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entry short definition tag languages present to be recovered
vaga balance, scales (device for weighing goods fo ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вага balance, scales (device for weighing goods fo ... Serbian
vagina (anatomy) vagina
вагина (anatomy) vagina
vagon a car (the part of a subway train or rail tra ... Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вагон a car (the part of a subway train or rail tra ... Serbian
val wave Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вал wave Serbian
vala truthfully, honestly
вала truthfully, honestly
valjati (intransitive) to be good, in good condition Croatian
ваљати (intransitive) to be good, in good condition
valjda probably Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ваљда probably
valovit wavy (water surface)
валовит wavy (water surface)
valuta currency
валута currency
vam you (clitic dative plural of (ti,, you))
вам you (clitic dative plural of (ти, ти̑, you))
vama you (dative plural of (ti,, you))
вама you (dative plural of (ти, ти̑, you))
vampir vampire Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вампир vampire Serbian
vanjski (Croatian) exterior, outside, external tag
вањски (Croatian) exterior, outside, external tag
varalica impostor, swindler
варалица impostor, swindler
varati (ambitransitive) to cheat, deceive, trick ...
варати (ambitransitive) to cheat, deceive, trick ...
varav tricky, deceitful
варав tricky, deceitful
varen Masculine passive past participle form of ...
varenika (uncountable) milk
varijacija variation
варијација variation
variti (intransitive) to digest
varka illusion
варка illusion
varljiv tricky, deceitful
варљив tricky, deceitful
varoš (regional) town, borough, city Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
варош (regional) town, borough, city Serbian
vas of you (genitive plural of (ti,, you)) Croatian
вас of you (genitive plural of (ти, ти̑, you))
vasiona (Bosnian, Serbian) universe, space tag
васиона (Bosnian, Serbian) universe, space tag
vata cotton wool Bosnian,Serbian*
вата cotton wool Serbian
vatra fire Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
ватра fire Serbian
vatren burning, fiery, flamy Croatian
ватрен burning, fiery, flamy
vatrogasac fireman
ватрогасац fireman
vaza vase Serbian
ваза vase Serbian
vazal vassal
вазал vassal
vazalstvo (uncountable) vassaldom, vassalage
вазалство (uncountable) vassaldom, vassalage
vazdan whole day long
ваздан whole day long
vazduh (uncountable) (Bosnian, Serbian) air tag Bosnian,Serbian
ваздух (uncountable) (Bosnian, Serbian) air tag Serbian
vaš your, yours (plural)
ваш your, yours (plural)
važan important Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
важан important Serbian
važiti (intransitive) to be valid, be true, be i ...
важити (intransitive) to be valid, be true, be i ...
važno importantly
важно importantly
važnost (uncountable) importance
важност (uncountable) importance
vedar clear (esp. of sky) Bosnian,Serbian
ведар clear (esp. of sky) Serbian
vedrina clarity (of sky, i.e. lack of clouds)
ведрина clarity (of sky, i.e. lack of clouds)
vedro bucket, pail tag Croatian,Serbian
ведро bucket Serbian
vegetacija (uncountable) vegetation Croatian
вегетација (uncountable) vegetation
vegetacijski vegetation (of or pertaining to)
вегетацијски vegetation (of or pertaining to)
vegetarijanac vegetarian Croatian
вегетаријанац vegetarian
vegetarijanski vegetarian
вегетаријански vegetarian
vek century (100 years) tag Serbian
век century (100 years) Serbian
velegrad metropolis
велеград metropolis
velik big Croatian
велик big
velikan great, renowned man
великан great, renowned man
velikaš noble, lord
великаш noble, lord
velikaški of or pertaining to nobility or lords
великашки of or pertaining to nobility or lords
velikodušan generous (willing to give and share unsparingly) Croatian
великодушан generous (willing to give and share unsparingly)
velikodušno generously
великодушно generously
velim (intransitive) to say
велим (intransitive) to say
velmoža noble, lord (especially feudal)
велможа noble, lord (especially feudal)
velški Welsh
велшки Welsh
vena (anatomy, botany, zoology) vein (all senses)
вена (anatomy, botany, zoology) vein (all senses)
venac wreath tag
венац wreath
Venera Venus (planet, Roman goddess) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
Венера Venus (planet, Roman goddess) Serbian
venčanje marriage, wedding tag
венчање marriage, wedding
venčić small wreath tag
венчић small wreath
veo veil Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вео veil Serbian
veoma very, very much, extremely Croatian
веома very, very much, extremely
vepar wild boar (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вепар wild boar (mammal)Category:sh:Mammals Serbian
vera belief, faith tag Croatian,Serbian
вера belief, faith Serbian
veran faithful, loyal tag Serbian
веран faithful, loyal Serbian
veranda verandah Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
веранда verandah Serbian
verati (reflexive) to climb
верати (reflexive) to climb
vernica believer (female) tag
верница believer (female)
vernik believer tag
верник believer
verno faithfully tag
верно faithfully
vernost loyalty, fidelity tag
верност loyalty, fidelity
veroispovest religious belief, faith, creed; religion tag Serbian
вероисповест religious belief, faith, creed; religion Serbian
verojatan probable, likely tag
веројатан probable, likely
verojatno probably tag
веројатно probably
veroučitelj catechist tag
вероучитељ catechist
verovanje belief tag Serbian*
веровање belief Serbian*
verovati to believe + (u, in) tag
веровати to believe + (у, in)
verovatno probably tag
вероватно probably
verski religious (of or pertaining to religion) tag
верски religious (of or pertaining to religion)
veselje joy, delight, revel Croatian
весеље joy, delight, revel
veselo happily Croatian
весело happily
veseo happy, cheerful, merry Croatian
весео happy, cheerful, merry
veslanje rowing
веслање rowing
veslati (intransitive) to row Croatian
веслати (intransitive) to row (boat)
veslač rower, oarsman
веслач rower, oarsman
veslačica oarswomen
веслачица oarswomen
veslo oar
весло oar
vesna (literary) spring
весна (literary) spring
vest report, news tag
вест report, news
vesti (ambitransitive) to embroider Croatian
вести (ambitransitive) to embroider
vetar wind tag Croatian,Serbian
ветар wind Serbian
vetrenjača windmill tag
ветрењача windmill
veverica squirrel tag Serbian
веверица squirrel Serbian
vez binding Bosnian,Serbian
вез binding Serbian
veza connection, link Croatian
веза connection, link
vezati (transitive) to bind, fasten, tie Croatian
везати (transitive) to bind, fasten, tie
vezir vizier
везир vizier
vezivati (transitive) to bind, fasten, tie
везивати (transitive) to bind, fasten, tie
veznik conjunction Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
везник conjunction Serbian
već already Croatian
већ already Serbian
veće council tag
веће council
većina majority Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
већина majority Serbian
većnik (politics) counselor tag
већник (politics) counselor
večan eternal, perpetual tag
вечан eternal, perpetual
veče (colloquial, language of literature) evening Bosnian,Serbian
вече (colloquial, language of literature) evening Serbian
večer evening Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вечер evening Serbian
večera the last meal of the day, supper Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вечера the last meal of the day, supper Serbian
večeras this evening Croatian
вечерас this evening
večernji evening, occurring in the evening Croatian
вечерњи evening, occurring in the evening
večit eternal, perpetual tag
вечит eternal, perpetual
večno eternally, for ever tag
вечно eternally, for ever
večnost eternity tag
вечност eternity
veš clothes, especially underwear
веш clothes, especially underwear
vešala (plurale tantum) gallows tag
вешала (plurale tantum) gallows
vešalica hanger (for clothes) tag
вешалица hanger (for clothes)
vešati (transitive) to hang, suspend tag
вешати (transitive) to hang, suspend
vešt able, skillful tag
вешт able, skillful
veštac sorcerer, conjurer, necromancer tag
вештац sorcerer, conjurer, necromancer
veštak expert, master, skilled person tag
вештак expert, master, skilled person
veštački artificial tag
вештачки artificial
veštica witch, sorceress tag
вештица witch, sorceress
veština skill tag
вештина skill
vešto skillfully, deftly tag
вешто skillfully, deftly
vežba exercise, practice, drill (any activity des ... tag
вежба exercise, practice, drill (any activity des ...
vi you (nominative plural of (ti,, you)) Serbian Bosnian,Croatian
vic a joke, funny story, gag (usually spoken in n ... Croatian
виц a joke, funny story, gag (usually spoken in n ...
vid eyesight Croatian
вид eyesight
videti (ambitransitive) to see tag Serbian
видети (ambitransitive) to see Serbian
vidik view, perspective Croatian
видик view, perspective
vidjeti (ambitransitive) to see tag Bosnian,Croatian
видјети (ambitransitive) to see
vidljiv visible Croatian
видљив visible
vijadukt viaduct
вијадукт viaduct
вијак screw (fastener)
vijek century (100 years) tag Croatian
вијек century (100 years)
vijenac wreath tag Croatian
вијенац wreath
vijest report, news tag Croatian
вијест report, news
Vijetnam Vietnam Croatian
Вијетнам Vietnam
vijetnamski Vietnamese
вијетнамски Vietnamese
vijeće council tag Croatian
вијеће council
vijećnik (politics) counselor tag
вијећник (politics) counselor
vika shouting, screaming
вика shouting, screaming
vikati (ambitransitive) to shout, scream Croatian
викати (ambitransitive) to shout, scream
vikač shouter
викач shouter
vikačica shouter
викачица shouter
vikend weekend Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
викенд weekend Serbian
vikendica holiday home, vacation home Bosnian,Serbian
викендица holiday home, vacation home Serbian
viknuti (ambitransitive) to shout, scream Croatian
викнути (ambitransitive) to shout, scream
vila fairy
вила fairy
vilica (anatomy) jaw
вилица (anatomy) jaw
vime udder Croatian
виме udder
vinar vintner
винар vintner
vino wine Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
вино wine Serbian
vinograd vineyard (grape plantation) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
виноград vineyard (grape plantation) Serbian
violina violin Croatian
виолина violin
violončelo cello
виолончело cello
vira (Chakavian, Ikavian) belief, faith; religion tag Croatian*
virolog virologist
виролог virologist
virus (medicine) virus (DNA/RNA causing disease) Bosnian,Serbian
вирус (medicine) virus (DNA/RNA causing disease) Serbian
visibaba snowdrop (plant) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
висибаба snowdrop (plant) Serbian
visina height Croatian
висина height
visok high, tall Croatian*
висок high, tall
visoko highly, high
високо highly, high
visoravan plateau Croatian
висораван plateau
vitalan tough, sturdy
виталан tough, sturdy
vitalno vitally
витално vitally
vitalnost (uncountable) vitality
виталност (uncountable) vitality
vitar (Chakavian, Ikavian) wind tag Croatian*
vitez knight (warrior) Bosnian,Croatian*,Serbian
витез knight (warrior) Serbian
vitraž stained glass window
витраж stained glass window
viza visa Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
виза visa Serbian
vizija vision (something imaginary one thinks one sees)
визија vision (something imaginary one thinks one sees)
vizitka business card
визитка business card
viđati (reflexive, transitive) to keep seeing som ... Croatian*
виђати (reflexive, transitive) to keep seeing som ...
višak excess Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вишак excess Serbian
više over, above (+genitive)
више over, above (+genitive)
viši narednik (military, Bosnian) sergeant-major tag
višnja cherry (sour fruit) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вишња cherry (sour fruit) Serbian
vjedro bucket tag Croatian
вједро bucket
vjenčanje marriage, wedding tag Croatian
вјенчање marriage, wedding
vjenčić small wreath tag
вјенчић small wreath
vjera belief, faith tag Bosnian,Croatian*
вјера belief, faith
vjeran faithful, loyal tag Bosnian,Croatian
вјеран faithful, loyal
vjernica believer (female) tag
вјерница believer (female)
vjernik believer tag
вјерник believer
vjerno faithfully tag
вјерно faithfully
vjernost loyalty, fidelity tag
вјерност loyalty, fidelity
vjeroispovijest religious belief, faith, creed; religion tag Croatian
вјероисповијест religious belief, faith, creed; religion
vjerojatan probable, likely tag Croatian
вјеројатан probable, likely
vjerojatno probably tag Croatian
вјеројатно probably
вјероучитељ catechist
vjerovanje belief tag Bosnian*
вјеровање belief
vjerovati to believe + (u, in) tag Croatian*
вјеровати to believe + (у, in)
vjerovatno probably tag
вјероватно probably
vjerski religious (of or pertaining to religion) tag
вјерски religious (of or pertaining to religion)
vjetar wind tag Bosnian,Croatian
вјетар wind
vjetrenjača windmill tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вјетрењача windmill
vjeverica squirrel tag Bosnian,Croatian
вјеверица squirrel
vječan eternal, perpetual tag Croatian
вјечан eternal, perpetual
vječit eternal, perpetual tag Croatian
вјечит eternal, perpetual
vječno eternally, for ever tag
вјечно eternally, for ever
вјечност eternity
vješala (plurale tantum) gallows tag Croatian
вјешала (plurale tantum) gallows
vješalica hanger (for clothes) tag Croatian
вјешалица hanger (for clothes)
vješati (transitive) to hang, suspend tag Croatian
вјешати (transitive) to hang, suspend
vješt able, skillful tag Croatian
вјешт able, skillful
vještac sorcerer, conjurer, necromancer tag
вјештац sorcerer, conjurer, necromancer
vještak expert, master, skilled person tag
вјештак expert, master, skilled person
vještački artificial tag
вјештачки artificial
vještica witch, sorceress tag
вјештица witch, sorceress
vještina skill tag Croatian
вјештина skill
vješto skillfully, deftly tag Croatian
вјешто skillfully, deftly
vježba exercise, practice, drill (any activity des ... tag Croatian
вјежба exercise, practice, drill (any activity des ...
vlada government Croatian
влада government
vladanje rule, ruling (act of)
владање rule, ruling (act of)
vladar ruler (person who rules or governs) Croatian
владар ruler (person who rules or governs)
vladarev ruler's
владарев ruler's
vladarski ruling, reigning, governing
владарски ruling, reigning, governing
vladati (intransitive) to rule, reign, govern (+ ... Croatian
владати (intransitive) to rule, reign, govern (+ ...
vladavina reign, rule Croatian
владавина reign, rule
влага (uncountable) moisture
vlak (Croatian) train tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
влак (Croatian) train tag Serbian
vlakance small fiber
влаканце small fiber
vlakno fibre
влакно fibre
vlas hair (single) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
влас hair (single) Serbian
vlasac chive
власац chive
vlasnica owner Croatian
власница owner
vlasnik owner Croatian
власник owner
vlasništvo property (something owned) Croatian
власништво property (something owned)
vlast power, control Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
власт power, control
vlastela nobility (collectively)
властела nobility (collectively)
vlastelin lord (esp. feudal), landowner Croatian
властелин lord (esp. feudal), landowner
vlastelinski manorial
властелински manorial
vlastit one's own
властит one's own
vlasulja wig Serbian
власуља wig
vlat blade, stalk Croatian
влат blade, stalk
влажан humid
vlažiti (transitive) to moisten
влажити (transitive) to moisten
vlažnost (uncountable) humidity
влажност (uncountable) humidity
voajer voyeur
vod conduit Croatian
вод conduit
voda water Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вода water Serbian
vodenica watermill
воденица watermill
водитељ leader, chief
водитељица leader, chief
voditi (ambitransitive) to lead Croatian
водити (ambitransitive) to lead
vodopad waterfall Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
водопад waterfall Serbian
vodovod waterworks, plumbing Croatian
водовод waterworks, plumbing
vojna military campaign
војна military campaign
војни military (of or pertaining to)
vojnik (military) soldier tag Croatian
vojničina rough, experienced soldier
војничина rough, experienced soldier
vojnički military
војнички military
vojska (military) army Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian*
војска (military) army Serbian
vojskovođa commander in chief, commander
војсковођа commander in chief, commander
vojvoda duke (male ruler of a duchy)
војвода duke (male ruler of a duchy)
Vojvodina Vojvodina (autonomous province of Serbia) tag Bosnian,Serbian
Војводина Vojvodina (autonomous province of Serbia) tag Serbian
vokal vocal, vowel Croatian
вокал vocal, vowel
vokativ (grammar) vocative Croatian
вокатив (grammar) vocative
volan steering wheel Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
волан steering wheel Serbian
voleti (transitive, reflexive) to love tag
волети (transitive, reflexive) to love
volja will Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
воља will Serbian
voljeti (transitive, reflexive) to love tag Croatian*
вољети (transitive, reflexive) to love
volumen volume (measure of space) tag Croatian
волумен volume (measure of space) tag
vonj stench
воњ stench
vosak wax Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
восак wax Serbian
voz (Bosnian, Serbian) train tag Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
воз (Bosnian, Serbian) train tag Serbian
vozati (transitive, reflexive) to drive around, t ... Croatian
возати (transitive, reflexive) to drive around, t ...
vozač driver (person who drives a motorized vehicle) Croatian
возач driver (person who drives a motorized vehicle)
vozačica driver (person who drives a motorized vehicle) Croatian
возачица driver (person who drives a motorized vehicle)
vozački driving (of or pertaining to driving or drivers)
возачки driving (of or pertaining to driving or drivers)
vozilo vehicle
возило vehicle
voziti (ambitransitive) to drive (travel by op ... Croatian
возити (ambitransitive) to drive (travel by op ...
voćnjak orchard Croatian
воћњак orchard
vođa leader, guide Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вођа leader, guide Serbian
vrabac sparrow (bird) Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
врабац sparrow Serbian
vrag devil Croatian
враг devil
vran black, raven
вран black, raven
vrana crow Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
врана crow (bird) Serbian
vranac black horse
вранац black horse
vrat neck Croatian
врат neck
vrata (plurale tantum) door Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
врата (plurale tantum) door Serbian
vratiti (transitive) to return, give back Bosnian,Croatian
вратити (transitive) to return, give back
vraćati (transitive) to return, give back Croatian
враћати (transitive) to return, give back
vrač witch doctor (shamanistic priest in aborigina ...
врач witch doctor (shamanistic priest in aborigina ...
vredan precious, valuable tag
вредан precious, valuable
vrediti (intransitive) to be worth tag
вредити (intransitive) to be worth
vrednost value tag
вредност value
vrelo well, wellspring Croatian
врело well, wellspring
vreme time tag Serbian
време time Serbian
vrh ledenog brega (idiomatic) tip of the iceberg tag
врх леденог брега (idiomatic) tip of the iceberg
vrh ledenog brijega (idiomatic) tip of the iceberg tag
врх леденог бријега (idiomatic) tip of the iceberg
vrh peak Bosnian*,Croatian*,Serbian*
врх peak Serbian*
vrhovni supreme, topmost, chief Croatian
врховни supreme, topmost, chief
врхунац (usually, figuratively) top, culmination, ...
vrhunski first-class, top-quality
врхунски first-class, top-quality
vridnost (Chakavian, Ikavian) value tag Croatian*
vrijedan precious, valuable tag Croatian
вриједан precious, valuable
vrijediti (intransitive) to be worth tag
вриједити (intransitive) to be worth
vrijednost value tag Croatian
вриједност value
vrijeme time tag Bosnian,Croatian
вријеме time
vrijeđati (transitive, reflexive) to insult, offend tag Croatian
вријеђати (transitive, reflexive) to insult, offend
vrime (Chakavian, Ikavian) time; weather tag Croatian*
vrlet crag Croatian,Serbian
врлет crag
vrli excellent
врли excellent
vrlina virtue Croatian
врлина virtue
vrlo very, extremely Croatian
врло very, extremely
vrpca ribbon, tape, streamer Croatian
врпца ribbon, tape, streamer
vrsta kind, sort Croatian
врста kind, sort
vrt garden Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
врт garden Serbian
vrtlog whirlpool, maelstrom
вртлог whirlpool, maelstrom
vrtložan whirling
вртложан whirling
vrtni of or pertaining to a garden
вртни of or pertaining to a garden
vrtoglav dizzy, dizzying, vertiginous
вртоглав dizzy, dizzying, vertiginous
vrtoglavica dizziness, giddiness; vertigo
вртоглавица dizziness, giddiness; vertigo
vrtoglavo dizzily, giddily
вртоглаво dizzily, giddily
vrućina heat
врућина heat
vrzmati (reflexive) to move around, mill around
врзмати (reflexive) to move around, mill around
vrč jug, ewer
врч jug, ewer
vršiti (transitive) to do, preform
вршити (transitive) to do, preform
vukodlak werewolf Croatian,Serbian
вукодлак werewolf
vulkan (geology) volcano Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вулкан (geology) volcano Serbian
vuna wool Bosnian,Croatian,Serbian
вуна wool Serbian
vunast woolly, fleecy
вунаст woolly, fleecy
vunen woollen Croatian
вунен woollen
vući (ambitransitive) to drag, draw, pull Croatian
вући (ambitransitive) to drag, draw, pull
vučica she-wolf
вучица she-wolf
vučić wolf-cub
вучић wolf-cub
vučji of or pertaining to a wolf, like a wolf; wolfish
вучји of or pertaining to a wolf, like a wolf; wolfish