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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
rabin rabbi
рабин rabbi
rabota work, labor (often pejorative)
работа work, labor (often pejorative)
rabotati (regional, intransitive) to work
rabotnik (obsolete) servant, worker, laborer
работник (obsolete) servant, worker, laborer
racionalan rational Croatian
рационалан rational
racionalizacija rationalization
рационализација rationalization
rad work Croatian
рад work
radar radar
радар radar
radijacija radiation Croatian
радијација radiation
radijus radius
радијус radius
radikal radical
радикал radical
radikalan radical
радикалан radical
radioaktivan radioactive
радиоактиван radioactive
radioaktivno radioactively
радиоактивно radioactively
radionica workshop
радионица workshop
radioprijemnik radio (italbrac, receiver) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
радиопријемник radio (italbrac, receiver) Serbian
raditi (intransitive) to work Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
радити (intransitive) to work Serbian
radnica worker (female) Croatian
радница worker (female)
radnik a worker, laborer Croatian
радник a worker, laborer
radnički worker's
раднички worker's
радост joy
radostan happy, glad, joyous
радостан happy, glad, joyous
radoznalost curiosity
радозналост curiosity
raj heaven, paradise Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рај heaven, paradise Serbian
rajski heavenly
рајски heavenly
rajčica (Croatian) tomato tag Croatian
rak crab Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рак crab Serbian
raketa rocket
ракета rocket
rakija (uncountable) rakija Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ракија (uncountable) rakija Serbian
rakun raccoon, racoon (nocturnal omnivore living in ...
ракун raccoon, racoon (nocturnal omnivore living in ...
ran early Croatian
ран early
rana wound Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рана wound Serbian
ranica small wound
раница small wound
ranilac early-riser
ранилац early-riser
raniti (transitive) to wound, injure
ранити (transitive) to wound, injure
ranjavati (transitive) to wound, injure
рањавати (transitive) to wound, injure
ranjenica wounded woman
рањеница wounded woman
ranjenik wounded man
рањеник wounded man
ranjiv vulnerable Croatian
рањив vulnerable
ranjivost (uncountable) vulnerability
рањивост (uncountable) vulnerability
rano early Croatian
рано early
rasa race (group of people) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
раса race (group of people) Serbian
raseliti (transitive) to displace (population)
раселити (transitive) to displace (population)
raseljavati (transitive) to displace (population)
расељавати (transitive) to displace (population)
rashod expense, expenditure of money (by a person or ...
расход expense, expenditure of money (by a person or ...
rasipan wasteful, extravagant
расипан wasteful, extravagant
rasipno wastefully
расипно wastefully
расизам racism
raskidati (ambitransitive) to break, sever Croatian
раскидати (ambitransitive) to break, sever
raskinuti (ambitransitive) to break, sever
раскинути (ambitransitive) to break, sever
raskoš luxury Croatian
раскош luxury
raskošan luxurious, sumptuous
раскошан luxurious, sumptuous
raskošno luxuriously, sumptuously
раскошно luxuriously, sumptuously
raslinje (uncountable) vegetation Croatian
раслиње (uncountable) vegetation
raspadati (reflexive) to decay, decompose Croatian
распадати (reflexive) to decay, decompose
raspasti (reflexive) to decay, decompose Croatian
распасти (reflexive) to decay, decompose
raspetljati (transitive) to disentangle, untangle
raspetljavati (transitive) to disentangle, untangle
распетљавати (transitive) to disentangle, untangle
rasplakati (transitive) to make sb cry
расплакати (transitive) to make sb cry
rasplakivati (transitive) to make sb cry
расплакивати (transitive) to make sb cry
rasplesti plaits, ... Croatian
расплести plaits, ...
raspletati plaits, ... Croatian
расплетати plaits, ...
raspon span Croatian
распон span
распоред schedule, program
rasporediti (transitive) to arrange, dispose
распоредити (transitive) to arrange, dispose
raspoređivati (transitive) to arrange, dispose
распоређивати (transitive) to arrange, dispose
raspoznati (transitive) to tell apart, recognize, di ...
распознати (transitive) to tell apart, recognize, di ...
raspoznatljiv discernible, recognizable, identifiable
распознатљив discernible, recognizable, identifiable
raspoznatljivost (uncountable) discernibility, recognizabi ...
распознатљивост (uncountable) discernibility, recognizabi ...
raspoznavati (transitive) to tell apart, recognize, di ...
распознавати (transitive) to tell apart, recognize, di ...
rasprava debate, discussion Croatian
расправа debate, discussion
raspraviti (transitive, reflexive) to discuss, debate Croatian
расправити (transitive, reflexive) to discuss, debate
raspravljati (transitive, reflexive) to discuss, debate Croatian
расправљати (transitive, reflexive) to discuss, debate
rasprodaja sale (of goods at reduced prices)
распродаја sale (of goods at reduced prices)
raspustiti (transitive) to adjourn, dismiss (parliam ...
распустити (transitive) to adjourn, dismiss (parliam ...
raspuštati (transitive) to adjourn, dismiss (parliam ...
распуштати (transitive) to adjourn, dismiss (parliam ...
rasrditi (transitive) to anger
расрдити (transitive) to anger
rasrđivati (transitive) to anger
расрђивати (transitive) to anger
rast (uncountable) growth Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
раст (uncountable) growth
rastanak farewell (act of departure)
растанак farewell (act of departure)
rastava divorce Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
растава divorce Serbian
rastaviti (transitive) to disassemble, dismantle, d ... Croatian
раставити (transitive) to disassemble, dismantle, d ...
rastavljati (transitive) to disassemble, dismantle, d ...
растављати (transitive) to disassemble, dismantle, d ...
rasti (intransitive) to grow Croatian
расти (intransitive) to grow
rastojanje (Bosnian, Serbian) distance tag
растојање (Bosnian, Serbian) distance tag
rastvarati (transitive) to completely open (doors)
растварати (transitive) to completely open (doors)
rastvoriti (transitive) to completely open (doors)
растворити (transitive) to completely open (doors)
rat war Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рат war Serbian
rata installment
рата installment
ratar agriculturist, soil cultivator
ратар agriculturist, soil cultivator
ratarski agricultural, pertaining to the cultivation o ...
ратарски agricultural, pertaining to the cultivation o ...
ratarstvo (uncountable) agriculture, cultivation of ...
ратарство (uncountable) agriculture, cultivation of ...
ratni war (of or pertaining to war)
ратни war (of or pertaining to war)
ratnica warrior (female) Croatian
ратница warrior (female)
ratnik warrior Croatian
ратник warrior
ratnički warrior's
ратнички warrior's
ratovati (intransitive) to wage war Croatian
ратовати (intransitive) to wage war
ravan straight, right Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
раван straight, right Serbian
ravnalo ruler, rule, straightedge {{i|measuring or dr ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
равнало ruler, rule, straightedge {{i|measuring or dr ... Serbian
ravnatelj (Croatian) headmaster, principal (of school) tag Croatian
равнатељ (Croatian) headmaster, principal (of school) tag
ravnica plain Croatian
равница plain
ravnodušan indifferent, apathetic, unconcerned Croatian
равнодушан indifferent, apathetic, unconcerned
ravnodušno indifferently, apathetically, unconcernedly
равнодушно indifferently, apathetically, unconcernedly
ravnodušnost (uncountable) indifference, apathy Croatian
равнодушност (uncountable) indifference, apathy
ravnoteža balance, as in neutrality Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
равнотежа balance, as in neutrality Serbian
razaznati (transitive) to distinguish, make out, di ...
разазнати (transitive) to distinguish, make out, di ...
razaznavati (transitive) to distinguish, make out, di ...
разазнавати (transitive) to distinguish, make out, di ...
razbijati (transitive, reflexive) to break, smash, c ...
разбијати (transitive, reflexive) to break, smash, c ...
razbijač rowdy, ruffian
разбијач rowdy, ruffian
razbiti (transitive, reflexive) to break, smash, c ...
разбити (transitive, reflexive) to break, smash, c ...
razbojnica outlaw, bandit Croatian
разбојница outlaw, bandit
разбојник outlaw, bandit
razbojnički of or pertaining to bandits or, characteristi ...
разбојнички of or pertaining to bandits or, characteristi ...
razbojništvo banditry, robbery
разбојништво banditry, robbery
разбор (uncountable) sapience, intelligence
razdeliti (transitive) to divide, partition tag
разделити (transitive) to divide, partition
razdeljivati (transitive) to divide, partition tag
раздељивати (transitive) to divide, partition
razdijeliti (transitive) to divide, partition tag Croatian
раздијелити (transitive) to divide, partition
razdjeljivati (transitive) to divide, partition tag
раздјељивати (transitive) to divide, partition
razdoblje period, era, epoch Croatian
раздобље period, era, epoch
razdražljiv irritable
раздражљив irritable
razdražljivo irritably
раздражљиво irritably
razdvajati (transitive, reflexive) to separate, set a ...
раздвајати (transitive, reflexive) to separate, set a ...
razdvojeno separately
раздвојено separately
razdvojenost (uncountable) separateness, separation
раздвојеност (uncountable) separateness, separation
razdvojiti (transitive, reflexive) to separate, set a ...
раздвојити (transitive, reflexive) to separate, set a ...
razdvojiv separable, detachable
раздвојив separable, detachable
razdvojivost (uncountable) separability
раздвојивост (uncountable) separability
razgovarati (intransitive) to talk, converse Croatian
разговарати (intransitive) to talk, converse
razgovor talk, conversation Croatian
разговор talk, conversation
razgovoriti (transitive) to cheer up sb
разговорити (transitive) to cheer up sb
razgovorljiv talkative, loquacious
разговорљив talkative, loquacious
razgovorljivost (uncountable) talkativeness, loquacity
разговорљивост (uncountable) talkativeness, loquacity
razina level (distance relative to a given reference ...
разина level (distance relative to a given reference ...
razlika difference Croatian
разлика difference
različit different
различит different
različito differently, dissimilarly
различито differently, dissimilarly
različitost (uncountable) dissimilarity, diversity, d ...
различитост (uncountable) dissimilarity, diversity, d ...
razljutiti (reflexive) to be mad at, become angry (+ ... Croatian
разљутити (reflexive) to be mad at, become angry (+ ...
разлог reason, cause
razlomak (arithmetic) fraction Croatian
разломак (arithmetic) fraction
razmak interval
размак interval
razmaknuti (transitive, reflexive) to space, make spa ... Croatian
размакнути (transitive, reflexive) to space, make spa ...
razmatrati (transitive) to examine, inspect, conside ...
разматрати (transitive) to examine, inspect, conside ...
razmaći Alternative infinitive of {{i|razmaknuti|razm ... Croatian
размаћи Alternative infinitive of {{i|размакнути|разм ...
razmena exchange (act of exchanging or trading) tag
размена exchange (act of exchanging or trading)
razmicati (transitive, reflexive) to space, make spa ... Croatian
размицати (transitive, reflexive) to space, make spa ...
razmisliti (intransitive) to reflect, think over, me ...
размислити (intransitive) to reflect, think over, me ...
razmišljati (intransitive) to reflect, think over, me ...
размишљати (intransitive) to reflect, think over, me ...
razmjena exchange (act of exchanging or trading) tag Croatian
размјена exchange (act of exchanging or trading)
razmnažati (transitive) to breed, grow
размнажати (transitive) to breed, grow
razmnožavati (transitive) to breed, grow
размножавати (transitive) to breed, grow
razmnožiti (transitive) to breed, grow
размножити (transitive) to breed, grow
razmotati (transitive) to unwind, unwrap
размотати (transitive) to unwind, unwrap
razmotavati (transitive) to unwind, unwrap
размотавати (transitive) to unwind, unwrap
razmotriti (transitive) to examine, inspect, conside ...
размотрити (transitive) to examine, inspect, conside ...
razni various
разни various
raznobojan variegated, colorful
разнобојан variegated, colorful
raznolik diverse, sundry, manifold, heterogeneous
разнолик diverse, sundry, manifold, heterogeneous
raznolikost diversity Croatian
разноликост diversity
razodenuti (reflexive, transitive) to undress, to tak ... tag
разоденути (reflexive, transitive) to undress, to tak ...
razodjenuti (reflexive, transitive) to undress, to tak ... tag Croatian
разодјенути (reflexive, transitive) to undress, to tak ...
razonoda entertainment, hobby, relaxation
разонода entertainment, hobby, relaxation
razoran destructive, devastating
разоран destructive, devastating
razorno destructively
разорно destructively
razočarati (reflexive, transitive) to disappoint Croatian
разочарати (reflexive, transitive) to disappoint
razočaravati (reflexive, transitive) to disappoint
разочаравати (reflexive, transitive) to disappoint
razraditi (transitive) to develop, work out (schedu ...
разрадити (transitive) to develop, work out (schedu ...
razrađivati (transitive) to develop, work out (schedu ...
разрађивати (transitive) to develop, work out (schedu ...
razred class
разред class
razum (uncountable) reason, mind, intellect Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
разум (uncountable) reason, mind, intellect Serbian
razuman sensible, reasonable, rational Croatian
разуман sensible, reasonable, rational
razumeti (ambitransitive) to understand tag
разумети (ambitransitive) to understand
razumevati (ambitransitive) to understand tag
разумевати (ambitransitive) to understand
razumijevati (ambitransitive) to understand tag
разумијевати (ambitransitive) to understand
razumjeti (ambitransitive) to understand tag Croatian
разумјети (ambitransitive) to understand
razumljiv comprehensible, understandable Croatian
разумљив comprehensible, understandable
razumljivo intelligibly, articulately, distinctly
разумљиво intelligibly, articulately, distinctly
razumljivost (uncountable) intelligibility, comprehens ...
разумљивост (uncountable) intelligibility, comprehens ...
razumno sensibly, reasonably, rationally
разумно sensibly, reasonably, rationally
разумност (uncountable) reasonableness
razuveravati (transitive) to dissuade, talk out tag
разуверавати (transitive) to dissuade, talk out
razuveriti (transitive) to dissuade, talk out tag
разуверити (transitive) to dissuade, talk out
razuvjeravati (transitive) to dissuade, talk out tag
разувјеравати (transitive) to dissuade, talk out
razuvjeriti (transitive) to dissuade, talk out tag
разувјерити (transitive) to dissuade, talk out
razvesti (transitive, reflexive) to divorce
развести (transitive, reflexive) to divorce
razvod divorce Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
развод divorce Serbian
razvoditi (transitive, reflexive) to divorce
разводити (transitive, reflexive) to divorce
razvodnik (military, army, Croatian, Serbian) private ... tag
razvoj development Croatian
развој development
razvojni developmental
развојни developmental
razvoziti (transitive) to drive, haul to different ...
развозити (transitive) to drive, haul to different ...
razvrat debauchery, immorality, dissoluteness, lice ...
разврат debauchery, immorality, dissoluteness, lice ...
razvratan licentious, dissolute, rakish, debauched
развратан licentious, dissolute, rakish, debauched
razvratnica lecher, rake, debauchee
развратница lecher, rake, debauchee
razvratnik lecher, rake, debauchee
развратник lecher, rake, debauchee
razvratno licentiously, dissolutely
развратно licentiously, dissolutely
razvratnost debauchery, immorality, dissoluteness, lice ...
развратност debauchery, immorality, dissoluteness, lice ...
račun calculus Croatian*
рачун calculus
računalo (Croatian) computer tag Croatian,Serbian
рачунало (Croatian) computer tag
računar (Bosnian, Serbian) computer tag
рачунар (Bosnian, Serbian) computer tag
računati (intransitive) to calculate, count, figur ...
рачунати (intransitive) to calculate, count, figur ...
rađati (transitive) to bear (give birth to)
рађати (transitive) to bear (give birth to)
raž rye Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
раж rye Serbian
ražanj barbecue spit, skewer Croatian
ражањ barbecue spit, skewer
reagirati (ambitransitive, Bosnian, Croatian) to react tag
реагирати (ambitransitive, Bosnian, Croatian) to react tag
reakcija reaction
реакција reaction
realnost reality
реалност reality
rebro rib (curved bones) Croatian
ребро rib (curved bones)
recesija recession
рецесија recession
red row Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ред row Serbian
redak rare (very uncommon) tag Croatian
редак rare (very uncommon)
redovan regular (with constant frequency or pattern)
редован regular (with constant frequency or pattern)
redovno regularly
редовно regularly
refleks reflex
рефлекс reflex
reforma reform
реформа reform
refren refrain (of a song)
рефрен refrain (of a song)
regicid regicide Croatian
регицид regicide
regija (Croatian) region tag
регија region tag
region (Bosnian, Serbian): region tag
регион (Bosnian, Serbian): region tag
registracija registration Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
регистрација registration Serbian
reka a river tag Serbian*
река a river Serbian*
reklama advertisement (commercial solicitation)
реклама advertisement (commercial solicitation)
rekord record (previously unrecorded achievement) Croatian
рекорд record (previously unrecorded achievement)
rekorder record-holder
рекордер record-holder
рекурзија recursion
religija religion Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
религија religion Serbian
reljef relief (artwork) Bosnian,Serbian
рељеф relief (artwork) Serbian
reloj (regional) clock
reminiscirati (intransitive) to reminisce
реминисцирати (intransitive) to reminisce
reorganizacija reorganization
реорганизација reorganization
реп tail Serbian
repa turnip Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
репа turnip Serbian
replika replica (an exact copy)
реплика replica (an exact copy)
репродукција reproduction
republika republic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
република republic Serbian
republički republican (of or belonging to a republic)
републички republican (of or belonging to a republic)
reputacija reputation
репутација reputation
restoran restaurant
retardiran retarded
ретардиран retarded
retko rarely, seldom tag
ретко rarely, seldom
retkost rarity tag
реткост rarity
retorika (uncountable) rhetoric Croatian
реторика (uncountable) rhetoric
revan keen, zealous, eager
реван keen, zealous, eager
revanš rematch
реванш rematch
revno eagerly, zealously
ревно eagerly, zealously
revnosno eagerly, zealously
ревносно eagerly, zealously
revnostan keen, zealous, eager
ревностан keen, zealous, eager
rez cut
рез cut
rezanac noodle
резанац noodle
rezati (transitive) to cut
резати (transitive) to cut
rezbar carver, engraver
резбар carver, engraver
rezbarija carving (carved piece, esp. of wood)
резбарија carving (carved piece, esp. of wood)
rezbariti (transitive) to carve (wood)
резбарити (transitive) to carve (wood)
rezbarski carving, engraving
резбарски carving, engraving
rezbarstvo (uncountable) wood carving (skill)
резбарство (uncountable) wood carving (skill)
rezultat result Croatian
резултат result
reći (ambitransitive) to say Croatian
рећи (ambitransitive) to say
reč word (unit of language) tag Serbian
реч word (unit of language) Serbian
rečca a short word tag Serbian
речца a short word
rečenica (grammar) sentence Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
реченица (grammar) sentence
rečenični sentential (grammar) Croatian
реченични sentential (grammar)
rečica small river, rivulet tag
речица small river, rivulet
rečni river, riverine, fluvial tag
речни river, riverine, fluvial
rečnik dictionary tag Serbian
речник dictionary Serbian
rešavati (transitive) to solve (problem, riddle, e ... tag
решавати (transitive) to solve (problem, riddle, e ...
rešenje solution tag Serbian
решење solution Serbian
rešetka lattice
решетка lattice
rešeto sieve Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
решето sieve Serbian
rešiti (transitive) to solve (problem, riddle, e ... tag Serbian
решити (transitive) to solve (problem, riddle, e ... Serbian
rešiv solvable (capable of being solved) tag
решив solvable (capable of being solved)
rešo stove, cooker
решо stove, cooker
režim regime, mode (mode of rule or management)
режим regime, mode (mode of rule or management)
riba fish (animal) Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
риба fish (animal) Serbian
ribar fisherman Croatian
рибар fisherman
ribarnica fishmonger
рибарница fishmonger
ribnjak fish pond Croatian
рибњак fish pond
ribolov fishing
риболов fishing
rigidan rigid, stubborn
ригидан rigid, stubborn
rijedak rare (very uncommon) tag Croatian
риједак rare (very uncommon)
rijeka river tag Bosnian,Croatian*
ријека a river
rijetko rarely, seldom tag Croatian
ријетко rarely, seldom
rijetkost rarity tag Croatian
ријеткост rarity
ријеч word (unit of language)
riječca a short word tag Croatian
ријечца a short word
riječni river, riverine, fluvial tag
ријечни river, riverine, fluvial
riješiti (transitive) to solve (problem, riddle, e ... tag Bosnian,Croatian
ријешити (transitive) to solve (problem, riddle, e ...
rika roar, roaring Croatian
рика roar, roaring
rimokatolik Roman Catholic
римокатолик Roman Catholic
rimokatolički Roman Catholic
римокатолички Roman Catholic
ris lynx Croatian
рис lynx
ritam rhythm
ритам rhythm
ritmičan rhythmical
ритмичан rhythmical
rival adverse, rival
ривал adverse, rival
ризик risk
rizičan risky, hazardous
ризичан risky, hazardous
rizično riskily, hazardously
ризично riskily, hazardously
riznica treasury
ризница treasury
ričnik (Chakavian, Ikavian) dictionary tag Croatian
riža rice Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рижа rice Serbian
rječica small river, rivulet tag
рјечица small river, rivulet
rječnik dictionary tag Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
рјечник dictionary
rješavati (transitive) to solve (problem, riddle, e ... tag Croatian
рјешавати (transitive) to solve (problem, riddle, e ...
rješenje solution tag Bosnian,Serbian
рјешење solution
rješiv solvable (capable of being solved) tag
рјешив solvable (capable of being solved)
rob slave Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
роб slave Serbian
roba merchandise, commodity Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
роба merchandise, commodity Serbian
rod gender Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
род gender Serbian
roda stork Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рода stork Serbian
rodbina (uncountable) relatives (collectively)
родбина (uncountable) relatives (collectively)
rodbinski pertaining to relatives
родбински pertaining to relatives
Rodezija Rhodesia
Родезија Rhodesia
roditelj parent Croatian
родитељ parent
roditeljski parental
родитељски parental
roditi (transitive) to bear (give birth to) Croatian
родити (transitive) to bear (give birth to)
rodni pertaining to birth
родни pertaining to birth
rodoljub patriot Croatian
родољуб patriot
rodoljublje patriotism Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
родољубље patriotism Serbian
rog horn Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рог horn Serbian
rogač carob
рогач carob
roj swarm Bosnian,Serbian
рој swarm Serbian
rok deadline Croatian
рок deadline
Rom Rom Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Ром Rom Serbian
roman novel (work of fiction) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
роман novel (work of fiction) Serbian
romanski Romance
романски Romance
Romkinja Rom (female)
Ромкиња Rom (female)
romski Romani, Gypsy
ромски Romani, Gypsy
rosa dew Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
роса dew Serbian
rođak relative, cousin Croatian
рођак relative, cousin
rođendan birthday Bosnian,Serbian
рођендан birthday Serbian
rođenje birth Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рођење birth Serbian
rt (geography) a cape, promontory, headland. Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
рт (geography) a cape, promontory, headland. Serbian*
Ruanda Rwanda Bosnian,Croatian
Руанда Rwanda
rub rim Croatian
руб rim
Rubikon Rubicon
Рубикон Rubicon
rublje (uncountable) linen, laundry
рубље (uncountable) linen, laundry
ruda ore, mineral Croatian
руда ore, mineral
rudar miner
рудар miner
rudarski of or pertaining to mining or miners
рударски of or pertaining to mining or miners
rudarstvo (uncountable) mining (industry) Croatian
рударство (uncountable) mining (industry)
rudača ore, mineral
рудача ore, mineral
rudnik mine (place from which ore is extracted) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рудник mine (place from which ore is extracted) Serbian
ruj sumac Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
руј sumac Serbian
ruka hand Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рука hand Serbian
rukav sleeve Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рукав sleeve Serbian
rukavica glove Croatian
рукавица glove
rukomet (uncountable) handball Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рукомет (uncountable) handball Serbian
rukopis handwriting Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рукопис handwriting Serbian
rumen rosy, ruddy, pink Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
румен rosy, ruddy, pink Serbian
rumunjski Romanian
румуњски Romanian
runda round (of drinks, or any other kind of circul ...
рунда round (of drinks, or any other kind of circul ...
runo fleece Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
руно fleece Serbian
rupa pit, hole Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
рупа pit, hole
ruralan rural
руралан rural
Rus Russian (male person)
Рус Russian (male person)
rusag (Chakavian) (archaic) state, country tag Croatian*
Rusija Russia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Русија Russia Serbian
rusinski Rusyn
русински Rusyn
ruski Russian Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
руски Russian Serbian
Ruskinja Russian (female person)
Рускиња Russian (female person)
ruter router
рутер router
rutina routine Croatian
рутина routine
rutinski routine
рутински routine
ručak lunch, usually the main meal of the day Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ручак lunch, usually the main meal of the day Serbian
ručetina (pejorative) coarse or big hand Croatian
ручетина (pejorative) coarse or big hand
ručica small handle of a vessel Croatian*
ручица small handle of a vessel
ručka handle, helve, haft Croatian
ручка handle, helve, haft
ručni manual (of or pertaining to hands, done or ca ... Croatian
ручни manual (of or pertaining to hands, done or ca ...
ručno manually
ручно manually
ruševan dilapidated, ramshackle (of a building)
рушеван dilapidated, ramshackle (of a building)
ruševina ruin, wreck, wreckage
рушевина ruin, wreck, wreckage
ruž lipstick Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
руж lipstick Serbian
ruža rose Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ружа rose Serbian
ružan ugly
ружан ugly
ružno badly, meanly, in an ugly manner
ружно badly, meanly, in an ugly manner
ružnoća (uncountable) ugliness
ружноћа (uncountable) ugliness