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This is just some notes on the problems such a thing would face. Seems like a good idea, but ...

major issues
  1. translations are often not symmetric (maybe even rarely so if one is precise)
  2. the quality of the translations added is questionable
  3. parsing the sections can be sticky, but this is mostly a SMOC

Would all result entries have to be checked, and a very large number corrected? Things that ought to be easy and symmetric, like nouns for animals, turn out to be a bit sticky. Random inspection of entries shows a very high percentage with problems.

some examples
  • antelope
    Swahili: pofu, kulungu, pala hala
    pofu is an eland, kulungu is a bushbuck, palahala is a sable antelope
  • bird
    Swahili: ndege
    ndege is a bird or airplane
  • bushbaby
    Swahili: komba
    komba is a very common verb, to clean out, hollow out, scrape out; also galago (e.g. bushbaby) and a kind of fish
  • executioner
    Swahili: mchinja, mchinjaji, mnyongaji
    mchinja, mchinjaji slaughter, slaughterer, e.g. butcher (of animals); (nyonga strangle, throttle) so mnyongaji strangler (e.g. usually criminal if of a human rather than say, a chicken ...)
  • gazelle
    Swahili: swala, swara, paa, impala
    swala is a gazelle, swara no ref, paa small gazelle, but very common verb meaning go up, ascend, and scrape off, scrape up, impala is English
  • hippopotamus
    Swahili: kiboko
    kiboko, plural viboko, strip of hippo hide used as a whip; boko, kiboko the animal
  • impala
    Swahili: swala, pala
    swala is Grant's gazelle, pala is an antelope, as is an impala and a gazelle, but a gazelle is not an impala
  • vulture
    CJK Characters: 鷲, 鹫; 雕
    Chinese: 雕
    鷲, 鹫 are vulture, condor, eagle (Japanese); 雕 is "engrave, inlay, carve; exhaust"
    Swahili: tai, gushu
    tai is large bird of prey, e.g. eagle or vulture; gushu? (not in reference)