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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
labav shaky, unsteady, wobbly
лабав shaky, unsteady, wobbly
labavo shakily, unsteadily, wobbly
лабаво shakily, unsteadily, wobbly
labud swan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лабуд swan Serbian
lagan light
лаган light
lagano lightly
лагано lightly
lagati (ambitransitive) to lie (when with an obj ...
лагати (ambitransitive) to lie (when with an obj ...
lagodan easy, leisurely, comfortable, without difficu ...
лагодан easy, leisurely, comfortable, without difficu ...
lagodno comfortably, easily
лагодно comfortably, easily
lagodnost (uncountable) ease, easiness, comfort, co ...
лагодност (uncountable) ease, easiness, comfort, co ...
laguna lagoon
лагуна lagoon
lak easy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лак easy Serbian
lakat elbow Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
lako easily
лако easily
lakonski laconic Croatian
лаконски laconic
lakoća (uncountable) lightness
лакоћа (uncountable) lightness
lampa lamp Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лампа lamp Serbian
lan flax Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лан flax Serbian
lanac chain Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ланац chain Serbian
lani last year Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лани last year Serbian
lančani made of chains
ланчани made of chains
Laos Laos Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Лаос Laos Serbian
lapsus lapse Croatian
лапсус lapse
lasica weasel
ласица weasel
lasta swallow (bird) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ласта swallow (bird) Serbian
lastavica swallow (bird) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ластавица swallow (bird) Serbian
Latin Latin (person native to ancient Rome or its E ... Croatian
Латин Latin (person native to ancient Rome or its E ...
latinica (uncountable) the Latin/Roman script Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
латиница (uncountable) the Latin/Roman script Serbian
Latinka Latin (person native to ancient Rome or its E ... Croatian
Латинка Latin (person native to ancient Rome or its E ...
latinski Latin Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
латински Latin Serbian
latiti (reflexive) to tackle, undertake (+genitive)
латити (reflexive) to tackle, undertake (+genitive)
latvijski Latvian
латвијски Latvian
lav lion (mammal) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лав lion (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Serbian
lava (geology) lava Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лава (geology) lava Serbian
lavica lioness Croatian
лавица lioness
lavina avalanche Bosnian,Serbian
лавина avalanche Serbian
Lazar (given name, male), Lazarus.
Лазар (given name, male), Lazarus.
lačan (Chakavian, Kajkavian) hungry tag Croatian*
lađa ship (esp. river ship) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лађа ship (esp. river ship) Serbian
laž lie Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лаж lie Serbian
lažan false Croatian
лажан false
lažljiv lying, mendacious Croatian
лажљив lying, mendacious
lažljivac liar Croatian
лажљивац liar
lažno falsely
лажно falsely
lažnost (uncountable) falsehood
лажност (uncountable) falsehood
lažov liar Croatian
лажов liar
lebdelica hovercraft tag
лебделица hovercraft
lebdjelica hovercraft tag Croatian
лебдјелица hovercraft
led ice Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
лед ice Serbian
leden icy, glacial (made of ice)
леден icy, glacial (made of ice)
lediti (reflexive) to freeze (turn to ice)
ледити (reflexive) to freeze (turn to ice)
ledolomac icebreaker (ship)
ледоломац icebreaker (ship)
legalan legal
легалан legal
legalizirati (transitive) to legalize tag
легализирати (transitive) to legalize tag
legalno legally
легално legally
legenda legend (story, person) Croatian
легенда legend (story, person)
legendaran legendary Croatian
легендаран legendary
legitimacija identity card
легитимација identity card
leglo brood Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
легло brood Serbian
legura alloy Croatian
легура alloy
lek medicine tag Croatian
лек medicine Serbian
lekar physician, doctor tag Croatian,Serbian
лекар physician, doctor Serbian
lekcija lesson
лекција lesson
leksem lexeme Croatian
лексем lexeme
lema lemma Croatian
лема lemma
lenčina sluggard, slacker (lazy person) tag
ленчина sluggard, slacker (lazy person)
lenčuga (pejorative) a lazy person; sluggard, sla ... tag
ленчуга (pejorative) a lazy person; sluggard, sla ...
lep nice, pretty tag Croatian
леп nice, pretty
lepilo glue tag
лепило glue
lepo beautifully, nicely tag Croatian,Serbian
лепо beautifully, nicely
lepota beauty tag Serbian
лепота beauty Serbian
lepotan very pretty and handsome male tag
лепотан very pretty and handsome male
lepršati (intransitive) to flutter, wave flap Croatian
лепршати (intransitive) to flutter, wave flap
leptir butterfly (Lepidoptera) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лептир a butterfly Serbian
let flight Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лет flight Serbian
letak leaflet, flyer
летак leaflet, flyer
letargija lethargy Bosnian,Serbian
летаргија lethargy Serbian
letargičan lethargic Bosnian,Serbian
летаргичан lethargic Serbian
letač flyer (someone or something that flies)
летач flyer (someone or something that flies)
letelica aircraft tag
летелица aircraft
letjelica aircraft tag
летјелица aircraft
leto summer, summertime tag Croatian,Serbian
лето summer, summertime Serbian
Letonac Latvian (person)
Летонац Latvian (person)
Letonija Latvia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Летонија Latvia Serbian
letonski Latvian Bosnian,Serbian
летонски Latvian Serbian
letopis annal tag
letopisac annalist tag
letos last summer tag
летос last summer
letovanje summer vacation tag
летовање summer vacation
levi left tag Croatian
леви left
levica left hand tag
левица left hand
levičar leftist, left-winger tag
левичар leftist, left-winger
levo left (direction) tag
лево left (direction)
lezbijka lesbian (woman homosexual) Croatian
лезбијка lesbian (woman homosexual)
lečnica doctor, physician tag
лечница doctor, physician
lečnik doctor, physician tag
лечник doctor, physician
leđa (plurale tantum) back Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
леђа (plurale tantum) back Serbian
leš carcass Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
леш carcass Serbian
lešina carrion Bosnian,Serbian
лешина carrion Serbian
lešinar vulture Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лешинар vulture Serbian
ležećke lying, reclining Croatian
лежећке lying, reclining
li question-forming interrogative particle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ли question-forming interrogative particle Serbian
libar (archaic) book Croatian*
liberalan liberal
либералан liberal
Liberija Liberia Croatian
Либерија Liberia
liberijski Liberian
либеријски Liberian
Libija Libya Croatian
Либија Libya
Libijac Libyan
Либијац Libyan
libijski Libyan
либијски Libyan
lice face Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лице face Serbian
lift lift Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лифт lift Serbian
liga league (politics, sports, general)
лига league (politics, sports, general)
ligatura (typography) ligature Bosnian,Serbian
лигатура (typography) ligature Serbian
Lihtenštajn Liechtenstein Bosnian,Croatian
Лихтенштајн Liechtenstein
lihvar usurer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лихвар usurer Serbian
lijek medicine tag Croatian
лијек medicine
lijenčina sluggard, slacker (lazy person) tag
лијенчина sluggard, slacker (lazy person)
lijep nice, pretty tag Croatian
лијеп nice, pretty
lijepo beautifully, nicely tag
лијепо beautifully, nicely
lijevi left tag Croatian
лијеви left
lijevo left (direction) tag Croatian
лијево left (direction)
лијечница doctor, physician
лијечник doctor, physician
lik form, shape, figure Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лик form, shape, figure Serbian
lim sheet metal Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лим sheet metal Serbian
limit boundary Croatian
лимит boundary
limun lemon (fruit) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лимун lemon (fruit) Serbian
limunada lemonade Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лимунада lemonade Serbian
limunska kiselina citric acid
лимунска киселина citric acid
lingvistika (uncountable) linguistics Croatian
лингвистика (uncountable) linguistics
linija line (continuous mark)
линија line (continuous mark)
linč lynching Croatian
линч lynching
linčovati (transitive) to lynch Croatian
линчовати (transitive) to lynch
lip (Čakavian, Ikavian) nice, pretty tag Croatian*
липа any part of a linden tree Serbian
lisica female fox; vixen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лисица female fox; vixen Serbian
lisice (plurale tantum) handcuffs Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лисице (plurale tantum) handcuffs Serbian
lisičji fox's, of or pertaining to a fox, like a fox
лисичји fox's, of or pertaining to a fox, like a fox
list leaf Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лист leaf Serbian
lista list
листа list
litavski Lithuanian
литавски Lithuanian
literaran literary
литераран literary
literatura literature
литература literature
litica cliff
литица cliff
lito (Chakavian, Ikavian) summer, year tag Croatian*
litopis annal tag
litopisac annalist tag
litra litre / liter
литра litre / liter
litvanski Lithuanian
литвански Lithuanian
livada meadow Croatian
ливада meadow
lizati to lick (to stroke with a tongue) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лизати to lick (to stroke with a tongue) Serbian
liznuti to lick (to stroke with a tongue) Croatian
лизнути to lick (to stroke with a tongue)
ličan private, individual, personal
личан private, individual, personal
ličinka larva Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
личинка larva Serbian
lično personally
лично personally
ličnost personality
личност personality
lišaj lichen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лишај lichen Serbian
lišće (collective) leaves Croatian
лишће (collectively) leaves
logičan logical Croatian
логичан logical
logično logically Croatian
логично logically
logor camp Croatian
логор camp
logoraš camp inmate
логораш camp inmate
logorovati (intransitive) to camp Croatian
логоровати (intransitive) to camp
loj suet, tallow Croatian
лој suet, tallow
lokacija location
локација location
lokalan local Croatian
локалан local
lokativ the locative case Croatian
локатив the locative case
lokot padlock Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
локот padlock Serbian
lokva puddle Croatian,Serbian
локва puddle
lom fracture
лом fracture
lomača pyre
ломача pyre
lomiti (transitive, reflexive) to break, crack Croatian
ломити (transitive, reflexive) to break, crack
lomljiv fragile, breakable Croatian
ломљив fragile, breakable
lomljivost (uncountable) fragility
ломљивост (uncountable) fragility
lonac pot Croatian
лонац pot
London London Bosnian,Serbian
Лондон London Serbian
Londonac Londoner Croatian
Лондонац Londoner
Londonka Londoner (female) Croatian
Лондонка Londoner (female)
londonski of or pertaining to London; Londonish
лондонски of or pertaining to London; Londonish
lopata shovel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лопата shovel Serbian
lopov thief Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лопов thief Serbian
lopovski thievish
лоповски thievish
lopoč water lily Croatian
лопоч water lily
lopta ball Croatian
лопта ball
лоптица A little ball (diminutive of лопта) Serbian
losos salmon Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лосос salmon Serbian
lotos lotus Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лотос lotus Serbian
lov a hunt Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лов a hunt Serbian
lova (slang) money
lovac hunter Croatian
ловац hunter
lovački hunting (of or pertaining to hunters or hunting)
ловачки hunting (of or pertaining to hunters or hunting)
lovina catch, haul (sth captured or caught, esp. in ...
ловина catch, haul (sth captured or caught, esp. in ...
loviti (ambitransitive) to hunt Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ловити (ambitransitive) to hunt Serbian
lovočuvar gamekeeper, ranger
ловочувар gamekeeper, ranger
lovočuvarski pertaining to gamekeeper
ловочуварски pertaining to gamekeeper
lozinka password Croatian
loš bad, evil Croatian,Serbian
лош bad, evil
loža box (compartment to sit in) Croatian
ложа box (compartment to sit in)
ložnica bedroom
ложница bedroom
lubanja skull Croatian
лубања skull
lud crazy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
луд crazy Serbian
luda madman, insane person
луда madman, insane person
lug lye Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
луг lye Serbian
lugar ranger, forester Croatian
лугар ranger, forester
luk onion Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лук onion Serbian
Luka (given name, male), equivalent to Luke. Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
luka harbor; harbour Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Лука (given name, male), equivalent to Luke. Serbian
лука harbor; harbour Serbian
lukav cunning Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лукав cunning Serbian
Лукашенко Lukashenko. A Ukrainian surname.
lukijerna oil lamp
лукијерна oil lamp
lukijernar candlestick, candelabrum
лукијернар candlestick, candelabrum
lula tobacco pipe
лула tobacco pipe
lupanje knocking, banging, slam
лупање knocking, banging, slam
lupati (intransitive) to knock, bang (at a door, ...
лупати (intransitive) to knock, bang (at a door, ...
lupež thief Croatian
лупеж thief
luster A chandelier Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
лустер A chandelier Serbian
lutalica wanderer Croatian
луталица wanderer
lutati (intransitive) to wander, roam
лутати (intransitive) to wander, roam
lutka doll, puppet Croatian
лутка doll, puppet
lutkar a doll maker Croatian
луткар a doll maker
луткица a little doll
luč (archaic) light
луч (archaic) light
lučni arc-shaped
лучни arc-shaped
luđak madman Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
луђак madman Serbian
lužički Sorbian, Lusatian
лужички Sorbian, Lusatian