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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
s (with instrumental) with, together with, ... Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
sa (alternative form of, s) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
са (alternative form of, c) Serbian
sabah (Bosnian, regional Croatian and Serbian) ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
сабах (Bosnian, regional Croatian and Serbian) ... tag Serbian
sabat Sabbath Bosnian,Serbian
сабат Sabbath Serbian
sabijati (transitive) to compress, condense (reduc ...
сабијати (transitive) to compress, condense (reduc ...
sabirati (transitive, reflexive) to gather, collect
сабирати (transitive, reflexive) to gather, collect
sabiti (transitive) to compress, condense (reduc ...
сабити (transitive) to compress, condense (reduc ...
sablast ghost Croatian
сабласт ghost
sablja sabre / saber Bosnian,Serbian
сабља sabre / saber Serbian
сабор assembly
sabotirati (transitive) to sabotage
саботирати (transitive) to sabotage
sabrati (transitive, reflexive) to gather, collect Croatian
сабрати (transitive, reflexive) to gather, collect
sad now Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
сад now Serbian*
sada now
сада now
sadašnji actual, current, being, present
садашњи actual, current, being, present
sadašnjost nowness (the property of being now) Croatian
садашњост nowness (the property of being now)
saditi (transitive) to plant
садити (transitive) to plant
sadržaj content Croatian
садржај content
sadržajan informative (of a work, e.g. book)
садржајан informative (of a work, e.g. book)
sadržajno informatively
садржајно informatively
sadržati (transitive) to contain, hold
садржати (transitive) to contain, hold
sadržavati (transitive) to contain, hold Croatian
садржавати (transitive) to contain, hold
sadržina content, contents
садржина content, contents
safir sapphire
сафир sapphire
sag carpet, rug Croatian
саг carpet, rug
saga saga
сага sagasaga
sagraditi (transitive) to build, construct
саградити (transitive) to build, construct
sagrađivati (transitive) to build, construct
саграђивати (transitive) to build, construct
sahrana burial, funeral Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сахрана burial, funeral Serbian
sahraniti (transitive) to bury (corpse)
сахранити (transitive) to bury (corpse)
sahranjivati (transitive) to bury (corpse)
сахрањивати (transitive) to bury (corpse)
sajam fair, exhibition Croatian
сајам fair, exhibition
sajt site (a website)
сајт site (a website)
sakriti (transitive, reflexive) to hide, conceal Croatian
сакрити (transitive, reflexive) to hide, conceal
sakrivati (transitive, reflexive) to hide, conceal Croatian
сакривати (transitive, reflexive) to hide, conceal
салама salami
salata salad Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
salo lard Croatian
сало lard
Salvador El Salvador (country in Central America)
Салвадор El Salvador (country in Central America)
salvadorski Salvadoran, Salvadorian
салвадорски Salvadoran, Salvadorian
sam alone, sole Croatian
сам alone, sole
samo preko mene mrtvog (idiomatic) over my dead body
само преко мене мртвог (idiomatic) over my dead body
samo only, not more than, nothing else Croatian
само only, not more than, nothing else
samoanski Samoan
самоански Samoan
samoglasnik vowel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
самогласник vowel
samokritika self-criticism
самокритика self-criticism
samokritičan self-critical
самокритичан self-critical
samokritički self-critically
самокритички self-critically
samopouzdan self-confident Croatian
самопоуздан self-confident
samostalan independent, autonomous, ungoverned Croatian
самосталан independent, autonomous, ungoverned
samostalno independently, autonomously
самостално independently, autonomously
samotan solitary, lonely
самотан solitary, lonely
samotnik loner
самотник loner
samotno lonely, in seclusion
самотно lonely, in seclusion
samovati (intransitive) to be lonely
самовати (intransitive) to be lonely
samoća loneliness Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
самоћа loneliness Serbian
samsara (uncountable) samsara
самсара (uncountable) samsara
san dream Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
сан dream Serbian
санација sanation, recovery, rehabilitation (repairing ...
sandala sandal Bosnian,Serbian
сандала sandal Serbian
sanduk box Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сандук box Serbian
sangvinik sanguine person
сангвиник sanguine person
sanjalac dreamer, daydreamer
сањалац dreamer, daydreamer
sanjar dreamer
сањар dreamer
sanjariti (intransitive) to daydream
сањарити (intransitive) to daydream
sanjati (ambitransitive) to dream Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сањати (ambitransitive) to dream Serbian*
sanjiv sleepy
сањив sleepy
sanjivo sleepily
сањиво sleepily
sanjkati (reflexive) to sleigh, sled
сањкати (reflexive) to sleigh, sled
sanjke (plurale tantum) sledge Croatian
сањке (plurale tantum) sledge
санкција sanction
sanskrtski Sanskrit (of or pertaining to)
санскртски Sanskrit (of or pertaining to)
saobraćaj (uncountable) communication
саобраћај (uncountable) communication
saonice (plurale tantum) sledge Croatian
саонице (plurale tantum) sledge
sapeti (transitive) to tie, bind, fetter
сапети (transitive) to tie, bind, fetter
sapinjati (transitive) to tie, bind, fetter
сапињати (transitive) to tie, bind, fetter
sapirati (transitive) to wash away, wash off
сапирати (transitive) to wash away, wash off
saprati (transitive) to wash away, wash off
сапрати (transitive) to wash away, wash off
sapun soap Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сапун soap Serbian
sapunast soapy
сапунаст soapy
sapunica lather Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сапуница lather Serbian
saradnja (Bosnian, Serbian) collaboration tag Bosnian,Serbian
сарадња (Bosnian, Serbian) collaboration tag
saraj seraglio
сарај seraglio
Sarajevo Sarajevo (city) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Сарајево Sarajevo (city) Serbian
sarajevski Sarajevan
сарајевски Sarajevan
Sarajka Sarajevan (female)
Сарајка Sarajevan (female)
Sarajlija Sarajevan
Сарајлија Sarajevan
sarkazam sarcasm
сарказам sarcasm
sastajati (reflexive) to meet
састајати (reflexive) to meet
sastanak tryst Croatian
састанак tryst
sastati (reflexive) to meet
састати (reflexive) to meet
састав composition, ingredients
sastaviti (transitive) to put together, combine, co ... Croatian
саставити (transitive) to put together, combine, co ...
sastavljati (transitive) to put together, combine, co ...
састављати (transitive) to put together, combine, co ...
sastavni connecting, conjunctional
саставни connecting, conjunctional
sastojati (reflexive) to consist of, be made of (+g ...
састојати (reflexive) to consist of, be made of (+g ...
sasvim completely Croatian
сасвим completely
sat clock Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сат clock Serbian
satelit satellite
сателит satellite
satirati (transitive) to crush
сатирати (transitive) to crush
satiričan satirical
сатиричан satirical
satiričar satirist
сатиричар satirist
satirički satirical
сатирички satirical
satirično satirically
сатирично satirically
сатница hourly wage
satnik (military, Croatian) captain (rank) tag Croatian
satrap satrap
сатрап satrap
satrapija satrapy
сатрапија satrapy
satrti (transitive) to crush
сатрти (transitive) to crush
Saturn Saturn (planet, Roman god) Bosnian,Serbian
Сатурн Saturn (planet, Roman god) Serbian
Saudijska Arabija Saudi Arabia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Саудијска Арабија Saudi Arabia Serbian
saudijski Saudi
саудијски Saudi
sav all, complete, whole Croatian
сав all, complete, whole
Sava (uncountable) Sava
Сава (uncountable) Sava
savana savanna Croatian
савана savanna
savesno conscientiously tag
савесно conscientiously
savest conscience tag
савест conscience
savestan conscientious tag
савестан conscientious
savet council tag
савет council
savetnik counselor tag
саветник counselor
savetodavac adviser tag
саветодавац adviser
savetodavan advisory tag
саветодаван advisory
savetovanje counseling tag
саветовање counseling
savetovati (transitive) to advise tag
саветовати (transitive) to advise
savez alliance, union Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
савез alliance, union Serbian
savezni federal, allied, confederate Croatian
савезни federal, allied, confederate
saveznica ally
савезница ally
савезник ally
савезнички allied
савезништво alliance
savijati (transitive, reflexive) to bend Croatian
савијати (transitive, reflexive) to bend
savinuti Alternative form of (saviti, sàviti). Croatian
савинути Alternative form of (савити, са̀вити).
saviti (transitive, reflexive) to bend Croatian
савити (transitive, reflexive) to bend
savitljiv pliant, pliable, supple
савитљив pliant, pliable, supple
savitljivost (uncountable) pliancy, suppleness
савитљивост (uncountable) pliancy, suppleness
savjesno conscientiously tag
савјесно conscientiously
savjest conscience tag Croatian
савјест conscience
savjestan conscientious tag
савјестан conscientious
savjet council tag Croatian
савјет council
savjetnik counselor tag
савјетник counselor
savjetodavac adviser tag
савјетодавац adviser
savjetodavan advisory tag
савјетодаван advisory
savjetovanje counseling tag
савјетовање counseling
savjetovati (transitive) to advise tag
савјетовати (transitive) to advise
savladati (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
савладати (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
savladavati (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
савладавати (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
savladiv surmountable, vincible, defeatable
савладив surmountable, vincible, defeatable
savlađivati (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
савлађивати (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
savršen perfect, faultless
савршен perfect, faultless
savršeno perfectly (in a perfect manner)
савршено perfectly (in a perfect manner)
savski of or pertaining to river Sava
савски of or pertaining to river Sava
sazivati (transitive) to convoke, convene
сазивати (transitive) to convoke, convene
saznati (intransitive) to find out, come to know
сазнати (intransitive) to find out, come to know
sazreti (intransitive) to ripen
сазрети (intransitive) to ripen
sazrevati (intransitive) to ripen tag
сазревати (intransitive) to ripen
sazrijevati (intransitive) to ripen tag
сазријевати (intransitive) to ripen
sazvati (transitive) to convoke, convene
сазвати (transitive) to convoke, convene
sačekati (transitive) to wait for
сачекати (transitive) to wait for
sačiniti (transitive) to constitute, make up
сачинити (transitive) to constitute, make up
sačinjavati (transitive) to constitute, make up
сачињавати (transitive) to constitute, make up
сачма buckshot
сачмара shotgun
Saša (given name, male); pet form of Aleksandar Bosnian,Serbian
sašiti (transitive) to sew, stitch
сашити (transitive) to sew, stitch
sažetak summary, abstract (of a longer text or speech) Croatian
сажетак summary, abstract (of a longer text or speech)
sažeti (transitive) to summarize, abridge Croatian
сажети (transitive) to summarize, abridge
sažeto concisely
сажето concisely
sažetost (uncountable) conciseness
сажетост (uncountable) conciseness
sažimati (transitive) to summarize, abridge Croatian
сажимати (transitive) to summarize, abridge
scena scene (in all senses)
сцена scene (in all senses)
scenarij scenario, screenplay
сценариј scenario, screenplay
scenograf scenographer
сценограф scenographer
se oneself (clitic form of reflexive pronoun) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
се oneself (clitic form of reflexive pronoun) Serbian*
seansa séance, session
сеанса séance, session
sebe oneself (reflexive pronoun) Bosnian*,Croatian,Serbian*
себе oneself (reflexive pronoun) Serbian*
sebi to oneself (dative of (sebe, sȅbe, oneself)
себи to oneself (dative of (себе, се̏бе, oneself)
sebičan selfish
себичан selfish
sebičnjak a selfish person; egoist
себичњак a selfish person; egoist
sebično selfishly
себично selfishly
sebičnost (uncountable) selfishness
себичност (uncountable) selfishness
secirati (transitive) to dissect
сецирати (transitive) to dissect
sed grey (usually of hair) tag Croatian
сед grey (usually of hair)
sedam (cardinal) seven (7) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
седам (cardinal) seven (7) Serbian*
sedamdeset (cardinal) seventy Croatian
седамдесет (cardinal) seventy
sedamnaest (cardinal) seventeen
седамнаест (cardinal) seventeen
sedati (intransitive) to sit down tag
седати (intransitive) to sit down
sedativ sedative
седатив sedative
sedef nacre Bosnian,Serbian
седеф nacre Serbian
sedeti (intransitive) to sit tag
седети (intransitive) to sit
sediment sediment
седимент sediment
sedište seat tag
седиште seat
sedlast saddle-shaped
седласт saddle-shaped
sedlo saddle Croatian
седло saddle
sedmerac heptameter
седмерац heptameter
sedmica week tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
sedmina one seventh
седмина one seventh
sedmodnevni lasting seven days
седмодневни lasting seven days
sedmorica (collectively) seven men Croatian
седморица (collectively) seven men
sef safe, strongbox Croatian
сеф safe, strongbox
segment segment
сегмент segment
segnuti ... Croatian
сегнути ...
segregacija segregation
сегрегација segregation
seizmički seismic
сеизмички seismic
seizmograf seismograph
сеизмограф seismograph
seizmološki seismologic
сеизмолошки seismologic
sejati (ambitransitive) to sow tag
сејати (ambitransitive) to sow
Sejšeli Seychelles Croatian
Сејшели Seychelles
sejšelski Seychellois
сејшелски Seychellois
sekcija section
секција section
sekira axe tag Serbian
секира axe Serbian
sekirati (transitive, reflexive) to upset, worry
секирати (transitive, reflexive) to upset, worry
sekirica hatchet, a small axe tag Serbian
секирица hatchet, a small axe Serbian
sekretar secretary tag
секретар secretary tag
sekretarijat secretariat
секретаријат secretariat
seks (uncountable) sex (sexual intercourse) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
секс (uncountable) sex (sexual intercourse) Serbian
seksepil sex appeal Croatian
сексепил sex appeal
seksipil sex appeal Croatian
сексипил sex appeal
seksualan sexual
сексуалан sexual
seksualna orijentacija sexual orientation
сексуална оријентација sexual orientation
seksualnost sexuality
сексуалност sexuality
sekta sect Croatian
секта sect
sektaš sectarian (member of a sect)
секташ sectarian (member of a sect)
sektaški sectarian
секташки sectarian
sektor sector
сектор sector
sekularan secular
секуларан secular
sekunda second (unit of time) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
секунда second (unit of time) Serbian
sekundaran secondary
секундаран secondary
selekcija selection
селекција selection
selektivan selective
селективан selective
selektivno selectively
селективно selectively
selektor selector
селектор selector
selendra (pejorative) village
селендра (pejorative) village
selica migratory bird (usually following {{i|ptica|p ...
селица migratory bird (usually following {{i|птица|п ...
selidba move, moving (changing one's residence) Croatian
селидба move, moving (changing one's residence)
seliti (intransitive, reflexive) to migrate Croatian
селити (intransitive, reflexive) to migrate
seljak peasant, farmer Croatian
сељак peasant, farmer
seljanin villager
сељанин villager
seljanka peasant woman Croatian
сељанка peasant woman
seljačina (pejorative) farmer; peasant; village dwe ...
сељачина (pejorative) farmer; peasant; village dwe ...
seljački peasant, rustic Croatian
сељачки peasant, rustic
seljaštvo (collectively) peasantry Croatian
сељаштво (collectively) peasantry
Selma (given name, female) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Селма (given name, female) Serbian
selo a village Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
semafor semaphore Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
семафор semaphore Serbian
semantički semantic
семантички semantic
seme seed tag Croatian,Serbian
семе seed Serbian
semenka seed tag
семенка seed
semestar semester
семестар semester
seminar seminar
семинар seminar
semiotika (uncountable) semiotics Bosnian,Croatian
семиотика (uncountable) semiotics
Semit Semite
Семит Semite
semitski Semitic
семитски Semitic
senat senate
сенат senate
sendvič sandwich Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сендвич sandwich Serbian
Senegal Senegal (country, river) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Сенегал Senegal (country, river) Serbian
senf (uncountable) mustard (condiment) Bosnian,Serbian
сенф (uncountable) mustard (condiment) Serbian
senica tit (bird) tag Serbian
сеница tit (small passerine bird) Serbian
senilan senile
сенилан senile
senilnost (uncountable) senility
сенилност (uncountable) senility
seno hay tag Croatian,Serbian
сено hay Serbian
sentimentalan sentimental
сентименталан sentimental
sentimentalno sentimentally
сентиментално sentimentally
sentimentalnost (uncountable) sentimentality
сентименталност (uncountable) sentimentality
senzacija sensation
сензација sensation
senzacionalan sensational
сензационалан sensational
senzacionalno sensationally
сензационално sensationally
senzualan sensual Croatian
сензуалан sensual
seoba migration Croatian
сеоба migration
seoce a small village Croatian
сеоце a small village
seoski rural, village, country
сеоски rural, village, country
separacija separation
сепарација separation
separatan separate
сепаратан separate
separirati (transitive) to separate, isolate
сепарирати (transitive) to separate, isolate
sepsa sepsis
сепса sepsis
septičan septic Croatian
септичан septic
septički septic
септички septic
serija series (television or radio program) Croatian
серија series (television or radio program)
serijski serial
серијски serial
seriozan serious
сериозан serious
seriozno seriously
сериозно seriously
serotonin (neurotransmitter) serotonin
серотонин serotonin
serum serum
серум serum
servilan servile
сервилан servile
servilno servilely
сервилно servilely
servis service Croatian
servisirati (transitive) to service
сервисирати (transitive) to service
sesti (intransitive) to sit down tag Croatian,Serbian
сести (intransitive) to sit down Serbian
сестра sister Serbian
sestrin sister's
сестрин sister's
сестрински sororal (of or pertaining to a sister)
sestrinstvo sisterhood Croatian
сестринство sisterhood
seta sorrow, melancholy tag
сета sorrow, melancholy
setiti (transitive) to remind tag
сетити (transitive) to remind
setva sowing, seeding tag
сетва sowing, seeding
sevdah love, lovesickness
севдах love, lovesickness
sever (uncountable) north tag Croatian,Serbian
север (uncountable) north Serbian
severni northern tag
северни northern
Severnjača North Star tag
Северњача North Star
severno north, northwards tag
северно north, northwards
severoistok (uncountable) Northeast tag
североисток (uncountable) Northeast
severoistočni northeast tag
североисточни northeast
severozapad (uncountable) northwest tag
северозапад (uncountable) northwest
severozapadni northwest tag
северозападни northwest
sezati ... Croatian
сезати ...
sezona season
сезона season
sećanje memory tag
сећање memory
sećati (reflexive) remember (to recall one's m ... tag
сећати (reflexive) remember (to recall one's m ...
seći (ambitransitive) to cut, chop, chip, hew tag Serbian
сећи (ambitransitive) to cut, chop, chip, hew Serbian
sfera sphere, ball, globe
sferičan spherical
сферичан spherical
shizofrenija schizophrenia
схизофренија schizophrenia
shodan appropriate, fitting
сходан appropriate, fitting
shodno appropriately, fittingly
сходно appropriately, fittingly
shodnost (uncountable) appropriateness
сходност (uncountable) appropriateness
shvatiti (ambitransitive) to understand, comprehen ... Croatian
схватити (ambitransitive) to understand, comprehen ...
shvaćati (ambitransitive) to understand, comprehen ... Croatian
схваћати (ambitransitive) to understand, comprehen ...
si to oneself (clitic dative singular of {{i|seb ...
си to oneself (clitic dative singular of {{i|себ ...
sicilijanski Sicilian
сицилијански Sicilian
sidro anchor Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сидро anchor
signal signal
сигнал signal
siguran sure Croatian
сигуран sure
sigurno certainly
сигурно certainly
sigurnost (uncountable) security Croatian
сигурност (uncountable) security
sijalica light bulb Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сијалица light bulb Serbian
sijalice (plural of, sijalica)
Sijam Siam
Сијам Siam
Sijamac Siamese (person)
Сијамац Siamese (person)
sijamski Siamese
сијамски Siamese
sijati (intransitive) to shine, emit light tag
сијати (intransitive) to shine, emit light
sijed grey (usually of hair) tag Bosnian,Croatian
сијед grey (usually of hair)
sijeno hay tag Bosnian,Croatian
сијено hay
sila force Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сила force Serbian
silan strong, powerful, mighty, vehement (of a pers ...
силан strong, powerful, mighty, vehement (of a pers ...
silazak descent (instance or act of descending) Croatian
силазак descent (instance or act of descending)
siledžija ruffian, bully, rowdy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
силеџија ruffian, bully, rowdy Serbian
silno powerfully, mightily
силно powerfully, mightily
silovanje rape, raping Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
силовање rape, raping Serbian
simbol symbol Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
симбол symbol Serbian
simetrija symmetry Croatian
симетрија symmetry
simpatija sympathy, favor
симпатија sympathy, favor
simpatizer sympathiser
симпатизер sympathiser
simpatizerka sympathiser
симпатизерка sympathiser
simpatičan attractive, engaging
симпатичан attractive, engaging
simpatično attractively, prepossessingly
симпатично attractively, prepossessingly
simpatičnost attractiveness, prepossessing
симпатичност attractiveness, prepossessing
sin son Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
sina (Chakavian, Ikavian) shadow; shade tag Croatian
sinca (Chakavian) (Ikavian, hypocoristic) sh ... tag Croatian*
sindikat syndicate (of workers)
синдикат syndicate (of workers)
sindrom syndrome
синдром syndrome
sindžir chain Bosnian,Serbian
синџир chain Serbian
Singapur Singapore Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Сингапур Singapore Serbian
singular singular Croatian
сингулар singular
sinhronija (Bosnian, Serbian) (linguistics) sync ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
синхронија (Bosnian, Serbian) (linguistics) sync ... tag
sinija low-lying round table
синија low-lying round table
sinkronija (Croatian) (linguistics) synchrony tag
sinonim synonym Croatian
синоним synonym
sinoniman synonymous
синониман synonymous
синонимија (semantics) synonymy
sinov son's
синов son's
sinoć last night or evening Croatian
синоћ last night or evening
синтагма syntagma
sintaksa syntax Croatian
синтакса syntax
sinteza synthesis Croatian
синтеза synthesis
sinžir chain Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
синжир chain Serbian
sir cheese Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сир cheese Serbian
Sirija Syria (country in the Middle East) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Сирија Syria (country in the Middle East) Serbian
Sirijac Syrian
Сиријац Syrian
sirijski Syrian
сиријски Syrian
siromah a poor man, beggar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сиромах a poor man, beggar Serbian
siromašan poor (with no possessions or money) Croatian
сиромашан poor (with no possessions or money)
siromaštvo poverty Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
сиромаштво poverty Serbian
sirot orphaned
сирот orphaned
sirota orphan Bosnian,Serbian
сирота orphan Serbian
sirotinja poverty (state of being poor) Croatian
сиротиња poverty (state of being poor)
sirotište orphanage Croatian
сиротиште orphanage
sirovina raw material Bosnian,Serbian
сировина raw material Serbian
siroče orphan Croatian
сироче orphan
sisa woman's breast
сиса woman's breast (italbrac, somewhat vulgar)
sistem system Bosnian,Croatian
систем system
sistematičan systematic
систематичан systematic
sistematično systematically
систематично systematically
sit sated, full Croatian
сит sated, full
sitan tiny, small
ситан tiny, small
sitnica small or trivial thing (of size, value, impor ...
ситница small or trivial thing (of size, value, impor ...
sitniti (transitive) to chop or split fine; to mince
ситнити (transitive) to chop or split fine; to mince
sitničar nitpick, stickler
ситничар nitpick, stickler
sitničav pedantic, paltry, hairsplitting
ситничав pedantic, paltry, hairsplitting
sitničavo pedantically
ситничаво pedantically
sitno in tiny pieces or steps
ситно in tiny pieces or steps
sito sieve Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сито sieve Serbian
situacija situation
ситуација situation
situacijski situational
ситуацијски situational
siv grey (of grey colour) Croatian
сив grey (of grey colour)
sjaj glow, radiance, shine, luster
сјај glow, radiance, shine, luster
sjajan radiant, brilliant, shining
сјајан radiant, brilliant, shining
sjedati (intransitive) to sit down tag Croatian
сједати (intransitive) to sit down
sjediti (intransitive) to sit tag Croatian
сједити (intransitive) to sit
sjedište seat tag
сједиште seat
sjedjeti Alternative infinitive of (sjediti, sjèditi). Croatian
сједјети Alternative infinitive of (сједити, сјѐдити).
sjekira axe tag Bosnian,Croatian
сјекира axe
sjekirica hatchet, a small axe tag Bosnian,Croatian
сјекирица hatchet, a small axe
sjeme seed tag Bosnian,Croatian
сјеме seed
sjemenka seed tag
сјеменка seed
sjenica tit (bird) tag Bosnian,Croatian
сјеница tit (bird)
sjesti (intransitive) to sit down tag Bosnian,Croatian
сјести (intransitive) to sit down
sjeta sorrow, melancholy tag
сјета sorrow, melancholy
sjetiti (transitive) to remind tag Croatian
сјетити (transitive) to remind
sjetva sowing, seeding tag
сјетва sowing, seeding
sjever (uncountable) north tag Bosnian,Croatian
сјевер (uncountable) north
sjeverni northern tag Croatian
сјеверни northern
Sjevernjača North Star tag
Сјеверњача North Star
sjeverno north, northwards tag
сјеверно north, northwards
sjeveroistok (uncountable) Northeast tag Croatian
сјевероисток (uncountable) Northeast
sjeveroistočni northeast tag
сјевероисточни northeast
sjeverozapad (uncountable) northwest tag Croatian
сјеверозапад (uncountable) northwest
sjeverozapadni northwest tag
сјеверозападни northwest
sjećanje memory tag Croatian*
сјећање memory
sjećati (reflexive) remember (to recall one's m ... tag Croatian*
сјећати (reflexive) remember (to recall one's m ...
sjeći (ambitransitive) to cut, chop, chip, hew tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сјећи (ambitransitive) to cut, chop, chip, hew
sjutra (regional) tomorrow
skakati (intransitive) to jump, leap Croatian
скакати (intransitive) to jump, leap
skakavac grasshopper Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
скакавац grasshopper Serbian
skald skald
skandal scandal Croatian
скандал scandal
skandalizirati (transitive, reflexive) to scandalize tag
скандализирати (transitive, reflexive) to scandalize tag
skandalozan scandalous, shocking
скандалозан scandalous, shocking
skandalozno scandalously, shockingly
скандалозно scandalously, shockingly
Skandinavac Scandinavian
Скандинавац Scandinavian
Skandinavija Scandinavia
Скандинавија Scandinavia
skandinavski Scandinavian
скандинавски Scandinavian
skanjivati (reflexive) to hesitate, be indecisive, n ...
скањивати (reflexive) to hesitate, be indecisive, n ...
skaredan vulgar (of words, expression or behavior)
скаредан vulgar (of words, expression or behavior)
skelet (anatomy) skeleton
скелет (anatomy) skeleton
skica sketch (quick drawing or a preliminary work) Croatian
скица sketch (quick drawing or a preliminary work)
skicirati (ambitransitive) to sketch
скицирати (ambitransitive) to sketch
skidati (transitive) to take down, take off
скидати (transitive) to take down, take off
skijaški skiing, ski-
скијашки skiing, ski-
skinuti (transitive) to take down, take off
скинути (transitive) to take down, take off
skitati (intransitive) to wander around, roam
скитати (intransitive) to wander around, roam
skitnica wanderer
скитница wanderer
sklon to be favorable towards (+dative)
склон to be favorable towards (+dative)
склониште shelter
sklonost inclination, affinity, propensity (+ dative)
склоност inclination, affinity, propensity (+ dative)
sklop framework, complex
склоп framework, complex
skok jump Croatian
скок jump
skoro soon (= (uskoro, ȕskoro)) Croatian
скоро soon (= (ускоро, у̏скоро))
skot litter (animal young)
скот litter (animal young)
skočimiš gerbil Croatian
скочимиш gerbil
skočiti (intransitive) to jump, leap Croatian
скочити (intransitive) to jump, leap
skratiti (transitive) to shorten, make shorter
скратити (transitive) to shorten, make shorter
skraćivati (transitive) to shorten, make shorter
скраћивати (transitive) to shorten, make shorter
skriven clandestine (done or kept in secret) Croatian
скривен clandestine (done or kept in secret)
skroman humble, modest Croatian
скроман humble, modest
skromno humbly, modestly Croatian
скромно humbly, modestly
skromnost (uncountable) modesty, humbleness Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
скромност (uncountable) modesty, humbleness Serbian
skup expensive Croatian
скуп expensive
skupina group (animate or inanimate) Croatian*
скупина group (animate or inanimate)
skupiti (transitive) to gather, collect, assemble Croatian
скупити (transitive) to gather, collect, assemble
skupljati (transitive) to gather, collect, assemble Croatian
скупљати (transitive) to gather, collect, assemble
skupnik (military, army, Croatian) lance corporal tag Croatian
skupocen valuable, costly tag
скупоцен valuable, costly
skupocjen valuable, costly tag
скупоцјен valuable, costly
skupoća costliness, expensiveness
скупоћа costliness, expensiveness
skupština parliament, assembly
скупштина parliament, assembly
skuša mackerel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
скуша mackerel Serbian
slab weak Croatian
слаб weak
slabašan weak (of physical constitution, esp. of child ... Croatian
слабашан weak (of physical constitution, esp. of child ...
slabić weakling
слабић weakling
slabom kurcu i dlaka smeta "a weak dick is bothered even by pubic hair" ...
слабом курцу и длака смета "a weak dick is bothered even by pubic hair" ...
slabouman feeble-minded
слабоуман feeble-minded
slad malt Croatian
слад malt
sladak sweet (having a pleasant taste) Croatian
сладак sweet (having a pleasant taste)
sladoled ice cream Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сладолед ice cream Serbian
slaganje accordance, agreement, concord
слагање accordance, agreement, concord
slagati (ambitransitive) to pile, stack, heap
слагати (ambitransitive) to pile, stack, heap
slama (uncountable) straw Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
слама (uncountable) straw Serbian
slamarica straw-mattress, palliasse
сламарица straw-mattress, palliasse
slamati (transitive, reflexive) to break, crack Croatian
сламати (transitive, reflexive) to break, crack
slamka drinking straw
сламка drinking straw
slamnica straw-mattress, palliasse
сламница straw-mattress, palliasse
slamnjača straw-mattress, palliasse
сламњача straw-mattress, palliasse
slana hoar-frost, white-frost Croatian
слана hoar-frost, white-frost
slanica salt-cellar, salting-tub
сланица salt-cellar, salting-tub
slanik salt-cellar, salting-tub
сланик salt-cellar, salting-tub
slanina bacon Croatian
сланина bacon
слап waterfall Serbian
slast sweetness, delight Croatian
сласт sweetness, delight
slastičar confectioner Croatian
slastičarna (Croatian) pastry shop tag Croatian
сластичарна (Croatian) pastry shop tag
slastičarnica (Croatian) pastry shop tag
сластичарница (Croatian) pastry shop tag
slati (ambitransitive) to send Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
слати (ambitransitive) to send Serbian
slatina salt-spring
слатина salt-spring
slatkiš confectionery (candy, cake etc.)
слаткиш confectionery (candy, cake etc.)
slatko dessert Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
слатко dessert Serbian
slatkorečiv glib, smooth-spoken tag
слаткоречив glib, smooth-spoken
slatkorečivo glibly tag
слаткоречиво glibly
slatkorječiv glib, smooth-spoken tag
слаткорјечив glib, smooth-spoken
slatkorječivo glibly tag
слаткорјечиво glibly
slava glory Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
слава Serbian
slavan famous Croatian
славан famous
slavenski (Bosnian, Croatian) Slavic tag
славенски (Bosnian, Croatian) Slavic tag
slaviti (ambitransitive) to celebrate, glorify Croatian
славити (ambitransitive) to celebrate, glorify
slavoluk triumphal arch
славолук triumphal arch
Slavonac inhabitant of Slavonia
Славонац inhabitant of Slavonia
Slavonija Slavonia
Славонија Slavonia
slavonski of or pertaining to Slavonia
славонски of or pertaining to Slavonia
slavuj nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) or th ...
славуј nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) or th ...
sled sequence tag
след sequence
sledbenik successor tag
следбеник successor
sledeći next, following tag
следећи next, following
slediti (transitive) to follow tag
следити (transitive) to follow
slednik successor tag
следник successor
sleng slang Croatian
сленг slang
slep blind tag
слеп blind
slepac blind man tag
слепац blind man
slepilo blindness tag
слепило blindness
slepoća blindness tag
слепоћа blindness
slezena (Bosnian, Croatian) spleen tag Croatian
слезена (Bosnian, Croatian) spleen tag
slezina (Serbian) spleen tag Serbian
слезина (Serbian) spleen tag
sleđ herring Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
слеђ herring Serbian
sleđivati (reflexive) to freeze (turn to ice)
слеђивати (reflexive) to freeze (turn to ice)
slijed sequence tag Croatian
слијед sequence
slijediti (transitive) to follow tag Croatian
слиједити (transitive) to follow
slijep blind tag Croatian
слијеп blind
slijepac blind man tag
слијепац blind man
slika picture, image Croatian
слика picture, image
slikanje painting
сликање painting
slikar painter (artist) Serbian Croatian
slina saliva (liquid secreted into the mouth) Croatian
слина saliva (liquid secreted into the mouth)
slitina alloy tag Croatian
слитина alloy tag
sliv basin (of a river)
слив basin (of a river)
sličan similar Croatian
сличан similar
slično similarly Croatian
слично similarly
sličnost similarity, resemblance
сличност similarity, resemblance
sljedbenik successor tag Croatian
сљедбеник successor
sljedeći next, following tag
сљедећи next, following
сљедник successor
sljepilo blindness tag Croatian
сљепило blindness
sljepoća blindness tag Croatian
сљепоћа blindness
sljubiti (transitive, reflexive) to join, place clo ...
сљубити (transitive, reflexive) to join, place clo ...
sljubljivati (transitive, reflexive) to join, place clo ...
сљубљивати (transitive, reflexive) to join, place clo ...
sloboda freedom Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
слобода freedom Serbian
slobodan free (not imprisoned) Croatian
слободан free (not imprisoned)
slobodica (diminutive, hypocoristic) freedom, liberty
слободица (diminutive, hypocoristic) freedom, liberty
slobodno freely
слободно freely
slobodoumlje liberalism, free thinking
слободоумље liberalism, free thinking
slobodoumnost liberalism, free thinking
слободоумност liberalism, free thinking
slog syllable Croatian
слог syllable
sloga unity, accord
слога unity, accord
sloj layer
слој layer
slojevit stratified (in layers)
слојевит stratified (in layers)
slom break, breakage
слом break, breakage
slomiti (transitive, reflexive) to break, crack Croatian
сломити (transitive, reflexive) to break, crack
slon elephant Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
слон elephant Serbian
slonov elephant's, belonging to an elephant
слонов elephant's, belonging to an elephant
Slovak A Slovak, Slovakian (male person) Croatian
Словак A Slovak, Slovakian (male person)
Slovakinja Slovak, Slovakian (female person) Croatian
Словакиња Slovak, Slovakian (female person)
Slovačka Slovakia Croatian
Словачка Slovakia
slovački Slovak Croatian
словачки Slovak
Sloven A man of Slavic origins Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Slovenac Slovene (a person) Croatian
Slovenija Slovenia Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Словенија Slovenia Serbian
slovenski (Serbian) Slavic tag
словенски (Serbian) Slavic tag
slovnik (archaic) dictionary
словник (archaic) dictionary
slovo letter (letter of the alphabet) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
слово letter (letter of the alphabet) Serbian
složen sophisticated, complex
сложен sophisticated, complex
složiti (ambitransitive) to pile, stack, heap
сложити (ambitransitive) to pile, stack, heap
složnost unity, accord (state of)
сложност unity, accord (state of)
sluga servant Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
слуга servant Serbian
sluh (uncountable) hearing (ability to hear)
слух (uncountable) hearing (ability to hear)
slutnja presentiment, premonition
слутња presentiment, premonition
sluz mucus Croatian
слуз mucus
slučaj case (one of several similar instances or eve ... Croatian
случај case (one of several similar instances or eve ...
slučajan random Croatian
случајан random
slučajno accidentally Bosnian,Serbian
случајно accidentally Serbian
slučajnost coincidence (the appearance of a meaningful c ...
случајност coincidence (the appearance of a meaningful c ...
slušalac hearer, listener
слушалац hearer, listener
slušatelj hearer, listener
слушатељ hearer, listener
slušati (ambitransitive) to listen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
слушати (ambitransitive) to listen Serbian
služavka servant Croatian
служавка servant
služba service Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
служба service Serbian
služben official Croatian
службен official
službenik employee Croatian
службеник employee
službeno officially
службено officially
služitelj servant
служитељ servant
služiti (transitive) to serve (guests, purpose etc.) Croatian
служити (transitive) to serve (guests, purpose etc.)
smagati (intransitive) to find, obtain (of time, ...
смагати (intransitive) to find, obtain (of time, ...
smak end, termination
смак end, termination
smanjenje decrease
смањење decrease
smanjiti (transitive) to reduce, lessen, make smal ...
смањити (transitive) to reduce, lessen, make smal ...
smanjivati (transitive) to reduce, lessen, make smal ...
смањивати (transitive) to reduce, lessen, make smal ...
smatrati (intransitive) to think, be of opinion
сматрати (intransitive) to think, be of opinion
smeh laughter tag Serbian
смех laughter Serbian
smejanje laughter, laugh tag
смејање laughter, laugh
smelost boldness, audacity tag
смелост boldness, audacity
smena shift (a set group of workers or period of wo ... tag
смена shift (a set group of workers or period of wo ...
smeniti (transitive) to change, replace, substitu ... tag
сменити (transitive) to change, replace, substitu ...
smenjivati (transitive) to change, replace, substitu ... tag
смењивати (transitive) to change, replace, substitu ...
smeo brave, bold, courageous tag
смео brave, bold, courageous
smeon brave, bold, courageous tag
смеон brave, bold, courageous
smer direction, course tag
смер direction, course
smernost humility, modesty tag
смерност humility, modesty
smesa mixture tag Serbian
смеса mixture Serbian
smesta at once, immediately, right away tag
сместа at once, immediately, right away
smestiti (transitive, reflexive) to put, place into ... tag
сместити (transitive, reflexive) to put, place into ...
smetati (ambitransitive) to disturb, bother (a pe ...
сметати (ambitransitive) to disturb, bother (a pe ...
smeti (intransitive) can, may, be allowed to tag
смети (intransitive) can, may, be allowed to
smetnja obstacle, hindrance Croatian
сметња obstacle, hindrance
smeđ brown Croatian
смеђ brown
smešak smile tag
смешак smile
smešan funny tag
смешан funny
smeštaj accommodation, housing tag
смештај accommodation, housing
smeštajni accomodation-, housing-, lodging- tag
смештајни accomodation-, housing-, lodging-
smeštati (transitive, reflexive) to put, place into ... tag
смештати (transitive, reflexive) to put, place into ...
smijanje laughter, laugh tag
смијање laughter, laugh
smijati (reflexive) to laugh Croatian
smijeh laughter tag Bosnian,Croatian
смијех laughter
smijeniti (transitive) to change, replace, substitu ... tag Croatian
смијенити (transitive) to change, replace, substitu ...
smiješak smile tag Croatian
смијешак smile
smiješan funny tag Croatian
смијешан funny
smio brave, bold, courageous tag
смио brave, bold, courageous
smion brave, bold, courageous tag Croatian
смион brave, bold, courageous
smiriti (transitive) to calm, soothe, pacify
смирити (transitive) to calm, soothe, pacify
smirivati (transitive) to calm, soothe, pacify
смиривати (transitive) to calm, soothe, pacify
smirna myrrh
смирна myrrh
smisao sense (meaning or reason) Croatian
смисао sense (meaning or reason)
smisliti (ambitransitive) to think out, devise (pl ...
смислити (ambitransitive) to think out, devise (pl ...
smišljati (ambitransitive) to think out, devise (pl ...
смишљати (ambitransitive) to think out, devise (pl ...
smjelost boldness, audacity tag
смјелост boldness, audacity
smjena shift (a set group of workers or period of wo ... tag
смјена shift (a set group of workers or period of wo ...
smjenjivati (transitive) to change, replace, substitu ... tag
смјењивати (transitive) to change, replace, substitu ...
smjer direction, course tag Croatian
смјер direction, course
smjernost humility, modesty tag
смјерност humility, modesty
smjesa mixture tag
смјеса mixture
smjesta at once, immediately, right away tag Croatian
смјеста at once, immediately, right away
smjestiti (transitive, reflexive) to put, place into ... tag
смјестити (transitive, reflexive) to put, place into ...
smjeti (intransitive) can, may, be allowed to tag Croatian
смјети (intransitive) can, may, be allowed to
smještaj accommodation, housing tag
смјештај accommodation, housing
smještajni accomodation-, housing-, lodging- tag
смјештајни accomodation-, housing-, lodging-
smještati (transitive, reflexive) to put, place into ... tag
смјештати (transitive, reflexive) to put, place into ...
smog smog
смог smog
smognuti Alternative infinitive of (smoći, smȍći).
смогнути Alternative infinitive of (смоћи, смо̏ћи).
smokva fig Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
смоква fig Serbian
smola resin (viscous liquid of plant origin)
смола resin (viscous liquid of plant origin)
smotati (transitive) to fold
смотати (transitive) to fold
smotka (archaic) cigarette
смотка (archaic) cigarette
smotra review, parade, festival (public display of w ...
смотра review, parade, festival (public display of w ...
smotrenost caution, prudence
смотреност caution, prudence
smotriti to catch sight of, to notice
смотрити to catch sight of, to notice
smoći (intransitive) to find, obtain (of time, ...
смоћи (intransitive) to find, obtain (of time, ...
smočiti (transitive, reflexive) to wet, moisten
смочити (transitive, reflexive) to wet, moisten
smrad stink (strong bad smell) Croatian
смрад stink (strong bad smell)
smrdeti (intransitive) to stink, smell (bad) tag
смрдети (intransitive) to stink, smell (bad)
smrdjeti (intransitive) to stink, smell (bad) tag
смрдјети (intransitive) to stink, smell (bad)
smrdljivac stinking person
смрдљивац stinking person
smrdljivica stinking person
смрдљивица stinking person
smreka spruce Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
смрека spruce Serbian
smrt death Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
смрт death Serbian
smrtnica mortal (female) Croatian
смртница mortal (female)
smrtnik mortal Croatian
смртник mortal
smrtnost mortality Croatian
смртност mortality
smuk Coronella (serpent genus)
смук Coronella (serpent genus)
smutnja trouble, intrigue, cabal
смутња trouble, intrigue, cabal
snaga strength Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
снага strength Serbian
snaha daughter-in-law (wife of someone's son) Croatian
снаха daughter-in-law (wife of someone's son)
snajper a long-range small arms for precise attacks
снајпер a long-range small arms for precise attacks
snebiti (reflexive) to excessively or falsely mar ... Croatian*
снебити (reflexive) to excessively or falsely mar ...
snebivati (reflexive) to excessively or falsely mar ... Croatian*
снебивати (reflexive) to excessively or falsely mar ...
sneg snow tag Croatian,Serbian
снег snow Serbian
snegovit snowy tag
снеговит snowy
snežan snowy (made of snow, covered with snow, full ... tag
снежан snowy (made of snow, covered with snow, full ...
sneženje snow-fall tag
снежење snow-fall
snežiti (intransitive) to snow tag
снежити (intransitive) to snow
snežnik snow-mountain tag
снежник snow-mountain
snig (Chakavian, Ikavian) snow tag Croatian*
snijeg snow tag Croatian*
снијег snow
sniježenje snow-fall tag
снијежење snow-fall
sniježiti (intransitive) to snow tag
снијежити (intransitive) to snow
snimak footage, recording
снимак footage, recording
snimati (transitive) to photograph
снимати (transitive) to photograph
snimiti (transitive) to photograph
снимити (transitive) to photograph
snimka footage, recording
снимка footage, recording
snishodljiv condescending
снисходљив condescending
snishodljivo condescendingly
снисходљиво condescendingly
snivati (ambitransitive) to dream
снивати (ambitransitive) to dream
sniziti (transitive) to lower (in height, also fi ...
снизити (transitive) to lower (in height, also fi ...
snizivati (transitive) to lower (in height, also fi ...
снизивати (transitive) to lower (in height, also fi ...
snižavati (transitive) to lower (in height, also fi ...
снижавати (transitive) to lower (in height, also fi ...
sniženje reduction (esp. of prices)
снижење reduction (esp. of prices)
snjegovit snowy tag
сњеговит snowy
snježan snowy (made of snow, covered with snow, full ... tag
сњежан snowy (made of snow, covered with snow, full ...
snježnik snow-mountain tag
сњежник snow-mountain
snop sheaf (bundle of grain or straw) Croatian
сноп sheaf (bundle of grain or straw)
snužden sad, mirthless, unhappy
снужден sad, mirthless, unhappy
so (Bosnian, Serbian) salt tag Bosnian,Serbian
со (Bosnian, Serbian) salt tag
soba room Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
соба room Serbian
sobar valet (hotel employee)
собар valet (hotel employee)
sobarica valet (hotel employee)
собарица valet (hotel employee)
sobica a small room
собица a small room
sobom (with) oneself (instrumental of {{i|sebe|sȅbe ...
собом (with) oneself (instrumental of {{i|себе|се̏б ...
socijalan social
социјалан social
socijalizam (uncountable) socialism Croatian
социјализам (uncountable) socialism
socijalno socially
социјално socially
soda soda (sodium carbonate)
сода soda (sodium carbonate)
sofa sofa
софа sofa
sok juice Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сок juice Serbian
sokak (Bosnian, regional Croatian, Serbian) alley tag Bosnian,Serbian
сокак (Bosnian, regional Croatian, Serbian) alley tag Serbian
soko (Bosnian, Serbian) falcon tag
соко (Bosnian, Serbian) falcon tag
sokol (Croatian) falcon tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сокол (Croatian) falcon tag Serbian
sol (Croatian) salt tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сол (Croatian) salt tag Serbian
solar bullary worker
солар bullary worker
solarni vetar (astronomy) solar wind tag
соларни ветар (astronomy) solar wind
solarni vjetar (astronomy) solar wind tag
соларни вјетар (astronomy) solar wind
soldat (archaic) soldier
солдат (archaic) soldier
soliti (transitive) to salt
солити (transitive) to salt
Solun Thessaloniki
Солун Thessaloniki Serbian
som catfish Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сом catfish Serbian
Somalija Somalia Croatian
Сомалија Somalia
sonar sonar
сонар sonar
sonda a probe (a device, or part of a device, use ...
сонда a probe (a device, or part of a device, use ...
соноризација (phonology) sonorization
sorta sort, kind
сорта sort, kind
sova owl Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сова owl Serbian
sočivo lens tag
сочиво lens tag
spadati (intransitive) to fall down Croatian
спадати (intransitive) to fall down
spajati (transitive) to connect, join Croatian
спајати (transitive) to connect, join
spaljivanje burning, combustion
спаљивање burning, combustion
spas (uncountable) salvation, redemption. Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
спас (uncountable) salvation, redemption. Serbian*
spasavati Alternative infinitive of {{i|spašavati|spašá ... Croatian
спасавати Alternative infinitive of {{i|спашавати|спаша ...
spasenje salvation, rescue
спасење salvation, rescue
spasilac rescuer, savior
спасилац rescuer, savior
spasilački rescuing, saving (pertaining to or consisting ...
спасилачки rescuing, saving (pertaining to or consisting ...
spasitelj savior (a person who rescues another from h ... Croatian
спаситељ savior (a person who rescues another from h ...
spasiti (transitive, reflexive) to save, salvage ( ... Croatian
спасити (transitive, reflexive) to save, salvage ( ...
spasti (intransitive) to fall down tag Croatian
спасти (intransitive) to fall down tag
spavanje sleep, repose
спавање sleep, repose
spavaonica bedroom (usually large one) Croatian
спаваоница bedroom (usually large one)
spavati (intransitive) to sleep Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
спавати (intransitive) to sleep Serbian
spavaćica nightgown Croatian
спаваћица nightgown
spavač sleeper Croatian
спавач sleeper
spavačica sleeper
спавачица sleeper
spaziti (ambitransitive) to notice, perceive, see
спазити (ambitransitive) to notice, perceive, see
spašavati (transitive, reflexive) to save, salvage ( ... Croatian
спашавати (transitive, reflexive) to save, salvage ( ...
specifikacija specification Serbian
спецификација specification
specifičan specific
специфичан specific
specifično specifically
специфично specifically
specijalan special
специјалан special
specijalno specially
специјално specially
spektakl spectacle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
спектакл spectacle Serbian
spektakularan spectacular
спектакуларан spectacular
spektakularno spectacularly
спектакуларно spectacularly
spektar spectrum
спектар spectrum
spekulacija speculation Croatian
спекулација speculation
spekulirati (Croatian) to speculate tag
спекулирати (Croatian) to speculate tag
sperma sperm
сперма sperm
spirati (transitive, reflexive) to wash away, wash ...
спирати (transitive, reflexive) to wash away, wash ...
spisak list tag
списак list tag
spisatelj writer Croatian
списатељ writer
spisateljica writer Croatian
списатељица writer
splav raft, float Croatian
сплав raft, float
spletka intrigue
сплетка intrigue
spletkar intriguer, schemer
сплеткар intriguer, schemer
Split Split (port city in Croatia) tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Сплит Split (port city in Croatia) tag Serbian
splitski of or pertaining to Split
сплитски of or pertaining to Split
Splićanin citizen of Split
Сплићанин citizen of Split
spoj junction, juncture (place where things join) Croatian
спој junction, juncture (place where things join)
spojen connected, joined
спојен connected, joined
spojiti (transitive) to connect, join Croatian
спојити (transitive) to connect, join
spojiv joinable, connectable, mergeable
спојив joinable, connectable, mergeable
spokoj (uncountable) calmness, tranquility, sere ...
спокој (uncountable) calmness, tranquility, sere ...
spokojan tranquil, serene, calm
спокојан tranquil, serene, calm
spokojno calmly, tranquilly, serenely
спокојно calmly, tranquilly, serenely
spokojstvo (uncountable) tranquillity, serenity
спокојство (uncountable) tranquillity, serenity
spol sex {{i|kind of an organism as determined by ... Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
спол sex {{i|kind of an organism as determined by ... Serbian
spomen remembrance, memory
спомен remembrance, memory
spomenik monument
споменик monument
spona (grammar) copular verb Croatian,Serbian
спона (grammar) copular verb
spor dispute, conflict Croatian*
спор dispute, conflict
sporadičan sporadic
спорадичан sporadic
sporadično sporadically
спорадично sporadically
sporan disputable, contestable
споран disputable, contestable
sporazum agreement Croatian
споразум agreement
sporazumeti (reflexive) to come to an agreement, come ... tag
споразумети (reflexive) to come to an agreement, come ...
sporazumevati (reflexive) to come to an agreement, come ... tag
споразумевати (reflexive) to come to an agreement, come ...
sporazumijevati (reflexive) to come to an agreement, come ... tag
споразумијевати (reflexive) to come to an agreement, come ...
sporazumjeti (reflexive) to come to an agreement, come ... tag
споразумјети (reflexive) to come to an agreement, come ...
sporedan secondary Croatian
споредан secondary
sposoban capable, fit for, able Croatian
способан capable, fit for, able
sposobnost ability Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
способност ability Serbian
spoznaja cognition, perception, insight, comprehension
спознаја cognition, perception, insight, comprehension
spoznati (transitive) to comprehend, conceive
спознати (transitive) to comprehend, conceive
spoznavati (transitive) to comprehend, conceive
спознавати (transitive) to comprehend, conceive
sprat floor, story/storey (level) Bosnian,Serbian
спрат floor, story/storey (level) Serbian
sprati (transitive, reflexive) to wash away, wash ...
спрати (transitive, reflexive) to wash away, wash ...
sprema qualification, training
спрема qualification, training
spreman ready, prepared Croatian
спреман ready, prepared
spremati (transitive, reflexive) to prepare
спремати (transitive, reflexive) to prepare
spremiti (transitive, reflexive) to prepare Croatian
спремити (transitive, reflexive) to prepare
spremno readily
спремно readily
spretan skillful, deft Croatian
спретан skillful, deft
sprovod funeral Croatian,Serbian
спровод funeral
sprud sand-bank
спруд sand-bank
spust descent (instance or act of descending) Croatian
spustiti (transitive) to lower, abase, take down Croatian
спустити (transitive) to lower, abase, take down
sputan shackled, bound, restrained
спутан shackled, bound, restrained
sputati (transitive) to bind, fetter, chain, tie Croatian
спутати (transitive) to bind, fetter, chain, tie
sputavati (transitive) to bind, fetter, chain, tie Croatian
спутавати (transitive) to bind, fetter, chain, tie
spuštati (transitive) to lower, abase, take down Croatian
спуштати (transitive) to lower, abase, take down
spužva sponge
спужва sponge
sram shame (uncomfortable or painful feeling) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
срам shame (uncomfortable or painful feeling) Serbian
sraman shameful, disgraceful
сраман shameful, disgraceful
sramežljivost shyness
срамежљивост shyness
sramiti (reflexive) to be shy
срамити (reflexive) to be shy
sramno shamefully, disgracefully
срамно shamefully, disgracefully
sramota shame (shameful act; deep sense of shame) Croatian
срамота shame (shameful act; deep sense of shame)
sramotan shameful, disgraceful
срамотан shameful, disgraceful
sramotiti (transitive, reflexive) to disgrace, bring ...
срамотити (transitive, reflexive) to disgrace, bring ...
sramotno shamefully, disgracefully
срамотно shamefully, disgracefully
sranje bullshit Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
срање bullshit Serbian
srati (vulgar) to defecate
срати (vulgar) to defecate
Srbija Serbia tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Србија Serbia tag Serbian*
Srbijanac a Serbian (either a citizen of Serbia, or an ... tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Србијанац a Serbian (either a citizen of Serbia, or an ... tag Serbian
Srbijanka a Serbian (either a citizen of Serbia, or an ... tag Croatian,Serbian
Србијанка a Serbian (either a citizen of Serbia, or an ... tag Serbian
Srbin A Serb*; a person of Serb ethnicity. Bosnian*,Croatian,Serbian*
Србин A Serb*; a person of Serb ethnicity. Serbian*
srce (anatomy) a heart Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
срце (anatomy) a heart Serbian
srdačan heartfelt, cordial Croatian
срдачан heartfelt, cordial
srdačno heartily, cordially, warmly Croatian
срдачно heartily, cordially, warmly
srdačnost cordiality, affection
срдачност cordiality, affection
srdašce (hypocoristic) heart Croatian*
срдашце (hypocoristic) heart
srditi (transitive, reflexive) to anger
срдити (transitive, reflexive) to anger
srditost anger, wrath
срдитост anger, wrath
srdobolja (archaic) dysentery
срдобоља (archaic) dysentery
srdžba wrath, anger
срџба wrath, anger
srebren silver
сребрен silver
srebrn silver
сребрн silver
srebro (uncountable) silver Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сребро (uncountable) silver Serbian
srebroljubac miser
среброљубац miser
sred (+genitive) in the middle of Croatian
сред (+genitive) in the middle of
sreda Wednesday tag Croatian,Serbian
среда Wednesday Serbian
sredina middle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
средина middle Serbian
središte center Croatian
средиште center
srednjak middle finger
средњак middle finger
srednji central (being in the centre) Croatian
средњи central (being in the centre)
srednjoškolac highschooler
средњошколац highschooler
Sredozemlje Mediterranean Sea Croatian
Средоземље Mediterranean Sea
sredozemni Mediterranean
средоземни Mediterranean
средство medium tag
sretan (Bosnian, Croatian) happy (enjoying peace ... tag Croatian
сретан (Bosnian, Croatian) happy (enjoying peace ... tag
sreća happiness tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
срећа happiness Serbian
srećan (Bosnian, Serbian) happy (enjoying peace, ... tag Bosnian,Serbian
срећан (Bosnian, Serbian) happy (enjoying peace, ... tag Serbian
srećka lottery ticket
срећка lottery ticket
srijeda Wednesday tag Bosnian,Croatian
сриједа Wednesday
srića (Chakavian, Ikavian) happiness; luck tag Croatian*
srk sip
срк sip
srljati (intransitive) to rush, plunge
срљати (intransitive) to rush, plunge
srna roe deer
срна roe deer
srndać roebuck
срндаћ roebuck
srnetina venison
срнетина venison
srnuti (intransitive) to rush, plunge
срнути (intransitive) to rush, plunge
srnče fawn
срнче fawn
srodan akin, kindred
сродан akin, kindred
srodnica relation (member of one's family)
сродница relation (member of one's family)
srodnik relation (member of one's family)
сродник relation (member of one's family)
srodnost relationship, kinship, affinity
сродност relationship, kinship, affinity
srodstvo relationship (connection or association)
сродство relationship (connection or association)
srp sickle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
срп sickle Serbian
Srpkinja a Serb (person of Serb ethnicity) Bosnian*,Croatian,Serbian*
Српкиња a Serb (person of Serb ethnicity) Serbian*
srpski Serbian tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
српски Serbian tag Serbian
srpskohrvatski Serbo-Croatian (pertaining to the Serbo-Croat ... Bosnian,Serbian
српскохрватски Serbo-Croatian (pertaining to the Serbo-Croat ... Serbian
SRS Srpska Radikalna Stranka - the Serbian Radica ... tag
srtati (intransitive) to rush, plunge
сртати (intransitive) to rush, plunge
srčan brave, courageous, bold
срчан brave, courageous, bold
srčano bravely, courageously, boldly
срчано bravely, courageously, boldly
srčanost courage, bravery
срчаност courage, bravery
srž essence Croatian
срж essence
stabilan stable
стабилан stable
stabilizacija stabilization
стабилизација stabilization
stabilno stably
стабилно stably
stabilnost stability
стабилност stability
stabljika stalk
стабљика stalk
stablo a tree trunk Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
стабло a tree trunk Serbian
stadion (sport) stadium Bosnian,Serbian
стадион (sport) stadium Serbian
stado flock (of domesticated animals like sheep and ... Croatian
стадо flock (of domesticated animals like sheep and ...
staja stable Croatian
стаја stable
stajati (intransitive) to stop Croatian*
стајати (intransitive) to stop
staklar glazier
стаклар glazier
staklara glass-works
стаклара glass-works
staklenica (archaic) glass bottle, decanter
стакленица (archaic) glass bottle, decanter
staklo glass (substance) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
стакло glass (substance) Serbian
stalan permanent
сталан permanent
staleški pertaining to or belonging to a class, status ...
сталешки pertaining to or belonging to a class, status ...
stalež class (social grouping, based on job, wealth, ...
сталеж class (social grouping, based on job, wealth, ...
stalno continuously (without interruption)
стално continuously (without interruption)
stalnost permanency, constancy
сталност permanency, constancy
стампедо stampede
stan flat, apartment Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
стан flat, apartment Serbian
stanica station Croatian
станица station
stanični cellular Croatian
станични cellular
стање condition, state
stanovati (intransitive) to live, reside, dwell Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
становати (intransitive) to live, reside, dwell Serbian
stanovište standpoint
становиште standpoint
stanovnica inhabitant
становница inhabitant
stanovnik inhabitant
становник inhabitant
stanovništvo population
становништво population
star old Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
стар old Serbian
starac old man Croatian
старац old man
staralac guardian, tutor
старалац guardian, tutor
staratelj guardian, tutor Croatian
старатељ guardian, tutor
starateljstvo guardianship, care
старатељство guardianship, care
starački of or pertaining to old people or age; senile
старачки of or pertaining to old people or age; senile
starenje growing old
старење growing old
starešina (expressively) chief, elder, head tag
старешина (expressively) chief, elder, head
starica old woman
старица old woman
starina antiquity (ancient times; relic of ancient ti ...
старина antiquity (ancient times; relic of ancient ti ...
starinar antiquary
старинар antiquary
starinski antique, ancient
старински antique, ancient
starješina (expressively) chief, elder, head tag Croatian
старјешина (expressively) chief, elder, head
staromodan old-fashioned
старомодан old-fashioned
staromodno in an old-fashioned way
старомодно in an old-fashioned way
starosedilac aborigine, native tag
староседилац aborigine, native
starosjedilac aborigine, native tag
старосједилац aborigine, native
staroslavenski (Bosnian, Croatian) Old Church Slavonic tag
старославенски (Bosnian, Croatian) Old Church Slavonic tag
staroslovenski (Serbian) Old Church Slavonic tag
старословенски (Serbian) Old Church Slavonic tag
starost age Croatian
старост age
starčev old man's
старчев old man's
starčić little old man
старчић little old man
stas stature, build (general physical appearance o ...
стас stature, build (general physical appearance o ...
stati Alternative infinitive of (stajati, stàjati) Croatian*
стати Alternative infinitive of (стајати, ста̀јати)
statika statics Croatian
статика statics
statistika statistics Croatian
статистика statistics
statističar statistician
статистичар statistician
statističarka statistician
статистичарка statistican
statistički statistical
статистички statistical
statičan static
статичан static
statički static (of or pertaining to statics)
статички static (of or pertaining to statics)
status status, rank
статус status, rank
statusni pertaining to status, rank
статусни pertaining to status, rank
stav attitude, position, stance
став attitude, position, stance
staviti to put, place (also figuratively) Croatian
ставити to put, place (also figuratively)
stavljati to put, place (also figuratively) Croatian
стављати to put, place (also figuratively)
staza path, way
стаза path, way
steg flag tag
стег flag
stena rock (naturally occurring aggregate of solid ... tag Serbian
стена rock (naturally occurring aggregate of solid ... Serbian
stenica bedbug tag
стеница bedbug
stenj wick tag
стењ wick
stepa steppe Croatian
степа steppe
stepen (geometry, physics, mathematics) degree tag Bosnian,Serbian
степен (geometry, physics, mathematics) degree tag Serbian
stepenica step, rest (of a stair, also figuratively)
степеница step, rest (of a stair, also figuratively)
stepski steppe (of or pertaining to) Croatian
степски steppe (of or pertaining to)
stid (uncountable) shame (uncomfortable or pai ... Croatian
стид (uncountable) shame (uncomfortable or pai ...
stidljiv shy, timid
стидљив shy, timid
stidljivo shyly, timidly
стидљиво shyly, timidly
stidljivost shyness
стидљивост shyness
stignuti (intransitive) to arrive, reach (to a des ... Croatian*
стигнути (intransitive) to arrive, reach (to a des ...
stih verse Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
стих verse Serbian
stijeg flag tag Croatian
стијег flag
stijena rock (naturally occurring aggregate of solid ... tag Bosnian,Croatian*
стијена rock (naturally occurring aggregate of solid ...
stijenj wick tag
стијењ wick
stil style Croatian
стил style
stilistika (uncountable) stylistics
стилистика (uncountable) stylistics
stilski stylistic
стилски stylistic
stina (Chakavian) (Ikavian) rock (naturally ... tag Croatian*
stizati (intransitive) to arrive, reach (to a des ... Croatian*
стизати (intransitive) to arrive, reach (to a des ...
stići Alternative infinitive of {{i|stignuti|stȉgnu ... Croatian
стићи Alternative infinitive of {{i|стигнути|сти̏гн ...
stišati (ambitransitive) to turn down (music, rad ...
стишати (ambitransitive) to turn down (music, rad ...
stišavati (ambitransitive) to turn down (music, rad ...
стишавати (ambitransitive) to turn down (music, rad ...
stjenica bedbug tag
стјеница bedbug
sto (cardinal) hundred Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сто (cardinal) hundred Serbian
stog stack (of hay, also in computing) Croatian,Serbian
стог stack (of hay, also in computing)
stoga therefore
стога therefore
stojećke standing, upright, erect Croatian
стојећке standing, upright, erect
stoka cattle
стока cattle
stol table Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
стол table Serbian
stolac chair
столац chair
stolar cabinetmaker Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
столар cabinetmaker Serbian
stoleće century (100 years) tag
столеће century (100 years)
stolica chair Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
столица chair Serbian
stolić a small table
столић a small table
stoljeće century (100 years) tag Croatian
стољеће century (100 years)
stolčić a small table
столчић a small table
stomak stomach tag Croatian
стомак stomach tag
stonoga centipede Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
стонога centipede Serbian
stopa foot (unit of measure)
стопа foot (unit of measure)
stopalo foot (part of human body) Croatian
стопало foot (part of human body)
stotina a group of one hundred (100) Bosnian,Serbian
стотина a group of one hundred (100) Serbian
stotinka hundredth
стотинка hundredth
stovarište warehouse, storehouse, repository
стовариште warehouse, storehouse, repository
stočar cattle breeder
сточар cattle breeder
stočarski cattle-breeding
сточарски cattle-breeding
stočarstvo cattle-breeding
сточарство cattle-breeding
stočić a small table
сточић a small table
stožer pivot
стожер pivot
stradalac sufferer, victim
страдалац sufferer, victim
strah fear Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
страх fear Serbian
strahopoštovanje (uncountable) awe
страхопоштовање (uncountable) awe
strahota horror, terror Croatian
страхота horror, terror
strahotan horrible, terrible, dreadful, fearful
страхотан horrible, terrible, dreadful, fearful
strahovit frightful, dreadful, horrible
страховит frightful, dreadful, horrible
stran foreign, alien Croatian
стран foreign, alien
strana side Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
страна side Serbian
stranac foreigner Croatian
странац foreigner
страница page Serbian
странка party (political group)
strankinja foreigner (female) Croatian
странкиња foreigner (female)
strast passion Croatian
страст passion
strategija strategy Croatian
стратегија strategy
strateški strategic
стратешки strategic
strašan dire Croatian
страшан dire
strašilo scarecrow
страшило scarecrow
strašiti (transitive) to frighten
страшити (transitive) to frighten
strašljivost cowardice, timidity
страшљивост cowardice, timidity
strašno terribly, awfully, horribly Croatian
страшно terribly, awfully, horribly
straža guard, watch (activity; persons)
стража guard, watch (activity; persons)
stražar sentry, guard
стражар sentry, guard
stražnjica butt
стражњица butt
strela arrow tag Serbian
стрела arrow Serbian
strelac archer, bowman tag
стрелац archer, bowman
strelica arrow tag Croatian
стрелица arrow tag
stremen stirrup
стремен stirrup
stric uncle Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
стриц uncle Serbian
strijela arrow tag Bosnian,Croatian
стријела arrow
strijelac archer, bowman tag
стријелац archer, bowman
strila (Chakavian, Ikavian) arrow tag Croatian*
strilica (Ikavian, Chakavian) arrow tag Croatian*
strina aunt (father's sister-in-law) Bosnian,Serbian
стрина aunt (father's sister-in-law) Serbian
strip comic (a cartoon story)
стрип comic (a cartoon story)
strizati (ambitransitive) to cut hair Croatian
стризати (ambitransitive) to cut hair
strići (ambitransitive) to cut hair Croatian
стрићи (ambitransitive) to cut hair
stričak thistle
стричак thistle
stričev uncle's Croatian
стричев uncle's
strmen steep slope
стрмен steep slope
strmoglavce headfirst, headlong, abruptly, precipitously Croatian
стрмоглавце headfirst, headlong, abruptly, precipitously
strmoglavo precipitously, hastily, abruptly
стрмоглаво precipitously, hastily, abruptly
strog strict, severe Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
строг strict, severe Serbian
strogo strictly
строго strictly
strogost strictness
строгост strictness
stroj machine, engine Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
строј machine, engine Serbian
strop A ceiling
строп ceiling
strpeti (reflexive) to be patient tag
стрпети (reflexive) to be patient
strpjeti (reflexive) to be patient tag
стрпјети (reflexive) to be patient
strpljenje (uncountable) patience Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
стрпљење (uncountable) patience Serbian
strpljiv patient Croatian
стрпљив patient
strpljivo patiently Croatian
стрпљиво patiently
strpljivost patience Croatian
стрпљивост patience
strugar sawyer, turner
стругар sawyer, turner
strugač scraper (one who scrapes)
стругач scraper (one who scrapes)
strugotina shavings
струготина shavings
struja electricity Bosnian,Serbian
струја electricity Serbian
struk waist
струк waist
структура structure
struna string (of a musical instrument)
струна string (of a musical instrument)
stručnjak expert Croatian
стручњак expert
strvina carrion (rotting carcass of an animal)
стрвина carrion (rotting carcass of an animal)
strvinar vulture
стрвинар vulture
stub pillar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
стуб pillar Serbian
stud (expressively) cold
студ (expressively) cold
студенац well (hole sunk into the ground)
student student (usually on a college) Croatian
студент student (usually on a college)
studij studying, studies (usually at a university)
студиј studying, studies (usually at a university)
studija study, paper (academic work)
студија study, paper (academic work)
studio studio (artist’s or photographer’s workshop) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
студио studio (artist’s or photographer’s workshop) Serbian
stup pillar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ступ pillar Serbian
stupa mortar (hollow vessel used to pound, crush, r ...
ступа mortar (hollow vessel used to pound, crush, r ...
stupanj degree Croatian
ступањ degree
stupati (intransitive) to step
ступати (intransitive) to step
stupiti (intransitive) to step
ступити (intransitive) to step
stupić small pillar or column
ступић small pillar or column
stvar thing Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ствар thing Serbian
stvaran real, actual Croatian
стваран real, actual
stvaranje creation
стварање creation
stvarati (transitive) to create Croatian
стварати (transitive) to create
stvarno really, truly
стварно really, truly
stvarnost reality Croatian
стварност reality
stvor being, creature, especially in a sense oppose ... Croatian*,Serbian
створ being, creature, especially in a sense oppose ...
stvorenje being, creature
створење being, creature
stvoritelj creator
створитељ creator
stvoriti (transitive) to create Croatian*
створити (transitive) to create
subota Saturday Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
субота Saturday Serbian
subotnji Saturday's
суботњи Saturday's
sud court Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
суд court Serbian
sudac judge tag Croatian
судац judge tag
Sudan Sudan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Судан Sudan Serbian
Sudanac Sudanese
Суданац Sudanese
sudanski Sudanese
судански Sudanese
sudba (expressive, language of literature) dest ... Croatian*
судба (expressive, language of literature) dest ...
sudbina fate, destiny Croatian,Serbian
судбина fate, destiny
sudelovati (intransitive) to participate, take part tag
суделовати (intransitive) to participate, take part
sudija judge tag Bosnian,Serbian
судија judge tag Serbian
suditi (intransitive) to trial Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
судити (intransitive) to trial Serbian
sudjelovati (intransitive) to participate, take part tag
судјеловати (intransitive) to participate, take part
sudnica courtroom Croatian
судница courtroom
sudstvo (uncountable) judiciary
судство (uncountable) judiciary
sudžuk sujuk
суџук sujuk
sudžuka sujuk
суџука sujuk
suho meso jerky
sujeta vanity
сујета vanity
sujetnost vanity
сујетност vanity
sujeverje superstition tag
сујеверје superstition
sujevjerje superstition tag Croatian
сујевјерје superstition
suknar draper
сукнар draper
suknja skirt Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
сукња skirt Serbian
sukno cloth, stuff
сукно cloth, stuff
sukob conflict Croatian
сукоб conflict
sukrivac accomplice
сукривац accomplice
sultan sultan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
султан sultan Serbian
sultanat sultanate Bosnian,Serbian
султанат sultanate Serbian
sultanija sultana (female relative of sultan)
султанија sultana (female relative of sultan)
sultanstvo sultanate Bosnian,Serbian
султанство sultanate Serbian
sulud partially crazy, insane
сулуд partially crazy, insane
sulundar stove-pipe
сулундар stove-pipe
suma sum, total
сума sum, total
sumaglica mist, haze
сумаглица mist, haze
sumah sumac Bosnian,Serbian
сумах sumac Serbian
sumak sumac
сумак sumac
sumanut crazy, insane, foolish
суманут crazy, insane, foolish
Sumer Sumer
Сумер Sumer
Sumeranin Sumerian (person)
Сумеранин Sumerian (person)
sumerski Sumerian
сумерски Sumerian
sumnja doubt, suspicion Croatian
сумња doubt, suspicion
sumnjati to doubt Croatian
сумњати to doubt
sumnjiv suspicious, questionable
сумњив suspicious, questionable
sumnjivac suspect
сумњивац suspect
sumnjivo doubtless, certain
sumnjivost doubt
сумњивост doubt
sumnjičav suspicious, distrustful, doubting
сумњичав suspicious, distrustful, doubting
sumnjičavo suspiciously
сумњичаво suspiciously
sumnjičavost (uncountable) suspiciousness, distrustful ...
сумњичавост (uncountable) suspiciousness, distrustful ...
sumoran gloomy, somber, dark
суморан gloomy, somber, dark
sumorno gloomily, somberly, darkly
суморно gloomily, somberly, darkly
sumpor (uncountable) sulfur Croatian
сумпор (uncountable) sulfur
sumrak dusk Croatian
сумрак dusk
sunce sun Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сунце sun Serbian
suncobran umbrella (for protection against the sun) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сунцобран umbrella (for protection against the sun) Serbian
suncokret sunflower Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сунцокрет sunflower Serbian
sunet (Islam) circumcision
сунет (Islam) circumcision
sunčanica sunstroke
сунчаница sunstroke
sunčanik sundial
сунчаник sundial
sunčati (reflexive) to sunbathe, sun (expose to sun) Croatian
сунчати (reflexive) to sunbathe, sun (expose to sun)
sunčev vetar (astronomy) solar wind tag
сунчев ветар (astronomy) solar wind
sunčev vjetar (astronomy) solar wind tag
сунчев вјетар (astronomy) solar wind
sunđer (Bosnian, Serbian): sponge tag
сунђер (Bosnian, Serbian): sponge tag
suočavati (transitive, reflexive) to confront (esp. ...
суочавати (transitive, reflexive) to confront (esp. ...
suočiti (transitive, reflexive) to confront (esp. ...
суочити (transitive, reflexive) to confront (esp. ...
супарник competitor
superioran superior
супериоран superior
superiorno superiorly
супериорно superiorly
superiornost (uncountable) superiority
супериорност (uncountable) superiority
superlativ (grammar) superlative Croatian
суперлатив (grammar) superlative
superlativan superlative
суперлативан superlative
supernova supernovasupernova
супернова supernova
suprotan opposite, contrary
супротан opposite, contrary
suprotnost opposition, contrast
супротност opposition, contrast
suprotstaviti (intransitive) to oppose (+ dative)
супротставити (intransitive) to oppose (+ dative)
suprotstavljati (intransitive) to oppose (+ dative)
супротстављати (intransitive) to oppose (+ dative)
suprug husband, male spouse Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
супруг husband, male spouse Serbian
supruga wife, female spouse Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
супруга wife, female spouse Serbian
supstanca substance
супстанца substance
супституција substitution
supstrat substratum
супстрат substratum
suptilan subtle
суптилан subtle
suptilno subtly
суптилно subtly
suradnik collaborator Croatian
сурадник collaborator
suradnja (Croatian) cooperation, collaboration tag Croatian
сурадња (Croatian) cooperation, collaboration tag
surla trunk (of an elephant) Croatian
сурла trunk (of an elephant)
surogat surrogate, substitute
сурогат surrogate, substitute
surov brutal Croatian
суров brutal
surovo brutally
сурово brutally
surovost brutality
суровост brutality
surudžija (Bosnian, Serbian) postilion tag
суруџија (Bosnian, Serbian) postilion tag
survati (transitive) to push (in the abyss or gre ...
сурвати (transitive) to push (in the abyss or gre ...
survavati (transitive) to push (in the abyss or gre ...
сурвавати (transitive) to push (in the abyss or gre ...
sused neighbour (a person living on adjacent or n ... tag Croatian,Serbian
сусед neighbour (a person living on adjacent or n ... Serbian
suseda neighbour (a person living on adjacent or nea ... tag
суседа neighbour (a person living on adjacent or nea ...
susedni neighboring tag
суседни neighboring
susedstvo neighbourhood tag
суседство neighbourhood
susjed neighbour (a person living on adjacent or n ... tag Bosnian,Croatian
сусјед neighbour (a person living on adjacent or n ...
susjeda neighbour (a person living on adjacent or nea ... tag Croatian
сусједа neighbour (a person living on adjacent or nea ...
susjedni neighboring tag Croatian
сусједни neighboring
susjedstvo neighbourhood tag Croatian
сусједство neighbourhood
susnežica sleet tag
суснежица sleet
susnježica sleet tag
сусњежица sleet
suspenzija suspension
суспензија suspension
susresti (transitive, reflexive) to meet
сусрести (transitive, reflexive) to meet
susret meeting
сусрет meeting
susretati (transitive, reflexive) to meet
сусретати (transitive, reflexive) to meet
susretljiv friendly, kind, obliging Croatian
сусретљив friendly, kind, obliging
susretljivo obligingly, kindly
сусретљиво obligingly, kindly
susretljivost kindness, obligingness
сусретљивост kindness, obligingness
sustajati (intransitive) to grow tired, become exha ...
сустајати (intransitive) to grow tired, become exha ...
sustati (intransitive) to grow tired, become exha ...
сустати (intransitive) to grow tired, become exha ...
sustav system Croatian,Serbian
сустав system
sustavan (Croatian) systematic tag
sustavno (Croatian) systematically tag
sustignuti (transitive) to catch up, overtake (someb ... Croatian
сустигнути (transitive) to catch up, overtake (someb ...
sustizati (transitive) to catch up, overtake (someb ... Croatian
сустизати (transitive) to catch up, overtake (someb ...
sustići Alternative infinitive of {{i|sustignuti|sùst ... Croatian
сустићи Alternative infinitive of {{i|сустигнути|су̀с ...
suteska defile, narrow pass tag
сутеска defile, narrow pass
sutjeska defile, narrow pass tag
сутјеска defile, narrow pass
sutlija (regional) rice and milk
сутлија (regional) rice and milk
sutlijaš (regional) rice and milk
сутлијаш (regional) rice and milk
suton dusk
сутон dusk
sutra tomorrow Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сутра tomorrow Serbian
sutradan the next day, the following day
сутрадан the next day, the following day
sutrašnji tomorrow's Croatian
сутрашњи tomorrow's
sutrašnjica tomorrow, future (entirety of everything comi ... Croatian*
сутрашњица tomorrow, future (entirety of everything comi ...
suvenir souvenir Croatian
сувенир souvenir
suveren ruler, sovereign
суверен ruler, sovereign
suverenitet (uncountable) sovereignty
суверенитет (uncountable) sovereignty
suvereno in a sovereign manner
суверено in a sovereign manner
suvišak surplus
сувишак surplus
suvišan superfluous Croatian
сувишан superfluous
suviše too (much, many), excessively Croatian
сувише too (much, many), excessively
suvišno superfluously
сувишно superfluously
suvišnost superfluity
сувишност superfluity
suvlasnica co-owner, joint-owner, partner Croatian
сувласница co-owner, joint-owner, partner
suvlasnik co-owner, joint-owner, partner Croatian
сувласник co-owner, joint-owner, partner
suvo meso jerky
suvozač co-driver, assistant driver
сувозач co-driver, assistant driver
suza tear Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
суза tear Serbian
suzan tearful
сузан tearful
suzavac (uncountable) tear gas
сузавац (uncountable) tear gas
suzbijati (transitive) to stop, put an end to
сузбијати (transitive) to stop, put an end to
suzbiti (transitive) to stop, put an end to
сузбити (transitive) to stop, put an end to
suzdržati (transitive, reflexive) to restrain
суздржати (transitive, reflexive) to restrain
suzdržavati (transitive, reflexive) to restrain
суздржавати (transitive, reflexive) to restrain
suzica (diminutive) tear (usually of a child)
сузица (diminutive) tear (usually of a child)
suziti (intransitive) to tear, shed tears
сузити (intransitive) to tear, shed tears
suzivati (transitive) to narrow (make sth narrower)
сузивати (transitive) to narrow (make sth narrower)
suđenje trial
суђење trial
suša drought
суша drought
suši sushi
sušica (language of literature) phthisis, consum ...
сушица (language of literature) phthisis, consum ...
sušiti (transitive, reflexive) to dry
сушити (transitive, reflexive) to dry
suština essence
суштина essence
sužanj captive
сужањ captive
sužavati (transitive) to narrow (make sth narrower)
сужавати (transitive) to narrow (make sth narrower)
sužen narrowed, straitened
сужен narrowed, straitened
svadba wedding celebration
свадба wedding celebration
svadbeni of or pertaining to the wedding celebration
свадбени of or pertaining to the wedding celebration
svadljiv quarrelsome
свадљив quarrelsome
svagda always, all the times Croatian
свагда always, all the times
svagdanji everyday, daily
свагдањи everyday, daily
svagdašnji everyday, daily
свагдашњи everyday, daily
svagdašnjica everyday or commonplace thing or event
свагдашњица everyday or commonplace thing or event
svagde everywhere tag
свагде everywhere
svagdje everywhere tag Croatian
свагдје everywhere
svak brother-in-law (one's wife's husband) Bosnian,Serbian*
свак brother-in-law (one's wife's husband) Serbian
svakakav all sorts of
свакакав all sorts of
svakako certainly, of course Croatian
свакако certainly, of course
svakidašnji everyday, daily
свакидашњи everyday, daily
svakidašnjica everyday or commonplace thing or event
свакидашњица everyday or commonplace thing or event
svako everyone, everybody
свако everyone, everybody
svakodnevan daily, everyday
свакодневан daily, everyday
svakodnevica everyday or commonplace thing or event
свакодневица everyday or commonplace thing or event
svakojak all sorts of
свакојак all sorts of
svanuti to dawn (begin to brighten with daylight) Croatian
сванути to dawn (begin to brighten with daylight)
svanuće dawn, daybreak
свануће dawn, daybreak
svast sister-in-law (wife's sister) Croatian
svastika swastika Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
свастика swastika Serbian
svatko everyone, everybody
сватко everyone, everybody
svačiji everyone's, everybody's
свачији everyone's, everybody's
svađa quarrel
свађа quarrel
svađati (transitive, reflexive) to quarrel
свађати (transitive, reflexive) to quarrel
svašta all sorts (kinds, manner, description) of things
свашта all sorts (kinds, manner, description) of things
sve dok as long as
све док as long as
svedodžba school certificate or report (of completion, ... tag
сведоџба school certificate or report (of completion, ...
svedok witness tag
сведок witness
svedočanstvo testimony tag
сведочанство testimony
svedočiti (intransitive) to witness, testify tag
сведочити (intransitive) to witness, testify
svemir space, universe Croatian
свемир space, universe
svemirski cosmic, universe (of or pertaining to) Croatian
свемирски cosmic, universe (of or pertaining to)
svemoguć almighty, omnipotent Croatian
свемогућ almighty, omnipotent
svemoć (uncountable) omnipotence Croatian
свемоћ (uncountable) omnipotence
svemoćan almighty
свемоћан almighty
sveobuhvatan comprehensive, complete, all-inclusive Croatian
свеобухватан comprehensive, complete, all-inclusive
svesno consciously tag
свесно consciously
svesrdan cordial, wholehearted, hearty Croatian
свесрдан cordial, wholehearted, hearty
svesrdno wholeheartedly, cordially Croatian
свесрдно wholeheartedly, cordially
svest consciousness tag
свест consciousness
svestan conscious, aware tag
свестан conscious, aware
svestran many-sided, versatile Croatian
свестран many-sided, versatile
свет holy, saint Serbian
svetac saint Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
светац saint Serbian
svetao bright tag Serbian
светао bright
svetiljka lamp tag Serbian
светиљка lamp Serbian
svetina (uncountable) mob, rabble tag
светина (uncountable) mob, rabble
svetinja sanctity, sacredness Bosnian,Serbian
светиња sanctity, sacredness Serbian
svetionik lighthouse (building containing a light to ... tag
светионик lighthouse (building containing a light to ...
svetioničar lighthouse keeper tag
светионичар lighthouse keeper
svetište sanctuary, shrine
светиште sanctuary, shrine
svetkovina celebration due to some holiday or saint's day Croatian,Serbian
светковина celebration due to some holiday or saint's day
svetlo light (electromagnetic wave) tag
светло light (electromagnetic wave)
svetlomer light meter, exposure meter tag
светломер light meter, exposure meter
svetlost light tag Serbian
светлост light Serbian
svetlucati (intransitive) to glitter, gleam tag
светлуцати (intransitive) to glitter, gleam
svetlucav glittering, glimmering, sparkling, gleaming tag
светлуцав glittering, glimmering, sparkling, gleaming
svetogrdan sacrilegious
светогрдан sacrilegious
svetogrdno sacrilegiously
светогрдно sacrilegiously
svetogrđe sacrilege
светогрђе sacrilege
svetski of or pertaining to the world tag
светски of or pertaining to the world
sveukupan total, entire
свеукупан total, entire
sveučilište (Croatian) university tag Croatian
свеучилиште (Croatian) university tag
sveznajuć omniscient, all-knowing
свезнајућ omniscient, all-knowing
sveća candle tag Serbian
свећа candle Serbian
svećar candlemaker, chandler tag
свећар candlemaker, chandler
svećenik (Bosnian, Croatian) priest tag Croatian
свећеник (Bosnian, Croatian) priest tag
svećica (diminutive) candle tag
свећица (diminutive) candle
svećnjak candlestick, candelabrum tag Serbian
свећњак candlestick, candelabrum Serbian
svečan solemn, formal Croatian
свечан solemn, formal
svečano solemnly, formally
свечано solemnly, formally
svečanost celebration, festivity Croatian
свечаност celebration, festivity
sveštenik (Serbian) priest tag Serbian
свештеник (Serbian) priest tag Serbian
svežanj bundle Croatian,Serbian
свежањ bundle
sveže freshly tag
свеже freshly
svežina (uncountable) freshness tag
свежина (uncountable) freshness
svideti (reflexive) to please, like tag
свидети (reflexive) to please, like
svidjeti (reflexive) to please, like tag Croatian
свидјети (reflexive) to please, like
svijest consciousness tag Croatian
свијест consciousness
свијет world Serbian
svijetao bright tag
свијетао bright
svijeća candle tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
свијећа candle Serbian
svijećnjak candlestick, candelabrum tag Bosnian,Croatian
свијећњак candlestick, candelabrum
svila silk Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
свила silk Serbian
svilast silky
свиласт silky
svilen silken, silky
свилен silken, silky
svinja pig (mammal) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
свиња pig (mammal) Serbian
svinjac pigsty (also figuratively) Croatian
свињац pigsty (also figuratively)
svinjar pig/hog breeder
свињар pig/hog breeder
svinjetina pork Croatian
свињетина pork
svinjski porcine
свињски porcine
svirala (music) (reed-)pipe Croatian
свирала (music) (reed-)pipe
svirati (ambitransitive) (music) to play (ins ... Croatian
свирати (ambitransitive) (music) to play (ins ...
svirač player (who plays on a musical instrument) Bosnian,Serbian
свирач player (who plays on a musical instrument) Serbian
svirački of or pertaining to players (of instruments)
свирачки of or pertaining to players (of instruments)
svirep cruel, brutal
свиреп cruel, brutal
svirepo cruelly, brutally
свирепо cruelly, brutally
svirepost (uncountable) cruelty, brutality
свирепост (uncountable) cruelty, brutality
svirka playing (of music, act or sound of)
свирка playing (of music, act or sound of)
svitanje daybreak, dawn
свитање daybreak, dawn
svitati to dawn (begin to brighten with daylight)
свитати to dawn (begin to brighten with daylight)
svitlost (Chakavian) (Ikavian) light tag Croatian*
svizac marmot
свизац marmot
sviđati (reflexive) to please, like tag Croatian
свиђати (reflexive) to please, like
svjedodžba school certificate or report (of completion, ... tag
свједоџба school certificate or report (of completion, ...
svjedok witness tag Croatian
свједок witness
svjedočanstvo testimony tag
свједочанство testimony
svjedočiti (intransitive) to witness, testify tag Croatian
свједочити (intransitive) to witness, testify
svjesno consciously tag Croatian
свјесно consciously
svjestan conscious, aware tag Croatian
свјестан conscious, aware
svjetiljka lamp tag Croatian
свјетиљка lamp
svjetina (uncountable) mob, rabble tag
свјетина (uncountable) mob, rabble
svjetionik lighthouse (building containing a light to ... tag Croatian
свјетионик lighthouse (building containing a light to ...
svjetioničar lighthouse keeper tag
свјетионичар lighthouse keeper
svjetlo light (electromagnetic wave) tag Croatian
свјетло light (electromagnetic wave)
svjetlomjer light meter, exposure meter tag
свјетломјер light meter, exposure meter
svjetlost light tag Bosnian,Croatian*
свјетлост light
svjetlucati (intransitive) to glitter, gleam tag
свјетлуцати (intransitive) to glitter, gleam
svjetlucav glittering, glimmering, sparkling, gleaming tag
свјетлуцав glittering, glimmering, sparkling, gleaming
svjetski of or pertaining to the world tag Croatian
свјетски of or pertaining to the world
svjećar candlemaker, chandler tag
свјећар candlemaker, chandler
svjećica (diminutive) candle tag
свјећица (diminutive) candle
svježe freshly tag
свјеже freshly
svježina (uncountable) freshness tag
свјежина (uncountable) freshness
svladati (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
свладати (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
svladavati (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
свладавати (transitive) to defeat (opponent, enemy)
svlačionica dressing room, locker room
свлачионица dressing room, locker room
svlačiti (reflexive, transitive) to undress, to tak ... Croatian
свлачити (reflexive, transitive) to undress, to tak ...
svod vault (arched structure of masonry)
свод vault (arched structure of masonry)
svodljiv reducible
сводљив reducible
svodnik pimp
сводник pimp
svoj one's own Croatian
свој one's own
svojedobno at one time
своједобно at one time
svojeglav stubborn, obstinate
својеглав stubborn, obstinate
svojeglavo stubbornly, obstinately
својеглаво stubbornly, obstinately
svojeglavost (uncountable) stubbornness, obstinateness
својеглавост (uncountable) stubbornness, obstinateness
svojevoljan voluntary
својевољан voluntary
svojevoljno voluntarily
својевољно voluntarily
svojevremeno at one time
својевремено at one time
svojina property (something owned) Croatian
својина property (something owned)
svojstven characteristic, typical
својствен characteristic, typical
свраб scabies
svratiti (intransitive) to drop by, drop in
свратити (intransitive) to drop by, drop in
svraćati (intransitive) to drop by, drop in
свраћати (intransitive) to drop by, drop in
svrha purpose Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
сврха purpose Serbian
svršeni complete, finished
свршени complete, finished
svršiti to end Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
свршити to end Serbian
svud everywhere
свуд everywhere
svuda everywhere
свуда everywhere
svugde everywhere (in every direction) tag
свугде everywhere (in every direction)
svugdje everywhere (in every direction) tag Croatian
свугдје everywhere (in every direction)
svukud everywhere (in all directions) Croatian
свукуд everywhere (in all directions)
svući (reflexive, transitive) to undress, to tak ... Croatian*
свући (reflexive, transitive) to undress, to tak ...