring tag
блештав dazzling, glaring
blijed pale, pallid tag
блијед pale, pallid
blijesak flash (of light) tag
блијесак flash (of light)
bliještati (intransitive) to glitter, dazzle, glitte ... tag
блијештати (intransitive) to glitter, dazzle, glitte ...
blistati (intransitive, reflexive) to glitter, glis ...
блистати (intransitive, reflexive) to glitter, glis ...
blistav radiant (bright, glowing or filled with light)
блистав radiant (bright, glowing or filled with light)
blizak near, close to Croatian
близак near, close to
близанац twin
blizina proximity, vicinity, nearness
близина proximity, vicinity, nearness
bljedilo (uncountable) pallor, paleness tag
бљедило (uncountable) pallor, paleness
bljedoća (uncountable) paleness, pallor tag
бљедоћа (uncountable) paleness, pallor
blještav dazzling, glaring tag
бљештав dazzling, glaring
bljuzgavica slush Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бљузгавица slush Serbian
blog blog Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
блог blog Serbian
blogosfera blogosphere
блогосфера blogosphere
blok block (a cuboid piece)
блок block (a cuboid piece)
blokada blockade
блокада blockade
blud bawdry, carnality, fornication
блуд bawdry, carnality, fornication
bludan carnal, lascivious, lewd
блудан carnal, lascivious, lewd
bludnica drag, harlot, minx (one indulging in bawdry)
блудница drag, harlot, minx (one indulging in bawdry)
bludnik rake, wanton (man habituated to immoral conduct)
блудник rake, wanton (man habituated to immoral conduct)
bludničenje harlotry, prostitution
блудничење harlotry, prostitution
bob broad bean Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
боб broad bean Serbian
boca bottle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
боца bottle Serbian
Bocvana Botswana Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Боцвана Botswana Serbian
bodar alert, brisk, keen
бодар alert, brisk, keen
бодеж dagger
bodljikav prickly, spiny Croatian
бодљикав prickly, spiny
bodro briskly, alertly, keenly
бодро briskly, alertly, keenly
bodrost (uncountable) alacrity, alertness, vivacity
бодрост (uncountable) alacrity, alertness, vivacity
Bog God Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bog god Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian*
Бог God Serbian*
бог god Serbian*
bogalj cripple
богаљ cripple
bogat rich, wealthy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
богат rich, wealthy Serbian
bogataš rich man Croatian
богаташ rich man
bogatašev rich man's
богаташев rich man's
bogato richly, lavishly, profusely
богато richly, lavishly, profusely
bogatstvo wealth
богатство wealth
boginja goddess Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
богиња goddess Serbian
bogohulan blasphemous
богохулан blasphemous
bogohulnik blasphemer
богохулник blasphemer
bogomoljka praying mantis
богомољка praying mantis
Bogorodica Blessed Virgin, Our Lady
Богородица Blessed Virgin, Our Lady
boj battle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бој battle Serbian
boja color Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bojati (reflexive) to fear, be afraid of Croatian
бојати (reflexive) to fear, be afraid of
bojazan fear Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бојазан fear Serbian
bojiti (transitive) to colour Croatian
бојити (transitive) to colour
bojkot boycott Croatian
бојкот boycott
bojnik (military, Croatian) major tag Croatian*
bok side Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бок side Serbian
bol A pain, aching Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бол pain, aching Serbian
болесник sick man
болест sickness, disease
bolestan sick, ill Croatian
болестан sick, ill
Bolivija (uncountable) Bolivia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Боливија (uncountable) Bolivia Serbian
Bolivijac Bolivian
Боливијац Bolivian
bolivijski Bolivian
боливијски Bolivian
bolnica hospital Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
болница hospital Serbian
болничар nurse (male)
болничарка nurse (female)
bomba bomb Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бомба bomb Serbian
bor pine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bora wrinkle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бора wrinkle Serbian
borac fighter
борац fighter
boravak sojourn, stay
боравак sojourn, stay
boravišni residential (of or pertaining to residence)
боравишни residential (of or pertaining to residence)
boravište abode, dwelling-place
боравиште abode, dwelling-place
borba fight Croatian
борба fight
borben aggressive, militant
борбен aggressive, militant
borbeno aggressively, militantly
борбено aggressively, militantly
borbenost (uncountable) militancy
борбеност (uncountable) militancy
bordel brothel
бордел brothel
boriti (reflexive) to fight, struggle Croatian
борити (reflexive) to fight, struggle
bos barefoot Croatian
бос barefoot
Bosanac Bosnian (male) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
bosanski Bosnian tag Bosnian*,Serbian
босански Bosnian tag Serbian
bosiljak basil (plant and seasoning) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Bosna (uncountable) Bosnia tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Босна (uncountable) Bosnia tag Serbian
bosonog barefoot
босоног barefoot
bosti (transitive) to stab Croatian
бости (transitive) to stab
botun (Chakavian) button tag Croatian
bočni lateral Croatian
бочни lateral
Bošnjak Bosniak tag
Бошњак Bosniak tag
bošnjački Bosniak tag Serbian
бошњачки Bosniak tag Serbian
bošča veil, kerchief
бошча veil, kerchief
božanski divine Croatian
божански divine
božanstven divine
божанствен divine
božanstvo deity, god Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
божанство deity, god Serbian
božica goddess Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
божица goddess Serbian
Božić (uncountable) Christmas Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
Божић (uncountable) Christmas Serbian
božićni Christmas (of or pertaining to) Croatian
божићни Christmas (of or pertaining to)
božji of or pertaining to God; divine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
божји of or pertaining to God; divine Serbian
brada beard Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брада beard Serbian
bradavica nipple Croatian
брадавица nipple
brak marriage Croatian
брак marriage
brana dam Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брана dam Serbian
braniti (transitive, reflexive) to defend Croatian
бранити (transitive, reflexive) to defend
brat brother Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брат brother Serbian
bratac (hypocoristic) brother Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
братац (hypocoristic) brother Serbian
brati (transitive) to pick (grasp and pull with ... Croatian
брати (transitive) to pick (grasp and pull with ...
bratski fraternal Croatian
братски fraternal
bratstvo fraternity Croatian
братство fraternity
brava lock (of door) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брава lock (of door) Serbian
brazda furrow Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
brazilski Brazilian
бразилски Brazilian
braća (collective) brothers Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
браћа (collective) brothers Serbian
Brač An island off the coast of Dalmatia.
Брач An island off the coast of Dalmatia.
bračni marital (of or pertaining to marriage)
брачни marital (of or pertaining to marriage)
brašno (uncountable) flour Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брашно (uncountable) flour Serbian
brbljati (intransitive) to chatter, babble Croatian
брбљати (intransitive) to chatter, babble
brbljav chatty, talkative Croatian
брбљав chatty, talkative
brbljavost (uncountable) talkativeness Croatian
брбљавост (uncountable) talkativeness
brdo hill Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
брдо hill Serbian
brdovit hilly Croatian
брдовит hilly
brdski hill, mountain (of or pertaining to hills)
брдски hill, mountain (of or pertaining to hills)
breg hillock (smaller hill) tag Serbian
брег hillock (smaller hill) Serbian
breme burden, load Croatian
бреме burden, load
breskva peach Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бресква peach Serbian
bretonski Breton
бретонски Breton
brevijar breviary
бревијар breviary
breza birch (tree) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
бреза birch (tree) Serbian
brežuljak hillock Croatian
брежуљак hillock
bridž bridge (card game) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бриџ bridge (card game) Serbian
briga worry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брига worry Serbian
brijeg hillock (smaller hill) tag Bosnian,Croatian
бријег hillock (smaller hill)
brineta brunette
бринета brunette
brinuti (transitive, reflexive) to worry Croatian
бринути (transitive, reflexive) to worry
bris (medicine) swab, smear
брис (medicine) swab, smear
brisati (transitive) to wipe Croatian
брисати (transitive) to wipe
brisač wiper
брисач wiper
Britanac a Briton Bosnian,Serbian
Британац a Briton Serbian
Britanija (uncountable) Britain Croatian
Британија (uncountable) Britain
britanski British
британски British
brižan attentive, careful
брижан attentive, careful
brižljiv attentive, careful Croatian
брижљив attentive, careful
brk moustache Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брк moustache Serbian
brlog puddle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брлог puddle Serbian
brod ship Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
брод ship Serbian
brodogradilište shipyard
бродоградилиште shipyard
brodograditelj shipbuilder
бродоградитељ shipbuilder
broj number Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
број number Serbian
brojan numerous
бројан numerous
brojanje counting, count
бројање counting, count
brojač counter (object used in counting)
бројач counter (object used in counting)
brojka figure, cipher, number
бројка figure, cipher, number
brom (chemical element) bromine Croatian
бром (chemical element) bromine
bruka shame, disgrace
брука shame, disgrace
brukati (transitive) to shame, humiliate, bring d ...
брукати (transitive) to shame, humiliate, bring d ...
brusnica cranberry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
брусница cranberry Serbian
brutalan brutal
бруталан brutal
brutalnost (uncountable) brutality
бруталност (uncountable) brutality
brz fast Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брз fast Serbian
brzina speed Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
брзина speed Serbian
brzo quickly, rapidly
брзо quickly, rapidly
брзоплет hasty, rash
bršljan ivy (plant) Serbian Croatian
bubamara ladybug, ladybird Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бубамара ladybug, ladybird Serbian
bubanj drum Croatian
бубањ drum
bubnjar drummer
бубњар drummer
bubnjati (intransitive) to play drum
бубњати (intransitive) to play drum
bubreg kidney Croatian
бубрег kidney
Buda (uncountable) Buddha Bosnian,Serbian
Буда (uncountable) Buddha Serbian
budala fool Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
будала fool Serbian
budalast foolish, goofy
будаласт foolish, goofy
budan awake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
будан awake Serbian
Budimpešta Budapest, the capital of Hungary Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Будимпешта Budapest, the capital of Hungary Serbian
buditi (transitive, reflexive) to awaken, rouse f ...
будити (transitive, reflexive) to awaken, rouse f ...
budnost alertness, vigilance
будност alertness, vigilance
budući future, coming (having to do with or occurrin ... Croatian
будући future, coming (having to do with or occurrin ...
budućnost future Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
будућност future Serbian
budzašto cheaply (at low price)
будзашто cheaply (at low price)
budžet budget Croatian
буџет budget
Bugarin Bulgarian
Бугарин Bulgarian
Bugarska (uncountable) Bulgaria Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Бугарска (uncountable) Bulgaria Serbian
bugarski Bulgarian Croatian
бугарски Bulgarian
buka noise (various sounds, usually unwanted) Croatian
бука noise (various sounds, usually unwanted)
bukagije (plurale tantum) gyves (shatters for leg)
букагије (plurale tantum) gyves (shatters for leg)
bukač noisemaker
букач noisemaker
Bukurešt Bucharest Bosnian,Serbian
Букурешт Bucharest Serbian
bukva beech
буква beech
bukvalno literally
буквално literally
buljina a species of owl (Bubo bubo)
буљина a species of owl (Bubo bubo)
bumbar bumblebee Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бумбар bumblebee Serbian
buna rebellion, uprising, mutiny Croatian
буна rebellion, uprising, mutiny
бунар well (hole sunk into the ground)
bunda coat (usually a fur coat) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бунда coat (usually a fur coat) Serbian
bundeva pumpkin
бундева pumpkin
buniti (reflexive) to rebel Croatian
бунити (reflexive) to rebel
bura bora (wind) Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
бура bora (wind) Serbian
bure barrel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
буре barrel Serbian
burek a type of baked or fried filled pastry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бурек a type of baked or fried filled pastry
burgija wimble Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бургија wimble Serbian
burka burka, burqa (female garment that covers the ... Bosnian,Serbian
бурка burka, burqa (female garment that covers the ... Serbian
burma wedding ring Bosnian,Serbian
бурма wedding ring Serbian
burmanski Burmese
бурмански Burmese
but thigh Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
бут thigh Serbian
Butan Bhutan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
butan (uncountable) butane Bosnian,Serbian
Бутан Bhutan Serbian
бутан (uncountable) butane Serbian
bučan loud, noisy Croatian
бучан loud, noisy
bučati Alternative infinitive of (bučiti, búčiti).
бучати Alternative infinitive of (бучити, бу́чити).
bučiti (intransitive) to make loud noise, boom, ...
бучити (intransitive) to make loud noise, boom, ...
buđelar (Bosnian, Serbian) wallet tag Bosnian,Serbian
буђелар (Bosnian, Serbian) wallet tag Serbian


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
car czar, emperor, monarch Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
цар czar, emperor, monarch Serbian
carevina empire Bosnian,Serbian
царевина empire Serbian
carica czarina, tsarina Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
царица czarina, tsarina Serbian
Carigrad {{i|uncountable|dated|language of literature} ... Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
Цариград {{i|uncountable|dated|language of literature} ... Serbian
carigradski of or pertaining to Istanbul Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цариградски of or pertaining to Istanbul Serbian
carina customs Croatian*
царина customs
carstvo empire, kingdom (nation having as supreme rul ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
царство empire, kingdom (nation having as supreme rul ... Serbian
cedar cedarcedar (tree) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цедар cedar (tree) Serbian
Cejlon (uncountable) Ceylon Croatian
Цејлон (uncountable) Ceylon
celina totality, whole, entirety tag
целина totality, whole, entirety
celofan cellophane Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
celost totality, whole, entirety tag
целост totality, whole, entirety
celovit integral, complete tag
целовит integral, complete
cena price, value tag Croatian,Serbian
цена price, value Serbian
ceniti (transitive) to value, appreciate tag
ценити (transitive) to value, appreciate
cenjen respected, esteemed, honorable, reputable (of ... tag
цењен respected, esteemed, honorable, reputable (of ...
centar center / centre
центар center / centre
centimetar centimetre Bosnian,Serbian
центиметар centimetre Serbian
centralni central, main
централни central, main
centrifuga centrifuge
центрифуга centrifuge
cenzus census Croatian
цензус census
ceo whole tag Croatian
цео whole
cepanica (countable) log (wood) tag
cepidlaka nitpick tag
цепидлака nitpick
cepivo vaccine tag
цепиво vaccine
cepljen vaccinated, inoculated tag
цепљен vaccinated, inoculated
ceremonija ceremony Croatian
церемонија ceremony
ceremonijalan ceremonial Croatian
церемонијалан ceremonial
ceremonijalno ceremonially
церемонијално ceremonially
cesta road (paved) tag Bosnian,Croatian Serbian
цеста road (paved) Serbian
cezura caesura Bosnian,Croatian
Ciganin (pejorative) Male Gypsy
Циганин Gypsy
Ciganka (pejorative) Female Gypsy
ciganski Gypsy
цигански Gypsy
cigara cigar Croatian
цигара cigar
cigareta cigarette Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цигарета cigarette Serbian
цигла brick Serbian
cijel Alternative form of (cio, cȉo). Croatian*
цијел Alternative form of (цио, ци̏о).
cijelost totality, whole, entirety tag Croatian
цијелост totality, whole, entirety
цијена price, value
cijeniti (transitive) to value, appreciate tag
цијенити (transitive) to value, appreciate
cijenjen respected, esteemed, honorable, reputable (of ... tag
цијењен respected, esteemed, honorable, reputable (of ...
cijepljen vaccinated, inoculated tag
цијепљен vaccinated, inoculated
cijeć (archaic) because, due to tag Croatian*
цијећ (archaic) because, due to
цикла red beet
ciklon (weather) cyclone
циклон (weather) cyclone
ciklus cycle
циклус cycle
cilindričan cylindrical
цилиндричан cylindrical
cilj goal, purpose Croatian
cilj opravdava sredstvo the end justifies the means
циљ оправдава средство the end justifies the means
циљ goal, purpose
cimbal a cymbal Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
cimbalo a cymbal Bosnian,Serbian
cimer roommate Croatian
цимер roommate
cimet cinnamon (spice) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цимет cinnamon (spice) Serbian
cinik cynic Croatian
циник cynic
ciničan cynical Croatian
циничан cynical
cio whole tag Croatian
цио whole
cipela a shoe Croatian
ципела a shoe
cirkon zircon Bosnian,Serbian
cista (Chakavian, Ikavian) road tag Croatian*
citra zither
цитра zither
civil civilian (not related to the military armed f ... Croatian
цивил civilian (not related to the military armed f ...
civilizacija civilization (a group of people or country ... Croatian
цивилизација civilization (a group of people or country ...
civilizacijski civilizational
цивилизацијски civilizational
civiliziran (Croatian) civilized tag
цивилизиран (Croatian) civilized tag
civilizovan (Bosnian, Serbian) civilized tag
цивилизован (Bosnian, Serbian) civilized tag
civilni civilian Croatian
цивилни civilian
cić (Chakavian) (archaic, Ikavian) because ... tag Croatian*
cjelina totality, whole, entirety tag Croatian
цјелина totality, whole, entirety
cjelovit integral, complete tag
цјеловит integral, complete
cjepanica (countable) log (wood) tag Croatian
цјепидлака nitpick
cjepivo vaccine tag Croatian
цјепиво vaccine
crep tile (for the roof) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цреп tile (for the roof)
crevo gut, bowel, intestine tag
црево gut, bowel, intestine
crijep tile (for the roof) tag
цријеп tile (for the roof)
цријево gut, bowel, intestine
crkva church Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
црква church Serbian
crkvenoslavenski (Croatian) Church Slavonic tag
crkvenoslovenski (Bosnian, Serbian) Church Slavonic tag
црквенословенски (Bosnian, Serbian) Church Slavonic tag
crn black Croatian*
црн black
Crna Gora Montenegro tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Црна Гора Montenegro tag Serbian*
crna ovca (idiomatic) black sheep
црна овца (idiomatic) black sheep
crna rupa (astronomy) black hole
црна рупа (astronomy) black hole
crni luk onion Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
crnka A dark woman Croatian
crnkast blackish Croatian
црнкаст blackish
Crno more the Black Sea Bosnian,Serbian
Црно море the Black Sea Serbian
Crnogorac Montenegrin tag Croatian
Црногорац Montenegrin tag
crnogorski Montenegrin (of or pertaining to Mongenegro o ... tag Croatian
црногорски Montenegrin (of or pertaining to Mongenegro o ... tag
crnokos black-haired
црнокос black-haired
crtati (ambitransitive) to draw
цртати (ambitransitive) to draw
crtež drawing Croatian
цртеж drawing
цртица dash (punctuation)
crv worm Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
црв worm Serbian
crven red Croatian
црвен red
crvenkast reddish Croatian
црвенкаст reddish
crvotočina wormhole Croatian
црвоточина wormhole
cukar (regional) sugar
cuker (regional) sugar
cunami tsunami Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цунами tsunami Serbian
curetak (hypocoristic) girl Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
curica a little girl Croatian
цурица a little girl
cvasti (intransitive, mostly Croatian) to bloom, ... tag Croatian
цвасти (intransitive, mostly Croatian) to bloom, ... tag
cvat flower tag Bosnian,Serbian
cvet flower tag Serbian
цвет flower Serbian
cvetak (expressively, hypocoristically) flower tag
цветак (expressively, hypocoristically) flower
cvetati (intransitive) to bloom, blossom tag
цветати (intransitive) to bloom, blossom
cveće (collectively) flowers tag
цвеће (collectively) flowers
cvijet flower tag Bosnian,Croatian
цвијет flower
cvijetak (expressively, hypocoristically) flower tag Croatian
цвијетак (expressively, hypocoristically) flower
cvijeće (collectively) flowers tag Croatian
цвијеће (collectively) flowers
cvit (Chakavian) (Ikavian) flower tag Croatian*
cvitak (Chakavian) (Ikavian) (expressively ... tag Croatian*
cvjetati (intransitive) to bloom, blossom tag
цвјетати (intransitive) to bloom, blossom
cvrčak cricket (insect) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
цврчак cricket (insect) Serbian


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
ča (Chakavian) what (interrogative) tag Croatian*
Čad Chad Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Чад Chad Serbian
čador (expressively, language of literature) tent Bosnian,Serbian
чадор (expressively, language of literature) tent Serbian
čagalj jackal
чагаљ jackal
čaj tea Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чај tea Serbian
čajnik teapot Bosnian,Serbian
чајник teapot Serbian
čak even
чак even
čakavac speaker of the Chakavian dialect tag
чакавац speaker of the Chakavian dialect
čakavski Chakavian tag
чакавски Chakavian
čakavština (uncountable) Chakavian tag Croatian
чакавштина (uncountable) Chakavian
čam fir
чам fir
čamac boat Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чамац boat Serbian
čaplja heron Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чапља heron Serbian
čarapa sock (covering of the foot) Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
чарапа sock (covering of the foot) Serbian
čarobnjak wizard Croatian
чаробњак wizard
čaršaf bedsheet
чаршаф bedsheet
čas moment tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
час moment tag Serbian
časno honorably, respectably
часно honorably, respectably
časopis magazine, journal (periodical publication) Croatian
часопис magazine, journal (periodical publication)
čast honour Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
част honour Serbian
častan honorable
частан honorable
čauš a rank of non-commissioned officer in the Ott ...
чауш a rank of non-commissioned officer in the Ott ...
čavao nail (metal fastener) Croatian Serbian
чавао nail (metal fastener) Serbian
чаша a glass (the object and a quantity) Serbian
čedan chaste
чедан chaste
čednost modesty, demureness
чедност modesty, demureness
čedo child (one’s son or daughter) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чедо child (one’s son or daughter) Serbian
čedomorstvo infanticide (murder of a newborn) Croatian
чедоморство infanticide (murder of a newborn)
čeg of what (genitive)
чег of what (genitive)
čega of what (genitive)
чега of what (genitive)
Čeh Czech {{i|person, of male or unspecified gend ...
Чех Czech {{i|person, of male or unspecified gend ...
Čehoslovačka (uncountable) Czechoslovakia Croatian
Чехословачка (uncountable) Czechoslovakia
čehoslovački Czechoslovakian
чехословачки Czechoslovakian
čekalac waiter (someone who waits) Croatian
чекалац waiter (someone who waits)
čekaonica waiting room
чекаоница waiting room
čekati (ambitransitive) to wait (for), await Bosnian,Croatian
чекати (ambitransitive) to wait (for), await
čekić hammer Serbian
чекић hammer
čelik (uncountable) steel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
челик (uncountable) steel Serbian
čelo forehead Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чело forehead Serbian
čem what (locative)
чем what (locative)
čemu to what (dative)
чему to what (dative)
čep cork, stopper
чеп cork, stopper
čerga a small tent
черга a small tent
česma fountain Bosnian,Serbian
чесма fountain Serbian
čest frequent Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чест frequent Serbian
čestar thicket, copse
честар thicket, copse
čestica particle (small body) Croatian
честица particle (small body)
često often Croatian
често often
četa troop, squad, host
чета troop, squad, host
četiri (cardinal) four (4) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
четири (cardinal) four (4) Serbian*
četka brush Croatian
четка brush
četrdeset (cardinal) forty Croatian
четрдесет (cardinal) forty
četrnaest (cardinal) fourteen
четрнаест (cardinal) fourteen
četverokut (geometry) quadrilateral, quadrangle (fou ...
четверокут (geometry) quadrilateral, quadrangle (fou ...
četveronoške on all fours Croatian
четвероношке on all fours
četvorica (collectively) four men Croatian
четворица (collectively) four men
četvrtak Thursday Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
четвртак Thursday Serbian
četvrtina one quarter, one fourth
четвртина one quarter, one fourth
čeznuti (intransitive) to long, yearn Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чезнути (intransitive) to long, yearn Serbian
češalj comb
чешаљ comb
češanj clove (constitutive bulb of garlic)
чешањ clove (constitutive bulb of garlic)
Češka (uncountable) Czechia, short for Češka Re ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Чешка (uncountable) Czechia, short for Češka Re ... Serbian
češki Czech Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чешки Czech Serbian
češnjak garlic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чешњак garlic Serbian
čiji (interrogative) whose
чији (interrogative) whose
Čile Chile Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Чиле Chile Serbian
Čileanac Chilean
Чилеанац Chilean
čileanski Chilean
чилеански Chilean
čim (with) what (instrumental)
чим (with) what (instrumental)
čime (with) what (instrumental)
чиме (with) what (instrumental)
čimpanza (Croatian) chimpanzee tag
čin action, act, deed Croatian
чин action, act, deed
činilac factor Croatian
чинилац factor
činiti (transitive) to make, do Croatian
чинити (transitive) to make, do
činjenica fact Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чињеница fact Serbian
činjeničan factual
чињеничан factual
činovnik clerk Croatian
чиновник clerk
činovništvo bureaucracy, offices, officialdom
чиновништво bureaucracy, offices, officialdom
čip chip
чип chip
čipka lace (fabric) Croatian
чипка lace (fabric)
čir ulcer
чир ulcer
čirak candlestick Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чирак candlestick Serbian
čist clean, pure Croatian
чист clean, pure
čistač cleaner (person or a machine) Croatian
чистач cleaner (person or a machine)
čistilac cleaner (person or a machine)
чистилац cleaner (person or a machine)
čistka political purge
чистка political purge
čisto purely Croatian
чисто purely
čistoća (uncountable) cleanliness
чистоћа (uncountable) cleanliness
čitak legible
читак legible
čitalac (Bosnian, Serbian) reader (person) tag Bosnian,Croatian
читалац (Bosnian, Serbian) reader (person) tag
čitanje reading Croatian
читање reading
čitanka textbook, reader
читанка textbook, reader
čitaonica reading room Croatian
читаоница reading room
čitatelj (Croatian) reader (person) tag Croatian
читатељ (Croatian) reader (person) tag
čitati između redova (idiomatic) to read between the lines
читати између редова (idiomatic) to read between the lines
čitati (ambitransitive) to read Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
читати (ambitransitive) to read Serbian
čitav whole, entire, all
читав whole, entire, all
čizma boot Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чизма boot Serbian
čiča an old man
чича an old man
čičak burdock Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чичак burdock Serbian
član member (one who officially belongs to a group) Croatian
члан member (one who officially belongs to a group)
članak article (newspaper; grammar)
чланак article (newspaper; grammar)
članica member (female)
чланица member (female)
članstvo membership
чланство membership
človek (archaic, Kajkavian) man; person; human tag Croatian*
človik (Chakavian, Ikavian) a man; person; human tag Croatian*
človjek (archaic, obsolete) person; man; human tag Croatian*
čmar (anatomy) anus
чмар (anatomy) anus
čoban shepherd Bosnian,Serbian
чобан shepherd Serbian
čokolada chocolate Serbian Croatian
čokoladni chocolate (of, pertaining to, tasting like, c ... Croatian
чоколадни chocolate (of, pertaining to, tasting like, c ...
čopor herd, flock, pack (group of wild animals)
чопор herd, flock, pack (group of wild animals)
čovek person tag Croatian*,Serbian
човек person Serbian
čovekoljubiv philanthropic (loving or helping mankind) tag
човекољубив philanthropic (loving or helping mankind)
čovečan humane, pitiful, merciful tag
човечан humane, pitiful, merciful
čovečanstvo mankind, humanity tag
човечанство mankind, humanity
čovečnost (uncountable) humaneness tag
човечност (uncountable) humaneness
čovik (Chakavian, Ikavian) man; person; human tag Croatian*
čovjek person tag Bosnian,Croatian
човјек person
čovjekoljubiv philanthropic (loving or helping mankind) tag Croatian
човјекољубив philanthropic (loving or helping mankind)
čovječan humane, pitiful, merciful tag
човјечан humane, pitiful, merciful
čovječanstvo mankind, humanity tag Croatian
човјечанство mankind, humanity
čovječnost (uncountable) humaneness tag
човјечност (uncountable) humaneness
čreda flock
чреда flock
čredo flock
чредо flock
čudak eccentric, crank Croatian
чудак eccentric, crank
čudan strange, weird, odd Croatian
чудан strange, weird, odd
čudesan marvelous, stupendous
чудесан marvelous, stupendous
čudesno wondrously, marvelously
чудесно wondrously, marvelously
čuditi (transitive) to amaze, astonish Croatian
чудити (transitive) to amaze, astonish
čudno oddly, weirdly, strangely
чудно oddly, weirdly, strangely
čudnovat strange, queer
чудноват strange, queer
čudnovato strangely, queerly
чудновато strangely, queerly
čudo wonder Bosnian,Serbian
чудо wonder Serbian
čudotvoran miraculous
чудотворан miraculous
čudotvorno miraculously
чудотворно miraculously
čudovišan monstrous
чудовишан monstrous
čudovišno monstrously
чудовишно monstrously
čudovište monster
чудовиште monster
čujan audible Croatian
чујан audible
čujno audibly
чујно audibly
čulo sense (of sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste) Croatian
чуло sense (of sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste)
čuti (ambitransitive) to hear Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чути (ambitransitive) to hear Serbian
čutura canteen (water bottle used by solder or camper)
чутура canteen (water bottle used by solder or camper)
čuvar custodian Croatian
čuven famous, renowned, illustrious Croatian
чувен famous, renowned, illustrious
čuđenje wonder, amazement, surprise Croatian
чуђење wonder, amazement, surprise
čvor knot
чвор knot
čvoruga bump (swelling on the skin caused by illness ...
чворуга bump (swelling on the skin caused by illness ...
čvrst fixed, stable, immovable
чврст fixed, stable, immovable
čvrsto firmly, tightly, steadily
чврсто firmly, tightly, steadily
čvrstoća firmness, hardness, toughness
чврстоћа firmness, hardness, toughness


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
Ćaba (Islam) Caaba Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ћаба (Islam) Caaba Serbian
ćaća (regional, colloquial) daddy, papa
ћаћа (regional, colloquial) daddy, papa
ćebe blanket
ћебе blanket
ćelav bald (having no hair) Croatian
ћелав bald (having no hair)
ćepanica (countable) log (wood) tag
ćešiti (regional, transitive) to console, comfort tag
ćilibar (uncountable) amber
ћилибар (uncountable) amber
ćilim thick carpet or tapestry of oriental style Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ћилим thick carpet or tapestry of oriental style Serbian
ćirilica (uncountable) the Cyrillic script Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ћирилица (uncountable) the Cyrillic script Serbian
ćorav blind Bosnian,Serbian
ћорав blind Serbian
ćorsokak blind alley
ћорсокак blind alley
ćošak corner (of a street, room..)
ћошак corner (of a street, room..)
ćufta kofta, meatball
ћуфта kofta, meatball
ćumez chicken coop
ћумез chicken coop
ćumur (uncountable) coal, charcoal Bosnian,Serbian
ćumurdžija (countable) coal miner
ćup jug, jar
ћуп jug, jar


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
da that tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
да that tag Serbian
dabar beaver Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дабар beaver Serbian
dagnja mussel
дагња mussel
dah breath
дах breath
daidža uncle (mother’s brother) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
даиџа uncle (mother’s brother) Serbian
dakako of course, surely, certainly
дакако of course, surely, certainly
dakle thus, therefore Croatian
дакле thus, therefore
daktil dactyl
дактил dactyl
dalek far, distant Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
далек far, distant
daleko far (distance)
daleko od očiju, daleko od srca (idiomatic) long absent, soon forgotten
далеко од очију, далеко од срца (idiomatic) long absent, soon forgotten
далеко far (distance)
daljina distance
даљина distance
daljinski pertaining to distance, or that can be done f ...
даљински pertaining to distance, or that can be done f ...
Dalmacija (uncountable) Dalmatia Croatian
Далмација (uncountable) Dalmatia
Dalmatinac Dalmatian (person from Dalmatia) Croatian
Далматинац Dalmatian (person from Dalmatia)
dalmatinski Dalmatian Croatian
далматински Dalmatian
dalmatski of or pertaining to Dalmatae, they Illyrian t ...
далматски of or pertaining to Dalmatae, they Illyrian t ...
dama lady Croatian
дама lady
dan day Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дан day Serbian
Danac Dane
Данац Dane
danas today Croatian,Serbian
данас today
današnji present-day, today's Croatian
данашњи present-day, today's
današnjica nowadays, entirety of everything existing or ... Croatian
данашњица nowadays, entirety of everything existing or ...
Danica (uncountable) morning star
Даница (uncountable) morning star
danomice daily, every day Croatian
даномице daily, every day
Danska (uncountable) Denmark Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Данска (uncountable) Denmark Serbian
danski Danish Bosnian,Serbian
дански Danish Serbian
dar gift Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дар gift Serbian
darivati (transitive) to gift Croatian
даривати (transitive) to gift
darovati (transitive) to gift Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
даровати (transitive) to gift Serbian
darovit talented, gifted
даровит talented, gifted
daska board Croatian
даска board
dati (ambitransitive) to give Croatian
дати (ambitransitive) to give
dativ the dative case Croatian
датив the dative case
datoteka file Croatian
датотека file
datum date (as in day, month, and year) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
датум date (as in day, month, and year) Serbian
davati (ambitransitive) to give Croatian
давати (ambitransitive) to give
davni ancient, olden Croatian
давни ancient, olden
davnina ancient times, antiquity
давнина ancient times, antiquity
davno long ago Croatian
давно long ago
daščica a thin or small board
дашчица a thin or small board
dažd rain Croatian
дажд rain
debata debate, discussion
дебата debate, discussion
debeljko fatty, fatso
дебељко fatty, fatso
debeljuškast plump, stout
дебељушкаст plump, stout
debelo (expressively) outrageously, excessively (of ...
дебело (expressively) outrageously, excessively (of ...
debeo fat Croatian
дебео fat
debilan moronic, imbecilic, feebleminded
дебилан moronic, imbecilic, feebleminded
debljati (reflexive) to grow fat, gain weight, put ...
дебљати (reflexive) to grow fat, gain weight, put ...
debljina fatness Croatian
дебљина fatness
deblo trunk (of a tree) Croatian,Serbian
дебло trunk (of a tree)
deca (collective) children tag
деца (collective) children
deceleracija deceleration Croatian
децелерација deceleration
ded grandfather tag Serbian
дед grandfather Serbian
defekt defect, flaw
дефект defect, flaw
defektan defective
дефектан defective
defetizam defeatism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дефетизам defeatism Serbian
deficit deficit (financial)
дефицит deficit
definicija definition Croatian
дефиниција definition
definitivan definitive
дефинитиван definitive
degenerik a degenerate (person exhibiting psychological ...
дегенерик a degenerate (person exhibiting psychological ...
deizam deism Croatian
деизам deism
deka blanket
дека blanket
dekada decade
декада decade
dekadentan decadent
декадентан decadent
deklaracija declaration
декларација declaration
deklinacija (grammar) declension Serbian
деклинација (grammar) declension
dekret decree
декрет decree
delegacija delegation
делегација delegation
delfin dolphin (mammal) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
делфин dolphin (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Serbian
deliti (transitive) to divide, separate tag
делити (transitive) to divide, separate
delić small part tag
делић small part
deljiv partible tag
дељив partible
delo work tag
дело work Serbian
delom partly, partially tag
делом partly, partially
delotvoran efficient, effective tag
делотворан efficient, effective
delovanje action, act tag
деловање action, act
delovati (intransitive) to work, perform, function ... tag
деловати (intransitive) to work, perform, function ...
delta delta, the Greek letter Δ, δ
делта delta, the Greek letter Δ, δ
demagog demagogue, demagogdemagog
демагог demagogue, demagog
demagogija demagoguery
демагогија demagoguery
deminutiv diminutive Croatian
деминутив diminutive
demokracija (Croatian) democracy tag Croatian
демокрација (Croatian) democracy tag
demokratija (Bosnian, Serbian) democracy tag Bosnian,Serbian
демократија (Bosnian, Serbian) democracy tag Serbian
demokratski democratic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
демократски democratic Serbian
demon demon
демон demon
demonski demonic
демонски demonic
денотација denotation
dental a dentale Croatian
дентал a dentale
deo part tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
део part Serbian
deoba division, partition tag
деоба division, partition
depopulacija depopulation Croatian
депопулација depopulation
depresija depression
депресија depression
derati (transitive) to tear, pull apart
дерати (transitive) to tear, pull apart
derbi local derby Croatian
дерби local derby
derivacija derivation Croatian
деривација derivation
derište badly behaved kid, little brat
дериште badly behaved kid, little brat
dernek fair
дернек fair
derviš Dervish Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дервиш Dervish Serbian
desert dessert Croatian
десерт dessert
deset (cardinal) ten (10) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
десет (cardinal) ten (10) Serbian*
desetar (military, Serbian) corporal tag
desetina one tenth
десетина one tenth
desetnik (military, army, Croatian) corporal tag Croatian
desetorica (collectively) ten men Croatian
десеторица (collectively) ten men
deskriptivan descriptive
дескриптиван descriptive
desni (plurale tantum) gums Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
десни (plurale tantum) gums Serbian
desnica right hand
десница right hand
desničar rightist, right-winger
десничар rightist, right-winger
desno right (in a right direction)
десно right (in a right direction)
despot despot
деспот despot
destinacija destination
дестинација destination
destrukcija destruction
деструкција destruction
destruktivan destructive
деструктиван destructive
destruktivno destructively
деструктивно destructively
detalj detail
детаљ detail
detaljan detailed
детаљан detailed
detao woodpecker tag Serbian
детао woodpecker Serbian
dete child, kid tag Serbian
дете child, kid Serbian
detektirati (Croatian) to detect tag
детектирати (Croatian) to detect tag
detektiv detective Croatian
детектив detective
detektor detector
детектор detector
detelina clover tag
детелина clover
detence (uncountable, diminutive) small child tag
детенце (uncountable, diminutive) small child
determinacija determination, determinacy
detinjast childish tag
детињаст childish
detinjasto childishly tag
детињасто childishly
detinji childlike tag
детињи childlike
detinjstvo childhood tag
детињство childhood
detlić woodpecker tag Serbian
детлић woodpecker Serbian
detonacija detonation
детонација detonation
deva camel (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дева camel (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Serbian
devalvacija devaluation
девалвација devaluation
devastacija devastation
девастација devastation
devedeset (cardinal) ninety Croatian
деведесет (cardinal) ninety
dever brother-in-law (one's husband's brother) tag Serbian
девер brother-in-law (one's husband's brother) Serbian
devet (cardinal) nine (9) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
девет (cardinal) nine (9) Serbian*
devetina one ninth
деветина one ninth
devetnaest (cardinal) nineteen
деветнаест (cardinal) nineteen
devetorica (collectively) nine men Croatian
деветорица (collectively) nine men
devica virgin tag Serbian
девица virgin Serbian
devijacija deviation
девијација deviation
devojka girl, maiden tag
девојка girl, maiden tag
devojče maiden, girl tag
девојче maiden, girl
devojčica girl, lass tag
девојчица girl
dezerter deserter Croatian
дезертер deserter
dezertirati (intransitive) to desert (leave a militar ...
дезертирати (intransitive) to desert (leave a militar ...
dezinfekcija disinfection
дезинфекција disinfection
dezinficirati (Croatian) (transitive) to disinfect tag
дезинфицирати (Croatian) (transitive) to disinfect tag
dezinsekcija debugging, fumigation, deinsectization, disin ...
дезинсекција debugging, fumigation, deinsectization, disin ...
dezorganizacija disorganization, disarrangement
дезорганизација disorganization, disarrangement
dezorijentacija (uncountable) disorientation
дезоријентација (uncountable) disorientation
dečak a boy, youngster tag Serbian
дечак a boy, youngster Serbian
dečakom (inflection of, (l, sh, dečak), s, ins) Serbian
dečaštvo boyhood tag
дечаштво boyhood
dečji of or pertaining to children or infants tag
дечји of or pertaining to children or infants
dečko boy Croatian
дечко boy
dežuran on duty, on call
дежуран on duty, on call
diftong diphthong Croatian
дифтонг diphthong
дифтонгизација (phonology) diphthongization
difuzan diffuse
дифузан diffuse
difuzija (physics) diffusion Croatian
дифузија (physics) diffusion
dignuti Alternative infinitive form of (dići, dȉći). Croatian
дигнути Alternative infinitive form of (дићи, ди̏ћи).
digresija digression
дигресија digression
dijabetes diabetes
дијабетес diabetes
dijaboličan diabolical
дијаболичан diabolical
dijagnoza diagnosis
дијагноза diagnosis
dijagonala diagonal
дијагонала diagonal
dijagonalan diagonal
дијагоналан diagonal
dijagram diagram Croatian
дијаграм diagram
dijahronija (Bosnian, Serbian) (linguistics) diac ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
дијахронија (Bosnian, Serbian) (linguistics) diac ... tag
dijakronija (Croatian) (linguistics) diachrony tag
dijalektologija dialectology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
dijalog dialogue Croatian
дијалог dialogue
dijamant diamond
дијамант diamond
dijareja diarrhea Bosnian,Serbian
дијареја diarrhea Serbian
dijeliti (transitive) to divide, separate tag
дијелити (transitive) to divide, separate
dijelom partly, partially tag
дијелом partly, partially
dijeta diet Croatian
дијета diet
dijete child, kid tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дијете child, kid Serbian
dikcija diction, elocution Croatian
дикција diction, elocution
diktat dictate
диктат dictate
diktator dictator Bosnian,Serbian
диктатор dictator Serbian
diktatorski dictatorial
диктаторски dictatorial
diktatura dictatorship
диктатура dictatorship
diktirati (ambitransitive) to dictate
диктирати (ambitransitive) to dictate
dilema dilemma
дилема dilemma
diler drug dealer
дилер drug dealer
diletant dilettante
дилетант dilettante
dilo (Chakavian) (Ikavian) work; piece of ... tag Croatian*
dim smoke Croatian
дим smoke
dimenzija dimension Croatian
димензија dimension
dimiti (reflexive) to give off smoke Croatian
димити (reflexive) to give off smoke
dimnjak chimney Croatian,Serbian
димњак chimney
dimnjačar chimney sweep Croatian
димњачар chimney sweep
dinamika dynamics
динамика dynamics
dinamit dynamite Croatian
динамит dynamite
dinar dinar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
динар dinar Serbian
dinastija dynasty
династија dynasty
dio part tag Bosnian,Croatian
дио part
dioba division, partition tag
диоба division, partition
diploidan (cytology) diploid
диплоидан (cytology) diploid
diploma (education) diploma Bosnian,Serbian
диплома (education) diploma Serbian
dirati (transitive) to touch Croatian
дирати (transitive) to touch
direktan direct, straight Croatian
директан direct, straight
direktno directly, straight Croatian
директно directly, straight
direktor director (one who directs) Croatian
директор director (one who directs)
dirigent conductor (music)
диригент conductor (music)
dirnuti (transitive) to touch Croatian
дирнути (transitive) to touch
disati (ambitransitive) to breathe, take breath Croatian
дисати (ambitransitive) to breathe, take breath
disciplina discipline Croatian
дисциплина discipline
дисимилација (phonology) dissimilation
diskreditirati (Croatian) (transitive) to discredit tag
дискредитирати (Croatian) (transitive) to discredit tag
diskretan discrete
дискретан discrete
diskretno discretely
дискретно discretely
diskriminacija discrimination (unfair treatment on the basis ...
дискриминација discrimination (unfair treatment on the basis ...
diskriminirati (Croatian) (ambitransitive) to discri ... tag
дискриминирати (Croatian) (ambitransitive) to discri ... tag
diskusija discussion
дискусија discussion
diskutirati (Croatian) (ambitransitive) to discuss tag
дискутирати (Croatian) (ambitransitive) to discuss tag
diskvalificirati to disqualify
diskvalifikacija disqualification
дисквалификација disqualification
dislokacija dislocation
дислокација dislocation
disocijacija dissociation
дисоцијација dissociation
distinktivno distinctively
дистинктивно distinctively
distorzija distortion Croatian
дисторзија distortion
distribucija distribution Serbian Croatian
дистрибуција distribution
div giant Bosnian,Serbian
див giant Serbian
divan wonderful
диван wonderful
diver (Chakavian) (Ikavian) brother-in-law ... tag
diviti (reflexive) to admire, wonder at (+ dative)
дивити (reflexive) to admire, wonder at (+ dative)
divljak barbarian Bosnian,Serbian
дивљак barbarian Serbian
divljati (intransitive) to act wildly
дивљати (intransitive) to act wildly
divljač venison Croatian
дивљач venison
divljački barbarian, savage Bosnian,Serbian
дивљачки barbarian, savage Serbian
divlji wild, savage Bosnian,Serbian
дивљи wild, savage Serbian
divljina (uncountable) wilderness
дивљина (uncountable) wilderness
divovski giant, gigantic, colossal
дивовски giant, gigantic, colossal
dizajn design
дизајн design
dizajner designer
дизајнер designer
dizalica crane (mechanical lifting device)
дизалица crane (mechanical lifting device)
dizalo elevator, lift (platform used for the moving ... Croatian
дизало elevator, lift (platform used for the moving ...
dizati (transitive) to lift, raise, elevate (cau ...
дизати (transitive) to lift, raise, elevate (cau ...
dići (transitive) to lift, raise, elevate (cau ... Croatian
дићи (transitive) to lift, raise, elevate (cau ...
djeca (collective) children tag
дјеца (collective) children
djed grandfather tag Bosnian,Croatian
дјед grandfather
djelić small part tag
дјелић small part
djeljiv partible tag
дјељив partible
djelo work tag Croatian
дјело work
djelotvoran efficient, effective tag Croatian
дјелотворан efficient, effective
djelovanje action, act tag Croatian
дјеловање action, act
djelovati (intransitive) to work, perform, function ... tag
дјеловати (intransitive) to work, perform, function ...
djetao woodpecker tag Bosnian,Croatian
дјетао woodpecker
djetelina clover tag
дјетелина clover
djetence (uncountable, diminutive) small child tag
дјетенце (uncountable, diminutive) small child
djetinjast childish tag
дјетињаст childish
djetinjasto childishly tag
дјетињасто childishly
djetinji childlike tag Croatian
дјетињи childlike
djetinjstvo childhood tag Croatian
дјетињство childhood
djetlić woodpecker tag Bosnian
дјетлић woodpecker
djeva (poetically) maiden tag Bosnian Croatian*,Serbian
дјева (poetically) maiden Serbian
djever brother-in-law (one's husband's brother) tag Bosnian
дјевер brother-in-law (one's husband's brother)
дјевица virgin
djevojka girl, maiden tag Croatian*
дјевојка girl, maiden tag
djevojče maiden, girl tag Croatian
дјевојче maiden, girl
djevojčica girl, lass tag Croatian
дјевојчица girl
dječak a boy, youngster tag Croatian
дјечак a boy, youngster
dječaštvo boyhood tag
дјечаштво boyhood
dječji of or pertaining to children or infants tag Croatian
дјечји of or pertaining to children or infants
dlaka a single hair Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
длака a single hair Serbian
dlakav hairy, shaggy
длакав hairy, shaggy
dlakavost (uncountable) hairiness, shagginess
длакавост (uncountable) hairiness, shagginess
dlan the palm of the hand Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
длан the palm of the hand Serbian
dlačica a single little hair
длачица a single little hair
dleto chisel tag Serbian
длето chisel Serbian
dlijeto chisel tag Bosnian,Croatian
длијето chisel
dnevnik diary Croatian
дневник diary
dno bottom Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дно bottom Serbian
do only, except tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
do viđenja (alternative spelling of, doviđenja) Croatian
до виђења (alternative spelling of, довиђења) Serbian
до only, except tag Serbian
dob age Croatian
доб age
doba time Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
доба time Serbian
dobaciti (ambitransitive) to throw as far as, thro ...
добацити (ambitransitive) to throw as far as, thro ...
dobacivati (ambitransitive) to throw as far as, thro ...
добацивати (ambitransitive) to throw as far as, thro ...
dobar good Croatian
добар good
dobavljač purveyor, supplier
добављач purveyor, supplier
dobavljiv obtainable
добављив obtainable
dobit profit Croatian
добит profit
dobitak profit, proceeds
добитак profit, proceeds
dobiti (transitive) to receive, get, obtain, acq ... Croatian
добити (transitive) to receive, get, obtain, acq ...
dobitnica winner (female)
добитница winner (female)
dobitnik winner
добитник winner
dobivati (transitive) to receive, get, obtain, acq ... Croatian
добивати (transitive) to receive, get, obtain, acq ...
dobrobit well being Croatian
добробит well being
dobrodošao welcome Croatian
добродошао welcome
dobrodošlica welcome Croatian
добродошлица welcome
dobrota goodness Croatian
доброта goodness
dobrotvor benefactor, patron Croatian
добротвор benefactor, patron
dobrotvoran charitable, philanthropic
добротворан charitable, philanthropic
dobrotvorka benefactress
добротворка benefactress
dobrovoljac volunteer
добровољац volunteer
dobročinitelj benefactor Croatian
доброчинитељ benefactor
dobročinstvo benefaction, beneficence
доброчинство benefaction, beneficence
dodatak addition, a thing being added Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
додатак addition, a thing being added Serbian
dodatan additional
додатан additional
dodati (transitive) to add
додати (transitive) to add
dodatno additionally
додатно additionally
dodavati (transitive) to add
додавати (transitive) to add
dodeliti (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ... tag
доделити (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ...
dodeljivati (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ... tag
додељивати (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ...
dodijeliti (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ... tag
додијелити (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ...
dodirivati (transitive) to touch
додиривати (transitive) to touch
dodirnuti (transitive) to touch
додирнути (transitive) to touch
dodjeljivati (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ... tag
додјељивати (transitive) to allot, award, grant, give ...
doduše on the other hand, although
додуше on the other hand, although
događaj event Croatian
догађај event
događati (reflexive) to happen Croatian
догађати (reflexive) to happen
dogma dogma
догма dogma
dogmatski dogmatic
догматски dogmatic
dogoditi (reflexive) to happen Croatian
догодити (reflexive) to happen
договор agreement
dohodak income
доходак income
dohvat range, scope, reach
дохват range, scope, reach
doista truly, indeed
доиста truly, indeed
dojam impression Croatian
дојам impression
dojilja wet nurse Croatian
дојиља wet nurse
dojiti (transitive) to breast feed, suckle
дојити (transitive) to breast feed, suckle
dojka breast (female organ) Croatian
дојка breast (female organ)
dokapitalizacija recapitalization
докапитализација recapitalization
dokaz proof Croatian
доказ proof
dokazati (ambitransitive) to prove Croatian
доказати (ambitransitive) to prove
dokaziv provable
доказив provable
dokazivati (ambitransitive) to prove Croatian
доказивати (ambitransitive) to prove
dokolica idleness Croatian
доколица idleness
dokon idle
докон idle
doktor doctor, physician Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
доктор doctor, physician Serbian
doktorat doctorate, doctoral degree
докторат doctorate, doctoral degree
dokumentacija (uncountable) documentation
документација (uncountable) documentation
dokumentaran documentary
документаран documentary
dokučiti (transitive) to comprehend, grasp
докучити (transitive) to comprehend, grasp
dokučivati (transitive) to comprehend, grasp
докучивати (transitive) to comprehend, grasp
dol dale, small valley
дол dale, small valley
dolar dollar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
долар dollar Serbian
dolazak arrival, advent Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
долазак arrival, advent Serbian
dolaziti (intransitive) to arrive, come Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
долазити (intransitive) to arrive, come Serbian
dolikovati (intransitive) to be appropriate, be proper
доликовати (intransitive) to be appropriate, be proper
dolina valley, especially one in limestone Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
долина valley, especially one in limestone Serbian
doličiti (intransitive) to be appropriate, be proper
доличити (intransitive) to be appropriate, be proper
dom home, house Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
domaći domestic
домаћи domestic
domaćica housewife
домаћица housewife
domaćin master / head of the house
домаћин master / head of the house
domaćinski domestic (of or pertaining to master of the h ...
домаћински domestic (of or pertaining to master of the h ...
domaćinstvo household Croatian
домаћинство household
dominacija domination
доминација domination
dominantan dominant, predominant
доминантан dominant, predominant
dominirati (intransitive) to dominate, predominate, ...
доминирати (intransitive) to dominate, predominate, ...
domisliti (intransitive) to think of, conceive of s ... Croatian
домислити (intransitive) to think of, conceive of s ...
domišljat clever, smart, witty
домишљат clever, smart, witty
domišljati (intransitive) to think of, conceive of ( ... Croatian
домишљати (intransitive) to think of, conceive of ( ...
domišljatost (uncountable) cleverness, smartness, witt ...
домишљатост (uncountable) cleverness, smartness, witt ...
domoljub patriot Croatian
домољуб patriot
domoljublje patriotism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
домољубље patriotism Serbian
domovina homeland Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
домовина homeland Serbian
donator donor, donator
донатор donor, donator
donesti Alternative infinitive form of {{i|donijeti|d ... Croatian
донести Alternative infinitive form of {{i|донијети|д ...
doneti (transitive) to bring, carry (in, long) tag
донети (transitive) to bring, carry (in, long)
donijeti (transitive) to bring, carry (in, long) tag Croatian
донијети (transitive) to bring, carry (in, long)
donji lower
доњи lower
donositi (transitive) to bring, carry (in, along) Croatian
доносити (transitive) to bring, carry (in, along)
dopadati (intransitive) to get into, receive, be h ...
допадати (intransitive) to get into, receive, be h ...
dopasti (intransitive) to get into, receive, be h ...
допасти (intransitive) to get into, receive, be h ...
dopirati to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|do||t ...
допирати to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|до||t ...
dopisati (transitive) to add (by writing)
дописати (transitive) to add (by writing)
dopisivati (reflexive) to correspond (exchange messa ... Croatian
дописивати (reflexive) to correspond (exchange messa ...
doplivati (intransitive) to reach by swimming, to s ...
допливати (intransitive) to reach by swimming, to s ...
doploviti (intransitive) to arrive or reach by sail ...
допловити (intransitive) to arrive or reach by sail ...
dopreti to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|do||t ... tag
допрети to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|до||t ...
doprijeti to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|do||t ... tag Croatian
допријети to reach, penetrate, get through (+ {{i|до||t ...
doprinos contribution Croatian
допринос contribution
dopuna addition Croatian
допуна addition
dopunski complementary, additional
допунски complementary, additional
dopust holidays, free time (gained by official appoi ... Croatian
допуст holidays, free time (gained by official appoi ...
dopustiti (transitive) to allow, permit Croatian
допустити (transitive) to allow, permit
dopustiv permissible, allowable
допустив permissible, allowable
dopustivo permissibly, allowably
допустиво permissibly, allowably
dopuštati (transitive) to allow, permit Croatian
допуштати (transitive) to allow, permit
dopuštenje permission, allowing
допуштење permission, allowing
doraditi (transitive) to finish off, put the finis ...
дорадити (transitive) to finish off, put the finis ...
dorađivati (transitive) to finish off, put the finis ...
дорађивати (transitive) to finish off, put the finis ...
doručak breakfast Bosnian,Serbian
доручак breakfast Serbian
dosad until now, so far
досад until now, so far
dosada boredom Croatian
досада boredom
dosadan boring Croatian
досадан boring
doseg range, scope, reach
досег range, scope, reach
dosegnuti (transitive) to reach Croatian
досегнути (transitive) to reach
doseliti (transitive, reflexive) to settle, move, m ...
доселити (transitive, reflexive) to settle, move, m ...
doseljavati (transitive, reflexive) to settle, move, m ...
досељавати (transitive, reflexive) to settle, move, m ...
doseljenik immigrant Bosnian,Serbian
досељеник immigrant Serbian
dosezati (transitive) to reach Croatian
досезати (transitive) to reach
doseći Alternative infinitive of {{i|dosegnuti|doség ... Croatian
досећи Alternative infinitive of {{i|досегнути|досе́ ...
dosjetka drollery, joke tag Croatian
dosle hitherto tag
досле hitherto
dosledan consistent, consequent tag
доследан consistent, consequent
dosledno consistently tag
доследно consistently
doslednost consistency tag
доследност consistency
dosljedan consistent, consequent tag
досљедан consistent, consequent
dosljedno consistently tag
досљедно consistently
dosljednost consistency tag
досљедност consistency
doslovno literally
дословно literally
dospeti (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ... tag
доспети (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ...
dospevati (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ... tag
доспевати (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ...
dospijevati (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ... tag Croatian
доспијевати (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ...
dospjeti (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ... tag Croatian
доспјети (intransitive) to arrive, reach, get to ( ...
dosta enough, sufficiently Croatian
доста enough, sufficiently
dostava delivery Croatian
достава delivery
dostaviti (transitive) to deliver Croatian
доставити (transitive) to deliver
dostavljati (transitive) to deliver Croatian
достављати (transitive) to deliver
dostižan reachable
достижан reachable
dostojan deserving, worthy (+genitive)
достојан deserving, worthy (+genitive)
dostojanstvo dignity Croatian
достојанство dignity
dostojno worthily
достојно worthily
dostupan available, accessible, attainable, reachable
доступан available, accessible, attainable, reachable
dotični respective, in question, concerned Croatian
дотични respective, in question, concerned
dotrčati (intransitive) to come running
дотрчати (intransitive) to come running
dotrčavati (intransitive) to come running
дотрчавати (intransitive) to come running
doušnik informer
доушник informer
dovde to this place, this far
довде to this place, this far
doveka forever, always tag
довека forever, always
dovesti (transitive) to transfer something by dri ... Croatian
довести (transitive) to transfer something by dri ...
dovijeka forever, always tag
довијека forever, always
doviđenja goodbye! Bosnian*,Serbian*
довиђења goodbye!
dovoditi (transitive) to bring, lead, take someone ... Croatian
доводити (transitive) to bring, lead, take someone ...
dovoljan sufficient, adequate
довољан sufficient, adequate
dovoljno enough, sufficiently
довољно enough, sufficiently
dovoziti (transitive) to transfer something by dri ... Croatian
довозити (transitive) to transfer something by dri ...
dovršetak completion, finish, end
довршетак completion, finish, end
doza dose, dosage
доза dose, dosage
dozivati (ambitransitive) to call (back or for help)
дозивати (ambitransitive) to call (back or for help)
doznati (intransitive) to find out
дознати (intransitive) to find out
doznavati (intransitive) to find out
дознавати (intransitive) to find out
dozvati (ambitransitive) to call (back or for help)
дозвати (ambitransitive) to call (back or for help)
dozvola permission, permit, license
дозвола permission, permit, license
dozvoliti (intransitive) to allow, permit
дозволити (intransitive) to allow, permit
dozvoljavati (intransitive) to allow, permit
дозвољавати (intransitive) to allow, permit
doći (intransitive) to come, arrive Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
доћи (intransitive) to come, arrive Serbian
дочасник (military) non-commissioned officer
doček reception (social engagement)
дочек reception (social engagement)
dośetka (regional) drollery, joke tag
došljak newcomer, immigrant
дошљак newcomer, immigrant
došljakinja newcomer, immigrant
дошљакиња newcomer, immigrant
doživeti (transitive) to live to see tag
доживети (transitive) to live to see
doživjeti (transitive) to live to see tag
доживјети (transitive) to live to see
доживљај experience, adventure
doživljavati (transitive) to live to see
доживљавати (transitive) to live to see
doživotan lifelong, for life
доживотан lifelong, for life
doživotno lifelong
доживотно lifelong
drag dear Croatian
драг dear
dragocen valuable (due to high price) tag
драгоцен valuable (due to high price)
dragocenost (uncountable) valuableness, preciousness tag
драгоценост (uncountable) valuableness, preciousness
dragocjen valuable (due to high price) tag Croatian
драгоцјен valuable (due to high price)
dragocjenost (uncountable) valuableness, preciousness tag Croatian
драгоцјеност (uncountable) valuableness, preciousness
dragulj jewel (valuable object for ornamentation) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
драгуљ jewel (valuable object for ornamentation) Serbian
dramatičan dramatic
драматичан dramatic
dramatično dramatically
драматично dramatically
dramski dramatic
драмски dramatic
drastičan drastic
драстичан drastic
drastično drastically
драстично drastically
drati Alternative infinitive of (derati, dèrati).
драти Alternative infinitive of (дерати, дѐрати).
dravidski Dravidian
дравидски Dravidian
draž charm Croatian
драж charm
dražestan charming, cute
дражестан charming, cute
dražiti (transitive) to irritate, provoke, tease
дражити (transitive) to irritate, provoke, tease
drek (regional) shit, crap Croatian
дрек (regional) shit, crap
dremati (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap tag
дремати (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap
dremnuti (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap
дремнути (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap
drhtati (intransitive) to tremble, shiver Croatian
дрхтати (intransitive) to tremble, shiver
drhtjeti Alternative infinitive of {{i|drhtati|dr̀htat ... Croatian
дрхтјети Alternative infinitive of {{i|дрхтати|др̀хтат ...
drijemati (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap tag Croatian
дријемати (intransitive) to doze, slumber, take a nap
drkati (vulgar) to masturbate Croatian
дркати (vulgar) to masturbate
drob intestines Croatian
дроб intestines
drobnjak chive
дробњак chive
drolja (vulgar) slut
дроља (vulgar) slut
drozd thrush (bird) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дрозд thrush (bird) Serbian
drsko impudently, insolently
дрско impudently, insolently
друг friend Serbian*
drugar comrade
другар comrade
drugačiji different Croatian
другачији different
drukčiji different Croatian
друкчији different
drum road Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
društven social Croatian
друштвен social
društvo society (group of people sharing culture) Croatian
друштво society (group of people sharing culture)
družina troupe, band (of artists) Bosnian,Serbian
дружина troupe, band (of artists Serbian
drven wooden (made of wood) Croatian
дрвен wooden (made of wood)
drveće (collectively) trees
дрвеће (collectively) trees
drvlje (collectively) trees
дрвље (collectively) trees
drvo tree Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дрво tree Serbian
drvored a row of trees along the street, in a park etc. Bosnian,Serbian
дрворед a row of trees along the street, in a park etc. Serbian
drvoseča woodcutter tag
дрвосеча woodcutter
drvosječa woodcutter tag Croatian
дрвосјеча woodcutter
drzak impudent, insolent
дрзак impudent, insolent
drznica impudent, insolent woman
дрзница impudent, insolent woman
drznik impudent, insolent person
дрзник impudent, insolent person
drznuti (reflexive) to dare
дрзнути (reflexive) to dare
držak handle (of a tool, weapon, etc.)
држак handle (of a tool, weapon, etc.)
držati (transitive) to hold, grasp Croatian
држати (transitive) to hold, grasp
država country Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
држава country Serbian
državica statelet
државица statelet
državljanin citizen Bosnian,Serbian
држављанин citizen Serbian
državni state (of or pertaining to state)
државни state (of or pertaining to state)
дубина depth
dubljina (poetic, archaic, rare) depth
дубљина (poetic, archaic, rare) depth
dubok deep Croatian
дубок deep
duboko deeply Croatian
дубоко deeply
dubrovački of or pertaining to Dubrovnik
дубровачки of or pertaining to Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Bosnian,Serbian
Дубровник Dubrovnik Serbian
dud mulberry (fruit) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
dug debt Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дуг debt Serbian
duga rainbow Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дуга rainbow Serbian
dugajlija tall, thin man Croatian
дугајлија tall, thin man
dugačak long
дугачак long
dugmad (collective) buttons Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дугмад (collective) buttons Serbian
dugme button (knob or small disc serving as a fas ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дугме button (knob or small disc serving as a fas ... Serbian
dugo for a long time Croatian
дуго for a long time
dugoročan long-term
дугорочан long-term
dugoročno in the long run
дугорочно in the long run
dugovati (transitive) to owe Croatian
дуговати (transitive) to owe
dugovečan long-lived tag
дуговечан long-lived
dugovječan long-lived tag
дуговјечан long-lived
duh ghost Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дух ghost Serbian
духан (uncountable) tobacco tag
duhati (intransitive) to blow tag Croatian
духати (intransitive) to blow tag
duhnuti (intransitive) to blow tag Croatian
духнути (intransitive) to blow tag
duhovit witty, funny Croatian
духовит witty, funny
dukat ducat (gold coin)
дукат ducat (gold coin)
duljina length Croatian
дуљина length
Dunav (uncountable) Danube Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Дунав (uncountable) Danube Serbian
dunja quince (tree and fruit) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дуња quince (tree and fruit) Serbian
dunjaluk world, mankind
дуњалук world, mankind
dunuti (colloquial) Alternative infinitive of {{ ... Croatian
дунути (colloquial) Alternative infinitive of {{ ...
dupe (vulgar) ass
дупе (vulgar) ass
dupin dolphin
duvan (uncountable) tobacco tag
дуван (uncountable) tobacco tag
duvar wall
дувар wall
duvati (intransitive) to blow tag
дувати (intransitive) to blow tag
duvnuti (intransitive) to blow tag
дувнути (intransitive) to blow tag
dućan A shop. Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
дућан A shop. Serbian
duša soul Bosnian,Serbian
душа soul Serbian
dušek mattress tag Bosnian,Serbian
душек mattress tag Serbian
dušman (expressively) a fierce enemy Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
душман (expressively) a fierce enemy Serbian
duž along, down Croatian
дуж along, down
dužan owing, in debt
дужан owing, in debt
dužina (geometry) line segment
дужина (geometry) line segment
dužnik debtor
дужник debtor
dužnost duty Croatian
дужност duty
dva (cardinal) two (2) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
два (cardinal) two (2) Serbian*
dvadeset (cardinal) twenty Croatian
двадесет (cardinal) twenty
dvanaest (cardinal) twelve
дванаест (cardinal) twelve
dvanaestorica (collectively) twelve men Croatian
дванаесторица (collectively) twelve men
dvaput twice Croatian
двапут twice
dvica (colloquial) two (digit or figure) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
dvoglas diphthong Croatian,Serbian
двоглас diphthong
dvojica (collectively) two men Croatian
двојица (collectively) two men
dvojina (linguistics) dual
двојина (linguistics) dual
dvojka two (digit or figure) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
двојка two (digit or figure) Serbian
dvor castle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
двор castle Serbian
dvorac castle Croatian
дворац castle
dvorana auditorium, hall Croatian
дворана auditorium, hall
dvoranin courtier
дворанин courtier
dvosed two-seater tag
dvosjed two-seater tag Croatian
dvostruk double, twofold Croatian
двострук double, twofold
dvoumica dilemma
двоумица dilemma
dvośed (regional) two-seater tag


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
džaba for free
џаба for free
džabe for free
џабе for free
džamija mosque Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
џамија mosque Serbian
džanarika cherry plum (fruit)
џанарика cherry plum (fruit)
dželat hangman Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
џелат hangman Serbian
džem jam (mixture of fruit boiled with sugar) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
џем jam (mixture of fruit boiled with sugar) Serbian
dženaza (Islam) funeral Bosnian,Serbian
џеназа (Islam) funeral Serbian
džep pocket Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
џеп pocket Serbian
džez jazz Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
џез jazz Serbian
džezva jezve Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
џезва jezve Serbian
Džibuti Djibouti Croatian
Џибути Djibouti
džinovski titanic, colossal Bosnian,Serbian
џиновски titanic, colossal Serbian
džip jeep Croatian
џип jeep
džokej jockey Croatian
џокеј jockey
džudo judo Croatian
џудо judo
džukela (pejorative) dog Bosnian,Serbian
џукела (pejorative) dog Serbian
džungla jungle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
џунгла jungle Serbian


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
đak pupil Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ђак pupil Serbian
đavao devil
ђавао devil
đeca (regional, collective) children tag
đed (colloquial, regional) grandfather Bosnian
đerdan necklace (esp. as a part of national costume) Serbian Bosnian
đetinjstvo (regional) childhood tag
đever brother-in-law (one's husband's brother) tag
ђевер brother-in-law (one's husband's brother)
đevojka (Montenegrin) girl, maiden tag
ђевојка (Montenegrin) girl, maiden tag
đevojčica (regional) girl, lass tag
đubre manure
ђубре manure
đul (poetic, regional) rose Bosnian
ђул (poetic, regional) rose


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
edukacija education
едукација education
efektivan effective Croatian
ефективан effective
efektnost (uncountable) effectiveness
ефектност (uncountable) effectiveness
efemeran ephemeral Croatian
ефемеран ephemeral
efemerno ephemerally Croatian
ефемерно ephemerally
efemernost (uncountable) ephemerality Croatian
ефемерност (uncountable) ephemerality
efendija effendi Bosnian,Serbian
ефендија effendi Serbian
efikasan effective, efficient Croatian
ефикасан effective, efficient
efikasno effectively Croatian
ефикасно effectively
efikasnost effectiveness Croatian
ефикасност effectiveness
Egipat (uncountable) Egypt Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Египат (uncountable) Egypt Serbian
egipatski Egyptian
египатски Egyptian
egiptolog Egyptologist
египтолог Egyptologist
Egipćanin Egyptian
Египћанин Egyptian
egocentričan egocentric
егоцентричан egocentric
egoističan egoistic
егоистичан egoistic
egoistički egoistic
егоистички egoistic
egzaktan exact
егзактан exact
egzaktno exactly
егзактно exactly
egzaltacija exaltation
егзалтација exaltation
egzekucija execution
егзекуција execution
egzekutor executor
егзекутор executor
egzemplaran exemplary
егземпларан exemplary
egzil exile
егзил exile
egzistencijalan existential Croatian
егзистенцијалан existential
egzistencijalistički existentialist (of or pertaining to existenti ... Croatian
егзистенцијалистички existentialist (of or pertaining to existenti ...
egzistirati (intransitive) to be, exist Croatian
егзистирати (intransitive) to be, exist
egzogamija exogamy
егзогамија exogamy
egzotika (uncountable) exotica Croatian
егзотика (uncountable) exotica
egzotičan exotic Croatian
егзотичан exotic
ejakulacija ejaculation Croatian
ејакулација ejaculation
ekipa team, crew
екипа team, crew
eklipsa eclipse
еклипса eclipse
ekologija ecology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
екологија ecology Serbian
ekološki ecologic
еколошки ecologic
ekonomija economy Bosnian,Croatian
економија economy
ekonomičan economical
економичан economical
ekonomično economically
економично economically
ekonomski economic Croatian
економски economic
ekosistem ecosystem Croatian
екосистем ecosystem
ekosustav ecosystem Croatian
екосустав ecosystem
ekran screen (TV, monitor) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
екран screen (TV, monitor) Serbian
ekscentričan eccentric Croatian
ексцентричан eccentric
ekscentrično eccentrically
ексцентрично eccentrically
ekscentričnost (uncountable) eccentricity
ексцентричност (uncountable) eccentricity
ekscerpt excerpt
ексцерпт excerpt
eksces excess
ексцес excess
ekser spike tag Serbian Bosnian
ekskluzivan exclusive
ексклузиван exclusive
ekskluzivno exclusively
ексклузивно exclusively
ekspanzija expansion
експанзија expansion
ekspert expert (person with extensive knowledge or ab ... Croatian
експерт expert (person with extensive knowledge or ab ...
eksplozija explosion
експлозија explosion
eksploziv explosive Croatian
експлозив explosive
eksplozivan explosive
експлозиван explosive
eksplozivno explosively
експлозивно explosively
ekspresivan expressive
експресиван expressive
ekspresivno expressively
експресивно expressively
eksproprijacija expropriation
експропријација expropriation
ekstaza ecstasy
екстаза ecstasy
ekstenzivan extensive
екстензиван extensive
ekstenzivno extensively
екстензивно extensively
eksterni external
екстерни external
ekstravagantan extravagant
екстравагантан extravagant
ekstravagantno extravagantly
екстравагантно extravagantly
ekstreman extreme
екстреман extreme
ekstremno extremely
екстремно extremely
Ekvador Ecuador (country in South America)
Еквадор Ecuador (country in South America)
Ekvadorac Ecuadorian
Еквадорац Ecuadorian
Ekvadorka Ecuadorian (female)
Еквадорка Ecuadorian (female)
ekvadorski Ecuadorian
еквадорски Ecuadorian
ekvator equator
екватор equator
ekvinocij equinox
еквиноциј equinox
ekvivalentan equivalent
еквивалентан equivalent
ekvivalentno equivalently
еквивалентно equivalently
elastičan elastic Croatian
еластичан elastic
elegantan elegant
елегантан elegant
elegantno elegantly
елегантно elegantly
elegija elegy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
елегија elegy Serbian
elektricitet (uncountable) electricity
електрицитет (uncountable) electricity
električar electrician
електричар electrician
elektroda electrode
електрода electrode
elektromagnetski electromagnetic
електромагнетски electromagnetic
elektron (physics) electron Croatian
електрон (physics) electron
elektronika electronics
електроника electronics
elektrotehnika (uncountable) electrical engineering Croatian
електротехника (uncountable) electrical engineering
elementaran elementary, basic
елементаран elementary, basic
eliksir elixir
еликсир elixir
eliminacija elimination
елиминација elimination
елипса (geometry) ellipse
eliptičan elliptical
елиптичан elliptical
elita elite
елита elite
elitni elite
елитни elite
елизија (phonology) elision
elokvencija (uncountable) eloquence
елоквенција (uncountable) eloquence
elokventan eloquent
елоквентан eloquent
emancipacija emancipation
еманципација emancipation
emigracija emigration
емиграција emigration
emigrant emigrant
емигрант emigrant
eminentan eminent
еминентан eminent
emisija A radio or a television program. Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
емисија A radio or a television program. Serbian
emocija emotion Croatian
емоција emotion
emocionalan emotional Croatian
емоционалан emotional
emocionalno emotionally
емоционално emotionally
emotivan emotional Croatian
емотиван emotional
enciklopedija encyclopedia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
енциклопедија encyclopedia Serbian
endogamija endogamy
ендогамија endogamy
energetika (uncountable) energetics
енергетика (uncountable) energetics
energija energy
енергија energy
energičan energetic
енергичан energetic
energično energetically
енергично energetically
Engleska (uncountable) England Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Енглеска (uncountable) England Serbian
engleski English Bosnian*,Croatian,Serbian
енглески English Serbian
Englez Englishman
Енглез Englishman
enklitika enclitic
енклитика enclitic
entitet entity
ентитет entity
entuzijazam enthusiasm Croatian
ентузијазам enthusiasm
epidemija epidemic Croatian
епидемија epidemic
epifanija epiphany Croatian
епифанија epiphany
epigraf epigraph
епиграф epigraph
epigram epigram
епиграм epigram
epilepsija epilepsy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
епилепсија epilepsy Serbian
epilog epilogue Croatian
епилог epilogue
epitaf epitaph
епитаф epitaph
epitet epithet
епитет epithet
epizoda episode
епизода episode
epoha epoch Croatian
епоха epoch
epohalan epoch-making
епохалан epoch-making
epruveta test tube
епрувета test tube
epsilon epsilon, the Greek letter ε, Ε
епсилон epsilon, the Greek letter ε, Ε
era era Croatian
ера eraera
erekcija (physiology) erection (stiffening of the ...
ерекција (physiology) erection (stiffening of the ...
Erevan Yerevan (the capital of Armenia)
Ереван Yerevan (the capital of Armenia)
Eritreja Eritrea Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Еритреја Eritrea Serbian
erotičan erotic (of a person)
еротичан erotic (of a person)
erotski erotic (of things)
еротски erotic (of things)
erudit erudite
ерудит erudite
erupcija eruption Croatian
ерупција eruption
eruptivan eruptive
еруптиван eruptive
esencija essence
есенција essence
esencijalan essential
есенцијалан essential
esencijalno essentially
есенцијално essentially
eskimski Eskimo
ескимски Eskimo
esperanto (uncountable) Esperanto
есперанто (uncountable) Esperanto
estetika (uncountable) aesthetics
естетика (uncountable) aesthetics
Estonac Estonian
Естонац Estonian
Estonija Estonia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Естонија Estonia Serbian
estonski Estonian
естонски Estonian
etapa stage, phase
етапа stage, phase
etika (uncountable) ethics
етика (uncountable) ethics
etiketa etiquette Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
етикета etiquette Serbian
etimolog etymologist Croatian
етимолог etymologist
etimologija etymology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
етимологија etymology Serbian
etimološki etymological Croatian
етимолошки etymological
Etiopija Ethiopia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Етиопија Ethiopia Serbian
Etiopljanin Ethiopian
Етиопљанин Ethiopian
etiopski Ethiopian
етиопски Ethiopian
etruščanski Etruscan
етрушчански Etruscan
eufemizam euphemism Croatian
еуфемизам euphemism
euforija euphoria
еуфорија euphoria
euforičan euphoric
еуфоричан euphoric
euforično euphorically
еуфорично euphorically
Eufrat the Euphrates Bosnian,Serbian
Еуфрат the Euphrates Serbian
euklidska geometrija Euclidean geometry Croatian
еуклидска геометрија Euclidean geometry
euro (Bosnian, Croatian) euro (currency) tag Bosnian,Croatian
еуро (Bosnian, Croatian) euro (currency) tag
Europa (Croatian) Europe tag Croatian
Еуропа (Croatian) Europe tag
europski (Croatian) European tag Croatian
еуропски (Croatian) European tag
evakuacija evacuation
евакуација evacuation
evanđelje gospel tag Croatian
еванђеље gospel tag
evidentan evident
евидентан evident
evidentno evidently
евидентно evidently
evolucija evolution Croatian
еволуција evolution
evro (Serbian) euro (currency) tag Bosnian,Serbian
евро (Serbian) euro (currency) tag Serbian
Evropa (Bosnian, Serbian) Europe tag Bosnian,Serbian
Европа (Bosnian, Serbian) Europe tag Serbian
evropski (Bosnian, Croatian) European tag
европски (Bosnian, Croatian) European tag
ešek (regional) donkey
ешек (regional) donkey


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
fabrika (Bosnian, Serbian) factory, industrial pl ... tag
фабрика (Bosnian, Serbian) factory, industrial pl ... tag
fadzola (regional) bean
fagot bassoon
фагот bassoon
faktor factor Croatian
фактор factor
fakultet college Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
факултет college Serbian
falsifikat forgery, counterfeit (object)
фалсификат forgery, counterfeit (object)
falsifikator forger, counterfeiter
фалсификатор forger, counterfeiter
familija family
фамилија family
familijaran familiar, close, intimate (of a relationship, ...
фамилијаран familiar, close, intimate (of a relationship, ...
famozan famous
фамозан famous
famozno famously
фамозно famously
fanatik fanatic
фанатик fanatic
fanatizam (uncountable) fanatism Croatian
фанатизам (uncountable) fanatism
fanatičan fanatical
фанатичан fanatical
fanatičnost (uncountable) fanaticism Croatian
фанатичност (uncountable) fanaticism
fantastičan fantastic Croatian
фантастичан fantastic
fantastično fantastically Croatian
фантастично fantastically
fantazija fantasy
фантазија fantasy
fantom phantom Croatian
фантом phantom
faraon pharaoh (the supreme ruler of Ancient Egypt) Croatian
фараон pharaoh (the supreme ruler of Ancient Egypt)
farma farm
фарма farm
farmakolog pharmacologist
фармаколог pharmacologist
farmer farmer
фармер farmer
fasada facade
фасада facade
fascinacija fascination
фасцинација fascination
fascinantan fascinating
фасцинантан fascinating
fascinirati (transitive) to fascinate
фасцинирати (transitive) to fascinate
fatalan fatal
фаталан fatal
fatalno fatally
фатално fatally
favorit favorite (in a competition, usually sports)
фаворит favorite (in a competition, usually sports)
fazan pheasant Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
фазан pheasant Serbian
faзola (regional) bean Serbian,Montenegrin
fašistički fascist
фашистички fascist
fažola (regional) bean
federacija federation
федерација federation
федералан federal
federalni federal
federativan federal
федеративан federal
fekalije (plurale tantum) feces
фекалије (plurale tantum) feces
feljton feuilleton
фељтон feuilleton
feminizam (uncountable) feminism Croatian
феминизам (uncountable) feminism
Fenicija Phoenicia
Фениција Phoenicia
feniks phoenix Croatian
феникс phoenix
Feničanin Phoenician (inhabitant of Phoenicia)
Феничанин Phoenician (inhabitant of Phoenicia)
fenički Phoenician
фенички Phoenician
fenjer lantern Bosnian,Serbian
фењер lantern Serbian
fenomen phenomenon
феномен phenomenon
festival festival Bosnian,Serbian
фестивал festival Serbian
fetiš fetish
фетиш fetish
fetišizam (uncountable) fetishism Croatian
фетишизам (uncountable) fetishism
fetus fetus
фетус fetus
feudalac feudal lord
феудалац feudal lord
feudalan feudal
феудалан feudal
feudalizam (uncountable) feudalism Croatian
феудализам (uncountable) feudalism
fibula (skeleton) fibula, calf bone
фибула (skeleton) fibula, calf bone
figura figure Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
фигура figure Serbian
figurativan figurative
фигуративан figurative
figurativno figuratively
фигуративно figuratively
figurica figurine Croatian
фигурица figurine
fijaker coach, carriage (wheeled vehicle, generally d ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
фијакер coach, carriage (wheeled vehicle, generally d ... Serbian
fijasko fiasco
фијаско fiasco
fikcija fiction
фикција fiction
fiksan fixed
фиксан fixed
filantrop philanthropist Croatian
филантроп philanthropist
filantropija philanthropy Croatian
филантропија philanthropy
filantropski philanthropic Croatian
филантропски philanthropic
fildžan a very small, traditional coffee cup Bosnian,Serbian
филџан a very small, traditional coffee cup Serbian
Filipini the Philippines Croatian
Филипини the Philippines
film film (in photography) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
филм film (in photography)
filolog philologist Croatian
филолог philologist
filologija (uncountable) philology Croatian
филологија (uncountable) philology
filološki philological Croatian
филолошки philological
filozof philosopher Croatian
филозоф philosopher
filozofija philosophy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
филозофија philosophy Serbian
filtrirati (ambitransitive) to filter
филтрирати (ambitransitive) to filter
Finac Finn
Финац Finn
finale finale
финале finale
finalni final
финални final
financije (Croatian) (plurale tantum) finance tag Croatian
финанције (Croatian) (plurale tantum) finance tag
finansije (Bosnian, Serbian) (plurale tantum) f ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
финансије (Bosnian, Serbian) (plurale tantum) f ... tag Serbian
findžan a very small, traditional coffee cup Bosnian,Serbian
финџан a very small, traditional coffee cup Serbian
finiš finish (end of race etc.) Croatian
финиш finish (end of race etc.)
finoća (uncountable) sensitivity, refinement, fi ...
финоћа (uncountable) sensitivity, refinement, fi ...
Finska Finland Croatian
Финска Finland Serbian
finski Finnish Croatian
фински Finnish
firma firm, company
фирма firm, company
fisija fission
фисија fission
fiskalni fiscal
фискални fiscal
fitilj fuse (cord)
фитиљ fuse (cord)
fizika physics Croatian
физика physics
fiziolog physiologist
физиолог physiologist
fiziologija physiology
физиологија physiology
fiziološki physiologic
физиолошки physiologic
fizičar physicist
физичар physicist
fizičarka physicist (female)
физичарка physicist (female)
fizički physical
физички physical
fišek (firearms) cartridge
фишек (firearms) cartridge
flamanski Flemish
фламански Flemish
flaster plaster Bosnian,Serbian
фластер plaster Serbian
flauta flute Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
флаута flute Serbian
flaša bottle tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
флаша bottle tag Serbian
flegmatičan phlegmatic
флегматичан phlegmatic
flegmatično phlegmatically
флегматично phlegmatically
fleksibilan flexible
флексибилан flexible
fleksibilno flexibly
флексибилно flexibly
flert flirting, flirtation
флерт flirting, flirtation
flora flora
флора flora
flota fleet
флота fleet
fluid fluid
флуид fluid
fluidan fluid
флуидан fluid
fluktuacija fluctuation
флуктуација fluctuation
fluktuirati (intransitive) to fluctuate
флуктуирати (intransitive) to fluctuate
fluorescencija (uncountable) fluorescence
флуоресценција (uncountable) fluorescence
fluorescentan fluorescent
флуоресцентан fluorescent
fluvijalan fluvial
флувијалан fluvial
fobija phobia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
фобија phobia Serbian
fokus focus
фокус focus
folklor folklore Croatian
фолклор folklore
fond fund
фонд fund
fondacija foundation
фондација foundation
fonem phoneme Croatian
фонем phoneme
fonemski phonemic
фонемски phonemic
фонетика (linguistics) phonetics
fonetičar phonetician
фонетичар phonetician
fonetički phonetic
фонетички phonetic
fonetski phonetic
фонетски phonetic
fonologija phonology Croatian
фонологија phonology
fonološki phonological Croatian
фонолошки phonological
fonon phonon
фонон phonon
fontana fountain (artificial water feature) Croatian
фонтана fountain (artificial water feature)
forca (regional) force
forint forint
форинт forint
forinta forint
форинта forint
forma form, shape
форма form, shape
formacija formation Croatian
формација formation
formalan formal Croatian
формалан formal
formalno formally
формално formally
formalnost formality Croatian
формалност formality
formirati (transitive, reflexive) to form Croatian
формирати (transitive, reflexive) to form
formula (mathematics, chemistry, logic) formula Bosnian,Serbian
формула (mathematics, chemistry, logic) formula Serbian
formulacija formulation
формулација formulation
fortifikacija fortification
фортификација fortification
forum forum
форум forum
fosil fossil Croatian
фосил fossil
fotograf photographer Croatian
фотограф photographer
фотографија a photograph, picture
foton A photon
фотон photon
fotosinteza photosynthesis
фотосинтеза photosynthesis
fragmentaran fragmentary
фрагментаран fragmentary
frajer guy
franački Frankish
франачки Frankish
Francuska France Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Француска France Serbian
francuski French Bosnian,Serbian
француски French Serbian
Francuskinja Frenchwoman
Францускиња Frenchwoman
Francuz Frenchman
Француз Frenchman
fratar friar (usually Franciscan)
фратар friar (usually Franciscan)
fraza phrase Bosnian,Serbian
фраза phrase Serbian
frazeologija (uncountable) phraseology Croatian
фразеологија (uncountable) phraseology
fregata frigate
фрегата frigate
frekvencija frequency (all senses)
фреквенција frequency (all senses)
frekventan frequent
фреквентан frequent
freska fresco
фреска fresco
frigidan frigid
фригидан frigid
frikativ fricative Croatian
фрикатив fricative
frikcija (uncountable) friction Croatian
фрикција (uncountable) friction
frivolan frivolous
фриволан frivolous
frivolno frivolously
фриволно frivolously
frizura haircut
фризура haircut
frižider (colloquial) refrigerator
фрижидер (colloquial) refrigerator
frkati (intransitive) to snort
фркати (intransitive) to snort
front (military) front
фронт (military) front
frontalan frontal
фронталан frontal
frontalno frontally
фронтално frontally
frumantin (regional) corn, maize
frustracija frustration Croatian
фрустрација frustration
frustriran frustrated
фрустриран frustrated
fudbal (uncountable, sport) football, soccer tag Bosnian,Serbian
фудбал (uncountable, sport) football, soccer tag Serbian
fudbaler (Bosnian, Serbian) footballer tag
фудбалер (Bosnian, Serbian) footballer tag
fundamentalan fundamental, basic Croatian
фундаменталан fundamental, basic
fundamentalistički fundamentalist (in a fundamentalist way, of o ...
фундаменталистички fundamentalist (in a fundamentalist way, of o ...
fundamentalna interakcija (physics) fundamental interaction
фундаментална интеракција (physics) fundamental interaction
funkcija function Croatian
функција function
funkcionalan functional
функционалан functional
funkcionalno functionally
функционално functionally
fusnota footnote
фуснота footnote


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
ga of him (clitic genitive singular of {{i|on|ȏn ... Serbian
Gabelj (regional, colloquial, pejorative) Male Gypsy
Gabeljica (regional, colloquial, pejorative) Female G ...
gad a repulsive person Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гад a repulsive person Serbian
gadan ugly, disgusting Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гадан ugly, disgusting Serbian
gaditi (transitive, reflexive) to disgust, nauseate
гадити (transitive, reflexive) to disgust, nauseate
gaj grove
гај grove
gakati (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
гакати (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
gaknuti (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
гакнути (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
gaktati (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese) Croatian
гактати (intransitive) to quack, cackle (of geese)
galaksija galaxy
галаксија galaxy
galama fuss, buzz, noise (of human voices)
галама fuss, buzz, noise (of human voices)
galamiti (intransitive) to roar, clamor, vociferat ...
галамити (intransitive) to roar, clamor, vociferat ...
galeb seagull Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
галеб seagull Serbian
galerija gallery
галерија gallery
galon gallon (a unit of volume)
галон gallon (a unit of volume)
galop gallop Croatian
галоп gallop
galski Gallic, Gaulish
галски Gallic, Gaulish
gama gamma, the Greek letter Γ, γ
гама gamma, the Greek letter Γ, γ
Gambija Gambia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Гамбија Gambia Serbian
Gana Ghana Croatian
Гана Ghana
Ganac Ghanaian
Ганац Ghanaian
gandža (uncountable, slang) marijuana Croatian
ганџа (uncountable, slang) marijuana
ganjati (transitive) to chase, pursue, run after
гањати (transitive) to chase, pursue, run after
ganski Ghanaian
гански Ghanaian
garaža garage (place to store a car, tools and other ...
гаража garage (place to store a car, tools and other ...
garda guard (of a sovereign or an army commander)
гарда guard (of a sovereign or an army commander)
garderoba wardrobe (department in theater; collection o ... Croatian
гардероба wardrobe (department in theater; collection o ...
gas (Bosnian, Serbian) gas (state of matter) tag
гас (Bosnian, Serbian) gas (state of matter) tag
gasiti (transitive, reflexive) to turn off (light ... Croatian
гасити (transitive, reflexive) to turn off (light ...
gasnuti (intransitive, language of literature) to ... Croatian
гаснути (intransitive, language of literature) to ...
gavran raven Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
gaz ford, shallow place Croatian
газ ford, shallow place
gazda master Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
газда master Serbian
gazela gazelle Bosnian,Serbian
газела gazelle Serbian
gaziti (transitive) to wade, tramp Croatian
газити (transitive) to wade, tramp
gađenje disgust (an intense dislike or repugnance) Croatian*
гађење disgust (an intense dislike or repugnance)
gde where tag Serbian
где where Serbian
gdje where (interrogative) tag Croatian*
gej a gay person, homosexual (male)
геј a gay person, homosexual (male)
general general (military rank) Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
генерал general (military rank) Serbian
genitiv the genitive case Croatian
генитив the genitive case
genocid genocide Bosnian,Serbian
геноцид genocide Serbian
genom genome
геном genome
географија geography
geologija (science) geology Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
геологија (science) geology Serbian
geometrija geometry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
геометрија geometry Serbian
gepard cheetah (acinonyx jubatus)
гепард cheetah (acinonyx jubatus)
gerila guerilla warfare Croatian
герила guerilla warfare
gerilac guerilla fighter Croatian
герилац guerilla fighter
German German (member of a Germanic tribe) Croatian
Герман German (member of a Germanic tribe)
germanski Germanic (relating to the Germanic peoples or ... Croatian
германски Germanic (relating to the Germanic peoples or ...
geslo password Croatian
gibak flexible Croatian
гибак flexible
gigabajt gigabyte
гигабајт gigabyte
gigant giant
гигант giant
gigantski gigantic
гигантски gigantic
gimnazija gymnasium (type of school) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гимназија gymnasium (type of school) Serbian
gips (uncountable) plaster, cast, plaster cast Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гипс (uncountable) plaster, cast, plaster cast Serbian
gitara guitar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гитара guitar Serbian
glad hunger Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глад hunger Serbian
gladak smooth Croatian
гладак smooth
gladan hungry Croatian
гладан hungry
glagol verb Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
глагол verb Serbian
glagoljica (uncountable) Glagolitic script Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глагољица (uncountable) Glagolitic script Serbian
glagolski pridev radni present active participle tag Serbian
glagolski pridev trpni past passive participle tag Serbian
glamur (uncountable) glamour
гламур (uncountable) glamour
glas voice Serbian Bosnian,Croatian*
глас voice Serbian
glasan loud, noisy Croatian
гласан loud, noisy
glasati (intransitive) to vote (+ (za, for) + ... Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
гласати (intransitive) to vote (+ (за, for) + ... Serbian
glasina rumor
гласина rumor
glasnik messenger, herald
гласник messenger, herald
glasno loudly, aloud Croatian
гласно loudly, aloud
glasnoća (uncountable) loudness
гласноћа (uncountable) loudness
glasonoša messenger, herald
гласоноша messenger, herald
glasovati (intransitive) to vote (+ (za, for) + ... Croatian
гласовати (intransitive) to vote (+ (за, for) + ...
glasovit famous, renowned Croatian
гласовит famous, renowned
glava (anatomy) head Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глава (anatomy) head Serbian
glavat large-headed, having a big head; megacephalic Croatian
глават large-headed, having a big head; megacephalic
glavetina big, ugly head
главетина big, ugly head
glavica small head
главица small head
glavić (anatomy) glans penis
главић (anatomy) glans penis
glavni main, chief, principal Croatian
главни main, chief, principal
glavnina bulk, main part (+ genitive) Croatian
главнина bulk, main part (+ genitive)
главобоља headache
glavurda big, ugly head Croatian
главурда big, ugly head
gledalac spectator, viewer Serbian
гледалац spectator, viewer
gledati (transitive) to look, watch, see Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гледати (transitive) to look, watch, see Serbian
gledište viewpoint, aspect Croatian
гледиште viewpoint, aspect
glečer glacier Croatian
глечер glacier
gležanj ankle (joint between foot and leg) Croatian
глежањ ankle (joint between foot and leg)
glib mud, mire Croatian
глиб mud, mire
glibav muddy, slimy
глибав muddy, slimy
glibovit muddy, slimy
глибовит muddy, slimy
glicerin (uncountable) glycerine
глицерин (uncountable) glycerine
glinen made of clay; earthen
глинен made of clay; earthen
glista earthworm Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глиста earthworm Serbian
gljiva mushroom Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гљива mushroom Serbian
gljivar mushroom gatherer
гљивар mushroom gatherer
globalan global
глобалан global
globalno globally
глобално globally
glodati (transitive) to gnaw Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глодати to gnaw Serbian
gluh (Bosnian, Croatian) deaf tag Croatian
глух (Bosnian, Croatian) deaf tag
gluhoća (uncountable) (Bosnian, Croatian) dea ... tag Croatian
глухоћа (uncountable) (Bosnian, Croatian) dea ... tag
glumac actor Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глумац actor Serbian
glumica actress Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глумица actress Serbian
glumiti (transitive) to act (to perform a theatri ...
глумити (transitive) to act (to perform a theatri ...
glup dumb, stupid, moronic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
глуп dumb, stupid, moronic
glupan idiot, fool Serbian
glupača a stupid woman
глупача a stupid woman
glupost stupidity, nonsense
глупост stupidity, nonsense
gluv (Serbian) deaf tag
глув (Serbian) deaf tag
gluvoća (uncountable) (Serbian) deafness tag
глувоћа (uncountable) (Serbian) deafness tag
gmaz reptile Croatian
гмаз reptile
gnev wrath, fury, anger tag Serbian
гнев wrath, fury, anger Serbian
gnezdo nest tag Serbian
гнездо nest Serbian
gnijezdo nest tag Croatian Bosnian
гнијездо nest
gniv (Chakavian, Ikavian) wrath, anger, fury tag Croatian*
gnjev wrath, fury, anger tag Bosnian,Croatian*
гњев wrath, fury, anger
gnjida nit (louse egg) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гњида nit (louse egg) Serbian
gnoj pus Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гној pus Serbian
god name day
год name day
godina year Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
година year Serbian
godišnji annual Croatian
годишњи annual
golem giant, mammoth, very big (of a size of sth)
голем giant, mammoth, very big (of a size of sth)
golenjača shin tag
голењача shin
goljenjača shin tag
гољењача shin
golub pigeon Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
голуб pigeon Serbian
golubica pigeon (female) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
голубица pigeon (female) Serbian
gomila pile, heap
гомила pile, heap
gomilati (intransitive) to amass, accumulate, hoard
гомилати (intransitive) to amass, accumulate, hoard
gondolijer gondolier
гондолијер gondolier
goniti (transitive) to chase, pursue Croatian
гонити (transitive) to chase, pursue
gora mountain Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гора mountain Serbian
gorak bitter Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
горак bitter Serbian
gord proud Croatian
горд proud
gordijski Gordian
гордијски Gordian
gordo proudly
гордо proudly
goreti (intransitive) to burn tag Croatian,Serbian
горети (intransitive) to burn Serbian
goriv inflammable, combustible
горив inflammable, combustible
gorivo fuel (substance consumed to power an engine) Croatian
гориво fuel (substance consumed to power an engine)
gorjeti (intransitive) to burn tag Croatian
горјети (intransitive) to burn
gorljiv inflammable
горљив inflammable
gorljivo ardently, zealously, fervently
горљиво ardently, zealously, fervently
gornji upper, top
горњи upper, top
gorostas giant
горостас giant
gorostasan giant
горостасан giant
gorčina (uncountable) bitterness (quality of feel ...
горчина (uncountable) bitterness (quality of feel ...
Gospod Lord, as in our Lord, God Serbian
Господ Lord, as in our Lord, God Serbian
gospodar master, lord Croatian
господар master, lord
gospodarica mistress (a woman who has control over someth ...
господарица mistress (a woman who has control over someth ...
gospodarski of, relating to, or characteristic of a maste ...
господарски of, relating to, or characteristic of a maste ...
gospodin gentleman Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
господин gentleman Serbian
gospođa Mrs. Croatian
госпођа Mrs.
gospođica Miss, young lady Croatian
госпођица Miss, young lady
gospoština (uncountable) high society, gentlemen (ra ...
госпоштина (uncountable) high society, gentlemen (ra ...
gost guest Croatian
гост guest
gostionica inn Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гостионица inn Serbian
gostioničar innkeeper
гостионичар innkeeper
gostoljubiv hospitable
гостољубив hospitable
gostoljubivo hospitably
гостољубиво hospitably
gostoljubivost (uncountable) hospitality
гостољубивост (uncountable) hospitality
Got Goth
Гот Goth
gotički Gothic (of or related to the architectural st ... Croatian
готички Gothic (of or related to the architectural st ...
gotov ready Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
готов ready Serbian
gotski Gothic Croatian
готски Gothic
govedo cattle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
говедо cattle Serbian
govno (vulgar, slang) shit (solid excretory prod ... Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
говно (vulgar, slang) shit (solid excretory prod ... Serbian
говор speech Serbian
говорити (ambitransitive) to speak Serbian
govorljiv chatty, talkative, loquacious Croatian
говорљив chatty, talkative, loquacious
govorljivost (uncountable) talkativeness
говорљивост (uncountable) talkativeness
govornik orator Croatian
говорник orator
gozba feast Croatian
гозба feast
gošća guest (female) Croatian
гошћа guest (female)
grabiti (transitive) to grab, seize Croatian
грабити (transitive) to grab, seize
grablje (plurale tantum) rake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грабље (plurale tantum) rake Serbian
grabljiv grasping, greedy
грабљив grasping, greedy
grad city Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
graditelj builder, constructor Croatian
градитељ builder, constructor
graditeljski of or pertaining to a builder, constructor, a ...
градитељски of or pertaining to a builder, constructor, a ...
graditi (transitive) to build Croatian
градити (transitive) to build
gradonačelnik mayor Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
градоначелник mayor Serbian
gradski city, town, municipal (of or pertaining to th ... Bosnian,Serbian
градски city, town, municipal (of or pertaining to th ... Serbian
graf (mathematics) graph Croatian
граф (mathematics) graph
grah bean Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грах bean Serbian
graja hubbub, clamor, noise
граја hubbub, clamor, noise
gramatika grammar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
граматика grammar
gramatički grammar (of or pertaining to grammar) Croatian
граматички grammar (of or pertaining to grammar)
grana branch Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
грана branch Serbian
гранат pomegranate
grandiozan grandiose
грандиозан grandiose
grandiozno grandiosely
грандиозно grandiosely
granica border Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
граница border Serbian
granje (collectively) branches
грање (collectively) branches
grančica a small branch; twig
гранчица a small branch; twig
gravitacija gravitation, gravity Croatian
гравитација gravitation, gravity
gravitacijski gravitational Croatian
гравитацијски gravitational
gravitirati (intransitive) to gravitate, tend
гравитирати (intransitive) to gravitate, tend
građa building material, fabric Croatian
грађа building material, fabric
građanin citizen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грађанин citizen tag Serbian
građanka citizen (of a city) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грађанка citizen (of a city) Serbian
građanski civil, civilian (of or pertaining to citizens ...
грађански civil, civilian (of or pertaining to citizens ...
građanstvo (uncountable) citizens, the civic community
грађанство (uncountable) citizens, the civic community
građevina edifice, building
грађевина edifice, building
građevinac civil engineer
грађевинац civil engineer
građevinski of or pertaining to the process of building, ...
грађевински of or pertaining to the process of building, ...
grašak pea Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грашак pea Serbian
grb coat of arms Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грб coat of arms Serbian
grba hump Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грба hump Serbian
grbav hump-backed Croatian
грбав hump-backed
grebati (transitive, reflexive) to scrape, scratch Croatian
гребати (transitive, reflexive) to scrape, scratch
greda beam (large piece of timber or iron long in p ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
греда beam (large piece of timber or iron long in p ... Serbian
greh sin tag Serbian
грех sin Serbian
grejpfrut grapefruit Croatian
грејпфрут grapefruit
Grenland Greenland
Гренланд Greenland
grenlandski Greenlandic
гренландски Greenlandic
grepsti (transitive, reflexive) to scrape, scratch Croatian
грепсти (transitive, reflexive) to scrape, scratch
grešan sinful, sinning
грешан sinful, sinning
grešiti (intransitive) to be wrong, make a mistake tag Serbian
грешити (intransitive) to be wrong, make a mistake Serbian
greška fault (defect) tag Croatian
грешка fault (defect) tag
greškom by mistake
грешком by mistake
grešnica sinner (female) Croatian
грешница sinner (female)
grešnik sinner Croatian
грешник sinner
grgeč perch Croatian
гргеч perch
grijeh sin tag Bosnian,Croatian
гријех sin
griješiti (intransitive) to be wrong, make a mistake tag Bosnian,Croatian
гријешити (intransitive) to be wrong, make a mistake
gristi (ambitransitive) to bite Croatian
гристи (ambitransitive) to bite
griva mane (longer hair growth on back of neck of a ...
грива mane (longer hair growth on back of neck of a ...
grješka (Croatian) {{i|alternative spelling of|gr ... tag Croatian
Grk A Greek (male person) Croatian
Грк A Greek (male person)
Grkinja A Greek (female person) Croatian
Гркиња A Greek (female person)
grkljan gullet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гркљан gullet Serbian
grlica turtle dove Croatian
грлица turtle dove
grliti (transitive, reflexive) to hug Croatian
грлити (transitive, reflexive) to hug
grličji turtle dove (of or pertaining to)
грличји turtle dove (of or pertaining to)
grlo throat Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грло throat Serbian
grm bush Croatian
grmeti (intransitive) to thunder tag
грмети (intransitive) to thunder
grmjeti (intransitive) to thunder tag
грмјети (intransitive) to thunder
grmljavina thunder Croatian
грмљавина thunder
grob grave Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гроб grave Serbian
grobar gravedigger
гробар gravedigger
groblje cemetery Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гробље cemetery Serbian
grobnica tomb
гробница tomb
grof count Croatian
гроф count
grofica countess Croatian
грофица countess
grom thunder Bosnian,Serbian
гром thunder Serbian
groteskan grotesque
гротескан grotesque
groteskno grotesquely
гротескно grotesquely
grozan terrible, awful, horrible Croatian
грозан terrible, awful, horrible
grozd grapes
groznica fever
грозница fever
grozno terribly Croatian
грозно terribly
grožđe grapes Bosnian,Serbian
грожђе grapes Serbian
grub rough, coarse Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
груб rough, coarse Serbian*
grubo roughly
грубо roughly
gruda lump, clod
груда lump, clod
grumen lump, clod
грумен lump, clod
grupa group Croatian
група group
Gruzija Georgia (country in Eurasia) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Грузија Georgia (country in Eurasia) Serbian
gruzijski Georgian
грузијски Georgian
grč cramp Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грч cramp Serbian
Grčka Greece Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Грчка Greece Serbian
grčki Greek Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
грчки Greek Serbian
gubitak loss Croatian
губитак loss
gubiti (transitive) to lose, misplace
губити (transitive) to lose, misplace
gubitnica loser
губитница loser
gubitnik loser
губитник loser
gudura gorge, ravine
гудура gorge, ravine
gulaš goulash Croatian
гулаш goulash
gulikoža usurer, bloodsucker
гуликожа usurer, bloodsucker
guliti (transitive) to peel, husk, shell
гулити (transitive) to peel, husk, shell
guma rubber Croatian
гума rubber
gurati (transitive) to push on (roughly), thrust ... Croatian
гурати (transitive) to push on (roughly), thrust ...
gurnuti (transitive) to push on (roughly), thrust ...
гурнути (transitive) to push on (roughly), thrust ...
guru guru Croatian
гуру guru
gusar pirate
гусар pirate
gusenica caterpillar tag Serbian
гусеница caterpillar Serbian
gusjenica caterpillar tag Bosnian,Croatian
гусјеница caterpillar
guska goose Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
гуска goose Serbian
gust dense Croatian
густ dense
gustina (Bosnian, Serbian): density tag
густина (Bosnian, Serbian): density tag
gusto densely
густо densely
gustoća (Croatian) density tag
густоћа (Croatian) density tag
gutanje deglutition
гутање deglutition
gutač swallower
гутач swallower
gutljaj gulp Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гутљај gulp Serbian
guzica butt Bosnian,Serbian
гузица butt Serbian
guša goitre Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гуша goitre Serbian
gušenje strangling, choking, suffocating
гушење strangling, choking, suffocating
gušiti (transitive) to choke, strangle
гушити (transitive) to choke, strangle
gušter lizard Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
гуштер lizard Serbian
guščad (collective) goslings
гушчад (collective) goslings
gušče gosling
гушче gosling
gužva crowd, jam Croatian
гужва crowd, jam


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
hadron hadron
хадрон hadron
haićanski Haitian
хаићански Haitian
hajati (intransitive) to care
хајати (intransitive) to care
hajduk brigand, outlaw Croatian
хајдук brigand, outlaw
hajka chase, pursuit, hunt
хајка chase, pursuit, hunt
haker (computing) hacker
хакер (computing) hacker
hala hall Croatian
хала hall
halabuka noise, hubbub Croatian
халабука noise, hubbub
halif caliph Bosnian,Serbian
халиф caliph Serbian
haljina dress Croatian
хаљина dress
halka metal ring Bosnian,Serbian
halucinacija hallucination
halucinirati (intransitive) to hallucinate
халуцинирати (intransitive) to hallucinate
halucinogen hallucinogenic, hallucinatory
халуциноген hallucinogenic, hallucinatory
han inn
хан inn
haos (Bosnian, Serbian) (uncountable) chaos tag Bosnian,Serbian
хаос (Bosnian, Serbian) (uncountable) chaos tag Serbian
haploidan (cytology) haploid
хаплоидан (cytology) haploid
harati (transitive) to pillage, root Bosnian,Serbian
харати (transitive) to pillage, root Serbian
harem harem Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
харем harem Serbian
harfa harp Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
харфа harp Serbian
harmonika accordion Bosnian,Serbian
хармоника accordion Serbian
harmonikaš accordionist Bosnian,Serbian
хармоникаш accordionist Serbian
harpija harpy
харпија harpy
hastal (dated) table
havajski Hawaiian
хавајски Hawaiian
хаварија accident, crash, wreck (esp. shipwreck, emerg ...
hazard gamble, gambling
хазард gamble, gambling
hazardni hazardous
хазардни hazardous
hebrejski Hebrew Bosnian,Serbian
хебрејски Hebrew Serbian
heksadecimalan hexadecimal Bosnian,Serbian
хексадецималан hexadecimal Serbian
heksametar hexameter
хексаметар hexameter
hemija (uncountable) (Bosnian, Serbian) chem ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
хемија (uncountable) (Bosnian, Serbian) chem ... tag Serbian
hemijski (Bosnian, Serbian) chemical tag
хемијски (Bosnian, Serbian) chemical tag
hemičar (Bosnian, Serbian) chemist tag
хемичар (Bosnian, Serbian) chemist tag
hemičarka (Bosnian, Croatian) chemist tag
heraldika heraldry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
хералдика heraldry Serbian
hermetičan hermetic
херметичан hermetic
hermetički hermetic
херметички hermetic
hermetično hermetically
херметично hermetically
heroina heroine
хероина heroine
heroizam (uncountable) heroism Croatian
хероизам (uncountable) heroism
heroj hero
херој hero
herojski heroic
херојски heroic
herojstvo (countable) heroic deed Croatian
херојство (countable) heroic deed
heterogen heterogeneous Croatian
хетероген heterogeneous
heteroseksualnost heterosexuality
хетеросексуалност heterosexuality
hetitski Hittite
хетитски Hittite
hibrid hybrid
хибрид hybrid
hidrat (chemistry) hydrate Croatian
хидрат (chemistry) hydrate
hidroksid hydroxide
hidropatija hydropathy
higijena (uncountable) hygiene
хигијена (uncountable) hygiene
higijenski hygienic
хигијенски hygienic
hijena hyena (animal)
хијена hyena (animal)
hijerarhija hierarchy Croatian
хијерархија hierarchy
hijerarhijski hierarchical
хијерархијски hierarchical
hiljada thousand tag
хиљада thousand tag
himna hymn
химна hymn
hiperbola hyperbola Croatian
хипербола hyperbola
hiperboličan hyperbolic
хиперболичан hyperbolic
hiperonim hypernym Croatian
хипероним hypernym
хиперонимија (semantics) hyperonymy
hipnoza hypnosis
хипноза hypnosis
hiponim hyponym Croatian
хипоним hyponym
хипонимија (semantics) hyponymy
hipotaksa (grammar) hypotaxis Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
хипотакса (grammar) hypotaxis
hipoteka mortgage Croatian
хипотека mortgage
hipotetičan hypothetical
хипотетичан hypothetical
hipotetično hypothetically
хипотетично hypothetically
histerija hysteria
хистерија hysteria
histeričan hysterical
хистеричан hysterical
historija history tag Bosnian
хисторија history tag
hitan urgent
хитан urgent
hitar fast
хитар fast
hitno urgently
хитно urgently
hitro fast
хитро fast
hlad shade (darkness where light, particularly sun ...
хлад shade (darkness where light, particularly sun ...
hladan cold Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
хладан cold Serbian
hladnoća (uncountable) coldness Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
хладноћа (uncountable) coldness Serbian
hlače (plurale tantum) trousers Croatian
хлаче (plurale tantum) trousers
hlorofil (Bosnian, Serbian) chlorophyll (green pig ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
хлорофил (Bosnian, Serbian) chlorophyll (green pig ... tag Serbian
hmelj (uncountable) hop (plant)
хмељ (uncountable) hop (plant)
hobotnica octopus
хоботница octopus
hod walk, gait Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ход walk, gait Serbian
hodati to walk, pace Croatian
ходати to walk, pace
hokej (uncountable) hockey
хокеј (uncountable) hockey
Holandija Holland (region in the Netherlands) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Холандија Holland (region in the Netherlands) Serbian
holandski (Bosnian, Serbian) Dutch tag
холандски (Bosnian, Serbian) Dutch tag
homić (colloquial) gay person, homosexual (male)
хомић (colloquial) gay person, homosexual (male)
homogenost (uncountable) homogeneity
хомогеност (uncountable) homogeneity
homomorfizam (mathematics) homomorphism Croatian
хомоморфизам (mathematics) homomorphism
homonim homonym Croatian
хомоним homonym
homoniman homonymous
хомониман homonymous
хомонимија (semantics) homonymy
homoseksualac a gay person, homosexual (male)
хомосексуалац a gay person, homosexual (male)
homoseksualan homosexual
хомосексуалан homosexual
homoseksualnost homosexuality
хомосексуалност homosexuality
Honduras Honduras Bosnian,Serbian
Хондурас Honduras Serbian
horizont događaja (astrophysics) event horizon
хоризонт догађаја (astrophysics) event horizon
horizont horizon
хоризонт horizon
hormon hormone
хормон hormone
hormonalan hormonal
хормоналан hormonal
horoz rooster (bird) Bosnian,Serbian
хороз rooster (bird) Serbian
hotel hotel
хотел hotel
hotentotski Hottentot
хотентотски Hottentot
hotimice intentionally, deliberately
хотимице intentionally, deliberately
hotimičan deliberate, intentional
хотимичан deliberate, intentional
hotimično deliberately, intentionally
хотимично deliberately, intentionally
hoverkraft hovercraft Croatian
ховеркрафт hovercraft
hrabar bold, courageous, brave Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
храбар bold, courageous, brave Serbian
hrabriti (transitive) to encourage, cheer up, embo ...
храбрити (transitive) to encourage, cheer up, embo ...
hrabro courageously, boldly
храбро courageously, boldly
hrabrost courage
храброст courage
hram temple Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
храм temple Serbian
hrana food Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
храна food Serbian
hraniti (transitive, reflexive) to feed Croatian
хранити (transitive, reflexive) to feed
hrast oak (tree) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
hrid cliff
хрид cliff
hrišćanstvo (Bosnian, Serbian) (uncountable) Chri ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
хришћанство (Bosnian, Serbian) (uncountable) Chri ... tag Serbian
hrkati (intransitive) to snore Croatian
хркати (intransitive) to snore
hrknuti (intransitive) to snore
хркнути (intransitive) to snore
hrom lame, limping (unable to walk properly) tag Croatian
хром lame, limping (unable to walk properly) tag
hronika (Bosnian, Serbian) chronicle tag Serbian
хроника (Bosnian, Serbian) chronicle tag
hroničar (Bosnian, Serbian) chronicler tag
hronologija (Bosnian, Serbian) chronology tag Serbian
хронологија (Bosnian, Serbian) chronology tag
hrpa heap, pile Croatian
хрпа heap, pile
hrsuz thief
хрсуз thief
hrt greyhound
хрт greyhound
Hrvat Croat (male person) Croatian
Хрват Croat (male person)
Hrvatica Croat (female person) Croatian
Хрватица Croat (female person)
Hrvatska Croatia tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Хрватска Croatia tag Serbian
hrvatski Croatian tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
hrvatski ovčar Croatian Sheepdog tag
хрватски овчар Croatian Sheepdog tag
хрватски Croatian tag Serbian
hrčak hamster Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
хрчак hamster Serbian
hteti to be willing, will tag Serbian
хтети to be willing, will
htjeti to be willing, will tag Croatian
хтјети to be willing, will
huligan hooligan
хулиган hooligan
huliganski of or pertaining to hooligans
хулигански of or pertaining to hooligans
huliganstvo hooliganism
хулиганство hooliganism
human humane (with regard for the health and well-b ...
хуман humane (with regard for the health and well-b ...
humanitaran humanitarian
хуманитаран humanitarian
humano humanely
хумано humanely
humanost (uncountable) humaneness
хуманост (uncountable) humaneness
humor (uncountable) humor
хумор (uncountable) humor
hvala thank Bosnian Croatian,Serbian
хвала thank Serbian
hvalisati (reflexive) to boast, brag
хвалисати (reflexive) to boast, brag
hvalisav boastful
хвалисав boastful
hvalisavo boastfully
хвалисаво boastfully
hvaliti (transitive) to praise, commend, laud Croatian
хвалити (transitive) to praise, commend, laud
hvatati (transitive) to grab, seize, take hold of
хватати (transitive) to grab, seize, take hold of
hći (Chakavian) daughter tag Croatian*


entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
i and Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
iako albeit, even though (usually sentence-initially) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
иако albeit, even though (usually sentence-initially) Serbian
Ibrahim (Islam) The prophet Abraham. Bosnian,Serbian
ideal ideal
идеал ideal
idealan ideal
идеалан ideal
idealistički idealistic
идеалистички idealistic
idealizacija idealization
идеализација idealization
idealno ideally
идеално ideally
ideja idea Croatian
идеја idea
identifikacija identification
идентификација identification
identitet identity
идентитет identity
identičan identical
идентичан identical
identično identically
идентично identically
ideogram ideogram
идеограм ideogram
ideolog ideologue
идеолог ideologue
ideologija ideology
идеологија ideology
ideološki ideological
идеолошки ideological
idiličan idyllic
идиличан idyllic
idilično idyllically
идилично idyllically
idiom idiom
идиом idiom
idiomatski idiomatic
идиоматски idiomatic
idiosinkrazija idiosyncrasy Croatian
idiot idiot Croatian
идиот idiot
idiotski idiotic
идиотски idiotic
idol idol
идол idol
idolopoklonik idolater
идолопоклоник idolater
idući next, following
идући next, following
igla needle tag Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
igla u plastu sena (idiomatic) needle in a haystack tag
игла у пласту сена (idiomatic) needle in a haystack
igla u plastu sijena (idiomatic) needle in a haystack tag
игла у пласту сијена (idiomatic) needle in a haystack
игла needle Serbian
iglica needle (leaf of conifer) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
иглица needle (leaf of conifer) Serbian
ignorant ignorant
игнорант ignorant
igo yoke Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
иго yoke Serbian
igra play tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
игра play tag Serbian
igralište playground Croatian
игралиште playground
igrati (intransitive) to play (game, sports etc.) Croatian
играти (intransitive) to play (game, sports etc.)
igrač player tag Croatian
играч player tag
igračica female player tag Croatian
играчица female player tag
igračka toy Croatian
играчка toy
ih of them (clitic genitive plural of {{i|on|ȏn| ...
их of them (clitic genitive plural of {{i|он|о̑н ...
ijedanput ever (once)
иједанпут ever (once)
ijednom ever (once)
иједном ever (once)
ikako in any way Croatian
икако in any way
ikavac speaker of Ikavian dialect tag
икавац speaker of Ikavian dialect
ikavština (uncountable) Ikavian dialect tag
икавштина (uncountable) Ikavian dialect
iko anybody, anyone
ико anybody, anyone
ikoji (indefinite) any
икоји (indefinite) any
ikoliko any (at all), at all Croatian
иколико any (at all), at all
ikona (computing, Christianity) icon Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
икона (computing, Christianity) icon Serbian
ikra (uncountable) roe (fish) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
икра (uncountable) roe (fish) Serbian
ilegalan illegal
илегалан illegal
ilegalno illegally
илегално illegally
ilegitiman illegitimate
илегитиман illegitimate
ilegitimno illegitimately
илегитимно illegitimately
ili or Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
или or Serbian
Ilir Illyrian (inhabitant of Illyria, Illyricum; t ... Croatian
Илир Illyrian (inhabitant of Illyria, Illyricum; t ...
Ilirija Illyria
Илирија Illyria
Ilirik Illyricum
Илирик Illyricum
ilirski Illyrian Croatian
илирски Illyrian
iluminacija illumination
илуминација illumination
ilustracija illustration
илустрација illustration
ilustrativan illustrative
илустративан illustrative
ilustrativno illustratively
илустративно illustratively
ilustrator illustrator
илустратор illustrator
iluzija illusion
илузија illusion
iluzoran illusionary, illusory
илузоран illusionary, illusory
im to them (clitic dative plural of (on, ȏn, he))
им to them (clitic dative plural of {{i|он|о̑н|h ...
imaginacija imagination
имагинација imagination
imaginaran imaginary
имагинаран imaginary
imaginativan imaginative
имагинативан imaginative
imalac possessor, owner
ималац possessor, owner
imam (Islam) imam Bosnian,Serbian
имам (Islam) imam Serbian
imanentan immanent
иманентан immanent
imanje possession, holding Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
имање possession, holding Serbian
imati (transitive, intransitive) to have Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
имати (transitive, intransitive) to have Serbian
imbecil imbecile
имбецил imbecile
imbecilan imbecilic
имбецилан imbecilic
imbecilno imbecilically
имбецилно imbecilically
ime name tag Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
име name Serbian
imela mistletoe
имела mistletoe
imendan name day Serbian
имендан name day Serbian
именица noun Serbian
imenik directory (of names)
именик directory (of names)
imenjak namesake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
имењак namesake Serbian
imenovati (transitive) to name Bosnian,Serbian
именовати (transitive) to name Serbian
imetak property, fortune
иметак property, fortune
imidž image (a characteristic of a person, group ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
имиџ image (a characteristic of a person, group ... Serbian
imigracija immigration
имиграција immigration
imigrant immigrant
имигрант immigrant
imigrirati (intransitive) to immigrate
имигрирати (intransitive) to immigrate
imitacija imitation
имитација imitation
imitator imitator
имитатор imitator
imitirati (transitive) to imitate, impersonate
имитирати (transitive) to imitate, impersonate
imobilan immobile
имобилан immobile
imobilizacija (uncountable) immobilization
имобилизација (uncountable) immobilization
имовина fortune, property
imperativ imperative Croatian
императив imperative
imperativni imperative
императивни imperative
imperativno imperatively
императивно imperatively
imperator emperor (ruler of an empire)
император emperor (ruler of an empire)
imperfekt (grammar) imperfect
имперфект (grammar) imperfect
imperfektivan imperfective
имперфективан imperfective
imperfektivizacija imperfectivization
имперфективизација imperfectivization
imperijalizam imperialism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
империјализам imperialism Serbian
imperijalni imperial
империјални imperial
impersonalan impersonal
имперсоналан impersonal
impersonalno impersonally
имперсонално impersonally
impertinentan impertinent
импертинентан impertinent
impertinentno impertinently
импертинентно impertinently
implicirati (ambitransitive) to imply
имплицирати (ambitransitive) to imply
implicitan implicit
имплицитан implicit
implikacija implication
импликација implication
implozija implosion
имплозија implosion
impotencija impotence, impotency
импотенција impotence, impotency
impotentan impotent
импотентан impotent
impotentno impotently
импотентно impotently
impotentnost (uncountable) impotence, impotency
импотентност (uncountable) impotence, impotency
impresija impression
импресија impression
impresivan impressive
импресиван impressive
impresivno impressively
импресивно impressively
improvizacija improvisation
импровизација improvisation
improvizator improviser
импровизатор improviser
impuls impulse
импулс impulse
impulsan impulse (having the power of driving or impel ...
импулсан impulse (having the power of driving or impel ...
impulzivan impulsive (highly reactive)
импулзиван impulsive (highly reactive)
impulzivno impulsively
импулзивно impulsively
imputacija imputation
импутација imputation
imputirati (intransitive) to impute
импутирати (intransitive) to impute
imunitet immunity
имунитет immunity
imućan affluent, well-to-do
имућан affluent, well-to-do
inatljiv quarrelsome
инатљив quarrelsome
inatljivo quarrelsomely
инатљиво quarrelsomely
inače otherwise
иначе otherwise
indeks index
индекс index
indicija clue, lead
индиција clue, lead
Indija India Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Индија India Serbian
Indijac Indian (a person from India) Croatian
Индијац Indian (a person from India)
Indijanac Indian (of the aboriginal people of the Ameri ... Croatian
Индијанац Indian (of the aboriginal people of the Ameri ...
Indijanka Indian (of the aboriginal people of the Ameri ... Croatian
Индијанка Indian (of the aboriginal people of the Ameri ...
indijanski Indian (of or pertaining to the natives of Am ... Croatian
индијански Indian (of or pertaining to the natives of Am ...
indijski Indian (of or pertaining to India) Croatian
индијски Indian (of or pertaining to India)
indikacija indication, clue, sign, symptom
индикација indication, clue, sign, symptom
indikativ (uncountable) indicative (mood)
индикатив (uncountable) indicative (mood)
indirektan indirect
индиректан indirect
indirektno indirectly
индиректно indirectly
indiskrecija indiscretion
индискреција indiscretion
indiskretan indiscreet
индискретан indiscreet
indiskretno indiscreetly
индискретно indiscreetly
indisponiran indisposed
индиспониран indisposed
indisponirano in an indisposed manner
индиспонирано in an indisposed manner
individua individual
индивидуа individual
individualan individual
индивидуалан individual
individualistički individualistic
индивидуалистички individualistic
individualno individually
индивидуално individually
individuum individual
индивидуум individual
indoeuropski (Croatian) Indo-European tag
indoevropski (Bosnian, Serbian) Indo-European tag
индоевропски (Bosnian, Serbian) Indo-European tag
indoktrinacija indoctrination
индоктринација indoctrination
indolencija (uncountable) indolence
индоленција (uncountable) indolence
indolentan indolent
индолентан indolent
indolentno indolently
индолентно indolently
indolentnost (uncountable) indolence
индолентност (uncountable) indolence
Indonezija Indonesia Croatian
Индонезија Indonesia
indonezijski Indonesian
индонезијски Indonesian
Indonežanin Indonesian (person from Indonesia)
Индонежанин Indonesian (person from Indonesia)
indukcija induction
индукција induction
induktivan inductive
индуктиван inductive
induktivno inductively
индуктивно inductively
industrija industry
индустрија industry
inercija inertia
инерција inertia
inertan inert
инертан inert
inertno inertly
инертно inertly
infaman infamous, notorious
инфаман infamous, notorious
infantilan infantile
инфантилан infantile
infantilno infantilely
инфантилно infantilely
infarkt infarct
инфаркт infarct
infekcija infection
инфекција infection
inferioran inferior
инфериоран inferior
inferiorno inferiorly
инфериорно inferiorly
infinitiv infinitive Croatian
инфинитив infinitive
inflacija inflation (expansion or increase in size) Croatian
инфлација inflation (expansion or increase in size)
informacija information Serbian Croatian
информација information
informatika (uncountable) information science Croatian
информатика (uncountable) information science
informativan informative Croatian
информативан informative
informativno informatively
информативно informatively
infracrven infrared
инфрацрвен infrared
infuzija infusion
инфузија infusion
ingeniozan ingenious
ингениозан ingenious
inherentan inherent
инхерентан inherent
inhibicija inhibition
инхибиција inhibition
inicijalan initial
иницијалан initial
inicijalno initially
иницијално initially
inicijativa initiative Croatian
иницијатива initiative
inicijator initiator
иницијатор initiator
inkarnacija incarnation
инкарнација incarnation
inklinacija inclination
инклинација inclination
inkompatibilan incompatible
инкомпатибилан incompatible
inkompatibilno incompatibly
инкомпатибилно incompatibly
inkorporacija incorporation
инкорпорација incorporation
inkriminacija incrimination
инкриминација incrimination
inkubacija incubation
инкубација incubation
inkubator incubator
инкубатор incubator
inkunabula incunabula
инкунабула incunabula
inkvizicija inquisition
инквизиција inquisition
inkvizitor inquisitor
инквизитор inquisitor
inkvizitorski inquisitorial
инквизиторски inquisitorial
inokulacija inoculation
инокулација inoculation
inostranstvo (uncountable) (Bosnian, Serbian) abro ... tag
иностранство (uncountable) (Bosnian, Serbian) abro ... tag
inovacija innovation Croatian
иновација innovation
inovirati (intransitive) to innovate
иновирати (intransitive) to innovate
inozemstvo (uncountable) (Croatian) abroad, fore ... tag Croatian
insekt insect Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
инсект insect
insolventan insolvent
инсолвентан insolvent
inspekcija inspection
инспекција inspection
inspekcijski of or pertaining to an inspection
инспекцијски of or pertaining to an inspection
inspektor (law enforcement) inspector
инспектор (law enforcement) inspector
inspiracija inspiration
инспирација inspiration
instinkt instinct Croatian
инстинкт instinct
instinktivan instinctive
инстинктиван instinctive
instinktivno instinctively
инстинктивно instinctively
institucija institution
институција institution
institut institute
институт institute
institutski institute (of or pertaining to)
институтски institute (of or pertaining to)
instrukcija instruction
инструкција instruction
instruktivan instructive
инструктиван instructive
instruktor instructor
инструктор instructor
instrumental the instrumental case Bosnian,Croatian
инструментал the instrumental case
integracija integration
интеграција integration
integralan integral, complete
интегралан integral, complete
integralno integrally
интегрално integrally
integritet integrity
интегритет integrity
intelekt intellect
интелект intellect
intelektualac intellectual
интелектуалац intellectual
intelektualan intellectual
интелектуалан intellectual
intelektualno intellectually
интелектуално intellectually
inteligencija intelligence Croatian
интелигенција intelligence
inteligentan intelligent Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
интелигентан intelligent Serbian
inteligentno intelligently
интелигентно intelligently
intenzitet intensity
интензитет intensity
intenzivan intensive
интензиван intensive
intenzivno intensively
интензивно intensively
interakcija interaction
интеракција interaction
interes interest (all senses)
интерес interest (all senses)
interesantan interesting
интересантан interesting
interesantno interestingly
интересантно interestingly
interijer interior (inside of a flat, house, hall..)
интеријер interior (inside of a flat, house, hall..)
internacionalan international
интернационалан international
interni internal Croatian
интерни internal
interpretacija interpretation
интерпретација interpretation
interval interval
интервал interval
intervencija intervention
интервенција intervention
intervju interview Croatian
интервју interview
intiman intimate
интиман intimate
intimno intimately
интимно intimately
интонација (phonology) intonation
intravenozan intravenous
интравенозан intravenous
intravenozno intravenously
интравенозно intravenously
intriga intrigue
интрига intrigue
introspekcija introspection Croatian
интроспекција introspection
introspektivan introspective
интроспективан introspective
intuicija (uncountable) intuition
интуиција (uncountable) intuition
intuitivan intuitive
интуитиван intuitive
intuitivno intuitively
интуитивно intuitively
invazija invasion
инвазија invasion
inverzija (grammar) inversion Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
инверзија (grammar) inversion
investicija investment Croatian
инвестиција investment
investirati (ambitransitive) to invest
инвестирати (ambitransitive) to invest
investitor investor
инвеститор investor
inženjer engineer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
инжењер engineer Serbian
ionako already
ионако already
ipak nevertheless, still, however, but, yet, anyway
ипак nevertheless, still, however, but, yet, anyway
Irac Irishman Croatian
Ирац Irishman
iracionalan irrational
ирационалан irrational
iracionalno irrationally
ирационално irrationally
Irak Iraq Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ирак Iraq Serbian
Iran Iran Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Иран Iran Serbian
Iranac Iranian
Иранац Iranian
iranski Iranian
ирански Iranian
Iračanin Iraqi Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ирачанин Iraqi Serbian
Iračanka an Iraqi (female) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ирачанка an Iraqi (female) Serbian
irački Iraqi Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ирачки Iraqi Serbian
iregularan irregular
ирегуларан irregular
irelevantan irrelevant
ирелевантан irrelevant
irelevantno irrelevantly
ирелевантно irrelevantly
iritacija irritation
иритација irritation
iritirati (transitive) to irritate
иритирати (transitive) to irritate
ironija irony Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
иронија irony Serbian
ironičan ironical
ироничан ironical
ironično ironically
иронично ironically
Irska Ireland Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ирска Ireland Serbian
irski Irish Croatian
ирски Irish
iscrpan comprehensive, exhaustive Croatian
исцрпан comprehensive, exhaustive
iseliti (transitive) to move out, expel
иселити (transitive) to move out, expel
iseljavati (transitive) to move out, expel
исељавати (transitive) to move out, expel
iseljenik emigrant Bosnian,Serbian
исељеник emigrant Serbian
ishodište source, origin Croatian
исходиште source, origin
ishrana (uncountable) diet, nutrition, nourishmen ... Croatian
исхрана (uncountable) diet, nutrition, nourishmen ...
iskakati (intransitive) to jump, leap out Croatian
искакати (intransitive) to jump, leap out
iskazati (transitive) to state
исказати (transitive) to state
iskazivati (transitive) to state
исказивати (transitive) to state
iskidati (transitive) to tear, tear off, tear apart
искидати (transitive) to tear, tear off, tear apart
isključiti (transitive) to turn off, disconnect (dev ...
искључити (transitive) to turn off, disconnect (dev ...
isključivati (transitive) to turn off, disconnect (dev ...
искључивати (transitive) to turn off, disconnect (dev ...
iskopati (transitive) to dig out, dig up (literall ... Croatian
ископати (transitive) to dig out, dig up (literall ...
iskopavati (transitive) to dig out, dig up (literall ...
ископавати (transitive) to dig out, dig up (literall ...
iskoristiti (transitive) to use, make use of
искористити (transitive) to use, make use of
iskorištavati (transitive) to use, make use of
искориштавати (transitive) to use, make use of
iskočiti (intransitive) to jump, leap out
искочити (intransitive) to jump, leap out
iskra spark Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
искра spark Serbian
iskren sincere, honest Croatian
искрен sincere, honest
iskreno sincerely, honestly Croatian
искрено sincerely, honestly
iskrenost (uncountable) sincerity, frankness
искреност (uncountable) sincerity, frankness
iskriti (transitive) to emit sparks
искрити (transitive) to emit sparks
iskusan experienced Croatian
искусан experienced
iskusiti (transitive) to experience, undergo Croatian
искусити (transitive) to experience, undergo
iskustvo experience Croatian
искуство experience
iskušati (transitive) to try, test
искушати (transitive) to try, test
iskušavati (transitive) to try, test
искушавати (transitive) to try, test
iskvariti (transitive, reflexive) to spoil, ruin
искварити (transitive, reflexive) to spoil, ruin
Island Iceland Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Исланд Iceland Serbian
islandski Icelandic
исландски Icelandic
Islanđanin Icelander
Исланђанин Icelander
ispadati (intransitive) to fall out, drop
испадати (intransitive) to fall out, drop
ispasti (intransitive) to fall out, drop
испасти (intransitive) to fall out, drop
ispeći (ambitransitive, reflexive) to bake
испећи (ambitransitive, reflexive) to bake
ispijati (transitive) to drain empty something by ...
испијати (transitive) to drain empty something by ...
ispirati (transitive) to rinse out, wash out
испирати (transitive) to rinse out, wash out
ispisati (transitive) to write all over or complet ...
исписати (transitive) to write all over or complet ...
ispisivati (transitive) to write all over or complet ...
исписивати (transitive) to write all over or complet ...
ispit test, examination, exam Croatian
испит test, examination, exam
ispitati (transitive) to interrogate, question Croatian
испитати (transitive) to interrogate, question
ispiti (transitive) to drain empty something by ... Croatian
испити (transitive) to drain empty something by ...
ispitivalac examiner, interrogator
испитивалац examiner, interrogator
ispitivanje interrogation (act of interrogating or questi ... Croatian
испитивање interrogation (act of interrogating or questi ...
ispitivati (transitive) to interrogate, question Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
испитивати (transitive) to interrogate, question Serbian
ispitivač examiner, interrogator
испитивач examiner, interrogator
ispitivački searching, questioning, probing
испитивачки searching, questioning, probing
ispitni examining, testing (of or pertaining to test ...
испитни examining, testing (of or pertaining to test ...
isplatiti (transitive) to pay, pay off (debt, worke ...
исплатити (transitive) to pay, pay off (debt, worke ...
isplaćivati (transitive) to pay, pay off (debt, worke ...
исплаћивати (transitive) to pay, pay off (debt, worke ...
isplesti (transitive) to plait Croatian
исплести (transitive) to plait
ispletati (transitive) to plait
исплетати (transitive) to plait
isplivati (intransitive) to float to surface (of se ...
испливати (intransitive) to float to surface (of se ...