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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
tabak (regional) sheet of paper
табак (regional) sheet of paper
tabakera snuffbox
табакера snuffbox
taban sole (of a foot)
табан sole (of a foot)
tabla blackboard
табла blackboard
таблета tablet (pharmacy)
tablica tablet, slate
таблица tablet, slate
tabor camp
табор camp
tacna saucer Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тацна saucer
tad then, at that time Croatian
тад then, at that time
tada then, at that time Croatian
тада then, at that time
tadanji former, of that time
тадањи former, of that time
tadašnji former, of that time
тадашњи former, of that time
tadžikistanski Tajik (of or relating to Tajikistan) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
таџикистански Tajik (of or relating to Tajikistan) Serbian
tadžički Tajik (of or relating to the Tajik people or ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
таџички Tajik (of or relating to the Tajik people or ... Serbian
taht throne
тахт throne
tahta board
тахта board
tajac silence, hush
тајац silence, hush
tajanstven mysterious, enigmatic, mystic, occult Croatian
тајанствен mysterious, enigmatic, mystic, occult
tajanstveno mysteriously, secretively
тајанствено mysteriously, secretively
tajanstvenost mystery
тајанственост mystery
tajanstvo secret, mystery
тајанство secret, mystery
tajfun typhoon
тајфун typhoon
tajfunski of or pertaining to a typhoon, as strong as a ...
тајфунски of or pertaining to a typhoon, as strong as a ...
tajga taiga
тајга taiga
tajiti (ambitransitive) to conceal, keep secret Croatian
тајити (ambitransitive) to conceal, keep secret
tajkun tycoon
тајкун tycoon
Tajland Thailand Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Тајланд Thailand Serbian
tajlandski Thai (of or pertaining to Thailand)
тајландски Thai (of or pertaining to Thailand)
tajna secret Croatian
тајна secret
tajni secret, clandestine, concealed Croatian
тајни secret, clandestine, concealed
tajnik (Bosnian, Croatian) secretary tag Croatian
тајник (Bosnian, Croatian) secretary tag
tajno secretly
тајно secretly
tajnost secrecy
тајност secrecy
tajnovit mysterious, enigmatic, mystic
тајновит mysterious, enigmatic, mystic
tajnovito secretly
тајновито secretly
tajski Thai (referring to Thai people or Thai language)
тајски Thai (referring to Thai people or Thai language)
Tajvan Taiwan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Тајван Taiwan Serbian
tajvanski Taiwanese
тајвански Taiwanese
tak billiard-cue
так billiard-cue
takav such, of such kind Croatian
такав such, of such kind
takmac rival
такмац rival
takmičar competitor, contestant
такмичар competitor, contestant
takmičenje (Bosnian, Serbian) competition tag
такмичење (Bosnian, Serbian) competition tag
takmičiti (reflexive) to compete
такмичити (reflexive) to compete
taknuti (transitive) to touch Croatian
такнути (transitive) to touch
tako so, in such a way, in that way (see {{i|onako ... Croatian
тако so, in such a way, in that way (see {{i|онако ...
takozvani so-called
такозвани so-called
takođe (Bosnian, Serbian) also (sentence-initial ... tag
такође (Bosnian, Serbian) also (sentence-initial ... tag
također (Croatian) also (sentence-initially), too ... tag Croatian
такођер (Croatian) also (sentence-initially), too ... tag
taksa administrative fee
такса administrative fee
taksi taxi Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
такси taxi Serbian
taksist taxi driver tag
таксист taxi driver tag
taksista taxi driver tag Bosnian,Serbian
таксиста taxi driver tag
takt (music) measure, bar
такт (music) measure, bar
тактика tactics
taktilan tactile, tangible
тактилан tactile, tangible
taktičan tactful
тактичан tactful
taktičar tactician
тактичар tactician
taktički tactical
тактички tactical
taktni of or pertaining to a tact, having tact
тактни of or pertaining to a tact, having tact
talac hostage Croatian
талац hostage
talas wave tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
талас wave tag Serbian
talasast wavy, uneven (water surface)
таласаст wavy, uneven (water surface)
talasati (transitive) to ruffle, agitate, churn up ...
таласати (transitive) to ruffle, agitate, churn up ...
talasav wavy, uneven (water surface)
таласав wavy, uneven (water surface)
talački of or pertaining to hostages Croatian
талачки of or pertaining to hostages
talent talent tag
талент talent tag
Talijan (usually, Croatian) Italian (male person) tag Croatian
Талијан (usually, Croatian) Italian (male person) tag
Talijanka (Croatian) Italian (female person) tag Croatian
talijanski (Croatian) Italian tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
талијански (Croatian) Italian tag Serbian
talir thaler
талир thaler
taljige cart (usually drive by one horse)
таљиге cart (usually drive by one horse)
taljiv meltable
таљив meltable
talmudski Talmudic
талмудски Talmudic
talog sediment
талог sediment
talpa plank
талпа plank
tama darkness Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тама darkness Serbian
taman dark, gloomy, dim Croatian
таман dark, gloomy, dim Serbian
tambura tambura, tambourine
тамбура tambura, tambourine
tamburaš tambourine player
тамбураш tambourine player
tamilski Tamil
тамилски Tamil
tamjan (uncountable) incense
тамјан (uncountable) incense
tamneti (intransitive) to become dark, to grow da ... tag
тамнети (intransitive) to become dark, to grow da ...
tamnica a dark room (usually in a prison or dungeon) Croatian*
тамница a dark room (usually in a prison or dungeon)
tamnina darkness
тамнина darkness
tamničar gaoler / jailer
тамничар gaoler / jailer
tamnjeti (intransitive) to become dark, to grow da ... tag
тамњети (intransitive) to become dark, to grow da ...
tamno darkly
тамно darkly
tamnoput dark-skinned
тамнопут dark-skinned
tamo there Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тамо there
tamošnji of that place; local
тамошњи of that place; local
tampon tampon
тампон tampon
tanac (regional) folk dance
танац (regional) folk dance
tanan very thin
танан very thin
tane bullet Croatian
тане bullet
тангента (geometry) tangent
tango tango (dance)
танго tango (dance)
tanjir (Bosnian, Serbian) plate tag Bosnian,Serbian
тањир (Bosnian, Serbian) plate tag Serbian
tanjur (Croatian) plate tag Croatian
тањур (Croatian) plate tag
tanker tanker (vessel used to transport large quanti ...
танкер tanker (vessel used to transport large quanti ...
tantijema {{i|payment made to a writer, composer, inven ...
тантијема {{i|payment made to a writer, composer, inven ...
Tanzanija Tanzania Croatian
Танзанија Tanzania
tapetar upholsterer
тапетар upholsterer
tara tare
тара tare
taraba fence
тараба fence
tarifa tariff, fee
тарифа tariff, fee
tarifni of or pertaining to a tariff, fee
тарифни of or pertaining to a tariff, fee
tast father-in-law (one's spouse's father)
таст father-in-law (one's spouse's father)
tat (expressively) thief Croatian
тат (expressively) thief
tata dad, daddy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тата dad, daddy Serbian
Tatarin Tatar (person)
Татарин Tatar (person)
tatarski Tatar
татарски Tatar
tatica (hypocoristic) dad, daddy
татица (hypocoristic) dad, daddy
tautologija tautology Croatian
таутологија tautology
tava frying pan Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тава frying pan Serbian
tavaf tawaf
таваф tawaf
tavan attic Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
таван attic Serbian
taze fresh Bosnian,Serbian
тазе fresh Serbian
taći Alternative infinitive of (taknuti, tàknuti). Croatian
таћи Alternative infinitive of {{i|такнути|та̀кнут ...
tačan exact, accurate tag
тачан exact, accurate tag
tačka (Bosnian, Serbian) dot, period tag Bosnian,Serbian
тачка (Bosnian, Serbian) dot, period tag Serbian
tačkica (Bosnian, Serbian) a small dot tag
тачкица (Bosnian, Serbian) a small dot tag
tačno exactly tag Bosnian,Serbian
тачно exactly tag
tačnost (Bosnian, Serbian) exactitude, precision, ... tag
тачност (Bosnian, Serbian) exactitude, precision, ... tag
tašt vain
ташт vain
tašta mother-in-law (mother of one's wife) tag Serbian
ташта mother-in-law (mother of one's wife) tag Serbian
taština vanity
таштина vanity
tašto vainly
ташто vainly
te of you (clitic genitive singular of {{i|ti|tȋ ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
те of you (clitic genitive singular of {{i|ти|ти ...
teatar theater / theatre Croatian
театар theater / theatre
teatralan theatrical Croatian
театралан theatrical
teatralno theatrically
театрално theatrically
tebe of you (genitive singular of (ti,, you))
тебе of you (genitive singular of (ти, ти̑, you))
tebi to you (dative singular of (ti,, you))
теби to you (dative singular of (ти, ти̑, you))
teg weight (weightlifting) tag
тег weight (weightlifting) tag
tegla jar Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тегла jar Serbian
tegoba hardship, difficulty
тегоба hardship, difficulty
tegoban difficult, hard, laborious
тегобан difficult, hard, laborious
tegobno with difficulty, laboriously, arduously
тегобно with difficulty, laboriously, arduously
tegotan difficult, hard
теготан difficult, hard
tehnika (countable) technique Croatian
техника (countable) technique
tehničar technician
техничар technician
tehnički technical
технички technical
tehnologija technology Croatian
технологија technology
tehnološki technological
технолошки technological
tekovina general goods or accomplishments (acquired af ...
тековина general goods or accomplishments (acquired af ...
Teksas Texas (US state)
Тексас Texas (US state)
tekst text Croatian
текст text
tekstil (uncountable) textile Croatian
текстил (uncountable) textile
tekstualan textual (of, pertaining to or consisting of t ... Croatian
текстуалан textual (of, pertaining to or consisting of t ...
tekstualno textually
текстуално textually
tekući liquid, fluid Croatian
текући liquid, fluid
tekućina (Croatian) liquid tag Croatian
tel (obsolete) thin wire
тел (obsolete) thin wire
telac young male calf
телац young male calf
telad calves Croatian
телад calves
tele calf Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
теле calf Serbian
telefon telephone Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
телефон telephone Serbian
telefonija (uncountable) telephony
телефонија (uncountable) telephony
telefonirati (intransitive) to telephone Croatian
телефонирати (intransitive) to telephone
telefonski of or pertaining to the telephone Croatian
телефонски of or pertaining to the telephone
telegraf telegraph
телеграф telegraph
telegrafija telegraphy
телеграфија telegraphy
telegrafski telegraphic
телеграфски telegraphic
telegram telegram Croatian
телеграм telegram
telekomunikacija telecommunication, telecommunications
телекомуникација telecommunication, telecommunications
telence (diminutive) calf
теленце (diminutive) calf
teleologija teleology
телеологија teleology
teleološki teleologic
телеолошки teleologic
telepatija (uncountable) telepathy
телепатија (uncountable) telepathy
teleskop telescope Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
телескоп telescope Serbian
teleskopski telescopic
телескопски telescopic
telesni bodily, corporal, physical tag
телесни bodily, corporal, physical
teletekst Teletext
телетекст Teletext
teletina veal
телетина veal
televizija television Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
телевизија television Serbian
televizor a television set Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
телевизор a television set Serbian
telešce corpuscle tag
телешце corpuscle
teli embroidered, ornamented, interwoven with gold ...
тели embroidered, ornamented, interwoven with gold ...
telo body tag Serbian
тело body Serbian
telčić (diminutive) young male calf
телчић (diminutive) young male calf
tema theme, subject Bosnian,Serbian
тема theme, subject Serbian
tematski thematic
тематски thematic
teme top, crown (of the head) tag
теме top, crown (of the head)
temelj foundation Croatian,Serbian
темељ foundation
temeljit thorough, solid (basis, knowledge, scope etc.)
темељит thorough, solid (basis, knowledge, scope etc.)
temeljito thoroughly
темељито thoroughly
temeljni fundamental, essential, basic Croatian
темељни fundamental, essential, basic
temperamentan temperamental, moody, capricious
темпераментан temperamental, moody, capricious
temperatura temperature Croatian
температура temperature
temporalan temporal (of or relating to time)
темпоралан temporal (of or relating to time)
Temza the Thames Bosnian,Serbian
Темза the Thames Serbian
tendencija tendency
тенденција tendency
tendenciozan tendentious
тенденциозан tendentious
tendžera saucepan; stewpan
тенџера saucepan; stewpan
tenis (uncountable) tennis Croatian
тенис (uncountable) tennis
tenk tank (armoured fighting vehicle)
тенк tank (armoured fighting vehicle)
tenkovski of or pertaining to a tank (armored vehicle)
тенковски of or pertaining to a tank (armored vehicle)
tenzija tension
тензија tension
teologija (uncountable) theology
теологија (uncountable) theology
teološki theological
теолошки theological
teoretičar theoretician
теоретичар theoretician
teorija theory Croatian
теорија theory
tepih carpet Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тепих carpet Serbian
tepsija a type of shallow pan
тепсија a type of shallow pan
terapeut therapist
терапеут therapist
terapija therapy
терапија therapy
teren terrain
терен terrain
teret burden Croatian
терет burden
teretana gym (sporting facility specialized for liftin ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
теретана gym (sporting facility specialized for liftin ... Serbian
teritorijalni territorial
територијални territorial
terli embroidered, ornamented, interwoven with gold ...
терли embroidered, ornamented, interwoven with gold ...
termin term (a word or phrase, especially one from a ...
термин term (a word or phrase, especially one from a ...
terminologija terminology Croatian
терминологија terminology
terminološki terminological Croatian
терминолошки terminological
termodinamika (uncountable) thermodynamics
термодинамика (uncountable) thermodynamics
termometar thermometer Croatian*
термометар thermometer
teror terror
терор terror
teroristički terroristic
терористички terroristic
terorizam (uncountable) terrorism Croatian
тероризам (uncountable) terrorism
terzija tailor, seamster
терзија tailor, seamster
terzijan plectrum (small piece of plastic, metal, ivor ...
терзијан plectrum (small piece of plastic, metal, ivor ...
tesan tight tag
тесан tight
tesar carpenter Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тесар carpenter Serbian
teskera written document; a letter
тескера written document; a letter
teskoba anxiety tag
тескоба anxiety
tesnac gorge, defile, narrow passage tag
теснац gorge, defile, narrow passage
tesno tightly, closely tag
тесно tightly, closely
testament the (last) will (legal document)
тестамент the (last) will (legal document)
testenina paste, pasta tag
тестенина paste, pasta
testirati (transitive) to test
тестирати (transitive) to test
testo dough tag Croatian,Serbian
тесто dough Serbian
testosteron testosterone Croatian
тестостерон testosterone Serbian
tetak uncle (father's or mother's brother-in-law) Bosnian,Serbian
тетак uncle (father's or mother's brother-in-law) Serbian
tetica auntie Croatian
тетица auntie
tetiva sinew, tendon Croatian
тетива sinew, tendon
tetka aunt Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тетка aunt Serbian
tetovirati (ambitransitive, reflexive) to tattoo
тетовирати (ambitransitive, reflexive) to tattoo
tetrarh tetrarch
тетрарх tetrarch
tetreb grouse tag
тетреб grouse
tetrijeb grouse tag Croatian
тетријеб grouse
teutonski Teutonic Croatian
теутонски Teutonic
teza thesis
теза thesis
tezga booth Bosnian,Serbian
тезга booth Serbian
teći (intransitive) to flow, stream, pass, cou ... Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
тећи (intransitive) to flow, stream, pass, cou ... Serbian
tečaj course (period of learning)
течај course (period of learning)
tečan liquid (of a state)
течан liquid (of a state)
tečnost fluidity tag
течност fluidity tag
tešiti (transitive) to console, comfort tag
тешити (transitive) to console, comfort
teško heavily
тешко heavily
teškoća difficulty
тешкоћа difficulty
teža gravitation
тежа gravitation
težak heavy, weighty Croatian
тежак heavy, weighty
težina weight Croatian
тежина weight
težiti (intransitive) to gravitate Croatian
тежити (intransitive) to gravitate
težište center of gravity Croatian
тежиште center of gravity
ti you Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ти you Serbian
Tibet Tibet Bosnian,Serbian
Тибет Tibet Serbian
Tibetanac Tibetan (person)
Тибетанац Tibetan (person)
tibetanski Tibetan (of or pertaining to Tibetans)
тибетански Tibetan (of or pertaining to Tibetans)
tibetski Tibetan
тибетски Tibetan
ticati (transitive) to touch Croatian*
тицати (transitive) to touch
tiganj frying pan Bosnian,Serbian
tigar tiger (mammal) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тигар tiger (mammal) Serbian
tigrica tigress Croatian
тигрица tigress
tih quiet, silent Croatian
тих quiet, silent
tiho quietly, silently Croatian
тихо quietly, silently
tihost silence
тихост silence
tijelo body tag Croatian
тијело body
tijesan tight tag
тијесан tight
tijesno tightly, closely tag
тијесно tightly, closely
tijesto dough tag Bosnian,Croatian
тијесто dough
tikva pumpkin
тиква pumpkin
tilda (orthography) tilde Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тилда (orthography) tilde
tilo (Chakavian, Ikavian) body tag Croatian*
tinejdžer teenager Croatian
тинејџер teenager
tinjati (intransitive) to smolder (also figurativ ...
тињати (intransitive) to smolder (also figurativ ...
tip type Croatian
тип type
tiranija tyranny Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тиранија tyranny Serbian
tiranin tyrant Croatian
тиранин tyrant
tirkiz turquoise Bosnian,Croatian
тиркиз turquoise
tisa yew-ree
тиса yew-ree
tisak (Croatian) (uncountable) press (print ... tag Croatian
тисак (Croatian) (uncountable) press (print ... tag
tisutnjik (military, Ancient Rome) centurion tag
tisuća thousand (+ genitive) tag
тисућа thousand (+ genitive) tag
tisućnik (military, Ancient Rome) centurion tag
titraj quiver, shiver
титрај quiver, shiver
titrati (intransitive) to vibrate
титрати (intransitive) to vibrate
titula title
титула title
tišina silence Bosnian,Serbian
тишина silence Serbian
tj. i.e.
tjelesni bodily, corporal, physical tag Croatian
тјелесни bodily, corporal, physical
tjelešce corpuscle tag
тјелешце corpuscle
tjeme top, crown (of the head) tag Croatian
тјеме top, crown (of the head)
tjeskoba anxiety tag
тјескоба anxiety
tjesnac gorge, defile, narrow passage tag
тјеснац gorge, defile, narrow passage
tjestenina paste, pasta tag Croatian
тјестенина paste, pasta
tješiti (transitive) to console, comfort tag
тјешити (transitive) to console, comfort
tkalac weaver
ткалац weaver
tkanina fabric, textile
тканина fabric, textile
tkanje weaving (manner by which something is woven)
ткање weaving (manner by which something is woven)
tkati (ambitransitive) to weave Croatian
ткати (ambitransitive) to weave
tkač weaver
ткач weaver
tkivo tissue (aggregation of cells) Croatian
ткиво tissue (aggregation of cells)
тко who tag
tlo ground Bosnian,Serbian
тло ground Serbian
tmuran gloomy, murky, dull, somber
тмуран gloomy, murky, dull, somber
toalet toilet
тоалет toilet
tobolac quiver (arrow container)
тоболац quiver (arrow container)
tobom with you (instrumental singular of {{i|ti|tȋ| ...
тобом with you (instrumental singular of {{i|ти|ти̑ ...
tobože allegedly, ostensibly
тобоже allegedly, ostensibly
tobožnji ostensible, so-called
тобожњи ostensible, so-called
toharski Tocharian
тохарски Tocharian
tokata (music) toccata
токата (music) toccata
tokijski of or pertaining to Tokyo
токијски of or pertaining to Tokyo
Tokio Tokyo, capital city of Japan Bosnian,Serbian
Токио Tokyo, capital city of Japan Serbian
tokom during (+genitive)
током during (+genitive)
toksin toxin
токсин toxin
toksički toxically
токсички toxically
toksično toxically
токсично toxically
tolerancija tolerance Croatian
толеранција tolerance
tolerantan tolerant
толерантан tolerant
tolerantno tolerantly
толерантно tolerantly
tolerantnost tolerance
толерантност tolerance
toliko that much, so much Croatian
толико that much, so much
toljaga club, cudgel
тољага club, cudgel
tombola tombola
томбола tombola
ton tone
тон tone
tonuti (intransitive) to sink Croatian
тонути (intransitive) to sink
top cannon Croatian
топ cannon
topao warm Croatian
топао warm
topiti (transitive) to melt Croatian
топити (transitive) to melt
topiv meltable
топив meltable
topić small cannon
топић small cannon
toplina heat, warmth Croatian
топлина heat, warmth
topljiv meltable
топљив meltable
toplo warmly Croatian
топло warmly
toplokrvan warm-blooded
топлокрван warm-blooded
toplomer thermometer tag
топломер thermometer
топломјер thermometer
toplota warmth
топлота warmth
topola poplar, any tree of the genus Populus Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
топола poplar, any tree of the genus Populus Serbian
topčić small cannon
топчић small cannon
tor corral, cote
тор corral, cote
toranj tower Croatian
торањ tower
torba bag Bosnian,Serbian
торба bag Serbian
torpedo torpedo
торпедо torpedo
torta cake
торта cake
tovar cargo tag Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
товар cargo Serbian
tovariš comrade
товариш comrade
točak wheel tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
точак wheel tag Serbian
točan exact, accurate tag Croatian
точан exact, accurate tag
točiti (transitive) to pour
точити (transitive) to pour
točka (Croatian) dot, period tag Croatian
točkica (Croatian) a small dot tag
točno exactly tag Croatian
точно exactly tag
točnost (Croatian) exactitude, precision, punctua ... tag
trabant (astronomy) satellite (of a celestial body)
трабант (astronomy) satellite (of a celestial body)
tradicija tradition Croatian
традиција tradition
tradicionalan traditional Croatian
традиционалан traditional
tradicionalno traditionally Croatian
традиционално traditionally
trag trace Croatian
траг trace
tragati (intransitive) to search, seek
трагати (intransitive) to search, seek
tragač seeker Croatian
трагач seeker
tragedija tragedy Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
трагедија tragedy Serbian
tragičan tragic
трагичан tragic
tragičar tragedian
трагичар tragedian
tragično tragically
трагично tragically
trajan permanent, durable (lasting for an indefinite ... Croatian
трајан permanent, durable (lasting for an indefinite ...
trajati (intransitive) to last, continue
трајати (intransitive) to last, continue
trajno permanently, durably
трајно permanently, durably
traka strip, ribbon (of paper, cloth, plastics..)
трака strip, ribbon (of paper, cloth, plastics..)
traktor tractor Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
трактор tractor Serbian
tramvaj tram Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
трамвај tram Serbian
transakcija transaction
трансакција transaction
transakcijski transactional
трансакцијски transactional
transcendentalan transcendental
трансценденталан transcendental
transcendentan transcendent
трансцендентан transcendent
transfer transfer
трансфер transfer
трансформација transformation
transformator transformer (electrical device)
трансформатор transformer (electrical device)
transfuzija transfusion
трансфузија transfusion
транскрипција (linguistics) transcription
translacija (mathematics, physics, genetics) translation Croatian
транслација (mathematics, physics, genetics) translation
transliteracija transliteration
транслитерација transliteration
transliterirati (transitive) to transliterate
транслитерирати (transitive) to transliterate
transmisija transmission Croatian
трансмисија transmission
transparentan transparent
транспарентан transparent
transparentno transparently
транспарентно transparently
transport transport, conveyance
транспорт transport, conveyance
transvestit transvestite
трансвестит transvestite
tranzicija transition
транзиција transition
tranzistor transistor
транзистор transistor
tranzistorski of or pertaining to a transistor
транзисторски of or pertaining to a transistor
tranzitivan transitive
транзитиван transitive
trapez trapeze
трапез trapeze
tratinčica (Bosnian, Croatian) daisy tag Croatian
тратинчица (Bosnian, Croatian) daisy tag
trauma trauma
траума trauma
trava (uncountable) grass Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
трава (uncountable) grass Serbian
travka (diminitive of (l, sh, trava, tráva)) grass Bosnian,Serbian
травка (diminitive of (l, sh, трава, тра́ва)) g ... Serbian
travnjak grassland Croatian,Serbian
травњак grassland
trački Thracian
трачки Thracian
tračnica (Croatian) rail, track (for trains etc.) tag
трачница (Croatian) rail, track (for trains etc.) tag
tražiti (ambitransitive) to seek, look for, search Croatian*
тражити (ambitransitive) to seek, look for, search
trbuh abdomen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
трбух abdomen Serbian
trebati (transitive) to need Croatian
требати (transitive) to need
trebiti (transitive) to shell, husk tag
требити (transitive) to shell, husk
трема stage fright Serbian
trend trend Croatian
тренд trend
trener coach Croatian
тренер coach
trenerski pertaining to coaches
тренерски pertaining to coaches
trening training, training session
тренинг training, training session
trenirati (ambitransitive) to train
тренирати (ambitransitive) to train
trenje friction Croatian
трење friction
trenutak moment (brief amount of time)
тренутак moment (brief amount of time)
trenutan instantaneous, immediate
тренутан instantaneous, immediate
trenutačno currently (at this moment)
тренутачно currently (at this moment)
trenutno currently (at this moment)
тренутно currently (at this moment)
trepavica eyelash
трепавица eyelash
treperiti (intransitive) to tremble, shake, vibrate ...
треперити (intransitive) to tremble, shake, vibrate ...
treset peat Croatian
тресет peat
trezan sober tag
трезан sober
trezno soberly tag
трезно soberly
trezven sober (especially figuratively)
трезвен sober (especially figuratively)
trećina one third Croatian
трећина one third
trešnja cherry (sweet fruit) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
трешња cherry (sweet fruit) Serbian
trg square Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
трг square Serbian
трговац shopkeeper, dealer
trgovati (intransitive) to trade, deal Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
трговати (intransitive) to trade, deal Serbian
trgovački commercial, merchant, trade Croatian
трговачки commercial, merchant, trade
trgovina trade, commerce Croatian
трговина trade, commerce
трговкиња shopkeeper, dealer
tri (cardinal) three (3) Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
три (cardinal) three (3) Serbian*
trideset (cardinal) thirty Croatian
triftong triphthong
трифтонг triphthong
trigonometrija trigonometry
тригонометрија trigonometry
trijebiti (transitive) to shell, husk tag
тријебити (transitive) to shell, husk
trijezan sober tag
тријезан sober
trijezno soberly tag
тријезно soberly
trijumf triumph
тријумф triumph
trijumfalan triumphal
тријумфалан triumphal
trijumfalno triumphally
тријумфално triumphally
trijumvir triumvir
тријумвир triumvir
trijumvirat triumvirate
тријумвират triumvirate
trik trick
трик trick
triler thriller
трилер thriller
trilogija trilogy
трилогија trilogy
trinaest (cardinal) thirteen
тринаест (cardinal) thirteen
triput thrice Croatian
трипут thrice
trivijalan trivial
тривијалан trivial
trivijalno trivially
тривијално trivially
tričav trivial, insignificant, petty Croatian
тричав trivial, insignificant, petty
tričavo trivially, insignificantly, pettily
тричаво trivially, insignificantly, pettily
trk run, running
трк run, running
trka race Croatian
трка race
trkač runner Croatian
тркач runner
trljati (transitive, reflexive) to rub
трљати (transitive, reflexive) to rub
trn thorn (protective spine of a plant)
trnje (collectively) thorns, thorny shrubs
трње (collectively) thorns, thorny shrubs
trnovit thorny
трновит thorny
trobojka tricolor (flag)
тробојка tricolor (flag)
trodelan having three parts; tripartite tag
троделан having three parts; tripartite
trodijelan having three parts; tripartite tag
тродијелан having three parts; tripartite
trodimenzionalan three-dimensional
тродимензионалан three-dimensional
trodnevni lasting three days
тродневни lasting three days
trofej trophy
трофеј trophy
trofejni of or pertaining to a trophy
трофејни of or pertaining to a trophy
troglasnik triphthong
трогласник triphthong
troglav three-headed
троглав three-headed
troglodit troglodyte
троглодит troglodyte
trogodišnjak a three-year-old (boy)
трогодишњак a three-year-old (boy)
trohej trochee Croatian
трохеј trochee
trohejski trochaic Croatian
трохејски trochaic
Troja Troy
Троја Troy
trojak threefold
тројак threefold
Trojanac Trojan (native of Troy)
Тројанац Trojan (native of Troy)
trojanski Trojan
тројански Trojan
trojica (collectively) tree men Croatian
тројица (collectively) tree men
trojstvo trinity
тројство trinity
trokolica tricycle
троколица tricycle
trokut (Croatian) triangle tag Croatian
трокут (Croatian) triangle tag
trolejbus trolleybus Croatian
тролејбус trolleybus
trolejbusni of or pertaining to a trolleybus
тролејбусни of or pertaining to a trolleybus
trolist trefoil (that which has tree leaves, esp. a p ...
тролист trefoil (that which has tree leaves, esp. a p ...
trom sluggish, slow
тром sluggish, slow
trombon trombone
тромбон trombone
tromesečje quarter (three-month period) tag
тромесечје quarter (three-month period)
tromeđa junction of three borders
тромеђа junction of three borders
tromjesečje quarter (three-month period) tag
тромјесечје quarter (three-month period)
tromo sluggishly, slowly
тромо sluggishly, slowly
tromost (uncountable) sluggishness, slowness
тромост (uncountable) sluggishness, slowness
tronoške on three legs
троношке on three legs
tronožac tripod
троножац tripod
tronožan three-legged
троножан three-legged
trorog three-horned
тророг three-horned
trotoar sidewalk (US), pavement (UK) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тротоар sidewalk (US), pavement (UK) Serbian
trovati (transitive, reflexive) to poison
тровати (transitive, reflexive) to poison
trovač poisoner
тровач poisoner
trošak cost, expense
трошак cost, expense
trošiti (transitive) to spend (money, time)
трошити (transitive) to spend (money, time)
trska reed
трска reed
trti (transitive) to rub Croatian
трти (transitive) to rub
truba trumpet
труба trumpet
trud effort, hard work Croatian
труд effort, hard work
truliti (intransitive) to decay, become rotten
трулити (intransitive) to decay, become rotten
trun tiny piece, bit, scrape
трун tiny piece, bit, scrape
trunak tiny piece, bit, scrape
трунак tiny piece, bit, scrape
trunka crumb
трунка crumb
trunuti (intransitive) to decay, become rotten
трунути (intransitive) to decay, become rotten
truo rotten Croatian
труо rotten
trup torso, trunk, body Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
труп torso, trunk, body
trupa troupe (of actors, soldiers)
трупа troupe (of actors, soldiers)
trupac log (of a tree)
трупац log (of a tree)
truplo corpse (of a human) Croatian
трупло corpse (of a human)
trzaj spasm, jerk, twitch
трзај spasm, jerk, twitch
trčati (intransitive) to run Croatian
трчати (intransitive) to run
trčkarati (intransitive) to run around
трчкарати (intransitive) to run around
tržište market (group of customers) Croatian
тржиште market (group of customers)
tuberkuloza tuberculosis Bosnian,Serbian
туберкулоза tuberculosis Serbian
tuce a dozen Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
tuda in that direction, that way, there, thither Croatian
туда in that direction, that way, there, thither
tuga sorrow, grief, dismal Croatian
туга sorrow, grief, dismal
tulipan tulip Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тулипан tulip Serbian
tumač interpreter Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
тумач interpreter Serbian
tumačiti to explain Croatian
tumor tumor
тумор tumor
Tunis Tunisia Croatian
Тунис Tunisia
tuniski Tunisian
туниски Tunisian
turist tourist
турист tourist
turistički of or pertaining to tourism or tourists
туристички of or pertaining to tourism or tourists
turizam (uncountable) tourism Croatian
туризам (uncountable) tourism
turkijski Turkic
туркијски Turkic
Turkinja Turk, a female person from Turkey Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Туркиња Turk, a female person from Turkey Serbian
turkmenski Turkmen
туркменски Turkmen
turnir tournament
турнир tournament
turpija file (tool) Croatian Bosnian,Serbian
турпија file (tool) Serbian
Turska Turkey Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Турска Turkey Serbian
turski Turkish Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
турски Turkish Serbian
Turčin Turk, a male person from Turkey Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Турчин Turk, a male person from Turkey Serbian
tući (transitive) to beat, thrash Croatian
тући (transitive) to beat, thrash
tuča fight, melee
туча fight, melee
tuđ somebody else's
туђ somebody else's
tuđica foreign word; a borrowing
туђица foreign word; a borrowing
tuđin foreigner
туђин foreigner
tuđina (expressively) foreign country
туђина (expressively) foreign country
tuđinac stranger
туђинац stranger
tuđinka stranger (female)
туђинка stranger (female)
tuš shower Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
туш shower Serbian
tužan sad
тужан sad
tužilaštvo prosecutor's office (legal institution)
тужилаштво prosecutor's office (legal institution)
tužitelj prosecutor Croatian
тужитељ prosecutor
tvar substance, material Croatian
твар substance, material
tvoj your Croatian
твој your
tvor skunk (animal) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
твор skunk (animal) Serbian
tvorac creator Croatian
творац creator
tvoriti (transitive) to create, make, produce Croatian
творити (transitive) to create, make, produce
tvornica (Croatian) factory tag Croatian
творница (Croatian) factory tag
tvrd hard, firm Croatian
тврд hard, firm
tvrdica niggard, miser, a mean person
тврдица niggard, miser, a mean person
tvrdina hardness
тврдина hardness
tvrdnja claim
тврдња claim
tvrdoglavost obstinacy
тврдоглавост obstinacy
tvrdoća hardness
тврдоћа hardness
tvrđava fortress, stronghold, fortified place Croatian
тврђава fortress, stronghold, fortified place