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Oddities needing fixing[edit]

I previously mentioned I wrote a code to analyse wiktionary and once in a while an entry which is utter codswallop appears. If anyone cares to check them please go ahead: here are some.
Note: some of these may have been fixed since the caching of wiktionary. The various entries have tags (noun, proper noun, verb, etc) but some are used one or twice. The inconsistency arises in the sentence entries:

idiom|| 1

Row Labels Count of id
n phrase 3
phrase 619
phrase n 2
phrase num 1
phrase pronoun 1
proverb 342
v phrase 1
v proverb 1
Grand Total 971

The odd ones out being:

excuse me|| phrase n

link id
fare thee well phrase n
hand out v phrase
the jury is still out idiom
one thousand phrase num
silver plate n phrase
story of one's life n phrase
strike while the iron is hot v proverb
what's new n phrase
yours truly phrase pronoun

Additionally, while 1265 words are classed as interjections, a category which includes onomatopeas etc, two are not. And a contraction is not labelled as such.

-bloody-|| infix

link id
-fucking- infix
non obst. postposition

On the flipside there is a whole array of phrases classed as nouns and verbs, which may be in the wrong place. As the list is so long I made a special page for it here.

Triple lettter are ok in English only with s and l (or acronyms, numerals etc) meaning these may be wrong:

riot grrrl|| n

name id
Amerikkkan proper
Amerikkka proper
unlesss abbr
illlit adj
verrry adv
sooo adv
zzzs n

--Squidonius 14:19, 6 May 2010 (UTC)