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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
ča (Chakavian) what (interrogative) tag Croatian*
Čad Chad Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Чад Chad Serbian
čador (expressively, language of literature) tent Bosnian,Serbian
чадор (expressively, language of literature) tent Serbian
čagalj jackal
чагаљ jackal
čaj tea Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чај tea Serbian
čajnik teapot Bosnian,Serbian
чајник teapot Serbian
čak even
чак even
čakavac speaker of the Chakavian dialect tag
чакавац speaker of the Chakavian dialect
čakavski Chakavian tag
чакавски Chakavian
čakavština (uncountable) Chakavian tag Croatian
чакавштина (uncountable) Chakavian
čam fir
чам fir
čamac boat Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чамац boat Serbian
čaplja heron Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чапља heron Serbian
čarapa sock (covering of the foot) Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
чарапа sock (covering of the foot) Serbian
čarobnjak wizard Croatian
чаробњак wizard
čaršaf bedsheet
чаршаф bedsheet
čas moment tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
час moment tag Serbian
časno honorably, respectably
часно honorably, respectably
časopis magazine, journal (periodical publication) Croatian
часопис magazine, journal (periodical publication)
čast honour Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
част honour Serbian
častan honorable
частан honorable
čauš a rank of non-commissioned officer in the Ott ...
чауш a rank of non-commissioned officer in the Ott ...
čavao nail (metal fastener) Croatian Serbian
чавао nail (metal fastener) Serbian
чаша a glass (the object and a quantity) Serbian
čedan chaste
чедан chaste
čednost modesty, demureness
чедност modesty, demureness
čedo child (one’s son or daughter) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чедо child (one’s son or daughter) Serbian
čedomorstvo infanticide (murder of a newborn) Croatian
чедоморство infanticide (murder of a newborn)
čeg of what (genitive)
чег of what (genitive)
čega of what (genitive)
чега of what (genitive)
Čeh Czech {{i|person, of male or unspecified gend ...
Чех Czech {{i|person, of male or unspecified gend ...
Čehoslovačka (uncountable) Czechoslovakia Croatian
Чехословачка (uncountable) Czechoslovakia
čehoslovački Czechoslovakian
чехословачки Czechoslovakian
čekalac waiter (someone who waits) Croatian
чекалац waiter (someone who waits)
čekaonica waiting room
чекаоница waiting room
čekati (ambitransitive) to wait (for), await Bosnian,Croatian
чекати (ambitransitive) to wait (for), await
čekić hammer Serbian
чекић hammer
čelik (uncountable) steel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
челик (uncountable) steel Serbian
čelo forehead Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чело forehead Serbian
čem what (locative)
чем what (locative)
čemu to what (dative)
чему to what (dative)
čep cork, stopper
чеп cork, stopper
čerga a small tent
черга a small tent
česma fountain Bosnian,Serbian
чесма fountain Serbian
čest frequent Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чест frequent Serbian
čestar thicket, copse
честар thicket, copse
čestica particle (small body) Croatian
честица particle (small body)
često often Croatian
често often
četa troop, squad, host
чета troop, squad, host
četiri (cardinal) four (4) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
четири (cardinal) four (4) Serbian*
četka brush Croatian
четка brush
četrdeset (cardinal) forty Croatian
четрдесет (cardinal) forty
četrnaest (cardinal) fourteen
четрнаест (cardinal) fourteen
četverokut (geometry) quadrilateral, quadrangle (fou ...
четверокут (geometry) quadrilateral, quadrangle (fou ...
četveronoške on all fours Croatian
четвероношке on all fours
četvorica (collectively) four men Croatian
четворица (collectively) four men
četvrtak Thursday Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
четвртак Thursday Serbian
četvrtina one quarter, one fourth
четвртина one quarter, one fourth
čeznuti (intransitive) to long, yearn Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чезнути (intransitive) to long, yearn Serbian
češalj comb
чешаљ comb
češanj clove (constitutive bulb of garlic)
чешањ clove (constitutive bulb of garlic)
Češka (uncountable) Czechia, short for Češka Re ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Чешка (uncountable) Czechia, short for Češka Re ... Serbian
češki Czech Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чешки Czech Serbian
češnjak garlic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чешњак garlic Serbian
čiji (interrogative) whose
чији (interrogative) whose
Čile Chile Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Чиле Chile Serbian
Čileanac Chilean
Чилеанац Chilean
čileanski Chilean
чилеански Chilean
čim (with) what (instrumental)
чим (with) what (instrumental)
čime (with) what (instrumental)
чиме (with) what (instrumental)
čimpanza (Croatian) chimpanzee tag
čin action, act, deed Croatian
чин action, act, deed
činilac factor Croatian
чинилац factor
činiti (transitive) to make, do Croatian
чинити (transitive) to make, do
činjenica fact Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чињеница fact Serbian
činjeničan factual
чињеничан factual
činovnik clerk Croatian
чиновник clerk
činovništvo bureaucracy, offices, officialdom
чиновништво bureaucracy, offices, officialdom
čip chip
чип chip
čipka lace (fabric) Croatian
чипка lace (fabric)
čir ulcer
чир ulcer
čirak candlestick Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чирак candlestick Serbian
čist clean, pure Croatian
чист clean, pure
čistač cleaner (person or a machine) Croatian
чистач cleaner (person or a machine)
čistilac cleaner (person or a machine)
чистилац cleaner (person or a machine)
čistka political purge
чистка political purge
čisto purely Croatian
чисто purely
čistoća (uncountable) cleanliness
чистоћа (uncountable) cleanliness
čitak legible
читак legible
čitalac (Bosnian, Serbian) reader (person) tag Bosnian,Croatian
читалац (Bosnian, Serbian) reader (person) tag
čitanje reading Croatian
читање reading
čitanka textbook, reader
читанка textbook, reader
čitaonica reading room Croatian
читаоница reading room
čitatelj (Croatian) reader (person) tag Croatian
читатељ (Croatian) reader (person) tag
čitati između redova (idiomatic) to read between the lines
читати између редова (idiomatic) to read between the lines
čitati (ambitransitive) to read Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
читати (ambitransitive) to read Serbian
čitav whole, entire, all
читав whole, entire, all
čizma boot Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чизма boot Serbian
čiča an old man
чича an old man
čičak burdock Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чичак burdock Serbian
član member (one who officially belongs to a group) Croatian
члан member (one who officially belongs to a group)
članak article (newspaper; grammar)
чланак article (newspaper; grammar)
članica member (female)
чланица member (female)
članstvo membership
чланство membership
človek (archaic, Kajkavian) man; person; human tag Croatian*
človik (Chakavian, Ikavian) a man; person; human tag Croatian*
človjek (archaic, obsolete) person; man; human tag Croatian*
čmar (anatomy) anus
чмар (anatomy) anus
čoban shepherd Bosnian,Serbian
чобан shepherd Serbian
čokolada chocolate Serbian Croatian
čokoladni chocolate (of, pertaining to, tasting like, c ... Croatian
чоколадни chocolate (of, pertaining to, tasting like, c ...
čopor herd, flock, pack (group of wild animals)
чопор herd, flock, pack (group of wild animals)
čovek person tag Croatian*,Serbian
човек person Serbian
čovekoljubiv philanthropic (loving or helping mankind) tag
човекољубив philanthropic (loving or helping mankind)
čovečan humane, pitiful, merciful tag
човечан humane, pitiful, merciful
čovečanstvo mankind, humanity tag
човечанство mankind, humanity
čovečnost (uncountable) humaneness tag
човечност (uncountable) humaneness
čovik (Chakavian, Ikavian) man; person; human tag Croatian*
čovjek person tag Bosnian,Croatian
човјек person
čovjekoljubiv philanthropic (loving or helping mankind) tag Croatian
човјекољубив philanthropic (loving or helping mankind)
čovječan humane, pitiful, merciful tag
човјечан humane, pitiful, merciful
čovječanstvo mankind, humanity tag Croatian
човјечанство mankind, humanity
čovječnost (uncountable) humaneness tag
човјечност (uncountable) humaneness
čreda flock
чреда flock
čredo flock
чредо flock
čudak eccentric, crank Croatian
чудак eccentric, crank
čudan strange, weird, odd Croatian
чудан strange, weird, odd
čudesan marvelous, stupendous
чудесан marvelous, stupendous
čudesno wondrously, marvelously
чудесно wondrously, marvelously
čuditi (transitive) to amaze, astonish Croatian
чудити (transitive) to amaze, astonish
čudno oddly, weirdly, strangely
чудно oddly, weirdly, strangely
čudnovat strange, queer
чудноват strange, queer
čudnovato strangely, queerly
чудновато strangely, queerly
čudo wonder Bosnian,Serbian
чудо wonder Serbian
čudotvoran miraculous
чудотворан miraculous
čudotvorno miraculously
чудотворно miraculously
čudovišan monstrous
чудовишан monstrous
čudovišno monstrously
чудовишно monstrously
čudovište monster
чудовиште monster
čujan audible Croatian
чујан audible
čujno audibly
чујно audibly
čulo sense (of sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste) Croatian
чуло sense (of sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste)
čuti (ambitransitive) to hear Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
чути (ambitransitive) to hear Serbian
čutura canteen (water bottle used by solder or camper)
чутура canteen (water bottle used by solder or camper)
čuvar custodian Croatian
čuven famous, renowned, illustrious Croatian
чувен famous, renowned, illustrious
čuđenje wonder, amazement, surprise Croatian
чуђење wonder, amazement, surprise
čvor knot
чвор knot
čvoruga bump (swelling on the skin caused by illness ...
чворуга bump (swelling on the skin caused by illness ...
čvrst fixed, stable, immovable
чврст fixed, stable, immovable
čvrsto firmly, tightly, steadily
чврсто firmly, tightly, steadily
čvrstoća firmness, hardness, toughness
чврстоћа firmness, hardness, toughness