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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
ljekar physician, doctor tag
љекар physician, doctor
ljenčuga (pejorative) a lazy person; sluggard, sla ... tag
љенчуга (pejorative) a lazy person; sluggard, sla ...
ljepilo glue tag Croatian
љепило glue
ljepota beauty tag Bosnian,Croatian
љепота beauty
ljepotan very pretty and handsome male tag
љепотан very pretty and handsome male
ljeto summer, summertime tag Bosnian,Croatian
љето summer, summertime
ljetopis annal tag
ljetopisac annalist tag
ljetos last summer tag Croatian
љетос last summer
ljetovanje summer vacation tag
љетовање summer vacation
ljevica left hand tag
љевица left hand
ljevičar leftist, left-winger tag
љевичар leftist, left-winger
ljubak amiable Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
љубак amiable Serbian
љубав love, affection Serbian
ljubavni love, of love, amorous
љубавни love, of love, amorous
ljubavnica lover (female)
љубавница lover (female)
ljubavnik lover
љубавник lover
ljubazan kind, polite Croatian
љубазан kind, polite
ljubaznica (archaic) mistress, female lover
љубазница (archaic) mistress, female lover
ljubazno kindly Croatian
љубазно kindly
ljubaznost (uncountable) kindness
љубазност (uncountable) kindness
ljubitelj lover, enthusiast, fan (of art, nature etc.)
љубитељ lover, enthusiast, fan (of art, nature etc.)
ljubiti (ambitransitive) to love Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
љубити (ambitransitive) to love Serbian
ljubičast purple, violet
љубичаст purple, violet
Ljubljana Ljubljana Croatian
ljudi people, men Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
људи people, men Serbian
ljudožder cannibal Croatian
људождер cannibal
ljudožderstvo (uncountable) cannibalism Croatian
људождерство (uncountable) cannibalism
ljudski (incomparable) human (of or pertaining to ... Croatian
људски (incomparable) human (of or pertaining to ...
ljutiti (reflexive) to be mad at, become angry (+ ... Croatian
љутити (reflexive) to be mad at, become angry (+ ...
љутња anger