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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
ja I Croatian Bosnian*,Serbian
ја I Serbian
jablan poplar (tree) Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
jabuka apple Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јабука apple Serbian
jabukovača apple cider
јабуковача apple cider
jabukovina (uncountable) apple tree wood
јабуковина (uncountable) apple tree wood
jabučast apple-like, apple-shaped
јабучаст apple-like, apple-shaped
jabučica a small apple
јабучица a small apple
jabučni of or pertaining to apple
јабучни of or pertaining to apple
jad misery Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јад misery Serbian*
jadan miserable, pathetic Croatian
јадан miserable, pathetic
jadati (reflexive) to complain, lament
јадати (reflexive) to complain, lament
jadikovati (intransitive) to complain, grumble
јадиковати (intransitive) to complain, grumble
jadnica miserable person (wretched, needy, abandoned ...
јадница miserable person (wretched, needy, abandoned ...
jadnik miserable person (wretched, needy, abandoned ... Croatian
јадник miserable person (wretched, needy, abandoned ...
jadno miserably, poorly, pitifully
јадно miserably, poorly, pitifully
Jadran Adriatic Sea Croatian
Јадран Adriatic Sea
jadranski Adriatic Croatian
јадрански Adriatic
jagla (Chakavian) needle tag Croatian*
jagnje (Bosnian, Serbian) lamb; a young sheep tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јагње (Bosnian, Serbian) lamb; a young sheep tag Serbian
jagoda strawberry Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јагода strawberry Serbian
jaguar jaguar
јагуар jaguar
jahanje riding
јахање riding
jahati (ambitransitive) to ride (horseback) Croatian
јахати (ambitransitive) to ride (horseback)
jahač horseman Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јахач horseman Serbian
jahačica horsewoman
јахачица horsewoman
jahta yacht Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јахта yacht Serbian
Jahve Yahweh
Јахве Yahweh
jajce an egg Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јајце an egg Serbian
jaje egg Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јаје egg Serbian
jajnik ovary Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јајник ovary Serbian
jak strong Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јак strong Serbian
jakna jacket
јакна jacket
jako very, very much Croatian
јако very, very much
jal envy
јал envy
jalov barren, sterile
јалов barren, sterile
jalovo hopelessly, futilely
јалово hopelessly, futilely
јама cave, hole
jamac guarantor
јамац guarantor
Jamajka Jamaica Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Јамајка Jamaica Serbian
Jamajčanin Jamaican
Јамајчанин Jamaican
janje (Croatian) lamb tag Croatian,Serbian
janjičar janissary Croatian*,Serbian*
јањичар janissary
Janjoš (given name, male). Serbo-Croatian equival ...
Janjošević (surname)
Janjošić (surname)
Janjuš (given name, male). Serbo-Croatian equival ...
Janjušević (surname)
Janjušić (surname)
Janoš (given name, male). Serbo-Croatian equival ...
jantar amber Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јантар amber Serbian
Januš (given name, male). Serbo-Croatian equival ...
Japan Japan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Јапан Japan Serbian
Japanac Japanese (person)
Јапанац Japanese (person)
japanski Japanese Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јапански Japanese Serbian
jarac male goat
јарац male goat
jaram yoke Croatian
јарам yoke
jarbol mast (of a ship)
јарбол mast (of a ship)
jarki bright, glowing (esp. of color)
јарки bright, glowing (esp. of color)
jasan clear, limpid
јасан clear, limpid
jasen ash (tree)
јасен ash (tree)
jasle (plurale tantum) manger Croatian
јасле (plurale tantum) manger
jasno clearly, obviously
јасно clearly, obviously
jastog lobster
јастог lobster
jastreb hawk (bird) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јастреб hawk Serbian
jastuk pillow Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
јастук pillow Serbian
jatak accomplice
јатак accomplice
jato flock (of birds, fish or insects)
јато flock (of birds, fish or insects)
jatomice in a flock, in a swarm Croatian
јатомице in a flock, in a swarm
jauk scream, howl, cry
јаук scream, howl, cry
jav (archaic) announcement, notice Croatian
јав (archaic) announcement, notice
java reality Bosnian,Serbian
јава reality Serbian
javanski Javanese
јавански Javanese
javiti (transitive) to inform, notify, let know Croatian
јавити (transitive) to inform, notify, let know
javljati (transitive) to inform, notify, let know Croatian*
јављати (transitive) to inform, notify, let know
javni public
јавни public
javno publicly, openly
јавно publicly, openly
javnost (uncountable) public
јавност (uncountable) public
javor maple
јавор maple
jaz abyss
јаз abyss
jazavac badger (animal)
јазавац badger (animal)
jazbina lair, den
јазбина lair, den
jazik (Chakavian) tongue, language tag Croatian*
jačanje strengthening
јачање strengthening
jačati (intransitive) to become stronger
јачати (intransitive) to become stronger
jačina (uncountable) strength, power
јачина (uncountable) strength, power
jašiti (ambitransitive) to ride (horseback)
јашити (ambitransitive) to ride (horseback)
je is (clitic third-person singular present of { ... Bosnian*
је is (clitic third-person singular present of { ...
jebati (vulgar) to fuck Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јебати (vulgar) to fuck Serbian
jebi se (vulgar) fuck you Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јеби се (vulgar) fuck you
jecaj sob, moan
јецај sob, moan
jedan (cardinal) one (1) Bosnian*,Croatian,Serbian*
један (cardinal) one (1) Serbian*
jedanaest (cardinal) eleven
једанаест (cardinal) eleven
jedanaestorica (collectively) eleven men Croatian
једанаесторица (collectively) eleven men
jedanput once Croatian
једанпут once
jedinac only son
јединац only son
jedincat only, sole
јединцат only, sole
jedini sole, only
једини sole, only
jedinica one (digit or figure) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јединица one (digit or figure) Serbian
jediniti (transitive, reflexive) to unite
јединити (transitive, reflexive) to unite
jedino only, solely
једино only, solely
jedinstven unique Croatian
јединствен unique
jedinstveno uniquely
јединствено uniquely
jedinstvo unity Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
јединство unity Serbian
jednadžba (Croatian) (mathematics) equation tag Croatian
једнаџба (Croatian) (mathematics) equation tag
jednak equal, identical, same
једнак equal, identical, same
jednakost equality
једнакост equality
jednačina (Bosnian, Serbian) (mathematics) equa ... tag
једначина (Bosnian, Serbian) (mathematics) equa ... tag
jednina (grammar) singular Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
једнина (grammar) singular Serbian
jednjak gullet, oesophagus
једњак gullet, oesophagus
jednobojan having the same color
једнобојан having the same color
jednoboštvo monotheism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
jednodelni one-piece tag
једноделни one-piece
jednodijelni one-piece tag
једнодијелни one-piece
jednoglasan unanimous
једногласан unanimous
jednoglasno unanimously
једногласно unanimously
jednoličan uniform, invariable
једноличан uniform, invariable
jednoličnost (uncountable) uniformity, monotony (lack ...
једноличност (uncountable) uniformity, monotony (lack ...
jednom once, one time
једном once, one time
jednook one-eyed
једноок one-eyed
jednorog unicorn Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
једнорог unicorn Serbian
jednoruk one-armed
једнорук one-armed
jednosmeran one-way tag
једносмеран one-way
jednosmjeran one-way tag
једносмјеран one-way
jednosoban one-room (usually apartment)
једнособан one-room (usually apartment)
jednostavan simple Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
једноставан simple Serbian
jednostavno simply
једноставно simply
jednostavnost simplicity
једноставност simplicity
jednostran one-sided, lopsided, uneven
једностран one-sided, lopsided, uneven
jednostrano one-sidedly, lopsidedly, unevenly
једнострано one-sidedly, lopsidedly, unevenly
jednoć once, one time
једноћ once, one time
jedro sail (a piece of fabric attached to a boat) tag Croatian
једро sail (a piece of fabric attached to a boat)
jedva barely, hardly, scarcely
једва barely, hardly, scarcely
jeftin cheap, inexpensive Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јефтин cheap, inexpensive Serbian
jeftino cheaply
јефтино cheaply
jegulja eel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јегуља eel Serbian
jelen male deer, buck, stagCategory:sh:Mammals Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
jelo meal Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
јело meal Serbian
Jemen Yemen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Јемен Yemen Serbian
Jemenac Yemeni
Јеменац Yemeni
jemenski Yemeni
јеменски Yemeni
jenjati (intransitive) to let up, slacken, abate, ...
јењати (intransitive) to let up, slacken, abate, ...
jenjavati (intransitive) to let up, slacken, abate, ...
јењавати (intransitive) to let up, slacken, abate, ...
јер because
Jermenija (uncountable, Bosnian, Serbian) Armenia tag Bosnian,Serbian
Јерменија (uncountable, Bosnian, Serbian) Armenia tag Serbian
jesen autumn / fall Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јесен autumn / fall Serbian
jesenji autumnal (of, pertaining to or occurring in a ... Croatian
јесењи autumnal (of, pertaining to or occurring in a ...
jesenski autumnal (of, pertaining to or occurring in a ... Croatian
јесенски autumnal (of, pertaining to or occurring in a ...
jesti (ambitransitive) to eat, consume tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
јести (ambitransitive) to eat, consume Serbian
jestiv edible
јестив edible
jetra liver Croatian
јетра liver
jetrica liver (as a meal) Croatian
јетрица liver (as a meal)
jevanđelje (Bosnian, Serbian) gospel tag
јеванђеље (Bosnian, Serbian) gospel tag
jeza shudder, shiver Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
језа shudder, shiver Serbian
jezerce small lake Croatian
језерце small lake
jezero lake Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
језеро lake Serbian
jezgra core, nucleus Croatian
језгра core, nucleus
jezgrica a small core, kernel, nucleus
језгрица a small core, kernel, nucleus
jezgro core, nucleus
језгро core, nucleus
jezgrovit concise, lapidary, brief Croatian
језгровит concise, lapidary, brief
jezgrovito concisely, succinctly
језгровито concisely, succinctly
jezgrovitost (uncountable) conciseness, succinctness
језгровитост (uncountable) conciseness, succinctness
jezik (anatomy) tongue Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
језик (anatomy) tongue Serbian
jezikoslovlje (uncountable) linguistics Croatian
језикословље (uncountable) linguistics
jeziv terrifying, horrifying, spooky
језив terrifying, horrifying, spooky
jezični language (of or pertaining to) Croatian
језични language (of or pertaining to)
јечам barley
jež hedgehog Bosnian,Serbian
јеж hedgehog Serbian
ježev hedgehog's
јежев hedgehog's
ježić a small hedgehog
јежић a small hedgehog
jidiš (uncountable) Yiddish
јидиш (uncountable) Yiddish
jime (Chakavian) name tag Croatian*
joga (uncountable) yoga
јога (uncountable) yoga
jogurt yogurt or yoghurt tag Bosnian,Serbian
јогурт yogurt or yoghurt Serbian
joj to her (clitic dative singular of {{i|ona|òna ...
јој to her (clitic dative singular of {{i|она|о̀н ...
jok (colloquial) no Bosnian,Serbian
јок (colloquial) no Serbian
Jordan Jordan (country, river) Croatian
Јордан Jordan (country, river)
Jordanac Jordanian
Јорданац Jordanian
jordanski Jordanian
јордански Jordanian
jorgan comforter Serbian
Jovan (given name, male), equivalent to John. Bosnian,Serbian
Jovanović (surname)
još (with genitive when followed by a noun) m ... Croatian
још (with genitive when followed by a noun) m ...
ju her (clitic accusative singular of {{i|ona|òn ...
ју her (clitic accusative singular of {{i|она|о̀ ...
jubilej jubilee, anniversary Croatian
јубилеј jubilee, anniversary
Judeja Judea
Јудеја Judea
judejski Judean
јудејски Judean
jugoistok (uncountable) southeast Croatian
југоисток (uncountable) southeast
jugoistočni southeast
југоисточни southeast
jugoistočno in the southeast direction, on the southeast ...
југоисточно in the southeast direction, on the southeast ...
Jugoslavenka (Bosnian, Croatian) a female Yugoslav tag
Југославенка (Bosnian, Croatian) a female Yugoslav tag
Jugoslavija Yugoslavia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Југославија Yugoslavia Serbian
Југословен Yugoslav
Jugoslovenka (Serbian) a female Yugoslav tag
Југословенка (Serbian) a female Yugoslav tag
jugozapad (uncountable) southwest Croatian
југозапад (uncountable) southwest
jugozapadni northwest
југозападни northwest
junak hero, brave man Croatian
јунак hero, brave man
junakinja heroine, brave woman Croatian
јунакиња heroine, brave woman
junačan heroic Croatian
јуначан heroic
junačiti (transitive) to encourage, embolden
јуначити (transitive) to encourage, embolden
junački heroic Croatian
јуначки heroic
junaštvo heroic deed Croatian
јунаштво heroic deed
Jupiter Jupiter (planet, god) Bosnian,Serbian
Јупитер Jupiter (planet, god) Serbian
jurcati (intransitive) to rush, race, run
јурцати (intransitive) to rush, race, run
juriti (intransitive) to run at full/top speed, ... Croatian
јурити (intransitive) to run at full/top speed, ...
juriš charge Bosnian,Serbian
јуриш charge Serbian
jurišati (intransitive) to assault, rush, attack (on)
јуришати (intransitive) to assault, rush, attack (on)
jurniti (intransitive) to run at full/top speed, ...
јурнути (intransitive) to run at full/top speed, ...
jutarnji morning Croatian
јутарњи morning
jutriti (reflexive) to break dawn, dawn
јутрити (reflexive) to break dawn, dawn
jutro morning Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
јутро morning Serbian
jutros this morning Croatian
јутрос this morning
juče yesterday (on the day before today) Serbian
јуче yesterday (on the day before today) Serbian
jučer yesterday (on the day before today) Bosnian,Croatian
јучер yesterday (on the day before today)
jučeranji yesterday's Croatian
јучерањи yesterday's
jučerašnji yesterday's Croatian
јучерашњи yesterday's
južina south wind
јужина south wind
južno south, southwards
јужно south, southwards